WWL>Topics>>Numerology - how do the letters of your name, and the numbers in your birthday determine who you will be?

Numerology - how do the letters of your name, and the numbers in your birthday determine who you will be?

Jul 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Glynis McCants - "The Numbers Lady" - about her work as the "celebrity numerologist." Glynis also takes calls from listeners and offers guidance and insight. 7/7/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Sir Alan West Coast Friday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond reality radio myself Jason because they always are some Jimmie Johnson. So mom numbers. Numbers not not just the things made of math 44 math actually I guess they can be used to tell you a lot about yourself. Numbers drive me crazy you know technical term IOC Dietrich says register armored Garcia but I guess I guess you can according to a lot of claims are apparent that. Well I mean right down to beat people being able to pick. Bearer of their loved ones. You know they can do that they can learn about what kind of career they should have they can learn about dumb you know would they should be doing in their spare time they how to be happy how I'm not it's already in the numbers in the numbers come from things like your birthday didn't your name and all sorts of very interest I think this several more about it the my biggest question is what about the lottery numbers cause those are the ones that I wanted to. So you'd have to. Stick a new morale and just together with the psychic and together they can figure as a team they can come up with the yes because one on one man I don't think you can do so that's that's been a problem all along they haven't teamed up to do this C and his arm problems on I got discovered. So we agree showed tonight we're going to be talking when villainous McCants and known as the number lady. The numbers lady over twenty years of on experience starting numerology. And also. A well known author so this should be really interesting yes she's also known as the celebrity numerology as she's done a lot of work force celebrities. In fact she was I think the numeral numerology is the official neurologist for Dancing With The Stars or one point. Not sure why Dancing With The Stars need one but we'll find out when we talked to Clinton's. Yeah sadly to like him a big shot out to Paducah Kentucky and also Cape Girardeau, Missouri for becoming part of the beyond reality radio friendly welcome to the yeah welcome welcome to the Fam India couple great markets in the heartland welcome I'm glad to have you on board in next week will be bringing Los Angeles on and so on panel give them a shot on at that point to manage coupon and the stations on. If you haven't yet may she had to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page and also had to be on reality radio dot com. He you'll find at the stations we are on all across the country. On the can also download the free iPhone in injury it app right there which allows you to listen to the show alive. Catch past episodes join us in chat and more wall while all while on the go except for joining us and Jeff Ireland because. I don't do that way you're driving for sure but does that both of the android and the iPhone apps are great their time savers the very very convenient we encourage you to download them. Rate them tell people that you like them passes on the France all that stuff. And for everybody else their GPA and Ari will be at the mosque manifest access number sixteenth and seventeen I actually have to take my wife Whitney which is a good thing and I don't that's wrong but because September 16 it's her birthday yeah so aren't able to celebrate with the most mental and strangely I can't say hey you want me go to West Virginia on your birthday she is what the what if that's what you know you and I talked and talked about the most men on this program several times it's one of the most fascinating stories. Part of its legend part of its myth part of its. We don't based on I would fall so much admitted holes men and black is just the list goes on anomaly you're really dig into there are so many facets and angles to this thing and I think come we are talking with sons Ashley who's the event coordinator for this boost puts on the manner. For her father guest. On the 151000 people with this thing so during the month man's story. And you're gonna Wear that those tights with a wiggling wings are the wings and big big red ICI in my head you know. You have no idea how excited. If you are just because you dig big is composed of Atlanta I mean I know and it's all about yet the excited I meant yet. That's going to be a great weekend so I'm if you're anywhere near the Point Pleasant West Virginia airy should plan on. Checking out the moth man festival and a what's what's a moth man festival dot com I think. Yeah and there's there's good pretty active FaceBook pages wealth don't see with the latest is and so should be inch ER and I'm really I'm really final West Virginia anyways but just to get out there and and check stressful I've never gone to this festival. I've always wanted to yeah I've heard a lot of things about it too I'm so glad we are invited we're going to be Manning table their you know meeting greeting people who listen to the show warmer I think we're gonna give a talk immigrant holes bunch fun stuff while you better performing an outlook because I'm not aware. All right those are showing artsy might oral Mino from her failed talking us to connect immediately and other that would be a great thing hey did you barrel this. About the yellow yellow songs super volcano. I heard that Montana. Is under is possibly. In danger of the super volcanoes with The Beatles. Now well on the Yellowstone super volcano has just seen 800. In 78. Earthquakes in two weeks you. That's never good thing if you're in volcanic area know. How that's that's really now all but strangely I'm an average almost on seas around 15102000. Earthquakes per year. I'm opening. The 15100 to 2000 while. And of those forty to 50% occur as a part of Kursk. Earthquake swarms of it coming this way right but young man they've had Yeltsin as editor herbal in June in just two weeks super volcano that lies beneath the national park. Was hit 878. Times I was earthquakes. The dance series of earthquakes called an earthquake swarm began on June 12 and once in one week. And they had already recorded 464. Earthquakes my mom the majority earlier question no greater than a magnitude of one but the largest reached a magnitude of four point four. Which is the biggest earthquake experience mules don't since March 2014. Well that's pretty Mason I was actually just through that area as a rude you know I I I took a long trip in a car and actually drove right by Yellowstone from Montana area. It's beautiful country it's an amazing site. Humble things are always amazes me I think probably the most. Devastating volcano we've experienced maybe in our lifetimes in the United States anyways was mount saint helens know back back in the eighties and I think it was. On and it you know in in terms of volcanoes as it was pretty big but we have never I don't think on earth and in modern times anyways that I can remember has there been. You know a significantly. Damaging. And about from a from a gonna say this cements it what what about this one and it's probably true but. It just seems as though we've been able to avert these disasters and we don't even really understand how powerful these things are. Until Sunday it was something like vesuvius is going to a proper one of these that are near populated areas going to erupt in really really devastate. An area in a population. Well in EC out of sex at who you and I were in California. I mean a Florida six years ago and and Jean Stein and her husband RL Stein. From goose bumps. We're stuck in England remember to check on the back and forth because of that that Icelandic volcano that's right and it was so powerful. That not not the planes to take off they couldn't they couldn't leave the country it was as a lookup of that puts a much ashen stuffed into the atmosphere that planes couldn't fly so imagine imagine what a super volcano would I mean we're gonna have to US would be on a fish ever really like oh yeah. And and Yeltsin's were volcano it doesn't blow off and of course but in the past two million years. It's experienced three major eruptions. And scientists claim if Yeltsin does erupt. Most likely will be a lava flow has occurred in the arm and in nearly all the ED eruptions since last super options 640000. Years ago. They'd they sale lava flow would be a big deal Yellowstone