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Fairies, pookas, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night

Apr 20, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author Varla Ventura about her latest book - Fairies, Pookas, & Changelings and others creatures that haunt our nighttime world. Varla also tackles topics such as vampires, werewolves & mermaids. Are these creatures real? Where can we expect to encounter them? And is there anything to be afraid of...? 4/20/2017 Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday at the West Coast training in the East Coast in so many years. Start somewhere between welcome to be unreal any radio myself Jason how's my cohost JV Jones among them we just two calendar months yesterday who was moved yeah you're right that is our right Sam Cameron Alex are caught up to you welcome your kids sign a form a welcome. Everybody it's great everybody along we've got a great show do you remember Barlow event tournament for talking with her last time I can't remember once I do I'm I'm a share either but it react it was prior to syndication almost Bosnia I think you're right and we had a great conversation she's kind of immersed herself from the world of no homes and trolls and all these mythical or maybe not mythical creatures Scioscia in DC. It at home on certain steps of the capitol easy opponent. All the mall Paulus weird strange thanks while her new book is called fairies who is in changed things we're going to be talking about that those creatures plus some of the other stuff she's written because she's written about mermaids about. A bizarre facts and stories. Band she's werewolves vampires pretty much anything that goes bump in the night she's talked about a one point expressly with all the stray. Sings light guy Animal Planet playing these rain on mermaid fangs and anyway. Am I am a believer mermaids and not really but maybe she can make me a believer mermaids I've seen some weird things out of the water that it tough to explain right but. Somehow I don't male band she's maybe but. The specialist Ashley some weird things are there's dealing in the paranormal and dealt with and little nature type spirits bright and as those are creepy and. So it definitely opens a door for a lot of possibilities yes will be talking about all that stuff with the far left later in the program. But we should remind you to join stuff and FaceBook page join our group they're like us follows whatever you have to do these days and I'm sure -- works and you know castle like us just follow us. Sure it was strained and OPEC to do that there so I think but. There is so head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest and also join us sometime and during you know in our online chat at night lower lower life. Yeah it's agree community of people just go to fit beyond reality radio dot com. Click the listen live button that'll connect your right NGV and I are always in there as well as just a phenomenal community all across the world. Yet you don't really call too many times our guests join us in the chat rumor actually join you know our our listeners in the chat room and answer questions while there doing the interview which it and and how they can multitask like that but they do. And ray disc gives people another level of interaction with the people not just on the show that we bring on that you and I and everybody else is listening. I have a hard time just turn in my in my own house. So you see me start talking in my court hearing her myself for because every time I let go he's he's doing that Marcel Marceau imitation begins Monday is exactly who and I wanna give a shout out to a couple news stations that are that just came on this week and we've got to AF KA. Me and not Colorado. A Denver Colorado and WC CEO in Minneapolis Minnesota welcome to beyond reality radio family we're happy to have you on board and both. Those cities are great cities a love Minneapolis and I love Denver both great places to hang out hopefully be able to do some muscle lead appearances of. There tool and when I've done appearances and have I've spoken had spoken at the theaters and suffer especially Alan not. Minneapolis I've been to perhaps and I numerous fitter so fair and just drew a wonderful bunch of people I mean every time where Alter Steve and I grand night. We it's always to a packed house thousands of people and it just goes to show the all. How many people are really interested in the fields alt that way either that or there's actually nothing to do and they just go go see that guy from Osama. Say if it's if you if you do that appearance like mid January then I'm gonna go with the nothing else to do things but any other time here and there's plenty going on their effect I go to an event there. Almost every year I've had a taking your tool off recently but it's called convergence. It's a big scifi kind of convention now really great time really a lot of fun there. That's where I had a guy addresses the police office should also try to bomber us bomber Russian stage Imus oh that was attacked was there. Yeah that was a taps here along and I Minneapolis the guys. Offer you an owl alternate analysts and Michelle and we were grant and I around stage. And again packed house. And the guys try to come up to the stage security ended up stopping and and he said he was a police officer and that he had paperwork for now this is the man in the middle of a performance onstage. And the guys in the security there said well. Apparel were all called the in the police from the areas were all friends and have them come down or get out you can give it to him right after the show. And how's a guy took off out of the side door. During the show just took off running he wasn't a police officer he was just dressed in police officers out there when trying to gets me onstage which. Canon terrifying and mind blowing ended up having a security. With us for the rest of the time that we are there and haven't standing outside my hotel rooms until the next morning when they got me to my plane and it was insane means in what people do really is it's scary it's their only speaking of people I mean. About robots robots a little element we could fill the audience with robots next time when we're Baja. How well it depends says there's police crease he stories I don't know if you heard about these robots that are becoming racist and sexist. They'll be and one spend not me and both my Dutch. Don't robots are learning to be racist and sexist. Scientist revealed ai programs exhibit human lake biases. Researchers gave AI that learns from online text word associated task profit to link certain words were the ones that are pleasant or unpleasant. Then gave ai a list of white and black sounding names in the same task. Linked black sounding names like ebony and Jamaal with unpleasant words of the day aidid and white sounding. Ones late and Malia and Matt relinquish pleasant ones. So I mean he how was any ID becoming. Racist sexist. Yeah I mean I am I can only say that because it's a product of of you know human invention that somehow that bias signed gets transferred into the code I mean they're not. Oh under present accurate because humans look to the power of artificial intelligence to make better and unbiased decisions. However new studies found that technology is becoming a racist and sexist as it learns hindering its ability to make balance resolutions. Researchers discovered that the better AI becomes. It interpreting the human language the more likely it will adopt human bias about race and gender and that lurks within the data it's that. Which strongly in the need to figure and others don't even know how that gets programmed into scary thing about that is that makes him more Hugh. Mean then. I mean and that that brings it closer to being human than any thing you know I mean it those flaws are what makes a human human verses have a machine which is supposed to be able to act without those flow. But again and we'll figure this weight off it's becoming a racist