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Buffy the Vampire Slayers meets Veronica Mars and what do you get? The Sunshine Girls series of YouTube videos and books...

Apr 13, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Actress, Author Paige McKenzie about her role in the development and the popularization of the Sunshine Girl series. Starting as a series of YouTube videos and becoming 3 best-selling books, and soon a TV show, these paranormal-themed shows are quickly becoming a phenomenon. 4/13/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Our priorities you know Ray Allen and when you chase wants Jimmy Johnson so when you have everybody along with us we've got a great show lined up for you welcome wherever you are. But he you it's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday in the East Coast and if you're stuck somewhere between welcomed beyond reality radio myself Jason cosmic co host GB Johnson. We do we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Paige MacKenzie. YouTube star New York Times best selling author behind the sunshine girls series. And I reception in the mountain earlier and it did you check similar to. I did I took a look at them mom I read through some of the stuff it's pretty cool stuff it's on its it was kind of described as Buffy the Vampire Slayer mutes. Veronica and somebody who stands kind of mystery yet. Buffy as stated it's kind of cool. It is one within and it's one of those things will be in as a simple girl and her haunted house story has really grown into a multi whether soda network. Now covering stories are zombies dose task watch and more so I hope he has a list goes on and on. Product to Mars and it's considered to be you know in new age kind of approach for young adults. Sounds really cool are making excellent seem to have kind of an X-Files twist to an all the different types of a phenomenon. And that option vital Weinstein com that's pretty big that's huge yes huge asset power them years ago to new York and that's just a monstrous Compaq company and you or it was and originally what Dimension Films or whatever I think that's through his attorney in sultan to script and that tomorrow -- we're talking with Douglas Preston and pretty talking about the lost city of the monkey god and on current rain forest. You know anytime you talk about looking for lost cities in reinforced my ears perked up immunity to Indiana Jones and he's left he source animal CR monkeys. Terrifying terrifying thing excellent cast I don't know what it is but scare it scares the heck. I need to know who the monkey god is I need to know who built the city and where might be in the new and I should go look forward at some point if he can't find a humanizing you know the case I am not. Walking hanging out in the Honduran rain forest with. With my contacts mosquitoes illegally why we don't like air conditioned cars that are kind of a I don't think so it's you that's part of. Reinforce an armed with it through everything you should Elena of course every Friday is the best of show and then Monday we're going to be talking with. Terrell croft from Terrell. 03 dot com. Lead researcher for the project black star investigations. And system inching surf with a. That should be really cool as well you know I just wanna take a second and go back to our program last night. Talking about all those really really cool sex with with Charles rich plume of some awesome awesome fact thinking about that stuff all day if you if you if you did get a chance to hear last night's program go to the website and up played downloaded from their be on reality radio dot com because it was really cool stuff would probably. Might be the best of for the week and pressure will be rendered side plate that was a good went and there was some really interesting facts that. But he represented that down mean just to do just it just crazy stuff. Well there were it's funny because I found myself this morning. On set marriage to a team a website looking up. It's just strange facts and nobody else chat I definitely need our South Dakota are two different states because they couldn't agree on where capital should be. I'd be really ready to write it you know they cut back do you remember we've briefed prior to syndication we had big item numbers name from Ripley's museum. Yes and he taught they did a lot of the same thing and in Ripley's believe it or not was little more of the oddities stuff then just strange sex but they also had a lot of strange stuff that the kind of film of the same the same category. Ohio and a EO undergo some of the fame has some of the things you see you gotta wonder if there. If there actually true Tom Kite or Hal was Aaliyah aren't so here's one. During the Cold War USA considered air dropping. Enormous condoms labeled medium into USSR to demoralize them against them. A superior or an arm. You know if anything was gonna democratized. You guys as well imagine no men. Don't like gosh what. You know to say that I know you know one of the things that we should go left folks knows later in the program on we've had a couple. Things that have happened while we head of that caller. Doctor drops dandruff and structure get in who's who was handed a little expedition of his own looking for bigfoot. We had a lot of people emailing asking us some about that and I think the from the messengers later in the program we can we get slick Eddie to pull that from the route from the files there McCann played again. I think I think that'd be great if you haven't yet. I know a lot of people are wondering also what's going on with the one of these apps. I know life at beginning endless emails on that Tom we as of April for us we were all of the spree Kara. And the main reason is Adams breakers are greats of the great men who bunch of people there and everything else but. We honest with you we were spending money every here quite a bit of money to keep the gap going com. More right now we're we're designing new app you can go to beyond reality radio dot com's web site. If using android and download the new app great read from there is a links there are on the iPhone version will be ready soon we're just waiting for it to be approved. And DC you'd be able to download and listen all Pashos from there. But also just down the show from ma mu go to iTunes and subscribe to it can just download the show for their dose of favor rated because it helps push shall forward. But yes so just I just want everybody to know because they have seen so many emails of people just wondering what was going on what that. The other there have been a lot of questions and as we've made these transitions and we started when Jason I started doing this program over a year ago. We Iran now most of platform we started on there that are zero you know Xena would Stew we start you know we don't send them until we try it a lot of talk. Blog it was just an ordinary the audio quality that we now and Xena we kept on crashing right because they probably a lot of people tuning in live. And and barker didn't have equality. And then