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The Lost City of the Monkey God - a 500 year old legend that becomes more reality than anyone thought was possible.

Apr 14, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with author Douglas Preston about his adventures and his most recent book - The Lost City of the Monkey God. Preston has traveled extensively in search of lost and mythical places and has written of his findings throughout his career. Our discussion highlights some of those adventures. 4/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. It's. Beyond the hill and bring you chasing balloons. Cheney Johnson welcome to everyone so good to have everybody along with us tonight this Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and if you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality radio with myself Jason dollars and my co host GV Johnson who you know you know those craft Coke commercials run talk like this. You know within has been a conflict I was telling you talking all dirty. Don't know dirty instance you know not unity sound sorrow in order now pathetic crooked and like to call him a writer Colin journal or morning I was thinking about doing the motion also that way we think they should do like this. I'm the and have to answer that at what you've got a great show I don't know how to answer that harmonized at a low hum. Excited are freaky creeped out on day one or the other probably creeped out. We got a great show lined up for everybody tonight we're gonna of. Be talking with Douglas Preston he is an author. Who has experienced a lot are really interesting stuff in his most recent book is called the lost city or the search for velocity the monkey god. Which is a legend it's 500 year old legend about a city of gold basically that somewhere hidden in the Honduran rainforest which. Is basically the dentist rainforest on the planet are one of the dances anyway on because there were Mobley tango and blow somebody's there. But no but. All he knows that he actually went on an expedition looking for this mythical city and some pretty cool stuff happened so. They'll tell us about that plus some of his other. Exploration. And exploits a lot of really cool stuff Douglas Preston tonight. Yes oh definitely good show and then tomorrow I'm not marvel tomorrow's the best set of Friday every Friday as investors show. The Monday we've got Terrell crossed on the lead researcher for the project lack Starr investigation. And so makes you tune in on the island. I'm would do which had to go to. You know I am I was run and all over the place just can take care of business and most feel like I'm on my trying to catch up get things done. Yeah all right guys didn't but it's not thought it was known in England I washed trainer today when I watched a train wreck today. Does that mean an action is a street that you figuratively and literally right objection it's tough it's tough to say hello all I don't stay here Ryan duels idiots. I know its stock subprime deals videos you know we've talked about on this program bomb Ryan from of course which you CC while he was a friend of mine for many many years but even before parable statement yesterday you know and all bunch US a bunch you're talking about the videos online. And a lot of people he only did the did Blake three life bespoke studios yesterday. Com and a lot of people. In there are saying that. It appears that he's under the influence. Of some you know eat some drug and yeah that's right it's rough you know I wish him the best. And he was a great guy who warn younger and everything else even before the karma stated I don't know what's happened I do wish him the best but. Somebody really needs to step down and help him because. Yeah it's just hard there's too many people around him that are more enabling an assistant in a and I think it's horrible. I'm not gonna jump to conclusions I will agree with the that it was very bizarre. And somebody you're right somebody needs to help the man thumb but the fact that he did it mr. strange altogether. What a casual videos and he opened himself up for. Attack because he's he's been somewhat down or me if you're gonna do videos is not the have to be on your guests. In aircraft putt. You really shouldn't be on your worst well you should have a plan to how you can handle tough questions especially when you've done. Some of the things that he's been accused of doing thumb and we know while there's there's lot of substance to that and in those video. He said he wasn't gonna causing got to respond to those he wasn't you know it you're just. Which I think that's one of the main things you really should respond to an imam a people who who've lost part and money. And it's as justice appeared on the ever get a pack but it looks of it even now for years for a long time he's been saying he he'll. The main economic upon them just bizarre stuff and you know you need to see anybody. Fall to those kind of lows but I just want people to be careful because he's today again trying to sell things you know sell autograph books sold sold different things. And I think it's it's a dangerous situation expressly with just months ago his mother doing that post on FaceBook about not I'm not sending any money Ryan. For the reasons at all for two reasons are obvious. And I'm. It in it but now he's here he legacy showed up to a convention. Even though mostly in New York City. With rod generous for a while we're wanted to get around but dom. And then yeah and now he's he's trying to sorry I don't know if you saw that video as you know exactly were talking about. Like I said I'm not trying to kick a guy when he's down I'm just trying to keep everybody. Am informed on just I don't want a situation again where more and more people are losing money. And not giving anything in return for. You know. Did we talk about what's coming up next week well we talked about Monday afternoon Tuesday we've got to some folks I'm not exactly sure I was gonna work there's a whole bunch of from the opener in we're gonna. Talk to the Detroit colonel expeditions group from which one or two of them. And they channel with a bit about some of their investigations lease us the plan. And you know a lot of great stuff coming up of course a Friday nights is always a best of program and you know that's not a live call in show but you can call in tonight the numbers 844687. 76 excitedly to try to get some mean when we we are America's electoral we are only rules don't dump this guy yeah I only want. Last night so and we we got to actually can have a little more timing he give away a couple different things tonight. But. Yet so we got some receptive you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Sheila to FaceBook page. And also had just if you listening on any of the crease stations we are on across the country. Had to be on reality radio dot com just click a listen line join us and chat if you get a chance and a hang out with us it's a great community people who. And I think you'll you meet Ali people in your area to there aren't people from all across the country all the world I mean we get people from other countries as well. Yeah that's a great time it's great place to be great place to find some friends hang out and regular little bit more about the things were talking about plus they just talk about some crazy things as well. Yes oblique crazy things did you hear about the bombs that they dropped on Afghanistan that I I did you know and on our sister gets him the largest nonnuclear. Bomb. The tennis rather drop ever dropped to have to in Afghanistan after Gregory was killed US military dropped its largest non nuclear bomb and a nicest tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan. Which heads to discredit him or. In it but it's 21000. Pound arm Jim well. Of the tomahawk missiles or did you send to Syria or 1000 pounds each it's unbelievable as this one in 1000 detonates in the air. And it cherished stories all the tunnels and it's amazing. Yes there are talking about that actually cutting off a lot of foot traffic in routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The these ice is fighters are traveling in that was really the main objective was to shut shut those roots down. Yes time I think it actually had they're probably did that pretty well are it's so we're gonna take a break we come back will be talking about the lost city of the monkey god. Gillis and Jason NG. