WWL>Topics>>The potions & elixirs of witchcraft - are the ingredients simply hallucinogenic or are there magical properties?

The potions & elixirs of witchcraft - are the ingredients simply hallucinogenic or are there magical properties?

Jul 20, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk about what are commonly known as hallucinogens by today's definition but are used in witch's potions & spells. Guest Tom Hatsis explains the differences, and the effects of such substancecs. 7/20/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to be on her failure to do it myself Jason on is always some gene region is so. Were having a chat tester fear tactic channel tester you. Wanted to order a star if anybody who's trying to get into the chat room we are undergoing some changes there are so don't be too frustrated we're trying to get it fixed. Were hoping it'll work out on the spent a lot of frustration on this end of that of the microphone in the Tokyo where it's but the we're trying to get it done this so if you're having animation had over FaceBook love our just moved up. A man didn't. She's haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may Sheila FaceBook page. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com why you cannot. He listened lies you can actually download the free iPhone an injury to operate their from the website which alone should listen this allies catch past episodes join the chat. And more sorry damage out hopefully will be back up interest in just a few. We're hoping. And a big thank you dog radio stations during the program throughout the country that list is continuing to grow thanks for joining the family and thank you all froze the of those who you are listening online and got a great show tonight. We're going to be talking about witchcraft. Potions. A bunch of different things that I didn't even know they existed Blake. Beth and Jenny. Psychedelic potions that. S government and from terms such a great finish rooms for sick they get what you community is known about them forever and I know I missed pronounce that word I did have the pronunciation. Before we'll get to a when we bring Tom Pat's decision he's historian of witchcraft and magic and we're going to be talking about that stuff throughout the night tonight. And I do but the list goes on derby after Egypt Syria juggler musician potion mixer. I mean the list is harmless yet I am anxious noted derby Gypsy is too I guess he's also he also coaches roller derby teams are a team with something like that that area now and tomorrow and they were going to be talking with Robin terrier Robin Terry is the owner of the ash more states we investigator that I go sort of back and the season five or six and a interesting location and we look forward to talking to him seeing what's been going on with the location I know but a year after we investigated there. And this vicious tornado came through and tore the roof friend often and I spent some time really fixing it he took over ownership on it. And had been just the final would do what. New stuff has been going yeah I love hearing about these locations particularly ones that time you know I have been featured in an episode goes hundreds years ago I love to get caught up to what's been happening what people and saying what we know this thing with that place though. Remember when we were there it was tough there were a lot of Aries you couldn't get to they were just full of a full storage forced off. There was just shoved away. And and a so it'll be interesting to see fee if he usually got that whole thing cleaned up and how it is now I mean it. And love to get back to check it out if it's it's wide open your opinions all those rooms yet. You know his mix different some great show coming up Tuesday about the way we've got a double Bruce's coming on to give Bruce Goldberg who is talks about time travel. And the fifth dimension and we also Bruce Marcus and who is a Gettysburg goes to smack Ginsburg I'm sorry Cooperstown ghost. Historian he's you need to be tournament ghost stories from the Cooperstown area. Stream co stars now. Poltergeist plagues family in some Bob. Yeah and you're an era veteran in Zimbabwe even yes. Yes the last two months of feelings about Clinton has been suffering from frequent attacks by a mysterious force. Which reigns rocks down upon them in their home. Rocks from down from them from those headings and you've you've heard that from reporter guys and it's strange and army last night we are talking about meat from heaven but I could just dropping on people's homes through it I'm nobody can figure out where they came from Bada. According to the show overrule family who live in the town should know Asia. The strange ordeal began back in early may when their daughter was pelted with the Paris stones which seeming seemingly came from nowhere. The incident allegedly continue to occur. Rama same time each evening and the falling rocks began to also increase in size. So you go from getting hit by a pebble to. A boulder and if you don't so Broder I mean my first question readership a little brother. I don't I don't. Our response attendees were disasters so frequent that the Stanley now possesses two large sacks that are full of these mystery stones which have no origin. According to the mother of a family of they're nineteen year old daughter is the most frequent victim of the attacks. And has been known to lose consciousness when they occur or even answer it and she even enters into a trance sometimes my own in an attempt to hope the starter the father constructed a makeshift shield using thick metal sheets that were placed around in over her. Sadly the covering could not stop all the stones from hitting her at her rock somehow managed to penetrate the medal to strike the young woman. No I. No I just and so many questions and if Charlie did just as a thinly sit there and see these rocks coming in from no. I mean well that's exactly what it is according to them strangely the father reported to the symbolic way herald. When I looked at the sheet there were two footprints the size of my little finger. Twinge of tiny tiny. Very very tiny aren't so bad supposedly they had clergy yen hasn't done anything and now there. Hoping that they can find help from somebody who can actually come and help but no I mean I don't mean make light of it but it just seems really solid and didn't you know the worst part is it's like I read this and I'm a firm believer in in the paranormal him we've worked on many poltergeist cases. What I I have to fight back sort of a sniff you're right I don't know what it is yeah it just you know falling rocks from anywhere in your hide these are poltergeist cases I would love to see have never seen one like bat in the United States. But it has happened in Zimbabwe yeah of course it's it's going to be sort of gonna happen on the street I'll go check it out I hope I'll do what I can now. No I mean it seems they could be the type of case that it'd be pretty open and shut if you could sit there and see these mysterious couples coming from nowhere to hit this girl. To be pretty easy to call it paranormal or even a haunting image to be pretty easy to come to that conclusion. I'm so I mean that's the saint perfect evidence you do you can't go wrong with the rocks manifest than manifesting mariner. And planned on him on teams to deadly situations and does not seem safe but she's analyzed amazing. Yeah I don't either we're going to be talking about witchcraft and potions and a whole bunch of very interesting things this is topic that you nine joint talking about if it's always some mysterious and we've had a few guests on in the past have talked about these things. Everybody seems to take a different approach to. Yet I'm sorry I lost art dealer for Syrian who will rescind coach is saying that we've had several guests on the program in the past. They have talked about which crashed in the Indian and. And everybody does have its hands some people instantly look when it comes out of witchcraft as a negative thing and a lot of times it has no. If it's not negative I mean. And I think that's just an issue between Sony religions because they've they've looked at. Wicca and paganism and and tried to label it one thing that it's not to get support for it to dwindle. And now honestly it's it's one of the fastest or which is author. Yeah you know it's going to be interesting you're Tom has to say we're going to be chatting with him in just a few moments but I guess let's go to break we'll bring Tom in and few minutes and most are talking about witchcraft has sounds like a plan and you listen to Jason and javy and beyond really greater return for a. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary kind dot com that's scary conduct. Our upcoming program guess that I wanted to mention is well because son to just think it's really cool on Wednesday of next week left Charles Reich bloom on member of doctor knowledge. Oh yes we had a great time that it must finish yet you know in Obey Beckham with a sudden next Wednesday will be talking about his large collection of interesting facts and stories. On after a Clinton over fifty years is a journalist Larry pretty cool match Wednesday and he's great just the fact she brings up if it's amazing he would come to talk to all night long I remember that show went by so quickly we had so many things to still talk about. Yeah capsule but tonight we're gonna talk about witchcraft on in particular the history of witchcraft for their guest Tom hats as Tom welcome to beyond reality radio speech heavy on tonight. Travel. So Tom you are a witchcraft historian your also according to your description a dirty Gypsy a juggler a musician and a potion mixer it sounds like you have your hands pretty Fuller. All I do's and that's not only that deficit so I totally messed up by sought to at all it. We were going to be on 12 AM humble and Portland. So what's that we're going to be unlike three hours from now but this isn't so so I am in the full rows. Of a poet a generic. Experience. And at the moment and so there should be interest tests and what is that exactly. Any Poletti June it is they. A term used when you use these psychedelic for artistic purposes I have a new book to write it and so. He's voter yeah invoked god you invoked the same faces and vote domain that invoked amuses and totally forgot to invoke Carlos because a toll of disciplines and Ed there's a shell around the block from my house so I've been doing this all day lo wood with this whole experience thing and my room Wickham told says is there's ashore on the blockers OK great so lawyer did invoked Inez is political there are a dental bill whatever Bubba balked and then I realize that we're on now. This season surprise surprise. Huh ha ha well. Two things we're gonna keep our finger on the delay button and we are going to Gibbs all bets are off we will see over the square this close for the severe very very interesting interview. We're still yet and start by Kenny getting a sense of you as a as a person and how you developed an interest in all this stuff. Home okay so I was originally a student of psychic DeLia of psychedelic and history and when my he. Graduated with go my master's degree I was gonna go through it cage door and I was looking for something to investigate and I felt listening. Called the which is ointment. And I've wanted to read more about it but there really wasn't too much out there you have like a chapter and Booker so maybe a paragraph you're there. And but I wonder Rita falling volumes so why our role one. And I never under the bill for my Ph.D. beaches view you brought up the derby Gypsy thing I spend and let's see I don't know. Twelve years no and roller derby. As a coach as a player I don't I'm not I'm not particularly familiar with the sport I've seen. New York. As they well I IDs started off as a mascot. I have also old skated. And I've also coached. Well OK and you know that that's fine derby pretty interesting it seems to be an up and coming. An and over again it's a sport I suppose but it's also kind of reform entertainment it's a whole culture. Really wolf well it it's certainly as a sports column. And end all sports are entertainment. Yes good point also as a whole culture with that I found a hole yes oh via the derby culture could. Got bits it's salute. Grouper really awesome people all over the world that believes in equality. And at at a schism and kind of I'm Mormon umi roller mentality. And I don't know how could you not like that. Yeah that's a good point so you came across that this stuff and you started to research it in your relief. You you found a lot of interest in sacks and information and and I mean it was awhile later that you wrote your book. The which is appointment but I tell us you know how police are gonna click the stuff when did you start putting what you found in the practice like he did today I suppose. Oh OK sure sure soul. 2005. And I hum. I got to about 2006. Or so 2007. And realized that all attacks like all the ones that pertain to this area. We're Latin. Those that aren't there like I gotta put the what am I gonna do hook. And so. The Pope do figured I'd say the got to teach myself flattened like a workable form of it as a whole thing's gotten. So I spend 200789. Around that teaching myself follow Latin then translating these tax driving pretty much roll over the country. Go to different archives. And a teacher roller derby along the way in. On that you know meeting a lot of new interest in people. It's been awhile drug while little weird what's. Well and you say you travel around going to archives to teach yourself Latin. I don't know that's what they did on the side. It. Soon that's what I did while doing all that and let it woke. Going in collecting everything like I looked I knew what I needed so and I knew where they work so I I would go to those places. And along the way I would just teach myself flattened just grinding things out. It started from the ground up. And that's no small task I mean Latin is a very very difficult language even even for learning and in a classroom setting but. You did this in order in order to be able to to actually understand the Texas and the information that you were collecting com. In regards to other which is ointment. Yes yes absolutely because you can't. There are too many Texans haven't been Trent looked ever recipes. Elect or recipes in my book that had been they hadn't seen the light of day for about 500 years let alone an urban translated into English English as we know didn't even exist. As a language. Like modern American English so. If they were in Latin I mean who who was who was recording this information in the way and disease lab was primarily the language of the Roman Catholic church and I doubt the church was recording this information. So where was it being recorded. Well it was an absolutely being recorded by the church of for warm blood dumb let it all educated people could read write Latin men and women admitted it wasn't that literacy was it was Leo was. Of social status thing it wasn't you know wasn't universal so now people could read Rite Aid in the in Latin at the time here that's it's really not that did. That difficult as language. And it's a lovable cat dealers this. Normally a vineyard and you're gonna have to talk to my son does he dropped out as a tool of Tony Russo art and I just leave them actually look at you don't take Latin anymore James anyway well. It depends on the pure interest at a fit like anything's different a lot of bear interest at like I can't download anything like people use their computers and all sorts of like magical like ways and I have no idea had to do any of that. Because I just I'm non interest and so if some maybe just not interest in line. Yeah it's good point and I think you probably hit the nail on the head there were talking with Tom had cyst he is he witchcraft historian he's also a derby Gypsy a juggler musician. A potion mixer and also an author his book is called the witches ointment we're gonna take quick break here when we come back to get a whole bunch of things to talk about what Tom. We do we do and hopefully will come down a little Bubba has if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the FaceBook page over there were trying to get place on then head do beyond reality radio dot com you can actually find all the stations we are on across the country. You can also download the free iPhone and android upgrade there which allows you to listen to show lives touch past episodes join me online chat. And more we are working and getting the chat back up which hopefully should be back up shortly. But or we're gonna take quick break more to come after this you listen Jason GBM. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Send news Pyongyang radio. Jason Cheney being so happy to have everybody along we are still will diligently. Better team working on the terror and trying to get that back up and operational. Hopefully that will be done very very soon I'm don't forget some great shows coming up by tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Robin Terry Jason knows. Robin well he is from ash more states actually the current owner bash more states and not go sooners are it but I did an episode there. As few years back yet they're all kind of a few years back anymore and that yes. An episode we talked about a repeat that he knows there's there's some stuff coming out so you can't get into it to watch but if you got any questions for us feel free gifts are called all free at 844. 687766. Against all free 8844. 6877669. Arm and mute link Judy Hussein's Maher great show every Friday is a best of and then Monday we've got a long starting next we've got some great shows as well Larry Hancock's in the come on talk about UFO's and I Tuesday retarded Bruce Colbert about time travel Lewis goes on on. Yes some great stuff Wednesday doctor knowledgeably rejoining us it was great having him on earlier in the US indication run and we're brings them back the night. We're talking with Tom Hansen CC witchcraft historian he's authored a book called the witches ointment we're gonna get in this more details here Tom again thanks for joining us now it's pretty heavy here. Thanks a leader who so. When we get to your book and we didn't some of the things you talk about and I am hoping to pronounce this properly be discussed. And theologians and psychic Dell it's an accident pronounces that and the agents correctly. Absolutely okay so what are we talking about here what our day. So. So you bull I'm sure you're audiences familiar with the terms like to go sure. Right okay and TO agenda is a psychedelic use for spiritual purposes. Okay. So that that's that's what I meant is so in with medieval magic year you have and spirituality you have people using. These. Different kinds of psychedelic it's for all different kinds of medical res. And we need some of them being in theater. When you say magical reasons. I Mena are they do they produce the same results that we would be used to. Understanding a psychedelic would producers is it because of the combinations does it do something completely different. Com it's seems to look at it it seems that he used to do things differently depending on the pension and expelled that was passed. Are they didn't so much classifying. You know for lack of a better word drugs. The way we you know classified drugs like schedule not scheduled to things like they didn't use that they classified match. So you're what you see is that there there are different forms of magic that will utilize. A psychedelic what we you to they would call psychedelic they obviously called that but on. They. Yeah. So well so I can. Don't drugs and and with a menus forever for no way back for people all need in America and so forth to try to make contact with their ancestors. And 80 yeah it goes on and on. So loud and Alia. And besides using it for just purposes. And a chilling out and what's what good purposes are they for a for using them these days. I'd say the same things people use in the old days for Rome. Just up prophecy really for two in hand. Any kind of spiritual practice that you're doing. Let's see. Certain things that you shouldn't do with them that they used to do back in the day was doce trailer. You know otherwise known as. And although some people do still do that today here. But he should. A really terrible thing to do. Well I know the government actually tested them back in the it's and so forth Apple's I mean so mind control. And we'll we'll we'll settle and things of that nature so do you think in the using them in your practices that it empowers you and gives you abilities to. To make contact better or two to make things happen and during your your rituals. All my yell for I think they do they spared just. Way of getting in to certain spaces and when you use them insert so for example today you are actually pass slate. Three or four days and a member of the square but. I've been just writing and using psychedelic and what I call or alleged gender as a what did you mean generating New York's so you do certain magical rituals and are you folks certain. Deities or controller better word into these I don't know and you kind of get into that and space and and you write your next book and in a case. In return. It was using them and I am serious sign because it's not my thing but I know a lot of people use it for all some people use it for. For artistic reasons and things of that nature but. Still in using their you're able to connect all just connect us with society and normally only or having a conversation right now I would not know that for the last four days to. You've been doing those. Well because them just in that had space they'll some news that you know we had this interview judges thought it was at a different time our soul laden just on. You know ready to go with it. When we were talking. Just coming back from the break and I asked you what these sick and tear Janzen psychedelic worry you kept saying. A using the words say they used and they use them for this that who is day who are we talking about how long ago are we talking about. All different kinds of people all over the world as far Backus I'm so. As good as the general answer to that question. Different people use them in different ways all the the world on different people used the same. Drugs in different ways. Mid injury for example is is found as a way to lot of cure sexual desires because it it's DHU. And and we have been out in La like a cult texts people are using mentoring each tool like actually stimulate. And yes sexual acts kind of cool we would call recreational drug. And they have recreational drugs in the in the the early modern period the Renaissance period in ancient Greece and Rome. There were called low local on the podium Latin which just means love shelters are well cups and you know you just you you see a variety of its own reasons number no it it's very hard to nailed down and they'd just kind of person crew was using these kinds of substances. You know in history. Right where we may have a better understanding of the effects of these. Substances now armed they understand it back in the Middle Ages or did did they use the substances and and actually interpret the that a sex in the results. As being spiritual or being more armed in not to find back to. Magical nature. Yes certainly thumb. Let's seize shill low. Coordinated so grip Obama let that cry in my was they are Renaissance alchemist magicians dude and colluding in the early fifteen hundreds and he wrote about things like opium Mahendra that I mentioned a moment ago and being which are electrical worker and I EE actually called them spirit herbs are a spirit to us. So he said you burn them and they would maker. You know bush spirits appearance here so. I would say that there were interpreting it in at least that sit and look in some kind of on. Confusion reported. You also have certain wise women that would use these these substances. And you are genetically to and to the spear or. You know and that was for a totally different reason than what the Renaissance magicians and fork so. You know it's it's really all over the place. So when they were using these substances and in in you've X two referred to the substance is being used in temporarily for the same things. They really making that connection are they really bridging the gap in the case of the spear world are they really bridging the gap or is it loosens and pollution loosen and. This is inclusive agenda. And a well hallucination thank you very much is it a hallucination. Com well that depends on who you ask. Tenure as being sold. You know. I don't think it's a hallucination. I think that there were or you know immaterial all. Things out there are no I don't really I'm I'm hesitant to define what