WWL>Topics>>3/27/17 9:10pm Double Coverage Is the LSU baseball team too inconsistent to be true contenders?

3/27/17 9:10pm Double Coverage Is the LSU baseball team too inconsistent to be true contenders?

Mar 28, 2017|

The WWL Sports staff have started releasing the first versions of their mock drafts. Find out who they have the Saints taking and where they think the LSU stars will land. Who would you take with the Saints' first pick?

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Often when an hour to. Double coverage. In the annals of sushi. In between the debris in the low legal rights in the die. Talk to go there has been to the diet and Alex what I go behind the scenes are a little bit with the with the nothing. Armed yeah okay so. So we ideally at the office earlier today about 4 o'clock. Christian brings in this Hostin huge bag of cons yeah eyesore as much economy use me if you eat finishes this Owens and finish eight ounces and a lot of bonds yeah and it finished. But you've always been his most at a few regardless you're you're chowing down on these nut straight raid gone great so ponds so what happens late. Last hour about thirty minutes ago. Stomach rumble about him but you also got a text from some yeah I got the analogy to the content nuts to bounce out a just to the test like McCain well. Results back you by the way all those Nazi consumed Kenny saw red after you're done shall anonymous huge value find out that maybe. You have not yet I maybe you do Lebanon yet and was not get a tests are in its not a like you saw a severe reality where you throats and close our answers are breathing companies. It's just east to make issue that can occur right the solid a severe one word out. No but I mean if he wanted and if you if you don't want your stomach to become upset then by god not to eat it and there's. Do read like that was so accidental information back and a bulging disk in my doctor Leslie we needed me that lets you to unite and CP it's causing. Smith is nothing there and it's been impacted by but still very much but analyst at Dallas sushi. In a break also. We we're both cosmetic changes here in a hallway yes we have some big cosmetic changes always so we had the kind of dodge. And go around in traffic cones out that inevitably artwork and frankly it sets with they listened to law. We're going through the hallway in little ordinary out here yet though balls tennis is that. I think primary out of that and cultured mean. Let's just Pearl Jam and of ops when we've established that you have zero music field in my at least in my hat here and on the back when is it. Can't it's too who's on the music is my first one out music is enough for awhile ago little notes on the front speaking out real quick though. I know the raiders moved Sox right for Oakland fans and for that opens. But is there Arab. More appropriate team to be in Vegas the raiders with the accents and a silver black that kind of bad boy image that they've always. Embraced it and cannot put out their flaunt it. It just sounds right at the Vegas agreed it's on us and for his upset is I am about this and again all the feelings that brought back missed the last hour. I think you'll this. In my soul and I really mean that deep down with what happened in my Seattle SuperSonics oracle I explain this by the way so disliked. A quick minutes sidetracked on this so what happened of the Sonics and the reason I'm really feel in this waited eight is this as a basketball Mecca. The wave that that. People and kids follow and loved the sport of football down here from the time. But they're really little and goes through via and the youth programs and on and high school every areas that. The youth programs little travelers high school basketball through college hoops up there's were seen with in zag in Oregon. And they love that sport so much that is theirs were probably the favorite sport. Many of the major sports at least day in the week. So they got attendance they were top five in league in attendance especially when they are winning which was often out there and then you have Starbucks owner Schultz sell the team. To this. You know businessman from Oklahoma City for. I've no idea liable we also odd comment no matter that the passion and the support that Seattle fans had for the it team. You've got to move and eventually he did movie rip it out from owners and used weird excuses like the arena wasn't you know with an updated double that up because they'd be still play NCAA tournament games there news for all sorts of events. Many said attendance wasn't get an apple they have topped by an attendance and all. The years that they were actually competitive it's again was most of them personally topped one me. Even when they were winning so anyways so the point is. No matter how much the people down here love football and I think that. The saints could never and ever and there and lifetimes would be rip the whale like that is doesn't make sense it makes sense your right. To say and be wary and that's why that I think every fan. Of the NFL man of the saints and all these others cities across the country and he should be upset at the end of probation be upset for the raiders fans. And that city who now is an ago while not a franchise owned by the way. Joseph fort by he's writes that the warriors are getting ready to move out of Oakland they're gonna go over to San Francisco so Oakland. One of the biggest cities in our country a top fifteen city. Will no longer have lives have one professional sports team oh by the way I