and sexist. Against individual humans how long before becomes totally run this against all humans in general all of it does it doesn't care where who what and color what. Would in a sexual are now it just knows that you're human and that. It's good it's bias against you because it knows that machines are able to. Do more faster even though we program them there they're learning they're advancing far faster than I. Well we we continue to talk about this the coming day win in the machines control loop that the masters become enslaved to the to the machines and them you know that didn't seem to be too far bitterness or somewhere around. Now I mean leave the house about cell phone via the strong ideas it'll be a feel lost you feel naked do you feel vulnerable. All right so we've got a great conversation coming up organ ring brie be bringing Barlow Ventura on she is an author and her most recent book is called ferries focus and change rulings were to talk about that book plus about two the other book she's written and all the stories. That it contains tucked where walls of vampires. Fairies bizarre facts mermaids the whole thing you believe in any. I'd I have some belief in some event I'm more curious about the others and needs more convincing about some. And I just remember every Friday. Is a best of so. You know makes you tune in and it's a best of show so yet again had overweight FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And we're take quick break we'll come back and do their best. OK okay you've heard me talking about scaring done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see Japan. I already chase Austin Johnson can't thank you to everybody for being with us thank you to the new stations joining. Beyond reality radio Stanley it's great to have Denver Colorado along and also a Minneapolis Minnesota great. Cities popping up everywhere and we greatly appreciate the support and it's because of all all the listeners solely you've really made the show success and that's why shows popping up and pretty much every state across the country and we greatly appreciate that. We do very much and tonight we're talking with for the Ventura as she is a an author and no we're going to be talking about her most recent book called ferries pocus and change wings. Plus a bunch together once 'cause are just too juicy to pass up. Carla welcome to the program great to have the. Yeah well thanks for having me yet I think I'd be again. And perhaps when the band see where we'll vampire book came out. And then I actually taking back one time a little bit more recently slapped all. And we talked about all kinds. Retreat freaky creatures that such an at the time my I would still working on the book that just came out. A lot of new. People listen to the show I'm coming on board all these new radio stations were airing on so odd to introduce them to you. Tell us about yourself and how did you develop an interest in such strange subjects. Well and I was raised in at them online and conventional environments. My mom was very interested in the coal and that there were always a lot of interest in books on the shelf. We we spent a lot of high name. And we what I want to horror movies possibly a little too young. Meant timing graveyard. It was something that apple Amelie and actually all my siblings he can be let weird one. Still enjoy a good cemetery lock yeah where we appreciate history and there you know just looking at the names and I kind of always had a bit of a tendency to believe in things like go to magic and it would never. Something that. We. We're hot to fear but rather just sort of acceptance. Appreciate. To go along with many many other aid and and I think yeah Weaver of course that was back. Before the to date myself before the time a cell phone and computer. But still we were removed from I'm really connected urban environments where you can easily get door. I just wanted to clarify something here I think. Most people listening. And I know you. You know the days before cellphones dominating airlines when it was not that long ago that does not really data isn't that much to some of it really wasn't going to go but you know I I love that that clear idea of the cemetery walks I still do that to this day I find it. Fascinating I find it very informative I love the history of the love heat the room the romance of thinking about those folks in what they were doing during that period in history aerobics in the -- yes on the on the grave stones when you can't freedom and you can do chalk rubbing jets just wild yet that's really neat stuff and it sounds to me correlate. Do you like probably Jason I would would also put ourselves into this category you know a lot of people when they're young have assassinations were beset us some people lose it. Other people's people going to be passionate about it I think you probably foam passion category. Definite and Utley and that thing about cemetery I and we found him and you know and the child with and I remember I drinking got healthy respect for them. In those regards of course sometimes you're visiting relatives in things like that template in airy. Graveyard. At the young woman when I got my own amendment to the city very far away and I had family I actually found in the may sound counter it suited to some people but. I am cemetery to be up late I felt safe. Because the things you really are great when you're on on the souvenir young woman at other people it. You know strange people jumping out and you know things like bat in. Cemetery has a great lack of people. And so I knew we would find that that would replace striking a state where I can get you know. It beat Carlyle. And you know less populated than a public park and you could kind of hide out in stoker meet. I gained an even greater appreciation. For third at bat sanctuary app and of the cemeteries. Well that a lot of people out there you creeped out by cemeteries and I think that's mainly due to the whole hall Hollywood aspect and of course zombies and everything else I'm. Making them fearful thing and and I and I get that you know there's bodies buried on the on the ground at. He can creep people I'll blood. I don't think there's really anything to fear when it comes to cemeteries it's more it's the history that you're able to get people were dead for days prior to their bodies being brought there in most cases so. The chances of something being there are going to be slim. Right and anger out as likely they. You know how nearby or you know that something where I'm kind of or big event took place. But it the things I mean you know there is that rich history and as you can learn a lot about. Late by looking at the people in the you can kind of OK will be people are seeing my name and well this guy had a huge monument he must've been someone that that was very. Expensive thing to do in the 1880s. And do you think and it it like. You know like a Big Apple are big mystery that you're stopping. And you can really spend hours and hours leaping. Here's the. It's absolutely true and there's also some really a fascinating. Stories behind the people when you see things like you know. Many then that passed so very young and you think about what there was probably some illness some epidemic they came through that today we don't worry about those things were back. You know at the you know whether it's nineteen century America or whatever they face those fears every day. Absolutely and date and something small but we're now back stated again or can easily use antibiotics to treat when it. Life threatening and it took a lot longer to get help her get a doctor to come in and says there are a lot more looming they're coming mark looming threat. Kind of like in death. I can't do who has really really kind of very scary time but. So did did I read correctly did push your mother winch. Yes I'd like I think she probably would still identified one although not in the sense that maybe patterned. People would think any cute she was never partly cup and she never knew we. Studied with like