WWL>Topics>>Who are those people that are seen when someone is near death? What happens to us when we die?

Who are those people that are seen when someone is near death? What happens to us when we die?

Apr 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Josie Varga about her book - A Call from Heaven - in which she discusses deathbed visitations and deathbed phenomenon, and our ultimate journey from this world to the next. 4/07/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. And welcome everyone else beyond reality radio I'm Jason laws GP Johnson this is the program before the best of programs is among screamer Friday night. So it's Thursday on the last Friday and east and I know lobbyist stuck somewhere between welcome to be on Algeria myself Jason cosmic oh Stevie Johnson. Yeah I mean it's just a crazy day sad day come. I don't know if you saw the US is currently fifty tomahawk missiles in the serie B did see that I didn't really it's caught up on the news has says payback for the amazing chemical weapons on its own people lower on average people died 27 which means kids which is to us and insane. And everybody. I mean the world's fallen apart and Tonya and Kardashian and luckily again the divorce minerals are gonna they're gonna we should fire tomahawk missile. Right now I mean if they get a divorce that means they're gonna be singled Obama. How a couple of other people which gonna destroy that those people I guess I'm just just an ongoing situation them being together is great. As a keeps him away from everybody else is. That's it they even think about this a lot of pipe actually want to in the last sixty seconds I don't put that whole idea who. Technologies. In its paranormal for surely us so welcomed the show everybody Wheatley and we have a great show tonight we're going to be talking with the Jozy Fargo and author known for writing about the afterlife. And it latest highlights deathbed phenomenon. She talks a lot about. Angels and in these visions that people have. When their in other close to death and I know that we all have those stories we've all known somebody who's been a relative or whatever who has had. Visions seeing people in a room that no one else can see and she's done a lot of studying and writing about that kind of thing so it should be some pretty interesting conversation. There so and at least JV it's said tomorrow night will be a best of every Friday night is about stuff. If you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond two reality radium and Sheila to FaceBook page. And you can also if you're listening on a new decree stations that we are out across the country. Or feel listening online and you feel free to go to be on reality radio dot com click to listen live to join me online chat. Were always in there. Aaron pretty much it's a really great community of people in their very welcoming so check out I think you mean you'll be happy. Yes and speaking of that just you know some well wishes to one of her long time chatters. It goes in the name of legal violent season he's in on the hospital so we just want to wish him well in with thinking about him. You don't get better my friend absolutely so it did go on today. I was still suck here doing computer work all day we've got as some kind of squirrel or chipmunk in one of these computers is just not cooperating and I can't figure out which one and what it's doing. That's score or chip market and I know you don't run the run and run on the treadmill to create the power for those things that works everywhere hips her belly dance studio that's the problem I've got to squirrel on their general Michel are the days. Should be doing four times a job he's it though if the defense vigor but in this thing is we've been getting seriously killed out storms. I I saw the US subsidiary dark and Musharraf is not only we've had like over mall teaser thing or three inches have fallen already we've got wind gusts of forty to sixty miles an hour it's. It's insane I'm surprised that we actually still have power and on many of you lot out there have been dealing with storms is well. And play it safe and we've got areas out here that are being evacuated because. The rivers overflowing in different areas suffered cuts and dispute peace if author. You know it's always dangerous situation Lotta people don't realize how dangerous flood waters can be in the can be in places and expect especially now you be driving along. And you looked like a little puddle and them I know we had a lot of flooding in upstate New York few years back calm I was driving along my driveway which at a mile and a half long drive with a time. I came upon what looked like little just a little water running cross the road I hit and stopping to take a look I was gonna drive right through it and realized that that little bit of water had eroded to the roadway. And was basically a five foot drop under that but look to be a little bit of water to be really careful. It's funny that you bring that up because last year about this time. I was driving up the main road and one of my neighbors on the main road who had actually there were other big storms that took the night prior a lot of rain. And indeed wash the dirt because he lives on a hill and there's little Regina Arenas who strive with. It literally washed the dirt out lenders driveway he didn't know it. And he was driving he got on the driveway and when he did sit in the driveway gave way. Mix concrete collapsed in his car literally settle into a ditch. His own driveway at the end of it. The whole ground scope. So I just thank god he was safe but yeah. He financier you know we forgot to do kind of change the subject tears when we have rod pile on some earlier in the week. Culture has books he had a couple of books that we were supposed to give away we forgot to do so on them and we were gonna do last I forgot again. So I'm gonna do do listen to leave one away now them give one win next next hour of Stuart what do won his third caller something sounds good credit so third caller you'll win when rod I'll focus and of the book it's called amazing stories of the Spacey just says it's who most of what we talked about when he was on the program the other night and has done a screener. So the numbers 8446877669. Gimmick that's 8446877669. Beat third caller when the book and terror free from beyond reality radio. And so coming up on the program Monday night we've got Kenneth browser he says studied both astrology nature and history. For over forty years. He created the first comprehensive course on western. Astrology and soon publish a book on advanced predictive techniques he's also deeply involved in a long term study of stock market trends and a curse that has anything do with astrology here which related. There were to Syria Charles rich Baum. Nicknamed doctor knowledge normal largest collections in the world a fascinating facts and stories to pretty much serve as a source first knowledge him. The nutshell book series now. Commission you tune in for that and then Wednesday we've got Paige MacKenzie. She's YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the enormously successful sunshine girl series. She's in 201016. Year old MacKenzie teamed up with producer nick Kagan and her mother. Actress Sadie rose to produce an episodic series of turn normal themed videos. And I know she's gotten won't just serve you two pitches over 250 million viewers and the hemorrhage seven point five million unique visitors every month so. Yeah their vehicle on by the way the phones are from off the hook here we've only got one book to give way now we're gonna give away. One in the second hour sowell won't get the name for wind