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May 21, 2017|

WWL’s Kristian Garic talks LSU baseball as the Tigers head to the SEC Tournament next week as well as Saints Offseason Team Activities (OTAs) scheduled for next week with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a sports deputy well amendment aka. And out man how about LSU baseball bat off the back. Let's not negate that a month ago we would have an amount we would let them we we did lead the a month ago we thought there's no way L issue ultimately it's a share of the SEC crown. Let alone winning the SEC west. They did that yesterday with a previous week Obama's state 117. In Florida took the series against Kentucky they share the SEC with Florida. Head to head Florida beat them two out of three earlier year. Just a month ago. Is tiger's team just didn't look like they they were gonna get it get their act together. And ain't got red hot. Eleven of the last twelve they've won in the SEC. There's no team potter College Baseball right now and Yale she tires not one. There are they got 41 wins in the SEC. Are in the 21 wins against the top fifty RPI teams. In the country. That's the most in the country. Think about that so they're resonating stacking up to be a really good 1 day and I am assured themselves a regional host site. Will they be a copy national seed. I think you could certainly make a case here lately but yes as long as they don't go over to in the SEC tournament they should be a copy national seed. On Memorial Day when they announced the super regional and regional sites. They're getting it done at the plate so debate struggled. Mikey gives they had the hitting coach was under siege for awhile analogies offense was struggling to manufacture produce runs. They're hit in the clutch that was something that it. Been lacking for Allah issue. In the first two months three months of the season. They're pulpit was a bit iffy at times it seemed to remedy that. They've got. I think it could set up man Zach has statement they know who they're closers. And Arthur Numan. Their defense is always been there the best fielding team in the SEC. It's always been there all season long but now this team. Looks like the one. That entered and start of the season's top five. Ranking and it would in the top five. And the team that many thought that could be it would be in a team that had very much. Does hat and beat besides acting normal ball all these players coming back here posting combat crime Robertson coming back. Greg tightening coming. Analyst talent and they came back for the express purpose of getting old wall and trying to win a college World Series championship. They put themselves in position to do so. They've won four straight SEC. Series going back to Alabama that was the key well series and the people are gonna say well. It was Alabama. Lowly Alabama. Africa this year baseball extra. But. At some point Ellis she needed to get. Oh win. It dominant way. That's what good teams I think dues they dominate. The competition. That is inferior and Alabama was any game got out. South Carolina team that was struggle a bit it took two out of three from the and they swept Albany swept Mississippi State. Red hot right now and I never would have thought I'd never I didn't see this coming. The question now though becomes. Can they sustain. May was sensational. Can make happen can it be special in June. Will find out but it looks like a team that's starting it on all cylinders right the right time if you look at college World Series. Champions past look at the chanticleers last year. I got hot right towards indices. And sometimes we get lost in baseball. We get a little confused. Game in we forget the marathon that is the baseball season it's often consumed with a mid week game I think you'll the consumed with the south Alabama that we lost in state midweek losses to you know the two. I there was trouble. But ultimately the SEC is where this. This team mate their money. A lot of that year the last the last four stories to the last two weakens. Went back to back sweet you know hard that is to do in the SEC in particular the SEC. Is gonna put nine or ten teams in the NCAA tournament. At copper reached on believe we shall so racked up 21. Wins in the conference. You're doing something right this this year added. CHE the appetite of elegy is it wall for all of them. But it should at least put into silly stuff about missionaries not to coach. Not the right coach get rid of ordinary Tuesday the he did Johnny Jones the last miles that's preposterous. Seventeen SEC titles the most in the SEC seventy. Four under pulmonary. Pretty strong president. And if you're a national its year on selection committee you look at that this team. Right now and and if you don't give them a topic national seed I don't know what what you want. I don't know I shall we shall we need other teams that that are. That are more deserving. Allah issue with the resident and its act together here and last month in particular often met. Going back the draft weekend. Of April when it beat out families with Alabama and he took care business all of wall. Bullets are open at 50426018. Semi tech's 8787. In are you on the LSU. Train now and him. It into the regional with a regional at home