in Cuba and awakened. She didn't really. Treated in the same way they were a bit more purple red and Cary. Aspect with her and determine appreciation. Or even using herbs and kind is looking it being in his in a different light. And so an all that we like she just loved which he's saying so you know being hit which stands. Having that kind of things around at that kid you know Halloween with a big holiday. And the idea that we hit in magic hasn't played in light in that you can kind you use it. Do. Empower yourself really that's probably how she still uses witchcraft suited day. It's not going around. Well she probably wouldn't admit it you're going around you know cursing and acting in the big contracts that my partner. Was. You know for lack of better term you the good old boy. They you'd get that team together in ramblings on have a few more contrasting. Point that you and you know made curry. Or bitch and volatile tribal belt that. Sure sounds like you were talking with parlor Ventura author or her most recent book is called series pocus and change lanes were gonna take a break. When we come back we're gonna get into some of the the earlier books that Carl has written some really fascinating stories there it's beyond reality radio. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah I saw. And let alone. Your rights. I'll putt all freaky things you know let's start actually talking a little bit about what are your first books may be the first back from 2008. Of Barley wrote a book called the book or book of the bizarre freaky Faxon strange stories. What are some of the things you covered netbook. About the book bet you know that was like all the little things that I carried around over the years that you out like cocktail party. And then finally someone that you already have them back why don't you let me put it together and in book form. I did in the patent and basically sort of attribute book something like the kind of book I love to read as it as a kid it goes story. It got strange line is Scott you you know that's so bizarre you know weird you know there are you can't believe. It's true you know true you know the truth is stranger than fiction. Kind of they gamut from life. Completely. Amazing. New York well encounters do that back that you know it against a lot to drink with an elephant and in Mississippi so they're like to -- a huge range of things. And a lot at the time when I was writing it I would finding a lot of beauty and you'd. Amazing current events and current stories that just were so incredibly good bar. And I kept kept things like that just spoke with our how did you make that that wonderful things like a funeral home. I can't remember the location the funeral home but one of her marketing outreach programme went to send birthday cake to the old folks home. So. Yeah. Angry debate at a chili cook off an angry heated them all the community would totally makes spent billions in neat but it but it bunny. Headline read you don't athletic. You know and Brothers with it you happy eighty. Up a really strange story that I have with me for years and years about the man who buys eighty. He buys that a poker. A barbecue basically he actually by a store the content but still old storage unit. And in there that Coker and he you know he get that he takes it out and he. And noted that there's something in it but he brings common and he got to clean it out the other. Indy keeping the public Hapsburg law and a packet. Human leg from the knee down. And then he called the police and the police tracked down the owner of the now you know eat all day storage unit. And it turned balcony at the woman who owned the store gives her son and her son Blake there's nothing nothing happened to him but at some point he had laid. I'd have a leg amputated and I'm not sure how we got away with it but he kept this. Is Blaine why he wrapped it up and put it into I don't know peace melted. Not share at any cost even more bizarre because I was actually. I'll take it anymore bizarre how can get more bizarre. You would think it costs. But I was talking with someone right after the book came out I had a radio interview I go dim lights. A one incident Virginia but I can't remember the exact date and many years. There and talking with someone on the East Coast are talking about the story and they said no no story that happens you know an accountant and I'm familiar with. And make that it got it get weirder. Apparently the person who am got a limb with you know from the storage unit. No longer wanted to return it to the rightful owner. And actually said you have to pay me back thousand dollars or and so then that person who wanted their late backpack. Adam on the committee that he'd get it Miette might play can't they actually took it to court but they can get on court. TV. At all. Important but not not Judge Judy but something like that. And in the end beat Kuerten who glimpse at what had been paid by thousand dollars to get the rest of their late. So that's then. And it story. There is not lifetime ownership of your limbs if you happen to have one removed do you run the risk of losing possession and ownership of this feeling that somewhere that what we've learned from. Sleep you don't pay your rent. RM and so you know one of the things that caught my guy in in the book of the bizarre is strange rock and roll stories can you share with us just being music fanatic that I am remained in interest in no way. What kind of stuff you have in their related to music. Well one might favorite story that actually the sort of like. The Eminem then the removal of the brown Eminem or some kind of like diva like behavior several big. Acts especially in the high eighty's and ninety's that lit. After very. It's kind of like they were being divas big big thing you're rolling down that. They would say okay well in our dressing room we want a bold MM beach if you take all around. And I heard that I remember hearing that as a kid and thinking like one of you can use that like. How did you see how you gotta do. Like no Van Halen did Terri get out of a contract. That you guys they're like they're beating out seemingly outrageous requests and I dot com what is you know with dirty trick that. So I looked into it and it actually really Smart because what they would do you these big acts like and gallant an Eminem. They would request that they would get some of these tiny little request in their contract and then when they would get the dressing room. You know. They have their agent with no right away if someone had read the fine print and met the other demands of their contract especially in terms of like. You know safety and balance and how they wanted to they set up and they would know if they were Broward Eminem somebody didn't read the contract. And they were able to you know tell that right away. One of those like her bailing bid that I heard all of my life and what that your that was true. You know so that that kind of like rock and roll story that kinda you know. And it popped up. It's because when Jason I appear Leo is this true certain Eminem's be removed and then what they do was put more of that color in their honest. Number and a series of a serious note I was speaking New York, New York Pennsylvania we're out there at the theater and joking around we had said something about all blue Eminem's. And and the girl on the order joking but. She was issues so sweet enough that literally she had a couple. Assistance. Go through and just pull out all the gloom and ams and have them Sony distribution it was a joke where you sayings exit Paula through the bull of them and ends when there has got that yeah. UT team just made a summit discussed at the last lap that while which. We're talking with the Farley Venturi an author on her most recent book is ferries caucus and change things and I should just mentioned that the website beyond reality radio dot com. You can go there and click on the guests tab they'll be information about Marla and links to the books but parlor where else do you have the books for people. And doctor available anywhere where books are sold that you can get them online on Amazon you can get Indy bound you can go to your local. Bookstore Barnes & Noble and get after them and they're all in print their on. In stock. Okay we've got a lot more to talk about we're gonna take a break it's beyond reality rating Jason GP. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see if there. Chicks yeah. Karla Carey actually talking about some weird. And we weird requests of people putting contracts and interest English style theaters were stuff and use your book up beyond bizarre. Frightening facts and blood curdling details. Cut picked up where that first book left off freight. Yeah I mean when it happened at united and that this massive amount of information and my editors were with me. It kind of pare it down the book that would be a party. I think originally that the B 250 pages that it by the time the image over 300. Like OK you know who are. And I had all that other staff and luckily the first book with spelling and elect accident that Haiti at a equal which I. Will go on record a big. I wanted to college. Righted the bizarre. And then how to another one after not like our son and partner like and how long that Franken absolutely mind yeah. But beyond bizarre one now because out it is. People packed house the first book are feeling at the first but in order to get back which is. Totally Smart and they are completely right. And in the second one I got a little bit more in view and that certain natural light oddities and answer strange. Pack animal behavior. And limping along those lines out burger subjects that I already covered in wanted to cover more and all but I also. Interviewed people you are people I had made contact with over the years had. A really strange encounter habit you know like the earth look beyond bizarre. Had more stories from people that. Contacted me when they had read the book the guitar or hurt me on the radio show and then they would contact image I had this really weird experience. And then you know I'm sure and you all know that and you get things that are just so outrageous you know right away that the president and a apparently. Gonna be able to tell you know enough about that can make it that. Possible story or you know at Egypt even particularly out there but then at the things I need all these ready. Story you know that is the classic like never leading goat and then this thing happened to me. And I got it relief fund stories that way that I packet. And then you know I'm a big fan of like. And a little weird medical. Trying to. Creepy being you know like we hate in people used to do. It was price and make you squirm like you read about Yunel. But back that you can get back at that the prescription in hand you know weird being that people discover in their brains you know like. Well they haven't heard them or like Arnold or something because they were separated at you know in the gloom from getting absorbed they're twins when neighbor. In your hours just really having group constraints things like back. They're double. Dedicated back. Have you ever checked out the motors museum. Well you know I never been there and then I. I've read added they have a book that can be gave me that a car loan me the book what I would do me. These picture that up on my bucket list of places. He had an editor at about a spent time member and now it's three different times and yeah it's just it's in Philadelphia it's the museum of human oddities and there is some of the weirdest stuff you'll ever come across. Yeah definitely not for the armed faint of heart right. Now Alex are there are big and actually hit it. So in India in the book beyond bizarre you talk about haunted Hollywood how it was just got itself a whole bunch of really creepy and weird stories. Oh definitely yeah Ali lit up. And you know I even included a couple of being that in the tying a publication their head banners and her. Development. You know people of credit debt and further research on Mike the death of Natalie Wood. That was kind of a weird story where she ended up drowning and then the I believe a few years later after the book was published. They actually reopen that case. Trying to determine if it really what an accident or it hit where it was just that random. Random thing but their school that was Robert went right new Irvin a problem right exactly like it yeah she is Pollyanna pretty quick cure and or you know. What what happens. I don't know was transferred to Christopher Watkins was their tune it. I yeah I. After he was very young then it. And there I know there was another there was another actor there as well and a but protest both movie on. Yeah still. A lot of weird that like Alec all the strange thing happened on the on the scene of the acts are set. I did patent. They're both at their rent as seen in which what their arm there's more than one scene where Linda Blair can. Alan berg involved had to be. In in teams and ball hard and and Babel actually. Were injured in that process it and like they pulled Q are. There are other things happen where Adam. Barrett at. Then something happened that Alan berg and where she was supposed to aim like a line about I believe in the death hole it she she would do it. And about a bunch of weird things like that and I don't know if you're familiar with it that there didn't do I capped out that the about the making of the movie site count. And I've been listening to that and that kind of along those lines as well where they beat sort of about. The thing happened on the set or weren't allowed to happen on the that answered the profit because that would be weak and extreme movie Kurt trying. There were like really gory and AMP movie happening and there are respectable movie. That there weren't any really the and all gory movies happening and that was the first high Hitchcock and it it was finally in the first time that a oh lead character which killed off so quickly married aggregate for anyone who has the. I think you're I think by now yeah I think by now you're safe you're safe. Armed you know also I noticed I noticed one of the descriptions of the stories in that book was creepy candy strippers I have to hear this story. As creepy candy strikers OK so this is trying to about the have a whole chapter our record at the medical or. And and that creepy Kenny trippers were straight people do it. The idea candy striking and I use what you think of that he's predicting get it being. That would be it will it you know I don't know blot black and white earth and I read in light dresses. Up like in a candy stripe. But it backed the idea just like with there. We beautiful kind of barber. Barbara cool spin it those colored traditionally where the blood. And that and the candy strippers were actually. I did baton name came from them wearing white and then Keating. You're with Latin. Do well Barbara the Barbara scholars were to let you know as they did bloodletting and things of that nature correct. Yeah there was blood letting and then also just that there yet because they would you like am. Certain treatments that I mean there was a time when Barber's where. Into especially in smaller rural communities where I am really more they'd. Sir doctor anyway resurgent. Yeah worms surgeon. So. We'll. Is that just repeat itself freight there. We're talking with parliament Toro about her books. We're gonna take a break in just a minute here and bubble bring her back after the break and I get into some of them more current books. The most recent one is called ferries caucus and change things beyond reality really Jason GB we've got some great shows coming up. Yeah we do. Caiso. Let me storage nodes are we got a best program for Friday night and then wins we get in the next week we're going to be talking with nine Nicholas unwilling to Monday we had Nicklaus would the Savannah storyteller. Now we're going to be talking to him about the Sorrell we'd house which investigated on the show goes to shoot him in Savannah Georgia has so