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Bigfoot & cryptids - the elusive creatures that are roaming the woods of America.

Apr 28, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Bigfoot researcher & cryptozoologist Eric Altman about his 20 years of work searching for evidence of Bigfoot and other cryptids. What has he seen? What has he encountered? What's next. 4/28/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Only our good evening welcome to everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GB Johnson so good to see everybody all charged up and ready to go tonight. West Coast Friday in the East Coast many were stuck in between what can be unrelated radio myself Jason Gaza my cohost Jamie Johnson. I must admit tonight. What happened while I totally lost track of time I was so I was in the garage was working I was building that. That box EC behind me I only put their so literally screamed at me I'm tired of it looks are going to be like pulled from behind this portal that's gonna take you to the F their planes or something welts and infinity box and the whole idea is when you're doing a play on the mirrors so you got a mere in the back and than a two way mirror on the front but it's turned backwards. So it's reflecting mr. Steele won only. So it just looks like you goes on and on and on and I'm I was working on that just MS and around because I decided late. 930. Throw together a Andyaat. All the sudden I looked to my watchers like 1130. O chief justice and I had to get downstairs to set up things tees so sort of the sayings were Justin. Didn't realize also cleaned in days gone so the into infinity box of most vigilant. Yeah and Hamels has sucked into the ocean runs almost lost forever but now you're gonna feel like you're small your tongue every simulate him and it's true with art that looked even that they grade there will be a great show lined up though tonight really took encrypted it's yes we are with Eric Altman we're going to be talking to him he has had a lifelong interest. Of the stranger than usual and being a fan of horror and science fiction movies. Spent a good portion was childhood watching film and television from the genre we're going to be discussing a big foot and a SaaS clutch scripted paranormal. You name it. We affair with this whole big foot camping adventure. News I know you're really into the one jitters pencil in the Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventure it's sounds like it's wrought full of fun and excitement. Yes this is your parents and talking I am I don't know it's such an arm and also tomorrow night every Friday as the best of summation you tune in and check out the show if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Mean she'll like her FaceBook page. And during the during the show he can go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lines tab. And then I'll connect you into our online chat we can listen to the show on line or you can just hang out with GV him myself and a registered great welcoming community of people and you know connect to this back and forth yeah a lot of good stuff. And on and Chad does a lot of insightful conversation there's a lot of muddle funny conversation to people are really good time and enjoy themselves. You know one of the things that too I know Eric Altman will do later in the program to his take phone calls him when he jumped on the number 8446877669. One of the things he does on his website jays he takes their reports of bigfoot sightings all around the country are scripted sightings doesn't assuming have to be big foot. And so if you had summoned count of your own and you like to share with Erica we'll take those calls later in the program. And again it doesn't have to just be big foot so. On also lines have beyond reality radio dot com and there's only credit there where you can click and download the free and beyond reality radio app for android or iPhone it's going really well people are laughing at but that allows you to listen to the show alive and allows you listen to pass shows. Also connect to the check you can you can call him everything right from Matt app and if you do download the show on iTunes or wherever. Stu us a favor and just rated for us because they're really helps push it forward and makes it easier for people to find. So now what was. I was just going to say that's his absolute right you know in the more ratings we get and the better ratings we get the higher moves of the list of people who find it easier. One thing I wanna discuss last night we had John teeter on and there were a lot of emotions were there has some positive some negative as some people were complaining about John Nam and a stories which were not endorsing. That John is a time travel. He claims to be. Hey you know I have my own opinions and share my most of the people out there as well. John also in the beginning of the show went on a rant about arm a book deal that he had agreed to a Jason Quinn and the late Bob balm. Was partly our barometric newborns don't. And you know it's we do we don't know what one on there so it's not in my business with though it without the details. So I just wanna say that. I've had Jason we've had Jason quit on the show before and he's he's always been decent he's always been respectful. We've never had an issue isn't so old that. Problem between him and John should stay between him and John. I just wish you paradigm I what is a very emotional I was surprised. Led off with that and I can tell he's got a lot of frustration. An and I understand why it's any of it's true but it's clearly a legal difference of opinion or. New numbers are there may be right or wrong somewhere and then never has lot of gray area frequently in those types of disputes. And they're just gonna have to work it out the way they need to and we certainly aren't they. Insides well that certain guys wanted to stress that point to each their own I don't we don't know the details so I'd prefer cost stay out of it and I. You know I've and I tried known I would know what they're Rand happen it just it came out of nowhere and Nicklaus have much of a person's finger started their show that was funny as the senate gets a really exciting news in the new and and that is of the you know syncing that didn't release an exciting to me it's an excellent as a rule difficult. Yeah us and for all of them but one thing I want to bring up because you're just in Salem about a week and a half ago you know armed. Salem mayor I don't know if you saw this bud posted a tweet where she supposedly saw honestly ghostly image in this lamppost. That's really cool actually if I mean if it's real did you see the picture I did in its. It's definitely weird picture. Here he looked it up online but. On Wednesday Salem Salem mayor Kim Driscoll came across spooky sight in a tweet she shared a picture what looks like a man's grimacing face. Trapped inside the glass case at the top of the lamppost. And that's really initiated post extraordinary performance on site. And people would posted definitely are definitely yes said that it doesn't look too happy either and and EE sit there and you think if this had happened many Overtown. It would have been just starts to office as comical and so forth but it's a warm hole of course it'd mean it has legs and it just starts to Iran. But it's in it's a neat picture but arm. Off the dig that a new Wii gets look at needed to get it on the U beyond reality radio FaceBook page but I have to tell you Salem is just a really cool tone and you spent a lot of time there. This is only an hour from I he had this last weekend I was there for Salem can't end them that was the first time I've had spent any needle length of time there and it really is not only. The very interest in town because of its history but it's a cute town. Lot of cool shops there especially if you're into the weird stuff. Endemic you want to go back through cool. Yeah eighty yeah you always say every time you go back he he tend to find locations that you never really even realized repair. So you spend more more time there. And it's typical. In New England kind of Boston style of it's. Town where is there's no rhyme or reason to the streets there in just kind of you know thrown together and makes it all creepy just by nature. Oh he'll have to do is couple days before scare com. He'll have to come up here and do you and I'll out of there and spend there to San Juan and almost did actually an update on scare can't. Is Steve I was talking to earlier today he's going to be joining me at scare Connor Springfield mass that's great sorrow our steel and I'll be there and and god only knows who else. Yeah yeah the the list of of I guess is growing could significantly should check it out it's scary con dot com but you know the guest list is one thing. But. The to have