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UFOs; Hollow moon theory; Time travel and much more!

Jun 21, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Rob Shelsky about his work including research and investigations into UFOs, alien life forms, time travel, secret moon bases, and hollow moon theory. These topics, while controversial, are becoming more intriguing as more people accept them as plausible. 6/21/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast wins and the East Coast many stuck in between welcomed beyond really redo myself Jason Dallas in the always awesome GD Jones. OK so we it it's Tuesday on the what and signed Wednesday on the other but whatever on return to go it's the second night since we've index from from a little break and you know we've got some great -- we talk about UFO's tonight aliens hollow moon theory time travel all compressed into one shelf. Howard took that into our I don't think we're going to be able to is how would you be saying what we do every night geez wish we had more time. Absolutely ordered talker rubs rob shall ski tonight and I he's her in a bunch of books ancient alien empire. Dirks a darker side of the moon for the moon is hollow and aliens rule sky. And Douglas goes on and on and these these are really interesting topics these things and I've talked to many times in the past Judy. And it's just things that. Have always made me wonder. Yeah he got to I mean I think I think all the planets out there. With eve even the other planets out there with moons and were kind of the only one that can really see something in our sky and it would it with our eyes and and and so and it's just seems out of place doesn't it. Well it just seems mean to when you go out and look at the night sky especially given good view of urine and rural area where this analog light pollution you can really see the number of stars that that urges within our field of view at any given time it is. Mind blowing an overwhelming and to think that you know we are the only planet. That has any kind of life particularly intelligent life who just beat. It's it's hard to accept that as as fact given how many possibilities exist in the sky. Yet but now what I'm saying is the moon just seems so out of place photo but the moon. Yeah you can never too because tournament in jeans and a they do with him at the meat of cheeses and it noticed this whole hundred kids ignited lead until Leslie 32. A simple but but no honestly if you look at is there's actual actual historical writings. And where would they they're time out time and time without the moon man. From long time ago. So there's and there's this documentation talking bowel a lot a lot of a belief is that it showed up quick ten to 20000 years ago. See and I think it's just how to get there. There yet these are all great questions and erupts in a talk about the type a lot of what rubs gonna talk about his kind of darker side stuff to I mean one of the things he talked about very frequently is that. This whole alien visitation concept is so glossed over when it's admitted to and when it's talked about it's generally done in terms of some kind of benevolent. Or grew gregarious relationship that he thinks that there's something far more nefarious going on. And did that these alien visitation sees UFO's that are being spotter here for very armed Dyer and none in them malicious intent. Main. Tunnel and it definitely it opens up whole can warrants and gets a little scary in and there was a report that came out. Hat and the other day or whatever and I'm man pressure and he. Any real honesty out of a thing that. But he showed form of the news feeds about Howell you know the government is known about aliens for this length of time this scientist was talking about it. And they haven't said they won't and they kept it quiet because. The whole. Information that we've been able to gather from them. Would kill the prices of oil would kill the oil minister knows comes under oil doesn't apply I'm in big money. And really if you think about it you're talking the oil companies were buying out and it's it's proof you want about their buying out all these these companies that were. Or even these people who are trying to create these solar powered cars and everything. Going back 2030 years ago and they have video of of them literally sending him to jump ski jump carriage and just crushing them shorting them getting rid of them. So yeah it always seems to come down and down to dead and gone big oil's a scary scary industry. Well I you know and and so was big on going you know there's a lot of that too but you know of these giants fall too so I can't imagine they have is that much control over all of the stuff notably interesting to talk about it and down you know get him get more of a sense of what it actually is going on. So if you haven't yet made sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio we like the FaceBook page. You can also head to beyond reality radio dot com. Great there from the site you can listen live or you can just download the free android and iPhone app. Which allows you to listen to the shall I reach out with us catch past episodes. And yet I also just won't connect with us general you can do it on the go. So. Damage she grabs Newton and makes life easier for. Yeah I'm also we've got some great stuff coming up during the rest of the week tomorrow night we're going to be talking with PC and Brett Wallace. Casey Wallace can communicate with the spirit world and her husband Brad also knows a thing or two about the other side after surviving. A near death experience and together they make up a powerful team. They directed started produce an upcoming series series called ghosts of the Caribbean and I'm not really sure I don't know a lot about that particular. Series. On Steffi took assert upbringing Vudu and some other really interesting concepts that we aren't completely familiar with into the mix and it always makes for an interesting discussion. Parcel it does. So I think we got a lot talk about with rob tonight's we should probably take a break in the get him are you ready to do that I I'm always ready to that are wouldn't subjects with his stereo as the Jason GDP on really. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Honoring Hillary and Jason wants to be Johnson had some work. Courts that there is some this is gonna with the chat and we're working on those protect people. Eagerly and anxiously trying to get that back up. Yes yes it's usually very busy and also inherited just the amount of people who are listening through the the the gap and everything else in my head effects at all so we just so we've got them actually rebooting the whole server system software that'll be also an estimate. You know hopefully that'll fix everything but in the meantime as our bumper music bringing his back in. Said things are pretty complicated we're gonna talk about some pretty complicated issues tonight though I would their guest rob shall ski. That was a great leader and analyst thank you so but not yet and I'm really I'm excited to talk to rob because. A lot of his seriousness thoughts I'll Ferris things that I brought up to in the past javy about so yeah it's just how strengths a lot of things seem so a lot. And robs with a smile so I welcome to the shore up. Good thanks for coming out yes thanks for joining us Rob Brown of course is the author of a bunch of books as well deadly UFO's in the disappeared darker side of the moon. They are watching us for the moon is hollow and aliens through the sky invader moon time travel invasion whole bunch of stuff. Rob for the benefit of our audience and because I'm we're just anxious to learn more about should tell us a little bit about how you got your start. In and looking into these topics in them becoming what would be considered an expert on them. Well I've always been interest to you poses a very young execs have used sold my brother claims some missing time which. Further got me into it and bit by bit step by step by assessment on entry into the great beyond that's supposed to say. But I have a tremendous fascination for all things fuel flow and theories of the universe in life it's I just wanted no problem urged one ticket answers. Now your brother had and missing time. Scenario and