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Everything that you wanted to know about everything....except what you think you already know

Jul 27, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson feature Dr. Knowledge (Charles Reichblum) to discuss the worlds most fascinating facts, coincidences, and odd information. Why have so many US Presidents died on the same day? What baseball team had a nun, a saint and a priest playing for it? Who was present for 3 of the 4 historical Presidential assassinations? And many more interesting tidbits. 7/27/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's 10 West Coast Thursday on the east. Many are starting between local to me on Dario in theory deals with soltys and lows and the always awesome to achieve each to pace in no gremlins tonight. I think all the gremlins have been removed from the premises and I think that after a money nights Kremlin an issue with that were done. I'm so egregious need to support like myself is evident to do you get away from windows you don't like windows and Alton. Hit out of all the other dog not centenary years ago I mean somebody hacked into one of our windows computers are my kid excuse or use and and and the PayPal and gone to adjust a world stuff and after that I said never Cuba yen there on one just so committed right now it's hard to make a change like that amount match. Commitment sometimes Cooper that's so nice but you know we're not we're not gonna break this memo we've got to doctor knowledge coming on tonight. Yes tonight is going to be aggression we had doctor knowledge on all of a long time prior syndication and it's just the things he talks about. It's mind boggling I mean. When you get into things like the pledge allegiance become a daily school tradition and in all these these strange facts yet and it's about everything sports facts presidential facts. International fax have been in the things that he knows it just shouldn't be known by 1% yeah airman of the whole Leo can you be and Florida and Ohio alls that whatever else that that's what I'm. Answer is always a great time and he's actually the author of a number of books. All part of the knowledge in a nutshell series on the most recent book is called the all time book a fascinating facts so that a secret conversation tonight yes in the tomorrow night we've integration with gladness McCants. Talking well. What's the appropriate name for the man whose amassed one of the world's largest collections and interesting facts stories over more than fifty years of as journalists and yet that's tonight's that's too that's tonight's. Yes Charles and then tomorrow minuses is the numbers lady and she's going to be talking about your numbers and how they affect your life and what they mean for your future. And she's written a couple books one is called Glenn ascension number the other is love by the numbers. Member when she was on last time the phone's rang. Off the hook yes sorry about that area actually in my notes as. The same one for tonight for tomorrow the Somalia but yes Narnia as she is she was great she was wild and talked to. And should be back on Thursday re taking your calls on Monday of course we're going to be starting a pro life shows after the best of on Friday night. We've got GC night joining us. G easy night all that and parents are we talking about healing and the lists can be great next week for me talk about healing were in retirement you'll foes of Corus and and the other thing that can cover sort of beyond reality. Like quite usual for us. Yeah it's all great stuff talk coming up on the show saw the telephone numbers 8446877669. It's like to get it get on and join the discussion anything we're talking about anything having. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and make she'll like the FaceBook page were really trying to get those numbers out. And then head over to beyond reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and android app. Garrett there or you cannot find any degree stations where on across the contrary to our on the web site. And you're also able to do is join me online jab by clicking the listen why if you listen right on the website and and joined just a great. These people yet I should mention that on Monday night's program we are supposed to have Larry Hancock on him because of the technical issues we are experience and we move that. We're going to have him mind numb and another time because I know he's got a lot of great information in looking for that to that discussion and the sooners were surely that's going to be let people know. You know I agree information on hate actually talked a great information. I know you're a big guy into the sold JFK assassination. Yeah I'm really fascinated by the whole conspiracy theory. Well presidential historians a conspiracy theorists can now get their fix scene yesterday the National Archives released. Thousands of documents concerning JFK sesame. These new documents never before released trusting in total. My audio is really messed up. So I'm here and we limited assertions and don't know what it is now so maybe all the gremlins have moved to your house and coaches. I'm not Poppinga anyways on yet so in total the agency posted 3810. CIA and FBI. What are the interesting things about as they released this stuff is it not only in us and answer necessarily any questions it just seems to create more questions it's like every time they do the one of these document dumps you've got people scouring them for some time advancers and it just tends at the tends to create more questions and more theories. While they say that 441. Of these have never been seen by the public. And the remaining 3369. Files across to me about 80% of document dump. Had previously been released in rejections and now have been declassified. And a lot of what they're saying also is that they don't expect it to be a smoking gun showing up out of this but but who knows. We're gonna have to have our smoking gun specialists come on the program and tell us what. All the stuff means yet and yet that's a lot of documents to repay interest grease fire multiple page near him but it's pretty cool that they're doing this stuff you know I mean a lot of years have gone by since the JFK assassination were still scratching our heads. Looking for answers so maybe one of these times like to get some yeah we talked about it a bunch of times on the show and mixing to see what. New information actually comes out of this very let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Charles Wright bloom also known as doctor knowledge we're going to be talking about. Fascinating facts it's beyond me on the. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Holland dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and we are really better to listen Jean. The telephone number 6446877669. If you like to I join the discussion. As the program progresses tonight wins doctor knowledge Charles Wright bloom ray. Just to have this conversation. Yes and as long as Ari can come through and not so Arnold started I will. Perfectly fine if that's a problem and I'll just have to try to switch on likes earning during the interview we will make it or. We can always do that by the way Tom doctor knowledge Charles Wright bloom is a man who's amassed one of the world's largest collections. Of interesting and fascinating facts and stories over fifty years is a journalist he's been collecting this information. He now presents a formal formidable collection. In his book of all time fascinating facts he's also author of the knowledge in the nut shell series and we're very very pleased to have him back on the program. Charles welcome to be on reality radio's so good to have you back we've been excited and about tonight for awhile now. Well so it just an entertainer agreed to be with you again. Long we've been talking about. Having you back since we had you on the first this is true that we did such a good time and it was like that the two hours went by so so fast. Well and I'm happy to be livid. So you know there are a lot of gas in a lot of people who are new to the program especially since we expanded or syndication with Westwood One in March. They might not know we are so what do we start by getting a little bit of information about you give us a little B