but it would have very little regional or continental affect me you could when those darn right it could add more land. Yeah and it's area emissary the why is growing but it's a iced big adding some its land mass is of the well flow and that's true let's hope comments created. So while it's just or be anywhere near him when the occur when they're destroying. On ours we got a lot of stuff coming up by the way tomorrow night as the best of program as it is every Friday then Monday Robert Pollock Collin you'll join us he's an American born. Medical sociologist writer journalist and human rights activist activist listen advocate. And a certified high school social studies instructor. Teaching in New Zealand he's credited with coining the term. Exotic deviancy in the field the social site countries or talk about what that means in how labels that have been created by medicine. In European and western nations. Are actually somewhat in a. Appropriate. And Tuesday were retarded was Cheryl Costa two two service military veteran or retired aerospace security engineer and a published playwright. But she's got a lifelong interest in UFOs and we're talking Hershey also she hosted the X-Factor talk radio show Washington DC. Covering UFO's and many other paranormal topics but what's really inching javy is she we are ready New York skies a weekly newspaper blog for Syracuse. That's. Again Syracuse University once or in this insert used to not community were used to live for awhile the Syracuse new times as something is really really popular website newspaper but they cover a New York State UFO sightings and so forth so. Nationals remind McCarron there and then World Series talking. Or we're going to be talking about actually citizens and analysts goes on and on source can be a great week. Lot of great stuff coming up as we roll through the summer on episodes of beyond reality review we thank everybody for joining us send went to the break we'll get ready to bring Glenn S and certain numbers. Numbers sorry I mean you can ask Maine know one thing I really want and two two to even numbers equal either number two odd numbers equaling even number I think even even now I'm members got screwed on that they don't ever again in the in the the only time they can come out on top this one and even not numbers that attacks I think it's only time they get it. And I know what since I was a kid that was the biggest thing and always irritated me it's and I I swear to god it's electrocuted and oh my gosh are you listen to Jason NGB on the unreal. You review the back after the. And gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com that's Garrick content. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com that's scary con dot com. First segment about numbers and how important they are but the number that's not working real well right now is the phone number for our guest. Lenders senators apparently important. He pork so slick is busy busy busy trying to track down our guests so until we bring gonna send we're gonna talk with front stuff because. In fact this is axis on them wanted to speak about for a while. Archaeologists in China had just on urged a graveyard. Of 5000 year old skeletons that they are considering to be giants. Really no giant answer to competitive Chinese that's right so these these skeletons I don't I don't mean from attorneys usually shorter no it's absolutely true and actually read about that the men the one that the graveyard that has been uncovered. It has a number of graves where these skeletons measure about five feet eleven inches summits tall six feet three inches. But by the standards of the of Chinese population an average height 5000 years ago. If they would tower over those people the average height in China about that time was like 5152. So these would have been considered giants they were all buried together they were all buried in graves in rooming together as in one grave but in the same area. And they're all put in Greece it seemed to give them from high status and some type of social value that wouldn't have been afforded to most people. Well even even in America the average hardy back you're talking 100 years ago Oilers were like 55. Yeah my four guys I have a lot that was just due to nutrition they just in them the same nutrition in the food. A positive and grow as some analysts. Faster as tall as soon as we do today. That's insane. The other list yet but they they found 205 graves they also in this area I have uncovered the ruins of the book seems to be a village about a 104 houses and there were twenty sacrificial pits in the area as well. They're still trying to figure out you know who these folks are why eight. These taller skeletons are all kind of in the same area there were some religious. Connection or what it was but it is an interest in find in China. And we had people it's gonna Roberts was one of the guys on our program that was talking about this we've that's another talking about. These races of giants and of course when you talk about those things it's all relative I mean it would be you know a giant sum of six foot tall back 5000 years ago would be considered a giant sword he's the types of things that were being talked about woman read about the Nestle lean and and then other quote unquote giants in history. Why I would have to say yes because equally I think about it I mean even now he sees somebody. Some of these basketball players sergeant seven Simon has an all. And and their giants now imagine you know back to you know hundreds and hundreds or thousands of years ago. And that that would really give that that would give that impression. Yeah and India and in when things are written and passed down through history perspective changes a little bit. So Beatrice NC with the connection has a number I want to follow this story because they may find there on the other artifacts and things who indicate. Exactly who he says these people were undone why they were there reminder altogether. So we're talking about drenched few minutes ago with the Yellowstone and the earthquakes mute brought up Montana. No parent. So a guy by the name of Brent mayfield sent Mino Austin beyond reality radios FaceBook page and said they had a five point 4 earthquake Thursday morning. In Lincoln Montana alone. You know stuff going on theirs this is nine doesn't so much it's going to be pleasant to relieve the on the ground is just not supposed to move on. There really isn't and it's a New Jersey and one referred always had some on here RI Munich late 23 years ago. We had it was like six in a week that's unheard of him. You never get an early Bada. But. I was in San Francisco going back and I think I've talked to you in recent of about that as well while I was there. Com they had they had him. Goods and good earthquake when I was there and I was on like the 21 floor of the building. And how I realized it was happening at first was I felt like I was. Honestly drone campaign because I'm looking at the window and I'm watching it bubble. It's just it's like moving in a wave. And it was so. So strange to have that happen because I'm just I'm my use of that being from Rhode Island we don't get anything like that Aaron. Yeah it's it's the most and I've been in a similar situation in these kids are you can't figure out doesn't register as to what's exactly happening now when that's going on it takes like a news reports say oh there was just an earthquake. Before you realize exactly what what just occurred. Dolly really ended that it doesn't take you awhile and especially when you're in a building because when you're that high up because you're you're actually you're relying on the buildings movement. But you know what's going on if you're outside standing on the ground and be a different story Brent. But you're not you're twice before I. Our were working to get Glenn has a chance on the phone she's the numbers lady we're gonna have her on hopefully soon in the meantime the telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call on lines are wide open we love to have you on and which had on anything now we're gonna go to breaking in a minute but you know with a of the tournament anything. Yet if you haven't yet just like I said dose of favorite try to remind everybody all the time Jesus don't it's going up fast via FaceBook page but FaceBook dot com slash or beyond reality radio may she'll like that FaceBook page worked as a costly doing updates over there. And then head over to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app rate their from the web site. Which allows you to listen the show life catch past episodes. Join me online chat you can do it all on the go. Makes life so much easier and it didn't just opens up doors communication halls. Rates are organizing quick break and when we come back we've got a lot more it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy. Don't go away want to stare. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah. China allies are best pound car and that's why I these these little fragments of memory still lodged in my head somewhere in one night we are. Like that the AT&T phone system when arson and anybody ready AT&T phones was in messed up yet here and says Steve seat was on and that's right that's what it was we lost him we just want to me he's decided to start updating their systems and it was a late ST was on the show and as far as. AT&T iPhone that's right and that's all that's why I'm wondering if we've got some like that going on strike as we are having some trouble reaching people but. Our phone lines are OpenId AT&T phone lines in the numbers 8446877669. Is slick Eddie and Alex continue. To track down our guest. Ugliness McCants Omniture what's happening there were working to get around the ground at some point but time yet you know phone lines are wide open. But it talked to use of us on the Jay because some. People ask me as. Ghost owners. Kind of percolate along here and you're looking at options trying to decide which are gonna do with the show. People they asked me in the meantime are you continuing to do investigations and look at things in this tab still active and and and working him on cases. Absolutely Tom I still investigating and taps who stone's home teams still cranking along and investigations all the time. And I think that's important because we existed prior to the shell and we always planned to exist long after the show. And to him we still do we weren't put together by casting agency. And that's him that's important to know because most shows out there were mostly on stars you know people were tested by a by auction company decides who you know who would be best in this area who can create trauma on. And all that stuff from DSL. We're we're still going on soul investigating and I plan to keep on keep on doing it now that that thing I posted the other day. About the ghost of Shepherdstown and and you saw Judy and and a bunch of people alters our analysis to the FaceBook lives post after because nick Graf had given me a call. And I saw a lot of mixed reviews from people on that as well. We're people were. Weren't there were saying while they mussina they thought it was straight in and deceptive thing and other people are saying that it is always seemed legit. And I'm sure most you all out their songs some my post I mean nothing's been. Checked out three or 3400000. Times the video and Aaron thanks in and the post and they did. They came I'll buy dread central. You know I cheers of pollen that was checked out nearly a million times. They give us a call let us know your thoughts are on on the whole I've never seen the closest averaged counsel I can't comment on it. I know a lot of you have so definitely had I'd like your your thoughts on the matter I'm I had I known nick Nick's always been a great guy. And a very stand up guy seems authentic and and a broad question his integrity because. He sincerely. Believes in the eternal Lisa be is a big fan of it. You know. Yeah I know I agree with DJ and done you know this controversy all the time and as a matter what category or topic you're talking about this controversy. And down in the paranormal world's seems to be controversy times two or three or four. And you know you just the way it is and it's it it would be silly if we didn't talk about it be silly if we ignored it we need to talk. About the is that and that lesson thing also MMI and more my comments I talked about how. Media they're in there can be a lot of bias media out there. And I think you'd agree with that where the fact of the matter is even right down to the silliness of you know of these TV shows. From now I Fy removed people from the show I let people go Betty you know one pound division of views on some of these. These. News agencies and and told him that equipped show on the news agencies never inquired never asked they just said how are OK well these people left the show what I. Manny you know they decided to quit. And none of that was torture rooms but I never fed into it and really try to draw too much attention to its because it just draws attention all scenario. So I wonder if there's some sort of hidden agenda or jealousy or by isthmus that. Has come on this ghost of Shepherdstown. Report that was written up Burgos dread central. And it's it's just it's one of those things that make him sound make me make me wonder if there's. Other shows out there that are jealous of my have a more connection and now this is what they're trying to do or why I don't. And ice makes in the very very clear from our foment a working perfectly fine. We've got phone lines if you're looking to call there's plenty of room give us a shout 8446877669. The problem we're having is reaching a guest she's just not available when my PX some confusion. And we're trying to sort that out but let's go to the phone lines let's bring in Jean from Maryland Jeanne welcome to beyond reality radio it's usually a talk with Glenn SP you know she's not on it right. That's okay. As far as the shepherd's town outside he mentioned several times. What is really really jet. That sheriff from the parent report different occasions. On things. And investigate a cloning and that apparently there are people from. Places around that area that are calling from outside of town. I am banned some of the reports said that all I guess I dread central reported said that they spoke with. A planner or whatever and that this person has said these things but then that person blatantly had written to neck. And said that she had never said those things and then things are taken out of context and swapped around. So it does seem like a legit showed you it seems sincerely nothing nothing's really being manipulated or played on. Yeah it does and I have I've been misquoted there for a newspaper article I know what that is. Well yeah and trust in Arabs are adults that is well you ought to be really cautious and because you never know what to how they're gonna write it I mean all it takes is not putting our common one place our current period and one place they can change the whole top contacts via. A what's being said the latest say that I will. It is galaxy and stuck to the people other people can't do it so they have not people it can. Well and I agree with that totally I can tell you that didn't go Saunders was the highest rated colonel Moshe author and we use again it. So much flak from such as so many different shows and and individuals and everything else out there in the new if you'd let somebody go and they'd they'd sit there and sell all the shows for a while Malkin gives you when you are saying earlier on the show and now he fired York. Mom you are rarely SE get paid I get you do you get the jealousy factor you get the the people out there who. Are ticked because you know they wanna be on TV and they're not. And it's just just all over it becomes just a chaos chaotic issue. Well what if somebody said something like stated I wanna know how they said it was staged. You know what what we've done that made it fake. Well that's it where's the proof to support the claims that you're percent. And I think that's the most roar in the bond. Yeah and like I said Ian nick called me after I posted that article and you know I'd I'd. I heard amount I listened to him and everything else and be honest with you I am not gonna sit there and say and the things and he filled me in on because that was during a private conversation but. He definitely sit there and and it. You know I made me question anything I'd read in that article so that's why he had made sure it did or attract and. Yeah I've seen him do locked down to which India is that it showed well. Yeah I've got I've gone I've caught an episode of to a lockdown shown and I am not big on watching panel TV to their lives that I live the investigations so I thought I thought the I think I think that's definitely good show well thank you very much for the call. They're just there. Thank you so much Jeanne for calling in Moscow to. Joseph in South Carolina Joseph welcome to be on Rihanna read a great to have you on tonight. Thank you guys thank you JD and Jason. Got it. My arms aren't. Thank you I've always been a big fan donors are and they want Acura I'll bear or their doctor locked. Yeah I've got a question you know are. And I don't out this step is edited out on yeah well. I believe it was weighing