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Astrology - what are the messages hidden in the heavenly bodies, and how do you read them?

Apr 11, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Kenneth Bowser about his work in Sidereal Astrology. Ken discusses his methods, and his forecasts for world events as he sees written in the sky. 4/11/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. It's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson time to get this show on the road get. This week started off the right way. Regis Monday on the West Coast to Tuesday on the East Coast and if you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality radio myself Jason is Michael Stevie Johnson. And it's spend what's been a crazy. Weekend is meant a crazy crazy day yet and yet you see the news. Yeah I see bits and pieces some some nuts and stuff going on on the first off and Elmo. If if you've all seen this whole craziness with United Airlines are known as passenger by force. Because of their own stupidity over selling seat now let me ask you this isn't their slogan fly the friendly skies is that somebody else what limits you know a bit and he had a you know the amount of air miles I have especially through united has seen them go from. Decent two totally softkey back to decent and with this. I don't know but this and it's they're notorious for over selling seats. And then me but then then they ask people to you know it's. Taking a different flight for some money here and there whatever they throw a couple under bush attention here but if somebody doesn't want to. And then they serve randomly selecting people to take off a flight in and there was a Doctor Who is trying to ago. A goad to. Achieve Soros. Somewhere am I cashed a lethal and trying to get our Chicago bureau Campbell and Chicago mom but. He didn't wanna get off so they removed him fortunately I mean the guy was bleeding and written certainly got a Martha point. Yeah I saw the video as well and to I was bit of bit appalled. You know just seems like it at that point it's their responsibility to just keep upping the ante until they get the volunteers they need him in experience should be an innovative pay a thousand bucks or get somebody waits on their flight then do it that's we have to do Josh is so just let's just take four people on main handle passenger and drag him out by his arm it was just reduce. Ridiculous and if you if you guys haven't seen yet only had to do was tight in United Airlines and United Airlines in the word doctor yeah. And because this guy was a doctor hasn't. And you see the video UB mind blown where you see and also our heart goes out to the people who lost their lives in the the shootings and she's an Indian on measures at weekends and burn unit it's it's a hit again well this was. A murder suicide but this is this guy a scumbag malicious column what he has he's a scumbag. Went to a school shot his his wife who you separated when it. In a classroom in front of children. You know to kids and you're getting hit me in the crossfire 2118. Year old lost her life would show. Yes makes you wanna reach into. The after world grab this guy bring him back and killing Denton but. You know the 18 year old lost their lives lost life farm the other is in stable condition and it'll wife of course launch a wife swell and our hearts dog that's just that's insane Panama. Any time the tragedy like that is just to you know it's unspeakable horror and are our hearts do go out to the families affected and community. On the to change atop the subject a little bit and make it a little happier here we welcome everybody to the show we've got a great when sniper bringing Kenneth browser on. A little bit later he's an astrology just he's a cider real stroll just which is different though. In normal astrologers during the other kind of more have him explain the differences because there. They're two different kinds and I'm familiar with but he's been a colleague columnist. Four American astrology magazine. He created the first comprehensive course. I know western side real astrology and you'll soon publish a book on advanced predictive techniques he's also done a lot of predictions. Himself sir are we talking about some of the things that he predicts. For the coming year not to mention the fact that he'd ended up predicting no one of the few people that thought Donald Trump was gonna win in the pan. Could stomach the star said a lot of interesting predictions too that he's gotten on tomorrow we get Charles wretch plum nicknamed doctor knowledge. The largest collections in the world fascinating facts and stories that service source for his knowledge and instructional book series. So you don't wanna check and check that one out and then. Wednesday we get Paige MacKenzie. You to star in New York Times best selling author behind the successful sunshine girls series. Two seasonal and she's been on marriage and her New York Times USA today time. Let alone. It's a show I'd skip more than 250 million total views and averaged seven point five million unique visitors to tour YouTube page every month. Over 500000. Monthly subscribers. She's the real deal and she's no relation to spuds MacKenzie read release we don't think so Alaska when we have from Wednesday. Connect Thursday night we're going to be talking with Douglas Preston I'm real excited about this because the interview will discuss the search for the lost city of the monkey god. Which is somewhere in Honduras in the rain forests there there are many legends about the city I know very little actually I'll be honest and nothing about it but just the name of it intrigues me so. Yes and on the airlines or you're a big shout out to my voice javy you know alarm. My wife very private individual greatly be sore strongest people I know all there she ended up losing her father on Friday. And in our she's in she's holds together well so therefore a big shout outs tomorrow bush Chris you know New London and then. My love and you know purses well Chris and in arm that's never an easy thing to deal with them certain of that so best to you of course. Don't forget somebody FaceBook page give it a light we'd love CNET community grow and grow it's just on FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and of course stop by the web site that's for the chat remiss. They just go to beyond reality radio dot com and click the listen lions can join me online charity energy V and I are always in there as well listen I'm onto other great individuals says it's a wire while community so. C'mon over and check it out. And I yeah I I did post a thing online via the other pages via where our shows are used to get uploaded and they'd appear on the esprit correct. Well there were not there we're not doing anymore pulling it off from the sprinkler system we've got our own system in need that and exactly and we do have an android apps you can access right now you can go right to be on reality radios page and there's a one -- therefore it. Hum and the iPhone one will be out soon we're just waiting on the approvals through them so the iPhone thing will be there but you can also just download the show right from the beyond reality radio's website or do right off flies to insulin the links again are right on the main page of beyond reality radio Doug Thompson check that out. Yet there's no shortage of fun being able to go back and listen to pass shows some would like to make those available to people who. Actually coming into the show start listening and seeing him on with the guys these guys have talked about on the past and in the shows are there for you to download speaking of which. Welcome to all the great radio stations during the show cross country we appreciate you becoming part of the family. And if you're listening online we will commute to. Yes absolutely so. Are sort gonna take a quick break and we come back we will be joined to a third guest Kenneth balls are you listening Jason. NG began early reveal. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. It's. Beyond really rating chasing Stevie Johnson again thank. There were you for joining us we appreciate you being here to night as we have broadcast a semi final late night paranormal talk to everybody and tonight it's astrology. Trent now we're gonna bring in our guest. And we're talking about my lot different things is Kenneth browser and we go welcome tenets of the show. It's great to have you on me on reality radio Kenneth. So the first and we have to get sorted out here EUR specialize insider real astrology what is the difference between that and maybe what other folks might recognize as astrology. The big standard type of course go to Houston meant the world. Called tropical astrology. And it's that. And that's system ended zodiac is defined by the seasons. And it's disconnected from the stars as Kramer reference. And tight burial astrology which is the original form New York. It is reckoned from the stars themselves and is disconnected from the seat and is different reference. And how how what's the origin of these two. And they come from the same place or they just have to Nortel open. Secondary astrology. It comes out of Avalon. And tropical astrology is Greek. OK great so you started. And about what but I think it was like run 1970s when you started. Looking to does to us. Yet tell us what media interest and and and why you stuck with a sense that. And I was interested in that interpreted my horoscope and I was impressed because markets seem self. And have a junior. And so she suggested. Few books and I was off to the races. Went to it like a duck to water. And if somebody wanted to understand exactly how it worked how would you explain to him because I mean we know it's involves. The stores. But beyond that if someone really just an understand the process how would you describe it. And nobody really knows. How it works. Many people think that it's. There's a causal relationship between. The planet and what happens on the ground I think it symbolic. I did read it there's symbolic correspondents and nobody has any any site in two. What's really happy except that they make observations. About. The planet's operate. He's up 31 zone horoscope in the see things happen. Consistently is. What. One might reasonably expect and say well it's pretty remarkable and wondered that happen again and make noticed that it is. Remarkably consistent. Hey. Craft that dissident. Good Israel. Elected talk about a Dennett. Clear concise basic thing way like you might discuss an engineering problem is very difficult. Now you should use this technique and you've made a lot of predictions and I think gun there one of us. Things he did predict. Somewhat recently. Was that Donald Trump was gonna win the presidency against all odds how do you look at. Anything astrological and be able to use that information to come up with a prediction like that that they turned so good and so true. Well he. A very consistent. Predictive techniques is called solar re earned which is. Horoscope cap for the moment the sun returns to saint dished it had been born exactly second mark. And it describes just aliens features of the Burke sabres to a year. And tramps. Secretary also returned. It was exceedingly good. I've. And so extraordinarily good picked. In comparison to Hillary's. It came to media and a no brainer that that it would take it. Abbott because most people in this country reliant tropical so returns switcher. By. OK Ager different by about a day. From the secretarial or should it wasn't obvious from tropical so return it he went. And yet the site during a technique demonstrated clearly. And so like I took. That prediction Moakley out of his return. So bush does is it showing. But what's is showing when you're doing that is issuing. More power on his on his and at that time is emotional and and I'm just it just from an area that I have no knowledge of so on triumph trying to at least. Understand I dissident Lehman's. Terms towards. OK I am I not want to get. It would charge gone but I I'm afraid that the main feature back to his total return but he still hit. And it was so good. Was the mood in the solar turned to ways. In the same part of the zodiac has its Natal Jupiter. Very very close within a few minutes to mark. And exceedingly fortunate because Jupiter's. Very very good planet and the moon it has a an awful lot to do it ordinary everyday life. Suggests that there was an awful lot in the 2000. Sixteen flat seventeen birthday to birthday year. Actually in in November that would be very pleasing to. And when you. You further refinements on the solar Karen and technical. Print them. Moving the angled directing the angles to planets. You saw that on November 8. The directly handled of the solar return a quarter total return. Tried. Jupiter and Venus. Two angles and that it might be compounding it can haven't struck when you've been out. That's how it seemed clear to me that he would win because Hillary. For the first time that most people think is about right for her. Had something horrific. And so even not knowing her. Her time precisely that approximately it is clear that debt he had a strong hand and she meant needed something exceedingly good to beat it. Kidnapping of the sort. I. So that's incentive to go and you. It hit it. It's sort of it makes sense convoluted but at the moon with him called the solar return booted her solo return she's October 26. Where. Configured with pattern of the most typical planet. And so it was almost a slam dunk. I've been if you look at it in terms of tropical reckoning. Believe most western astrologers side did. He was not at all clear that. She would lose in fact virtually all of them predicted she would win. But at things looked at him effect aerial. Point of view. Is there any earlier. Yet they are there any types of so the statistics or data to determine which of these two approaches to astrology. Has the more consistent outcomes. No it's anecdotal. It. The I started out as a tropical astrologer and then met some side you're realists in the early seventies. Or just head and shoulders better than I. An extremely good interpreters. And they. Demonstrated techniques that are new to me that network clearly. Efficacious and so I wanted to know what you. And get it but that long just a few years later it had definitely had defected from the tropical captain became a confirmed secretary list. So it'd what persuaded me it was split at. The fists it's bacterial interpreter. Spoke in what is that we're clear concise and expect. And their techniques were. Mathematically sound. And they the tropical arbiters. Were much less. Rigorous tech dot. That's why we don't drifted to decider. We're talking with tennis McKenna Kenneth browser he's a site near real. Astrologer he's written a couple books one is an introduction to western so dearly astrology the other's primary directions and the horoscope of the United States. We're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna get into some of the predictions. That Kenneth has made based on the astrology. For the coming year. So if you're listening online now on more fuel superstitions can also head over to be on highly rated dot com click the listen live to join us in the online chat. Are you listening Jason TV beyond our elder. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio. On TV Johnson thank you everybody for joining us tonight our guest. Is Kenneth vows were talking about saint serial astrology and his books in the introduction to western side bureau said you're real astrology. And primary directions and the horoscope of the United States and welcome back to the show Kenneth great to have beyond. It. So are Kenneth and there's got to be some some big difference I guess even when it comes down to the zodiac chart with. With. Americans the normal Charles and that everybody's used to it and the woman you're involved in because it like I'm looking and now. I go from being a Capra corn to being a senator Darius did javy you beat don't you go from being cancer to a gym and I. I service there seems to be big differences and correct. Correct. The difference between tropical sector real reckoning right now is the 25 degrees. Took five out of six people. Who think they're cap records are really secretary is in the age of aquarius begins. Which is near accidentally. And let's hear it that struck by. Some huge object that changes are horrible orbital parameters the aquarius begins at 2376. AD. Gets sent. To unless that happens. Will continue to be. Farther along every 71 and a half years. Toward. One degree closer to the age of aquarius. The end go let's go hey just left about 21 half centuries. And this is in the in the original is is. Is there a system your involvement. The Babylonian. Took about. 700. Years to put this together entirely from observations. And they've written at the first people to develop a mathematical model. That could predict future positions of the planet. Which is considered when the greatest technical achievements and antiquity. And they were they were not dead. Likely to and that it did it without Derrick illicit economic treat it did it was charismatic make priciest. And who were. Very very impressive to historians have time to look at what they actually did. In terms of its cash and complexity. But why did this seem to go away. Eight and the tropical. Zodiac or whatever and seem to really flourish. Because once every 25800. Years tropical inside derail reckoning are coincident that sank. And so that happened at him the very end of the age of Ares. Which ran from 1955. Piece seeded to 21 AD. And the people could seem perfectly well toward the end of the age of Ares that decided it was. Rising with Ares. Or the very beginning of Ares. And Adam. The lights went out and in Europe went around. Became a backwater. And there were no good observations nobody. Where is confident about whether to measure the equinox which is extremely hard to measures nobody got it right in the engine world. Or SARS. And increasingly. The signs that agree except where everything. That their retina that are tied to the equinox has got out of sync wit this SARS that their name from. And so when the we will well under the age of crises during the first millennium. That the current era. The this is sophisticated people. And the world mostly the Arabs in the Indians when Europe became a backwater. We're reading everything Greek cricket get their hands and and when Mickey Democrat stinks that had a great masters wrote namely that there is zero Ares people's. Vernal equinox into perpetuity. They said don't take full concede that it crises rises. With the current black box right now. How we explain that. And to their great credit that because they couldn't explain it to attempting that we don't understand let's just go with the figure this out later. And it became tradition. Bit Ares and the Northern Hemisphere Vernal equinox. We're. Taken together as. Inseparable. Pair. Even though the sun was rising in. Parties on the un dead in Northern Hemisphere at equinox. For an electronics rhetoric from 221 akin to the present day. Two in the age of aquarius begins. Antoine pre 76 sentinel begin to rise in the constellation aquarius. End up before then and it's an astronomical reality that some kind of slim plant. But said the tradition commitment zero Ares equaled colonel equinox is a creek bank. That. Hey invoked because they would show that the earth had no emotion. And that. When you went to great Greek astronomer in century BC by the name of two parkas. Compile the start cattle and and I compared it against an earlier one pound bike creek it was about a 115 years older he noticed that the positions of the stars. We're all different by about two degrees between his. Second century BC. A catalog and the older. And he said oh my god the stars have some motion. That you can't see except a very long period of time. We have to. Have an absolute standards it is going to move into we but he knows that Europe has no emotion you know they didn't acknowledge rotation revolution. I think it will the only thing that is not going to change our the F oxygen solstice as. And which is which is how big reckon their calendar. There's civil calendars so they pick press added to services said Cyril area equal to Vernal equinox for ever. But at. Was not true. Even for that time. But the simple we're gonna do that is. To give ourselves an absolute standard. And so slowly because gear it actually does have many emotions. Three. Because the situation that the equinox staged very slowly but so slowly. That it was very hard to say we're going to honest actually were not good instruments. And without the knowledge of the geo centric vs Helio centric universe situations. And it wasn't until. Accurately. Copernicus. And sixteenth century that people were able to I'd realize that. DSL system is Helio centric they were the church was killing people for thought crimes who claimed otherwise. It was a really understood until it's nicknamed them seventeenth century did it was proven. That the belief system is to leave center. Now why is and there's no respect for why was this. So important. Why did to me why does that matter to them. Mainly because. But the problem. Had a lot to do with the calendar. He had the most important date in christendom was falling into winter. Stay. Julian calendar is. I think it's eleven minutes and 28 seconds longer than me true length of the year. And so every. A 128 years there was an extra day added to. Hundreds of society didn't actually traverse. So that led the Vernal equinox which happened on March 10 or march 11 by the time of the Gregorian reform. 