WWL>Topics>>The mysteries of a psychic/medium. How does a person with these gifts use them to help people, and what can they discover through their communications with the other side?

The mysteries of a psychic/medium. How does a person with these gifts use them to help people, and what can they discover through their communications with the other side?

Apr 26, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with Psychic/Medium Debra Housman about her gifts and their ability to help people. Debra communicates with the deceased AND has unique psychic abilities - both are skills she employs for her clients. Also, Debra takes listener calls and does listener readings. 4/26/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Yeah aren't being on reality radio Jason Thomas GB Johnson so great to have everybody along welcome to and the degree night colonel who broke. Casting you know since Tuesday on the West Coast and Wednesday. Tuesday on the West Coast ones in the East Coast what can you get -- correct this week and how many years stuck somewhere between who are going to be under a moderator myself you know it's because you know Judy Joseph if you don't think it is I think that Tim because we had the pre record last Thursday knew we had of course the best of Friday's sweet kind of long but we can let's onus is it was a whole screwed up time to get there ahead the kids awful last weekend. It was like you know. Alone and I'm just I'm still shifted. Really messed up but today as George I was working in the garage all day long. Just doing in doing woodwork and stuff and it's and then the wife had said something and it was about something that's going on tomorrow and I said well. C yeah but that's in two days she is cheap taste Tuesday. I don't really have to stay home. Yeah I've got I've got two explanations why I had 102 more possible explanation unrest gothic more well that's that's a fourth one. Maybe you were abducted may be fed and abduction episode and it's altered your perception of time or maybe you're travel you travel with our guest of tomorrow night. John teeter who will be joining us and it's time to talk that wrong button on the article and want to listen very very logical explanation for why you can look at the east peace. It was going to be unreality radio everybody we got a great show tonight we're in Kentucky would Debra horsemen. She communicates with spirits. On the other sides in messenger she also hears sees and smells spirits. And as she's sees things regarding your past present in futures so it should be inching out tomorrow night we're going to be talking about time travel again. We've got John teeter returning. And there were gonna try to pick up where we left off his that he was against non not to long ago Linda. Retirement time traveler should rest rules and the list goes on and on. Yes some great stuff and then of course there's an Derrick Coleman a good friend of ours arm from greens per Pennsylvania he's president. Of the Pennsylvania big foot society or association one of those groups. He's been a long time looking for bigfoot but he also talks and other crypt kids and they're just general paranormal topics. And we'll have him on a Thursday night chatting about hosting and wanted to see him mentioned that tonight's program. With Debra or to talk with her for awhile I think. When we get right into the second hour we're gonna open up the phone lines for people to call in and have readings are no shall we shall do readings. Hum life during the discussions so be sure to jot down the phone number. 8446877669. Endeavor will do a readings will start. A lining up those phone calls a little bit later. If you haven't yet had over to the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Mean she'll like the FaceBook page Robert consciously trying to updated with two new stations were airing on and a and we turn to just hang at all just connectors as best as we can speaking of the news stations. When we give a shout out to WM. EL in Melbourne Florida. And WJ ML and now Travers city Michigan welcome to be on reality radio family. Yet it is great to have fun new stations joining the Stanley every week. It's great to see new names in the chat room almost every night and it's great to see the Ol old familiar names in the chat room as well would love scene people in there. I'm so it's it's agree community people so I had to have face though had to be on our radio dot com and just click the listen live button so. If you could talk in somebody else's voice check compare or talk a voice are now let's say that you could perfectly imitate anybody. To be pretty powerful tool wouldn't. You have the trouble like he did you into the top of the trial. Six channel warns it could open up with well imagine if you if you could talk like a world leader in you could hear you you were aware of you know blur of business leader anybody in either people that are influential and if you could completely in a 100% accurately imitate their voice. You could do a lot of damage. Our lives have civil area and snickering while there's new there's a company that's introducing new software. On the company's called liar bird. And what they're saying is they have flood code that will allow you to take one minute of anybody's. Voice recording of anybody's voice the last from minute. And put it through this software and it'll teach the software how to speak perfectly in that person's voice and then at that point you could say anything you want to. Where it's so very as long as you spoke for a minute which to be honest receive naked just take amended cross talking Imus radio yeah yeah. And then put it into that and then. They can have this thing pretty much say anything in our voice yet this software will that will take that information it creates algorithms to take. It's a speech in turning into that precise voice who's ever voice Shula. If you played into it for that first minute mile learned how to do it even different intonations. Everything in the debuted this particular. Software Eddie Reese and Tom events. And they say it is nearly flawless. And it is really. Really gained change at all. It's funny about a year year and a half ago I saw some video of somebody doing something similar to that. With Adobe audition where they were in modified and they were able to take a voice and and day but they're using it for song lyrics and things like that Tom. So that the. Yet here it really becomes terrified here's the interesting thing is Adobe did introduce the same type of technology. About a year ago kotsay but the difference was the Adobe technology required twenty minutes that he had the voice for twenty minutes before can emulate. But head and they're saying that it's pretty much flawless so even if you're running it through voice and a Clijsters and stuff so. If god forbid. You kidnapped or kidnap somebody and called. House with this device but used your voice. Mean in running through voice analyzer is. There they are so Malaysia. They dig deep according to this company that you wouldn't be able to the difference in the boom even more fascinating thing about this is this isn't going to be something new. Software you go bites is going to be or a web based. Platform that you and I'm sure for a fee you can go on and you can you can do that anybody can do this. That's just that just opens up such a can of worms there so in other words it would I guess they're going to have to stop allowing any. Any voice recordings into I would think enter any courts and you mentioned that can you imagine somebody being framed for murder and just taking something you know who would their voice and make you some increment or incriminating statements and their playing and on an answering machine or whatever I mean so many ways this could be people hate to sound horrible with him by. And there's a lot of Greek police officers out there but there's a lot of bad police officers to Alter to who have. Falsified evidence and it just it but it makes you really worry about. What can be done with things like this was somebody an innocent person who can instantly become a criminal. Because their voice can be modified using a computer yeah exactly this. You can you write about having to question evidence that's presented in court or anything I mean again I need the implications of this are far reaching and just talk more examples we