WWL>Topics>>The mysterious words that people say when they're on their deathbed. DO they have meaning, or are they nonsensical?

The mysterious words that people say when they're on their deathbed. DO they have meaning, or are they nonsensical?

May 2, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Lisa Smartt from the Final Words Project about the transition some people undergo as they approach their final moments. Much of that transition is evidenced by deathbed speech that references or is directed to unseen entities. Lisa shares many examples of this phenomenon and offers some explanations for its origin. 5/2/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's. Monday on the west. Also Tuesday and the East Coast and you start to between welcome to be on really revealing myself Jason Hawes might co host GV Johnson. It's what's going on Judy. We're here. Yes we it was a Friday the weekend we're ready to start another great week of of or broadcast radio here. It's great topics coming up until about the yes tonight's going to be a really interest in action or are we talking to Lisa Smart about her out pretty much the final words project a final words project dot org check in now. But she began transcribing our conversations with the father. When he was and he was pretty much on his death bed and he went from. Just severity skeptical man to a deeply spiritual. Individual in his final days and and she sat down she pretty much just recorded in two documented all of focusing sued saying his his deathbed in words and and on and on and it's it's really interest. Yes and it didn't stop there what it did is they created a curiosity and her that she followed through with instrument. A collecting stories from other people who who experienced a similar things when they were sitting with a loved one or friend. On who was close and then ultimately as death and recorded the things they said. And and and she took it a step further she's actually gone back. Over history and anywhere there's any reference to somebody may be famous who had some interesting last words. She documented those two so it's going to be very very. An interesting conversation and it's really close to the conversation that we had not long gone I don't remember the guests who were talking about death bed visitors. Astray and a very very similar and has a lot of connections there. And then tomorrow and I were you talking with any Jacobs and I she's a journalist bestselling author and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books area 51 operation paper clip. And the Pentagon's brain or New York Times best sellers. And we're going to be talking to her about her newest book phenomenon. The secret history of the US government's investigation into ESP and so it took me six. So the plane inching topic there. Yet again another great one arm and it doesn't stop there we've got to Edward has long coming on discussing his book on Wednesday night called doctor Mary's monkey. How the murder of a doctor a secret laboratory in New Orleans in cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald and ultimately to JFK. Assassination and emerging global epidemics as whole bunch of things tight and that's. Had a little sleazy and intertwined Donna Edwards gonna tell us and once and and guess what. Especially its moratorium on the East Coast it's may second and our. Are we still spokesman alive well see that's the that's the curiosity here if anybody remembers I think it was Terrell crossed yet it was the April 18 show we had to. We had Terrell crossed on the program and and he was talking about operation our project. Are all blacks are stark. Black stars and who is basically. About a our our our sons twin engine which imploded upon itself many many years ago. On and has become basically very very dense I guess kind of anti matter anti gravitational. Anti magnetic force that comes through our solar system. Every 3600 years of Nicholas. And the supposedly going to tip the earth on a side and he was able to track that back to that's what happened with the great flood and Noah. And all that stuff arm. This thing that's there was really strained when you're talking to Terrell. I mean you're talking to a highly intelligent individual and somebody's done a lot of background work and and the so when you're talking dented it becomes scary have you and I were talking awful off the show javy we're right maybe we should try to lake. Just heavens Arkansas are silent when he's. I'll see you segment of the Ozarks being the place that's really the only safe place so piece of Mississippi but the you know he he he talks about it as though it's a big biblical prophecy coming true and this is some kind of divine intervention I think he actually called it. God's reset button. Yes they are exactly recalled one it's terrifying to hear hear Woody's McKenzie he's do you get a lot of people on the show who who talk about these things. And NG sits in your error on its never gonna happen whatever and you just brush it off but he came across very. Just very late he had done all his home where he knew what he was talking about. He he and his team has spent years studying this in fact you know we've to a slick Eddie pulled some cuts together forest from that interview. On the eighteenth so I'm let's let Terrell in his own words here explain what he thinks perfect is about to happen this is from our interview with Terrell croft on not April 18. Could report was grabbed by Saturday's operatives in they were glassy kind of amnesty. From the American people. It's a quite a link the reported in the of operations section there are described project lacks star that's what they're trying to avoid. Let people know about and not what you read it and it's that kind of Graham stalking about passed a majority of the population being wiped out. And I didn't say exactly what but it's because of the black star. Would it relates to is invisible collapsed binary twin door son. That's what's coming. The F false narrative is that it's planet planet X movement. In the giro movement. Is fake. It's close Saturday C operatives dis information programs. Intelligence counterintelligence on both sides manipulating the faults and yardage. If we have a giant planet you can see you know this coming. When nine story is Canada. In the same trough. In not a lot of information on the Internet desensitize. People. And making them oblivious. To all the changes that are taking place all around us. Yes and what he's saying there is not only is this about to happen but that the government's trying to covered up. Cuba Howell very construction supposedly going on under Denver's airport. Was one of the mean control senators were United States government. Individuals were heading Tom and and there are other places throughout the country yeah