asp reeker we usually connected to assess and we start working together on that and it was great system yeah well that worked really really well but it during each of these transmission transitions of the and there's been changes to the gaps in her new apps or replace an app so. You know as we get settled here with Westwood in the inner calm group of radio stations we should be all you know nice and settled for these apps. But if you haven't yet may issue head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page are constantly updating that with new information. And if you're listening on many agree stations we are across the country also. At some point try to join us line during the show just go to the beyond reality radio website you can click the listen why you don't have to listen that showed there like she'd like to. But that also connects you into an online chat that javy and I are always in as well as just an incredible community of individuals that are in the always hang out as well so Kamal over make some new friends and hang out. So we knew we talked about him for the show sir we lost dom and Murphy's brother yes Charlie Murphy and a human did you watch Dave Chappelle show. The I did a little bit not a lot. And it was funny stuff. Yeah he was on that and he hit his a comedian as well Charlie Murphy comedian brother to Eddie Murphy died on Wednesday morning following a battle leukemia. He was 57 years old Charlie's manager confirmed the news noting that he had been undergoing chemotherapy he died and university hospital. You are born Brooklyn 9059 Charlie don't wanna become an actor comedian legislators brother. So it was he was she was good use grieves funny guy I enjoyed caution stuff especially in addition polls show. And and you're gonna be messed. Yet you know it's it's always it's always sad when we have to talk about these things people we've watched terrorism put entertain us whether it's musically York. Two comedy you're acting or whatever happens to be and you know we didn't lose until it was difficult. Well speaking at that there's a quick story wanted to bring up here and I'm a few heard about this experts have developed a new gum designed to determine whether or not a patient has cancer. That's that's pretty amazing it is really works this really is wild. A Biotech company volatile analysis on nonprofit Hudson alpha hold. All non profit Hudson alpha delta chewing gum can be made available soon as next year marking a huge change in cancer detection. The Alabama based firm says the gum content and sect pancreatic lung and breast cancer. So that's that's just incredible but for those are also low three of their worst. You know and a leading cause then as patients chew the gum it absorbs chemical pump compounds known as volatile. On a person's saliva. What's the pace in his shoes chew the gum for fifteen minutes can be sent away for analysis to discover the gum contains chemicals produced by the body when a person has cancer. Doctors command tell what type of cancer is present as the determining which chemical compounds haven't found. So from. But it goes on Katharine. As Moore president and CEO of volatile analysis said different volatile organic compounds are unique to each had a cancer. Technically the gum concentrates on those volatile. Each diseases different chemicals in the Kamal Kamal through your breath. So on become strong enough to to withstand being chewed for fifteen minutes and being tested. And scientists are hopeful that the gun could eliminate the need for blood and urine tests which are commonly used to detect cancer. So right now it's in their in the testing stage and that is just that's incredible. Honestly yeah we're just gonna be terrifying you're chewing gum and he sent it out and you're waiting for the results switchers are just terrified. Situation by. Mean just being able to do that. Well you know one to tell you you opened the stored just so you know case of you open the store for this conversation so we're I'm about to go with this conversation don't blame me all right district but it Abraham I don't. Well I'd seen those one of the most intrusive and uncomfortable cancer tests is of course a colonoscopy. And special and you don't hear what your Tommy your doctor had like. I it's a technicality has set multiple appointments and are on a foregone. When I just see those ads on television for some new mail in tennis that she can take instead. I don't remember the name of it but it's I guess my point is nice to see this technology progressing. And I've always you know thought some day we're gonna be at the appointment of the original Star Trek where they just that little scan over your body make you figure out everything that was wrong field. That would be that would be incredible and of course you hope that we can get to that point. That's where that's where. Science and technology really come in handy. And I think it will really benefit the community for an adult machines kills. Click this world that we're headed there anyway. It's so sad it's just that I've got some actually a medical stories to the we'll talk about later in the program. Burma for the phone numbers 84468776. X nine as we've got time leader. In this program tonight Tom we elect have opened an open line thing we might actually has some things giveaway and you know just and stuff like that. But again yeah looked looked out of it to get a chance about this new gunman is. It's going to be I'll soon foreign helping detect cancerous and that's just an incredible story and a so hope to see that that ultra in the near future are so we're gonna take a quick break and indeed you have a story from. I'm not gonna do it now but what I am gonna do it in honor of Eddie Murphy's brother. Passing. I'm in a play Eddie Murphy's only hit songs. I noticed that she'd do relics party yes and we'll use that has bumper music it's beyond reality radio Jason in TV don't go. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. So it's beyond really really chasing home. Jimmie Johnson's so good we'll have everybody along we did add a nice station in in Colorado jade this week come great to have more. Color reduces them to consider joining us and she's. It's like a third station on Colorado and welcome KSK eighty Fort Collins, Colorado to be unreality real Stanley now here in Denver Colorado in Fort Collins, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cans. A thousand questions still left some Ulster California unit or wherever everywhere what the flu. We can't we spread and spread and spread. But it's good everybody along thanks for listening if you're you're listening on a local radio station as we said before we sure to check out to chat room the website it is for page all that stuff it's it's well worth the trip. Yes and also just like FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio let's put our guest in the program tonight we're talking with Paige MacKenzie. I she's the YouTube star any New York Times best selling author behind the enormously successful she sunshine girl series. In 2010. To