WWL>Topics>>Did the government intentionally hide its knowledge of cancer-causing vaccinations? And, did that effort involve the conspiracy to assassinate JFK?

Did the government intentionally hide its knowledge of cancer-causing vaccinations? And, did that effort involve the conspiracy to assassinate JFK?

May 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author Edward Haslam about his book which reveals the true story of Dr. Mary Sherman and her involvement in the US Government's effort to weaponize cancer, and the many mistakes made in the process that have endangered the welfare of all Americans, and ended in her still unsolved murder. 5/4/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Santa West Coast Thursday and the East Coast and many are stuck in between welcomed him beyond real injury that myself Jason Hollis MI co host GV Johnson yeah we're ready to go. Overnight. I'm I'm anxious to have this conversation with our guest Edward how Islam we're going to be talking about. Mutated monkey viruses and how these mutated monkey viruses as part of big government program may be responsible for. And a majority of cancer cases. That are popping up in the United States over the last 3040 years. So they can tie it into the camp has to a lot of that people ending up with cancer yes and at and Mickey Edwards got to tell this story however apparently when they were developing the polio vaccine they were using laboratory monkeys to do so in these monkeys. Had their own viruses and indeed the virus that causes aids is one of them the un and many cancer causing viruses and when they pulled. The polio virus out of these monkeys because they had to incubator to create the vaccine to to get a docile strain of the virus of some vaccines work. They pulled these cancer causing viruses with them. And these vaccines over you know hundreds of millions of vaccines given. On actually were injecting people with also cancer causing viruses are once they realized this was happening. They started a major program to try to vaccinated against cancer and that's. What married doctor Mary B in merry Sherman username and that's what this book is about doctor marries monkey how the murder of a doctor a secret laboratory in Orleans and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to leave Harvey Oswald but the connection is there but the bigger story is the fact that this is another basically weaponized. Program. And using viruses by the federal government that day is having an impact on its own citizens. Terrorists onto the hold Lyme Disease from the ticks and everything else and has talked about as well and now this new virus is popping up in the east ticks that. They're saying you can start showing symptoms of within minutes after being bit. And high temperatures and flu like symptoms and in can be death resulting Tammy from a tech and this year's one of the worst years in and no wall long long time for ticks because of the because of the way the winter so. It's funny because ticks are generally haven't been a problem rise Yemen Pakistan and she's a horrible 86 and I I just strolled I have a book a place in the lake appear and I was so close in things up in the late fall and I was walking and just made him you know quick jaunt through. Brief patch of woods and came back with three takes on me. Just that that little stretch and done you know like I said ticks have never been a problem. Here and now they are our India steel stuff in when as a kid growing up you virtually never is the winters are so bad that they the you know skip the population went down. But they did a news report to have a guy like guys that run through fields appear in it and are an island area. And it just right ram through a field as tall taller grass. And they pulled 36. Ticks off the scare while running through a field. That's great and he's good news host not many in just craziest terrified exists of him nightmares. This year is there really is but what Jimmy was saying we agree shows today we're going to be talking with Edward Haslem. About his book doctor Mary's monkey how the murder of a doctor secret laboratory in the wall and cancer causing. Monkey viruses. Are rolling to Lee Harvey Oswald JFK assassination. And just after their stroke the world tomorrow. We've got her psychologist mental list performer author and good friend Lloyd Auerbach who will be joining us. So make she attendance she did a great show yeah I'm glad you said that so I'd forgotten I'm really excited about that am I love talking to Lloyd he's always he's very professional very knowledgeable. Also presents great information and every talked him excited about that. Yes and every Friday is the best of show but and if you haven't had over FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like the FaceBook page. And then had to be on reality radio dot com you can click the listen live to join us in an online chat. Or you can actually download. Our android and our iPhone app that we have right there on the website it's free. And now I just when I just reported earlier some now should be showing like thirty or more. Aetna past episodes of the owner gallery and so what we are having a problem there with the sheet for a little while we're only showing tends yeah. You have no idea but next week we've also got returning guests John d'souza. And it's in India heard him on the show in the past he's sort of like the real life X-Files guy. Yet he is an amazing guy when when you and I had him on the show the first time. He actually directed us to some secret government mum I guess not secret anymore but some. Formerly top secret government documents that are now available on line that a lot of people don't know about but they have some really interesting information about the government covering up things and knows about aliens and other very very strange topics. Yeah and you can all check out a lot of those those trials to now on the declassified one's hits that ball that TU. VA EU LTE. Dot FBI. Dot gov. And annoy you won't get arrested for going merits opens the public now he can check these things out and put yet so check those out. This is going to be a lot to talk about meant to users get Dennis stone. Growth in America Stonehenge and has been holds the site for a 55 years during the talking animal fat as well. Yet as Stonehenge unfamiliar with the Stonehenge in England to come I'm pretty interest in learning more about the Stonehenge that's in America somewhere at least of what they're calling America's Stonehenge and I've you know what we talked about. Must've my shift toward. Don't know anything about it I don't know who built it or. Anything. And I'm I mean you heard of reverse more and I even homeowners are still in did you just see hear about this report from Stephen Hawkins you know. Erica and almost been too important. But not Stephen Hawkins warns him that we have a hundred years to leave Burris. Only a hundred years left pollen won't united true we will have our it resources. But yet our kids kids if you think about it. But yeah he's claiming that we have about a hundred years to leave earth. A renowned physicist Stephen Hawkins has warned that humanity needs to become multi planetary species within the next century in order to avoid extinction. On Hawkins made to predictions in a new documentary called expedition. New earth. Which is set to be released this summer as part of BBC's tomorrow's world science season. But he he goes on to talk about. Just. All these different things are going to be going on but I'm efforts to create human colony on Mars or is already