WWL>Topics>>3/27/17 8:10pm Double Coverage Is it a good idea to have an NFL team in Vegas?

3/27/17 8:10pm Double Coverage Is it a good idea to have an NFL team in Vegas?

Mar 28, 2017|

The NFL owners have approved the Raiders relocating to Las Vegas. Is it a good idea to have an NFL team in Sin City or will the Raiders move fail? Does relocation happen too frequently in professional sports, and does this prove that franchises are just big businesses with no loyalty to cities or fans?

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Tim Zimmer master control crushing to argue with it till 11 o'clock tonight hope you'll be a part of the show part of the parties the right word but apart the team enough fun analysts soup. A the next three hours is a good idea to have NFL team in Las Vegas it's a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Online at W google.com launch off in the of that. And a few moments we'll run down will we got coming up job due say as doctors say on Twitter. Sports anchor for WA FP channel nine and that Ruth who sat down at him earlier lab that we talked about L issue. And now Florida the tigers dropping two of three against the Florida Gators but I've got some thoughts on the set those two guys to. The idea that big gets swept in how that can be maybe bigger than just one game victory. Four LSU considering the environment it's federal expand on that the tigers winning ten to six yesterday come from behind fashion. To avoid the sweep against the Florida Gators but. Went off to get route the bad John. Host of mornings with GO low in did it's it's a great showtime adamantly Jolo in tips. On 95 cent of the game in San Francisco. He's also the co-founder of national football. Post dot com would join us at 835 set this is all about. The move today from the Oakland Raiders going to Las Vegas that's a third NFL franchise it's on the move. And the last calendar that's my city's men I told everybody last week missile have a place there. Johnson Harrell and west Sahara avenue. Up there in Vegas and I know how excited the people are in Vegas about a possible NFL team that's any rally around their hockey team. In a big way over the past year year and a half so if there's any question about will that. He will let cities support a professional team personal NFL team especially in the big sport in this country. I don't use any doubt that the that it will happen what we have what were asking I guess more wanna discusses the other status. What is a student Oakland's who now the Bay Area. Doesn't have a team yeah they have San Francisco but San Francisco that team is playing literally 75 minutes away. From the actual downtown of San Francisco. And Oakland I've got friends who live in San Francisco and I think it's it's absolutely outrageous that there's no team actually playing in the Bay Area right now yet Clara rates exactly. And what does this mean for the rest of the week if teams now this is the third one. In the last couple seasons at a announced that they're going to move what does this mean for the stability. Of all the other franchises is anybody safe I think the teams in new Yorker safe adding green based safe. I think there's a handful of others especially ones that have built new stadiums over the last. A handful of years but it's the next eight years the saints. For the next eight years yeah I think there's a legitimate concern to be had that. After. You know Tom Benson is no longer the owner. Of this team whenever that comes to pass what happens in this franchise I'm not trained to be new music good ornament piggyback off and much can be chicken little here. With the movement outs you know the saints fan should be worried but I think there's legitimate concerns here. Elena go in and argued this now aux and wanna expand a little bit here a little bit later in the hour but this is a little and here. A long term franchise. That moved cities and I realize that Oakland is gone back and forth they were in LA they were in Oakland but. Whenever I hear any franchise relocating he gets all the personal to me. And I'll tell everybody why here a little bit later in the hour die more into it but I'm I'm from Seattle. I was a die hard and when I say die hard all the saints fans out there for how big hoot that's you are. That is how big of a green and gold and Iowa's for the Seattle SuperSonics man and what they did what the NBA did that franchise. It hurts I hurt a lot of people have heard a city they're still grieving up there and I can relate to them and get into that little bit later this hour I just I I don't know I don't know awarding the we know this has been coming right it's no surprise we knew this was going to happen. And iron about Vermont I think thought yeah at will he's using bases a bit of I didn't bargaining chip I kind of did at first now as it heated up and we started to see more and more. Could for a long time the NFL has avoided Las Vegas. Because of the temptation because of the that in the notion A they've now every. The NFL is never acknowledged that the established. A stab us the injury report because of betting lines because of the things like that on the line but that's that's obviously they've always kind of kept Las Vegas at one arms distance. What let me tell you what let me tell you I'd Christian jumped in let me tell you why I. Was I was always believed