your background and how you started collecting fascinating facts. Well as working implicated. In radio station it is it is what we were called statin eternity coat it's like two years ago. And of course really compete partners stated in my job at the radio station that keeps. We. You know the news came over. Asia. Where minority of. These teletype switch on and and you and I have a similar yet and Charles these were like typewriters that were controlled you know already there was a remote signal coming in and they were just content on black black black black black turning out. So iTunes by typing good news and sports don't think so how much was the barrel up. The C Tuesday came in and put them up on the wall but it would beat her dues want to exports went for business one procedures. The center of and I support it blood work week here and historic team overnight. Which I saw in the Indy it was just totally fascinating to me the real the first by US presidents all died. Are you would like or. Now reported that the amazing that somebody never learned in school. First of all the through the first black prisoners would all died on the same date. Is amazing. And it's not all of them related causes by the way and I all the dates in the year. It was July report. It and it's true second president John Adams died on July 4 BT 46 the same day. To about four to eighteen point six Thomas Jefferson third president done I'd Adams was in Massachusetts steps and in June it was no connection between Newt that is. And then mr. president James Monroe. Died on July 4. 1831. Yards and three of the purse by prisoners little by on the same date in all the states and it was July 4. And we almost did or the first five because support president. These Madison. Died on June 28 normal the. And you know and just just try to force for those who are Smart really on top of their dates and understanding the perspective here these were a good chunk of the founding fathers they weren't just residence they were the they were a good part of the group that created what we know is the United States. Right it'll all the states to diaries series there was to a port Saudi backed up that that's very excited. They noted that in the end I was like porky petite your children. And I saw this sort of our people over overnight to secure depressed. And I just started me on collecting these kind of things the rest of my crew would have looked for. Amazing facts surprise attacks like that in. I would I got out of school I started the company where we syndicated. Column quoted boosting effects. Around the US and Canada. And and people were leaders who want to put this stuff in books. Or books or game to beat. And and also worked in radio. It'd doctors know which show. You're an expert on duty community. And we did at about ten years but I wanted to put the best of all my head into one book. And that it's called the all time book a fascinating facts and it's. Really the best of all everything I have collected over the years plus a lot of new new ones who have. Occurred Beckett it was so. It did should be good for a long time and and know that that's what started the news through the first black prisons that all dying on to a report. And it's it's so strange as something that. He says that walls or something them that Newton and I don't just Kate coming out of the blue would really lead you down this path. No such a fascinating. Acted as a senator I don't remember any district teachers told us that the that's produced and edited demanded to attempt to recruit in in the and some of the other side are you were talking about the Kennedy Lincoln. Or Kennedy assassination and we have also story in the book. I don't know to talk about the selection of ozone bureau not that. They all those similarities. The amazing similarities between assassinations of two on cavity in Abraham Lincoln. You wanted to run down some. Before you do that because this this segments into a short wanna go back to the president's the the presence dying on July 4 now. Adams and Jefferson the second and third presence in United States died and exactly the same same day July 4 with 31826. I recorded six which also by the way have to be the fiftieth anniversary. Of the declaration of independence. Which was throughout port 7072. Thirds it was exactly. Two years later. MM one thing we have to remember is there was no electronic communications at that point there was no Ed you know and in these two were hooked hundreds of miles apart one in Massachusetts one of Virginia. So DeDe did either one know the others passing before. It's been nursing course in US because uses supposedly Adams last words were. As he was starting supposedly he said Jefferson lives the course he didn't know deter person had died earlier that day. And it is used to there was there were no instant communications and we have no telephone through photographs. So obviously a radio or TV no computers. So he had no way of knowing. Did Jefferson and it also decide to earlier Thursday. So you know that. And of course revolution didn't know until he died. I got a few hours before before Adam's past two. And the horse it's somewhat of kind of rivals for awhile there to immunity certainly worked again. Also lied on what's so so much so that Adams was very upset wouldn't. He you know he ran against Epperson he ripped her second term term person beating him. Adam's going to serve one term. And he did not gonna reject portions. Inauguration you look around. The morning news. Of the inauguration did not go in and they were enemies political enemies for many years now in the course of years that they both lived dep prevent. They did become. Certainly here and is patient developed a debate did negative relationship between the two of them. So very good at the time of their debt stated they were not political enemies and anymore. And I think that you can respected each other even though the April we're politically different. They didn't have Democrats and Republicans and boosted that they. They were of different parties. In their. No we have just a couple minutes before break here so don't wanna get into the assassination conversation but there has to be some mother. Quick interesting presidential sexy you've got your fingertips. So many. It's pretty well oh start about president trump permitted he is I don't know how many people realize it is. When your approach proper anti trump its oldest person ever elected president for the first time. Maybe this seventy years old when he was elected last November. Is now 71. Any broken record Ronald Reagan and hope to produce record. Being 69. When he was first elected. And it's surprising we had only read seventy year old president's and it's it's surprising to you look at the pictures and you'll president's. Inaudible like grew old man right. But only twenty have been in their seventies Reagan and trooper to the three. What is supported Eisenhower. Who was just seventy when he left office news. Elected when he was sort of 64. And two or 62. When he was elected and he was just seventy would be when he looked opposite to return so we can only pretty. Seven year old president's at the other end of the room. Scheme. We will yes you have a book who's been the youngest president. Then most people so it joint entity but that's not true Kennedy was 43 when he was elected but I know this president has been Teddy Roosevelt. Who is just 42. When he became president he was vice president and under we've McKinley there McKinley was assassinated. Teddy Roosevelt became president at age 42 so old record of being the youngest president. Yeah to be 35 way to be present we had no prisons in their thirties. Rose those notices fortitude activities 43. And surprisingly the third youngest president of all time. Was Bill Clinton who is just 46. When he became president that sort of police. It's hard to all of you know it's hard to believe I mean you know. I'm I'm well past 24546. Years old and I still do not feel like I'm responsible enough or mature enough to handle that kind of responsibility. You know well we go to other presidents and according to a broken bones in his forties. Ulysses grant. It was in his forties when he was elected president and then I decide again I think it's surprising that Clinton has been our third. Not as president when when he was elected at each. Yeah it's all very fast and will get back we're gonna talk about the assassination similarities to do we get a lot to discuss who ducked knowledge. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy we've got a lot to go don't go away our telephone numbers 8446877669. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond real. Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I can't rule change Jeannie thing. Listening with the you're listening to one of the fine radio stations during the program across the country or you're listening to his online or through the cap for how wherever it is we welcome you all to the program. Yes and Alamo microphones working echo a lot of better. Since the so bomb yeah and if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond it radio emission electric FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone an injury to operate there. Or you can find any degree stations we aaron's quick on the station last. Or just click the listen lives and you can join us in the online chatter from the website which connection do agree online community and javy uniter and Merrill time and just a wonderful bunch of people. And we got a great show tonight we're talking with returning guest Charles Wright whom he's known as doctor knowledge in this a good reason for that and it will remind you that. If you want information about doctor knowledge or any of its of his books including the all time Boca fascinating fax. You can find them in a couple places when he shouldn't go to the beyond reality radio website and click on our guests have you'll see information there you can also good analogy in a nutshell. Dot com that is son doctor knowledge is a website in he's got information there about at all. Yeah and it's it's just eat you cover some incredible things start to knowledge and last time we talked we. It just the endless amount of information and it just that what goes to your head on a daily basis would probably dryer Judea and right totally increasingly. But it's like well let's just say some of the things even when you're you're looking at the so funny Amazon any. You start covering things on well how America got its name and Alia the pledge of allegiance accidentally became a daily school tradition. And just endless endless other things. Security judges. Didn't notice and then. Is to sort of kept particularly some people say it I have photographic memory I don't produce you know. Looking into the sanction and ready over the years they've been produced equipment. And. Well this this that no listing an agent specially with so much chaos are out there about the room of people not. At people fighting because they don't want a pledge allegiance to the flag and and all that and the craziness that was one thing that that always one that made me wonder how old did the pledge of allegiance accidentally become a daily school tradition. What happened in the eighteen hundreds and eight and man reputed. To deploy its inner rather obscure. Publication. In Massachusetts. It was just a local magazine. And it just so happened. Somebody imprisonment we've ones administrations saw it. And he thought it would be a good idea is to. He's tested on food and equipment suggested that that. We use that per year. And then schools started using it and I know what I grew up. I think virtually every school started Tuesday with the pledge of allegiance but not a they do that today. Sort road came home almost by accident. In this juror. Magazine lamented prints ability as a man who who wrote the pledge of allegiance. It and there was sort supposed to be used three year. It is you know. Remain at schools and it and go through permitting many managers whoever it was cool the country's starter started the day that. Well I know I know after the eighties and and so forth why I was in school I'm we we get it every day it was a tough edition or by giving no absolutely was sued some way we started every. It's. A yard I think you know particular school to go to do dent but they do now. But they certainly did their and in only her little children do it. Yeah we all get into the Arabic notes are standard on idea. So yeah as a before winter break we're talking a presidential trivia and you were going to talk about some of the similarities in not assassinations let's let's let's have that discussion I'm really anxious to your office. Yeah there's some may remember our book it'll quicken recalled blow to Booker notably but basically. It's just incredible poverty. Eclipses are between immediately can assassinations. And you're you're arguably. Start there accord on the list your both men were shot on Friday. Both were sitting next or otherwise you neither one was hurt. Don't persecuted by men named Johnson. Like it was executed by Andrew Johnson candidate by Lyndon Johnson go to Andrew Johnson and in Lyndon Johnson had the same number of letters. In Saturday. Two assassins. At the same number of letters in there and saying they were booed don't. But three were name's John Wilkes Booth Lee Harvey Oswald. To a number of letters and books postage. Amenity. Head Brothers named Robert and Edward Lincoln had sirens and Robert and Edward. John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in the theater and then did it aware house leader Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and then. Did you know pewter. Both home. Men died in a place would be initials at the age a little kick it across the street to he boarding house called Billy. Peterson house initials PH agreed on the next morning. In there and community was taken to Parkland hospital where he was pronounced it also with the initials looked huge. Kennedy's secretary was namely in Lincoln's secretary was being Kennedy. In the final kicker. They're at their store there repetitive as we're similar book code open book test addressed the final Victor here was that the Clark. You know which Kennedy was riding when you wish dot was. And one Arlington. About this. You know that is that is. Pretty amazing listening in you Mikey said there others they go on that list but do you think that's pure coincidence or do you in this is probably outside the realm of thought and discussion but. Do you think this in Providence and their some more. Could be its dislike you we ask this question in our book. Is this the court's term not the crew of Apollo eleven which put the first men on the moon. Was New York strong Buzz Aldrin and Michael calls. Her last name initials were a HC right. Armstrong Aldrin columns. Big biblical verse three men now they put the first men on the moon. The biblical per minute on her work Adam Abel and Cain. Also aid agency. Is that a coincidence her. Or the. I heard I never realized that are okay. So as you could go through the years of collecting this information clearly things have changed the Internet probably has the has made data collection. A completely different animal than it was twenty years ago. Give us an idea for those who might be. Beer pro road and I never knew of the pre in a war Internet world and any serious fashion what was data collection for this type of facts like pre Internet. Well you basically. I read a lot of obituaries for example because it is very often. There would be news effect during the middle group recruited. You'd actually I'd look for coincidences. Are preparing to play. I distended noticed it today in the book all the sports. Have oh as the second letter of their date of this amazing there's no nobody did this on purpose. There aren't nineteen sports. Were the second letter of the name of the sport isn't so. In your district quicker you do some news there recorder there's football. Goal. Hockey. Boxing soccer. Porsche racing bullying. Cool. Sewell motorsports. Softball. Polo. Volleyball. All those sports the second letter in the name of the supporters don't know it's just an amazing. Mile mile over the could also fallen to four page Google baseball basketball javelin. Editors may not do it legible in my heart that's and they go to third at this. Acquitted. Again you know again I guess it's it's it's hard for a lot of people to imagine that the how much lever and reading and just and a curiosity that you have to possess to be able to gather this information. And even now even with the Internet