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Mar 25, 2017|

Don was live at Bayou Adventure in Lacomb with fishing reports from area guides

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Panic at Saturday morning to you those that you will awaken not to make Beagle trotted Turkey Iran does more room on fission in the nation's oldest fresh water fish in counties in the city park rodeo I'm concerned about the weather yeah it's coming it's in the wheezing out of but it ain't here yet we got some hours to get cute. Little quick mission trips on medical Q let burden may be that department does that you talk audiobook board it's him but as the line of thunderstorms extending. Way up north of Boston to northern Mississippi all the way down through Lake Charles right now. And it's moving out quickly sold when it comes through it's not gonna last long but it could be pretty severe. But we're in good shape where. The weather here at them by adventures in Oklahoma Louisiana need lush you hear music most of most fuel efficient report joins us now and Keith while what a great setup they have Ian waddle location in the heart of you know you're neck of the woods here in saint Tammany national analysts. That's a lot of love coming in here feel like family when I'm in here and even when I'm going home Osce Depp out there or in Shannon work in all the locals here that really. Come together and make this such a great job. I started. My web site when they saw their business so we're missing in the same general area are now been in I feel like family and I'm I'm just real proud. To being here I'll say it looks like a mini on bass pro shops and I love it. Well it's my home Paris too and I'll love it because it's got such a diversity we've got salt water efficient just minutes now to our south we got good great fresh water efficient right here and the buy you those of a national wildlife refuge that surrounds us. What a wonderful place you got deer running at Turkey hunting you pretty much have a at all at saint Tammany parish and particularly look home. In the central southern part of the. And that's well learned you know talk with fourth green to insufficient trips John Barley Jeff. You can go upstream up up river here. Bass interest rates typical freshwater fish and urged mass not collect catfish. Or you can make it make the trek down and fish Marc Marc there's you know you get Smart fast out there. Draw on that certain times speckled Trout red fish Croker white Trout. You got a dollar and you can make the run out to the bridge and causeway going to life liberty and go to deuce point head out the shell Nancy are you really got it. This is the hubbub of where you know in the north or fish and I would say and what a great places. On and off from buy you adventures zona Jeff joins us now and yet you can you put to discount you grant reopened U expanded the business you put more merchandising and tell us what's gone off the people who gonna come visit us out here today. Well first of all things after being here we really appreciate it keep you as well. How we got a lot going on today guys. And it is walking into. We're gonna have giveaways we have lots of stuff and Farris Brothers to give away some rods and reels and just grab a close. Budweiser Coors and Miller T shirts throw throws things like that can't captain Andy Jones is going to be your living literally keep fishing charters. Who has donated a we keep fishing charter trip for us to raffle off. People call beautiful that as giveaways here to keep the community involved in in litter pick up and trash. Control. We have live China's crickets and worms and night crawlers grove of date. Frozen shrimp mr. green's gonna be here to talk about vision in the volume in the in the by the column area. We're gonna talk about everything you guys need kayak year. It. Everything you need well you mentioned mr. green you're talking about forest green guy have known for 2530 years he's he's just a legend in this area. And he is the cover boy for Louisiana sports magazine if people come irony here is Annie get an autograph copy they get nearly enough right that's correct he'll be a sign autographs or rather Louisiana sports magazine which he is on the cover. So we're very proud of that. Yet pay no attention that a big speckled Trout easel and as the man behind it that is great story you know by the way that's right they say it's part fish I come CS word by Hewitt matches highway 190 you can final column you're gonna find the shop going to be until 9 o'clock this morning. Also coming up best of Louisiana outdoors contest kicks off today back which there you will do that also alien by U adventures how we won ninety it'll call mile wide open got dumped plenty of activities don't you wanna buy stuff on war as you could today at the grand re opening celebration. We also ask you to text messages and while alive on the yeah they come directly in here to the studio. Which is on the road but at this one from peanut man and in a cultural and the million our season this south wind 1520 Rick Fisher by the crabs and nice. That's patient slow oysters a salty and big big crawfish. Ot Toby L one of our regular listeners text of he's head of the pools blow up a little north that you at least pearl river singles tournament. And he's looking for five of those big girls take the boat ride back. Then backed the Turkey awards tomorrow yet Doby Albion to argue with witty remark that that the best weather conditions. But Turkey hunt for sure we also I hear from a Lafayette yak. And he says I want to update the web he's on the way to Coca treatment that March Madness. Need to win to give us a break on ports and I think the wind is not gonna give me a break too much later as easily tonight but tomorrow after that frontal system moves through. Good luck to you and all the other stroke is out there on after that it should be a kayak. And let's go down a shell beach Louisiana camp both marina is the place Robbie temple jones' Robbie. Is it. Tight line whether sedate them. Absolutely. It. Man well. I looked at the radio's morning. You know it's cannot help themselves so these. And you know all week we had extremely low wore out his problem Lowe's I think it all winter long. And you did you know into the spring here and they have been that this will all com and then all of a sudden. Was it this these women in this you know. That garment of docs so it was a big change in immoral. You know just been here so but. Not much Crowe caught this week it was a it was a really really slow week for respect for crow not red fish. You know that was notable that the story corporate special week that. Not much so and in the war was dirty guy at all you know on the it was Southwestern College it. It's it's stayed west so western it was just low conditions and ran it was just so raw well we man. You know if they did guys it's state local talk like right across ship channel you know right up the ship channel and out of pocket to clean water. It caught a few fish justice who was the real tough week and yesterday in new mark medical director Asia up and bookmark it. They whack them actually because all the way out of pocket point yesterday. Yesterday it was just that he read this statement it was it was it was phenomenal. You know we got to read that we don't have the term it. Dental bill and turn it today. But I think if he goes is they dispute is terms than it today on the virtual. But if you do have written term in the guy's going to be. They look like in the bounce into the area thing to. Cut but we they go on and on Matra Soviet government honestly in. What's in my firm. I would say if local state clothes. And this weather's just right or on the outside of bad illusion. You know moving at fifteen point in my don't it won't be here sixteen dollars and though it won't do you believe me. Now in you don't wanna get caught in that from which it now let me rob it sounds like you you might wanna put the spectral off for another day but if you guys heard I didn't wanna do so patient stay in the marsh and get those red Reich what mother and exactly. Absolutely absolutely that's what I would do it. In David picabo pulling out it's not draw today and a half after a call click it tackled by act there's a good thing is that demand their own stuff you know. But if you wanna get into