can you tell Russell volatile. Sure to make it quick he's a friend went out to Centennial campaign. Only went nineteen like to look up to guide people and not far away they've said let's go look at it pick it up they walked out to look at it. And all of a sudden it was the next morning they got a district camp dispensed by the can pick them up and took all sixteen at that time. Way to my brother was about certain very cute very quietly and today it. It's certainly nobody called dispensaries said to be remembered that and yeah I do as well what happened what did we talk about it would refined. He had no memory. No recollection from around midnight that night to 9:30 and next morning. What you mysteries they didn't talk about that. Just never came up again this so impressed woods. My brother's friend that he sold his house smoked his entire and the biggest because my brother so that they could explored the question a lot more. And he came up with some interesting information they also explored every it to 21 of the outer perimeter of that deep into some videos which saw. And his Japanese and strange things you see videos. Arched her yet and that must have been you know that kind of experience. For smoltz one of those things were you have to kind of do some soul searching to figure out whether you believe it happened and then at that point you. Sir talking about it and you try to convince other people that it happened to end I mean that that whole process alone. Is a bit of an agonizing one. And a long term what really in case my Brothers and John they just and it took forever for them to really come to grips with it what's happening. An interesting thing after all the time I spoke but I asked him purity test. Which you like to know the answers and he said well it depends. On what. He says and whether the cancer was good or not. An incident it was a coupon debt that the user what you're lucky to threaten time these idiot. And also yeah. Divorced himself from it entirely he decided he wanted nothing to do it at about 56 years ago. He just wanted at the western side in peace because it. Had been so long term and so upsetting I guess sort that we use. We have so many things to talk about tonight then I'm not even sure where to start rub. Maybe maybe just maybe lesser with just UFOs in general you've talked a lot about so what you believe. Is the reason that we are being visited enemy now be this the reason that most of us think it is once you give us an idea of what you think is going on in our skies. Well I think for a slow. I don't like we're belief because I don't think you pose some to believe and don't have it in music history count. I think evidence exists that you post actually exist and fund field investigator. I've talked a lot of people I've. Age did you approach exist exactly what they are worth of how is the big question of course well to answer. I think this probably more than once species I think reasoning here may not be too hard and said. The ultimate goal is to edit your eye which I know I really don't know and I don't have the evidence to supported that. The evidence they do it seems to point that it couldn't negatives proposition at best. It could be truly terrible. So you so you believe that there. Then them being here there are here for probably something bad. Well it is and I can find bad you know with that one person is good for another. Their motivation for being here. Are whatever they are. But their behavior towards us is what we would define his battery you've been able I mean you have abductions we have permanent disappearances. In the thousands of the year you have. People being hurt people being examined again it will you have damage to property. People kill. I I I'm not quite sure how we could see that a top flight BC and and I don't think it could just taxed into can't have an intelligent species capable interstellar flight or inter dimensional plight. Who are doing this can't be unaware of this side effects of what they're due. It must know what it in the simply you don't care at some greater goal line which I'll eat human rights. Or night it's funny I was talking to a scientist since going back probably. Almost thirty years ago and he has this whole theory that we are pretty much just slipped just as the human race tends to study monkeys. These entities that come here are. Pretty Mitt they've put us here as late the monkeys from their planet to see how we devolve how we adapt and that they hung around in the have been watching a sever cents. And I know that's serious sort of grown with the with a lot of individuals out there as well. But if that was the case and I guess who wouldn't be something. Something nagging while it still be negative if they were disappearing people are dying and things of that nature but yeah. The monkeys guests. Well. I can go with the idea that we were genetically enhanced to. Native species of earth that they decided it could be used to like the idea of the other stocky and being the overlord. I think it's significant evidence historically that sort of thing. And I do believe that. The RH negative factor actually might be a marker of this with this we're sure evidence well. You have all sorts of legends mythology is around the world but also seeing the same thing. And when it was saying the same thing epic and it limited some credence. Also the that affected about two and to teaching is an interest now continent yet animals being human and we're those cute couple but it didn't come from any common ancestors. That where the Monkees so why is it 85% of the human race has the reasons I am. Jeans for the protein on the blood cells and the other 50%. Don't. They don't have to if you use the term McEachern. We don't light up. And it's open series. Now consumed elsewhere it makes no sense mutations don't seem to count but the average negative factor. The only thing that's the only secret we can compare it is like if you cross. All horse with the talking you get a mule. And then you look at certain attributes that wouldn't be in the annual otherwise except it had two species is parents but you don't get that happening in the future. Talk it horses don't you completed and could have to keep purposely done by hand in order accomplished fact so Q type that human beings. We couldn't happen to us by acts that's been done to us. Interesting I wouldn't back up just a hair here too we only have a couple minutes for we have to go to break. But what's the general position of the UFO community if there is such a community and if you can define it any move font or. May be sued government position but you know what we're talking much here seems to run counter to what we've been led to believe in a soft way. From what is it accepted position of the reason that these aliens might be here. Well about his very is that people are. In the community did many believe that the youthful success that is what species some of the species agree that in some species of bat. And have different purposes. Many believe. The opposite it was right about the autopsy that we argued sentence. Op either on purpose or by accident from the alien races in the sense that we created by. And is there cover up going on. Oh yeah absolutely. No question in my mind whatsoever there's a cover it it's a cover up its been long term it's by our government and the lord only knows who else and it it's quite adept. Not a orally. Well we come back I wanna I wanna get into that a little bit on the cover up but and we are we need to be quick break but there we have and most questions and I definitely wanna get into this whole hollow moon theory because it's. As something has really always interest to me. You listen to Jason GBM beyond really purity of the phone numbers 844687766. Thank you and told freed 844. 