underground bunkers that were built because they knew this is gonna happen now he did say that there were there was what like 50% chance. There would be happening 25%. As this this but it is a 75%. Chance for a may of 2008. T yeah he throws out a couple dates during the interview the very first day then of but it is today actually may second. And there was a small chance there and then talks are vertigo took it. It. And then he talks on May twentieth and that he talks on May twentieth of 2018 and let's let him to talk a little bit more here again this is from her interview with Terrell. On not on April 18. Something different happens to earth depending on where we are. In our solar system so imagine that the are just looking down on our solar system to your travels one point six million miles per day 66000 miles per hour. So is like a giant that we you have these picks reached a sturdy each day. 69 miles and it depends on where her it is. If urges behind the sun wrote to the black star when it cross our orbit path that we're around here in the November position then now we have a sons and between us and no geological (%expletive) you know possible. Is whenever the earth is in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that's causes. The the problem is North Pole of our planet. And the mismatch polarity it pushes our planet earth. Because the metals that are embedded in early crust Obey the laws of magnetism. While the water as a thousand miles an hour the equator. It obeys laws of gravity. So every tips is over in the water of the oceans. Oceans just off the coast or three miles deep guess where it's gonna go. In and jump right up onto the land crawl on the land hundreds of miles inland. That's. That's what happens or in the wrong place at the wrong time and looking at the scriptural. Prophecies. Or in the way that the mom my interpretation of science in my interpretation scriptures. That we're gonna have a sudden event. So that whenever the blacks targets nexis on it turns us on dark. All the way the sun goes out. And for like three days. That happens but on a cross an event in the spring. Come whenever that happens first as destruction come suddenly we get a warning signs like this on turning dark and on this cycle it looks like we're gonna have a springtime event and we're pretty darn sure about that. Know where it's coming from we know we're showing we. On the lines. My notes it's it's kind of program deal that's exactly what scriptures say this destruction that comes up. That opens a can norms especially for somebody like me listen Rhode Island and also known as the oceans stayed within a couple hundred and he knew what does that in my State's not even a hundred miles long it's like 48 by 37 for some weird number like that. Yeah and into he goes on to say that there's really no safe place calm until you get to the Ozark Mountains and I'm assuming the happily can mound side but not really sure of the geography there but I think it all kind of works together but. The bottom line is this is gonna be catastrophic the question is are they write about it. And you can actually check elm. Wall for you and I'm beyond reality radio you just go back to via. The eighteenth. Episode from the eighteenth and listen to the interview with them you can also check out his. Map and the time lines and everything else set Terrell it's TE RR a L 03. Dot com. So and if you're listening on one of the greatest stations that were we Aaron. You can also download the ice forming android app right at the unreality rated. Click the listen lives and join me online chat javy and I heroism matter haven't yet like FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality refusal to be on her experience. Lot of stuff there let's sum I just wanna go back to turn a crop just for one split second because he was a great guest and I'm looking forward to bringing assuming after tomorrow near ground 01. You're suing the shots. I wanna bring him back in and get the latest as as we move through this timeline and he's laid out for us because. He's got a lot of compelling evidence Ximian you know it's it's something worth keeping an island. Yeah not so. To a aren't so. Right so we did was suited to FaceBook page telephone numbers 8446877669. Willow take calls throughout the program when we can get to them of course. On and it just a few minutes are gonna bring our guests and what are we talking about a topic tonight that set really really fascinating to me especially. And I hate hate bringing this up all the time but you know Jane you and I both had experiences very recently. Would with tragedy and death and our families. And some of the things that our guest Lisa smarts gonna talk about. Related to her book's final words project. We are going to talk about the things that people say. And have been recorded as saying when they're on the deathbed it's pretty fascinating stuff because it opened some doors to some things that are if nothing else head scratching but. If at their best it it kind of reveals a world the world hoping exists after death. Well that's I think that's the main thing is and that's why a lot of people involved in this field Jazeera told you that. In the past just because people want to know something else is after we close arise if that's not the end because. If it is it's terrifying terrifying thought even so a lot of people wanna know that there's something after send to our. Just just because it takes away that fear. Yet really done if you think about it if you if you thought when you plagiarize that was the end it's terrifying farm but. If you know that there's something after it just opens the door two on assisted cultural so much you're able to terrorist Lamar had a brilliant. But at least this book is called words at the threshold what we say when we're nearing death and we're gonna bring her in just couple minutes. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy don't go away we've got one. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's Gary Condit dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Beyond reality radio JC GB so great interview. Didn't we get only a new affiliates announced and we mean will they eventually did and I enters into soon. Let's do this I think Jesus said WLF. And and low across Wisconsin. Augusto beyond reality radio family and is a bunch more of that word and I didn't enters week three edition. Is Wisconsin and then the blue window thousand lakes or something present is that mission is essential story which ones which one's the late late that a well let her back pay and need to brush up on my State's a. And I think I had and not kind of I really tells us the land of a million from was tossing give us a call it a little. It is and number 844687766. Again missile treaty 446877669. I think have been a Wisconsin once. Yeah I've been Milwaukee assume I'm Amanda once that. Let's put away in notes and I guess have been there much times have spoken of theaters are actually and so loss. To a set of foreign on it's quite cold and dark corner guess slandering her guests in for tonight. We're talking with Lisa Smart Lisa is the author of the book called words at the threshold. What we say when we're nearing death police are welcome to be on reality radio it's terrific to have you on the show tonight. So I could be here. Thanks for come anonymous is such an inch screen topic it's because. It touches so many people Wear and especially with when you hear of all these last words that people have said. On on their debt laden and during that time I mean it's just. It's just such a wild area. I never actually years ago I beat your artwork record acting black. Talking about. It might not dying. I heard. Are eating at a picture of me I can't. Stand by you're in that I think it starts on. And Rick just in my other monitors are very action. Typically an outage Earl type person. I was growing up outside any record and it can air. Our. Oh when he record tying. Are talking actually Angel. I. And are treated sort I it are actually out at eight. And it lately on. That's amazing and I'm and apologize right now because Jason I went a little long in the last segment so this is going to be a quick segment but in the mid under so we've got left before we have to run to break. You tell us what that more by you. What what did you go into this with preconceived notions or was this something that was completely. Something unexpected TO. It's. An unexpected I like every I. I'll be looking beyond. Beyond that squirrel and I have done an addict I. Attic check it out and say hi stock. Strain it and west and it went into. Tech and it just it opened up those other doors and and really changed your perspective on things. Yet expects. That it did I mean I. I train steady a steady pattern Rick though. Someone sure. It hurts and act. And then went on to collect it at all. Rent I shop at our. The IR. Hack. At it. Can't between art or. Change aren't. Our lord and it's a quick break who come back a lot more you listen to Jason G. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Jason JC's beyond reality radio Lance you know I love you love. Monday slash Tuesday night's GA because suited fresh start we always got a lot of great guests lined up really got a lot of really cool topics you never know what's mckinny's lined up forests and it's fun. Obviously getting past times. She knows what can you wanted to be first if so but not tonight ornament retarded releases Mara and then tomorrow night we're talking with any Jacobson Russian journalist bestselling author and 22016. Pulitzer Prize finalist. With her books area 51 operation paper clip. And analysts goes on yet. Before we bring two moments are before for a rare guest tonight that is wanna go quickly to the phones because soon get some is gonna set us straight here. This is Barry from Charlotte, North Carolina listening whenever greatest song that's very dirty welcome to show. Again it didn't give me Internet player. I you argue back import the mountain meadows so I don't know that typical double and go to camp total takes. It's I don't know why it just elaborate. That's so hot it's Minnesota or Wisconsin Wisconsin the cheese head different. Yeah wholesale Wisconsin yeah Eric Cantor. OK from. The Sopranos so. You only you know the worst part Barry I've been to every state in the US filming the show ghost hunters have been at every state there it is and I still I still get so lost say you know it especially half from assorted Idaho are yell okay no potatoes Wisconsin's chief. But a sole loss or you know there. You know that you're trying to hold you've had so many had stage PC came on the part. And now I aren't enough time my own State's small city in the country the Elster at Delaware wasn't Rhode Island small number announced small semi trailed only like 47 by 38 amount Turks are currently Barry thanks for San mystery we always we rely on people like you to keep listening to somebody from North Carolina whose family was originally from Rhode Island to set a straight so thanks there mistreated our let's go to our guest slandering her guest and it's at least Smart leases the author look. Called world war of words at the threshold we say when we're nearing death and Lisa on. One things that strikes me so poignantly about all this is that. I just recently went through on the loss of my mother and I sat. By her I said by her during the final days. And you know it's not just words it's visions it's it's there's there's there's something very serious going on. There is I mean in the and I'll Eric. Accept and respect people start. To let. You know it is quiet. Strand. And let him out perhaps someone who is not an IRO. And it. As tempting but in dark. Green. Congress agent or it may turn Q. There are all are here and then turn around and go at our station. In. Years. And it. She may have missed out on. Our. Station. Or at. When you. Are not. An action that there's been other. Ethnic or she and her. Are hot the art care. I under. Repair bury it or you're you're you're. A rich entry page and dying. I reckons it sometimes and it patient and that does it and it ports. And the current. Well and and Lisa right now I'm. I'm going through similar thing where there are so I I I want from a family where my mom my mom was there and was a Catholic Church family and am very religious my father's. A father Stanley wasn't really religious at all my father has amassing cancer and it's it's eaten in my. Elise and they said 23 years ago that he wouldn't last more than three years and he's just the ska stubborn German institute. Now is down duties late eighty pounds he is they aren't they put among hospice just a few weeks ago. And oh and so it's it's here in excess but I have watched him in her head no spiritual connection. And really become Barry's spiritual individual. And yeah and he does he knew a guy I've walked into his room. And he's having conversations with somebody who's who's really not fair now you can chalk it up to is it do them and the morphine is it due to. And a summer some medication he's on right now or is there something more to it. And and so I'm I'm seeing that first hand right now so right. And I can imagine what you went through and and so forth but and it's tough it's tough but I'm watching a guy who never had any spiritual connection never really thought anything of it. Become a very spiritual individual. And that's friction costs and really sorry about her aunt. It and it comes you know attracting lecturing at expert. X but I I. Skirts shall Irish are. White knuckle or an air I I would. So I get my hands it adds. And