workable one I mean you know look we got on for a long and you come down with. I was about would go through in this mourn. I would be very very close of markets and then is going to be long report before oh motivated to turn it loose the way it's done so hopefully within negated. I think it's common not go into government it would come I'm always. It is not yet happened where it's win yeah productivity telephone number in case somebody wants to call Ian in check on conditions legitimate and I wanted to meet entry about that passes through. And close corporate partner for. Super earn a green. Or. Oh in third arm warned. All right Robin got there. Out of buddy thanks that a report we appreciated our right wing out. Out there popular. And he goes Robbie camp mode on the temples marine and Shelby they do have kites here but by your adventures uncles. In the sky line it's gonna bring them activity. Also want to let you know the fire department your local going to be serving jumble while it's it's going to be hot jumble log fire department. Ribbon cutting ceremonies at noon on saint Tammany chamber of commerce Bobby old is going to be performing live from the ninth to eleven. And they do have called adult beverages namely beer also drink size it's nice guy hitting media the trip. About byes they'll lower it by you had been cheers and now we have it. Update you on a couple of other things including at city park rodeo situation probably in the next 45 minutes will be checked in with the director. Finding out if and now win the weather is expected to come in there and it will affect the fishing I know they said rain or shine the teachings on but there's a vegetable. That is part of that and hopefully they'll get that on the way. I would be right back after this timeout and we gonna talk to while losing animate and captain Tokyo July you'll exclusive makers of zeros tackle box with the anti rest reduction that thinking outside the box in 1947. They have built a edition of deal the last hope it will while Louisiana man we got a front movement in it's kind of in Louisiana. And is headed toward the south east towards Mississippi line and then on in Alabama but he's on the west side but he's in the clear. Heck our utopia. Obama among the less than that make and actually on the count the global war span in between a curtain. In a window and use. It's Finley and bit the tournament the B two or and a I'm an that was classic big I'm. Over here counting him out yesterday. About 10 o'clock at night. Come across six people walk in my pocket and couldn't pick it was made it was from a that they. Create act you know people back on the lead you know except. And it. Every dad in Moline and many get from the and to me and you. Ackerman and inane attitude really has. Break out of the home sick until we got a lot of immigrants we got a lot of transplants from Louisiana and Texas and boy they've you know they've really missile on a lot talk in my view from a man every week. When it to me it would definitely get a win out people here probably and I'm kind of like expected you people in it and licences that are here so. Note he's here you can that bad that this epic. That issue obvious key to boot come back and eminently. What you front. In the mostly united decision at all I mean I know you can't crash in in it'll teach at a tournament. Let me just let relaxation you work in this is a work and deal yeah back to work in it is you'd do it like that in them cry Meehan it would appear that the power global equally check out at. And between one and can we demonstrate Simon and it's heated them to be given shirts and the engine are so I don't but it's is that Ku endowment so hurry. Tentative immunity and used in Irving tree and environment in them and only scrambled immediately think I've got to tackle boxes every other hour all the kids that come to. So sporadic to are on there and well you not listen much MacKey element you we will let you know sounded elated as the afternoon there's not gonna last long but it's going to be intense when it comes. Yeah we get the people around it seems accounts lingering arguments and neck and Bluetooth off that back on my way to later. The Google guys and I think kept winning sessions smaller and so. That have done that but masters. Three days as we. You know in the boat plane just coming in yesterday's subject line tomorrow more I got a put them break and one on an incline that. Message. We did did okay and do. But to trial red fish cookie dance. It was nose and comedies mean that we did video are. So on noted it's gonna switched sides and come up so literally wanted to take a comeback and all also are McGrath and and don't a productive on. Same scenario than had been away anyway Al the time was Hulu. I want my upon that normally I'd be catching grants site can't. Give me site and read it right now transparently as open. Clearwater and and that sows so shall that this wasn't in net so in the house where the movement that but the grant's been on about twenty feet up the bank. I'd like now being you know maybe took them eight who wanted them that so which in the justice center of the pipeline canal and having it via the amid push. It was spooky because so little of both put it that pressure on count. Made a cart with a reputed. But it we have we checked in hack at that would. It was a violent as you'd just went dead on beaches. Just big them bubbly black such as by to. It was productive addicted. And found upon that of the register and don't Spectra. But even that may move to ban retired pay very strapped and everywhere apartment caught. I'm forty I'm afforded that the trial only come home and exit thirteen key reason that scenario but this Europe and America abated very Tappan. My guy and execute. Execute go from here and so it is definitely working working with him but I mean it just. The last action to be heads that we know we read credentials really efficient car. This is these conditions in conditions of them blame the weather. A well we get a lot of them what equipment did that debates and that Trout and we need to conditions I was right in west which is. Where it is not the bed. These new columns stories you where it's best you have no. New Orleans and it and cobweb. And that again and get a good agent couldn't get here nearly rate that you know that. The couple weeks man commissioned me in a more stores in the whether he does have that they had been in human nature when you think things right. He would come early cores the front as a channel in that a it's did so means almost brought to trial jobless claims down and you found a tunnel up at Yale and April full moon on the news Dubuque yeah. Yet again I get at every Spectra and it was sent emails. It says that the making. It making the making. You know a second it it's just days bam extorting. I mean that's gone on even that the few bad. Expect that Cuba at this that maybe catch and release program you a couple of those in the same thing you know they ignore it seems so it's. Things happen. It would mean that I operate books in them. And it won't be sampled it and Texas you will be talking to so many people leave welcome back you little swinging voice you know you lose we don't want to lose your identity when you're over it and if somebody wants of fines you obviously do. Not today in the book. The normal we know you ought today. OK you know and that the debut of I'm in a web. Station. That both ends up near Polk. On the mission trips we are at mission. Good social media they the official John great books. At a good arm and a Bible for reform and that's 614 Disco is no way to that pitted primetime. Spring through one book that. You might want to book it now. Give I think. What about it in unfortunately now in the hands and comes. At a field it and he used to listen on area you going to be at the class has stopped by Zito. Kamal only he's only it's gonna be all right occurred I boasting and actually. Ayman. Eagles a Louisiana man I would come back after this gonna tell you about the kick off for the third annual best of Louisiana out there was this you get the vote. Also we gonna get a jump a live report coming here from where we're located today by US benches highway 190 look home grand reopening. Plot surprises to register for a special deals and has always all the stuff you need to get cheap. I things