6877669. Gibson called. They're a little. The group Barenaked Ladies there's bound yet there really and that literally really distinct sound tune you can recognized and instantly even if you don't on the song. As silly welcome back to be hundred no later ideally Jason NGV. We're talking about some interesting stuff tonight with rob shall ski. About it at all Iran now womb we're talking about aliens and this whole thing about them being around him being and you truly being here they're here for good reasons or. Or bad and put forward to break rob we're talking about the whole government cover up. Now put it if the aliens were here who wouldn't they have a stake in trying to let everybody know that they're here. Not if they have an agenda on the docket Mikhail Acela. Said that it was a military industrial extraterrestrial. Extraterrestrial complex MIT C and C and said that Europe is being assimilated. My agent which all up its current mode but there's an agenda in every good reasons and keep it covered up. You talk about monkeys experiment maybe it. To it misses the experimental result. True here but then again if our government knew about it why would they why would they be keeping a trauma firm believer that the government does cover this up let me just say that radio I'm. But if the if the government just playing devil's advocate here if they did know about it and there might be this. It conspiracy of these things or whatever trying to do negative things why wouldn't the government let us noted at least try to gain our support to. To stand up to protect ourselves sort of found ourselves. Well there's a number of possible reasons what is in my view alternate but over the outcome of the experiment is they haven't taken it. Number two they may not be able to do anything about it so therefore. They come to some sort of agreement with extraterrestrials. That they will let them do what they want to do is on this date people within certain limits and keep it confined to help them to covered up. And the suite to governments getting something out of it that they want. Some technology for instance and for my vehicle or collusion. Those cement in the government make it staggered not all of them but some of the government. Might have gotten a lot with the audience and they have a vested interest. Yet the extraterrestrials commitment they want and do everything they can't help. The former senator polite gentle Kate anyway. He said there exists out of a couple of and so on airports donating his own fundraising mechanism that is being outrageous story but I'm. Senator the United States. So you believe I mean you can dismiss he has. A crackpot for instance or something but two or just some news sold out their that. Dismissed senators and presidents and up in prison I refer to the changes that the military industrial complex but it might do to. And it you have this Canadian representative. This is the same thing you have. Winston Churchill mention this sort of thing I mean how people the K. Before you begin to think OK something technically on. Well and of course of course they would want you to locally and crackpot because is helps him and make you look crazy make what they say look correct but. Also this there's the possibility that in return will. They're a big reason why the government could be covering this up is because. These Singh's first first office that are here that are variable to do all this stuff as far there if there's far more advancements in technology. In return the government trying to keep the people in control not tell us anything. Could be being kept in their position of power by these things correct. Absolutely. And there are some you spoke conspiracy theories that say that. The aliens technical equipment the terrible that's like reptilian race that they can look like that they can get away with a I don't think that trio. But. I like to go with the facts that I can kind of back up. There's lots of theories out there and elected yet since I knew the facts are you opposed exist too many people see them video. Record them to airline pilots both military commercials see them. Two lead police officers to people of observational skills C east. William would you say UFO you just mean an unidentified flying object you're not saying an alien spaceship view saying unidentified flying objects are real. Right exactly and that's what a lot of people don't understand it it will be soft line process it and I saw you a slow. I seem to have my like that would class budget vote I don't know what you were actually with it would not it would not airplanes helicopters weather balloon. And to reachable so that sort of thing were drones conceded exist at the time. I can't tell you what they are I will tell you that many people who video piece photographed these CDs always describe them. As seemingly to violate the laws of physics. They're of one Estes I've that we made tremendous advances that are all. Which makes them wonder why we have to seize control of the entire planet but such capabilities. Were some yelled and capabilities and it is. That would be logical conclusion. When we flow began talking about this topic you mentioned does something that was kind of alarming and that frightening as well. Talking about the disappearances of people that permanent disappearance of people. More than just an abduction story where we hear some knees and missing time missing the week. Day and hour whatever happens to be but. There are many cases of people who disappear permanently. On at the hands of what we suspect to be alien abductors. Right I elected to appreciate between. Abductions disappearances abductions for me are people are returned we have well over a million people who claimed this now again. Maybe we have a million crackpots in our country each. I don't think so I think people the ones I interviewed the ones I've talked to. They certainly think that what happened in Israel and economical I would say in their opinion their minds the weight affected them emotionally financially absolutely. We have some 900000 people disappear. Every year in the United States salaam. Now most at risk we put down to people. Karen is taking the desperate parents child people who want to disappear. Kidnappings. And murders but. Even account well that is some 5%. That we have never been able to account for. That's 5% and a out like that comes to about 45 to 2000 people a year this simply vanish from the face of the earth forever. And that's the United States alone. This happens in Australia that some 30000 people which is really I haven't seen such small population that he eagle on the planet it is going everywhere. Al east again and it's several million per year this is an incredible number. Where legal I was content not accountable like we kind of bodies of one of their popping up usually under assumed there. And that's only in countries that have well written that have advancements and knowing about the population I mean there's there's Third World countries out there that. Can't tell you what their population is and if somebody goes missing. Or what's happening to it I mean there's a case of professor disputed Venezuela. Lot definitely receipt edit his car but daylight in the parking lot was seen by members of students were. Sitting on the logic by having lunch being mistreated get out the current it would look vanished just on never to be seen again this goes on all the time. So he got as far and he just vanished from. Mean he got in his current that was the last who's overseeing. That was the last it was a scene need to have some events ever in broad daylight at university. And it's system making it look report was so intrigued but he kept trying to follow it up he interviewed local constabulary yeah. These cases of people are away with people turned out he checked to see them. No can account for what happened in just won so many. And it's amazing because sound. We hit it makes an incident type has an oddity is that. A strange you know those strange weird happenings in and people gradually forget about it by. The people who disappeared action that was trying to console. Unaudited sweetly. Quite set quite. Tragic and traumatic. And have you been able through your research and although all the work that you've done connect any of the dots. To offer evidence sir there is anecdotal or otherwise that would dumb point two some type of alien. Culprits when it comes to these disappearances. Well I mean it's simple possible conclusions can come to you that they. Slipped between the time line is sort of the quantum reality. Aliens abducted. Permanently. We even now. The author David polite he stalks and all the disappearances and national park can't be accounted for sometimes the bodies turned up at odd places in very strange guys as part ways and any time in return of the quality of their belongings just vanished for ever. But I am inclined to think at least some of those cases have to be. Extraterrestrial oriented because all the street lights are seen in the quiet time. You sightings a looker. As soon after with a case of the app students in Russia and Siberia. As that the outlook patents where they all decided horrible circumstances. Street or dispute is that like we've seen in the sky in that area before it after the event. So you have to kind connected so I mean. Is circumstantial evidence but it's fairly compelling circumstance. Right Ari we're talking with our rob shows he's an author and a researcher and investigator a lot of books to his credit including deadly UFO's in the disappeared. Darker side of the moon they are watching us and many others that we're gonna talk about. Where to take a quick quick break when we come back we will try to take some phone calls the telephone numbers 8446877669. For those of you who would like to use the chat he can handle their now it's all up and running again we've got six sorry about the inconvenience. You'll soon Jason JV. Beyond reality reviewed back. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason Collins TP Johnson thanks everybody for joining us with a listening and there are great radio station carrying the show around the country are you listening online Leo welcome news to go to the show. Yes you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com you can find all that grease stations we are on across the country or just download the free in iPhone in injury to operate there. That allows you tune in to the show alive join us in the chat room also listen to pass shows since all 100%. 43. The semantic word great there he has a three determining who won a pass if it's. Tonight we're talking winds rob shell ski he's an author and researcher and investigator we've been talking about your foes for their first part of our discussion with rob rob. Again thanks for joining us so we really appreciate your time. In this last segment account what kind of wanna get into. Kind of where you think. We're gonna end up with these alien or extraterrestrial visitors do you think there's a date in it if he's if it is coming is coming soon. Where. They're gonna reveal themselves and make it very obviously nobody's guessing anymore. Of their presence. I think we lost ground as well it's the sides are able to do you wanna answer that question because that was a good one. Com. Yes yes sorry I think I honestly I think that there's going to be a lot going on I think that eventually. People aisle there. Tom you will and I would love to say that I think the government eventually with let us know which Phyllis and I don't know a lot of the reasons why they would be hiding in. We're keeping it private I'm sure there's hidden agendas there for whatever reason but. I think the government eventually somebody that some real let us know and just. For whatever reason and and analysts just being terrified of how we will accept it or watch it. Well what you thought. I am I thought disaster very very probing and thought provoking question in the was out slow silence and kind of feel little was so self conscious about their deep thinking he hung up because they asked that question confiscated. Armed you know here's the thing about that we've been talking about this for years I mean really since the forties. This discussion has been pretty mainstream people were talking about seeing these things people are talking about having cat owners being abducted. Something's happening and it doesn't seem with the government wants to talk about it. At all for whatever reason. Well and makes you wonder I mean you know look at that whole war of the worlds thing where he had people but it had taken their own lives aren't they also. The fear factor is there people get terrified and they surge doing crazy things com. How lie ahead. I I definitely hope that within our allies and our lives that we know that we know that there is something else out there some sort of an intelligent life less. Rob beckon the programs are we lost to their rob I'm but again thanks for joining us some of a question I asked. As as he as we launch there was. Do you think today is coming and if so is a coming soon whereby these alien visitors section trek through visitors will make their presence plainly known and without any illusions or any veils say it'll be a go blame them. The proverbial White House lawn and say we are here in this is what we want. Yes I think it is coming in I think it's. Not coming in maybe because they want it to but because of all the video and the bush aggressively taking another phone system ubiquitous around the planet everywhere as some videos being captured. Immediately. We've put do those things just monumental eventually. The ability to cover up is simply going to collapse and its weight I don't identity was going to or two ago. I don't think it's going to be aerospace group is coming to visit dispute. Do you think they're going to make themselves known but they're gonna make themselves known by pointing the weapon at us. Well I think. Not specifically to appoint a weapon and uses state simply. W is so thoroughly. Whatever their relationship is with the government it apparently has scout our government to be some Serbian. Two of them for one reason or another whether or. Greed for technological gain whatever. But I don't think. It's gonna be good boost beyond that I just don't. A question I'll ask you ask initial last time ms. Kiddy web site to decent and good aliens have extraterrestrials and I can say it's example of injuries deaths damages. Can anyone. Something good did it mean it is like. Helping children not about who lost and Forrester. Gaining some and out of according prosecute people do productions like topic to take people's lives what happened to people Matt Howard. We're ready X Tressel and it's here's our space. They just don't and between can be seen positive for us but I can be able to negative step B yes I think it's gonna come out soon. Probably well and violent riots and but I'm not looking for Q. As my Brothers it. Just died peacefully the. Yet and there are there are people who have been on the show they claim that Ted there is a some type of bug. A coordinated. And cooperative. Relationship between some of the world's governments including ours and these alien races I'm hearing you say that you don't think that's such that's what's going on. All I think it is sort of a cult Labrador loans they cooperatives in the is collaborative. I think our government collaborates with the weather this is unwilling in order to maintain the status quo tried keeping an even keel. And keep this up from pretty well like chickens with their heads cut of awareness because you're getting something out of it. Awaited because they're government is literally couldn it was up and differ code it's not our friends either the result is a government is not it's your life. A government exposed before the people by the people. If they're lying to us and have been for decades it it certainly seems that way given all the evidence. Then debt and government. Now I know that he and I definitely don't like Olbermann is pencils time lying to you. L and even to think it's our own good I heard him mention. And that well people would panic things that vast majority of Americans and your animal life to that extent believe that you're opposed exits. We also know that there are thousands of planets in the galaxy many of which apparently looked like it could support life. I don't think people would be shocked or decide to discover. That there are aliens be could it be all that surprised. But it might be surprised I don't think it could be panic in the streak streets like and so be. Pipeline will be 1950s. They've come a long ways. And one last question before we have to go to break has to be pretty quick answer. But is it is it your belief that the government particularly ours are in this. Relationship collaborative or otherwise. Because they feel is is moms they can keep these aliens happy they are secure in their position. Yes I think that's it I also think that the Indian may have our best interest at heart this is that you like to go on. As recently as usual as possible for those sort abducted or killed or hurt by these things. Mean OK we're gonna take a Brickman commitment and a lot of other topics and talk about when we come back I wanna start getting into this whole Apollo moon theory and and a lot of that's because that's something that's always really intrigued me and and have looked and so many different reports on itself. RAs so if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality regale like the FaceBook page. Let's head over to be on reality radio dot com a final agree stations across country we air on phone numbers 844687766. Agony for four. 687. 