there's so much information that just in just inaccurate you can't just take it all for. For fact you have to we can kind of follow through and make sure that we reached he has actual as sources they can be trusted. And something just occurred news for example a week we have won under the 22. And the 24. US presidents. Are buried in the same grave of 22 and twenty portrait of president our burdens in grade. Hard could that be. And I was thinking about that in the course is 22 reported fourth president was the same man who writes Grover Cleveland. He was. Elected president originally. In 1985. Many rent per second term and so he was 22 president Zoellick in the Indy five. Betty Draper second term it was disputed by it Benjamin Harrison. But then he came back to run again. I drew Pearson's first term. And he was elected. In the 1893. So he was given the title of the 24 president. Those who was reported second president of Pearson was reported third prisoner and they officially call Cleveland the 24 president. To get to these two are prisoners who had two on consecutive terms. So obviously any burden agreed in New Jersey. Who recently deported circuit in 24 prisoner. Our bird in the same great marketed do audits and that this. It sounds like you can you can amaze your friends at parties want to read this book and not only that Charles what I have to say that I want you on my trivia team and wanna go. Two trillion nights and I want you on my team is. And her suspected. But I think that would probably be quite an asset heart or take a break now more with side doctor knowledge Charles Wright whom we come back the book is called the all time book a fascinating sat. Asks are you listen Jason Giambi unreal you rated the phone numbers 8446877669. Get a 44. 687766. Times. Shall. Right back. I was on my trip. For turner next time that I quit. At that point we're talking about. The all time book of fascinating facts with doctor knowledge of but the way the website is knowledge in a nutshell. Dot com there's information on the beyond reality ribs website about the book and our guest Charles Wright from Charles again thanks for joining us on beyond reality real. It was revealed security number primaries are good but it would like you to book that way it's 1800 not to go 100 no potato or. Can do on our web site knowledge and Hantuchova on Q for the cook there. All the details on it you can order actor it's 1990 probably. Including chipped it and. And and know also billing grand army honor rally to radio dot com just click on the gas tab pass gas and dole also have doctor knowledge is information out there. Where you can go right there and directly great to the book. It's great. What are some other categories of its fascinating sacks. As you kind of turning capsule is some of the stuff that really got you excited as you started to uncover more more information. Well I think that border one day and I sort of myself. Or at the world as a called a hamburger. There is no hand and hamburgers. Or radical members. And noise. Did some research and had. And it turns out that a lot of German immigrants in the united states of late eighteen hundreds. And those from the city of Hamburg Germany. Brought with them their custom up ground meat which lose but not common. In the United States at that time. So people here started calling ground beef hamburgers after the people from Hamburg Germany so. Name Hamburg. Murders comes from the city of origin Hamburg Germany. So you know like receiver book. An extent give it ever realized. Ernie don't have any numbers at the difficulty Amber's wasn't named after the city hordes. Yeah and then wire hot dogs golden. Hot dogs and on dogs and. That that's that's another interesting story it's kind of a long story broke try to shorten as quickly as a kid there was a baseball game here and New York in Euro nineteen hundreds. In Indonesia's New York Giants routed. In New York Giants couldn't work that type. In those states who did not serve any popped food a ball parks. As an early days game in hand it was a cool day in the concession airmen and urge Stephens. Look at around he realized his defenders weren't so many things could it was a cool division he he occupies something warmed itself. They're too because I went through a neighborhood butcher shop walked around the neighborhood. Stopped at a what's your property but he gets on the war miked so the ballpark today in the which should leveled sausages here. So Terry could you that's great good are the people all sausages and who have put yourself wilders a bakery next door maybe they had some barns. Of Stevens went out some burns. At the big creep in back to sausages went back to the ballpark. And gave his sausages in the bones to the vendors pit reporter on the ball park pulled up this hot sausages in you know upon. There was there a sort of hot dog was born but it didn't have a name yet there was a cartoonist at the game that date. And this is a historic as this cartoons in the baseball alternate. The baseball cartoonist but and of a head Dorgan. Was that the game Ned that you saw the vendors walking around with a sausage you know blown and hostages reminded him of a Dachshund. So he drew a Dachshund in in a barn. If he was gonna call the cartoon. Pot auctions. And he didn't stick our communities started right now I don't use on deadline he had to give it to the paper quickly. And he realized he wasn't sure quite sure how to spell the word docs and so instead are calling it hot auctions you called hot dogs. And that's where the name April. Yeah what about dark corridors. And that cartoon that named hot dogs his is sources that the baseball or treatment. Cooperstown New York Ted organs regional. Which which by the way is about two blocks from where I'm sitting right now and it's this is the induction weekend coming up here we we're gonna have what 80000 people descending on this village of 15100 with one traffic light so is a fast weekend. Order a computer quick to pull back there you can use up there hoping we don't there was a big league baseball team that had a priest under armed. In saint plank for the yeah Brooke didn't does that works and that was at Cincinnati Reds who had any pitcher named Eddie priest. They had another player named how we none of and it when they are indeed seeing corner so they had a priest and not an assist also had a church at a temple and a deputy public church. And in baseball fans remember prologue to editors sort of vision was Tony temple. So they have a church in temple along with a priest in and state and in our book we say it and those were the holy rented so. And did they ever win us a World Series. Couldn't do whatever we're doing anyway good. Argument that I Charles Wright movies known as doctor knowledge again his book is the all time book of fascinating facts. And you can visit knowledge in a nutshell dot com you can visit be on reality radio website look at the guest have a what was the 800 number again Charles. One. 1800 nutshell. We'll get we've got a good break in about a minute let's say give us a couple categories that we can talk about when we come back kind of tease tease the folks listening as to what we're going to be Channing well. Well you know we got some more presidential pressure it's more coincidence whose. But are not Levin. Which is on that does that mean we gallery had a death get in Europe and OK in the commercial 27 you might want to talk about. The mystery of Mary Celeste which loses a heck of the story SO. And there's a lot to go yet. And I and I just on the on the amount of stuff to conceive that goes through your head on a daily basis or when you're just piecing these things together and and catch a connecting the dots is just mind blowing. Are it's so if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page or China to the numbers up over there I'm Tom. If you download the show. From iTunes to us a favor and just rain forest because it helps push to show forward makes it easier for everybody to find and that's what it's all bow greatly appreciate the support. Shows being downloaded in the thousands tens of thousands of times each day and and that means everything to us. Also had over beyond reality radio dot com where you can download the free and I said free iPhone and android operate there which allows