WWL>Topics>>The most amazing stories to come from the space age - disasters, near misses, secret programs, and more.

The most amazing stories to come from the space age - disasters, near misses, secret programs, and more.

Apr 5, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with guest author Rod Pyle about his new book - Amazing Stories of the Space age. The discussion includes many never-before discussed space failures, ill-conceived ideas, and successes, plus some yet-to-be completed programs. Secret projects are also on the list as well as the current state of America's space program. 4/05/2017 Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Yeah once or twice. It is I had no I was on their first record. Lost welcome to beyond reality ready everybody Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson remembering nine tonight I'm looking forward to this. Yes it's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday on the east and if you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality radio with myself Jason cosmic co host Jeannie Johnson that we had a great show time. Yeah rock pile was going to join us later in the program rod is an author. Denise specializes in in those stories and discussions and analysts analyzing. The space age you know things that happened in. You know the space age kind of it's kind of coincides with a nuclear age with a lot of weird geopolitical stuff it's a very fascinating time he is a sleek in your face stuff and I in the scene stuff. NASA it's a lot of stuff that sound we don't necessarily hear about in the news or in in history books. Things like failed Nazi space experiments or failed Soviet Union space crafts that were hidden never we were never told about because it didn't work properly in Portland landing was hoax on the NASA I definitely wanna know I definitely wanna know if he's been in some insight on that. On the interest in Syria we're going to be talking arrived pile wouldn't it should be a great show when you when you're not doing too well I spent a lot of time today in in this very studio working on some gremlin issues that we've been having and currently we haven't found the mall this government assets and earnings that was exactly what you just her record but I I finished up that table pretty much. Yeah I saw pictures post anonymous John and RL era such a handy men accused major hand of the terrorist arrests or was that I was nobody is an elder and today and I didn't nail my hands of its I was looking for the bloodstain on the table couldn't find out that there was that he underneath softly guess what I went through the screw up so whether you know detection and use it to a two inch grew weren't into NASCAR sufficient at the bottom line but you emphasize that collects and taking the daughter off for her prom dress and juice my youngest daughter this is ridiculous that is crazy and this is a term tactical sensitive knowing your kids and they're very very small lead and it's even painful to think about from -- and now. Yeah so I am telling you earlier about these emails have been getting so apparent to everybody else there. Yeah I've been getting these emails from different production companies. That I have actually asked me to analyze footage for the fair shell. He ended and I love the emails because they come in. We were apparently I'll just read part of this one. We figured you were the best person to look at this evidence we wanted to and experts take on it for our team. Another team on the sentence he supposed to be investigating what thanks so adamant the RO. Who these people that that are on the show and why they supposedly. Expert investigators and you're asking me to analyze their footage. And let them know what they caught in a ten. He says it all you you've talked about it a lot that we've spoken about it there's a lot of stuff on TV that's not nearly what it's supposed to be. Well I think that stood and that's the most bothersome thing on this and I know a lot of people it. I would jump on this Buick on you know my analyzing footage for TV show know the fact of the matter is I'm not gonna analyze their footage for the fact. EU put these people you you cast a bunch of people who've never been involved in the paranormal. And put them on television show and and label them as experts of the paranormal. And then seek out people who truly been involved in the paranormal for 203040 years or whatever. And asked them to analyze the footage to make that team look better. And it's not even its in its not mean thinking why I don't wanna make the team better but the fact of the matter is I don't wanna give a false impression right. That these people know what they're doing if they don't want to and it's just it's bothersome because there's so many there's there's a bunch of shows out there. It that if coming on some that are still out there. But. It's just it's ridiculous to see something like that. Mean it did just demonstrates what happens when you put Schilling is a reality television show particularly about the paranormal and you do it through casting agency. Well the best part is they send me this non disclosure letter and it's just don't know I didn't sign enemy and it's only way you want a mile twenty edition it's only want me to analyze something and then if I didn't sign the non scores are so that you can semi over the footage news it's shifts its. It's ridiculous and I think that that's. That's a problem that's what a lot of people need to look I'll Forbes has and you get a bunch of these shows are also pushing hey do you have a case for so and so or engines you need this help and in this area. The letter team come and help you and are they really going there to hold them there's going infomercial with a bunch of people who have no idea what the hell's going out. Yeah I I get I get emails all the time can you guess send us some cases do you recommend Mike no I'm I'm not really that generous in providing you with my information thanks in no. Yeah I know we might give you a credit your new name at the end of the show and yeah but that attaches meat is something I don't want to idiots who are trying to investigate. Who are trying to act like professionals. Who have not had no idea what they're telling zone. I don't say it definitely would just be careful out there everybody when. As some of these some of these people is especially if you're having a kernel situation you just know the team that you're calling in a lot of times especially if it's. The team nets are on TV might wanna check their backgrounds CF. They've really been involved in the paranormal for any length of time more if they just suddenly appeared out of the blue and a lot of times you can do that you can see if they're web so it really existed. There's that we that time machine. My he had to do is look up way that time machine online. You can literally go in and see if somebody has aside out they're just put in the name of that site you can see when it started generating wanna start showing up online. With a taps you entry entry setback. All the weights you know Jesus before the program before 2000 so. But there's a lot of oil there than does a team existed for twenty years but they didn't have a website until a week before the show started which is amazing. Yeah I think the best approach for that stuff has to going to some of those new television shows knowing it's entertainment until they prove otherwise if they prove they're serious and maybe taken more seriously before that. Before they can do that for you we just need to look at it as entertainment of some. Members that's a scary thing one extra so when their labeling and as reality yeah well that's trust reality and as I mean yeah it can be entertaining for family but is it. She is a reality here is an entertainment Pennington this opens a whole new uniforms. Now I agree with the we should mention we've got some great guests coming up for the rest of the week a million can cable join us. Tomorrow night she is from the language of miracles program and that teaches you how to talk to animals. And actually answers. So this can be awesome and then on Thursday we've got Jose Jozy Florida. Author known for writing about the afterlife and her latest highlights deathbed phenomenon so that should be interesting as well and then Friday's every Friday is a best of beyond reality radio so. This year tune in and if you didn't just one of the shows that week. We usually play the best stuff on Fridays and if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio issue like the FaceBook page. How many and also ahead over to be on reality radio dot com just click the listen lie you can listen online you join me online chats agree community people in their very welcoming. And and it's just a big family. Yeah and don't forget if you wanna be on the program we love to take your phone calls at 8446877669. And a final reminder on the web site to be on reality reader dot com there's a guest have been you can go there and find out information about our guests. What books are dvds are other offerings they might have we have links rate there and know rod piled a guess we've got coming up in just few minutes. Com's got a bunch of books on this really cool stuff so global. Or as to what's second and help his last week alone or over two million visitors to be on the failures while that's a lot of people that sleep more than 200 no wonder the servers keep. I. It's the parents or did take a break derby on reality radio we come back will be back after this. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Now pours sugar and maybe if it's a welcome back to. Beyond reality radio was Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson by the way. We forgot to thank all the great radio stations that are airing the program now we're growing. Never week or so and we're. Analyst them off we gear from exactly so it's if you if you have an opportunity to thank. The station you're listening to if you're listening to a local station let them know you appreciate him turning the program that's good frost. And if you've got a station in your area that you'd like to have Kerry maybe you prefer to do that it's in a listen online on dissent a mini mill Lawrence can. Actually we actually we assuming on the website for people to think that you you can email Paula Fiore Britain Webb says it's very Tom managed email Stewart I'm but if it's a Westwood One station where popping up Westwood One stations and after Tom stations all across countries so. If there's one in your area that you would like to hear beyond reality on the and it doesn't. We're not in that area what we're not gonna discourage peaceful protests and minutes from you know a few hundred people wanna show opened from a radio station hold beyond via Ukraine signed some petition and you're often up a news stations curriculum that we need to do Daryn infant just he's a surgeon has banned from me but it just seems like the thing to do these days is protest about something or another son figure to fit Braden. Yeah I didn't pass a sister that's for our let's go to. Are are gas line to bring in our guest for the evening this is rod pile rod is an author journalist the speaker. On his website is pilots PYLE books dot com his most recent book is amazing stories of the species are going to be talking about that plus some of his other books. A right welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you on the program tonight. But it certainly aren't colleagues are coming on around us things can be great conversations and very good one click on start by learning a little bit about Chu tell us some how you got to where you are today. So well I mold so I was around when Apollo missions were flying a ticket yet but I blur with a very well. And for some reason all of my. My tears were it's at sports in the kind of things the kids were engaged in the sixties it was very very motivated by what Oregon State's all right you're a big memory of the German program but it was early start perk up and take notice. So I played hooky quite a bit schools like street home and watch what part of the lunar missions they are broadcasting and it's amazing to think up today it bit. We're only a handful of TV networks that he and daily by the time it was clear that Apollo fourteen was gonna suffered the same. Near disaster that Apollo thirteen did about that portrait the moonwalk they started cutting way to reruns of our global CO cherry soap opera night was outraged sort realized that what they had a true passion for states that stayed with it. On you hit a good point there there were only what like three networks AB CNBC and CBS at that point. Yes and I've talked about having an easier time doing and control of course not today especially the political sector imagine if you had three networks the word general query and that your cause that was the case. The Kennedy administration case for NASA back to your resemble these. They have a lot of sympathy. And Willie years and that in those networks and they are able to do a lot has been control. Not to they really had to this is something that people will generally supportive of a kid when it's just like now we know we have this onboard memory and the country being united behind a lunar landing and so or. There really wasn't the case there's a bumper excitement when Kennedy made the announcement 1961. There is excitement here and there is they were developing the program but again until. 19681. Mission tolerate that dropped orbit the moon 69 Apollo eleven landed. That got people excited to get to by the turn their bid pure and he's on the moon. People get all the way and become much interest did so it's. You know certainly took the shuttle and the space station and then the incredible admission to JPL's done with to Mars Landers rovers. And that gets people engaged rhetoric ports world bread on the constant record book is about a of really jittery use great stage because of these. Privateers larnaca and you on mosque and Jeff Bezos of Amazon same both have. Big very well class rocket companies a lot of it's their money out of its NASA's in recent case but look what they're doing it's sort of a real revolution saw it and I'm glad to be around CI. Well and why do you think that an existing in age and you when you're talking a forty years ago or whenever there was a lot of attention drawn any time we did anything in space everybody was really just paying paying close attention now. Most people don't even pay attention to what we're doing and space oil what's being launch what's. What are our people in space surge at the International Space Station are actually accomplishing. Palm it just seems like people just don't even Peyton pay as much of attention as they used to toothpicks. The merits of the public I don't think does your right. But when you think about it from the point of view of the average immediate consumer we got the space station up person tonight east. Goes over every ninety minutes that great it's huge most expensive machine ever built. 150 billion dollars roughly international cooperation incredibly successful. But it's been going on for a long time. And it's not boot stepping underworld and they're not discovering aliens or anything they're doing. Solid continual researcher there. But that doesn't get big settlements and you also have a very different course media. Environment that you had done and well it's much more readily that integration while resolutely readily available much Orszag added so you're going to be going to other places in the major networks and see what's going on in the search it out so you rock you know we'd we have these moments where we were gonna have another marketing at 20/20. And I think a lot of people look at that go well that looks just like the letting me caddie 2012. Curiosity could just basically your very similar machine but this one will actually be able to look forward detect. Like signatures if there are so. If I happen that'll be a big moment about the same time Serbia. The orbiter gonna not to Europa Jupiter's moon Europa. Which we think also maybe they were like could have taken old niece still pretty obviously that discovers something relevant that people are just gonna go not so. It's a matter of of what's in the headlines with. Well and that's it's just a shame that on a daily basis are more. Prone to get says some men Dorsey something online showing you manual mode Jesus that aren't com how your iPhone. That I am what I have with what's going on with that with NASA and space station. Yeah and in interest sit changed it and and the amount that the that the time that people are deeply in change or most literate recently kind of pitching that the correlated almost. People under forty having an attention span about equivalent could be like the Robert rock and roll song which. Met Tyson could roll in on modern art music. So you know you've got a sweet spot there have been ordered to grab somebody's attention that that doesn't do it that they've got a couple million a ritual so that they can go to so it's harder marketplace and also in the new budget my dad NASA's office of education just got cut not. Do that. Flat out 115 million dollar cut. So the individual senators that NASA has around the country will still be able to do their outreach programs that in large organizational and that's gone so it's going to be in the bigger challenge. We're talking with rod pile Ron is an author journalist and a speaker his most recent book is called amazing stories of the space seed we're gonna get into some of those stories plus plus talk a little bit more about the impacts and the importance of the space race to twentieth century America because it really did have a lot of impact and won't continue that conversation when we come back. It's beyond reality radio Jason. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Error. RL or anywhere Jason JB's so glad to be here and does so glad that you were along with us as we are talking with Ron Powell tonight Jay he's an author journalist to speakers most recent book. Is amazing stories of the space age but that we can find out information about all this stuff fun piled books it's PYLE. Books dot com or you can go to the beyond reality radio. A web page in the. I'm against them and just a medalist the and the gas that we have on currently pass gas and have been on you check out all their information their web sites their books right there. Have you on reality radio dot com. I'm again I'm just absolutely she'd do that. Yeah are whispering about rod Beck in and we are talking about some kind of via the move would. Of the country a little bit as it relates to the space race for the space age as it began in May be the fifties right after World War II. And maybe how it how would soon not quite paid attention to now as it was about them but ride the space race. Did a lot for American society and American technology didn't. Yeah really did NASA has been publishing of the magazine and now Tom line called net spin off 10% and which document that is. I don't think every person pays much of the attention to it but it really shows you how much more modern life is rooted in what happened then. For instance the lunar missions Apollo both the computer on the command module and lunar module. Where 36 K of memory so when you to trick that I mean that's a tenth of those little floppy disk we used used our computers forty years ago or so you'd think a bat you're certainly not gonna run windows on there. I'm it was an amazing accomplishment that was the source portable computer of any type that was integrated circuits on the first using those. So it. Everything we've done to them was really based on this huge burst of technological development we are back in those days even agree that statistic devastated. One iPhone has more computer processing power than all of NASA didn't eat sixty bulletin pretty basic typically think about it of that so much else including. On discussions with health care of medical interventions. Just general engineering. Also what was done an awfully quickly in record time and we to a lot of money and at which time there is quite percent of the total budget just about how intent of that and that got a lot more different mission support to support so. Did you change quite. Now does that does that just the mere fact that technology whether it's consumer military technology has changed so much it means so rapidly. In the last decade. And in a lot before that as well. That's it seems to me that. Much of this effort where if we wanted to go back to the moon or we wanna put boots on Mars or where ever. On not only would it be easy to do those things bait because of being increased technology but it would also yield a lot more information because of the technology isn't that true. Well yes and it doesn't mean there weren't the one thing it's really accelerated incredibly sort of time of the global sixties there's a lot of talk about. Sending your. Missions around penis or markers which people aboard. The controlled robot would go down the future and these wouldn't orbit they don't speak fly by you have a few hours do your work. Because robot but at the time were considered reliable and a student job. We did figure that out there OJ celts certainly were the leader in the at NASA's all laboratory. By the mid sixties they're beginning to get a handle on how the computers. In the spacecraft's wicked do the job they were about to do without human intervention except on the ground of course so. That's a big factor in any problems in two played out. It's funny you'd think they you know were booked fifty years away almost from that lunar landing in 1969. Year and a half albeit that. The milestone. And two years random. You expected to be much you're gonna award and but it does still required us incredible commitment of time money energy. There's an awful lot of the physics you just can't sidestep beaten with modern technology. And we're seeing it played out more with a thick as a company like SpaceX and the arbor NASA at the moment just because. They've been able to move so fast and do so much the amount of money they have it's. Even NASA's internal study and so the other guys can do the same thing about a little we do do struggle structured. The kind of rules they have are very difficult the federal government has so. It's changed a lot but it's still really hard. Why does why does it seem though that the technology on earth is changing so fast and advancing so fast. But when you look at NASA it's almost as if that's an a slow motion Morton technology and of course they've been able to accomplish great things. But it's eBay you'd expect them to have XX settled a lot further than they are at this time. Well there's a couple of things going on that one of them is that we just don't have the same agenda we did reject its enemies in the 1960s Soviet Union. And the moon program was that a lot of ways of political gambit it was Kennedy saying look I need something. Did we can do what science technology and and aren't shooting war. Where we can show that we get a better system solely nonaligned nations whose people are. Yeah are concluding these two camps. Wonder don't go to follow and we wanted to prove that we had a better system government technology in education and everything else and his advisors said look. The question could probably be pistol to an orbital station the departed B pistol in a moment. But we can probably beat them to landing and coming back that was really critical that decision. That was a big part of that problem when you look at what they're trying to do now you're looking at a different picture of this. Big mega rock and they're building this comes Saturn five sized up the space launch system and dry capsule. Take very long time it very slow compared to piece of Apollo. It's very incremental but again they've got a lot less money to work with it and in the adjusted terms but when you look closer at some of the technology is going on camera and some deter her Jet Propulsion Laboratory right now we're we're looking at the number better. You endeavors and people up there I mean he'd just they're so Smart it's like you seem easy way to gradient and Ed are doing these incredible object. What a few 100000 dollars of of money literally. But the cause of this. New technology in the integrity we have access to so there is like going on to torture much about it. Until we see some big sensational accomplishment. Speaking of accomplishments I remember the day. That the space shuttle took off from a thing was a 747. And an a test flight. And it in it was heralded as the next stage in American space dominance. And then to see that program canceled issue is that something they should bother me as an American. No I mean they flew 135 times so was certainly the other from the Russians are used the longest lived. Human Space Flight Program in terms of the amount of work but it did netbook space station at Hubble space all look up their Serbs to the number of arms. Accomplished ally the problem with the shuttle workers. In the next administration on the tail of the Apollo moon landings are bigger than this democratic state program in the well. We don't wanna spend that kind of money anymore give us something that's cheaper reusable. Saudi Arabia what will all the space shuttle with. Goes in orbit and glide back to your post crossing get a quick inspection tour that implied again that the regional conceit. Unfortunately the technology the time was up to it. And they kept cutting the budget smaller smaller the original shuttle what looked like the one we had it all and at a smaller orbiter the part where riding on the back about. Look what a much larger space shuttle which would take it up. The orbit. What is loose and then like actual landing with pilots and be refused so. That program more than an unfortunate way to the point that became. Only partially reusable. And extremely expensive actually works and to decline of almost a work. So. That was part of the problem there was just that the time sort of what they wanted to do. So did very well canceled 111 week had been planning your replacement program called constellation got to go back to the moon. Rebecca canceled and 2009 by the Obama administration. And so now we're seeing this big get a quarter yet so little irritating to the order. Buying seats and the Russians applied to the space station we largely built but. That was considered the best interim step over for NASA is developing their hardware and that spending money on these private lunch and orders primarily Moscow and an. Boeing to build systems that will probably next start taking our astronaut after Tuesday's election. Well and you've got a Ilan mosque in them who. Court actually starting to book flights into space for people to. To actually go around the movement prison space tourism right. Yeah that's pretty incredible that was there's a number of companies try to do that virgin galactic trying to do suborbital space tourism. Blue origin the jet engines. But he is also. Endeavoring to sub orbital and ultimately orbital terrorism. Did a questioner is too column how many people will be able to spend the money to do that. And how many of the more blue Wear them once once you've been in this double slightly injured ten of fifteen minutes of weightlessness. We do to get it done at those very expensive numbers in 2000 dollars in millions of going into orbit. There's