that bigger part of the event is the socializing the ability for ready to hang out and just really have a good time and kind of celebrate their genre whether it's. You're in the paranormal your into the horror movie stuff it all comes together it's just a fantastic time. Well what I like about it and this is just me trying to push it by the fact of the matter is. Where a lot of the conventions people go and is the minute the actors or celebrities are off from the disappear and end up in just EZ IP things and and nobody else can can hang our tomorrow or talk to them but the nice thing like a star cal last time we are there we and we are all time Tony ran all of us. Where were just hanging out in just a local bar. There there's like twenty celebrities are just hanging out yet everybody else was there and it is it's just the way it is the only side where we're not going in hiding out anywhere were actually going out and having a good time and everybody's kind of funny you mention Tony memory and memory him dancing on the table and and falling off I don't know who caught how how ever they are good news teach somebody Cottam a healthy he's always looks like a mini version amigo. You know us you think he's little head yeah doesn't mean that don't necessarily actually called that because. Of course if you don't know who Toni Marie and was he played he was one of the actors have played Michael Myers in the original Halloween film. Actually his sister plea Joni in and had to be days and I would set Joni and charging you achievement and Tony I'd I don't know if people saw but. Scott Dario who played. Chart she actually it's a debt a post about. His sister. And what was the first thing again concerns are parents. Our enemy how she died due to drugs and I guess come to find out did nothing to do with drugs and had to do with that cancer stage four. And throat cancer and and it got so bad that she wasn't even able talks so. Tony. Went on this Tyreke and totally just. I attacked Barack hack out of our offense got bell and a Scott Dale's wife called and tried to resolve him well it it looks like Tony Tony really aren't Gasol he he wants her to. Yeah and Tony I've seen Tony hurt people before us a Huxley has touted but you know to be fair to Scott bail Erin Moran and I had a lot of as substance abuse problems she was riddled with with the difficulties throughout her adult. You know her adulthood so Lama can and soon might you might think that in in my he may have jumped to that conclusion but still wasn't right now. Exactly so. All right silly Jimmy Hussein tonight we're going to be talking at wit's. It's Cyrus Erica old men. Are we talking about big foot SaaS clutch crypt incidents and more. But tomorrow's a best of show Monday we're going to be talking with Lisa Smart. When her father became terminally ill with cancer Lisa began transcribing his conversations and notice it's personality underwent. These changes aren't wants skeptical man and then he developed really deep spiritual outlook in his final days. I'm being baffled intrigued by this Lisa grab a pencil and paper and really sort of tracking his final words this went on to become the final words project. I'm in which Lisa collected hundreds of final words which she analyzed for patterns and themes and and it really sounds inched. Yeah I am really excited about this conversation we had somebody on the show not long ago we are talking my deathbed phenomenon and down you know would head sadly I've I've Bennett. Those bad sides quite a bit the last couple years and it's unfortunate but it seen a lot of things that I'm I'm looking for explanations for so both that conversation in the one we're going to have money and it was Lisa I'm I'm really excited about. Yemen Tuesday we've got Amy Jacobson. A journalist bestselling author and to a 26 team Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her book area 51 operation paper clip in the Pentagon's brain. Where New York Times best sellers and having collectively published in many languages but her newest book phenomenon. The secret history of the US government's investigation into ESPN cycle thesis. Were only discussing that so and there's a whole lot the government's really mess around with our on that topic so may issue tune in check that out. Lot of stuff coming up so we'll get ready to talk crypt kids in bigfoot hisses and everything else with the suspect who is our guest Eric Coleman he's up next it's beyond reality radio. You can. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. And JPMorgan rated talk big. Puts this so and all sorts scripted stuff Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventures and all manner of fun things to eight feet. Feature bigotry. You like military effort for our guests and it is Erik Coleman he hails from greens burg Pennsylvania he's had a lifelong interest in the strange and the unusual these it was a horror fan probably still list. In a science fiction movie fan. Spent a great deal of childhood watching films come from that genre and retirement all sorts stuff when they're welcome to the program Eric's great to finally have you on. Thank you for having me it's a real honor to talk with two guys. Now earlier we looked forward to you are talking you about all the stuff especially with a pencil lead seemed to have shown up a lot in. All just stories that are out there and everything else these days whether it be. What you were talking Jimmie were talking not too long though about dislike in investigations are going on Pennsylvania as well yeah to me seems to be had going to be a heartbeat in the stuff and Reynolds going you guys can keep all that crap even out of Rhode Island at. Eric tell us what you got started you know I know you had an interest in and scary and strange from my childhood perspective but how did you end of following mandatory are now. We guy it was good spectacle out about tenure gold. I was a weird kid in the library that would come back faced third and books on the paranormal. You have those crooked lot of kids reading books about baseball or are there in whatever I was the one reading that the weird and unusual book. And as you mentioned I had a very strong interest in or films like five films and in 1980 India. The pleasure seeing the film public apology creek and it's it's equality could. Talky drama. Where they didn't re enactments and re creations. Blah. The folks it was a small town called south Arkansas. And in the 1960s and early 1970s. These folks had numerous encounters with. Upright by people are covered creature. And the filmmaker by the name of Charles pierce went down to. Falcon and make a movie called legend of buggy creek and did the recreation and I feel that when I was about ten years old and I'm just captivated by that film and I wanted to find out met a young age you're there was relief something out there and I kind of sparked my interest in and the topic of bigfoot. And I started studying that and from there I just educated myself I read every book I could find magazines. Newspaper articles and it really shocked me when I started reading the newspaper articles that in my home concrete or Pennsylvania there had been a rash of sightings that it occurred. In the early 197073. To 74. And somebody cite the place near miles from where I was growing up as a child. And doctors got me hooked from that point on I just educated myself and much like could on the subject and finally. After I got married I decided on the start looking at the phenomenon of people there really anything to it there's just too much history too many stories too many towners. There's got to be something to what I wanted to product myself and I begin field research and 1997. And I'd be conducting research are sent. And big foot definitely has a more I mean who Pennsylvania definitely has a new more than enough wooded areas. And things of that nature to support. My life. Like that I would I would thanked. Oh definitely does. People don't people think Pennsylvania is there's not really a Amman. A forested state but it really is you've got a couple major cities in the state of course. Philadelphia Pittsburgh Erie reading. And and are there big population and apple mania in the cities but the a lot of blood territory in the states it's still. Very wild on. Millions of acres of forest and it's just very robust with wildlife and strange critters out there. What we're gonna take a quick break it week comeback rule all get into that because island's such small stage I mean nothing could really can live here without us knowing about it but. Are you listening Jason GB. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The JB thanks so much Eric for joining us Phyllis knew one of the great radio stations across the country during the show thank you thank them if you get a chance as well. I've been listening online that story to me like you're there as well. And civil and we had a couple new stations came on board this week and give mine in the shout out it's WM EG a hole in Melbourne Florida and WG AML and Travers city Michigan welcomed his beyond reality real Fam. We welcome you very much and markets are at being added every week and we're very excited about it tonight we're talking about crypt kids. Our guess is Eric Altman. And but he's got a number of stories and a lot of great things talk about Eric again thanks for joining us now before we get too deeply into this you. I'm gonna had Beers start in radio didn't you weren't sure radio personality for awhile and actually store. Yeah actually I did I want to call it for broadcasting. And I worked in several markets in the Pittsburgh area. From Pakistan 1988 through 1996. Or lot of part time. On their personality positions and lot of production works so I did spend a lot of time in commercial radio and I do my own not podcast go live Internet radio shows won't now. Not at all this nice to have somebody on long term complain about what's going to happen go to break since you know and you know that is such a I do what he. You it when you're a younger and you are getting Kenny your feet Witten all the stuff I noticed that one of the shows that you mentioned kind of influence she was a show called in search of the Jason I frequently talked about that was on our favorites that show and so many people that we've had on beyond reality radio site in search of as one of their inspirations it released if nothing else an introduction to all of these topics. PI at the time it was truly groundbreaking because there really wasn't a show up there that talked on such scorpions subjects. On the covered everything under the sun I mean they they covered. The paranormal on duke those ancient civilizations. Scripted. Basically everything hundred compartment pick up there which all under the umbrella of the paranormal or supernatural. And just have Leonard Nimoy is. Voice. Near rating those topics mated all the better. I would definitely classic and it really it added to business should mystique. You met. A gentleman named stand Gordon. And I think it was 1983 in the U ended up calling him your mentored what was his influence on you. Yes canonized we've been primed now for gosh it's 34 years now. And I've met steer an edit one of the local mall and game was the area UFO bigfoot researcher. Com piece started in this I definitely making fifties. And once a year for about a week and in the summer can come to the mall and he put on display at the mall where he got photographs. And newspaper articles. Plaster casts evidence from you look showcases he investigated as well big putting cryptic cases investigated. And as I would educating myself reading the books and studying the newspaper article that's the kind of stuff. I learned about standing at the mall and made a trip to the mall. And I spent a weekend just studying here is information. And why I was so impressed with Stan as you week. Wouldn't give it can come up to you wouldn't start pestering you asking a lot of questions if you're busy you'd be kind of keep weekly blog kids off and you move up their own business. But he was very cordial and very welcoming and he spent a lot of time in answering my questions. He was very friendly. He didn't push you away EU urged need to continue to look into the phenomenon. And I made against a friendship with him and we have friends. For a like that about 34 years now and we've investigated many pieces together. And Steve was very impolite shall mean for getting into research because he was the researcher at that time the looking into all these cases and I was reading about. So I get somebody to actually go to and talked to about these cases that he looked into and ask him questions. Did you couldn't get from a newspaper or from a magazine article you got that. One on one connection you can ask what what did the witness to what to the witness see. What to do what did you find when you investigated so that was. Really key tougher on him becoming a mentor and and he kind of took me under his wings so to speak and taught me a lot about the field. A lot about what to look for what they ask. And those kind of things that you do in the search. And I think that's important now when it comes down to me. Big foot are there are a lot of a lot of claims of bigfoot in Pennsylvania. All my guests there are hundreds if not thousands of claims. And and it's interesting to find out that. There's a long long history of ru reports and encounters the history goes back to the are. Ancestors native Americans too frequent and in lived in the area of lady let nappy tried. Beyond all of a while couldn't. Kent hit the caught contrived. The the disgust. You can. These tribes that the really talked about these creatures that they they coexisted with an even revered. And be your coordination that that believed in Western Europe the move down into Western Pennsylvania. They had a long sordid history with the creature called the two not squat. Or which translates to the Scottish giant and they were terrified of this giant like being. Did big public can't ballistic and and they were they were very much afraid of it. And most of the stories are out there and you can look them up and research them and actually read beating countered distort the PP talked about in history. And then moved forward into current tie and they're still people reporting and I'm claiming they're having encountered so they can there's literally hundreds if not thousands. Of cases and claims alt rock Pennsylvania dating back well into the early eighteen hundreds. Well and as a kid day I was initially growing up in upstate New York candidate. And final minute of first although a lot of Indian. Indian tribes have there as well. But there were always those claims of those those big creatures even in upstate new orange heading into the Canada area. And of course Pennsylvania noted that connects with. With New York State so it and it opens up this. Vast area of law and most areas have been if they wanted states of the to the wood lines and they can pretty much going to war. Exactly and and you if you think about it back then there really wasn't so large population. Is there today so they can move freely throughout the forest and move around to different territories for the food sources for example we have water sources and play cover. So than there was probably at that time. The ability for these creatures to move around a lot more easily than they are today. Now have you ever had an experience earning count are with big foot throughout your investigations. Well I can honestly say that what I've experienced in the forest was bigfoot because I've never seen one and I never seen. That what was responsible for the noise and I was hearing or being counted and I had. What I was doing it but I've had many strange encounter that I can't explain it and and I really. Don't don't have a rational explanation for but I've never seen the creature. I've heard what knocking in the forest I've heard very loud high pitched greens and yells. I've had rocks thrown at me on several different occasions. And this is very late at night or I should hear early in the morning group 4 o'clock in the morning Ingrid an undisclosed location that nobody knows where we're at we're going to be. And and having these weird things happen to us it's very odd. And it's something that if that it's unexplainable wouldn't be you know there's not a person out there. We receive flashlight moving throughout the woods and having rocks or uses pretty intense though I had several encountered several strange experiences but. Again I can't relate them to bigfoot because I didn't seep the responsible person or entity that was responsible for throwing rocks and making the noises. It's. When did you really start in earnest with. Going out in and actively hunting for evidence of this creature. In 1997. I. Just everything got married and I decided that point will no I'm Mary Nell. I have a full time job but I also have weekend but I can do things and one at that picture where I want appeal so we're going to go. And having your Chris stinnett and I will maybe it would start looking into some of these historical cases. And going to these locations in and getting an idea myself. What they look like and I. Of course we talked standing give information from. Game where these cases happened. And I would drive out and start looking around Gary and it was very surprised to find a lot of areas didn't change. As far as urban development or. The encroachment of people moving into the area there are still pretty wild areas so I was pretty surprised by that. And I are looking at these cases and dealing with candidate in the economy Palestinians contacts