atlas of the show alive. Catch past shows you're able to join the chat can do it all on the go or you just click the listen live button right at the website find a station in your area. Or just quote yeah or pull him. Yeah and economic blues and the stations all across the country lost return thought their book and it was are you listen to Jason NG VM BI. Really you didn't hit. It's Wednesday on the West Coast there's East Coast bringing stuff in between wolf and beyond really you're you're so. Jason on Israel is awesome TV so I go two of probe. While any rampant local restaurant that has a trivia game. People may have seen its calls called bus time trivia a religious enjoy playing trivial and you got the little thing in your hand again via the united played here and had that buffalo wild going yeah yeah we have and it's just find it's kind of cool to see kick butt puddle that we can and we did that the whole place was. The blue Allen and all three harsh to fill those nine year old as a result and that other bracelets and modem that's America with that but it's just find it's gonna need to see which you know an easy game what you don't know but we're talking with a guy. Tonight who has written a book on what you should or should know. Doctor Charl a doctor to doctor knowledge Charles Wright bloom who wrote the book. All time book fascinating facts he's got the knowledge and a nut shell series. He it is at the website is knowledge and not shelled out comer to be bringing him in just demented but he is the guy you wanna go to a new one. Really interesting to actually you know the funny thing as these my mind blowing factually comes up with but I gotta feeling like it would be some simple little fact that he wouldn't know because he knows he's incredible acts of but it's gonna be like that will one that everybody knows that he didn't pick up. Like would those two things he had a dining room table they have holes and one has an answer exactly what is what is it if that's what he be that's what he won't get but he gets everything else it's it's just one of those amazing amazing scenarios yet and I don't think you'll be and he'd be insulted via denied he's Corey knows well he does say that that this type of book is the kind of book you want to in the little racket in the in the bathroom. It is ready to go. I direct Alan I'm gonna actually look up some. Some weird strange fax that I hope for god sake are true and I wanted to see if he goes dark. There. If digit the weird things you get when you're browsing the Internet images it's true you can find some very very strange stuff by the with the telephone numbers 8446877669. Thanks everybody who's in Chad it and during the show and I chatting amongst themselves a hole. A different conversation going on their of those duke. So from that whole thing that if memory that craziness that was like eight months ago all these clowns you know close and yet these town settings is creepy clown show in February and another sticking cloning issue. Now what. In Maine. Cops in Maine arrest a creepy clown and wielding a machete. Heard that so a guy a guy just a click the clown running room with a machete. Particular interest of congress to clone a person majority interest of little Max person must come down authorities and a town of Hollis Maine made or have their unique arrest I'm Tuesday. When they boss of the creepy clown wielding machetes. The incident began when residents spotted. This rather ominous looking individual a clown mask and holding a weapon. The creepy clown dashed off from the woods when he realized that his presence had that many that witness that witnessed ending there. However Maine state police who those guys are tough getting him I mean these guys are showing up to bear calls a new name. Com Maine didn't have an issue what Hilfiger finding where he had gone and I. His attempt to get away. And it didn't work out eventually caught the clown emerging from the forest and in your bite talent. Revealed them to be behind the mask was a man named Corey Perry. Who told one officer that is antics were merely a prank despite demands claims that his clone inspired stroll is all in good fun authorities. They get different charged him with criminal threatening. So OK so let me just understand them is if you lower if you were in Maine or anywhere in you were walking. Around knees holding machete is it legal to walk around holding a machete. I'm. I think it well I think it it depends if you're if you're in the woods in your holding machete and he or possibly starts. I don't think you analyze that demanded if from walking through a mall in machete while that dividing wall policy and a public places them at the mall policy I think and I'm walking down I guess a public street holding machetes it would be. It would be viewed differently. Then I think at that point it is sort of falls amid discretion I mean. Why would you be walking on the street holding machete by just on sterner talked about the law here and what you know what people can be your camp and management may indeed you're dealing with a lot of what is there is everything else on my share. I guess the point I was going to make here is that I don't think it's a legal anywhere to walk around I mean might be in some some. Places but in general is not illegal to walk around holding oh blade and why did you start of traffic off caucus and I am barrels a great general my point is. So therefore does being contingent having clown make up by and make that a different kind of crime I mean this gentleman was charged with a menacing criminal menacing or whatever was. Which means he appeared to be a threat was at the clown makeup that made him appear to be a threat was at the machete had made him appear to be a threat or was the commonwealth first up. I think definitely having machete no hammy issue a threat of and you throw Hong Kong clowns are not viewed the way they were. I don't know any time in my life have been viewed in a positive manner but. They just really over the last 2030 years if you're ever really ever heard any. Good things about. Clowns know I don't know I don't think they entertain like they used to. Stealing the things if I mean probably was one of the Dow falls I think that and I also think in 1978 when the movie Halloween came out wasn't the little Michael Myers wearing clown mask well you're initially asserted his murder Rampage him. These movements that sponsors and I'd like Citi and about a rap but I mean like like a voice idea if you got to pay a smile on your face you have an issue yet I think they've brought it upon themselves or let's do so let's take a break whom we come back we'll bring our guest in Charles Wright bloom doctor knowledge we're going to be talking about his book the all time book a. Fascinating facts it's beyond reality movie. We'll be right back yeah. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Our Jason and campaign. Are in the middle of a good one that we are going to be talking fascinating facts for their guest Charles Wright whom he's also known as doctor knowledge. Has done a lot of media appearances you may have heard of another radio shows rapid heaven here he also has. A number of books the most recent in the when we're talking about tonight is the all time book. A fascinating facts it's filled from cover to cover with the just very very interesting and strange. Facts things that you don't get taught in school that's for sure. And nature you turn you tune in tomorrow would your class McCants of the numbers lady with over twenty years of experience studying numerology. She's the author of ugliness has your number and it was phenomenal last time we talked to her shoes and me the phone and Rafa hoax and well it not not only with a with a ringing off the hook since who's doing a number readings for people but it was pretty uncanny which was coming up with yeah I agree I mean we don't often see that. Now because most of the time we're like he had it's just what are regarded that was uncanny stuff yet she was issues athlete. Pretty down on I gotta give it yeah there's no question about it let's start talking some interesting and fascinating facts with doctor knowledge I Charles again thanks for joining us and you know. Biased interpretation attributed I don't want to add one thing occurred during