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Alien abductions & implants - have you been affected?

Apr 4, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Derrel Sims - a/k/a The Alien Hunter - about his experience investigating alien abductions and implanted alien technology. Starting with his own abduction story from when he was a child, Derrel has researched and examined many cases, and performed 24 implant removal procedures. 04/04/2017- Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Aaron I. Are any. Monday night slash Tuesday morning we are ready to go and I know that it's every time I open mouths are saying that against think about it because speed at this down Jerry. Obama down on the day whether it's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday on the east goes he stuck somewhere in between what can be unreality radio with the myself Jason on the echo Stevie Johnson how's your week it was so agree I actually spent time in the Gettysburg Pennsylvania area in an event called phenomenal G. Solana did an explanation yet so a lot of good to have colonel friends and hadn't seen in one owns and it was nice is nice to reappoint with some of them who spent the weekend building the wife of farmers stable. Nine foot long farmers and answers gaveled. Reclaimed wood. She wants one for possibly Kelso I was over there and one point now you know I've tribal a lot of things GCC and I mean you've been in boxing you name or whatever and I must've just put a hundred screws in this thing and so you just you get the rhythm you're going to go on and not thinking about it night. Put a scorer ray through board. And realized that I. Just drove my canned. To the board on the other side they went right through and got me in the hand and literally screwed into my hand Powell and national Jim I would do what. And sort pulled myself to abort themselves I think in well nothing I can do attached to a nine foot table right now so cool. It is of course a you know antagonist to get my adrenaline. And literally put my drilling reversed and unscrew my hand from the bulletin board. So when they say that you know a lot of blood and tears going to some initial thing a lot of blood and tears as opponents of the table. There's that hurt me and yeah. You saw the market mean. You don't know an intimate headed in the injury could. Quite similar to that you're his proposal metal fragments from those screws to that's had to pull poncho and that's the worst part but it is on the cassava agreed to a great idea to come up some kind of crap it's going to be innocent and beautiful table. And it'll always have a piece of me attached to this past so. But book it is well I guess we've got a great show tonight our guest tonight and beyond reality reviewed Darrel since no Darryl is. Known as the alien hunter yes it has website today and Italy and doctor dot org or at a glimpse trying to hit really hard to got to work yup and done he's got a lot of experiences and Linksys has talked about it not only his personal experiences to some of the things he's done like. Currently he's done what 24 surgeries. In removing implanted. Alien devices from people. I've seen some of the pictures are you I've been to his website numerous times in the past our sauce on the pitcher's arm as well and others and he's got people from all over the world who supposedly has had these things implanted in them so while. All right it's it's strange yeah I mean if you if he's taken these things saudis did either have members had them in now and analyzed or something some exterior wood he's got to say about that but it should be a great show tonight of course the rest of the week looks good duke and he's a certified master it therapist so he could literally hypnotize you and you wouldn't remember carnival that's a thing I'm I'm I'm kind of concerned that you and I'll be talking tune you knew hypnotize us and them. Dad's nose the small arsenal but I think in that hospital tomorrow and tomorrow we've got rod pile weren't talking of ten of amazing stories of the space age. It's gonna present an insider's perspective on the most unusual and bizarre space programs ever devised inside and outside of NASA. And that Wenzhou we've got Emilia Kincaid. And talk about the language of miracles program which teaches you to talk cheering animals and actually get answers. That in the formal part and any now any time we have. I'm somebody who news. Connected to the animal slash pet world. We get a lot of phone calls lot of people really humorous in that particular topic and I think the two shows have a lot of people have a lot of love for their animals so why isn't the bezel especially your animals become of their party scam and it's like when your kids. And and I it. I can say any time for a loss of dog yeah I mean our cat it's a storm trying to zero you know unity it's it's can be traumatic. On Thursday Jozy Fargo will join us Jozy is an author known for reading about the afterlife. And should be talking about her latest book which highlights deathbed phenomenon so might be. This could be interesting maybe a little morbid but interesting there probably. It's some touchy areas that are known to say it's a tough situation I've been I've been around people as they passed on you you have as well Judy and it's just. Analyzed it to change it to change in the air it's. It's just the air gets really heavy you know. And it's still it's tough. Yeah and as they were talking about last week I had a really personal experience on just two weeks you don't mom pass and I'm I'm and I'm gonna share and we have that conversation on Thursday and it's. Daschle was very very comforting experience but it surprised me it just surprised me. So kind of self went on had a phenomenal wealth you know they had some on some good panel discussions is much different paranormal groups of their talking and talking about and showing some of the evidence that they caused the reason vendor tables there resume some. Lip sync battles and you know regular paranormal stuff low ceiling to assist the nose wife who who gets so I don't know it just went to the attendees would get up there and they did slips in contests and did you get up I did not do that a our man no no in previous years at that particular event they've done. Karaoke stuff tonight I will admit I've I've slept displayed in the met in the past but not know since from me and this year a. Jeez well now it's a place to make. Did hole. Rookie thing one night but this week. We too much and talks in too much alcohol what was that world where it was they attached him here union and Israel it is going to be Luke WG Stillman was there grant was there and we we had drank which him actually started singing elite big bucks. I deal got dad. It was a it was a rough night I don't know painful days next and I'm sure there's video floating around that Somalia but I did get a removed from YouTube. Have a better idea to do it it was horrible it was a horrible video now and anybody one of the law and expects. It's perfect. Listen what's been going at FaceBook page on people's stuff yet. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like the FaceBook page we're constantly updating. Stuff over there on the the news stations were coming up on and I totally forgot to give the list on the news stations it was started airing on this week and apologize or give that over the next couple days. And also fuel a sitting on and on any of the great stations you can head to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live button. Join us in Chad there's agree community people in their morrow is hanging out we take your questions are in their for a for the guests that we have on and Estes I would not nice way to interact and connect. Now some them we've been talking about one of our regular callers to the program is a good friend of the program the amazing fart key he is a a self proclaimed amazing psychic he calls himself a groundhog psychic for whatever reason that is. He's going to be doing some readings. I'm not sure what night he was gonna do that but either way we feel we still able to invite people email their questions are getting ready yet LE NEC and she set me some email early it was weird to Tizzy when you're somebody sent you an email you're expected to be. You know he can read it right usually an audio file. There was an audio file and then he's just telling me about your how he's taking it one at cook or religious right the team I know what the what is that why important anybody sent an audio file in an email. Funny enough the press and you probably alto listening too far he gonna. Just right. Right now that extra time if you to have you tester need to hear your voice it's they have a perfectly fine just reading the text and it's funny but if you just sent an email here. If you have a question or laughs hockey to do a reading. Eskimo something specific or whatever to send an email you can go right to be on reality radio. Site. And just email slew secretary communal slick the questions story probably Sonoma it's great to funky and as FaceBook page Tucson us troops have to do that as well. Yes undermined we'll get tomorrow morning's notes of coach. Among the Florida let's but still it's good time and thought he can't it's an interesting time now and don't say good bye to. I don't really better but it wouldn't describe it right. Let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest Jerel Simms and he is the alien hunter we're gonna talk about his experiences plus some of the research he's done and do some things he's been involved with. Harry elicited Jason JB yeah. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the flu. Force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I own my own radio casing on his teammate Johnson a telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to call him and called in and join us on the show we always. Welcome the phone calls. You have no idea how many ways people can turn me string mine and my hand in string my hand or piece of wood can become purity and I remember seeing these things Chad marriage and it's ships in the sense that I don't think you have to stretch that you aren't fun they come with the nicknames for us this behavior you're burned I'm screwed so. I don't know earnest curriculum that is that you mr. Solomon and his sperm and. Except only in the beyond reality radio chat room visits and he thinks it's a bit let's bring our guest into the conversation our guest tonight is Darryl Simms he's known as the alien hunter. He's got a couple books out both with the title alien hunter one is the evidence in light. And the other one is evidence and truth about saline implants Darryl welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Well thank you let's go to your local news. Thanks for coming on and I am it's funny have been checking your website for quite awhile now so it's it's an honor to have you been looking forward talking. Well love well love what you guys in here at your shows seem real quite sick and I'm outlook controlled in this. Well thank you I was actually you know apologize here for a smoke. Let's lets them when we start. By U sharing. Your experiences. That you had as young child which kind of put you on this path. It really did laden that was. Four years old partly for your soul and well I've. Living and no 1000 plus south street Midland Texas. And it was a good sleep. Gush up 3 o'clock in the morning and I. Woke up and that actual content and do that when I say that I have to mature audience know that. Even though when I was on the burglary what I wanna commend general anesthetic or setup and that scared can't see you all just but I have to bet. I'm not it would also be able to move overdo anything. Sort of the purpose is to wake up when something is wrong. And I had a and my little bad. And I couldn't figure out what in the world some skinny little lamb was doing in my room and and metal detectors in 1952. That's not. We're really. Will dump truck. Subject be shaking your talking about no one knew what aliens were anything like that backroom would be PP program about new program or that. Or marker would never let me watched it anyway. So here's a little character well walking toward the wall where my bad I didn't realize at the time you just brought me back. And he was sleeping. And whenever I talked ball watched in Puerto fat or quarantine walking toward wolf. Left pocket and my head I was so rubber surprised because he apparently hurt me thinking. And turned around. And a real shot a second shocker for me was. I could hear him think or talk whatever what you're doing. And he said. It's a way. And he was referring to meet. And none of this made any sense media because of we had a little well held separate shutter my little room. And we lived on middle of nowhere to actually nick had an industrial partner Elena part of Midland Texas. And we think this is about like coming from about how to lit up more room a little bit sore concede this guy and you're quite right I mean. Wouldn't blowing or he's saying but he is pretty flight. And to my shock and amazement that you turn around our he had are well perfectly well black guys about an inch apple calls each. And as little kids due date I'll look at mobile real. Of real. Solely because she didn't have any clothes on and he was an American little dark and my broom. It'd be freezing winter time. And I had a lot calmer army but mother taught me a question. I couldn't figure out. We're slow operating in court says nobody had look at him guerrillas on my gosh you know he does network ability but many didn't have a PT. So Beck. Can't afford me as a little kid about scud program what you gonna Muslim and why people walk into book well I don't know we're gonna go through wall and had no idea. So that was the the big shocker for me and had the bottom line was what scared wouldn't tell us to frighten or anything. As kindergartners Igawa. And at that point. He apparently made his decision to. Fixed the problem which forced to make sure I did remember and as it happened. And he did something that I moved or something Gartner something's happened in the facial expression. And incidentally I had a fear I hadn't I never knew create electric and I was. There. I would trade paralyzed but that's not probably the right word. I would disposed to move that would affect it was a suggestion from him. And he started to move toward me and the media are just. Go back against the bed and pushed hard to cut against the wall what cardinal body and of course quite a little caught. Apart from the walk all and I felt between the wall and a the bad. And with the public wraparound mild to its worst nightmare now my handling of the war. Rebel soulful war and he couldn't get to me that weighs Soviet Gupta covers of my bad. And looked under it got these large hip right next mine with the lord black. And tried to make me think that he was a bad dream and that he was sparked a terrible clown. Well no I eight captured the subject my head no no begun to bottom I didn't I didn't want I'll wanna remember important was not what you want to change. Also he was able to somehow hold it just won't get into your mind in and totally changed. The perception of of how you're in your viewing him. Absolutely. That and I later found out after years of investigating and has stirred questions that fit me as well. Well how many you have these abductors or contact these people had experiences her uncle is in an astonishing number of these people apple. Minute until I tell him I'm terrified clouds but I don't think Everett had nearly an empathy issue. I'll let only your only way you have this country or accusatory it was probably about region from your race and it turned trance. Transferred its you're in I don't take shape shifted at all let people sign that and that's what happened. I think he was messing with my mind making least thinks that he had this quirky look at Europe McClellan as scary an all out. So I would think it was a bad dream book what it was you'd be a nightmare for sure but it wasn't bad dreamed. He would go right Mary nuclear real. Jerel we have to go to break and when we come back I wanna get and a little bit more of this some kinda curious how way. The young boy you have of the PG worth that time copes with the that type of experience. And then movement won't follow and you know on you picked it up later in your life. It's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson again our phone numbers 8446877669. Or guest tonight. Is Jerel Sams the alien honor his website is alien hunter dot org his books are alien hunter the evidence in light. An alien hunter evidence and truth about alien implants just. It don't go away this is Jason. Dvd on really good. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Reality review. Jason analyst Gene Johnson our phone number eight. 46877669. Our guest tonight is Darryl Sam's Terrell is the alien hunter. He's also a hit necessary to therapist his website is alien hunter dot org. And he's got a couple books out the evidence in light ailing under the evidence in my in the alien hunter evidence and truth about alien in plants. Yes now through where we're talking. Just before break Carol oh you're talking about your experience were nearly three and a half four years old. In most people of course can't remember something from that long and also this had to be such a traumatic situation managed just say it's embedded and embedded itself in the right. Indeed and my mother. What I told her first told the story. Just a few years ago but wait. And she's 87 years old and she's Sybil like and Cutera how she did you couldn't remember back and I said it was 1005 self case street beat them don't you would vote for number. Mean you Bartolo work. And a mob the event of a traumatic it was not a but I didn't have banned drinks anyway but this is not a dream that was the thing was in the room. And anyway long story short was. She just. I'm stunned Bob Hope fighting and then later. I mentioned are that might proper hand. Asked me to speak to my other brother. Were what I got the military said come in here and straighten this oil out restaurant so what is a problem down. Usually. They PC an alien stuff. And I listened to his story and a look at my dad and. Probably would come turn corners and cheat whenever city's east own crew. Also he was having her pretty much the same experiences you had. Very similar curses and my debt or just more fighting just it is just couldn't represent around us and the reason in my opinion. That he had such a real problem was that X is because he had expert himself much. How are OK interesting so in some interest whole family had been experiencing them. Now but who were they able mole mean your brother seems he was able to us to remember these these experiences Saddam did your father ever admits having any experience. No he didn't. I never never questioned him about any Indian deputy was seen them but don't win this subject would come up. He would be almost vitriolic. About even discussing. And then reform. Usually people. Who has that type of vitriol about subjects are. Knowledgeable about it to some degree they've had some experience and usually in a very negative. And that that was quiet assumption. That may be something that happened ten but nothing like they're approved or later I was working with the lady. In in a case that have quite a bit of physical evidence. And but long story short he is or she told me this story. About a man and I did not know this woman she did not know me. She told me about an incident where the an entity at the picture up and so on and I should had a pretty horrific event. And we did quite a but it testing with her in and of Albert comfortable two story and she says there was say. You tell you to work filed because I don't know what it walks or use human terms to describe it to but there was a wild it was left. Went to it'd be left room. And Astrid and what you think is files about since I think governor supposed to see. That's OK so. What was it that she says. It was it was the a pair relationship with someone he had picked up himself another one of people you'd gotten. Like national audience what was the name of the person says so. His name is JD. And that's said there are this'll what sort of usual but techy and I don't think those were initials and that was the man's name. I'm rubber sure. And mastered the unique thing opted. Mean I think he should know polling that disclosed that got pretty horrific it does Steffi get hurt darker purpose was present. And I'm speaking. And finally after a court you're a long time I've said. Are kind of the story interest in and she says why is that must have my father an extra decent. It about issues he was getting dark darker. That is just. And she'd Elektra over a very crucial. Woman and a anyway good that would just again it's anecdotal but you wouldn't but it it was just. Interest in. We're gonna I didn't wanna jump into this topic get the implant topic but we do have a phone caller that I wanted to because she's been on hold for quite awhile this is Sarah from my Massachusetts calling and Sarah welcome to beyond reality radio. Kite thank you thank god into stories now. I need to make sure that the state which you know marketing your web site right now are and where are implants were several decades. And the we certainly can't simulate that in the past two years develop something in my notes and I am glad to good having breaks for implant. My doctor about it and caution doesn't know about both French current key difference though it might be cartilage. But it. The fact impression that it just suddenly Shara and I knew how to do about it that any particular thing. I certainly do look taller maybe you'd think it give you my approach to email so that you can write me and I can give you some. And I have a cup of talkers on line with Dick can also a prayer while bear parliament to tell you and will curb. And discussing what you on the medical level if needed. But the bottom line is most implant most people think that at that have these experiences and I'm not picking on you are saying you. I'm just saying I just came back on a conference why are probably shoot at least. 80% of the people who who felt they were a book reader contact piece ball had an implant are can assure you that 99% of did not. Our look at hundreds of our trees every year and and everybody believe they'll think they have an implant and they're the impact for very rare discovered at 1968. At age twelve and Michael Grant because I was white liquid happened many. So I started looking for people with similar veteran and album. But again these things are quite rare but. But regardless. To. To deal with your situation I suggest that. You get a soft tissue victory of the area are. Edgar doctor do that. Victor if there's an implantation they are it is an empire Canadian implant terrible things will be true a blunder will be. They obviously will be bigger number two if it's extracted and it didn't factor herb a real alien implant and not just Kirk widger bowler something else. Herschel can have migrated there. If that is the back real late in it emotional side of the technology you'll have in all likelihood Leo. A different type of membranes around to get a cocoon basically surrounding the object itself so that it will not be recognizes the lobby. Bob body. Building the primary thing huge duke you'll laugh about it but the main thing is just to get soft tissue rare trait let. Fit into that political look at it grill we'll advice from their mics. At address you go to the web site daily under dot org and click on I covered it sent a message to me and I'll be glad to it barge and helped him anywhere camp. Okay now. You can read. I remember dark very importantly what to blame at something he's gone now. Clean clear that it was it was special K two in nonstick ignorant. I know he started under. Our community. I'm really only get what you want your Google diapers. He was he actually wasn't. He wasn't really an and he was he was dark. I'm okay. And we intend most people. Who don't have implants but it turns out they're not well then that there would be. Well it that many people got to the lumps bumps cuts are things that that happened in the elected got that some of them they can't account for work. And the the fact that some of these people are definitely had some type of contact dating him or otherwise. There are many people that they've been tampered with so we're not crucial therefore that must have an implant. But implant three extremely rare packet I can assure you that. We don't quite have surgery on people like less what surgery that we performed was and India this last year and I can assure you Graham implants are very rare but but again. Recruited by a reusable first thing Obama do to resolve the issue there where you