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see her. Ali Alan Grant was cheese on Stevie Johnson so glad to have everybody along welcome to all the new folks in Colorado listening on. One of the poster read recent additions to the beyond reality radio family of radio stations welcome to all. Yes it's conversational mr. scenario we we know there in Colorado it's all it's important and of course what everybody who's been listening in on the other great review. Stations during the show. Yeah and that stage and that list is getting Harrell getting larger and larger every week so we had a couple news stations every week right now we air geez well and almost every country and every state across the country so I'm organs are. Yeah we like that so one and it's as the station in your area that you wish would carry beyond reality radio sentiment no Palma to hate. Great new show on the air we'd love to have it on this radio station in. And tell about the website they can find out curious or picket in front Olympics you know what the pro testing seems to be the you know his habits that it's the wave of the future I think they should just hit a senate race on its co editor ultimate cool kids are doing in her. All right let's go to our our guests lined bring her guest for the nice night and we're talking with Douglas Preston he's an author's most recent book is called the lost city. Of the monkey god Douglas welcome to beyond reality radio it's triggered heavy on the show tonight. Well it's great to be on the show I just I love your show. A thank you thank you very much thanks so a before getting into it any of the books actually did you get a lot of books your credit a lot of really cool adventures to your creditors while. Toast with a bit about yourself. Well I'm a writer 135. Books I guess you might have just to hack writer. On the but the last sixteen of them have been New York Times best seller. A most of them are thrillers. But once in awhile or writer true story and the lost city the monkey god as one of my true stories. Well that title alone is enough to to send Jason Knight over the edge because it just sounds so intriguing and we are gonna talk a lot about that but don't start. With one of your earlier books I think it and many insurer may be one of the first but cities of gold and you actually. Wrote about Coronado was searched for the legendary seven cities. Of some bullet is that how it's pronounced. That's right yeah I I was young and dumb and stupid and I ought to be fun to get on a horse even though I didn't know anything about horses. And retrace. Our Coronado search for the seven cities of gold across the American southwest. So I got together with a friend and we. Wrote a thousand miles and we just about killed ourselves we you know barely survived that we we had quite an adventure. And I wrote a book about it. I bet she did know first what's the what is the legend of the seven cities of gold. Well the Spanish had this idea that in the southwest. There were seven cities and incredible well. Where people. Eight from platters of gold. And silver and they were mixed you know just unbelievable well. And at the club of such a crazy idea because when me. Spanish conquered the aztecs you know Mexico City to New Zealand they found enormous quantities of gold and well and everything. So that was the only natural that they thought that well the north in New Mexico there might be the same thing. So this has this enormous expedition up there defined. Seventy you just see below the seven cities of gold. And what they just found instead of the seventh but probe of those of the zuni Indians. A big disappointment. So. But the Indians are very anxious to get rid of the Spanish so they kept saying oh. We don't have any goal that they've got called a thousand miles down the road to Spanish went from New Mexico's they went into Texas. And they eventually ended up in central campus. And 1541. And you know the Indians and let them off into the middle of nowhere file in this Spanish realized that they were chasing your kind mirror. And they turned around and came back and went to Mexico City completely defeated. And so that was that was what my broker. You know there's there's a documentary series on Netflix called the west and I happen to watch that and it talks about we know what the Spanish were up to in in Mexico and then in the western part of what is now the United States. And there's a lot of that there's a lot of chasing these legends and in looking for a mythical wealth and you know just kind of wild goose chases all around that southwest area. The other weren't effective Spanish broke within these lumps of goals. And they would show them to the union since they hate have you ever seen this medal goes forward you know where it is. In the Indian music oh yeah yes sir I know I'm all about that little. 300 miles down the road and they got a lot of that stuff we don't have any of that here with that. So straight start on China sent and as far away as they could get away for months that I didn't like you'll never feel like we've got to get figured a way to get rid of these so you know I know what it's like to get on a horse and ride a horse for about. Three minutes and then he true weak you wrote a thousand miles on horseback. I do it and I was a complete do good but you know what happens is that the nerves and your but it completely killed. I still had no ceiling in my. Thirty years later. You know and I think that's the first time that's ever been set on radio that the nerves in my Dario put it back up about violating. And oh yeah. There are no no regulations that you violated but it is funny. So you also wrote a book called relic which I think a lot of people recognized as a movie. That's right yeah Paramount Pictures into movie out of it it's. About a year to thriller and it's about a brain eating monster. In a museum. Do you does the American Museum of Natural History in fact in New York City where he used to work. So after I left that job I decided to write a novel in resolving. The people they didn't like that I worked with. We get each. Have their brains removed or sponsor. Yeah they did and it was just a joke but got a big as a huge best seller of impairment made a movie out of written. Sort well you know revenge is sweet. As the tennis they talk about the ultimate revenge. But that's awesome now you you are you still in Massachusetts. No I actually live in center in New Mexico while. Simon Rhode Island or next tournaments so excited at what point. We've got about him men and a half here before or after the break but at what point as a as a writer and journalist did you start taking such an interest in these. What can only be considered mythical legends. You know legends of mythical proportions anyways that time that means you get on horseback ride a thousand miles and ultimately lead to other current book the lost city the monkey god. Well you know like I I'm a kid who never grew up I'm always. Thinking on god a lot of legends of velocity buried treasure of this stuff. And you know you think you know in the modern world you can't find lost city anymore about you know forget it but. In fact the group velocity of the monkey god that is exactly. What happened and I wrote a book about it and I feel very fortunate that I was part of that expeditions that. I just always been interested in in legends and lost cities treasure of that stuff. Your mom and your modern day treasure hunters are what you are. Yes exactly although I'd like it you know not. But like to say that I'm more of a modern day. Archaeologists. This treasure hunting is sort of you know Nicholas Davies Gettysburg. So. Archaeologists. We'll go in that cart it would take a break here in just a minute when we come back green again in just more of douglas' books were talking with Douglas Preston he's an author his most recent book is called. The lost city of the monkey god which by the way if you go to beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab we've got information about Douglas and there's also link for the book. 687766. Mining index finger in the second hour organize giveaway. Poorly Kabul schoolteacher. Some works for me we don't we will game against the and we got a lot of great stuff coming up on the show on the next few days tomorrow night of course will be a best stuff program. Now as we get into Monday we're going to have Terrell frost on the program. Up from Terrell. 