a prank general and nearby U adventures highway 190 at lake road in a section it'll coma just moments away from two boat launches national wildlife refuge in not even know that weather is moving in house and the places you can finish. And today is a great have to learn how to feast is here a few people about local home by you look at home came by you and you want to give it a try. Mark and Apple's going to be a little bit later on he has been nail in the guideline on crickets Ricky walker is another local expert he faces the cycle a white part jamaat wanna column on the shyness. And make it even read your kayak the other available daily. And you can go fish today in a kayak it's information it's your equipment and an out here on the buy you may also be guidance on that panels. On beautiful game by unit kind of borderline a problem state park here. On the analysts join saint Tammany. I a lot of view I have heard that that pesky Turkey. That's been arrested me for years his name is Tom and every year I think up putting away because I get a couple of turkeys but evidently I have not in you know you come home from hard they're working go to answer you answer machine. I'm gonna let you listen to what I have to listen to when he calls we gonna do that. Right at the willow local stations identify themselves on the outdoors would Don Dubuque radio. The load. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a beady eyed bird. Known by many names. I have reason unhinged. Creator of despair. I am that would censure pulse to race. And your blood to boil. It's in my name Don you abandoned family and responsibility. My name you deprive yourself of rest. And for what purpose. The match wits. With obediently entered. But there's no contest. Because I am an escape artists. Are master of survival. One attuned. To an environment imperil. Rankings. Coyotes. Powell's talks he's done hello there my real enemies. But you. You are nothing but child's play. You don't think I hear you talking through me through would read the slate. Sometimes you sound so seductive I must investigate. But I know you and I know you've done better than you know yourself. So I heavyweight. And wait. And wait. Where you are not patient creatures. I watch. And you move. And die. And gone. He's gone I'm gone but I'm not on I'm gonna getting this year I thought I got him last year and the year before you before and every year you know keep clutches with a from the a fuel gauge report. That pesky Turkey landed jobs that's aggravate it's politics I ought to go to -- flag on your witness I think you would know when you feel him. Like big bird that sounds like a big now well he's he's you know he's Li's holding cell and they'll you know every now do armor something you know and you kill has got a lot of experience but that's okay I'm going to be out there at a mall maybe tomorrow be that they warrantless and that makes you. Got a plan I got a plan now. Oh you have a plan to toggle Turkey on. Now also undermined about the third annual best of Louisiana outdoors. They are kicking off that contest the nominations are being taken right now. They close the nominations April 12 and and you begin to vote. And that opened up on April 24 that it will announce the winners in June and six main categories. You'll be asked talk about the best and voting the best they tackle the best guy in this new categories there. The best and outdoor art and media no we had arts and media in this output was industry but I guess we do best services land gap division. And some of the great prizes you could wind would be an offshoot trip out of Venice with a home run charters. And in short trip in the Biloxi marsh with a guy you gonna be here from pretty soon captain Mike Gallo. A trophy bass trip up want to lead the band was living in dream guide service and a kayak fishing trip that two on the by use of the north Q war. I wanna budget come on via grab a cup of coffee a nugget the latest not supplies you might need it by you adventures before you trip we've got some of the local guys here that will limit. Yes some of their information we had dips sharply or faces from the bank now a lot of you that is the most requested. Piece of information that I give all you along where chemical kits and fish and Donald to vote. Well sure ought to get a kayak or canoe efficient from the bank can be productive. Just got to know the time of the year nova spots to go in and what the technique isn't coming here today you'll meet some of these folks in fact the the cover boy I'm calling. I hope you don't get insulted. Forest green I know you'll what a wonderful guys a long time fisherman in these parts of the woods and lives here and local these though on the comparable Louisiana sport from the speckled Trout. He's also very cop as best as you can beat porous and talked to him and that's the wonderful thing about the people here they're willing to share their information with human and help you get started in it. Or go to composition and self but you'd you'd need some guidance is point where to go. And how to fish a new area. Today's data do it by you adventures that grand reopening. One highway 190 at lake wrote in look home coming back right after this another no short guy Jeff rolled joint disease not bass fishing. It fresh water feel report back with Jeff report after this three minute pause along the outdoors. Now while we had a Turkey challenge now we get a weekly bass challenge from that'll big balls bats and a rule takes him on all of steady basis to our egos mourn. To despite for the weather visited the beautiful little rain that come out the first week in. And they're anymore. Yeah hopefully it doesn't bring those rivers up about two bad you know at that look like it's that much rain and hopefully push on through here quickly what's been going on in and local there is about them much outlined basin. I report to pretty steady then tiger and the river stage is still around three point one. He can indeed there is postponed. Just on the year. Gathered citizens and you know positions it's top priority. You know he indeed. I think it's this has been around these people on them. But and just. Try to on the areas that are old mom you know support the guys is content up there and it was postponed going on between it and the market took in his pocket and etiquette. And I mean you have to wait for the rank unstable that that might get those wind changes that apartment in the catch. Jeff I got so some people that I headed up the pulls block state they got a single circuit aren't going up today what do you tell people chenille pearl. The river's down a split in the you know obliterate follow. You know it's gonna do what it does next week and hopefully it too much in. That approach. Kind of dictated by what Jackson Mississippi gets across Barnett that. Right now the pro ball maybe hopefully this week it'll stay pretty steady that they indicated this year that the war stable coup on pearl. For the come from you know northern areas. So that's spawned feel panicky and you know there that I have come against some pockets you might from Graham and got start in the pick up. Two is that Vietnam. But its reports on a river the quality care to kids hit the punch in the involved he would be good tactics. But it. I come you reporters that the war was slower earlier this came so you use these countries. Position that this city and move around the province it's been debate but they combing river were pretty good point. Well before get too far away from opera that is sort of bio comb through to produce and on and efficiencies and beautiful pictures of some white birch committed here's some video on the goggle eyes wrong I'm sure you could. Pick up a few Bastia two. Venice Louisiana what's gone on in that rivers you know was going up last week announced drop and again how's that can affect the vast nation down. There was it's around seventy feet right now on the north gauge but if you look at rivers. Feel all negative on the gauges come from up north I mean there's an apology and you know into this around by the in the coming years partners with some pop banks being content clean water. And on to get out of these big continent. In Ort state going in and catch this the good report Mary good report opened down. Then back living areas from Dennis the democratic senators upon