don't correction on the Joseph said. And I realized he was fired up here but I gotta give correct stats for the city's he said. He said Oakland as San Cisco was the fifth largest city. Texas the fourth even if you look at the metro it's the fourteenth fourteenth. Largest city in the country and biggest is the twentieth it's a little closest exit. I'm nonetheless though and look. I don't understand. Necessarily. You should understand I don't understand. The big deal between Oakland San Cisco. It's the Bay Area come out. Obama win when the raiders mean the the warriors a movement there's this to reveal a draw I think that's that's like the niners going to San player. Sensible that that was a big deal yeah yep but I mean I still think it it's 11. I mean well. You think that the you have to realize the B attendance drop offs they've had and I realize that the team has been well but there's legitimate issues. I. We'll subway or look early would do as we go on to our FaceBook chat live FaceBook chat about mock drafts. We released two love today from set Dunlap IS and across from me and also Steve Geller where do they have the saints going. With the eleventh you learn second overall don't agree with. Myanmar draft at Bristol spoiler or it's homey you know I will talk about that on our FaceBook tell you could join us there also. You can weigh in at 2601878. Text 8787. In still to come. Robert Kraft patriots owner talking about branding coach in Malcolm Boller next. Here on WW well. I welcome back double coverage. It Caro mock drafts coming out as we publish that W google.com. Steve Geller his first mocked travel do. These three installments. Set did his today along with. Steve Geller and it's about that time now from mock drafts from our crew at least they've been out for quite some time on the big national publications in. We get a little draft fatigue so we cannot strategically. Waded in an effort to not fatigue use well. To really dive deep but I think today signifies at that were going pretty much all in on a draft from here on out until yeah they'll. I asked this before I usually. It's usually really never read before like mock track answer. Talk about the draft like talking about it for five weeks out this year is different. I think for missing its perspective because you have these 21 round picks now. And I think they're stoke growth I think they're so close to being true contenders in the NFC that if they draft drive that Al Mohler don't. That couple pieces there. One would make them scared and make them really really scary so yes of Steve Geller released his. Earlier today. He we'd both. Had to say speaking at 1132 so we acted like they had bulls and their picks. The saints he had at number eleven selecting it. Jonathan Allen wanted to pass rushers from Alabama ST as a quote from Steve and I see Allen falling to the saints here he can play pretty much anywhere on the and his power causes him to be a disruptive force now on number eleven on my mock drafts. I have wanted to pursue your gonna disagree with this is a little bit of a surprise that I have been taking. Ruben fostered a linebacker from Alabama I said the more I think about the saints taking Foster eleven. The more it makes sense to me. There's growing consensus is it's true that fosters the best slander and up already best linebacker available and just he's a top 34 guy in the strapped. Curious now he's falling because of his bone headed stuff at the hospital. During the confines get that there's up the field issues with him. But it's. If via one of the top pass rushers is an available they're all on that I'll get it that she's their Garnett gone not drop I have who I have I have three cats led Garrett gone. I'm guides Solomon Thomas gone. Allen gone and there's one more I think I have gone I guess it was those and I have Foster Agassi you know have their part and I don't know Barnett off the border. If he's on the board. In bosses on board alone there ya know now this may change this is mob version one yeah this guy put the Symbian in my commentary here I said this is the guy I would still got a nice pat said. I don't know if John and Mickey will select this guy. Mainly because of his off the field stuff but whoever picks sponsored by the way is going to happen Dominic I think for the next half decade it acted in an idol. I don't think that he would be a bad pitch OK here's why I think that it's not likely day in particular. All bets are off if the defensive ends are off the board right could be a linebacker a corner at that point I think there's a need. On number of levels you can add him play if he beats out an LL be on the key to have them play on the outside. His rookie year I just wonder. If he's the would have the impact. As a rookie. In terms of I think they have more debt that. At linebacker. Andy do defensively and would he be the better victim to bring you the most contributions this year I think long term two or three years. You could I make a case that rube Foster lad the biggest impact at all. Of those of those pass run or are those you know those does that pass rushers that are that are going to be on the board available but I think because what this team needs this year. And they're not operate with a great. With a with a lot of equity to where they can are a lot of leeway where they can take it. Take a bit of two or three year roll of the dice they need help this year on their defense they've made that very. Obvious so while be okay with a group of Foster selection. I think fans would be go on wall where