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Who or what is Ramtha and how does he/it affect our lives?

Aug 1, 2017|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson talk with Michael WRight from Blu Room Enterprises about the new self-help healing technique known as BluRoom therapy. This system is derived from the teachings of Ramtha - a 35,000 year-old warrior who has returned to us through the channeling capabilities of JZ Knight (Michael's colleague). 8/1/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Monday and the West Coast to UCL East Coast and you're stuck in between welcome to be on reality revealing myself decent honest in the always awesome Jeter's. You know. Let me ask you this question this is a really really important question okay fox for priests and Mobley thirty settled that one a broader. Gold bond with it's. What sound is a laser make. Tom Jerome turner made yeah I want no it's a great story exploit. This is convinced that everything from my days of growing up a Star Wars and and yes it's here here's the debate I got into earlier Star Wars in the in the original ones any whenever similar the new ones but their leaders can make a pew pew pew sample those are lasers those are blasters aren't they they're different weapons and only -- actively surplus since I don't know that they do a pew pew sell but I think a laser and legs. Is sound ranked where she took anywhere or is leading to the sort of we're just opening ever you know Borg and get to that in just a second. We've got to of a kind of the big shuffle in the schedule tonight we had originally had G easy night scheduled to join us and she was gonna talk about. Her new blue room human technology all part of our curb ramps institute and a whole bunch of stuff and she exit came down hill then notified us about an hour ago that she had tears kind of pull the plug on her parents can't talks that bad sore throat whatever. And she's got her associate Michael Wright coming on leader instead so he'll be joining us we've got had to scramble a little bit not kind of reworked some things we should be good conversation. It's going to be an interesting conversation because there's there's well hey I have been I've been looking up. The whole thing that are involved in and its interest thing and it's also it to me it's a little strange so I I definitely wanted to hear from them and get their take on patent. And golf America. It's going to be a lot of questions mom it's going to be a lot of information the Michael's been going to be giving us and be able of people decide but it's kind of an interesting story. I'm just to mention tomorrow it was a very very special program for us Jim you know it's happening tomorrow night. No idea. So one year anniversary PS since we started with the syndication with the Entercom radio group. You know it's it's it's been they went by fast I'll say that in it's been a pretty tough. There it is today strangely it's one of those things are they keep on thinking back on the past couple months ago. But it was not seems like yeah a few months ago is when we. Added besides Entercom we added Westwood One. The largest syndication company in the US in the next. And so now it's Entercom and Westwood One yen -- the calling for a year Pike County we have been in miss like more commitment and you and I never gets that. And when we when we when we dug agreed to do this we knew it was going to be a commitment and that's what it's been it's been fun it's been exciting it's been informative and never learn more in the last year than I think I did for you know. All through school letter is a nice it's a nice learning process but it's also the one thing I gotta say is I love creating some. Yeah I love building somebody taking something where. You and I were offered to do shows numerous times and those are shows it would have been owned by other individuals. And our other companies and you would amend their own whatever they could've told us how they wanted to format to be an. And that's not who we war and the and so when you and I discusses for like you know let's let's do something ourselves and let's let's create something from nothing. Do you remember the first night we went online and did the first show back in Mosley November 2015. We just kind of decided to do when a so let's let's try tonight we just decided you know we put our stuff together. I had to I text did you just a few weeks prior to that just saying hey man you know I've got these people keep on asking me to do radio and I wanted to give back into doing radio. And let's try this I'll and yeah those are yet you listen to the audio of those. I Allegra or that I have to respect we have come a long way but we are likely will have to play some of that at some point boss to let him do like one of the Friday best of they can take one of the old shows and put it up there so that we don't have to be sitting denies you don't play the whole segment you just wanna play bits of good reason it's good ones if you having MA she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And then you can head over to beyond reality radio dot com click on the station list and atlas all the stations that we are on across the country were constantly updating it. Got add some more recently to. And or you can listen right on line by click the sunlight button that you'll that allows you to join me online chat or JD and I and a bunch of our great individuals hang out. During the show you can also get the free iPhone and android rate there which allows you to listen the show lives catch past episodes also connect through chat and much much more. Via it's a great great resource. And we like to have you involved the more involved or the better. I'm we like to show ideas we look the comments have been reading through some of the comments from the downloadable podcast stuff for people comment on and some great feedback there really really really appreciate reading that stuff. Yeah and do we'd appreciate your support if you do you would download the show which I get emails me from people all the time about it. And I know there's a huge huge amount of people down money tens of thousands here today. If you can just do us a favor read it for us because that hopes push to show forward. I know I say it and to you know noted that most most susceptible oriented and just hopes held skip the word out helps push a show for nest that's what about trying to. It is up there in the top of the list so pure to find that much more easier. Yet and I'm coming I'm guilty of that as well immunity I don't want lot of outs Lotta podcasts stuff and you know and often comes up