03 dot com. Terrell is the lead researcher for the project black Starr investigation which is now in its seventh year he's identified. Keep patterns in the seismic patterns and meg and magnetic North Pole migration patterns. Pointing to an anomaly and it's moving through the inner solar system it's a whole bunch words and I'm hoping we get definitions to the current Sosa Jason. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Her are. Beyond reality Orlando can cause Jimmie Johnson is a great night or morning depending on where you are were excited to be here glad you're along with us for sure of got a great guests tonight Douglas Preston. Yes we're talking about the lost city of the monkey well actually we're talking about the heat he's written so many books and phenomenal Boxee guest and had to be on reality radio dot com. Click on the gas tab. You'll have a link to a lot of problems there but not. He's just got so many interesting books and you definitely can find one that well intriguing yet great books and we group books are great stories that go along with them and again Douglas thanks so much for joining us we are talking about does the cities of gold. Before I went to break in the fact that you. Basically jumped on a horse road a thousand miles it in your research or you're expiration as you were writing that book. And along the way EE EE had some issues in fact I think your description of that journey use and you nearly died was or anything in particular. That was that was dangerous that you encountered in your thousand mile journey. Well we had to find water for ourselves and our horse is every day. And that was very difficult I remember we ran out of water and we are extremely thirsty and river one time we. Came to. A cattle Hank. Where there was a dead calendar. Ease the floating in the water each and we drank that water cool we were. So Thursday that we drink that water did you have a way to purify it. Well you know we could have boiled it. When you boil water you have to wait for to cool off and we just were so first degree just like. Let's just drink it and we'll do what happened. And you say you think about the travelers you know a long time ago who would have to. And were under the same seems achieved in the same situations as well done and how they. Were able to pull through and survive. Yeah I mean we ran into our rattlesnakes. Maybe rattlesnake. We. Cut. Earlier in the balance we got snowed on we almost froze and then. Down in the desert we were being 110 degree heat when you're on top of a horse. You're in the sun can't get out of this silent so we were we hope will think from the heat but we've. Reese survived it it was a pretty interesting trip a thousand miles on horseback and quite company. I Nolan out of long when I was in my early thirties are even I was in Corsica lake for a half hours five hours on course one time. And I literally was in pain for probably two weeks after that. Will you do you know the first week I thought kind of going to be crippled for the rest relies. Within your body adjusts its just. It gets into the rhythm and written you know I remember after two weeks looking in my hand and counting all the cut. No my right hand I had fifteen cuts. You know Miller left and I had like twelve cuts in. A look at my partner Walter and his face was sliced up the Florence and blood encrusted in his beard. Oh my god we really look authentic because we can be extras and a movie now. Can now did you did you end up and actually falling asleep or riding the horse and stuff. Well my of my partner Walter duty as writing in front of me. And reduce earnings tilt until we're actually going up a fairly steep slope. That is tilting and tilting that scored on an immunity just fell off the horse. Just lying on the dollar of its lava rocks are cut he dead and I looked down and everything like gasping. Such cities candidate and then I realized he's actually laughing. And sit are grossly. It would give up they get back in your arsenal that he go. And following a lava rocks will definitely tell. So what are what are things you did as you were while while the college journalist. You on you spent some time searching for the lost temples in Cambodia and all I can envision I mean you seem obscene movies where they do this and they're caught hacking through. You know dense vegetation and they come across these amazing structures that are hidden. By the wilderness is that kind of what you did. Well it is an effective select 25 years ago and me. Comer rouge still held parts of Cambodia they were sort of you know do their calmer ruse that. Horrible you know poll. Pol Pot groups that numbered three billion people and after they were defeated. The retreated to the border. Of Thailand and Cambodia and they became. Drug smugglers. And Jim smugglers and kidnappers and just Rupert just. So. I was working for National Geographic and it they would. Located. In Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California. Located he temple. In this area that it never been explored an ancient. Terrible. So I was part of the expedition that went into the temple and we had a higher margin. Cambodian soldiers with mortar launchers and guns and all the rest. Indigo in there and it was quite a journey is there are no roads and you're reading your trust rivers and tolerance to. But it was amazing we go to the temple and it was phenomenal. B Cooper who's apparently were four kilometers away in the jungle after they kidnapped a bunch of people in this village. And they were holding them for ransom. So I talking to head man and his diligent civil commercially wants to ramp and you certainly want eighty dollars. After all I've got eighty dollars. And by this this. Fellow that was with me was my interpreter. On who is Chinese but he was leading Cambodia he grabbing it. Don't get involved me that the and so this themselves because if you start pulling out at eighty bucks to pay this ransom. They're gonna coming gets you and your rants and as a National Geographic writer is going to be a little up more than eighty dollars. To don't just don't get involved. Probably some good advice smarter yet probably some good advice now when I hear you tell stories like you know riding a horse a thousand miles in search of the seven cities of gold and in going into the that the brain force and jungles of Cambodia looking for lost temples and this is the stuff though that. You know you've been generally little boys are dreaming of all the time you really you were able dude to fulfill a lot of this stuff. Well I consider never quite grew up I like their like going off into adventures in and pushing the envelope and you know the journalists. I like writing about. Human being. Placed in very extreme situations. And what what do they do how do they react. I don't. Really care to write about normal people doing normal things drinking Martinis in whatever you know I've really more attractive as a writer to stories. That involve people who are in Polk who have been pushed the limit or who are they do. You know just. Just trying to discover new things going to new areas explorers. That sort of thing that interest me. Well again how how you. How do you survive how you're able to to make it through I think that's that's really the most intriguing part that everybody really wants to understand. Well it is you know we knew. I mean also right thrillers about the same thing you know people that we wanted to write books about normal people that you know inserted in the suburbs and kind of retired never wanted to do that I. Much more interested in seeing human being placed an extraordinary circumstances. So I sure. I'm going on these adventures and again we're gonna talk about the most recent book the lost city the monkey god is a little bit later Varnado. Really wanna get more of this background as you were going through these adventures whether it was the thousand mile trek on horseback or in the jungles of Cambodia. I mean there must have been times re feared for your life. Well there were indeed in the exact. I've done a lot of crazy things in my life and put myself in danger that. One of the things in Cambodia that worried me most of what was what was the calmer ruse. When we went to this one temple that was being looted by government soldiers. And my guy served when he saw that. This was happening and this is terrible we have in the middle of nowhere Kircus you know eight hours. On horrible roads to get there. In the room like I saw that this was what was happening says. We have to leave immediately because of these soldiers come back and find this year it was definitely Kayla. So relaxed who sit on the way out we were blockaded by soldiers who put out their guns in the girl drunken. And I've basically robbed us and we basically gave the whole bunch of money as a quote you know feet. And then we kitco. It's an enemy and it really makes you appreciate what law and order and respect for law and order and a and a stable system means when you're in a place like that we're those things don't exist. Absolutely I mean you know I love this country has. And all over the world I've lived in Europe and everything my comeback in this country I think you know we have a lot of problems here that's thank god I'm an American now. Yet nothing like a lot of those other countries are so yeah we're gonna talk about one of your adventures in fact one of my we lived in Florence released were researching some things in Florence. Of for awhile and sector wrote a book about the monster of Florence we're gonna get into that only come back. It's beyond reality radio it's Jason Hawes and. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Our our checks on Jerry Jones telephone numbers 84467. 7669. Tonight or guest is Douglas Preston we're talking about his books we will be talking about the most recent book pretty soon the lost city of the monkey god but. Douglas someone continue talking about some your older work on stuff he did in the past and particularly there's a story that is very injuries and we sounds very interesting called the monster of Florence told us about that. The monster of Florence was a serial killer who murdered young lovers in the Tuscan hills around the Italian city of Florence. Between 1974. And 1985. And you've been performed a ritualistic. Murder mutilation on the victims. And it was quite terrific and he he actually was. Blue when most horrific serial killers in an all of history being made. You know Jack the Ripper look like. In a Captain Kangaroo I mean it was he was cute really horrible so I wrote a book about that. But that investigation it's the longest. Unsolved murder investigation in Italian history and its still going on today. By and writing about you honestly became part of the investigation. With that as well correct. Well if you that is correct I fell into the story in a weird way read my writing partner was Mario that he was an Italian. Journalist who covered all the murders and getting. And I'd be telling investigation had gone down in crazy. Pathway. Where this far instead of loans serial killer they thought that the murders. Were committed by Isetan sect. Dating back to the Middle Ages. Of their consistent nobleman doctors and lawyers and so for a and there's really crazy series of my writing partner Mario Spezza went on television in Italy and criticize the head investigator of this investigation. Who is Sicilian. And in middle you don't criticize soon especially if their Sicilian. Especially on national television. To the next in me to a Mario was arrested. Whose computer was taken to all of our research was confiscated. And the way they the way they arrested me was pretty funny actually called me on my cellphone. And they said you know speaking Italian makes sense of this is the Italian police is just mr. Preston. Message yes and civil where are you we are coming to get to we wanted to know where you are. They can you gotta be kidding. This is no green in the if you go to hell where you are we have to find you. That would not be a good thing. But she's okay. But I did look. Let's meet somewhere. So I've met them in the main cannot and in Florence right underneath it. Statue of the David you know copy of the statute. And they hauled me in for an interrogation. And it was really scary. But don't. You know I wrote a book about it and called the monster of Florence and it's quite a story. You know what I influence our gratitude I've spent so a lot of time in Florence actually it's I it's my favorite city in all of Europe actually it's gorgeous unbelievable and it's it's basically undisturbed which many cities in Europe aren't. On in this setting of of a serial killer then it's may or may not be still on the loose and that beautiful city is is just is it is. Is enough of a story in itself. But that's exactly repeat the contrast to see good between this gorgeous. They've either through this Renaissance city that gave birth to the modern world. And this. Serial killer who's so home graphic murdering people mutilating them and taking body parts home you know it was. It took quite a contrast and so. You know could resume very interesting thing you'll be if you were in Florence in the late seventies early eighties. People who were there will remember. The terror that this city descended into in the monster of Florence is killing people. You know Italians. Look to go parking in the hills and most the time kids live at home until they get married so that's their only option. And is it became quite a problem for Italian. Trying screwing up at that time. Well total of fourteen young lovers. A warm were murdered by and by this person. Yes he would he be he would stake out a lover's lane. This is a bit stronger and I don't know if your readers are yours goes on here dispute stake Garrett he lover's lane. And then he would wait until someone arrived and they were in the middle of the throes of passion. And we go up to the car and killed them. And then he would take the of the woman away from the man dragged her out of the car and down and away somewhere and perform this really bizarre. Ritualistic mutilation which are often involve taking body parts home we have him. And that was his MO. Now as you learned more and more about this case these murders and the investigation whether any real strong. Possible suspects that you feel like maybe. You know that there that's the one they just didn't come up and evidence or something. Yes in fact my writing partner Mario spectre has identified. A person that you saw that was a monster of Florence. When we're writing a book a certain look or Leo I mean did you know I wanna see this evidence and he laid it out for me it's been twenty years. Researching this. And this gentleman. I mean it was absolutely. Terrifying he would every little. You'd be lined up everything here at Baptist man's movements. He would you know when the crimes are committed I mean it was incredible what he's done. And at the end of this. I just I sit this guy's a monster of Florence. And so we're journalists write so. We I could look Murray we've gotta go interview this guy and I don't want to do that I'm using a fake name. We went to interview him and we asked him if he was a monster of Florence and and the answer is definitely not reputable on the radio it was really. He read and he also knew everything about the case you know Mario came in there was a fake name. The guy that punitive hey wait a minute ago I must in this under misunderstood your name Jermareo stat sheet. You're the guy who wrote all those articles about the monster floor. I've read everything you read. While that's got to be creepy especially seeing that most serial killers are. Usually eaten and there and they're watching all that stuff because there are intrigued to see what people are writing about some of the stories that are being told about them. Well that's exactly right that that's exactly what they do to follow their own cases tremendous interest. And that's going to more about the monster for a case can help group during this interview he was teasing him if you like. You know mentioning facts. That were not known except to the police won't you know never come out in the press. There's also accused taunting now is that person still alliance. He is while he's still alive he is still free. In the Italian police refused to investigate him and they are the reasons for that are laid out in our book. But it really historians. Corruption and a lot of other stuff besides just a murder story. Before we go to the break here which we have to do and a few seconds here tell people where they can find out I know you have a website where they can go and get more information about the books and we'll bring you back later most are talking about the lost city the monkey god. Was circular www. Preston Childs dot com. Preston chiles dot com. Aaron Gray you'll Irish so we're gonna take a break we come back more you listen and Jason TV and be unrelated. OK okay