that this was gonna happening because I was there and I saw what the city and with the resources they were throwing at this the support they had inside that City Council. And the fans there I'll always stop this was going to happen. Ants I. I'm completely on board with Vegas having a team. I think it's one of America's biggest cities it's one of the franchise cities if you all the star cities of this country and the way gambling is proof that. Pull operated especially on line. It really doesn't matter if there's a team in Vegas or not if you wanna bet on a game and if people are worried about a game or something like that I just think that's not that's not a concern now. I agree yeah to sing at the NFL for a long time at that stance Ernie let's Staley from Vegas here's how I I agree review and that's what's fun about. This shows sometimes Seth and I will certainly begged begged beg to differ in and agree to disagree but I'm with I'm with says here. A number of levels with this move. It shows you that there's maybe. Fortified NFL cities that can sit there sit back and exhale and go you know that's never gonna happen to us which are seeing an Oakland which scene which are seeing in. San Diego which you saw at Saint Louis. Losing those three franchises the last you know year year and a half. That he can honestly say there's only fortified. Dallas would be another one that's that they're never there never leaving. Near Dallas and Green Bay Packers never leaving remain there owned by the city. In the two New York franchise as you mentioned I think. Outside of that I'd be hard pressed to tackle that with any more that. From a fan based perspective you're going oh yeah I feel totally secured knowing what without a shadow of a doubt in my franchise will be here. My team will be here in my lifetime my children's lifetime and perhaps even my grandchildren I went there and it is frustrating from a standpoint. Because owners get paid. For relocation fees in the NFL is getting to the point to where it's all about. You get the price of a Super Bowl is a new stadium a billion dollars the price of a team if you want one. In your city regardless of population. I don't think that's all that the big the big motivated anymore in terms of market and a Las Vegas is a big market but is it any bigger than Oakland. Maybe the my my my entire point here is that. Yet the market's gonna matter a little but it's really about the revenue generated from a new stadium and that's. Going across the league that they share in partake in all that revenue sharing etc. has brought on this new found fame and his newfound. Thought that relocation. Is such a good good idea in the NFL we just for a long time. May you have a right here with the new worlds faced the prospect of losing the saints right after Hurricane Katrina if it wasn't for Paul Tagliabue. And and saints or Tom Benson coming to the table. It very could've very well. Would have happened in and in the league kind of stepped in today. We don't want that black guy considering what that city is already gone through with hurricane Katrina and potentially lose in their franchise to boot on top of it. It would have crippled. This area so. I don't know I like Audi frustrated I can I could imagine. Lose and a franchise. In the NFL well I. Like I said everything just every. Everything you'd just about I'd never thought this that this would happen I thought that. This would be a team that would be there when my kids were there people love it too much the city's two into the sport the city's two into the franchise again I was there. I leave this the Seattle SuperSonics were embedded in that city they had won a professional championship the only team that did as he basketball hotbed. And yet because. The team was sold to a guy Clay Bennett an energy guy. Who had ties to a different city and one in to move them there is nothing that that city could do no matter the support. The they have ports I'd just I'm completely indifferent to now Hillary's and I will I guess I'm a little bit. Last. Upset if that's the right word about this is because that. Where Oakland is a rural has banned exited the raiders have been in there and their ten year under the Davis family. It seems like it's not a long destinations of the fans of that franchise had their eyes wide open when they came back to Oakland. And they knew that some like this probably cumin. The NFL owners of approve the raiders relocated to Las Vegas is a good idea to have a team in sin city. For the raiders moved failing does relocation happen. Too frequently in all professional sports it doesn't happen at the frequency at Major League baseball's it does in the NBA it's seemingly the National Football League. In particular the last eighteen months with three. Franchises relocating you to weigh in at 504. 