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The mysteries of Loch Ness and the quest for the "monster"

Jun 28, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with guest Angus Dinsdale whose father, Tim Dinsdale, dedicated 27 years of his life to the search for the famed Loch Ness Monster. Tim was one of the first and caught some of the most compelling evidence for support the claim that an unusual creature lives in the Scottish Lake. 6/28/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Well West Coast winds and rain storms when you're stuck in between welcome to be on really reveal myself Jason laws and Jeanie Johnston were familiar in limbo here what the heck is going home Matalin. I can't see your beautiful face right now and doesn't want to do that. Hopefully everybody else there's haven't agreed night if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio machine like the FaceBook page. And then head over beyond reality radio dot com where you can download free iPhone or injury and a on which allow us to listen line if it was in the past shows also join me on line chat or alive. And also you can just click the stationed straight on the web site. And final decision we are on across the country. Which we most likely era at least one in your state saying we seemed error everywhere. Yeah we're all over the country and we invite you check out those stations make sure if you are listening to a station in your area you let them know the enjoy the program. They like to hear that it's good for us it's good for you guys and that we appreciate it we do that. We've got a great show we've been talking about this one for awhile we're going to be talking about the Loch Ness Monster. Wins Angus dimsdale whose father is one of the pioneers. In the search for an SE he spent a good chunk of his life between 1960. In the mid 1980s searching for the Loch Ness Monster and he's got some of what would be considered the most convincing footage. That he filmed early in the sixties and one of his first expeditions. That is still. Being talked about as some of the best evidence ever presented for the case to support the Loch Ness Monster. And the mystery Loch Ness monsters fueled conspiracy theorist bout as baffled scientists inspired TV shows and films for years. So and dispel a lot of recent. Recent claims of sightings that have appeared to so. I think this will be a great time to really sit down and talk with Angus and just I get his take on that and yes you would see what he thinks I know there's all different. Fox and theories out there are some of the old footage not his father's footage some of the other footage from individuals. Was proven to be fake and indeed bomb two and some people finally admitted to summit but there are some real interesting things out there. That you look at and injure just mind on mine I know that there was there was an image from apple from mine back in 2014. Satellite photo. From the Apple's app mapped. And today show this like hundred foot. Long it's swimming things in the launch and some people thought it was a boat other people thought that showed evidence of a lot sponsor and and the list goes on and on but. There's a lot of neat things and I'll do that hole actually I do some posts on the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash B on the radio some of the the images and and just evidence over the years arm. What people claim to be a couple of months. Yeah and there's been reports and of just sightings in a personal reports and anecdotes and go back hundreds of years. On and it was an inch. Early sixties and any real clear footage and we say clear it's still difficult to really make out what is in some of these so films and and photographs. And like you said Jay. A lot of the stuff was proven to be fake people we're trying to you know do other people putting on you know whatever they were wearing and make him look like a monster and swimming through that. Through the lake to get pictures in whatever was but there is stuff that's still out there that still thus makes you scratch your head and at Angus who it admits himself that he is not an expert. He hasn't done any real investigating research since his father stopped them when it was father no longer was doing and I'm but. He did study his father's work extensively and he wrote the book called the man who film messy and that's where we're going to be talking about tonight. And one of the biggest problems with a walk is it's so murky in that water that they say you if you hold your hand in front face that you really can't see it. Is how murky it is so I know that they have a problem with difference on our systems or else due to that so. But you know it's interesting too because the one place while some the only places there's a purported to be a monster like this but the most famous one anyway. It's probably one of the most mysterious lakes on the planet because of what you just said it's so deep. Plus it's so murky they really can't get good images armed with all this modern technology that we've got. Now it's amazing there but you'd you'd think with the technology we have now you'd think that we would be fine stow it. Well you think that went with thermal and I kind of saying their dealer be a little bit easier time but if the things cold blooded than I guess it doesn't really thermal doesn't really help and we know works. I don't know but in the news hey did you hear about the size you know it will William Friedkin the guy who was that are with director for the exorcist yeah even knew what he came out and admitted that via the Vatican. Actually allowed him to film. Reel ceremonies when it came down to a anxious going on. And Annette as early research within literally a lot of it was very similar to the things that were done in the movies com. Excess director says Vatican allowed him to film real ceremonies. Com Agassi announced that well he's he recalls witnessing astonishing scenes of demonic possession similar to those in 1973. Or classic. On the director of the axis has revealed that they allowed him to go in and film. The real action systems and nobody else has been allowed to take pictures and video and of course back then. He was one of only. A couple people ever allowed to do he's eighty years old now and even he wanted to come clean and let everybody know where he got a lot of us something is working on an and to some of the ideas to really make that movie terrify. I'm curious as to what you know he's took from the his his research in what he actually use good doubt. There was anybody turn their head around 360 degrees like Linda Blair did and that Fillmore. Maybe there was somebody in on the vomit saying which is pretty famous scene in that movie on it's all just aren't right disturbing. He says this is I don't think they'll ever be the same having seen the astonishing. This astonishing stuff going on. I'm not talking about some talking Dawson called talking about the axis is and by the Catholic Church in Rome. And it just it changed him for for life learned of course that's got to. I mean especially when you're hitting median in a body gets at my time these easings are real and it's going to be my boy it's gonna be terrifying as well. Yes absolutely and anybody who's seen that film and it is considered one of the of one of the if not the most frightening film of all time I think it and it does stand up to time it was I'm release I think at 74 Earth's brethren around there. Is still as scary it's still very very disturbing so you can imagine an awful lot of this stuff was taken from real life cases than it's it's it's it's even more disturbing. All of them were and I worked on many many actresses in the past hand in hand with with the churches. And there's a there's a lot of crazy things I will. Openly admit there's a lot of crazy things that go on whether it's somebody speaking a language hasn't spoken in you know 2000 years. Whether it's somebody with immense strength and and saying things that there's really. No way for them to know. I'm. It it becomes it becomes a terrifying situation but that's why when you go when you meet soon be able to go one with somebody in. You can 100% reliant on. The 100% trusted. Because without that because a lot of times he sings they they will bell lights you build a mix the truth and lies and say these things and if you know if there's any. Issues between the person years fairway with then now a lot of times. Any way to sort of sort of breakdown. Breakdown your connection and your bonding and treat their attention which is just going to fuel the activity. You know and you know we you know I've talked about taxes is a more a lot on the program there's been a lot of people on recently who claimed to be