him bad credit and as there is Steve. And so do decide upon and clean water and has said he thought the big grad is that they regret is there's just let it would things like bills then probe they're agreed to turn on the gras. Jeff you know I've finished Della crow at this time the unit can be good for mix cat two of the red fish and the bass. But the grass is to be a problem down aka how do you contend with a. You've got to get a either broad work over the top of the you know the wars pat down in the got a little Kraft Mac element that the very that the net. But feel a sunny day in a popular grass it is problem. It can't Eagles are topping you know yet but we're the holidays and things that. Doctor goals been really work well either communicate is both bad and really pretty equally. And I that they could just go look for you know we will forward drastic and it's where this short time ago deal with it but those debates you know sometimes just the flu or something like that south. Plastic don't final topic do scratching kids is what to. But just above on any upcoming tournament that people might wanna be a twisted and make plans to fish. I got on one take your retirement. Is on Friday April 7. The he's been around the bases he's hit me it's about years or older that's good about the personalities to name has pretty fish limit. Deputy presiding. Contact and argued contact him. Table bird man check north the corners net this in kind of probably. School based thought he was an underdog of has been a little weekend tournament this stuff among taxi. This would joke. Wind speed and in the morning on the boat to river so that would hopefully have a good day. Well are they also have a Wednesday evening tournament at 5 o'clock don't daylight savings Tom Brown the mainstream launch here in home it's only ten dollars a person you know kind of a fun tournament each Wednesday. So yes some of those and don't forget that's for bragging rights you know for the rest that we can have opposes them pretty damn competitive. They are now which death thanks that report as always we appreciate you know look at chip but you can next week. I. All right Jeff reports are brought to you by Berkeley provision few finishing you know them that make the goal the doubles the creek it's that cramped different panels and debate. In the fishing line anytime momma element braid Laura Kolb and all around test every type of vision and lots of accessories. The blade knives scales lip grip the hold this if this has to do with patient. Berkeley in divisional pure fishing. I come back right after this so we gonna talk about why can't keep them object anymore in the Gulf of Mexico at least for a while. We will talk to captain Darryl call to get an offshore report and a grand dollar report right after this time out on the outdoors with Don Dubuque. Unit. I daylight is approaching in social system on moving from the west to the east of Louisiana in the drops of rain Wynn's gonna keep but might get a trip in it front and up behind it but don't do Wallace in. Whereby you adventures in it this morning broadcasting program it'll comb telling you about. What do wonderful places visible pressure salt water feature to get you ready we need to get a date report from the shop via Shannon joins us now channel would cut bait lies for the fishermen. Well a lot of you all of that been looking for those wonderful profits this year and I got lots of people I eat their profits I don't bait would probably didn't. I know I I have beaten out ever it wants to catch errant profits we got nets never interpret that. And crack down where everything seems like it's just them and even earlier than normal this year and it's just atlas wrapping. It. Super crappy. You know chicken and Turkey to play rob and and that's her that's my aircraft went. We've got edge trim but I live shrimp we had for five years now and them it's gonna be coming back in any day and just talk to mature from when I talked to my mother at Saddam. So anybody can help toes yeah as of yet. You know that it will be having a slasher coming in any game and we usually carry this through through December. Now what about the defense is the white perch at the Chicago lie in the in the blue gills. I think I got signers and crickets and worms Greg arms night dollars. You know it's our job to know what he has some days they're right on cricket someday but right now worms and an academic and you know. There are days that they prefer artificial and that we got through got. You know we know everything that that there might not so it's our job you wanna coming and that it's working we ask it somebody wanted to know the hours you open seven days or seven days a week we are open more than a close chances are open. I'm we're here. 6 AM right now until 8 PM but of course that's gonna be changing at 5 AM very seen as soon as we start having my terms that probably in the next. Weakest so it can be changed at five and what times the jumble lie in the prize. At 11 o'clock that time mobilize and be. Serve an app that look at home our department's going to be out here aired just ask the evening air across the street we know moderately well. And they can hook up with so. I'm really looking for my time recovery of W I am and it could it added that doing exactly that's why we asked them to come serve at that time quiet today. And then where every fifteen minutes we're drying. You know for the door prizes. Just walk in the door and get a ticket we have a little questions posted around the stores if you can even more quiet in answers you can come up with and the more chances you let it. It's fun little party. I'd at your destination today is local Louisiana stop by here by U adventures of lately their only going to be strong for some prizes including a giant beach chair pop up tent on those just grabbing gloves that's handy dandy item. Skeet Reese crank bait rod Campbell raps T shirts made basket that's just a few of the prizes and also have some really good I'm told Jumbo lot prepare Obama. Five apartment here it'll buy you look home and you can learn to fish jumped the couple bought for a Louisiana's what's the magazine just ended the building easier. Forest green and he's always willing to share some advice whether your best judgment on speckled Trout fisherman he can help you out. But if you aren't Lambert Jack fisherman well at 1201 AM yesterday. On the recreational Armisen right there ambit Jack in federal waters is are closed. And Darryl carpenter joins me right now he doesn't know he's on the air but now he is Darryl I need to and is now. We can promote opener how old book the you know understand the understand. Well. But this is not a day to be offshore by any smooth movement imagination. We know. I mean you know problems with integrated. Welcome Leo robbing me round. An outbreak in just the opposite manner are all weeklong mission has been so good for Trout birds so that I heard. You know good. We just won't result of weather come the weekend we gave everybody option just push it back you know two Saturday and that's what we've done and actually got the weekend well because this is this is not going to be good weekend for what we're hearing. And everything that's moving talks but the Trout have been great. Offshore. You know offshore it's been well on the in unison out to. There are I mean what what can recite another another very successful federally managed fishery. Yeah. Tongue in cheek and she almost out of work but there again. I'll sort this past week was pretty good it was wrong. You know that was a whole lot. Argued she is being called it was a little bit so that require everywhere but it just doesn't seem to be a lot of spiritual. Required with grants which is something we did not see it well last year so maybe it does look at a one year ago. But but that the story of the week though shall what was more it's like they're migrating animals where. That would out there. And equitably war college who mall. That has been everywhere. And is that unusual float late march. Eric April him mall and out there. Well I think I think where it. You know just like we talk about trial well they were here and everything it's been so warm and a two mile winner we're oh. You know when you know the polluted it may not be it may not be that as usual but for there to be shall mean you know. We're