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Remembering George Romero, and discussions about the cryptids roaming the woods in New York state and New England

Jul 18, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with George Romero confident & film making partner John Russo about the legendary director's work and legacy. Also, Paul Bartholomew joins the program to talk about Bigfoot sightings around the northeast - especially the infamous "Beast of Whitehall" incident. 7/18/17 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Smile on the West Coast to stand on the East Coast when you're stuck between welcome to beyond really redo it myself Jason. They always awesome Jamey Johnson it's always great to start the broadcast week off it's always fun to do that unfortunately there's a bit of a sadness. Two start. Tonight show off and it really doesn't have much to do with the many of the topics that we talk about your. On anybody who has a horror film fan particularly zombie movie fan has to be touched. By the fact that we lost a very very very important person tech is known as the godfather. Of horror in the godfather of zombie movie score some document director writer George Romero who was responsible for all the living dead made a living dead dawn of the dead. Return of the living dead all those films I'm plus so many more died down yesterday and he will be greatly missed all those were all the Von. And George was an awesome guy and I have some stuff that he actually sign for me over here via. Zahn is a Pittsburgh the whole thing that led to and on the walking Denton and all that's of another living dead even and yeah and every time Marion intimately convention he like I remember him calling Steve and me over to a stable to hang out with him because it was a fan EC would refer to a says his little ghost who ghost but at the end it is just he was an all around nice guy what a big part on him yeah and just and the most down to earth individual. He is terrific man and he's really your you said that you mention the Walking Dead there he is really key and actually John Russo the co writer of night of the living dead. Our medical filmmaker with George on that film on the two of them are really the two people most responsible. For what we consider to be the modern zombie genre which is what's on the Walking Dead were the most popular TV series of all time. Well absolutely and today he always just he was an incredible individual and you know his work Colton go on India and heat. Every everybody out there watching and knows that he's pretty much laid the foundation for. Yet he did although I think in some of the interviews he did express some dissatisfaction with how the Walking Dead. And took. Those basic ideas and ran with him in in directions he he may not have Islam but that's always stuff for good. Horror fan I'd debates people talk about the stuff all the time. Yeah sell our heart goes out products of Romero fanned land and now she's. Yeah and you will be missed you'll be missed absolutely and we're gonna take actually our our second segment of the program and we're gonna bring in John Russo calm cool again was George Romero is writing partner and film making partner for night of the living dead John. Has had a very successful so making crew in his own right but he's gonna common a little bit tolls alone about George and maybe share your memories. Dan got a degree and then. And we have some great shows set up throughout the week if you if you haven't yet Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the FaceBook page and then head over to beyond reality radio dot com. Where you cannot find the stations where across the country can also download free iPhone and android app. Right there that allows you to listen show lives catch past episodes and joins me online chat. And more if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just read it. Helps push to show forward makes it easier for everybody to find. So on they remember about a month ago month and a half ago or start and one of the stories I was referring to is this huge. I. Part of an article that was getting ready to operate off a straight you know. Now broke off that it. It broke off when we talked about at first time when there's some dire predictions about what it was going to do to sea levels and Oman and reviewed exact details of this in the U peeps some people were kind of concerned that it might seats are available because the mere size of about a so a massive iceberg breaks free from Antarctica enormous piece of an ice shelf at an Arctic has finally broken off. And and it's just missing is huge the draw just the jaw dropping chunk of ice measures 22. Hundred square miles while. That's subjects device it weighs a whopping one trillion tons so I don't know how they would estimate guess just you take a block of icy blue. That you multiply it times specially when they say it definitely can 80% of the experts underwater yes this and when it comes to an iceberg do but they say. Geographically speaking it's about the size of the state of Delaware. I'm contains enough water to fill Lake Erie twice well is a big chunk dice. That is a monstrous piece of toys but it bid to it broke off so it is so broke off meg and now it's free floating new who's been I guess and say well it's still it's still pretty much Varian artist has its monstrous but I'm. And they got to keep an eye on on him there and track his movements through a satellite Allison. But it's just say it's amazing I mean that can you imagine that. 2200 square mile zone believable you know that's and we make added I'm just. I mind boggles yet. Yeah it's hard yard even fathom that. So we have some what we have some good shows coming up. During the course of the week. I'm particularly excited about us Thursday's program onto the other ones are good that we're going to be to remove Robin Terry. I had a lot of questions for. I know you did you look around and Terry is actually the owner. The owner of ash more states. And why that that really interest me is because we film that episode ghost and is there. Bakken light season 5% X and I am. Yes and actually it was a different gentlemen ordered at that point. And it was like eight about a year after we filmed there whatever they get. It hit by a tornado and pretty much destroyed the building right. Robbins and a combined building east fix it up a bit but I know the ghost adventures at film her and they didn't aftershocks very. And I kept endless emails you remember I think we talked about the senators talk about for a long before syndication yup we did Powell all the senators give these emails talking about. Who we were accused of drawing had two grams. In national or state. As more states and in some by the previous owner which was. Mind boggling to me and makes you wonder why he would be saying then I'm on a different show blood dom. So I definitely want to ask about yeah I think we need I'm sure you get questions about that we need. Into the bottomless pit for sure Kirk. And we'll have our opportunity on Thursday night with Robin Terry's so that'll be that'll be good are so let's take a break we'll come back we're gonna bring our good friend John Russo and Gannett. Share some memories and talk a little bit about the late George Romero somebody who's mark will be felt for very very long time have silly you listen and Jason JV I'm. Yeah I'm really do we'll be right back after. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. It's beyond reality really. You Jason GPR phone number is eight. 