you've heard me talking about scare done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I don't really teach us TV Johnson super to have you along so. Great to be here tonight. Yes it's Thursday on the on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and many of you are stuck somewhere between welcome to beyond reality radio myself Jason cosmic ghost GB Johnson got a great show lined up for united we have Douglas Preston joining us he is an author. Also kind of an adventurer. But his most recent book is called the lost city of the monkey god and we're gonna learn about that plus some of the other things he's written about and that he's experienced in his efforts to write these books and pretty cool stuff and not just an authoring he's an investigator he gets in there and a lot of these stories are really embeds himself into the says the stories which sometimes can lead down pass he didn't wanna go to. He definitely leaves itself that makes it all the more interest in himself into the middle vast murder investigation that's apparently how aggressive his brilliant and getting arrested by the the police in Italy I mean the list goes on and on riding horses for thousands of miles. How how he saw life I don't know anybody writes of course for 2000 most likely senate has been a minute horses before you three or four minutes and I'm done. Along I told I was on the one trek four and a half five hours I couldn't walk rate for for weeks after. I mean it was brutal. But we will talking about all those things when we bring Douglas in a little bit later tomorrow and of courses of best of program as we do all Fridays and then now Monday we've got Terrell croft coming on the program. Yes Terrell croft from Terrell. 03 dot com is the lead researcher for the project lacks start investigations. Now under seven year. They've identified key pattern seismic patterns and magnetic North Pole migration patterns. And a lot of uninteresting stuff that's good coming out of that he's just going to be another one of those episodes run gonna have a late Google at my fingertips are from the couple of things is talking bucks I don't understand it. As pretty much every episode. Did you. If you haven't yet head over to be on reality radio dot com click the listen lie about and join us during the show for life Chad's agree community people GB and I are always in their. We're gonna be opening up the phone lines. A little bit later to lose two paths to do some giveaways here and also. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the FaceBook page were constantly updating it to new stations we wearing on and and return to keep that up to date. And our guests you can also had to be unreal to review dot com quickly guests had concealed the past guests we've had on. And if their information out there books and it definitely recommend doing that. Yeah it's great stuff these. To do that I bring up what one little thing they tell you know we try to keep an eye on what's going on in news that relates the topics we talk about Jay and bigger is an image now that's circulating from astrophysicist. In Canada they did some mine investigating did some looking deep into space and for the first time. They've been able to photograph. What is called a dark matter bridge and they believe that this dark matter bridge is eighty. Force basically that links. Galaxies together. What that actually holds that it actually hold some kind of employees. Researchers at the University of Waterloo used a technique known as weak gravitational lens into create a composite image of this particular bridge. Gravitational Lansing has an effect that causes the images of distant galaxies to war slightly under the influence of an unseen mass such as a planet or black hole or in this case. Dark matter in the image was made up of combination of different Lansing images taken from more than 23000. Photographs basically spotted four and a half billion light years away. Ended they were able to it does come up with some results that show the dark matter so woman bridging. Between now and different star systems so it's pretty amazing. North and it worries me about that it is serious very figure that whole thing down there and start messing with an instrument terror partner there. The university of every step every time we sir talking about these advances in technology we have we have to worry about things that scare you do get scared with good reason there's just love you know a lot of ways to go on from this they were were rounding up and pay each of technology where people think he can have a nuclear bomb and in. I get that road rage don't usually get into is outrunning your windshield just makes you write it refers not insured. Hot popular but it gets on your way there ego. I'm a telephone numbers 8446877669. Move will be taking your calls later in the program and as you said we're gonna try to give away some stuff. Need to do the that the bid sexson. Untaxed Allison that I had funneled that the other night and I guess I've got some interesting ones I just I had known I'd. He figured it would have been a little harder for the guy last night he was and what doesn't simple home plate in Somalia he was right on top of that here. He can fool anybody Jensen on the ice and teacher yet right or take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Douglas Preston tonight his book is the lost city of the monkey god are we talking about that and more it's. Beyond reality radio Jason. Judy Johnson so good. Couldn't hear everybody along with a telephone numbers 8446877669. If I haven't said hello to everybody in the chat room hey good to see all their tonight. Gas and now we get to talk about a 500 year old legend and ancient curse stunning medical mystery and a pioneering journey into the unknown part of the world consists. Jungle some pretty cool stuff our guest tonight is Douglas Preston he is an author his most recent book is the lost city of the monkey god. Tom Douglas thanks for joining us tonight. I wanted to ask you before we get to again the most recent book the monkey god. Your book that you wrote about the monster of Florence kind of unity Stew in interject did you into. What is kind of pretty well known the Amanda Knox case. It did in fact see a prosecutor in my case to ordered who called me in for an interrogation. I turned out to be the same prosecutor in the Amanda Knox case. And the two cases were connected. Because this same prosecutor. Was under investigation himself for abuse of office. And he Amanda Knox case came along and so on self as being there in the going to be able to redeem himself. From the you know from his problems by prosecuting that case quickly. But he jumped the gun on that case and he really screwed it up and so it was a it was a big mess but the other two cases are connected. And you ultimately. I think cure a defender of Amanda Knox is not not in the legal sense but certainly in a PR sense. We'll let you know I was interrogated by this man and five cops for hours. And they are really good interrogators from the Italian. These kinds break the mafia. By interrogating them. They are the best interrogators in the world and they can almost gets you to confess to anything. Now I was just fifteen year old bestselling author very secure buried I kids you know. And they were. Being interrogated meter pushing. To the point where it was almost to the point of like well I'll just say anything do to stop this interrogation. So I could understand how a twenty year old student from America from Seattle literally been in Italy for two months. Being subjected not to two hours of interrogation with the 55. Hours over the period of interrogation. My. You know end up breaking down and saying some things. That seemed to incriminate Torre. When they were not. I mean Amanda was completely innocent. But they just. Hammered away at her. For days and days and days until she broke down in you can confessed to the murder but she did take some things that could be interpreted. As being incriminate Torre. And that's not an uncommon to have and have them push somebody to the point where they're just willing to say whatever just because. And they use a lot of different techniques though right now I mean they'll they'll give you in and analyst drinks and not allow you to go to the bathroom and and all these weird things trying to. To Chief Justice say what ever needs to be said so they can just chalk it up as assaults current post salt