they are because I have my old paradigms shorter and I think that that's just what people do as they just. It'll take these different energies in the form below our arms around and Islam. Somebody were to say or think that. You know this is it's just hallucination. I would say he'd taken out of fifty dose of fud to me oh GMT. And twenty minutes Tellme. If you tell me. Now well you mentioned using these said compounds in these substances. For arts purpose that is as you were. The Beatles to the same thing I mean The Beatles are not very you know it's it's. Real solid best songwriters and they used LSD and they used. The marijuana and it was some of the most creative songwriting and that's ever occurred and I mean is that texting to talking. Yes of course and you have if earlier Texas well in certainly people being inspired by these things to create org era. In two silly Algeria there's that famous. You know we don't know it's kind of figure bid it's presumed to be a shaman but it it's clearly has is associated mushrooms it has. Mushrooms like growing offers and it's it's it's pretty cool. There's all there were also low during the Victorian or you had a lot of different people as well. It's to load low for example who wrote that Hershey shooter. Comes to Quincy who wrote in the opium eater. So all off all the Huxley is world famous author. Use to us like adults later in life. I in fact she died. Is dying wish was to was being injected with LSD. And have his wife read. To him via. Tibetan book of the dead as he passed away from. So I mean if that's a lot of poetic way to die haven't ho. Hum this. So well yes I know people abuse these things all over and throughout truly is different kinds of oh artistic reasons you know. Sort. No it's okay we're talking with Tom had system we're talking about his book the witch's point men and they're gonna continue the conversation a few minutes plus take your phone calls. If you wanna get in on the conversation we'd love to hear what you think it's 844. 6877669. Is the Ayatollah for a number of feel for calling. Yeah he gets a call let us know your thoughts on mountain on psychedelic and so forth but you listen to Jason NG beyond beyond really revealed right back. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary kind dot com that's scary con dot com and the conversation tonight it's time francis'. Is making his words of the champions before and he struck but we would some of them and hallucinate hallucination that should have been one of the month and when it's trouble that. Now and that's an easy it is really needs to have a silicon needed another syllable I don't know what I was thinking maybe you'd need to try some of these things that and Tom I spent spot you know now they are on there no I don't know Tom again thank you don't go to Libya. Could you stop and god go to the listener line here we've got Vince from Missouri Vince welcome to beyond reality radio greater beyond. This campground area doctor I'll. With a stick who are all trying to do what's on your mind. And while our colleague doctor Greg Tucker Chris Douglas a lot of interest and all well. Thank you notes bella there are what they are. Or a pillow or brilliant. There Bjorn again a parent and called on his opinion. All oratory and you know a lot of new adopt these days at a more marriage you know I don't know about all. The back in my day were barely able to earn a particular date. And Chet. I had a bad trip a lot of their courage and are there to blow up just like Diane Archer and I Marshall I mean. You can't spirit another universe you can bring a liberal arts. And hours spell out what are they they learn what the world legal. Are they don't in an environment that was truly it. Now assuming no hit Clark good little work. That connector there's gonna be there and there you're going to be an end in not in our post and data weren't. Don't have a negative. Around it don't have bell and wrap around very early what they are bad trip. Not your guests can relate more on match probably talk about them are marching. To tell you look at that late. I think that's wonderful advice we're not really talking about recreational. Psychedelic use fear that's kind of what a person here said we're really trying to talk about in terms of it too which is potions and which group of guys like Tom. Shore but no Vince brings up our events thank you for that that Exel up introduction of bumps you know what what's your dictionary. Com. The yacht late Q did we say substance set and setting and I believe that those swear you were talking about social dull week you know too much. Set being a good mindset. And thus setting being a good place. The set part and especially in maybe what would Vince was a touching upon is that you know people do boring like there or those energies and when you. You know take psychedelic. Especially if use them and to energetically you will all our opening yourself up two weeks ago. Whatever whatever may come so. And I wanna be careful use them responsibly. I'm one of the directors years. Which the Portland and future exploration and reset society. And we you know promote treat the V positive. Reintegration of sight you don't expect him to loan. You know western culture. Dan thanks for the call Vince we we appreciate that. All of that and that's that's a good question though but this so using them against opens you up to the ability of well just negative type. Aunts tees genetic negative type things that are around you to. You or that people bring with them. Erica you know some person let's just let it is so if you know and also just in yourself like if you just lost your job. And be you know your your partner is sick personal feeling like you know don't don't take should be happy. That that's not a very good idea you know you have to be in the right space war. Yet that we're gonna continue talking about this too and when we come back from the top of the hour break we really need to get into a more of the the duke witchcraft component of this and how sure how this stuff was used on during the Middle Ages and Renaissance and you know from that point on in terms of witchcraft and and you know what what the intention was because I know that your book. The witch's point man has recipes for love potions in shape shifting potions a whole bunch of the things that we need to talk about. Absolutely well on and on top of Utley to get into little more of it because witchcraft and there's so many people Alter have this negative. Feeling or belief system while witchcraft. And to be honest with you which of paganism they were talking from the oldest religions of the world. And of course throughout history other religions have have put sort of a negative tone. Onto onto that in order to keep people from being involved in that and to push their own and their own bully system forward. Sure but it frame may come Waco. Paganism and witchcraft or all three very different things and wicca is not pension modern it was invented in the winnings so intruder no but I mean Hagan dozens pretty much veolia which has now been there. Yet all absolutely. I don't know I would say the oldest religion is reverence of eighty fertility Mulder some kind of moderate cost. You can buy it yet but that still would fall under the pagan has man aspect we're met. Willits interest thing because hum with with the mother goddess with the screen goddess. And players seem silly she's she is both monotheistic again Polly's he has. Our she's multi district in that moral talk about the saints won't talk about you know not so sure he'll be on salt and all that stuff. On. And should wars. All right well you know look Wohlers and they were to take a quick break and we come back and Moriarty is if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page that had beyond reality radio dot com. And you can download Treo iPhone and android apple listened to show lies kept past shows and much more. Richard Quick break more to come out to this listen Kissinger. That's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday and East Coast man you stuck in between welcome to be ameliorated. Myself Jason on Israel is awesome and javy Johnson it where we are having quite the night here and another of a bunch of people that are trying to get into the chat and leaders