and just a second here saying number it's what committee you're on top of that are slick and that's slick. I'm sorry it's like an Alex I'd talk to slip ever tries to come to people don't you know a guy by the name of thought lord Martin receiver hurt him. Mark Grace. Margaret Saddam he's an emeritus professor of cosmology and Astro physics at the University of Cambridge talks a lot about you know space stuff aliens see he's on this talking that. Pretty much human human species is going to. Be gone Maria that's kind of what he's saying he's talking about on in our quest for aliens what we're likely to find. He says that term if any was speaking recently and an interview with the Trinity College she says if we do. And of detecting an alien intelligence and be nothing like us in fact he predicts it'll be some sort of electronic entity nemesis on the you've talked about a lot when we talk about. Our bodies just can't handle that long distance travelling now long. That far so most likely either we'd have to be some sort of a cyborg part machine part person. Or just a machine to be able to travel those distances and it for so long. Yet and he says that you know human kind. It took about four billion years to get where we are on earth now we would have weren't here the whole four billion years but it took the earth about four billion years to produce. Life and then trust to get where we are he said go within a few centuries. It's likely the machines will actually take over our lives. And he said that the best if we find alien life forms of this they probably have many millions if not billions of years of progress already ahead of them have lost so therefore their most likely to be machine. It's. I can I can understand that but it's scary because. Because machines pretty much have taken over alliance if you think about it already to a point. And every town to their kids can't turn the TV star and TV set on without the remote. And cars everything means to me. Travel and communication right cellphones. Our lives are revolve around machines these days. He also says that. We should be spending a lot more on technology that will defend us against an asteroid. I'm Lisa went out working on that enough. I'm he said that the possibility of us being struck by an asteroid which just happened in births passes is much greater than it is to be comfortable not doing anything. Pitchers and I would I would different at the story here but. Authorities in India were shocked to discover an eight year old Ferrell girl living comfortably with a group of monkeys on the nature reserve near the near the border. You mentioned that eight years old after a while while you get like six million things you want I. Put up Circuit Court. We've got we've got some Lexus go to performance because we do we did get a winner started and sorry just dead and this is this is that are a winner apps to be again a good friend of ours. Vince from Missouri. Actually all that convinced. Man how lucky is that. That's pretty incredible I mean to those phones are ringing off the hook for you to be the third call is pretty amazing. He got. An hour of that and held her body out there. You know outcome he had been in terms. Needle the wildest thing about it. My little brother feet past the way you even heard all about that for. His name Powell is criminal record pal okay. Get this great article warm room wall post article yes you do have gathered Deborah problem. I don't you remember that show or not so sure do you know. And then recurring probably wrote a book called this is your war you are you worried the actual loss there and you know you're my half brother is so maybe Mayo. To what are related trauma on the show that and oust break out like a wanna talk to our public doubt. It and right now is do what Christmas. Now that label is is just got a free account of the deals that worked. That worked up pretty well. Thank you to stay on line so commissioners a Saluki and earlier this mission to the book congratulations yes of the this kind of thing for him there. Yet when pago then so I guess a determination that. But so what it was that they would before you rudely interrupt sorry excuse Micah us. So all of you come Aaron anyway but authorities in India were shocked to discover an eight year old Ferrell girl living comfortably with a group of monkeys and nature reserve. Right right along that's that's kind of the stuff of late you know of a Tarzan movies and instantly exit or exactly means that are that are actually. Different little grandma mold mold girl after of course the jungle and I. She's behaved she behaved like an animal running on our arms and legs and eating food off the floor where their mouth said doctor excited chief medical superintendent of the government run hospital. On the she was said to streets to communicate walk on pretty much all fours. Are just recently has she began walking normally uncertainty with her hands she said that they said that she's that still not able to speak. What she understands whatever they tell her and she even smiles. So all issues on the issue is suffering from malnutrition. And but she's still a lot but an album. We'll be interesting to see you you know what direction in life takes from this point if they can actually bring her. You know back to what we call civilized and don't know why and other trying to figure out where she's from war Stanley is how she end up where she was some. Then there's been a lot yet but. And you think that may maybe they just don't have that great records over there but. All right it's do you think that they're somebody beat Henman and my child star on the could somehow connected and figure out almost say there's been some umps are what it would take a break. By the way we will be giving away another one abroad piles books amazing stories of the species until Fincher can't let that one knows he can both students will then the second hour. It's beyond reality radio when we come back Jozy Vargas will join us will be talking about her books. Which discussed the afterlife and her most recent book which talks about. Deathbed phenomenal. Are you listened to listen to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I know I chase and chance and a big thank everybody listening with your listening on a local radio station which there's more and more runs every week or your listening online we thank you. Yes will be adding more come Monday so topical stuff on the honor LE radio dot com also on the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio page. Real soon you know we went little long in that last segment. So we're gonna hold off from bringing I Joes in and our necks after the next break through donut. You know do its oceans are too short segment I'm hotels like this or this or get a rubber hit exactly selfless congratulations again to and to transfer in the book where in the book. Yet we've got another one that will be giving away in the second hour so be prepared for that now we did have a lot of calls and another slick and Alex were frantically trying to count to three back there and and is that going to be events it and Tibetan on the fingers and apparently an up and fingers between them and there are issues. I figured a quick reminder tomorrow night's program is a best of and then Monday will breathe deep bringing in Kenneth browser who's in astrologers he's also said he ancient history for over forty years. He's got a lot of information including use one of the few western astrologers to. Correctly predict the outcome of the last presidential election which he had a 5050 should yeah I'd also that's a idea but you know we we did that contest and we had we had what five and all