host a super regional and then move on to outlawed Kyle Walters makes noise but Kazaa the thing. LSU fans. Don't hate they won't like the idea. In this team get hot and they go and all law to barbecue. That won't sit well with Belichick there. I can make it I can tell you that the landscape of College Baseball different so. It's a little bit of that expectation of winning it all laws a little harder that it once was. But now. This year. They've got to get a chance. There. They figured some things out there I think it is I think makes them formidable. Should make it law and certainly as they host a regional. Polite to open final four to six a when he said the text 87 eights of nature of sports hero DaVita dwelling commitment to our look back it's just sports. Continue to dissect L issues late season surge here Lebanon last twelve they've won in the SEC complete sweep over. Mississippi State in stark feel at do you noble field yesterday 117. And the security share of the SEC overall championship with Florida and they've. One of the west back on Friday yes west. Virtually assuring themselves of at least the regional site in probably about how they do that they just avoid an 02. Showing in the AFC term it. Play well that might get a copy nationals he that would be their sixth street year with a topping nationals. Looking at the surge we get to Mikey gives the hitting coach few moments but. Looking at it as the reason why they've searched. Here lately. Look at Alex links performance. On amount in the last. In particular. He finished the SEC. He finished as the SEC's strikeout leader with a 111 in 1980 innings. A 111 strikeouts in ninety point one innings. Ideal author. It's more than once strikeout rate. It's been it's phenomenal. You look at how how Dominick he's been in this is what elegy needed was for Al looks like it's great this is Alex Lange we saw as a freshman. As a true freshman coming a couple of years ago and dominate the SEC. Since that Georgia game where he was beat up a little bit. Wang is posted a one point 92 ERA. Striking out ten batters per nine innings. That's dominance. Like he. He is in complete control he has given up more than three runs in that Spain. An athlete or routes and that's been that the problem early in the year when he was so dominant. LSU couldn't support him they couldn't give him enough run support. Exchange. And Luke Johnson did a great. Degree right up at the advocate dot com. A body and in about the numbers in particular the tigers into the regular season finale hitting better with Roberts court position. Then without escort. There are hitting 293 with rose one has to mediate whether or not. It's worked so actually. That's pretty good numbers you're that close to 300 what's the measure of success in baseball it's a cool sport you're gonna fail in this sport walked you succeed. But when you're in two through Roberts scored losing you do well for yourself. That should put to rest a little bit silly angst about like eons. Yeah he's not indicate that they're open. And it's state team. It's got swept. And Kent narrows the guy and a I would I want good things for him I think he couldn't duplicate this Tuesday but the point being is I think we all kind of jump off a little too hard pollute quickly on election general. And also Mike gives guys an expert says not to point out that's fine but. The hardest team in the SEC strikeout. The hardest. That is winning baseball that is a winning recipe for all well. Continuing strength he's got to be tough outs beat Escude the plea. They don't that. If they're difficult to deal with. They trot guys out. They finally I think figured out the right combination lineup as well sparks who could hit by indictment could begin production ahead of them col Freeman for example. 812 plants it on the planet is in three he's not your typical 30 hitter. And the slide but because of the injury earlier the one of the Jordan twins. Earlier this season they've had to reshuffle remake of some time to figure out right companies I think he done that. Though here lately I think it one plant has the right that at that that we spot quite a Robertson that's another search for looking at reasons to why. This team asserts he can about a month ago but before that Al emissaries that says you know I have an obsession basically with giving law and rules series. Man he's played like he's. He's possessed in obsessed. Offensively. Defense we've been there all year and play well with his with Corey a decree leaders Craig Roberts it is the leader of this team. He called himself now. But they went out there in cash and it ships. It and put his own he'll put his own neck out there it's it would I got to play we're definitely better to me patents. A lot of things start to come together for election that's pot that's very incurred. And David Potter and I were talking in the break. And city to make one it'll all and it's that yes. What team I mean what team wants to play L issue right now war. Not what their excuse. But here lately within the waiter excuse I feel very good about their chances to getting on wall getting to all. And the winning some games in law and right now what I've seen relishing. They can certainly win team which they are certainly national championship caliber. Play