that'll be a great show on Tuesday were going to be talking with Debra Holtzman. She communicates with spears on the other side as a messenger where she hears sees and smells spares and she sees things regarding your past present and future. Wednesday we've got a returning guest John teeter. A lot well Agassi's somewhere Lawson time he's like time travel is going to be picking up where he left off on the time travel the extraterrestrials. Environment. I just a list goes on and on Thursday Erik Coleman. Hails from greens burg Pennsylvania Erica is a lifelong interest in the strange and unusual being a fan horn science fiction movies he's done a good portion was childhood watching films and television from the genre will be discussing bigfoot SaaS clutch. Scripted paranormal. Pennsylvania make foot camping adventures should and blows goes on yeah he's some. He's I think he's president of the if it's at the Pennsylvania bigfoot society it's it's a regional version of that in Pennsylvania he does. A lot of work out hunting for big foot he but he's got a lot of great stories of it all sorts scripted stuff so it should be great conversation. So they haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like the FaceBook page constantly updating of the news stations Oreo were adding. And head over to be on reality radio dot com click the listen life and join us live from London during the show front online chats. I don't forget that tsk Eric Kahn is coming up very very soon in fact you should go over to scare conduct come check out the website they're new guests celebrity guests being added all the time. I'll be there Jason B there it's going to be a great time we don't want to miss it it's in Springfield Massachusetts it's coming up June 2 third and fourth. Again great time visit scare kind dot com and you'll see what it's all about the listen Jayson yeah. Great one here we're so happy to have the law also very very happy to have our new radio stations one in Denver and one in Minneapolis two great cities welcome to. The beyond reality radio Stanley. Yes it's great to have you on board KE FK. Eddie and I mean Denver Colorado and WC CEO in Minneapolis Minnesota welcome to the walk and beyond reality real Fam. So our guest tonight is farther Ventura she's an author her most recent book is called ferries caucus and change doings and they're gonna talk a little bit about some of the books that tell led up to the writing of that particular book and of Marla again thanks so much for joining us some beyond reality radio great to have year. They Q&A great thing here I actually relocated to Minnesota about a year ago I'm just north maybe that might figure that they're the local station. And I love it up there have been that way many many times and assistants degree area and just wonderful people so on you deftly moved to a just an incredible Larry so let's talk about the book that you released in 2013. Called band she's werewolves vampires and other creatures of the night because. Every one of those topics fascinates me. Where where where did you get enough courage to write about that stuff. I had to fight to put band she's on there because I knew that everybody heard an empire and where little. And I had to say what I I got into the public or look at the lean meat at the end she hurt. It hit. No one heard of them I mean people have heard of them that they it is it'll it'll get attention in the building empires and where all the action. And well you know as I said he couldn't he can Powell already light background while we are being. Matt after doing that broke the that the bomber. I sort of went in a slightly different direction and actually my publisher out why the book at the idea you. Kind of few and and e-book. Theories. You know little short like 99 cents Kindle editions. That explored different topics and that it would be very very quick quick quick in straddle. And we would like ping different creature and and we kind of developed a magical creatures theories and at paranormal are eerie. The paranormal parlor had them like great stories about old saying arc is and parlor tricks and even like Karen are magicians and things of that nature. And that magical creature that usually wonderfully huge umbrella. And so a quarter. You know we certain I mean it licked that like OK here the magical creatures you know I between vampires and wearable. We outlet about you know kind of a really long list and I did and it if you want to really short little. Eva. And after awhile I you know I just couldn't really keep away from them and the volume of you know not it wasn't particularly profitable for anyone. And yet there was all the wonderful material until we talk about. Creating. A book can debate that OK we'll pick your favorite young he can't be all of them one. That even when I was working on the band she'd look in the back of my mind that you they're placed a then and change and let the kind of separate these. Different creature by category. And oh you know right idea and are a couple of vampire stories that I an adult who had. You know spent most of her team reading vampire novels. There were several I had never heard of including that the may being. The first vampire novel ever. Published in English. Which has an amazing connection to Mary Shelley Burt the Frankenstein the story at Franken side. They'll I was kind of blown away because I'd never heard that and yet I'm reading that the old intranet by that I was written in 18100. And I'm thinking bully his whole like group that friends that the Lake County might really familiar and I started researching it and bounds. That and back that this story would also born on the same night. That Mary Shelley came up with an album that Frankenstein. So I had a couple of vampire story that I had never heard it did look at the combination of back. Accounts from people modern. Encounters. Adam and lore as well as having an actual you know there's a few actual stories and her. Now island and Rhode Island which is considered to Walt back then it was considered temporary capital US it's where a brand stroke or actually came out here to research the mercy brown created. And and it's right Dracula so that's where that I'm sure you've you're familiar with mercy Brown's story they removed her heart and so forth and Barak. And that's actually fifteen minutes on the road from me so. Now do you believe it you believe. In vampires. Well that doesn't happen good question because I actually know a few you know I. No I don't and friends I am I have been out on occasion that I'm a vampire idea I am not ignite in the buy it or air but I had. A few close relationship. With people who identify as vampires. Now we're not talk I don't Leila Eric yeah that's what homer friendly energy type empires. Well anarchy I am tired that all there are some who are little more ritualistic. Omar glam more into the artist's life at that. So they're well they're the Arab regimes out what you know we would call like the living and higher. And the wind when you kind of look at it in that way we're like OK I know people who I can't I like when you meet senator kind of like an act and actually totally see that. Not to mention her people bit. You feel really drained acting better around them. Or not anarchy in kind of refer to them as like shopping and hair. When you. Even things that might modern every day like there might be someone you work with your pocket that fit the description. You can kind of see how in you know it oracle. Will it be idea that vampire why it it. Existed for so long why we've been so fascinated with it. Patent and but I do you think that there there is a lot of history to be IKEA that vampires and vampire were treated much the same way. That. It peep if you're not accused of being the which. In burn you were accused of being either a wearable or at vampire. Killers in history there of sort of the persecution of someone who might have not big into the idea. Imminent in the normal ways. And I think even modern vampires that is why they are drawn together