a lot of people out there. Sorts it's uncertain at this point how how well that progress over long term but certainly. Gestures like this quite that you're talking about the must just announced. And that it was unfortunate the week before that hasn't had let you know we're thinking our first test flight that is so last. They don't go to mass start talks on memorandum on the 2019. A lot of those you attract the stout said. What kind of scary but exciting in its first flight of that rocket that yes that that would be that some banks. And a weak leader who would week later can be on mosques ethics board that's great nestled by the way I'm gonna do what about six months earlier Meyer rockets. Struck the wind out of the sails Arctic. We're lucky they'll double there were no port of success that a lot of people who watch this area feel that. The mosques schedule probably slipped it usually does and as awfully ambitious either it never rocket go yet the capsule built. Hadn't tested the rocket that he wants to you for that particular flight hasn't been finished yet and certainly hadn't blown so there's lot of mark there. One more question about. The space program as it is and then they're gonna take a break point combatants are talking about your book amazing stories of the space age. On but the question is is this American space dominance dead in those days over. Boy you've you've captain true. Bob Dole live choir of the conversation. There's people that the fuel that's the case but when you look at what NASA and be able to win the most of their forces fully they're still really nobody that can accomplish those kinds of things whether to terms of building the part of the space station that we'd open meeting net international effort. Or landing two spacecraft on March we see the Russians tried it but doesn't have time they have yet have one successful Mars missions so. Wouldn't be sent out to do those things we do them very well the low hanging fruit of space flight early pick in the sixties and now it gets much harder to do these things broke. Personal moral leader the question is much longer will that indicates with China coming on as quickly as they are they've got a lot of it's gone. Right now okay we're talking with rod while author. Journalist and speaker his book at least the most recent one is amazing stories of the species were to take a break do we come back. We're gonna get in get into some of those stories some pretty interesting stuff there. Listen Jason. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get them. Beyond reality radio and chasing cars GB Johnson's so let. To have everybody wrong belonging. Do you forget to mention early Jimmie gets on there from funky. We did we did what he's going to be calling in in the second hour Dan Haren to give some of his readings arms on the questions are asked some email do up there is who do that only have him he'll be calling in the session emotionally interest India Brazil has always such a great. Time to your party. Speaking of that. Telephone numbers 8446877669. If you'd like to join us and our guest tonight is robbed while he's an author and journalist and speaker. We're talking about his recent book amazing stories of the space age and rod again thanks for joining witnessed. What we've we've talked about. This book. Crystal what motivated you right this specific book you've got a bunch of why this one. It's sort of been recovered sort of walking around to Great Britain a lot about the history of the space program and I'd written about the plan and Beecher actually broke record twelve and the worker doing. And the buildup that mission and a bunch of other stuff and along the way. I kept tripping over these weird stories mission that either didn't fly. Or little track exhibition that did slide candidates from Apollo eleven and so are the just hadn't got much pressing her parked essentially interest thanks so I kitchen and that doubles or into the History Channel remember years he had pitched that there is. TV show we got close but it never quite. Quick to jump the hurdle or tribunal this should be much worked on as a book and you can really all around it and cull stories let's literature and it came pretty. Well you know in in looking through it and in reading you know I'm reviews and then information about the book there is some really really cool stories in their. And as you said these are things that hit the press you know these aren't things we know about. But there. They're fascinating in their own own right and you present them very well here and wanna start when we sir talking about these things because. One of the one of the things that Jane I talked about a lot when it comes to the Coulter comes to some of these alien technologies or what have you. Is Nazi programs because the Nazis seem to have their hand in a whole bunch of things that we don't always hear about and in space program or released the desire to get there was one of the most and it. It was and you had Warner run bronze in the early thirties starting out is rocketry experiments. And he was recruited by the Nazi Carter party and later became an SS officer he claimed it was because they forced to do literally no option but there's one way to continuous work and he'd famously broke the V two rocket which was used to have. Devastate parts of London network and on the European cities. But of course his ultimate goal was reached space and he famously said. After one of nearly flights would be too but the rocket performed her greatness came back on planet which this well why not declare it okay. Adam. TE built up all we can't just thought that this was the way we're going to. Reach other broader world and then occupy orbit. And there's not a gentleman named you can Sanger who is the sub chapter one who was it temporary Barbara on him like each other very much. But you which of the same thing and he was so did urban relegated as we began to Germany great rhetorical war to the building. Designing jet engine and port but he had this idea about building a rocket powered bomber the complied from the coast of Europe. The United States being bombed and ignore and other targets and then caught in the Pacific and be brought back by Japanese aircraft carriers open. And that was huge stream in this kid in to get all Erica bomber idea so they studied it quite a bit then booed. This sort of reached its pitch in the the type pointed in the late. Part of the war 1943 yourself which. Don't wouldn't models and doing wind tunnel test but ultimately didn't even know it was a crazy that this work and it turned out the calculations a little shaky. The designer and artist and it probably would not mean that first flight but it was the impression that Earl Bennett. But as as Germany got closer to. Realizing the war was going to be over and not in their favor. They started throwing technology everywhere just with the hopes that something would work in and change it. Course what we'll what seemed inevitable the time but how important was that technology for and mom what we ended up doing in the United States in later years. It was pretty critical. The Russians and the Americans and the British were all moving towards. Place so what you Mundo Rwanda and other sites with a B twos have been built and Julie anxious to pretend that technology unfortunately trust on front all the people together. What is things were collapsing in Germany and so it looked. And the Russians. Don't like Germans are very much so we probably don't wanna go there if we don't get out of here the SS and under orders to. To trust as far as we know so let's go surrendered to the US so they so far into the release hadn't brother out. Who got an MP and said AM. All we're presenting sort of armed brought the boys come get us so they arranged. A plot that not officially and were able to surrender and then come to the United States really we benefited a lot. And that research and technology is done closures will be too and in fact were the first summer Beers in the US. Places a Texan and white sands New Mexico he was basically flying the Tuesday captured. And had tried to modify and build up hadn't. Those were his experiment or was really until the mid to late 1950s they started looking at building our own rockets with. Really is technology at the core. We've got about 45 seconds for we have to go to the top of the hour break. It seems to me that the technology we use to put rockets in the space today really is no different has changed very little from the technology that they brought Tom thumb over and that we developed in the fifties. Well the basic concepts of Hussein and then a lot of the principle that we triggered during the fifties and the companies like rocket dinosaur for that book the big engines for the Apollo packaged a lot of that's very similar but it's been mostly to the point now where it's a different world than you do you'll disparity is methane. And super cold or box slush. Inside Iraq and so they've they've taken a basic principle of the ball from there's a lot of new stuff on the drawing board that what you're nuclear power rocketed and they're looking at electric solar electric