underway with billionaire Elon Musk hoping to establish settlement with the next few decades. Throughout his aerospace firm SpaceX. On. He claims I don't have a doomsday prophesy. But must must sudden 2016 by history suggests some doomsday event will happen. Hawkins predicted last year that the chance of a species ending event on earth was a near certainty. When all possibilities are taken into consideration so he believes that something will happen to us and we need to be able to in order for us to survive as a species. With the next hundred years we need to be off this planet. We need to at least have other not. All of player but I don't I don't wanna any in any way impugn style I think is even harder here but we should have something that could like take out asteroids or anything that are coming in but. On Morris I don't want in any way impugn him come but how. How does he come up with a semi new word easy I mean he's a brilliant man I'm there's no question about that but I'm just curious did you makes so a lot of very very bold predictions. And you know lake and a hundred years he's not going to be here to to answer is to anybody if he's right or wrong so. You know we're seeing word Z how can come up with the stuff it's just. All right you'll kind of worked out there where Nostradamus terrorist. Bombs he wasn't around when all these singers supposedly using a map himself. Well there is right or argued a matter of time that's dumb hockey and spiked used the same for the sake is right well what what is yet he's got a ninety. 89 and I'm 90% of the time yen 90% of the time he's right a 100% or something out of some weird number. But now so that he is claiming that. In order for a species to survive and carry on that many of us are going to have to be off this planet because eventually something's going to happen this planet which. We will know eventually something will I think that's a pretty safe bet whether it's in a hundred years and on I don't know that. Yet so all the time but I would also like to think that in a hundred years or technology is now. We should be a lot more in tune with things going how would you think that at that point if it were able to colonize Mars for able to all these things. We also have the ability to to move objects that might be hitting earth or blow up objects that are are going to have earth did you think so. I just think it just seems like common sense like him we should know a lot more on different things or be. Volcanoes are or earthquakes and I would just think that technology would be that much more advanced specially with the way it's going now it. Asked him I mean he it has to progress and and in some fashion but maybe it's not it's on a collision content catastrophe that he's talked about and maybe it suits is blitzer of salmon may or something and he's maybe it's the earth turning over that any Welch didn't happen yesterday I just had -- not happening and and before we go to break here is we do have to go to break who can bring our guest in but on into today well may third anyway it was national paranormal today and I went online via I went online trying to figure out who the heck makes that decision who proclaimed a national paradise and they will take it day that'll that'll celebrate paranormal or. Champion of course is that sort of that's made a fourth be with you were saying stupid things like that whenever I mean you don't came up with that company. But yeah I don't know who who decides these things but I hope hope everybody had a great time national paranormal that's just the silliest thing it really is the silliest thing. Let's whatever every day's national paranormal there on this radio program or Hannity is a pretty rare so. Arizona Hillary take a quick break we come back burner gas scenario listen Jason JVP I'll. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Going beyond reality ratings she's been champion we've got. Gotta rewind it for you and we're going to be talking with Edward Islam he is an author. His book is called doctor marries monkey how the murder of a doctor a secret love oratory in New Orleans or does a laboratory to use him aboard Torre laboratory. Laboratory dance better way to say it in New Orleans and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald the JFK assassination and more importantly emerging global epidemics it's it. It's a very very complex indeed tell the story. And Edwards been working a very very long time monitor welcome to program Edward great cavium beyond reality radio. Thank you much bomb while we're on the septic of other announcer things my name is had. Hansel on the accent is on the first and not Hezbollah. OK so I appreciate. Absolutely that I was gonna ask that question just to make sure we were doing right. But either way tell us about yourself. Before we get into the details of the book in the story behind it. Until literally self. Well on which raised in the world. And so witches world this stuff happens. In hand as a child. Races so on Avaya medical school for sure the doctor. On hand. One day back in 1964. One of his colleagues who say ego woman that was hurt a nation that out Al Smucker talked to a church over have been her her stuff which used ball or early murdered. And it was days. Rather. Significant. I was thirteen at the time and what happens is. Parents talk amongst each other men killed or current and I certainly getting pieces of information about what really happened. That the Pope did old belt and I was told this whole thing been shut down from balls. And they did not want to know. Or do not want the public to know that. And so it was all just sort of pop charts. In hand. About twenty years later pastor friend line. Murder investigator from the DA's office two kept while. Annie and yet these two K problems. Let's try to get to file on the economy back at what altitude get the yen to I almost got fired asking for this spot. And so. It was not well. Obviously rumors about this in a real hard case to work group and then what happens is everybody. Patrol and retire and they send all these files over library. And I finally got the files library and figured out. This is a really complex story and you know I set out and Jason sent out earlier. To kind of come formally a list of questions to chat about but really probably bodes best if you just take us through it kind of a step at a time. Well it's fitted this simple point and it's it's a cold case investigation into unsolved murder. All of it and the key factor. All of the murder was never told to the public. And what. They found this woman what was to publicly they found her it. Dead in her apartment naked. She had been steps every time and so on far. Column and that was pretty sensational. Future of the board's consumer. Efforts to weeks and then after two weeks the police department said dom we're not be able selflessly guys that are pretty back to work. You know. And does just brushed off to the side. Well just. Who were active it was all this and if it's murder JaJuan and they clearly say here it can unsolved murders you know. This is the world and want to murders we can't so all of this is what we can't solve our. And what they did not. Tell the public. What is that when they found Mary Sherman's and that same doctors diet when they found Mary Sherman's body. Her right arm. And rib cage. Had been sent to grade it by heat. Now he's settlement time talk and people. Burnt corpses or living and so opinion and you realize it takes a cremation chambers that 2000 degrees from Europe to our strict sixteen characters. And when they're finished that