and achieve unity much the same way because they feel that they are. About outskirts in the way of thinking there power. All a lot of times everybody Italy and Italy W as a waiter vampire whatever interest in order to ditch you can throw away or or killed so they for a win game reasons as well but now I've I spent time in a long ones and I ran into a bunch of people sought claim vampires who literally had their teeth surgically altered and just took it into that realm so but the you don't believe in this ever. Blasting empire state through the hearts right rate the entire world the immoral super natural. You know stuff of of you know crips and Pennsylvania. I mean I'm a bit of a supernatural list I am I'm definitely on a on of the mind at bat you know never say never. And you know I've heard enough stories and again like I mean I'm Iraq slipped and I knew I know that. Sounds silly to say right after you'd say yes I think they're they're they're real. But I mean and look at things from. A local lord and historic point of view as well but also at the at the same time I feel that there's a lot that we. Don't know and a lot that we have not discovered. And a lot of things that have been changed to. You know things that perhaps were part of an oral tradition that are now written and they were changed when they were written he's seen it constantly with. Varied and the account. Gary encountered. But there's. There's that shipped from being part of there to get a tradition and heart of at the righty or a group who read Qaeda like. Mingling. And then you have sort of like the written version which is changed and that the writer we but there I'm. When he unit and then and so on and so on and the kind you get like a martyr picture. You know. People pick up the story and they create like a Hollywood icon. So to mean the idea that you know it. And it immortality never existed and there's been a lot of you keep getting a lot of medical. Rationale behind it and you know and there are several books that you delve into that the idea that you know. Rick Moore at. Kind of can you say people are doing grave robbers Wear dropping a grade and then you know the body actually hit out at bigger mortgage reaction and then they would ran screaming thinking that. You know the England alive in the dirt what. There's a huge can it and say I have I have a heart kind of like completely ruling it out because. We head into the mermaid. Well I mean we're constantly discovering that serve really. Bizarre strange. Being in the sea and so it's hard says it. Put your foot down and say now there's no way any of these things pretty bad but I think I'd be released at a had to admit it to. Think that there. I. Think at the via. And what about the portable sparkling reimbursed. Are pleased that there a directive that you know the modern vampire me just hate. Holes from behind me didn't you get. Get them talking about it and it is. In now. I mean we it again like I I don't have a problem with these sort of Hollywood image and I am. I would I would Mary Bell would go deep right now that we're an option. So I I see the appeal of certain that like iconic Hollywood. Vampire and I think it. For the most part members of the vampire community that much about it speak for them bait they a lot of them why that. That the physical appearance as you said people do. All that they're eager to implant or. Grounds for their cheap to make them look like vampires and again we are in their eyes and and so there's certain aspect of like a cop kind of I get like a cop played aspect that it. But now I took Don completely by track thinking about cop played vampires. Says if I didn't get bigger. Yeah that's her Leo what a bit warmer question related to the book bad she's werewolves and vampires and it's the where walls component of where there really. People in the nineteenth century that identified themselves as werewolf hunters. Definitely they're aware of hunters just that there where witch hunters and error people in the nineteenth sentry who believe. And people in the 21 century to believe that where wolves are still out there. And where they're happening because debt origin of the wearable come and settle many. Get their with a vampire their their medical explanations. There. Ritual act the nation's battered the idea shape shifting their amazing legend and I am original stories from native Americans. And from indigenous people around the world and file that kind of shape shifting creature that you know transformed. And can become this year only at certain time that. You know like pebble balloon art in Britain that even Michael ware tall thin and of course them like an island community wouldn't have aware pool cue. Or tell the Blair stories come from. These sort of the Scandinavian. And eastern European countries at least some of the more moderate let me ask them if you. In North America. So yeah people were just as much as they believed that you know the double was. Going to take your soul they believe that where world could be good cheer village and you know. Actually your children. Geez. It's beyond reality Radio One of the things are always I'm always fascinated Bo Harlow we talk about stories like this is how how cool and and seemingly. Frightening and scary and actually terrifying. Some of these things really are in the the stuff of fairy tales and legends that has been passed down. Over the years but I will get in more of that. I'm I'd I'd wanna remind everybody that sound we've got a couple things going on that are pretty important one is this coming weekend science. And what is it 21. 22 twenty thirds albeit slit Salem con in Salem Massachusetts people could stop by. Say hello will have a bunch of stuff there and love to meet and either fans of the show people that enjoy talking about the stuff. I'll have a table seek can stop by to say you know look for JD from beyond reality radio will be able to find me. And then also we've got scary kind coming up and that isn't too far away either then is a June 2 third and fourth in Springfield Massachusetts. If you have any interest in pinned paranormal stuff which she probably do if you listen to the program or you've also been interest in my core films are. Pop culture stuff check out the website scare conduct come there's a whole bunch of stuff on there that give you an idea what the show's about but it will tell you this. It's a ton of fun. It is so worth every every minute eat and spend. Get a lot of cool stuff won't agree vendors. This is a great opportunity one and we see some cool things and meet some cool people but hang out with people of similar interest it's really through a lot of fun it's Garrick con. Dot com just check out the web site. We're talking with the bar of the Ventura about. Newest book anyways fairies who christened change when's it gonna take a break when we come back assert talking about those particular creatures of. Beyond reality radio. He could be talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see her. She's snatched anywhere doctor Marla in terms it will stop. Start getting into her newest book in this one about ferries focus and change wings can a complete guide to the wild and wicked in chanted realm in the trying and Elvis Carl. It. Our Marleau when we when we hear about series' most people conjure images of Tinker Bell you know the Disney kind of approach to fairies but that's something special Toyota march that's something that's completely different right. Yeah well I mean my book comes with a warning. And it's that sort of fairy tell your Nina put the book down because that is not going. You know IE. I was. Big avid reader Gary as a kid and you know we're they're they're very ill and then there stories about. Dairy and other creatures that I kind of refer to all of the Mary L. And a lot of other very dark and you know you've beaten of those. Even the collection that gate put out that you know collection of like Irish have been Koreans there's some pretty. Frightening thing going on and you know I remember even my aunt