going to be so many of them out there that you know 100 that the took off whom he. I'll talk on the other day and they ended up that they won't ultra floaters and the problem. Three boats out there and at one point operated above the same time at a mall. There is just another and so mean meal there so. You know it looks like it's going to be good collegiate here are the grasslands are coming in early that they you know the collegiate tradition shown up early. Open this year can be another banner golf and hear what we got about a year ago. We'll dog got to tell you I got some fantastic reports of yellow fin tuna action and no big big fish but play any of those good ducky along besides. There are common in old and off the lump and it dumbed both were realistic because they have a great weekend to do it last week. Yes and in both those it's typical this time with the UC and that new crop that sixty I'll Beers. It is it's typical British leader Hermann the year so hear hear the news who owns news of the person who appears that Luke via and is young and growing. The year that sixty numbers. That that which for the that your you catch you you look in the world are younger than in you you've done that are here. The -- you mentioned earlier about how I acted to try outlaw one of the hottest spots in the state last week come and get these reports consistently is that legal area villages sketches of Trout and I'm not talking about small issues. Know what he thought he would. They were right there were papers lead but our side well what we're we would catch an ugly scene nineteen Trout. Oh week or so ago the numbers might have been that hikes. But I think they're important part of him because this week the numbers were there at the fish were a little bit smaller but it was mostly mail out in the growth. So I think those fish and more responded there's been a few of them Katrina and a couple of as a major trips you know scored during the war torture down Bob rock and it picked it up a few of those people Kyle this. I believe that we're gonna have a bigger sport utility of the Surrey that they definitely. Look at the -- a lot of girls females and art and it will expectant. I think they're starting to make him imported the because like they're Wu kitchen 1819. Ministry emails a week ago with jets and thirteen fourteen inch males now sold little this is ordered to move toward it goes. All right well time and should be right next time you're not fit together should be should be on its own here. Yeah a great football you know the Dow ultimately wants to get you real screamer is dot com and if they wanna make phone calls element. Cricket. Not pretty. 628. I'm confident we'll see you next week that would that would break it. I'm now carpenter real scream is dot com Kiki got something you wanna say that we got a grand prize we gonna be given away to somebody comes by it registered by you'd matches. And yeah this is McCracken trip from captain Andy Jones wicket it's in jars of you know we know about the crack in. We're gonna animal later on talk about that in its interest in story. Just them being instantly on in the name right cracked him at it it's so scary that there has stripped opera also we have some some trivia questions brought about the snorkel in you can answer for you went in. In an exit ticket but the sounds good. All right we're going to be if our number two at the outdoor show from five to seventy the guy ages are will be here from seven and nine. So that by the time to come by in a meat forest green Louisiana's what's been cover man. Also some of the other experts mark malveaux is here it yet show off they'll help you find your way around Coleman fines of the age we come back. But I checked it was a lawless city park I'm not a big bass rodeo we shape and up and a lot of you concerned about the weather looks to me like it's a couple of hours away from that area. And that may be just enough time negated it. We'll find out for you on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. While he got a almost right he said well that'll sure that's true but would not say you would skip the Duma regular broadcast studio we are read by you adventures in McComb Louisiana on highway 190 apparently wrote the gateway to some wonderful fishing and actually running to. On the edge of the national wildlife refuge called a big branch and also right close to file with state or what a beautiful part of the state. That's not far from well I've made my home for the last 42 years and probably is ten nieces. I I'm going on not coming up but these peace. Archbishop Rommel that's gonna be next week a lot of you've been waiting for this you know that the drill all the different food items back we're gonna talk to. Will that later on about some of the things you'll find if you can be headed there on March 29 that is going to be Wednesday. Thursday those of you and black woman's the national while Turkey federation chapters having him on any heritage banquet march 30. And listen this lineup crawfish to fried fish fried alligator salad dessert that given away twenty or more guns a custom built on cabinet. And several charter fishing and hunting trips they opened the doors at 6 PM it's at the at this community center on LA one. In if you want tickets or information Ryan little balls of privacy call 225. 268. 1775. Review show up today at this community senate on Thursday evening about 6 o'clock you Bianca. Right now going on this morning. The seventieth annual big bass rodeo and walled city park is the oldest freshwater fishing rodeo in the entire country. And I would guess say the world in this of people out of concern because we do have a system moving in its a couple of hours. The west of New Orleans must check in with Danica and Williams and fire about how the city park rodeo is is going to be shaken up about it and opens up. But listen now and on Danica what's going on a lot of Sadr down now the good morning. And it is such a short aligned that are back seat. Street he would crack in the background but about nail biter and it's really yeah concerned about the weather. On it looks like an apple windows like by both on the buy you actually happen. Open they'll get up on the finish out rapid it the crowd that here. I think it's going to be OK the people of the just getting up well listening it's still dark and wondering are they gonna have the rodeo yeah. And you know the good thing about city market is not. Scranton went out to vote in Florida but not giving into the icy or anything like and you efficient from the bank and then you truck the car as critical by you can duck out of their caustic yet. I think this pressure dropping. In this approach he brought that there could be some good fish caught in my great records that. I hope you know nine pounded that city park record and that is that caught a few and Atlanta you're these uncle abatement comment today. We have 29 teams signed up for about half an hour I'm not seen better on an on site today. So I'm gonna leave it we've been eager to get to be on the line on the bat back are they accurate ears. Is really far back we have a lot argued that here today according you know a with the numbers. They were hoping that the wet. Air right but that look like that. Well that's good and as somebody come and then there's still time to sign up how long they can be taken to registration. Or. They. And the festival is scheduled to. A long time. Expect that 9 AM and then it has shut down about 11 or 12 o'clock along with the awards are torture should get started and there. Okay are they able to pull it in a little bit congress to complete system. Yet it will do is its outcome of mine morning call at the way there. Anything else you need to tell people all the way. Com come on out I mean it's going to be beautiful it's gonna be around like at a on the Albert you. In my little troubled by and achieve chlorine there are eight. Packed up and ready to go on the water we can't. Yeah I have I have seat still on standby for McCain in a kayak. Being you being on that he would be at the end it definitely. Forget that she indicates laureate award up. Now which show a lot Lockett she's assembled Danica on minister yelled before the way Ian Anderson also known at least will be damaged shootings of floated about Louisiana. Thanks for all you do both as a