propulsion and possible car and those nuclear reactors so there's a lot going on that just hasn't really burst the bubble yet so we don't hear a lot about it but there's there's stretch from patient getting ready to take place or soon. Parents who were gonna take our top of the hour break when we come back a lot more you listen in Jason JPM young male. Excuse me GP units beyond reality radio. Experience candidate and in my son on a website says Iran on the web site has got ready to throw today. I think it's Tuesday on the last Wednesday and the soon to start somewhere between wanna welcome you to be on reality reveal myself Jason on is my co host GV Johnson and the awesome chief helps me. Q will you Europe you air your boss some mama whatever at the saga we've got a great show lined up to an area that ride broad pile coming on he is a space author and journalist in the speaker his most recent book is amazing stories of the species tournament. Be talking about some pretty strange cool weird and I unique stuff that came on of the last 5060 years in the space race. And then throughout the rest of the week tomorrow night we've got Emilia Kincaid. We're gonna talk about the language of miracles program which get this now this is wild which teaches you to talk to animals and actually get. Answers I saw the movie is like duct do little sister on those different on news shows I was much more violent. Brent Clinton doesn't do animal is a tune into a buzz so you have to actually get answers now. At beaches and my cat has like the worst attitude and I really wanna communicate with that figure after you've got a Massachusetts well Leo and I don't think normal but and in the MP. I wonder if that really works coming get answers and we can look at my dogs and and get an impression on. How they're feeling out there are very scared of this communication. So put a body language users and just on how you decide different products. That's tomorrow night Thursday we've got to jacuzzi of our depth. She's the author and author known for writing about the afterlife and her latest highlights. Death bed phenomenon. Him which. I've I've spent time with people as they pass actually I was requested to to beat. Via Aaron somebody's death bed at one point and it's it's a tough situation and it really has in this whole change in the air when you're there. I'm he had I don't know him some weird to us about it. I'm anxious to hear we chose he says I know I have my own personal experience that Tom you know on them and or shares if time permits of the conversation permits. Only talk with her on Thursday night but it should be should be interesting I mean. That that the moment of death and we've seen that we should a lot of researcher recently about. You know how wolf along the mind is active even after you take your last breath as a whole went to where things going on there. The other Friday night. Every Friday is a best of so. TL UC Cowen as he missed an episode during the week he usually tuna trading catch its mission to tune in next to you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page were constantly updating it with the news stations were. Or popping up on a cross country you know through Westwood One and Entercom. Tom and also had to be on reality radio dot com you can click the listen lies. If you wanna listen online and join me online chat or GB and I usually aren't Greek Meehan the golden welcoming bunch of people there and we usually hang out and take questions for the Justin. A fun yeah. What are things that Ronald re talking about based on his book amazing stories of the space age is probably technology that is. Then developed from the efforts to go to the moon then again now Mars and other places some because NASA and other space organizations have really advanced technology in one of those things of robotic technology Jane now you've heard of meals on wheels yeah Mount Washington DC is now serving some hungry customers. In a meals on reels meals on wheels. Program that uses actual robots to deliver the food. Two people that go to the the senate house a lot. They could use something I don't and it hemmings and terminals is currently in ninety years always distracts think it says is true but this delivery service. Uses these these little six wheeled robotic vehicles there about knee high. And they travel about four miles an hour they use sensors and cameras to navigate sidewalks cross streets etc. On in in the beginning of this program note these were about to be accompanied by a person just make trip goes OK but once they vote determined and it's working these things will be out there by themselves delivering food people. Storm be liked the how this can be a lot of wealth at almost people who play as is going to be a lot of good missing robots I think both still works out and it's interesting to see how these technology changing get drones delivering packages that's beginning need more more real. A real program used by delivery services and people like Amazon some interesting. Well since we around pylons money and one thing we should bring up as well is did you hear about SpaceX rocket. How filmed for possible. UFO's I can launch from earth mean. Aren't so alien spacecraft were supposedly caught on space X rockets camera before immediately being cut. According to UFO fanatics and we've seen that happen before where NASA instantly cuts the sheet. The minute something strange in the distance we had and all the time and it always happens but. Here space company which hopes to fly torch to the moon next and next year wants to commercial satellite into space on Thursday march 30. It went without a hitch which I'm sure was a positive thing for you Hamas considering a recent failed launch that they had Bubba but ailing enthusiast spotted something mysterious on the on board cameras as it emerged out of the atmosphere video shows a part of the rocket with a backdrop of complete darkness. Suddenly in the top right of the shot appears for bright lights and they're moving at the scene speed in similar positions almost like an formation. After just a few seconds showing the orb the feed in sewage and it's cut and I watched the feed defeated switched to an animated tracker of Iraq really. Yeah it's. And it's of course stretch the seed was just suddenly at the precise moment that these audited net and with things in the distance it's messy weather seems to be happy. In so often worse something odd shows up boom and then the feed is cluttered switched or whatever it to you mean it can't be can't be disturbed quince adrenaline it's happening. All the time like that. And another guy Tyler clock narrow or whatever from the YouTube channel security and ten. He's coveted deal up you can check it out on YouTube but he said. You can clearly see we have a formation of a three fourths reflective objects making up this triangular shape. And then he added that the camera settings that are. Such as the stars would not be seen making them the three to four UFO's even more bizarre but so far it's been seen by more than a 120000. People. And and that was as you know second so it's it's out there. Well we're keeping an eye on it for you on. And one more thing we have to mention is that we do halves word that the amazing (%expletive) he is going to call in later in the congress do some of those readings that the city would do. So amid a bunch you know but people sent in emails and everything because the amazing funky hadn't written said that he wanted to give people readings. And so I guess he's gonna he's going to be calling in on the second hour called this hour at some point and they're giving us well giving you answers to your reading stories from so it should be interesting because he always is rather interest he is sorry. We're gonna take a break we come back we'll bring our guest rod piled in. It's beyond reality. It's not beyond reality radio Jason Hart Jimmy Johnson or telephone numbers 8446877669. Our guests tonight we're gonna bring Jimenez rod pile he's an author journalist the speaker his website is piled books dot com it's PYLE. And is most recent book is amazing stories of the space siege rod thanks so much for joining us knights great to have you on the show. It. I wanna start it we we've been talking there were about to talk about your newest book. But you've got a lot of books to your credit and I noticed that you a lot of your books have kind of Morris as a focus. Why Morris and why should we be so interested in Mars. I actually. The part of the commander can be hit some rhythm test in California so about twelve miles away jerk also grabbed about. Four blocks away from cal tech which were so much of the Mars or happens. So it just became an actual interest as I just beginning to get them out there career retired that. I mentioned before him a little older I'm sixty. I'm told not to nearly remembered that moment of Mars went from being. Flickering quality imaging telescope could be something could actually see a little kid baron or Luka mark 1960. And yet actually got total respect their black and white there Herbert low resolution but they showed this devastated cratered. Apparently dry like