you think it's of the pass rushing help. So. OK so that leads means to my 32 pick now. We begin we did these drafts with. The saints still holding their 32 day of the game's not about a deal this would completely reconfigure and there's no trades in these mock us like we're not forecasting trade yes. And it's after seeing what Steve did here and when I did hit so Steve has its. The saints taking previous why would I think would be an excellent pick 32 that would be tremendous. Value. If he falls all the way to 32. Obviously an LSU tiger Bible and 191 pounds. Some of the advanced analytics as him as one of the top two or three quarters in the entire nation last year. And L issue. The rich and I didn't put him here in the sort of put my commentary from my 32 pick. I think he's an idiot taken I really do most drafts have wide going anywhere between fourteen and 28 their art to Steve's credit here there are a few drafts that. Have whites still available at 32 so if white was there I said the state should be quite a 32 I think that would be a fantastic pick. But in my in my here they'd do not have a wide available so it's 32. I have the saints taking pac McKinley. The defensive end from UCLA not one of the top top pass rushers in the league. But he is an athletic guy at a UCLA ten sacks three forced fumbles. One of those kind of mid level pass rushers might not be the superstar in the league but released a little bit of a role and maybe a rotational. Nickel guy and pass rushing situation that the saints could take I also think talk Charlton would be on this point as well. I was thinking like Charlton yeah but at the Downey's no fault there will what about or Jackson yet and that's that's the conceivable that I think from 32 USC cornerback. CI I did I thought because. In my mock draft here they would have not have field that pass rushing need. I have them taking defenseman here although I definitely think they could take accord like I said would have been any problem than taking white. Some like that any one and you requires a slow build to so many good quarters and missed that so many good secondary guys in this draft. That I actually think the saints could get a quarter in their in the second round. And and he make an impact and via best at least a nickel guy the search here for the saints. Tim writes on the street Jabil Gibril peppers at 32. And raises safety yen fell. He's down in the box safety seats are you have one of those and Kenny because they're gonna is gonna draft in his vest and a safety. They've got to deal they've got a Villa have one of those guys that go out there take the ball away. I don't know that Von bell isn't going to be that guy eventually so. I lies lies see them drafting a safety at some point I'll see him drafting one hi the first two rounds but I did see him you know third round potentially move. So. Attacks from the final four says. He wants to take for that Margaret thing Cornet Ella was great right he was on 32 bulls when the team revolved around him. We'll too well Davis they won two in a row sit like the saints to take Ornette. I actually think for net there is zero chance that Cornet skipped I don't think for now it will go by the Panthers. I think weather system I think the Panthers scoop him up because they don't want him in that division I have actually the Panthers in Myanmar. Going at its taking Cornet and number eight a lot of the mock drafts have four meg going to the jags at four. Or the jets at six as well. Yeah that's where a lot of the mocks and I look at that but will is there is a surprise. Taken it in. In this round and what he had this is so the one's surprise that I had I suppose although there's a lot of talk about this guy but I have been going as high as anybody had an in a mock drafts. Was Mike Williams the receiver. A pleasant I think the titans need major receiver help. So I had the titans going Mike Williams at number five is the receiver from Clemson got to get weapons around. Marcus Mario I think the titans. There are a couple ones away from being pretty dangerous net divisions that suit Texans depending on what to do with this one quarterback situation. I. Trying to get to some comments from Robert Kraft will do that. And in the next ninety seconds but basically said today yes of that hill long lines at the owners means W hear from. Saint I think the NFC coach maybe the AFC coach start tomorrow in a CB Sean Payton this week. But nonetheless. Our craft saying that he hopes that Malcolm Boller returns. Two that the patriots NA he's a big fan wants Poland for that. The what do you make of that. Would've I was distracted by text reads this Adam's acres in what they've. Know what won the text says from the 985 I apologize for completely tends in the topic here but fanatic five says new rule. All the radio mock drafters must compare their picks against the actual picks immediately after that I'm aware that all the little humility. Hold on hear the sounds like some lake. Columnist. Who just wants radio guys to compare their picks and all these mock drafters to have web sites and and are columnist for you know Nolan dot com Maria's yet I'm finally opened my mocked up up there I know mine's gonna miss added substantially from what it is. Regular radio guys let's sounds like a hateful. Text here on the back outlook alternately that may be your being ten looked at Ted says that I think is listen to ship leasing radio guys play. That's we've mocked the mock drafts in the past or we will have a mock mock draft that is that is a view to