here whom. Investigate errors shared Caitlin is what you perched argued indicates you gators. And I start noticing more or equipment. But later this season that I'd start noticing collapse last equipment I didn't know if that was that was edited out or there's a reason why you or use it has. Budget quit. You know later as I thought. No honestly and that's that's a great question in the and the equipment always been used. The fact of the matter is. And the one thing that'll drive you crazy is is editing may. He does a lot of the equipment we do you we'd even use equipment that you guys never saw and the fact of the matter is scifi. A lot of times didn't want. To try to explain all new equipment to people that want to honestly dumb some of it down which sucked but it's it's the way they did it. But the kind of had it if you put new equipment and can have a dual back story things of people knew it was and now with the results were that took next time exciting and I think that's the most important parts of. The investigation is bringing in the new equipment testing and now seeing if seeing if you're how we combat a feeling during the investigation. And yeah and advocate to meter actually was one of the big things we have talked with with the people who. Commence indicate to meter was the problem with having to hold the button down because I've seen people who they're their thumbs start getting a little tired and and they're letting off on on the K two meter and they're getting false readings so we we used to stick court didn't Nicholson and hold it down. And we ended up talking to the guys who may indicate to in this when they sort of put in the the on the seat literally turn and on and leave it on. She bolster the whole investigation which I think was great but no we've we've always used new equipment we won't we've got a ton of equipment and morally shrine new things of us why we deal close with Sean overdose stopped as well. Does he would send us new stuff that he was working on a wheat field tested for. Our a lot of constant search on odd little like it's. Joseph what I would joke Joseph before we are echoes and you have your own kernel will reflect what's go at some of the equipment that you like to using guerrilla rely on heavily. Well we're getting used to take you replied it's we have that pairs oh breached sixty. We have geez. They're all on it listing go on. Well go for so what part of South Carolina UN. Our. Okay Aaron my good friends arch from out that way but. And I love South Carolina so my favorite states. But when it comes down to new equipment I mean right down to the from the flir one. The system that goes around your iPhone and android phone we worked hand in hand with clear to design that equipment. To get it may make it manageable so everybody with a Smartphone could actually use thermal. And did they get thermal and not spend 152030000. Dollars and a piece of equipment. So. You can see we're still in the area of trying to to help out and design equipment make it so everybody can be eternal more investigator with that without going on spending a ton of money to investigate. Yeah yeah I've noticed that we you know we saw the player want on the show and actually order that they had. It's come very good views and he has. It's definitely great piece of equipment but thank you very much for the call and enjoy investigating that. Are you. Yet thanks Joseph. All right let's unless he lets take a break now we've got some more phone calls to get to if you wanna get through the lines are open 8446877669. Would love to have you on we're still. Working Dave reach our guest Glenn it's McCants the numbers lady hope we will be talking numerology subsequently get relaxed there with her numbers on time and I'll suck o'clock numbers he elicited Jason javy Dioner and it. Are now working welcome back beyond reality radio Jason in JVR telephone numbers 844687766. And we have a bunch of people on hold we're gonna get to the calls us and we can but even more importantly it's a time to welcome our guest of the program. Let us McCants known as the numbers lady Gladys welcome to beyond reality radio surrogate John a little late here but we're happy to have you. While there. It turned out great to be here and I absolutely was held 10 o'clock Pacific standard time so it's about. There's the confusion in the numbers this what it's about right talking about I. We've got confusion in the numbers and but here we are sold before we've got a short segment before we have to go to our top of the hour break but in that time of dads about four minutes or so here and that time what's learn a little bit about you how did you get started in this. Okay I'm the candidate numerology found they'd come explain quickly what it is that this kind of numbers that actress was put famous mathematician. Who came up with a system 2500 years ago. The police suspect everything in the universe has vibrations. And that is especially true with people mass filing meets technically I collect relate like this person. Are you meet him a ticket why am I terrain. You know why don't I felt tired that's vibration an energy matters what I've mastered. In betting that. And just you know there's three numbers that a person's name remembers him a birthday goes six members keep me under rocky blueprint that's what they are. So you don't wake up one day and to say hey I'm gonna start looking into this this is something that has to attract attention appeal to the needs to learn about it what was the point for you that that happened. I'll tell you. In my Q secretary you expect it and then here's why I say that I was nineteen I heart was broken I want to see a woman that that was a psychic which really wasn't neurologist. Should explain to me that was not mourning my ex boyfriend I was raised in the mother and sister because in the rocky they were very compatible chimney. And the minute she said it after two years of being a pain I was over it. And then a technical book and immorality I learned the basic number I'm Calkins the basic numbers one through nine. And I can beat anyone but people which makes no sense at all. And that's what I do look at this is a part of my column. And the reason they're separate thirteen years and that 151000 reads before I broke my first book. When she but this this neurologist told you that you weren't really stop the what are clearly don't sit out. It was about his them and I. Seems that you when you're going to about how do you feel like you belong there which you feel that because you are compatible with the mother and sister so your mourning the loss of them more than him. And it was true because I couldn't stay about a we're still friends and the mother sister. Just. Suton powerful and it's vibration and at this situation voice and hearing crash. Yeah this is Jason and. What just pretty well. Because technically your three the three wipeout is known for Irish smile and or when you're a good mood you're human Christmas hurry. And when you're a bad mood you get Alpert faster than the people round you. I want to last year over when you're over. And. Yeah. That that camera skis so I don't know you'll I don't hang repeal but you've got to find racial app they can't stay serious for too long. On a sucks because Ameristar mammal is way too serious muscle unless our I don't. A lesson hang in our JV then I'm never serious amount was it was a joke at the. It actually learn from each other you're not the same and morality so I'm Maggie do a lot of comparison that's compared notes. That's a part of what you do is just an accountant and we have a business if you look. I agree on everything then one that is not necessary that I doubt you'd definitely debate. Good point. We have about thirty seconds we have did go to break and I didn't get the titles of your books of I'd just so we can introduce those and them come back after the break and we'll pick up the conversation. OK let a pleasure number what the original book and loved by the numbers is a relationship book helping understand the dynamics of any relationship here at. She's you talk really fast. Aren't the right. Don't feel like Pamela Thomas so I've stated. A lot of Shia I think Jimmy should have told you had a minute and a half because she couldn't run through that he didn't know what the defense and it's I was like wow I mean I'm so our guest is a great district to cancel the numbers lady over twenty years of experience studying numerology. And one on author so were errors so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back there's going to be a lot more we'll get into. I wanna get into this whole in other numbers. We're at the numbers and the names and on and all that woman I can tell you right how does the math work Woodward of the numbers come from and where did they get their meaning and you know how to they have significance influential tells all about the Serrie use our heels and Jason Giambi on router into the phone numbers 844687769. And the Stoll freed 844. 