WWL>Topics>>3/27/17 10:10pm Double Coverage Who are you rooting for to win the NCAA basketball championship?

3/27/17 10:10pm Double Coverage Who are you rooting for to win the NCAA basketball championship?

Mar 28, 2017|

An incredible Elite 8 has set the state for next week's Final Four. Two of the four teams have never been there before, and another hasn't been since 1939. Who will you be rooting for this weekend in Phoenix.

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To now wanna go welcoming a double coverage hours three sets and Christian and now via till 11 o'clock. Got plenty of its legally men's basketball tournament final four coming your way this hour. In zag EG ON GA GA ego in the Tutsis Diego. In that geo when's the English by Vizio like it's like myself GIs. But that's like their sheer sensible. McCarthy athletics and the Mac app the team act. The Mac. The bulldogs. And it all UNC. A funny outs are up again I. That city is it may sound like it's often well yeah it will kind of is off. Event this time now and it's bad habit but. I'm funny at least are my Twitter audience. And protects our audience. Lincoln's idea heaters and the way I caught him Zimmer here. Because I think he is the biggest in Zagat here. Of them all so prior to there elite eight game against Xavier Tim tweets out of course like that Lee thank. All right you're not interrupt you. Tony the money here come on annual notably iChat like to watch registering collapse include about that is well. But you know T amateurs and another computer hopefully fingers going about it to authorities do I picture him as a T Rex hospital weighing down his bed. He goes marked. Feud concerted coach should be considered doing ma'am. There's kind of rewards who's doom and government supply before. So then what happened convenient low hanging fruit yet so I agree review and that. By that and insider route Xavier 8359. And then it towards into the game to answer. Oh the Susan Cohn can zipper was. Eleven sue the and it's a subdued him anywhere and so still not legit. And and and before you expand on this so let me paint the picture if you may be news show all our party you know never really heard the story before. Tim is the king and hot tape machine like. Police and he's won it is constantly come up with. Creative ways hate his high teeth were like one of things we love about him as he comes running at bats of the huge tell all. I take I take and it. Most album I go are a lot of myself that is instinct most of my ago. Tammy you're killing me it's like Tammy Mikey. He can't he didn't call I will give decision he didn't call any added downing his bracket the South Carolina would be duke that nobody had. Earlier this season but a case of the latest slate. Antique and stagger ramp reviewed what what you come into the studio and tell us about this game -- a South Carolina game. I was gonna say it's if they beat him they may be the seventh seed I mean there's supposed to be the seventh seed Vera once he. If they minimize it. Or have you watch South Carolina there one best defense of units along with kids Agha. In this in this tournament they'll by the way have you watched their run they and if you're in this. Final four you've done something right in you'll probably not CD correctly because of the way the conference circuit and a. Interesting it interest in final four really cool one and blowing away the ratings by the way it. This legitimately was the best it'll lead eights and sweet sixteen that weekend that I've seen in my lifetime. Just fantastic games and who is ended with. Maybe the best game of the mall between UNC. And Kentucky with the missed shot by Kentucky of the three and in the UNC comes back and nails the jump shot to win it as well but you've got. Carolina who's been there twenty times of the final 420. Times to the final four. Many have Oregon who hasn't been there since 1930. And once they banged up. Come and it's de Los one of their best yes wing players and their threes. Then you have South Carolina who's never been there and was named the most you're close to this point and means Aggies never been there as well some two teams have never been there one hasn't been there since 1939 you have. The stock Tar Heels. Yes yes you go like they gave all Russians and not. Root for UNC like you should be I should be if you're not un organs Agha which are wrong for. The in group just root against UNC. Both of these succeed. Texas. And the years look. No they want to target desirable I don't evil one and I'm not even want to give in to Tim I do like reverence SEC homers. With their coach's name. Martin for Vietnam PO great quote over the we cases looked and I says that kids are changing kids. Not an in I agree with him whole heartedly here he said no we as adults don't demand as much from them. And therefore work change it we'll ask them to do as much any challenge no real challenge him enough I would totally agree with that. I I like what he's about they did a profile on him I think and a sweet sixteen about how. He's just this demonstrative guy on the court common angry looking guy a yellow earn a screamer on a court in practicing gains but then. Parent when he's at home is Stanley he's like the