please rate this and intend to not do that just is going to be hassled time. But please do take time to do that. One more on comment on just what we have coming up this weeks and we've got a great week of programs. A by the way for tomorrow night's program Rebecca Foster will be joining us she's a psychic she's been reading people 31 years so should be taking calls. We talking UFO's with Timothy Beckley I'm now Wednesday and then it's it's kind of any program Jerry. Yes were going to be often. Even save a seat guard and right guard Marion witness. My parents are Deborah and Deborah Lin became a garden area in which in 1982. And a high priestess in 1986. She's been teaching wicca and running Kagan circles ever cents and we're going to be talking to her. About all that she's also published in many patriot pagan publications including new which. And journalists goes arm yet subtle way of a great week of programs coming up now. Back to this conversation and the Merman and take a break and little what are Nokia beautifully previous shows a lot easier than it is this viewer is Pugh Pugh Pugh a few it's like a cartoon ball whatever. You know what we've got a lot of things in the news today that have anybody who's paying attention to world events a little bit nervous. I am prepared items are immortal there's this appearance I just so necessarily being attacked or later sort of Carmel but that the Russians have announced. On their next generation of fighter jets they're going to be employing pole for pole powerful lasers. That are going to be used to burn the homing systems of anti aircraft missiles so that they cannot find their targets. Which effectively. Renders all anti aircraft weaponry. Obsolete he got to give him credit that's part it's pretty interesting and you know obviously United States and our military technicians will be looking to do something account that are employed the same web but I don't know it's just it's something that I saw and their laser conversation came up earlier so I thought they are gonna talk about. The thing missing so neat about that is wound we we do a lot of us taps a lot of investigations unit of six military. You noticed area and we had to get we had all these clearances through the Pentagon. Well because we ask prominent check Wright Patterson air force base yet to be clear to the Pentagon to do that while we're there. We get to hang out with a bunches to some of the most incredible individuals and I get to shoot shoot that laser system that down which aired soldier in on. But this thing in the way it now it was this huge huge bill. And it had all these tanks of gas and everything in a police are all fed down through these different lenses. And they could make it smaller and smaller that was the idea because making a smaller there. Making it more employee power in that smaller area. And Lincoln and point three not through cells of a second or whatever I burnt out three inch hole. Through this huge piece of proxy class while it was amazing and I was talking to them in the whole idea behind it was they wanted to set it up. Where eventually they wanted to be able to hook it up two planes and and whatever and have a small enough system where and literally be able to shoot that pretty but the well they say about vast size of a head of a pencil Newport and Eden and they didn't locate a target zapping. And think that and it was think they can take you up from 36000 feet yeah what do you do at that point in the lasers it's not like I mean he sings a dead or not. They lock on something it's just a directional. And from some unmanned as satellite or drone or something like that that to you and me know is there. Yeah news too stunned to walk into your theory hip or something like if you burn from the inside well. Your dog yes exactly there's there's no there's no way around there is no line. So what it was just amazing to see what they or and so I'm shirt. Our government has you know technology far more advanced now compared to our. Jeez I just athletes think there were far more advanced than the Russians. I would like I would like to thank you like to think so then you know and I don't mean the amount of money that. Her government spends on that's out of the Russian government has and does not have near the financial. Ability because in the US government should spend their money on basket. And just you know taxes more more. When the Russians and the Russian government sort of limited. Yeah it's true but it's just interesting technologies changing my guess is that our our military commanders are not out and talking to the press about it like maybe the Russians wouldn't be I don't know if they tend to keep things must approach him very private. I'm page to care about the single and I'm California Newton. Captain in the army to an American for dynamite in his right into details Melbourne California residents. Are dealing. We have to cover. I can't be good. And an arts British duo to recover and nobody ever has the evidence for its parent. So the people in a written Riverside residents. Claim the payments in Cuba copper. Alleged sightings of chip cover has sparked concerns over the safety of local pets. Carrie at Schuker arisen a Riverside Southern California. Had been outside your home when he encountered a strange creature that he described as two feet longer than the largest coyotes overseen who would detail similar to that of a rat. After being shooed away the mysterious creature reportedly turned in tart started to snarl Adam. He claims it was cussing me help basically. I stole its breakfast and it was hunting my cash. So far three people the same area have reported sightings of this creature however. Do zoologist Lauren Coleman no idea who he gets the return and never heard Warren never in and we had a couple crypto zoologist on the show what. Now Lauren aren't very good friend. Lauren Coleman. Who's been investigating reports sincerest which for years leaves that is far more likely to have been a coyote that means rather than alleged spiritual come opera. People labeled dog like cryptic beasts to recover because they love mysteries and it's hip thing to do according warrant and you know. That brings up a good thing we just recently out in my house we had a fox fox has changed and news parent a couple of the a couple of acres back in the woods and stuff. But a lot of these people are reporting seeing this weird. Animal running back Aaron turns out foxes can change put in those they do have you would never recognized this this is a fox. Nearly what when he can that it's just when they get that disease it changes their appearance completely you know