present these. A new technologies that are being introduced in society how it's changing everything. Well especially sings there's a lot of systems where your voice is your password and there was a movie that actually did it to. Always a bad hackers movie or whatever robber went Redford a hundred years ago. Com. Where big with the guys thing was my voice is my passport. And it and that's how this how they accessed them through science so again it opens up and Lewis is an early government's big on voice. Voice systems for it and gaining access and behind and retina scans and things like that's. Now fail all of that is gonna is gonna have to change. You know and everybody could have I don't know who the most popular radio personality is in the world but it's got to be you well if let's say it's not for a sect. We could find out who that is and we could emulate that person and we don't we'd all be that person so. This is crazy. Then that is that is truly terrifying sock. Men are right so well there and let's take a quick break can only come back we're going to be it'll bring on our guest again we're going to be talking with Deborah Houseman. She communicates with spirits and sure she sees smells here's our mash results who. She can tell you about your past present and future. So you'll soon Jason GP. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Crowns and a rail Cameron attends campaign welcome to everybody who is a listening with your listening online or elicit little. Was that a little blond a year plan now it was a little rapture and you rent it first song that pat Rapp. The you know it's funny because Blondie. Debbie Harry is actually from Cooperstown new York and her family still lives here she shows up here and other against her. Well I mean as you know 600 people here she stands out when she's lost her. Welcome to everybody listening online of one of the great radio stations that carries beyond reality radio that net blister stations is growing. Every week we welcome them all to our show. And as we do you and merry now we're gonna welcome our guest we're going to be talking with Deborah Houseman tonight she's a psychic medium. Who communicates with spirits on the other side as a messenger and she hears sees and smells spears she also. Sees things regarding your past present and future Deborah welcome to beyond reality radio it's fantastic to have you on the show tonight. Oh apparently made. It really won't share. That's next album very room we're doing great thanks for coming you're doing it I'm going thank you amongst. Yeah everything that you can't say about me at cherry trail. On some open ancient Mayan I don't much like to think. Well this is what we're gonna do we're gonna take the first bit of the show orders gonna get to know you a little bit better. And then we're gonna open a personal challenge will open upper phone lines. As we get into the second hour and don't let some of our listeners calling you can none do some readings with salmon chair with a little bit how's that sound. Right so the telephone number just so people can get ready when it's time is 844687. 7669. The winds are not open yet but we will let you know when they are so wits that. Tell us a look about the little bit about yourself Debra when did you first. Become aware of your sensitivities in your guests. On the knuckles and saying I am which shall by the way I was born. Realizing it between my grandmother on my mother you stretch that growing up which. I'm down on dedicating it I'd score of the college years. I'm going to pick up on being and people backing off on how do you know how did you know how to Jimmer needs feet. And it's very question a plane. And I can completely change and end it there religion that language at the Jewish religion in shorts. I guess they just want to keep it quiet. Well in dedicating more and more. Are gone I think back in 1990 or 81 came. Up wearing him out. I like 99. I tried not to eat greens and and watching now we need to treachery on making Barack. On the lighter making it out but we are all about on the argument because it is one that's currently meeting achieved Irish dog. And ring and getting divorced and got caught my current GO. Aaron the new and I came in my liquid able appeal and and that is why but I am ecology nature. And critic when he and that he. Yes so let's let's back this up you covered a lot of ground there and a lot of the top aren't we talk yeah okay it's okay we're gonna get into an individually here but I really wanted to learn more. The year you're psychic abilities. Were what you realize at first and M when did you start to recognize them as something that you could use to help people. Well how can we all want calmer early stage of the score early score what we're out which is that I would keeping. I was teenage adults or I would happen to I would keep them warning. Our war which completely creepy I didn't won't. And turned out Kuwait in August or in the UK each week at this op Ed I know that one my grandmother and I I actually spoke. An odd looking Friday marked one part I'm I'm not. Like it public on the coached at spring. So we are in need any additional collection and then off. Quite think entering account because any important chairs the original. And how I was living with. Don't know I just wanted me right in the old. And a few English. And the key colony in only option we knew what was going. To what I was talking about. Groups when you're attached to come into a home helped a lot of people along the. But I had to be a little bit scary especially for your friends when your own you've treated and tell them these things are going to happen amends for that happened. And you little lunch and lost one people. Especially at all. What people say well you could you people need to create. A lot of time here a lot of anxiety chain and a. A lot of times when people start to realize they have these abilities in these guests it's it's frightening. Just to themselves in sometimes they keep it inside because they don't want other people to think they're crazy. Or they don't want other people to walk away from them did you experience that are well did you do juice. Were you more open about it. I would open while it won't clinched a big ask you about our. Because I am now working on more and ships generation of on our co parent it's changing. And she cannot. She can lot of should count total round she worked in your gonna happen actually help a lot spirit around her own initial collection you came on what I like you were like Welch. Orange is going to show the machine here we're going to get you more. Well she has more of the median and like. Where I have averaged well now we know I think I expect him yet. Now you said your third generation your daughter will be forced general election do you think this is some that's genetic nature or do you think it's because. You know it's one generation grows up with a parent or grandparent that has these abilities they might be more open to it and more evil. To develop that but it might be something that actually everybody hasn't cited them as just a question of being able to develop it. And being bought in an environment that is welcoming of. No one shall we all have it in the course excel looks okay we are all born with games. It's how you wanted to delicate and what you can actually don't know because I shall mean reading and English only weeklong. It all on. Combat ability I contribute like to only twelve people who want all troops right there are. Keep a little journal cheaper per you know what attorney not to jail. And he's helped the you know the market where it matured a. And each chip a chip part of my. We learned what I expected at each number mom she was born in Russia. And she only wanted I don't know culture in the Australian. Chief Tommy bought and should be known it for quite each. Which. Yeah probably that probably wasn't a good signal doesn't expect them. I know I don't know ones I'm here figured actually believe we gave it cautions I want to caution I don't believe in any action now. While no gaps were actually scared and in culture in a tree. That is that is crazy we're talking with Debra Hauser endeavor is a psychic medium her website is psychic medium Debra dot com. Are gonna take a break but when we come back let's we're gonna get into the discussion of what happened to Debra 1999 when she basically died on the operating table. Which changed her life forever and it changed her abilities forever. Are so we're gonna take a quick. Regular listened Jason JB yeah. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. There the our guest tonight is still pronouncements psychic medium her website is a psychic medium Debra and it's DE BER a dot com on the web sites get a whole bunch of information plus. We consented to do readings and that kind of thing to ever again thanks sir for being on the show with us tonight. While only you can also find information about her refuted beyond reality radio dot com and click on the guest tab which constantly. Got information error of past guests their books and pretty much links to all of them their information. Yet a Deborah before we well went to break we're talking about your history how you're abilities as a psychic and meeting a happy medium had developed. We learned that tell you realized your psychic abilities. You kind of became aware of them as a teenager. But in 1999 you had an event that changed your life and really changed. The way you see everything tell us about that. Okay there and it kicks it away like not eat green on the option it was in Birmingham. But it was short she our Sherry Sherry in and during the time that Eritrea of course. Went on there I go eat white range. Aaron I stroll our people Warren not knowing what I am going. Jill what you you know how to read about every. Child unions now scrawled on national June while I was. Egg okay and operating on me. And we want collection and around the greens are quite mopped around or you're all he can't we know you had yet. You need big spectacle watched you are all these. And former woke up and you wouldn't want you weeks and collect our only change you'll go what happened shenae. And I want to welcome our church and which took about what six weeks after I could get our current. EYO. One spot. Not want everything on Allegheny. He actually execute like and archery. What you could see that they carried on believe our spirits. Acne shall want to extract what had happened writing history that is why medium to keep perished arch and spirit becomes. Eight and kick me let chip apparently. And a sign common though for somebody to have either a near death experience or. Or actually die and then come back and have either even if they didn't have any abilities a lot of times. That's when there and they become more open than there are actually able to start seeing and hearing it and feeling things and sensing things army and those who. Are you have against a lot of times it's it becomes more amplify. Because it actually one of the great. Special anything but the he hit people had a car action which state just say they had cautioned. Anything that we agency a lot so here mountains it's true the only thing. I don't question gearing. And then Kutcher star Mike is so great about it and median between strong. And even need young that the paranormal became very strong office. You say after this recurrence after your illness series your surgery what happened you on the table. These these abilities became very strong what do you mean what what what how did you know they were stronger. Well renewed war of aggression urged action news hearing them to get this thing people. I'm the shadows. United announced on and switch and indeed there's a lot. Knowing that what I mean our Ben Wright instant on and while it may cartilage on wall won't. Back when it actually conclusion and shot each momma much formal white light actual sentence and eight. As it at night. So don't want to beat out. Yes so by so so your experience buying actually dying on the operating table and coming back do you think really just opened the channels might commit a much. A much. Wider line of communication are more open line of communication. Get it equity it have to be watched on in general reading and go only to channel and scary and the people that I read. Allow cultural connect spotlight. Yeah it gave it it and here we need to change the global body and we can change my call. I would like a totally out. But with fed did it take awhile to actually be used to it was something that you were pretty much on prepared for because. A lot of times when people again have those experiences those near death experiences or whatever. And it opens a mob in it's something that. A lot they'll embrace after a period at time but it takes a long time for them to to adjust to those changes. A lot of up and uncle aunt what changed well as 100 important that they ruled. Com and we ordered my legs back check out our and maps while I started reading and. And actually arrest and didn't want action. Two. And I would write on it to go at all or more at stake. And Gracia lone star in the education in it and leaving. On match point now I am psychic an immediate help coax them or 991 extra thought and that she didn't like you. Yes it's a lot here you know so you can we didn't learn more optional rule. Well now why do you think is that. Why do you think it is that spirits tend to come to two people more at night then than any other time. I don't know eight inch edge and Nicole Richie it's one or. HM he'd bet they peeps here want. I am under our ability that I steal their glee we are squeaking they are always. And I haven't stayed and then in Alam crunch pick him up. Could buy connect object I'd and it party forced air or car to turn it on early evening. And they haven't been staying while. All content on what questions. Well because we had a lot of people ask why. And we investigate and when I didn't show goes on as him prior to that on why and why we investigate during the night and the fact of the matter is why we investigate is because most claims of colonel Mike Tim your between the hours of EPM four and 4 AM. So that's when we're gonna have pretty much investigate when the people pad those claims to have if they had experiences during the day final set up and check it out during that time. But most claims happened at those hours. Also the house is quiet on the most people claim to see. Spirits that either admit their wrong light or satellite and type entities and using hand in the dark and being and I are using IR readable document most of those let. It and it seems that peoples that are well I guess in the house is that it's quite as people are at their most vulnerable during those hours as well so. Maybe. It will get your share of YouTube age because I have to say they need it strikes me difficult to go on opt gold. And I and I have command any age we are actually. Similar to what you DJ would go okay. Brought on yet they are and they only bringing me into this they wanna. Trickle and that. Yet before we get into that I wanna talk I wanna talk about senate BP you going on some of these paranormal investigations and how that works for you to before we get there. A 10 I want a little more about your medium ship and when when spirits communicate with you what form does it take what formed as the communication take. Is it is it just something you sense or do you hear voices how does that work. Buddy of cocaine on current approach remarks. Letting me know that opening whistle and stops. A lot of onto caucus now a lot of times just at a well where they were actually here expect a April it wearing neat guy. We already exchange. And you really need it because it's gonna just gonna ask you that when you say everybody you mean the spirit communicating with you each one comes to unit different way. In. I expect. Somebody who wish people in the future as our. National. I'm a degree chill reading these people on Clinton was in Mike's early on a launch. Aaron I'm like oh wait a minute ish didn't want to get my compulsion about our age or lump or in your question or what what that. Acute eye in which accounts and nations. Killed while they want additional copy. I had a brigade what you're reputed won't air balled up at this. It's tragic. He said smells too when you get the communication via some type of smell how do you interpret that. Although a low key airport I get on the Egyptian. What it is not a question you were all. Watching it all is squalor. It will all the chocolate out out I'm trying to curry if that's what did you watch. I had a Mormon country which only went around. All greeting the pollution it was aren't. When I was actually saying additionally