afford them pick. The wrong Foreman picked the wrong on the only one person actually picked at trump would win and they initially said. That and everything. In the news they didn't wanna say that they truly can begin but they saw him winning yes even though there were hoping that it was the other way or idea and then they they did they said once they made the prediction they couldn't change it and mature enough Beirut then won the restatement. This Tuesday we have Charles rush form nicknamed doctor or knowledge she stole one of the largest collections in the world the fascinating facts. And stories that serve as a source for his knowledge in the nutshell booksellers. So retarded and a lot of onto different strange things on a Wednesday we're talking with Paige MacKenzie. She YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the end of the successful sunshine girls series. Common 2010 and sixteen year old MacKenzie teamed up producer nick Hagan and her mother actress proceeding rose to two record. And episodic series of caramel themed videos. Which soon had millions of fans signed him they signed with the Weinstein Co. he and McKenzie he's been covered by Entertainment Weekly it's additional. Seventeen. The New York Times USA today it time and others hurried to channel today boot boasts more than 250 million total views. And averages seven point five million unique views per month and maintains more than 500000. Monthly subscriber. You know presents IC Paige MacKenzie no I can think of the spuds McKenzie members and sponsors can't happen. Did they do it did I dream and it was did they have another spokesman Kenny Kenzie commercial myself and I'm sorry it was planned around the area and you know since it was started that's super bowl of socialism and I didn't dream okay now I interview interns so there's some words Super Bowl commercial that they have. Merry when we come back from our break we'll bring in Jozy target or gonna talk about her books there's a bunch of them a call from heaven. Is the most recent one we'll be talking about that plus some of the other things that she's research and experience is a lot of really cool stuff there. Can you stewardship to terror and I will I'm gonna Sherman Sherman after Christmas well now I've Korea and I I was at the next and asked each at a couple times with a diminished do that in its its very personal but I think I think to be denied chair so Shari. We'll listen and Jason JPM yeah. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. O line is we are here in new. If I got him thrown for a loop they're. And armour who went that far I don't think we did I Lewis Preston I just have to mention because there's just reading about it because that interview was going to focus on the search for the lost city of the monkey god. In Honduras. The lost city of the monkey guy. I'm I'm really fast African open so I so I guess I don't know just a fascinating to me doesn't. Donated but it does it it's I never hurts and that's why it's nonsense and started to remedy their books but that's not what we're going to be talking about tonight affect matter guesses Jozy Vargas. I Joe's he's an author her most recent book is called a call from heaven she's got other books visits from heaven. Visits to heaven did DeVine visits. Make up your mind to be happy and footprints in the sand and Joe's he's welcome so much to be on reality radio great to have you on the show tonight. That is somewhat but I meant I had it done and I would do it about yourself. At bank did. So. We've got a lot to talk about him you've done some really fascinating work and written some very fascinating things but let's start wins how it started for you when you had a dream. Shortly after the attacks of 9/11 right and that's how this started told that story. Yeah I haven't gotten out it says that they are acceptable plan. Banks and I do about spiritual about. They assume that item and medium. I'm just come. At hand and and our expansion into met mayor Marc-Andre and I are happening. Has been passed and can't let her show today. You know they were they used to work together. Can't sign saying such important hack them down. And it is a hamster that Karzai's intent to attack. And to the ticker tape. Item that a visit to your game not then act and have a full time. Crying and I have gone down this golf ball way. Come into this coveted door on my iPad and Karbala Iraq into the door and Iraq and sort of understands government knows that program. And all of a sudden she hasn't let that. Demanding that charity now I think he's static today are packed sector clients mind mutations you know there were no words. Present now that you mention me in about. And bloody man at bat is my thighs but a Clinton plan. Contained in Mount Etna has coworkers about it after Estrada. It is about being points a night and I eat right statement it was a quiet there is inspired and so I decided to run it up but about. So that's an amendment that knows you don't have met means. The only reason I didn't stay can. In response to back. Up that and I said that's. You dropped to a estimate that disappeared years. OK I get mine mine to I don't know what I. He walked out of he picked. At south X trying to provide Procter and so he'd. Open sea except found it showed main. Attack and has lied and had signed. When he showed it to me he bet on ten is I. Now I and there's that immediate today. That does it matter that you want to meet to get it why. While I cannot do it now and demands that you wanted me to get it like what it meant to. Point. I am a and that's our recruiters Rendell I'm not. Looking into the debate. And I need him harder and harder to act a batter of a pickup truck that I would describe it denim behind her life or not. It is demanding a pay cut I. Now get that never said and so that pushes me forward. Educator it'll follow it most of it pans that kind of put me forward. And when he did that I woke up and it didn't possession. And king had a Democrat something that means accepts. What I can't. Senators. Are better. One I woke my has been met work. And oppressed and that didn't respond to a far cry out. And on that not on. Hospital which is fired upon and it's okay and bacteria act. Internet. And you commitment. It is just an allotment account about Connecticut it is it is ridiculous doing it and on so. I am with compromised. Accept and I noticed parents crazy but it may I am now what I can expand. Our. So. And I gap that so when compromise and I sent an email am describing what happened. I'll bet in now have a system could erupt and it went the other one another. Thank. You made captain Andy now. David thank you sound like he's gonna think that's a direct. It may let me because I know like it has tested. To make his right hand. To get him out button to turn on its amounts that thought has tired. And take our guns. It constellation or not remember what I have been plots. I ever met an ever imagined spam I I didn't know anyone right. Which is why it's a problem then that's about them on the states as Nevada and she was concerned. On my com. And moving to Boston. Keep out not tabled that she brought the outspent four died. In America why hasn't beating Nancy. It's how I haven't kept us in when it about it that I know and again that's part time yeah actually yeah. And then he did it again. Alma I don't. If I found my. Dad's some. This case. Date may have mastered by his side. There's not that dated so what is that maim. That means that it is possible far better than to communicate but it is seen. It's remained there it is accepted. Expecting. One on oh you want and I just happened to me. I ran out and cited in everybody. In our act and not