6877669. To break the back. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday in the East Coast many were stuck in between welcome to beyond reality radio with myself Jason Hawes the always awesome JV Jones. And gladness McCants our guest tonight who those numbers of the known as the numbers lady also via a celebrity neurologist and we're happy to have her on the program we've got a lot of people on hold to waiting to talk to grimace but when we just jumper back into things here. What's gonna roll back the discussion here a little bit. And if you have to define and he kind of touched on this in in in the answer the first question how you got to where you are. Start over define numerology for us what exactly are we talking about. Morality itself as the science of numbers and it is attackers people a bad name usually through geometry. And I had the best tech and their exactly. And he also wears the crater harmonic like he was the first to. At numbers to sound. So the basic numbers and raji are one through nine. It's so it's not like it's one through a thousand what you get stacked trying to figure out what apple is there are some. Basic numbers one is considered the beginning nine is considered the number of completion. So when I look at the chart I'm dealing with remembers that I can find common name and three numbers that come come up birth date. And that tells me who you and it's called in tomorrow keep blueprint. And what I have but I am also able did you chart comparisons. Example I picked my husband by the numbers. I literally did a great insight or at techno rock just look at government has got my numbers. And we've been together fifteen years. Well and the strange thing about especially the numbers one through nine when it comes numerology those being the key numbers. Any number one through nine times itself equals the number that if you added together would equal mine it. That is well actually checked as such you go to 29 break it to one digit it becomes the two right 2% a little weapons woman's two. 39 become twelve which becomes three. So when you add and reduce its its step nine that this appears tonight is magic we all know there's a lot to be said about the number nine. There's another thing I wanna point out that because people who followed party can't find out what shows have been on what their bacon and imitate what about the massive numbers. Massive numbers of people full happy eleven. I can compete born on the eleventh the 22. Or you could add up to 33 before you become your final like pat them. Number it simply means that the high frequency vibration do you know anyone Jason that was on May eleventh at the 22. Yeah my brother was born elevenths. Okay would you say I don't know it help or paper when it just comes eleven do you think he's hard on himself. Arm he has he is he he's actually born in November 11 so 1111. Writing down what your mom should only six years younger than me so 77. OK so these aren't. Where five. One OK when you have that eleven it means them on how good not good enough so in other words when he thinks he comes up short he can be very. Very critical of himself. Yeah and and I don't tell and he's also the youngest of six to use so we kinda. Has that that sort of mentality anyway spot. But you'll find I'm from up by the way if I am at thirteen and so. I don't quite buy that that that part a bit like I'm I'm number nine out of allotment but I could. My behavior people think and the first born so it really is energy. There are some numbers that are stronger than others. In your case that you were born December 27 what you're for you. I was born December 27 1971. OK so you were born on a nine day with a three life cap and that tree attitude what that means this what you see is what you get to. So even though you don't elect has some tragic it is serious. You'll know what you are like it is critical I think you're really on western cape think up some online Hewitt to deal break. You're on and I'm Natalie Imbruglia honest in the biggest thing I believe I always said is I want people hate me for my honesty not from Iowa. Right now and the thing with he'll he'll likely tell me the bad true that is lighter honest I'm glad we can work it out is when you find out some they have been behind your back. It's your guilt records like I don't want and value to that can't trust you. Absolutely lawyer Leo loyalty and honesty is there a fine. While it's your home number. And tell me what propelled us inside trader told helped Phil when you feel like it's integrity and people like. I haven't put into this whites and some enthusiasts are now you can get it when they say maybe you're annoyed. I taught there's good reason yeah our careers when they want my kids Sami that they're not sure whenever it's that I I'd tell him all the time it's it's yes or no. It's an out it's got to be it's yes or no do you want this or do you not want Justice Thomas. Won't have patience for the limbo lounge. And they don't know it admits to knowing. Let us with some let's jump to the moments are just as we have a lot of waiting to chat with you this is Virginia from Florida. Virginia welcome to be on reality radio. I get more you're regarding. Apple. Will sell. So the first thing I needed coupled native Brit Virginia. World point 364. OK so when I do that I usually just give you a sense of Europe by the numbers and you have a specific question. I may be yet able to answer as well depending on what cycle again. And commentary and it's. You have your born out of I think you're at seven life's path would have thought attitude that means you'll are human popcorn machine. You that way to many ideas in your head at all I'd have a ticket keeping it harder for you to sleep is that trip for you. And I yet alternative and that helped. Yeah you'd get wired and it bit about double five I call them the celebrating a flight. So if someone tries to control you bike askew we're argue what he's doing where you're going you're not remotely comfortable if they at least you'll laugh you'll come back. But I have to be your pay cash you're not comfortable otherwise and the number shot that which is your life past. Tell me that even you can tuck and someone you know how to mentally to leave the building Britannia. Two very sure. Do it all the time so do you have a specific question. Yeah won't try it what. Possibilities are our biggest job change your position change and that's turn. Okay so here's what I would say when I talked about personal year cycle to it sends each year we shifted to a news cycles are right now Virginia your personal your cycle six. And six is a perfect time to move on. I kicker in a job you don't like it's okay to make a move six means taking your power back. So I don't know blank went out of work front but this is a great year to change you don't have to stay where you spent. Okay you were back in your 33 years. Well it's gotten a little bit. Can I ask you something else and what did you pixel works Virginia. Oh in the medical administration. Epic one less question have you been able to travel because I haven't been skipping out here you gotta go to summer Al to have fun have you done that argument stack them yeah. Pretty much an effect in the job you know their future care and they're actually app we'll play at first attempt Kirk yet for the latter part and I. Pretty much here. And get him to hit the truck rental. Took them a candidate and has about a college. What I would say what I said you've got a 57. Dollars or movement numbers to when they take a trip you'll advocates how much out of it. And and now that you're gonna be open on if you got the September plant can't make in the state plans if that's what you get your biggest collections. Virginia. Yet thanks for the call junior gonna quickly moved to a Joseph in Indiana Joseph welcome to beyond reality radio. Other body on. Loans children. To read Alberta cardinals might numbers that you are channel it and apparently. 