you know actually Cheney it's more. About that I ain't. Hi our nation why aren't. Seeing you know her great honor I'm. I'm liking a wide it ain't at XY. After I. We're at all. Right at eight iron still out. There it retired. Are on it at. Our our chair are. And I got that. Aren't actually. I am an actor that. I see it not. Being written very well but you're right arch. They are it. Act as. Cap and it shouldn't matter people cool no I'll hop and her. So who wing when you had the experience with your father and you decided that you wanted to really look into this because it clearly was something that that struck Q. On is that when you started the final words project or give us the Genesis of all that. Yet here I can act Arctic cat and and not. An issue and act. I train that enters your mind and understand. That unique you write it out right at. Ingrid. He acts. In her. And I went up this street I was at Kirk. Credit street library act. Are there are lecture me about style or I lack which search area. Do. Me out. In town amateur or a wire and our intelligence children in or at loch. If a parent and I'm. Shell IR. RI. IRI. And it axed Syria. I. Strictly in. The likes. Come in and I. Wanted to turn it at Experian and it works. Passed up. Spend it might others like she she. I'd. Action and actually king. And steady and in the end there on T. Shirts in an alert to extract. And how did you start what will what was the first step in compiling this information. I have a stadium dealing with weak link is. Tape recorders that guy. It can't hurt that it expects. I mean it backs. Are you. She told me to protect side. And at least that you are priced favorite. Candidate are actual exit action coming. Now that it. Well grand. Experts are a lot of art and Richard are you gonna. I marker and I and I actually ate it and I had to let it. How. She. Slight ache I didn't appreciate it right. Cheek. And then stick your apps collect it. And obstruction of can't anchor and shared a hostage special agent at each. It's. Accounts. And income. Do you find that these experiences. Are. Very very common is it maybe half of the time is it is a minority of the time. How how free how frequent are people able to share these types of stories. Have a secret accident I think it is any act out. Share in the people are excited that were in line share that it addicts out our. I am and are there are actually pitcher Aaron that you made. Our. And spur each were. Each up actually works. Out. And yet. How next. What. Should or shouldn't expect pat her and her in a short start. Going our. Trip. People pocket or between two world or like action might camera and extravagant. Whether they hiking and expect HD. So now you know now there are extremists act or her partner and not at our out. Laugh out. Sound and final words there Graham hatch act just try to end. Up hurt or so. Years. Yet there's so many really really interesting quotes from. People that are pretty well known. While there on the death beds and we'll get into some of that time as we move on through the discussion here. When you. We're hearing the stories and you kind of brought this up he said that most of the time people report to you were were share their stories review when they were excited about what they heard. Did you give any that were negative in nature percent or fearful in nature or something that would. Indicate to you there might be something going on in addition to the good things may be something not so good. But I mean a tractor or how are dying here. Here I tell me and I strict cut. Shirt and there are they make it accurate the astronomy. And there are. Rules sheet a current. In their experience and that's an explanation. Are well apparently actually. Terminal. C where people are really hurt our church. Actually I intrepid a country. At any. Intentional I. Can't get excellent. Or are you have. One area I'd. And in the and it's it's calmer. And terminal at Kennedy. Speaks from. Our I am sure I need. It treat art now in current high. And can't. Read and write for which I mean she. Mount yet we're gonna take a quick break here when we come back we'll continue discussing this this is from very very fastening her guest is Lisa Smart we're talking about her book. Words at the threshold what we say when we're nearing death. And this is a topic that we have serve you and myself are close on the JV. If he so are you listening Jason dvd on rarely. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Terror. Beyond reality radio cheese on TV Johnson told. And a receipt for 46877669. Where in the middle of good one here Jim we're talking with Reese is Smart. Author of the book words at the threshold what we say when were nearing death fascinating conversation. And it really is especially when it's I know -- you've had to pay close to home I'm I'm dealing with that right now and it's just opens up such a world in taste a lot of people from. Well they're close minded perspectives and windy really starts open up to of more spiritual. Area of their lives are. Yeah and Lisa's now as we talk about that in your research on this particular topic do you. Firmly believe or have you reached any conclusions as to whether or not. You think that what those folks who were on the death beds are experiencing is actually some kind of spiritual awakening. I. Cannot unite and packed soccer and act and act. It when it's my contracts and might get hurt you Angel and reading. We see. An. Despite. Actually it's kinda or like where lighter. Transcripts. Parents and I am not so mark. At one story. At re out. People being straight I. RET shirt on. And and our. Act. Agent. Sorry I like you are well that's our. Key in the Asian and he spent. I don't want it. I don't want to die. Hard. At it and it at some. Getting axed a walk. After another tops. Okay. Okay. Okay. And. Well and Shawn wasn't wasn't Sam Kennison also amend a stern prior to his his career. Actually it's at an academic community and sort that they app so I didn't see it that it jury. And that kind of a mixed. If I don't know what it. A heart attack a minister at. Her. Sister share. Account it helps. At. How are. Doing and it. An. Arts he at any time I'm. OK okay I understand only twenty years hi I. Administered so unique saying. Do you think it's an indication at him like reincarnation. Which are at it I'll hardships. Are. Now. And I in the back at history. Keep me out courts or. No. Or. Generation electric nectar. At a recurring should wait years try and stretch. Content to. Be anxious Fisher a corkscrew leash you are each shot. Long Sam Tennyson's father actually was a Pentecostal preacher and Sam Kennison and his Brothers became. Pentecostal preachers as well. So anyway so early in his career so and that's that's one of those things where he went from being very spiritual