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3-28 5pm Bobby & Deke: talking Saints and LSU-Tulane

Mar 28, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get an update on the Saints from NOLA.com's Larry Holder and preview LSU baseball's showdown with Tulane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And meaning it's a final power of sports are coming up beard. And just a few moments. We will be visiting with Larry holder. Nota dot com and at times Picayune. He will be was he was his take on the Saints. Also Ronnie rants former LSU pitcher in the recent sports hall of fame foundation and CEO. Right now some LSU baseball the Tigers and the green way. Operated jaguar in tempo is available for you at WW dot com pre NFL teams relocating and less than two years ramp charges and rates. Are you worried about the future of the Saints and they want to compares to vote online at WW you know. Dot com and don't forget this week and it is the national championship the men's final four from Phoenix Arizona. It will be contact him in South Carolina in game one game to. Right around a 7:58. PM it is. Oregon and North Carolina and in the final four -- means an answer to into next Monday evening here on WWL. Radio. And they you know you look at it because the whole thing. Like any professional sport landed the NFL NBA and Major League Baseball NHL hockey. Was that. You won big games to be on the up and now they perceive this fixing you know well on the the point shaving scandal. Even right here at tooling. Going back hot rod in them and the point shape and is this for hours against being Biggs that's what you can never have. Even had scandals would officials in professional soccer right and Italy. So that's why truly. Led the NFL likes it or not. Gambling is so much a part I would say the major port as far as its continued to grow fantasy football and in legal. Gambling illegal gambling and all goes hand in hand. Now if you look at. Going to Las Vegas and because you know goes a step ahead and NFL. Is that an eight jail. Yeah neck and National Hockey League not know amateur hockey league and now like the New Orleans brass aren't as elemental innings you as the NHL big an avid team this fall called the laws Vegas. A golden knights I don't know why Eddie Goldman that Los Vegas nights they're called the golden knights. But you look at Las Vegas long been the taboo to NFL. Because a legalized gambling with the when I look at and now. And you have the social media and Internet and everything in. And the gambling that occurs not only in Las Vegas and Atlantic City I mean look right here to see you playing in yards Harris his right down the road. And he's so you wanna get involving gambling. A number of players the quality of play with the Giants or the Eagles they'll go to Atlantic City all the time. Rattled Timmy did that was. Something that was late wave blown out of proportion. By you Peter brought that up in his 70s80s. Yes but today's. And what we Livan is 20% trade cannot have a pro franchise allows Vegas to meet. That that that has been ridiculous and simply because. The when I look at it. And the city all of these cheesy Soviet going play by Jack you've gone roll the dice. Problem. Then well that's been going on forever anyway amongst professional athletes now. If you how would they get to prevent. Because that would be a bad image as far as sports betting units both the bit. Well on any game. And the big that they go all the cameras they have you know they they have a rooting and have rules and Plaisted that you get busted that he definitely. Can be suspended and in trouble so that's why they became monitored is. And regained. Now we get in that happening. As if you have a player. Like or actually seen them at Ohio State quarterback who played with the Colts then. He end up having I don't know why I heard professional bettors did you know more about his nothing new professional better. But I heard the word sport sport to bed known as the NBA. Because how the points can change QB at twelve play peavy thing you know win. Ellis and a change short sleeves that was betting on and the NBA yet. Now think about this were you dealing with it you bookie or whatever I'm not talking about legal betting on all goes on around the country. Analysts say you get in a bind. And then Elvis and how you gonna pay you do it. Right that's they would NFL conference's sports as word about this is individual player has a gambling problem gambling addiction. Been in a buying. An eagle man you know they'd like to bring my family is laying that are whatever in. If Otto Graham bags and you command that is the point where how you can influence the outcome of the game that's what this award about well Bobby's man. Season the University of Texas already one of the four programs and it programs in college athletics that is in the black and not the ring it only for them. Texas is one of them they generated an extra three point one million dollars in revenue last season alone from the sale of alcohol. Which would be huge now there is some discussion. About how. LA issue could be involved in the beer and alcohol sales this year now the SEC has longstanding rule that he. Prohibits its fourteen members boos then and Eason seven in the west from selling alcohol at any ethnic event. However however. For those who think they are in those sweet that you actually in Tiger Stadium technically your knocked. Because if you look at the way this this stadium is built Tiger Stadium and the streets. They are technically separate structures. Which indeed. Could. Pared to a loophole the whereas LA issues suites on that in Tiger Stadium. Can't LA issue somehow the allow all beaten him you poll which make it's yeah alcohol. And beer. In other places besides suite area in if they do Bobby you talk about big money you know my and between. Three if there's any group on one man I would sailor issue and dad and dad and issues we have and generate between her and thirty in her reporting mean to you you come back in post number fifty mean if you had worked well. Bit if you wanna be even say it will stop selling alcohol by half. Arnie and is