446877669. And as we are talking about Jay in the first for segment of the program tonight. I'm were all especially those of acerbic horror movie fans sub mourning the loss of very very important and influential figure in not. Pouring horror movie dumb on of course starting by George Romero. And from the days of his work in Pittsburgh. With is his really is premier. That the film that really made his name. Not the living dead until people he passed he was constantly working constantly bringing in things to the screen constantly influencing the genre. And won some people that that work with him. Romp those years and was key an instrumental in his success unemployment Georgia's success was amended by the name John Russo different of the programs. Some and we heat we've had on before. And down we thought to be good opportunity Dubai an idea a good idea to bring John on tonight and chat a little bit about Jorge Ramos on schedule but in obviously. And on this is surprised everybody. Absorb and John C a great guy ion act its staff as it gets it's just a great call and and a nice yes so we do have John will this rate now he John welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you back on with us. I wish you were under somewhat happier circumstances but we lost agreement yesterday didn't make. Yes we get you know our great friend and a great artists love. You won't want most intelligent gracious warms. Charismatic people I've known. George it was so are the ones on the lies everybody unity work. Well and I 800% agree with everything you said there when your leaders talking about amicus. The first time I did I met George will GC was years ago at a convention he was their signings and he actually had Steven and myself. Come over to his table reaction had us come over and first off when somebody comes Selig says he Georgia Merrill wants you to come to a stable. And it took me like a minute to really comprehend what to solve a lot is said to me. And I went over in George and George knew exactly who I was who knew Steve was he was the nicest guy in the world he truly was M. He was he Meehan a war as we got there he had already signed stuff for a set and even if it's just just such a great individual really truly Los. Dutch assured everybody liked George you know. We became president so weary or aren't short round and Pittsburg or girl for eighteen years old. In a review Richie news. Gritty are a grew up and Claire Pena. You know and we now in fourth grade. In your soul and we were good girls and root out George first day on campus its current track. About an arts majors doubts. Coronary now and well. You know La. Liberte called me up I was at west Virginia university in. Liberty Bowl state conscience. Called me up and so I'm not as great Tyler first campus approach Cushman and we hear what we're being a accounts. He's. Got up. And his name's George Guerrero you have to meet him and Warren art house workforce. Or bottle. Georgia's strolling out pictures from down our. I. So I thought that was. Great Elton I always look for those saying the usual creep. Around you know and so on that you were now. Also. They're very around 2016. Was. Chair and glowed growing in town and everybody and cool. So. Hey John when you weren't when you in Georgia where we're working together to create what would become night of the living dead did you have any ideal. What you were creating and how it would affect so many things from that point on. Well renewed pretty much exactly what we're creating a you know. Pretty accomplished. Much as George Brooks. Yeah. You know starter was a graduate of Castro play Al school's theater. A lot of noted people are graduates. It's really. Pollen like pork universe. People like Shirley Jones and current portion. Charles Gordon. Auto lot no lot of people were graduates that ails. Us want it to be an actor. Charges in Rudy we know you warriors and George scratched. The right Georgia ought. I went to see every movie came as a child. Lectures well. All it would. Will convene filmmaker was beer or near the George wills one as well we can. And had a goal was to be. Feature film makers. We were pretty accomplished. You know we were we say we were very tight knit production unit on. I doubt we have done under TV commercial industrial sales. Sales. Art wall the walls or studio were covered were. Yeah so George George. George will forever be known through the zombie films and and the horror in the films that he created do you have a sense was that was that something that he aspired to be or. It did you just by happenstance are come the godfather of war. Well. I actually repeatedly quote I saw him. Deliver all humans our program called like on a basic common and he said you know. When you sorry orbit only creole huge it's hard to fill. So. And perhaps a way we all we thought we'd like. Vermont's 2 PM but in terms how this. Making or shall. On low budget was was you know more apt can cause a period costumes. And name actors and returns we abuse and should. Electric we can make better than. Content or bills being cranked countless all that. Which have trite plot so you know they were always kind of disappointing and most more. And we just we knew we could something better we get not yet sold low distribution is so. We want it to Betty are color classic ourselves. Which shock people get people's attention cause we struggled. You know of reaction and areas movie theater you won't get shots and work out some way looked. Now what are your thoughts all on. I don't. It might play two or three years like movies moms and they would. And even keen run movies I would start in the big theaters in new arrivals. In the neighborhood. I two or three years after they were. Air they would they run their course. And seeing it again most. We ought doubts probably. While letting daddy though. We have we have total competence or regular good movie. In. And we are totally. Completely behind Georgia direct you know there wasn't. Backstabbing and ego problems. Beset people to repeat this so. Attractive soccer movie mean based. Started out or Richey or descriptive skull it was a it was are useful romance. Why in the plane graduate or goodbye Columbus or whatever I was. Things were were you know mega pics slash. To. Cavities so. We. Because we saw. Let's just disabuse people right away at the notion. Aware or. Should. We. Something different shows. Pat Williams call play with the angels. Are strange too low a lot of girls OK us. Owns. Creatures title to the affair. Never grow wide distribution that's actually. If you look at it from us Arab quarter production values and has great production is our scout for it in ran. Yeah budget is as good quality. Production. By about time winner while a lot of important people. And yet you make one successful in the at all certain people not even people for every every day our work we're. Coming at all Sutton prayer challenging course. Brady change it changes everything we're talking when John Russo we're talking about his collaboration with George Romero who of course we lost yesterday. A great loss to the horror and film making community were to keep John over the break in have a few more minutes with the men on the other side. Are you listen to Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio right. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Behind the chase 85% 446877669. We always invite your calls coming up in just a little bit we talking with Paul birth column you'll about Tom his work on crypt zoology researcher on UFO researcher. His book. Which talks about and he tells a bigfoot sightings throughout New York State and New England this recent months yet some really cool stuff from brew -- be bringing him in. A little bit later but we decided to take a few minutes tonight and talked with John Russo good friend of ours. Who it was a collaborator with George Romero in fact it was John and George that work together to bring us the film which I consider one of the best horror movies of all time. Night of the living dead in the game John thanks for taking time out of your night to do this I know it's late for you on and I know we have a lot going on but. Argues we got late anymore that these young men and I am. Athletes do their records are you about the last star George art gallery which story. Three months ago. Al bluster convention. In Phoenix yet tell us about that may have buyout in a couple questions for a good. Well a lot of times George who aren't wanted Charlie doesn't like people laughed we pure race. Outlaw so Georgia when were we to. Where each elders often. To auto. And what. He eats right. So tell me your Norris joke or funny story or whatever. You know not. So Richard Richie used the first lobby shot they had in the Portland area. Region share worst. Cabinet table next line is only. When we get to remake. Our ideas that he borders albeit you know miles. And Brooke. I I brought the idea that George I've heard several drug talk a special parks guys could break someone else. Goes where you're at this tour. In a torture under law and shops are a special thanks guys miles Richards or. Purchaser or it was really. Pretty strange. Or cool creature now you know as a brick walls personally I would be glad we did shall mature bull you're out. Jesus is. The whole program that's at them and everybody coming. Well I. Are coated a little bit. Benefit everybody was cracking up or are especially if a richer so georgians parity it's table well. Different area and I went. He was you know very frail or not doing well in the old. They are all things aren't so that's what. It helps out there and so. From bat even though he'd be carrying. On income you don't counsel those are pretty much. Do. Yeah it probably is camps or in the worse and then La outs last talked to hold. Sure superior. If he got a really big lap followed but he was real. We knew I was well I've paid it all out last. The you know I IE I didn't I know that some and I'm assuming it's before he received bad medical news that he was planning on touring and doing the convention circuit up through the fiftieth anniversary which would be next year of night of the living dead. And I'm sure yeah. Your arm and he was gonna retire at that point in not do them many more I'm sure you had a bunch of things planned you were going to be seen together a lot next year during the fiftieth anniversary is going to be mystery that is an. Each State's gonna be yes he'll be missed you missed that I don't know about the short. I helped hundreds of them you know I got actually I was up an American legion. Well in in my world tolerable because call me. Last night rolls out and gave me about winners in India and that and and now on that deal. Under so. Emails. Condolences and graceful postings and interview requests. All you know average score on an auction goes well oh spot because. As you sir George Strait such tremendous war. There's specially. Doing it isn't and he knows he'll do we were great collaborator machine you're always on the same. Plain intellectually. Ones would go. All walks total war little real ripper. Our studio was when we talk tribunals. We are we would come up with the ideas the breakthrough kind of ideas. Company's forward. In. Law. In a lot of ways and you know maybe we did work on projects culture years after. But we may have bugged at her off this week stuck together you know as a team. And it was mostly other people who just came on where extremes you know Georgia and org on any treatment. Great Friendster well if people would ask. Are you still well still hopes that. I hope we never we never fought we have some disagreements well. Where account is correct Kyle out room. Some people in the current talks. So. It's it's basically happen. General got a couple minutes to keep you here. You know George has an interesting list of films a lot of living dead type movies but. Other than night of the living dead which is just completely iconic. What would you recommend for people remind might not be familiar with his work as a top three years so of films they should check out. Well one of my favorites always has been Marten. Yeah I don't go to seed Georgia when in like gory course green renewal of its. And it was a it was a sequence where John samples. Parker. Go after this couple. Up all. He puts polish stick in there and somebody sorority girl regard to get. And and they were looking at twenty minutes and all that much that's. Actually practice Spencer reps we. And single out like Micah and George why ask a caller might have been hearing so I'm not kidding I think it's real accurately strong. You know so that's always bounced off mark straight regular low budget. I also like Bruce Pearl. And and I like creek show a lot Georgia and our vote in the seat called X. Some people that work in those comics. And understand. Are gonna think it. Laws or walls come washed. I used to readable on tails and sure. Yeah I'm honored to call bookstores traded for comics. And some. Music and so yeah. One point 11 final question for you John. I did note that no the living dead. Was released in 1968 and it took ten years before. George decided to follow up when another living dead movies my math is correct why did take so long because after that they came and more. Regularly. Well bite in 1972. Or seventy wants to do. Georgia I end up we held a literary rights we have the large screen. That you. So I that we sign an agreement where he gave George writes on. You're right. Turn one. And blah. Celery you know just like it always does this most. And on top one dollar was hard to raise some money different tours terms one point critics archer was. Are warned. And I went well lost art as well as lawyer and so on. And his mother was up one. Spot perhaps it was like six per plane went down on the models. Warrior the show arms. Or. And that was sort of the tragedy and you know and then Georgia and getting as well for dog. Finally. Had an office. Who voted on the deck on May first bought how we finally. Sold the script so there are barracks. Were. Are loose and 1984. I. So it's just it's just. Be. The weight of business heroes and ships and and now if you have charted to the site Yugoslav. It will reunite not a living down. Or want summer climate you know. Well later I had the white people like. Sparkly and Brothers and all they did it to wait we did it. Aren't dumb if you produce low budget movie animated on the money. Yeah in the studio as a cult or Egypt six or eight million box appears expenditure. Nobody would give osprey or not we ask so. Don't Georgia lifeboat out of Durham next several pictures. On on budgets and just a few under piles box past. So that's part of the reason why it took so. Most people while. Well we're certainly glad you did and we're certainly glad the two of you got together in. No in the sixties and and brought us some are some really really everlasting entertainment stirs stuff that'll never go away. All Sykes were all those elements are whistling while Georgia all the all. ER eight as the Chinese restaurant after almost four. And contrary while ago really good sorted this flight arrived I was how much George jewelry good deal. Being friends tell jokes what happened drinker water. You know arms and their treatment while those trees. Those got a memories from its. Yeah well they're all. Then. Right people uncle. Yet in a bit while let me you do have that live. Benefit of those really really fond memories are John and and I'm glad you were able to share some with us and we'll have you back on another time only a little more time we can talk more about this gimmick so march. Aren't for the opportunity happy that talk about