extra suggests Tom I don't know kind of training these folks have they just kind of self proclaimed themselves. On that yet and that that's a big issue out there because a lot of times those people gave way in over their head. And create more problems for these families. Then they had prior to this person coming in and 99% of these these claims of somebody being assessed have nothing to do with them being process. It honestly has to do something well just mentally wrong with the individual. No medication issues you name it but there's so there's so many different reasons. Is that that these things and Aaron 99% of the time has nothing to do with with a demonic possession but. But and you get these people who truly have no idea what they're doing. And they go and an inkling that there are going to be there to help in the and they make the problem ten time source. Yeah. But the way we've got some great stuff coming up during the week as well tomorrow night will be talking with doctor Steve Ruskin he's an award winning historian of astronomy. He's got a Ph.D. in history and philosophy. And he's so been educated at the University of Notre Dame he'll be discussing everything we need to know about the upcoming solar eclipse that's going to happen on August 21 in their always school and the rare. Don't look directly at it we've all learned that lesson don't do that but if you can get a chance to view it it's pretty amazing. In almost any of you have seen this upcoming show bone or HH Holmes and south via. First a serial killers or whatever arm but we're gonna talk Thursday would just margin attorney at law member of California and Washington state bar. And will be discussing his ancestor. Which is HH Holmes and his book bloodstains is new television series on the History Channel American. Ripper yet I saw a documentary about HH Holmes he's considered America's first serial killer and if he had he had. The whole place rate to yeah I think Gil was in Chicago. But do you live at somewhere in the midwest and his whole house was click considered a house of horrors he does well there was rigged to make people think that they can get away really knew it would entrap them via. Yesterday they were to run into an Ariane. Elm and kind of screw credit where it happens pretty amazing story in just full tell us all about it. When we chat with him on Thursday night's Oscars great topic so the phone number of. Or there the show is 84468776. It's dying at all freely for four. 6877669. If you download the show from iTunes to us a favor. And Reid of course it helps push Ford and let makes it easier for people fine and as being downloaded and a astonishing rates we greatly appreciate the support. You all are reason why the show's success and we all that all TO I spent all day today and you don't digital data that would do filmed a rotor Rooter commercial. That's right now you're doing that's been my good friend Paul Lieberman Sula. Is in charge of the media rhetoric he's making came of Cincinnati. And that we from the bunch bunch because they these people. Welcome and nice amstel plot or whether people now wobbly that are not I'm still plump for Roto-Rooter and you and you know that bottom. You know so it's nice to film. Film these commercials and have fun and we did a bunch a local spots because some of the other ones we did that I know couple that we did have then. Going off the charts and ratings like ripples in the wanna go senators agent at least played nearly seven million time it's unbelievable. It's incredible and it is unbelievable and then they're funny and they're good they're nor do I want and that there was a big thing the Paula I set down talked about we said you know Paul we're gonna do this week. Just let's be ourselves let's at some humor to let's have some fun with it. And is that wasn't something they really thought about. And polls again and just do whatever you wanna do have fun with it and we did and they'll people's problem and I think I think that that's what makes it different from arrest. And that's in no him emit not only two different makes it interesting you know I'm advertising is evolved over the years and we all used to sit and watch television much of these just. Straight on boring ads and people learned over time you forget about you do if you get as soon as they're over you forget we have done that people learn over time that didn't put a little humor me confinement what what's what's the Super Bowl about when it comes commercial all the humor anymore and so you know and just a hole. Act of that water drop them trying to get nothing and I'm Indian in the crotch to get him in the air. Those who is Julio had a blast ethnic so our stories take quick break and we come back we'll be joined with our guest Angus and stale. You're listening Jason JPM URL. Thanks Eric Kahn might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com nets' Derrick Todd. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary con dot com that spirit con dot com. And mineral. Jason or Austin Cheney town's center telephone a receipt for 46877669. If you'd like to join us a little bit later in the program. Right now though a sort talk about the Loch Ness Monster and many many years of dedication by one man Tim dimsdale who spent over twenty years searching for the truth. Of messy or behind messy and he got some of the most compelling evidence ever collected. And done his story is told in a book called the man who film messy. Written by his son. Angus dimsdale whispering things into the program Angus welcome back to beyond reality radio we hedge on the program much it was a it was pre syndication one time a year a year ago little yeah great to have you back on the show. Well thanks Jim and lovely to be back. So before we get. Too much into the life of your father and what he did in the search for Nancy and trying to determine the truth about that creature that we still scratch our heads about today. Total tells little about yourself in your childhood in how you got acquainted with all this stuff. Why it's sung it's uninteresting story girl growing up in a family that you know most hunting was that perfectly. Acceptable. Professional competent. You know I really knew no different that cab and off every Sama. I'm that it went on our expedition and sometimes we have to go up they would in. And spent two weeks of the locks side of the times we wouldn't but turning out to it was some issues more on the Michael was born actor actually was the was the very evening that turned my father introduced is there. This film that he took offense from the very strange surely in the low. To the British nation it was on TV and that my mother wouldn't want chi. In the labor and the doctor came I was chatting to so that's she was getting into the pain and occasional warnings didn't fail. I've just been watching some chaplain on the television and main bins filled with some something to do a little bit more obstacles and I was like oh yeah that's. But my husband got. Please just sat down and then wanted to talk about an outlet ultra Sheen looked a little more concerned about getting gas getting mail us at the particularly in the bilateral I think I've been involved or had had met seek. As part of my life. That's admiral synchronicity there. It's ever going to get slowly and you know little. Going to of course you can imagine going to school. On the one hand people were intrastate and and really wanted to know what was going on on the other hand and cynical. I'm with. You know do an excellent source of just jokes. And nick taking it to be doing the Craig Washington. Were quite tough for each other in the capital things. But on the other side what it was people who were genuinely entrusted locals like to do some really amazing things for a ten year old you know hold up well next to rework the at least different crews from all over the world. Coming up doing experiments and and it was almost like what it was literally like treasure hunt every day. And somebody would come in and they clinic at some sort of evidence and and we've been looking at it or not have written to see whether it was real look at what bull would that tell us about the puzzle. You know so aloha. Well and I can imagine I can imagine where you lancer has as a father and I've got five kids come. And their might children's father of of course. And the famous goes and and the guy who did the show go senators which aired. All these countries are in so might kids going through school at a very similar experience CU where. Elmo and all the all the kids knew who who their father was an emotional found it interesting in the and you get some that. Tell their parents are little more standoffish about ago so they were they want their kids to avoid my kids in and so for us I can imagine again I can really understand exactly what you went through with that. Very similar sound exactly very similar yet but that the I think from my standpoint was I think can't. Because I don't go auction gonna move to cut it. Yeah that's that's the dream that stuff. Vacation yeah we grew up a lot less than that I didn't permit. Tremendous thing. That's the dream of all kids for sure I would get a run do a break here when we come back we're gonna get into the nuts and bolts of of Tim Denzel and I'll Angus tells the story about his father's life. Licences for. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And really read you know the best winning it. Talk to everybody along if you're listening to one of the fine radio stations during the program in the country please let them know you are and let them know you enjoy it and if you're listening online hello do you two and if you haven't downloaded the app yet you don't know you're missing. Yeah you grab diary that beyond our LE Rio dot com free iPhone and android app again it's free. And you cannot listen to analyze a show line you can join us in check you can catch past episodes and more summation head over to beyond reality radio dot com and grab. Yes and tonight we're talking about the Loch Ness Monster but just quickly before we bring our guests and distance still backing end. Tomorrow night will be talking with Steve Ruskin he's an award winning historian of us astronomy. Will be talking about the upcoming solar clip if clips plus a bunch other things related to mobile what we see when we stare out at the sky particularly at night. And then Thursday were me talk or Jeff mudge it attorney along and we're going to be talking about. All his his new book bloodstains. And his upcoming new television series on the History Channel American ripper recovers his ancestor each each Holmes who. Is a pretty much. America's first serial killer. Yeah really notorious story there obviously anybody knows anything about it is pretty horrific and Jerry yet real really really creepy. Almonds are just some people who believe there might have been a connection. Between H in this plead for. Four Jeff to answer to the connection between AJ tomes and Jack the Ripper yesterday storage areas there's a lot of talk about some sort of connection arm and a I think it's an interesting race on a story yet I'm excited for that but tonight we're talking about the Loch Ness Monster and that is a great topic as well our guest is angst in stealth. Angus we are talking about your childhood and you mentioned the fact that as a kid you got two monster hunt and I know that. Does as you know growing up as a boy IE but do nothing more than the thought of chasing monsters or. Even go signing which ended up being able to do isn't it to halt as well but. That must have been a pretty exciting if not necessarily real time maybe didn't really quite understand what was going on the boy men you must've had some really neat experiences as a kid. I tell you socialize you know you can't streamline back to to the 1960s. And that. The the technology that was available at the time you know nowadays you can look them. But politics please you know again ancient. But. What was happening was that we that we were. Getting these strange results that kept coming to Marseille this film in 1960 and of course that's quite a that's quite showstopper. In two years after that Birmingham university. Cook Tea Party at the seminar get that I couldn't explain and of course as displaced and I was really that you all back again. And these things kept happening to my house hauled. Growing up was full of different people turning out of groups of Americans. Even from MIT. You know Swedish people. Brazilian and French you name it from all all the simply that the blonde people carrying. Construed by my father and maybe gone totally different sort of an expeditions and and experiments to they would they would do it well actually years to understand is that earlier if it was actually quite and it was normal for me my friends in the street otherwise we're a little different pit act you know we were we were a family that title this equipment that we front that have Allison almost a little bit like the metric etc. you know that opens and caravans and on camera equipment and by the equipment in the and everything you could imagine. Enough we've got a truck there there. I am now a group of the summer recess. We go to Scotland come actually two months later will lead wonderful stories come but yes no absolutely talk about term shaking likes to two. Want and to have. Funny experiences. An adventure. Because that's what we did at that moment probably well he put it into futuristic like that we were going on on our own expedition and we were going to have this amazing adventure and we should really didn't. Yeah I don't want to keep the topic menu for just another minute here at what point did you recognize the importance of your father's work. I think I am I can't remember it in nineteen. And 68. A mask because we went. The father of organized a big. And customer trust for the family to go ops we had a if you like your family holiday and then he stayed on all the it's. And do it a few weeks have pulling them locked on assignment he was called a monster hunting but we were there and during that period. We we had a strange experience as a family resource something and experience in the we could not explain. And so I was eight years old and can you imagine how her pictured our laws from Matt you know. And intellectually Taurasi question it was it from meant it. And what it would do what did you experience at that point. Well I mean we would we were divorcing on this this this large truck from a spiritual toast my mother father and myself from a three siblings. On the chat glow in the votes on we'd be announcing. We were driving back toward Tuesday it was. It was a dusk. Don't like it was just coming down and and and as you won't physical ocular way to look towards the water when you're on the on the road. We went Arctic air gap in the trees and you could see analysis won't know. Look like. An uptrend on this guy who I can describe it you know the light was just going that you could definitely cease. My brother on shouted watts that cost father was striving. And he hit the brakes and we all piled up the car ran back so it couldn't have been more than. Ten seconds from when these sort of let me go back to spot to have a look of what it was we we've seen the gulf. Dictate. It will let everybody in the console or accept my father who was driving. So we jumped back in the car drove round which is another two or three minutes down to lead the the large cash Moran was so was the small. We got there and it was a very still might never know with no work no wipes or anything no wind. And the boat was rocking around the would be hit Arctic. Blake. And of course as a eighty mile lights were popping up my head punitive that was just talk and it must be demolished. A. So the book is called the man who film messy and by the way the website is the same name the man who so messy dot com is a whole bunch of information play she can go there and actually see. Some of the evidence in the footage that Tim had filmed dom in 1960 which will get to. In just a little bit but Angus told a little bit tell us what about your father's life free. Blocked nests free search for this monster. So yeah I'm not written in the book because my father's. Early like this which was really quite interesting this. His father was a yen. He was import export to. I trapping and it didn't either in northern China and so imperial China. And that probably sun is is. Brother in government system they were on a boat going up to. To school. That the agent can attend the talent. And they were pirated. And it was seventy in your kids' school children on on the on this by the content channel. That with our kitten who help for ransom. Have a three day period. And then need to control almighty came in and and and rescued at least children's it was a really quite quite a story as it in the book by the document Matt. The terms of my dad came back to England. You know and and then and then there's the Second World War he was training to be a fighter pilots through that time he would love that was very much I would play it had been described a man who's calling. So very much at a person understood. Colonial ism if you like you know living getting injured in Hong Kong living in China. And and it being treatment to get it on a ship to get back you can. Of course during the Second World War he was he was trying to via a fighter pilot but the but the war ended before he finished his training. And then my car went