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May 21, 2017|

WWL’s Kristian Garic talks LSU baseball, NFL concussion protocol as well as Saints Offseason Team Activities (OTAs) scheduled for next week with WWL callers.

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Always stay faithful simplify welcoming our two. It's just sports this hour talking concussion protocol also previous saint OTA action we'll get our first look the media will. At the 4017 saints. Roster on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and airline drive one black and gold will be limited peak. But analysts will start to gain some perspective. On pilot on on seats analyst baseball rates art. On seats for the united united he'll draw conclusions in these guys that we run around pajamas basically. And a helmet. So it's not like you can ago yet they've got a real players here that you could certainly CF witnesses. In players even winners shorts and now. What are your expectations. For the seat I get that. At the meal time. And in particular after the draft after. The freeze period. And my answer is like if you're asking the biggest question I still wanna know where the past Russian come from. Opposite of Cameron Jordan. Where we gonna get that production it Egan in the looks like it's going to be kind of by committee yet again. And that approach. Hasn't necessarily worked for the saints the last couple years they continue to add to. Pass rusher and continue to add defensive means by numbers in free agency collecting in the draft. Com it'd have and now I'm not slam in the saints for not drafting. A pass rusher at eleven overall and the only guy that I think probably would think it was Derek Barnett liked in terms of match to match the talent with this election. Of weary wary alternately grabbed him. Saab filed with the fact that they took Marshall Lattimore at eleventh and didn't reach for pat structure. Only one that like I said airport I was the only conceivable option at that point and then after that it was a huge drop off. Solomon Thomas went early miles Garrett obviously when number one overall. Those guys in in if you paid attention to Mickey Loomis. Early jumping in early saying that it was a it was a it was there that he wanted to address they also said Peter. They're looking for past pressures we've. You kind of some you beat pass rushing. Skills sets. Special treats if you will and the only ones that were really in this draft. That fit that description. Well miles scared. And Solomon Thomas from Stanford. And I think in two but but as a central. What's those specials traits and skills that you want. Other than that. It and they didn't have been at the guy that matched now. Where they gonna hit the pass rush the compliment Cameron Jordan. Oh we got hostile and office ACL injury that kept him at all last year his third of his career. Alex Okafor you signed in the off season productive when healthy again the theme here of again it. Saints fans are not happy with that team that is. If they're healthy it's a yep but if they're healthy they're productive but they have an injury history. To them so. Audience again part and parcel functional to write to me he can outside occasionally. In different in different. Packages defensively. Could the use to cop. Okafor. Two to partner parceled due to basement than the magic number of taking yeah. Ten sacks from two players. Double digits actually two players. The America that that that networks that I'm finally if it's five from key cal high five from Okafor. 33. And four from a third player and adds up to and whatever put in that works. In in the other part of while it's day saints didn't necessarily need to allow it draft pass rush pass rusher. Was because look at the NFL these days the ball's coming out so much faster. So it's looking Hamid fits of actually there were 29 defensive backs taken in the first two rounds. So more Mort if it's coming eight defensive back we're trying to protect the past because the offensive. Wore the rules set up in the in the dark years towards offered to production in the past. So what do you do to combat that yet if you kick it to the passer. Because of the team. Three step drops and balls out. And you've got to deal within the past so. You understand their thinking at that point by loading up on defensive backs which seem to done the last couple years. In free agency and the draft and it also and it's a pass rushes as well but I could see their their their reasoning their rationale thoughts behind. Ultimately a drafting quarterback and a little raw particularly the best quarterback that was sleep in this draft on people felt like. Was was the best quarterback I mean the best corner cover corner in the draft and LT and eleven and a lot of mocs had an eagle on top six. So I understand all that but the biggest question I have Alexy you'll you'll learn this until. The pre season into a regular season where they gonna get the production. Because if you look at as a passer if you look at Kim Jordan. He was second last year quarterback hits. And Cink I think overall were third