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05-28 11:10 am It's Just Sports

May 28, 2017|

WWL’s Kristian Garic talks LSU baseball as the Tigers go for the SEC Baseball Tournament Championship against Arkansas today as well as the NBA Finals starting Thursday with WWL callers.

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David potters finally get in his bomber music. After a couple years he's been a big dance and welcoming our two. It's just sports hero W ago come up this hour set Dunlap. And James Moran Obama stream near sees the NBA commissioner David so Arizona. Sports and right now and are shooting Adam silver and he said the biggest issue of the big issues facing the league is the resting a healthy players and I you know polices. Mean. And it's a slippery slope to Euro on if you and India because she you're gonna as a league you're gonna tell individual teams how on how they can prepare our. Get their guys ready while you shortened season. If you worry about that make him more meaningful. Is ultimately these big time stars they know what it's about. The warriors the cats they know they understand what's about just get that a finals that's more important inning your health of your team will help you to there. The NBA finals are set LeBron James and the cavaliers against death Korean Kevin Durant and the warriors. In the NBA finals part three. Warriors didn't have derail last year when the cavs came back and beat them. TVX factor will find out couple NBA who's to set the lock in a few moments but also talking College Baseball LSU baseball it prodigy. That's that's that's they're trying to texting. 22 to seven. Prodigy not. Strategy. Johnny Ellis baseball 130 pregame. Against Arkansas in the AFC champs again. Gene's more annals stop by 1135 tiger rag. To preview and look I was just dig around on a perfect game down organ. This is before coming into the NC a a tournament. LSU right around ten in their rankings. That's that's rankings and in the silly mean national seeds. But the tigers have won it's it's it's it's for two pictured like I'd be beyond. Shocked if they don't it topping actions. A lot of folks had him projected as the sixth overall seed. To climb a little bit because of their performance here here lately in particular if they win the SEC tournament. Yeah I like the approach by the way a pulmonary in the SE tone. Just in general he's constantly reminded his players. Were here to win a championship. Latin the last three weekends they woke up with an opportunity to win the SEC championship. The SEC west championship. Winning the SEC tournament. And if I'm a salad on the with saint SEC IAM for Dan and those others. That sale of the Malo and and it ended the tires are very good today played the SEC. When you get the point. They get an opportunity that today's 2 PM it's Arkansas. And I gotta tell it. I felt like back in March and April policy concern. But I learned a lesson this baseball season and that is this is a long season it is they absolute marathon. And what your team looks like you march. Not as important. As it. Looks like an end late late April early may. He can draw a lot of conclusions that I think might be proven wrong. In March if you choose to. In particular if you look at the history. By the way can we just dispensed now or even next year if they get off to a slow start hellish baseball. Can we just stop with the. Pulmonary is not a good coach stuff. 500 wins this would be six straight. Top eight national seeds. Is our program in the country has done that over the span amigo and in the last decade. Last decade and a half when they've had six straight top eight national seeds I'm sure there might be one or two might be one too but. Pollinate at least. Davies who worked on the flip phone that he. Is still org with a foot vote I haven't seen one of those in forever. Good for you. While I subway coming back here will visit us at the lot next it's your sports. 10 minute slice down the line slaughter yeah. Behind first base picked up. A lot of play my eyes watered down the Glover trying to advance that went into right field slaughter. There and for the second straight game here in Hoover the tigers in Arizona. For the second time in Iran playing but that did run rule and they didn't like the game Jackson today in the first of two semifinal match ups eleven enough. Think Roland are the tigers in the SEC tournament they'll take on Arkansas. This afternoon at 2 o'clock 130 pregame meals Sports Radio network. Tomorrow again wanna give you guys invite you guys to hang out on the set the Lafley NCAA. Baseball term a preview in rebuke fueled Scott said well the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee. He'll join us at one point in breakdown via baseball tournament pairings to regional super regional locations also find out how the committee arrived at topping nationals season if you look. 64 teams also have Chris Blair the voice of the tigers at to a small. As well traveling they'll Welsh coach pulmonary at some point mall also full lines are open at 5042601878. Text. 87870. A jacked up for you about. This game and it's about the tigers in general. Did you learn any lessons this year I did as a talk about. And what what are you what concerns you still though about this team. Right now out of the you can find