into to Arnold. And became an internal coup engineered. Good news during the securities become an interest in in in the long response I mean he had no connection. That to say anything and to be ordinary before the and he should he read this article one day and and accept one another you know what do you think in this in this great article was. It was about the development small stern and and she's a block this could be something in that. So. Keating then followed up by doing yes look at Greece's. He did 102. Biological blank to the way that he Matt Katula I'll. Well it could probably come content something in this in. It was a hole the drop in multnomah. And then he took his. Took himself off for a free trip up to Scotland and on his side last day of this trip this is an eagle is an amazing peaceful. They'll do prior to reading the magazine article which introduced him to the Loch Ness Monster and really fueled his curiosity and what became a bit of a life. From that point on quest. A DD do any other type of similar research on other phenomenon or was this the first in the one that really opened the door form. It was a one and I only to be honest if you don't meet those talked talked a great links my mother about it that he Leno at it during the fifties lately because animate them because marriage they've been calendar and at that stage Canada was that was the whole bed at at the development of jet engine. And I must follow the young man and he was developing a Korea so he usually was absolutely all things. Eric Eckhart you know what I mean that was what he was developing his career so really beyond that if he didn't have to -- hip young family in the building where he left Canada came back to the UK and go to -- Rolls Royce. I'm that they were developing the first commercial. What was turning into the commercial jet engines. Silly little contingent so. Al hardly actually reading a magazine article talk about that you know typical point is somebody's life. This particular thing happened in that and much Obama of course and the peace and. All right we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll talk more specifically about that day in April of 1960 were attendants still caught that amazing footage. Arie usage is intriguing yeah. Answer to her receipt for her 6877669. Tonight we're talking about. The Loch Ness Monster in particular the work of one man Tim dimsdale who spent over twenty years. A searching for evidence of and a definitive proof of the mythical creature that has been reported. To be in that Scottish lake sense what you like the seventh century or some I know that there's. And reports back Angus as far as the seventh century correct were among a monks had written about this this strange creature. That's absolutely I gather the ripple back there from from. Seven sentry and Columbus. The Abbott of Iowa the Swiss. In in the Nolan. Parts of Scotland sparingly but the Christian word in them apparently there was a traps from the across the block in this this peace came up I'll stay. This incumbent. They invoked the word of Christ in the sent the beast back down to the depths but that's literally the system. Says the councilman and really treated countries as you can pick up little bit here and there. And and always has been you know it in folklore well the law having yeah. A lot of LP who locals in and the kids were always told that this would Middleton. Well now why do you think that there's so much opposition to the possibility of something being on I know there's a lot of people out there who believe. And I'm I'm one of the people I would love to believe that somethings in there. But there's also so there's so many people out there who are just 100% every everything's fake everything hoaxes there's no truth behind it. And why do you think that is. Well I mean you know the amount of times I've had this conversation around around in the title as a rookie I think they cut. Play the there is so much evidence that there's something very strange. And Blanche. An unknown in the law that he is that if you go to an open mind it'll it it it could capture and keep you coming back. That is that people are honestly I have to see definitive definitive and evidence before our beliefs about fair enough everybody's Iran. And piled their own opinions. That's what really what follows about. And you know they'll let investigation groups that were there for a few years. The group from around the academy applied science out of MIT. Everybody was about getting this definitive piece of evidence for that so that couldn't be occupant. I think a lot of the delta does smell good or around because at this is subject being being. In you know sort of like he now for the last fifty years. And if there is a huge animal in that and surely would be should be able to find it by. And anecdotal quietly don't hear anything troops. I've known treatment street a year or two and then suddenly out comes these are these very strange things that seem to happen in the law. And and it brings it all back up again. Yeah and that's actually what's happened recently and others spent a lot of reports recently seem to pop up Marek. On unlocked its monster again but but it's so funny because those people who. And it won't don't want to believe in anything unless we see it boy. Mean had they believe an error in the middle seat that is because the breathing it but the fact of the matter is. The possibilities there just is you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not real. That very trick you know and all. Group of people I was surrounded by growing up. What people that would open minded look these are very very of people Ph.D.s and MIT you know that not a penny that is the fact that they're very clever very well highly intelligent and they would work things out and they went back because. There was enough evidence to site that was something very stringent law. And and yeah. Ideally we would love to get a DNA compliment in this my father app that I did back in 1960 call light where it would take AM. Particularly across with him any developed. Skins shopping dot. That had been this there's reports remain in the thirties and 40s50s at the most of being seen on the public on the surface of the loch. Multiple minutes. And he's going to think he wants. If you go one of those things. He can take this into something. You know and then you would get that's OK you might not Coca piece of film all roll call they need the animal do you view you have something that would give them. I could be made definitive thousand. The bad and I think it's say it's a strange thing and it looked like it keeps coming back up at the moment I think what happened around the law is that is the foliage around the -- penal out to grow so that you you really don't see much of the school canal from the rose from the roads. So so both sides sightings. Almost nonexistent what would you do get this is people having strange and experiences as a motoring through little commitment boats but acknowledged to reporters. That's that's the problem is renowned now this will be. Did you know these DD expeditions senses that he's out of the cost. That is not what to take take fuel that figure report so it kind of got a little bit. We're going to we're gonna wanna talk about how your father are caught the famous footage in 1960 before that in the minute or so we've got left here before break. For anybody who hasn't seen pictures or doesn't really understand. The geography of block mess in that particular area Angus describe it for us. Shot I had a lot that is part of the Taliban and it should come ballots is a big holes. I don't know it does right across Colombia. From one side of Scotland to be up its ultimate yes. It's crossed. And as a connection of these huge like some long matches the biggest and it's usually just like a big trenches to reform law's long and it's about a mile and and I'll point of the widest point averaging a moll wanted. Going down. Averaging just 700 feet deep and then promising to be nearly 900 feet deep in the corrupt Marxist it's a big body of law. And he's just he's big big big trench. The best way to describe it. It's it's very great great beauty as well yeah I. And it's base into the waters pretty murky it's difficult to navigate it's just it's cold it's deep and almost thanks very. Are we are you bring handsomely from this from the mountains are a little streams that come in from the mound schools got on the you know it gets a lot of bright and so the that it cracked down when it peaked from the mountains and that. Terms that is turn on the water quite literally the color that's just see what she got down about ten feet. You basically can hardly see anti go to twenty safety you'll much blocked. A