salt case. Exactly are we visited this technique they used to Bosnian Amanda. Very similar they sit well you. You say that you didn't do this but yes. If you can't do it how might you have done. And I didn't fund that covers it looked I didn't do it and I can speculate. About. They get to sing well well if it has happened there might have happened this we might have happened that way and they write it down this is what happened. Now we have of course been where you actually a suspect. I was just sitting in fact not only was I suspect they indicted me for being an accessory to murder. For being an obstruction of justice. You're going to be interfering live an official police investigation. Planting false evidence have a whole list of crimes that they indicted before. And and they said to me we are gonna suspend these indictments to allow you to leave Italy that they will be reinstated. I said to myself well I think they're kind of telling me to get the. Had a time out yet know if I remember it and I didn't follow the Amanda Knox case maybe as closely as a lot of people did but her roommate didn't have been murdered right that's west. That's right her roommate was murdered and they accused her into other people who. Being an involve doing this murder on Halloween night this sort of the kind of attend a ritual. This must be some minor we ordered do weird couple lol love triangle type thing going on. Exactly yes some kind of sexual. Crazy. Drugs fuels the panic ritual. And if there was no evidence for a I mean it it's a complicated case but they actually. Got a guy and arrested him and put him in jail and had tried to connect him with the band and her boyfriend. Brother was no connection. Com and then there have been the reason they did better complicated but they were focused prosecutors try to save his career. Because here earlier proclaimed to the world that these three people were guilty in India to retroactively prove them guilty. Through you know manufacturing evidence. Are we hearing that he had the outcome and he had to get to find a way to get there. Yeah I need you big green made a mistake in in announcing that the case was solved in the big press. Conference that was then Purdue on the front page of newspapers all over the world including the New York Times. They're in the forensic evidence in the case came back and pointed to a completely different person. That they can't even mentioned miles San Angelo also badly. Because like well we've got to connect that person with these other people that we claim did the murder otherwise we're gonna look like idiots. You know I deal saying don't put in the saddle before the horse but it's it really had tea. To meet you look at. Especially went in the indicted U I'm on this there are now falsifying evidence all these things or in in Italy. During this time on pitches really reach after questioned the legal system and those in those countries let alone any country. We're only in Italy unfortunately the legal system has really not good and if you're you know tourists in Italy everything's fine but if you get. Sucked into some kind of criminal investigation. Mean you're really in trouble. Because they don't follow the rules of evidence. In any. You know mass you'd think they just are. What do you know dare dare not like the American system and our judicial system problems. But Italy you know it's silly it's always about the outcome it's not about Rudy is the evidence leaders it's about who weakening yet. Who we're gonna pin this on. You know all the just sick it's never you know let's see where the evidence lead this. It's very into that's system. Priceless let's move on let's talk about sure most recent book the lost city of the monkey guide. This is about a five but 500 year old legend for let's start by a letting folks know exactly what this legend is. Well for 500 years there's been this is legend in this manner that is a great city. Hidden somewhere in the jungles of under. Waiting to be. And you know it was started with her and on Cortez one of the countries that are writing about it. In the twentieth century remembered extraditions. Were sent into the jungle. Looking to this city. The problem is that the that that the Honduran jungles. Are some of this thickest jungles in the world lying on top of incredibly rugged mountains. And in the interiors of these mountain chains. Our rallies that have never been explored this human beings have never gotten into in the modern age. So they actually are are among some of the last scientifically. And explored places on earth. The idea that their velocity so we're here is not that far fetched. Because these these valleys you've never been explored and who knows what's. So why book the good. Well I was I was just gonna say you know. It is incredible to think that a lawsuit he could actually be discovered. In the 21 century but that's in fact what happened. And my book that tells that story. At what point did it this whole legend and the idea of going after it attract your attention. Boy I have I knew a guy twenty years ago who became excessive the legends of the lost city of the marquee got a group called the white city. And I saw it. You know I'm just gonna follow this story and you Ridley. Island journalist let's see what happens. And twenty years went by. And finally he raised a billion dollars. In the 2012. Explored three of these unexplored rallies from the air. Using a very high technology called lighter or are they can actually see through this incredibly thick jungle canopy. And I was there. When Niemi just came back and I'll never forget it. The you look at these images and you did not have to be an archaeologist to see you pyramids. Road. Great earth works incredible. Modifications to landscape. I mean I was totally hard to make updated this city. And through this one of the great moments. Well and these librarians don't they also used at the C. What was initially bear which there's a lot of brochure and dirt pits and that's. Taken over areas but polite are alone should actually sort of see under that. Because you Al Leiter is incredibly powerful tool of the fact lighter terrestrial letters and is now being developed. The self driving cars. Because you're conceived peace surroundings. Much better than light. Well it uses lighting uses infrared pulses of laser but it's it's incredibly powerful technology now. And if they get the more advanced self driving cars and market news radar record earnings lighter. I was. We've got about them sir we've got a two minutes Forrest good break here and wanna vote if he began doing in this one time there was in 1940 expedition tell us about that went. Loews theater more hurt he was just he was hand into the heart of under arrest by the amusingly the American Indian. And he came back out five months later claimed to have found velocity of the monkey god and I read about him in my book and I made an incredible discoveries about his. Investigation because he never. Revealed the location of the city because he claimed he was afraid of looters. And enemy committed suicide. Only knows that this city is in my book I got my hands and journals. I figure out what was really going on. And now and there was supposedly a curse on us right that anybody who founded or entered it would fall ill and dying. Yes. Yes unfortunately. Now. You know we are I was part of the ground extradition that went into the city in 2015. And the other resumes curse about it earlier who goes in is gonna die and of course we completely dismissed that idea but I. Unfortunately sometimes purses. Are based on true. And in this case it was in fact based on the fact. That this these ruins. Were hot zone. Deadly. And incurable tropical disease. That this fell two thirds of the members of the expedition. Early. Her mom are able to get into more of that when we come back from the break we're talking to Douglas Preston. His latest book is the lost city of the monkey god it's full of intrigue curses in jungles expeditions in Los civilizations and all of that. Did you find you can actually go to press in child dot com and find all the spokes there or Gordon beyond reality radio dot com click to guess tab and you'll pull up all the information Harry were to take a quick break more on after listening. This is going to be. Won't want me to burn ourselves apparently you can't let that it's legal authority. To hop party welcome. Effective beyond reality radio but Jason Hawes and Jimmie Johnson so