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3-24 5pm Deuce & Deke: on Pels-Rockets and LSU-Florida

Mar 24, 2017|

Deuce and Deke preview Pelicans-Rockets with Marc Spears of ESPN's The Undefeated and set up LSU's weekend baseball series with Florida.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And getting a final few moments here before we had things all through the LA huge sports network a big showdown. Among ACC powers Florida Gators imitating the LSU Tigers are issues that go on the road this season we'll see how they fair Florida has been stout at home. This season coming off a surprising sweep on the road at Auburn last week that really opened up a lot B with guys in the conference that the Auburn Tigers really put it to the Florida Gators. Along with deuce on beat them B we a couple of key in my from the 2070 LHU football coaching clinic now coach Randy. That came in late so we've mainly getting my one time we we have it up on line at WW dot com that we would be speaking to him and if you take. And so he's so it is you who. Podium a huge Tigers as a defensive coordinator operated jaguar opinion poll that WW that counts and NFL players' analyst. Former GMs exacts that all talked about it in the weighed in on the conversation about quarterback Carling cabinet. And talks is is he being black ball by an NFL team do you think years. You can cares to vote online at that viewed it UNL. That comment do so before we expect the phone and I just had a chance to speak to a lot of coaches do not talk about the issues that they do this has become a very important point. Of spring football because of now that you know at the time it's much more limited on the practice that you could have and if that date ways you have people from whether it's Ole misses and a huge Alabama. You got people from all over them basically to conference area of people here today from Mississippi Florida Alabama. Comity speaker but also when I found Idris induced and now are a toad people a thousand to explain. The breakout sessions that they hand it kind of like conferences with in debate coaching clinic that we you can going to depend on what position with being systematically talked about. It's it's a continuing learning things he is currently accepting people go to we. Yet the what will what you have is okay. Let me see the success you've had let me see if I pick up something from blog and whether it's hosting of Randall what he's doing right now or in some recounts as you know the last of that they had it close. Three to break out sessions but every coach that was leading net session that coach had one and a state championship this past year and whether that was from I think one was from Alabama and two were from losing in and so what those coaches did you know it may have been offensive scheme you know how to be how do we. Adjusting to. Run pass option as far as offense as you know this coach males local 34 defense you know what is he looking for it. In his athletes as far as to run a 34 defense and so. That's what it gives you an opportunity to and to do for the coaches whether it's he would relish and whether it's two lying. What does that southeastern U wanna give the coaches on your campus. Because you feel like if I can get this coached on my campus I can establish a relationship. With that coach. Now when it Cote has a key at. That is being recruited or that's recordable he's going to pick up the ball. He is going to be willing to talk to me say look host these key its feature program that you won't him to come out there and CU operate your program. It may be something that he picks up while he's on the practice field that he can now implement into his program so it's always good to have these sessions I mean you have different vendors that come out they want pushed their product you're that the coaches can. Be able to pick up as well. And and and and different schools they have different you know it's high school into college ghosts you know laps you've got to. Invite somebody that's on schedule right but you know you wanna give you wanna hear different paint you wanna hear different ideas and it's always great to have visa coaches clinic. In due to close with one defeat its because the earlier this at new. I'd get the phone and I and so we'll go to Minnesota for a court dale court ebony and thank you for calling debuted at Uga. It out on day. Might do. Well. A lot more but he. I. Have you been. Able. To. Think. That leave and bored I'll be on a different IP I want it at this show it. Really agree. It's about. You know I'll. You know. You aren't aren't in the go way. Back. On 11. Comment on. Being out I don't think being in. I a lot of college. Well and they want Kolb did that. Bad you know we all the all. That the you know where you know. War but it's been out there. In. At the it. Oh yeah you know I have a problem with that. Let's say here's another thing that we don't know and you know I can say that I know. But I don't know is asking price you know I don't know if you want to three year I don't know if you just want to warn you approve it opportunity and so. You know until he publicly comes out and see is that that I'll only thing that we would be doing to speculate. You know with with some of the other quarterbacks that have been signed. But we know what they're going therefore you know Mark Sanchez is not going there to compete for a starting job. Which Chicago you know you look at some of the other guys that this you know that they're not going to compete that was starting jobs and so you have to also look at that situation. As far as the situation is this team and established team is the one that has been to the playoffs and it it's one that can take the quote unquote heat. Of signing a college campus nickname because if they can't do that then they hit coats if