1582. And so Easter the most important thing christendom was falling into winter and the church is very much wanted that to be associated with spring. And also screwed up the zodiac situation. Badly. So addictive combination of Eid tradition that are Aries people per equinox. Not being true and not and people not wanting to acknowledge that. And the fact that they had the Julian calendar. Was compounding. Everything that church went to emphasize. So in other words it was more. In the main reason it was really cared about was because the church wanted to make sure they can manipulate it. It's things for free Easter and things things of that nature. That's broadly true or not. Not precisely true but that's generally yet. So I've a question you know who every people who have any interest in astrology or even if it's casual interest. And they know their sign and they know what personality traits come with those that signed. But when you have a difference between. Say jury only tropical. Definitions of what you're signed might be does do that to the her personality traits and characteristics of those astrological signs stay the same. Now if it's that. It's very different for example. Dick Cheney. Bush's vice president. Is. Is a tropical aquarium. But he's not a humanitarian or some kind of advanced thinking liberal guy in the tropical cap you decide aerial Capra corn. And all of the that trade characteristic get compounded. Between tropical incendiary. Obama for example. Tropical Leo better I'd gentle sweet sight serial accurate and the guy. It. That this secretary him so hard. And a good deal it will Bolivian president is in Siberia secretary which which would make. Whichever of you in I don't know if it's Che beer chaser. Which. Reputed to Jason net. Actually Jason Anderson this is Jason and and she's also here to that I and the one whose mind I would go from minute cap corn to us secretary us. Right it makes you more refined. Almost in some ways. A bit of an aristocrat. And it would refined sensibilities it it's much more fortunate in general this is not considered then Capra corn. Capped require insert. Are harder people. You would be more of that a gentleman and it. A sweet natured purse. Then most Capra corn dark. And I give you know Ronald Reagan and Dick Cheney is as examples of what Capra corn is really about. But their but tropical aquarium and yet they're extremely conservative and the fact that carries much more liberal broad minded open minded and inclined to entertain even outrageous things. Okay are already a week. We had to take a quick break him we come back from what I think we've got a lot more questions for you listen Jason did he. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the four. Force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Turner. It's beyond my alienating chasing GP 2000 receipts were. 46877669. Later in the program will be able to take some halls are talking whether -- guest ninety eight's Kenneth the browser and you and I are getting quite an education and astrology because it's it's a pretty complicated. Art form I don't know what Kenneth what logical is it an art form is that the science where would you classify this. Yes I think they're probably right. But we talking about kind of the differences between. You know that the the so dear real and that tropical. Definitions for each of the signs and why are the same number of signs in each is he each of the two. Brothers and so I heard something recently about another sign that was being introduced a thirteenth sign or something is that is that something that. Then. I debated for a long time it in the country better if you could. Which is. Approximately where scorpio is and that it is a bit of an argument for because it. More of OK okay it is on the eclectic and scorpio is the eclectic his. Center of the zodiac. And in the Babylonian included. Stars smoked Bewkes. In manner. Pantheon sort of stake it would never considered that I've spent zodiac. And so you couldn't. You know when you're gonna value in Harsco if you look very carefully at stars that are. Prominent on her ride or in meridian the horoscope and sometimes he'll get some stars who have Bewkes but you don't. Attribute that something special to puke this progress in those particular stars. And the point win that big twelve is that this is really a frame of reference because that it does zodiac. The actual constellations are not precisely thirty degrees and extent. And I yet this site Gerri at times are. But they corresponded something it's fixed. That'd. The proper motion of the stars is for the most part so exceedingly small. Bit to zodiac. Mostly looks just like it did during remote antiquity. Because that. The prop motion mode most stars is a thousand. Or maybe too so I'll consider the second of arc per year. And seven back going and there are some stars that are very close. Like Bernard freight train Bernard start that is so close and had a huge proper motion but most of them are so exceedingly far away that. They are as a practical matter. Sick and take hundreds of thousands of years to move one degree. From the vantage point of the year so even though they're not absolutely fixed. It's it's sort of a false equivalents. To say that disputed glacier. And interstellar speed so tired are really. Equivalent argument cannot. Because as a practical matter the stars are in fact six even though if you want to split hairs. Say they do little but that they moved so exceedingly slow either. You know what degree of movement and a thousand or 2000. Centuries is essentially. No effect. Right. Right about this this this this is a short segment we've got here's whom have a little more than a minute left before we have to go back to break and we come back we're gonna talk about some of Europe. Predictions for the coming year but I wanted to ask you. Based on the title of your book an introduction to western said cereal astrology I'm assuming this is something that anybody can mark. Oh I agree. Just like any subject to. Some people are going to have a greater aptitude for it and others if if you apply yourself and I you can let it. Great OK we're talking with Kenneth browser by the way TV web site is western. Side serial astrology dot com you can visit to that website get more information about Kenneth and his books we also have the books on the beyond reality radio website discard the guest page and there's information about tennis their plus links directly to the books. It just go. Young rally radio dot com click to guest Lincoln's. And passed through pass gas solve our formations or Terry to pull it out. He can also find all their books and easy if you haven't yet again and head over to FaceBook dot com like the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page are constantly updating it. With news stations that were appearance there were showing up on every weekend the list is growing and growing for not in your area yet. Most likely will be soon war starring in writing stations every two weeks ago. It's just a great men big Westwood One community. Yeah it's awesome so we'll be back with that tennis and a little bit we're gonna talk of estimates predictions. And it's beyond reality radio Jason and JB again the telephone numbers 8446877669. Will be taken some of your phone calls later in the program beyond reality raid Jason it. Radio suggested late night paranormal talk. Jason wants to be Johnson so happy to be here tonight. Yes Monday in the West Coast Tuesday in the east coaster stuck somewhere between welcome the general literati with myself Jason Allison my cohost Jamie Johnson you've got a great show tonight we're going to be bringing Kenneth browser and he's an astrologer. He specializes. In the cider real. Say Deere real excuse me discipline vs the tropical we're gonna talk about that he's got a couple great books and introduction. To