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3-24 4pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on Colin Kaepernick

Mar 24, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke take calls on whether unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the league for his political stances.

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And good evening and welcome to sports talk on location at the Pete Maravich assembly sent out on the Butte camp with the Louisiana State University. Along with Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia picture right now deuce is speaking to a big group of coaches here at the 2017. An issue for both coaching clinic. And earlier today one of the greats of all time pro football hall of Famer college football hall of fame in. Lot of regarded as one of the greatest offensive linemen if not degrees tackle. In the game have a Anthony Munoz spoke to but to coaches or with three earned coaches attending. The eighth I use coaching clinic in coaching clinics across the circuit at the comedy beat big deal. Four big time college football it's an opportunity where you'd showcase your program. Coach coming in see things that the public doesn't see it to visit behind the scenes there also with they called breakout sessions will kinda paint a picture for you. And we do it done speaking a limit him give you an idea what he spoke about this afternoon as well and them before. We take out with expected to be going to hear it enough or paying off for sport I meant by at a few different equipment that they Miranda. Who is going to be interesting the coach's clinic oath to a 601870. Is number two game vote you can text this. At 87870. Operated jaguar that your opponent up on line for it if you if you go dot com or asking you about Colin can happen. Now coming Kampman has been in the news and so fluently. Because that is not been signed by anyone. Now some NFL players and analysts including a former GMs think their quarterback Colin cabinet is being black balled by and it thirteenth. Because of his stance on that any for the National Anthem and 2016 and it Josie. Do you you compared to belong on it if you give you a that kind we have separate Joseph Fauria yes he's much but it had some. QB who recently signed with the utes know he was that good he'd be with eighteen already. Or you could put maybe he should have considered the consequences. But dissing the national and can't to vote on line. And it did you do view you know dot com just to give you an idea before. You know I guess he. Whatever your decision is it's only a view. But when you look at Sosa what's interesting facts not. He's suitable to year because that was four years ago. But in the last three seasons. But gates quarterbacks who have recently signed Fred or you might plan and adjustment count. He has bull we have with he's actually evident 24 the completion percentage is 59 point seven that's hiding anyone. In that group. Yards per attempt six point nine everybody in range is very close between six point 97 point three. Touchdown. Two interception ratio he's 41 to nineteen which is the best the next best before your 37 point. And you're the quarterback rating of 85 point nine which is there compare across the board Boise 62. And Manning is 86. So. That is the taker when it situation to me I think if you don't throw in the fact that obviously what took place last year that would be correct in the hole assess the situation. I think to a certain extent. Would Aaron Brooks was with the Saints and when we need to do that Katrina years you remember him to Katrina season with a locks it down here and we. Do you agree prior to Monday Night Football game in me felt it though her parents opportunity. Moving forward and national football so your take on comment camp kind of situation where you reap what you sow or do you think you look at these make good. Somebody would pick him and he could beat it it's been a lot of people. He had had at certain offers an active and Leah and music kind of this capabilities that would speak and or for you to. Pretty much makes the power to skewed set of a guy like comic camp and an issue baseball tonight taking on the Florida game is. Weather looked perfect in Florida no chance of rain. So we should be done and it worked in about an hour and fifteen minutes and an amateur in Florida game won this three game set will be at 6 o'clock commitment to fix here. On WW TO also in the news the game walk to keep you a taste with cabinet tonight in sweet sixteen action fourteen points to eight tickets last night in. And three of the four matchup had an opportunity last night to have a both of the year but it wasn't it wasn't that no one came through with the clutch shut down the stretch. On one that was pretty much says that if the game with. The Purdue game in Kansas Candace was so flex him last night tonight Butler North Carolina South Carolina and Baylor UCLA eighteen hockey. And Wisconsin and floor and we'll preview tonight's game with the New Orleans pelicans. At Houston Rockets a very important game for the pails. It would take a look at the Western Conference then with a timeout comeback over the phone lines you to take Alec happening you think he's being black ball. While he was that good Ethiopian or he would already have signed with the team. Tino Smith I would think EJ Manuel sent with a team who outscored the quarterbacks that just made it one iconic Japanese. You tell me to 60187 that you could take the city 7870. And you could we do at the McAllister point six. It's a sports talk on location LSU here ought tiger radio WW. And welcome back to sports talk here you gain a bad route as a year and a huge Tigers. Having their coaching clinic. And anything youthful you talk about the man's got a good understanding here or there or his hand earlier. The victim when he was sixteen with him that you though he's pilot light pole. That is on the main he has in the consider what the greats