surplus. And all those ideas about. And held in the possibility of advanced beings or even just plant slitting their that had held on since the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Were shattered at this this moment that left a real impression I give the market. GPL about a year ago when it started by saying. I have a bone to pick would you people in the audience looked at you talking about it is that you ruin my childhood I could you converted Morrison. Piece that Ray Bradbury had written so canceled it about a direct Burroughs. It is dry desert planet and I applaud the work you're doing now but it could attribute the senate so they Internet but that was Leo I think what got me on the march track why should we be it did. I think Bo must debate goes and and NASA an insult to get away vault. Really talk that question. In very eloquent terms but the general idea is. Really the only other place we can go in the near future rebuilding the room. Well probably go back to the moon there's a lot to do there there's a lot of resources there we can actually used to move onto the water holes. Closing that I used more or you get readable air rockets roll water to drink all kinds of stuff. There's also metal glass and Sorrell confused or ever patient of anything from a base station to other spacecraft so there's a lot of resource and there could be utilized. To make things martyrs and the only other place we not allowed that close enough that we can go to and I actually. So feet on the ground. Dover base lived there there's an atmosphere that little bit of protection radiation not much so kind of the next place that makes that's not a lot to learn error are on Merkel. It is China that kind of exhausted because as. If we get boots to Morris what do you expect we're gonna find are we gonna we gonna find something that we won't expect. Technical final little little things that we probably. But I had thought about that aren't sure about so there's a reasonably good chance with their ones like they're one point that disk this conversation shifting. Well early as we speak because. The last couple of years with the Mars rovers of wood turning up the history of a much different markers that had a lot of water all over place. Books and other and a more temperate atmosphere they are. Who recently saw results come back it's a well know was still really cold and we can't quite figure out why there ought to rescinding their community you know years. It doesn't make a lot of sense so that the climate models if you will don't match what we're seeing in the geology. But. Clearly it was dubbed Burton's planet at one point so I won't be at all surprised that we aren't fossilized life we may have already they're people who looked on the bridge came back and so you know. That looks like a fossil algae that we take it might have been algae they're still not sure because Purdue in the solar robots want for there. A human being an estate you can do more a couple of hours over yen in the year because they just moved faster miracle that they got their feet. And make decent suitable leaps that are very hard mentioning the medic that said. There's so much work being done in Rabat economy and eight are now especially pleased elected you know look at the going to be sending mission doubt. To Jupiter beyond where it takes hours or radio signal Trout or 18 of their building machine working on software to really let these things for themselves and that's that two gene contribute. Getting back mark's question. It's just the next logical destination. It's also turned out a lot harder to get there than we thought either machines especially people to say don't you like human beings are much were big bags of water muscle. And when you get out. Alternately called very hot depending which side it's based in the sun and art vacuum and worst of all there's this intense radiation. And weightlessness also problems all these things conspire to make it harder than we brought back in the fifties when we shouldn't look what you guys something like appliance submarine. The senate Marc Marc so that's gonna pick a lot. And based on what you said describing morris'. Then in the conditions that it is now. Verses what we're starting to see that it had water and very possibly life is a total smoke features the earth. Well. It's an agency to invest in the course of his first. One of the first thing to keep Markel president drums bass was pretty stoic NASA but at that it cut their funding by about. 400 million dollars and most of that came out of her programs because they hope the it's not important to look at the climate than what Honda and hurting more now of course. A big component that is climate change concerns about that. But there's also on the data that comes out there that used by farmers this used by the military that you all according to different parts of the beaten and firemen. We've taken credit for years between NASA just give it to everybody can be paid for by tax dollars so that the big shift. What come that we're not really sure don't really answer questions so by which hadn't and restate that. Restate the question. What is a bearing Mars that maybe has life most likely have life could affect your life whatever we're gonna say there and a lot of water oh what is that. Potentially Telus have for the future of the earth. Yeah CO2 carbon dioxide is a huge component the martian atmosphere and reload cards up at the same gas in his. There's a question about what the ultimate result of that will be marking the obvious that we wait for the governor turnpike there could be war. Probably a million years but. You are able concede effects of what it's done there and a lot of the things you need an ambassador to keep water on the surface to keep the Oscar warm enough selective survival lost some martian atmosphere for a variety of reasons. That's something that a couple of new missions are looking at very closely why did you have mr. beat the planet category. Come to be there. And then that so some ideas about some of the army we do our oral planet learned an awful lot of geology do you look back over billions of years in the history of Mars. How forty baldor and what changed the world that time compare that hurt you get to Mitch and scientific all that so a lot of it's just pure science. But they're there are implications for the future here. We're just yet damage that were causing this planet with everything we're doing from the big death factories down. Could be leading us down that same path. Well that's kind of the idea and it did you know it could solve our carbon. And how its utilized it and put it it's. Take it up and yet mr. and so forth and that's a story that really. Has gone much further forward Amare is ahead here so there's a lot to learn about that. We have a couple minutes of four with take another break but Tom let's turn the turned the a discussion to your book amazing stories of the space age. We've talked about. A bunch of things here already but I wanna I wanna ask you about some of these other stories like you one of the things you talk about his military bases on the moon there that there were plans for for that there may still plans for that. The other a couple of plans first army came up with one called project horizon 1959 the air force called one called the next. The army study is really fun because of this is just after NASA had formed and 58 the military scrambling to try to keep some. Stake in space because they felt. And understandably so despite high ground this is the place we're the Soviet Union critical nuclear bombs down the United States and they blew it open it was there. The Turks to project horizon was my idea. Put forth by the army and have the break the gun study to build based on the move into a house up to twelve men that are meant of course does the army in which just aren't. They would have taken and bomb bomb was in on the stunt by the way continues you'd just moved over to NASA but when study began earlier than I could get the right so the US army where let's diplomats to form. So it's not completely crazy but it would have taken. Upwards of 450 rocket launches to do it. A lot cause rockets are smaller not terribly reliable land they would pedal moved 245. Tons of messed the moon. These are ideal world these dates and that the first rocket out with the current three regular balloon or circus ticket good Butler bass than send a bunch more. To drop our man to drop off cargo so they dropped off cylinders there could be assembled into the moon base that they were gonna build. Food and water weapon all the stuff they want an up there and another crew I think nine or twelve men would go up. And they had fifteen days assemble level and so there was very ambitious. All right we're talking with broad smile we're talking about speaks to. Beyond reality T. Radio chasing cars and JB Johnson sir good to have everybody along with us thanks to all the radio stations during the program. Adding new ones all the time thanks to re listening online as well and in the chat room on. It's just as you know listening online you can just head over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live