WWL>Topics>>The information your "numbers" can tell you abut yourself, your life, your love-life, and so much more.

The information your "numbers" can tell you abut yourself, your life, your love-life, and so much more.

Jul 28, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson join numerologist Glynis McCants a/k/a "The Numbers Lady" to talk about numerology. Glynis explains the system and why it is so accurate in giving us insight into our lives. Glynis take calls and does readings for people during the show. 7/28/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. I don't lowest close friend and East Coast many years and between welcome to be on reality radio with myself and Jason pause in the hallways are some. Agee region so my head is still reeling from last night's discussion with doctor knowledge and just you know those that weird facts in the way Israel into that whole time during and I'm trying to figure out what's going on my mind I was like oh my it's all spin around the I know you have some stroke has trouble over there were the Mike but we got to resolve that it broke good for tonight on. And a great show tonight to an excited for England as I can spec she is the numbers lady we have Enron. She's it was no longer a couple weeks ago an open we better only because there was a time there was some as about a month and a half ago was that Longoria and and in the phones ring off the hook people were calling in for readings we're gonna do that again later in the program the numbers lately she was hourly yes something in the Kristen work. There's Arizona she's just Korea and those kind of a mistake on slick he's there are times when you do the math depending on time zones sometimes they get it wrong but butter that is yes. Well and and that's a fact I mean even when I was on the show doing and do I want to show when I was on the road doing ghost hunters. You know how was it to half the time I didn't I was in so many states so often that I didn't even know where it was have to command us to roll over and look at the phone. See the number honestly knew what area code or what wall would times when I was them. Do you remember before we had these devices that would audit that automatically up. You know update to the current times on yet to actually do the math and a changer watch and do manual yeah. Ever yeah. Puzzling for a lot of meetings hill story or stuffed mouse that automatically change zones and call screen for that but yeah we do we got a great show we're going to be talking with glistening Cannes tonight. Known as the numbers eighty. And asking me last shoes on she told listeners really touching stuff she was. It's again we have a lot of people on that do readings and do things and and we certainly respect the mall but she was really. And tiny pistons and at all while most. For but either way she scurry to each there own but she really really impressed us both and and shoot just the fact that she uses basically your name. And your date of birth and from that has Boone creek church translates everything in numbers and comes up with. Your life number and your you know your this is new met numerology blueprint and it's pretty amazing what what she can tell you about yourself. And in what your life is is like are going to be like based on those numbers. Give you advice our tails and number just so you know if you wanna call and for tonight's show. It's 8446877669. And that's all freed 8446877669. I'm she having yet may she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only the FaceBook page. And then had to be unrelated radio dot com we can download free iPhone and android operate there. You can listen the shall live free from the website as well that the iPhone and android apple are you to listen shall live catch past episodes and also joining online chat. If you click the listen library on the website you can listen the show right from the website. And or just click on the gestation analyst and find many of the priciest wearing a cross country. Yeah and don't forget tomorrow night will be a best stuff program. As it is every Friday night the Monday. I JC Knight will join us jays united has always been interested in healing and her latest venture. It's called the blue room BLU Rome and it's a new treatment combining relaxation technology music in narrowband UVB light. Therapy you know we gonna do it Tuesday Tuesday is there one year anniversary with Entercom can you believe that a year ago on Tuesday we started a national syndication. Yes and I or so before Westwood One yeah yeah it was just just a house and Entercom kicked off and I think it was on on our total of 48. Tennis there are twelve other stations started off (%expletive) yeah Sorrell there. So we got to do something interest and likely a CF may be funky you come on Terry Terry butts. Yeah well you know we've gone from Harry and while I don't control. National just get a list of them yet you know what they should call up and you offer some comments and then known kind of a retrospect on our years of work to that are come. I think it bakers would agree on one year as of Tuesday they said Trevor the numbers leant and she can a lot of times give advice future advice. You and I should should ask her about possibly a new business match. Okay get an idea from Warner just might do this this place is going up for sale on I think it's rate talent on our Alley. Perry. Some important that I feel when it's just okay go dead and Nevada's famous and creepy. Clown motel who is up for sale that does not sound like anything you'd wanna be near normal night I was sycamore froehlich fire off to a bowl tilts at. Get all the wood away. Well yes the clone motel that has become pretty famous is up for sale. No special reason behind it there's a lot of claims the place is haunted and and so forth the owner Bob per chatty open the motel 22 years ago. After retiring from a job in the torsion and just industry. And it's of course I'm sure you've all seen an online it's just. I mean it's clown tell me really don't have to say much more no there's nothing more than needs to be said creepy is is that the middle name I'm sure yes and he's looking for like 900 K. 900 tech news which assertive and basically keep all the clowns and there. The biggest. I think it would be worth 900 K to get a building full clowns and burn it now is it like a clown car where he opened the door and they just keep coming out like there's way more sheet is in the room and should be. I've seen pictures of a slowing and the inside and there's a lot of Cologne stuff of novels size clones little clones it's. Because he's a politician he really does it after that you're gonna have to go to the century's sake get your quarter to put me in their for one night it has to be in psychiatric ward of the closure that so many people would get if they bought it hinges bulldozed it who earned it and I mean that's a big that's gonna Marcos of the business here is we buy it in the and we we sell you know take it just has become fire some people who come with a sledgehammer and take a chunk out of no big mixed sledgehammer and also a sweater and a marshmallow Slaton and each because there are some marshmallows and would have like a four day berm around Nevada MO I'm in the student. So they go the clown motels that for sales if you got 900 grand you'd like to spend. Wolf that they don't if you are nine and agree anyone has been I wanna talk to you. That area. So are sort of take quick break and let's get glamorous on the phone. You listen to Jason javy and beyond really revealed. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. That dates from October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place in this. A great event if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all there and organ meaning out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary economy and all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com desk Eric Kahn. It today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code G our armed with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare Khan and. I'll let every morning along we are gonna bring new excitement with a token received 44687. 