two hours that aren't awful soft tissue but this both of them end. And bone still. Currently just dehydrated and may grind up the boats and make it gave me the box and vote dust and say here are issues you know and and so. It 101000. It's. I mean that's sixteen I do like 60005000. Degrees. To disintegrate. A ball. Okay and what's going on there is something is making all the moisture it's that don't explode simultaneous. Are now. I think now the photos and the photos are in the compared. And I have the autopsy report from the police reports and everything else to and the cops on this it said. Bland there on the floor and you could see. The internal organs up her body. Because her rib cage was disintegrated. Kept an extent that. Inter had and the hair on her head is still there. And you would say that would that kind of heat the heat necessary to do that to the body to hair would have been the win would have been gone immediately. And we're gonna take a quick break here will pick up the story as soon as we come back. It's beyond reality radio. Jason Jay-Z are guest is Edward has lamb we're talking about his book doctor Mary's Monty how the murder of a doctor a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics this is an amazing story. Rated to a quick break more to come after you listen to. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. There are. It's beyond really redo Jason wants Jimmie Johnson the 2000 seats. Form fours and 67766. Nine were in the middle of a very fascinating discussion with Edward has Lam about his book. It's called doctor Mary's monkey how the murder of a doctor a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer causing monkey viruses. Are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics and Edward before winter break we were talking about doctor Mary. Mary Sherman and the condition that her body was found after she had been murdered in you were describing a body. That. That the flank of the body decide on had been completely burned away revealing internal organs but yet they head. With the hair Rios was basically untouched go pick up from there and tell us what what else they found. Right so so what does that sort of damage to body you'd talked to a number doctors have. You know great experience in this they'll turn it down I think it does that it's possible to electors. So you're looking at we have a high voltage electrocution. And then. You'd say well. What did just that toaster. I mean if he's found in her apartment you know so widely in the apartment. Did this okay what does not think in the apartment it did. All right seriously you're you're left and then eight they tendered out for an autopsy and and they autopsy quarters as. Well actually. Technical cause of death wish it was stabbed in the heart. But there are set buried other stab wounds daughter which com. Did not believe that a lead and are alive and you don't believe what you're dead so he get to that sustainable woods here. And he's got a fire that is incapable. Doing the damage to the body that was obviously caused by. Some kind of heat source of fire to get to fires at two sets is to have it. And what all that that's out too is something happened to this woman somewhere else. And they are on a body bag and Bernard back to apartment and they take this murders. Now you ask you you have the you have the crime pseudo scene photos in your book and gem I've actually seen them. And if you look around that apartment there is because there was no real sign of any major bullies. That that's right take curtains next to the dead did not burn the books on eight. Not expand it burned the carpet and meet the actors did. Earned it in duration is no sign of an level he could have possibly destroyed her arm and if there was that much. It certainly would have burned off for a parent. And stopped and so if you you'll witness. Bombs possible. If you will but the answer to the console is she was involved in a better call collect. Burkle accident for lack of better term ball. From the moment just relax at all in very high voltage electricity. Somewhere where they did not want to. Have her body count. And so in the middle of the night that he. As somebody killed or air card based after an art because she dart at a armed. Blown off as she was blinded. Neared dad and everything else they are so be it. Which is very common in these high voltage things. And last. The electricity crosses to pass the RF. Accuracy crosses art. And usually goes down defeat in blows dispute offer but her Peter fine. Those in the autopsy photos so. Unity. Is there all right well this will put out was obviously doing something very powerful electrical equipment somewhere. And nobody wanted. Her found dead they're so you say it will lower these people who uses well. What's your background who'd she work for at what was she market. And these are digging into that you discovered that this is not your ordinary doctor this moment he is the chair at the pathology committees the American academy port eight surgeons and she's out of the University of Chicago HE is close personal friends with people like it Rico Fermi and arrow jury made these the guys that into it. These atomic bomb. Our. These are the biggest brains in radiation and she is published in number of peer reviewed journals in radiation. They can't. In cancer. Well did you work for. She works for doctor all bosh Mair who found that the doctor clinic and he was the president of the American. Cancer society. I so so we've got two words here that really start to define what this game is about. One is radiation. And the other is cancer. So Kara so she so far it sounds like it's all beneficial but somewhere there's gonna be a hook here that's gotten in trouble right. Well you dig into. These people and some of their story to he's discovered that. Not only was rushed there the care of the bomb. Under president American Cancer Society he was also one stockholders. In the polio vaccine. In the so polio. Okay this stockholder clever Laver tours right now at the major cycle or a laboratory to well what most people forgotten debt religious. People don't know nowadays I'm insult mistreated some sort of hero Apollo vaccines wonderful. And all this other stuff art. But the polio vaccine was well. On monkey kidney cell. Art that's that's the first point and secondly when they released salt vaccine it. That they had to do uses space analogy it X loaded on the launch bit it backfired. A carry it killed and crippled children and it wanted to withdraw. After two weeks. Okay. And then they simply we've got a couple of notable when it and they swift vaccines had a bit and they went to the Sabin vaccine. Okay and it there's a difference between the two vaccines almost it was so all did just that Wednesday that it. Right before they were ready releases say they told. Numbered he said news of X sixty tester prevent addicts to approve the backs. And energy to compact eleven eject to work peace initiative that didn't cripple peace. If there's a problem witness. And actresses are trying to mess up to launch that most important medical event history's missing say it's a joke so for twenty years and he pulled. The faculty. Of the two medical school get it cheaper surgery to aren't there and win. My father and Mary sure in the audience and he said let. This vaccine is safe and I'm going to prove to you right now these are my grand shorter. I granddaughter. And he right there inoculated. We have assault specs. And within 4872. Hours both of the kids had polio at one up and died from a the other or. Mount Jesus. Well