biggest Teddy bear ever it was fascinating to watch the different changes. Frank Barton really great set of coaches he's from other good stories Dana Altman Morgan Utah Martin. Mark Few and his eighteen entered Inzaghi and I disagree with some he said. I think. I've always general believes and I think I've always general Williams van and it means that it wasn't in this. Final four I think it would kind of be rooting for North Carolina to win another one especially after how they lost last year's. The Villanova see on the idea I think Williams runs his program. Viewed as is well all these guys do the way your sponsor. Well look I have no doubt and I have a tremendous amount of respect for that program I'm saying from a standpoint of college basketball casual fan I think it's better for us for the game to have a team. That has never been there or hasn't been there along time. To end up winning it in are going to the team's game that would be I think better opposed to I think is a bit of apathy when it comes to yes these vehicles again look this up forests and get a chance what are the odds. The Carolina wins this what are they getting. Because if I gave the feel like if I gave you Carolina and an even money on the field who would you take and I think the average fan would probably put their money in Carolina and to even the EV one and I got in that Haggans act myself. And also on an adult line that's out. My bus is it it I. I had in zag and making the final four that acts enemy in the Italian losing to Kansas of my other three teams in my bracket along with in jagr were Kansas. Am I UCLA and that brightly gadgets that trounced by Kentucky and I had to do. We got beat by South Carolina and the senate. Everybody's bracket as best we have this like you know little office bracket thing office perhaps we. And there's only walk and if you want guys that don't know what they're talking about yet I think there's only 11 of us who had two plus teams in the final four it was a was Taylor I think it was they are hired him one sports guys. It is once was what he till the first time since 20063. Coaches making the first final four appearances or in its act and floor. In 20060. Shoot George Mason. War. And usually. A is saying this the first time this doesn't 63 coaches are making their first Soledad that's remembered joins us via yeah yeah I was that was Anderson there's smugglers public the true Cinderella this year elective PC you'd amid the Butler image back to back title games chuck Wichita State's. Or lake George Mason was but you have some true underdogs here South Carolina. What they've done in this tournament with frame Markkanen mark and that team has done especially defensively it's just outstanding offensive teams incredible. Is absolutely incredible I think just even as an objective basketball analysts here. I think they've kind of met their oil here and can jagr with how can that plays and their defense. Their defense their defense is number one rated. Deep into the team in the country according to Ken Pomeroy it. Bulls say they've done it have its act on his run through this whole gamut will win and think maybe they winning one game. Had a serious question for its off topic. And ever call the friend to yours too I mean you're leaving work or your out about driving to and from one location to another. In a call them say can I Asia bathroom. Now. Hours ago would never done this no. Now yeah now I. I've never done we wanted to we want to know I don't they'll detail as it was illegal hypothetical. But. I've never done this like any sort of had no slant though. Was telling about it over the weekend via you know and now it's like man. Is never done public I would just go either panic. Gas station restaurant or or just out of my house I've never been one of those guys that has a problem going to vote mr. aids is whenever I'm brought in there I'll probably yeah. Bureau tax days. It as well which one. Do you mean. I'll go McCallister. I got a audio audio that's. And as as an ounce exiles now on me like I am standing up our. The other option in this this needs to be a topic tomorrow or Tuesday. Tomorrow at 10 o'clock double coverage here after LSU in two. You know Geico up on the space but let's. We've got it's the payments for the bet threw at him at that point but yet here in studio so log on to face with a click like. On the DaVita Biehl page and you see Tim's never pay up I'll bet it would it's it's outside Xavier beating me no not even be just hovering against. Arizona's Eminem I beat him beat Tennessee now. Double coverage rules on here on face the next. Are you satisfied. And that's. Autism symptoms. Yeah yeah. Pointless I mean. He banged up. I cannot put in his wheel house very legitimate and do airs live we know Timmy doesn't do anyway X whatsoever either way are these guys especially. To labor peace I slow him and burping. Yes it's sort of I don't know you remember your in laws are I've made a wager with Christian women it was six or seventh inning in elegy an argument go to extra innings. Oh I was gonna get a little energy drink. Water I expected painful idea collecting I actually people after Manuel it'll bring unique exit when you have when they closed. Pittman. Charles