when we aren't. Because melt away machine which now harsh Campbell eight retired army issued a nickel on. And bear market. And that is how I just don't know I'm hungry now just to. Well and and that's. All that's pretty common a lot of times people smell cigarette smoke or cigar or even pipes. Now pipes ball game when they're being visited by the grandfather. And and things like that so. The smells are very common thing and a lot of times. You might not be experiencing anything and all the sudden you get this where if and it brings you back to a time where you remember him sitting next year your grandfather whoever while there were smoking there there pipe. And that's what that's that connection that's how. That's how you're able to relate to who it might be and why you're smiling. Right and it might take it rebels cheating cautioning we're going to honor reading only they can delegate count. Because I want to hear anything about bench could and until we actually call. Indian media I'd never ever triple barrel mean I don't want it leaking out they come to nature's source may ball. And the way that I can bring leaking in and make you on what's going on why and she. Extraordinary to get every leading brand and want to count on militants. More more people are content because if you're not worked well. You know. Yeah we're talking with you were talking with Debra Hauser and psychic medium her website is psychic medium Deborah that's DE BRA. Dot com. Take a break and when we come back we're going to talk about some of the paranormal investigations she Ghana and has gone on Jane I you know we are often talk about psychics aren't kernel mode that investigations are some who really like there's some who really don't. And also just see no next hour we're gonna take listener calls and Debra will do readings in the numbers 8446877669. Against all free at 8446877669. Are you listening Jason TV BRL. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there pan. It's. He'll continue GC. Employers or some solace older. Create this attitude from whenever it was. We we we got a great program to their retirement Debra house in the before we bring her back in. A reminder tomorrow night John teeter will be joining us John is a time traveler from near 2036. Came back to I think was the year 2002. Somewhere around there. Met somebody found love decided to stick around in order to talk about his a time traveling experiences he supposedly. A member of a futuristic. US military group that was all about time troubled times sewage I'll be joining us in the future. NASCAR the key to tomorrow props and Canada. And is Thursday were in me talking with Eric Altman. You're going to be talking about it pretty much big foot SaaS clutch. Paranormal. And Jimmy's favorite via Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventure that. They do big ticket I'm putting that in my calendar whenever that is the best we're gonna be doing some readings for listeners to Deborah has agreed to do that so that'll happen in our next hour. When we go to our top of the hour break we're gonna open up the phone line you can start calling at that point. And lining up for those readings animal do and some time during the next hour with Debra yeah. So make you outed on the numbered 844687766. And I get 844. 6877669. Our let's bring Deborah Beck in Debra before we go to break you mentioned. As some of your paranormal investigations you work with. Groups that have gone quote unquote ghost hunting and had some pretty interesting results when you've done that Tulsa world and about your experience there. The local won't change and you lot will equal or what will land and people inject them or ordered us to be equal it it'd be great great. The cat com patch it up match. Yeah. I'm arcade I don't know what you kick up their I have to say I was pushed around. At a medium and greedy people and we're sure. You're crushing me actually yeah it. And it looked like I could get solitary. Well yeah actually in our MO for missile and right near the and the Philadelphia. Or Philadelphia airport that we got. We'll be a gag impeachment. And the nice part is involvement in the wild part was right before we're from we're gonna need a first team to have messier and out there and right before we went it was a huge rainstorm while. The guy handling the yard upkeep. Noticed after the ring ceremony as mowing that there was a hole in the ground anyway it looked and that's how they found that there. And it was all her own right before we showed up there so we were the first there we are some of the first people to actually be able to get in there. In concede that aryan investigative we had some incredible experiences there and and grant saw a face lights. Well yeah our. Church has introduced me say this thinking that Korean kids they. So I think you. Absolutely an arrogant to think Decourt one of the people that I eclipsed or you're remembered that the Koreans launch and now they'll. But the only extraction and you don't know where this could speak airport it's right you're the low lying old child they're living on your. Get it it really is she can't keeping it at medium. Well well well why. Not only to generate but I had. It made little walking when I can't won't or bond sending you around or go dark in here. We're recording and not me I am a Chip Beck and my news. I'm not actually saw actually named. He Tristan if you're living Baldelli all over the map on the ball all at warp core. Well we also want to Italy and we also had experience we're walking by one of the areas. And and thermal imaging camera we saw what appeared to be a manatee and the one of those rocky areas that are in there standing there as you get a lot. He straight. As if you're standing there right next to next who still trying to cook something. And who it was just while it is showed up on thermal but it wasn't visible with the with the naked guy. Not only to niche but even the need to Christie would shut out but like shocked and speechless. And got right on topic I look at what's now another great federation only swaps went on a martian ocean won't budge or crumble in Monmouth county manager at eight. I cannot Jason Gardner it's a. I am film yeah. But I am familiar with the. Is it to get an opportunity there's a lot of lot of history. We need beyond. The need to Y area when he came out to get out. There are on trial as Nichols on a pottery and a little point he won't be a bit is the spirit of the little boy. This is where the media attention and he can't you shouldn't you aren't boring and we might all. And I bought remembering all while I won't know linking Egypt cops and I are touched by your whose we're going to be eat and mind you can't. In my Karen started in albums why the buildings more catch and make it my tore the it. And Sharon now at how picking up a shot and took up underneath. It was an early age and yet. Yeah a lot of hell lot of listeners out there and remember that I actually think that's where grant our queen the the phrase of what the fetched. Initially because of experience. And day it was it was just a phenomenal phenomenal locations. While one of the best in the plains are real issue but usually around 1130 at. And I did dies off so yeah do you have gone a little tired all morning that's that's kinda quiet for a. And here's why as we like each needing me to go on I thought that you actually Smart phone while I'm hoping to bomb on stage. Ball on that hole which year. It's amazing how. Much Shelton are named. Nobody else had seen in Milan on it or you can get at congressional are opting for. Neutral site and able to now they are consolidate all I want I don't know maybe people are. Right we're talking with Debra Hauser and psychic medium her website is psychic medium Debra that spelled DE BR a dot com. When we come back with Debra later in the hour we're going to do some readings are gonna throw open a performance just couple minutes. Love people vote kind of lineup and get some readings from their from the next hour. I think javy should be in front of I don't know about zone I don't Harrington. There were and it's a quick break and again take down remembered a 446877669. Stoll freed 844687. 