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What do our dreams really mean?

Jun 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Jane Anderson about her books and her work as a dream interpreter. What do our dreams mean and how should we face them? 6/7/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Jews on the West Coast west and the East Coast when you're stuck in between welcome to be unreal you reveal myself Jason Hawes and the always some GB Johnson. It feels like it's been weeks I mean it feels like it has been weeks of course we re all hyped up and ready to go. Last night with a life program had a great guests lined up and Tina Brown once at the studio again what the heck was that an outcome now in the studio and all I heard coming from your end was disallowed. My notepad and there are however it is just aren't really weird. Peru ignore buzzing noise that was like from hell because this is irritating and in intrusive that there's just no way we can do anything about it but we do get it fixed. We're here tonight welcome everybody it is so good to be back in so great to everybody long. To another great episode of beyond reality radio. Yes and tonight we're going to be talking with Jean Anderson should dream analyst dream therapist writer and mentor. After waiting about. Pretty much a week and a half for this gem to talk with their big beauty she better have this cherry an accident of this she she's from Australia I think. Shares in Brisbane and I know that you're just a sucker for that I got such a weak spot for Australian accents. But if issues embers in Australia about or somewhere in me talking to her about dream interpretations. Yet and we'll take phone calls by the way later in the program if you volume this is on this is one of those topics of attending a lot of calls foresee wanna get your calls an early and get lined up 84468776669. Is the number and I shall interpret dreams and she's pretty cool rare reputation and history of doing this been doing it for a long time and I'm really really anxious to see you know what her techniques what her methods are. And how successful she's been in helping people. Yeah and the for the ZU who want to scare congress we campaign will really give us a call let us know if you you know I enjoyed it and so forth. But I if you haven't yet. May she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like to FaceBook page or given those numbers up. And also had a beyond reality radio dot com and you can join me online you can listen online you can find me secrecy should Wear a cross country we can listen I'm wondering from the site. Just click the listen live tab and also joined the charity the GB and I aaron's walls agree community but also he can download the free injury and an iPhone apps. Right there 100% free. And allows you to listen to the live show most of the past shows join the chat and pretty much everything on the go you nicely semi. Easier it does make life a lot easier it's very very convenient and it if you especially if you do everything like most people do now with the Smartphones makes it just. Very very simple to be part of the program and in every way that we offer that to happen. So is your favorite part of scare I tell you we had does so many great parts. That the VIP party I actually got I was able to get up with a guy who is performing playing music complacent guitar. And it wasn't the fact that I got to play guitar and sing a little bit a bit for the VIP party but it was the fact that while I was doing that. Sean Whelan. Who a lot of people know from people under the stairs or twister it's a little crazy he got up and Sega couple songs but even more. Amazing. Was Sid Haig in my body is Sid Haig got out and saying two or three songs and armor now one of almost a blues tune. And the place went wild as Sid Haig up there singing a tune those are really really low. I just over stormy Sid spent more time in my table. This aggression but then I think given that is over he was already because his wife is that a lot of yeah out of experiences it recently. And there are big fans of ghost hunters. And yes or use over there and telling us what was what has happened in his house and and just wanting us you know contact his wife and work with her and where we're going to be development Bada. Yeah all all is greed and it was great time. It really was a great time and everybody was very very graciously met a lot of cool people in that one fan of beyond reality radio brought that drawing the big sketch he made years of you and I and and all these paranormal you'll click you look like Kirk. I thought I like little little little different than what I normally do but I. But I'm actually not upset about that I was actually pretty happy who with his rendition of me. So take it back you know so I look at. I Fatah costs 1000 corpses yet we get broader. Suspect. Via and Ramsey. We'll have animal technical problem here and we're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna bring our guest in Jean Anderson is joining us tonight will be talking about dreams pitcher calls generally. OB of opening up the phone lines in just a little bit it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. Impeded by robot a hostile robots take no. I'm so soon and he sent some he brought some of them Kremlin spec with the addition of the all over the place I don't know what's going on but I think we've got to fix now let's hope those preferring describe. It is weird but I was sure what I was trying