bit and continue and I think he could and that he'd like have no effect because all the power to lose in the water reflect its right actor. Gotcha all right so we're gonna take quick break to we come back more you listen to listen to. There on the West Coast once again East Coast when you start. Unreal on the radio it myself Jason Hawes and GV Johnson. One of the biggest mysteries. Of all time and I was introduced to me the through Leonard Nimoy is in search of his Loch Ness Monster. One of those just things that captures your imagination and your attention if you got any curiosity and you at all he can't help. But to wonder what the heck is going on in that very deep very strange Scottish lake. Wanna like I said earlier that a serial lock this is that it's fueled conspiracy theorists baffles scientists inspired television shows. And films for years and it's just one of those things that. Is is always there people people want even if you're not a believer. You still have some sort of question or fog or or just wonder of what it really what's really going on. Jets got to make you if nothing else curious. On an as you know you've talked about gender a lot of people just flat out don't believe in things and that's one of the things that's on it was so close why has no matter what they go there and arguably an analyst Rick Griffin right which just completely discounts hundreds and hundreds of years of public or private or personal testimony plus some. A lot of work from a lot of people like Tim dimsdale will be talking with Tim's son Angus in just a little bit on the program. About his father's adventures and is evidence the things he saw the things he caught on film in the things he. Talks about and it's all written in a book that Angus put together called. The man who filmed in the SE by the way the website is the same it's the man who so messy dot com. And Tim to instill when I'm 56 expeditions and SN and that's anything counting. A lot of the other ones he did for a television and things of that nature as some of these expeditions were last in a month two months and so forth. And he really dedicated his life. And you know him his family wife is he took them with the most time. A lot of the times two to search for the possibility of a lot to sponsor yet attended and Tim's not just he wasn't just some and use strange guy looking. Click for the systems are very talented individual who. And who it was just specialists in his career and it's just so much more. Yes and here's an engineer by trade suited very logical mind and a very logical approach to his researching you know we come across these people Jack. You and I are friends of the show and in the course of oak island didn't. He that's another example of the type of thing that captures people's imaginations and then people certain people who have whatever it takes. Dedicate their lives to trying to find the truth says in the case of folk around there have been several different people on through the course of a couple hundred years. That have moved to that island and just stayed there to try to figure out what's going on in the hopes of finding treasure. In Tim didn't steele's case it was the hope of finding the Loch Ness Monster. While and we'll just like when it comes down of the paranormal and my involvement and I've always been one of those people where. Probably I'll never probably salt in my life but as long as I've played some sort of a small role. In the ability of somebody being mulled it being intellectually figure it out and that's all that matters to me and I think that the same went with with Tim Tim I'm sure was hoping. Four for more but it is what it is but I mean he he dedicated. His existence to trying to tune Figaro what was truly going on and I think that that's just sets compartment so many other people. Yet and his contributions are the things where which other people stand on the shoulders of arm as they continue the search so. We'll take a break when we come back how will bring our guest and Ng distance Dell it's beyond reality radio Jason can. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans and vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary kind dot com that spirit contact. Review Jason. JB don't forget tomorrow night Stephen rush. Doctor Steve rushing in and actually is an award winning historian we're talking about an upcoming. Solar clips that's scheduled for August 21 and it's pretty spectacular those endeavor river bridge to just watch one Jane now. And behold. What a spectacle it is I try to do a few times glasses it was a pretty good. Wanna do that it's very very dangerous it's. And then Thursday were retarded or Jeff margin about well about his new book and then recovers is ancestor of bloodstains. And day is intelligent show and Timmy and History Channel called American ripper and it covers ancestor each each Holmes who is. Said to be America's first serial killer answer crazy crazy stories to tariff story. Just the things he he did that news well just designed. Of them via. The place city bill with the stairs leading in sell the and mean it just it was a set up a whole thing was set it is clearly a very sick and twist. Mind and only did he kill many many people to be tortured them and he had a home that was designed to do all of that. I mean years you'd think you were running away and you'd really be running and exactly right on it. And it's it's it's it's terrifying. Yet so be talking with Jeff on Thursday night tonight however were talking about the Loch Ness Monster and who doesn't like it good monster particularly one. That isn't talked about for better part of 12100 years with first sightings of Loch Ness ness monster being reported in the seventh century. By monks in the area and our guest tonight is Aniston's dealt his father ten's Tim didn't still spent 27 years or so. Researching investigating and looking for evidence. On the hunt for other Loch Ness Monster intend chronicled that part of or exe and Angus chronicle that part of Tim's life in a book called. The man who filmed Nancy and by the way the website is the man who filmed Nancy dot com and again. Angus thanks so much for joining us tonight and sharing this an amazing story with a innocent. We've talked about a whole bunch of things and now I think it's time to get into. How your father. Caught his first bid in one might arguably be his most impressive bid. Of evidence of the existence of luck this not monster that was on April 23 1960 may cause some amazing footage. Set the stage what was going on that day what was your debt up to and how to that'll come about. Yet it was done. It was quite something. Now that that day. And I hit you know with a lot at six studies. Doing his it was its first ever expedition little while they eat he'd spent a year researching everything any sort these sort of a field trip is the way to go. And he spent. I've tried plays going around the block and and and gathering evidence watching the war took patent content seen anything. I don't the last day before losing was due to come on he and I went up. Got up early got to 5 o'clock in the morning group that was all these he sounds pretty pretty him. Good to accomplish this through. But the water. I missed that about. 830 and decided that I can't go back and get breakfast at the hotel. And then he's driving back and endemic problem titan taken the front seat out of the cop. And the passenger seat and he is how it is is this camera setup on the tribe called right that he was you would like an adult film means. And he was driving down and coming coming back towards the law. And the road went up and up and around the back of the small hill. Amid an eighteen year that it came around and they would be a few blocks and accept the camera go to already just because and he drove down and then. Right in the middle Delta's flight home early morning to cite just coming up to 9 o'clock. There was just this triangulation like shape. Sort of hump sitting in the middle of the law. Stop the current clubs distances thirteen hundred meters took his binoculars from the start to look at this thing and Saddam's thinking you know well. Boarded this is just sitting there. And he noticed on one side of indicate he says that the color with a reddish brown and that was back collector that would account 01 slider that. I have he's watching it this company started meeting. His foot work the most electrifying moment in his life when this things over to mr. Walton swung round grabbed the camera started so. I randomly if you go to the website you sang early conceit that sums on my website and managed to Mexico calm the whole realistic. Black and white is a great distance. And the thing meanders across pool you know my father's camera that aren't that old it was a bullet it was. Sixteen millimeter dialects but it was. Run by clockwork so that this that this thing's got across the water and as a bright metropolitan. Two. Winded up again. 