7669. Elicited Jason GDP on. They kept everybody Chad so great everybody listening online. And on the wing radio stations that carry beyond reality radio welcomed everybody. And the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast and how many you start somewhere between what can be Ariel your radio myself Jason awesome coast GV Johnson so we've got a really cool show tonight Deborah Houseman is a psychic medium she's going to be joining us a little bit we've got a whole bunch a listener calls. If you're trying to get through to get a reading from Debra keep trying the numbers 84468776. X nine you'll likely. To do is get a busy signal for awhile but we encourage you to keep trying. You think are five key is trying to I can and I think funky probably has is the one that's on all the lines because he doesn't want to see also covered his phone is on its own on the back here quick arsenal probably Duncan for rules followed exactly are we guess we're just coming up this week TJ we're going to be an tomorrow and enjoy talking with. John cheater he's a returning guest who had a lot of in the past. We're going to be pretty much picking up where we left off John and John tears claims to be a time traveler. And so are we talking here about time travel. I should trust rules and a whole lot more and last last time that we we had a great discussion the there were some. Questions we asked that seemed to stump from some I'm hoping that he's able to give us some answers this time. And then out Thursday we've got. Error Altman. Now we're going to be talking animal bigfoot SaaS quash scripted so the paranormal and Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventure so I think everybody should go on a bigfoot camping adventure at some point in their lives. What. I'll look back ammo can campaign that. They don't have the campaign event and Panama so. But and if you haven't Yemen Sheila to FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio Grassley updating that. On the can also had to be unreal you reviewed dot com click the listen life Bodden and join us during the show front online chat. We eat right from the beyond reality radio site as well you can now download the idea of the iPhone in the android apps or listen there's links to him right there on the front page of the unrelated radio dot com. Which allows you to listen all the past shows. Connect incessant chat and so much more. There are also just wanna mention quickly that so we've got a pretty cool thing coming up in just a little bit over a month in Springfield Massachusetts Jason and I are putting on an event called scary con. And really it's just a celebration of people who lay core movies paranormal stuff. It's a bunch of celebrities are going to be there. Going to be showing a bunch of films. Panel discussions of what's really cool stuff. As long as everything goes okay were in North Korea we will definitely be going while these. Asked a but as that's something we ought to ask Deborah as she sees the future this is there a future the where do we have a future so we also have that thing coming up what was our guest last week. Talking about the the passing of the dark star. Are now that it would is going to basically put the world into apocalypse. Early in May commit tilt on the side yet for an Internet or not it was like him may second two which. Sync to my twins because their birthdays or may sixth and seventh PS my twins have different birthday is may six total of 35 PM and may seventh at 12:19 AM. And yes I haven't haven't told them yes so originally that you don't want to so we probably just won't be here celebrate early and have one more thing before we go to break your disorder to. Mention because this is pretty good news for a lot of people you know how all our lives we've been told. Gotta keep your cholesterol down Q any foods that are fat he you know no more cheese and butter and bacon and all those things we've all lost radio while. There are some prominent cardiologists that are coming forward saying that those decades long warnings that saturated fat clogs arteries and causes heart attacks. Are just quote plain wrong escorting mrs. three world leading cardiologists. Talked about this now. Our flag and just hang onto stern bring camera to grab the whole thing of Crisco. Consider I don't know if that sounds appetizer and artifacts discussed so it's it's just not accurately that what they're saying his only scary stories they dairy products like blotter and full of fat milk went cold milk are oppose health risks are misleading. And there's been an obsession with counting cholesterol that's really been counterproductive they say instead. The best way to predict protect your set the self against stressed. And and stave off stave off these killer diseases of the heart were simply to eat real food as opposed to processed food and exercise it's really that simple according to corn mis leading cardiology. It's one process foods that's that's where the biggest issues are asleep so. But that's are interesting but it you think that you think William Moore on the. Well I'm just saying that did their saying the evidence suggests there's no association directly between saturated fat and a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease diabetes or death and they claim that direction clinical trials showing that these things are not related and that we should just. Eat real foods and exercise. So I consider going in grabbing ground beef may eat hamburgers you should make or squirrels soup. I don't know if that's what you're saying here you can drive it's not browse our district. And at some point you know and becomes a tradeoff for occasional live miserable all your life freedom and your life's going to be shortened by something an extra something a little squirrel carcasses or keep on shoes or treason during America's so the beauty I think that's bad though Barrett's home. You know it you're you're cleanly guy ranked in the shower Austin ice shower quite a bit. I contemplated soup but. They're saying now there's this whole thing that came out the -- probably showering when he too often and it's making you sick well that's an interesting thing because I've traveled in Europe extensively and they don't shower nearly as much as a terrorist rocket arm are set on the planes with a lot of room there shark and fact I've spent you know a lot of time with family in Italy. And I remember going on there's a teenager and new shower all while this is the thing I would I would want to shower became ill thought I was crazy like why you showering so much in them they can while I can smell white you know I know what you should. But I love you did you may fifth put that I'm gonna shower every day. What they're saying showering too much to mess with your skin and even the way your body functions. The collection of bacteria viruses and other microbes that live on your body. And it's you you need those because without those mixed thing about it without those critters. In the year you're immune system muted justice system and even your heart was lose function or fail entirely. So they're saying that. Either people should not showering year. Mean how often they shower and they actually found this. Inched Aaliyah this. In these people in this this tribe on the Amazon. That. Vienna bacteria and a mile from their skin and everything else. With so much more rich than any of ours or any anybody who like us who shower Austin. And then with how she Harding you stand a higher chance alluding to living a longer life though you'll probably kill people around GO. Just in order and things like that but. And on home ice. Hi and armor what was and we're gonna go to break in the second but I saw. And I think he's been a television makers like I Jimmy Jean you're something I remember this very clearly but the somebody that's the question why don't dogs ever get sick. Any single they don't because they don't shower in the and to all the bag tip that. Bacteria are no good bacteria gets that's on what this is just using that stuff freer against army insists union digestive tract your heart all that stuff so. And also I guess to keep a long life is not charters of doing everybody else so we'll do since it's becoming summer mobile make a pact we won't shower for six months and see if it makes is feeling healthier when he was Israel that are committed as I counseling and a jet skis. You must showers I count the same I don't know I don't know my social power but I mean I am I'm stamina away commit a maverick side I'm on I'm in the late