in the lead in in court packets of take it home a little bit more just. On a handful of those that could change the outcome of the game the saints were close at times lecture they all lost a lot of close ball games. In order to please hear their but I think that's that's the case with you know a lot of teams in the National Football League because of how competitive it is. Everybody's gonna point two even teams that are 106 that a point to well man it would windows and threw three close games we'd be looking at 79. If we make those two if we don't make those to a place yet that that's the fact of the matter in the league. What do you think is going to be if there's going to be a QE teal and strength to the saints team what you think it's going to be easy to say the offense put. Will be the one thing perhaps which would be surprising. Because the saints. Traditionally have anything out 100911. When they were role offensively they were six in the NFL in rushing. If they put up big numbers there and Russian apartment there there's never going to be totally run oriented team. But could the running game B of fast improved element of this team. With the additions of nature Peterson outlook tomorrow Mark Ingram that combo that trio right there it's fascinating thing about obviously got pulled over to bear today. And all so Lattimore and up now on abortion date last go last year seventh round draft pick Marcus Murphy I think it's one that's on the absolute biggest bubble of all hold of those players that has rattled off just it is. You draft he signed ticket junior the draft outlook on that stage name is Murphy yours your your days here ultimately numbered. Two falls ago. Line one for Kevin you're on to beat admiral Kevin. Yep animal and Christine and he. What you'd compared that to comment now on what they talent on that trip that now projected. Number one. As a cornerback. And to hear his skills she's Lattimore skills that come rademan college. With different players. Haven't beyond the the original vision that the aunt from now trapped in them. Ohio's. I think it was thirteen overall with the memory serves me correct he was thirteen the world here. Com 2009 but the at him plated nickel back in the slot rule with the design you can play. CT in your 23. Carriers that do play quite well ice contract with the Eagles and other. Nice contract. Real with the Eagles well extension. But lot of wars if you're cover guy can play outside inside. He played net and apple open it's now. Pressed style. It's really good ball skills and I think that's the Ella she added that as seats. Apps are stylish baseball bring it now but the saints have lacked I think he lacked the guy. With with recent special ball skills and it got that with with Lattimore. There's one there was one a game last year against Oklahoma where. You watch watch how quarterbacks set up quarterbacks and receivers. Beat them in the throws he's been really good there was touts career beating quarterbacks in the thinking and know it's going to be much more difficult to face the likes of no reason Tom Brady you know it's for it in Aaron Rodgers oppose the quarterback and local bar in the axis. At the college level of respect them but they're not. Those health pillars that it has talked about it's if you will heart beat those guys those throws but he was really good at doing that. And I lives. To date penalized. Lattimore in there on the mortality or accountant. Yeah injections there. Yet he Alex's. And now and again I think it's the players. Are now but I think you're comparing. A bit of apples toward or just to a degree because they are yes that's a scene style players not the same. Vision that they would have for player either it's not CT VSAT is obviously not going to be. As good cover like that a lot of wars not going to be a safety in in his third year week he's going to be. Yeah but it Jenkins caught with a line is very very important straight. No but that he rightly or at the college level but the here and they drafted him they knew they were in Syria seed Lacey. But I have no doubt I think the saints made improvements. Both on offense defense not whether or not that. You know yeah equates to play off. Like Bobby you know virtually at right now others donate Beijing. Now they're still seven night they still don't. I kept our our our dealers Sunday that they call. Yeah. There's actually mobilize their 79. Straight years and this get to wiley made improvements. The schedule. You could see him as a better team but because artists scheduled stacks up tick in the first quarter pole season. Man it's the similar missile it's the better team because the ways. The schedule lays out those will find out Aussie is going to be here before we go here fast. Also note he's right up tomorrow. Our Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and oh man you know our our first it's and so to be here it will be years when it's a sports that the FCC title. The SEC west. Outright 21 wins in the conference for College Baseball the number that a bike appointments and happy over the when he wind. When he won when