George were. Great thanks. Thanks John John Russo collaborator partner with George Romero from many many many years a great guy we had him on the program before we'll have you back in on the. John's just awesome thanks so much for coming on hang in our votes and it just print up to pass but. Our serenity quick break him we come back we will be joined with our guest Paul Bartholomew. You listen Jason javy and beyond melanoma and. I'm no John Russo and several several occasions and you can immunize your men like you said about George Romero as well great guy and these are guys that started you know in Cordoba for the film making this with absolutely nothing. And that made names for themselves and and all of their efforts came from sweat blood and tears. In job legacy John's always just been a phenomenal guy and it was just mind boggling to me when somebody came over to the table and Steven Aronson a mister Merrill wants to see you and I go Yahoo! and George Romero he wants you to come orders table I don't if he had just are standing there staring at dispersant market. Because you don't is that Childress is very serious and George are Meryl wants me it does take aren't. Walk over there is already got stocks I think is migrate my ghost guy buddies think Amano. And it was just than most down to earth guy illegal just like you and I talking right now. That's how he wants yet he was o's had a smile and a say so is very very jovial happy then again he's going to be missed it's funny because I remember him even Tommy use or to get ready to work Stephen King on doing the cell or whatever and I wasn't meant it was like wow amazing so you know. Anyway we apologize but are excited to bring Paul Bartholomew into the program Paul is a researcher. Researchers could to zoology UFO's pointing school much of paranormal stuff. I'm Paul is also author of a book and I believe you wrote with his Brothers called bigfoot encounters in new York and New England Paul thanks for hanging on forest. We intended to bring an earlier but this is the loss of George Romero kind of made us do take a little bit of different turn for the program and at the welcome to the show. Polls thank you very much in yeah I was sorry to hear that then. Of course John Randolph herb Martin land our rather end and that Adam West a month ago I. I. Yet that's a that's been three or via that's it's always in three boy I tell you what and there there's three big ones too so openly welcome to the program gonna talk a little bit about your stuff now your experiences. I want to start by getting a sense of who you are and when I say that I mean we're did you develop an interest in these topics. And how did you become a passion for. Well I like Robin white on New York witches one of the places that quite speedy birth place US navy where. Just a few miles from the Vermont border and then in the northeast here. And back in 1973. I can remember like it was yesterday. There was a major U couple's flat. In the northeast it was actually a nationwide. That's when you have the Pascagoula Mississippi abduction their Calvin Parker and Carol six cents he had the coin helicopter case and you know and and now Ohio. And we had in the northeast eighty some sort of propped possible in any case. That happened at a lot about Iraq struck. One lake. And New York here. And so that's not too far from where I grew up and agree on arm and so watcher introduced in two. UFO phenomenon. You sort of sideline and these other phenomena whether they be Kirk zoology or curse psychology and so forth. And we actually had any bigfoot at stake here in 1976. In the town I grew up and not wait on New York. And that involves several. Police agencies. So it was a major landmark case and from there on I've pretty much been part. You're talking all the way home on well creature whatever school at peace to winnow I think he had a sorrows now. Yeah I accept accept that breedlove put out documentary about it called these two White Hall. And it's it was a landmark case because of the police involvement. And and what we're really. Is interesting is that while it was often described as a big foot outbreak. It was actually more a paranormal. Outbreak. Because there are multiple phenomenon going on at the same time. And now basically what happened with that straight that was back in August of 1976. August 24. We had three teenagers were out at a very. Roll call eight bear little AP EIR. And they worried that they saw Scott they saw something on the side of the road so they raced to get a third member of thirteen major. Picked him up bottom back to the site and they parked the vehicle. And they waited and this third member really you know was kind of skeptical that they had never seen anything. And then I heard this commotion turn their truck like time and there was a creature walking beside at all on all right on air wrote. I and the field adjacent acre or so and so they sped away leaving about. Old sixty feet black rubber on the road they actually measured it knows about 67. Speed of and they actually raced to the police station back then you had you didn't go through county you went to the local police station and they had a dispatcher on duty. So he was there in and it ends up being a case in which though Washington County deputy sheriffs responded to the white top police responded. Andy New York State troopers all responded to the scene. And what ended up happening is over a weeklong period. We had as many years maybe fourteen witnesses that cases still being investigated when when Seth came up to shoot it documentary. Beast of white collar he actually found. A couple more possible witnesses. So what is the case is still being put together after forty years but it's lately landmark case in which case 78 foot tall creature was spot it. It had walking upright like a man. We're looking ignored goal like. And having already glowing eyes. And that made it sound like a woman screaming or our picks well. And this was you know became known as the Hebert rodents. Right no hold hold your thought there because we're gonna take a break here but there have been a lot of questions about this when we come back Minnesota lie like count hasn't elude henin is so much is that so many questions that come off this. If you haven't yet go to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real machine like the FaceBook page then had to faith then had to be on reality radio dot com. We seal the station that we are on across a country can also download the free iPhone and android operate there on the site lies less in line of catch past shows and also join me online chat. All long ago cellulose and Jason GBM beyond really. Hamas. Monday on the West Coast Tuesday and East Coast and stow them between welcome beyond really radio with. Myself Jason Hawes and the only source MG Johnson there's a lot of really cool stuff that happens up in the northeast. UFO sightings a lot of bigfoot sightings. To other but even even even the moth man thing which isn't technically in the northeast but from West Virginia but. Hum our discussion with so appalled berth following you today. It brings that up because he was describing the beast of Whitehall the creature that was seen. In white home New York on as a big foot type creature but what really got me was the red eyes you don't hear. A lot of big foot descriptions. Where it includes red eyes but the most men descriptions which also had this thing is a big hole in towering thing in some descriptions. And the red eyes so I'm curious if bubble we bring Paul back in if there's any connection or any thoughts that there might be a connection between those creatures. All because they I groping candidate when New York layout and him and I don't ever remember