to sailors or Roger Marco what was guy's name from pro nukes yet. He is one big cute. Is a giant not one of my buddies like seven to he's he's I think he's just under seven feet but when my buddy sent sent me a text message of the picture that he grabbed a FaceBook to meet. Standing there talking to and he says was this Photoshop because you got us. But a little early and gave it to me to say hey look we're so that I only Willy Wonka. So what I looked like Knuble local and there that a picture Cheri Cheri from a ghost hunters running next to him too when I mean. If you didn't look where his goal when he stepped on her killer he is giant. He's giant and the and the nicest guy but he is John mcsame does an excellent diplomat -- to take to stop and I had lunch with him and it was just pretty much came up shook my hand. Are thinking golf my OR yeah. It's that he is the chuck it meant a play get Robert mutes his name is finisher who were talking about one of the guests as scary kind of by the way thanks again we're talking about. They're very very nice gentleman that brought that that picture that of a viewing me in a much beyond reality greatest staff from the chat room brought us the baskets you have those really really nice to have I was very nicely thank you very much you have Sosa so good to see some Tim was there you know that person was there a lot of cool people there. A listen to the show and we really appreciate everybody going out of the way make an effort consists absorb the show's success because he you know and early greatly appreciate that yeah OK let's let's jump on the phone line here and let's bring in our guest tonight. We're gonna be talking with Jane Anderson gene is a dream analyst dream therapist a writer and a mentor. She lives in Brisbane Australia she consults she trains in Sheen enters worldwide Jane welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. They DJ what are sort time is over there in Australia. To. Watch but. Yeah. It's like leisure time for you were were midnight here and a lot of people gone to bed but you'd be here in the middle your day. I. Sergio you've been doing this awhile. You know one of the things that I like to ask people because this isn't something you wake up one day and just say hey you know and and interpret June dreams as a process. You go through how did your process start and bring you to where you are. It. Any. Saudis. Are in. The outer ring and not let. You know how it. In Shia and if she. Is treating in. Anything out there is some. To me as church. Not. A I. Are you can. And Issa and it will be around him. And as you were going down this path. You know would you certainly were. Tests discover things about yourself you said you had a lot of dreams lot of very vivid dreams you know as a child and is growing up. Was this morbid a journey of self discovery. How are not. Meant so. And so on. And on. His back and meet. Well it. And it. And irons and the incident. Or. Does it. And Shannon and how it myself. I think this Isa and I am. An army. Not enough or not. What you know. Oh and Charlotte and this and let's. She sent. Me. Oh me I'm into race outside. And yeah everything. From scientific perspective what happens to us when we're dreaming. Scott and and T is. Really. Mind. You. Are conscious and China and well. I. Aging their hearts. And she. Went on and doing it. Me and you know it changed you being. On. What. How. Are. That oh yeah. I'll show. Or. Content or so she. Being in Xiamen. And we might. Press and an eight. I bed and how. If you. In his. Senior. Aide. Does not mean. And may. Eat this. Up. Not let it might change and the but. They use. Gene in our drinks to. Young and being. In a she and in. And how long do you have to spend with the person and how many dreams do you need to. Have them share with you. Before you can get a real handle on what's going on with that person yeah because everybody's everybody's different cell and some people might have the same dream somebody else but him isn't it possible that it's going to mean something totally totally different for that person. And he you know and when she urging. And actually being chased or. A big that they. Were. More. So as to. Its. I. An. Injury. It. I usually get them possibly. It's a what. And you look at is. A few minutes. And and we all. You. Seized in the eight and get. Into a yeah Agee and beauty it is one hour in a unique and balls. Yeah and if you're looking at it for that long I mean I know that Mike Moore when I dream I'm lucky if I can remember enough to even give you full sentence I can remember you know like maybe. What the overall theme was but the details are very very sketchy and I imagine that's pretty common place. Most people they shared dream with you probably don't have a lot to be able to tell you it's just. You know glimpses or or very very short memories so so you must have to piece together kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. Yeah. A rush is. A shame. Special train. She. An eye. Where us and help me. Hell that's 88. In. Order. Our. We're talking with Jane Anderson or telephone numbers 8446877669. The telephone calls are all are already lining up will be taking them later in the program. But feel free to get in line with those calls. Jane. Do you find that there's any difference in the way people dream. Based on their culture or their religion or. You know any other SS in this city issues or does everybody to stream kind of the same. She's in chains. And an issue that should worry you know every. Oh. Man 3COM. You to lunch. Seen more. In the you've got you know. Or an NBA. And you. Need. You will symbol. And aunts on your. Leanings and we all over and human. Person. And get on. Okay we're gonna go to break in just a minute here on before we do I know you've got on some books that is when I go quickly because pressure with the sequence Armon and you've got a 101 dream. Interpretation tips she's all also have twelve key. Questions to help interpret your death streams were getting into that and more detail. But again before we go to break here just quickly working people find out more about a one book you have and you what you're offering. And I make. My heart I. Mean. I. It accurate. And. Are already in in our tool free numbers 8446877669. Again that's Stoll freed 844. 