and some of the witnesses he talked to. And of course I would go and talk to those witnesses and became friends with them. And they would introduce me to other people who had cleansing and reported in cal owners and I began to investigate their claims. And it was totally fascinated at that time that I love the people were willing to talk to somebody new to the field who didn't have experience. But is he knew me from stand. They were warm enough and welcoming enough could to take the time and talked about during calendars and they were still very sincere about what they experienced them. I put a lot of them really I believe a lot of them hadn't expected excellent pass. Graham to go quickly here to listener line averted had people lined up and people on hold elected try to get through these two do not to wait too long. This is Nina from California need your welcome to beyond reality radio returning on. Right now. Yeah I I love ordering an unheard of via remote bird. The mole bird. You know what about you work. Do you want me what is the mullah burden Nina. OK well not heard it actually. It and went extinct during the diet for Egypt but it actually related to like email and ostriches to eat beans and aid. It's retailing community. And but there have been fighting. Actually that now like baby chicks and everything and it. They're different species of some can grow up to at least like twelve feet tall. An app to beat. And or. Mark plant can be. About Turkey's side there's. With twelve feet tall. And carried me senseless it's like big bird. Yeah particularly yet pertinent Craig looking at. OK and then as a paragon has anyone heard of that. Yes prepared and I. Okay. Well biblical story behind the outlet I don't know if you if you have any during a man. Well a lot of people who reclaiming the Q what what's known as commonly known as thunder bird. Kabul reported seeing something that fits the description of the paragon. I ever actually earlier today that there way is. That would Juan and that and snatched like. The child upper something's not. Few years back and you just out there on the field and it had like being banned but satellite. Eking beat up. That would be big. That attitude. Actually back in the eighteen hundreds it was an Arizona and Maryland they would demand. And they actually shot one down. And they examined. When it out and it basically had like that they at least that's one that the cot. It was. Over aching feet of wingspan and they put. Trying to alligator right and didn't really capped that third that had more like. Almost like. Likes borer on my guess you could say. Kind of a membrane or wing vs a feather wing. Try ask Mike that instance it's almost like it's not. We'll leave a ball. Well why and I asked that I would think that those things. First why haven't we heard more reports or. Or anything of those and if there of that big phase that's like it's a slicker collider mean and that's huge. You know they need to thank you sharing that with us someone to get Eric's take kind of those particular stories or anything you know any of these flying encrypted just. What are your thoughts on the Eric. If you mentioned the incident took place and Arizona that was written about in the tombstone epitaph faculty teaching hundreds. Where Vick supposedly shot and killed one of these remembering. Winged creatures and they took pictures of it however that the creature mysteriously disappeared and were never able. Produce a body and that's it's a very interesting story. But unfortunately were never able to produce anything to that the crew Israel. Distortion was talking about that little boy that was picked up and carried that I believe that happened in the Chicago. Suburbs where little blows picked up and carried about 1520 feet by a large bird. Lauren Coleman wrote about that in his book mysterious America. And it's only that did occur in the mother was in the kitchen. Looking out the window watching some playing in the yard and so this large birds swoop down and pick up the boy carrying several people were dropping him. These imports of beef thunderbird like. Creatures wing entity what are you wanna call them. On they are common. The dot com is state bigfoot or lake. Creatures or anything like that but they do happen under happened throughout the United States and the matter of fact in 2007. There was a report of you willing to creature a thunderbird like creature that was seen flying in Alaska. And big. Taught from a Cessna plane as the plane was flying in the compared to but seeing sizes. I'm pretty large bird being witness but it is viewed reports happen and he actually happen in Pennsylvania quite frequently well and we're not sure what they are we're not sure if there amid identification. Of just a large Hough Cora a Turkey vulture or media condors migrated. On east they're not really any certainty because you never been any proof that these creatures are real we just double witness testimony. Interest and we're talking with Eric Altman he is a bigfoot researcher quipped it was all just also director of the Pennsylvania crypto zoology society. When I take a break we've got a lot more time and a lot more questions with Erica it's Jason and javy norm beyond reality Radio One. What we would get. And we were there. You've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and it's good news New York. Telephone hour SP 44677669. Or guest is Eric Coleman one of the things that Eric does on his web site as he takes reports. Of scripted sightings bigfoot or otherwise so if you go on something that you've encountered over the course of your life and you like to share with us feel pretty call. It 44687 sevenths. 69 NL Eric before I went to break you're we're taught him a large large birds there may possibly picking up children and and so forth. Jimmie and I were just discussing during the break come when I was a kid I would I remember being in class. And a bird came down and grabbed a salmon on the water while we're standing there right in the water fishing. And took the salmon out it was a huge salmon and this bird was just a monstrous burned Tom and of course everything looks. Much larger winner 1112 years old and I just flew off with this thing and a member talking and just ask him old Erica I was terrified when I saw this thing come down. What that was and he had called it some weird name later quarry here or something and he he. Said EC season more time on the rear now as the first time I had ever seen anything like that. Have you ever heard of any of these large birds of prey that really are most people don't know abound that would. Nick has the to have the has the ability to actually flight out or grab a 3040 pound salmon on the water fly away. That there are. Larger birds that there are capable of doing that they Erin do that. The Eagles do that I've I've watched an eagle myself like down and Tikka. A fish out of a lake in Ohio several years ago a bunch of us thought it was pretty. Exhilarating to see that happen but beyond that they're very strong and they're really talented they complied down and and just without breaking the surface of the water grab efficient fly often. You mention about the size of the bird armed that you saw was gigantic and what I find interesting is armed people. Given estimate that the wing span of these birds. And and to me that's interesting because there's really nothing in the sky for them to get. Outside perspective of so it's hearted in my opinion it's hard to determine how large bird really is. And it may look a lot larger than it truly is when it flies away you're caught off guard of course. It's hard to even guess how long a little wing span could possibly be on the birds there really looking skill field took to put next to instant. Compared side that. But to say I'm going to grab a thirty or forty pound salmon now water I mean that is right there gives that bird the ability to take grab a small child and flight life. On a Dell no doubt and I've seen on large off hawks who got to pick up domesticated cats and dogs. He carried him off. I've seen a small cac care costs by up one time as pretty or Ike but it does happen. And there they have very powerful talent and and clause to do that and there's a pretty strong and bird I mean it is actually be good in the larger sized bird. No doubt it would have the ability to pick up examiner or bass or try out something about water waterway. Our award and it we're gonna have to take our top of the hour break him only come back to more or are you listening to GC GG yeah. In late night. Talk on the green it's beyond reality radio Jayson javy. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday in the East Coast many were stuck somewhere between welcome the unrelated really Jason Hawes myself and Jeannie Johnson. Yet and we're going to be talking about cryptic and big foot tonight with Eric Coleman and bring him in. In just a little bit. Romney in large parts of press party account talking adventures on the fence off we've got a great shows coming up tomorrow night of course is a best of program is every Friday night is in the Monday we go back to live shows. Yeah we're going to be talking with Lisa Smart on Monday. When her father became terminally ill cancer Lisa B and she began transcribing these conversations notices personality or one. These changes. She ended up grabbing it paper and pencil and and writing down Manuel just following and writing down everything she heard from them. In this when two men went on to become the final words project. Which he collected hundreds of final words and she analyze them for patterns and themes. To re talking with her on that than Tuesday were talking with any Jacobson. She's a journalist bestselling author in 2016. Pulitzer Prize finalist. Rob her books area for 21 operation paper clip and the Pentagon's brain were New York Times best sellers and have been collectively published in many languages. But her new book phenomenal the secret history of the US government's. Investigation into ESPN's. Cycle recess. We're gonna really starts to great stuff. Coming up on beyond reality greater you know how we had a caller before. Who was talking about some of these mythical birds the scripted she's gigantic bonus they come down and then carry away a large animals and potentially children and all that yeah or remember when I told you it was what three or four years ago when we got to we might Australian Shepherd puppy and that all up on trying to swoop down and grabs the back Darren had stand outside when he went to the bathroom so he too carried away by an hour and a poll of all things well. A woman in Oviedo Florida was taking the trash out last week when a hawk swooped down and attacked her. Actually attacked her left her bloody and wounded. While in myths and it's a powerful birds stallions and everything else the other the other there very very dangerous of sharp talents on Beverly bon Donna. Since she's not the only person in the whispering oaks neighborhood to fall prey to these birds if she's worried that actually children wolf it's very very seriously hurt she said before the attack she saw the four hawk out of the corner for high but she never expected to come all the way at her. And then after she lost her I issuers and amnesia she said as an ocean turned away she spotted again and realized all of a sudden she's being hit by it in the head but not just hit. Grabbed knocked to the grounds she had to shake her head loose and at that point she sort of screaming and when she did that it fluid finally go and flew away. And her husband came out and help through their day in clean her up she was bloody everywhere. But I guess this is becoming a little bit too common for the folks of this. Area and it's it's very hauntingly striking like the movie the birds if you've ever seen well that's the sort of is gonna say to you. That's that's terrifying experience especially when it's coming at you from the sky. I mean that's yeah I don't know is that all leading up as your least as the most vulnerable I think gangel and you can't really do much now because you're always looking for danger from the woods in the trees around you now from above one numb one officer in the area thinks that it may have something to do with a nest in a tree that's just a little too close were people are but they amenable to confirm that but that's scary stuff you know these. The united vets while some of the century just. He says Terrance Sam alone in a Santa remove that wanted to learn from this planet at Andy's still wearing a helmet when you are sucked it. So obesity have heckler at a serious. So this. Matt has so the math and and tell us stranded again. Massachusetts. Institute of Technology. Is now working in a system where they're going to be able to print. If wolf 3-D print the entire building. Now I seen something 3-D printed. For the first time kind of recently I've heard about heard about it's pretty fascinating how this thing can just print to based on. You know whatever 3-D model you have and where it's at Princeton makes. And wall analysts materials that can be produced by 3-D printing a has grown to include things like more plastics but also metal glass. And she's even food now they're able to do. But now MIT researchers are expanding analyst even further with the design of a systems that can three print the basic structure in Tyre. Building. That's an I hear bill can you imagine that. And they're able to make density different thickness is depending on where they aren't in in the world and structures built with the system could be produced faster and less and less expensive than traditional construction methods. And on the researchers say building could also be completely customize to the needs of a particular site. And desires of its maker even the internal structures can be modified new ways to from materials can be incorporated as the process goes along. Material intensity to be ferried to provide optimum combination of strength insulation. And our other things depending where the properties located but being able to a 380 print an entire building. I mean it's amazing yeah and it changes everything and let alone can't Sox were altered trashing guys that. You know that'd that they usually have jobs and and women that have jobs on the site. Pays the bills I get this big machine doing it you know but then again usually when you go to construction site just like. Fifty guys there in twenty of them Arctic. That's that's a government constructions and well that's our man and I I did text a buddy of mine who's a state legislator today because of driving on the street. And I am passing by road construction area and there's like six guys from the Department of Transportation on one side of the street. And their work in the paving the road. And then there's four guys from the Department of Transportation in uniforms on the other side of the street with fishing poles on fishing fishing and await. There were fishing they're just as signals that it wishing I would and with their fishing poles at the lake all men all these other guys are working. And so you know who blew the bosses and the once mr. of course I was like man how blessed did this this is ridiculous as some of the news comes down this is really going to be a sore spot treat both says. God only knows how Maginnis usually no because the bosses or other ones that are hanging out. Well where are we talking about other bosses and these are in the crypto world's we're gonna talk about big foot gonna talk to talk about whatever else Eric Goldman has seen in woods of pencils specifically to boss. Now I can kind of look feminism Boston argue with a we have to bring him back door to bring him into the program just few minutes. Yeah absolutely sorry we're gonna take quick break and come back. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric -- is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. All I can tell on ours 446877669. Via web site. Is beyond reality radio dot com and by the way there's a tab on their pages of the menu heading you'll see you can click on guests and you can see information about all the guests we have on the program including our guests tonight Eric Goldman. On and there's links and information all sorts of stuff they're free check out. Absolutely we try to make site is user friendly as possible summation you know they're beyond reality reviewed dot com all right our guest is Eric Allman he's bigfoot researcher I crypto zoologist director of the Pennsylvania crypto zoology society his website is Eric Altman dot net. And it's a great website a lot of great resource is for anybody who has any interest in this type of discussion but Erica again thanks for joining us on the program. How can induce some of the things you've seen personally you've been out in the woods a whole lot you've been looking for. Not just bigfoot but so other crypt kids and Nen what have you come across what's the best. You know sightings that you had and what kind of evidence have been able to collect. Probably the best evidence that I collected over the years eyewitness testimony. Now I know a lot of people eyewitness testimony can be flawed and misinterpret it and they're there it's it's not really the best sort of evidence but commuted because that could provide a lot of information. About what these folks are seeing what did you think about the eyewitness testimony is a lot of the data that they present to meet. Based on their testimony. On correspond with the other people are seeing and these folks don't know each other they don't know about the currently had so. That information act lacked really it's a big piece of the puzzle