look at it and go and have a look and see what you look disk sometimes deviated step from sometimes well. Things happen to people. Into but that that thing that you have going for you if you'll look at it and and that sense of the word. Is that the nasal passage is one of the primary areas there's going to be. Look at crushed by the alien. And that's what we're greatly. They did did mine in my mind went through the nasal passage broken bones but commandos. And they are long needle like upbeat about. What it is about management long we're about to three inches of it went up. Hit me in my nasal passage had been behind by. And we actually drowned other people who actually have the same upbeat in the same period during the same year 1960 and I got mine. They got better and it's still there to this day mine isn't but there's news. Report. The military will attend the lecture well. Mind at all what it was Winamp but I never thought they removed it later and whatever shall take about. But well. What it was when he went in it was on a needle like the vice. It was placed silver peer. And since simply found her little girl and had done for optics. She said that she told ownership mommy mommy gives crazy man would go board black guys in my room and they were doing something my nose. And her mother of my dogs are a liar most of the OK okay them. Not pick my body on. From the story. So she took what we do social well dug in and turn over these is many times you can't and Kleenex and repeat thing comes up and four goal fiercest sides of content. Came out. And long story short of that is that I seven to new York university and care darker Mick Bullock Astaire. And the tenured professor and metallurgy. Started the start of course he was ultimately a very skeptical of the scientific. Until privately he says what he's simply do decently. Probably really work this is amazing and collect a little tiny place that put little quicker. Lately is to pick. They Sarah thanks Sarah thanks for the phone call we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with our guest is Daryl Sam's. He is the alien hunter it's beyond me. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you can. Reality radio I'm Jason on Stevie Johnson. By the website and beyond reality radio dot com and join the chat room there also we do have a page for our guests you can visit that the agency. What our guests are all about plus links to any books and in the case of tonight our guest Earl Sims has a couple of books out. Once called alien hunter the evidence in light in the others alien hunter evidence and truth about alien implants. Thanks for hanging analogous to our. Well I'm delighted to. So like last caller and I I know we are gonna wait to get into the implants a little bit but one thing I want to ask about with her experience. These implants that are found arm who are they made up of some sort of metal some sort of organic material what does it. Greg question. The fact is what we call or metallic. Norton and all that went in my nasal crest was. Appear to be earned a silver fear of some kind. My only guess would be a titanium or something I don't know current we have found it. There's and I'll be sort of a behind the guy's side to and the other. The same from him plantation in the 1960s target which is starting to meet our batteries raised. Com let's see first implicit we removed in 1995. The optics. We're. And Barbara referred to move them and they had a biological containment that was. There's almost cup is heavy. Let him I mean it was it was good old cup would say yeah number fifteen scalpel. Blade anyway. The in the yes foundation and a Bobbitt goes out trip and a about seventeen to recite just actually just corporate. Bring one over doctor speak and and that we did they were sort of partially decided to lower. Spent 22000 dollar person and a but he. Ethnic pick up here implant so did in return to metallic ones to biggie had alluded to be a blinded study occurred in one tainted anyway. And they simply implant to multi element first. And they are they the course probably news to reduce strokes of Madeleine I didn't know what it just little. Corporate needle like projections. All the news and they they did their study and they've constructed the actual microscope which. Had a field containment around the optics. So that they can watch the microscope and a legacy and two little laser into the containment. And it would light up a little tiny part of the implant and and that would. Take the residual gases came out of the object in which hello what are other elements and things we're surrounding the obviously found in Lebanon different elements rounding. The Metallica. Our beat himself. The curious thing about the level as they were one of them was so it's hard to steal you'll find anywhere from all left. Another on assault. But it really strange that none of it may be sent program. But they get determined after a qualitative quantitative analysis because they'd like after the French protesting. They didn't go that was quite patient so that senator New Mexico tech. And they did that really interest and work. And they determined that just came from a little. Meteor right Coble with bug. Bit weird man gotten all the young Sean Lee you were. Which are level or legal like projections. And of course. Something you could happen during the course cougar. Good talker deflated mentioned it to my step foot. Peace stupidly called up the because scientists inserted. Although overrated and employ. Well well rep recover some record that. And on and the main thing dug up armored report before they started to try to remember report somewhat. But the part of the order the materials are quite rare breed the biology is even stranger and the medals. Well and do you think that there do what I there they are tracking device are they a marker rich and I'm asking because which have worked on difference things that I am mad actually was just doing a story not too long go on RFID chips. And is sitting in their implantable as well so that. Is is there reason behind this at the using it for tracking device and using it as marking a specimen has this person has been taken to play as if it's holding data about that person. And we don't think so. Oh equity to use them before and we've rescued rebels were caught or some of our party tips and could get a prior horses couldn't like that. Especially expensive animal aware. You would ship them. But the actor disagrees optics. Are not tracking devices are not in things like that. Well what we suspect. Is that. Some of these subjects might be used to all her neural transmitters like certainly don't need a catchy and so on. Cycle pharmacologist mentioned in the one time. Suspense is that statement is even reasonably true. Whoever. And also cooperate so who runs or controls your neural transmitters pretty much owns. They determine who your happy sad depressed or whatever they whatever it is they want that's what to do it again. So they can be chart actual emotions and honoring. Every. Pinched and correct. So little they would open it up to. The ability of even. Sort of a mind control he can control somebody embodied by a fear or happiness or sadness and all all those emotions. We have done some pretty serious error statistics on some of these about these we felt that 45% of the nerves over I've been doing quite well. And I'm not a spring chicken of them have been around to revive the pipe abducted at age four and 1922 of them while. So. We can't afford such simplistic undertaken and grants would have been claimed the abducting contacting. It makes no difference point 5% or that we native American and Irish Celtic are basic best basically. Which can be Scottish or. Or Irish. And that statistical owner of revenue factoring in in some cases we carve up the 31% of them are rarer. Cardiologist to a note Keizai McCain that it can. Cocaine there in the McCain camp sentence and ordered any canes don't work. We're gonna have deleted that we gonna take some of the hour break but a lot more to come. You listen. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I am radio taste honest change and Johnson so good to have everybody along with you listening on local radio station are you listening to his online. Jason your heads cut off the keynesian. That's nice and asks us better than my hand. Cycle today is that it's Monday on the West Coast it's Tuesday in East Coast you're stuck somewhere between wall can be unreal at your radio with myself Jason Hawes echo Stevie Johnson. And JV have a great weekend yeah I you know I spent the the weekend at a paranormal event near Gettysburg Pennsylvania get to see a lot of good friends people hadn't seen in one opponent always get yours in great conversation about paranormal topics are chosen during. And it. Captain it's chaired awesome for rookie and on etc. there was a lip sync battle that I know that apple admit right up front I did not participate and lip sync. Air guitar stuff is not my Forte like it injures GO watch in this monitor every night and where you're so entered into the air drums aren't going outside really ten I'm a little limited a minor guitar abilities and especially my hand injury yeah but don't let it got to stop screwing your institutes. It's just doesn't sound right no it doesn't matter if you're just tuning and whole sound retarded about my wife wanted to farmers' tables all right to have taken all this old that old would reclaimed woods and that's putting a farmers' tables together firm for a toll Kelso the right. Only 400 screws in this thing everything is going great wasn't thinking about it. Drilled a screw through wooden board Miami is on the other side drove my hand rate to the board and and there was it was a nasty one at that I'm screw the hunt trying to secure and now maybe it is that's when you know it's bad when you're you're literally late you've. Torture handwritten aboard yet can't do anything about it no nothing nothing nothing good can come to its. You know it's that wasn't as bad as Jimmy says Jimmie some counter him put the you know everybody's got through there a threshold and I do I do know we're gonna have to talk to talk to the folks at Kraft on sue open a product they don't want to help. Avoid such an incident in the future for him in my an MP a future according to some of these stories about licking an area itself. Robots will wipe out humans and take over in just a few centuries Warren's roil astronomer. But he site. Well I think that America or how quickly ai is a progressing in robotic technologies progress it's ironic that doesn't listen we think it doesn't seem to be out of the question. Or according to a royal astronomer sir Martin Rees who believes he believes machines or replace Hugh Meehan. He predicts there rain could last billions of years beyond human life and Paris. And billions of years well I suppose they don't won't have the same laws that we've got to fix themselves and everything else life on earth is our. Taken billions of years of to a fault of course Bada. From the early proteins that are in the main building blocks of life through more complex mammals and homo sapiens might however machine life has developed such extreme pace that sir Martin believes alien life. Is likely to take the same form so in other words of aliens actually came to this planet you wouldn't actually be the aliens it would be an alien it would be a robot equity form that he created. To be able to or maybe see the creators themselves. To make their journey so. According to him humanities time on earth is nothing more than a brief transitional phase between organic life in the Arab machines which he's dubbed a post human future. Com he argues that this period could extend for billions of years into the future. Particularly if machines developed the ability to explore space and free themselves from the confines of a need of a planet. Atmosphere and violence or to stand them. So think about that once they're able to do that they don't need oxygen they don't you listen to things we do. So and once or Alter and if they're able to repair themselves and to create others like them. It's just gonna go on and on and on and it's gonna far extend everything that we've. Nancy Molitor we'd been your sorry I totally agree moments. Elegance and in the they don't have the same flaws or weaknesses that that we do. Modern and witty well. There has been mysterious radio signals we've talked about to efforts that. Scientists generous have been making to contact the only my form while. We are getting some very strange energy signals coming from space which has been confirmed by scientists there these things have been coming for the last ten years. They're brief bursts of cosmic radio waves and they've been puzzling scientists for almost ten years. Some scientists thought they were just our own radio signals bouncing back to us you know bomb over a period of time. But it's been determined that that is not true it they are not of earthly origin. And scientists are starting to think there could be some known intelligence behind them early night I saucer. Courts of us some scientists believing that those versed were actually being used to power. Possible alien spaceships. And that they are using them room went with their sales and everything else to be able to move back and forth faster. Yeah there is some series that and they do put that explanation on the basic conventional signal dished single dish radio telescopes can't established. Where these things come from but more sophisticated sophisticated equipment recently has been able to determine that they are. In fact coming from deep space. And Italy to be possible home most likely aliens that well then if if if it is intelligence and it is coming from the space it's got to be some kind of an intelligent life form out there and you know we've got a guest coming up Darrell Sams who's the alien countrymen have an opinion on this. Yeah he's definitely an Iberia talked to on a subject so. Yeah he says he's been involved in the field for a long time is certified master that they'll therapists. You can you can also check on his website at alien hunters dot org. I'm inching website talks about everything right town to implants and the list goes on and on. Let's say to break we come back we'll bring our guest in Darrell Sims. If you'd like to join us on the program the numbers 8446877669. And beyond. Pittsburgh has all reload bids are good news of Jason is looking into the video monitor the camera which shows of mine monitor with them flame. -- enhance our ability would have played yes does it welcome back to beyond reality my pagan roots are so beyond reality radio ruins great everybody along tonight don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page beyond reality radio also the web sites beyond reality radio dot com that's with a chat room is honored guest page we can get information about our guests plus some links to the books or anything else they've got. Nor are we talking it would Darrell Sims and just second certified master. Hip no therapist also an alien hunter and you can check out its website alien hunters dot org also this week we've got some gas coming up tomorrow we've got rod pile. Ruby talking to him about some amazing stories of the space age he's in a percent insider's perspective on the most unusual and bizarre space missions. Ever devised inside and outside of NASA. Wednesday we've got Emilia Kincaid we're gonna talk about the language of miracles program which teaches you to talk to animals and actually get answers. Like do you want supper and the Doug Wilson guests there who. Are you certain that it would flip if Thursday's Jozy Vargas. Joe's he's an author known for writing about the after life and her latest book highlights deathbed phenomena house votes will be talking about we've Jozy on Thursday. Wireless prior to our guest Darrell sends beckoned lecturing and Alistair. Darryl. Of the take this back to your childhood experience where you had to visitation. Com for more you learn to mark a leader from an alien creature in in more things that that. Intrigues me about your account of that story. Is this transition. That they alien. Underwent India in appeared to you as a clown. Creature of some kind. And I'm assuming. That that effort was designed to mask its identity TU. Maybe even try to to her try to calm you. I mean maybe you can even you can tell us what you think it was and I'm really curious as to how an alien. Would pick that particular image to appear us. Well basically answered the general election the question in my opinion