hearing any claims album that way of that type saying you'd you'd think I mean weren't wearing in the air. You think he'd see something you got endless endless Wilkinson. Areas for that men prefer for something right to live but also seeing. Seeing something eight feet tall. How does that even feed detection. Allowance for so long that's the big question that's that's really the the crux of it all when we talk when any of these creatures. The large ones anyway you know they continue due to evade us you know million dollar question there. Yet so I don't definitely. And it's it it's always its interest to me and as a guy who's spent so much time like I mean you know although I can do the Woodson in New Hampshire for. 034 days. At a time on my own and she had just backpacking and I've always wonderful in his. He'll seed there you'll see things like that and whatever. I've always wondered well what if I came across something like this. And then you think well what I what I have. Go and adds to below the hole Robin Wright Cameron take a picture here to Florida just be standing there or not. That's the problem. An idea how do you react how do you react at that moment is is the question but that we were always questioning or robredo on a show be like Whiting deport you care well OK everybody if you're the leopard yet frequently they say you if you don't understand what's going through your mind in your body when you haven't haven't encounter like that you just don't react quickly enough similarities but. Let's let's bring our guest in our Paul Barr Paul Marseille mule he's the author of the book called bigfoot encounters in New York. In New England he's also done a lot of research on UFO sightings some and that's kind of what kicked them off and Paul again thanks for joining us. I wanted to take you back a little bit here too because on my first question to you was. How you developed an interest in the east topics. But you also had an opportunity to study with worn cook was an anthropologist. And he kind of bug guiding you through some of this too didn't use. He was a bit of an influential person in this process tell us about them and how it helped to down this path. Absolutely. Doctor Kirk. Was a professor of history can't apology yet councilman alliger. Cap on state college and has now capsule and the university law. And it was one of the academics. That was openly. Discussing facts clutch and and other phenomena as well. Global creates what have been the other major academic involved as well. So he also was involved in the ancient from my research the berries fell ancient Americans. Researcher and has a aid in exhibit steal it at that capsule Mike Currie I'm not. Oh come riding in pre Colombian context. So he would. Really circle and a batch type of professor. And together we're able to document local sightings and interviewed scores of witnesses and and we established a database of siding and information. And we are able to go back noted this is nothing new these sightings. We're able to establish that this is part of this. The ancient. Native American legend elk on Quinn called the indigo or detract you know ballistic mandate. The earlier Corey called them stoned giants. The Seneca columns don't coats. If you go to Annan I got it there were called northern giants. Upn typical bacteria happen to Canada you get that ashy. It was even established in the records of senior Champlain. Called the Google. So these reports are nothing new there's a rich history here and we're able to really. Pieced together. Long. True at all. I'll sightings of this type of creature not cooked Al we are dealing with a form of australopithecus Boise guy. Doctor create apps from Washington University Billy packer grants he felt we are dealing wit taken up the tickets. So you know there's there's there's they were both convinced that there are something out there even though they differed on the actual interpretation of what the creatures work. Still we have our researchers like Brad Steiger and research like giant steel who touched on the east turn normal aspects as well. And I think. You know it would that be. Re looking at that the new look at quantum physics and emotionalism and things like that. Perhaps some of these paranormal series are starting to really take room. What sort of very interesting. As you're describing earlier deal Whitehall incident you said it was a multifaceted. Incident there was more than just big foot type creature sightings are a lot going on. When we talk about the moss man incidents it's the same thing we were there multi paranormal. Facets going on different things being seen not just one dimensional. Does that lend any credibility to any of these arguments or discussions about. These creatures may be having some connection whether aliens are connected to bigfoot sightings or it's all multi dimensional or if you know it's all part of the same thing are you seeing any of that. Yes saying I I think that's upstairs Tom assertion. It would be white whole incident. We had it occurred during a major U awful flat. Now when the post I reported on inspected in Atlanta headline officers tracked creature. And never reported omni. Actually UFO sightings but if you go to the from outside Iraq went nearly daily herald they publish an article called hairy monsters or little green men. What do you call spoke aimed at find out which. Which is more of a tongue in cheek article but. It mentioned the UFO aspect as well back and that's Bakken you know this is back in 1976. What we do know is that this was a major U awful flap in the area. It went all the way down to Rockland county. It was an all these surrounding counties in fact one at Europe for investigators. Race Fowler had sent an investigator. Down who who had investigated UFO sightings at the same kind that we had the creature breaks. So it's hard to overlook things like that. We also had a this was just an isolated report but up under report of a big bird. And he called it. Carrot that don't like in appearance. And he says that it moved almost as if it was liquid reality. That's a very strange report. But as a researcher. I is here. To sift through the evidence and shelter and and make it more presentable on things like that I'm gonna wait it out exactly as it happens as accurately as past ones closest possible. And now pointing out that we're able to find out to as you know as long history of sightings we had a sighting in 1935. Year before a bear. And that was cliff sparks who were run yeah it will bring him the seen valley country club in white I'll he's passed away. He was a friend of our families. My dad with a armor so embrace certain my father in the area that's sure it was a nice key forest take it. Interviews of people wouldn't normally wanna park well quit talked about deciding he had may have 75 is for the bear roadside. And he didn't tell anybody about it toll Tilley told them my folks. And he said that he saw me seven and a half to eight feet tall. Creature angry number one of the golf course with the red. Ice and he said the I use. Were just. Reflective Rhett Butler actually emanating Rhett. Instead he actually describe it is almost like shortcuts like lasers. Coming out of the I can imagine how terrifying this says that 11 o'clock at night. All long not on the car of course and you see this creature and but he said he felt the creature was as scared of him as he was a bet. But there are some out of text here. Cliff without any golf cart when he went out to the screen insult creature creature ran away. He had a dog the dog would usually get off the carton and run around and get back on the cart with them. He said the dark reaction was that it just slumped over the sides completely subdued. And he said