two moment photo time so you listen to be on reality radio Jason and javy when we come back to bring Debra house and and and we've got a lot of listener calls if you're trying to get through it'll be busy. For awhile but the numbers beat 446 cents. OK okay you've heard me talking about spirit Don but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. I am ILL anywhere chase cost Gerald Johnston thank everybody for joining us bring our guests back into the program Debra Hauser and Debra again welcome to be on reality radio we have a bunch of how people lined up on the phones that are looking for you would do some resource. All that would create my own cooking here and it sounds so much more so it's better right now you're eighty it right number to call and an. I caught up and it on the right by the Eddie's can be fired after the she he's done it. We fired at least once a week Sony cut cut cut cut our let's let's go right towards Romans and get this started this go to the C this is Karen. In New Orleans Karin welcome to be on reality really agree to have him show. Colonel thanks you know on. A good Kroger are part Irving really need to now. While caring high ankle is incorrect and a couple of hundred. I think it's one you know are you looking from economic security are you looking my medium and get ready. Would it be you want to record Japan Myanmar economic do you. Com com. Cadillac health issues. And the firm I would really like now you know. How is. My health going to be moving forward. At this point right now do people wall when the bumpy road in front of you which your health issues I have to be for the pan. I T 46 months it was touch and golf for a little line. And you'll see it's starting him on June July something good coming up cash and get the good news. Possibly going to a different doctor what took something from critics has kept coming up. And watchable forward from me and you know that the talking it. They believe that the light at the end of the tunnel because I can see your setback and I can see how stressed that in where each warrant count them. And get up and there is somebody him picking up that that you delegate and hopefully adopting some Medina came. I just didn't think it was the right support to even cable. Oh. Okay well. Just like I said just Politico. Let me see what happens over the next month against you vote for could be bumpy you like feeling better heel and picking up your feeling that. Yeah and yeah yeah her and put the put your breathing amp Q what's the Q breed. I used breathing to control our home. We think in school. Yet. Instead of and there arm pain medicine and I trying really can't do it we. Deep breathing. Well and it's working. Because I kicking up and what you read it should have been I don't know if that's one call. And the use that a lot instead of on pain management and on or does her own rules or. Don't. Apple is doing because shortly take it right. Thank you yeah thank you Karen we're gonna move on here to marked in Kansas marked welcome to beyond reality radio you're on the air. Think some very much for that privilege historian speaking Q Ohio. Would like to speak to the reader I let them aren't so I'm familiar you're changes. In my life who have appeared. In the last couple of years. But it early and we all what I have to myself why I wanted to be at this time rather long on. Now. And I ordered chic it gives. Some clarity if you can see now what lying ahead of me but it is gonna hopefully take the optical that I am dealing with. A way. You clear me that I can move forward with everything that I had planned. Music are writing all of that is. All been in the Indian artist who's been a major major thing that is purely. On client's life at treating. When educational training that I was going that they had before Britain's that we promote that. According to doctors because what's more important treaty you know I actually at first I was told. But doctors surrendered six years of more than six months of my life. In a hospital setting and walk away from home school. Everything that I don't let me just like I'm just what he dropped the walk away from legislate those. In. Two. Ancient. Catalog you know walk and stand in Jesus trying to trying to find myself didn't have a they told. So I'm wondering what has Leah. What can cheesy. Debra what. What do you what do you think remark here. Well at this point right now complete to pick up everything he's going through an extended nature. And make a great country you Kristobal school showing character strongly. When I need to see you can focus in ticket back to school this comparable. They quit acting expect that you have to take. Or the other little things that you enjoy doing which are peak thinking you know like real contact Cuba to school comics and number one. I in dispute you had to take a break it shows Sydney it was for you health UB ninety would be here even to talk about. That how graphic. Which are here today I need to have people watching all of Bulent. So if you could please just try to go back schools to do a little bit walking up and everything else is going to fall back into place. And again you can contact me through an email or Kwame would ever need QB and I will try to achieve the best that I can. I wanted to really that I. Much higher up this morning greatly appreciate it take care well it up nationally here. To not expect. Do you have a great night thank you mark OK let's go to we've got a couple minutes left here before break this is Tammy. In South Carolina Tammy welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. Thank you what's in my house campaign arm arm and just said our leadership. Apply. So what do you one okay so are you looking to somebody that you can't pissed away. That's straight. And up. It. Actually your little your little muffled in the economy he would like to get to use your team becomes cute that the mother grandmother. In addition mom because she's she that the huge Jason fan OK and yes if you like what went well he leveled at all the cart program that she let. I want you to know that she'd been guiding UP quote I feel that your card stock right now. And hammy Catholic extra kitchen collection discourage Anthony even knows she did not. Our right to find that the war she watching Phil you need you to start changing different things that you saw. She will help people along the way in my that we could carry a couple she is where she should be she used to with the people she's. She's with ain't I I get her mother and father. Or is consistent with the agency to let the people on the of the IR. And he's okay and when it initially religion Tammy can you recant quickly. They weren't very religious. I'm I'm more religious you are a piece of the new release are you did you become more religious and your mom died. You know now. 28 bringing up and that religion and equipment she hurt her mother what their religious. Her husband's mother lives. Her husband. Okay but that's who she might be with but she'll my B token when she had to religion it might have something to do with Q. This is what helped you this because actually Grotrian. Our Great Britain. And I know you'll have closure into her account. Pretty neat feat to speak to her a little bit more taken a picture would be unique to hold on to Buick or piece of jewelry. An article of clothing apparently at whatever. They say that again sorry I just I just whatever. Well into a militant anti Greek epic. I just think because she got recognized now. And if you having dreams about her nose itchy ticketing unit delegation chief commented CEO. Machine around you because I'm feeling car telling each unit feel a little bit more to leave your car. But happy having all that it is what's gonna help and the religion with opinion. A case. Thanks for somebody from the coal. Okay we're gonna we're gonna take a break we've got a lot of caller still on the line and we will be a coming back taking more phone calls for Debra our guest is Debra house and psychic medium her website. Is psychic medium Debra spelled DE BER eight. Dot com. In the numbers 8446877669. Ginn tall freed 8446877669. There was some decent. Process. Point its beat bigger bigger bite every time doesn't. Yeah I don't you think governments costly training everybody dry trees ridiculously easy. Welcome beyond reality radio everybody great to have you joining us