6877669. So if you have a question about dreams and a it's swan interpreted and give us a call you listen and Jason GBM beyond oil. Know if he'd been trying to call and be patient phones. Very very busy but it is H. Or 46877669. And we encourage you to call. Be part of our discussion with Jane Anderson we're talking about dreams Jane is a dream analyst a dream therapist a writer a mentor to lose in Brisbane Australia which has everybody Donald. An announcement that accent absorbed genital agenda went for the serious for a week and asked. Be a close eye on all seriousness though dreams it's always such a hot topic anytime recovered on the show. It endless calls seemed common. Yes and before you bring Jane back in action the stick they take a listener caller this is Andrea. One of one of beyond reality radios. Very early listeners Andrea from Canada welcome back to the program great to have you here it's been a while. Stay it has been collateral in the tea bag and bent. Let's take it didn't scare apparently you that I see. All the video that they didn't hurt did that kind of live vicariously these fat. A a yes cause they make you very much for the the letter I don't bet that was very nice if there was very nice and you're you're deeply missed. Yeah I'm glad you guys in Atlanta where is. I really funny do you get them the fire that. Lately and then give the senate could they you know I think to be able to come PX. I'm so I'm glad I plan that he got some. Well thank you very much. Anything else going on has been allows you minimum calling. Such an act I keep bad. Basically life has been happening and dazed and ally making that. I had to deal list so I could have been beating see it stay at two that the that. Kyle in man. I could get a little bit as a radical critics. Let me tablet today baton death in the family and that kind of success. Little bit. You certainly can I best you know. Let's go to aren't. You know him well sir here that and it's good to hear your voice stay with us when you can download the programs can't listen live. Say part of our family okay. Are apt to. Really at age never ever believe I can be Arab pro life. I bet I have a great night out and talk and so thanks so much assert our friend Andrew from Canada let's bring Jane back into the program Jane. Before I went to break we're kind of talking about a lot of things but one of the things that I'm kind of curious about. But when it comes to dream you've really kind of present them in a very scientific and very and a methodical. Perspective. There are people that claim that dreams also give us an opening or communication tool. To the other side whatever that other side might be does any of your research. Bring you into that school slaughter support that and anyway. I. Went out. And and it. In our. Or. Oh. You. Are seeing things that you know. People on. I can't handle it being a number so it didn't. Shot and it happens. I'm. Actually 100 people get ya and so aren't. Beijing's line even the current and experiment and fish getting so it. Does. I. Am as. 98. Race. And I'll. And smoke us in our lives are beans it may be nets are just. In. And it's. Any. And that pretty well. And already. Old injury. Can get it. And Nancy and me what they need. And yes. But only. An equal and not an action. And. So it does happen but it's just such a rarity in that it's more focus on what the dream actually means instead of instead of that aspect. Yes. And she two years. And you know an hour. Might I might. Add and I'll make. Sure I can. We are. Way. Is really an order on the well is. You. Not. Resonate. Out. And and and it did in Eugene. Some people described. The dreaming process is a house cleaning process for your brain takes. All of these random things that are floating around there that really don't have a significance and can bin sweeps them out the door if you will lose is that part of what's going on. And Swedes. Are. We. Also. Not let it is my. New. This. Yeah. Or much. It. Seemed that he does I. Wish you. A hundred bill. And now. We all. Children. Are. Being. Armed nation please send it. And I. I. May be old. Or else it. Ain't new. It is it is slow. Or else. Is it. Or. Is it. Our let's go to our full month of spring in listen this is Christina. From Florida casino welcome to be on reality ready Iran with Jason Jay-Z and Jane. Hey how are you guys hear me out I. You should. If things are I got my phone than it pouring down rain here and partly area as the. And the film tells you do holes two and a Rhode islander announcers so. Yet my husband actually there for work for the week that an opera that. I was calling. The parent with me that I would. And dream I have recently been having and something not recently