western. I said Muriel astrology and primary directions and the horoscope of the United States will be talking about all that when we bring Kenneth and in just a little bit. And then the rest of the week we've got to tomorrow is Charles rich Baum and nicknamed doctor knowledge she's don't want the largest collections in the world a fascinating facts and stories to serve as a source for his knowledge in a nutshell books hitters. Some issue tuna on that now when Syria Paige MacKenzie YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the sunshine girls series. And ignored she's an American from today's show in New York Times you name it YouTube channel boasts more than 250 million. Fuse average seven point five million unique visitors per month and more than 500000. Monthly subscribers. In Thursday menu and you're set off Thursday night in. I'm excited to talk to Douglas Preston on Thursday night. Will be talking about the search for the lost city of the monkey god which is hidden somewhere by the legend tells us anyway inept and they Honduran rainforest. I don't know much about the city but whenever you say lost city in include monkey god in the title it's going to be something I'm really interested in the. It's got to be awesome yes Chrysler even paying attention to the news. Just a little bit in our country depresses me wants on. Lowell came with Al talking then added we had talked earlier about port I didn't dried off and United Airlines planes mark on stuff that's been going on bottom and Warner Bros. is actually now being sued for 900 million dollars to prove that ghosts exist does that work. Well I don't. And a Pat Perez and we've been trying to prove liberal on our Brothers behind me conjured film franchise and the lawsuit and it is based on wall it's based on mystery that's according to a Warner Bros. studios. There's this whole thing is going company lawsuit against them says pretty much from ghosts exist. Authored author Gerald brutal wrote a book called the demon knowledge just 1980 and based on events described by Lorraine Warren. Two self proclaimed colonel rescue that we talked a lot about the Warren's on this and how. Things have been embellished and controversial. Stories have been changed in the warrants always come out here is you know they were the people contacted and they were the ones who did this sent. And none of that's true. But the Warren's supposedly they promised every well the warns promised every claim they shared with brittle as true console to minute exclusive agreement on the stories that he used in his book. The conjuring covers much of the same territory which brutal season is a violation of an agreement. Now this is an uncommon I've javy you and I talked about this well I've heard that. The warrants Alex hold their rights to numerous individuals throughout the years and just crazy I don't know how that goes by. So he's claiming that it's a violation of their agreement more Warner Bros. Racism is countered by claiming that what happened to the warns counts as historical and thus fair use. Bernal has essentially and respond to events story Israel than Warner Bros. has just shown some ghost which I think is just idiotic but. Whatever but the Hollywood reporter shared details case is written by liberals attorney. Com and when moraine warn credit to the defendants the right. To use the Lawrence case files which the defendants themselves repeatedly stated a state their movies are based on. She could have not done so because years earlier she had agreed soon the use the same cases. Will be sold the same cases to. Journal Brett. So not sure how this whole thing is going and I think this whole lawsuit. 900 million dollar lawsuit towards war Warner Bros. super probably also. Should be directed towards marine Warren singer she's the only one. Survive to have a deal. But. He claims that it's very credibly that a large glamorous such as Warner Bros. with the army of lawyers who specializes in intellectual property rights. And deals. Would not have found the demon colleges book or the deals related to a or comparable for that matter he says the only logical conclusions at the studio renewable towards agreement with him but just assume that they would never get caught. And they did now prettals suing them for 900 million dollars which is just slightly more than in the movie actually made 886. Million. Some well. Well thank. All what I think is that that the warrants and their story is full of fun interesting twists and turns Jeff and controversy and holes and so something like this doesn't necessarily surprised me. That'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Well and I guess that I've just I've heard the news throughout the years of being able in the field that this person has. This person has bought the rights in this in this person's bolt writes from patent. System so I don't humbug. On the plant if it meant and I've never I've never sold any of the rights they had enough any of my investigations anybody can stand this how about that put. Now audio. All right well mom I'd I have just one quick thing I wanna bring up because we like to we'd like to keep an iron on current events or relate to the top is we're talking about. And there's an Italian man who was finally granted a divorce and I don't know if you know anybody's familiar with the history of divorce in Italy but it was a legal to get a divorce for up until very very recently and now it's. In get them but it's a little more difficult this man was. Actually granted a divorce because his wife. Had exhibited inexplicable behavior. Including fits stiffening in other unusual phenomenon that this is was presented to a more on court in Milan Italy. And her husband said this was all doing too we do not demonic possession. She had her sister as well as a priest and a monk confirm the strange behaviors. Testified that this particular woman who was a devout Catholic. Had at one point actually knocked over church pew and hurled it. Toward the altar was only one hand showing found in a superhuman strength basically. Witnesses have claimed to see her levitate. So the mole on court said they couldn't. See any illness because they had doctors and psychiatrists examiner they could not they could find no apparent illness so they had to grant the divorce based on tomorrow. Possession put isn't it time where your wife needs you the most we can act. This guy may have had a miserable and I mean it just seems like that's a time where you really step up to replace if you if you like if I set a beer threw it into it and the board to moniker you know he's. Israel has just horrible vision and that one now because she's possessed I mean the focus is based on cents. Well more or more quick thing have you heard about the living tombstone. Nobody sounds creepy just saying that. I did this outlook I can I think it's neat though on. So. Visiting a graver cemetery can be a creepy experience as we on the L. But there are about to become a little more guest bizarre interesting depends on how you want to look at it. Base to this Slovenia and company has gone digital after created a virtual way to mourn. With the new 48 inch interactive gravestone. You heard that I don't know from Mike Tyson just nod your diet related. The weather proof in vandal proof screens can show pictures video and other digital contents about the deceased. So there are even plans for