sixteen years old she teamed up with producer nick Hagan and her mother who's an actress in cities rose. And then to an epic. The series of paranormal seemed videos which soon had millions of fans. Page welcomed me on reality radio great to have you on the show tonight. Thanks for coming on it's it's our pleasure. So before we get talking about the sunshine girl series and there's plenty to talk about there we need to know a little bit about you and sadly this is going to be very short said he had about two minutes. Tell us about yourself. And I can park. Now. And AA. Really act to carry you. I. Know. I backed up M I live and I can't. I get up took it. And I have it at an amateur app. He did you do that only authorities strategists say you know and had left Yemen and have more super ego and IG get into what you're doing we know your mom's an actress says that it started. Now are all here and violent and think I. She actually mean now I am not like it in the all at me and I thought it. The puck in real life here in earth and another matter mother daughter and the president of the idea independent and that Tehran. I can't. But it like I have another daughter patented. Not a employees definitely chose the right topic in the right time especially since I started the show ghost hunters and 2000 force of 2010 was. Pretty much early peek of everything so in the paranormal really exploded there were a million other shows topping what we did in kernel is everywhere so I think you were perforated read at the perfect time. Oh. Well a job well on our take a break when we come back we'll really get into in the new degree were talking with Paige MacKenzie. We're talking about her successful series it's the sunshine girl series it's beyond reality radio Jason javy. Yes and if our phone numbers 8446877669. In the stroll freely 446877669. Listen Jason did. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio Jason Lewis Jimmy Johnson and guest tonight is. Paige MacKenzie. YouTube star New York Times best best spoke an author actress I she's behind the as successful sunshine girls series. And there were so happy to have page on the program with a snipe page. So again we were talking about you. Went well what point because you're still look very young at what point did you. Aside. That. Venturing into YouTube series was the thing you wanted to do. Yeah outlet that I hit iPad. And at that yeah. That regret it and I. I think it's stupid. And that the ball and buried there and couldn't. That is applicable video and a couple Martin and power outlet out. An outlet. But now. It has. Gotten here candidates and it happens. Well what made you guys think of doing paranormal themed videos. And I'm not very liked strict mechanic nearly as exciting as you know like it. And brainstorming session in the and that god at your life. Torre was born that our search YouTube and and act out and patent and start our first video. Turkey and with and they're not all that kind of thing. What little light. But not account. Okay he delegates said in 2010. Was viewed it was perfect timing especially for paranormal because. You know my show in my showed actually been awfully six years in the paranormal really mainstream at that point. And he saw all these networks actually starting to trade their own paranormal tape shows as well so it just seems that was like the perfect John Mara. Soon to really get out there and at that point. People are looking and then air or ballot and every. Account that we can that we are not all went batted like thirty Earl and. Carolina little Angel and let's that's me yeah I'm I feel. It was a thirty year old bald men and so that that's exactly like fumes now. That. So you know what things it's very very exciting and is in some way scary for a lot of folks too is this whole transition of media and entertainment from. Or used to originally a couple of major networks providing all the entertainment we would see on TV and the radio for that matter. And it defuse a little bit into a whole bunch of cable channels and now we're talking about. With the YouTube and maybe even Netflix and other streaming services I'm really opening the universe. Is that what you're trying to capitalize capitalize on here is that is that part of the formula. But it would get done and I'll let it get. Something happens. I don't ever I am. Turn out everything you cannot. Do it at all I ever gonna cut. At. And it per accessible. It's hard not to like that and that night for him. I've got to ask you this isn't a good business month. It. Is producing programming for YouTube a good business model it is I'd just very curious. I. Can't hear that at bat at. Night. OK very good to know. The inspiration for the sunshine girl series tell me for so it was that your concept there was the collaboration with though with your group or how did it come about. That ballot he used to and I have always been incredibly collaborative. Al-Qaeda. Had input in every part. Everything. But at. The act al-Qaeda. I'll bet that everybody's brain. And what part of your brain did you put into this where you are responsible for the of the types of the paranormal. Contents it's that included in this series or was that somebody else in the group. I'm really responsible for it spent time at any means I mean. I I you know what a great accurately and they. Well out of town like. Query airman and. Even so tell us how this how this progressed east you YouTube Butte we can up the idea you've created some videos they received very well see created a lot more videos but it's gone a lot further in that hasn't it. Lots and edit I know. Alan why it happened or watch it you know people from everywhere watching. So our our our top. Eight Californians are in and accept. It Gary to eat it in the way that it was you know not get my grandma watching our whenever. Out at. We're out. And down. That would put this story lines in the different creatures like I wanna get into talking about the one of the episodes are feature not exactly sure it was because the hunt for black eyed kids. Or did that come from. I. Kind of match. I mean obviously a lot of places but it quite popular on our plan and where big. Portland and character that talent week I don't want it and that was. Really relevant here. Went out and about an attempt. Urban legend end at. Well especially the black eyed kids as such and such a creepy topic in it has been talked to was talking with. We've covered numerous times on the show because there's a lot of misinformation on some some people are out there and talk about how. This is just a fad has started in the ninety's but truly if you Trace back the origin. And there's been cases of these black eyed individuals appearing sense and back all the talk quite a roaming days. And they also talk about other types of things with watchers who watchers of the woods and so forth that would just appear. And and shall open your door one day so it's a topic that people find terrifying. Eric I married we've read about it at every surgeon. To rent it. Kerry. Was not really excited about that