of her pen and everything changes and you can minute and plus starter impromptu movement you know and house erratic and yes so. I don't know that you put covers of Eric parity with Maine who knows. Now on I'll go horn Coleman at this point but sun moon over the telephone number one it's a 446877669. If you've got questions or want to discuss any of the topics that will be an underdog tonight that's 8446877669. Told free people for six or 7766. And I agree on the home shopping yes or no I have to you Colorado now will double your order. Are you listen to Jason Jay you're gonna take a quick break and more come after us. Okay gain the taste of the approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates from October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. Greater fast if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that obscure content is pleased to it. They're all there and or me hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. It today scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par would your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Beyond reality radio I'm Jason Johnson Jimmy Johns. And thank everybody for joining us thank you all the radio stations during the program across the country we appreciate them joining our. Extended an ever growing beyond reality radio family. Yes and the reason the show is a successes because of you all and we greatly appreciate and we know and we all adult years are so what you're doing and. Castle like we said tonight we kind of had to call an audible we had originally had GC ninth scheduled. Cheesy. Became bill. Choose gonna talk about her blue room human techniques against the far talking to artists made her -- best stuff is not the first time it's happened Drake but she quickly helped us and rearranged things that we could bring in Michael right so we're gonna bring Michael into the program Michael thank you so much for last minute joining us here and welcome to beyond reality radio. Thank you very much Jason and Gerri appreciate it. It's great to have you here and before we get into really any of them topics anyway they were gonna talk about social devote yourself. It. By a yes spent ten years after university I was in the Air Force's fighter pilot. Stationed over in Germany's. During the height of the Cold War with the whole Reagan Gorbachev saying. Got to feel the fall of the Berlin Wall on the collapse socially and stand. About the same time in the battle fall apart yeah. Early in our in my life we discover. More spiritual pro life book an alternative to our. The country club lifestyle that I had been living. As struck a pilot flying a sixteen and we have an elbow leading our last duties station and separating from the military and moving up to Washington State and and rolling in grants to school and a couple of first let communities he is the student of this school. And and after about a ten years. Who work in a wide range of jobs because there were very little come true expert I was small company Washington. I got hired by area hired by the school and became. Part of the teaching team and have been doing their last fifteen years. And that would easy. Work with doctor Martinez cook cult with the concept of this site you Oakley Ewing chamber. Based on what she had experienced what should laughter bodies with a rampant could use it teaches school. I was brought in to on the operations and develop the licensing and coach predator on the world and that have been doing the last two years now. We've got to go to break in about fifteen seconds sorry for the quick segment we'll have a lot of time to talk about it but do you said your new elm Washington that's where the facility is located. Well that's where the headquarters are located. The blue room operations are eight other countries. As well Buick. And you almost kind of near Puyallup order that their side is a ton of that a kind of familiar with. Yes they are bent yourself. The Como. Awesome all right listen alluded to restrict break when we come back really gonna get in the nuts and bolts of this Jack yes have you haven't yet again head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal like the FaceBook page. Our phone numbers 8446877669. Damn missed whole treaty for four. 6877669. You listen Jason TV. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's been really really. Jason and channel six are running for joining us don't forget we get a little bit of a switch in our guest lineups for tonight originally we had cheesy night schedule but we've got Michael right joining us instead. TC has come down with an illness a cough or sore throat or something of the wicket keeping her off the show tonight but. We appreciate Michael stepping in in essence I'm from cool percent say it in pinch hitting tonight. Oliver. And slope on the. Yeah she's. You'd really disappointed. It is about 5 o'clock 6 o'clock our time here on the West Coast and she started coughing packing. Her voice she's. While ago mark business is can it can nickel and for me. So here we are. And that's usually a sign that that tomorrow to pass through the US and head over to the west of the East Coast urges the united Uga has always start that bad stuff and always sends an if you ever look at the flu map but always start to cal fire California worked its way over this is that's the way to prevailing winds aren't just carries it across the country that when you put a hole. We can try it and Michael let's talk let's begin you canister set the stage four is here but I think norte and understand exactly what you're talking about and I don't I know this it may not my not directly be related to the blue room what we're going to be talking about but tell us about ramps up. Her. It is related. Ramp appeared to treat united in 1977. At the time he was. Managing her own cable TV marketing company in the coal mine and it was buried two worse second maybe a third of them. Kirk who boys were. In in in the local elementary school and and certainly Gary was one ones Sunday well she and her. Has been had been making pyramid under the old book of secrets a pyramid power committal it can't be making work. Trying to reduce the weight Wachovia from the food. And so has been a long adventure. He started. Teaching her how to leave her body that he was not a demon that that there were spirit that there are evolved beings that. Have. Gone beyond this ordinary three dimensional reality based time and continue to live in existence that isn't part of the the super reality. That we all went and and that taught her to leave her body and then he would teach through it. And his premise was he