7669. Were to take quick break a lot more come after this should listen Jason. It's Tuesday on the West Coast wins in East Coast. And while you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond really review. Myself Jason was my cohost in GV Johnson yeah welcome everybody I know revenues some difficulties in the chat room working in those things still but we are glad to have you along for the ride with a listening and a great radio station around the country curing the show or you listening online it's all good stuff and you could also be listening as a download to. Because so it's all these shows are available as downloads and as podcast or. Yeah and if you do download the show from iTunes or wherever just to associate generated. That helps push of Ford makes it easier for people find. But yeah and jail we can download the you can download an iPhone and I in intra industry. App free of charge at beyond reality radio dot com where you can tune in now lives Youkilis in the past shows join the chat. In so much more. Yeah lot of stuff going on and tonight we've got a great guests to our road shall skeet. Will be joining us he's an author and researcher will be talking about UFO's time travel hollow moon theory. A bunch of great stuff out so what a controversial stuff too. So end the first hour we can be done a lot of talking about aliens and possibly some already being here and our team here for. Negative type for reasons are they can weather what's third what's their reasons or for being or what your thoughts chief. Well I you know why I wish I had a thought I have to rely on experts like rob it's a Kenny give me some guidance on that stuff because I have one. Personal UFO experience. I was actually bid SCANA stargazing one night and I did see in. Something none go through this night sky that was far bigger. Then. Anything I would have expected had a very strange array of lights it made no sound. I am pretty sure wasn't an air airplane. Just given the shape in the in the way it was moving not a 100% sure but I would I would stake that it wasn't. But it was curious curious enough for me that it that really developed a fascination and took in the topic in. You know I too started doing some research and in developing while four but I don't have any answers. Mean well he answers let's spoke robs your four musicals and bring us bring rob back into the show they rob the training and our us. Sure. Glad to be here actually kind of fun. The centers around I hate the one thing has always intrigued me is a whole hollow Apollo moon serie. And because it's a lot of there's a lot of different beliefs I know that. Along time ago there were different tests done on the moon at one point something's dropped on the moon created this loud ringing sound which really shouldn't have happened if the moon was solid. Com and there's the so there's been a lot of different questions on. On the moon and and really on just why it's fair. What do you know what's your initial thoughts on us. Well I'm. Irritable. Lot of evidence to support the idea that the money is not a natural object in the sense what are. We can't account for the scientists. Fairly famous said that and it is easier to believe that the moon doesn't exist then that it does despite the evidence succeed you know Scott because. It is so difficult to explain to our borders just so much. Wrong within or it's not wrong at least so odd that we can't. Figure out how that could possibly be we just don't know I'm diabetic and low intensity we can't. Understand it's perfectly circular orbit around the earth. It has more circular one and done. These everyday and it's interloper into the whole system as well. Our side of the moon's crust to stick it in the near side. When the destructive things like at bell and be like a bill for hours. We have I grabbed on the moon and which we see you packs and there won't exceed don't seem to go to the core of the mood. And it certainly has an iron nickel coral like sight to see it as. He should go right to it just like it does on the Earth's core but it doesn't impact it seems to go around. And as far as sentiment is that in the creators Stan you're side has these huge vast areas of Korea these dark plains and think our outlook. Level closed the it but it seems to be available Kindle some of them extinct or otherwise. There is yet to odd to immediately it is an. And it and should be easier because it's happen like this two point 14 million a year and yet the would have stepped to the viewer doesn't concern at all. Thanks to an app like. Decayed along time ago supplies still on the the result is helium three on the that we don't have an earth which by the way can be used fusion reactors is ideal fuel the list goes. Well and isn't there historical written evidence that the moon is only ten to what's tend to 30000 years ten to 20000 years old. Thirteen thousand is what estimate would do it tackled fruit and happened yes there is seven. Historical evidence. From a number of sources including the Greeks the Romans. Various tribes in the new world. Aristotle podium that's bespoke a time when increased you do with the people that they called that obsolete which means before the moon. Any inhabited. The region Greece before moderate leaks came there and it was during a time before that was. The Romans cheaper to people that lived in Europe in time before it was. Tried sitting in north and South America. Practice legends and stories with back in the days before there was a little bit this world wide phenomenon. And it's strange because Saddam Hussein before it was so it before there was some ours is always. And it is is quite consistent in this which is a very strange thing to do. And of course people argument saying well yes but we appetite under Saddam must have always been here well. Some produces ties as well and then. I have been added in Japan situation. The spaceship with erases it. It was hollowed out that it was just need artificially from scratch. And they argued that the RE that we see on the near side of the a level post them. Popping up Petri record incredible opted out of the technology we don't have an hollowed out the moment but. Even now to get a report on the boat and this report was based on yeah. Idea that. They want to history of what was seen outlook and Indy spec 500 years is NASA's report it's in the public domain and you look at look at up on line. And it talks about. Over the last five years people's streaks pulses beacons splashes volcanos volcanos amber. Tracks all sorts of strange odd like he missed papers clowns to flashing lights. In fact Aris darkest creator has so blue glow surrounded. As some people clashes that it that is nickname by scientists is. The future. Not that has to get world it has no atmosphere it it has no tectonic plates but has now molten core where it look excrement from where is all the sudden it stopped and for a well it has been recorded. 