with the listening to great radio station that we err on or you're listening online or. In a warrior in the chat room it's great to have you want. As solar and you can it'd join us anytime during chat Francisco to Leon really radio dot com click the listen life. C'mon it's agree community very welcoming and hang Dallas yeah our guest tonight is Debra Hauser and who is a psychic medium her website is psychic medium Debra DE BRE a dot com. And we're in the middle of taking some listener calls for readings we got a whole bunch of endeavors are gonna continue this career back to the phone lines here. And bring in Travis from South Carolina Travis Walton beyond reality radio. Very Ari are going and I. Shall. All men and favorite noble all partners wanted to get a read on a lost ball Brooke true dark mask. And arms industry and it would erupted ghetto well below. On now I'm Sean Carroll park ranger more right now don't. Own a lot of credit wrong group from America's I wanna know you know do more broadly you know Cedar Fair number one gruden. Because. When he territorial going door to her life. Normal role playing right now they'll come before and our partners I don't know are a stroke went there and they'll go to and do through what he was here. Are the ones. Ogilvy and do you. See he is thought you know you. You know Travis attention thing I don't know if you've been giving him apologies or he's giving your apology to quit at all here on Ari. And I have a feeling even talking to him anything here. He quit you probably very excited for a lot of things happen when he was here in the typical world. What I want I want you to know that apologies I'm not necessary at this point between the two have you. Although he is Nike which he when he more into gear Ricky is the Q you are in the right direction finally. You crap that you got rid of a lot of negative people around you travel a lot. Especially asking you proud that people continue where you going you're heading in the right direction. I I did you see I did people walk you up against. What you listed that now. Because you hear you brother used to hear him. And you still he's still feel him around you and he will compete with messages in the trade. He'll increase that write it down and you can hear me about it. Any time he want to but you know that you're heading in the right direction trap and actually he's your trash idea but no more apologies I don't wanna. We are. Here. I can't tell us yet Travis thank you very much let's go to Dana. In also in South Carolina Dana welcomed beyond reality radio. Yeah beyond. I can't relate on that Terry that her blogger com welcomes son. Saying thank you Mike McConnell I did want to see me is someone from here. It's commentary from. I Dini yeah actually there at the mail coming through. And I may not be a male coming true somebody who died between your time. I feel they can not having to close humanity closure. And that pilot compared courtesy early idea people could keep a little piggy eat a piece of paper and pen nearby to write it out. There is a male that's coming through right now. Cutting candidates coming for you come. You may not be able to allocate it from the right now on the telephone lobby and security app inept can be quick and anxiety around. That it kind of I want and I want female my mom. And my client gonna say I did I well locate him and the F ski teacher dad died before. Well he it early seventies but my mom. Died Allen went out of that means you have forty long. And executing on why you trailer and this is the man now if you can mail that helps you on Kenya. When they're coming out that that doesn't mean they your mother welcomes you became a little picture all right now looking. Now I want you to think about that and eight in even though BC didn't wanna kill ya it was extra things that he needed to accomplish in life. And maybe he needed to see things around you that we're changing your life off well. Airing during the day he won this I didn't. Actually keep it watch it and he he's actually saying he with your mom. Went on until it could look at this make you feel that I. The army doctrine and that they can because we are together and I need to know that. He'll he just wants you to know that you talent should be the question you know everybody to get them like Hanley picking up your family is speaking out. And I went you know that you're going to struggle and he was there to guide you for your show. Especially if Kia mom's death especially to. Run. That's like you know from her now nor is it from her. Now she got no hatred in outlining. Yeah again if you would hitting across enemy we would being in an Allen reading elegant totally different but because her shortly at all you know reading on the telephone. Know that she she would've come Q he's the strong one right now. It gives the possibility she would come through and I'm sure because I don't you have things that are you think about her all the time. All right well thanks for the call and just know you can also head over to psychic medium Debra dot com. As well for a for a while longer reading. Yes thank you yes absolutely I do those at readings on the top. OK let's go to on the synthesis paddy and in Massachusetts patty welcome to beyond reality radio. Point eight and eight feet thank you to take my co op tour. And I I have had an action wondering if he had any messages for me transparent world. Actually companies becoming beauty without money. All current acting out and sick and couldn't I and I have a seat now like you have a female coming through out. I don't know if you weren't predicted at about the money. Or do something that needed to be solved when when they have to weigh. DJ if it directly to quote if you like competitor. You know that I didn't hear us OK it doesn't actually have to be a blood you don't work sister okay me. But I needed to know we've already seen it coming from her okay. The only can think of that involving money would be I had engines and Adams are. Or. Financially and Angola then you probably have plenty of Lorena. In net and that might be the case could not bring an appetite has but it just shows me that would never have come into account money he will get clear field to help you went out. Will that thank you see it and I am sorry to hear about your husband. Thank you so much a cape but but I do think speeding recovery for him and healing quite light ethnic give everybody equally but to speak with. And know that it would think with the money coming here know that that's the constant thing that you look for for the for the very carry your future and not as far as you think it. Our whole how much. You're quite welcome come much. Thank you patty let's quickly here moved to. Masseuse is Brenda and Oregon. Brenda and Brenda welcome to be on reality radio. I. And they have. You can Eric welcome to show you. Mean you know I'm Brenda. ARD you know me I'm gonna have used it. A little. I was wondering if there is an eighth and we're all oh. I know you it means that you're used to do in cable sector part of the question sorry. I'm and we weren't. All in the world it has certainly. Need. You and I and you and I think it still can you do talented ability take extra extra troubling view is and it. It is. And take that unfortunately can't tell you eat can still have someone wrote CU with security. Are you in just one example you could picking up two Chinese and they needed to know what it's about. Are you I don't hiring another day. Now of I knew in my. There are you more than I am one that. Are sensitive or PS issued pairing absolutely and that and that and that would be catering. Are like that. Unfortunately. You do have a lot more. Rough road ahead of you may be more therapies that you have to pass through. An adult that that it could get it will get better. Would it not tomorrow unfortunately I wish I could please appoint an expert market so that it is and he'll. It's shown me something apparently you have to excuse me ask I don't know what the people wheat on at completely unique. I don't know where to go without one for you. And you. He did have a total knee replacement and determine the weight after that. I lost you on. A nagging feeling a little better. Although it back that went to Atlanta again. It and and and branded as it is yours and your sister passed as that was your other question. Here you know you