didn't want to open his own body for many reasons. One of these big. He he lived here. Column the years ago. At a time when the oxygen. And nitrogen ratio in the atmosphere a little bit different in the a lot of big people that kind. And is that genetic wearer of the to Maria. From his mother and depletion. And modern science says you know people are living and expect them up aren't. Because it was not credible it was a brewers. Hi tech civilization and the other civilizations strict we have today with a mix of iconic it will connect cultures. So. They traveled all through the eighties and she traveled there he became you know sort of famous and infamous and and then mesh seat. Sort of boat stopped traveling in the late eighties and unfortunately those other harassment and wrap the start of the school it'll come and yelled out of nowhere basically. And that school grew slowly but would a mile and he taught people how coup. Access they're deeper state of consciousness how to access their innate divinity. And how to demonstrate not just go off quickly. But the truth is techniques to themselves that they will more than meet the art that we are more of our six. Or 54. Sensors and are you count them. And that there is a larger reality that we do live and beyond the Linear kind and there are three dimensions of in the experience that we. Most importantly with. And that it is a natural ability to be psychic to remote view. Could be able to Merkel leave your body to be able to do yourself in the weekly. And oh or lack of other skills that we often associated could be that the Clinton or. Antiquity and and never seem to. Feel. In our modern culture. A common a common cold cool thing because local we have. Oh we have food and shelter and we have Medicaid. And some of the local group of hard work and and you know put in our thirty years and then collector retirement and hope for the best and Paul brings Florida somewhere or whether or not a terrible. So that attracted me as somebody who was sort of getting bored with the yeah. The conventional life but I'm Whitney unit in the airport as low blows and two lead to a good as those mortar reality and meet the. Well and one thing I will say you though you made a good point there were people. And it's it's easy life right now it is to the point where people forget how to survive any other way I'm. In GB and I were charged mothers not too long ago when I had a friend who lost power. During during a blizzard and there were complaining all the all the food my fridge is gonna go about it on the what's still common sense to tell you that. Put it smell hits outside I mean is there's wasted at least a lift. But people don't think a lot and they don't think outside the box anymore. And I think that's. An announcer now ramps. And it for a that is this a 35000. Year old. Individual that she's she's making contact with. Yes and he talked quite a bit about his life and has time and is rebellion against the status quo that. Because. He lived here on the Pacific coast. And who are changes. Is culture was displaced and they immigrated as refugees to the inflation cultural work. Treated. Because they were technologically oriented more like police spiritually oriented agriculture. And they were kind of slaves and use the slave labor and as a teenager you rebelled against them. And start his own revolution an army it. And mark for many years and go up quite a you know following his wife can't go it was. Betrayed it and run through and almost died from sort. And recovered over many years and in that time he. Discovered that. A life force of nature whose justice owns quality of life itself. And ultimately learn how to print and his body and then take his body with them. Into the pensions and aerial something like we describe who Jesus sort of kudos to our. And our over the Indian champions well. So. He count himself. And the pastor somebody who conquered. Go out and took his body with them and could incarnate god have to. Could reappear on bombing and has been the ongoing. Conscious awareness evolving toward this in all that time. And he had his incarnation. He adopted many children that were war refugees and in that time is first and oldest daughter. Adoption. Was named Maya and that trees the in this incurred. And she didn't wanna get married off a woman and general trio want to fight. That would be how life. It would letter he did say he would trainer and the wonder if you would be able to lead in funny and so. He has to work with her over subsequent incarceration. To prepare for this kind and his return to. But he ruled like collapsing conscious as we discussed is the moment ago. Consumer consciousness and summit will take care of it. As I say you know there is another way you can be more shall. Be from power and you can be greater. It correctly involving the evil. Now what you did bring up that he was injured due to a sword. Arm is that pretty much stating that we have and this technology and 35000 years ago and we lost it and then. Fowler pounded again. Yes exactly in fact at the time that he was on the planet there with a high tech probably. From another planet that had in her stroller and at a point Terry craft. And so it was a mixed bag there and let. With the intervening ice age and several other. Population decimating. Earth changes. We lost a lot of technology industry and now we are beginning to recover the in many ways both common. And uncommon. Michael you said that Tom brands appeared to G easy and Dennis and I think even sit traveled in and the two of them taught together now did brim so pure and physical form. He appeared to hurt in a form that she could see. But he was not completely physical it was more. Translucent. I would I have not seen him in his own for a few people have. Parker victories. Of Clinton and close associates. And so you can't beat him and speak with him what you and I are speaking. And the you know she has total control over whether he gives up the body to have. And he had control of Google whether they choose to use that to think so it but he is the mutual agreement and that takes place. And the current effect pedal. So so she in if she actually thicker read this on the website as well checks and channels him so he actually assumes. Her physical form. To use it to be able to teach. Yes so. He'd leave the body because. Good one of the promises of a demonstration of the fought Soviet that we're not just our body we Abbott the body. As a trip that'll external spirit or what some people have them with modern digital cameras because of the photograph of cold or. That we are this. Caucasus and energy being that in Abbott. This