too much. That would concern me. Other than the fact that. It's just a streaky game and I get that how long can you stay hot. And ultimately. You know they peak at the right time they had to at one point gonna that Alabama series they were ten and eight conference play. They ended up winning the conference. A share or Florida. When in the west. But. They are peak in the right time but as far as deficiencies. There are gone. If you wanted to be nitpicking may be the bull pen at times. Maybe. But. It's just. It doesn't mean like him how excited I am relish based on how pumped I am an Obama probably right and that they're that good. Can all come crashing down in a hurry in a super regional. Or perhaps in all law because of just the nature of the sport. You get cold you go through streaks. They might lose to a team in the super regional that is inferior to them. But because of the way the game works just cruel and unusual. Some odd things can happen they they had a and then LSU fans will be like all its all for not see I I disagree with that like if you. If you're a top eight national seed. And you win the SEC and you win the SE term in which there. People who don't have an opportunity to do today against Arkansas. But in you go to the super regional and the outlook. I get it you wanna not to win and all mall. It's not a silly college you'll series championship or bust for this team but. Of the pulmonary squads and he's taken to home all. Not the 2009 squad. Among the ones disease is moved from Rosenblatt stadium two TD Ameritrade park. This team that they have currently. Is the best equipped in suited team to win an audit homeowners that. They can do it variety ways that's what it takes to win in the college World Series today. You know one particular you've got to deal played defense she got to deal places small and we'll play some big ball. He Ian Nabil in the clutch you know and a lot of home ones on the pork out there yet he could pitching. They've got that. All three of those aspects though. That's why I'm extremely bullish on this team in their chances of Natalie go on all ball. The winner double gains. It's come with a caveat though. I to a hotter team. War. You might ski pole. That happens. All right so. Text there at 8787 he says Stanford had six straight topic national seats. How issues about on the verge of doing as well think about that. I'll think it'll lasting years ago I that was since goes over the times as they started the format. The CD when they do in 99. Are they haven't since 99. Six straight national seats. That's that's remarkable. On number of levels. Policy. Also Lady Tigers they had to the national championship game. Is still in the they're still in the super regional. The other is not quite there at today's exchange of game four. For the region companies who reach that's not the national team. Full lines are open at 504260187. Text 8787 got a first look as I mentioned before the top of the hour. Adrian Peterson Solon new looks saints are excellent new players of the season should say. I'll start by major piece of you know stands out and I said this back on drafting David. The player that I think is set up to have the most success. Of the rookie class is out tomorrow. Florida and Tennessee their round draft pick because. A it's the office as a talk about whose call a places from ball. But this kid I think kind of understands he gets he looked explosive he looks just like any heat. He's got the explosive ability EC case on college but translate so far in the unit to line it up pads on but. I am has to say he's Sproles like that I think Sproles was really special. Like a really special. BA still list right but he's got some things that remind you of his skill set is want us. And we watch an ego that that's kind of things that. As this office has had since Sproles. I was traded. But he's he's sticking to the hip pocket of drew breeze that's the good side you'd see him. Constantly get national wraps withdrew. As a Smart thing to do if your rookie. Talk yourself in to Drew Brees he's that he's gonna be the guy that makes you look good gives you opportunities. He's gonna put you in the right position. So learn and soak up as much you can't get on the same page as him going back to the receivers. Osama that as well. Mike Thomas you know there was a thought and we talked battled and on double coverage that. Of this brainy cooks left I get traded how's that gonna impact Michael Thomas. And will you worry about Michael Thomas haven't sophomore slot. And my answers. I don't worry about it just gives us this guy really. Works Mike Thomas who works. And he wants to be great now could the numbers dipped meet up some astronomical numbers as a rookie phenomenal numbers could they dip yet. But I don't think slot while Thomas he's got 600 yards receive LC that app could yet 200 yards less receiving yes we have Ted Celeste Katz has yet. That's that's. Likely to be out I would bet on that more so now would you put up the numbers that he did as a rookie it's really difficult to do because defense is gonna change their approach them. Because coax is gone they there they're gonna devote a lot of their coverage. Over to Michael Thomas and that's fine I still think he's capable of beating that. But all that does is open things up for for for all the players