26018 Seve taxed 8787. Set the Christian hand out here on double coverage united jump over to our live FaceBook chat. On RW real radio FaceBook page sick round is WL IMF and knock on. FL commissioner Roger Goodell gonna come here it's like Charlie brown and professor. Want want want want want Juan. He talks is because that hour I'll believe a word of it I mean in a first off look so why isn't so advantageous for NFL owners to. Relocate because they give their relocation fees. What I think deuce was saying it was 600 million dollars Roger Goodell across the league and then each team gets about than sixty million of that. I have ban. And I think I still am much more. Been anybody else that I know Roger Goodell and I'm gonna say supportive and maybe even apologists. Actually think he's got a pretty good job and on and get tons of text now and Twitter hates just freemen that statement and I think it's way too much hate. That isn't deserved but. That statement right there is just Malarkey. He says he wants 32 stable NFL franchises Oakland was a stable franchise. The only thing they didn't have that their million barrel one owner wanted was a new stadium and the reason he is moving is because he gets that new stadium there. And he shares a markets he does not sharemarket with another franchise which he did in the San Francisco Bay Area market yet but for the most part. You either raiders fan or niners like I agree but how can how can you say. That the Oakland raider franchise wasn't stable now and off registering solid. Wall yet it's stay. This instability was brought on in part by the owner now it is up that it that to city. To decide if the if it's worth building a new stadium by the way that I owed dot co coliseum I don't know if it's still called that. If you use it's it might be the worst day you. In the in the national football town of Durbin I've been there a few times. And hack I ate walked away from their go on I can not believe in today's in day and age at the National Football League uses that venue. To host a game I couldn't believe it. Now what's interest in these mobile app for two more seasons so if you Oakland Raiders if you're a raider fan if you're in a black hole. Are you even showing up for this because it's the owner said the bill bill reimbursing about it put down any money for towards season ticket that's it that's another thing that shows you. How much money there this guy's about to make because he's willing to forgo two years of the season tickets to get to relocate. To Las Vegas or by day's games man when they're 67000. Fans in the entire stadium it's. It's going to be insane Mark Davis by the way he had a message to Oakland fans. Or to reduce them. What are you gonna explain. To a raider fan that's gonna make them feel any differently than they do right now censure is absolute higher. And anger at the NFL. At the Oakland Raiders and at this entire process and the problem that I see going forward with the NFL on this happened in the NBA a little bit as well. Is they're going to turn off. Millions. And I mean that literally millions of people from their game all these raider fans who won't watch the NFL won't go to a game one by one by DirecTV that day NFL Sunday ticket and it may only be temporary may only be a decade or so bad be out of bed the you're gonna lose a lot of money just from. Those fans no longer tuning into your sport and like I said I'll go back to what we it. I know that entire the entire northwest the entire state of Washington. Didn't watch the NBA almost almost verbatim to watch the NBA. Didn't go to games once that team and I know what's gonna happen here it's gonna happen and it happened in Saint Louis last year look at all the pros test there it's gonna happen in San Diego was well. And eventually get a read it reached a little bit of a critical mass here so to your point that you you made on our FaceBook quiet yet. Was it is this the downfall of the NFL I don't know about a death on all. But I just think that there. They're not making these decisions wisely in allowing these relocation. Plotting the NFL certainly there there there there in a bit of a valley and avidly as you gain knowledge that if nothing else are there on the back end. A of the mountain top that they were once on top of the the issue I have is is really you mentioned how people might. Turn away from the game it was raiders fans what about the NFL fans in general that the fans that many of them on a silly have a team. But they just watched the product and they go wall. I don't like instability. That you've brought on as a league by relocating. Three franchises in twelve months and in particular what about the cities that currently have. A team that might be up for a new stadium and some at some point the next handful of years. Are they gonna have a little bit of fear ego man. I'm not gonna invest myself my time in the NFL might team it's in my city because. I don't know if they're gonna be here in. Five years are four years and I think under the same thing to me that's a legitimate fear I think. Some cities should have intended path. Yeah I am I. Again I have mixed emotions on this because. The the fan side of me again I think it's bringing back those. There was really angry feelings angry emotions. Of the sad days it is a basketball fan and I went through but the other sodomy realizes that this is a business. And what's to stop these guys from moving their business their franchise wherever the heck. Whoever that they wanna move and I. If your. And New Orleans Saints fan today one thing I don't want to see and we saw this on our FaceBook live chat I don't what he's the only ration would be is O thing got it was a new world that's not direct reaction if you don't think this should outlets right react well it's not direct reaction used. That ban should be upset for Oakland should be angry for those bands in Oakland they really think that