wrestled in order to win the Nazis in order to secure topping nationals eat. But after march and eight rule it did look like she was cute. Look to positive but the tigers got hot here. Eleven last well yes easy one so won't see Jews will define. The story of the when he seventeen baseball tigers but the one place it is. We had so much conversation. In March and April about oh my goodness gracious what's wrong analyst and baseball. We have it wrong and I got a text here from Vanderbilt medical college or stand. And an Easter a traditionally strong at any rate. Vanderbilt is traditionally strong real strong baseball had an off year got a lot of talent team. And it just haven't. Lived up to what people thought they were going to be an I think that's just the story of College Baseball story. Of baseball in the Southeastern Conference and look at Auburn. A month ago to juxtapose. The Auburn Tigers yelled tigers a month ago. And all sitting pretty win the SEC west and get a copy nationals. They might qualify. Term like they're playing for their tournament lives in that's term opposed to election do. While it would be gaining four that are beat to become a topic nationals he that they go to Q. In the SEC tournament. But if they don't win the SEC championship. In that term it. It's not going to sway the voters selection committee in negative way to take away atop the nationals. So in other words if they win 12 games this term it. Opium off. That would be enough yet bounced and it's weird format. Were aware that we really discussed it. The tournament starts Tuesday. LSU got a pie com. L they're not play until Wednesday. When its goes single elimination. Starts single elimination double elimination on Wednesday Thursday in. And on Friday I think it goes back to single. Nation Fridays Saturdays hosting the record straight format but analysts. Do like. That team's tournament format but. You get the point so. College Baseball it. Going back maybe rainy College Baseball. Street. It's horde sport. The play obviously but it's even harder to figure out. Just because while ago we would not have this conversation if you told me pay. Do you think Ellis shoot it that when one wins Ellison now mean. They've won eleven of their last well. The FTC some just. Twelve games ago with at and wins in the SEC. And it seemed like panic it seemed like nobody was rated jump off. The the bridge yours rated channel op jumpers that can't not gonna make it was one of those I didn't jump ship. A bit of hellish baseball junkie epidemic out baseball. But it certainly had raised eyebrows oh boy whose. Name host a regional just. We think that that's a real possibility. All of a sudden it caught fire. There in prime position really good position. To host the super regional. The topic nationals. Seventeen SEC championships. Seventeen SEC titles for. Most of the country. And most certainly most. The FCC and that. It four I think are six under pulmonary. About double check those numbers but. It pulmonary. It is that were said. He's confident. That LSU finished on down the stretch they certainly delivered on that because of the veteran leadership this is why Tom. I'm stoked about this team and because it is. The veteran leadership recognize the short. And he reached in front of an answer and day came through clutch situations. Start hit the ball better so. I think Andy not experience with the experts last year. Come over achieving. I don't think that they would handle the situation. As well this year that's the bit of a slope slide. This year without having over achieved last year. I think that bodes well for the tigers in the FCC tournament. India NCAA national tournament in a bid for the college World Series CBS news headlines. And our local news headlines with signings coming up he can jump in the conversation at 5042601. Point seven text 87870. It should sports here on WW LI MF and in WW well doc I recapping. LSU's win eleven to seven or Mississippi State yesterday with some highlights in a few moments also when I get to. The projected field of 64 and where LSU could stand in the teams could be playing in the baton regional court baseball America dot com those highlights. Yesterday. From College Baseball is stable at seven victory in the series week. And it SEC share Chia overall share the SEC championship. With Florida and winning the SEC west the first game on line one on The Beatles were on. Hey Dylan com. Audio of Joe's listening because. 