individual. Kenny hall a lot of times they can be in the can be preach that can be all whatever by. The fact of the matter is you don't know how strong their faces until that moment com. Until they get to the end and then you will do you get to see if at that point if they truly believe in the things that they've preached up to that time. And you know people get experience is it. Ever. Are. Speak now they may had hit it right. Oh my pants in that. There at her and missed. It by now I beat up and they are not sure they just just that. I you know it to. Act and I looked. I. Know what you see should. Either early or. And yet here Oscar our partner at. Grant you that. You. Are you so we're gonna take our top of the hour break can only come back lot a lot more with Lisa smarty listen Jason G. Monday coast Tuesday in East Coast and and you're stuck in between welcome to beyond reality you reveal myself to Jason was my co host the wholesome. JC Jon snow thanks for that hey it's great to be here tonight. And Ford have a great night again on this as we survive it I know Walt that's a thing them before we get into that let's just remind folks who got a great conversation coming up with our guest Lisa Smart. We're going to be talking about her book which is called words at the threshold. What we say when we're nearing death and her work with the final words project that's gonna be really really cool that some streaks great stuff coming up during the week to hit. It would Lisa you check out her website at final words project dot org and then throughout the week tomorrow night we're talking with any Jacobson and she's a journalist bestselling author and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books area 51 operation paper clip in the pitcher got a Pentagon's brain for New York Times best sellers and are we talking or about her newest book phenomenon. The secret history of the US government's investigation into an attitude ESPN's cycle kinesis which we've talked about numerous times how we governments had all these. He's appalled men's whether it be projects stargate weathered Pia project paper clip. And and so much more arm so a lot of neat things and Wednesday were going to be talking with. Edward Haslem. On we're discussing his book doctor marries monkey. How the murder of a doctor secret laboratory in all ones and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald. The JFK assassination. In the emerging global epidemic and running and high in time I. And that's an unknown I don't know what the threat is there between all of those and it's going to be really really interesting to find out on now when we open up this segment Jay you schism about if we're gonna be here after tonight is this this is reason for that. Well OK so back on the eighteenth of April we spoke where it was an April. Italy jets are Derek how are we spoke with Terrell croft and Terrell is the lead researcher for project to black star investigations. Now they check into these did they identified key patterns and seismic patterns are magnetic North Pole. Migration patterns and all these different things and they were talking about this black star it was. And he knew where they've been able to track it's Trace and timeline and all these these huge. Events whether it be the Fukushima. Consider major earthquakes. Right down the volcanoes going off. In one of the things he was talking about was. That. May. Its second dot com. The we are going to have a problem where that the poll shifted where the earth to actually tilted. And it was going to create these huge home way user Dave's gonna create problems which is what happened with that with Noah and the great flood. So now there was a 25 or thirty cents on the percent chance of it was going to happen this may according to all his work. There's a 75 to 80% chance is going to happen may have twenty team. And according to again according to his work so and Terrell is an extremely intelligent individual he's been he's done his homework. And just when you. TV and you and I would we're talking off the show or what he can we should just get some plane tickets get out you know I. I had trouble following it it was so details and so complex was part of you know to follow at all and it after you kinda have to look at maps and figured all out but. The reality is his argument was convincing enough and is evidence was convincing enough that like you said we're both thinking maybe we need to take a trip to the Ozarks for the month of its. And you get checked out. A lot of his information right down it was time lions and a grass act Terrell that's TE RR a L 03. Dot com. But normally you know we've got some salvia you so it was it was slick Eddie gave us a few cuts from that interview Terrel talking about what what. He expects to happen now he he views the desert as biblical prophecy he calls this dark star this on this planet X if you will. On God's reset button and it comes through about every 3600 years and just kind of shakes us up by guest. And oh let's just listen to listen to him talk about this is from our April 18 interview. In this or we're doing is tracking a magnetic anomaly it's magnetic gravitational anomaly we don't know what it is. It's likely it's we the leading hypothesis is that it's the binary to endorse son. It came in the days Noah created those are changes came again in the days Moses. And it's coming down is gonna come and get it into the age oats slight God's reset button. That's coming through and it's with this trip it's gonna bring on great destruction and read about it first us owning Shep I've. Starter Bursch Juan says that this destruction is gonna come suddenly like the Bert tanks rumble on child. In the purse strings in my mind that's your changes that in track and that's how we're tracking object. Or got two primary models running. And the the inferior magnetic pull migration model it it says a 188 day cycle which is a half a 377. We've been predicting your site alignment. Earthquakes and backside Lima earthquakes are sunk in the recent backside I mean is it came right schedule on the day. And that was on November 14. With the seven point eight. Christ I'm sorry that was New Zealand quake and count a 188 days from that like on the may twentieth and that's our state. We elected there's a 25% chance. Of a geological Paul shares. Main points this year and a separate part percent chance will be out in the Zagreb protect our. 2018. That looks like 2018. May twentieth. According to primary modeling but there's a chance that it could take place this may. Coming up so you you'll see a sharp uptick in the size city and in the volcanism. Starting any time in that running through May. Yes so there's nothing about the that's not scary. Belmont and my only problem is when it when it's good to know in the scientific aspects of it I'm I'm good at pebble when they start bringing in the biblical. Aspects of it I I kinda. You know I'd die distance myself from it does it seems a lot of times far fetched maybe that's just. Me but I don't know. Well I think that's you know so this is interpretation of the Bible I suppose but the scientific stuff is is stuff that needs to the concern is the most I would say right now and you know again he said he could you know some think could start as early as today he. Or relish and action to put my goal once she terrorism etc. are we could or we could do be spared until may twentieth of when he eighteen source decision. Now time will tell her case it would take a break when we come back we're gonna bring our guest in Lisa Smart leases the author of words at the threshold what we say when we're nearing death. And if you have questions the numbers 8446877669. Gonna stole freed 844687. 