97 it was some you want. It was a missed a cloud covered hundreds of square miles and it's recorded by pass and many other observatory it consisted of fourteen hours. If I'm a world that has no appreciable atmosphere at all it's almost cricket match. Cadet because I could that because when something has Suton and like a meteor hitting hitting moaning creating. Just the dust coming out. Well first you would have to. Probably something that passed would have to witness to clash as we have observatories on the planet. That is clearly it is an open guy and or observatory in the days guys C should see something's secondly. No there is no atmosphere and it's atmosphere that's spins particles whether they are what are vehicle particles or dust particles it would settled out. Credibly fast. Why this could persist so that's another mystery all it was something being prevented from interior for fourteen hours. Okay are too so you're your own thoughts though do you believe that the moon is hollow. I believe that that would mean have ha hollow. Chambers in in inside of it. Because that's density so low that we can't count that an object that size should have agreed that it doesn't. We can't account for and as noted scientists said. He raises the distinct possibility that may be hollow. So that is the way I described I think there is a distinct possibility. That they have Howell center or at least large college game. Now do you think there is so we went we made to them now we really haven't gone back. Now do you think that there's something that the government knows about the moon and that's the reason why they've chosen not to go back. Oh absolutely. Report after report by the various people or members of officials that beastie apartment. People who were kidnapped. All talk to people and that is what we talked. It was his job was to deal with the restaurants in the came back in quarantine he's at all all of them. Pet interactions with few close under flight to from and on the move. And so my best guess is that we've been warned off. But speed there. No we're not rub your evolution of thought on this you were of kind of very very skeptical to say the least of this whole idea of the youth youth. Seemed to kind of change as you've got more information about this was at a difficult process for you. It was a typical in the long pressed her about hullabaloo it I'd rate to read they would platter there. Which critics still don't. Have much statement that. The the parliamentary was so reluctant to change my part. As mr. Tucci getting act became a little intrigued by some evidence that hurt. So it became more and more entry I have taken courses in the straw itself physics and chemistry and I began to investigate it was not going. The realism I think we may have lost a mechanic you know it's funny show where we are talking about government conspiracies. And the government hiding things from us we are guests seem to do to disappeared late just. Random and very very bizarre but they seem to be robbed from spent a solid I think they are let's do this let's take a quick break. When we come back we'll have our guess that it's beyond me on. Jason too good. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aren't religions can can't gremlins and students and something near the government monitoring missile too closely I'm not sure what it is but we do every monitor assault closely anyway as a senator and I think you're probably right would you guess spec rob. Against our solution either but Tom. We were talking about two basically while Holloman theory but the question comes down to YE. If if in fact some intelligent life. Form came in and how are now parts of the moon or all of the moon what with a uniform what's the purpose. It could be a number of reasons actually in utterly sure guys are working for the government. I suspicion. Of your seat period. Exactly what that is the most insulting anybody as a result of the earth. Are. Identity joke I don't. But I think it number of reasons why it could be but one thing Canadian natural Inca civilizations that are institute. For instance the Voyager pro detained and and start to in general and it could take some heat years to get there. They'll take it streak that was used is just to get up past work club which is just like you're out. Get. So. Travel time can don't have hyper space travel is a long time. Plus the Everest it's like earth. It's going to have some dangerous species out there. If you have 95%. Intelligent races that are denominator kind people still have that that they're probably predatory. The ground and hurt you always have an interest in any ecological environment there's there can globally. It's nature's way. It's kind of like even you even just like having the bully on the playground are always gonna have that one bad and bad person or bad thing. Exactly. Exactly just can't seem to get away from so if you want to avoid it's she could halt what world including asteroids. Because set sail on the cosmic sea inside peace to be protected from radiation six stone and metal walls because. So magistrates appeared that you would happen now. Supplies to go for tens of thousands of years it would happen attacked. Is he generational starship to be powered by fusion power which he could do right now this series of small hydrogen bombs we could. Launch our own past it's it's deep space. Eventually you do have to Entwistle assistance to stock up. Tzipi. But the average asteroid. Small could house some 50000 people. And even Carl Pickens so it is not a bad idea to do it. Excuse me again because it would it works out for instance equipment ticket asteroid one mile straight in orbit around earth. Many industries are richer reading and gold silver platinum group idioms zinc iron. One of those would be the quote of the nine trillion dollars. That's the entire it will gross national product or year. Some past which is it to be so rich and said it would be worked like each quite real Ian dollars. This is a tremendous amount of wealth and he would you do it how about Astrid bank rates they. Colony places to to build inside the protected and have been more protected than we are Serbs. Whereabouts so players away partly it should and you don't have to worry about people's bodies could make the circus look natural. Scientists estimate that more rogue planet between stars. There are certain things starts in the depths of interstellar space you'd just be lost everything was keeping regularly answered. Television eat my debt to give leeway because I think. So there's a lot of valid reason for doing it. Also the other acting like one option we might be their experiment. The they kept coming in from the cold depths of space to circle or fire person. And decided they like here and what they're placed around are richer and the sources. Organic and Earl it is number increases. Interesting we oh we don't have enough time to take call here we do have a couple caller who wanna get too after the break. It's it's blue moon was. Used for that purpose any of the purposes that you just described for us is is still being used that way and are there are do we have to fear something in having that hollow moon. That term may pop out one day in and done to give give a send a message Europe summit we don't like. Well Eric. Is it seems to be a fair amount of evidence to get basis on the surface of the and with regard to what people are saying whatever I ask not experienced on the island and since then and the technical back. I kept cease elements still there whether they're happening interior I don't know but given all the big business. Class and the Padilla probably. Interesting our telephone number is 844687766. And honored guests on his rob shall speak. He is a researcher and author a lot of books to his credit including the current time travel invasion in Peter moon. For the moon is hollow and aliens rule the sky in many many others you can find all of them on Amazon or you can visit to be on reality radio website go to the guess step. It scored on the guest have our past guests are listed there as soon as pretty much about on the show and are all seek and find upcoming desperate they're attuned just compliment shows. So and you download the iPhone and android apps may she'd do that makes life and nice and easy need to listen shown ago are you listening Jason NGV beyond really reviewer too quick break. Back to the shows on reality Regis new TV don't forget tomorrow night we've got to a PC Brett. Almost joining us Casey is a medium base of these she can communicate with the spirit world and her husband Brad. Knows a thing or two but the other side he survived a near death experience which changed. The rest of his life and they're going to be talking about some of the things they've done including. And upcoming series called ghosts of the Caribbean. And we talked to a lot of people that those near death experiences and a lot of times they just opened up that's a point of their life where they start seeing and feeling things that they were never able to prior. And it's always inching