garment or or this container. It will allow us to experience the physical realm here on this planet. Our senses. And socially leave the body and he operate the body like a pop up from the back of the boring to communicate using. Kurt senses her party is record. And they traveled and they taught and how long did that it gone for. That. From 1979. Thinking 89 and actually in their first career. Traveled mostly low the United States but the few international news. And have a larger audiences. And sort of took the it was kind of the Euro when everybody was coming out of the closet and. It was okay. You know. Talk about out of body experiences and talk about. Sightings of talk about. Being able to be psychic and yeah. And then there towards the end of the eighties suddenly you know his his notoriety and his abilities. What was previously called a psychic it would be keep in other sort of changed their shingle over being channels for the psychics and mediums. Because. He made the concept of channeling so popular country trucker time he actually coined the term. Which she asked him what time well I don't understand what it's an alligator keeping either sleeping profit and he agrees sleeper. But not a medium no it out small and little large channel which which means. Your body is a conduit for my mind to speak through. And so that is how they popularized that. And there in the church took objection to of the teaching that says the divine within your you don't really increased eagle the GOP. Primary is that you know direct contact. Built. We are all divide male and female like not just. Mir yet we're talking with Michael Wright Hughes the operations manager for blue room enterprises he says standing in for Jay-Z Knight tonight we're gonna. Take quick Brack break we come back to have a lot more to talk about Jeff. Yes so far numbers 8446877669. And tall for 8446877669. Nielsen adjacent GPL. And beyond really revealed right back just to. Education here tonight that's for sure we're talking with Michael Wright who is the operations manager for blue room enterprises and associated JC night. Who was originally scheduled to be on the program tonight it is under the weather so couldn't join us and Michael we were talking about round saw and how armed Rumsfeld has used GC as a conduit basically to educate. And appeared to JC I think you said in 1977. For the first time. And my question I guess would be why Jay-Z of you know that's the dead at that point maybe four billion people on the planet why Jaycee. They I touched on this briefly in the last segment they had a relationship that went back take his life right. Where. She was is adopted daughter. 35000 years ago. And she wanted to join the army and be a fighter and via you know housewife and bread baker. And that was. Look like these is that there's prop department go recently. But he did promise sure that he would one day teacher believe the army and so that laid the foundation. That ongoing commitment. Over the span many incarnations. If you experience to. Prepare for this current nation where she could applicator body. Willfully leave her body. And allow it to be operated by him which is no easy feat. She was tested in the early nineties but it. He was he gained researchers. And they measured all over physiological base line as she was just resting. And then as she left her body and he took over they want very dramatic changes that had to reset the range on the computer. And she went through that process three different times in in different settings. So that they actually had a physiological. Reading. Is moving from Al book. Who paid rapidly government could go go for example eat he. She's right handed and he took over the body and became in the body was epic extremists. And the calm the heart went crumble resting current rate of seventy something. Dropped onto the low thirty's there she was leaving them and shut up in the though wants Lebanese. And just sitting there and sustain that irate as if you know that you've been running a marathon but you as a matter the body was sitting there. So. That's sort of became a gold standard in the in the mid to late nineties of what is a true annals somebody's it isn't just in the tramp somebody that isn't just hearing voices and reeling Welker. You know what the messages that actually is leaving the body in the physiological effects of leaving the body that letter and letting another mine operate that body. And then more recently. They did DNA testing. When Griese was in her usual state and then after rapper had taken over the party and got dramatically different. DNA profiles using the FBI caucus system where they're kind of the you know group match or lout who was who was out of seeing who's related. Absolutely. Had even more recent. The pink physiological indicators of this amount of. Which suffered DNA actually changed. Yes her DNA expression actually changed it was differed in April well. Number. Old. There's thirteen different. Sections that they check in. Standard DNA profile and they were significantly different. And it's not something that. Received a lot of welcome attention because the they orthodoxy is that the innate doesn't change. What kind of still learning about the range of capabilities over the and they just in the expression of the genetic of the epic genetic code. So what more has yet to be reminded that area and this is about layer of an example book an example equivalents. Well I'm sure it's been tough dealing with the criticism that would that would come off this from many different. Factions and went to talk about it correct. Crowded school no shortages no shortage of skeptics for a. That that's for sure and that's okay yeah you know one thing that I've learned is to be a lot more open minded you know what I thought I would open minded before. I continued to you know. Push beyond my my limited. Accepted beliefs and my limited knowledge base in the deeper and and they open minded. And consider possibility is that I hadn't ever thought about before that I just took you know as a live in color of the given. And that certainly was you know combined or be it I'd been involved with the school. For many years and even so just the concept of their. What I had to examine it. You know and look at the lab results ago while look at that. She's a female and so there's the XX in that chromosome position because it could be bill. And he is a male and compete in a penal RB. And after the transition takes place there's a Y chromosome. Showing that this is a male that this test is coming from. While all Larry migrant take a break when we come back create a lot more questions for us a free and you'll see in the Jason javy and beyond really really will be right back after. Okay game the deepest. Approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scared content October. It dates are October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare con is pleased to it. They're all there and organ meaning out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com desk Eric Carr. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission. The troubled companies these are our. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. It's hundred racecars Tuesday and the East Coast many years and between welcomed an owner really review myself just because you only saw. Some TV it's so I think that is. Is its laser sound. Beat the pew pew pew blazer sounds I think that was the kind of tally in chetniks. I was you can. Ski contract. The pew pew lasers sounds more of a cartoon anything and get away anybody with kids might think that but they know you and I are scientists Chaman where your very scientific and our approaches staff leads. Sound that lasers should make art talent that's. A third. And I sound too and yes I know you are welcome to the show everybody it's Jason and Jamie his MB on really radio or numbers 844687. 7669. We've got a great one tonight we're talking with Michael Wright whose actually standing in for GC night we're talking about the blue room. On experience and a lot more we're learning a lot of things but before we get back into that let's talk about what's coming up for the rest of the week tomorrow night. As our one year anniversary of the program with the inner calm mustard syndication and August 1 and it just doesn't unlikely here it's does not feel like what year it said it's what twenty weeks of Christmas would introduce. Our 20/20 on wheat and remember majority thinking about where you're gonna get me Eminem makes me very very happy I'm here to via quick. I am one year we've been a senator Tom when your limbo for months ago we started also with Westwood One. You know which is from now largest says syndication company in the country and world. Yeah and it's it's been just it's been a phenomenal right to see the show that GV and I started. Honestly we started building this thing and it's little things on our own yeah I did I'd been offered to do syndicated radio and but it was under other people's formats and I talked with my good friend javy your ears are you experience as well and we brought back beyond early period and we started messing around with it just online. And you know and before you know it we're on our son popping up on web site M phenomenon stations all over the country it. And think how far scum really I think it's funny becoming you can say that they're syndicated down 180 understood station whatever. All within you know a year Sino. Not many people actually it's really quite an honor. But I remember the first night when we did the first show online. And we said hey if anybody wants to call here's the phone number never expecting a phone call and the phones are ringing off the Capitol Hill had one we did they've been here every time we end up another when we come with it was one right at the other so we thank everybody for running along with us but anyway tomorrow night will be featuring Rebecca Foster the psychic she's been doing a 31 years she talks angels demons and those that are passed. Over should be taking up phone calls. And we didn't even after college in New Hampshire and initiate a scheduled radio. To do is just think there was there were retarded or Timothy Bakley. You'll foam paranormal pioneers are should be interesting in the Thursday. We're going to be getting into some witchcraft stuff with a guard Marion which since 1982 and a high priestess. So are we talking turmoil witchcraft you mentioned. It's always it's always a great conversation and I actually saw the movie last night and watched a called the which it's a relatively new. Yes there's it's actually pretty interesting. It's some people think it's slow I thought it was slow at times but didn't. It's kind of it's kind of takes the approach that a colony might have had. When these are suspecting people of witchcraft for weird reasons and in his showed that that turmoil on that. That relationship with the family they ended up accusing the daughter of being away each other our own daughter and it was it was pretty generous. So that's that's a so let's differ Siskel and Ebert tonight and we could. Not tired so you take quick break and we come back let a lot more without Mike Wright you listen Jason did in the island area. That's one of the teams sing their great tuna from the Allman Brothers and sweet Melissa. This is beautiful song. And once might get his demise pre bell and into the mix there as. Never too bureaucratic trooper who had never heard partnership I'm an Iron Maiden Ozzy Osborne can a guy you put that stuff fun it's I'm gonna let. Is this elevator music let's fears they could track yeah welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy so vapid Everett everybody along our telephone numbers 844687766. Manner guest tonight is Michael right. We will be talking about the blue room enterprises blue room technology group blue room experience itself. It's a new health and that he'll lean. Wellness technology that's available in the US since also build an eight other countries in Michael thanks for bearing with us we just you know we're not familiar with what you do and we're not haven't been familiar with the rams the stories are kind of just trying to get part of the speedier. No problem and the two topics are actually related. As part of his. Graham goes model of reality that he's been teaching. Sort of focus took a step that earlier met a political teachings in the eighties when he became popular. This say in the new age movement it was all about polite in going polite toward the Castro. Below the light of the physical boldly and Austral. And ever happens it will no actually there are or other levels of reality be awful. Which you have to get through the late to get two of these other levels on the fourth level is. What rent to describe as the ultraviolet role. And that relate to the bush level beyond polite polarity. Where there is a unified state. And that is the roam the template of the form. Of attitudes that allows you going to take place because it's beyond the polarity of what came to be known as part of it negative for good bad or morality karma and so the blue room technology is actually based on treaties travels. To the fourth level before well when she leaves her body. I have one more question before really delve