but in the past it's like a over and over again. I feel like I have dreams are constantly trying to keep my kid. Like Al. Why in that situation like. My most three Portland way. We were on the boat. And it went in tiny boat like almost we couldn't even say all the thought and action and you get in these snakes in the water. And you know alligators and trying to hold on the linemen you know stuff like that or. Tornadoes like trying to keep them like big storm there timing. I'm trying to keep them you know say it and turned it in the room where it. The opening a window and separate the gonna come and honest but. If you don't know off it might get it odd to me and that may mean the mom thing. Sounds it sounds to me like it is a mom saying it's something every mom probably worries about what do you think chain of those dreams telling. Telling Christine anything's unique or is it something that world looks all the than the fears and English or all experience as parents. You neat yeah in. Editing and people. And. How well. It dream by that have been happening for me for a long time even not to let my kid my. Younger Brothers. When they were young I have idols had dreams. Being terrified of little kid by the pool the pool of water like. I mean I'm here implored everyone in my neighborhood pool in the backyard. And it. It and I think it it has something to do with the dream that had gone yet. Like trying to keep that came out of the water. You know and an editor at aggregate amount. And and is. Our current needs some irony. Is it. In. Any. Art. Winning. And it. Are. You. And that's what. Or. In times. Some. Are. A I. Yes Aaron I had not been very nice you know granddad. Keep things under control and I mean I have a two year old Briton who is kind of like at the end of the day at you know. He appeared in iron but at parenting you know. Aaron. I can't. And parents of those things I I kind of time and I went to the wire time that. Don't hearings have led after the during that I had. Not long ago in Iowa that during that I mean it was so startling mean that I'm nearly woke up and I. I wrote it down and I called my husband about it. And hit it way. I was here in the house and in my kitchen. And I hit it was torn you know hearing I didn't remember the hole during the tip of the day in a bit. And I was looking out at the backyard. And I. I was like I can't watch it about five today want cooking it it can muddy and rainy. And when I turned around the board the backdoor was wide open and they had ran out there. And when I ran out there give him in the huddle that the mud puddle that I was talking about would no longer and huddle with. It would deep dark mine and they had on and you and I had to live up to give them. And once I got and the and I got it back to the top woman. No it no longer I would in my house anymore I was at my grandmother's house. And my grandmother than Indiana certainly the way our way. And I told him I was like apple stay here on the the walk up tournament at home we're gonna take off and go home. And when I went to the back and watch. It will and it. I've walked into the back end that way it completely white. Again with a blinding why in my dream which was stolen years. And when I've looked over acquired mark my hand. It it was like a wall was gone on and looking out from the wall would be deep black. Mud puddles let it it was almost like it was outside but it still completely white. Like the rest of the bathroom. And I had heard that and I went outside the bat in the war and I was trying to close the door. But it wouldn't quote the other way and when I type that. Got harder it opened back up on itself and the one and would like would why state the black hair and looking at me. And I shut the door and I blocked it not black I woke up like weighing. You know heart breaking news and that is that we have Belinelli is not that the crazy hit land that. It in the third game ever really count and those startling. Christina we're gonna have to let you go escape tight jeans opinion on that before we have to go to break here which we have to do just few seconds Cheney and any thoughts on that. And one seat. She. He can't find. It. Ain't hitting. It. In. His life and see how the other. And animal. And I. Thought. Shall I. All right so we're gonna get or take a quick break when we come back more you listen to Jason. Dreams tonight and beyond me on the radio Jason GP our guest is James Anderson and judging we've got a bunch of calls we've got about to OC four minutes for after the break Purdue phones Jeff. Yasuda. Let's bring in cam from Kansas City cam welcome to be unreal reality ready you're on with Jason Jay-Z and Jane Anderson. Get calmer and we'll go much welcome show. And I are. Yeah it completely understood that term strength is true and I'm probably never heard our power to her current children. And her pocket. That the I was it was a barrel drop her as remembered. Thinker on content between the letters. Aren't that important important event where there are apparently too. The second installment of the Dark Knight who dean yeah in the cedar you know term he and open people and character right. About two weeks but for the character and her. Attorney article written in movie different parent record. I'm good villain. And Bruton. And a coming out from the screen. And attack the people over here with their I had a group drinkers are at. And he you know decapitated people as a Christmas tree at least. At first he couldn't. Hurt me it was recently. On