be a done deal. But all in all look. After the first ten picks and it's Holland cats now honey he knows and nobody truly knows maybe. Mike did today I LSU baseball conversation about next. I welcome back double covered said the christening and how it. Text 8787 he calls at 5042601. Late seventy I've been looking for in this portion of the conversation. For quite some time earlier today following Twitter that's awesome LSU fans want a particular still reckon Noah but allow allow for was trying to. Get after me for now saying this in which is simple actually I agree with some minute T about tweeting out counseling absolutely should feel more positive. About Allah issues. Skiing three victory over for even though they lost the series they win and come from behind fine enough and they want in the six. He came back with 3 home runs am Abbott gave away price Jordan. Gone are with Botha went one of the Jordan twins like you which ones and which I was beaten analyst. Here's why. I'm optimistic Tellme here and his lack he'll better much better about that hey there's a huge difference between getting swept. And it's Ingle wanna to a series. On the road in the apple looks like very obvious way out yet I think when they were down a lot while they're gonna get swept the man being down five nothing on the road and you were one for 27. And you'd explode like that offensively to come from behind to get a ten to six victory. I think it was gut check time for knowledge baseball team it was hate. You prides in line also all your talent that's that was touted as the years being questioned right now Austin across College Baseball because. They face out by NATO on Friday one of the loss Alex languished I think just as good it's out by though. It was the office of Ellis unit cut failed Alex Lange on Saturday and got beat around a park pretty good but on Sunday to build comeback in that fashion. They were really only one run away from winning this series if you look at that way they lost by one run on on Friday night one and not an LSU had been shut out all your long. We talk about a little bit on Friday but. Here's to the between I got that took exception. And it says. You can't be serious about. You take and it's ot it's much much more optimistic. You know coming up that night game three win. And any still rapid analysts as of the effective. In Akron I got problems of pulmonary image mismanagement in the bullpen it's that are etc. Pulmonary did nothing strategically wrong this weekend nothing. Hey at what point is it his fault when they go one for 27 with runners on base in 91 for. Yes sixteen or seventeen with runners in scoring position and what point is at the fault of pulmonary guns whatsoever okay. I am not saying I disagree with that take. But it's what abouts runner on nobody out leadoff runner on ninth inning do you bunt the guy over that's where I think a lot of the the second guess the human area over the week and I'm sure yet that and singular moment. Yet and it's clear tonight at eight closed as a baseball baseball strategy. It's it's very obvious there you so they lead off walk for the ninth inning they were going to block. Him over to second base I give up and out there and get the tying Ron. At first base but once that while it occurred and you get to second base without having to sacrifice now your strategy totally changes if you pulmonary. At that point you're thinking nobody outlawed at second base one single ties the game. Two more singles you win the game wore. One single ties the game and a double wins you the gate and are so many different ways to move him over. Regardless of the bond hit into the right side a really deep fly ball another wild pissed a pitcher passed ball yet and of particular note that the one of the rules of baseball to lose if a pitcher struggled with command. You don't help them out with China but indeed you don't mean so I I don't I don't disagree with that thought process of pulmonary at all. Trying to bunt him over from second and third I think I liked the philosophy of moving him the first set E*Trade the out for the base there. Hands down nine times that in a one run ball game the other thought is. Eight Allianz you know you can move over to third and he suicide squeeze the next play well guess what. Legal back and we go back to him what else are quite Sega. Or is and there's actually people out there when you don't want him to third and didn't want you to sue yeah I squeeze in and day out they'll that's just fundamentally wrong on a levels but come. Going back to him on second base oh by the way as a right handed batter up hard to bought on the first first baseline and I'll likely what you wanna back to the picture there. They're getting a lead on your back at square one anyway. You follow me like you're gonna get that lead out. And then eat eat eat you basically given up and out with a runner on first base in your chances of scoring are drastically different with will -- second with no outs. After a leadoff walk thank you choose a score in the eighty percentile but the thought that you would suicide squeeze that. You know you give you bubble over at B one out suicide squeeze there. You'd think it fla known it was coming. Like the they would embody the park would know the beauty of the suicide squeeze you gotta do it in unpredictable situations when nobody really expects it. There's there's some odd ball situations where you can do it and pull off that's usually when it's most successful. They were just pitched out they were. It worked around that there's