to talk somebody who's who's had that sort of experience. And tonight we're talking with rob shells he he's an author and researcher. We've fervent talk about all sorts of sorts of things we error are quickly running out of time wanted to hit on time trouble but before we. Do that and we may not be able to based on our time constraints we didn't wanna go to the phones rob if that's okay do we have some listeners with some questions. Thumb in the new winner cold very very patient was so let's go to this is mean in California Nina. Welcome to show bit heavy on. Welcome back and it and I think Eli again. Yes definitely. OK I think for so maybe it's your birthday on Sunday. My birthday is next week it's on Monday actually. Not until an I. It's just not first. It's his 21. Alley out like twenty linesman toot my medicine. Yeah I actually ran at the last second and for my autograph cute for your birthday are actually gonna do it. We came back from vacation and blah. It better predictor ripped it out. They're no candidate. I I was. Gonna get on. I'm not NJ think part forget. A different Mike Allen. She said hi I promised her I would say to her forget. Arcade is doing no miles. Yeah I wanted to try to be anonymous. How much prettier Obama's name now. Torres said hello soon thank you. A day and hunters looked thing right now playing. Colin Barrett but under. We don't have a lot of time usage of requests in for rob I. Yeah I did actually prod. Hi yes I was wondering. Any immediate behind the that you upload the cloud covering. What that. Exactly. I would assume it's a form of cloaking or screening. And I think they do use that it has to be ample evidence that that is well so yeah I think it is to whip I think. These are what they are. And correct Khamis but it would pick it up. I would suggest to any who has that infrared cameras tactic in pictures of the night guys you Vietnamese to which spot. And think for anybody yet I lived near a place called windy gap and it's just on the other side. Area to land. And every it even matter like that. The weather can be like super hot middle of August summertime and there's only like some sort of how covering between hours of Q and floor. And it they're not and that cloud covering up the current. There have been many sightings. Strange. Sort of UFO like. Objects in the back. Interest and yeah yet is that an area around. Anyway you've answered your own question in because he goes to the Conn companies see the optics have a club Kobe you don't so. Yes I would say get plays greeting divides your. Okay yes that that makes sense that I just wasn't sure exactly hit it quite possibly meant something Al. Old sir in LA and or if I was on the right track and I. Sounds like yard community began thanks for the phone call and thanks for the question for rob we've got to move on because time. Let's take a question from must see this is Vince another friend of the program Vince what Michelle. I buried at. He leaves a lot of times you know how I want not only can you actual credit are totally loaded yeah. Are out. There are negative bully talk about it before yeah there are tired. Many are not called it about. And an airport where you have an old or out of epic very. Two record write it down go to or are aware that there. We've got to move our mother and have our blood sample a couple of well outback. And it. There are a year older oh every air some. Loot well our blood. The had a blood are partners. Yeah. Rob the first full go ahead and spell your last name for events and then I'd give us more information about the RH negative. Secondly with regard to our age negative I also RH negative B negative. And there are a lot of people. You are people who clean that we're blue bloods in the loyalty of the aliens were literally to children of the gods. I don't know about that but and there are other people actually think we're being tracked by the government because. Some of the special abilities and if they want out but it's even to wait some. If these foreign governments make it's and two witnesses I don't know. But there's an awful lot about our. Mary thanks the calls and so on but started. Put a few minutes in here into this time travel thing you've got a book called time travel invasion rob. What's what's going on are we it in danger of time travelers so what what's happening here. Well what is going on seems to be ample evidence from the number of sources that were being interfered with our lives and we're fighting hard evidence as well as a softer evidence. We have aren't altered to apart and we account. Things that shouldn't be in an archaeological digs and elsewhere we have come labels come up as the account. And that belting it out machine cubes of metal we have. Tracks routes that are in. Khaleda solidified rock over the last 26 years that should be unity. They think he might be Kart tracks but it the wing span of a modern vehicle on a cart and they don't shoot the streaks of huh. On the side of the tracks which we get with a cart and being a so we are able we account. Screws hampered The Beatles. Various tools every Indian leaders of coal and rock we just simply can't account for and so. Something's going on of their past that we can't come for. And on top of that we do have done some very odd cases of time travel in current. People walking into the past couple street live report not once but five different times over a period of several decades we have this happening all. So what's going on. Well it would appear to be some testing whether I'm. All now why don't we hear a lot of bump this. Well actually need to hear about it but again it's always you know. But you beat her reported body as well you see that too. The unique of people on the news program can ills Marcus oh so well you go to oak it didn't really it's always joke. It and it is so constantly whipped in the wonder if this isn't on purpose for a special reason Napster basically. He's dismissed the whole idea ridiculing it the same thing could be true with this sort of think that. And it looked piecing it appears Celtics on Tuesday. Cases even in America. In Japan demand from so called man or it. I habitat and their people appear and disappear. Seem to be out of place in time. And which simply can't account for and yes we can talk about it and then make it dismissed because. How is the peace simply don't seem to want to delve into it. My attitude is fine maybe you oppose our folks may be time travel is but it's so. Persistent in our culture society and at least know what to sociological reasons they should investigate why deliberately people think you've been abducted. Why didn't come psychologist of recounts in university. Do we have a major study to find out why. Are they abducted or appeal the message if they are wired so people match the same thing in past becomes sociological. They going it's an aberration psychological and what we should be investigating extend these. They were not effective action to try to put these subjects is hitting that there are real it would get regrets Pulte fast. Try to intensity of those is so renowned scientist or tackles and now. It is other than in the physics department we tried investigated. Physics. Rob we're we're pretty much out of time here from you mentioned to Amazon as a spot that folks can go and find out more about the books that you have fun is there any other place you'd like to direct people two find out more information about your work. Well you can go to my Blogspot site which I'm major. They swept a disruption keep up Blogspot dot com. You can go to commuted sperm my outlook greater good Simon shoots and Schuster where. I am in a conference in Baltimore come October that people are welcome twitch and they wish. And I have a new book coming out September cold. The mystery that is Mars. Great and you know it Eddie just said it we've actually another phone call about another minute here is so if you don't mind hanging on this is of Chris who has a question about time travel Chris quickly we'll take your call here welcome to the show. In order so the question is if you what kind. Would sit in I'm. Will look to determine but. We create a channel retirement what we are now a pilot back in time you guys continue on the. The timeline right now and leveraging the past and created new time