now. Doggone normal. Well this guy's got one foot polio the other Ford can't write any any runs. You know what is today like an 800 million dollar a year or. And he's cheap surgery at Tulane at Apatow. Right any all the boards and they're concerned armies of big powerful shot but what the public doesn't help is he's got a forty year. History of secret assignments for the American military. Right easiest group. Doctor. And his hospitals either Indian or. Runners are part of the operations in Central America. Europe to bring in their smokers so you take care. Freak who's it's pain under the table. And generate so you've got. This. Collision here. All of a sudden oh the most. Brilliant and powerful. Role in radiation. Atomic power nuclear weapons. And all that stuff any and you got this doctor involved in cancer and polio. And then what dateline. Is. I accept the polio vaccine is grown on monkey kidney cells or blow in a market kidneys viruses all the viruses that's been the monkeys they'll collect indicate because it's a and what makes this in a Petri dish Guerrero. The polio. Virus to make it backs and it got all the other irises. And you're in a hurry right. And their reasons. Are really in a hurry. Well it is it's almost too complicated to get that Cuba. Is the question that nobody nobody nobody ever. Is why do we have a polio epidemic in the first. Everybody's assumed C epidemic and they talk about the vaccines. National thing everybody is marching around arm bands are collecting money in the chill murder law. Upton got a little like cops in all of this stuff has gone on and yours is media hysteria about polio. Our but. The polio epidemic was cost. By any by ought to. That's a big secret nobody one else. So medical science medical science. Was responsible for creating the polio epidemic. Right and and the people involved. Knew that they had to do one of two things they either had to pull back on antibiotics. What they had to produce a vaccine to stop the polio. And and what happened so I have to graffiti in the book I. And it chose. That. Polio. Number cases of polio. Oil law about two or 3000 a year and in 1942 was actually two now. And grab in 1943. Jumps to 101000. And up to twenty. Out up to thirty cows not purport GAAP beat polio epidemics. Arts. The year that any bias that penicillin was released or. Should. And it came out of a cooperation. Between the American military and the British military is Arab. Her body was get ready for war or two they needed to name. Chaotic. To deal with the wounded soldiers. Because they all Ben through World War I and all the problems. I made that shot in the chest or. Or what you taught you your comments section. OK so there's this whole. Military. Background to this whole polio. That has to do with the antibiotics. OK and so at a slider. Is this hysterical. Push to get the vaccine. And they're such a hurry. Bet they have to inoculate into your entire American population on meet the equity chill kind. From coast to coast mandatory. Is. Inoculation and after they had inoculated. Hundred million these kids. Somebody discovered. That one of these fires this. In the polio vaccine August camps. Now with the whole merry chairman the way her body. Was founded do you think that it was something where. They were trying to find out. Any and everything she knew they were torturing her two to get her sale or do you just think it was just that it's killer in all these protests ways for whatever reason. Armed. Well let's jumped way ahead here aren't they will then want an end of that time actually and I am. Let's let's told the story right there let's take a quick break we'll come back to pick it up as we've just one earned. That the polio vaccine given to a hundred million children contained a very very dangerous virus in fact one that is a carcinogen animal pick. Operate there it's beyond reality reducing. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. Our Allan ray or two songs Tank Johnson our guest sinus and Edward has slam we're talking about his book doctor Mary's monkey. And worry in the middle of the story and done Edward UV we left going into the break. With you talking about and and in getting there through the the course of talking about antibiotics actually. Causing the polio epidemic in the and the polio vaccine that was rushed out once it was realized that these antibiotics were doing that. Actually contains. Some dangers in themselves picked it up where we left off. Well what we're talking about is the contamination. Of the polio vaccine with the cancer causing virus. And disk. Was discovered after it was given to a hundred million American children. We you're talking about the biggest mistake. In the history of cover. Once the crisis at the top realize. The top but he. Public spoke to mechanism. Intelligence agencies and stuff realized what happened table personable we can't tell on now this. I mean is this test to be in the national security secrets and secondly we'd better get really read. Trying to figure out of vaccine to stop this cancer causing buyers. In the polio vaccine could weakest at two under million people. Okay we just contaminated. It. Blood of the children of America the cancer causing virus. Look at that is that it would hit it in its candidate city is. Birdies daddy and I was here Stewart and this back in late night. It's an east. And they're trying to him and he said he hampered clarity that exceed sixty tester. Risked her career to to try to get some attention on this van. Is your take cancer epidemic today. You know and so I went and got the numbers and CI in the in the book the graphs are in the book route page two under stuff and there is no ifs ands or buts about it. After the polio vaccines Americus cancer epidemic he drops okay and it's soft all soft tissue cancers and the numbers graphs and all that stopper. Org in the book art. And so. How do you ugly. Creative vaccine. To stop a cancer causing virus. Quit your on the world lead but viruses can cause cancer in the first step in and that's the first article it started. And when you're at a realty. Hurry and you got to change it'd DNA. In a virus. The fastest way to do is put radiation. So they said you know put together a team that's present American Cancer Society we've got the researcher at NC my. Name's Sarah Stewart who is the scientists who discovered the cancer causing virus in the first place. She happens to be close personal friends. We doctor Barry Sherman who works for doctor usher and head of the cancer society. Let these guys speed of core in Britain and some other people would bio weapons background will give them his great expensive. Thing called a Linear particle accelerator pitched it to a beam radiation that they can use to mutate viruses. And see if we can't secretly. And it like a medical Manhattan Project try to do all the cancer vaccine. To stop this virus that in the polio which called SB port. Debts in the polio. Vaccine. Our rights so that's what they set up in the world they set it up onto a property on the grounds that the US public health service we felt the built without a machine. And roll now we have a machine that is capable. It's a five million apple machine and it's capable. Of burning off there are sure or. Okay and when I got people inside the building and there are describing the things they found inside the building one things they felt where it's based diesel. Wohl. That was ground it would it at the cable. That ran outside went into the ground. And that's to protect the operators from the radiation. Okay now mayor Sherman's army is burned off