I didn't read it and I are part ally now. Now you have you always been a fan of the paranormal coast on things. Apparently around pressure patterns. Take real personal experiences. Equity and it cracks out but not like Egypt and eat at believe it or not and it early and are out that well. Ultimately about the time just don't let your boat I'll hurt that. European around it at cal weren't ready earth wind and then he. Are on. At and I got cut or. An experience that pat I definitely. I just take you back to the black eyed kids think for a second because you said that it's kind of an urban legend around Portland what are the stories around Portland that involve black eyed kids do you remember any of those. It definitely. That there are needed. To do it by talking. And tighter in their car get a high and out. And it's very in this commenting on the union's door during rainstorms escaping command he's a phone that you use the bathroom. Yeah knocking on your car car window asking if they if they get a ride. All those were things seem to. Beat them the minute you let them in his win of course chaos breaks ago. Don't let the men. So in reading some of the descriptions about what you're trying to do with the sunshine girl series the word adore workable ness president per dork who we had a good two workable missiles the word. That's used to describe it I mean it's kind of a combination of two words to tell us what you meant by that. I'm. And I adore. Action to put it lightly act. Not a very. Now. How to word it while I. I did not expect that the dark on but now at 8 o'clock I got my. And I did very. Aren't normal. And without that cup and come up that. I'll. You know put the prime. You know make it sound cooler. And some what you've done a pretty good job we're gonna take a break from a combat organs more specifics about the series. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy our guest tonight is Paige MacKenzie. She's the star of the YouTube series and New York Times best selling author behind in enormously successful sunshine girl series. And they'll continue talking about that you won't come back Narnia were to take quick break you listened Jason Giambi. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and -- and is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Yeah it's beyond reality radio it's GC JD your telephone receipts. 446877669. Again hello to everybody in our chat room if you're. Listening on radio station trying to figure what we're talking about when we see chat rooms go to the website beyond real under review dot com did just click the listen live and you can join me online chat you can either even if we if we don't air in as I'm stationed in your area you can also listen right there off the web site so. Yes you do that you have plenty of options for short a we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow night Douglas Preston will join us and we will be talking about his search. The velocity the monkey gods somewhere and her Honduran rain forest does does the legend of the lost city of the monkey god we're gonna learn all about that and the quest to find it. Sesame and listening in and every Friday is the best of summation you tune in check out the show the Monday we've got Terrell crossed. From Terrell 03 dot com the lead researcher for the project black star investigations. And they cover seismic patterns are magnetic magnetic migrations analysts goes on and on some some great shows coming up we actually just got I contacted by a good friend of mine. James Von Prague is you know while you might now he's the executive producer behind Ghost Whisperer and everything very talented. Psychic it's been out refereed volume for John Edwards popped up on missing intern I've I've done Larry King in the view and everything when James and we're gonna have him on the show real soon as well so this should be great. Yeah I'm looking forward to getting among its and a great show we have that opportunity but he psychics and he knows what it become Carty told we wish you just tell us abilities in the restaurant gets right in America that answer eight but we also a great show tonight we're talking with Paige MacKenzie. She's a YouTube star and New York Times bestselling author behind the enormously successful sunshine girls series. On and we're talking about the show and page I just have to. Let's look kind of pull this altogether here give us the basically the synopsis of what. The sunshine girls series news. So. Be it can be attached to get me. Now and then and so be it. But to Larry and all that out and not being more. Like he went on a regular. 00 or not. Urged him since on an attic now. I'm a lot of creators. Kept up seeing it I like other cool people equaled that out that in his view. And this search for let and it. Have your epic series at and amp. Then I hit it about how it. Well there originally our. Girls are all here on out kind of figuring out. How did you like that. So what kind of shows did you research though four. For information on him and stuff when it came down to and to your show. Well. I'm in it now I. Am out of it. Random pick out west and how hot it is. Out of it and equal pay at least I injured. Like Iraq hurt our wet dirt out. What kind of I outlay and then at the but it just. I think and ticket fictional Al Al everything. Got. His. Realized widgets. Apart right kind of error in Israel and on that and not a fictional of course. A lot about not really bike or eight paranormal or in. Now I've seen a description of the show that says it is a kind of a meeting of Buffy the bit vampire Slater Slater and Veronica Mars not don't know who Veronica Mars is so maybe even after. I also know who that is inimical tot will talk about how the two come together with the a year character. Sorry I do not. I know I'm sad I'm I'm very chamber right now is 'cause we're we're old bald men and their season to declare Obama chose her. I ever met me. Or you know I'm not. A good. Think he went for it it didn't he added that kind of tactic. Having it count on it and it acting. And then. Etiquette is expected echo that. Comment but it more don't girl paranormal activity in outlet or girls. See you're talking about all these the this shows that handled the Gilmore Girls are my doors in my daughter's not a I'm not a. And I see that there's probably like yeah. I. So I'm very familiar with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer because they do a lot of horror conventions and that shows pretty popular amongst horror fan so even though it is a bit camping intentionally campy so is. Was that a real inspiration for what you're doing. Not. Apparently and well I don't want I received that they. Obviously it. It looked kind of epic. Extra. And there's been several actresses opposed played Buffy where there was on TV or in the movies student Burr of feel like any of them provided an inspiration for. How did and I think. Yeah I agree that our current. I. It is soared to say now we're gonna have to take a break here in just a minute but he. How many episodes did you say are