the screen and then. And I really think they're in a kidney. And then it there again. The company and it only dream I've ever done it. He grabbed me and I don't share it. In the making up what you and then. Think a couple of act. It was perspective. For now split second. Can you continue remind us what was the time frame of this dream as real as a relates to that theater incident without we. Before is it what happened in the theater. All right and that it would. Paper route I told my girlfriend I'm about it. One of those Israeli Cabinet last word on an intense man. She remembered that it didn't just have a dream about that happening and I together ridden. It was so announced that it is so well I remember exactly that that would like him in but now is that back you know I remember the face. I'm like how people and it. And let let me ask you how and so what if I knew if I can help. Went to go look it up on I don't know it and and it would be adapting. That. Realized I think it gentleman that Paul is right ones and I didn't break you know. You know this scene of wall. And even if the ball isn't so. He's he we have to would camera gonna let you go here is we have to go to break and multiple C alleging an answer that right after brakes are okay as I'm sure it's gonna take more than a few seconds we have. Sosa you're listening Jason. If you stay on the West Coast Louisiana East Coast. Stuffed somewhere in between war can be on really radios myself. Jason Hawes and my co host JD John tell you if he keeps raining like this I'm gonna admit be part of a new coast the upstate New York coast because it just you will not stop raining here it has been a non says this has been the worst. The war I don't know I don't remember seeing a summer like this before him before. And an illegal Memorial Day we just had was fifty some 54 here grainy. But the year prior was 86 a year prior to that it was 920. And he what what happens is global warming isn't certain that's the freezing owner either way it's freezing it was like 48 degrees here today. Yeah it was really really cold all day today and I hit. Exit out walking just a little while ago and it was winter weather mean really felt like winter at least late fall anyway. Yeah it's been bad so we got a great show tonight we're talking with it Jeanne Anderson Anderson I dream analysts say the dream therapist writer and mentor. And living in Australia so and it's interesting topic I mean it always really gets me gets a lot of people calling in with questions and talking about their drinks. Yes I always love listening to people talk about their dreams because they affect people so much differently in and you know everybody has their own kind of things are harboring the seem to come their dreams. I'm and Jane has a great job of talking about themselves he'd like to talk about. Any of the dreams that you chatter you're aware of other family members having feels ridiculous equality for 46877669. And before we went regard. Now senator Frist race I just before I went to break we were talking with cam. Who was talking about a dream he had that he felt was someone put somewhat of a premonition and if you remember. Yours don't remember what year was frankly but when the movie the Dark Knight came out there was a shooting I think it was or some type of mass murder. At wanted to theaters a gentleman came in dressed as the Dark Knight a farmer the story correctly. And he hurt and killed people. In this particular gentleman cam had a dream that occurred a few weeks prior to that. It was very very similar in nature and we didn't have time and before the break for Jane to comment on that. So let's bring her back in Jane. You heard the dream what are your thoughts on that. You. Are actually. How people. What. Is. It. To me. And this out. The screen such things adds dimensions. And not. Nearly and shall I shall I. Didn't. I didn't. Start out. The can't seem. I'm in the senate and seeing you and eat. It. Is. Already pretty. Or reading. How. She tees and he should eat and eat junk. Out. She. Is the acting. Libya. To me and he. May be due. You are and it may be that you hit it. Kind of things. Might get it does. It that it is extremely well I teach you. At Sony and seeing the thing early. And into the odd that they're yeah. A lot. We're talking with Jane Anderson and again telefono received 44687766. And nine. And OJ before it would bring more phone calls and when people come to you for assistance inter in interpreting their dreams what's the most common. Type of dream that there are concerned about her or looking for help with. In that area. And so mostly. There. Is an opera. And asked me. In my. 08. Sell. It. Experience or change. In my heart wrenching teen not a ringing. And and bronzed not. Many. They're reaching mowers they it's what. Went on is pretty scary thing. When you wrote the book death streams. I mean that's that's just in that in the title you know that dude it's terrified twelve key questions to help interpret your death streams. Does that mean what it sounds like it means. And I haven't been. All of a GE. And I. Didn't. And nobody I know I'm. And many none of it. Oh hell. I. Got a in the army. Or. I'm I did what a woman recently and I'm on. It like eight. It. And in my. Is all. In all. He aims angry. Mary. In an industry. Cheating. Over. All things and I'll. See you. And and met. Our. Needs and sell any sentence or he is you know you. Didn't. I'm a young aren't accurate and well online and eating. And. Our let's go to the