third quarter Villa and not do it at throughout big thing is just going your own pockets of whatever the invention of the flask. I mean a whole deal vague and now about but he did put a Mona is now have six in the middle of led the whole hammered old thing until school flag alone means I mean mastic. To about a hundred years ago when the golfers started mean it would be cold to have the last in their pockets and yet. Yes indeed the database of the BB watch because I always try to decrease revenue right below are yeah of course Yorker remember now it's like. When he got. Our twelve game schedule if you playing one of those to neutral you know bowl game things. You're lucky on twelve games to have six home game don't you like that some may five ought if you have a two game schedule you may want to have a 78 home games for us like eight. Huge advance for the local economy and the schools economy there. And anyway you can capitalize owner Bobby to me how more how much more in week key. You know everybody's uncle come into the stadium sneak in the plans in his era where I know what what else can we get him. And like well they get him idiots on the combat they wanted to be like we have everything when you walk in his stadium. We have everything you. They knew that he did say hard liquor I did say bear. At the ego like. By a monopoly like let's say like like Budweiser. And somewhat they would pay university to be an official beer of the university men are are some and then when you peek out those revenues then you might have liked makes drink you know I mean hey that's why first things first. I think high you can pass that and say no hardly says is accurate it to the stadium will be back in the day. I'm an Agile or a dancer media imagine some oh some out of Texas now 8787 can you imagine that you alcohol and cigarette you remember they don't used to be like a cloud it was yes golf is not exactly I mean I would I would just. I would think in the date they probably need to show you how old I AM they I played four years of professional football the fifth year I would say Butler players is still slogan half. And coaches that smoke cigarettes on the sidelines right in my head coach of the Oakland invaders 1985 Charlie Sumner viewed as the defensive coordinator for the Raiders. And Al Davis Tom gloriously memo Marcus Allen is spank Joseph pies and in the red we talked about and we talked Friday has Duke coach flooring. Well in net Charlie some there was a divas to Corning was my head coach. He would cheat smoked two packs of cigarettes. A lot like it in the in the game he relied asylum you're like one out that are merely called time body be talking to him arguing weight in the smoke away. As it is night and day rout Perry in my cortisol posted the same thing. Then I just they've smoked I would definitely would mean that and an edge so. I read all about Egypt they wanna and we end of our dollars out dollars a year. Bowing at times and god I might never get one about best players. John Corbett from Oklahoma State. They get 28 have sat at the thought though about Michael Jack yeah he's the one at a Jerri curl era after we won the champ intimidated Hendry. He showed up you like Ortiz might might be bigger and taller it was 66 about 260 can grind him. He showed up before. Regular training got 1984 in the end is 01 glove what does and does like glove. And I think Carter and John Carter said what would you do and in and his Gerry called curl flow and Eagles and look at me like it would be like objects. And Ennis and these are lapping the he took his money. Any bought a Ferrari. OK in the Atlanta await test drive it like a whole week it was like a week week and a half. But he couldn't fit you know he was doing bring his name is all and I go I go cargo what are you doing you don't even fitness department you've got to get another car. Man I wish I could fitness car made your trying to shifted as a way to build them but he had 28 in the half sacks. An eighteen games and the reason why you never heard about him and NFL Casilla made auto as an adult that they tried to different teams. He was testing positive. B forty we've had tested players now he's got full every day. Smoke pot every David's life and you ain't a buffet and hit it it was unbelievable his performance and never seen need to get all these sacks. Scott fillies of all gonna have done it like just talking to the coach and nothing against as the league is. He's a Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert a big belly area sports talk to 6 o'clock and LSU baseball tonight on WW. Larry holder. At an area hold on Twitter. Nolan dot com and at times to use. Addition to that he is he what is Larranaga so much for the time mach three NFL franchise is marry you all on the move always set. Approval to move. Within a short amount of time when about a little over twelve months all this has taken place your thoughts Mary and you know there's such a thing as far as all. Any franchise could say well we don't have anything to worry about is this such a thing is that. Think it's such a thing that I. Like day out out. I mean you know but it is. A trend that I can understand I left and I wrote about it yesterday. And where you know with the Saints. There's always that little bit having it be. I'll win the location comes out because war on been brought up so many times not just saint but of course. The Hornets when they were the Hornets in a book or Benson's spot out in right so yeah it's. It is today a trend that. I acting can be. You know to bring anxiety but as far as not the situation we have. You know I think that that. Specifically the saint you know there there's a lot goodness idiot they ever have. Yeah Larry what you say like I guess you put odds on anything at follows the Jacksonville jaguar fan I'd be more concerned. Then obviously at the situation with the Saints and you know for sure. The league and its largest saying the next eight years 225 you think it's going to be. Addressed before that but if you look at OK who's the next one. You know this speculation that it came about it was maybe the bills you know gonna Toronto goes Toronto being like