now that curb many years curb. Studying this and having 19150. Clients worldwide you know. Earth like I intend to have a more solid answer and that is that that is one of and number of images to use they want our seniors an image that will. In in the case to a kid like that to cause them to. If they tell their parents to credentials that you had a bad dream. Well of course you can't blow they didn't. But the parents will insist on and so on of that so you you get relegated to the old. You know you look. There's nothing under the bed well it was there actually wasn't that and the people or often come back with silent. Win or screen memories and literally or things like a three foot elbit. Or sometimes three and wounded don't walk well or something and that there but Horry and alert wolf for a deer but it Dick Dick. It consists of imagery that doesn't matter whether it's from. Brazil to here it doesn't matter the imagery that if you're ultimately left we have this large black arms. So it doesn't matter what screened every they put over. What the person is just literally mortified over. He is. Is the ties the second thing they're currently seem to be attest to is if especially if they're taken on a stretcher broker an area so we're. Wasting their home. They are quite important by that it's are taken in her home there also mean you can ask almost any abducting discs do you leave your closet open or closed in they'll tell you why it's close to warrant so. Because that's for the AMD will also come through. But that's gonna be terrifying nine Emmy to have something. He can only come in your home and abduct due from the safety of your own and from your house. Eaten you get you. They're just gives you the impression that nowhere safely you have no sanctuary. That pretty much is that the thought of many people. The problem for me word about a lot of this is when they do this to little children. The child is left with this a no man's land. The parents couldn't tell them it didn't happen that's a bad dream I don't know dark and are not here. And in my parents of their public soul except they couldn't get me tell them what happened. And this is a part of this ever happen and the only time that I remembered my entire life the next night they had me sleeping in between him. Our parents. And too much shock and amazement I woke up. Gilbert rapidly open my eyes and partner to us and something was well so are wrong. And their hands foot of the bed with the same cost which candidate that got me that night four and one that looked just exactly like she. Stand and actually. And I hit my dad so hard like he was sleeping on slicks on the right side bomb options or Barack but there are mobile can't explain that George used how do you know that national. Putting I don't gut Booth. And I hit my dad is critical of my little ball until I hurt my little elbow on his spotted. And I couldn't waking up concurrent Kirk. Or just a term I use cycle that Newt they're. They're basically get knocked out in fact if you go outside and most and most of these advanced we're eight under your what was present. And you won't even hear crickets are purged. Capacity is just choir. Controller on. Now do you feel that when that happens there are more freezing tying or do you feel that there are putting putting everything under to a point where they're just. In. Sort of like coma state. It has elected common sight so to speak they're they're identical to retirement anyway yeah it's it's it's the circumstances cell. And and then anybody who call when in the parameter. That area in this regard are gonna go to sleep pretty much it works on 99.9. 99% of its. But once in the great while you'll hear some old lamps. So very well good player Spartan and that must a low cut them. So where to sign your resolve a Europe whole group Leo apartment building him. Like we're shutting on this and you'll you'll describe that place where these people are getting abducted. Did that work on her body but it doesn't own books and. And we know that the government's work done numerous programs from law and that's actually how we have sound reduction. From some of the programs that they worked on but also they have worked on different programs to get off frequencies. Two to make people tired to make people fall sleep. And so would it sound farfetched to think that an alien species that has technology can get to our planet in the first place would have far exceeded. Our abilities when it came down to that. That is this crew call on both counts our country your local public record called operations. Under the Vietnam War bolt to your good work that there. And get there in 1966. Gartner group's tour it was huge shoot 68 should be one. But pre different years that the Iranian. Mean. Then there's very bizarre. Aspect of the Oprah has spoke at a conference last week in and I asked everybody to pick up are you took so that's. And nobody told laughed and I said I'm relieved that. I hit the public you also had that all where is it can be cool and it has been lots of times. That's the problem was half. Past and I'm an ex cup Russia that would like to you to all put on a pocket reduced to an hour presentation. But if you don't like it afterward you which are you also have Beckham. That's the just got to ask him a lot different in his tutelage usually change you'd you can't seem to you so. And asset men stay into the presentation commercially output dominant culture. With that with about what I was in pork intelligence. Will show you. What they're really up to what we're going around it doesn't care whether there. What a lame Ross let's almost it will. Why that happened over purposes this intelligence. So that they agreed to that and what my head grimace is so well because what I'm content in just moment. And us figure that you put your uniform hat back on again that's pretty. But it couldn't side. And they go left and and a where they liked it. And what I told them in effect was. There are several primary. Alien entities that show up in the literature the little grade at all when it looks like it looks just liking but it stopped work. After the little birdies got an accurate approximately 75 to eighty. That's just pretty amazing isn't it and it says the darker is that woman who else would we refer to as a dockers. Always been a little gray in wheelchairs liking but these kind of lean and he's got an IQ of about 140. The nurses great and is looking look hard and that he is there. There are bridges between six to a seven and a half feet tall. He's got him argue about a 180. And then her serious human types that commercial up some people all of the nordic a parked his car repaired. And black haired wasn't factory wrenched. Even American Indians talk about him back in ancient times for so called white into your they talked about deceased priest is to Richard. White people that were here. But to wait unsubscribe at least seven different flavors of ailing immunities shall open literature. That's what I want to get across to you all night and go until I'm not here to change your opinion on and sank I don't earned its. Is researched me it's not about opinion. Working group know what I think what are globally and that's the bottom line to me is that these seven. Groups you're looking at here almost everyone of you would describe him as all my goodness two or seven races of Reagan's career. That's what I would like to present to you. And I hope that you Wear your compound when you hear this and certainly your intelligence. Which in middle like a lot of sense and you do. Is that these are not impact alien races Israeli and moral. Differences. Play a little hurricane where you hold it right there is we gonna take a break him and it's our breaks we can't stop it but I. I wanna get into this right after that I loosened Jason G. It's easy as we continue through another night here thanks so much for joining us with the listening and one of the great radio stations across the country this during the program. Or listening online we welcome you all and we we do have some new stations and favorite beat. And that was tomorrow but you know you know marriage arts are confident that story of my hand to. Vote or costly every week grading news stations so and may Shealy to FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash. And