and her ripped agers got border feeder slide normally the electricity goes down to the ground. This steel wall is the answer. She was standing in front of steel wall and grips up in with the right hand and the electricity. Came up her arm and or did out like news and went through her body. Right side of her body into this steel wall and bad debt to the earth now. That happens. It'd blow ash of a second coming that's say. Last couple of violence to nobody tortured anybody Eric's. You know it's almost beat Oprah book before it began army chief collapses on the floor and the doctors who Revere quicker. Realizes. She is maimed. And law kind but she's still law. So wherever they do. I decided terminator. And it is a mercy killings did say or should soccer wanna wake up for us and upper body. I've got to touch offering tickets we do have to go to break the menace is getting very very interesting it's beyond reality radio Jason and JV will be right back more with doctor. Extra territorial war and unreal at your radio with myself Jason Hawes in my co host Jeannie Johnston now it's great to be here thank you everybody for joining us tonight when you listen no one degree radio stations carry the program across the country. Or you're listening online a lot of people we do do it that way or through the moon the apps we thank you all and multimedia the show. Yes and we've got a great show tonight we're talking with Edward has slammed. About his new book doctor marries marquis held the murders of a dead in the murder of doctor secret laboratory in New Orleans cancer causing monkey viruses. Earl linked to Lee Harvey Oswald the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics. And then tomorrow or are we talking with a pair psychologist mental list performer author and a close friend Lloyd. Our mock who's just a phenomenal individual and you just. A pioneer in the paranormal field yet when we talk when Lloyd we always and talking about a lot of up her psychology stuff. Delicate nieces. All sorts of things and we always get into some ghosts running too because he's done a lot of that as well obviously he's meant embolden the field for a long time and it's it's always discrete connect with them but every Friday is a best of so make she's tune in and sketch show on Friday if you haven't yet like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Obama were counseling directing people there aren't updating. Over there it every time we had news stations on which every week grading and I'm more mark stations. And also ahead beyond reality radio dot com. We can download the free android and iPhone app which allows you to listen the show live chat line of wall during the show. And also catch any of the past episodes complain and any worse this year grab that. Yes and Lou when we bring Edward has slam in we're gonna talk about his book as you mentioned. Almonds wanna mention the website for that is doctor Mary's monkey dot com it's all spelled out doctors spelled out. It's a very fascinating story never a great book and I'm I'm really anxious to get into that. And if you've got questions and you'd like to join the conversation we do invite to equality for four. 6877669. Facilities to make sure you give us call you an 844687766. Aren't. All right so sick to break when we come back we'll bring in Edward will talk about doctor Ruth Mary's monkey the fascinating story behind Mary Sherman and bella more now. Edward has slam he is the author of the book called doctor Mary's monkey he may wonder who. Doctor Mary is well that's what we're learning about Mary Sherman. And the the book is about. Really really. Interesting collection of government. Cover up. Medical science mistakes. Cancer causing polio vaccines and and so much more an end and a lot more and a Murdoch can do this are why we're not to do it justice but we've. We've been talking about this story we brought it up to the point where we've gotten kind of an answer as to how. Mary Mary Sherman's body could have been burned the whale was. And not burn another spots explaining how. If she could have been found in the condition in India. Ed thanks so much from hanging on MB when this of those pick right up and keep going. Okay well. Mary Dyson 64 art but where we are on the time line. Story here is 196061. Misses where they have set up. This machine and medical Manhattan Project. On the grounds of the US public health service hospital in the world and they've been assembled the eighteen might know who the players are that while all law. And they are busy roasting. The viruses with radiation it to mutate. OK to see if they can find. Eight. Fire so they can use for vaccines. Kind of Obama model polio at some brains of polio they didn't cause polio aren't and that's what they used as an American sugar cubes that it yeah I know you do it. There well the in the sugar cubes they had what I call poly real light. Art it was sister Aaliyah that actually did cause this disease and we knew eight to sugar Q what happened was your immune systems that hey there's not a done belong in the here at what form eight. Immune response to. OK and that theory was that immune response was going to stop. The polio in the blood from eating your brains out. I mean that's that's the basic strategy here so. They're busy 6061. Doing these experiments. Looking for is the secret weapons that they can use to make a vaccine. Army today we're we're 2017. Right there in the farmers are now marketing the HPV. Vaccine to stop. He's human apple global virus from creating. Circle and other types of cancer right. If they're marketing the vaccine to stop the cancer causing virus they can no longer say guard okay at are Arctic are from the right. Back in the early sixties it was only the public. It did though it's we're all go out to people were told it would tell us that viruses could cause specs. Now isn't. In 1966. He wants something very important happens to Fidel Castro takes over Q. And it's aren't too boring and and direction missiles. Yeah okay well new war and so. Is the melt from the Mississippi River trains that big businessmen and all of a sudden the embargo. On Q outlook cut out 25%. Of their business now Castro each writer talking about taken revolution its descent tablets out America and the if that happens. There are those that bananas in there goes the copy pains and in the world it is it. Terrible. Economic trouble I've Frist and doctor Oster and set up his hospital. Cut to ninety lagged out front. All the countries in Latin America couldn't business model is to take care of the oligarchy of Latin America and able client or. Take cash it. He can charge an apartment at lake you know and keep everything acre all this other stuff. And so. Can't stroked where this entire. Situation. Okay so on top of the anti Communist hysteria that was part of the Cold War. We now have Russian missiles pointed it in 1962. Point it at the war. Right our members sit there watch and tell regents have ended looking at this big circle in the world as inside the circle and talk about how long it would take missiles to get here and I sent. Kitty that means we can all be dead before more this comes on with a light show you know. And and so. This idea. That Castro. Was. Ready and completely. To boost our world war three with Russian nuclear missiles led to the Cuban missile crisis and what Bennett committed. Right that means that we. It is the world has never been close so and it. As Hawkins is worried that extinction and not a word out meteor right kill ourselves just you know these are. Are so this segment cast cancer was really