that or you can. The proximity there and then I'll and then also Jack to go maybe going in London but as far as the Saints of when you. I had to hold on to got to go to see. Yeah yeah anti Hillary Larry holdover it has to do you know what dot com follow Mary on social media. He and his days to follow he hits you back and answer your questions and Larry Holdren Moe Larry and just a moment and then bottom of their own is the first step. We'll come into you with a CBS update here on WW. Follow him on social media and Larry hold onto it and there is zero to break body was asked you that question of Illini gods like because it gave lose the next team who heard about it if you live in Jacksonville the Jaguars in the speculation. With the bills in Toronto then you always I don't know proximity a major city like Mexico city international. Will know con his relationship woodland habitable what did you take. All on that as far as would you be concerned if your Jaguars. It. Would be the it to me the dew point that therein do would be the most likely candidate it would just happen again. I'm not there any reason to think that right at the right this second belt. They'll maybe 34 years five years on the road some guy I mean you mention you know that tied the one's been our that's the only duplicate. It's a very small market and the teams not very and you know and you could even via the points. They have like sheet covering parts of the stand yes. Upper deck at. Guys in the upper decks so you if your team that had that I would be Qatar but yeah it but it is that. You know we haven't seen. It like this ever with such so so many teams on moves so often you understand why. You know make me handle little theory mean it seemed like you can do it with a Napoli finger. This. Really there holding area you know it is me kind of back and forth banter coach Payton talk about how good of a mountain Mullen is. Now Robert grant talks about he does but how demanding cooks is as well. You are your thoughts on this Malcolm but the situation as it plays out there may be of one to tee and treated the same sixty sentencing. What do you think the odds of him come in big yes it does that have a seven have been on draft they are are wide because. All of this I think they've we've found this this telethon around like he's Deion and some I mean he had good. It would mean to me I would put it top ten corner. So that I achieved except it would make you home today and in obviously he called that they're kicking the tires on top Butler. But to me you know it's. We're going to be talking about it because Butler and kind of hold this thing off the right he signed his restricted free agent tender and now the positive outlook a little left and we Puerto draft when things get really start get movement but my senses that. Well at the Saints. Are gonna want no part in giving you eighty off gosh you know Mickey today. He didn't say yet he would say now. Just think he wanted to be a little coy about what baction didn't have gone on on the scenes are what what that talk. Up book to me I don't think there's any chance they get the offer sheet to him so. The development albeit in a way the eleventh pick in the saint. But didn't happen and so. You know there they're gonna do make a trade sign and trade them now and so yeah and and what knowing that got them some leverage here right you know they so it's. I'm in the sense that this gets done but it. Because some time in the past the you're gonna wonder minutes is that you know could big changes and they lose not only it's not. Yet it's only got to it's going to be tenuous process the next couple weeks. Yet and hide in you start speculating if it doesn't get done this bill thought that was part that is speculation. With branding coach with Malcolm Butler and you look at draft picks and all. In the pressured to me that they get it done. It looks like the Patriots samples that are. Whatever you I'd wanna call it to this city cleaner especially. If you don't know IR I should say those have to work. Wendy you look in the late first round. And it there around eight and that awaits he would those players would do but it. As far as and we know a branding coach can do it looks like the Patriots took advantage in this thing. Yeah it's funny because Robert Kraft even mention here because they don't have as many predicted he'd spent look. Were we got improvement. You know it's a video that they've made it you know not like. The saint side outside of last year. The recent success he drafted drafting has been so why. It it's on the where I completely agree if fatal complete this part almost like the park Beckett trade. I used David Wright paint and Patriots at but why would you on the first trade so yeah I agree like on it it it just stayed put that it is than. They got a Apatow draft a corner and try to draft to pass rusher they don't if approving. I think. I would not that day. Pun intended that they got fleeced by you know I the ability and and the Patriots and at the right out the gate. Well the late first round pick all of a sudden. Look in the crystal ball in the future. You got to be like approval caliber player like cam Jordan at our you know not as the finance and Ian and you look at the third round pay whoever. You might look more a solid starter mean it's unbelievable. How things and people fail to cars so to speak to me again. With the draft but it doesn't work I'll Malcolm beloved. Larry would you agree with this that you look at professional fans in New Orleans in the golf self. The Gulf Coast region that. I'd be more worried if you like professional sports. More word about the pelicans long term. In this Saints as far as the pelicans leaving before the Saints silly because I think the NBA who won a franchise in Seattle. You know when the Supersonics lap I went to Oklahoma City and I'd be more concerned. Maybe now estimate is controllable franchise going to be more word about the deal of sort of elegant red in this thing. Maybe you epic one the other racked. Would be you know the more likely team to possibly be at mood that battle penalty any kind of real scenario all. On land the Benson family