7669. You're gonna wanna get in line and if you're already on hold even have to be patient we're gonna take calls in just a little bit with our guest tonight. Yes so are so our guests tonight the spring and invigorate people in this McCants are returning guest and we had such a wonderful time the first time she was on we had ever Barack. Welcome to showbiz on deck welcome to the program great to have you back on tonight. Okay great feedback guys thank you were cracking me up about the cloud account. He's a horse and I didn't. It is just that I could undermine us and can't stand around leaders say you make you reluctant he cannot stand and watch it here that. Clown at that one that's how hotel but yeah that's automatic now circus circus big decision has blown me that I'm strict set out Everett damage usually get very upset. Uggla site I can beat that I was literally thrown out of a circus for threatening bodily violence to a clock. This is not this is no joke in my four Weis had to sit there with a with a mind my daughters are now in their twenties but. Is it when they were little my wife had to stay in there with with the kids and I had the lead because this clown would not leave me alone and I asked him numerous times and kept on coming in. And finally I just I told them you know I'm a man causes serious pain here. In the end I can't. I mean anybody else smile on their face as an issuers. And it's prepaid. Earlier this I have to ask you ministers because we have this conversation last night and clowns come up last that are dealt formal with a machete and yet that's written should. What happened to clowns wonder why are they becoming and maybe it's just us but it just seems they would they went from a fund source of entertainment to this. Creepy he who were I temptation. What was it it was keeping to hang back Lucy show remember that Dallas Clark on another brain it to Derek Jeter. There was in Casey also that. Crazy days to paint themselves so when value that I am Scioscia. Yes so it's become a more opposite people just let it be if it is my day at giants with fish market. Once we sound that a lot of people diplomacy anymore no longer on top of that locker. I don't idols from solar is just because I guess that penetration I see the things that pull out of I would not ship I would announce a missile with Sarah. So let's agree put out an act we're not here to talk about clowns actually. What we can we could all night if they if you know little. Let's talk about you when it's you're known as the First Lady you are celebrity new neurologist among other things you've got a couple books out love by the numbers latest measure number. How did you get started I know we've heard this story before but we've got new station since you came on Telus restore. Beautiful okay so what happened for May have put on nineteen years old mine was broke and I in the morning to run for two years it was my first last. I went to see a neurologist. Cool people a different tactic because when you do numbers it does some very hectic you know because you're looking at energy of people. But she explained it was not him this morning it was his mother and sister. Because they were extremely compatible to meet in morality as his that you would give him credit that when you were in the house. You felt so happy you know so complete. But it wasn't him that we stamps and what was interest in attack meaning complete pain for two years mourning a lot of the guy it just makes sense to me it clicked. And so after that I've picked up one book. Under morality and just learn the basic I didn't finish the district one to nine those basic members and Roger and I can read anybody like it was just sell. Immediate I realized it was a call. So your connection to them is what fueled your relationship with with that mag guy. Number yup that was Mike random because. You know anyone who knows about love especially for a slippery we appealed to deeply it's too dramatic. And I swear to god it looked like a click it just made sense like that pain was gone. So it can meet a packet teach people to do something in their life that could get rid of the pain if they pick it up get a job they really want it and end a relationship that. It was toxic to them step out like the right like purpose for me. Well and I understand especially when your senator release first love iron and I remember being twelve years old and you you break up with your girlfriend and you think life is over. And such it's such a strange and then when you're 1617. To break W girlfriend like goes hon but it's yeah it's it's that initial it's it's that first learning process. Yeah up. Yes so what I tell people between the ears and have literally got to the 25000 reading this is something I do all the time. 24 sevenths and what happened much that cavity and patterns in the numbers that weren't even in any other book it's. And that's when I wrote limit passion number. That's what motivated me to do that and that book has sold like 500000 copies that Paula that the place in its entirety in other countries. Well what it did was help people apply. Number so life and I needed that quickly where did this come from that have actress so people know that name from geometry that pat Beck and they're around. People hear that panicked a lot of people hate math but this was something he believe that everything in the universe has vibration. And it's it's true about building to convey to really attack I'd like to hear you Matt Walken plays I gotta get out of here that's vibrations but also of people. When you meet them and have an instant attraction a connection and really enjoy them. Chances are they are compatible to Europe neurology. But you can lease amount and no matter what you say they misinterpret you and you luckily you feel trained. And that there's a good chance of the toxic numbered Leo so when you learn best you can handle your life better. You can't people law rocked your world they can't take this on other Skype for you. You have a great data you understand what's really happening. So you'd be able to it than seasonally take care of somebody was in a relationship with someone you can take that person's number and their spouses numbers and see if they are compatible. If they do it'll work together. Absolutely like people communicate by a member actually look I am about to propose what you bank. That the numbers aren't that I believe it out in Pelham what I see that. Is the downside advocates like well that's absolutely true he may not want to do it in output is about. Long term I think in life we have to deal with people in business what that we want to or not who basically toxic. But terrible life partner especially come home to you want that to be easier. And that's per common. And going in you're really in you're able to do this really quickly to you're able to take these numbers break them down an emblem Kamal what's her answers and and I think that was phenomenal last time we had you on to the phones to overstep grain and you're just bang out information for each caller left and right news in. In apple I am I've. Interpret that sat on that fact for members lady because if you throw the numbers back up anybody got here. Like I am certain that for the patterns and something that I can get them especially if you radio or television and you now act goes to bat he don't have all the time. You gotta cut to add that I've become very good attack. Yet and we're going to be taking a lot of calls leader and just before we start accepting those calls rarity of full phone line so it's your turn colleague and have to keep but keep trying to get through but. You just have a pretty quick question we say hello XY zero on the air and you say what you name universe that rate that's what this that's so that's. Is it when I do radio it's like we have your first name and pulled it particulars and not. To give you some insight absolutely yeah knowing this is a link to your question. Some might compliment say maybe detect a wedding day in that you can pick a wedding date that's toxic Q I can literally look at it taped a good day to actually say I do. And I find those who get Attica that toxic that's not a good beginning. So that's the other thing the numbers are in the days like today has energy finally having you know it happens on this month has been that you've felt it. The decrease. This month I honestly I've I've spent two months feeling like a minute fog and I don't know why. That's right and I'll tell you why because each state each state has three numbers and it's. The month and it reduced to one bit that the actual dates and the old date which is one ticket won those numbers conflict with each other. It makes things not runs mostly it just makes it much harder and we've been through that this month. And I employ a question at all over the place locked the breakdown in communication were seventeen Matt on the world stage right. People can't things they're going to regret later. Terra we only about a minute before we have to go to break here but it's it's again you mentioned that the numbers breakdown multi multi digit numbers break down to single digit numbers how does that work. Yes well like example. Today's date is set the whole big guys. Seven and 12917. And now it is this it is between nine none of Rhode Island it's between ninth. While it's really aren't that aren't so there's one yeah I'm I'm good at the lockdown we'll get along clock it sells you something different you know our. I thought let's let's go what were you should go if you sent up to a cabinet at 729 2017. Steve Brady got the month of gains seven plus two plus sign when you reduce that one digit. It could not okay the actual date 2% 111 putt one it's too that's the second every pick up old they. It becomes one. OK so when I take these states I'm just added a certain crowd to reduce it to one digit that's what I do. And I actually got good energy guys that my dad. It may ninth 2017 not a bad day. I guess you could. So windy tomorrow that we need to do a show tomorrow images they are so we're gonna take a quick break and a lot more to come Gillis an adjacent into the. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The worst way to harness. Cancer talking about numerology we're going to be taking some phone calls itself beyond reality radio Jason and javy Gladys this is always it's a treat to have you on. And Dell last time we do its concerns through some snafus and communication we only had John for an hour we've got you for two hours tonight. And we take your calls and having a lot of great conversation right. Read our X yes it added a sense it is the twentieth which reflect on how to protect. Yeah. Okay guessing you guys know what is in store for tomorrow if you kept the month that day and it's reduced it to one digit seventh estimate nine plus it is seventeen. So one point 78. About the first member in that date to the 28 is the second member to policy is 101 policy or as one. So that means that the H one. But at the pin number so far and you take a full date. Look 2017. Two plus 1% and has 101 just one he added to these other numbers eight plus one plus one is 101 person or one. So I'll hold date when you do this it is an eight attitude. It's a one day and it adds that cannot what does that mean. One it's competitive and so that means a what are you guys going to Marta David a what curable I didn't think about it getting elect tomorrow. Bomb. And I don't arm returned to give drama to this sort of to survive or just to competent agency lives but you can't. You may find the kid's book may be competitive as it turns and choose when you look at the what you just now that. People wanna be ready to take it may be more fights you're gonna act that you don't always remember hey take addicting I'm not gonna during men to avoid the conflict. But it is about money so pay attention to anything to do with finances. And the whole energy output to nine. So I look at that if I give advice as some like I have a lot of putts that duke big business that would be a great day for business. Like if you weren't best you know you have to pitch that's a good date back. I have a band gig to immunity fighting with the audience and her. That was an immediate scenario all the other side doesn't sound of your gigs without a doubt of that now I know what's happened. But I'll take it cut its. It's still still a good because you know the whole dated nine night his creativity. There are certain number at that point to like performance. So I can benefit that thing again but just remember some time. It or don't you're not gonna play you don't have to look at night ultimately means the creativity part of this in. Known anymore it's good to know all right let's let's let's try to pepper and some of these phone calls throughout the conversations that we can free Caroline's up. And that's right now go to Ross in Norman on Ross left us OK let's go to. Suzanne in Missouri's is and welcome to be on reality radio. They want on the show here on with Clinton's. Trouble. Hi when you're able to learn at Princeton. I think you're told that upper upper. That's martz aching. 1967. OK and that is that it is and the busy or apps. And being. Isn't Seagram's is. OK so give a specific question I guess I know you're numbers. Come on yet extremist my numbers like get to and that question and it would be. Is there anybody. Geeky like. A guy in my teacher whose recollection I got free ticket relation. And so that's okay so you're gonna say about you first of all you know it's funny your members we were just kind of talk much energy like that nine victory the eight. That freed the communicators and that's a big part of your sense that you murky you're the one who looks collapse if it's not having your try to find a way to make a little bit lighter. But behind it also can urinate. And that means your top and you will speak your mind so I feel sorry for those not in agreement with you can you likeable here than. Yeah right okay go up and down doesn't it the product and actual. Rex has got a ticket special energy to be able to handle that's definitely and that I needed strong enough for you correct. Exactly where we're trying to plan right now will need right know here's what I hate. Only top Democrat its first phone numbers pretty dot com Kelly you have a look at pure life path attitudes so you can start paying attention that the numbers but here's an avid radio. 2468. I numbers that you appreciate literally the funeral for six and eight are all compatible to your life path. Could you don't wanna pick someone who is toxic to. And also this year you're gonna personally care for four is relationships cycle so this is a good year free to negate. Won't death you know if you're in front of this year it could happen for you but you've got to be proactive. They're active regret it sounds that you can't just sit back and wants somebody attacked it happened. Sounds like good news is Ansa thanks for the call we appreciate it and I'd simply amazes me Glenn is how quickly you you do that math and get those numbers out there. Yeah well honestly this has been my whole life and this is what I've gotten my whole career so what I again what I see her. I can see what their numbers are inadequate that question which he talked about relationships. It's not uncommon Beatrice when you're forging you know I really want a partner. That's and that's what you wanna you know. Maria right okay. They go to this is Georgia and Florida Georgia welcome to beyond reality radio. Thank you. Thank you are so I think beyond that we've run. Hi date of birth told congress in January 30 1960. 1964. Q okay and what is your question. Just that it may be run through the general loaning blunders. And probably in the a lot of them I know. At first I have a carrier this this year must not feel terrific for you because it's a personal tackles five and five moves very quickly. You may feel like it's a little out of control does that picture heal up I want to gather all the food. Gap because of not compatible TO ultimately what you are as the pew Internet and very sensitive that number five is a huge challenge to you because. If it means that when you care about some on and they misinterpret what you say it's like attack your stomach can take it to heart. And the personally your five plus super cholesterol. So I didn't even if you want things to run smoothly it probably not run as smoothly as it. No I'm not as soon as it could. No and you're taking things personally it definitely is psyched out. What what do we do one more in that cycle on a link you're supposed to travel. He spoke to get out your regular environment and goes somewhere else if you could pick it up at the smartest thing you do it. Ultimatum I don't care taking situation right now. Regular not only the little blue. Wrangling in him. I think doing our best we can take your chickens coming takeover protester weekend for you. Well I am I'm telling you gotta go to look into it. I want you to look into it can't tell you why when you're in a cycle I think you get out of your regular I have that you concede things more clearly and its accounting and you need. Has right now that you are trying to. And you are feeling trapped no question. Couldn't duplicate a major move like. Islands are not the air support the inherent in the hunt I've you don't. You'd never wanna move and sickle flag next year candidate Jack January you're going to a personal here six and that's a perfect time to vote. Not that cater I can't think you want him I'd sure appreciate yes. So glass on what sort of things it would. Would it just the year when you say it's it's Sarah Goodyear move it's a bad year in my yeah well what it entails that I mean what sort of. Apparently he number has the message so like every tackle or end for example is that they've been talking. Okay you'll art personally your form right now and what that means is the port is very solid but. They're more. Confronted than usual yeah. It would be harder for you tactic by yourself you don't like saying yes or no is a complete sentence. It's very directives and the but are also look at their home. Finance has that's what they're exposed to look at and whatever they don't now and that's cycle that we pick the classic you pick up a book anything that kick it to the next level. So so that's what I mean each year has a message still went summit that we at a per player but hey Campbell a Mike in and out you don't wanna open as a you can attic it's decreasing. Eric runs were take more phone calls after the break it's beyond reality ready by the way the numbers 8446877669. We've got a lot of calls if