you can and join us in the chat room listen right there and if you are listening online you're also welcome to do that you can now find stations throughout the whole country that we air and so that's a rate at beyond reality radio dot com just click on the stations and find stationed in your area. Yeah we've been told a little later in the program the amazing the funky will be. Joining us to do some readings from some of the emails to receive some from some listeners ought to be interesting. It's always an. And don't forget we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow night a million continue to join a sweet talking about the language of miracles program which. Teaches you how to talk to animals and actually get answers. In Thursday we've got Jozy barred author known for writing about the afterlife and her latest highlights deathbed phenomenons we're going to be talking about that experiences where. The people has the experience is people have and being with somebody as they pass tonight. Our guest however is rod. Pile he is an author. A journalist the speaker his website is piled books PYLE books dot com. His most recent effort is amazing stories of the space age and again Ron welcome to the program. I also want to thank you use that a couple of books for us to give way to listeners were gonna hold those and talk them and give those books away tomorrow night we meant to do it earlier we just got so wrapped up in the conversation. But will be given away some rods books tomorrow night's twosome was soon so. Rod we're talking about amazing stories of the space age I've asked some specific questions about some of the things you've talked about but you must have some favorite yourself. I think probably my favorite the whole book to most projects around and just because so outrageous that this will be an atomic power Crockett. That was studied nineteen beginning in 1955 classified study in 1968 general comics which was part of general dynamics of the Paris air contractor. Started looking at this seriously with their own money and then gradually the air force later Nash got involved. And the idea was built this enormous rocket and support something out of the 1960s based movies and think about chip huge. Did one version of it was almost a million tons. So this is a lot bigger but a Saturn five which is biggest during the clones apart when he idea was that I've been using chemical rockets you do use nuclear bombs so there are other rockets have been. Designed and a couple of cases the ends detest in the ground used nuclear reactors to power but this one actually carried. But to magazines and those were small nuclear bombs atomic bombs and may be expelled back one that time I'm allowed to explode and Iraq it. The force that explosion impact on the big pressure plate for the culture shock absorbers. That would push the rockets forward you have upwards of seventy people on this thing so living in real structure it is with a look like it took Tom Cruise liner inside. The problem with the way that they were. To designing this departure hurt that way and the ideas in the nineteen speed and having the enormous rock that. Nuclear explosion pushing it into the air not looked upon favorably by an awful lot of people. I'm Freeman Dyson was involved in the very same as of the time he's had you know. This won't work if we do is motto was marred by 1960 yards Saturn by 1970 which is kinda catchy. In the estimated there were only increased the risks. From the fallout only increase the risk of coupled people dying launch given that we're losing tens of thousands of people every year all blacks and recorders other on tape automobile the time. That didn't seem like such a bad deal but ultimately it didn't move forward bit. What do but the way to move a lot of people a lot of cargo a lot of salute a lot of maps out into the solar system. Quickly it's also a lot faster chemical rockets because that group force. Did you say this was an American. Concept. Yeah this was pretty good good general good and general atomic hand it was a financed by the military. But that is still a certain point airport looked that it didn't know releasing it in the in the US military potential and so. It's something we're gonna stop paying Corso. It it it didn't move forward they did you ate fast. Arnold was about four feet tall. Using conventional explosions and actually work the called the putt putt which is also accused. The studied a few times since then those recent election years ago and every bunch of engineers a look at it so you know this all work we do that we just have to get up in the space without. Managing to Hoover have a spears enough to want to can actually. And then start using the new which got in the space to cure of course some people longer to launch. It blows up or crashes and you've got opens nuclear waste that occurred had there so I doubt it happening but it cooled a bit. One of the things that draws a lot of tension to disease to any space program whether it's masses are an international program of some sort. It's not always good attention is disasters space disasters you talk about that in the book to. Yeah I talk about a lot of near misses them and we don't know about the challenger explosion 96 at Columbia broke our honor to keep passing week. And those were our two biggest disasters in terms of the numbers of people in fact they happened during flights. But there're a number near misses most of them were with the shock because it was such delicate system. Those files that covered the bottom. It was black tiles that you see. If you ever handled one of eerie lights. Basically collapsed homes silica that's been hardened in the nick put this to. Black served in the bottoms and about they can keep troops. And you could you could easily stick your arm and those that story and so when they launch. Took some home work forever calling also mixed and think occasionally go to bias. The external tanks big Orange Park. And it would skip along the bottom of slower besides the shuttle and banged up those tiles so when a couple of cases. They were sufficiently damaged that they came back with some melting happened slot is not enough to cause I think to break up but it definitely gains from the pilots. Serious case believes that squad so. It will dangers spacecraft that's due at the time it was very capable but there are a lot of points of failure that. Where were not. We're definitely backed up if you will when you're like Apollo. There were few single point to clear but there was redundancy engineered and that rocket right left sideways. SpaceX is currently considering playing with their spacecraft toward reducing repairs now to do each and the new one but for the shuttle there're a number of a situation that could occur. Challenger was one of them where when things start to go along and you disrupt routed out hope for the best in those case didn't work well. This Russian space program seems to have had its share of challenges and difficulties what are some highlights from column highlights. Some sort is one which was that in 1965. Was their first attempt so much their version. Of being capable spacecraft they're reaching the moon they did admitted that aren't that that later. And it was not ready to go end to people working on it and the guys are required and that but. The Communist Party sort of liquid dot this big national holiday coming up and we want spectacular so you're watching what. So the dead. And things began to go downhill or quickly one of the solar panels and deploy the navigation system partially because that wasn't working properly so we can't address. The batteries were running down to deported to recharge them. The computer recovered problems so all in all things are not going well after. Basic separate orbits the comptroller said you know we got to bring this thing home but the party social sudden I don't know that's gonna stay there long enough to make a point so they waited a few more important fight so OK let me come back. The there's one at one cosmonaut aboard. It is best to try and re hatter but yet trouble finding out he did finally manage your reader aware that would have a lot of survived and person's problem came in about a hundred miles an hour into that. Lose so that those tough one that ended today I mean that spacecraft percent to become one of the most reliable ever clone its own hundreds of hundreds of missions. It's done incredible work we're fly and our past to not expect or space station aboard new ball version of that there precinct spacecraft. But the Russian program is really strapped on so an awful lot of stuff trying to do their trips canceled or put on the sidelines to what happened so it's been quieter than you would expect there. You. Which looks for me while working right now on a book called space 2.0. And it's about the urgent space age will be talking about so that's a lot of fun to me an excuse to interview. Connecticut post one about forty people. Everything from the head of the German space agency that man's sport for NASA. I'm going to SpaceX in a sweet talk their president. Sort of talked to a number of folks that would