helps me to understand more about the creatures behavior there. Descriptions. On there fruit sorts of what they eat so we learned a lot from eyewitness testimony matter of fact. Most of all we know about the creatures come from eyewitness testimony. I'm icing tracks in the wild on and most of the time they're large human chain compression in the ground they don't have a lot of distinct features like toes. Or up the ball afoot mainly because loot the substrate or the the environment to the ground isn't conducive to have to track but not looked at a perfect muddied up no dog or a C indeed beach. What we try and we we get with setting location completely out of siding will find large human shaped impression in the ground. But a much larger than pushing what these and measuring where thirteen to 1819 it is linked. We have collected here over the years very long thin strand of hear on broken branches. And we sent them off to lug various professors of university to look good on under the microscope for a sword try to determine what areas. I'm on a couple of occasions that we found that here. On we were told the war genuine soft or care what people leave puts up what here we never received an answer to what they wore so we are left in the dark. But. But it is a couple of examples of recorded constrains sounds Al while researching. That we cut to enough to be examined and and nobody could figure out what they are we got so many different opinions of what we recorded from canine to. Large feline. How old in the woods at 3 o'clock in the morning with one unique chance we received so bloody difference on opinions and thoughts with the council that we recorded. So there's just a little bit of the other between Clinton over the years and of course the personal experiences. They don't account much in the way of evidence but I'm we've had. Numerous personal experience in the forest that. The commissioner of the I can't attribute is soft watcher bigfoot but they've been pretty unique and pretty interest. As an investigator myself for a 25 years on I have to ask the question when it comes down to eyewitness testimony. How do you. How do you a deep long core figure I'll. And who might have hidden agenda when that when they're telling you this information or not because. I guess set as an investigator. I'll go to a lot of locations where people seem to tell me the perfect story. You go through their book collection you're you look at their dvds and and realize that. Oz because evade know everything about colonel and are watching every movie every TV show reading every book they can on it and they're giving me exactly what. I mean they know I wanna hear how are you able to weed those types of people well. Well just like you described. When I talked to a eyewitness accounts for several things I'd look for the I don't. Necessarily give out too you know. To the public I'm looking for body language I'm looking for a motions. Usually commuted traumatic experience they they've become very emotional. I've witnessed grown men break down and sob and economy because of the recounting what they saw. That's an indicator of the had a traumatic experience to begin work but then they get to know them. And and I try to keep an ongoing relationship with an eyewitness so I think it's inevitable they could in the personality. Did you know there interest in hobbies and sometimes they got me over their health and I'll look for things like you mentioned the books that dvds. Two count or conversational fun at their interest if they were in to watching horror films or into bigfoot documentaries or paranormal films. And that kind of is media and understanding of maybe where they're coming from. And again when entry you can relate to this wind somebody Qaeda and experience and they don't want the reputation ruined. They're quick to take a I want my name given out to keep this between us I don't wanna give way to location I don't want anybody to know about this too they don't want. The public city. It'll have an agenda they they just want answers to what they saw with experience than. Folks like that who really don't want the public city you're don't want the notoriety those folks. And the need to be a little more on legitimate then folks who won thirty about the paper one to begin on TV documentary. Well and I agree with that a 100% because most of the time when somebody contacts me and they don't want that they don't want it and to be televised they didn't they would prefer she sharply in nine wall. They're neighbors are pretty much all crashed Al so nobody sees this coming or going. On religious and they want us to be as discreet as possible not show up and anything with any markings on him or things like that not a lot of cars. Those people tend to truly have something going on in the pages they don't want it out there they don't want anybody else to know what's happening. Just so nobody can judge them more and more of a weather center crazy or. Or arms or start spreading stories about. Exactly and and then you get the people who who had a sighting at may have had a legitimate citing and they get that little bit of attention a little bit of I guess public commute would be the word but their name probably getting up there that all the sudden they start to see big put behind every tree and it's it's working it's back in the backyard now or that it's knocking on their door at 3 o'clock in the morning. The answer I have a website put up and they start writing and I can't exactly Sina. Our lesson Leo let's let's quickly go to those off moments here we've had we have Doug who's been winning for some time Doug welcome to be unreal you radio. Goodwill from the show. Happening here what's on your I don't. I'm Margaret one word that was lucky you eat what I want Obama back in Eric melt apps you. Now I'll bet that extra anyway. Probably out. Eight out of pocket while Martin and that's and I think that look like an inquiry. Shoots there on our hearts out armored vehicle just want an opportunity to make up a detour and and then shoot back up and ethnic well how broad and it'll happen what would help. I. Liked her and never hurt me but yeah. You said it stopped in front of you so it was like hovering. Yeah and I spoke reaction I had packed yeah. Are you certain down out on route one you at and T had a marks earn it and he spread ethnic dimensional pardon me in. Now and I can't see eager now aren't so called this a thing like it around all of them are. Interest to see I've never heard of anything like that and yet Todd sheets is secretaries his close friend. Weaver heard of anything anything like Dallas sting re looking. Things are showing up there. As a matter of fact I out. I'm a good friend of mine long district clerk who writes for the blog sphere into monsters is collected multiple eyewitness reports of these. Stingray or mean decorated like creatures. That have been seen flying. Over. Eyewitnesses say in their car Ers. Outlook forests and and they really have no explanation as to what they are to be described him as this gentleman that it will take a flying stingray or playing meant array. And there have been multiple reports that in the last couple of years that have been submitted just to. One it is blog you've written about them extensively so. I don't know panicking too would I've never investigated I personally have not received any reports like that but I've I've read blog reports and they know that it's phenomenon is taking place across the country. Very very strange thank you so much for the call Doug we appreciate you sharing that with us on stingray but he can hover that's what makes even more more unique. Posting or is just we're looking creatures and then I look they look like they could literally fly through the sky you know sorrow in the kind of on the far fat. Ari we're gonna get ready to go to break here only come back we're going to continue our conversation with Eric Coleman Eric's website Eric before we go to break. Your website is Eric Altman dot net is there any you have other web sites are ranked. PI actually I have about three or full heard some help and not one to my radio show which is beyond the radio dot com. And for the bigfoot camping eventually disappear between camping debenture dot com. We we have to get into all of that only come back yes we bring billions we. If you haven't yet make Seattle a FaceBook dot com slash B honor alliger idyllic FaceBook page. Page and head over beyond reality radio dot com click to listen live to join some online chats so my journal I shall priority quick break when we come back more outside. TP Johnson tiger talking about crypt digs we've been talking with Eric Alterman he's a bigfoot researcher equipped to zoologist director of the Pennsylvania crypto zoology society. And Eric you were also. What director of some of the Pennsylvania