of course with the coach about what a great force create great Green Bay packer. Was one of the coaches in Cincinnati when they kept him without Fahd cup timidly that Willis. And and of course they went to a Super Bowl. Mean he with the part of that Sam wife Christine. In Cincinnati operated at whopping impose some NFL players' analyst even former GMs. Expects the crossing the quarterback Colin cabinet is being black ball by NFL team. Do you think have a ticket being black ball he compares to vote online at if you give you a dot com is a very good. Our extensive feature on line. At the infield in the NFL network nfl.com by Bucky Brooks who took home player. And he got to take. I was in the main objective from a former tournament is that he's a talented player and a heck of an athlete speaking of cabinet. Accuracy will always be an issue we can get the previously I think people forget that he that a team to the Super Bowl is starting quarterback. That is not an easy feat also. I don't think he's eight Baghdad based on the way his teammates have responded here they appear to love the guy he got another take from the NFL personnel director. He's not a feat in a conventional offense now I think I'm is take that to me on a more point where it from a from a schematic standpoint. That hits and only he goes college it. He's not a conventional offered the quarterback. He is best when he simple using play action and bootleg to clear up. The pitcher for much like coach Harbaugh gave when he went to Green Bay in the just killed them that night in the whale that's pinpoint. He played better this year in terms of taking care of the ball and making cuts down there is completion percentage is skewed due to the drops on this path sketches. If stroke was it because they have their running game it too much is put on he showed it. He found enough to stop but only if he has a strong running game to support him. Think to me that that it's perfect but you could also take it on a lot of quarterback to support their running game and the critical drops in this situation. But I think it's pretty much you know it is a team willing to. This kind of go with an offense geared around Tampa Bay if that's the key you know who or what we go to Buick golf at around. College campus or you see. Can he help us but what we're trying to do I think that's where it is that team or that personnel directors take with kind of bottle. To the phones we go let's go do it can't you big on and I want can't you big thank you for calling WW. Got beat epic and very operate with a gotten several years put. Do I think he's black ball Marmol looked kind of you know me chase my harmful right now. Because come into the McDermott created it things. So maybe we put it right this wage to work. If you grabbed all things is an old we didn't. Let we are quote and do if people I don't see me you know that your people are well. Yeah our our out of I if you make that king you dig that out a part of it at its agree that you do make some valid points I just think a guy like him though. He. Some would say okay well you know he's if he's not cost daughter. In UC UT it easy to half price of tobacco which that the refs let Davis and I think it did I understand it but in the they can if the team. What's the damage can't predict it you know. Policy team with me is a theme each team Manuel I think the Indians. -- only that the guy has his eyes that if it either better or right there with them. And the and a distinct from the standpoint I think that he. He's better than those quarterbacks. Yeah what Cutler no and I've looked a little bit maybe they'd wait for the horrible. No I'm not all be with my half I was planning. Yet it could get a hate game you dig it that that's a good point too because he is that. If the big trump card it's out there your exactly right about that because you know Tony Romo what would be but. I've I've got to on my understanding with the Texans or if you go get 72 million dollars to a guy who thought it would and having gains in off Waller. And you're now within the focal before round pick. If that's what Dallas won't. Ticket Tony Romo what are the what are they thinking is it more to it than meets the we don't know maybe Dallas asking price has gone humbled by. Mean if you live in the Buick that kind of money for somebody like that who who it sample sizes Matty and a full season. Go after Romo Sobel and if you do before round pick. It take a chance on demand statistically he's got better numbers than any quarterback in Cowboys history you know had a big wins but he got the number. Do launched from Michael and I to Michael pretty good thank you for calling howry. I'm good I'm good. I didn't want to see norm or pink thing and when effort part of my in the spring. RB bills quarterback so. You know our meddle with you at the Q it is seen him develop their grain of the period you could differ. Our trip to the real you know. I got to an I wouldn't want it is a big fan of the bank then you know their crappy work. What are your record the comic cap would make. If your college that would make you not only in the Philippines. Whenever you are are among about who is a lot in a fair game for all on track. Yet our I would think Michael at that in that standpoint it is can be unless like a thin Mexico expected to Sony hey I'm not. I'll I'll wall compatible money to well make with San Francisco and rookie made a nighttime detained there. My analysis daughter if you come to be a money issue that always plays a factor into it but I just don't think not not too. Foot I don't think they're 32 quarterbacks that if they get a bad habit kind of kept me but I am sure you know now and then but it broadcasts that. It's not 64 quarterbacks in the league at bat in the cup camp meaning the starting quarterback and get back no he. He's proven that. In whatever you say he had a good running game winning Harbaugh was there get the people around him I'm all for that you write all but steal. He's