you're on hold just be patient. If you're getting a busy signal just keep trying the line to free up as as we can now get them on the air. Absolutely so Gibson call you listen Jason TV. Beyond our great tasting and a champion let everybody along we're gonna be bringing our guests minus McCants back in just a moment she's the numbers lady. Also celebrity numerology is website is Glenn attention number dot com or numbers lady dot com. Couple books to Gladys discredit loved by the numbers and when attention ever to be talking about all that in just a minute object want to bring up some is kind of cool. Yes puzzle. Discriminate in a research you know how you go to the doctor these days specially. In art I'm over forty you know just so you know ask different questions when you get to that point you know life and one of the things were talking low blood pressure. And he brought up this this thing about nitrous oxide. And I never really heard of any of this before but apparently this compound nitrous oxide. On it is actually really really important for heart health and a whole list of things including. Improving your sleep quality increasing you're is recognition of senses like the sense of smell. Increasing endurance and strength memory and the immune system metric oxide is like when these miracle compounds sex drive and everything ya ya sex drives it is an important one and there's a actually new product out it's called heart factors plus. And it's a new all natural formula that helps naturally boost. The Niger to oxides. Levels in your blood which helps it maintain healthy blood pressure. And it also has that added side effect for men anyway boost libido and and and performance safely and naturally. It is a fact that both your blood pressure and social. Armas Arlington better blood flow and circulation send this endless clinical studies have provoked and you know how others you know people like if they actually have her condition they take nitroglycerin titles in as one of the exits like lifesaver for those folks well the reason that works is because of releases this nitric oxide in your blood. And it helps dilate and regulate your arteries in your in your veins and that's is so crucial. For healthy blood pressure so hard sectors plus is now available for people to try risk free and it does that for you it boosts nitric oxide levels and for limited China can get a free bottle with you order. On that would a bit of that'll help you a faster than ever thought possible. Your money back no questions asked if you're unsatisfied here call 805436619. Again that's 805436619. And also if you mention beyond reality radio. You'll receive a free bottled the brand new co Q ten and fish oil formula we all know. How fish oil and Cokie tenor important to healthy heart termed as well. And so I ticked efficient official things are today. So again call 1805436619805436619. Puts a number. 805436619. You do that to me all the times I know he threw that out there aren't limited to that tees. Let's bring Glenn is back in Venice thanks of rolling onto the break there we've got to a lot of time with you but it goes so fast that debt. A look at the clock thinking while worry almost halfway through this discussion. Yes I'm not wanted to share some they would hear that I think is interesting. Regarding JC you know he'd get 444 remember it was but clocked. But he he did this new album and it went platinum in a week and I wanna pay that is numerology. That the Iraqi app playwright there. That he would have access and here's why. He and beyoncé MG member of the. Implements elevator incident where he beat him up which hit by the way my favorite thing up membership of us. I want to that would have I'm bored I go back to the elevators this year beat up. But the point is any of morality they meaning beyond thinking they were born on the fourth day and the book of five wife pat. When you're born the same day and your life at the same it's like looking in the mirror and I also need to have an understanding with the cabinet that's unusual so let's say that. Yeah he was never gonna do better than her but clearly keep it cheap too right doesn't that seem clear at this point you. Yes so it is basic. Well he said he woke up at 4:44. In the morning and it inspired to write that song. Where he comes clean about it says people do it and it was look at that will be looked at as the eyes of his child. This little girl what they call her blue politely whatever it is the point is if you had to when he looked at her he runs. What he'd it was still wrong EE EU was gonna destroy it life. And so he told her. And as a result the number afford a percentage of the trip. I guess you willing to just say this is my trip and you cut for energy that will. Opening elect round and that contract wouldn't get so what I'd look at time is deep thinker Polly Rhonda you guys ever see 1111. Yahoo! or time stills how he's wanted to. When you see 1111 battle to please the universe is open to whatever it is you want to sell you can duplicate that meant it. What ever done it might take a look like at the house that want to bet me in my life to factory batterer at that my kid gets that beat. You know better grades whatever it is you're thinking he'd spend a minute focusing on. Because that energy talking to you for a reason itself on not in common precious seat numbers on a clock that our our birthday happy everything your breath members pop up. Mean that's during past. Yeah it's on when that happens it's a message here about yourself it's they are you lunch acted. Are you doing what you want your life so that's covered in my book like an attention ever covers we numbers Polly your route. I have to do you drink out here I have dinner if you just for second here because we've got just about foreign minister for break any sooner you introduce this segment by talking about the number four. And I just wanna show you how synchronous synchronous stick this is. I actually have line number four lit up ready to go before I can't. In this current practices Bobby trap that this is Bobby from Massachusetts Bobby welcome to be on reality radio. Hi indoor and buy into an honest. Among mayors lobby in my dated Burton doubles and a little bit thirtieth 1948. 1948. To. Six I think a cake so. Bobby give a specific question I just wanted to play Amber's. Won't just talk about seven winning nine how. Fifty years ago alone Senator McCain and I nearly got killed in Vietnam looks so Good Morning America he is ago trinity. And I'm I'm retired that according night actually and China has ordered not opened to critical illiterate to run like a. Well let me ask you something what year was that haven't I mean I'm like what you're taking 67. 1960s happened to him and so am I I when he record aircraft carrier for a petroleum could kill it. I I believe that's so here's an idea guys when someone gets beat date I can be bad that happened or they wanna know what's coming up Cabot thanks. In his case that's being in the brought if you heard me earlier I said to that woman it's humid and pretty clear private visit to light up from the turn in the five. Are really toxic to each other remembered that that. Okay what that Danny was at 25 day. So that was a horrific day and let them share knowledge if you go to what you went and the John McCain connection as well. I was very dramatic and devastating and yet I can assure you like 9/11 2001. When you break that down that's also a 25 day. So a lot of times when bad stuff goes down and you might check it out breakdown on numbers and see the two in the fiber and there. That's for you Bobby you're an apology you've got a three night neither creole soul you know that's someone who. About a mile oval kicking it things beyond your years correct. Ernie Ernie Wright yet you always beyond your years you know it was like a responsible energy. And the bought on a three day. What ever experienced you go through it is your job to care what happens if you ever end up doing anything about it just get right up what do you do get spread your story. Well you know I I'd say listen I. And I know right I worked tire problems like I have three tantrums and has very good to my MI you know mother Brenda good to make him you know that Lugar. And while my legs like. Here's the thing pretty benign always still responsible for the original gambling. It's like Yunel that is your caps take every parent's. You can be read in a big family and it's really the nightlife palpable stepped up which is what you are Bobby and so he's safe bill I have more time. The answer is yes and these numbers don't point to being a victim but you gotta I'm way to celebrate your life because the five attitude which you have instituted sports you do get restless. I Bobby thanks that I go much for the call we appreciate you for your service yes absolutely. We are talking yes we're talking with the latest McCants the telephone number is 8446877669. Again it was a he's 446877669. If