Oakland got a job and they think that that that happened in New Orleans. That it would be Bibi irate here they should be irate for those fans in Oakland Joseph. Oh Ford balk on a next host of mornings with Joseph lo and did I some of 9578. I guess some. Tech city 787 about traffic on highway ninety near Huntsville high school looks like it was a truck fire Allen from 8151 so. And that way to take an alternate route you can also. Get instant traffic updates in news updates in sports is text one of those words even whether to meet 7870. Talk about. The raiders moving from Oakland to Las Vegas. Joseph. Joseph for balked. At Joseph Ford bond Twitter host of mornings with GO low in dibs on 95 cent in the game in San Francisco co-founder of the national football post dot com. A Joanna I think a pretty fascinating conversation day with his news it's a third. NFL team depth to relocate in the last at twelve months in terms of either apply or actually relocate with the chargers. And the rams in in in the mix with the raiders now what's been the reaction in Oakland and the Bay Area about this news today. Well gentlemen first it's good to be all things happening here is that the effort reactions among the man. Number one but naturally it means to claim they'll never root for the team again. Understandable you take something that they paid for something that the bullet for figuratively of course. Although we've seen the videos YouTube I mean literally in some cases but it takes some. In. You can understand why they would never won this team ever again the owner something that they lobbed out from underneath that. But the other hand is in the classic raider nation come out there you know what as much as the stocks. We're not locked in forever operators need to like I'd no matter where they are and it seems like that before they want the team go to Los Angeles. For twenty years before he went from Oakland Los Angeles and came back. Mark davis' been around with the so I guess there's something poetic that number in that timeframe that all of Oakland at at at one and but who knows how it'll play out but it's certainly April raider nation the issue happens is it something in the day. You have being the raiders and the warriors the warriors were awful for about a part of the decade the second. Now they find out and it went like that that movie epic that held the record at all well for decades and they get. They're moving a lot say it took another ticketed seats for the people at ease back. Joseph walkers through this process to where we are now I know it's two years away. But I mean how much did Oakland a city of Oakland make an attempt says to. You know keep the raiders with a new stadium. Look at W if you're willing to bought into what the mayor is telling you been named in a very good effort the reality is they need virtually no effort the only effort at the reader that. When need what enough of the efforts that win the mayor's up for reelection in two years she can get up and clean up. We tried hard to keep the raiders OK we tried hard mark it is seen that bill and. And try at all if you if you read. Something in the. Why Asia that proposal coming point four hours 48 hours before the vote what you think you'd get this thing organized. Now to defend the politicians they were never willing to and taxpayer money on the stadium. And that's something you're in California. You might hit Arlington Texas. Or in Atlanta. What you're seeing that in California that people have woken up this. And they're tired of spending their money on billionaire stadiums. Build your own infrastructure is what the people are telling Californians are expensive enough as it take a look at. Here is you near AT&T park with the giants play one bad. 950 square feet will run you 40000 dollars a month. People are not interested in paying that much money and that type state and federal taxes so that they can also. It to a new stadium project so essentially via Mark Davis decided will take the money given up 950. Million. Pat that and it's a great message. That that we hit that means every other podium at the stadium or were leaving. Or maybe just held another a franchise hostages and the Oscars aren't yet the outside city I'll I'll wanted to I wanted to expand on that exact kind of led me into where I wanted to go and I don't mean shorty says yeah I know he's got a lot of questions well but. Do you think that the NFL. Is is playing on some pretty thin ice here in terms of potentially going on the on a down slope of the mound top that they want drawn this is kind of like. This is may be the beginning of the NFL's dominance as the top sport. He got a great question and that's what it should be kicked around because. Not long ago you had rich site is in Saint Louis. Our football that he did Diego and Oakland and put the top five market. Now what you thought it was in exchange for a lot Angeles now that he understandable. Because you went from it was to the number two market in the country. But did anyone ever stop at its LA you don't want it pro football. It's one thing people don't realize from the East Coast California. A lot of people and I think that I'm not from here originally I'm old I went to school here earlier than move your accurately from the Philadelphia area. People here they they they look like have a pact. Better stuff to do and know