91 or that he that. 9204066. Cica doubles 6671. My press question because you have double check did you end up having kids show. Yeah abnormal or all the other. Thank you know that I picked that up to it and that's numbers. When I don't have a six I know it's about being a pop urged you'd like king of the castle. If you had your way joke. You plot of the house. That nice picture we've got the night live that rape kit that whole thing means so much here. So when you feel like it's coming up short that's where you get depressed you know it's upsetting and then. Ultimately. You're one lined up which means. Yeah per adult Mulder cut nets usually never a dull moment you are always on the boat and I have to ask do you drive for work what EPO. As Kirk won his most. But yeah. Street suite about 200. There are. Yeah but I'm telling you it's all about you being bothered about what summit send to get a quick I. And I am or or where it it's an outlaw. Yes you know my father had double six and get eleven kids I think it done right. Oreo orca. Or like Andre we the current work. I wanna but. What about the world view you know that's what's on Q&A market that you get a sense of what fulfill a person. There's big family was always what you want did you. Always oh that on an oil well. Everything I haven't. What about it mark airport and I caught a movement work and let them. It beat that goal every step of the day or another day. Great Joseph thanks so much go to tip won more than we gonna take a quick break here this is and from Pennsylvania and welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on. Hi I am I have been listening on Heinemann. You know they can stick my column. Com. Hi I'm glad my night 51866. Okay. Yet some wine and I think that's straight down and then hopefully it does make it and having it right side up. Okay and out of I don't know what I'm gonna want to get in limbo right now. You are born on a nine day and York nightlife pat which means. You're hoping. It by going back to your childhood it could be that you can't emotionally did not come through for you or you felt responsible for family what would you say it was current up. Ellison a bunch of forest home and then with a group all and and then after that I went. I added this cut rep after my sixteen very I mean I was just so distressed that my sixteenth birthday I just took off the that I just. Couldn't tell you that you're at a lot of stress. Bright. So let me tell you about that with a double nine energy its field goal that means even at the little kids you were very aware what was happening but your heart was broken you know the nine at the one that has. Abandonment issues like it very loyal apple what you want to wicket dammit that's cute car for you I you lucked out by about it too which means even if you want it like to run smoothly there's always the trauma. Every time you turn around us and become a correct. Yes yes OK and at a I've. I bet it was 51866. But anyway I'm just wondering how to. Make things better I don't know that broke. What else I can you are primarily. And you're gonna daily paper you're gonna go to number thirty dot com shoot me an email at that we talked and I am going to give you a gift to help heal your brain. You've got to get some reprogramming the way you think it's like you're in trouble today. I'm serious. It via that's tedious to different leadership meeting. Yet go to at numbers lady dot com and and do that and thanks for the call get us a quick break we're talking with Glenn is McCants. The numbers lady I'm beyond reality radio Jason TV don't go right back. Flying by it's beyond me artery and Jason Chancy as we continue our discussion with Clinton's McCants the numbers lady its numbers lady dot com books that minuses written love by the numbers and let us as your number. She's also known as the yes liberty neurologists are really really pleased to bring them. Doesn't she does have our number but aren't. You know she does she's just got your number just television and Gladys one thing I wanna I wanna understand in my I have to say it's slow for somebody like me but how how you're able to get. Numbers from names. Okay com. Basically the alphabet eternity E'Twaun has some numbers of days one b.s to Alter your story. When you get candidates say Lindsay. He is 26 but in approximately break down when it's it's a two plus sixes. It's like all the way through soak. What I do with each letter has the number as a matter of fact when you go IG because certain panic you know in my heart James. But do you go around indicators up mostly of JP or change. Bomb I don't and and dismantle itself to people that sort of keep to myself now just getting and it really I introduced myself as gem just in the you don't and personal circles of professional amnesty AV. OK so guess what it really does matter. When I have people get like that we have numerology reports pretty explicit what is the main vehicle by. So the person must cynical by today is the vibrations that you put out there. So it really does matter and music champ Jim is going to be completely different imaging which at. What tournament yeah. But trek there as I'm little real quick at getting down I've let me as I did like JB Johnson when I broke it down cut it Hackett. 731. And that re at a part that does tablets at C number one is pure competitive streak in and that's the part that wants to win. So do you think you're right. Once you say you're willing to present your case. Oh yeah I am a loyal to present his case from the strong signal it'll really argues it just pointless. Here's what I think that's funny when I look at the numbers that mean. He says he doesn't want to argue but he knows just what this data get an argument. Told us that's for real mesh of 100% your Denon. But by its liking that YouTube but vacant look what you just that this but he has no idea. So let people achievement go to I did not break that would counsel what I'm doing right now I'm literally exchange. Jay is one I hit nine MS bulwark and just give me a moment to do that second to see what I'd get. The EU EU member would be injury. Which is good because that's currency humor again and to the nine hole 67. Well I can't account that is the same breakdown the numbers. Unless it's reversed that should be proud of what these numbers don't disappear he Hugo liked to have hit I would say. The whole number. History which again and communication animus that's basically what you guys to radio I'm sure communications going to be a big part of what you do what. Ever. The fab ten is a personality when your gym which is observing others so they don't know what you're thinking you'd do watch people. Need a lesson manual that the world we sit around people watch and more to get. I believe what you bogey on the docket no. Stacey that's what you compare notes and actually told our Brooke you don't like to gather you lose a little bit. Yeah I thought I could say what you want eyebrows like I got it look back later about that. Yeah that's the list wheels. I told him you're the expert I'm the governor does. This 700 step back tickle lecture that create a one pocket and but the governor of one attention to what other people can see. All right well but in the ID JB Erica. So you can use gym or JV it's going to be the same we're pretty but I always tell you Jimmie gets truth did what I normally the only person you allowed to do that yeah that's true at this point that's true that's because he's tired of our knocked out five and six. Ari you know we don't have time to get to the phones here because so we're close on a break here but if you're on hold stay on hold we will get your calls after the break. We reminder tomorrow night as the best stuff program and we will you know you'll be hearing no one of the shows from earlier in the week Monday we we've Iranian Robert Park solemn you'll use sociologist from me talking about it exotic deviant and other things that he studied. In non western countries. And then Tuesday Cheryl concert to service a military. At two times service military veteran now we're going to be talking to her by UFO's. And the list goes on our own next week Ross can we talk about impasse the end exercise some sort cover in the gambit greatly hurt if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like the FaceBook page are calling number is 844. 