do you know. It's actually collect the money on the name four on should disarmed. Texas a 787. It's got to Texas said. There's a certain I can't say it is but there's a certain sporting goods store has very clean bathrooms so in each. You'd go into a sporting goods store I've done it. I've done it in this one in particular it is techsters talked about. I have done I was out about driving around in. Had ego again I got it right on the money that might be clean bathrooms of all out there for use in public enemy you know this. Is okay this is a conversation that needs to be had so I got the story out there so this this person just had to go red lake used ravaged. Couldn't wait yeah I had to go made it an excuse. To go over to this person's house yet. Use the restroom. And then immediately left yet how wrong is that. Broad. Statements. If you by the way. It is not number one assists. No. And that's not the full story gathered by its. And that's our thing go to that story. You would understand how wrong this really was if you understood the full story about how. That is just the extent of the story that everybody out there knows right now. Line go to a little convenience store and go to a gas station. Your local sporting goods store. Place orders something up the dollar menu and then use the lap time off the views of any use the restroom. Liquidity and income grab you about it. Especially slightly Kuerten if it looks like you have an emergency the last thing you do is you want to comment. Plus wanted to be used before. Again I'll name them location or that the place but. And on and this allows were gonna mormons. And sometimes. If we just hit me quickly and how walked in housing and he's been no sorrow were close in house likes her this is a real Emerson he's labels Isaac yak it now time now. Now like know answers please note we they're there they're out of service and what's your policy out of service they went out of service they work they were they just did one happen. Man okay just taking this a little further what's your policy. On and let's say you're only a first date with somebody. You know like Ramon on Thursday it could be like your back at their place. There are over yours. Like you just have to go go go is go via via H is it awkward I had it happen a couple of it's awkward. It's Auburn I think it's at the very okay is an honorable occurrence of is that awkward if you do that at their place may be a little more. Maybe a little more specially you don't know them very well in the first date that's difficult. Although I have it was against my rules for first days like mosques they you do one of mist in the latter. I mean like before I was in that by human going over the house photographers who knows that I like adamant that still through Tuesday here. Now this is like on the before and he commenced like there are certain things you can't do. You have to make sure you do before it's okay are you the sounds like a little something. From them about barriers in Allen yeah yes. And it's similar it's similar by the way again like which recklessly to print this out about clinch. I have a checklist do's and don'ts for first and now it's this and I've thought about in my hand over time and to be frank. Mistakes that add me. Over to us on this I've had especially over the last two plus years. Mostly out of my relationship one out of first dates and. Yes so you kind you're right you do start to to make a Lisa mental checklist of okay doses. This is where I want this to go this is when I needed dude check check check. We all those questions I'm bashing on those Tel two Tuesdays are no trivia. On attributes name on Friday's interview but we call it. Two minute drill to monitor. A lot of them have been. Objective it is the light ice breaker from Thursday's first state web sites like like that it's been a collection. Well I do away I have so our our big night Arabic finisher on. On two minute drill if you missed it last Friday that tune in at 10 o'clock on Friday released this into the podcast version at WW dot com. My big finishing question do you wise would you rather fights one and his. Horse sized deck. Yeah or a hundred duck size sources so we got into that won't hurt he said one source says that's of course I started asking this to all my friends are released as some in needs to be act the system that needs to be experiment that's because the apocalypse is definitely coming. We need to know what would rather face off against. You know what actually unanimously. Everybody is saying one quart sized dot I never won response that it's a hundred more size. The ducks as horses that that building ability to fly dance around and still not think and everybody's right now I still think it one quart sized. Text any 7871. Off. For the no 3301 says he asked me about being Gundy Knightley says no he said. When I go he's appointed on about the certain sports. Shop. In. Police having clean bathrooms pain is there any in the old bing got in essence what's wallow with finger nieces also be able. Top curse words I just drop me teams. So hopefully OK I treasure and threw 37 says you sound exactly like yeah John king of CN I don't know who that is is Gilligan. Is a Gilligan. We'll