7669. Also if you had an experience with us some of the young on their debt burden. Their final words give us show you listen Jason did DB owner Allen. Yeah that was a it was a great here actually and it's funny that this song I ran into that lead Vietnam who actually danced on the a lot of ways they start. Tony to China he chooses chooses them con you or not just that presents a coffee shop and LA one day. Insurers stand behind Annika polish competitor and I'm like essentially think it is just interim time because Europe they're filming and and some still looks. Bricks yet poetic yet issues a scare con last year issue she's -- nice and still has the look very refined manner and remember riding on the car in those videos as sort of pretty generous and back in 1985 yes and Harris when that's all we're talking about tonight we're actually talking about America far more serious than that and our guest is Lisa Smart leases he authored a book called words at the threshold what we say. When we're nearing death. And by the way that book is you can find information about it on the beyond reality radio web Sega or guest have. There's information there about Lisa and a link to the book and lease up and I'm sure it's also available in other places as well Amazon where else. And you must online at extraction noble. On and app. You look like let my publisher expelled and chart where. Sign experiment right. So as we talked about this stuff I mentioned earlier in the conversation. Deathbed visitors because there's a real link between what people what were you were ordered people saying. And cost of something. Whether it's angels whether it's family members who have pre deceased somebody. Or whatever it is spiritually. Actually having a presence in the room at the time. Yeah many people support and their air on her act states that care tying. Become. Its. You continued at a conference here at Cameron speaking better it would come at spirit shall healing and I I. Al. More kind of current or transient and that it. Experts are at at at it and or actually accomplish there. Kept steer. It Eric. And they're an. Actual. And our. Our room change shape. We are at ABC and actually any. There. Are under our heart that I can't share at. It hurts. Tell them that hear it time and art at at a port it appears aren't accurate. It talking about a trip. So let me say you know that acts. Waiting near the train at great reading any. Talk or they're gay. You re right. Train. Station. On. Our. A white shirt. And chat talking earlier and re stuck. I'm. I'm went and that I heard at mount. Actually. Parked or try to stop. Whole country and once asked her story. At Srebrenica men saying expert at. It's. Part art stock between countries and current. It back parents act at. About. Order. Arms out great country. It's packed each channel. It attracts a lot of talking. Out. And add package I can't. And travel. Boy there's also been a lot of reports say especially on death that of people feel and read before they they pass having a floating sensation like they're listing on a bad correct. Yet and yet reckoning now it's true near death experience at. A comeback in the eating her body in our. Church. Act can't drink so we are. A line and they had your experience touched they could actually. Me and got a well. I think you're eating Shaq and keep it steady Eddie and our lines and current. We're recording machine being machine I. Crop. Your. Mind are talking about such. I shot it down and down. And keep all link. Connected you. Are in the end are rooting out and I'm catching up on. Now tell him that well. On an op option I am dying I'm dying. No let's quickly go to our listener line and bring in mrs. Mary from Louisiana merry once a share a story when this merry welcome to be on reality radio. And here I was so happy exacted a quick you. And experience happened when my mother was dying. So it looked at me and she got here. She didn't do it that yeah I am at my door. She's very bad man but he's seven foot tall he is all a lie. Look counted his grass. She says and it's a key candidacy mean. And he of course I couldn't see anyone but my mother was describing him so then that. And hack it just they had given meted chills that the time. And few days later my mother had went in to us on my. And she'd come out of the karma and her sister bad. It's my mother's name was rose and she hit rose to what you'd do morning. She said Meehan my cousin Anthony was throwing rocks and the creek. Well little did we in no way that that date and me had also died. Can nursing home in Georgia. And then embark family members and even you know news yes that is any saying she's had like bad. On her deathbed she had stage four cancer and she does you know in the early have agents. And debt. But damn she talked about. You know later on acting jail at the man as an Angel. And she noted that she was with Turk has been throwing rocks and the creeks. And I was just wondering let down. The lady my bank of bad news but speaking on the Evgeni. M Mary thanks for the phone call thanks for sharing the story Lisa that's not uncommon I mean those that's that's kind of the story that you're used to hearing isn't it. That it hysteria used to carrying and then that might. You know or I. Shouldn't. I'm pat. There its arch and many carry it like. An addiction and Egypt had turned to leave practice and during our you know beyond reality it's sheriff's. Graham. Our parent and couldn't start it very or tiger. At. A. Now Lisa were you a believer of the afterlife and before you got involved and writing all the stuff. A psychiatrist and harder. On you at it and I sting me right. I. Do you mind Margaret a call her. An actor I actually elected she. Harbor. Except paramedic and act elaborate collected a week in eight years. Not. Matter I. I really. Actually out and while her parents. A pattern here Ernie conversation that I. I am happy and