big issue and they decide they need to kill pastor. But they couldn't just fly and it. As we had this deal with the Russians over the Cuban missile crisis to work and it didn't and the convenient thing about. Character. Was everybody was told they couldn't be it's not contagious. So. Castro shots telling him it's you know edit snacks or whatever you know that you can get cancer and Castro. On cancer and he would diet would be blamed on the cigars. You know. And and the Americans you know would that they say job. We until immunity gate can't give anybody cancer a mix so that it perhaps the plan OK so then. On nineteen sic so all of October 60 twos Cuban missile crisis. Well. Now we're in to the beginning of 1960. Tree. And doctor honest there happens to know it's really unusual. Girl is like considered. These smartest. College student in America. Who is displaying all of this secret search for the American Cancer Society. This gal we felt it was was giving cancer to my. In seven days when she was still in high school. OK he had access to radiation yeah I'm into all this stuff this is all in the book connects. And she was out purple and it'd dirt oral laboratory with no budget. This high school kid was outperforming the national cancer too. And they said while oh we've got to resource here. We can answer the questions that we don't want an Ascot public. It can't hurt to do research. And we don't have to even tell anybody it's got going on and nobody would believe she could do it the first place. OK so they set her up. The end. And they trainer Edberg Europe to boot to upload the orchid and trader at cancer it's too that your reporter it to the diversity of Florida. And she's doing all the experiments in an and the crash I don't wanna ask it in public news. EU member that. Kept in virus in the polio vaccines. We'd take somebody with that in their blood which is all the object. And stick him in front of that X ray machines. Will be X ray trigger. A virus to start camps. Think doubt what no. I mean that's threatens the entire use of X or an American at this. Okay and that would take a trigger on go on to this cancer epidemic. Where we currently. Have numbers like one and three will be cancer in their lifetime and in. The American. Population. So what happens is that they decided. That they were going to take the results that they were getting from. This project to find cancer vaccine. Theoretically looking for a week or strains can make the backs into the extra armored struck stuff. They said. We can weapon crisis. And produce a cancer happen. Cocktail that weakening check in to canister. Will we need to do is to ramp to radiation and we need somebody stand there. And killed a mice and cut out. Tumors and grind a mop and a blender and put him and research slides in demand little test tubes and that we technique. Cancers that are rolling the fastest. We send it back from more radiation. Because theft could pick and grow even faster and there are always repeat this salute this process and so August there except the telephone and call courses gal at the university of all right retain these cute a answers page unity to solve sports university or. Is that. Gates station Taylor sort of gains. This is you give god. And I are. Europe saw more how would like to skip the last two years to college and will start Chiat medical school fall. And get to medical's got out of Tulane medical school we will pay your wish in your room and board contiguous tight end. And we will launch your career. As a cancer researcher. Which would like to do this cute. This is one little project we need your help on this summer so we'd like you to Compton or. And help us on this project. We like to do then I mean you don't yeah and he's he's no longer with the girl you know probably. Right so she says yes of course okay. And arms she winds up coming to world actually earlier in the she's heard vibrations in vocal percentage is running around shooting off for now she is she knows. All this stuff and and they said oh my god etiquette somebody get loose cannot protect guys we got to get somebody and there are two controller. And to all of show her error her cover job is age over where are apartment that we arranged for is almost up as it is. Being run like intelligence operations and now this stuff is visible all done it in secret Coca. So. They say at least we've got a gun rights and again and and get a hold over and they sent in this you know young. Ex marine. With military intelligence trying to. To take care and this guy just come back from rush. Are they then did Lee Harvey Oswald. To the world to work with Judy and set up in her coverage out to rightly called company Willie Nelson who works. And there are hired on the same day. They come from the same employment agency they're both plugged in to doctor Oscar writers operation. And so that's what brings. Lee Oswald into some. Cash and whose job is on you know spirit to. The acre bodyguard. And be easy Ludwig keeps the aperture. And need. You know towards Tampa she's at one point need more feet camp. Here four hour on experiments. And to keep the ball cancer cells or will they want her going into these supplies story again they would send in. Lead to come here to pick up the puke apps here for. Our roster order and give it to him and who argued back and you guys remember Egypt Kate. Gibson yeah. Okay well camcorders. The and have a characters sooners state fair here you gave. Gave an interview in Playboy magazine in 1967. Were asked questions about. David Perry and cancer or actually Jack Ruby kept it so I can't really answer that that would like to is we have learned. That. David ferry and after merry Sherman. We're doing some kind of secret cancer or stick. And this is in the Playboy magazines. And ads that would keep Scott is Eric Sherman's world last. On sciences out of the university Chicago. Doing something which date it's a very loses little political and it okay. And that's an awfully dangerous competent and a resource suck and that this be. That folk so might at first book before the telephone. And on the telephone rang it was sixty and CDS which. And they said you know we hear you wrote a book you know in the book that the time was called Mary's here on people so early edition. Yeah it to blow we spent investigating this woman. The here now who else's Q what is it lab technician. He and the laboratory. In David series apartment doing cancer scare. I got out thought he would that is compatible lawyer. My. Old right there were picking up when we come back we've got to go to break is just gets more bizarre and more bizarre. Absolutely he'll listen and Jason NG HTM the unrelated radio if you haven't yet like FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio also had over to beyond reality radio dot com download the free android or iPhone app from there or join a slide just click the listen live and join the online chat. Barry will be right back after this you have to business. The and this this story we're talking about tonight that were going through tonight with Ed Edward Knight has slammed his book is doctor Mary's monkey how. The murder of a doctor. A secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked Lee Harvey Oswald the JFK assassination an emerging global epidemics and we've learned a lot already but we're not done with this story. A we've just brought David ferry and anybody who's seen the movie JFK accident that's the most you know most popular place that people could be exposed some information. David ferry was that very very strange character that I think Joseph