bunch of stuff going on we apologize for any convenience promise it's gonna be fixed some point we will be back up and running. And that things are we back to normal and life will be good I promise at some point via world silica technical but hopefully we get there. On a lot of great stuff coming up on the show tomorrow night Robyn Terry will be joining us Robin is not just the owner of ash more states have been talking about that. But he's also a collector and has quite a few different collections including a ouija board collection and many original francs boxes and too we've really talked about this. What do you think about francs box. Half to a home and I typed poems I've side by side and obviously I have no faith in them and you know as for the ouija board's. And rotted over our good friend Bob merchant actually is a big ouija board guy. And I've always been under the impression that ouija boards while they don't have any power to lament the fact of the matter is. You're opening yourself to communication which he allowing something to channel through you to communicate. And that's where the problem lies. Via via ends retire it's to too it's a tool that you're using and it's actually in the fact that you open up through the tool. On but we're going to be talking with Robin about the ash more states is also the owner of the art theater. Then Monday night of course Friday B a best of Monday night Larry Hancock will join us a litigator who I think you and I are gonna get a rule lesson in their youth apology and and some of the things that Larry's been following the pretty much rolls lights. Well and then to top it all off if we don't get enough on Monday. Tuesday Airgas Bruce Colbert retirement time trial and we can go back to Monday that that's part and reduced over and over and over and get more. Yeah Bruce talks about the traveling to the fifth dimension time and it by if Bruce for amber has a bio right he's traveled the he says out of body. It backward forward through time over 3000 times. Okay now so it he'll be telling us about how he does it and what he saw when he well when he did it. Practiced but I you need somebody to show Jerry if you can travel through time. Then be in this spot at this time yet be pretty simple to prove your rank and he's anxious. That tragic Chris yeah. And then of course Wednesday Charles Wright bloom who is also known as doctor knowledge will be joining us and he'll be presenting number of interest in facts like he did last and is on the program we had a great time with him looking forward to be blown away when you when you hear him yeah it's it's it's just he's incredible so it's good stuff but tonight we're talking about witchcraft. And it's analogous to loosen eugenics I mean it's it's really was boiling down here there's a number of cells in this area that I have yet this number substances that mean that are used in no witchcraft a mixers and potions and they have listened jetBlue who. Listen to Jenna properties. And we're talking with Tom Hance is about then and he's written a book called the witches appointment. Which details not just what these substances are and how to use them and what the what the potions are in the recipes are. Now Tom before we went to break we're talking and I had brought up their patriotism being pretty much sealed this religion out there and always yeah and I've always looked at it as any time we dancer on a fire for detail or whatever it it's a version of reaganism. And you brought up. That there was a another kind of religion but does that religion also seems to fall into the same spectrum as pagan is correct. On yeah that's funny because speaking of you're coming guest about time travel light and now and it's a time travel back in my mind and pick up to fall where it all. Yes it is a form of paganism but it's also formal model he has missed its old. Cup paganism and there is. IE some of paganism is very difficult word to define endanger world adjustment like anybody that was Polly Trieste that's really that's all it wasn't there was no or little. You know low morals really you're ethics about it it was just. You know it EU opinion isn't as you give the goddesses and gods what they want and they will return in car. So that's Oreo sacrifices. That's why you have XX fertility rites things like that column. It's all the licked a cultural group. Yes but in return OK take out the sacrifices and and things of that tantrum paganism was really deemed it just a negative type thing. Due to outlook follows correct they sort of Alter course black cloud over it. And from there are made every man everything about any other religion that wasn't as follows him hum bad. Absolutely yes they are missile in those days and there were. There were only two powers that exists in the world Aziz obviously load there was you know god in Jesus someone's side and to double on the other and anything that was not you know surely orthodox Christian was defaulted to having to do with seeing. So war. And that's where we have. You know the church kind of demonizing literally. Some of these are different forms of worship. For example. Eight race survival of that green goddess religion. Was one of the most difficult. Pagan residues stand out of the you know Christian Europe. But she survive special chapter two word in my book and all of that. And she comes up later because shoes sole place. And you have these women using. Substances that we cold you know infusions. Two and heard this trend skate to meet with their guard personnel. In the ancient world you have things like the reds lose this you have demonstrations and serious rebukes every corridor which is cereals from series they're bring goddess. Facility it ended up it was just yeah it was a it was a pagan asks survival. Of sorts on but where I was making that distinction which autos downs pat was between wicca paganism witchcraft and the speaking role for example. Persecuted which is in witchcraft every bit as much as speak later crushed. Witchcraft was very much against the law since time a war. You know enrolled apparel what you're doing. My book over there which is you stranger to when you look at the original ratings in the Bible didn't talk about Jesus actually going into the woods and trying to meet up with that within the and the lady in the and the which. And and I've never able yeah there was there was an original brand there was an original version of the book that actually gotten those parts were removed from. No in Iran and and throughout history book. And we won't get into an errand yeah actually let's go to the well we can't go slow are we can I know that I don't penalty area also is that information honestly I don't know enough for the information really. I'd sure there are only only to touch on of their about it. I'm unsure. Sure. Play out is there seems to be certain. Column very he. Unchecked checked claims with regards to that I'm aware of those but I'm not aware of any kind of bum taking of this. Out of love and testament to herb I don't know it just doesn't seem to be there. Let's go to the phone went to spring in rose from Missouri rose welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on. How you doing the show. Did you ask I had a question and so I am a little bit to direct the pat chatted and I was wondering do you use. Do you have planned as a means to connect with the spirit of the plant or a bit more of ritual to connect with other entities you. While that's and also questioned think mutual Tressel com. I use it more as a for the second way is a sector to connect to the spirit world. While I do believe that there are spirits that or in those plants absolutely. That's not my main way of using them which again goes back to that I guess diversity of uses that we world talking about earlier. You know some people are friends that yet they use it and b.'s things to connect to dispute plan. And I have other friends that eat. You know mushrooms then go to the mountains and try to contact Elliott than when you have the kind know which she weird oh yeah I'd like me. Mets used him to you don't get a Gator and Benson the forest and roll around in the mud and you know if. Absolutely. I ask because diamond and a mask so Plante spoke a little bit more of my my pat. I'm glad I have been sort of entered