talk about it. Seattle like. A kinder gentler version Roger Goodell I will lift suspensions. Then I've Levy I don't know if that's true. This departure I zone notre actually kinder gym members and Roger. He made Danica I should not. It should not take myself that it's like I do now wanna be anything close to Roger Delis especially in these parts where he is persona non Grata in and so. Fill the patriot is back for more what's going on fill the patriot you're on WW well. And I'm. Really. And eating. I don't. Chill went. Out it will go and call. Okay I'm regretting that I. An element of OK I've got a month just a month to piggyback off that it knew insane. Call from bill as among the patriot from the Tutu hates. Imagine a hundred of those ducks sized horses eating grass and catch. And then think about them eating you. Terrifying mister Basil Alter is a guy Q is that a good look at. Don King. Is battling guy oh gray hair gone you know that that assists over five assists. Assist sophistication and that's Alice's whenever you agree there just. Its major worldly experience. I don't let's recap and how it goes that backs on the early you'll back on topic. You still got so Steve Geller and I we released our mock drafts today they're up at WW about commented in the mount. I'm a couple of times just go to Debbie DeVille dot com and click on the saints. I think there should be in on. Should be in the flipper so I have the saints not going pass rusher. And eleven. I have them going Ruben Foster the all world linebacker from Alabama. And you'd think that is crazy. It's critical tweets here is sandy would love posture. I'd love I'd say would you like yeah light. Foster hear me out like I said I think it's a bit of a hey it's not gonna impact the team. As much as a pass rusher this year and it's you you would want. Now would impact the team overall the next two or three years more probably I think he's he's great player and I do think that his behavior at the com bind. Alt really isn't gonna play a big factor in a weary goes he might have lost at a slot are two or maybe three or four. But the saints are not going to go uh oh what got trapped them because app he found me like that's not drastic enough to where that would show him so now. You saying that they've value pass rusher Mort mad about you yes the linebacker this so we have this conversation off there and next to deuce was involved as well. They you guys kind of spank. That aides declined to be the answer at the middle linebacker spot I don't time I have been on record I'm not. Not all on that train not on that bandwagon I think client is a rotational player. A back up a career backup do you think he can be a starter and impact guy. I think he is no I think he's a starter it's obvious by the numbers that they paid in the money that he paid him. Now just as Europe back up on another team and get a look at the rosters only. If a look at the rosters a depth that they had on Carolina's defense is vastly different and better than that they had. At linebacker position in particular Mike linebacker position on this team. I mean Craig Robertson did a good job filling of a he's not long term answer at Mike. And staff on Anthony as we know is not the long term answer and might I mr. Yes why this he's paying a lot of money here and AJ Klein area now have a Foster can go to the Sam. And maybe you move on from the now I'll be for a year egos and he goes about 21 of the outside linebacker positions on the will. And he plays there then you move back into the light a year or two down the road went when he declined three or four year deal is is near the end RS. Well your mock draft is up tomorrow yet so I'm going to be able to rip it to shreds like your ripping mine at this right I like. Again I like the group of foster's selection I don't like it. When there's a pass rush on the like it's a good tell me that the saints' pass up on pass rushers to draft with boss on the line. You know I never like going first it's always a little bit of a a tall task that's why did they not put the scheduled the other mock draft releases. And what I didn't wanna go after you. That feel like that would be a bad spot to deal and so I put our body a Deke Bellavia randomly go after I'd have to let it go after the saints I am going to I wanna go first regularly off this morning and it's kind of it's an audience that much in between there. See about second. I meant third. I got a good cleanup hitter I've got a great leadoff guy saw any dues but you over and he writes I've got into second base. You're at is how did I even set the table for me to drive actually you're the indictment of this of this last year. Yeah I wish tomorrow at what time Iceland gone slams him. Yeah the title gated to cut or are able tomorrow at 8 o'clock via will not able Waltz while in the on issues too late so. By about 930 before we get on the year yet we talk about that. A look. I I cannot for that I love this draft for the saints for a number reasons I get out he finally with a group Foster. I'd be fine with a quarterback I'd be fine with a defense of and I think you're gonna happen. A number of options of good players they're going to get a good player eleven that's what I like most is regardless. At the end of the day I think that they just need some play maker on this defense and I think they'll get it. With whether it's corner whether it's linebacker weather's defense and what are the odds put it percentage wise that they trade from the eleventh. 