he's on the hot seat. Then he you know legal war is less media as Ravitz possible. I mean so you have to take that Colin consideration. That netted a BOU haul for the elite eight final four enemies NASA to imitate them because we have accommodates basketball Saturday and Sunday you'll he eight game two and three. Of the LA Shipp sort of baseball series on my sister station that hot 103 point seven if Sam. And he feet the media for its Saturdays at 2 o'clock in -- it's Sunday will be it you come back and get to take. On the Rockets and pelicans and ninth in the H town mark spear is. Would Jonas next here on the BW. And welcome back. I always Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia he is one of the best in the business and we don't say this could liken because he really he is that being. Balks BA's joins us now year as the year's been that defeat marked. Thank you so much for the town the pelicans talk play some pretty good basketball I. Movie with forty wore on and fifteen AT comes up beat. Mocked his team seemed like they all going in the right direction now how important is it for them to continue to play whale. In the last twelve and a thirteen game. I've. Hit it and gave them but it that you can't get some talked about not not that I'm boxing. I don't know about the first five with these games the EC he say you have than you did say that you did say yeah. You know the thing is that it is difficult when you make a major trade like that where everything to jail you know every every. Opportunity to make trades like that and think did you apartments that the Lakers into the championship team usually. There's some growing pains you've got a week to the next season to really see what it is books. You know I think what can fans can spend now. And being in these two guys. Absolutely should be. And if you you know get the other guys around this could be a very scary thing next year now and not. Out of the woods yet as far as the playoff that are. You know there's still some hope there and it one game nom. You know pray and hope and actively and you'll have to arm you know we'll see what they could do it. And or you'll probably be which you need dispute from the team next seed. Mark I eagle Aniston's. And it didn't take zone. It you to take on you know there a steal a fraction of people don't realize that coach gentry in the right he would. What have you seen ideas system while others at one that he has today salute to make this is you know as far his system. Quote unquote. Well home. I think the thing is. Rod is no we've been in any way since he's been there. So it's hard to teach the team right away when you know somebody you know. I think what you see and now perhaps what they could be. In that film all of I think you get two great players. Pretty good point guard looked through as the roster as much to be desired so. Known gene can code between the championship. In thought they. Perhaps people are too enamored with this rosters in May be taken out on now and in the process. If if they get them out strong roster wise next year and they struggled in a different story but I think. If they continue to play in ways that they're playing right now although it is safe to say that they could be except when their arms and. Marca was just a few moments that because you got to get the LAQ baseball and a couple of minutes giving should take mark on their on the wrist the game he commits deriding them about it and so for. And just your take on his hope for the last Tuesday night the ESPN ABC primetime game pretty much tackle due to the philosophy of the coaches in the wrist as. It is really because you know understanding guys wanted to rest and everything but I'm from the globe writes for him. Where in Norman and should be like that when he played like. Cool on that field but if you've noticed or did it rule hundreds of miles to watch you play. But he still comparable city. You know and so. I understand the lone lead in. But I don't know Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan did we ended up there were so beat because. They knew I needed that was perhaps the only time that I want to be a compliment or more. I want you to Chicago holes ago but it's been picked it. I when I can only imagine. So. If you didn't play that game so. Hopefully ticket figured out. Work rate speed who we need to get in big game. At a role. Role players. So Maltby is one of my very own Mark Taylor was a family and about ninety go which Joseph social media. Yeah I'm acting albeit and that is that for the game on the booby against the gold king and you get follow me on. What mark. ESPN. And I'll be there don't need to go to my hat to go to the true way beauty salon here or there appears thought the minors but we'll be ready but. Only go read this play as if if if you like it's an attempt as panel companies the unit day. I know we got a veto. We really real will call you earn his that we were. Posted in the there's no it didn't you know little bit late in quality and have a I know you guys DiMarco. It couldn't Marie. It is they're being with mark spear is both their motif you know mark thank you so much man we appreciate it was see you when you get to town next week. You guys we we are we real issue we're all right. Coming up next a place you find that a baseball big match up among Paulus the Tigers and the gains they so much to our on thing to him down when he meets him. Go jaws back to go on the slowest everybody here Donohue for. How than us and I deuce but being in attain the coach and it is coaching clinic and we about the participants that must have been coffee here on these so Friday hearing in the I've beaten going to be an issue baseball as of next deuce take it to the house. Thank you off the list and that jovial sports talk and as I would say hold that tiger. We out of it.