strategic get a or terminal shoot any where he had a comment saying I. Kelly. And I am pop is indeed it and it. Unlike me. Now. I read. It. Right like I think actually. Our meet her. At any. Serves in this being involved in this has really changed your outlook on. Now we're. We're talking with Lisa Smart author of the book words at the threshold what we say when we are nearing death and more when we come back from our break. We're beginning to some of the the things that she's collected some some famous people some people's names you recognize and some very very interesting comments made. From a lot of these people. So a lot more to come whether our guest Lisa Smart. You listen Jason G. Yeah. Sweet child reminds India Australia and welcome the jungle I hate. Liked in my who I was and a huge fan but I'm. I line they had some good song to him I didn't like them whole lot but I really like that song we had a bunch of fans like it was like poison poison had to increase our studio but then had. Most of the story exactly a welcome back to the show everybody we've got some great stuff coming up we'll bring our guest Lisa Smart and in just a moment and talk about her book. Words at the threshold but today in the meantime. I tomorrow we've got a good show lineup to the news we get any Jacobson. Journalist bestselling author and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books area 51. Operation paper clip in the Pentagon's brain. New York Times best sellers and are we talking to her about her new book phenomenon the secret history of the US government's investigation into ESPN's. Cycle pieces. So why they should be agree one and then Wednesday were talking with Edward pulse health slam. We're going to be discussing his book doctor marries monkey. How the murder of a doctor's secret laboratory in all ones. I got in routine just for a second because every time. We got memory of the guest argument velocity the monkey guy yes great show it turn out to be awesome but every time we said that it cracked me up and now this monkey died doctor Murray's monkey book is in the same thing you know just get some cuts shocked the monkey and all its effects but so so yet anyway as how the murder of a doctor's secret laboratory in new loans and cancer causing monkey viruses. Are linked it to Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK assassination is an emerging global epidemics. It's going to be good Alessio that thread carries through Williams is let's be very interesting but some talking about what people say. What they've been reported as saying. While there on the death as our guest is at least a Smart author of the book words at the threshold. And lease you know work beastie shows go awfully quickly quickly and our segment seem short every time. But. One of the things that we wanted to talk about it assembled some really really. While some very interesting some funny in a way deathbed quotes from some really interesting people what are some of your Fave parts. Certain senators and at one and then I'm channel. At eight at. Earlier lautner and job. Well they're buried or. Our McChrystal. Oh that oh wow. Well out. I couldn't keep up. Optical gives you chills and it gave me chills to hear that. That. Hurt. And like I. What did it mean I count in the car on regret her. Actual. Records are being not stare at her ample. I'll writer Kurt air charmed critics out there right now just. There. Why ish I'll at. I'll. This whole. Bit and I saw that strict apple that cash it in our hearts and never act. Or. Are a lot of our pick on it or at. Eric. Your. Story and that median. Itching I never. Aerial. Act. And Perry character. Apollo. Right comedian to the android and even. Yeah. Or at least earned it. Really. K should. Are buried in there or edit or. Stretch. Where I check all cancer or are urged buried actual urged her. Orange. Parent. Tree swing. So you know we're gonna get in court listeners more than Italy's runner quickly get a jump on a listener line here we've had some people waiting on hold this is Terry from South Carolina. Who also wants to share a story with a Terry welcomed to be on reality radio. Well thank you good morning Jason gave me in the lead up. The 1 o'clock they're very great story short walk a couple of days. That or my mother died she told my sister in law that she was ready ago apparently she sensed that it was on the uncertain. And secondly. I was not in the room when my friend back and six answer. But his wife told me that a few minutes or we are what they what the lord that he looked up and it. As a he would seem competent and Ted Jenks. What change will remain on this side and we would dive in and actually our reporting here but all. Mana alone. Lap or. Yeah that's good that's is thank you for sharing those stories with us Terry and down you know one of the things I. I listened to talked and described these experiences Lisa. On again having gone through a few of these situations in recent years. I can almost. I give you an example personally of everything that you said so clearly this is not something. That has any rarity to it at all. I. I'm an actor and I. I am sure she would. Make me more. Are. The discussions. Are I mean that's why there. Are. Article. And they were like yeah will. Extra. And are actually there are. When when now when you're when you're compiling this information did you find any differences between what people may your would be more likely to say if they were. Dying or close to death from an illness verses. Drew I guess if it was sudden they wouldn't be you know you I don't know seeds. Had the same experience but is there any difference based on. You know what the cause of death once. Kick returner Aaron Skinner I heard me. You can expect an advocate. At. Our. Yeah we. Should be kind of working out on having seen at our church going actually. An errant. Very important that it should current where. He batted. It out. I'll go hard. At it. I'm which. Her. All you like now I'm Karen he acts. I can't I'm getting ready at eight. I Carl. And then that night when she gets the girl will and coach L went aren't dying. You're. Seeing it and I certainly. Part. Are upon us at. Our date date may see editors'. Act pretty content. Are. There it. I. Had gotten in and out on record in track. It. And Charlotte we. Can't. She led it to. Her or I try to earth. And she left she wrote it. Honor Urquhart I don't know where I want to Lennar and have you actually didn't add and then she. And and she died and in an. He. Well you know I am apples somewhere machine. China and making it. No actor. You. No I didn't Daniel Webster's say something like ams I still live. Or something like that. I'm thinking partner and director. Oh well. Look it up. Yeah you've done talked about it and the idea of some type of telepathic or some type