bigfoot society what was the group you were present enough for quite some time director for quite some time. Yeah that was at the Pennsylvania they put society. But the director from a 2000 through 2014. Yes but a lot of years doing that no I seen you. And a lot of events Eric you know I kind of run the same circles when it comes to that kind of thing you always have a table full of pretty interesting stuff. Related to big took an evidence related stuff fund would usually carry on with the. Yeah I I display replica. Footprint castings. That I've had done the privilege of exchanging with other bigfoot researchers across the country. I'm I have a couple of casting myself and and what we do is. We make out molding of the cast and they're more exchange with each other cut public got the network sharing program that we can build our own collection of castings and a display them on the table to everybody kind of an idea. Of what these. Cast look like the different sizes and different shapes the morphology of afoot so they can keep it as not to the cookie cutter. You know something put people putting on the bottom of the shoe workshop Enron would speaking. Prince are different sizes and different with different depths of the track on the coast ladies. Very apparent in some of these casting so I put them out to people can take a look into what's being reported and been discovered across the country. Just in case they come across anything light up themselves. But ya I kind of like done. A guide or a hole. So to speak to depict bicycle like bowed out in the wilderness they they can not maybe usually identified maybe have an idea what they're looking at Citic in the eighty. Nico plaster casting of the flipped and then turn it into a researcher or contact a researcher and economic plaster casting it. In other middle has been a lot of discussions and and a lot of new series about what does SaaS squad to the bigfoot creature could be there's been discussion of inner dimensional. Me aspects or. Extraterrestrial aspects or rig obviously the regular flesh and blood as what we've been I think most of us a thought for a long time where do you fall on this discussion. Well to be perfect we are quick I don't know what this creature is I don't even know the creature truly exist I've never seen one. I do know the people experiencing something and they're seeing something they're claiming there experiencing an accounting something so that's what I try to figure out what they're seeing what it is I have no idea. I've won a first started this years ago. I thought for sure that it was nothing more than undiscovered primate. Something that just kind of a ball with us alongside us but really didn't evolve into a human species like we have male and intelligent species but. And do you have gone by and I've talked more more eyewitnesses and heard the stories I heard the claimed. And there are some very key very weird cases how strangeness that are all being soft watching hours. And they're coming out and being presented more frequently now than they were before so really makes you wonder what exactly this thing is. And it really brings up a quick question just it's just think bitter row. For hundreds of years why don't we have a body why don't we have a live specimen captured. It is to either keep things don't exist and these are nothing more than urban legends and myths and and hoaxes and killed passed down through generation after generation. Or it is something that we don't have an understanding of that maybe Peter dimensional might be extraterrestrial we just don't know. And that's where I stand on it. So we need to know what is this Pennsylvania big foot camping adventure. I'm. To charity fund raiser event in the second one I'm undoing. Or about eight years I packed with. Out conference's much plagued country because her they're caught on and I put out conferences where people learn about big foot and I had some pretty decent success that it. And as a director of the Pennsylvania they put the Saudi I would hold but three come to Europe put out public camping trips were people could come out and kept researchers. Don't know what an experience what it was like to do researching case it would curiouser one Q we did. And two years ago I learned that two other people in the country doing something similar to that where they were bringing a couple near noted speakers and having them talk. At the two camping weekend. And down taking people on the would syndicate that that cannot experience and we get that trip to gauntlet at night with us and Q we do and maybe perhaps have a chance encounter. And I don't wanna put the event to good use and do something positive with that and try to raise some money for some local charities and I did that last year bought and some. Local speakers like sting Borden for example and dusty colts' New York. And coupled noted does speakers to the event. And it was fairly successful we raised about 3000 all the local charities. So this year I decided to kind of expand on it and make it a three day event. Where we're at eight speakers coming out of the event and some pretty noted speakers gave it well look David Weatherly will be there John feeble. Our mutual friend Rosemary Ellen Kiley will be the advantage of reflect lecturing actually on. Peter dimensional possibility of bigfoot. So we've got some pretty big name speakers coming up to the event in the going to be lecturing. We have hands on workshops where researchers will interact with the the attendees assure them. What equipment we use. Techniques we used and how we conduct research do if they're interested in giving feel they can learn. We charity auction we got big films we will be showing. We've got hikes and I cannot it will be taking groups on the floor with us so they can get that interaction and experience. And and again it's all four three local charities and southwestern Pennsylvania area. I'm trying to raise some money for them. I ask Corey yes sounds terrific cause on. I get it to change the subject here from big foot a little bit is we're gonna be running at a time before we know it. But what other encrypted type stories are citing as her on your radar these days stretching your attention. What you earlier this show you mentioned the likens. It's something very unusual for Pennsylvania because. We really don't have a long history of liken reports are outbreak walking triggered reports. But the more we're starting to dig into this and folks like watched or learned which koehlke. And even I've received a couple of operate walking king reports people are seeing something out there in the force it isn't bigfoot that resembles a dog. And on these reports are becoming more more prevalent in the late last three or four years and practically a number of reports are well into the twenties or thirties now. And people seeing something out there and it's it's really attracted my attention and attract other researchers detentions. And that we're trying to investigated looking at this phenomenon and it's not just a couple being phenomenon it's occurring across. Into the mid west up in Michigan. Wisconsin. Ohio. Pennsylvania including the head down eastern seaboard and other states as well. Yeah we've had to we fed several guests talk about that and we've had some callers talking about that in the common thread with much of this. Is that more so than any other scripted dead. We don't we've talked about. These. Particular creatures seem to have a real sense of foreboding or dread associated with them be hearing those same stories. Oh yes. People over our reporting very aggressive in caller's. Word this creature which is displaying aggressive behavior. It's almost. It's very different from one common in the big foot in experience if you bigfoot they're they're terrified or there he awestruck or. They're dumbfounded when they see this upright walking treated they're literally scared to death. They're afraid in this you know chose aggressive behavior aid doesn't back down a run off with the big book reportedly does or doesn't you know epic. Quick encounter and then it disappears this thing stands his ground it doesn't back down. And it growls and it. It looks very menacing. And did start to approach the person it I don't. I haven't heard of or don't know of any reports of missing actually attacking people but it's it's very aggressive nature where it's. Showing almost. Defensive. Posture if you will where it's it's moving more progress reports people instead of backing down or running off doesn't seem like afraid of the at all and people were. Too terrified when they have these encounters with. In was a Kentucky or Tennessee. You numerous yeah with the where the police have actually kinda covered up. Yet they felt like there were some dog Manning towners and there were injuries are the word was