6877669. Again tall freed before four. 6877669. If you got a question for our guests are Glenn asked. Or question for myself for javy give us a call will be right back after this you listen Jason did he. Overrated Jason Austin Johnson might just flying by. Governor great time (%expletive) so what are the well you know it big if anybody else saw what you're doing in the monitoring. They heard Maria okay I promise you I thought and I always try to make you left Britain for regular partner Mike Gundy did time via you know the reverend great conversation with their guests tonight Glenn has McCants she's the numbers lady it's the numbers lady dot com. Books by Gladys love by the numbers and Gladys has your number and again Gladys thanks so much time is whipping by before we get to the end of this discussion wanna make sure that you. You're already in agreement on coming on the show again at some point. Actually. Currently he knew that I need to just felt like time you want. Some years there I mean you are the numbers ladies of the fair value of the 10 PM says send Pacific we take off from our end it there while whatever minus hot and carry the right. Spain not likely been great but I I say I haven't. But fast food members lady let's start that way I can do it any time community. Perfect Dario let's go their phone might you've had a lot of people waiting patiently this is Susan from Missouri. Susan welcome to be on reality radio. I say yeah. We emotional. Your vote at where did that. Might get a grip at eleven when he I had sixty theory. OK so give a specific question and it is by no basic on who you are about and urged. Well I mean I don't really aren't that specific question indicated. They're just so many things swirling around that I I cancer early on I think that it expel. Whatever I you feel like. Are so let me Kayla actually when I look at your birthday your born on the seventh day and you hold it adds up to a lot. And yet and I attitudes so what does that mean. Ultimately our life perhaps the most important thing you know what like pat that means when you finish one project you're right on to the next. It's hard for you to stop unite the if anything you can feel like you're running at a time has a Manhattan where you. Look at what worried. OK so here's why that's true Jason never won it when I said at the beginning and nine is the number of completion. The one always elected not quite where they wanna be you know at the time to get there and I would explain to them. Take a deep breath. And acknowledge what you have accomplished unit to take a moment not to say look I did that that was a good thing is for you move on to the next. And then born on the seventh date as a talked about the guys spoke out in the seventh he did ten number that is observer do you watch what's going on around duke. But it also is the one that's as cool MRI. What am I why you might hear competent Ukraine after those kind of questions. Constantly. It's like relentless and that's where it's comical I call it the minded numbers that's. The packet members of volunteer and then the attitude for you at nine what's good about this year you or innate personal a year up one. And your one like patsy you'll need to get back. Into the driver's seat like I don't know. School is in your life. Or who took well all your time accused somehow balance the last place. This year it's not getting back in the first place. But somewhere and I got it had a relationship did that work. I don't think they are going on right now they really needed me out again but who expected that but the kids. They can't get like yeah boys yup I'm telling says and guess what. Even though you think I missed just affecting about human beings we think we are so important we got to do so much and yet. Who went a bit skeptic done so I'm telling you different that you're to get back to view. Even if it means ticket cannot just get a massage tested always protests one weekend. Do it for yourself because otherwise. You will get drained and depleted. And what that can do is attack what we don't deal with mentally can attack has basically sadly the next spectator we get headaches the lower back. All that stuff. So I'm can't find a way to make yourself first priority at least until we know model what you do into those kids. Okay okay I can do that. Susan thanks thanks thanks so much for the call let's go to Jean in what I'm mature teens going from zero going to be unreal at a rate of great to have you back on. Thank you. My birthday at five point 42. Is that 52 or sixty. 9160. When he for a 510. Budget got ship so to victory okay. Change the number two in Iraq is considered. Naturally psychic. Meaning may pick up things when they meet people how true that just putting your life I have got back. Very true. Oh my god so here's the deal you have to be so careful you'd spend time with because the it will drain you. Number clearly is the one it's like it's really good friend someone you care about someone hears an analogy if someone you love Delano well. You'd jump gonna say what well and then you're like oh my god now I'm in the welter. At Portland yet. So Europe your love couldn't sustain an okay here's a lighter and when you get out of there are I help you. And the other opinions into question is your kept if you trust your gut instinct it will not failure to don't second guess yourself. And this year your personal your street. Which means spot near the consumer getting back in touch with like being in a child I would just like play music that makes you have fun. I mean the that you love that picture just silly tickets because you're too emotional. I can feel things too deeply and even look at what's going on the world right now I would think you're ineffective that does that makes cents. That they blunt are and I think you're gonna effect of what goes on around you like when things are working on a curb bad accusing him and just as you get very upset about it. Warwick. Also I need you to do it in therapy for yourself which is music and comedy anything that can make you laugh. That's what this year is I'm waiting to get back in the moment and you'll be fine. Okay yeah did leave by the feeling like other people are feeling her thinking I had a hand it to be honest. I don't like very very few close friends. Yet secure right I dampen oil although they have saved them. What do you know about your dear you'll you'll art the peacemaker mediator like you don't want conflict and you become the little social worker trying to fix it and it's not your job. And not to mention it becomes banquet so certainly they can turn on you. They like what effect I was trying to. Yeah Jeanne thanks so much for thanks so much for your call we have to move on to Ralph here in Florida. Ralph welcome to be unrelated radio Britain or beyond. Thank you won't. Take my call when. You did apparently. Eight point hey it's our. Is that 59. They aren't. Yeah okay all right and below. I'm going to hold Ralph. Not gonna add to your question is that this has been brought to pattern and I'm curious separate rings true for Yale. You're born on one date and you're sick like that. Have you ever felt even while you were growing up did you ever feel like people were competitive. Are somewhat jealous as something which you. We're not helpful and you we're not competing with them and all we're just doing your own thing. But you don't get reported. Yeah well I'm telling you can't then that's the numbers and JB had to turn Vietnam outline. When you have 186 for some reason I think it's because those two numbers are very strong. But there also are duality and they're not it'll lineup which means Ralph. As always. Analyze and everything like he's over thinking he can be somewhere academy so by the content and also critical rough like let's discount witnessed from. Not trying to make double here I'm trying to do a picture out. Like he's trying to be an asset in his life's about. That's one of the things that happened with fuel and and you're gonna personally here once again. What's your question it a specific question about this year. Well I eat you know it's funny you after. Online. And I try to be enemies of Islam Alla Heather and the key. Responsibility. Yes or after errant program the other night about the other. Dark dark scar whatever commitment. And I both live and in the years are not ought to have India's are. And like those are the letter and like. Prayer actually and a little. Pseudo name. I. Okay how about this one for you but this month has died I've secretary you know every month has energy this month when the month of seven and seven is about. Going with it and so in other words written up as somebody else communicate and get by it helped. They have that are within yourself this month so. If you're case since you seem open minded to what did you learn intimate life. How about lighting a white candle if you can get their water I would suggest the ocean of course that the best body of water but literally get in front they tell me what it is I need to know. 'cause there's a real clarity in this month for you route. Right Ralph thanks so much for the call we appreciate it removed events here vents from Missouri Vince welcome to show. I yet aren't. Good loans children's. Already got yourself rock and roll. A lot of commercial laws have gone on I got a little rare rare rare rare ability. I can give to manage your birthday. I want I want I want listed twelve. 