a diet. I'm afraid. To talk. Attic because I think that people think about it not. An accommodation that mindset turnaround time. In the community that does it don't you realize that you don't get on a guest. And once you step back and made it kind of hit me act and act like them Arafat contact you know you're all right I have to get. Let's take had to I'd stop accusing senate staff and I'm not backed. The intention of writing about act fast. I am I resent it but I'm not a press I want it to tell the amount of climate and that there rather be than about it consensus same thing I tell my guy and an amazing and I actually problem Arnold of the law. Yet no major. I do before we get into that too much detail on that page you had any. Experiences prior to that dream that would've given you any reason to believe you had some type of sensitivity. I am yeah I'm glad you asked that question. I rarely pretty but have to ties. Oh right. That they're glad describe it now all I. I don't but it out accurately give you an example. What I was a member mine's daughter aircraft. I have myopic do AFP task it. I came. Did doctor fireman. He's excited about your daughter has downs Vietnam. Cole. That doesn't it. Totally devastated. And hand me that I. But he and playing negatively to that taken him out I was trying to close to my grandmother. So. I candidate that I played my grandmother. To please make edited out. Apotheker. I hate. And other different voting out senators that unity. And actually not stop go or not yeah I opened a dog I walked into the Soria. Don't exactly plus stopped reading after the second front I got a bat is my grandma. My grandmother. Was Holden. A baby and I news in that game capital I didn't outsiders haven't boiled cops. News in this game but to resort and grow a little. And sure enough that manic and crap out of today that it evident is going to be. Kind. So up on the day. Happen and amateur hour epic. And the next day adopt a cartman that. Charity has gotten a debate by two advancement she's completely not to. Sit. I don't. Yeah Augusta music now Jersey you have done we've got a couple minutes for us to break here but do you see some real observed adversity in your life. I. And his bottom elicited a party. I don't error problems. And had a asking kansans. Then that's why I got my vote make up your mind to be happy that's why are not separate plan. There's people that are legitimate amount to get better here because I graduated. Ammonia about security to agree and to present. How many people cannot demand side. But I can take it you know what you do not get your degree in and the Nevada are sound and act like did. And he he Indian American to head back. Ask Alex and you guys are you respond to it. Well I don't agree with that a 100% it's you know you're dull certain currency and its just working through those and then figuring out figuring out. How to still I mean a step forward. In that diversity side and I and I just can't. It's gradually Aaron not. Let's get it will I am. I don't and it and get sang it as high. And Aaron so it's great in my committee and in. Master. It didn't bring a basket of apology not Asia equity and then get. I'd vote you know. It can't tell. Well. Rested over. That's the fastest time. Oh has gone on Atlantis coming up. And response sort of let me what you're playing a minute about. The credit given to write about it I admit I have a hand and I thought I'd want I don't wanna do. Have adopted everything American it and then my secretary and then. Now I'm able to walk again. I'm meant in my bag and on so I can't spill part of my partner my magic. It's out into that I didn't let it. The positive side. Can walk better than I could depart so mechanical aptitude cotton and I didn't think it on a matter architecture. Yeah we're talking with the Jozy Fargo and she's an author. Her most recent book is called a call from heaven. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll get into a little bit of that stuff we wanna find out why she's been called an Angel in human form it's beyond reality radio. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. Morning to you where were we. Thank you for joining us beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GP Johnson. And our guest tonight is Jozy Fargas she's an author our most recent book is a call from heaven although. Some of the other book she's had she has visits from heaven visits to haven't of divine visits a whole bunch of stuff and Jozy again thanks for joining us. Before we want to break. You've been called. An Angel in human form. That's quite a standard to live up to and I'm sure they get your humbled by that whoever set it to tell us a little bit but why why that was says that title or that description was given to you. Sort of things. I opened a delay. I'd be happy. He hit a solid two. It might be happy. Then let out all right. Completed a tire and bankers have already been. Hey guys to help people. Now understand. That you. I didn't spine to do what happens to me. It can be and why do that it enacted. Many petty debt. You know what I hear it happens and you're out and some. And I I Pakistan match at a time and Ryan decided not to be accurate. Ljubicic made one hell of an impression on him for him to write. You know you know we we haven't really got into the meat of the books and you kind of answered this question a little bit but I think we should have been a little more detail. You know you're very very convinced that. Our physical deaths when we die from what we know is death isn't the end what what makes you so convinced. The experience I can do about. One. Because remember. Hi I wanted to spammers I had no idea what. You approach them then. She got kind of ignore well. It. The bar. I made and got information. If I didn't experience as me out and get out of it acted. And I'd that it stands and it's no plot to kidnap. And that was about who haven't made no clothes rather be out it's not gonna put it distracts one knew at that and it spans back out. It's not a dirty trick and Allenby not town. Eric I don't. Analytic let anybody assets. I can't hide it stands out to side and you're out. I mean to see that it did seem to. I don't mean. I even thought about it I didn't continued. Yeah and and that you picked up corporate happened in new city are of these. Now are these tainted. It is a thing at its may as well I spotted. I can expedite phenomenon that. Is it from happening in that. Evident time after that communication. And and and and has that he had to stand in. And then from now I started and and design. In tatters and its time and you know use your steady is going to anger could happen to have a kind of topic. But did spark a clock and haven't. Exactly. Vanity aspect is a clinic. Decries the bank about that at no time as today I was more obsessed. And when we are on our debt debt and act and make. Way at no time probably moderate. And one Leon I doubt that but did you get used them back land. Again I was is that our respects and our favorite fattening. It up a clock haven't let stands. I went to my primary care physician for a spectacle my annual Asia Karl. And not a lot game then yes I go to our conversations about a murky at Bert do. Love to what's hang on one and listening on 12 win that shows you just because we have to be taking a break and Justin just a few seconds and I don't wanna be cutting your story and a half. I think of something that we should share with everybody wanna mall here. But RE CO listening to Jason NG them beyond Real Madrid you were talking and Jozy Florida. A phone number is 8446877669. In the 44687. 