good to have everybody here with us tonight. Our telephone number is 8446877669. Get ready with the you're dialing fingers you can call and chat with us now but in a little while they're giveaways and stuff. You know last Q we'll give you 22 choices. Real or fake fact and he Telus which one's the fake facts and if so he'll win. Should be a lot of fun I'm we get some cool stuff to do it tonight. We're talking to Douglas Preston he is an author his most recent book is the lost city of the monkey god we've been talking about. What Pia in the legend 500 year old legend is that relates to this particular loss to city how he founded. And I guess a Douglas might number one question right now. Before we continue talking about this is who or what is the monkey guy. Well the monkey god legend was was. Kind of came out of indigenous stories about this city that was buried in the jungle that had a huge pyramid. And at the top of the pyramid as the gigantic statue of a monkey. In front of that statue was where the human sacrifices to place. I'm now. Nothing like that has never been found but. Monkeys are worshipped. In these cultures their a lot of statute monkeys are pots and images of monkeys and sculptures and so forth. So monkeys you know are a big part of the culture. That's probably where the the monkey gods story comes. So you saw these images align our images of the brain force basically you recognized as did others that there was actually something there and you decided he'd. Go out and search for. We did we we organize an expedition not took three years it was a joint Honduran American expedition Cabrera drove this is their country. And in 2015. We went into this loudly but I helicopters to really the only way to get in there. And as a major helicopter journey. They had to drop troops. From the helicopter clear landing zone and they were able to put a small chopper in there. And then we we have explored these ruins and it was amazing and it was also a very dangerous area. The the other animals or the animals are never asking people for wandered about completely am afraid we were mountain lions jaguars. And deadly snakes everywhere. And insects like you wouldn't believe. And also soon disease strength. Disease you have the arm there were very a lot of diseases in this area Brett the one in particular the directory expedition was called. You co cutaneous Liesman iasis. And it's transmitted by the sand fly which. By an animal which is like a reservoir for the disease and then bites you injecting these pair. Slash seeding parasites. In Tibet like leprosy. So the parasites getting your skin and and then migrate your face. And they start eating later nose in your lips until. You know let's follow losses. Leaving or are we being sore where you're facing the and and eventually into the bones in your face and create a hole in the and then guys. So. Or if not a nice position. There's not a fluent or. There's just not a place on earth that I'm interest and enough to trying to find Bennett has to contend with the. It turn it sounds pretty disgusting but you know we the people who got the disease and unfortunately I was one of them. I'm an archaeologist got to the net GO photographer. I mean it was. Very prevalent. We were treated by the National Institutes of Health which is our our government help agency. Which are great and they turn this into a study project their very interest in the disease in fact they have to laboratory river breeding. Sand flies infected. At least the diocese. Trying to figure out of vaccine or way to cure the disease. So really they wanted to study innocent as a result we got free medical care. Mario but it's also terrifying tutors and I've for example. Idea of allowing disease now blunt okay but did you did you were you aware of of that particular risk among the other risks when you set out ons journey. We we were aware of a long series of risks but. To carry that through I was much more worried about. Venomous snakes I mean this area is known for having the deadliest place in the world. They called fair rugrats in particular. They're incredibly common leisure rested name and Alec rattlesnakes here in America that will bite you if they're frightened to just really wanna generate these things. Pursue you. And by Q and in pursuit of fighting again. And the first night in fact we were encamped. I was going back to mine too mine Emmerich. Programs thick thick jungle in ninety. My flashes illuminate this so I can sort of land coiled up under my government partners hammocks. And he was tracking news had a blocked by employees. Really around. I got called out hey you guys there's a big daycare. And so. The guys that came over one of them was a British. Jungle warfare expert the next SAS officer. And you look at this he said. Bloody hell. That's certainly that's the biggest winner ever seen I'm gonna move it. Definitely this is not a move that will be cut this makes it. Which is like seven foot long stick with isn't sitting in the fork at the end it. He came to me. And he did that this snake exploded. In serious drinking. Every which way having the venom. From its frame is our key into the night air and squirting and the and the standings were over an inch long. And you've wrestled this being booked this thing up behind exit he grabbed a primary end. And swilling it had a around trying to avoid him and expelled venom all over the back of the hand you can see with papers scheme bubbling. We've wrestled the link to the ground he came to lose he's trying to stay ahead. And then. Even after they had to cut off the state continued to fly each had continued it's now happened spew venom then headless nick tried to crow west. It's I honestly isn't it you didn't like them. And I'm ready we get into talking about spiders that'll send Jason running for the hills and cut through people listen and pitched and then chat room talking about spiders all the time and imagine had plenty of that. Listen Douglas were basically at a time but this is some fascinating stories the book is a lost city the monkey got in and let folks know other than the beyond reality radio website which we have a link there where else can they get more information about that book other books and all your work. Well you can go to minor FaceBook page appearance FaceBook which is Preston child. And or you can go to the web site Preston child like com or. Basically Google+. Sitting in a lucky guy and look at that you can go to Amazon get the book it's pretty much available been. On the best seller list now for a couple of months. Any new adventures on the you know on the calendar. You know my in my latest adventure is sitting by the fire with a glass of cabernet tuxedo that let's of the the best I think you've earned it yet just takes so much Douglas it was great to have you on the show the stories are fascinating and we appreciate you being here. Well I love it I love this throw him in their life I'm very glad to be. Well thank you very much we look forward having on again and again the book is the lost city of the monkey god the author is Douglas Preston will be right back it's beyond reality radio Jason. Watch yeah secret trip to try to help her nickname. Yeah what's not logical remind me. That's what's not logical is going into marine forests that has all sorts of venomous series. Gigantic insects that carry life threatening diseases. A mountain lions cougars lions tigers and bears oh my and Douglas Preston did it without a blink of an idea for him or so the phone lines are open. 8446877669. Million tall freed 446877669. Give us a call when we got some things for you to win and you got to answer questions correct. Yeah he's gonna you're what you're gonna do is you're gonna list three fair what's supposed to make it easier Ellis too far traditionalist two sacks one of them is actually fact. The other one is an un fact that's true it's fake news there was this wouldn't be true yes joins us with. Who won one Israel one is not and they have to figure out which of the two you tell me which one is non business real Lucas and that's going to be on what are we given away. Why we've got the ghost hunters dvd box says Erica mobile and of those top shelf. Top shelf yeah yeah yeah going to be pictures are you the whole world the oneself below that we don't have a lot of those instead of in my pictures of S I don't forget that tomorrow night is a best. Of program we do that on Friday nights and then Monday Terrell crossed