of connection that people have been one of those interest in stories I think might be. Some of our founding fathers did John Adams Thomas Jefferson connection share that story with this. I'll actually current rate during about life or. I'm out. Hunting and pulp and Ed Archie should tell I don't race at your year. I. Mean they all I. Know. All. A new it was not. Life or. Yeah and I assure. And just yet in July 1826 I believe in justice John Adams was passing DC Jefferson still lives or something like that and now yeah. Is an age when any type of communication took weeks to have to send a letter from one location to another and they weren't completely different locations I think. Jefferson was in Monticello in Virginia and down an Adams was and I believe in Massachusetts if I have that right but they were certainly not eerie. Nash. Yes exactly thank you hurt her cancer or are. An hour. And our. Lights and are. About how are at all and unlock a lot of friction and lashed. She act. Mac each. Other. I had Eric Turks. Had. And our opinion making it I lunch liking. And murder and I'd. It may. Die. That's why it's kinda look at each. No communication. That are. Irks me or me that they. Merck's eat your dedication. To let out a knee and connection. Changed expand. And apply and we I'll send it to the extent. Shall. Mean interesting. But some let's go to another listener call here we've had he's insulating very very patiently on the phone Vince. Good friend of the program welcome back to be on reality radio or caviar and. There are younger. And all mine. But yet still literary issues. Out there in. One he had ever heard. I'm Catholic yet. Where. Our straight period and I Trevor. Earl brown in terms that you can't. You know the source. Idea question or give questions yes. Had a murder toward but yeah I've got a question. My grandmother that and more I. And should die again and bring to it yet neo from the inside and out. And I couldn't I drove up there. There are per. Broker earns six. And our aunts uncles around you go model her own hand held her hand shoots it nine years old. Angela and then she says. You know no people around polished up and didn't recognize her and are there. And their future Q1 rate ago. And I couldn should grab market. Is too great if you're born. And then approximately an hour to a later. No longer coming out you know on mountains you don't believe. I told her I am a watercraft. And are actually saying her body where. I mean her you know our bodies. Are sat back and Montero Arab buy in whole worm are probably fifteen people where. Yelling screaming crying. Into that they have never shook her here. Now normally again thanks. Our own interest and would you please. Don't get hit it at a spiritual. Are. There it. Actor Terrence. Burke inherited here knowing that. Pain. Brandon Brandon how to carry extra to check it out. Aunt. Eight. Racquet. There is used in our shark that's a big event that your current car. We have a better yet we have a minute left here and I just when asked one question alluded to that. In all these experiences that people have shared with Hewitt is have you heard a lot of that were people actually witnessed something new addition to hearing something that term makes a connection to the spiritual world. Yes and you know many have explained that they. I. Asked next week and let it I. Can't Sharon at strips on it at La. Any one cannot explain me last shot there. Very great Larry L all. And that comment right or I. Got its hand at it. Got a source or whatever. Would call a reaching out. Sharon and armed. Actors barely there Islamic. Art and why. Aren't at an. Early that are. Honest. Pat and I think that's our thanks and you are. Guess Lisa Smart Lisa thanks so much for joining us the book his words at the threshold we do have a link on the beyond reality radio website for the war or else can people find out more infinite nation about what Europe too and and and the book. Final words oh are. A hundred. Air our arts. At. All. Terrific all the keys so much for coming on it was great talking our crew to do it again. I. Get. Thanks serie a quick break we've got more when we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason. Casey TV Johnson and poses a great discussion on the run really really enjoyed that. It was a big shout out to lease the Smart coming on and you can check out our website at final words project. Dot org and it it's it's a tough subject it is it is like I said you tell with Kitna personally him. And I we have two and actually get ready to with a again. And it's just. EE you do you you hope that there is something after for them. Well it's section. Difficult time for anybody anybody who's sitting with a loved one or friend or whatever. During those final moments you know obviously there's a sadness and there's a a great deal of emotion. And then if you hear something that's. That's encouraging her uplifting or hopeful come from the person you're sitting with some Beck and it adds. A level of of optimism or hope to you know it's not the end. Well of course shaft of soul and a big shout out again to welcomed WLS. Amateur in La Crosse. Wisconsin. Welcome to beyond reality radio family which is that list is growing every every week we're doing great man. Yeah adding stations in the beyond reality radio salmon we love doing that Tom thank the stations if you're listening on one let him know you appreciate them caring Michelle. And if there's one in your area that you want to carry you should let him know about it not everybody has heard about yet you know. The church and I head over to FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal me she elected pages trying to get it up. And head to beyond reality radio dot com and you can download the free iPhone in android. Android app for for the function which you can listen live to join the chat with it. Jewish you can do he can and I catch past shows and more so list goes on and on. But again FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio tomorrow night may she tune in we're going to be talking with Amy Jacobson and journalist bestselling author of and we're talking a Rocha her books area 51 operation paper club. The Pentagon's brain they were all New York Times best sellers programmed talking there about the new one phenomenon. Via the government's investigation into ESP and cycle kinesis. So but appreciate the sport you guys are the reason the show's success. The issue tune in tomorrow night it's Jason JVB unreal later he'll catch it all at. And media is to discuss its include things like Alexander Johnson at how many. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow along or you like to being Gaston beyond reality really email to swing any. As slick Eddie EDD one bad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.