normally have the access to and it's been really exciting because. The one thing you and I told these people on the same is true up a place like GPL to actually people that. In any case they can make more money credit industry and retire earlier have a great life that they stay with space because it just it's supplied them that's what excites them. It's what they've always wanted to do and the passion and dedication there's really remarkable and so that made that project equally enjoyable that meant to do this week. And I have got two questions that I have to ask you just because we talk about these top so lot one is. There are a lot of conspiracy theories related to the moon landing or any of those conspiracy theories worse looking into. In your opinion. Any any cereal like those were looking into I mean I'd certainly talked about it and thought about my salt but. It seemed so much evidence to the contrary. I say that I don't mean it's true that this didn't happen and in Europe folk. It is tricky because they're just meanness and identified it doesn't necessarily mean that it directs true or urgent order dope that'd solid speaking to me we don't know what it is. So have Europe has been seen attract absolutely do we know what they are pretty clearly not. And at least what I've seen so when you go to these are the NASA field centers and look at these rocket to look at the Saturn five look at the space shuttles. Go to the archives of look at. Probably thousands of photographs. I've read the transcripts of either for or against all the stuff. And it's hard to find the conspiracy in the Arab met a number of the astronauts from the Apollo years talked to them blank. And you know he's attached a little beat around the bush state they don't put up would be yes so there was something that they knew. I believe states say so man wouldn't talk about those things are so you know I English I saw a lot of interest in things and space as such you thought things. But I never Saudi indicated to the contrary there's one exception. As Mitchell who Apollo fourteen and eat very strongly believe in extraterrestrial intelligence. But didn't cite specific evidence from his slights and anything that that's we proved it to him just strongly held belief from this experience space which I respect. And rod thanks so much for being with us terrific conversation the book is amazing stories of the space age we'll become accident. Eight aren't thanks very much. I think it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason GP. Beyond reality radio Jason hos Jimmie Johnson's so old. We've been talking about this for about a week now maybe a little longer. Our good friend be amazing hockey who is a self proclaimed amazing psychic sensitive what are as a whole you know whatever whatever he is an easier already but. We I have been talking about him doing some readings foursome of our listeners who have submitted in advance some questions and concerns via email so. We're gonna welcome to the program the amazing funky. And and then get a few of these readings done and as soon would come up with here. And some cokes and and intense passions into the. And I land of hockey you're on yet actually heard him just as hell he passed. What we're doing quite well we've got a lot of people excited about this funky ally and check it. Can only imagine I was in cash used him in the stack. So how do you wanna do this you wanna just dude just we'll just go through them or. Culinary. Dreamy questions I can sit here and focus and check incidents. OK well let's start with the first one I think we've got one. Jason's gonna ask the monetary authority and Tom Tom from Texas writes. Why doesn't anyone want to be my friend. How am I would have to say any that he snack correct a lot of people want to be my friend constantly sending friend requests and I need friends and meet and places. Honestly I think on trips. Help you until exotic places many unique she's going to exotic places. Long trips help build friendship. Now I am assuming funky you're talking to a about a trip you just recently made. An incredible friend and yet to Egypt and in the two of you still good friends we. We're very very very different his contention he has an interest on that. And I check Coke and today. I'm so. Yeah I don't think your understanding the question. I. He. I've got one here from block and he wants to know what is my wife's middle Maine. Iraq and in eighty years you currently there but I'm not married. Cell I don't have a life and I'm married to peak and easy and. I am okay all right and then he can ask my wife had him I was married it would be amazed. Amanda W asks where will I be living at the end of the year. You're going to eat. In. Their house and have her. Hun deceased and furniture. And cheers. Actually. This year it. Coalition. Can Anderson Christians cushions. Hatton there's a bank and attached to it. Right next door opening and I think his. Bathroom. What are I guess thank god she's got a bathroom and a bedroom and she's winning an apartment or house something has a roof and sort of a box behind scriptures are. Well it'll be it'll be in. It'll be in the United States you see that. I see me. Tom how patriotic. Let's move on we've got one here from Robin Robin wants to Nome in a little over five months. Something special will be happening what is this special event he's content and an arm strength that we usually celebrate at the whole month of September. And yet he's special is there for every line and we take turns taking at least two luncheon. He sent Hensley who we play ahead in the details unless I can naked alien advocates Hank the whole month and pin the tail and psychic and a catch. Hats yet when that she'll go an international player crystal balls for. It's listen to outsiders aren't even beyond. Awesome insists it's amazing. And the next one kinda is well this is a wanted a demand to know where the amazing funky was on September 10. 2001. In fact. This person Nathan his Estes congressional representatives to hold a hearing to find out I don't know what I'm not sure that's about (%expletive) unity happen to me just answer that question before we yeah. September as Kenny and and I don't think yes I was with my aren't we celebrate everything from home loan. And magnificent and Jay Stewart going to the next object. Julie from South Carolina asks how can I become. Amazing Amy might mean amazing turkeys and even I guess which is just assuming that's what you mean. I was born to help I don't know if he can just terminating. Lot of attention after two boring and the east so you were born special or are amazing as you call I was an easy for reformers yes yes. My father realizes pakistanis and he didn't stick around she didn't like he had. Talk parent and I'm sure that most of old union mom so much closer. He meaningless and hold a candle to him and her. So on me here's a really personal one Bonnie asks. When more I find love again yet if we were you kid gloves on this one Perot. Well I'm working for concealing tier I you continue. There need be hanging out watching movies with him with you love's mother. Maybe having dinner. And we click here love's mother. And that mine yeah she's around to telling between two. Very sensitive. Individuals who. Make Kyle. Who and I kind of loan. Katie can't focus on things and tuition camera special. He can see if so. Maybe we should talk privately he can he's down he kissed her excellent pilots in meeting tacky or just contact we have mine. And that can help children I had left. Yeah you definitely sound like just the person to do that if psyche we've got I got one more here and I know Steve you've got its mother's. Analysis from. In my going to be this is meaner by the way in my going to be more greatly well known than I am now in the future. And do you know anyone close to me that's going to help. When he. Just anything you need it surged and street. You are now more well known than ever before and it's couldn TTP amazing Taki and healthy and happy I can opium. And even Connie he be he psyche aground on a psychic. Whatever you want to call me and it's not anxious talks. All right we'll spot secretly sake were basically just at a time we just can't leaders we just can't get to the mall I know there was a couple others there but you know home just more. Tonight and I think that's because remember actually stand for more of that all the questions he thought more about him yeah assorted media that's where he started out but no. Can you dale curry a big shadow goes out to rod pile for coming on and and I'll post nine greatly appreciate this time. May she tune in tomorrow we've got a million Kincaid the language of miracles program T we're going to be talking about how to talk to your pets and get answers. A lot of agree rest of the week thanks everybody for tuning in is Jason javy can chill amount and. It's. To discuss its importance in Alexandria Johnson into. Aren't don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you got it. Formation you want us to follow upon or you want to be Gaston beyond reality real email to swing getting that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.