Smartphone app. To allow audio to be streamed to your device rather than installing speakers at the green side. This Milan storm and a professor of computing at the university more par. Who worked to create the tombstone says tombstones make it possible put anything next to deceased person's name concerning. You can write entire novel if you like you can put pictures or film there. We intend to bring the sound to earphones. Connected to a mobile phone running the gap. That way visitors will be able solicited videos displayed in street. So I can have like 260. Episode goes what's the point. Playing over ever sat in the cemetery. Cemetery the catastrophe which can you imagine walking into a cemetery at midnight and you've got you know 300 screens all showing different stuff to just be bizarre. Yeah you really strange it would be darkening mare I guess it's true it's Spokane yes it's true. I take a break when we come back we've got Kenneth bows are joining us he is an astrologer he's also an author he's got a couple books out one is an introduction to western. So do your real astrology in the other's primary directions. The in the horoscope of the United States will be talk. With tennis when we come back it's beyond reality. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Hell yeah yeah taxing. South Park episodes who have been there for treatment of Jackson's pretty funny stuff and you only. Part ever washed a swarm the area to disprove Hamas. And Osiris some good stuff there welcome back to beyond reality radio would Jason and javy and we're gonna bring our guest in Kenneth browser Kenneth is an astrologer. And he's written a couple books one is an introduction to western say serial astrology and another is primary directions in the horoscope for the United States he also the website. It's called western decider see dear real astrology dot com and again Kenneth. Thanks much for being with us tonight. I'm talk a little bit about some of your projections because there herb I don't know what you call them and an author consider predictions are or. What you read when you when you when you study the astrology but you've made some pretty interesting. Observations that you. Kind of look at 2017 is so I've been some of the tumultuous year. What are you seeing and what to what should we be looking for. Well. I think the main issue for the year is that. Dumb companies looking at some really serious very very serious issues raptor red actors birthday. And manager and especially July an act I'm pretty confidently can help. And I think it'll precipitate. Some. Very serious. Issues in the financial community. And possibly even worldwide. Because just told return. It is. Is of very unfortunate one. Also accidents negative. Very negative and plates to. The main. Area of that negativity relates to. His. Is moot. If enablement. And the moon Minnesota return to boast. Involved with domestic plants. And generally the mother has everything to do with the body. The sun is that. Is the life force but the physical vehicle. If she'd step is is the moon. And weapon. The mood is. Compromised by being an association when it the typical plant especially Saturn Mars. And that can. People very consistently. Suffering and help send his. His situation is so bad that I expect something to happen. That said. Pretty much the end the opted. What he experienced last year in November that it sent. A position he can't really. Get out of Italy. At which has happened. Whatever to do was my pickle orientation I'm leftist senator and I wasn't thrilled to see him win but in under a lot of people who really market. And this has it cannot would have made a prediction who's going to win if I were. Swayed by in my own political bias to the extent that it would. Colored my interpretation in what's. Coming up for him on his birthday in June 14 it is. Pretty much the opposite. What he had last year which was victory and with what's coming up match up is. I don't think. So much at a political. Defeat don't really hasn't been doing well. But haven't sent it relates to his person. I don't think that he'll be old. I think something bad is it may it. Incapacitate. Him. And that a lot of pool will be very period. I tickled and I do about it. Well you hold the of course you know killed because that that I think that would trade pure chaos in this country there would. There's enough divide between everybody right now that I think that would just Kurdish. Oh my gosh I go I couldn't imagine the chaos in which a model that Tom. I think very different not. Upside upsides symbolism. Do. Infer from mad that he to separate the load so to speak. But it is not. But it did not determine is weaker. It's series cannot sit back to 25 amendment would be invoked. So do we have any comparison from another presidency within recent history that says that president. Was suffering from the same astrological conditions. And did he so firm the same kind of disaster shocked as he hit it right so that was the time that it happened okay. All right I'm we you've also talked about some natural disasters wouldn't he see that in the future as well. I'd I do. I think that. Think there are heating up on on both cuts. And concerned about it. I'm also concerned that they have. New men Madrid. Fault and that southeastern. Most part of Missouri. World. Be a row those two or disturbed again by. Significant seismic activity credit first time on any significant scale since Cantwell. And I news. I'm persuaded about some of the Indian legends and read about that say that the great spirit stops on the earth every. Couple centuries. So apparently at that Terri has been lit up before. But the most. Intense. Earthquakes in the history of the republic. Border in 1811 and 1812. Around the area. No matter at Missouri. They regret 500 quakes between December regional minister February 1812. And it. You know there's no richter scale richter scale didn't come on line computer at five but according to a number Cali. It would damage you can infer. That they. That director value of the had the biggest three. Of those quakes in December 18 11 January and February 18 twelve. We're bigger than anything that has been experienced to date since 1710 accept and I think that that area is going to be lit up again soon possibly induced by. Track and none to very far away in Oklahoma. And that both both coasts. Are primed to get that hit terribly hard specialists and. We have to Celeste lesson and therefore we have to jump to break again how far it into the future and you see events based on what you're looking at in the astrology. Well as far as you wanna go a bit so the problem is too. So she gate the the symbolism live. Specific. Events. I've looked at. Earthquakes. Since 1977. Investigated. All the big wins. Backed it in. 79 AT. And you'd begin to see patterns that. Are very very compelling. And. Aaron will just what they hold it. Yeah all right so just elaborate there we have to take this sort of break it stuck. And hard breaks so I you listen Jason did. Student tax hurtle through numbers 8446877669. We're talking about astrology tonight Jamie. Yes we are learning a lot. Don't yeah its special specially to feel that I knew very little about so we're talking with Kenneth bows and a training and our discount. Yeah you're quite welcome thank you have. Yeah we're talking about some some predictions and some forecasts. That you made in