professional volunteer to do great work and we appreciate it. Are. You guys. I was steal lie Danica Williams amnesty which defeatism biologists the department wildlife and fisheries. Takes charge of the outreach fishing the program for kids with the department of wallet and so city park road still written role catching fish and to deal with this pressure drop but wouldn't be surprised that some really big issue. I come back after this captain Mike Gallo joins he's gonna be a featured speaker next week at the Pontchartrain basin match he is not. Like what kind basin Maritime Museum I think got that right okay what talked to Mike can get a verification on it. Coming back after this you'll listening to the outdoors without Dubuque radio network. Going to be at the Tuesday march 286 o'clock most sure CCA spring fishing seminar like poetry based Maritime Museum but it will be captaincy T. They will be Eliot Stevens doing IF AA tour Qaeda acting captains Sam Bob Barrett he is worth the price of admission alone captain Casey brooding you know most official report. When Martina date chart is also be there again it's going to be Tuesday march 28 6 PM. Pontchartrain basin Maritime Museum in Madison you've never been music beautiful wonderful place. And captain Mike Gallo gives sufficient reported this time each Saturday morning it's brought to buy Zito. You know they give you peace of mind to bring fuel Italian 24/7 of jumpstart your. And now like AAA on a water ball for a measly price of 79 dollars for an entire year when I get saga go to seat told dot com. Call captain Chris that Bible ward 3014545. And we bring in captain Mike Gallo and his report on. While probably like thousand like born Biloxi marsh Pontchartrain probably going to be a little difficult to get news today Mike would you say that's true. Advocate Mary and go dangerous conditions out there appropriate date and if you plan on oral. Yeah well it's going to be windy you know as a couple of hours if you can be definitely protected in mobile small by UA you can get in and out you could sneak attributed. But the conditions and are going to be the best but it's notable through here pretty quickly evidently was with a south wind tomorrow and and it's just a matter of fund clean water way you think. Some places would be looking at maybe tomorrow night. Oh I would think now problem at all. Shell vehicles and walk away this week. And you know by using harsh and area and I'll I was down and then there is needed we. Last week. Sort of made it loud and that really ticked up judgment trumps a couple of bad apple want to change situations. There I did. Spent a lot of time. Apply alms. Down here and just throw on plastic ties or plastic aren't popping cork. Next I'll we talked some change close to those that do and and it would perhaps more. Saw. Not wanting your regular customers in his Mormon mr. Al Calgary's. Borrow and yet they checked his ID he was Olympic Committee let Lehman. And yeah. He's taking pictures of the client paparazzi and he is. An Asian. How about fission. Don't answer to quickly now think about that. In. Almost. A Patrick Ricard a now what was that nickname tank Lamotte now is that the is that the nickname I've heard the end don't gain and that dutchman via. I hope we had he done such a show up in his words by you advance uniformity was this over Comair unit to own. You know there and that's why I think actually. Well Mike. You you're not going to be able to be at that summit on no you do an awful lot of those of the going to be at the one coming up in Metairie produces the CC AR system. I will be one and all. Laying here people here. I'm not sort of look in my apartment. Yes that's April she has have been in on airline now that's Wednesday I see them actually on one knee. Choosing which one needs. I'm going to be in the rose that we do some more. Ali Al allocation. But see I don't have the exact it has gotten poor communities then. Okay in. Hannah. I had committed to that prior should. See. The one on the nor shall be mixed. That's where there was an article he. He's he's got a question a comment point Mike you got so many seminars there when he have found a bit and you're going to be speaking MIA on north or official report icon spring finish in seven on March 31 at T rivers that's a Friday. And that is a war. And rented homes and our children to us him. You know the community given to us so greatly users were our position and you know I'd just like we should go out there. It helps support the community magnet their version as we can. If you can hear him. So I don't mind. Well it's certainly appreciate and and appreciate the the information that you guys give him. Well I'll be there. Like her fresh that I may be ready and that's been a long day. I look forward to that question can't treat them and interacting with world. Yeah you do great seminars my somebody wants to get in touch with you end up book you for one of their seminars are they do that. Yeah we do want to. And ourselves. Easy reach. Out to those guys Tom. To look sophomore de LA. Arab world this book. Or there will punish him line and I need. Yemeni born. And an 811. I can't Michael give up tomorrow and done in the mean time I get some rest so you can be off freshen perky at some. I think again it this way Davydenko already thanks Mike McCurry. I now while we're mentioning events the goal beat both speak. They say that he does that built the culture of anything gala when he 17 April 1 April fools day. That's next Saturday from 630 to 1130 at the Hilton Baton Rouge capitals and in Lafayette. It is the Baton Rouge international schools fund raiser and you can go there in bid on a TV fishing trip with me. You can also be I don't wanna mustang cubic prayers in print and also any radio and it schedule will be auctioned off those three items. So law hopefully you put them down and calendar is the goal should be that gala. On Hilton Baton Rouge capital Sanaa on Lafayette street Saturday April for a one week from today at 636. I come back after this it's time for the stroke is report otherwise known as the panel's report. But the bicycles kayak fishing club coming up right after this three minute calls on the outdoorsman John W. Radio. I'd if you like to ghost broken for you fish we got the reverend red coming up with a kayaks this remote need to rent a kayak in before you commit the bottle and they do that right nearby you'd mentioned what we on local combines each management depth and I think you opened by you get it yet sharpened jewels stokes are. Expert thank fisherman who specialize in fission right down lake road. And it will and help guide you in the right direction give me some tips and advice is a great opportunity today learned official wonderful area here around by you look. Let's talk to the river written get a sub that was reported in bought relevant to you what ego Opie and if you Matalin today you want to win by Jeanette and Edwin. Well that people watcher. They like I lawyer out there today. And now we we got tights in it going pretty good yeah a lot of got a special deal you're going to be guy pipeline. That you can make it tight to the kayak kind and that you could do little tacky like sail almost it's been done only. Outing. On little one filtration and pour it. Here. I don't wanna nickname new blood you know it could happen we'll chemist a spot in Reggio Della cola stalled over the announced SE that's always popular mayors ago. The effort and production gear displayed it today. There's been a lot of answers ought red yellow and well well well they probably get what your book. I'd love that are brought to get you court what I am getting record. Don't all get low ball report compliant patient Barbara go national. Lot of pitching from the time include the ability to chart triggered they're doing pretty well and port whale will be let people. They re one got it back up by being troubling you parade. Actually the bridge trample on buying he actually. That I crap pattern applies to implies. Or what they're used. Browser. There's the popular pattern that I don't ask me questions about does that model that this. Apparently caught read it drowned. Even ready here. In Bellic droids two most recent brush or upload through. Throughout the book that means you destroy your your spenders and more banks who have. Are there. That's great