Pesci played. You actually I think we had a condition where he didn't have any body hair or something. And he was the in India portrayed in the movie is being. Is someone who was about to testify. As does the conspiracy of the JFK assassination in the and he ended up mysteriously dead as well so. Edward again let's just keep going with the story because we've got probably about a fifteen or so minutes left in it and missed a lot cover. OK so Lee Oswald shows up in New Orleans like on. Mom Thursday April 24 I think Tatum talked well my head here but well within 24 hours I thank you can't get an oral. Ten years he's got to ban rushing that day comes in the world to within 24 hours to intercept unity at post office. Like they have been watching cutie and nauert yeah going to be made and with in 24 hours of that. He'd personally introduces. Beauty to David Harry. And they it lunged again. Which and another 24 hours. Perry has a party at his house and produces doctor Mary Sherman at the par opportunity to city. A cake and two it stirred slightly related there's a lot of stuff about this I don't understand. I want it no assurance this is legit. Okay just a real US government's project that I am being asked to dissipate at least no problem taking account to meet god and ask. OK so. League takes Judy down. To guide canisters all missed and I Bannister confirmed sir that you get it to get castor project is working at camp all mapped. And so she's in late start their cover ups and on May can't. And we has gotten her apartment. Right off of magazines street he lives on magazine street there's a bunch sit right down magazine street. Drops them off at the Reilly coffee company. That's the Rapid City and the bus every morning Leon lauded junior getting on the bus and writing down to the Riley called become great they go hand it clocked Guillen and then. We disappears. 'cause he's gone over bad actors place to do it all kind of weird so pretty nick about the back to lower a cap and then in the afternoon. Lee and two witnesses. Our later in the week like Wednesday Thursday Friday leading and Judy are going over to David Ferrer apart. In his kitchen Nate they pull out the equipment from underneath the cabinet and the anti professionally equipped laboratory. They're. So that they can term terminates in mice and they have the equipment and and do all this stuff and then. When they're finished and they have their test hoops well. It's. Monkey virus does in the slides charity puts a volatile spots cleans up to place. Takes an old virgin Mary Sherman's apartment. Flops and often marriage German department and then goes back to Iraq coffee company where he clocks. Lee Oswald Al her initial currently on Oswalt carts. And this is they operation today. I'm sure Riley knows gul and are the basement maybe just maybe you don't but this is the then it got covered jobs are being paid it's our leaders speaking out over to her apartment. And they are. Killing demise cutting capital is grinding. The things recurring besides and taking it all back to nurture and protection act. To the US public health service hospital to get more radiation audits and they. They give it to bury in the house across street date it turns out it up like offer news event. That. I had T to oust mice in cages in there a connection and Perry would go over and checked. These pop this in rich. Cancer virus into the mice and then take them mice that had that passes growing tumors. Yeah I mean these two which are bigger than mice themselves and they were hard to figure out which ones. And the two cubic cute it's a bunch of mental cardboard box and walk over to David your department. Were we in cute it would com and killed mice and do this look begat the tech. Now they killed thousands of bikes right at one point you were killing up to 500 might sit debt. Then that started testing and not monkeys which Mary share arranged worker to medical school I that would kill an album monkeys. Right syllabus is great that in the first city's South America monkeys in African market there's only one more quest is as an Achilles heel. I agree it Cuba. That the bullet let's get somebody Angola penitentiary and bring them over that. That else up there at Jackson then the all hospitals for the criminal incentive. And will inject these. Volunteers if you will with a box a weapon NC if it kills a cat so. They saw. Yet cattle act. And it from his company and race he works for the national truck market pressure ignorant or slow time and Cadillac. Trademark. And he and David Terry at least Oswald. And the I don't let that drive slower and a half or four hours north of the world. To Tom Jackson Louisiana where it is mental hospital. And they get their their little bit early in the and they don't wanna be waiting in its little tiny. Com. Lee's hand accounts they drive down. Now on the road a little bit to click Louisiana. And went from the court house an end. They get care and expecting the fly and a in its August they're expecting an empty squared from the courthouse. In this local Lacey. Is an account well. It is yeah this is August 29 two what happened on August when he. Martin Luther King David I have to say. And the voter. Registration drives across the south. Right so into this little tiny town where they're expecting 5 AMD's current front of the courthouse they find. Square full of white people on what side and black people on the other side blacks are registering to vote. Into this seeing try possible. Assurances kgo. You know as I am a check now. And because side over and toxin driver of the car gets to see is an idea and stuff and he. Driver of the car says odd glacier on the international trademark. And chose to ms. art art. Well the back of the car gets his young white guy gets out goes noticeable to everybody Americans can get so line with the the blacks to register to vote to see if they'll let him register just 'cause he's quite an. Even though he doesn't listen here look at. But do you think that's noticeable audience and he and in this squared notices that OK and then finally the phone or exert they're actually here with purple call the plumber and they kick off. Go to a hospital where. What they do it is Miranda ruling on this highway. Armed. Within two to meet up with a prisoner so here comes the bandwidth prisoner they seem to ban the line behind it they'll show up enters this man off the you know you don't show up. CNET Sally display here at the red cards and barbed wire all this is. Insane it. So it got a lot of security here Cadillac shows up right behind me. Event with a person in NATO and and they shoot up the prisoners with the sauce made by art weapons if so kill them in the critical bit pirates can't hear. And and so then they drive the four hours packed into war. And what they need to know. These kids to cancer kicked Kia. Expense 48 hours to do for this stuff to show up applied and back at 63. Is only. Handful of people in the entire country that know how to do these blood tests to see if somebody has cancer better. One Lebanese Judy because she's been trained to do this up could awful. Or so they send it pretty onslaught tribes cutie. Back did you actually. That's four hours. And it takes Judy in for the blood tests and she does the blood test and confirms these guys now can't connect. And Lee decides to leave bread crumb trail goes and talks to barber goes talks to local. Lito legislature guy representative there and and it just makes some exit of people. CN and then remembered here as does it he knows he's getting into it. Deep doo doo over here right and so