01 trillion did you try to. And it it was you know. And the show which ones. Can you list of teams who played recently. In an excuse. Me still no loosening. While the regime actually is right shovel. On. Actually milk permit you to reopen tomorrow. That's. Pretty good bill that the American sure. You're able to insulate it. The rule should there people at the gate should close that that shipments are pretty. Competition. Brought to what he did and what isn't going to say. These teams will inferior. And not there and shelters culture. Think about what you're saying here of course they're inferior elections a top five top ten team of course there inferior. There's not too many teams that that are superior to LSU right now. There's like making an. That are so think about that argument of course they're going to be appears I don't. I don't refute that they're inferior but that's what good teams do that's what top ten teams do is they handle it Ronald teams that are inferior to them. And the AT. There adequately. And that's a compliment. A couple of nights ago to meet Quinlan that Libby walked that should be well. To what treatment in the water and the few games earlier in the couple tree weeks don't. These guys know deeply involved. Do they know that play in baseball. Had been in the great players the walks. And not what you're with pitchers election would not been able to run. Eight period a little bit and they did it's like eight dissidents say the falcons didn't blow a twenty point a 25 point. Half a second half lead the patriots wouldn't of one of symbolic but they did it. They did so EE can't play the what if it is this to happen that it did happen he can't race that he and it doesn't take the shine off. The accomplishment for violation of UN Joseph public I like Laila Ali. This but it takes up a joke. Wallowing in right now makes a whole lot more sense than where you're at your current event. I don't know where yellow because La La land as up as I'll certainly look at it looks pretty darn good. Thanks for the phone call. On. Start. If they did if they did but he did Morgan State. Number one global number two. North Carolina three Texas Tech for Florida five. Texas Christian TCU. Six long beach state at seven Kentucky eight Stanford nine elegy ten. India College Baseball baseball America dot com and they've done. It projection as to regional host sites shout out to southern miss looks like they're beat host a regional dot. Com. LSU. Projected to via a host site for the regional obviously. It makes a Thompson's is they are also would allow it with me. Allah issue that the number one seeded via that route regional. Projected to be there with LSU the two seed Nebraska the three seed so south eastern in the four seed. Yale earn automatic it he'll automatically it's him. About win their conference but that's that's how baseball America's season right now and if you go by the rankings. And L issue according to the top ten in a baseball America. Allah she would be Suton on the outside the top eight nationals he would if he just went off the top. Eight they currently at a place right now but you have her. So if you're. If you're talking about the SEC is not very good are so strong baseball conference. You like with Joseph and Dan. But let me throw this action. Florida. LSU Kentucky what conference they play in on the SEC. All of the top ten. All forty could potentially host. A super regional all three. Could potentially all at least two free throws to reach. All three are going to host a regional. Three teams in the gonna get probably I think nine at ten teams in the the SEC. And into that late national that national baseball term. So. Pretty strong. I know the ACC's good I get that. Or. There's other conferences that that are strong and not seeing that put. That is cementing my argument as to why this Raun. That L issues and on here lately it is spectacular. Regardless of if they caught team sloping whenever he take you take it SEC. I will recap yesterday's series sweep. A lot of seven victory in game three it's Mississippi State next here on such as sports on the beat. Room with he can go opposite field on the ground between first and second here's the pitch he writes this when I NT the left field. Round going back to pull all its sales into the junk yard. For a book tour and a two run home run glance. The tigers eleven to seven they sweet Mississippi State earn a share of the SEC outright regular season championship with Florida. Are themselves and number two seed in the SEC tournament this week. In Hoover Alabama game times for an opponent is unknown at this point they're playing teams six obvious terminal Wednesday. The first game on Wednesdays at 930 at Kentucky works against the winner of game one. Which will be banned a bill itself into South Carolina one of those two teams play Kentucky Ellis who plays the winner of game two. We don't know at times yet because that first pitch on Wednesdays at 930. Kentucky and Vanderbilt or cell line. And it will be roughly about three hours plus thirty minute. Transition time after. 