Mary. Seriously one time we're talking through the woods then there is a very very circle you know with the eerie mound and pavlik the circle on August. And my mom without government. That's a very mound and then she Mary digging into your grade boy and girl don't ever get in the model of Karina. We're like OK if we don't we never slept well. So yeah I mean there are and they're not apparently an inherent evil there but there's that Stevie meant. And a little bit Eddie bishop a Colleen we. With humans that. We. We overlook and we think oh they're just an art background. You know there are buried that will help your garden. Well Carla I. I spent time in Ireland and I I was older I hadn't spent quite a little bit of time and told Morant Slidell and the one thing I found out when you're over there is for so we investigated. This in this one area. Had a reason and you know the encirclement with the trees and everything. Yet and that it is disturbing long armed. Sort of packed that lived in the body waters. That wanted to reach out and grab your ankles and slowly sink you down you go quickly you just go low Lee you know. I I'm Gary and I think yeah I mean I'll I hit it in Ireland and I think why what's fascinating about that is that Adam. It bear the bear the very natural. Is a real natural part of B. Haven't had that saying that bet you it's not like is this site that I'd like you do believe in fairy you don't it's sort of an integrated part of the culture and that you can go. Still and traveled some of them are. Isolated villages and talk with people and they will have it's not at their own story at their fathers or their grants others. Sorry yeah and the and and I loved that and some of the stories that. I love the most are a few of the accounts that republic taken down and that there at the Victorian. Order Edwardian era. Directly from notes he crop in Crocker who wrote several volumes about Irish lower. I'll probably gave you that we're all I did gathering the amazing story and they were traveling around and getting. The stories of the neighbors you know just are writing them down and getting the book published about the old worth it in many ways you know. Could have been forgotten by now had they not done that but at the things trying beaver. Putting their own kinda been on it isn't and then I know that I also you know that conversation partner iris. Yeah most classes and stern and Irish. Here and I went around. I have been warned not to block. You know I remember when and I would and one of the air and I island which you know there very isolated topic of the galway. And I was told not to go down the beach at night. And I you know which is where is exactly where I was headed you know the and that the dark in. It was the raid in you know whether real treacherous. Situation. My mind anyway and I had been living in the ocean than it ever occur during that I'm so what like I know what you're familiar with. The wild of the ocean. And they acted with you'd like please don't go down there like you people opt to see the he called the dog of the seat. And it will happen to give it a dog and eager to hear me a little bit like. Well you know you'll dot. I hope. That but I really am not want to get the and that type of how do you even know about that need Ellis. Generations and generations fifteen bit. These dogs come out on that beach and you know very few people that how about so I don't I don't like okay. Now. Being hit yeah I lived in that I didn't get down to the beach blanket kind of walk a lot about or they're out the kid in a never count your colleague at now. Do you think that a lot of those stories are how they are because it was more of parents trying to install sense of security and the child to keep the hole and of course. When you're in its it was a different world back then and a lot of times a nude people would tell their children things to keep them. Away from the water at night to keep them away from the Woodson and Knight. Do you think that a lot of that is just from the parents in history trying to protect their kids and scare them away from certain areas who do you think that there's truth behind a lot of these stories. I think it ball I think you definitely can see a lot of stories you know like I think the bomb. The bottom women in particular light and that. That there. A real warning once I don't play in the are uploaded because you know they're a spot in the pattern that you've never walk eat pot. But for the most part it's like you're walking around bumping bungee and then it'll be it'll get out and he'll be in you know four feet of water. So absolutely there are there certain warning element. Children closer to the camp actually. To keep the drug off the road you know come home from the public op wrote income where I get it about eight we told you don't want. It it like now model. Are well. You know there's a lot there's the there's definitely sort of like boarding element and see you know. Am kind of cautionary tale which you know to me is just as app needing. Add the actual encounter and of these stories are very convincing. Adam there'd there'd be even I even had and I think you know pop in once someone finds upping your interest in the subject. That when they in my country you are sharing their own experiences with you about what happened I'm sure you have all experienced you know like when you're just didn't lumping all. LY I I Argo. So I am I actually very recently at UB three very insisting email as people including I with them photos attached. Experience does that that they had where they just can't explain it I'm without our something when I was. A very young girl that I ill and died. You know convinced it was an electric and proposed pebble. Let's talk about the Coca until this kind of hard garden type creature. The crew actually am a little bit more about it kind of it's been tricked the trickster fairy. And ice cream atop goblins with sort of the brownies and B port gymnastic sort of house. Series The Who got the bit wilder and opt in is in the form of an animal actually on the Ali in the department of animal and it usually either me it can occasionally be ago. Most frequently at the rabbit or a horse and the horse will appear and kind of where you'll you'll be thrown on the back of the or. And you'll be taken on the wild midnight ride. And is not generally. Harmful experience is not something in the if Garrett do you. And it definitely that are rattled Q and probably make you reevaluate all the that all bleak as you're on the back of this thing. But it's not an evil entities that is there to trample it down. At any one of the greatest example of kind of a modern coup that people might be familiar with it in movie Harvey. In which account drug plagued by Jimmy Stewart Alec eating out. Ease the giant rabbit and keep constantly talking to it that everybody being. That's at the counter around he's crazy. And they never believed and that could accredit exist in bat like Nolan never believed you can kind of format by hearing. When you're not expecting it. And you know you're the only one who can see and it's very very frequently but the goal will come at a time when someone needs to. Changed there. Think there may have a little bit. So if someone is someone who's interested in encountering. One or many of these types of preachers for small would you recommend against it. And if you do would recommend against it it is how how would you recommend may actually increase your chances. Would generally recommend against it because I think he can kill our very quickly. And yet now it sort of like trying to. Trying to banners saying go out about how or something you ever doubt what could sneak in one year. When you're busy looking one way. But if one thing that people can view and and there's even modern more modern example to appear familiar all in our community and Scotland which to look at. In the seventies that became a phenomenon because they began making. Offerings and working with the elemental and dairy view produce crops and other