into this blue room stuff about the rams the story. You know you you see details I mean I am an amazing amount of detail which I have to assume ramps communicated with JC directly and she shared that. Wits with everyone. Mom or heat channel that threw her in shared with everyone but my question is is there any scientific or archaeological or historical writings that that make reference to that story. It is stories there is. And it's it is the origins of the Hindu religion. And the modern version of it which has been somewhat. I don't know what the word of what all heard blow like our modern versions of the biblical story. In the Hindu. History is called the robbery Allah. And it's so the story of problems or rock. And he has said that if you were to Trace that back to its earliest. Its earliest versions that would be his story and he says there is still one statue. Somewhere in the Hindu Kush area on the edge in due India Pakistan which of course the break period. One statute that that shows a depiction of of him. From antiquity. So that what he points to. Is what's available these days. Is also pointed to. The civilizations. That have been found under. The modern oceans particularly off the coast of Bermuda agree. Stone steps. Are the terrorists is the I'm and so. The continent of deadly ship Atlantis. And other artifacts. That he's as well calm polite in the Pacific. That relate to occur on the Maria. Why Hawaii. Hasn't he been able to direct. And direct GC or or any other individual fair tune to those now just to help. To help build him I guess just for people to more people to believe in and what's Karl. Well. It in part because he's really not interested in having a lot of people believe and anybody can doubt any artifact and I'll. So that I mean you have modern physiological testing. In the ninety's you have modern DNA testing in the could well people probably that computer trickery they pay hitter they were paid off. And the same thing would happen with antiquities so he's really not you know big on convincing people. Whether they believe Aminopterin is where he's far more interested in and they believe in themselves. And they take his philosophy and productive in their lives and that it's just well great. And good luck thanks for visiting so he's never been interest it and in raising you know millions of followers are filling stadiums. Pool of of people he's only really good interest in in in the few people that are good it and finding. A greater depth of knowledge and a greater mind than themselves. And proving it took them well even if you doubt the source. Those what the analysts say is that useful. In my life and do like the personal benefit of that is so great if not I like. Warmer like little. Well let me ask this leave we're talking about he's helping to try to teach people how to get back on the spiritual path and and how to open up their minds all these things. How how did we kill me if if this. Is accurate 35000 years ago we were more in tune with everything and had more of these abilities. Vs no. Well not all about not everybody. Not anymore so that right now right now we think that it'll modern western culture is a heck of human civilization and we'd a little. What we call you know back or merger or world cultures that don't use in digital devices to send and receive messages. But you know maybe a goat or the trees on the message to who had to walk through it to the village combined milk and a few other. Supplies and and but biologists would turn we will review or for the tree control commercial crew here. They're covered don't ever so well. Well an anomaly on the kind of person where I look at it where a cell phone yeah might keep me in touch with him with other individuals and make life easier that way but I'll be honest it takes away that personal connection with with friends and loved ones you sort of lose that you lose that connection to your dealing with an electronic device and said in the person in general. I miss the old days where did you had to go he would do in sees somebody not just text them to tell them. MM we have an innate ability with in. Who you know built that oil connection his in laws in arm and bring them down. Ideology studies and you know quantum physics demonstrations of the oh Kelly effect. And the ability to separate even. A remote partner or remote view what is that look it up. Using your nuclear here. And at all in the world and of the people who don't disbelieve that he's. You could evidence there have been treated. So Michael let's let's change the topic let's really focus on this blue room experience tell them how are you mentioned that you know hop kind of the origins of it. From a basic standpoint to give us the details what's it about what's he used for and you know where's it going. Okay the blue room of the structure of the bow. An increase. By and Peter though. Octagon shape if not where it's about the decree high to a quite a looming it's a rule. Lot of quality of their aircraft. You know get claustrophobic you know there's a vote in the center of a legal and you're laid down. You don't have to undress you earlier ordinary clothing by the inning who. And you don't have to get them grow up what you do cook what they think. Do walls are lined Walt being quote with I would call. Think what you'll. There are blew a lead he liked. Alone beat up from the bottom. Kilometers. And there are also. Narrow band oh by the heat lamp. On each of these walls and on the the only. Ultraviolet lamp on her where I've put that and they hurt in the atmosphere you'd create trouble. And then for either the ethnic Europe. And then the rest of the twenty minute session you later in the book is that. With the body. Or the environment. What point does he considered equally quality. People get off exit that they are being considered that these. There's some important in the grain and it he. In one warm and tight leash and enclosure because of this thing you'll be like her to eight feet to a block. The they could be electromagnetic smog that we live in all the time that causes. A constant cellular level Italy. And and disharmony in the body in the interest. Bob extra full remote vehicles. And and it was his personal people. Couldn't. And so do rule it in the old structure. Provide a place of tranquility. It provided very high tech looking. The different sort of environment in that regard it. Like I used to imagine what was the other beautiful court. Akaka. After an etiquette traumatic experience that album available for certain that could have at it compared to actual extraterrestrial craft. But it isn't a need speed of relaxation. That allow