right now. Polite to open a 5042601. Except text 8787 talk hellish baseball on board with the tigers now they've won eleven. Out of that last twelve Joseph on line one you want to be to go on. Are actually look at the body work here so you beat Alabama in the land all out airline really. Auburn law animal lab. Indian you've got. Debuted in a lot of the well in Barry averaged complicated so you're like in Nat. They've earned their way. Oh yes. Absolutely but tell me how they had. Coming up it's not their fault that those teams have had a bit of a slide in its ease this and that you're winning games you're sweeping series back to back series in the SEC. That's incredibly difficult you've won four straight SEC series that's incredibly difficult they've won eleven of the last twelve. They've been they've been hitting the Indians scored runs it they're they're pitching has been outstanding with with Alex Lange lead the way their bullpen has been remedied a little bit. Ought to do with him being great at the closer Zach has has been the guy that the setup guy that they wanted. And with four and you absolutely I don't understand I understand your question is that you'll so you don't think they have proven that went. Now that. Help our they are very. Action. I guarantee you. You all and regional. Matchup equally that it. And you know the same old story. Of the year I'll let out. I joke who elect to go to. Joe's the same guy called last week of summer about the I don't think it was the that they can't be that the stronger baseball conference. Joseph new worlds you'll. You wanna be right you don't want to get it right. That's what Jesus did there to say to that put a tarnish on Al issues resonate because of oh they they played a slumping Alabama team slumping Auburn team South Carolina team that was sloppy. Give me a break that this is the south Eastern Conference and they beat the doors off those teams. Deep indoors awful and we will look on that negatively. You're just not. And SEC fan and that's okay you'll have to be. But don't let that bias cloud your perspective. Of how good this LSU run has been. And don't let let don't let him real rain on your parade I was done things Fuller dropped a 5042601878. X 87870. LSU baseball. You think they can make a run in it in or want you think there a national championship caliber team now what you've seen over the last month. Can make it to all law and win. Polite to open a 5042601870. Text 870 eights having on Twitter at crushing to our our CBS news headlines no local news headlines coming up. In a few moments. And continue to expand on this elegy team. May very too when I heard all this conversation is Meredith and airy is that the guy is that the guy I kept screaming going back. Two point back to what does he mismanaged this year. At any point in the game this year that he mismanaged anything to call for Hitler wanna what's post when he did that he that he not. Managed the game properly in answer that is there wasn't a single moment. So if you were the one screening prior pulmonary fire pulmonary. I hate to say this week we don't know baseball and that's to restrict. It's not the right it wasn't certainly it's he's proven that he's proven that by getting them to the share the FCC. Whatever big twelve okay so yeah Joseph called that big twelve big hit what I don't care what. The fact that jolt finish on just finish which I'm ready to go to calls and other times you know. I CBS news headlines. And our local news headlines well or it's a sport on W him well enough Hamanaka Mike gotta love Twitter. It's a loss of the last that is is yet NetSuite. DM actually from. What my followers on it's I've I can't council last name anyway. Asking me basically a keen ain't gonna follow me on Twitter is in can't eat it saints fans that followed through our State's. Players to follow on Twitter and a back lecture off folly yeah but I I can't make someone from the saints well but I wish you were that easy and yet this if they gave us volume. I don't know but he files have equal I'd like the route following all the egos I don't know here's it's. Text 8787 mile on the line here let's not worry too much about all law yet Ellis who had problems winning their regional. And the super regional Baton Rouge the last few years can't drink. That Kool Aid just yet and that's all fair points from 9954. Attacks on an 877. But you have the likely direction I mean it's what were were were projecting at this point were forecasting work. You know were out there. Thinking that this team looks good yet and obviously they're gonna have to execute. In the regional super regional and that's been a bugaboo it it's not. The box is that the. The place where baseball teams have melted. In regional super regional action visiting teams. Like they used to these companies that that place it would help him. And if it's lost little bit the the magic moments ago whatever but I think that that's another reason another proof that. So what's parity in College Baseball these days then. Well we Watson but the rule ball aero department when they're rattling off national championships left and right. 