also had over two. Beyond reality radio dot com and costly updating that was a news stations we error across the country so. Yes and before I went to break our guests Jerel Sims was talking about a on this effort and seven different flavors as he put it. Of on some aliens in that we can handed got to cut you off there in Darrell so when he picked it up. Right where you left off and continue because another chat room was really rests in what you're talking about and we don't wanna. The lead and leave them hanging anyway. Okay actually. Well basically that the shortest version of this and that and then anybody to look at argued anyway that want to or not you're arguing it but I'm here to present. What 38 years of research is that they can do from. That what we're looking at a defector seven different model in other words. It a little grey alien worker should go to that the car company. And be human ordeal nordic from street won the corporate thing ready at the other end of the spectrum of the ship company. We have models are not racists. So the real question is hurt him in and let me get a little further into this so little. Kind of make a little more cents. And I'll let my native buddies tour does to her resilient Coca Europe met a cement. And I say well these are they have people look worry in the brow deliberately degrade so speaks. Look at people are similar nature of times you've got to actually had them with little tiny antenna on there. You know outlasted. Okay that would make sense what you'd call them that people commit large black eye and had little and kind of important. Later it had done these modern version. Don't have an antenna on. That's makes you wonder what that's all about these will William Perry Maxwell actually is. They we have different models now they are great piece things. And it looked. Where the world you're gonna go and get tremendous. To make it seven half foot tall pre match. You're probably not gonna go to say particular I'd do that you're probably not going to go lower get big would alienate. Some. Or you're probably not gonna get. Humanoid DNA. From. Of the moon. Our suspect probably planet purpose because you're goal mark. Give him a school were all this stuff come truck. God we're looking that you were referring to resume in the models. I made my main good to DNA comes from here. In my opinion is taken somewhere else may have well manufactured for the purpose of their actual record breaker by current. Dirty little alien race. The real question we should be asking is who made him and why. Came sole parents of her. Something's being created. And put here for us interact a little confused son trying to show today in a sure yeah IRA I think any pictures with the with the. My real one in my abductor used. She was very upset and don't want me to help her defend yourself because they're the Kennedys communion. Not fit well I do what I can work for you and and not try it again ever suspect was sperm. Because come on soccer closest. You know Viktor Bout separate notes. A post hypnotic suggestion. In which he would be able to apparently defend herself and the next time he came in she told his a couple of all the black looked. I think that he spoke we have does not lied to cover. And what you described under would rather amazing. He's described it would Stifel green with five little lines running back and forth like you might notice civic computer. I'm like an old style computer. Screen like in my hospital is actually. It would indicate it is certain that that particular incident that she was ball where produce bio chemical. Loans. Which would lead on the path we are talking we're talking earlier tomorrow one of the stories in the news and and their talking Ringo. Eventually robots are taking no for mankind and MB exploring. Space and because there are not men they're not men in need of the atmosphere and so forth like we are. Com and a lot of thoughts out there were if aliens man came to this planet. Very likely that they would be some sort of a robotics course and cyborg type type creature to be able to make the long distances. So could that. Possibly be what she's referring to sort some sort of a robotic type creature did and she's interacting with. It seems that some of the introduced error and Walton missed from problem current degrees it is an example just dealing with the little guys. Some of them appear to be a completely. Well mechanical some of them appear to be. Of biological completely not mechanical at all. So there seem to be different differing levels of of these entities have breaks and what we've observed. But some of the more Helen. Things are we're getting now is scared samples and there are bits of possible DNA. Evidence that we can do something with well. Something I discovered in 1992. Was there when it created boast such New York physically actually taken towards most and I say they grabbed me by the arm and a bit gruesome. If you can. Get a block like to occur as or good raiding a group of about 267. Nanometers. You'll find it. If he has physically test you within the last twelve hour. It is highly likely that he will leave a sweat like material invisible. On your arm where every task you and that. That's fluorescence will like it you light up like Christmas if you get black partner. And this gives us another possibility. Of it just sort of tosses it. That actually cuts in individual doctor ordered physical that did impact placed. It is also necessary critical operation return that are maybe do something with only your community level. Okay or is Leo let's quickly go to the phone lines we've got Vince from Missouri here Vince is good friend of the show Vince welcome beyond real and Rea thanks for being patient. That dogged as a result here so that. Harsh crawled or Brian chair permit shall Marleau. Oh come back. Season do you guys can map actually. The Porsche around the world needed to get their mantra bellowed. Also I am IMAP paltry that your balance. Actually but don't forget bury their. There might be some kind of government. Involvement in the you know and how do they pick the people that they have got. It that they are NATO boo there are two O negative blood line that I mean. Irons got a strategy and Cherokee Indian. And so maybe. He Meyer compare her Centre court for. Had great questions since what do you think Terrell. We're questions about. Are evolving yep. The fact is that. I can't order the big question which I guess a lot some the special conclude that people would serve but cattle relations looser thing is that the government better and so on my history as the current lull. There's no question adapts the question is so who started. And and then the first thing I'd do before people start a burger. A conspiracy arguments is that pull out Perry meets some actual petroglyphs. Showing aliens. We yes. The native Americans own chic in her hands. That they're conducting one of meat shows a sheep and petroglyphs being taken up until flying saucer. Now that's a thousand years old at least so I don't think CIA did that. Probably what most Saad. So. Vick but the issue is is the government and (%expletive) and in the end and at the government in general it's a government in a very specific or they're very few people who know much about to salaam. It is so compartmentalized and so can hold. Except. If you want to front door CIA and and ask him about aliens in that Ronyell propped it on what you were near. Because they may don't know what talk that he wasn't going to great concern not involved in union. It's not a band. It's people well ensconced inside. Intelligence community. So that semester number one is yes we're all courses are. And privy to every ball to the degree of weeds still agreement was secret agreements with the aliens and that sort of thing that's we're playing don't. Doing so. From my point of view that it at least at this point I'm not convinced that Cutler haven't seen me. He is writing me letters to anybody or signing talent but. But let me digress and hard to listen during the concern was something. Just if his life and then they lack consistently in this supply. Who in the world would sign a contract with a woman and special effects on her let me we're going to take it to you that are inter galactic portable. So believe that that can