the talking about in relation should be talked a little bit about the political climate. We talk Russian natural disasters and if you wanna pick up more on that and I know you also had some months and things in the financial markets he might want to talk about. Astrologers are respondents. Predicting doom and gloom and a tight trying. To. Not go there as as well but the situation that this year is quite exceptional. And I expect serious problems especially in the summer. That aren't are not going to be quickly resolved. And it's. Well some some series' biggest market slumped. Since 2009 every time the market has had picked that guy the losses of very quickly then make good. And. The market is very very long in the tooth and there are. I combinations. In play now. That. A very similar to the panic of 1837. It is 7319071929. I've been making I think it's really hard to let to a Floyd. Something that is. Out of the ordinary with respect to. Mark to act. Hello I'm. The commitment. That would happen this summer. And will not for the first time since 2000 might not be made. He could quickly. So it's it's a matter of some considerable. Time. Concern and then overbought market in most people recognize is. Somewhat inflated new. You made it he made the comment in in discussing this that the that an astrology is kind of noted noted for the doom and gloom aspect does it ever offer the other side of the coin you ever get to see. I mean I remember I suppose maybe the election you know Donald Trump's good days or whatever the heck was that was I guess good news for him but is it always doom and gloom. Now the when Jupiter and your greatest get involved with each other. Good target especially like stack and Jupiter has been optioned uranium for some time. The and that the 15%. Rise in the market since November has been primarily due to Jupiter opposite Arenas but it's. It is something that. Last. Throughout the entire year coached that that combination will. Being able to overrule everything. That the main problem is that. Pluto very revolutionary planet is square. That position have turned him in the United States chart. And Saturn is opposite positions marks. In the US chart throughout this year. And those things were going on in 1929. It's it's rare. To have but who does happening at same time. And then Democrat defects that. Really to Saturn and Neptune and together they are that would have been. Triggers in 1929 that are in play. And the very same march 29 situation is in place this summer. And that that's from an astrological proposed perspectives. Now om and. See you rely on what Garrett. Professional. Financial people are our brokers who are. Saying you know almost always the it ties that. Guys tournament. Almost went into the market has gone up but I pretty content yeah yet from from the very very serious. Countered. If it doesn't come back quickly for example. In 1929. The market lost. Edit bottom in July an opportunity. At the end in 1932 it it lost. I'm more than 90% of its September 3 1929. Value which was to market Heinemann. And he didn't get back to that figure until 1950s the war and I'm not saying that. Would what's coming is tempting as bad as that but I think it will be on the order 2008 or worse. You know well something to be quite cautious about I've got we've got about a minute left here for you can we appreciate you being nine. Just give us a quick idea of where people can find your books we've we've talked about your website. Western. This site serial astrology dot com where else can people find information about your. Are they can get my book on Amazon. And if that's where it almost all of them are sold. So you can just. Google that title and it it will come up on Amazon Hillary combined direct from the American federation astrologers publisher. And you do consultations is well. I'm pretty moderate to write cancel to do us have kids and that can be found on your website. Information yet the western side serial astrology. That's great thanks so much for joining us can pleasure having on the show. Particularly. Our rights are winner take a break. We've got more we come back it's beyond me. Johnson and remember that guy achieve their email listen to about a week ago told that today's doctor and yet to drugs he had a guy. He's who's doing some project that he was really excited about and wanted to share with us dollar and so on these acts on the phone announcement we have a sweep you know one of promotional. Doctor Dan this is Jason JB here and be unreal rate agree to have you on the shelf. Well great to be here great to talk about the via. So tell us some of dose of it yourself and your project what's going on. Well as you know I am I am a part of the group of dedicated investigators have crickets species. And we are focused on crook is so what animals monster beat. And basically you know I'm glad it has reached. You're here in Georgia Tech. Researcher on the sorry so what have you been researching and what's the project that you were so excited to tell us about. Well. What we really want to melt down or you know out they have all these shows that. They're finding bigfoot or their hunting break for children like that and we thought we finally solve that mystery well. Finally wolf finally solve it. And I took it upon myself. And let Dick head researcher at the final. Nail bigfoot. So so what was the plan hundred you do this. Well at camp out basically how much supplies I was a pitching at camp every night. Obama. But I camp out and I actually stumbled upon. An entire. Village of bigfoot. Real yields arts deeper in the ozark mountain. It was just me an entire family of the peace. I spent several weeks. Watching them monitoring them every activity around it all down and iPad. Two would do well. Overtime. I eventually saw the mighty mystery of these peace. Relying witnessed them communicate to each other what like one timer every time alert mail would say come oh. Oh group would go into the cat. What would do you hear what was. In the regulatory have been set we sent a ball O is so low you they have a cabin these bigfoot creatures have a cabin. Creators are not like what you've now. Them the many rumors have told us there actually they actually are quite civilized surprisingly there at Cabot. And I was surprised about it sophistication about. Even though there are quite area mallet. Missing most of their T. I I almost about myself. Understanding how they cocked and done a lot of times they repeat these cavity and had a court shot. And that and they they had this strange habit of cricket from jug. Which were which state college China. China shine like moonshine. Well I'm not sure I mean. I'm just I am a doctor but I don't I didn't want it I don't wanna bailed too much of this Downey's great now these are just period from what I've file. But let me tell you. They actually invited me to sit with them. And that shine. It is incredible. I saw things that I never thought what possible from the human mind. Take that like peer GAAP. And I'll be honest with you but feel very comfortable with you two gentlemen. Almost the point where I've elected to depend ordeal. I feel that that shine actually make time travel possible. I had a few sips and the next thing nine milk two days have passed. I was checking on my iPad every day just the nature and yes time and then he'd advance without now. While that's a pretty powerful