will be coming on the program Terrell is from Terrell O three dot com. And is the lead researcher for the project black Starr investigation which is now in its seventh year. He's he's identified key patterns in the seismic patterns in magnetic North Pole migration patterns. That point to a gravitational and magnetic anomaly moving through the inner solar system. It was long it was long and I have no idea what it could set. So I'm. Or so the android app is available now you know if you go to beyond reality radio dot com there's going green on the front page for that I iPhone app should be available soon and it's just in this final on approvals. Settings right now we're waiting on if you download the show from iTunes do us a favor and just read it for a speak as a reading and helps get results are mourned makes it easier for everybody defined moment. Social and forward originally offered him a million little news and the Arctic. Let's go right to the homeless because of phones are ringing off the hook and this is John in Denver Colorado John. Welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show tonight. Good how are you. Are doing well what's going on in Denver. Yeah and tough. To break city great city John I love and Denver are more there Austin area itself he readiness. Cancer question what is not true. Or what Eric. All right so little glitzy. Parents in the UK over 92%. Of the be changing tables have traces of cocaine. War that's fact number one yes fax number want to war. Cheesy and Jason met on an online dating site who this is a tough one. What was the first one again. Tom over in the UK over and over 92% of baby changing tables have traces of cocaine. And and number two is Jason and Gigi met on and on line dating site I think calling that one number two is very appropriate John what do you think. I think I'll actually Europe beer. Coach being able. That's the right one that's an accurate one or that's the fake one. Come on up there yes that's true that that in the UK over. That's true in the UK over 92 presided changing table Petraeus of cooking I'm just concerned that he really thinks you and I met on and on when it comes from the illness I mean seriously. I had a model to seat he won that. But John don't go anywhere though I think we're gonna make you winner anyway just hang on the line OK do we get it we are got to get your information thanks so much for the call. All right let's say you. Do another winter Cherilus drunken let's go to the C this is chopped in and he really I didn't Jason TV met Ali didn't I don't know I'm hoping married to the I don't think he was joking at the conflict but it chucked in Kentucky chuck welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. Thank you very much appreciated. Artichokes or agency ready to tell us which. Which fact is not really a fact. RA. So let's start off with. Japan. Has a pay per view channel. To watch death sentences being carried out that's number one best number one. And the other one Mexican. There's a Mexican theme park that gives illegals border crossing experiences without the danger. No that's a really hard wow. Again. It has yet every choose which one is not correct so again I'll read them. Japan has a pay per view channel to watch death sentences being carried out. War Mexican theme parks give illegals border crossing experience. Without the danger. I am gonna think this cycle women's. With the Mexican theme park doesn't it what. You want that would be you that's the right one C want that went to be you're saying that that one's real. UN has apparently there's a Mexican theme park that does give illegals border crossing expenses without the danger of being caught. So congratulate Jerry's Shelly she's stay online to check the formula to go where are you in Kentucky. I'm actually in I live in new hope. By my mailing addresses called new pavement. It's so I'm just about fifteen miles away from our spirit you know part. I'm constantly with a new. Boss aren't certain. And nice and one more question how are you listened to the children. A really nice the snow on the rescission awesome chuck. Thanks very much if you're early yeah. Well thank you very much will stay on the line don't go anywhere Sula slipped into your information act. Thank you and thank you. All right so. Mode that is what the first like Africa with the first one of those two choices well Japan has a paper view channel to watch death sentence is unfair and I actually thought that was going to be the real one now with it but they did have a thing where attorney death sentence they would send a bill to your family for the personable. What would they do. The united during a death sentence being carried around they would send the bill for the personable you're fans of seriously. Yes. It is and you like Japan it's like on the cutting edge of the that kind of weird television programming thing you know we Seward stuffed them from too weird and yet I know there was a country that was trying to it and do something with a pay per view thing where you competitor clutch. Prisoners being executed which just discussed just a very strange but I'm in Japan overdo it but it Japan does to a lot of weird things. Than him in another commercials are very very strange as well and never been able to understand. That this. All right let's let's see here we're gonna go to we've got one more and actually this is somebody we haven't heard from awhile from in a while there is tends to have been a regular callers is our friend Jay from Florida. They jail and. Jay you there. And apparently Jay and left us mostly at least two continental sleet and wanna win and even just now. But I'm anyways so let's see what do we have mark writes a best stuff program. Yet to model tomorrow every Friday is a best of beyond theory OC which makes you tune and but then Monday we're going to be talking with Terrell crossed from Terrell that's TE RR a L. 03 dot com. In the lead the lead researcher for project black star investigations. Now on their seventh here they identified key patterns in seismic patterns and magnetic north whole migration patterns. Pointing to a gravitational magnetic anomaly moving through the inner solar system. So interest an hour in some cool stuff is so if you haven't yet again had over FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radial light that page. I if you listen on the on the radio station hey did take one night join us in the Chad see you feel like there's a bunch agree people in there. GB in iron internal shows were hanging around and have a good time to these questions. Whatever now it's all good stuff it. Yeah and also if you download Justus if you download the app from my iTunes Justin do us a favor and read it for us. Hopes push it forward for listen other than other people find. Yeah I do these these contests of once in awhile you know we like to get stuff when we tend. Into who leaked and we used to it this is Lisa do it every every time our show originally and you know it was easier when it was once a week when they came on and fired as a weakness becomes over he'll expense. And lower. More challenging but we will do it everyone's always appreciate everybody for calling it I know we didn't get to all the phone calls we just we just couldn't do we dissident time to do well. Shot goes out to Doug Preston for coming on tonight and while filling assemble a lost city of the monkey which is in a terrifying place and recommend nobody ever go and do to snakes and Boggs a Bollywood music it was trajectory parasites the face. You're faced it was a accurately pointed out in the chat rooms and is now on those found city the monkey got a do you have found lawsuit he beat the San Jose resident found the lost city of the monkey. And Honduran rainforests so big shelter all are listeners and all the news stations and we've taken on in Colorado and everywhere else but and you could see that list of beyond reality radio dot com just click on the stations and go from there but everybody's listening to tune in tomorrow it's a best of show will be back on Monday have a great Easter holiday and a Stacey focused Jason GDP on highly rated at. So it's. Just. Only you know. Just miles east region give us lying in saying it's beyond really reading all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow along were you want to being Gaston Leon really really only email just getting. No business league and ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.