easily to this bread crumb trail on echo back to two New Orleans and and in ninety merry Sherman police said during morning. Should wives and for months. Somebody breaks into her apartment cleaned out all the cool good as she Edgar for this project that night and advertises. It and then. All of its Judy protesters to sit at reject I. Here at the unit to try to do something good in you that is murdering people you know. And Oster says here your. You know you're on back to Florida did deal to land a medical schools all and Oswalt. Guys. Expendable issue war so get out of town. Be glad you're getting out of town with your piece in. Elder. OK and so she goes back to Florida with its very peace in with the mob. And at least from the mom and he's got all these sports betting lines were make long distance on too long distance calls to. Arts and he gets legal and on this and is able to make phone calls from New Orleans to Florida and then what moos. To Texas from Texas to Florida to keep in contact with Judy is Ian you've got to be very very close. I'll go to deep tilt exactly. But there's they there's lot attitude that they're both young. People lots of warm six. And Lee is telling her everything that's going on because Leno. He is being set up for the Kennedy assassin. And Ito studio onto its early July 29. These guys. Are serious about killing Kennedy and ask you need to do all this crazy stuff at August that's gonna make me look like a Communist. And and their talent injury in his XYZ Adams that Mexico all stuffed with bio weapon but I think to try to make it look like comics. So and they kill Kennedy that that's somebody deployed. Right and Italy has triggered this pretty well what do you do about it when you figure that out you know armed he's trying to. OK so and he goes to it to Dallas and he's talking they Judy all the way up until. And getting killed on Friday right so he's talked to or Wednesday night. And he talked about the people common and down and he's been meeting is that at all so there's stuff in and tells her. Who's running. He's finally figured out whose doors. On hand. Tells Judy Elvis and of course. We all know it happens can make it's killed Lee gets killed while acutely watches your murdered and tell you look at. Now this is the guy she was ready to well you know and our. So this is a very traumatic texture. And at any rate so. That brings this back to sub title you know we talked about this now we're wrapped camp it is destination. And wouldn't and others. I just gotta warn you growing growing and have about three minutes to go here so. You know move whenever we get. Can you covered cover it the global Netflix. And we got. And institutions. In its last. Well that first block party talked about cancer epidemic which we have here but the thing. When things pick up my intent to really early. Information age was caused smaller mutated virus. And I am so it would see who is mutating Monty ours police state bulwark look at and the and the question name. And I believe it is a question. It's our question what is. Is there a direct connection between. People mutating monkey viruses on federal property using your part accelerator. And the Genesys the mutation. Of the simian immunodeficiency. Virus that became. Aids case human immunodeficiency. Ours and that's yeah. It's 400 pages in its footnote like master's thesis but that the basic or in the book that he. Subtitled township. Yes and in couple quick questions here. We talked about the polio virus and having. Carcinogen and had a virus that causes cancers that actually. F.s are the vaccine does it is that still the case. But we still using the same formula. Firm for these vaccines. No but before you hit a kickback and relax it's actually transmitted between partners and it's. Hereditary. Come into mothers give it to their babies when they're born. Okay. It SV forty is. Ubiquitous and guess everybody's got the younger population. And it is the most carcinogenic for cancer causing. Element ever discovered by science. We have a link on the beyond reality website to your book and some more information about you this is a fascinating story and it's obviously very complex and reading the book is going to be the best way to really understand it. Where else can people find out about the book more information about you and what you're doing. Well. The book is on all the usual places Amazon Sutter area are all your local bookstore to its catalog it's an audio format. It's Federer my web site which is doctor various monkey dot com. The spell out doctor DOC TOR has got about fifteen. Hours of video. Late to this Torre OK so. You go and get desolate I think patron all the quotes on it and find all these videos on the main page there and so you know if you wanna know more about I mean I'm not team. Knowing about me is that important that would port area is known about this story cause and effects they help all us it. This is did not some intriguing mystery this is they helped ward. Warner industry great talking you and has been terrifying talked to you as well all I'm saying motto we definitely are we gonna have you on again at some point didn't. Talks more on the subject. Well thanks for having me on your show I preach. Yes thank you had already dinners and doctor Mary's monkey dot com you spell out doctor. We're gonna take a quick break we'll come back and wrap himself. Edward have slam mentioned lawyers guns and money and so there's about the song lawyers guns and money I gotta tell you if you haven't seen. The JFK film. We haven't read any good books talking about the garrison Jim Garrison says series about the JFK assassination conspiracy probably didn't recognize a lot of those names. There was so much information and mud Edward presented. That's in his book that it can be load it hard to follow but as you said Jason terrifying stuff too. Well there really is when you think about it and it's just too ashamed satiric think that your. What what our government actually do this fully ethic of EG an Agent Orange and hope that stuff than they do they do it all the time yeah and they allow it and it's just it's ridiculous the mnemonic craziness that goes into the line. And frequently it's done with the best of intentions. Yeah but when things. Are screwed up play Tennessee they keep it from. Right I think that's another major issue because while we don't like public chaos sorely on endless lawsuits or the such a fine but. You know big shout goes elsewhere guests tonight Richie tune in tomorrow night's roomy talking with sorrow. Her psychologist mental list author that you name and I just all around great guy and referendum friend of ours Lloyd Auerbach who don't. There's just a pioneer in the field internal studies you haven't yet had over like. FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And then had to be on reality radio dot com and download our free iPhone or android app. And if you do download the show if she'd figure out of my iTunes or whatever just do us a favor and just rated forest because it helps to the world now. And helps people find it easier and that's what we need gonna we appreciate the support show's success because of fuel and thank you very much tune in tomorrow and you listen to Jason javy beyond our own you radio at. It's. Yeah it's. To stop playing these things change he was lying and saying look it's me on really reading all learn. If you're not information you want us to follow upon where you liked being Gaston we don't really really email to swing Janine. Next swig Eddie GD DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.