already on YouTube's of the century girl series. Now. That's a lot episodes now what's the length of each and they do they all average about the same length or they just very. And that is usually between. That there's no. Longer act like. That DO one it can I'll. My own candidates a lot of that's a lot of work and how often do you filming messed. And it at. An act that. What we. And hungry children you're editing it yourself. It. That's great. Are we're gonna break more we bring you back we're gonna talk more about how the transformed into books and what's coming up in the future for the sunshine girl series gen narrate. Yeah yes so again I reported to also from the phones the numbers 84468776698446877669. You listen Jason G. Taken on TV Johnson's so great to have everybody along tonight checked. Yes absolutely Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday in the east Joseph stuck somewhere in between what can be unreal later you with myself Jason caused my cohost Jeannie Johnson. Yeah I'm excited to be here tonight. They're excited beer. That's true I am excited to be here tonight but tonight we're going to be talking to Paige MacKenzie she's the starving YouTube show called that the sunshine girl series they'll whole bunch summits are normal based. It's kind of a combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Chance. Veronica Mars and it sounds really cool. Yeah it's great and and then top it all she's back down by the Weinstein Co. I mean that's that's just incredulous he's wondering if there. Tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Douglas Preston. The interviews mailing and focus on the lost city of the monkey god in the Honduran rainforest. On every Friday is a best of show so make she tune and checked out Al. And then come Monday we're going to be talking with Terrell crossed Terrell is you can check out from Terrell 03 dot com lead researcher for the project to black star investigations. And they cover they identify key patterns seismic patterns are magnetic North Pole migration patterns and the list goes on and on. Yes some great stuff coming up on the show for sure. Don't forget to stop by the web site is beyond reality radio dot com that's -- find the chat room you can also find information about our guests there. And the FaceBook page it's just beyond reality radio many good FaceBook like that for a share with friends who like to have people join that community gives his chance to communicate outside the show. Yes and if you listening on nine any of the green solutions we are on across the US that lists costly grosso a lot. Mean she knew he likes that. On because we're costly updating you with the news stations were crowding out upon every week we have a couple of news stations so why can over there like the FaceBook dot com slash B unreal to radio and also head over to beyond really radio dot com at some point if you're listening on the station's. Include tools and life in jail and join us in the online check governments always say it's just agree community people on and I think you'll be very happy. New things do we talk about on the show is when we can and if there's some pretty interesting him advances in technology particularly medical technology we like to chat about it a little bit. Well. There is a producer of basically pig food whether it's bacon or pork chop sort of a heck LC get from the pig called Smithfield Foods it's the largest. Pig production. Company for consumption in the world. They are in in the United States that they actually just recently were purchased by or least controlled by a Chinese company called W each group limited. Well they've decided they're gonna spin off another company that is going to take them. Parts of the paid better half staff periods processed Exxon and I know I did more the more I start talking about this some more I think maybe I shouldn't have but they're gonna they're gonna take the parts that are used for consumption. And they are going to it's used those parts in medical. Development to produce. Products whether it's organs or other types of theirs plasmas blood products is other things they can come from a pig that can help. In in curing or treating human disease. Room. And apparently a lot of these products. There have just been thrown away up until now on the really menus for anything productive but. This company feels as though they can news take them and use them in the laboratory. Research with them but also immediately start using them to woods to advance medical science. Well I think that's a that's a great great thing actually the stuff they're doing their work will you tell me about not too long Goldman the used to spinach leaf for something. I telling you this behavior I don't know I don't remain different at we visitor refreshed. Well as who should have but this looks like it's gonna be really really a promising there are some meat so many similarities between. Pig DNA and human DNA which now makes you feel really bad when you you want to protect our calls. And this company called Smithfield bioscience group will use these. By products to create things like they Mary do victory a drug called heparin Aaron and it is a human blood thinner that helps prevent clotting. And that already comes from. Actually a membrane in pig intestine that other able used to produce that product so. It there's a lot of promise for this you know only could could produce organs that can replace a diseased human organs when necessary and you know it's another breakthrough medical science. And I think it's while none on another note if you are interested in space and all the self and we seem to be doing up there NASA is to reveal and new discoveries and a news conference. On. Oceans beyond earth. This is tomorrow tomorrow at 2 PM so make sure you check it out hang 12 I arm. Yeah where NASA is. Will discuss news results about ocean worlds in our solar system for the agency. The agency's Cassini spacecraft from the Hubble space telescope during a news briefing tomorrow at 2 PM. The event to be held. In the James Webb auditorium at NASA's headquarters in Washington. And they believe that pretty much cinema talking about and you oceans and Wilson in space which they believed to possibly. Support life I mean horrible fine oceans on another planet Cherie. There are beaming as it. Do you think I mean we we read this stuff we talk about the stuff almost every night in the program it just seems to be so miraculous and so. You know progressing so quickly do you think it's always been that way we're just pay more attention to an hour do you think we're making leaps. And bounds progress in things like SpaceX brought exploration medical sciences and things. I think technology wise it didn't they say every year it's. Well we're expanding from three times. The speed with technology. So. We don't claim making these huge advancements. That is must be doing all the genetic crashed UFOs or able to dissect. Maybe that's where the talent is coming from a knows that to be the tie him right there. You know it's pretty interesting that doughnuts and rich really really encouraging to to you know see these advances and know that there should hope on the horizon for a lot of these things. Spent how incredible especially when lake earlier we're talking about that gum that his has been designed by the company. To help figure out if somebody has cancer and if they do what kind and that and they wanna have that on the market by next year sesame music. Yeah it is it is quite amazing. Right so let's stick break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Paige MacKenzie again choosing YouTube star and a New York Times best selling author behind the enormously successful sunshine girl series will talk with her. And there's a lot more coming up on the program don't forget the telephone numbers 84468776969. We'll take some months some. Maybe some open mind calls later in the program for your time and maybe give away a couple teacher physically it's. Are you listening Jason JB. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. My. Chasing us and GP Johnson pretender when you want. Trying to phone numbers 8446877669. Just be clear we're not giving away anything yet. We're in a moment phone calls humans don't thinking we were giving some anyway we're gonna try to get some subway later in the program but not right now are at the moment. Idea is story there will lessen some silly fact questions in Syria. To Israel wants done in North America yes we'll have some prominent. But. We what we are doing is talking to our guests to Paige MacKenzie who is a YouTube star and a New York Times best selling author. She's behind the enormously successful sunshine girls series which is a a series of paranormal themed videos. But it didn't stop it video's page he had turned into books and it. That there wouldn't count. How do you make that transition from producing as you describe your three or four minute videos come with a character. To actually writing full length books. It harder at it is not. Not at an early EP act in that I had caught and. And these huge collaborative team often meant them and then it appropriately. Enjoyable rhetoric. He said the third one was just released. OK so yeah so the first to how long they've been out. Aren't they speak it and about your. As I don't want any airport that would hurt. Okay and I mean you must have a pretty good sense of how they're being received knew what the you know what the market is his first who is really finding them. You know most entertaining well what's the what's the audience. And it's their alma. Great article I respect. Their next. I got audience health I have quiet you know. Teenager and an adult but it also. There are up and reading about well. So it's pretty much it's emissaries it's for all ages and beaten into an. I something to enjoy out of. Exactly. When there's books there's Austen movies to follow what's happening on that front. We've ever had originally been out and incumbent Patrick. Ballot into each week I start. Oh very cool tech so this is the names of the three books if I've got them right are the haunting. Of right the haunting of the awakening on. I. Hunting of sunshine girl be awakening of sunshine girl on the sacrifice of sunshine girl. We've had some people in the chat room asking about tell you again that the YouTube channel on how to find it. What's the best way for them find you to do every user area Aaron it's funny because you have the same name as a professional signal golf player as well also if he when you when you look at James suffered comes up. I actually had a bit. You blackboard bird like my day this beats it. It instead he got that YouTube. It really didn't do well I think that that anger now and all of that doesn't come up on eight and later on. You can't obviously I am in great and I got everything out pretty easy but it definitely QB. On that part. So gauged on how did you first off how did you connector with the Weinstein Co. I came about because of the black. I would approach I hear it hit right at about and I I YouTube app which is kind of come here at all on what you have army being cool I YouTube and not. And private person I decided not real I wanted to go out I don't think. As fairly and hands at a. I'll. And how well we can't let the first pre actors and a ten. He spent about. And that policy is and got a proper and the white company. That I that would let. A bit about him that they edit and that and then they did it. We'll and then I think that that's a key thing decelerated you do you don't think that's usually the cool you're doing. And but that's the fact of the matter is just like with the show ghost hunters into the neutral I had been offered to do a show numerous times. To say it helped out and everything from MTV's fears scariest place on earth functional steer a scary stories fox kids. But I always work behind the scenes and I it was offered shows numerous times and turned them down. The fact of the matter is Iowa sat back and thought. On Angel who who's gonna find what I do interesting angle and I investigate claims of haunt things looking to try to disprove them. And and that was gonna find an instinct and I ended up doing in New York Times article which had helped Al New York Times numerous times prior. But this one came out on home on Halloween day we are able to deep uncle haunting as a medication issue and know it went to went viral so again the option the opportunity was there. To create the TV show writes I didn't finally decided if I didn't to a somebody else is going to. And Howard ER percent the field so I stepped up and did it thinking that it would only last you know 678. Episodes maxed. And then we're now and we're looking at twelve years where I ran the show airing at a 140 countries and the fact of the matter is I never thought anybody would find what I did interest and and him and so it's sort of a big thing when it came on your end as well. My understanding is that. I didn't. Strip and sent them that I'm sure you. That every parent company is very excited about it and it. So. Yeah. But how are you enjoying the author aspects I diver and a bunch of books as well in the New York Times best selling author of Britain a total of six books arm. And it's it's a day it's a different world it's really hard to try to put down a lot of times. These these things that you can do video as you can duels of the stuff but didn't try to write it out is holder polls are learning curve. Very strange I am in or out. Greens are. And and eating an army. Are in the literary world player out publishing added her. Amazing pick up our air America and and there are. The women are especially. Great. Oh I I agree with that a 100% just because. Where a guy I've done books with little little brown had done books with. Jean Stein whose husband is are all signed from goose bombs and and the fact of the matter is females are deathly such a strong presence in the literary world. Com and in endeavoring to do it's such a phenomenal job which. I have to be honest do all the years in all six books and I've ever written. I think I've only dealt with one