it in the history. How they've been used sport. Contacting the dead or beauty and all that we. I could look nice the first and theater and let go home yes so let's let's get and shoot the religion of some of these wise when. It will late game in Italy like I go over them in my book you know it would that would that Nicole. Olivia let let's say oh let's say goodbye to roast thank you rose for the call we appreciate that excellent business let's take a quick break first and we come back we'll have a good night segment due to do that it's beyond reality radio Jason javy. The telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call on the part of the discussion. We'll be right back after this. Radio tasting GPS phone numbers 8446877669. And we invite you to call on the part of this discussion. We're talking with Tom chances he's a witch craft historian. On his book is called the witch's point meant. And we've been talking about an omen we've kind of been all over the place of this topic a community kind of lends itself to going all over the place. And even Simi can comic house he met his bug yeah what's going on that this is is this the Singh is a nightmare and it's I think on the or is he waits till I get on here in the costly flies much Polly trying to talk in the lawyers into the world it's like he's nowhere during the breaks when curriculum but the minute we're life. Israel is over your face him in the fourth left and right which he set. And I think he might be bionic too he seems pretty indestructible America center. Let's bring Tom back into the discussion Tom meg asserted cut you off their early pick it opera where you left off. Also told Goodell I believe. Roses that's about piazza fertility religions and how they survived. And there was absolutely it's kind of interest in because they're they're a blend of luck christianity and see some. Ended there if they weren't shall separate like in urban Middle Ages medieval times. So with the air rule there was. A general belief in the fertility goddess that great mother corn harvest. Andy eat you have different people aren't that seem to worship her role for Western Europe late in Italy not to go to different just trust them to the guys aren't could be Oca. Seems tools bit in some kind codes. She was oh wise woman who specializes in love match. And you also have busting a cello over in Rome Tuesday a pediatrician. Now what they have in common is that the way these people entered the spirit world you couldn't do as a person. They would either have to take on TV form of quarks you know I'm B version of themselves. Or the form of an animal in order to meet with the risk goddess what are you know many different Angel Europe. So they would with the album these cited Alex into these or movements and it rubbed them over their bodies sometimes inserting them you know and as era there cavities. Downstairs and Lillian had done a lot of them turn to the spear oral or let allowed them to transform into something that wasn't them so that they could enter the spirit world. And did you Wear the christianity part comes in and is that you have does this woman and not appeared in a big grip beat who live judges sets out of Milan shoes arrested or at least thirteen 84. He if Tehran heresy actually and then to address it again for relapsed Harris seek her particular religion. It involves turning into a zombie. Fox or donkey. So that she could meet with not a morning and Tay who was salinity of the east. And that we don't know why she turned into a fox. A friend of mine or else thinks it had to do with coming nests and like a wise woman a common folks could be. But there's no solid evidence from that. Now a lot of the zombie muted that makes sense because they are entering the spirit world. With your arena with a donkey which increasingly is she needed to transform into that animal because she believed that that animal health Jesus carried his cross to be executed now nowhere in the new testament does it it so David any. Fumble helped. Jesus carried his cross Libya crucified. Showed that was what her heresy was but she had to. Patent take on this transferring patients of a cheated carriages has crossed so that he could be executed to save humanity. And if she didn't do this the entire universe would be Detroit. So you know I could think I issues there for all of us right now hold without him oh. I guess so. On when you that you're in the in the book the which is ointment do you have recipes. On the eve collect little over the years now what's beyond. I mean I saw things like shape shifting spirit travel be witching I mean. Have you used these have you tried this stuff and use that then has have been successful. Oh absolutely. I mean it it takes a lot of time and a lot of disappointment a lot of practice com. But you can I use them for several. Com. There's so we got into the shape shifting a little bit there's also used. Entering Metzger will roll began to enact some form of magical operations. Again and he EU you get you know. Front row seats to would be energies that are all around us you know so. It it'll depend to you know appeal as some people use ending for example to call on demons. You know. Her or her shoes and knuckle on games inept sacraments is sorry agrees that the you know PB used opium. It shouldn't there was a guy in the the 15100 that would AK ya drink a potion of opium entry and doing things like that you just walk around and imagine transformed into groups and I would just like at the ground and flat there's only go wings and that's what you did before the Internet. You know allegiance to the explosions. Edit edit edit beauty you know you you Le. You just had a time but that it wasn't wounded taking these substances was not be legal anyway it was the anti energetic users that was illegal because it was tied to this fertility goddess worship which you you'll use said earlier. You know everything that was Christian was demonized if it was -- is demonized by the church as satanism and so you know there it is kind of in a new little ball and gonna go away more detail in the book actually shows the debates that took place about you know these kinds of substances. In the records on. You know how long in more ways people are using them to use them for good reasons bad reasons ill people. All kinds of things Ian. Aaron was talking with Tom hats as are gonna continue talking about the stuff after the breach in the phone numbers 844687766. Tie Guinea 446877669. Give us a call the other question. You listen Jason did beyond beyond you know. For the show beyond reality radio and Jason came feet. Great stuff coming up the next few nights tomorrow night Robyn Terry will be joining us Robin is the owner of the ash more states and if you've. Seen ghost and restrain any link to time you probably saw the episode were Jane the crew I checked out the ash more states couldn't so there. Yeah and every Friday is a best of and then next week we're we've got some great now subjects coming up reminder were in rhetorical Larry Hancock about UFO's. Tuesday Bruce Goldberg about tying it all. And then Wednesday we've got doctor knowledge. Yes that's going to be great we had a great time with him when he was on about a bunch of months ago in fact it was one of those shows where the two hours flew by and we had so much more to talk about with them. And it's just and it's incredible stuff fields. Yet he's got some the most amazing facts and just he's weird bizarre bits of information that just is just just signing it's actually really cool political. Tonight we're talking about something that's far different and it's a topic that we probably I don't know generals we've really had this conversation with anybody before we talked about witchcraft before. We've talked about and in terms the terms of in plantations in spells and and you know that approach we haven't talked about it in terms of who's in the gen X that are used to potions. To have those types of effects and mental stuff for a first yeah we're exploring that tonight with Tom that says he's the author of the book. The which is appointment and Tom. I and had asked you before if you head. Tried and implemented some of these potions and gotten the effects that time their purported to have ECB have one of the things I'm one of the