21 in the camera to keep filming and ending the whatever it is turns parallel with the far Schultz and swing down. Parallel with that and slowly but surely some monitors. And if you watch carefully what curing that dance sequence you concede. Won't look like cattle peeps. Well it's something that there's as the body of water coming away from the from the its options on. And our right to my father managed to get some a local fishermen to take out his forty foot fishing boat. Much of that in my back to the same spot these films chosen our right on the same day what is this boat go out much better go out do exactly the right thing. And again on Omnia on the film that I got to go to comparisons right right next regions is really work I expect to. And and that was let that little captured him as far as he was concerned she had seen. And living animal. And I did there was no way it was a vote the first thing he did actually. Walls that he went to the end. To Little Rock pipa as it was there's submarine. Looking in the locker that. And locals that wasn't. So and so that was it that was his that's what traps and that's what that's what course and and he just just from then on the next 27 years. Immunity seeing something in life that's what you wish I would say it was a life was big. And it was it's moving across the local and it's government actually it took it. That that changed course and good luck. Oily Kelly did the comparison with a fourteen foot pole because when it came on the boat you can see you can see the prop. You can see it in the water turning up from the prop them made a big difference or whatever this was that he record in the water. Was moving it was moving at a pretty good pace. And but it was turning and it was it was and so is making its own turn says so it had intelligence to edit it definitely appears to be some sort of living creature. But a boat is so different because like we're saying bowl either you're seeing the engine you're seeing it turn up especially from the Al port you've seen it kick a water and and so it's just totally different. Well I think Nokia to question you asked earlier about people not being. The leading the evidence of an. All agreed to buy it is entitled to their opinion but please take a look at film in this you can tell me what Baptist. They're probably very happy because none of us to be you know despite what that is one thing is not an accident. It's definitely not a dollar and it as a say that they are there's no recorded at a US submarine looking in the law that whether whether that sound dumb constricting. The animal is kicking at 700 people to write that. So install something to comply which you know those eight. Really it it really hit I guess the bloody battle. That's a significant growth took a lot of times to drive my mother and in sanguine saying you know kimonos don't just move on with life in the macaw that excite our senior living creature. There is something bad and at some point it is me or anybody else he didn't mind a novelist but what we wanna do get evidence. When you're going to be when your father Angus was. Spending those five days before he caught that footage what this is from methodology was he just basically sitting on the are driving around or sitting on the edge of the latest hoping to see something was as it was he doing something else with other equipment. Nobody in the very very early days since first time. She just have one in the camera and that's exactly what he was doing was kind sitting at that advantage point two points around the block and just sitting and and and I'm looking. And and hoping that he was gonna get cut. Got lucky you know then eat there having done. The associated content in the year prior to that a hundred I'm citing reports. And I've read that all the all of us thought that he put together at least we still there's apparently armed. It's pretty logical you got up and that's something that. So he had no doubt. That if he sat in the right place for long enough it was a very good Chelsea's season. And one of the opposition say what do they say about that footage what do they think that that that it was that your father record. While we have done. Over the years. People have never been able to give a realistic explanation for what it is well so yeah it was it was tested by the art RF. It was came back at them animate object. Meaning that the missing little Anita the explicit long range photography. Up from that point on really that was in 1966. That's. In it is it is being yeah really cost is probably definitive piece of evidence. To have in monetary people trying to make it target young kids say it it's command about. Well again take a look at it's that. To believe what would you change in that film running you can tell it's on an island about my father would cite all that whoever it was based bank. That I could disappear into the locked into a. Well not just that but even even in. Even if it was a bowl without an engine that I mean the united fueling up at the clip that that thing was it was moving. It was moving between seven and ten miles around. And then you don't want getting into there with a cattle boulder Arnie anything of that. Actually that's not somebody swimming you know that that that would have to be under some old pal. To doing that. So there's seaside community unity the the RAF slipped of that next that that was probably sixteen so. Creature. To protect and and smooth capacities. Now here father when he caught this footage he didn't know what he was catching you is it quite a distance from then on he had hit a pretty decent you would binoculars the camera didn't have the exact same view couldn't pick it up quite as well. And back then I mean he probably didn't really even get to the understand until much later after he'd have to have the film developed right that wasn't there wasn't instantaneous like Greece to today. Absolutely I mean what what he did work done and again my father being the built engineers you know he he he went back to the hotel. And he got the hotel manager to 22 to sign an affidavit. I might solve Brack affiliate the camera sealed it. And Ben and had a all of them probably. Quote it took weeks were to come back because the it was sent to Kodak. And and Kodak did it under and strict time. Conditions to make sure that you know it wasn't the damaged or to see it with an anyway. That little document it. I'm so blow the smoke came out of the camera was what went into a camera on the back in 1996. To. A money sort you always said he was terribly disappointed. Because it was not it was nothing compared to what sort through the through the binoculars. As let's say the camera he had isn't this a very early and I mentioned camera with a very excellence you know. Nowadays would be fantastic but a. And after he saw that footage I mean that must of gave him more inspiration and more motivation. Tend to continue the search. But duty ever. Have an opportunity to see anything as spectacular is that original citing. Never spectacular he had to. Two. Sort of close encounters but never enough to took it to sell. One big one of the times it was only and he was on his duties both portals. And use them below. Motoring along at low speed. And then peace at this stage head and neck came out of the water out of that full up about faulty hi of them went down and then came up again and solutions polish. And it disappeared I must obviously transfixed. On maps well that the boat just mounted up I think in the crashed into the show. He was holding his camera hoping that thing was gonna come back. Two that he came back from that quite quite planned quite shocked and and the web but then I think that you know it's still ahead. There is something that happened that was in 1970 ones that was that was eleven years from means he's such CNET. Aren't so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back moral take your calls phone numbers 844687766. I until treaty for four. 6877669. You listen Jason G. Faster and Arianna religious cause Stevie Johnson telefono received 446877669. And this is one of my favorite topics. Well do you know that out of all the scripted it's I mean we're talking big foot stack some big foot you've got your recovery all of those unlock this monster is the world's most famous script that. Visit out of a mole hill. And famous just because it's been talked about the most Irwin what's the reason behind and it's probably aegis of course been talked about the most but it's also just one of the most intriguing and you'd think like big