the break it to serve occurred the court got it just about the pledge of allegiance before yes. And I don't peppers I was scratching my breeder. And never had a report connect around. New provision. It was posted a decisive response to be temporary and the regional sports should be temporary. It was in 1892. Bit president of Benjamin Harrison. As as we should before heard about it by accident. So we just kept decisions out of relatively minor Agassi in this excuses you its companion. Written by many principle on which they up somebody's there editors and vice think it was a poor hundredth anniversary of Columbus. Coming to America. Which has 1492 it was 1892 so. The president Harrison decreed that this new. Delivered in schools just. To commemorate in October of the united to. About 400. Anniversary Columbus. So that's how it started at a which is supposed to be you know done. Then just for the 400 anniversary. But apparently schools selected so much has the kids like in a particularly good teachers and everything. That they kept it and it became. Gun you know every day for years and years and years and years. The sort of an open Missouri an accident. To begin to Whitman and it was always going to be a one time. Activity preschools and it became. A lord of the week so that's a whole story in the puts that was will want to do ability. The one thing and one thing as one of the touch base and you real quickly earlier when we're talking about Lincoln and I'm Booth in a minute wasn't there also I remember you had said something last time we talked didn't link conceive. Boosts brother at some point. Yeah Robert Lincoln that's a gravely concerned. Was in college at Harvard when a Republican was president and he was coming home or vacation. And of course that you traveled by train to regroup what did you course there's that is. They figured trade from Boston to Washington. And get a change trains in Newark, New Jersey. And he's waiting on the road platform Purdue's restrained and taken the Washington. Wrote religion and the platform through crowded there are a lot of people on the platform. If he was standing at the end to the platform either know or was pushed. Off the platform onto the tracks just as the train was coming. And a man saw what happened and read over and reached down and pulled rubber chicken off that tracks probably saved his life. The question whether Robert McCann could. But not consult back quickly gotten back up on the platform. Question also wouldn't trade would have stopped in time. So this man it was really given credit for perhaps saving Robert Mickens flight to an indication cigarette producers accident approached about that. The man who did that the man whose state Robert Blake and he was a statement Shakespearean actor of the day his name was Edward boot. And it would be at wouldn't whose brother John Wilkes Booth. Who would be the man who later would assess and roberts' father. It Republican. And that is very true story. Robert Lincoln and the reason we go to true story all the way to group Robert Pickett was so. Gratified. That would whose roots they've displayed the hero of the beautiful letter to Edmonton to thank him. And after it went whose brother John Wilkes group killed a Republican. Don't want to boot pro it was like a. But the successful remember that that apparently it was a big acting good reviews like the black sheep to the privilege of Wilkes group. He was not very successful. Any out. Equity group was so. Thrilled that he got this letter from Robert Lifton it is made in Cuba under on this sensitive brotherhood fueled. A Roberts or other president Lincoln. That he saved that letter and it's in the Smithsonian institution of days so we we know that happened. Anderson's the basic thing notable people who say Republican. It was John Wilkes and broker that the group didn't. The basic story. It is amazing what's let's learn about the curse of 27 you mentioned that earlier what's that about. Yeah that's there were it's just an amazing fact that there are. At least 44 popular musicians. Who have died at the age of 27. Times over the in more. Memorable ones papers want Jimi Hendrix died at age. 27. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison's. Amy Winehouse. All died at age twenty sevens what's called the curse of 27. In Amy Winehouse but we're which it was 24. I wrote a letter saying he feared. The Q would die it each 27 G it is all these other musicians had died but it's a 27. In insured up. Three years later it's 2721. House died not too many years ago that it would that such called the curse of 27. Notice the curse of 27 extend beyond just musicians. No doubt this is so it's just music bill we got the singer's London bureau. And then putters or more scrutiny in in in musicians. As irritated as somebody counted there 44. Has estimated you know that there were all Friday down to the because it wiggled that. Conservative aged twenty it's twenty Serbs that's called the curse of twenty so. 44. Died at the age 27 I never I never knew that's amazing to. Don't really use. Just another one of those coincidences maybe. Yeah I know there's there's a lot of them in when you start having so many coincidences he starts Pritchard had a wonderful coincidence is it all. They were well as its bigger government can Levy who do this when. One man. Was on the scene went creek US presidents were assassinated. We've we've had four presidential says there isn't one person was there were three of them. And it close and personal story about Robert Lichter. Courses Buddhist or other after Republican serenity to execute evident. In 1980 Warren Robert Lincoln had gone to the politics of hope this is sixty years after his father was assassinated. He didn't want to use in the cabinet the president change Garfield. Garko was sleeping on the train trip from the Washington or workstation and got sick but don't. And and and gave up two inch dot. President Mark Cuban man described as a disappointment office seeker targeted the problems that job and didn't get as these. The blame guard scoop for you got Garfield and Robert McKee we're standing about two feet away from Brookfield when gore fuel truck. And then incredibly twenty years after that in nineteen no one. But I'm Robert Lincoln and let politics and it becomes head of the home company which was a big deal on those days became very wealthy. And that was one of the top businessmen in the country and there was a business exposition in buffalo new York and president McKinley William McKinley. Invited Robert Lee can become the B exhibitions. It's going to be good care of commerce at that time. And just as Robert McCann walked in the exhibition hall where did this explosion was. There was a receiving line. And that's where we certainly were shot a man described as an anarchist had gotten in the receiving money got to root ball over. He hadn't yet as in any studio over. Didn't under the bandage and of course those positions have metal detectors or use your directive to date. This guy go to meet receiving line and chuck McKinley. And Robert McKee we're standing right there just as he walked in the exhibition loans saw that. So when that happened he was surplus of three presidential assassinations spread over all those years Mickey's sixty did they know what. Robert reconcile that he would never again and get anywhere near president. Which and our book I don't think any president would have invited. I think they went one and I'm far away from them yet he he muscled through it and it'll get himself as just like bad luck when it came down and arrogance. Yeah yeah and and he looked at another point fighters it and I don't ninety court six probably could you moved to Vermont. Gold a beautiful home which is still there by the way and it. Tom Cole Manchester Vermont which is a big shopping area. And his mansion is still it's open to the public. It is course correction appear. It is of their toll to 26 never went to Washington the rest of it was like never got anywhere near a president again. And it can't blame them. Yes. It estimates over a period of years it is amazing and we're talking with Charles Wright bloom doctor knowledge we don't have time to get into it right now but when we come back in the break I wanna hear about the 9/11. Fascinating sacks that that religious and I