cells are right then I right okay may be that happened but. You know it and the and not to just opened move on and now as a you know that there's a reason why they ought to be an ugly you know it didn't do that locally in. Yet it would be seem like it beats him by a basketball team but there's a reason at all they've they've. But the primary reason to keep me here and so. They you know and let it is what independence and you look at. You know those issues at the palace in. You know and use. It would be almost like the Jacksonville you know you would start them and they all my EP nine. At some point might. Someone might buy in and try to take away right now. Yeah I would consider almost wore on like it Jack's built market are and yet yeah. Good point Mary what you're working on in the paper and then about knowing people we don't social media. Roy out and and Phoenix to the owners' meeting the and yeah Robert Kraft. Today had a chance to catch it would Mickey Loomis. And then not tomorrow watch on Peyton in at the press conferences will be 9:15. Central time eight out. That we sit down attainable eighty breakfast yeah. And yes I have read we we have an hour. Access to them and that we will have all that. Lot on or not not silly. Updating the entire breast. So are you know always respect your opinion he's still going Derek Barnett the midst of an out of Tennessee within eleven Paco was. Hole. I'd I'd just don't know. You know I need them it makes sense but. You know that almost go to Jerry you know he got the production. But it you like this super athletic guys I don't know I think that that's a big treat each out you. Our ponder. Okay I'll put you on the spot Ruben Boston guard Derek aboard they're both available. I'd still take Barnett I like the production and at the need spot so I would I would still I would vote go to their Barnett but. It's beat and it does a good corner they'll walk succeed him going that route. Fine this is going to be hot dateline and I'm just at its right now if the Saints. Are in love with one of those quarterbacks. It would not I would not put it past them to take a quarterback is spirit. At eleventh. The whole defense and Larry cook and and they love. Patrick I got on watt then. I would not be gone out and bought it there's so that they love. And they feel like you know he could be could be the next guy it would done. So it's I not almost like hot take land that I'm unfounded it would. It would be pondered thank. Marion hoga married thank you so much of the time. Right Larry all right we'll wrap on Nixon little preview of elation at Tulane College Baseball and I don't WW. And welcome back. Just a few moments who would you on the L issue sports network. As they get sick to take on the two main green me -- mean tonight it ease a throwback night LSU yeah I think as the old school you to follow the big white jerseys with the big purple you know he had big of first time in nine years ago to Wear throwback. Uniforms. Again as the calling it turn back the clock yeah. So big it teaches a big L on the chance of the Jersey. And the hat that they purple stripe it burning you out like ours like our errors and so they don't last quarter retro uniforms in 2008 against two lane. They were celebrating the final year player of all Alex box a stadium salaam. The guy I don't know says Tulane struggling you look at LSU fans that think to have patience. And they understand how good Florida was. I even though they were struggling hitting in had to go to steal a game. And you come through the last you know couple innings I think was big and not getting swept by the Florida Gators blew it. I think LSU fans to be extremely disappointed. It didn't take care of business against a two lane tonight. Considering how Tulane has struggled they're nine and fifteen right now ankle is manners said this on this showed us that he felt like you know it'd been some votes in a midweek games it's been. You know how to toast series against Florida he feels like these and he really feels like they get ready to play some good ball in general so. And be big on this weekend to remember this is the one of the week in just different. Because it's not Friday Saturday Sunday Tashard era I think Tuesday and all of wheezing in his Thursday Friday and Saturdays three in Texas in. He had deacon and you look at it who knows would we gonna get as you like LS UVs well and follow it. You look at all I'll issues though off at the production the last two innings of vs Florida. Is that going to be Sunday gonna build upon tonight against Tulane and going against the Aggies but it. Big you never know is that I'm you don't think pitching makes a difference who you point against. Would LSU. Boyd 22 run outburst in the series opener against Georgia. Did LSU had been held to feuded seven hits in four of their previous five games and and you look at the series final of Florida. They will like they were on big big and have another bad outing. And then I remember watch and gives you gotta be kidding and only scored one run and then the erupted for seven hits and the last two innings like that and it came yet they were able to land ten to six. So you know. It always when every department and I think that always helps and Tulane beat now but he struggled a coach Travis Hewitt. That team is only hitting 245. And ERA derided almost five and a half runs. One player on a Williams has played outstanding par on the firs baseman so. This is stunning from a pride standpoint that I know Tulane who wanna built come way with a win like you did last year. We've in this series against Seles all right LSU baseball is a Knicks be sure and Jonas to Amaro induced will be in the houses would take a look Robert Kraft says Tom Brady component of the six or seven years and National Football League. And anymore. Productive years can Drew Brees play in the league with talk about that those top. QBs in the NF fail all that tomorrow thanks to Chris Miller and mark Menard don't get after the game night John Crist incest for double covered sports and more on the ballot is always tell by the KG can and by the eight there. By the way elation. All good night people.