things we mentioned was shape shifting am really curious about that because. That is something that can be really qualified. Have you done any sold what did you shape shift to India have fun you know as their their pictures is there anything that that supports that transition and I mean. You know were bullets. In its not a real pretty it's not moves. It there wouldn't be pictures so it's a difficult question. Because I would have to be trade the deeper mysteries to answer it. Soul. I can't exactly do that what's more sweeter than listening. Always very much a spiritual thing it's it's essentially in a broad sense it's it's the same. Are kind of of fertility warships and I've been talking you know what that we've been discussed and you know here in their tonight. Our idea so I come to so it's not a physical each. That type of creature. Yes. And B common body by shore. Now there were other people moving in the old world using you know things would turn to Wear wolves are mushrooms for example. Opium people would do that a they would have these experiences. On again I I'm I'm hesitant to call them hallucinations speakers you or entering I mean Larry if you were you know what a Mitt. A strict material is of course and yet there there was nations but I'm personally not show. And a lot of other people are either so it's it's weird to call them that in the cents. Well I think that really comes because the drugs scientifically is considered listen a Janet. And that that puts out let and a lot of people really just because of that they avoid them without knowing any any of this other stuff that you're talking him. Yeah absolutely and again if they check out here is a TE ERS the Portland and the agenda exploration and research society could find us on FaceBook. That gets all kinds of relevant. And new information out there are about to responsible also news of bodies like adults in all areas to to feel for example. People of experience Shrum look. Or on their Petrie has devalues shall slide in mushrooms or other things like I lost. And you know they'll get over you know there there were addictions her. Up poor behaviors or something and you know there is these visas or playing medicine's art schools. And a lemon in. I'm a firm believer of that just for the fact that what specially as a as somebody's got to father's cancer and a mask I can see the benefits from certain certain drugs whether it be marijuana. Do I do I want somebody using them driving my kids on a school bus that was Selena but I can tell from the IQ but can I sees somebody. In a medical. Aspect or or whatever. However you use it your own but it's their benefits that way I am solely and it just goes to show that. He sings that grow on this planet where we live on. There there's some sort of a connection there where he hit their their for a reason. I idol I've always thought him and you know that's why it affects us in a certain way and and people look at different reasons for using it but I'm a firm believer ins in certain drugs especially just like to say because my father to cancer amassed. If it's painful it's just excruciating and I've seen so many medical benefits from middle. No that's excellent yeah leg you're you're. You're totally right. We we were a bald eagle site candidates like certain caliber and what did you present is that our brains blow bubbles on the plants though. You know. You know they they are very beneficial they do help people and you know we we want to kind of do it right this time we're in the other site adult RenaissanceRe. And we have a a perfect blueprint. To. Look at of what not to do and it's called the 1960s. Because that's what destroyed the in the the use of these things I mean is that the study of the and you know people use them responsibly I mean. And is it it brought the hammer down and everybody all the serious researchers and academics and her 1950s did they were all promote and things like Ellis steamed mushrooms things like that. So would we gotta do it right this time and one of the ways at least that I do right is a group I don't think anybody wants somebody taking a substance in and driving to socialist they shouldn't take a substance and drive a car all. It'll be so angry that a 100%. So you know you you do responsible IE I use them magically witches are wholly responsible way of use. You know there's an old Blake I'm getting my work done and I have forthcoming book called second bill mysteries coming out that's an area. It into something we talked about nine and a girl ways of using cited doubts that enter your genes. Some infusions for example could surely dream state to meet via the goddesses and gods are up I Fijian using and magically. What did you and using it artistically they are all kinds of wonderful ways seniors and a responsible man. Tom I wanna change the subject to limits on the an area is or is reading a little bit about on your website which by the way the website is psychedelic which dot com. What is the holy mushroom theory. The holy mushroom theory. Is an idea. Pretty much generated. From the 1970s by mending job local leg broke through first proposed that there were certain references to mushrooms. Encoded in attacks he said that it it. Specifically in these different codes used reading pointed to be nominated must RE a mushroom which is it is and the agenda Marshall as you know the real body and blood of Jesus naral. In need nobody. Believes that today even people that holds that whole emotion theory believes that allegro. Fudged a lot of the on. The linguistics I usually try to make a linguistic argument which one doesn't work we're doing history. And two Sheen made up Scholl many of the words. In order to prove his theory right so since there weren't any mushrooms and attacks people sort it to say that all of their eating paintings. Now I firmly believe that certain Christian groups used. Psychedelic cement your actions chapter three in my book talks all about and which is ointment. End. So people were actually using them but they weren't they don't seem to have been hiding it in port which is what the claim. Our recent book out by Jerry brown and his good friend of mine called site adult gospels. You know she claims that there are marshals and these are pieces and we just had a great discussion at these squirrels at adults conference a few months ago about it kind of a debate the more the discussion because we agree on most things on but I about whether or not. These these marshals appear and are. They'll be that video will be on my website soon within a week or so you wanna check it out and thumb yet that there is what they're doesn't seem to be intellectuals and Orkut reducing to be and your christianity so I think that scholar and we should focus on that we should focus on where and when different Christian groups were using and the urgent cause they totally work. He said you're working on another book yes what's it about well when you expected to be ready. So this book is a ballot dumb but I expected to be ready at least it should be up on next year in your lives or September of 2018. But what it's about it snapshots of different ways people in western civilization had used vsphere client that title is a psychedelic Melissa well the working title should say. Us psychedelic mysteries spear plants in western civilization and it just covers from like ancient Greece and Rome up through the Middle Ages and then in the early modern period and in the Renaissance man in light Mindanao in the Victorian era and then up at. Today because you know people are still using them off for all these reasons so our hearts you know gonna pretty much just overall that ends. Yeah. Somebody Symbian big boat. So. Yeah I didn't it's which is always good for her aunts. Let's quickly take another phone call before we have to which you go to on this is Barry from North Carolina very welcome to be on really radio. While hanging in there today and today saying gosh go to camp where I got through it most are now text armed. Outlook biochemist. I don't know we've ever talk about bears you know which cost about my dad may have more Carol that ballclub law. I product about chemistry agree and I'll work for pharmaceutical company Tory years. And it's math camp that remained yet so very bad rap. And rightfully so