talk on 9/11 under a lot real interest in nearing that. Yes so. If you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like to FaceBook page if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just rated so helps push it forward greatly appreciate the support whether it. That's been being downloaded tens of thousands of times a day and we know that the show is only a success because all of you. And the support you've shown us and will always remember that so our serenity a quick break when we come back a lot more we're gonna start getting into some other strange coincidences and also this whole 9/11. He'll listen Jason did not. Weeks ago was in the long ago. She's in the numbers woman the numbers lady this is a numbers lady but wasn't there are some screw up with the numbers with her coming on. Yes it's a tough. Really giving you the numbers ladies featured future beyond video wizard on this right there there was that the because of the time difference between here in the West Coast there was some confusion but that confusion has definitely been cleared up so she was an hour late coming onto the show last times we had a very limited amount of time with her. And she was fascinating. She did a lot of listener calls ended readings for them and that was fascinating as well and we've been we're excited and and and privileged actually ever back on a show so quickly tomorrow night yet and she's she's just a blast acquit defendants actress from. I'm well how old. How Lola. Correct she is a lot of cuts it was so it was uncanny incident before absolutely uncanny and the fact and she she did your number she's mine numbers she did listener calls and it was just unbelievable I mean I was really impressed by that and we don't we don't say that very often incomes of the stuff. Now nominal. But we are talking with doctor knowledge tonight. And which we deathly we narrates a doctor knowledge thanks for hanging out with us today it's always a pleasure to talk with you and it's just you bring up such as such incredible stuff now I'd I didn't wanna get into this whole 9/11. There via a lot of things with 9/11. And we were sort touchdown got. Yes sure the course conditions first orbit first plane. To hit the world trade tower. On 9/11 was too late eleven where the late eleven. There were 92 people on the plane. I'm supposed to visit Lebanon. The second plane hit the Pentagon. The words deep category and have been exactly eleven letters by the way the first plane. He would in New York City it's eleven letters also to beat. The first plane going to crash during principally due credit your account COLT Shanksville. Counseling you're. The name shake spill as secure equity allotment letters in which they. The president at that times September 11 because when the prison at that time. Was George W. Bush is exactly eleven letters in George W. Bush. There's two towers of the world trade sitter standing side by side to two hours looked like the number you'd Loveman. And this is amazing. After September 11. There are exactly 111. Days left in the year. And put together a petition. That is bureau that Libya news weaker in 2001 was weaker true. The traders described it negativity number of days after September 11. 111. News ticker tour is somebody we have in our book open book test and it affects. About them. You know it's it's again we mentioned this when you're giving us some of the facts earlier. You know I appoint you say when to coincidences and and some kind of seat or other. Other unseen hand. Guide some of these things. You know article is is is over but that or the yeah but it is a basic unit that they're gonna target. Does this and it is absolutely fascinating and I just had to actually go through the work to actually uncover that stuff those are things you think of right away into resurfacing a few of them right users seeing a few of these things went wait a minute. Where else is the number eleven gonna show up. The strategy keep digging in the and they are boring and we have mortar book up. You know distrust but Margaret. Sure another another. Topic or category or whatever it is that you mentioned story I guess was that of Mary Celeste with someone about. In other words which is called the mystery of Mary sort of the cargo ship. The you worship. Indy eight and it accurately seen in seventy. Who. Headed a captain and crew fourteen and who's. Taking his bridge to Italy use is sailing out of New York due to a they used this cargo ship. And it never got to Italy. It was found. Just drifting along in the North Atlantic. A bunch of other ships some days after it detailed. There was no one aboard. Everything was fair. That is obviously it did not bitten in the accident there were no whether there were no weather problems and anybody do. The ship was just drifting along. The crew of fourteen in the captain were not appear. There was no case of somebody like pirates and dating to ship because everything which bear. All their valuables on the ship are still there nothing had been touched. And it wasn't a place. Where they're running out of crude remark that there were on your food everything was in order. There were no signs of any place during the any problem there was group law and order. Not it was straight on on on news chip. And the crew. Just wasn't there and this ship which is strictly along and nobody at this stage knows what happened it's called the the mystery of Mary Celeste which they cruise ship her socialist nobody did this state knows what happened to the crew. Or wiry. There at all disappeared from Japan trip was in particular where's the creativity. Malfunction or accident was this particular along without anybody on that and associate nobody Tuesday knows what happened. And there are no signs of a foul play airing and. Note. No nothing there was no not at Troy really was in place all the valuables there were stolen and under on the ship. This is one of the great mr. reasonable time. So we're. And when did when did that ship sail and what was the route eight. That is very cold 1872. Was. Smoke event a salute to reality T 72. Showing from new York and Italy. So it didn't go as the Bermuda Triangle or anything like that I mean that's all goes well it was in the North Atlantic that it was shrouded in North Atlantic if there was a time of the year renew. There were no. Reports of weather and an indication recruit to restore damaged ship so. It was dictate some. You know. Whether it being entity part of the problem. And none of those crew to number has been no none of those crew members materialize wherever count while. Ever thrown in the fourteen crew members and the captain. To keep people in the system where and other stories you might sting you know we sit one of the most embarrassing moment supported us. Yeah it happens it appears we need to hear this one definitely. It and in many more I don't Elizabeth drug. It because it was within the United States has released and 1970s. That Gerald Ford was president at the time. And they had to know efforts state dinner for queen it was good that the way to choose the United States. They're just elaborate dinner at the White House and all of during dinner. Big US marine band was playing you know that's the crucial it and the president. There are planned Irish music hero during tutor children after dinner president Ford just talk but walks over to quit it was a bit. And ask cheaper for the first dance which was appropriate the president in the queen. A circle walk on the tickets cork. In the US marine band played the next song which just happened to be undernourished and they their music stand they just you know turn the page to the next song. Of all the songs in the world. That next song on their music stands as the president Lyndon. The queen gave on deplored president ordered quickness he wanted it is sort of all the songs. There was an actual on her music and it was but lady is that tracks the Clinton and all we we say that sort of most of there's a moment to ever happen. And apparently quit it was a record could very well we you know we did not go to war with England over the. We've gone to war over us we've gone to war overlap. But the story here I and I wrote that story. There are syndicated newspaper called back in the 1990s. And I eight. Kohler we were arrested did over the front of