white and forgiving. They're lying down there. They don't escape and they were able to produce not only produced. Fruit and vegetable adding Norman guy. And it's interesting at the kind of a whole amazing story and I think it was Scotland in the seventies is when it started and it's kind of the community at. Continued on encountered a more spiritual community. But it nonexistent then one of the people who actually let him originally called it is the all Hopkins is you know you might know enforcement and Hawkins. Even dabbling around back there. There are things you can do I mean children are very apt and it the children have a natural ability to be able to beat in communion understand buried that they're either Barry Bonds that they'll. The other people who can be buried our people with like the second site or I'm real I'm psychic abilities and then sometimes random. The trouble with their guard down and would not totally. Are aware their surroundings by all that happening out there like Katrina on and and you can certainly leave offerings you can you know you could leave no you couldn't work with certain age. If you believe that there's something in your house you can work with it you can you can experiment. As far as really really trying to go. Even encounter at I think it's our willingly tried to go in kingdom of the area I would definitely. Option against pat attending no good can come out for any. Don't eat or drink anything if you find yourself in a suspicious party that seems too good to be triple. Yeah we've we've been told that by governor other people that would spoken to as well you know it when it comes down to things like elemental spell mantle's that. We deal with pretty well pretty much just are everywhere but in the ones that we deal with here in the US. I'm sure your firm believer and elemental script. Yeah I mean I I don't know if if I can. Say with any definitive truth that series are like. It's basically content from elemental there's a lot belief that they. Absent I believe they Marty and I are you Mary C believe they might be intertwined and that that was my question for you as. Do you think they'll be at. How he's been around people magical creatures and they always will be out and that they could sit and a news in an you know in an overlapping. Situation that rather than you know we're yet to step over that slight edge in that sense sort of you know a Linear kind of situation night you know I. I definitely think at the Turkish. The coop idea a time. And you know acting kind of overlapping at the same time. So. OK so Amy LL mantle's that are considered nature nature spirits is little it'll shorten it to the three foot tall creatures live in the woods. You think that they're there might be some connection but there and they're totally different entities among themselves. I don't think they're like completely I didn't. I don't. I have been patent. Asked if I think theory com from the original elemental and I think that there their own cabinet statement I think elemental might be scary. And I'll probably end up getting into some sort of deep philosophical argument with that another. Just all right off the what are out to manipulate a branch of the fairies just like the human race we've got numerous different nationalities and and races and icy. A lot more likely yeah. They do. KB is what that way and I know at the elemental or talk about. Being able to move at that just great speed sin and so forth is that another claim that comes with ferries are fair is able to move ahead. I just incredible speeds and do. Optionally fast. I mean who can. Do good things like you know. Taking you on that like in same ride that you will feel like you've been gone all night but really only been ten minutes in dire and that gets. There's. And bear bear known for their speed. You know I started and at least in my book what I cover our senate. More of the theory that Adam. Hanging. In encounter and hang out around humans belly dancing you don't really have. They're not real. Beat out back in a Stanley can they can appear they can lose than they did but not likely that you're referring that you would like elemental and I'm sure there are. Funny story but he usually involve like getting thrown on the back of some Mike's theory course or. It more the manipulation of mind that it is a bead things. Because so very kind and very different OK so they're able to see the slow down or speed up time or whatever verses. Should be able move and Heidi I respect. Many have come out front you know at times and like you have to be somewhere and end at fifteen minutes' flight by and then there the kind when you're waiting for the doctor in the I'll still just fifteen minutes. But it. Takes credit goes on forever with more of a manipulation out here maybe just like the way to your proceeding preceding time. So or basically out of time here Harlan when pretty quickly but I don't know it's a mix of what's next trio. I'm actually working on the book about goat. Yeah out paranormal. Parlor tricks I've got a couple of amazing. During that could lead surging over the years about a woman one of about a woman who wrote an entire novel that she claims she channels from the go to Mark Twain. And you've got it yet that we give our. But why it. That's an amazing story there's a couple of really enjoy seeing collections about or they opted that act to make an effort to go just prior to. Earthquake the great earthquake in 1906. And they don't name names but they identified the very prominent that there is including air. There there some kind of like weird stuff going on their let go all the action about that I've got to view. Individual ghost story that people are shared with me are you bit IE I have experienced myself when I'm on has been telling me for years and finally get like that prince. And then there aren't you know and things of that nature so it let it but but couldn't go with sort of Aaron normal part were happy. That's creating your website is Marla Venturi dot net. Right yeah okay our people and people and people can find books on both on the beyond reality radio website but also on rent and Amazon. That's right and I am right now until the end of April I am ready to eat little contact with the complete fairy tale on. I've written an intro paragraph I'm inviting readers to write in conclude the Gary Allan you know that the short being partner where that last. And at got a couple prizes and if art been really impressed with the creativity in the entries so that hundreds of open the end of April and there's information about it rhythm on my web site on our Lipitor. Well thanks so much Kamal hang analysis again it's always a pleasure to talk to you and we look forward to do and again relevant Tora and you know something I wanna try that I wanna try that that thing I've I've written some songs and I'm pretty sure John Lennon channeled them through me and so the really John Lennon songs that I. -- in his you're gonna turn yeah check that it actually try to start off exactly it's got a worker and Carla is just awesome she's she's just great to talk more than just to hear and and just the story in this thing should tell about it it's creepy but it's also interest and yet that it's it's terrific and brought Deborah back on when she finishes that goes but then we pretty cool. Ours or we're gonna take a quick break if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio make she'll like the page I would take quick break him more time. Jason DP again thanks to borrow it was a great great discussions some great books there she's phenomenal and make sheet to an end and we've got some great shows coming up and also is phenomenal shows next week but hey everybody have a great night you'll listen JC GB beyond really revealed details. And yummy ingredients to discuss its include tunes when Alexandria Johnson Entercom lenient on. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio and email too slick Eddie and as slick Eddie EDD one bad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.