2009 last time I'll use one national championship. Another text here at 87874587. Joseph is frustrating you know UT Texas. Because school is relevant average sport even though they have all the resource which means they are really the yes I mean that. Ocean base running Texas baseball used to be with all real that was the premier program at one point that you never. Texas tried to cry pulmonary away this offseason. To read to reap idolize Reza wrecked. That Texas program and it is day in elegy yea crystal ball and pay the point at Texas athletics. It's like our effort that possibly Biggio is for sure if that com. How good can LS UB in a multitude. That's where this season's going to be defined no doubt I understand that. Now this wrong that they've gotten on year it means nothing if the team out there and lose the regional. I don't see him lose lose each year. Potentially in that box. Densely super regional that that's a little the war likely jacket pocket and vision that'll have more. East lead acted regional I fully expect in the host regional and blow through that regional and on to a super regional find out though. On Memorial Day if they are topping nationals needed in the hosting. Super regional are you on board with Ella she baseball final four to 60187687870. Do you think this team can make a run in all these suited to win in law I said that. Early on in the season and I was starting my words it's in the precinct house like finally is this team this year is more equipped to win. In Omagh that I think pulmonary as at as little fuel including that 2009 team. That one at all that's the content at the cut team I think we all this and that's that caliber and he proved that you can do that started the words to that. I was looking there at march and April like who we all had this team bag wrong. But they're proving us right lately. Winning the FCC this year the FCC crown. And the SEC west the last month of the season. They share that with four full lines again open final 4222187. Tax rates that it's still to come preview you'll seats OT thicket on the way Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday also want them but Tom Brady. And the caution for all the news. Being announced by his wife Gisele Bundchen Tom grieve. Suffered multiple concussions last will talk about that as well it's just fortunate that we did well enough about how I look back it's just sports do you think LSU should get a top eight national seed in the NCAA baseball tournament after winning eleven of the last twelve and share of the SEC outright championship. Regular seasons in the chip and also. The SEC west championship cast your vote operate more people on line at W dot com. Or call us with your thoughts at 504221878. And also Texas late seventies and right now 82% of those voting on line. So yes the tigers have earned it. 18% say no not not I don't know what those 818%. Are wanting asking for looking at. But I've vehemently disagree I would be in the 82% now where yes they've earned it and select committee. Doesn't get topping nationals the I would ask this question what would want from them aside from. We're showing its term I think they are very much deserving of topping nationals he allowed that data out for a couple minutes here if you want. You know when things on radio that. That I love it is you know share moments with you. In the audience. Things that go on in my life. And I'll talk to David Potter. Master control and knows film we get it right which part muscle last night graduate high on flight school. And Nate Davis will to do and what collagen. That it conversation about. Alternately. Decision that we feel like is best for us on its military. So for everybody understand that in but I think for this case on seventeen Euro graduate. Someone we will rule that we went in but steered him towards likely than eighty. War air force you know my lineage. And of course it's it's in the Marines of my fault with the microphone was in the army so it's time in his fourth generation. Com config that is if you. But Tom and David asked me. Why you know why media wire Fortson and I think it's the Marines we we know we know the love I have for. The targets. Put just felt like ultimately what are the what are in the skills that he can learn. Are partly into the second sector after it is for years it was minority wants and Korea that's fine. But after four years if you wanted to transition back that's the sector he can do that have a steel were partly right to the job. I'll right away and I think it's more suited. Perhaps you know maybe you're forced off and it's reasonably it's like that. My thoughts I feel it's a super proud of a punter. For a for his graduation this moment phone lines open final four to 60 great seventy text 87870. LSU baseball also talk about. Tom Brady is. The conceal. Concussions last year various reports coming out as the agency he didn't die let's diagnose concussions suffered collection. But earlier in the week. His wife to Zell. He announced that Tom Brady it's a little talk about and we don't only the rights to the audio which would play for but basically I'll paraphrase she said. He was he sustained com. Concussions last year but he never showed up on the injury report. With. Concussion or head injury he's been on the injury report countless times in his career with the patriots team over I think it's harder times his career. With shoulder