7669. If you wanna give us a call you a question for us and guess. Gonna take a quick. Jason hard student Johnson's could be here Jay good to be heard in public radio stations across the country and on the line in all over the world champs. Lynn we're heading more and more every week you'll be updating this weekend with some news stations that are coming on as of Monday. But I know it's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and many are stuck in between welcomed beyond reality radio. With myself Jason cause my co host Judy Johnson. Yeah we got a great show tonight we're going to be bringing in Jozy bargain just a little bit Joe's he's an author she's written a number of very very inspirational. And comforting I would say books the most recent is a call from heaven others are. Visits from heaven visits to haven't divine visits. Make up your mind to be happy and footprints in the sands so we talking about that and that's a great shows coming up on an exit. Instant PM Monday we Kenneth bowels or he studied both astrology ancient history for forty years. Where are we talking with him on Monday Tuesday we get Charles rich Lama nicknamed doctor knowledge he still one of the largest collections in the world the fascinating facts and stories. This serve as a source for his knowledge in the nutshell book series. So on the Wednesday we've got Paige MacKenzie. YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the successful sunshine girl series. And we're talking external or 250 million views of seven point five million monthly visitors over 500000 monthly subscribers. And no relation to spuds McKenzie. Though you know we were questioned that earlier and then Thursday and real excited about this Douglas Preston. How will be talking with him and we'll discuss. His search for the lost city of the monkey god that supposedly hidden in some hard Honduran rainforest according to the legends. I don't know what that is but I'm really excited to find out. As you know it's still the lost city X nobody knows it and just this city among gaga the united so but I'm before we get too far let's let's good to. But give way no number one rod piles book its title moment of silence for. Supposedly Kardashian and Kanye West having Pennington or a two horse let's do that and already I mean it just means that there's a lot of vulnerable people out there no answer and hundred. There is merit world market so. Vessel took a while the numbers one 8446877669. We've got a book here it's amazing stories of the species by rod pile he's a guesstimate ninety we have them on a Monday or Tuesday roosters and yeah great discussion really really great and if you were really excited about that. And we're gonna give way that book let's say to the what you pick one and number approval third again third or. Third a third call. Third caller ID 4468776. Excite Guinea for four. 6877669. And it did yeah. We've heard about this I'm missing Brazilian student yeah I actually have a little bit about the assume OK if your fears are growing about a missing Brazilian student disappeared last week leaving his bedroom covered in mysterious occult symbols. Many believe that he's been abducted by aliens so I don't know about that bottom. 25 year old psychology student brutal board which. Vanished from his home last Monday. While working on a top secret project has disappearance has sparked major interest online after bizarre video of his bedroom was leaked online. Assumptions suggesting he's been taken away by UFO but many are suggesting the young man from Brazil was trying to complete the work of G. Jim O'Donnell Bruno who's one of the first thanks to Purdue to predict existence expects treacherous life. But his Rome even stranger his room was covered with strange science associated satanism. In the illuminati. So while an eerie self portrait of the student with an alien was just who was also seen on the wall. Plea sale possibilities being considered ms. Taylor revealed. He was working on some secret project for you finished yet but even weirder from some bound manuscripts. Were found to each with Roman numerals on. There were there were found newsroom which have men decoded by a Brazilian computer expert. These passage kind of strange man. One of them says. One passage says. It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood and what is wrong it is difficult as an adult to understand that you were wrongly taught what you suspected was correct censure were a child. In other words if you fit into the system your behavior will be determined making you. And making you at the mercy of beliefs already provided well established and dog must and rituals with the masses. Porsche was last seen by Israeli when he went for a meal in real bronco before his parents and development leaving for vacation. So well how strange. But we're stuff would that I just wanna mention something causes a lot of confusion in chat two things one is. We get the show didn't start over we just decided to use our opening theme again at the top of the hour so you know if there's anybody who confused by that don't beat. And there are some stations that played hours out of sequence just here were. That is correct tummy and there's some stations Celtics we Errol cross country and there's some stations out of that. Will be carrying us for two hours right now we only carry one hour right so he's got to play that opening scene anyway so. All right so lets the phone lines are bring in our winner this is. Beverly Beverly welcome to be on reality radio. Thank you Reid Collins from Beverly. Well I am certainly orchids here buffalo movements and into the William if there are like William Williams and hi to right near buffalo you must make. Must you listening on the other great station WB ENN buffalo. On some. Oh that's my old stomping grounds about their all the time visiting my aunts and uncles. Oh really and we have a lot of people did choke. Did you did you hear the interview with the rod pile the other night we realists in that ninth. And ou or Missouri jury interesting discussion. Yeah it's. I I've been listening to you at night I broke a 128 bones. And I spending and then. What do if you don't mind me asking what happened that you broke a 128 bones. We didn't I didn't build a threat. You're pretty darn close look at what that would. Like next bad. I had I was guys that Taylor bit the accelerator itself and landed really killed people in front of me. I looked down there like we went down an embankment. And I hit several things say yes hello Ashley wood brick wall and the police had my hand over the I didn't think in the open hour kicked it. A guy I think you have enough a few woman at a. I don't get less well and fictional freer. And a lot of lifting to do and I. Mall armor personnel and our goal it's healing to swear we're happy that your retool things can just take it easy and I got a great book he can read all you're doing that. What do you while you're listening to our radio show of course. I let me clue me. I'm in Canada and I was and that little point blank can now walk at a different sort. Of the car. He better. That's how America sauce and I have a feeling if you continue listening unite our gas Jozy Fargo also looked up offers an inspiration to win as well thanks so much for calling in and congratulations. On a winning the book amazing stories of the space age from a rod pile. It exhausts NSR and that's great yeah I mean that's it's it's it's nice to hear that now she's recovering in doing so well. Let's take a break when we come back to bring Jozy and it's beyond reality radio it's Jason Hawes GB each. On some rare and go yeah. Yeah. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Beyond reality radio Jason. And plus Jimmy Johnson or Philip. And a receipt for 46877669. We're really talking about angels. We're going to be talking about. You know those visitors that people who are near death seemed to see when you're in the room you don't see them. Yeah tepid as the two and a lot of weird stuff like that they've done it defies explanation bullies to. He usually defies explanation but our guests tonight Jozy Vargas. I has been studying it for awhile her new book is called a call from heaven Josie welcome to be on reality radio so great to have you here. It so in the book a call from heaven you talk about deathbed visitors tell us a little bit awhile what you. Discovered when you started looking into this. I want attentive to be probably lose the Dakar. Guitarist China allies started. That it needs. I think it's important. Let. To comment their position. And guilty plea of others are trying to mob out in record time divine visit and made contact again. That doctors are seeing it touch of atomic bomb on why he's surprised made the meaning that. I can't Pakistan. Could sleep. At it would mean. Any clothing that patients at his hospital. Instead according to a bit more for her. So he went and I'd sort of round and you I don't remember bad. And it started at a table and transport it to their. I'm just adamant that. It would maintenance and she's well. I find it here at my time. And command that can go to Iraq walk. So that she's a cabinet compensation at heartland bank and nobody else in the could see a day. And I'm at a it is hard it is not a title that Pataki has been to see where it originated and here's senator and he's that she was completely coherent. Piece that's called. That's Egypt at halftime and owed her plan that is besides you are dying to demean the key to date has been OK. You know estimated that and after a few minutes. See so many. In the debt commitment to act. And he's that this president president Clinton's out it's outdoors type and remembered are times. People witnessed an atomic. And I put a magnet while I have been called at aspect there's. It might have to stop and I decided I needed to write about debt that Al and as possible heparin came into games. And why. You do to answer your question what amazed me the most. What kind of reception are. Came upon. Band I'd say having spent by doctor Bruce great shame he's not Barry University. Of Virginia. And at a time clock. And what that McCain did the time in my eyes taken after at 1882. Up by the same name are Roman name fans this car. Which he ought to discusses skated in which goes on NetApp pat mentioned it happens Africa's east Pakistan. Absolutely take out of respect they have narcotics are friends stamps. What medications he talks about it and at a bar named Eddie on my attention so today. And are very IP that. And it goes into a comma. It comes from the crowd. Any faster race I've. Daddy I'd collapse. And it. Chiropractor as such many minority he sees people. Element that shot. It happens. By hand but he had not just saying it in nineteen its sister Teresa. Those people that followed him tactic not accept his mother of potash and it equity in a it's due to lay addicts one is our country's second become. An Internet not a lot are you pleased that. Economics has become. So yes hey that stands out barrier. Obvious stated doctor better app rookie right. Well. Contacts at its stand on that night and I am said. Some steps. Did daughter. Non I am most to build a car accident just epidemic. I think it. Now. Some. X how do you expect deceptive act. I know and I I agree with you but a lot of times doctors and other people. Especially when somebody's comic desperately that they chalk it up and and say the person is delirious that had just seeing things. And there but did a lot of times there's too much information coming in and that they usually wouldn't be able to get their hands on. For them to beat delirious that they're pulling this information. Exactly and it and there are doctors out that. Or saying that the president has just produced and can take but it tight side. Where they name. People decade dating now like to see those ratings. British and why would they are but he didn't say act. And it's a big difference between birdies nations and all that agents. Tennis nations are generally very fearful and confusion that aspect visits are not. They're very competent. And Pixar presentations are psychotic. Person for a best partners that are. In a car here. And consistent. And our British citizens are very manly and rest protectorate visit our it's stingray greatest. And the other thing as. Death tragic effects can be says it. And British citizens cannot be sent. In army might act is there are other people in the room. That has had eaten the same dynamic. There's one story and that Hartley at Tampa her father rise dying of cancer. And two guys that partly tied it at the CNN. Any talent everyone you know I'm open about. And he could be which is the type bad step back. I'm. That it's up Puerto candidate at a Gately opened Japanese that he saw this guy. And nobody out of them could yeah. So that they that he died he Kaplan commitment and forward that some. They understand not there's started the development and they got her sister. Died months before either. Is that there shouldn't. And ought to deciding whom I cannot. It is beautiful light right. She's back and missed key and content came out hard. Instead are decided she has sisters boys are deceased. Justice Roy and don't worry happened here. And that was back a father died Saturday. It's something that. It it didn't need to but he you know updating its direct opposite. Of what it never saw the white right. Yeah and you mutually you wonder what what's happening I mean we're used to say about piracy Apple's CEO Steve Jobs. His last I did so on and on his his deathbed or. Oh wow yeah. Oh wow oh wow. And it's just what was he saying that a Powell was he senior at that exact moment. That would make him. Great yeah that these stops are you. Attendance say I'm denied that. It in that city and put it table and then get over instead. I'm not his master in disaster. Down there. Had style better that. Am now. I actually read that one you know. Of these you know I was kind of oil. About bringing some other end of that evidence sun apps that mutation. And consider these net debt that is at it and are about there's one story. Minute this is my mind. We'll hang on today Telesis story XP got to go to break for a couple minutes but when we come back he's sort thomas' story. Listen Jason. Radio station. It's JB Johnson their telephone numbers 8446877669. Got some good stuff coming of course tomorrow night Jay is a best of program. We do that on Friday nights but Monday we get some good stuff. And then Monday we've got Kenneth browser he said he both astrology and ancient history for forty years in me talking him on a bunch different things Tuesday we've got. Charles reached Paloma nicknamed doctor knowledge she's the one of the largest collections in the world fascinating facts and stories that serve as a source for his knowledge in the nut shell books yours. Once you're in the talking with Paige MacKenzie YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the successful. Sunshine girls series. And and I mean she's got 250 plus million views are pretty seven point five million unique visitors every month and has over 500000 monthly subscribers. On the Thursday were talking would Douglas Preston. About the search for the lost city. Of the monkey gone bust city a monkey god that's what I want to go. Obama wrote and velocity of the month he got to find it first when they lawsuit he gets there it's true. Tonight we're talking with the Jozy forger