foot is in everything but think about it throughout all history. It's been more locked issue you've heard more about how throat times so it's just it's one of those amazing thing. Yeah well it is a great story and a great mystery and we'll be talking with a Angus dunes don't just the second about his father's work. In the hunt for an SE on them before that though tomorrow night we've got doctor Steve rusk and on. He's an award winning historian of astronomy will be talking about the upcoming solar eclipse that'll occur on August 21 plus plus a punch or things related to what we see in our skies. And then Thursday just Maja. Where me talking to him about his new book that covers his ancestors new book bloodstains. And also his new television series which are going covers ancestor called. American ripper. For the History Channel and his ancestors each each homes which was. America's first known serial killer and the mighty indecent ties in their two and Jack the Ripper so. Yeah I've heard that theory before and there's actually some compelling evidence that are connected the two men is as though they may be the same person. I don't know the details but I'm sure just Google Talk about the. Authors and when we film and an episode of ghost runners over in England we Jack to report tore. And just the things you've you hear about the cases and and the things aren't done it's just my god. And just sick disgusting and it's insane earliest. Him back in a time when you know. But murder investigations crime solving was it was them primitive and it's and by today's comparisons and you know they just couldn't they couldn't give who's got away with a multimillion somebody like. Jack the Ripper HH Holmes who would just basically kill at will and as if nobody saw on that nobody actually was a an eyewitness they couldn't catch anybody. Notes Saint Louis all right so let's bring our guest in anger standstill as the father of irks you see the son of Tim dimsdale. And he's written a book about Tim's out work called the man who filmed messy the website is the same the man filmed nesting dot com we've been talking about a bunch of things. Angus when your father film the footage which can be found on the website by the way if anybody's curious really check it out it's pretty interesting. He filmed it on it it really fueled his interest in this was there any point were you or your mom or anybody else in the Stanley said hey dad. Enough is enough this is this is you're here you know you'll you're just putting too much time and energy behind something year. And maybe you should rethink where your efforts are a woods at that point ever coming your family. Actually more came from from my father himself. I think in the alienate cheeks. And you've been knocked it over twenty years by that point. And securing the 1960s. And then most of the 1970s clue what I would say that the the glory days more and so hunting in critical mass where people from all over the world came there was a look at investigation bureau it was a hive of activity. That really had sort of very much and died down. And climbed. Climbed down quite a lot towards the end of the 1970s. And it was really cases okay well you know we. Was still doing the same thing and and what he did it eventually was that he he he drew back the time that he would spend that the law. And he would tell him he he wouldn't go on expeditions without the people he was doing his own stuff. So it was an independent mall into into us without. Back into hope be rather than a location. That two to actually stop that I think he talked about it all the polling. You know they wanted to give it up and credit that he had to get in constant touch with what. Can help to get that. That piece of evidence I've always thought that you actually have. He already have a piece of that sentence he had a permit system. Is so strict putt two to the bulk but he wanted to get it that is an occasional college film. Our clicks. And that four. I suppose it says that feeling this kind of slow almost like a gambler won more hand and I'm gonna win you know one more trip in a minute to get it went just one morneau and get at this time reign him in. It's Kennedy to everybody kind of falls into that when the passionate about something. Absolutely I thought that was very good weapons and putting it. He knew he recognized the fact we will now apple mask and then he wasn't looking to promote similar chunk of America have approving nearly peavy wasn't there. So I think you reconcile that we've whittled down rather than the long. Sometimes he would spend five months of the united three months five months that I was not a not an adult but I am as the years went broke why that that combat was great because down. Sunday he was down two to maybe a couple of expeditions a year or two weeks each. Had to play it turned back into more coffee. But to let anything he absolutely won't want to get back Baptiste residents. Okay we've had some people waiting on hold for questions on the stick couple phone calls here this is Nina from California Nina welcome to be on reality radio. I may be I think that I got you that. And then and OK so I can't get. I was wondering what that actually kind of a question for our Ali guys. I was curious do you think that may be like Nancy. Chan Israeli mermaid all those underwater feet. Scripted. Do you think they actually might come from like different portal. Or timer dimensions. And our world mistakenly. So like an inner dimensional creature as opposed to just a standard life you know flesh and blood creature. I guess because. Israeli mermaid has been actually proven to be possibly more like a spirit. And then. Not seeing champ I would think it will. Both kind of creatures. You'd think that they might be like. They were questioned like your honor. I just think it may be like if they were re hill maybe they would. He is sort of like breach seeing all the time as much music. Or something I mean probably would see it. They im pretty pretty often. Yes great question Tom Angus did your father ever. Take any other series into consideration where this might not have been a flesh and blood creature it exists but maybe it's not flesh and blood. You know I think again. About slow. That's what's so well holes to go down. I think want to put things like that might have been talked about around the in the title and towards panel my followers wanted to keep Israel that is as because it mean and and work on evidence because he was this sentence that before that was his in the way that you look to use an engine and engineers and let let's keep it. On the facts and you can't go off but you you do get into those realms of talking there's no doubt about it because as Nina thought. You know. Why isn't seeing more often. If it's that big if it is the creatures got giggled analyst pat Bates why hasn't coming up more often more isn't it being seeing that so you you can go to Israel looked like I'm not cracked up at. You know it is a possibility of consumer product quality and the people who were surrounded our table. The different types of Islam and scientists that that came out slow but let's try and keep it on on a very sound scientific. Basis. Great thanks of that call and Nina let's go to Vincent Missouri's and so welcome be on reality radio. Are you there are various various they. Venture on the. How are you don't even let you do. Are often are your guess is better to. I want to have sworn to plank about you know La. The rising and lower currency level of play at their you know net he might be. You know trapped. Was trapped in the air you know duet that data lever part of actual. You know yeah and then but it you know man Powell would have to be. I thank for that long term maybe like might have a couple of most trapped in there and had a made Merck. Banners probably a plan we have on down there I don't know but should. Should condemn them the next question is you know what supply would they survive long because there's not that few little lake show. They get around really good. But not totally believe it. Yeah I think you make some good points there events common I do think they've given the sightings have occurred for over 12100 years there there must they must be propagating I can't imagine one creature. A living that long and as far as the food supply outlet outlet Angus address some of this but down. And I guess until we actually can get a hold of one and get a better idea what exactly there's probably a tough thing to answer what do you think Angus. Yeah everything again and another subject that was of course talked about. You know. Really it's almost a moot point because until you know what type creature that is until you know it is metabolic rate that you don't know. They'd