phone mines this is James from Kansas City. A James welcome to beyond reality radio great to have in the program. Soldiers injured but don't you listen. We'll. I didn't know what probably was called it and I if you dreamed. That it. Skirted crap out of me. But figured Obama out since her. One would was being a would be chased through the field by a giant ball. And the ball would change into a bar dot com hope. Paul's second dole OpenId bills. The ball would order the ball on in the barn wouldn't. Saturday. Essential installed the ball was forced orders at all. Okay. And I figured out that'd. The dream blows or representation. The ball was my brother Cruz all of a million picked on me all the time. And then after when imprison their dreams quit. OK so I was away from my brother so there was no more accurate to Luke the entity that was. About ten years ago I moved into house. And I didn't find out until about three weeks just moved to outfit a gentleman had died in the house the diverted to open house. It was structural engineer and he broke Powell's lived in at the forty years 45 years and died in the back on the hospital. You know he was well he would. Contracted cancer and he was invalid. Died in house moved into ousted knowing who died in the house. Approximately three days that got moved into account so I started haven't. Nightmare is bad do things. I would wake up until presence. And menacing presence. In the house around me. And I would literally get up in the middle and I total awards and scale commercial right. Is it. And I was told prior to read that. About the gentleman died in the house sort of put two and together that it was him. Tried to protect his house. Interest him. Interest in but he did James take on a Jane. James kind of came whose own conclusions his own dream interpretation if you will is that something a that you recommend MB did you see anything. In what James told us and what his conclusions were that you might disagree with. Yeah. And read it pretty. I mean and it does need or. Is it when and not. And he's certainly. Frustrating because. They are already. On. Loan. He's probably. He'll run as she is. Oh all all of an inch and his current boarding and and night. I. Mean you can be. HA IEO. Not. The chain saw my market. Name on something and I. Saw me and it finally hit his. Wallet and not match. Well. It's. A war or gushing into line is. I'm Mike Green. And I'm gonna. It won't and innocent and I'll change. On the ball all that menacing and it is actually is what you menace are. On track. But yeah act bottom line in the U. Okay and will they cycle. Yes excellent call jars so we need to take a quick break and when we come back more and more taking your calls numbers 844687766. Nagged until freed 844. 68776690. Listen Jason did. It's beyond reality radio Jason Hart Jim Johnson or telephone received 446877669. Or guest tonight. Is Jane Anderson Jane is a dream analyst a dream therapist a writer a mentor she lives in Brisbane Australia. She consults she trains she managers worldwide you don't have to be in Australia to use chain services. We're talking about dreams tonight Durbin we've got a lot of calls Lotta people are sharing their their dreams and their experiences and trying to get some explanations and some comfort for votes of the summer can be quite scary. And it really can. They train and ala Christian. I. Well sunny side he had allergies are you gotta rub that in horse were supposed to be sunny and clear right now I'm game day we just we have it's weird in February in the middle winter we had days or eighty something degrees which is. Unheard of but now during summer we can't seem to get over 68 so it's ridiculous. But up. Art is so back and back to talking but the dreams now I've got this friend Tom who seems to have these dreams about volcanoes. Erupt. What do what does that mean. Any that. Exhaust all give up. I. A lot. Tonight. And I. Agreed. Or how it. I made some. Nice. Huge asset. To ask in cheating. Is on me. And I. Am an Irish question do you. Think. Case and who will want. A chain line. In my aunt are about her are we drop out an and in new York new. Okay I'm here because I'm not gonna mention and my friend JV who keeps having these Centrino and things just aren't what that's about right Jane just to be fair here I had that dream frequently maybe when I was sixteen years old that I brought it up on another program. And the dream interpretation was very similar to yours with maybe a little bit more neurotic twists. A little bit more Jason likes to bring it up and I haven't had in years let's just be was just be clear about that. Parish are. Now I wanna bring actually James back into the program from Kansas City DL just wanted to add something to what he was telling as previously James sorry to cut you off prematurely there was what else joining had. Tore about disconnect. Now I the first dream with the ball chasing me in the bottom. My brother. Is security Allred. And play. The life that I lived. In the house growing up there and is he was tired he was always to me. I have multiple scrawled my body program. If it was constant. Torment and torture are paying. I was born he grabbed we were buyout and he grabbed my hand and picked up the baby snapping turtle and attach it to my finger. But yeah. And he when I was also I was four he was also shown out of bound in trash. We were an excellent arm bar old he threw an aerosol can and I didn't see it oriented and slowed it. And we've gotten in the house now and