the creature was staring straight at the dock. So that I think that's very interest in characteristic. And this is one of those sightings. United there's a few citing that you'd bet your life on. This could be one of informing you that we knew cliff there's actually no hoax here. And if you're gonna get a story is certainly what Medicare or stick like that so you have certain confirmation types citing this is one. And that's as that's strange red eye is. Characteristic that pops up from time and time again. We had a report. Years ago for the description by any of Americans. Was that creature had always were like pulled applaud. So we have that red glowing eyes there as well yeah. Yemeni Anderson erupting here with a question because some. We don't always get the I and the description of the eyes one we talked to people who've had bigfoot sightings this is kind of a unique do you think has its own type of Kia a species or creature right do you think this is some type of unique creature unique species as Jason put it or do you think this is something more along the lines of the moth man creature that isn't necessarily big foot type creature more of well some people described as in foul or or a big birders something along those lines. Yeah I I I think that the description of these creatures Klesse creature in need bureau creature are pretty. Classic. Bigfoot type descriptions. You know magnolia with the exception the ice. But debt that read I characteristic pops up time and time again. And I don't know what it means weathered because these creatures are more not to colonel. That they have a different type of vision. Whether there's a paranormal aspect I'm really not sure. I mean it's what those characteristics that just. Pops up and not that you have to take note of. Well and also the whole claim about the and the dog just you know slumping over. And I've heard that report before when people of Pakistan talk about their dog during big foot and towners on but I unite as a dog owner. A UC dogs go after bear EC dogs who laughter anything that they encounter in the woods base ground though. They'll men their pattern or whatever it too but to hear that about these creatures for whatever reason these creatures are giving off some sort of feeling. Not just either calming the dog down who are the dog somehow just knowing that. It's it's not threaten some weird way I it's it's strange the earliest. Right right the back and not 1978. And a pair wrote their gentleman who had a doberman Pincher. And the dog was noted skirt chasing balls. And he had these this vocal display. That was just about shaking my house. And obviously there's a creature outside at some point there he went to bed that evening watching a shotgun. To his chest and he said that that dog which is normally very. You know very aggressive was cowering under the bed. How while. Are it's so and I know we have to take a break and we come back we get a lot more questions for you so happy listen Jason NG the MB unrelated radio will be right back after the. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary kind dot com that spirit con dog and. It's on island Randy what chase Austin Johnson on a receipt for 46877669. When the middle talking about while big foot we think. Or some other materials to Susie puts mrs. A bomb or drug with Paul Bartholomew who has researched. Sightings throughout New York State New England probably all over the country Paul. Before winter break we were really kind of getting in this red nice thing in trying to determine you know if we're talking about her traditional big foot type sightings you seem to think. That these are. In the eyes are just kind of fund and a kind of secondary to the whole thing ways they're used to east after researching all the stymie still aren't taking that position. Well I pay him. What do I do it is traded documents and as pat. Accurately as possible even if they don't seem to necessarily still and Eric. That are a red glowing eyes expressions like Clint describe the guys he said they were like lasers like dots coming out. That's much different then somebody describing unique you know me I clean or something like that. So we just have to take our information as accurately as possible maybe it'll make sense down the road. But we do have this pop up time and time again not one of these reports from. 1860s call them block shot I yet that pulls a blog report so. It is as somewhat common characteristic with some of these creature report. It in you know the common denominator with all these reports true from the Alabama community here quarry up until they eat wild man reports the 18100 direct to you know report from just a little while ago. Is that this creature has some sort of incredible elusive but he. And we don't we don't really understand that there's something different about them that makes them elusive. And they're able to stay hidden for long periods of time. What poll me SS though warn you your room when we're talking about all this creature with these red eyes now I know you've investigating claims probably all of all across country correct. OK so is it just it just isolated to the New York in and the Vermont area that you're hearing these reports of these and these creatures with red eyes because. I have heard bigfoot reports and throw my entire life and it's just just seems to be the ones that I'm hearing from white. New York State in Vermont that news there seems to me that that red dye. This thing going on. No I think it might be under reported and in some areas I think this is common characteristic of these creatures. And whether you know over these creatures are largely considered to be nocturnal. And many of the siting there are nine times I think most sightings error wrote crossings sightings which is the most common area that a person and the creature BC. So I I do get red red eye reports from all over the place and for some reason the white all creature impulse 75 and 76 sightings. Didn't have this red red dye characteristic but it I think it may be under reported and other areas sometimes. And the whole and a whole thing I'm almost reports being and crossing the roads and so that's that's the most common where people seeing deer bear and everything else as well also because they're that's where they're crossing from their element to our element for that brief second. Right that's the old the old thing about shark attack in three feet of water most taxed because that's for most people are yeah. Barry we're talking winds up our Paul Bartholomew his book is big foot encounters in new York and New England. We've got a lot more to talk about only get back from the break just a quick reminder. If you're interested in any of our guests and books soared dvds or whatever they happen to be talking about while there on the show you can visit the beyond reality radio website. It's just beyond reality radio dot com go to the guests tab on the menu and you get information right there about the guest plus sign any books or anything else they have nabbed offer. Yes sir you have Virginia head over to be on reality radio dot com and you can download the free iPhone an injury or death rate there and allows you to listen the show live. Catch past shows join me online chat as well or. You can find any degree stations we air on right there on the site or each click the listen life tab. And little connector into the online chat room and you can listen to the show online on your computer. So you listen to Jason NGV and beyond reality radio on the ticket bring back after this. If they can see. She has any idea. Which are set for us in the halftime we can't sleep tonight if that's. We grow up for weeks we welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio would Jason and JVR phone numbers 8446877669. You know things that we never get to do much is listen to reports and to some our listeners who've had. Their own bigfoot sightings or any kind of paranormal settings for that matter were were talking pretty much bigfoot to recruit creatures tonight with Paul. Our Bart Bartholomew you know on so that would be of particular interest if you had a sighting to this call but to chat about it as well. Absolutely and all and we we've heard from a lot of different weird ones from our dog man's writings Taliban down. Yeah actually signed the chat room just little while ago somebody were busted there was a dog man setting in Michigan I think and just very very recently but. Let's bring Paul back into the conversation Paul our time is gonna run short. Very quickly here so I apologize in advance for that because we do have a lot to talk about. But I am. What are things its debts of relies question concern to me is that town you know. The recent reports has any of those Ben on your radar and had any of them then significant enough or impressive enough to you'd think. Hey it's you know activities picking up again here. I always seems to any standard operating procedure here. We get a report maybe we don't get a report for a year and then we get four reports the next year which go on neck GAAP. So there seems to BAA the trail of consistent. Citing that goes way back to you know to out Aqua and your record erect present day. Are we at a report. 2014. Here Sudbury. Two boys do you write siding ripped exciting they were within you know twenty or thirty feet at the creature. They saw what. They describe this site berms. The creatures based it was uninteresting game currently and one of those really confirmation. Towners because. There's almost no question but what we're dealing with a credible witnesses. And yet you were actually so close you should see what he described a site erred on the side of that creature. Mama I'm just wondering if they selves and other longstanding mystery of of whether or not Elvis actually died and maybe it was a folks this trip you don't decide burns. Well well I tell you what happened here is yet to avoid and they were well. During our kids do they or they're out collecting salamanders and their grandmothers literally on the other side of the road. And they decided to throw some stones at a tree. And I used that as a as a kid all the time play baseball or. And they threw a couple of stoned and all the sudden this creature dark cell and stands. Staring at them. And that one brother had an artist. Can't cut back it was great to throw a stone he said should I thrower and the other person now don't truck like sitting on that a perfect reaction. And they watch this creature for several second. Ended their creature. Made sort of generation motion at them almost like a block in charge. And scurried away and as they called their grandmother their grandmother is able to get across the road very quickly but it left. So she didn't see it but she's commenced that they word genuinely frightened. And that was a broad daylight side and it may have been one of those encounters and watched the creature was watching the boys and then when they threw the stones. At the tree that that was near. It decided it had to make itself. Visible. Now it we also have you know as society like that occur. By year end and year out we had a reporter in not 2016. Of a monkey like creature. That was then you have belt falls Vermont area three witnesses. And that police had posted it on their web site and they had to take it down because they're getting such a response to it and and negative attention but it would opt over 121 parent L fault I'm in New Hampshire border in New Hampshire. One of my favorite Connors who has. Few years ago to. Out of form clemens' New York. We had to Hong Kong nationals. Or out fishing. And they saw this. Reddish brown. Monte like creature. Wading through the water. At chest level and I said norm well way you know it got the description and I said well which you don't sit well we work fiction. Well you know and their cultural. Expectations. It was a bad than usual this year primary they just didn't know that they were here. And so that's one of those really. Interest encountered were the witness had no idea how how significant what they are seeing more than they literally just what backs fishing and ignored. On in we've got just a few minutes left here with you Paul. I wanted to touch on this effort that you led to create. Some legislation that would offer some recognition and some protection. For the bigfoot creature whatever happened to be in the white holier tell us what happened. Well I would have is is we had a documentary crew command. Doug I PX. And they shot a segment for mysterious encounter caught creature Whitehall. So I said you know that was getting a lot of publicity and and it was kind of main topic account that it is not we're never gonna get this opportunity again and I said. Why don't I dropped the legislation that was based. The champ legislation that was passed import Henry for the Lake Champlain. A monster of a lake monster. And based on knee. NASCAR media county ordinance which was passed out at Washington State. And I certain get a compilation of those two and came up with. Legislation only put it before the village in the count. And both passed it unanimously. And so we did recognize these creatures that was largely symbolic legislation. Which recognize these creatures in a long history of these creatures in the region. And would that be nice if you know we didn't have to be. Shamed by if you have a sighting in afraid to talk about it that you could be more open about. Conference's a neighbor of mine who was a policeman had been Gordon had a sighting in nineteen. 8082. When he was on duty with another officer. And he couldn't talk about it for. 22 years and then they finally came toward deciding dealt. It would have been nice if we could actually embraced this phenomena I think what happened. Is that back in 1976 it was kind of a Sean pop back. And the town was really split and it wasn't really positive and I think we've brought it full circle now and have made it more positive. Experience. Yet there a lot of towns a Salem Massachusetts this is one of them that for a long time shied away from and their history in paranormal things like that and now it's turned to embracing them on the sea of value to that bringing attention to those types of things. Paul we're gonna have to let you go here in a minute Tom we've got a link on our web site to your book. Reportedly was on Amazon on many other places people don't find out more information by you when your work. He released I think we lost Paul. I think there was our ground Tata picnics. This is somebody here and ethics. I I do know that his book is on Amazon again it's the it's a pair of bigfoot encounters in new York and New England it's also linked through on the beyond reality radio website Seton go there and get information for that as well. Yes so we're gonna take quick break when we come back Mordechai Nielsen Jason G. And night. Like this. And has to be accentuated accentuated by the presence of one of our very good friends and a frequent caller and guest of the show you are talking about here there are no extra. Of course if you don't know who want to argue that it's the amazing funky. He is a friend of the program. Has a great sense of self worth it. The weather is longer than we actually now Clinton while according any action I think he feared he'd be he's pretty confident that he started to show. You know before we did so when he made his success he definitely. Takes credit for that let's let's bring him into the program