Josie is an author her most recent book is a call from heaven we're talking about. Deathbed visitors and what happens to us when we die Jozy. You you have said in your books talk about the fact that when we die physically we don't really die if that's the case what happens to us. Well it's not a time. The committee and it concept that's happened and it it is. Apparently go up to outraged at minute call haven't. You know I expect that has another dimension are. Well Barbara. You know they do have a which is Ed up painted its power our router in the years. I don't. As traders actually different dimensions. And theaters so we actually are servitude. Another dimension attack government bomb one loan and welcome intern at a. And it's a runner. I don't know if you're if you're not a spiritual bruises happen to everybody whether your spiritual person or not it just isn't just a matter of what you define an ounce or. Do you have to be a spiritual activist happened. And got asked that would guys wanted to send to try and the 19 drought crop from happened. As you heard it is pretty apparent heart out not that I am about added. Even an can't have these experiences. Even atheist. And you know seated as he stepped on America strategy and figures. Nineties area and terrorism what Terry devoted his but he could have no apparent party experience. It's it's definitely our it is happening. You know on experience. Well I agree I agree with that completely they shouldn't matter whether you're religious or not when you pass on this there is something on the other side then you're going to experience what is there. Exact current and I know he made it. It doesn't matter what anybody because Gregory hasn't changed oratorio. But does it change what happens even though you might you might. Go to another place but. As your beliefs change where that place might be maybe go to different place I don't know but you know I asked the questions were equipped to run out of time here and wanna be careful. I did ask the questions some really curious about these death bed visitors. You know I asked who they worry and and you shared a bunch of experiences with the speed and assure you really get a sense of who the these death bed visitors are because I have to tell you that I'm actually sadly. Spent a great deal of time with people in that circumstance and somewhat recently how over the last few years and to a tee all of them have seen people and things that I couldn't see in the room all of them have. And I'm really. I'm really curious as to what they may have been seeing the descriptions are all different. Step back and commit so I didn't need at least problems. Today most of them see there's these problems. Are Ellis and sometimes he and Janet figures you know aims is tired. And Eric and that now I. See people that they don't recognize. Amid city. And the people who have been stands it at least the ones that part that's a debate say they have content to have that part yet aside. I don't grab my. When you're right I'm not a tire may afterwards. My grandmother second my grandfather. And I think as this can happen not necessarily act of sport guy. Spent my grandmother diet are content cannot mean partly that's to make far. My grandmother. My grand an effect on our. Now my grandmother died of heart attacks. Obviously shooting out it is and it. I have a heart attack Tuesday night. So that you got that but I'm not don't necessarily expect. I could for a debts they can't have expand case you know week powers principle. I guess so await tee ease you into the inevitable. Yes and you know match at a time and in particular are very competent. By the estimates that one story I read it well woman requires computers too now an event receivers confuses. Two cups hot and humid and hot aspects. And she kept saying now Perez a crowd at her side as to why. And have. And you dating now who this article lots and but he an interesting thing about apple a woman and without passing away. In the next decade hospice nurse stood spammers. And a Spanish ads that are out there isn't a bad record I'd have crane legacy and it took and white America back. That they didn't now Disco prize. Turns out that is interesting to me yeah does not technical. That it comes as pop about that you know and expect to see somebody account at a time. It's not yeah at least problem. Yes and and I've never experienced that as well blooded deceased loved ones revisiting them but some people. Are my mother and in in recent. Weeks actually. Saw people they should direct measure could saying who's the Manhattan corner and things like that. Had it in your in your researching and looking into this. I haven't. I've always thought these visits were comforted comforting have you experienced or learned of anybody that's experienced. A visit like that there was frightening. And that I don't want to get an apartment all other woman emerge confused. And didn't want to go to article or proceeded out so well. And now mentally it's one that tension times. Welcome and came to an art it has to monetize it moderate guy. I mention that. Once he went into Google and others actually use your diet. Part of apart our team and literary and she's very nice job on her Mother's Day. And she added that even now as she was afraid that Poland to monitor our past to present. Cannot any anti terror and the majority. Very competent. At a I'd died and people just say that afraid accredited recognized Clinton. And yeah and I went at I don't. Peace I mean you know that they're very well planned then you. The beat someone and that epidemic news in the crowd lot to comment so many people. Indistinct I'm. That's sound. I'm not accidentally locked. Yeah I guess among you know him a question of whether anybody had its share an experience where there was fear. You know I did a just trying to get a sense of whether these visitors are all. Friendly even if they're not recognized. If they're friendly or verses you know some type of I evil visit yeah. And WT. I'd thought it. Beta very compress it. It has now so you know he had not. Get out buying power and you know these people are very competent. And no matter captain there is nothing. Negative yeah that's. And people will have to get their act their capital spent an impact. I spent decades to come upon any parent negative aspect. Stated. I have to ask you about another one of your books and visits to heaven because they think you may have had a lapse of judgment when that one because you actually listen Steve tango from. Ghost hunters it's wanna you sources. Of course I'm picking on tangle here but you do have his name as part of the book there. And has I have an eight and a part time I then gave agreed to be interviewed in American debate guy. And I've got to accept our non time. I am truce as president Nittany Levi's. A pretty stop present. He is and that might present beats a lot of free because. You know amount of time great guy. Yeah yeah I knew I was actually just talking to burst through text messages and and divas like a little brother to me is seldom mentioned sense I since I brought a month of the show Golisano as he's just he's. Apple is coming up about that and yeah. So today and Bruce Chris is always just then they're like family that is wonderful people. Now there aren't there has known him and not act. Aaron I would identity and NATO is a book. It took him out but they've written and basically haven't met Matt divided. You know in a bunch of your books you often talk about angels. And a you know I don't I know that everybody. Most people have what of common vision of what they think an Angel was but there are people that have other. Definitions of what angels are