1966. Several nice marriage is this is this. Okay. Hold on 12 here it looks like you got Ike bands I was pocketed guys earlier rice said the when a person has duality in their personality it just means that. You have the numbers that are very different from one another and that tells me people often misunderstand you I don't know who you are correct. Yeah the people again like that this is why it got the three Q which it back I want to communicate. You know has let his shape up behind at all is that seven light up. Which means he sometimes you have to be left alone I guess some of the biggest space to get very upset about it. You can shut it down and the people might know let social funny that the like where the hell they were gonna scale what happened events. Already. Yeah so that's where it's coming from and the other things that you do have a night I would ask. Going back to your past gonna put mom and dad where was stacked like what would your cameo by. I have layout daddy killed a man he wanted to present for a more. Momma killed herself when outpouring war and daughter were killed those seven Cain brother were shouted foreigners. Are still alive sister. Yes but pants you can run a country song it'll be a best seller. I think under up. Haven't story like that not edit sorry but here's the thing arrive on out and our current career. Okay here's something else I'd like it to deal. Consider writing a book it's. And the book at the end of about helping your what your religion to people as if I could get through this and stop lights tokinio. Because you think your chart you don't like people people who feel tired from themselves you've got no patience for that. And that's because of what you've been true and that and that huge still persevere. Or more guys are. Feel good about the events. Mayor Coles thanks for the call we gotta gotta could move onto we're gonna run on time we've got more calls we have time for. This is Joseph's in Massachusetts Joseph welcome to be on reality radio. I think you could do morning at Cannes boy let my birthday is three to 47. Pocket three to 47. Six states. I your life pat number technically it's like Scott saw it kept Ascap. Finances you know they have to figure out a financial product their life. And it's a cat that ate some of them they keep it in the bank interpret disbanded other ethnic conflicts wrecked it and fingers which one are you curious sense. Well I'm getting better and made one mistake but I have a broken home no spam I've done my best to think that they that's. But I I feel we get taken advantage of a lot for some reason we're you know and vitamin company. I let them what I kinda. Judge that you're born on its Uday and accuses sensitivity of the woman meaning that the gentle spirit because that's the appearance number of people say oh he's a nice guy and then they pick it damaged. So it's Georgia to have boundaries that's your lesson. Yeah I guess so. Oh yeah. And in its own little thing feels sorry for themselves but they can't help but I'd just try to help those people look at. I don't make fun of anybody can I'd been through a lot abuses broken all you know. Right but you know where that comes from when we go back to the number eight here's my analogy if you were at a stop sign and you let a little over and someone else and the staff sites you'd get the ticket. Just just me. You end up getting the tickets sell. Let's think he would you'll never ask what else could possibly go wrong you must start that sentence I never ask. Definitely don't go put the guide and remember find your balance the financial security. Thanks for the call Joseph thank you very much this is Rick and Indiana Rick welcome to the show. And I know I just wondered wondered if I needed they hold on here. You're on the air we're on the air now. Okay well I'd I'd. Encourage them where you land. Are we born jury 1860. Treat and respect and I I have not seen there. In the long term way I've not been able to bring together right yet. In a lot. Well let me paint something there's a thing called personally you're cycle. And you're gonna personally your four. And that literally means what you do not know it's figured educate yourself so there's a skill you don't have but you're on that this has the time to take a class. It could be online can be on your computer but you're really spoke to fill your head with no information. If you do that in the cycle for a there's no way you do not upgrade by the end of the year you have to. He's probably the. And I. But I feel what you're saying old world. Well it's the personally airport Matt what I'm saying about him argue what exit great. Kind of a roadmap it's got messages. That are positive and negative sides reached number. But what I'm about it embrace the positive is like how we how we get to the next level right. We didn't know when you make it let her move to ignore. Bright so that's that's what I'm tell you what you don't know sit down when your Democrats right now right down. What do I need to learn to improve my life it could scale that you're messing. You do that you're gonna improve your life. Thank PS thanks so much Rick let's take Valerie in Massachusetts Valerie welcome to the show. Won't you want folks to beyond Oklahoma. And you said I'm Valerie. I am on fourth 22. Ranking formula. That you're one of our mastered members who. I said let's talk about that now in your case. Because people on the 22 there is backboard in new it's bad but I can't do it perfectly I don't wanna do is you don't like to fail correct. And if that's true. It's huge and then behind me is the five. And that's why he couldn't discount made. 100 like I want commitment I want to some of the Buick Maine and the man apart like get out of here I gotta go now right on. Yeah yeah. Here's the other thing yeah natural detective if you feel like admin did not Belichick you always by that what really happened true Valerie. That does that remotely true. Unbelievable. Yup that's members. Valerie thanks so much near McCall we sorry to the rest of the folks are on hold we're just not going to be able to get to all the calls here time just went to fans will have glow in his back out yet abstinence is that this has been great to spend too short of time yes of minus one more time before we have to let you go here where can people find out more about your books your services everything to Europe to. Well and I'll let the game plan for your audience and its fourth which alike when you go to number of lady dot com. So let's just like account numbers Li B dot com. There is free newsletter and I would say what you took a month and answer questions there at that product's page that covers everything whatever it or not much you. I'll whether it's. Dealing with the issue at a with the money or your helped get them all about that and then my books and as such a number up by the numbers that's all available there but here's my Q there's a report that I offer. And I wanna get on a book you guys let's make sure that happened after I'll find out the a way to get it Q and the republic give you your you won't keep blueprint. Hopefully you aren't that cultural operational mates which means you can direct chart compares them as a couple not UK okay. It caught up pretty bad loan. Here's the deal if you cut patriot in the come out go to get a special discount but they're they can take advantage of that. Or some. That's right thanks so much for being on its it was a real tree and we just didn't have enough time to get to all the calls but next time we know well next time who. Okay guys have a great night lettuce McCants again numbers lady dot com saw some great fantastic guess we take we're gonna take a quick break when we come back apple wrap things up it's beyond reality radio. June 20. After the show. Great one tonight the big thanks to administer cancer joining. Us yeah make you tune in tomorrow it's a best of show and then we got some great shows next week we're gonna covering everything from your foes and pass exorcism as you name it. The haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like to FaceBook page and head over beyond reality Rio de confines all stations we are across the country and download our free iPhone and android app. Very well you listen Jason javy beyond really to radio everybody have a safe weekend and will kitchen actually at. It's the it's. Meaning. Yeah he's HP hustling and say hello it's me on really three year old murder if you've got information you want us to finally name. Warrior like to me Gaston beyond reality real thing email to slings hanging. Let's swing or any dvd whining and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.