whether they go hiking wine country. Much to do here it's like college sports don't play nearly as well it would you guys. I think Alex you know I want that every. Saturday at these people here in California and I could never talk about it on the air because people are not interested they they got other things rather. I don't jive with that real well but that's how you are and they're not gonna pay for the Indians and I don't think it ever really wanted I think that died in New York City making decisions. For wet coat. People who didn't necessarily want. To retain their the charges are going to be in utter failure and you seem of these it was a top five market for make it. Now I also believe in Los Vegas that was different for years before I moved to up the Bay Area and it's a great city but it's number forty in terms of market side. Look back at 2008 and look at what happened that Haiti when the market tanked. No city got hit worse than one day and another question and answer twenty years and now where are gonna come from. Everytime I asked that no electorate we're in order from sticking with happily eat anymore they edit it out there why can't adult. So. They have to worry about long term viability will be played out for three years obviously it was a lot because it's new and Chinese. Want me here on the wrote I don't know how viable in the bay. Yet though I'd like I figure fired up I am I'm fired up with the accent a place in Vegas myself so I understand all their problems could setting at our Maria if you could put a figure stuff from Joseph fourteen box. Sosa mourns the Jolo and dibs on 957. Game in San Francisco at Joseph for Bob. On Twitter. To Mark Davis here do you think. And this little retrospective now is everybody just is he's angry and has ire at him in this whole process but do you think if he had his choice everything being equal he would have wanted to stay in their recede just. He was done Israeli out. It depends what time what part of the time when we're talking about it in here absolutely and it may be light years ago yet public respect. Problems that have taken place that so many people don't know about when the raiders came back in the on the the addition. And they paid it off. And everyone says that the taxpayers is still paying for it but it did that the team into the second loan out on mortgage and they are the ones that Liberty City. There's so much in this scene that now understand you we've been joked about the cloning in the village flooding on that stadium that. The only import responsibility. That he their target. Structure yet at. Fortunately the teens and they hear what the teams that power tail. What actually happened with that when you try to make the plate for a way and it kicked out of the equation. It in the city just took advantage that they put up for the lead. And they took it from 900000. Dollars a year to about 2.5 million they. Add mark David over the battle civic. The situation. That it is it that way it's quite decided. On the back to Oakland and do whatever and to get them all year you know. Maybe it's not going to be a and it's it will be an all out there but India. Transplants travel is that it's going to be fifty times or. Can he get in the city at one. Wanted to never Oakland. Look excellent. Anyway. Carpet frame rate for cocktail that they take care that you and marked the eleventh day is and that helping Oakland every. Added today to carry him and go home broke on your fly it. Other rate is going to be interesting is going to be an Oakland for two more years of the fans mob Robin out allotment go to the games actually here's Roger Goodell today staying. Boy he's disappointed for the Oakland and yet so is this your second excuse me for a second outside yet come. OK when you make 42 million dollars a year. You can sit up there and take shrapnel all day long for these billionaires all day along and not think anything about no I get it so my question to you Joseph is. Are are as anything and Ernie fans gonna show up to these games the next two years while they play there is a lame duck team. What are saying two years because I'm hearing rumblings that they might be out after one. Real nice job of saying today. We blocked either. Years that we that he bit that we have a deal. Neither 119 two raider nation once as we've talked is that. That he just conjecture that mark it is paying lip took the hands hoping. It still make money while the team figured out another avenue line it would be here that they could be here and now and it. It would be gone tonight. From what I'm understanding and there's no guarantee on it I think definitely want your and they wanna get an accurate that is possible. So that you're going to be an exercise that option. So a lot of people understand. There you can go. Suggesting the idea of sharing with the 49ers Lotta people realize the 49ers statements in the Clara would go to comedy to pro football teams. Option number two and it sounds creepy but you're eight home games are held in India you liked. Every week and essentially yet sixteen road games. You can go play out there don't discredit the back of how much mark heated hate Oakland right now. So maybe that is something like that. And I wouldn't be surprised didn't mean 191. Year for the open debate it. Meet up and play it simple expedient which is what you know he would and whatever