you've been on hold please remain there we will get to your calls if you get busy signal when you called keep trying lines to open up as we move through the program. And if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real mission elect a FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com. We can click the station illustrate their find all the great stations we are across the country. Or download the free iPhone and android operate there which allows you to listen to the show live catch past shows join me online chat. Ridiculous or from the website just click the listen lies tab mental connection can download the show from iTunes do us a favor unrated we appreciated and it's been downloaded and tens of thousands times day and we greatly appreciate the support. British take a quick break more to come to listen Jason. Indeed even beyond really grew back after this. Okay game to date is approaching any time you can make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates from October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is. Agree it's best if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly. The best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better. Way to spend the weekend in October it's scary con and all the information can be found on the web site it's scary time dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies the. Our car it's beyond reality radio and scary time. It's Thursday and rescuers try to and the East Coast when you start between welcome to be on really you redo myself. Jason Allison sometimes. And are you sure because he knew about an hour though you regain the future human life you'll let John teeter and you were doing the John tutors him and I'm back now look he came back now yeah affect our our time. Is it obvious that on the word of a player you normally get that one clock and that I and I know that thing's been off by a day for. A year now but this clock over here and I didn't look at naslund and from actually this is one of the south coast and up. Well we're talking with the via the numbers lady Glenn asthma cancer and bring her back in just a moment. But we've got full phone line so if you're trying to get through to get sure numbers read your name red birth state keep trying and if you're on hold remain on hold because zobel get too soon as we can. Tomorrow writes a best stuff program as every Friday night is Monday night we bringing GC no idea and GC has a new. And treatment for healing and I she's gonna talk about that. On Tuesday will be our one year universally better country we've got a special guest coming for that program. Yeah we're going to be too we gotta have in a far Keon not herald but sort of group and don't control Leo marts from coming hungry and it's funny when now we're talking looser when she brought a seat in Jay-Z it didn't click and I was thinking she was talking about our guest coming. I hope you saw finally a servant because I was right I had no idea I was so. While she's really good against the dollar us that are there on M Wednesday will be talking UFO's with Tim back Lee and then. Debra lip on Thursday became a guard Marion which in 1982 and high priestess in 1986 she's been teaching wicca and a reg running pagan circles ever censor retirement all the stuff on Thursday. Next week so we had a full great week shows you can also you can download Michelle you go over to be unrelated radio dot com download shelf there or iTunes or or anywhere else. Stosur if they were when you download read it for us and helps push of foreign makes it easier for people to find. On can also go right to on the unreal later Dudack Tom station must define any degree staged to air on across the country. So on hopefully we air on some in your area is now will be adding a bunch more coming up real soon. We will take quick break when we come back your phone calls. And more with our guest Glenn asthma cancer beyond reality reading Jason GP. It's hard. RC Johnson telephone number 8446877669. If you are trying now while all the ones abysmal just keep trying Leo get through some point. And be able to talk to their guest list McCants we're talking to the numbers lady denied her books include love by the numbers and Glen has has your number or web sites are. Glenn decision numbered icon and numbers lady Gladys is it done numbers lady dot com or just numbers lady dot com. I numbers lady was taken by an account. Since. It's numbers lady dot com. And guess what they now it's actually this same web site it's a good that it comps it unite to appoint her own site since I wish I get. And as such a number of people kept misspelling the name it's just went numbers and that. Yeah well you know what I like is also on your website you break it all down for everybody and when you when you get into you know the information like. All it and that's nice because a lot of people out there won't do that because they want to make a you've gotta call them to get any information act and it's nice you do that you show how to break it down you tell you right on the web so you list. What the numbers mean and and I think that just that really shows a kind of person you are in and that you you do this because you love doing this you want everybody to understand. Ideal and I also the newsletter out for is free also. The same reason I can't tell you what suits up for the month how do you handle it and people could submit. Questions and answer them imminent others they'll have always made it possible for them to be able to connect. And that is it helped some people that they get a library can buy books at their Q. But it is a world to help viewers if you're depressed or feel like it's you know you can't get it right with your relationships. Than its content spectacle he made been missing. The issue that the arsenal. Let's go back to the phone lines a spring Edward in from New York Edward welcome to beyond reality radio. Plenty of remarks. Personally want to attack and I can't get its hands and OK I was born December of a pro pro in 1939. In general assert six children. And have always been very responsible. Person. They're dirt bag responsibility to be exact I'm only gonna go abroad. Red are likely to break down money at Singapore's. And totally looking won't believe what I was allowing open. From you Edward. Because ultimately you have that seven entering your chart. Do you have you had games that come through when you were it like growing up did you ever have that. What are you met him and it was deja Vu when you met them they felt familiar. And I want someone out there whatever they brought I have been very prepared to bring this to a great one. Have what are your date of birth and marriage 1962. When I was in the airport. And her data are from. 1071942. Yet because whenever someone says that agree and Kyle is fine now what those numbers are that makes it that great like what is gonna buy you that so compatible. Optional Mike and she's just let employees at 10719 points you know are forward and are not known that you can extend that could. Yeah I'm profit warnings in Britain and my wife Barbara. And then in 1942. Right I got that so I did see you guys had and having children. I'm not that we cannot afford children. Iraqi barrels. I'm worried and programs or was turned out of the brain disorder and turned 800. Passengers. Yet maybe the rest I pretty bad Brad needs to happen now. Why should absolutely but she is now a mother energy and it sees about being a mom that's terrible the last six. You know and I noticed he even though your husband there have been times she myopic view as well because that's captured nature in both Kevin numbers that an. So whenever I see that Alex I wonder if you have I can't say that you both believe and a part of our group were brought Roman Catholic. Right and that's a big guilt about the yourself. When you talk about long term relationships but I find is when you look at the amount if you look on the positive side of them it really helps. You're numbers are compatible when I get the caller earlier at that 2468. Our members that you appreciate I was explaining that those numbers were compatible. Yeah I'm born out of 48 irritant like pat. It went as a fixed life perhaps with a great attitude that you got those numbers that's why it works and yet you spent a lot it's not like you that these headlines right it. I'm not you know we've been through. Responsibility. We've taken care of relatives and let whatever number of years. And it looked at it it's that he had from when he grabbed her sister do certain gap and just dead net debt. That's right by European also so horrible and you guys have been lucky to have found it each other that's why it's lasted the wade did. And going back to your personally your age when at some of the depressed when you're speculate as but the pay attention to their health so what's going on the view which you're helped the. Now you don't hurt me and