10% and yet. At 32 that they keep that. Eighty Aaliyah. Yes 80% I mean there's always a chance that the guy falls to you at 32 years and rated maybe the twentieth spot. He's there you stare amenities at 32 the tree back and it if you get that 32 at that point maybe have. Ten players kind of rate ranked in the same area here makes sense to move that Richie and John Ellis gone and apparently in Europe WW well. Note. I agree at all. Do. What would. For Celtics think they're they're the pass Muster with the second pick there's not an thing in bare Christian race. And Barnett so Barnett Dziena Obama. I think they get a I think it Aggies didn't deal. We think we got a package that videos and more law and Europe. LB for Solomon Thomas the defense and a Stanford who. Who like. They like but here's the thing and and they all likes and so it that you guys are both on this Thomas bandwagon but every mock draft not everyone but the majority in a mock drafts that I'm seeing the vast majority. Have Thomas going it to the 49ers is a Stanford director in the Bay Area you'd have to trade up to two. Yet you won that first of Richie while I get the aggressiveness and a and I understand that's been their nature. Eleven at 32. Isn't going to get you to number two. Academic. I mean I mean it out and out there we go deep into it. But it did a good old that it down the last two years so fine won't ever buy it or. Oh. Well yeah I was on the we've talked about. It will I don't know if the saints are in the interest of boosting morale just to Booz Allen Celtics they have a long waiting list already for season ticket holders. Now would it. Would it be a good sign that hey. This is a shift in philosophy offensively we're trying to prepare for light at the Drew Brees with a strong running game. Yes do I think that that's a logical thought I think it that's solid a solid philosophy yes and no but. Let a forest by not gonna be there I understand where you garner the attention you know the local guy right here prep that same dog. And inflated LSU. Got a lot of fanfare that comes wisdom I can't see it. Agassi I don't know I would go absolutely crazy on the show if for nets is taken and Foster is still on the board I'll put it that. If they take four net and Foster is still on the board. I won't be on the show the next week going absolutely and that's like talking off the alleged gas probably and speaking of talking off the lads all the Felton elegance and probably knew that right now. Utah 5446. 93 to Tony we just wrapped hot dog at the sale which the boys look Hungary. Double coverage here on W two well enough in the dock on. So Chris I just found out there was this hash tag. And it's trending locally on Twitter late night pals. That is. That is turned into a graveyard of sadness and disappointment on the witness stand. Susan. After 651 although the closing Abbott was negative sixteen point lead pre one point Jimmy grand stand right now what's going on Jimmy you're on WW. Guys that out all about. That they haven't made that dirt or yet you know Gary Condit you are. Only to look they're buying it like that that out longer on them but out Opel model now and I did big moment aren't you guys did you guys want a winner means that we keep it. But it but he should it shock 88 victories are aimed Arabia in the but not being in. I mean we eat gentry and mean and not injured at all. I think bogeys and Asia. Pretty. In eager leader pretty big news in the European or in any edge. Swagger I don't. But it gingerly pocketed it and that beat aid. He got on the bank that more crap because. You know I do I get we get into back here. Eight year record no. On the original odd about that it and it retreat reject. Our. Jimmy I think that that Allen's injury states and I think if I can. I'd be okay with a out I would be more of the document because if you look at this objectively. I don't know I know that there are some out there that are saying no it's the bad fit not the right philosophy I disagree with that I think the if you look at this roster in its totality set the who the apple because is an eighty that's it there's not a lot that is attractive about this about this roster right now I think that. Dell Demps with the Indian charge of putting together our complementary. Few pieces not superstars. Guys they give you some points off the bench guys that can come in. And contribute when ADM because they're not quite. Up to their dominant cell and I think that they owe it by making that trade. They owe it to Alvin Gentry to give him a full offseason with these two. Two I think great coaches morph themselves into the talent around I think Alvin Gentry could be willing to do that or is willing to do that in order to. Get some get some gains from that trait I think he's around and I think next year. This team is going to be very good yeah that's not a popular. In and around here is to keep gentry for another season but I think if you look at the advanced