answer that one. Concerning the the people that are taken their we have some pretty good staffs of these people end. People that are seen to be steep. The largest grouping of candidates seem to be native American and Irish and basically getting people and and native American. And it's really staggering to see this. And even black people first solo last minute so you know without asking a wolf what mashed up your missile mr. since we blackness and I understand that. But most of the cup series and so what else are you in us and Turkey are you in user there's so much that it does he just almost laughed. So. Take that menacing that it leaked the east. The young man. Mentioned that I think is very good as he said talks were well shall take. I am not a Russell investigator Laura Herbert ever going to be one but it doesn't mean I don't have any evidence and some which. No one may have. And other they have evidence I don't have I don't know what to practice in my opinion Ross Wolf it was not an accident. Ross well is not in my opinion tune. You're close and they were probably the aliens were drunk or something it could trigger other corporate it bounced into each other what land in Cologne and the other one ended up in Roswell about a are tapped out Russell. I don't think that's the real the real reason. I think their intention again put your intelligence hat on and you'll you'll get a different story and it'll make a lot of science. Did the event happened well of course it did I mean that the government slide Portland started already and they've got -- more one Europe. The point is that. In my view this was an intelligence operation by the union to get inside the army. Air force base in Roswell and find out what's occurred about the current new. Ability and they and the intelligence level that we can't. And the best way to do that is not free dental plan on the White House lawn that would be the stupidest mistake he diplomatic. You'd ever trust a it always wonder however. If they crashed. And what problem guarded but one of whom lived. Well he's secure in charge. And you do something stupid like pick and a writer Wright Patterson air force placed is sit down nations general Mason twining in front of home. Talked to a that would be the dumbest thing you can ever did and I can assure you he can download ever Britain and admiration and generals had just it just says system commonly and he did. Some more process set out they're pretty much terrorists a way take give me to gain access. They did a beautiful job and it is best knowledge I have the cease still sitting there at Wright Patterson air force waste it. Barely took us awhile to figure out to Greg. Good week. Trojan horse kind of thing. Still I am I never even thought about it now under interesting. They were getting pretty close to being at a time here Darryl and again they've faced immense for the call by the way. I have a one more question about two there is some of the stuff we've talked about him that's your collection of physical evidence you've got a bunch of stuff don't you. It. Davis is certainly hear you give us a couple of let you think of their most interest in pieces. Some more interest increases her it's well one of the mine and I just kept fully. Think is is here and two of them and director and they are pieces of your throat. And these were put these were literally felt in the backyard or frail elderly abducting. And they both had been tested. And dish stunning thing about them the bolts of but this spring break of aluminum. The jubilation was told you you don't go down to score bus going in the mix it with your aluminum and come up with your own little plot there. So many universities are pretty. Fascinated with what what he's still got a guy that's number one and of course I've got my. Or wide assortment of implants are going from metallic slamming. And even a plastic type material was seems to be there. Got a mortgage thing implant and I think that that we may have access to right now is something and it appears to be. And I can't cruise ship but it it's got one born scientists. Scared I won't even talk about it. It was doctor Carl turner gave the evidence to me enough I'll pursue it now and it is it appears to be. Some could debate the DNA oversight of biology that is also metallic and urgent. Room interest and Jerel basically at a time your books are alien hunter the evidence in light Elaine hunter evidence in truth about alien in plants we've got links. On our web site to both of those who work. Else can people go to find a more for me information about your working your books. The best thing that does go to alien under dot org and simply click on any improper and it will send me a message and horrible answer questions or work his Philanthropic we don't charge anything to what we do have an acceptable political system. Get them. But other net. Where were discreet when we don't charge Hirsch are briefly we just don't charge anything that we don't we that we it was reported by port we do. Well two worlds and a pleasure talking you and I helped talked to you again in the near future. Well look I don't agree night thank you all right so we're gonna take quick break and come back tomorrow. It's a big thanks to her symptoms Britain's relationship and Gerald is a great guy and and it's funny to say or it's great having monitored just because I've checked out aside many times over the years. He's been able to the fuel for so long they just he handles himself and very professional manner and it's always great talked. Yeah I really enjoyed that began his website is alien hunter dot org. His books are alien hunter the evidence in light and alien hunter evidence in truth about alien in. Plants he and also find did you go to beyond reality radio dot com just click on the gas at tab. Our past guests are all listed there are also points of their books more information on them so make she checked out now. But I we've got some great shows coming up I'd tomorrow we've got rod pile more and talking about amusing stories of the space age. As he's gonna present an insider's perspective on the most unusual and bizarre space missions ever devised inside and outside of mass. In a Wednesday were meets documents Emilia Kincaid. I'm pumped the language of miracles program which teaches you to talk to animals and actually get answers count physical for only animals. I'm mentally and kiss and cancer and and I'm the guy had any interest in what answer would have to constantly tries to bully me I wanted to she did I just gonna wanna communicate and ask why. I took the deadlock he knew what he is so full of hate mr. Baxter. A fast so I could within Thursday were going to be talking with Joseph. Author I've known for writing about the afterlife and her latest. Death bed phenomenon. Load tease him you know who's you know it's worth his journals and journals as a kid they were just mean. Yet known whatever dribbles just bought durables everything the journal's latest. Massey is the answer ever Arabs Siberian gore team was yes. You want it can only Picasa we Reverend Wright has likewise it did not on the skates like he wanted to get on me and he knows that sheriff and I nightmares and also I think so and and Friday's every Friday is a best if you having yet. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. I like to FaceBook page over there were constantly updating it with the news stations and and other information and also it's strange colonel stories that pop up. And if you listening in any of the crease stations that we are on. Just remember you can also head over to beyond reality radio dot com just click the listen lie you can join the chat. Even if you are still a similarity in the join chat hangout with us degree chat room very welcoming community and managed wonderful people so check it out. But we appreciate the support everybody have a great night Amaechi tune in tomorrow which Jason and javy beyond our notary. You also paying eighty media has produced by its include things like Alexandria Johns Connolly. Don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page and give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got it. Formation you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing getting that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.