apparently. Bringing in guys called UPD. And I can't I don't I don't movie about what that's part of the territory get notre. Right but it is that something you're going through it are you feeling that more this year. Yeah he. A parent company or mortar. I begin spectacular more like 77. I had and I agree I don't wanna shoot 77 he think he got enough delegates procession of Kevin Ryan Howard popularity. And can't tell you. Did you ever read the book you can kill you like at least hey did you read that book. You can hit north nevertheless I don't want to let it down. You want to call you couldn't you couldn't hear you're right. It's you can hear me like I believe pay H eight lights that look at them around how are you don't see why don't believe. And actually why I point is that look stupid you know you're right. Correct it's like it's sad but here's the deal. What we don't deal with mentally can attack as physically you obviously get a lot you annualized booked a lot of people and badgered into her life to keep inside. And that can mess but there helped do her book helps his stock during Mac so that you can feel better. All right I want I want to get their property you opinion and you're you're right. Correct. Yeah you're out. It I think Clark and yes thank you Edwards thank you very much let's go to this is our lean in Boston and Arlene welcome to the show thanks for waiting. I'd say in England and Ireland this. Yeah. I am my age I'm twenty 1968. And I'm going to be any group tour. And if you can get around that room I hate seeing that here at Mellon laundering and renminbi hit LA and. I call. His career why. Welker then cut to eighteen and let it okay and in Iran earthquake and arraigned. Well let's just look at what you're going through right now. One thing about your brick paid because you're born on a seven day you're not elect pat. That means duality in your personality Japanese people think they know you and they have no clue who you are how true is that many life. A lot of good look a lot so let me say this when you're at night it got that three those social numbers pictures up and is shut it down. Is seven sometimes can even do the people of all hot to respect. NC. A true because I'm an impact and I've had a lot of issues with learnt that senate and make it. It vampire like and here. Really let myself then. Yeah okay so the bottom line is when you talk about a tank like you're gonna wanna accept that because I I'm a firm believer. That truly well we believed likely that if we have been that bad experience we can meet that same person again and again because as well now you'll click shift that. This year you're also go to Bradley airport like Jason so good at the time to educate yourself you know pick up new book. Take another crest is something that you make sure by the time you hit fifty you're excited about it. That President Clinton regularly in France require bank and that. Our efforts need to get pregnant and thinking leap and bring it they're making when. Well you should take a lot of things not to say about the Internet right now there's a lot of free classes I out there. You know start looking around it's not ever is some question as you can take. As Matt act it shouldn't email communicated to members and their com here are piling it on the yodeling took very cool site that offers Ellison are okay. Okay. I cannot of course I'm gonna encourage you to look at it and it has your number to learn more about issue. Okay are there are some issues shooter and email thanks for the call on. Yes thank you hourly let's go to Susan in Texas Susan welcome to beyond reality radio thanks are holding. Hello thanks for taking my call the show I am I gonna my knee high an old data break. 919. XUQ. Okay. And give a specific questions and it is by no weak in numbers. While I have I wanna give you my husband number OK that's good guy I had in mind when he I'd. 92562. Am. I'm year. Amy airport they are. Lot of talk and you know I would say eighties and then let it get a friend that they may sound. Yeah herb not like well don't get Bradley or me. Every episode different here's your first that you're incredibly sensitive when September happens. The numbers repeat themselves especially important yankees tickets at the nine to at all you know that's what ideal right. It was a comment today epic two editor dirt to elect pat. That is a number that didn't reveal the truth whenever you second guess yourself you end up regretting it. You have to go with your instinct how true is that in your life. And buried in fact that they're now in might hurt so yeah. Okay like and so what and I think seven who chooses to be let's say happened that there's psychic ability that can do tarot astrology whenever they did they'd decide. Point your chart like this number QGQ. You can use that gift. But the other thing there's boundaries you're not good at it and that's something you have to learn. Government if you loves Monty and that on the well and like help me you'd come to the mountain what's wrong. And I you're in the well wind up. Yeah I haven't got that element of our. Ask for the hobby he's 777. Quest I've heard shook as he should run the biggest complaint 77 but because that's. Relic Kobe's got to however. This happened sometimes you can be with a seven to feel like you're alone. But this person. And bill. Actually you can go alone in the room with him because he is mentally left the building you'd be like hurricane bill which ago. And that is seven and ended up and make him a bad person and obviously he's a good guy it's. But when it comes to that emotion. Like when you wanna know where you stand in the moment that you need to they'll he may not be ready. To share so we can speculate why. We don't communicate very well at bat and I say this would love that's an understatement citizen and I'm letting the cat I had big pickle. But I don't what aspect of the work if you dare ya I wanna make your the glue. Yeah I agree. Today you know. It just got outlawed by the members of the book can help you dissect all of this comply to your ability if you already have a kept. But it might make you feel better. Right thank you Susan would try to squeeze one more phone call in here this is Terry from Colorado Terry welcome to the show. LL a lot. Since there. By integrated set. 7-Eleven 1963. Okay. Victory so when we talk about the basic numbers were talking but numbered one through nine but there are massive numbers as well. The eleven the twenty Q and senate candidate a Brit can get 336. You're bombing allotment. When you have a match remembering attract carry it does mean come on how much you accomplish you can be very Harding herself. It's like that voice in my how good not good enough how often have you done that tears up we beat yourself up when you came up a little short. Daily. Hourly past. Yeah outlook that's about the number and by the late in the reason I always say to people with a massive number I don't want to embrace a little more frequent thing. Cup double wanted to high frequency and if you get one captured it like okay what's next what's next what's next you know it's like you're running behind. But if you go to the two it's about loving yourself more. Being gentler mechanic I'm not acknowledging what he'd get accomplished and because you have apple nine it's about boundaries with Europe original family. So a lot when you aren't apple does elect of the original family mom and dad were they available for you emotionally. Are not they don't know very typical yes doctor said the then their way. How to make the bad but look at skull so that is what becomes your lesson Terry. You have to find ways to be in the moment because when you live in the past let's bring you get very unhappy but I would suggest put on music connection happier watching movies that make you laugh. You do that and you're back in the moment and you can let that go behind let it go behind GO. Katrina is a strong ninth month Y means the call for help people count on your lot dumped. Yet it is. That's why. Anyone out there. And I retire is here that I could work on building by energy is an an energy either low black and editing make it work that here. I went online right now I would put all capped a lot that's. Important that is perfect for you dear they're trying to personally Europe one. Which means false header in the driver's seat you're like it's your turn now. Thanks so much for the call Terry we appreciate you calling in from Colorado. We've got just a few seconds or minutes for us to go to break we're gonna takes more full phone calls on the other side of the break and don't get to know a little bit more about the books it's on beyond reality radio. Yes so if if you haven't yet over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may Sheila to FaceBook page and then head to grab the Treo iPhone and android outrage from the website pretty take a real quick break Mordechai on the phone numbers are 844687. Set 7669 again 844687. 