so many ways by the park would've been like oh yeah they're bunt them over so guess what next time that they about suicide squeezing. Otherwise the only option you have there a suicide squeeze or sacrifice fly. But I think it pulmonary play for the win there anybody that was that's criticize the pulmonary management and on hitting lineup he's done nothing but weakest lineup. I think for for it for advantages for Ella. Well first at all his management of the pin this week I thought was great and got that he'll read they went in eight innings of one run so. Going into this weekend we talked about our show last week I was looking for one thing more in the series appointed to seed Alex Lange. If he was able rebounds for the stability of that pitching staff and answer that question. Complete game one run efforts on Friday Iman of anything push a struggle a little bit but we knew that was coming we knew the reverting to demean their for post it was coming and the ready for the mean for laying the other way. Was coming as well so that was more important for me. And then even when you're losing that game long term might give me a plane with a one out there given another 567 runs analyst Charlene and I think have a major issue an element not exist today have a different congress and the other thing I was looking for in this series. Was the bullpen that middle relief and I think that the answer there was granite not a power relief dynamic hitting team in Florida but the the panel looked pretty darn good. Throughout the week in other in that third of an inning for the. Yet and is Florida baseball team that came in ranked thirteenth. Wu had just got off to a slow start don't don't give misled by their thirteenth ranked. That is thirteenth ranking heading off to a slows to Roberts are starting cats start catch on a little bit in particular LSU is not donut face. Eight starting duo. Four by NATO and singer. And and the sunny starter at Florida trotted out there. All week long including nibble open for the rest of the year they're not gonna face a pitching staff like Florida. And I was astounded you know astounded by this Kevin O'Sullivan every player that came to. Florida and stayed through their draft eligible you're whether it's their junior year senior year. Has played pro ball every play and their program that is not transfer has played pro ball. That's astounding. Stats are amazing. Success shows you how good Florida's program now and even if even if they are. Just for argument sake unit they are the thirteenth ranked program in the country that's on the road against the thirteenth rate program it's no disaster to go on into an answer yet and there's there's not a big disparities college football. Where there's a big disparity for thirteen and oh by the way speaking of golf ball. It's not the same as if you lose one college football game if you lose this series and FCC yes hurts. But it's on the road you're gonna you don't give it some like regular season doesn't matter as we say about college basketball it's untrue and based it matters but it doesn't matter that makes sense double coverage. Here on WW Elena from the dock. A pretty gentle of people at W Telecom this hour. Put your room for a win at all and an NC in the NCAA men's basketball tournament south Cadillac C 31%. 8% for organ. Gonzaga are inside a Bulldog you always 4% on your zag you reverted overwhelming goodness I was on your train man. Hour hour and Zach got bulldogs 54%. 8% for new line are you. You listeners and it goes acts so there was that question probably should push that. Hold the next hour that's the only time little final four yet and was a mix in Alice in baseball aren't the tigers too inconsistent to be a contender. This season that's the grumbling from some LSU fans. Who's kind agency if you could Simi right now I'm kind of rule applies. Its way to amend our little. Consistent on what the fans that. I'm not saying in their entrances them enough word it's a concern. A huge concern but they aren't consistent. It seems like at some of our day. They went to Houston got beat in two other Israeli and it seems I agree. But then they get beat by not to world beaters years in state teams in the knees and you don't need to regain that you agree that they Wii games and and and leaking gains are entirely different okay is what you're you're talking about. Weekend games in one aspect you just. You know believe dismissed my question that the week in game of Florida but it give the bigger thing. That I think should be concern is their splits home and roads endless sustain oil home to a six on Arab not just talk about the record I'm talking about hitting. I'm talking about the pitching. It's interesting just outside the friendly confines of the box they're different team for ensuing. The SEC that's the most important that they get to eighteen Tony wins there all likelihood and they went a couple of games and who ready SEC tournament. They're all but assured a topping national seed. Your New Orleans pelicans are trailing by two of their under way Utah utes job make it trying met for in 1915. Christians still holding on to fake hope. The pelicans make the playoffs the drilling and announced I four games of the eighth seed with. Nine to play now I've kind of on the grocery now on the it's not an youth he brought me around the fine. House trying to. And some sort of escalated beast I'd only be disciplined. What we know we on the on the football Yakima. And that this political at a soccer yet. Right double coverage rolls on here.