at Ted Ginn junior Willie Snead. And Alvin Camara. Opens up the running game what's fascinating here I think would start unfold. Is that way or by screaming about. All the help their defense and you'd pass rush etc. first off look at their corners look at their safeties they've got a nice collection of talent back there I mean. That could be really getting us tell them that's when any team. But that could be a sneaky good part of ST that's secondary but in particular I think the saints. Are really place and if says if you look at the guards at the guard they signed Larry Wofford. Ron guy. Ron first. Better run blocker than pass Ryan ranch same thing better run blocker the past water so what's it tell you aided and help their defense a little bit. Byron football more and more effectively. And that's also gonna make this offense in Drew Brees a much more effective. And that's why I still think you're going to get some mileage out of agent Peterson because of that he's not going to be facing eight man. Fronts. Every week like he like he was in Minnesota. But going back that it missed defensive backfield first for a minute. I talked cutie Carl about this team it's the first he said was. Hell but you look at. This means defensive backfield they got versatility. He got three EF three safeties in second place either war the novel on belida strapped markets. Marcus Williams. He got Marshall Lattimore in there as well on some of the seat yet you talk. Now arm and Carl you've got TJ Williams coming off. An injury who showed promise in some talent the needs one off with such an issues while sterling Moore. Who I I think was. Pleasant surprise and fine last Euro on the street Easter morning he could be your nickel guy he could end up being your nickel IB get the point they've got. Some really. Good players in the second. Now someone has an injury concerns. I like we well we just talked about with PGA Williams. Talked in the alienate too by the way and niceties you know he's a 100% healthy. Feels great he's not gonna change his style play. You have been acting concussion lashes that was nasty. That was one of the more broken gushan I've ever seen. And it was scary. And I can understand. There's a thought in my head that. And Pete anyways by better dude me. But that was the thought it would be a thought my head if I was in issues late on he'd give this up placed it might be time it was that content such. Is that stare at nine from me how do you think twice about it he says he's not. He says he's not gonna change his style play based on Macintosh and I hope that's true. I hope it troop Nutting PGA wins is that it can play in this league and contribute at a pretty high level. I just this one about those discussions mean he won your more prone to do it which have one also. You get a Nat to like panic can kind of subliminally. Kind of creeping year head. As to demand. Going to be as reckless as I ones. As kind of human nature we'll see though but. OTAs again Tuesday Wednesday Thursday for the saints. Mean you'll have access on Thursday it sold your view park to. Part did club. Of reports on Thursday from saints routier's Deuce McAllister obviate there myself would be chief. Albie out there taken and in cumulative some different angles still wanna still a Seymour from the linebackers. Haven't seen enough. And and another thing too it's may anti tea now. Not on the field yet still recovering from an injury. Double guys that there they're just on nursed along here and not the not a lot there and and risking injury or are setbacks this early ultimately get in laws are ready to rule on training camp. And the saints also sticking with their timeline they expect Max Unger. To be ready for to play the hopeful it'll play in weeks three or four of the pre season he's a walking boots boots still. Should come out of that the next couple weeks. I jays Moran tiger rag dot com coming up next at their RC BS news headlines and also a local news update for I drove in the final four twos until one point 78 text 87887. Richest sports Cali Dowdell issue in the SEC tournament championship game against Arkansas at 130 pregame coverage from Hoover. On the alleged Sports Radio network 2 o'clock first pitch of the tigers with the capture the SEC tournament crown. Phone lines are open at 5042601878. Text 8787 via text or points out yet. Either of the tigers get cold at the plate there's speed on bases rule keep them closed while more importantly what's kept them. In a position all year long to get to where they are now when they were struggling early. Was their ability to play defense since surprisingly yesterday. At four pairs. Still won eleven enough. Bit of you see that every day from the cells resulting taxi foreigners. That's that's just. Just happenstance thing IG is Moran stepping in here a few moments at smartest Moran on Twitter. Associate editor tiger rag it. Dot com and escape his role right here a quick. I did just for you man power event. I'm doing I'm doing well. Christian about you at. Good to go look up on your on your Twitter in your background picture you've got. That scene. From signed filled with all forum knowing Georgian. And Jerry and Erik Kramer's mean I found the murder dissent of the Merv Griffin Show so it's one thing that forced her. I appreciate it I've about probably