7669. Illicit Jason and. EV DO and really reeled back after this. Beyond reality radio and T and TV we've got a great one going tonight's phone lines are full obviously trying to get through we can keep trying it's 8446877669. If you're on hold. Just stay there will get your calls as we can. I mean we had Jimmy we sort of find out if we're compatible. I know you know you and I you know we've we've been met with an online dating and it's it's started there as a person. We hit it off pretty well in the beginning but rocky rocky patches maybe we should figure out what's going on in between our numbers Terry Glenn SI and 122771. Judea. 625 act. Dvd wanted to and at 65. She contractions. And he devils center. Terry at this boys. You'll do you have chemistry. There are times you're not an agreement so that sparked great. Radio. I've actually done stepped let cohosts put the numbers are all natural match. And it was boring I mean they got along at which point you are not barring. Like you push each other spot in a funny way and there's parameters of that comes from the three and the 73. Is the one who is an actor comedian. And this whole view JP is a priest let me that you can find a way to beat the act and crack you love but there's also felt. But Heidi you're doubled up at which means people don't know what's up you've got secrets you know you don't tell people everything. You know where your heart nationally in you can be very direct. As a matter fact. Purple execution perhaps in my mind low if you decide to cut it up put someone you can have him there on the floor when you're done. Look like what banks and you're like Ali it was no deterrent. And by the way that's why is laughing when I heard you do you can't handle the truth but Jack Nicholson yeah there is. It's just direct energy and a that your kids Jason you've got the 38. DoubleTree wicked sense of humor and you can be very intense pleasures hole. You'd think you protect it's like yep I can't hypocrite I want accurate he got a summit on assailants semantical let's Atlantis. Yeah the second not comfortable and by the way you know what that translate into are we wasting time that you don't want to get. But you're the prettiest known for Irish smile voice like it's not surprising haven't found. Let this happen also has that and I have been listening to bother you tonight. It there's that the diet but doesn't have to be up front look at me look at me which by the way it would BJP. It's not like back. But because your soul has that free yourself up for the communication like ready upon us M radio seems to be a pretty good venue for you in that weight is that accent. Makes no sense had dust. So here's what did you think you have a home in connection which means go about that when it's never outlook for its ever so aren't. You don't get back. That get out it's like OK buddy. Got a communication and we eloped and that's what it's because it it's a strong connection. And I think going back to this world to connect. That is the 1 against who am I what am I why am I here you ought to happen in your chart so you can see why you'd think that information is actually issue. Mom well and javy and I where it really brokers we knew we knew I know a lot of time with each other way to will go on vacation hang out around. And the funny thing is we will have knocked down whole flights as well but then you'll find us an hourly. It will be done at the bar hanging out laughs and totally forget. But that's important the second is that a direct imaging it lets you have a number three crack up like something simple makes you laugh again. Exactly what you're helping your chart and I don't really a fascinating practice seat. Step three and a separate because it's like him as for the US set a table. So that westerners have of course where there. Is there anything in Jason's numbers that would attract insects because he's had this chronic just bug and this has been added ice time he struck me crazy guys and hung it from my silent just try to. You know I will say this for real. It's just that then is blow up a nature to attack and mountains I should be the ocean Q what about JB and water atomic yeah. And that would water much like to swim as an ounce of sense and I've got a boat men but I like about your share. Do you ever had a water everywhere you know I used to I used to all the time I haven't in years but I used to and I really do enjoy it I love the clothes I'm probably. Something you've got to find a way to get their body of water again here's why when you're troubled if you get at the ocean you'll get your answers like if you feel like I need an answer. When you look at the blotter it has a common effect Daniel and vote you get a chance. Adjacent companies that aren't South Carolina and money Obama ribbon Taba South Carolina forever sort of Ariza let's let's continue their phone call that's fastened into a let's go to the phone call to bring in I think this is. Marcel imminent need and need a pronunciation and the name from Missouri welcome to the program. Yeah appreciate your own marsh Shea MAR she. Eight. From now look at this house will walk. They wanted to show so what's your what's your dates. Kara non immigrant who long fourteen month long I'll be one generation. All right so five assists. This is one thing I'll tell us about Iraqis you're gonna find patterns sometimes accompany the pharma and and earlier we had the growth that was 222. Spatter has so much 777. Right. Well and markets Casey was not supported September and that's when it happens by the way September 14 1989 correct. Yeah. After that I Q 555. Now what you can about that I would tell you that five into human pop art machine have a ton of ideas and hit. Going at all times heartbeat if focused I you might do one project in burnout circuit board opposite happening at. Yeah I got a lot of things shoot around her hiring. Sure English. Right. I mean I actually say if you're not careful like not. Man trip none right Jack alternates there's so many things you can get it from budgets to approach them like I don't know which way to go. And might buy my C 555. You'll have to just pick one projects and stay focused and see it through. Because if you do get in the right. I think we'll come for you and and five is based in moments I hope you picked work we're not stuck it out office what you picked. All mama boxers. OK am I got lucky if you. Look argue boxes and you are you glad you could edit the. Our young arm very good not a bird. Feel free to brag OK like what I said I've never stops moving when you think of a bucket that's not what you constantly have to do. I mean you you know learn so focused and I can't hit but also. Five it's never a dull moment now means Taloqan combat gear so I'm sure there's been some injury or some problems and that game. In the heading terrible injury in case. You know what we don't want you had never happened but I'm saying. Five is based symbols meant an idol up that you pick something that's not boring boy that is never a dull moment. While. Just don't you know you have personally your six right now you have one coming up like a contest. Coming up. No not right out. Don't let me tell you something from everything I have it's called an erotic calendar works if you like the best days has scheduled something. Let's let people call me up for a player and it was a certain date and that date was. Compatible to them and they ended up winning and you could look it up for yourself. Because you wanna pick dates that are picked for you when you apply it now when you fight to let's put it that way. You're now. You know what I'll check out gonna bite and I didn't say it not perceive that corruption. Yeah thanks herself for the call we appreciate you calling in from Missouri let's and keep moving right to the phone lines here we've got Patricia from Kansas Patricia welcome to show. I. My birthday by 1719. That they. I can't get it me. What ever you'd see. Sharon all right so when I look at it numerology. And make confirms some papers. Your blow up an eight year one like pat and Patricia remembered that I just felt we had a guy who's got five fives and that is what you see is what you get. When it comes to you know. When you're born on the day that challenges you like how people don't know you Mike McCann misinterpret or your comment from alt well I think you'll. You worked very direct and you can't stand people who feel diapers themselves. You know what I haven't played the victim got like get up soldier lets get Dominic how to have you been that way. All true. Oh god here I mean. I think it would go up attributable to hit it. Don't like let's get it done and that comes from the what is the movement again want it to mind number so they're always ready to run the race. But again before attitude which stopped doing it tracks sell. You can be your own worst enemy. And you autoworkers that. Yeah I mean you really thought you just kept