monitors and in this guided grownup bidding would use would be stitched up but I was told a story pieces. I don't think that's true he should. Because the queen doesn't dance with commoners I don't think she would dance with the precedent for. So I thought he did I economic state that I am wrong experts. So it's just so happened that my wife worked with me. The election public relations and work with the woman. Who. Which very active in politics and have been very good with the porch Stan. Technical issues related dozens of ways to one of the bush used to abortions and the guys I thought she'll wonder and president for still living through this. 1990s. So I sit in my life is good again as scourge by any chance you go to prison for phone number. We found out he was moving at all preach California doctors retirement. Tony how are you see did indeed have a number and I called and the guy into the phone it was the present and yet appeals secretary. And I should ever later I just wanted to check execute the story is true acted. A personal did the president think queen dance and the debate and clearly is a tribute to all technically back in church opened about twenty minutes she called back not present for go to. No Cirque trickle back city check with president ordered just that did indeed happen. So that is for sure to restore it in. They put deleted his trip patterns the queen the couple are on the. Now I don't know if this is a manufacturer of Saturday Night Live in Chevy Chase but it seems kind of appropriate if there's an embarrassing moment in the White House the president Ford would have been the one to experience it. Well you know as a lot of things about. President Ford did our interest in our neighbors a great athlete. Undoubtedly the best that we could ever be their president because he was on screen national championship teams. You put to the University of Michigan as a senator under teams nearly 9030s. And they won two national championships when humans. A starter they're. Viewers. Asked to try out pursued in a built teams and graduated. Course you're Disco wasn't as big deal of those days it is now he wanted to go to law school so he never did public group football. But you know he was very awkward grew out of funny stories about him. Bumping into treason. And so on but he was. Agreed that we need a decision. It's the best athlete whoever has been present. Because Detroit big time purple. With two national championship team. That is that is kind of ironic and interesting at the same time. What some international something must be some foreign stuff that that you got a chuckle out as you as you just governor learned it. Everything come to mind. Understood and tried to think. Achieve it solutions form. That is where we have to live our. Quizzes is in the book bit people probably ought to take on troops are you to struggle as he took the questions like there are. Eight countries in the world stage start with the letter and they're all very won't own country's. Ovary. They've missed countries are reputed news these countries Tucker countries. Interview game all eight countries whose page story about it. So we read up on things like that. And internationally. Which the coast of Mexico here from our. From Europe. Mean all all I got is in Indonesia on Germany Italy India Italy it's you don't want your generic it's. Oprah what speech so they're we have it's going to a heroine don't usually. But they've done in the movies go to freedom and you got you ran racked Israel Israel. So that's sick she got India. Seven and you can probably the toughest ones those Indonesian. That CA. Funny funny though the first three I'd been to and I think it could also that in Italy Ireland tonight I don't really. I've been abandoned at. Doesn't happen. And often happens. We have what storybook. Conducted a series how good a person be born in both Florida and Missouri. That stitcher produced horror part yeah he boarded the programs were but a very famous person was born in Florida in misery. Mark Sweeney in the papers or greater. It was in total amount in northeast misery COLT Florida yeah. Our point was born and so he's an alternate slate used to go around told people I was bored of Florida. And I was born in Missouri and he was warned that the in the out of Florida in losers. So you have such stories as well. Notes to those we can decode here. Approach toward what drove up ordered at orders orders. But about there here's one for the Titanic. Yeah the statements. Ship disaster both time. It's an ailment snake in 9012. There was a man named Morgan Robertson who had written a book fourteen years before that. It 1898. The name of the book was just heighten. It was about a ship called to tighten. Which was on its maiden voyage from England to the United States. It was supposedly unsinkable. It everyday and it hit an iceberg. As it was sailing from England to the United States it's saying. Many people were killed. And everything that happened in the real tight Kennedy in 1912. Happened in the restrictions story to discuss route in the 1898. Were rumors that he wrote the book fourteen years before. That and even the name which goes recorders ship the tighten. The course it was a tight community. The sales fourteen years later tip the iceberg today. There were so many similarities. And it's just amazing that this man. Written that's fourteen years before the actual thing happened just amazing. You re absolutely amazing in Europe and it well. Anders mortar that in the early nineteen hundreds. He wrote me a book called be on the spectrum. It was about a decision on ninety you know two very keynote treats he was about any war. Coming in the 1940s. When Japan. Would bomb part of the United States. And the actual thing happened. Of course with Japan and bombing Horry which brought us in the World War II. So he would predicted. Uncannily two things that really happened just a testament. And the to know more about his work concedes he's you know she's got some prophetic abilities there that he wasn't where it's I don't and you. Among them reporters are around anymore yeah he directives to books and. It checked Charles were running out of time here and again that you know when we have you on and always goes so fast tell people again where they can get more information about your work your book the website Sauna Roland stuff. Click will be happy to especially used to go to our web site it's nobody can and not show what were fortunate not chilled dot com early put another way. Well what keeps adding urgency WWW. Norton and until dot com. Or so ago there you'll see the book and you can read about it and its orders can do there it is 1990. Which are definitely. There's also discounts if you wanna get some extra copies of some people use this is Europe's good bye to retreated. You different there and we are there were tornado go to college and inertial dot com or you call 1800 nacho. Weakened to a quarter of the book that was the properties two seasons ago but know each unit nacho. Darko. Great again thanks so much for being on this Charles doctor knowledge it's knowledge in a nutshell dot com the book is the all time book. A fascinating facts the Ford having me back on again. Our thanks so much position and javy great bit with your. Okay we're gonna take a break we'll wrap things up when we come back beyond reality really GCC. Thanks please join us comes back to talk about numbers your numbers for her books when ascension number and loved by the numbers all that stuff. Will be discussed and tomorrow night's show look toward that and try to add of course is days Friday night of course is a a best of program in a minute ago. Yes summation head over to beyond reality radio dot com and it downloads free iPhone and android app. And and catch a show on the catch a show life find a son and you decrease stations that we err on across the country listened Jason JV you can chill tomorrow have a great man. Media is to discuss its include opens it's season Johnson's economy. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page and give us a line and say hello there it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you'd like to be. Gaston beyond reality radio and email to sleep getting. That's slick Eddie EDT wind and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.