solve. Black disk that was the bottom of the can and they're here to my neck. She's okay. Elisa we're gonna quickly running time for break your we've got about 45 seconds. Jane anything wanna change or add based on what James was just able to share reverse. I. Would think that. And it may well I. Already. And shall in cities such a thing. Or is it. Ain't it. Eight or number it's gonna nineteen legacies. She it. 06. And has us on. Eight and meetings and. All right all right we're gonna take a break here don't forget the telephone numbers 84468776. It's nicer one of calm be part of the chat here. And if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may she'll like the the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio and download the free android and iPhone app or find station in your area we aren't stations all across the country. British take a quick break when we come back more gruesome twosome ahead. Acting beyond reality radio Jason arms TV Johnson thanks so much for joining us thank you don't agree radio stations around the country carrying the program. And thank you ought to all of you for listening. And you can see that list that beyond reality radio dot com where we Erin right now only 2824. Different states across the country and are numerous stations in each of those states. Some issue check out listen I were talking with Jeannie Anderson dream analyst treating therapist writer and mentor. Out of Australia and we're talking her mound pretty extreme interpretations yet and let's go right to the phone lines so we've got David from Florida who wants to share a story with a Stephen welcome to beyond reality radio you're on with Jason JV and Jane Anderson. And thank you guys. Some. When I was younger about 1995. This happened to me. I had just gotten from our school and he went for. Robert walker Erica hill is still. Before and certainly my. Homework and com. I'd just gotten to the end of the corner. Turned and song don't need to go back and paying. I come out of my act. And different and Saunders to go back. At an event vision and. No wait a minute you said you're you're awake this was an dream you're walking and you had just some kind of premonition or feeling that you had to go back home. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And there's. Critic I usually go out while you're there for our art school so. And disinfectant. Connecticut. And and it turned out there. And I'm I'm I'm Eric Cantor and you respect most in an undercurrent that's what. My mom was a great company. So we had this feeling we had to go back home you did you did go back home and she told you that gave you that message is that we are saying. Now okay soft sort of like a connection just with her that something was wrong and she needed to talk with the eight connectors in. It yeah interest in David thank you for sharing and when you genes take on the Jane you know. We often think of dreaming is something you do only when you sleep but some of those staying the same forces are in action or at play. Even when we're away so would you consider what David you shared with us connected to any of things have been talking about as it relates to dreaming. Yeah. It may in the end. And how. It. As. All. Eyes are. Seeing. An. AA. Is in a Disney and. That is amazing actually again a stiffly IDS. Right. In line. They all happened. In just. The way. You. Making. It. Is. And yet. Doesn't. It well well well well I'm not. Mean. You re. Let's actually imam and he knew and didn't. End. On my. Way out. And they Younis your age she and an. Insult well. No actually in it. In a so. Yes again thank you David for the phone call if you we probably have time for another caller to if you wanna get in on this seat for four. 687766. Then what is it about dreaming. That fastening system why do we use dreams as a measure of you know be happiness in life you know achieving your dreams I would dreams aren't always pleasant so where did we come up with that kind of fell. The sense that that that's what dreams are. Yeah. To mentally ill. And on the Internet. And I'm. Not. Seeing this. Many innocent. Country. Is it. Dividend we tell our kids to dream big. So it's it's kinda it's definitely one of those strange things arms but one dream I have you know I brought this up to other. In dream interpreters in the past but OK so. I'll I'll be up on stage with so with some of my cohosts from TV show went on for many years Steve. And although procedure being from a 34000 people at a time doing a presentation now I've had a dream in the past where. I'm up on stage in front of 34000 people and all the sudden I realized that pretty much I'm not wearing it right. Om and in his one of those things where. Yeah and I've heard other people have these streams and and there'll there'll embarrassment for whatever reason I just. Say the heck with it and just keep on doing what I'm doing a guest speaker Marty in this predicament Muslim cannot call it quits now but is so what it's something like that meet. You bring it probably looking. At it. And change. Or over and I think. You'll need a general sense and is unlike our. People he really is not in yet but. Until you see it. Then you're in his coaching. Is all. Right. It. Is it doesn't get anybody who's since I don't military. Sends a I actually on. Me as. I say. Michael Roll it. Out. You bet on. It. OK so it's a good thing. What dreams tell us about her future we you know we we kind of touched on it throughout this conversation a little bits and supreme pre