demand note to adopt. Inglett regret does not work for an NFL team and that's not what you wanna be playing it you're going to be Super Bowl contender but that. What you'll induced picket Oakland they want nothing to do with that. Joseph Ford by at Joseph Ford ball good follow on Twitter host of mornings with Joseph. Lowe in gives by the way that's when the coolest names of the show I think I've seen on nine to five cent in the game in San Francisco co-founder also of the national football post. Dot com Joseph we appreciate the passion and also the cantonment. Any kind of what I want to Portland main event got a thought on that Doug Levy ought to be my pleasure thank gravity. Out any minute. Any. His his passion and iron there. I hope I an early care not gonna happen to us here know what everybody out there I wish everybody out there. Was as upset as a raider fan was as upset and fired up vigil for bought to get out ahead of this stuff if there's not public pressure on the league. This wouldn't happen at least would happen nearly is not to be right it's astounding and this is three times. In a couple of years this has happened and probably NC a fourth Jacksonville. Sooner rather. Yeah I got a text ears are 261 and I think it's noble law. But an inconceivable one from the national bullies I'll explain do you think degree bait time approach could. Have worked in which the public buys and a piece of ownership of the team in order raisin necessary. Money to do lose him you know here's the thing. Ordered the league is never going to give ownership again. To the city the owners are interested in making money off of its offer a city and fans Vinny are of giving them. Money I mean if they had to do all over again I promise you Green Bay. Would not. Own the Packers if they can go back and do one thing though he gave one Mulligan in the National Football League it would be to get an owner. A person of human flesh one individual. Owning the Green Bay Packers not. The city Mo Green Bay can count their lucky stars that they're not owned by somebody that is they are such a small market and I know their case historic and sort franchise here. But there is such a small market the two boys have they had an owner you can bet that they might be on their way out as well do you fear. A relocation of another it's another franchise in another city ours McConnell like hey just business you weigh in at 260. 1870 text 8787 you know Tex lines are on Twitter. As set a lot act crushing Garrick here on W into LA anathema dot com. I get an. Below LSU baseball the bottom the next hour but also still to come got a mock drafts coming out around a bit into all sports team I think you and Steve butcher's out we did. And we'll talk about that along with patriots owner Robert Kraft. Talking about the addition of brain to coax and how there's never been a dynamic receiver in New England. Since rainy lost that carries the skill set of brainy cooks pretty inch think and also he talked about now combo will get in that. In a few moments but kind of piggybacking wrapping up our conversation this hour about the raiders going from Oakland to Las Vegas. In a nutshell op I'm kind of sick and buy it on I'm disturbed by it because I think debt. The prospect. I would say. Three quarters of the of the league cities. Faced this this this chance it's reality that it could happen in their in their backyard so to speak and that's what's disturbing about it. Yeah well agreed text from the six of one coming and so Tom Benson does not care what happens to the saints when he's gone I don't know if he doesn't care. But the saints fans should be worried about what happens I think this franchise after he's gone Ian not trend is he cares that he would Alina succession agree. But succession plans change and he will no longer being urged to correct them so much to be chicken little here. Like you know like I said earlier but then yes seats and just needs me to watch themselves a little bit. I. I was gonna get upset about this coming Saturday and I have a place in Vegas I think it's I know everybody in Vegas is fired up from the council members to the citizens there and they're gonna support this French as I guarantee you it's going to be big time. Big big time in Vegas I've no doubt about that but. All these emotions sadness and anger that I had them on the Supersonics left of the Sonics left Seattle booked for. I came back and I'm pretty fired up here. Internally about this and I think all the fans across the lead out there should be fired up as well one Texan coming in. Saying. I was about Vegas let's see here on a day who's from 985 I was always told the Reagan Vegas has legalized sports books and other cities don't is because they have no Big Three sports teams. Not really true it's actually 'cause they had legalized gambling. There are so it's their states that allowed that also from the 2280 wow wow last set to your Benjamin's zag and Orrin Oregon and always vote that late in. Or rag on. In the finals. That cloud that. Yes. Batters in the check it out though I cannot week at the bottom of the 9 o'clock hour. To get after some LSU baseball. Cannot wait. Al explain as to why. Some of them do not know baseball whatsoever. It some of the critics that I saw on Twitter this weekend in particular today double coverage rolls on here on WWL and gentlemen W. WL daka.