male. Ever out of out of all those all the books all those companies as well. On in in that in that aspect when women are very embedded in the and they do such a phenomenal job in in that arena. You really do it's crazy. I. Think well I like that I haven't the end. All funny and out. And the intimate. And very you know dominated. Yeah and our morals phenomenal he's actually he's sensed he sends me books and kid's an irony in his voice and on. That their house many times and it did just incredible people in the most down to earth individuals you'd never believe. A guy who sold as many as many books as he has. Who would just be just an ordinary everyday guys just in just fund the around town ought to be a father. Are gonna take a break and when we come back mullah wolf we'll finish of our conversation with Paige MacKenzie. Are you listening to be on reality radio Jason and javy would love to hear your stories tonight we'd open of some phone lines a little bit later in the program the numbers eat for four. 6877669. Don't be shy give us a call we're gonna see Americans and stuff away to has been like doing that here who want the best stuff. Aren't so it was. JP great everybody along our guest tonight is Paige MacKenzie were talking about her YouTube series and her books all part of the sunshine girl series of stories and features. And are you two series you guys get a check in our targets got over 250 million total Hughes averaged seven point five million unique visitors per month. In maintains almost 600000. Monthly subscribers are. Just incredible set up yet page again thanks for being with us for so long were gonna bring now play actually the trailer for haunting of sunshine girls that's okay with few. Yeah okay let's put this trailer gives you government is sensed. Of what it's about and then now we'll bring page back to regale. I never believed in ghosts until. I was content. And then nine I believe in demons. Until I thought one. But now I know. It doesn't know what I. So that was a trailer for Huntington sunshine girl and to are our guest Paige MacKenzie. Ms. Part of the originating team of the YouTube series and ultimately the books. And I think there was tense all non SO enhanced direct comer station TV series coming out went. Hopefully he'd like. How is that there that I got an outcome Eric at dark now and. Robert pack LLP. I'll read it. So I know that the as sunshine girl series is you know obviously major. Part of your life and probably very time consuming but any other projects on the works for you. I. Constantly. Have other things in the works and they're not that I'm really. We act in a project. Which happen. To me that it. Pretty and it. They're Egypt cannot you want to see that at. What exactly happened but not necessarily. You got that are Paramount box. Right and once again give the folks around the best way they can find out more information about a the YouTube series indeed the books and anything else you've got going on. It just on the girl and I invite that of course playing on a girl works. And that I. And you can pipe that's pretty much. While target for iron and caught. Then I know all. Powell accurate or. A lot of late now app and definitely your local bookstore. All right terrific pick page thanks so much for joining us tonight. It's fascinating talk you best of luck and all the projects and no we look for missing some great things from the sunshine girl series. Thank you. All right so let's take a break when we come back we're gonna do a whole bunch neat stuff infected each day. Well we've had people talking about time that call we had from doctor drew us. Yeah I'll play that a we get a week I guess it's with the need to grab it out of the archives earlier so we're government after feature that into some of the stuff. I didn't end with Syria when we come back we'll take a couple calls and you know I wanna ask questions deceived people even get some of these who he's got some facts so I'm not true facts on your facts. Give us a call and let's see if she can get it right and did so well. Sue we can do from there won't such it was a software you'll soon little phone numbers it 446877669. And 8446877669. US and Jason yeah. On a reality radio taste. Johnson has deuce we're talking about earlier in the program. We caller. Monroe which it was cup my target again and there you can draw Russia yet. And he I'm not really short and a doctor he is but he told us that he was sound taken upon himself to go out and try to study and interact with and learn about the community. Of bigfoot Chara and apparently he thought he had some success we have spent. A different take on it may be but. A lot of you and asking about that discussion that phone call and probably good idea to to played again and so anybody who missed it have a chance to to hear what it was about. And then they can understand better what will be talking about. Barry in real quick before you do that. I missed confusing everybody earlier guests but are so. Give us a call and I'm gonna ask you a question I want to do tell me if it's real or not. Right here lemon and help of this young listeners so. We want you to call an 8446877669. We're gonna give you a series of facts. While some will be sacks and one will not be a factor one like to be fake and if you pick the fake one if you figure out which ones are fake and we're gonna give somebody why Arabs so. Tell you when something so again numbers 84468776698446877669. And SOA are the senate yes -- here's the doctor trust. A phone call from earlier in the week beyond reality radio welcome back to be on reality radio Jason Hawes -- Johnson and remember that guy he. Doctor Dan this is Jason JB here on the unreal rate agree to have you on the show. Well great to be here great to talk about the via. So tell us some of dose of it yourself and your project what's going on. Well as you know I am I am a part of the group of dedicated investigators have scripted species. And we focus on crook is so animals monster beat. And basically you know I've had their pedigree. You're here in Georgia Tech. Researcher on the sorry so what if you've been researching and what's the project that you were so excited to tell us about. Well. What we really want to melt down or you know out they have all these shows are. They're finding bigfoot or their hunting break from there to learn like that we thought we finally solve that mystery well. Finally wolf finally solve it. And I took it upon myself. As that Dick head researcher at the finally. Nailed big foot. So so what was the plan and how did you do this. Well I can't doubt they put out like supplies are with the pitching at camp every night. Obama. But I camp out and I actually stumbled upon. An entire. Village of big foot. Real yields arts deep in the ozark mountain. It was just me an entire family of the peace. I spent several weeks. Watching them monitoring them ever activity around it all down and do you would do well. Overtime. I eventually saw the mighty mystery of these peace. Relying witnessed them communicate to each other what like one time every