you know I efficient is not is typical cyclical risk issues that people might think if you can just yet about the only got a cast maybe 2030 feet. If you give it that although red -- help you know a lot of times welcome looked imports so. You know people don't think a lot of people intimidated in the they can fly fishing is very difficult really it's. It's much easy mom by no means an expert about caught much you read the original line them not a a great test to begin with how would want a small little bit of the central part of the state. I'll what's going Ronald now getting some really good crop report the Darryl said that he thinks they'll speckled crop. Can't get advanced in a move to get into and out of the water and lead in the march. You know I've met my Gotti. He's picked up by turn the rent like this which saw the trial what went on your wanna promote people. Is that they're wrong and I optimistic about the they've built trial here and there are normally do. And so that tells me transitions happening in and out here lately you're here. You know it and now so I have been out virtually but I seen now in the council and now buys or drop at all. Although it just talked to buddy he did pretty well on the net and it but. They Sean does a great place or read it should do hasn't trial option if you have a title of coastal line. Wouldn't do that daylight today but great plays or short trip go away and we got some canal weakening and the perhaps they'll have come in but it's coming in. And so Lou waters clean energy because it will be regrets though but shall go global meadow. Bidding here eleven Trout mysteries to each other they're there again smaller. And I would definitely say you know virtually in transition now. They're still the big Trout out there you've just got to wait in between uncle Lou. Currently bill. You know there were worker transition he would split between Rio coming and the arrest them he actually in Soviets and they finished their wouldn't be. Peter wrote about it. For those kayak dot kayak going on privilege comes we get there we get worried. It now. Round as far as point mission and no report indeed now without mention of national advocates some really good opportunities for pan him because that they're arena's them make some really good efforts to accommodate them what's been around. Well it into vision you know kayak launch there's been real popular so a lot of bogeys and not the news about your picture which is right. But you know a lot of people are catch fish for sure. Bill would this limit wallet oh in the bodies now or trial when the weather. Brad Pitt on the bank. It just the political crap we're also. But to argue got to please lord you're right. But you're using Mendoza under court you pull off that bank sometimes they'll come to rattle. And otherwise we it was a line spinners and spoons and just be patient you've got to get back at Torrey. Companies and a trial trailer really built to about them anymore. Crappy psychic. And usher truce has been lucky color all the flamingo works pretty well. Yeah those are both great. Real votes up folks listening to a cell count issue Lake Charles area you got a quick update on them going on out there at the panelists. Well I think she picked by you it it seems being he's late getting out protected waters so a lot of work. And Koppel reports and we one particular really got that break that and picked up some trial. But he's working flat right along the drop all network in the points. Then he'll work currently back in March results from those breakthroughs. He's. Didn't give me your particular Laura thank you strong and so. Sure truce. Do pretty well. Popping corks dominant straight lines as well. Well they got the Coca greeting at the March Madness the Lafayette kayak fishing club and ordered from a couple of those guys it's going to be windy it's going to be so that they semis syndicate feature out there. What's upcoming for the by U calls kayak fishing clubs or is there determines. Well we've got Lamar. Favorites lately threat to rumble coming up right around the corner and actually our pairs you could register to that at WW WBZ KFC dot org. And will be my second term a year try to get out there. A live report it looks like a Lamotte weekend. Because you know from the water most likely. I'd be grade up paddle loses that's the big granddaddy of nightmarish and what's the date on now when. April what night that's all they have. Registry involves a lot on the peace security dot org web site. And a bad technical outlook even you know they carry out about spangler. This coming out beat everybody. Mile words that are not so sure. Door prizes raffles so you know it is it's almost as much. Just for the experience. Get together it is trying to win the term there will be guys we need cherry try to pick some winners and losers around this year orbit. Now. Orel backpack in the sponsors this program get two locations wanna bad route one in Lafayette but they're going to be out on remote location for the next three weeks with those rides before you buy demo days give us the rundown of the locations that. And the times. Well on April 1 gonna rather it's mail order by about that it really occur each sale always walk out was stopped. And so that'll be able application but April 8 the archer bill Lapierre and the two. In April 15 at the Ellis shoot links tended to lose well they're gonna have all the new kayaks and could be a great opportunity give and so those votes. WB at either one of those to. I'm not currently plan to put it by you know it'll be sure they'll public outrage. All right Ralph thanks for the great report we appreciate it good luck to all the panel is out there and now we'll catch up with these two weeks from the war. Our Don thank you got there. All right same bacteria it's bill Crawford also known as the reverend. I gotta back after this yeah we had a guy you thought the best Turkey would be before the season opens you probably was right but unfortunately. He was caught and yes he's not bad boy the outdoors coming up. Next on the outdoors with no keep your name is not on here but last Monday morning five days before the opening of the Turkey season. The problem while I've been fisheries sergeant Jared make divers senior agent will Holloman is senior agent Ryan Coburn arrested 24 year old. Zachary. For alleged Turkey hunting violations agents were on patrol and they founding. Trying to call turkeys to his area while possessing a twelve gauge shotgun kotsay was Turkey on. He admitted it actively hunting Turkey and it must have been a come to Jesus moment when Byrd and also admitted did not. Tagging it Turkey his son killed Dylan used on last Saturday I know that judges not gonna like that decade corruption when ascendancy comes down. And killing three analysts the year this past hunting season of which none of those would tag on validated. After having his twelve gauge shotgun. In three Turkey calls he's arrested and booked into the clay in Paris. Detention senator and now facing total possible fines of up to 2350. Dollars 120 days in jail. Is 24 year old Zachary. Bad boy of the outdoors. I we're going to be right back with captain Ryan Lambert get a plastic man report from the plaque in the Paris area this time. He thought you know what we call run a little plastic and I certainly do and I'm not attempt MI have a big bucket issue live trip for him if he wants him I can bring its film you'll cook of you know all the maybe LeBron ammo runs. Delegate. Ma'am what's going on an ideal weight that is whether to move in. The move but you know what it is clear though you'd. He probably got a couple hours. Yeah the program back rooms you know make it on the clock you know and I'll be happy with that. They'd like William B deal with some stiff wind what you do the law that. Gave me yeah they yeah they'd flag was being. But bullet bike. You know you're. Let's immediately to get on the that. Would blow on short to the bank itself well I'll let you know he. So and my when he did they had agreed to. There might tap you know you know I'm not it's a boat that caught my early. In the they catch fish in the bottom adamant that red vision you know 23 child so. But. Now. Yeah rivers drop denies is gonna make any serious changes and anything. It's gonna make a lot of changes but part time and just all of bill