931 pitching game five. L that you will likely play Texas a M or Missouri. The winner of that game. Quayle issue on Wednesday again the time to beat term you'll hear all the action we'll have a live for right here on WW. Dot com. Text here late 7872. Year. Com chilling day and live in the last that happened the always look at the bad side don't appreciate anything. Allah I mean. I'll continue living at all and if I mean. I'll gladly little hollow is when I'm telling news that this Ellis should be smoking. Earned every bit. I like that there's no way jackets and appear. Rationally as rationally human being trying to paint the argument that Ellis shoot it they've played teams that weren't very while that. Do they were good house who was clearly better and that's a positive sign for the tigers on number of levels. Because. If you don't take care of that that. Business against the team and its inferior teams. Vineyard and in no position you'd you have new chance you don't deserve a copy nationals. That was the bugaboo a month ago. Two months ago is that they were handling business against inferior teams and our complain that they are and throttling those teams. We saved it lacks some shine to it. For what. You preclude that. Polite to open a 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Chris I don't. Joseph in your last call I don't know I don't know what they were smoking and if anything but they either need to change with the smoke or stop. But Jo Danner joined and they can be the naysayers. That's fine they're they're entitled to their opinion but just telling their opinion in this case. It is clouded. And inaccurate roll outs say. Yeah LSU continuing the SEC tournament outlook. Terms of who they couldn't play here's how it works so they'll play. Has to seat. Again like this and on Wednesday and then it goes and that's when it's single I mean double elimination on Wednesday Thursday and Friday goes to singles Saturday as the single. And if they get to Sunday as he chips balmy 28. That you will be at TP 2 PM. And if the tigers are and it will carry it right here underneath it well and L issue look. They don't have to win the this term. In terms of improving their chances of getting topping nationals now that they win the SEC tournament that I would say. Absolutely there that they would then have to be a copy nationals could they win the regular season SEC crown our share it in and win at the tourniquet they would have. At some point. Had to have beaten in all likelihood. Florida. And Kentucky a four or Pataki or both. To win that as its economy so that is a pretty strong resident in particular look at the RPI. Have more wins than anybody in the country. Against opponents with a top fifty RPI. Ratings power index. RPI stands for palace computer it's a little bit. One game in terms of it to explain it put alternately just it's about teams play that would that would Ellis shoot even wins or losses would Ellis human. And in in the SEC that counted six baseball America. Baseball America. Six. Teams in the SEC. That are currently in the top 45 David which telling. I'm almost a wake up our civil will stop willow early here it's a sports continues to wrap up next W I look back it's just sports will tight on time some rule food is made these phone calls I can't hear. Change your lead off on W goodwill games. Yet they should sport store and are also do so or years. On issue. When he prime news we are seeing. You know the FTC and due to terms row. That's up in the beset right in Korea a market that. You know if it's that people Chris you know what you're your your intelligence but that because in China should go. And stuff like that they made just plain which that I'll never gonna. Export program to about my. High school principal quality silicon not out of offended by does. Now last Vatican it is surely of these years they have people calling doing Sunday art Tommy what's up Tommy you're in the tool you're going to be that low. Eight cushion that McConnell. I couldn't resist. Judging thing didn't I should. There's more in Asia he would shoot 82 adult male colleague at all to resort to get pulled. In law and order problems like Joseph Inge Kyle Calder an account. Bashing at all. Well more on what it. Chelsea which are. Well all right David on a lot of real quick look. It's got a high ceiling in the raw player pats contributions last I think he's gonna make big leap it's usually you want you to that they make that leap I think. A lot gonna happen with the in my I think use future's bright one more full called Bryant you want W to go tournament. It simplified. Albion while La La because you don't worry when you beat. And nuclear pitching in TP war Cubans to you to. Thank you very. Cute but. While Ali and that's cool. It's. Like Alec with a well thanks for the full Coleman enjoy your Sunday. It's been a fun show look. I I'm up here it's not every Sunday tentative and with the occasional dale put. Call us we'll earlier in the show. Give you more time I'll give you more time. I hate heaven rush it through this. A hospital we. Managed and as the clock where were better than last miles an art arts stale on time. I push not here at my age or whether it's your Sunday. Off the snowball it's just sports picks David Potter master control and all in or actually got. An 8787 mile text line also on the phone lines of battle four to 601878. Reminder to check this out double coverage we nice 811 would meet him on the handset Dunlap. We on all this week you want to be you know tiger baseball as well in the SEC tournament time to be determined. On Wednesday on the two seed in the SEC tournament and have a share of the SEC regular season championship with Florida I pushed out here simplify. And a great rest of your Sunday I'm not.