statement I mean it's really something are now. Are so you think. These big foot and aliens are well India you know Jay that there's a there's been more recent series talking about an ailing connection to bigfoot so this doesn't surprise me totally. But what what may well gives you that idea Dr. Dre. Wac play Iowa time. And the next morning. I know I would probe. Who proved. There and only as you know and aliens do. Yeah we it was uncomfortable and I'm assuming. Well I'm mayor I can I yeah I mean I can't sit anymore. So close report that it would McIntyre. Phone interview up stand it. So I mean this really could prove some kind of link between alien and bigfoot. Phenomenon. Yeah absolutely. And that's at the date there have to be some connection. I mean I don't believe it was that bigfoot that did this. However the next day the mail this speech is that one the 19 nicknamed global. Couple. BI took me back into the crowd and it struck. You struck me when I instruct. Yes yes that the bigfoot species I don't know if anybody it's out and greet their all right discovered they really love all shabby. And I keep Obama for a vote part of yards from the courts in the cabinet they have. They didn't seem to like four Q much they really really really love talking about it shabby home. You're saying that big foot is a ship the buyer should be driver. Well. It really speaks for it may be wearing clues and. Coveralls marshland. They're very hairy animal very very very very Bally well honestly some of the warmer. Creatures I have ever met in my life. Oh how Jen this this study you know what you've got to do finish it. Well I'd like gotten to people want to I had tried and like in Star Trek I didn't set out to back the art culture. I knew it was time to get out and but I felt a kinship creatures. I never met before especially the large. He communicate to me that he loved me. Deeply as a friend. They have worked for this chair. And top what what he said. That I was his G I who I knew that I had reached. Certain kinship that it is unquestionable but Jane Goodall and the eight. And I just really ordered a share this that bigfoot. They want you all to be there be options. And technically you we've already taken to survive you. Well doctor I think it was fabulous and she called an insured that would this using the. Thank you so much and if you guys ever want a common pitch a tent what may in the woods will go camping and may records show you my friends but the big foot I would be that would be a pleasure to. Okay not. Thank you very much you have a great night now part we'll be right back with our guest after this is beyond reality radio Jason Jason. I. We sure he wishes come true. Now they can we still wish it HD. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wish you HD along for the ride. They buy Pampers back and now I'm getting ground thank you which city Steve mark. Who wish to be HD use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real planes and grant your wish not just did normal. I needed money and fast. I just use my wish today's. Seven chase victory again thank you issued a state. They're crap go we'd see each deep guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. Welcome back into the show. While. That he can't displeasure I mean or not I'm not gonna bother to get any camping supplies are not going anywhere near those woods with that guy is shared that's gonna happen. It and it's mount here in the woods with doctor dale and droll thanks definitely they actually call for her from my doctor drugs that are yeah I think he's a little confused though I think tournament and you know he's our moral -- killed and others that I don't think he was -- tell I didn't and know. That the big shadow. Two tend bowels are for coming on talking to us tonight I knew nothing about a stroke yeah items on its new to me too and really follow horoscopes or any of that stuff from. You know I know the names that's about it yeah and well. So. It definitely each sing tomorrow we're going to be talked to a Charles rich Baum nicknamed doctor knowledge and one of the main things are recovering he spoke. One of the largest collections in the world a fascinating facts stories and he uses them as a source first knowledge and and knowledge in a nutshell books years. Some issue tuned for that can be great show. And then Wednesday we get Paige MacKenzie YouTube star in New York Times best selling author of sunshine girls senators and I'd you know many of you have probably seen her YouTube page or whatever she's. Our YouTube videos have over 250 million views. Over seven point five million unique monthly visitors and more than 500000. Monthly subscribers. Impressive stuff positions and serious numbers no relations spuds McKenzie. And you only deathly basketball players I mean as you know and that is presented Douglas Preston we've been talking about this when two. This interview will focus on the search for the lost city of the monkey guy. I don't know who the monkey god is and I don't know what the lost city is gonna make just find out it's somewhere but according to legend in the Honduran rainforest so it sounds like starter in the jungle book now I'm just a little confused here they go guy they're just called their doctor Dan drove the truck bomb was he hit it close this group. Directors. Dedicate dedicated investigators. A scripted species yet okay and he was he was that he was Dicks had. Yeah I operation editors here operational guy well I mean I just you know if he's gonna do more studies I hope we we get an opportunity to hear from him because some. I'm him I'm just curious at this point and can't pretend that concern defeat if he's doing more studies. All what he's starting. I think it'd be parent and now own and among them nervous about all of that but I am I'm also curious it was slightly better than. When. All and I you know Imus Carol Bartz received. I don't know I know that there are middle of some serious projects there. Girl I'm sure we'll hear from no wonder if this person does so protect. Well. They were close to getting him I think getting in under way been launching zone than a minute insurance members of what ports status we had there. That has to have have bust this look at delta apparel and see if we need him back on it and it. So that's true that's Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and just remember that every Friday is a best of episode so you can always tune in there if you. I haven't yet he can and over FaceBook dot com slash beyond rarely do radio make shield like the page. Who we have a brand new foot injury that he can get right from beyond reality radio dot com the iPhone apple will be available soon reduce waiting for a final rule on. And yet so like to FaceBook page and if you listen on any secrecy issues we are around. Head over to be on reality radio dot com click the listen live join us and shed some light pale this we're Rosen they're taking questions for guests and and its disagree community can make fun of each other so good stuff in there. Apps or who make children not to renew it but I Larry Ellison Jason Giambi on reality radio I'm. Everybody agreed to jemaah. And real ingredients produced by slick video ignorance includes music and Alexandria Johnson. Enter Conrad. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality real email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.