analytics of this team. And the way that his offense is getting their guards open looks on the road America here again that. I don't know this is a gentry fall camp I think they get the pieces around him I've got to bring in guards and guys. Who can stretch the defense some stretch forwards and maybe your stretch threes I should say. Small forward shooting guards on the outside that can help out cousins and Anthony Davis. And don't oh by the way Jimmy don't want them to tank or on and played out here I'd see him tank and somehow. Tell you why I would see them get a top three pick. So their pick is protected they would have to traded to thinking somehow nah probably not gonna happen that and how would make that trade of the cousins even a much better job of Elvis. So just take it out somehow get you know the ping ball balls fall your way. Get a top three pick and indicated that they have hit your roster with cousins with Davis with holiday and whoever else to pick up and yours ago. And yet I saw though they need some more depth though honestly they've got a so I'm on just I don't know you've got this at Enron being need depth. Period not some more they had zero regular yet. I understand it Kenny averaged linkage which I wonder if the average fan can't name one player the comes off the bench for them right now. Solomon Hill. I'm an average fan and I'm just saying me yeah I come on come out we can't keep you cover this team at least you know answered I don't know enough about it a decent and and enough to be post speaking of notes come up tomorrow Christian. Algae based problem but bigger and better and something we're going to be covering in depth. US World Cup qualifying match. Against them. That he gets sent him last week side is a cough but you know actually reach you know honestly tomorrow tag I know people. Aren't really get a pay attention to this but. This kind of make or break game for him because they're tied with Panama so that when that game that matches to disable events of the top if not in trouble. 5176. Year cruel man. You are cruel rule Sosa's souls is keynote if you wanted to laughed. It views the Bassam identity melanoma scoot is coming from coming. Behind you sprinkle warm water on your hands and pat skewed on the shoulder. Scooter is a German folk and would absolutely freak out like he would go ballistic however though here's the other thing we've had this conversation. It would my under the previous administration should. What I mean by that is my former coach and throws administration. Is it okay to talk and it stalls in the men's bathroom light years sit down install what. Ice sitting down now. Simulate the journal yeah whatever you know there is a fine line needs to be like and don't look and no I if you urinal that trade that come on May edit kitty is. I don't think I conversation we're talking to her eyes met I think it's a little awkwardly innocent but he had a conversation needs to be struck over if there's a barrier between you and the person next you barrier is there for any reason. I do not want to talk about the saints lost to Atlanta while I'm sitting down taken a number two I'm sorry that's just not in my. And in my reports one it's not ideally is not my cup a team that Tommy Tucker she. Were. Likes to do. We'll wrap it up next here on W to do well. If Sampras on. I'm wrapping up here on double covered well I think shot to say sports anchor for WA MP channel nine in Baton Rouge earlier and also Joseph Ford ball. Host of the morning showed Joseph lo and did 957. Game in San Francisco. Co-founder of the national football post dot com as well. Really isn't as I just found out on Twitter so big west world fan talk a lot about this with you know would I would host of that team Bob here we'd get into west were the big HBO show. So are we had a on the show Cristian I want this drop Lewis hurt them plays Peter abernathy going to be a series regular just tweeted out. In a couple of episodes. During the first season but looks like he's promoted been promoted to lead series. Regular. Degree I called them one of the best coolest interviews that. I've ever been a part of the day after the west world Adam. What's world that debut. Last year so Peter Abernethy for US world fans out there the data Dolores. That he is now going to be a series regular for season two breaking news. Screw that up and you've been breaking news. It didn't DB DB DB DB DB DB. The wrong one now. Yes and no 50%. All four LSU baseball team me too in inconsistent be true contenders it's a party jaguar people final was also. 5050 on the pole one remind you. Tomorrow join set and I after Allah issue. Takes on two lane in baseball 6 o'clock first pitch right here on W we figured at the air about 930. Perhaps 945 to talk about it Seth tell the truth Tuesday tell the truth Tuesday February next hour as well tends ever. At master control great job as always. And assets and other funds shall look forward to tomorrow some defiant on out. Do you think ethics Louisiana think few New Orleans thank you worthless in Russia today. Was hostile and post and come back to make this little interesting but if not skip and touched on Twitter on the text line. If not we'll talk to tomorrow night.