injury. Day he was with in with all these teams are little Vegas exactly what. What's ailing the player on the injury report that had to give specifics like it's it's treaties EC join it if it's. If it's a shoulder sprain they can they can conceivably say right arm are left arm are left shoulder. Guilty. But apparently. It is raise a lot of red flags about the ghost protocol. And the National Football League and Drew Brees saints quarterback was a game Patrick. And Italy. He basically said he remembers event 2004 when he got hit. And knew something was not right he knew he would pick us but he was not taken its about the game and I tickets it's inconceivable NFL's behalf. It shows either aid. Players of holes in their concussion protocol still that he worked greatly to fix. But the notion of self reporting asking these players to self report in particular quarterbacks. Tom. When he concussions is like that's delusional on leaks that it is look at to operate how'd he get his job which Drew Bledsoe got knocked out. He remembers that he's not gonna give Jimmy to drop below the opportunity that Tom Brady you know. Same thing with which were released we looked and reasonable more secured yours situation. There's not the young rising star behind him. That could potentially take over one. But the point is that. Self reporting discussions at the players. There's too much maligned. There's their job there's security. It's a competitive environment. It's that it is not so that's why you see Lee take steps and putting. Concussion monitors on the sidelines last couple years but com and the idea that one line in poverty report that well why wouldn't I wouldn't which you I'm not reporting that. I have to pay because I don't wanna go to the protocol. Yet to go through. We in Nam that could help me out for two weeks I'll just take my chances and bomb dominant a player like welcome I'm not report. Do documents by an opportunity and take my job no way that that. I suddenly pulled back it's just sports your Adobe did well enough in the dock on the feet. The NFL has a problem with concussions and the lack of self reporting which you self report caution if you're a player to 60. 1878 X 878 Seve and are up in arms about the revelation that operate supposedly stained. A couple of concussions last year but went on reported does that make you concerned about are the patriots hiding something yet again. Find out the league's gonna dive into this prompts it's just sports that you do well enough but by the way. Preparing for hunters graduation parties today this. A pretty cool moment for my middle one it's in on the mound. Threw a no go man for ratings. No hit ball missed that. Cool. Are eight Seve said the attacks like the ones final four to 601878. Where is the top on this tax years. And. Basically. Keydrick equally yet. Diploma typically yet on elegy baseball. Just like he did that now Butler. I wasn't the only one I drank the Butler who public. Let me let me just break this down to its fair. So knuckleballer deal that was wall. Discuss strike went back to their original. Tree with the patriots raining cooks etc. And I was doing when it reported that in noxious and you know what no one said that I feel like it's like percent of it done. But that achieves as the draft and he got closer and asking price kept going up from the patriots. Arcs or stay pat with getting a first round draft pick for Malcolm Butler. And he's on which are to treat tennis as seats while they give up. A first round draft pick for a player that they know. That he you next year freeze and perhaps war. Means that they needed other team they needed too much. Notes due to retooled roster that was. I have the asking price. But more importantly. Nobody saw Marshall Lattimore the best quarterback in the draft falling to the saints eleven either. So when that happened that changed I still felt like even as the draft start to get under way in we got in around one. That the saints were were still haven't have a design of the phones aren't doing well let let's talk about Malcolm multiple trade. Once the first round either include or later that round when he had a second round pick to give. But. Win they took Marshall out of or that changed well a lot of their approach so find them but not Butler deal wasn't just. It was just smoke and it was it was fair when you bring in a restricted free agent for a visit. That tells you use that there was significant interest in the saints acknowledged that anyway they acknowledge that there was an interest level. For Malcolm Butler but I didn't agree with the asking price so therefore I applaud the seats were not being held hostage in that field for not. BT and an anecdote like the patriots acting seemingly due to everybody. Kind of manipulate him. With with with treatment is trade requests that are and he in the patriots usually come out on the winning side streets in different states for not being. Held over the barrel so to speak to pull off that trade for Malcolm Butler coming up next hour. Your phone calls and texts tweets as well. LSU baseball but also concussion protocol in the National Football League preview some seats routier's one more hour ago here it's just sports rules on RW well MF and the dot com the home of the saints.