be that we're going included that is needed. They reserve a launch and population of a fish in the in the lake they have Arctic chopping salmon and then and then and Trout. And those big numbers in. So a lot comparable yeah they they could down. Could survive that and and Europe too cold points. Absolutely. That they did a lot less walls and I connect it to the solely to the sweet. During but just out of our site page. And that they're there has always been that bacteria that can. That block was like a field and country he's got these these creatures came in and and used it as a base and Pringle trapped. All right thanks for the call is accomplished yet we appreciate that so. Assigned as what is your your own beliefs and you've you've been on this entire life. Your thoughts on what possibly is the creatures in the line. All good news most under the sign you know about that I would look to be able to play what is. The cost would not just. Two you know my father but he's had in his appearance in instruction has. What people apparently useful would look like well the press grabbed hold of that and held onto it. Too many many years he was just using that as an example course plenty of souls were at live. Every just so it would have to you have to be seeing more often knock it. Really I would think it's got something to do it couldn't possibly along the line of of a very large Il. Something like that. So it during the the years of Purcell will be it I don't know the disposition of your father and I think his is he ended his searching in 1987. Did did he survive beyond that I don't know I don't know his history after that. Donna I he would actually just found not easy to punish an expedition. That Osama and he came back and they had a heart attack. And then died. But it pretty quickly thereafter entry to China because you know Atlantic 63 and he kept himself in pretty good shape we didn't I didn't drink took regular exercise you know all this stuff so. It was in the zone and it was completely unexpected. Now that is a shame. Do a other researchers. Contact you mom and and trying to get information from news that might help them in their quest that's information that your father. Hum accumulated over the course of his search. Over the years immunized 1997 macabre post like so over the years each it's it's them it's got listeners. Without the patent let let people going to block doing serious research. That that says it is more people doing it term. Hoping. And this was some talk. That that's serious stuff. We haven't had much to one of these years. I wanted to write this book really because I'm. The generation that are out there in the sixties and seventies. They're popping along and it was such a rich time such as that at such a I'm an amazing time with people coming together from all corners of the world. It makes it makes for a fantastic story whether they weren't they found the monster or not you know it's still a lot of amazing story. And hit it it truly is going to get a ticket. And down you know with your father's work and the fact that and in 1987 there's been there's I don't love what are we thirty years the sense then. Has any evidence surfaced in those thirty years that's impressed you. Tom. And me think well about one. There's been a number of things. That. 88 more. And one of sightings like him very credible people. But actual hard evidence. Beyond again it's still slow and on hips. I'm unexplainable sign on it you know in the middle of the war so there's this suddenly something. But there so what is it all apparently it and Erica a table we'll go back over there and and it and it keeps species sees keep coming up but now I'm afraid not we're still looking for that about that it's gonna take some color. Close up photography. Well especially today now and white guy I owned boats as well and and the sonar systems on the votes today are so much more advanced we'd do 3-D imaging sonar and and so for the U think that a people would be out really trying to use some of that new high tech stuff where they're able to actually get 3-D images of things in the water and I don't know how those would work and such a murky area like alive but. It inched city. He. I'm from. As if I win all we don't as a family and had our finger on the on the on the debate polls. What will happen that the law but I have had. I'd say that there's and you know we should team up there with an AM. With the political of the lake system so I don't know. Trait they're going up and down the rock that there have been doing a little mullah. Climbing up and down and so what say mate if something comes from now but that's ridicule choke point in the 3-D imaging. Sort of problem XML force citizen what could take on. I mean I've done in my bone which had Wales going to the bow and just the image you can get from that are just mind boggling. But immediately guess that'd be interesting to see how would work in water so murky as as the line if it would still be. Just as good as it is using on the ocean where right where I use them. Are again on the I don't know technically enough about it but yeah absolutely agree that that makes me excited to think that somebody would do that because over the out of Monty doesn't. You know are we just loved so that could be some some strong evidence country. And that one of the things we just haven't talked going to have look a minute or so you're left with few. Is Saddam the organizations that your father founded that really was probably the most concentrated in most significant research done at the locked. To date. You know just correctional that he didn't find it would be did all this investigation bureau regulars at opposite that he ultimately it was. At the end inception. But that was so many other people that would that the develop that. Right and that was. That was a group of serious scientists are serious researchers that were there were really committed to getting some answers here. Absolutely. I was let go a period of time malware some some well it is due to try to put it altogether it was not a chaplain that David Jennings who was he was a member of parliament. He mr. spear. That the going to try to pull it and then you add them a number of other people scientists very serious people a nickel and name to it willingly because. They are happy to see if there was something gonna happen. Happened. I think it was say at this site of the rich taught in its history of all the people coming together and trying these these different thinks. It is Chinatown. There's not only today you know that that is so that the reason why I wrote the book was was that was to capture some of the stuff that was that the passenger appeared on. And the book is called the man who filmed a messy it's Angus is book about his father's efforts two find. More evidence or discover completely the Loch Ness Monster. I Angus a work in people find the book I know the website is this minutemen who still messy dot com. Where else can people go to find out more information about the book and what you're doing. Cook the books available on the web site that actually can get it try. And you also have a list your appearances I know that you speak about this topic come often and some people may wanna catch one of your talks. I've got nothing in the diary coming up. But what I do all voted no on the web site. Well thanks so much for coming on and on and hang in all of us and it's it's always great to talk you into just you'll learn more and more every time we talk with yourself. Thanks so much. Thank you guys close keeping subjects like this the line it's so important I think that these WW wonderful things. And they get ridiculed by the press and access this site much more to it and and a lot of people are interested in just a lot of people. Yeah it really are pencil and have a great guy and we look forward to talking again. All right thank you that's that site and Justin's still again it's the man who filmed Nancy dot com check it out you'll find the book they're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up. We have great confidence instilled for big shout out tags on and on hang in Dallas and a big thank you to all all the listeners and their retooling and on the head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio me she'll FaceBook page and also ahead owed beyond reality radio and grab the iPhone and android at their free. You'll see Jason and javy will catch all tomorrow night another great show at. And media is produced by its importance by Alexandria Johnson ever Connolly yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you want to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep any that's this league any ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.