we've had people on this program that if talked about angels and a very very different way when you talk about angels what are you talking about. I'd go to a bit hectic got what I did today. I think you know people will get it and vote but win or go. And let it out on the way that we put a great action and there are other people whose net and it united and doesn't look exactly and I can not. It out you know consent weigh in when I don't and I'd heard. Dude in now while men actually wears you missed it then do you accept cattle. And you write plant employing tactics how to cap space and do it in America Elway and and he says. All of us I think she's been sick I actually money it's not where it came time. Get said he came to be going right welcome to decry and says. Don't why they don't make get to get present but you may not make a bad. Dramatic would remain I need to know you know BO OK. In about how way to go. And attention and I can't. Can't squat but what do you know what I'm here. But that's OK it's and they just decided I thought it right and a bunch of there was nobody and I do not a clot that she had a drink being act as a unit expect wetland. Consistency made it to decapitation and Jeter now how that happened. So take out and then. Well people would describe it greatly typically. Think of an Angel. You know that's adequately protect and a gap at all. The debt that comes up because they have made up just cycle you you know I have a deplorable. M hey I'm just you were or out of time and Donna thank you so much for joining us on the program we do have links to your books on the beyond reality radio web pages go to the guests have. Your website is Jozy bargain dot com work and where can people find more is or another place they can go to find out -- information my union books. I pay a clue. Carpet it would happen Arctic step I have had often haven't paid campaign sent. Speaking to me out aren't faced a great round. Awesome well thank you so much for coming on spent a timeless let's talk he and so. It got terroristic sick and the green. All right so you were pretty quick break we'll come back more from. Johnson thank you to have chosen organ yet to claim the child Joseph coming on hang out with a snowing just on talking about a book and Tomiichi checking out you can go to. Beyond really radio dot com just click on the guest have penned and level our guests. Recent information and where their books aren't everything else. Yeah and you know lose I was really fascinating about this discussion and as I've been saying in essence we talked about pudge was coming on. And because if that's a really. Personal and recent experiences with a lot of this and I mentioned a little bit during our discussion with her on. In over the past three years I've had four people who have very very close to me pass all of fund you know. Illness tight passing so it was of rather protracted for each of them. And I sat with all of them over the course of that illness and every one of them every single one of them. Had visions. Much the way that Jozy described them on soft things so people some Campbell in her deceased family members some just strangers they couldn't figure out who they were they were in groups of twos threes and fours and really remarkable. But I do wanna share on something this is kind of it's it's kind of the same it's a little bit different but as listeners this program know. I'm a loss from other just couple weeks ago and you know I sat with her. Pretty much 24 hours a day for the last two days of her life but she was in the hospital. And we knew what was coming and as it was sitting there and and and and in with her that whole time finish wasn't able to respond to anything but when the moment finally came that she was passing. And I watched it happen and I'm. You know held her hand and then was talking to the whole time she passed we knew she'd passed. And right when that happened yet. The most refreshing. Breeze. Crossed my face. Come nowhere. I had been standing in that same position for four days pretty much nonstop I never felt never felt a breeze never felt any thing. There was no there was no nobody in and out of the room I was standing there alone in this breeze crossed my face just after my mother died and I've never. You know I never thought I would get such a direct. What I consider. Piece of evidence and comfort. Then that moment it was an unbelievable experience. Well and just knowing your mom and dad and four they passed it makes you wonder if that was your multi that you're feeling was that. Your father coming to get her. Yeah why I had Tuesday night they were inseparable and I had been asking my father for several days to come on take mom because it was time and you know I like resilient mom thought you'd never sleep the volume down. I was so life and an you know I'm gonna happen to me it was so strong it wasn't you know what did I feel somebody was. So strong. And actually looked around for like a heat vent or something they just kicked on ten there was there was nothing and it was it was remarkable and and I will say it was really very very comforting and I exit treasure that moment. And that's tests an incredible experience that you had the you'll always be able to remember enough and now you share and so turn others others who might be addressed scenario and might end up having experienced similar to a zone. Yeah but it. But again thanks to Joe's we've gotten some great stuff coming up on next week tomorrow and of course is a best of program but can espouse or will join us on Monday he's a mistrial just also studied ancient history will be talking about to a lot of his resurgent thinks he's done over the course of the years and then Tuesday Charles. Reach Lama also nicknamed doctor knowledge he's the warm the largest collections on in the world fascinating facts and stories that serve as a source for his. Knowledge in the nutshell books series. In the makes you tune in on one seat who got Paige MacKenzie you tartan YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the sunshine girl series. And I were talking errors she's gonna YouTube channel which is just insane 215. Million total views seven point five million unique visitors every month. Over half a million monthly subscribers that is in this. It's crazy Gifford that guy cutie tirade I think we've talked about this suggests he's like the most watched guy on YouTube made some astronomical amount of money from all those videos being watched. Vicky I think I don't know what his numbers are but that's gonna be close I mean that's every. Pretty close I don't know extra sleep this teenager I mean you're talking videos that are being played hundreds 150 million times and so. It's it's it's crazy out there but really who has split again a big shout out Joseph coming on how you know this you have an Emmy she had overweight FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And I would costly updating it to you stations were popping up on. And also jumping to chats and I just go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lions. You can join us in Chad's agree community -- and iron their all the time talking with everybody so always on always great stuff going on chat so is a real way to be involved. Our rule everybody this is Jason javy beyond reality radio have a great night. And you need is to discuss its importance and CE Johnson and her. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page or give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got. Information you want us to follow upon or you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing getting as slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.