proven that he he he. Even though he may not be the main piece. That gap in the pocket and everybody else down is quarterback can take on a team in promoting showed us he's proven he's a huge piece to the post although I think he had it. So where awaits the 41 and nineteen used to it sounded saturation of the last three years as the two day. Basic compared against the gas who recently signed. This season Antony Beattie Carlo Cordero all come to you what's your take is kind of camp it being black ball all of you thinking was that good. He'd already be signed with somebody to 6018 and expect to be here for over two different equipment they've Miranda. Deuces he would do C deck to speak into any political dispute at the other Q coaching thing tiger baseball and one out. This is sport stuff on Debbie Debbie oh here is a CBS. A and welcome back. 26018 sending you can negative deuce at the McAllister 26. We'll welcome in now Anthony on Landry and Katie came by David Todd MacCulloch cavity anti thank you for calling Debbie did yeah. And is there any. Obvious that already windows ninety. To. Call me. On. Follow soccer. But that time the culprit. Apart. But he's. About it you are on the team. You. It. It's about bragging or in. There and it would be. It. Don't man. That amount of well anybody. Put up. He struck. Out you probably would be. Little pocket and couldn't. Beat out there. Come in and out. He. Got caught. You wouldn't be. He got up and now and being. Calm and I'm not conflict a lot of good at it that you are trying to make and you know. We. Need out there and did that one. Man. Qatar. I got to and the Andy stand firm and thank you so much for the call Kate Campbell full week. We hit on that no you very excited an opportunity last night about a foot three teams. To really answer madness to march but they didn't come through the shots at the handed Cinderella still allowed. The lowest remaining seed is the eleventh seeded as Xavier club they come up be gained about the suppressed radio wildcats Arizona go down. Go. Out that. It's there but they've used that we don't take that championship. And big deal by eight in that stretch in the united using real lot of credit. You know there are always made the tournament Randy. You know there agent partner is though you'd think from the last a couple of years. But that they were seen that I think sort of find. They always. A pitcher oh yeah. You know I've always been learning they've I think I'd be where. You know I'm that hooligans and obviously at the moment the priority. Yet and there I'll go. Yeah. And I built deeply. Think about the game could use it is that think it you'd think you'd expect. Waited on. A lot of people in the future would be thirty music teacher. Oh. Robert I know you and I would tell it you and I would token know they act I failed to realize that bit Bobby you know. Eight it's out will be shocked if it in 9% to campus and I mean that is in Memphis I mean just like at Kentucky home game is going to be unbelievable it. With that atmosphere I can imagine being and all. You know big blue UK crowd. Yeah. And the date travel well in idol I'll have a unbelievable on Reno court. But that. One university there apparent tribal. And now are bigger problems that a lot of the go to the third round or able to beat those Hideo over there. But were you think about the ball father ACC dart too much attention to those kids. Well I mean you're put more pressure and they can't take that approach that. And they make it and it. At I don't know I think more global approach it and did that putting undue pressure and pressure and that it stopped and not think most parents would not they dump cloture vote. Ball. Game accountability. Thing is for right now but yeah we get hair pin like. If he'd bring lord it would step curry and and the people come in each other token. Statement that the committee is. I guess is that. Amenities to these delusional it. Not that it does not an NBA player at this stage. And give an example there is current events I ever going to be banned from the put the cart before aren't there. KG communicating can't enjoy its average defender we were talking next week. Well. One thing about Cutler. Got him yeah yeah right you are okay. They do. Bigger. And they'll. And it would be muted due. It could be able. Demand that in mind it is yeah right. There and it completed the or someone Payton and an indictment though with a breakthrough story here that that I ever. I guessed it defeated army uses. But as far college level and it could be. He could no pushover. Could be an NFL quarterback now. They're a good cornerback total to lead now some might say I want that distraction. Any debris to the table. But. As part of attention he should go an argument opportunity to compete not going to be starting quarterback. Recovered it who peaked at number one job. Then. Then I think that the pear shaped by the incident it was good but there is not a good enough quarterbacks. That you think the only count everyday. Is not good enough to compete for a starting job I think. That would be digits so our and you need you know we silver that fiscal. So I think that was the scenario. I mean particularly ignorant or compete outside what did you terms like in the article. Hate to communicate to cant thank you so much for the time. Gave it to him and now. Promote. These I know he's not going to be great scorer. I'd be shocked. I can have a good team but it all right. Carville flow been awful beanie thank you for calling WW yeah. I didn't. Good you don't. Okay didn't I haven't talked to nah I'll logo yet to open book border but I'll lose you went by and one. Billy Kimball of the back up quarterback. That's a long not big. You've been as it would be warm. Welcome back. Right that's what I'm saying you beat him all the time. Well one would put my one question came up in that will be marquis. What it was enough been doing that team a branch had a complete my teammates. Anyway. But I understand