don't come to carry angelic was she apparently here in the physical world. Okay that cash come through she guided Q when you weren't surgery by the way. Q why didn't she yes she guided she she watched oak tree you would Carrie Carrie at annual calling upon our. You required upon other people to and a lot of prayer and your EU president answered. I don't you know what surgery to tell at this point recount. That sounds like the fans and yeah absolutely you know that you're so it is very accurately. Brenda continue to talk to your sister please she can't watch you. Yes thanks for the call Brenda if you've been asking about the phone number on we've got a pretty full phone lines but it is a 446877669. Before we take another call. I'm Debra when you're doing a reading over the phone honey and how do you connect what's husband as the energy work for that because of must be much different than when your face to face and somebody. Well because I do a lot of phone reading let alone in person. I'm going to focus in on the voice it's and it engine the F uncle Kenny you I must believe that there isn't dealt a computer strong preview and it wouldn't bother me for the tea forty treatment. So whoever wanted to comment step forward I have to tell you. That delta showed them helped totalitarian going. Near can give very little pokey your origin or they hate I need it yet need to get a message out. And that's like how can you I really have that coming through. Well I just instituted this and it's the hottest ticket. Mount them in my father passed a couple of years ago so Bertans. Be nice to know well he is quite make. I'd like to know is his name is Gary Jerry that's an income hearing what others in the years. Cary OK that was a tricky thing Gary cherry and he's relating with music if you could help me with that. My father was a musician and taught me how to play in a musician. A kick he's telling me he's acknowledging what you do here and typical. Well you know he did it bother me forty pregnant. Well thanks dad. This kind of click click right demon radio shows sounds like you're cooking it tightly you had a very strong presence. He it yet because if you could very strong individual here he was out of mindless games he was great guy euros. Act and at that point I didn't hit it about Eliot concrete Arnold got into this meant that. The things. Let's let's ever gonna take another call before we have to go to break here this is Jodie from Colorado. Jody welcome to beyond reality radio. Our own but they're not moral makes a match. What's on your mind charity. I think speculative on my weekly or at all. I didn't hear you on you really wanna know she sees anything at all any thing specific. Well and I could be a little bit more geek are you looking for from my psychic ability from my core online medium ability. Chris that's a pretty widespread. Reverend troubled journey we're having trouble hearing you on and off the phone has rid of your mouth or if it's just a bad connection. He's still there. Yet here a day on the question ingenuity can it would look to answer questions entry. And medium or. I guess or I hit a pretty good. Principal keeping an immediate need right now you know what they bring with you that you read that you all over the place are now you know why. I am a warning and he came pretty comfortable with your coach with an ample precedent from credit changes. But I can feel like you all over the place and you you're searching for an expert guidance they should be getting an Arctic air. I feel that somebody or some people are not helping you believe it Asia. But I don't want cheating I don't want to give up hope quickest there but I just think the vehicle which is different at you going to a different outlook right now. There. There may be good time to change the which we go to treatment I go to somebody else stick with the psychic she might be able to help you a little bit more. I don't Wear around world. And it. In our. Yeah you'll be breaking up unfortunately Judy yeah we're having trouble hearing you and Deborah were basically at a time was successful full mine civil we're just now he now gets everybody I'm. You have a website it is psychic medium Debra dot com you've got a lot of stuff on there you know people can sign up for. So readings error contacting on the web site. Absolutely they can reach me on Connecticut phone greeting if anybody within our area they cut into CD. Would ever work for them but they do read from all over the country. Deborah thanks so much for coming on learning and all of us tonight we look forward to talking Julianna Michelle. I would love to come back I do appreciate you having me up let everybody. Thank you and sorry we couldn't get to everybody's calls we had. A whole bunch there we tried to do as many as we could with the time that we had parents or to take quick break and come back more. Beyond reality radio can't hurt her started hitting it. Get to all the phone callers of soldiers ringing off the hook for Debra announcement tonight people looking for readings in medium ship processions and minnows thanks to Deborah for doing their over the phone to. Very downed earthly the end it was it was great heaven are on a big shout out goes out to hunt ever house and and and check around online. So it look good I'm just say your website is a psychic medium Debra DE BR a dot com. You can also go to beyond reality radio dot com click the gas tab. And are harmful information on the listed there as well as the ways of connecting with her or get some great shows actually coming up this week. Tomorrow night we're going to be talking with John interiors are returning cast. And if you heard the show in the past and then you know John Tudor is it's not. John teeter claims to be a time traveler and that he came back to believe it was 2002. And decided to stay there because of he fell in love with somebody and that he still supposedly is able to travel through time the. And I thank you believe he was a an officer Tom in a special unit of the US military that that went back and forth through time to solve world problems. So now. We should make for an interesting interview and on Thursday were talking with are all men and we're going to be talking about big for its SaaS watch scripted as. Paranormal Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventure and more I just can't see them straight face it's. It sounds kind of funny but I'm really anxious to hear about it. See some you know obviously there's some on TV too but demy you know I know people like Eric actually do for a week at a time they pick a week in the summer win. They feel that bigfoot activity is at its highest and they go on the woods they can donate to stay up all night listening and watching for bigfoot. A big camp you know that Agilent towards a New Hampshire go hiking up a solo and everything else. Which you know the one thing that it's feared and it's terrifying really handle on what it is a first off I hate ticks. But only in this tick problem has been so bad lately it's gotten worse and worse and it's really become an epidemic. Well now there's this new tick tick illness that you get the disputed showing up in Connecticut and quite the the news side effects from it can literally start within an hour. I'm learning proprietary you know so it's just terrifying but thumb and then every Friday is a best of show so. Make she tune and that night and if you avenue like FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality rating were constantly updating information. And you can get the new. Apps for beyond reality radio if you go to. Beyond reality radio dot com is a link right there on the main page and allows you to listen the past shows connect to Chad actually be able Cole show. And if you listen to shows to us a favor on iTunes please read it forced as it helps get information altar for a for all the listeners and helps people find that much easier. So with center secrets time to wrap up tonight and everybody tune in tomorrow night's can be a great show that each tuning in tonight you'll soon Jason GB beyond really real kitchen Tata. And media is produced by sticky 88 includes news and Alexandria Johnson intercom yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to beat Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing getting that's. Slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.