oh well the news. Thought woody is correct grade eight standard. Today it shortens. There are certain maps. The Twain the brains. Are tired most of us. And EEE accused surely say. Much more clearly air and put it. I don't know his background save lives but you know I'm so tired you can. I have so I'm hoping you know I hope is that it's so malware. And I edited it. That the tribal it is in it will just she is too much out of it and they get all speed freak out and that's where the Barack trump. You know mode that's an interesting point Barry and you just set it on the air we don't have to so. Ernie says in the came from a biochemist there you know we love our games thanks very thanks of the flood alert. Thanks a but that's the tort and just the way society is reason if things and you can you can chalk that rate down to. The hole and begun aspect. And the big gun becomes a bad thing in insurgent hands of certain individuals becomes a bad thing. So as so I can totally understand with a what you're saying comment and to be honest with you I've always been that kind of person I don't care what you do in the comforts your home if he's in exactly what ever you wanna do something and like it's the only time I ever urban issues if I Astoria if if this somebody driving a bus or somebody out driving a vehicle. Is that is is on some some sort of a drug or alcohol and that becomes that come to fear from me that somebody's doing something in their own home I've just been that kind of person I don't care what's going on as long as it's not. Hurting a child or anything like that or another individual. Go Google make yourself happy. Yeah does America. Could get exact numbers and none of muscle leg when we again we we all fear somebody out there are using substances responsibly that's what went wrong in the sixties that that's reach Indian that's not that's not okay. Tom thanks for joining us and erratic time the book is the which is ointment you can get a link to it on the beyond reality radio website you can also find information on his psychedelic which dot com Destin luck with the next book great to have you on the show tonight. Certainly our. It's Jason JB young man. They're looking back the suits the onion radio. Jason are students are doing we need special treat because chat was broken almost all night yes and people and asking what the heck was funky saying when he called them last time I think we should replace that conversation honestly I ice I'm still confused sorry go ahead Dana still let's replay that conversation (%expletive) he's gonna take this to end the show thanks for joining somebody with C tomorrow night beyond reality radio adjacent NGB. On reality radio Jason Hawes NGB Johnson and a night. Like this and has to be accentuated accentuated by the presence of one of our very good friends and they have frequent caller and guest of the show you are talking about here there are no extra. Of course if you don't know who want to argue about it's the amazing funky. He is a friend of the program. Has a great sense of self worth it. The weather is longer than we actually now going well according any action I think he feared he'd be he's pretty confident that he started the show. You know before we did so when he made his success is definitely. Takes credit for that let's let's bring him into the program it's the amazing plucky welcome to the show I. Jason Jesus can listen yeah yeah we can actually hear very well judge always always can every time you call has so it's gonna funky. I just wanted to checking with you Tyson says see how everything's been going best defense if he'd be willing. To give me great honor well done depends on what it is funky but you know we always like helping out so there what's the what's the great honor. I was wondering if he. Both being willing to write my obituary and speak at my funeral next at least next week next week so you are you sick (%expletive) went oh yeah. What's going on what's going hurting UG Jim envisioned do you play you see something then it's gonna happen next week our society and clear me. I haven't called me and living inside and hitting me and I he and it's kind that I can't. Classic you're a dead man living hey Lizzie Mans body I'm so can Georgia and anything you would you bet your community confused and that's why I'm here to explain ST you know you're not thinking of doing anything stupid are you talking immune you know it was a question JD. I'm just saying you're not thinking of doing anything stupid right I mean there means okay right. Everything's just fine with me passive and now just if you can just please refer to me. As elite. And easy to. What you want to hear because. You said Europe is clearly a dead man living inside a living man's body on in your coming out of the closet what is what is this about how I just feel that they. Identify with the deceased. Laura and I. And I can finally collecting ideas are of particular reason for this well I noticed her celebrities and a lot more attention when they pass her. Why wait until Monday to get attention. So I'm okay Kenneth I with the deceased and then I should be more recognized I mean look at victory in that creek director in Georgia and Romeo. I never heard of until he passed away you mean Romero entrepreneur narrow arteries that pretty much the guy who. Made zombies what they are today PP basically invented the modern definition of the zombie movie where an arrow around me if I was him I would stick with that and around you know okay. Philip L it doesn't matter anymore yeah I think to read it doesn't matter now but. And one thing I noticed is that spirits company content and sent out. About my and we eat one night she had eighteen. Or my natural odor and to be honest. I'll also be closer and I waited women businesses which will what's about your mom is a second Norman Bates thing going on here as your mom passed. Don't know and haven't gone she's definitely stay. Good couple months and years Highlander to go. And she just identifies with the deceased parents more than a living just like I think. Lucky I've does say this is all getting really really weird but done Harry I kind of wanna make sure way to turn it. Well I just wanted to check Christine gangs because I had in the funeral next week issued geek brief turn in attempting hired him and he's he's bringing that beverages. And Duncan. Duncan for a hundred truly through silicon rodeo. That would be correct and can troll. And after all ironic passing to be chilly it's time that one of sadness. And just fortunate enough that I'll be able to be there to make sure Campbell's is and that kind of. Kind of misses the point at this media and how does this whole thing worked and some some the very usual but that's where I'll be easier to make Sharon hill station. That's why am going to make sure that I'm attending any funeral. I just wanted to know if he's as would be willing to write my name actuary in the eighties and who can speak in the microphone on my behalf. Fleiss apparent in the audience and on does that mean you're not going to be on the show anymore or what's going to happen LP additional. He's having a really hard time understanding this. And it's simple and going tear it. Past sun and that really pass on so I can get along better with the people who have passed on and people have to pay as you want us to refer to as the moral late amazing sauce so confused the late amazing funky as well you wanna be referred to loosen slightly differently I think at. At would be best for every parent tracking. That's the leak anything packaged and. Well not until next next show here in Arizona is so right armour still refer to US hockey so our are able javy and I will discuss and wolf. Guess we'll have to get back to you on that. Well when she has discussed until you decision was tequila majesty it's her greatly appreciate caddies and act. Much love in July 18 love coffee yet I have seen the same view thank Judy thank use the soon to be late in the isn't fun. And young real ingredients produced by state 88 includes things like Alexandria Johnson entered. Current time. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow what fund or you want to be guests on beyond reality real email to sleep getting. That's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.