saying you speak the truth people don't handle it well next thing you know you're not. A dispute with family or someone you care about and you get hurt elect while they they misunderstand where ever cramps and for the record you're in a personally here. A live right now. So my messages like you count. More than usual even though you must speak your mind you're very direct don't do it. Proceed they're the ones that are most it's not worth it not this year. OK good because I pay you when I was born. This thing like everything started happening when I was two years old and I ended dark cloud over mere percent. And I think that probably lie lash out because I just don't understand. Right and so here's what I would sabretech I was raised by the way if dammit thirteen McCain eleven and Brothers sisters on number nine. I know what it means to think. Okay let's not fair or you know I'm being treated badly you've got to shift your state of mind because that's not the way to live like you don't want to continue the elect Barack correct. There. All right so I'm a man bite it did you meaning bell you've got to remember that he got comedy just email me who you are brick your birthday in the email I know you are today. Okay and I'm gonna give you some affirmation censorship to the what you think I've appealed people at your numbers before but I get it and you're so tired you must leased out during. I I am so drained I mean now I believe it I was. Now I'm not gonna say it over the radio vet them. Yeah obviate any mail and then you might get a. And I'm glad I got something that's gonna telling help you. So I'm looking forward to helping you. Thanks for the call the treasury appreciate that let's go to Stephanie in Canada Stephanie welcome to the show. I my I X 1113. 99 or. 1991. Okay it's 467. Okay. All right so you're numbers the first Saturday at point towards bean business minded so what are you picking for your career what he wanted to you. Kind Arabic either and I work at the base you're sharp. Europe's situation and how to make that yeah. Do you make cheese Danish as the there was just craving right. Are concerned. That they are well. Understood that they let me tell you something in your numerology can you got 648. You actually care about the image of things like what things look like. How would you think that pride title at your best just for yourself personal best. I'm currently is currently out on how do you feel. How Betty killing you don't you don't make an effort how do you feel. Carl to kind of make it here now and then like and that we're lucky and I'm telling you right now which before it is picked up like I've. Joked that if the tobacco inherited a taco app that does just that. Alma can't let it be whatever hop on the computer security numbers point that you make an effort. People in New York immorality that can make big money even stock market trading every morning to invest. Average price that is they may here's a woman of phenomenal singer yet she's made in saint money. What stock markets that because eight is business minded if they can find a way to make their money grow wide not. Let others going to the field a beauty like exhibit her opinion on it what things look like so it didn't make them look better like skin. I think about or all live in a lot longer to veto by the way to get rid of wrinkles that appealing to so you've got a really good options. I want to consider what you wanna do without okay. It and the patriots now or you're staying not staying instinct at. I've been hearing the globe and yes. Stephanie thanks so much time yes thank you let's let's say one more here this is Chris in Boston Chris welcome to the show. I don't. It won't show Chris. So my dad my birthday is nine when mr. Clinton and so. And don't just one week it is a new book my numbers would hit a. Ninth when he picked nineteen black. Certainly important market as an assailant and 988910. Crests. Didn't that is correct magnetic sixth 1977. You've got double 85 I've never met someone who had the 85 in the neurology that is not the port not like a cat with nine lives. Many dentists so much it's amazing you're still here. Tell me about your life what Cadillac has that been for real. And they're militants blew than I actually agree one. Tell me what can I am at your life spec makes a great. Father of five kids married. Had a love and I'm not eleventh they only going on. In the indication then. Who do want to know what I'd been wondering where what did you pick for career. On the truck driver. That's sit tenure on the road so that here's the deal when I look at numbers like yours. I'd literally I would say it's similar to make 51 that got to find a I mean you got to make your money to have some security. Ultimately it does I remember I said just like the box checked if you're hoping your goat will use that dirt track record so you pick the right career. And let me put it. Chris let me say that if you got it stuck in that house and you couldn't go anywhere which would be happy. You'd be so anti you'd lose it you're emotionally I you gotta go you gotta get the tube not the right career for you know. Yeah a good. You look at the high outside I'm glad you did it end and for the record. You're in a cycle of nine how long you've been with the company you're with right now. Manhattan's. OK did you ever consider Saudi Arab company. No. Cupcake because here's a check up time which is grants space and it big gains and what that means is it's apparently you could look at. Maybe there's another job that cheaper and more money is something that's better. Because that's recycled urine to test considering it. Some don't some new opportunity to open that door that was even better than what you got put too much you have to date that's apparently. Chris Chris thanks so much for the call thanks of those helpful going this were were quickly approaching the at a time point. From my while you just zips through those calls and everybody seemed to be hang up with a smile so I don't know how you do so fast. Well obviously I love chris' story it's correct but notice what effect he's got to cut it but it comes on the road. That's how you can balance it when you haven't made five if you get stuck in an environment where you can't go anywhere else that's not happy he's happy. I love that. Keeps him moving so well thanks so much for coming and now this suits always guard Jerry and I just wanted to give thug when it's more time opportunity did. And give the titles of the books the web sites and anything else that Teddy you know she wants folks to know about. OK well here's another development if you are single you're listening to and I loved by the numbers is amazing for that because. It does teach you the basics where you can go to American parent send and you could look to see if that person worth your time. Could you can wait I'm like my whole thing as if you're married I give you tools to find ways to make America better. But if you are single why not get it right from the start that's why I wrote that book. And I pick my husband by the numbers we've been together fifteen years the other book and a pleasure numbered just like an introduction into the world numerology. Because when you hear the like and I just ask that reading I'm not doing like that remember that name we're not looking at the decimate. Not looking Fella up and you are still picking up that all this energy true. And these books will teach you how to do more about it. And number thirty dot com you can literally tight right now click on the numbers menu you can learn your life pat number equaling your attitude numbers look like. The buffet like little appetite says is what I would say is on the site so that's another way to look at two. That's greatly missed thank you so much for joining us thanks Scott it was wonderful you have a great night and we look forward to talk to you again. Yes yes actually get our we'll be right back it's beyond reality rate. You would Jason TV don't go around. And can't second coming program arm to some we will great great woman and really interesting you know she on pulls all that stuff out of the numbers aren't slowing network compatible only its and we need and we fight back to for a week or else he's gonna stop asking me to come over to net checked in Netflix and chill it's out of the what does that mean I didn't stop asking to have. Well I might wanna go and are able to have big thanks to Curtis McCants are tuning in tonight makes you tune in tomorrow it's a best of shown some great shows lined up for next week if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. This is Jason JV you'll have a great weekend we'll catch soon. And you know leading media is produced by sleep idiots in platoons and Alexandria Johnson for intercom yeah. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be a guest on beyond reality radio email to sleep getting. That's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.