and the arrows uber. Mr. great question what do you think for a. It would create. Physicists say that would probably create a parallel universe where the alternate timeline was changed but at the time Monday came back and I'm probably not be altered. And that which you can actually hungry and other that you can create a new time and he did. It Texas question Chris you. And rob thanks so much for being with us always a fascinating conversation always two short not enough time for us to get everything. I enjoyed very much thank user. We Def look forward to talking again next coming on. Could that simple nobody. All right thank you sir rob shall ski again uncheck them on an Amazon chicken and on the beyond reality radio. A web page on the guest have budget we'll take a break when we come back we've actually got a call that we wanna. Chat with this is somebody we had a call last night number western Massachusetts Jake he had had some experiences took some really strange photographs of beings and angels are not really sure what it is but it. We're gonna chat with him we come back from the break. And solaris ridge a quick break more to come to listen Jason did he Dioner it. Time for our that's supposed to so fascinating. And there are so many ways to approach at that time and we had many different guests of all approached it from different ways and so fascinating and excellent endless questions asked about the whole hollow lives yeah. You know and I had to stop because you wanted to move on the contrary. But that's not progressed travel trailer we can go back can parried questions earlier in whatever noon Hubble have rah rah about again and again it's rug shell ski and that you should look a month check out is were is an a lot of great stuff. A last night Jay when we had died John McKay unknown psychic medium John McKay. We had a caller who wanted to talk about some of the experiences that he had. I think it was in his home and he'd taken a bunch of very very on unusual pictures no you know I don't think. Be sending did you Ivins seen pictures summit. Exactly sure we're talking about but you and I were interested enough in that conversation and really didn't fit with what John was talking about. So are we asked him to call back. And kind of go through with a decision and he's on the phone now so we'll bring him in this is west from Massachusetts west. Thanks for for doing this and calling back to share your story with us because they're Jason I'd find it very very interesting. And a YE set the stage for a scan tell us exactly what happened and what you started to capture on video and instill images. Our oil and all of stutter when I had my dog sleep and I just I'd global digit dog shall come back. Not that I Welch children very first pitch right chuck I got to launch in my all. And that you ought to what I widen and one of the ways that facial my dog. Joseph I B eight fascinated with and you know. The initial close that it dog and it break in my or not I figured I'd keep on doing you know the video. So 1 morning on the from my living room to my kitchen. And I'm just video and all the columns in my kitchen now what I'm told this state. What Chad and I I can action with aliens. So I do this every night. So this particular night it came down the hallway and I want you. Actually aim and that video camera and take in the pitches. The wind. Chill usually like except when I go to your generated one I don't quite trail which chuckled through the pictures and I actually took. And I got this it's very first pitch that I can't joke was about besides making indeed and it was completely lit up. Jocelyn assassinated and and a little taken back on what that would they. July Stoddard wide and the pictures and I got is being its its glowing thing in my wouldn't. And I why wouldn't it can literally sheet items on this being. July actually captured find different pictures and wouldn't buy a bit different niches. None of the more restrained not one of the pictures look they're saying they look different stages of these teams look different. And I can also tell you want and only one being in the wind. It was one lit up went and actually I could see that there was number one so I continued on video and the like a senate. I caught is by accident because I was in the video camera and in the other direction. And it just a direct caught this so as I am I would back there that video. Armed I turned around and I first want to sack against chills that being glowing and then just like shut the light switch pops. It stopped glow and wreck which he still see that structures a bitch Ed in the wind. And it it was note here. And that we had looked and I east. But my mind how much I like except big they've taken action would be orange in the aliens that they say that various. Com. I actually. So I didn't want my hand out one night and I should pity or scratch my hand and literally picture. All ought touch and my left pinky. All right in and bondage skeptical about you let's close in again nonbelievers. If you seen these pictures like I showed many other people. Il we believe the one actually these pictures but what I wanna know read send these pictures do you so that you can see it why didn't pitch. Dog I put the complete structures at this stage being. Really I don't know how many tartans. It turned around my cat my caddie at Strachan yeah. And that that's a bad on the top which he can wait around and I don't eat our shat it might bat against a window kind of freaks me out you know. Yeah I don't know how well honestly I think before you hang up he's just down the line and a swap information with slick Eddie. And that way Eddie can get them right overdose and we can and we just need them at a high resolutions or able to resume amendment and try to turn our. Or you can shoot your initial it's like they're like all right foreign what I do I why not pitch shot. And you don't see educational structures of this being and you know at the very last pitch a lot of light trucks. An outlet got a slice your RH globe to wicked. And then how they ginger shout it out like that it outright lied anyway it's got to be such an intelligent being at. You know mess up firm believer now I'm not a straight and it. And what it is that you think you can do you know I had this thing actually end up in the kitchen right now actually I mean there's really not a league in total. West palm procession didn't like Jay said don't hang up after the end of this but I do have one quick question and only got a few seconds left here. Other than the pictures that you've caught in the videos that you've caught have you had any other phenomenon and the other experiences going on in the home that would land mine you'd think there's something happening there. Yes our foot shelter for the very first picture that I truck. I why nick and I did see an aspiration of my dog and. Other than the picture our our. Other than pictures other than the pictures have you felt any thing have you seen anything that is in our. Actually don't feel anything but that dishes that I am taking I have stations and the elections yen Mila do you like they say that when you die. Heal the ball seeds and conform to what the dot asleep I had to take glad I don't surgically remove it. And in the callebs is I used their. It is kinda blows my mind. Yeah Iowa State stay on the line what's it. Out unless we get it we've got to cut you off get a cut jobs stay on the line that we wanted to talk to slick Eddie and swap information so we can see those pictures. But a big shout out to rob for coming on tonight and hang in all of this may she'd check him out you can even do read it beyond reality radio dot com just click on the gas tab. And you know got a great show planned for tomorrow if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash or beyond reality radio machine like the FaceBook page. Are we getting gray showed in my house may she tune n.'s Jason javy beyond really you really have agreed that it roi. So it's. Meaning home. We get to snow finally released the change he was lying and saying hello it's me and really read you there's one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you want to being Gaston Leon really really email to swing getting next swig that he ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.