it's the amazing plucky welcome to the show I I just in chief he can he seems yeah yeah we can actually hear very well judge always always can return to call him so it's gonna Frankie I just wanted to checking with you I. Ice and says see how everything's been filling askew asked if he'd be willing to. To give me great aunt well done depends on what it is funky but you know we always like helping out so there what's the what's the great honor. I was wondering if you. Both being willing to write my obituary and speak at my funeral next at least next week next week so you are you sick (%expletive) went oh yeah. What's going on what's going ardidi Jim revision do you play you see something and that's gonna happen next week our society and clear me. In the paint me and living inside a living hand he. And it's kind that I can't classic you're a dead man living and I need losing Mans body I'm so confusing Shia and anything you like you guys are going to be confused and that's why I'm here to explain ST you know you're not thinking of doing anything stupid are you sake I mean you know it was a question JD. I'm just saying you're not thinking of doing anything stupid right I mean there means okay right. Everything's just fine with me passive and now just he can just please refer to me. As elite. And easy to what you want to hear because. You said Europe is clearly a dead man living inside a living man's body on in your coming out of the closet what is what is this about how I just feel right. Identify with the deceased. Laura and I. And I definitely I think I deserve particular reason for this well I noticed Jocelyn British and a lot more attention when they pass her. Quietly excellent day to get detention. Some go ahead and if I with its east and then she being more recognized I mean look at victory in that creek director in Georgia and Romeo. I never heard of until he passed away you mean Romero entrepreneur narrow arteries that pretty much the guy who. Made zombies what they are today he'd he'd basically invented the modern definition of the zombie movie where an arrow around me if I was him I would stick with that the Romeo hey Philip Elliott doesn't matter anymore yeah I think to read it doesn't matter now but. And one thing I noticed is that spirits company con and said well. About my and we eat one night she and eighteen. Or my natural odor and to be. Honestly I'll also be closer and I and a wave when a minute there's this which will what's open your mom is a second Norman Bates thing going on here as your mom passed. Don't know and it ill she sent Christy. Good couple months and years Highlander take out. And she just identifies with the deceased parents more definitely think it's just like ninety. Lucky I've does say this is all getting really really weird but done Harry I kind of wanna make sure way to turn it. Well I just wanted to check Christine gangs because Manhattan funeral next week the issue be great talent and attempting hired him and he's he's bringing it beverages. And Duncan Duncan for a hundred truly through silicon rodeo. That would be correct and can roll. And after all ironic passing to be chilly it's time that one of sadness. And just fortunate enough that will be able to be fair to make sure Campbell's is in that kind of. Kind of misses the point at this media and how does this whole thing worked and some some very usual look this well I'll be easier to make sure he'll weigh station. That's why I am going to make sure that I'm attending the funeral. I just wanted to know if you guys would be willing to write my hand actuary in the eighties and who can speak in the microphone on my behalf. Fleiss apparent in the audience and on does that mean you're not going to be on the show anymore are or what's going to happen now being on national. He's having a really hard time understanding this. And it's simple I'm going to hear it. Past sun and that really pass on so I can get along better with the people who have passed on and people had to pay as you want us to by virtue as the morrow late amazing sauce so confused the late amazing funky as well you wanna be referred to loosen slightly differently I think at. Yeah that's for every Harris our team and I. That's the only an easy package isn't. Well not until next next show here in Arizona is soaring armour still refer to US hockey so our are able javy and I will discuss and little. I guess we'll have to get back to you on that. Well when she has discussed on the what you decision was tequila and this year it's who I greatly appreciate he can you send them. Much love in July eat tuna puffy. Yeah I have seen the same view thank you do you think use the soon to be late amazing funky. Our eyes so after that phone call I really think that we should take a quick break here and gather our thoughts because mine are all. You. Yeah parking. He wants to before he used yeah I mean I mean amazing he's he's scheduled news his funeral for next week few months just rate the obituary. And speak at his funeral which he'll be that obese because he once you saw. Making sure that what we say is there's a it's a par is what he wants. Any any these doing this because he says he identifies with the deceased more than living and he recognized that celebrities get more attention after they pass on so. Well gee do you think killed maybe has wife and turned scare there with them to adjust to make sure that the funerals off without a hat chief. What's it. I hit second. It has hee-seop this whole thing he never thinks it all through he never does speeches he's just he wings I mean he was the groundhog psychic for awhile he was feeling he's he's like a chameleon changes or retirement. Amuses me as a wanna be singer Terry was a new recording artist who's out from moral America. Her child eats he's only he's only coyotes on the field consistent with the she's had a well and definitely a big big thank you goes out to John Russo. Come on tonight and hang in our office and talking to us I know it's going to be tough for him. With the passing of George Romero and John and George go way way back. And our hearts to out there Mara family joints just a phenomenal guy and you will be greatly missed. Yeah absolutely. Though the live horror film community this filmmaking community mall miss him but you know one of the things it's that's a little bit sobering and also and comforting. When you lose some good that he's got a lot of work and want things to us that don't last for very very long time to keep that person to mine so yeah I was watching those movies for a long time. And of executive Paul Bartholomew for coming and hang on I'll Stein's talk memo big foot and I think he was these are this I think he had abducted during what humans has finally people this is their eyes disappeared if you have in your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may Sheila the FaceBook page. And then had to be on reality radio dot com. Where you can find all agree stations rerun across country and its spec to clicking on the station last. And you can also download the free iPhone and android operate there logical listened to show lives catch past episodes join me online chat and everything. So if you if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just rated for us. It helps push it forward. Makes it easier for people to find everybody have a great night machine tune in tomorrow we're going to be talking. I UFO's and other things soon analysts and Jason. The only media is produced by sticking its include tunes in Alexandria Johnson and become media. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you like to be Gaston beyond reality read your emails to sleep getting. That's a slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.