maybe even deaths associated with that in and in the stories we're chain to. Changed later recovered did you learn anything like that Eric. The other place was called live believe land global lately and people lake in on Tennessee and Kentucky Tennessee area. And yeah that there was a cover up supposedly the took place and supposedly there were men the hunters that were killed campers were killed I have not seen any documentation on that it took back that up. It's all been stories passed down I've not talked to any officers involved with that. And I've not talked any research to researchers who have been directly involved with. I'm investigating the case developing second or third hand out stories passed down but I have heard the stories and it's something that is being passed around right now to the community. And attack him it'd be for whatever reason he was that he was still telling us that they were trying to cover it up because they didn't want the attention drawn to it didn't want me and it people altar looking for this thing because. Because of how dangerous it was and and they just wanted to cover it up and candidate ups keep in the hall. It's what I've heard as well and again I can't. Alligator verified that it actually happened. Only her second third and stories. It's there's a good guys Eric you've done some. Traditional paranormal investigating two of the kind they did Jason island of more used to ghost and ending checking unclaimed your I think your member apparel group archived. Yeah actually blunt is several paranormal groups and I've done some residential cases in had been does some. On famous locations in and until investigations. I don't do it complicated scripted quality work that's kind of my first love but I get the opportunity to go investigating a case with it and the somewhere or. Even at events. Beat them happy to go out and check things out LO working Gettysburg com up with the buffalo. Train terminal. Have been out to Amherst. Just to name a couple places and I love those guys did so. The other is a great locations and and it had some really weird experiences out there that I can't explain. Did Daniel Libby farm. In Gettysburg was probably the most intense of paranormal investigation I'd had the pleasure to be involved where. And that's something that'll leave a mark on the for a long long time. So now if somebody wanted to go out and try to search for bigfoot in Pennsylvania. Where would you say would be the hottest spot for them to actually go on an attempt. Two to see a big four. The most active area historically and currently is in southwestern Pennsylvania. There is an area known as the chestnut ridge. And this has got reduced. The furthest west on palatial ridge of the appellation mountain range we call the Allegheny mountains and it runs from Indiana county. Itself west in two oppressed and what urging it to about a hundred. Hundred mile long. To overtake and but 1015 miles wide historically. It's just not really Jerry had a long history of you'll put sightings. Weird and strange phenomenon and in multiple multiple scripted settings whether beat big foot hurt the thunderbirds we talked about earlier. It's been dubbed the the twilight out of Pennsylvania. And done that area there is someplace I would recommend books checked out if they want to get involved and indeed encrypted research were looking for bigfoot ordered strange UFOs are students home to countless sightings over the years. Nor would you say would be the best piece of equipment for them to bring into this. Probably some good common sense and an open mind. At this. I love that's perfect because that's what I tell everybody right often ask me the best piece of equipment taken haven't. And my first thing is always common sense because not enough people out to seem to have it. Right I agree with the sue just to try to remain objective and and try not suited to jump to conclusions because a lot of what people experience and flying in and in sync is paranormal have been put related research can be ruled out or can be rationalize so I tell everybody just duke good common sense. And good judgment when it comes to this. Final question for you Eric. We were gonna get any answers a lot of people been looking for a long time and you know we still don't even have a clear picture we were gonna get any answers. I really hope so. It would make all the research I've done in Jason Dunn and Dunn grant and you and all the researchers out there that would validate the work that we're doing. I don't know if we are not I think we will poster every day with the modernization of technology before ability of technology. On the more folks in the field I'm advances and in DNA studies day in and the ability to collecting and gather evidence so I think getting closer but I don't know it'll actually occurred Miley. And then a final thing I a you know you throughout this whole conversation aside you know your fellow with some pretty good judgment here until I saw pictures on your. Website whiz grant and Dave's tango and Steve you really about those guys were you thinking. Yeah pair of first few years ago on Bethlehem at the opportunity to meet current and and Davone. Take it tango and Steven some of the guys fantastic guy DelHomme did doubt they were great company. It's great Apollo meat of hope we can commute I'll be to cheer me up one day. And that TV you know I'd had the pleasure of hanging out competent together and have a couple drinks together so who knows it's been a great ride. Melissa Melissa can make a political upper half are trying to figure if you forget if you really exist Jason. Give the web sites again one more time for a Cirque. Start up money market Eric Allman dot net and I you can find a lot of great information about the work that I do PA crypto society is the group that I'm currently heading up the nurse and report on there in cases we've investigated recently it's a new group so there's not much information yet that there will be. Beyond the edge radio dot com is the radio show that I was found Sunday night. And of course BP A be put camping adventure dot com is the web sites for the event coming up which is actually coming up this. I'm not this weekend it's like many people thirtieth may first and all that but all week and he Bob May fifth sixth and seventh saw that coming up next week. Great Eric thanks so much for spending so much timeless. Thank god I really appreciate you having me on it's been an honor talking about the. A great night there were to take a break we'll come back more you listen to listen to. Thanks to her home grown industry conversation there but scripted they put all that stuff. Is definitely is just great to talk to Linda. And it's it's always a pleasure so we get we're gonna have Monica and yes he's got so much information after the camping adventure you in on the camping and. I can't go this week but after I wanna hear all about it though we have times quote when quick phone call here in Austin right. Oh dis is Jason sort of have heard from him in a while Jay welcome beyond reality radio. Hey guys good to talk to you how much time guard got. A minute okay I want everyone to know. In addition to widgets at first super moon on April 26 as a significant date coming out by the march into the quiet time in coming upon now. A recap real quick so every new moon and full moon they do that places this Sunday I'm not sure the amounts. An application of the law purges not. And then Monday is belting. Out Spain and these are two of the highest botanic holidays of the year. Where they will be doing with sex magic bloodletting and blood sacrifice rituals empire rituals in time where the double and Satan are. A ruling. You see sex magic. A calming and amend that that that the cells. Down the so I don't wanna play against Pitt and that the negative energy will be counter acted. And for the multi people caught god intervene with the angels because thousands of people. Be in apocalypse in just a matter of weeks here you believe in any event. I very much so anything is relating to the pub book Paula the pop the pop bulk. But not trust that that's where the whole pre tribulation rapture doctrine came from. September 23 is also a a significant I can change that percentage when you don't cause because he said temper the company with you guys to that point. Can't we gotta run but thanks so much so that was called Jack. Are it's a make you tune in tomorrow it's a best of show in the more back on Monday with some some great shows so you'll soon Jason NGV beyond really radio talk Tilson man. And it's produced by sticking yeah. Saint John's and UConn leading. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be guests on beyond reality radio and email to sleep getting. As is Lincoln Teddy EDD one bad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.