about a trip and ever. So I appreciate. Eyes IG so up on line today the SEC championship four Allah issue and I'm blown away by the offensive production it is teams had determined 312323. Innings and where where is a comfort. Well I mean I think that you know they know it at the talent. And it's just a matter of fact I think we don't talk about the EQ a just. Well it seems that right now it's. It's awarded died you know that not only guys that slapped the knock it make it stop tinkering with the line up all their chips it's. So party he would seek to catch it's not that you doubt. Cheeky thing doctor guy at the top that bat but I think they've decided at these and I got to go away. Look at either we are in the steep but it. And we see it it spur too much as I don't think we oversee it. You know that but sir I mean there this sport can run it by straight SEC is the first that. Technology keep dot 22000 Hamachi that packet. Throughout all day. She thought nuclear back stop so they're just they're just Kayla stark at the top what. Ray Roberts he's been outstanding. Call or even obviously. It played like typically pretty much throughout the year are really two big. It achieves our turnaround boggle like start Turk route I'll buy it appears he had a lot to those guys really really get on the line at that. Under the original date grateful that you're tiger do it you got it like elegy Ali and I are accurate count up. You put in a guy like appears he would switch hitter with power hitting an eight all the sudden they can hurt you what they're dyed it. Would you get what you're the arc illegally out not earlier in the year steep and it's either stick around we are right at the program I'll. It's electric vehicle where he was you know. How what you predicted all that's it but. You want to ballot it's it's pretty much totaled he'd upper unit power or speak to her do what they're dyed it. What you do on Tuesday that you have you know. That's how they have you're gonna put on erupt but I don't anyway expected that it took this about it it's just been great audience. But it union state Khatsava Arkansas Arkansas put a rod that. Not quite at it's native a clip of the pretty it's great clip it got to. Gotta be you know that you can we just to cancel the game it's analysts with a with a double match out there we site but it. Arkansas as a stripper. To yesterday Korea not. To read the other guy so he's. He's properties in the most insanely hot in her country right now the eastern achieved together. You know like these first 241 when he brought to win the war. You know based on we are more guys it's Biden about became what epic game at that just see how would you start predicted each greatly rentals but. We'll be plastered slightly hot but they're not keep the country so better technology at this point talk. Also get that done that you know we self awareness when it's picking dismissed not a doubt a lot yeah does it matter the edit the they don't they report. I would agree I would be overly concerned about that idiotic. Plants that are on the key play accepted as normal games are probably in the heat we were out there watch the practice. Our Friday will be joined there by. And he played at cape basically sports but baseball had they you know the truck speeding pro between Atlantic electrons out. Look like what they are the collapsed. According to negate yesterday so I would PO sir about the as that. We talked that it would work well eat at that the best partners key post its just a part of the steep. Stark peninsula I'd be surprised that we saw more of that kind of place that. James Moran associate editor tiger rag dot com and James looking ahead to LSU Arkansas Derrick Walker's going for the tigers whose door for Arkansas. I'll I don't actually know we are probably tackle better. Other key Rottweiler Watergate and Richard but they haven't actually out Allah you happen to be. So brutally efficient that they're pitching plant had to change. Arctic that we talked about it. Tuesday that so they did Gilbert for Peter Peters we got to stand. And torture plant. Side out like a complete game shut out here projectors six Saturday. And collapsed XOW. Walker who. Straight out to get the market thought it would at the gate she shot 80 so he's he had to get the struggle. I would be right struggled or are mostly in the bat well it really should I maybe six in camp otter and they broke what. Distorted view the abuse at all. Elections are more rustic kitchen staff but Arkansas let's play a lot support a cap at the losers bracket yet here. But about archer they're starting a little bit so he's follow Twitter apps aren't we should have the answer that question. While it which I haven't seen out here yet Ellis teacher or it. What they get out your starting. Relatively short order. Teams could you see a scenario. Like maybe I'm over thinking this but potion what threw sixty pitches yesterday. Evidently. Can can yes right seven could you see scenario at the need to give it when he pitches out of have you come back. Now. You you shouldn't a lot of the regional. I think that. Yet and I think I was very honest and I'll. You could see it's there if they were Kayla Gilbert Kate back to its early start wet today. It leaves a lot it's so I think you can see Gilbert tactic it could be that there are