time alert right now would say come model. Old group would go into the cap. What would do you hear what was. In new going to happen this a recent. Poll was so we'll be they have a cabin these bigfoot creatures have a cabin. Traders are not like what you know. Them the many rumors have told us they're actually they actually are quite civilized surprisingly that Cabot. And I was surprised about it sophistication about. Even though there are quite area mallet. Missing most of their T. I I almost about myself. Understanding how they cocked and done a lot of times they repeat these cavity and had a court job. And that and they they had this strange habit of drinking from jug. Which were which state college shine. Shine shine like moonshine. Well I'm not sure I mean. I am just I am a doctor but I don't I didn't want it. I don't wanna you know too much of this Downey's great now these are just period from what I've file. But let me tell you. They actually invited me to sit with them. And that shine. It is incredible. Saw things that I never thought what possible. And the human mind. It take it like peer GAAP. And I'll be honest with you but feel very comfortable with the acute element. Almost a point where I feel like that pitted and ordeal. I feel that that shine actually make time travel possible. I had a few sips and the next thing I'm milk to date surpassed. Palace checking on my iPad every day just the nature and yes time and then he'd advance without now. While that's a pretty powerful statement I mean that's really something I. So you think. These big clips and aliens are rounding out you know. But what what may well gives you that idea Dr. Dre. Or are they are a long time. And the next morning. I know I would probe. Who proved. There and only as you know and aliens do. Yeah who's uncomfortable and I'm assuming. Well I'm there I can I yeah I mean I can't sit anymore. Look I worked out there in this entire. Phone interview standard. So I mean this really could prove some kind of link between alien and bigfoot. Phenomenon. Absolutely. And that's at the date there has to be some connection I mean I don't believe it was that big foot that did this. However the next day the male of the species that won the 19 nicknamed Kamal. Couple. He got to pay back into the ground and it struck. This truck anyway instruct. Yes yes that the bigfoot species I don't know if anybody it's about a greet their all right discovered they really love all the shipping. And I keep Obama for a vote are those yards are the courts in the happened that they have. They didn't seem to like forts too much they really really really love talking about the chablis well. You're saying that big foot is a ship he buyer should be driver. Well. It really speaks for May be wearing clues. Coveralls marshland. They're very hairy animal very very very very Bally well honestly a little warmer creatures I have ever met in my life. How Jen this this study were no logic behind you finish it. Well I'd like gotten to people on site at the tried and like in Star Trek I didn't set out to back the art culture. I knew it was time to get out and but I felt a kinship creatures. I never met before especially the large. He communicate to me that he loved me. Deeply as a friend. They have a work for disturbed because she and dog or what he said. That I was is the capture. I who I knew that I had reached. Certain kinship that it is not a question votes like Jane Goodall and the eight. And I just really wanted to share this that bigfoot. They want you all to be therapy options. And technically you you've already do you describe him. Well doctor I think it was fabulous and she called an insured that would this using the. Thank you so much and if you guys ever want a common pitch a tent with may have awards that will go camping and maybe I could show you my friend. But the big foot that would be that would be a pleasure to. Okay now how. Thank you very much you have Christ so that was that with the that was the did doctor Chandra some phone call from earlier in the week Jack. Yeah and critical yet okay so quickly go to our phones as we don't have as much times we thought we're going to have a really do a little game here. Kind of pay in honor of our guests last night Charles Richard bloom on who has as the book amazing facts were at. Throw on a couple facts maybe three or so. And we're gonna bring Jonathan from New York a listener in New York onto the program and Jonathan. You gonna try to tell us which of the three fax is actually speak in media that. Got ice or project but are right some and Regis three sold see the first one. In 2010. A man from Arizona sold an air guitar on eBay for five dollars and fifty cents. In claimed it was once used it at a job I'd Bon Jovi concert okay. Another one in Soviet Russia prisoners used to get tattoos of Lenin and Stalin. Because guards were ordered not to shoot at images of national leaders. And third. In ash or Kentucky it is illegal for you to own more than two dogs. Right Jonathan which of those do you think his fake. I'd be certain. The third on indeed darkest Kentucky it's illegal to own more than two dunks. You know you're correct a nice job. So. Yeah so on before when we hang out don't go anywhere is gonna need to get some information from you on Bhutto's I don't think we have enough time to take another call sadly so Jonathan did you I see here you may have had to go story tell us. Yeah. It's a little weird but from how else do it GAAP elect a while ago. Young 360. Yeah sure boatload sleeping and I have a cat Soviet did. That came on but. And I turned around that it and then there was an catches in the summer houses. It just felt he had no bed go down and it was weird like there's. I just turned away. Had actually moved by my bed and the next night it was weird because I got woken up again. I like old crackling like come woman. Moment knowing I don't know what ones. And to those news strange but that's about it. Location did you experience anything like that up until that point it was at all that are all happened just a one time. Or won twice excellent. Yeah but nothing nothing prior to that Zelikow who asthma chronic. Aren't required. I don't know like com deep regret it it it it. I doubt reminds of like this like. Make this stuff well. Your -- our lines can deftly manifest things so but thanks to stay on the line is we gotta get your information yet dark on who don't gonna zones or get a shout to Paige MacKenzie for coming on tonight and you know we'll do we'll do that again tomorrow night will give some shirts away so make she tune into beyond reality radio tomorrow night we're talking about lost city of the monkey. Harry listen to Jason NG the Ambien really reveal catch. It's to discuss its in its CG Johnson and how many. Don't forget to stop by her FaceBook page and give us a light and say hello and it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow Obama. Or you want to be Gaston beyond reality radio and email to swing getting a that's slick any ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.