we have programs bring. And that could help the epic drought stayed there about all straight now become now in upstate area you know him. It was ripped portion of who has Coca which would Mississippi. Yes they re here as well as rains and we. No doubt about good speckled Trout season. Wouldn't hurt anybody down and I mean red fish have been steady on but it will difficult on profitable looks like him hitting point two really good speckled Trout. Yet that gets the nice thing and it had been doubtful previous was right you know the emotional rigs and all but they get in on its side now. Lot of happy people that real reimpose that response to you know a couple weeks. I go out of CTO we gave Mexicans that though. Yeah I am you know. Bring it up well shall we got crisis would Corbett unions are not remotely nobody. Suppose that we won't get hurt a bit Erik. Cole but I did it and what did you. Can't wait and. If you get actually sixteen loudly on you know on court. Like yes well it will be option you'll probably get a permit. You know that it's. I went a just. I was on the world when I got these you have problems should blow everyone apart legislated is quote obvious but I would be viewed that you know. So we did the you know what. Everybody can be called a compliment call their congressman or dissident. Talk to them caught talking about them in front. And they put on a computer and thought about did not. Everybody who called optical opt be an expert called about. Just call in the actual number now on the phone bill would not help. And Ryan when you opted out did you get any encouragement. As far as feedback. No the coastal protection restoration of the party's all but owns over this in front reach out. You're listening to around anything encouraging came on you meeting. Well everybody looks good looking began to build the issue bettered anybody agrees. In all the congressmen senators on the Indian leadership it would get the court in the big amber now you know it. The committee that is so. She knows wouldn't know what to do would be enhanced missile chaired detection but. We gotta get this though a piece of ability you know like the solo. You know will will get it done we just just have to put the pressure element of uncalled boy ended that they would Altman did. You know bill was paid it off of the bacteria and died to put the urgent. But yet on the east side and office equipment everywhere bird so we got to go to Butler like the bird cage built from. So I'm by all of them these dolphins did he put himself would be really would urge the. Yeah well hopefully people contact their elected official the best on the do it is when asking for you vote went out there and you get these messages and in you can reply Tillman that's one thing we definitely want to bring up tombs coastal restoration. Our own protection. Ryan thanks for her report is always and thanks for the work you do and promise they will hear our coastline. Well Romo will do it you know but a big book of rockets from rhapsody you get right for runner during the day. We'll go get him was see you next week I'd but yeah I've been dating him. I'd captain Raila damaging funding it cajun fishing adventures dot com coming back after this Jacob wrestles him to join us. Take a visit director of the archbishop Rommel high obesity Easton this one's going to be coming up next week he's gonna kind of give you a we'll preview of what you might find it shall we read by you advantages highway 190 and look home. And I haven't a great time jump belie common live music later on register for free prizes and Nike plus shoe will be back with the most fuel efficient report after we wrap up here coming back on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio net. Portal five point three HD. Portable web site on the outdoors guy that I'm an easy way easy listen just clicked. And now you be here and Hideki what you got coming up we got a lot of special guest you got coming up here. Got a great and I can't can't they give anyway about it and the show it and then by new venture in a coma and we get cap nanny Jones of Wiki charters. To be talking about. Instantly pot to train and it's been tough this week with this win. Both Leo rebound next week straight now so we're gonna get. If the forecast for speckled Trout and efficient bridges. Pretzels causeway when Andy. My daughter Casey Allen Mattie coming on they're gonna. It's not as an Atlanta area families that that they're gonna teach is not a grass or grab an expert at young ages probably more so than me. I. Well they're Johns are rang me these are fly fishing writer for the north for its report back on we talk and the live edition I'll rain Miller's properly. Specialist rain elements not the lake killer. Reducing this cycle it properly population and it took on the river definitely. Forest green cover boy at the Louisiana sportsman he's going to be talking about not yet that the speckled Trout. I look old speckled Trout. Not only entitlements. Already addressing family argument today though we're getting its outlook maybe he can make me take care and. Hey all well clearly turning over the Tom yet we could take so a great show coming up on tried and what what's gonna be gone on a little bit later on. Besides the prizes and only got some special deals Jeff joins us now Jeff. Tell us what's in store for people even on get red wrap up and I got to handle the city park to shoot some video you're going to be party in April while. Yeah that's right now we got Bobby Wheeler going to be playing some live music graphic Ichiro. The fire department that you mentioned several times going to be a challenge of Eliza c'mon helps support those guys. We're to be doing prize giveaways. Every fifteen minutes will be doing drawings so come on out we got live bait. Tackle supplies gear McCann now that you think you guys need. Tell me about two kayak finals. Backgrounds at 35 dollars for the day that include your paddle your map your best ink complimentary drop off and pick up to the main people launch a buyer the comb we also offer. The drop off locations that just came by you and down lake road if you wanna go fishing. We can outfit that kayak with a Creighton Ronald is on the back at no extra charge you just let us know when you may. You're not always could you. That's the first issue is within a minute he would say less than 62. That's right I'm fastest it is always the that's right with that they have three different launches for kayaks within minutes of our shops though it's great. When you got a beautiful stored jet fuel at Shannon do a great job not only of merchandise of the building meeting the needs of the local fisherman here and help the new people that come to this area we get people from Baton Rouge Lafayette that what I am extremely lots of. People from the Baton Rouge area it's great they come down here because it's it's close to them and everything in the area has to offer and we're happy to help people as they come and we want them to be educated who want in the nowhere to go what to do. We don't want to get frustrating given jobs to keep coming back keep coming out. We get money guys here that help you out with whatever you need and again we really appreciate you being here I got a teacher nick who's euphoria our I did mention T shirt. We what it teachers we have the cost me on T shirts. And it and again just come out support local and we appreciate everything. I'll say is the party gone on how late it is Dorgan BO will be open at least till 8 o'clock tonight the party gonna go on. Of course hearings here sort of Mario go frolic that well that's her head our eyes up RD party and I hope for us the way. Well guys again thanks they have and nausea we really enjoyed in his gap and no one about it but combine meet you guys take advantage which it and thanks Albert really appreciate it I coming up next it's Nike plus you'll most fuel efficient report by the way he also has it website with a lot of information by the same title its North Shore fishing report. Dot com. And on once a month but some Tom more often the hostess mr. radio show that concentrates also to reach area and he also was a regular appearance now on I'll hunt speech talked with who do once a month. 19105. Point three FM HD and Omar west side that's got to wrap it up we say goodbye to affiliate station we'll see it.