scenarios walker. He walked for 45 if they get five adamant that they parole. And that you divide the last two or twelve out tweet that caps and otter do you think that's the orbit while you were. I overall idea to get it done man. I do you mean it's it's how are you the way they're playing right you know. Everett outlawed as yours it'll. Kind of settled that'll gambling by a lot like the table eaters I don't see any reason to get the right now they're just. Yeah they're playing well on all cylinders and we talked about the off the whoops I'm secret double digit rocket arch street gate bridge right it. There's starting pitching is the circle at the pulpit has been really cute there. He sent dobbs is that consistent throughout throughout app at a lot couple adjustment. But look out of the heat out. You know Arkansas I don't. I'd mastered the trouble I don't know why it's a puppet stopped a lot it was such a desperate key that. They'll shoot really got it keep wrap up this point that they'd rather beat the complacency coming up by naked out there that. Pretty much it felt like by the into the burst in as opposed to brought it felt like Bruce. Little chance there to stop it so odd lots they run it and he wrote back to went earth and its Kentucky you know. It short jail yet to keep pitcher you're. Struck out at the stock market at spot oh I. I'm not sure that they're the pitcher the touchy right now that shot the slide out but. That again at the pictures really the only outfit that you not speak at a party ever say ever. It's hard about that there's a part saga quicker lap that's shut that out but you don't look sick or too excited against how well walk into the well. It hit it at the flat out there to get surprised to keep to church that had a YouTube page every game so different it really. James Moran at swarthmore and onto an associate at her tiger rag dot com and James you folks opportunity I'll give you an opportunity tell folks really go. Read your working also vote over there tyrant. We have a lot of work but yesterday. App yesterday gave it or type Iraq. A lot of now Odyssey yesterday eat out but I've been an operator Roberts has been kind of that the leader Ali the leaders keep attach a note she notes that. We're about that it at all about a trial now. You know I think earlier in the year when she was doing well in the late Chela like Egypt an ex coach. It's you you're going to be there in terms credit now that they're hot light of the country so. That's we have analog is much more after the escape it. Tomorrow's election Shalit right out in the region so all their earlier on your baseball need to try to cover. James recidivism. Oh you don't put it security guys at sports Moran onto an associate editor tiger rag dot com it's just sports here on the beat him. One know if I'd be considered to be. He's giving chase Hopkins going back. And set. Another bomb. From the left it left handed so out of the box. And Greg Dyke and swinging that that light Saber. That these guys Highlander path. You go to Greg Dyke and say he's that he's that dude he is him along with Brent roker promise to be stay. Jets Denver from Arkansas like he's the guy that. Even if you're not watching you on LSU fan right in year. Acting game or your your behavior your Arkansas I your art itself in our. Forget it forget that. If your act via the game. In year are waiting for your games start you watch and LSU play whomever in your waiting for your team the command and for the following game you're making sure you watch Greg Dyke and like. The matter advice stop what they're doing going right. I see his cute it he's that kind of powerful he's that kind dynamic. If I ask you also who's the MVP. Of Ellis baseball down stretchers they've scored ten runs in five straight SEC it's and 110 SEC gains RO Hoosier MVP I'll give you mine next here it's just sports on W to eat out good it is for LSU when you throw a wild pitch the backstop. Like Jerry tocchet did yesterday up eleven and often. And it Caron back perfectly to Michael Booker ski and they get the play. They get to get the runner at home and the like I tell you know it's going to Ellis you can do nothing at all. At least right now. Find out that changes. At 2 o'clock this afternoon when they take on Arkansas in the SEC championship. 130 pre game right here on W dwell and I talked about in BP's right. Hellish baseball down the stretch here. And gone back and forth. Whether it's appears ski or whether it is Craig Robertson to lease essential players on defense in particular but. I had to give the criminal Robertson. Back in the lead off spot being the leader of this team the shortstop of this team typically the shortstop is the leader of a team. But what I love about his defense are about LSU in general is strong up the middle appears he Freeman. Robertson Watson. Right up the gut. They are strong but Robertson would be my VP does he call himself out. He created a sense of urgency on this team and I think you're seeing play out on the field by the way their plant. They want they're no longer just roll in and pull a ball on a field reliant on the LSU and Florida on the front of their Jersey is too. How and why they're gonna win games on the winning gains this he created the urgency is just sports continues now anymore and many minutes left.