why and so on paper is talking to Tiananmen bill and he's not talking to Colin Campbell makes. That took me. All sorts Sean Pate I'll Sean Payton fumbled for what we know always on page it was Hambrick that would done you know we don't know what was talked about. In my game that they've had about I don't know maybe you don't maybe they don't like beat the same stuff. Chris in my yeah it is tonic at. It. Got to know maybe good maybe like crawfish. That may make good could be Danny. Number doubt this time around this stadium I think. Talent gap and they give a ball better quarterback you're gonna have do. He's a far better quarterback than it you know the last 4045 quarterback that signed he's a far better quarterback I mean it is. He's got the numbers to prove it I mean easy even in the last three years you mean had to go back to some w.s. His numbers are right it would those guys in the I just think in the end of the day he's a quarterback that I know. I feel Odyssey I know I feel like. He sees good from one to 32. He's as good as. Some of his daughter that in this league if not better and I know I'd do know it did not sixty full quarterback did a better meaning the star and tobacco then in college camp and now when that he gets a fair shot and not let the weak team but I think he's he's proven himself and his. But is coming because of buy into army. You beat it beat beat me in a political statement. I mean so if he say okay amendment this series you come back at them almost every match the right. And I mean. Yeah immediately the political statement. Did what I don't mean you go stand and that's and I mean this could you face them. What I mean you know what it. He had a political statement out thinking he made it but it. I. Would have thought that if somebody really wanted him right now I guess they would sad they may be wait to see Teddy getting mad about it at a better price could be it could be that guy wait to see if there. Now yeah you hit. It has it's about money nothing. Are hooked beanie I don't think is any question about that coming comic cabinet with. He ate some money coming here is a very lucrative quarterback may make good on Martin and sisco now. Where he will he be women to you know. You know we negotiate on its pricey that can be situation but as far as what he's gone and he's proven himself he's got. He's got that meaning he's got those those numbers now can I go back to the Bucky Brooks speech here. That if he broke down he spoke to an affair OG you know. He spoke to two pro personnel directors from the NFC and we want from the AFC and the one that's like once it I think. The other stuff get in his play a part. In TV say he's not a feat in a conventional offense if that is best eighth simple you can mix you do make that clear to PH if for him. He talked about how he played better this year in terms of taking care about making touchdown making touch through so Betts and it's right there to meet. Pretty much says it best and meet this sums up in the he's not a conventional. Quarterback is followed been offered it. However eat the cleanup is. Touchdown to interception ratio he protected the ball better. And in the right place he he can't floors he's proven that you don't you don't go to Wales. To AFC championship game or you know twice but you don't you don't do it to Tampa row with a comfortable. When our habits of success or being good it would it mean in gated or not that's true. Coming back a lot more to get to this accounts of their opportunity diskette to beat the crap out. And an issue is the BW. Along with all the time the Russia for the Ole miss rebels in New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister and Deke your ability. 2608 syndicate your take on Carling captain nick is that coming candidate being a black ball or do you think if you know a team mourned him. They would sign him it's operated jaguar opinion poll vote online at WW dot com do some excellent. Takes from Bucky Brooks with the foam up. Good player with the Packers among the players a book that you've played in your date is he he got some quotes from the G down to personnel directors to me in his seat. And one from the AFC he also got a take from me NFL personnel executive. So I think he did a thorough job and to meet some home all make their points and he goes back to like you would use it everywhere is that the the conventional part. But I'll feel feel good deuce regardless for us to say that you know what happened emaciated. Isn't a part of this out I think I would I would be wrong because I do feel that it's sparked an on ball bound of some of the other guys. They just recently signed in their numbers not not the kind of camp mix of both numbers but just the last three years with those guys have sent. I think that in a way that it is a part of it. A week I mean it is today we we we both understand it and and we get it you know the one being whether it's the rule insane to whether it's the that magic vipers. Papers or whomever it may be. They don't like distractions. And so I'm right how close of him joining my squad. Is going to actually help my team. Or is he gonna be a distraction now. He has stated that he is totally gonna change. From what he did last year to this year because he has seen chains and how things are being done deal. One of the problems that you have is will he say and that which don't know if that's true. You know and so how much of a negative force back are you gonna give it as an organization. Verses. This player just coming and contributing to the team its one thing. If he's going to an organization and he's been a starting quarterback. But most of these teams have decided that they either have their starting quarterback and or he's only going to be a back. And you know he's may not be worth the risk. Eddie McAllister totally sick caught dale. Bryan Price if trading Jerry hang right tight we have come at him right there were coming right back to you is sports talk from LSU here on WW.