cognitive dreams or. Or just stood dreams that kind of service a premonition but is there any. Oh. Legitimate research that suggests that debt that is a a legitimate way for some of us to get messages about our future. Yeah. Searching. And eighty. It. And dismiss. All of us already. And I. Is. Anything. One country or nation. It a shot. Off. Mine is see. Not and that. I. I don't know really how. You are. Getting. Energy. It. All. It's just an injury and and in your race. We know. The day she is mean. Anything that. I. Didn't I didn't manage. Oh. You. Drink some way. His dream of being chased by. And peace and maybe you won't abuse scandal and you're gonna keep. This. Thing. Now why don't why. In my opinion and you. Are running. Animals. Change. Change one rule or at least eight. It what. You. Are nine. And will. That. Are almost each. And it. Horrible it's late in beautiful. And oh. Yeah. And or. Changing. And they are a nation. And ash it actually allow more yeah. It. Yeah well and commuter train and and I. Knew. I am I at. Launch why Hopkins is. May. Need. You today. And you ain't doing cheap now. Mean you. Own. Legs and he is it and things a bit. Lenient. And. Okay well another dream and that I used to have a lot of times when I was younger though was imminent might sound silly but it was you brought up the whole idea of a monster but. I'd be trying to run from something that was running extremely fast in his and I was. Sort of like running a nice I couldn't gain any traction I couldn't move and the ease this thing was gaining on me now is woke up right for a guy to me but. What would something like does that mean. Running on my. Does is running a place I I can't say the reason I say ice is because there wasn't moving so it's like. I was running but I wasn't going anywhere and and what was coming up on me was moving out and pirates beat. How neat that shall. It running and not getting. On. Friday. And not be any news you. Name me because I. I don't meet. Or. IO. Maggie it Sheehan is chasing you is. All of you in big chase and it. Is something holding you. The big news. In. The senile may. At. Saint. Mountain. In any. And all else. And a beautiful or. And chase it. Ronald. You. So you need. To. Shielding her. Making. It an Indian and direction. And it is is trying sliders and comes out. Shia and released. Or new and free. Would. Expand. And you're right. Intersect Jay I'm sure their common themes that come to view all the time from people you know life things that come to mind from what we've heard on this program and other places or people having dreams of flying or. Know things like that what are some of the most common themes that you here and people talk about with few. It in being. With. EO. In. Oh. One. Seat. You might. One day. You reach. A cheating yeah. Try. Getting. I. In. You know she's getting. And let us. I just. Think they. Are. Touch. This. Isn't an age. Well and eating in the and 80. I fought them. And my. Eyes outlines emissions. And and so. There are things in. Me. Actually go to it and they are all see an intriguing themes and it. I'm claims is new and Charlotte went out not. Eight. And GU. Suit. I'm. Program on line or else. And a final question here is we're gonna run out of time on this it relates to nightmares picks I think did especially people who have. Frequent a recurring nightmares is there anything. That people can do to either lessen the frequency or lessen the severity or deal with that phenomenon a little more seemly and better. It is. Your body actually. You all you it was eight years when. They. They. Eat and are sure anything how racing. In. The senate. Is going. They. Are not seeing. Things to. 88. Anything. You or not. On. The show you already knew. Oh. AMD. And it. Shootings and coach and that will be. And and coming out. Oh you know I shall you send. Us an. Inning. And uncles and it is what. What. They always. Are they. What is or is it an eight day. 08. Mix and they shouldn't. Is new tax. And try to. Cancel. Are. Only or read. It. You know Jane spent a great discussion take your time give us the website again where people can find out more information about your services in your books. Jay. Is Jane oh. He's not change. And you can also check out of this you go to be on reality radio dot com water it under the gas tab because finder books and everything else thanks so much for common hang in all of this we look forward to talk communion in the future. It. Are we're gonna take quick rate break will be back to wrap things up it's beyond beyond. Q can you get tasker. You when you're you're Katrina flying flying while doing the breaststroke yeah I mean it's a pretty unique way of flying but it works for me around pretty well and Sebelius went flying. Owner and and you get the food you know it's our mode is the weirdest I've flying ever would be she's a zombie during the breaststroke I mean there. Would you say I'm super heroes the bush is definitely a big shout out to these images of coming on hang analysis tonight. And just open and we'll just talking about dreams so you know and if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like the FaceBook page. Head over to be on reality radio dot com. You can find stations in your area listen online's by clicking the listen live button. Or on download the free injury and iPhone app for a different site we appreciate the support everybody. You'll have a great night kitchen a march Jason javy Dioner illiterate man. 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