the body become distinct so that helped to neutralize. He column. The of the attitude some of the chemical issues that we increase in our armed modern culture of cost of low. Locally extra. And it supports the body's natural healing abilities. We have had a number of people. A little over 30040000. Obsession. And so while the people have. Expressed their. Relaxation in pain relief better league. Better mood or you can cook that day people with chronic and acute conditions have reported improvement. Some have been able to demonstrate that with their positions and it before and after cancer or lab results to. We've been collecting data these were two years. We have boom boom in Salt Lake in the opening up. Better research facility it's gone and we'll start formal. Prospective studies what we've been shall flowers and retrospective at the opponent that level. Is all the safe. Is the blue room saying 40. Absolutely yes yes you know. Her book where I protection or in the ultraviolet light through on. But even at that. The minimal amount of radiation. Emitted from the medical. Or at such a distance. It is in. Even expose. You expose it to the benefits for the and we have been going true. European certification. And they cleared its with national level. Quickly update the tickled the work. We have multiple units. Coke and running partner now. And the inning a little bit better exposure here. And growth here in the state this past this month has been political. And then South America Mexico. Japan's. I want a quarter. So would be accurate to say that it's it's it it's a method or system by which it invigorate the body to deal with whatever the issues a body may be face is not necessarily directly. Healing mechanism but it it it kind of invigorate your body to do that for you. It yet because it beat it helped reduce the level of chronic stress. It's also the ultraviolet B light that are used are not go light that are used to having moved these are the medical grade light that. Causes the body to respond and produce its own vitamin. So you'd get that vitamin. You know that he'd go lived and played out. We're about onscreen guns school. Thick smoke exposure process as opposed you know being in it all week walk in the outside the barbecue Saturday. Right Michael we got to take we assert get a jump to break you're talking with Michael right about blue room experience where two compensation. It's nice it's. It starts over again because they think people really need to hear. Held the how the laser sound in this particular sign did you hear and we was telling us or against. It. You listening to it. Night of course I was late can I can police or police until that happens right in the very beginning this analysis into overtime. Know senate Pugh Pugh Pugh present witnesses to this isn't between connected together just got a really long conversation at up to what we could and we movement spent more time I'm in our guest Michael as a fighter pilot you should ask him slowly Mike he's got to know what the laser sound like delicious make any noise and Almonte. That Eric I mean that's right so if anything's making noise it's making the device generating light right to might be a buzzer on the USC did a story earlier Mike about Russia actually putting these things are on the plane try to add their eyes supposedly work together using lasers to not go home and systems son nom subdued event aircraft missiles. Yeah end the US boot up the month satellites. My own interest and solar Star Wars program make a point okay well nothing nothing like having a fighter X fighter pilot on the program to kind of make sense at all for. But Michael we are talking about the blue room and sound you know how these things. And these rooms these blue rooms that that you are now working with Holland they've been around. The good blue. Rule was first developed a prototype developed in about just over two years ago and early 20s50s. Ultraviolet therapies and this ultraviolet photo of therapy has been around comes nearly 19100 in terms of using. Some kind of ultraviolet lamp pork. The rest and to being. And hit it predate the FDA. In that regard of course in the previous entry you deal therapy in Europe you know you are feeling bad. Go look I mountains and you've got more over exposure because of the bitter atmosphere. That'll walk a long history of light therapy with ultraviolet light. That is you know grounded in the early early in medical science and kind of got shunted aside and out of in became very popular. They did really well for awhile but now all eleven. Also used. As big has made a comeback back with people they use ultraviolet B which is. The far end of the older broad spectrum. The sterilize medical equipment and hospital rooms use ultraviolet on premature babies. In hospitals could help them process of the ways from the kidneys are political so there are a lot of medical uses. Poor Alter wrote that oil leak and this particular development is more a broad based. Constitutional. Indebted to go in the late count. Grew lamps are not very powerful they're quite a distance from the body. So you're not gonna get burned. From from milk why plants and in this particular configuration. It's really designed to allow the body at a at a cellular communication level to go to a neutral state. Like a reset like he would to 01 restart of your computer for equity your. And the little twenty minute session. Regular use. People have acute or chronic conditions but for help the people want to week. It's just really great way. Relaxation cellular level could look. It back to the local state and Kuwait again. Well and the reset thing is a foreigner I've I've got. I'm water model hiking model that actually has thingy you put and it's an ultraviolet and why and you turn on it kills. Any bacteria anything you wanna so there's definitely a lot of benefits of it. When it comes down to and to a huge human. Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Lou really excited that I'm number of positions have got on board with that particular over Europe. And there's one German position who started out with a blue rule. At a spot town where she you know was affiliated with a spark clinic and though most are holdouts. And she saw RO work and she acted up in movement toward clinic. And apply it to this state medical board with the evidence achieve collect it and said. This is really good it works its billable we should be a look hey you know collect insurance payments are our coast or should you get here. Interest coverage and and the state appropriate so Germany is really. Moving ahead and and Europe in general has. Good for more receptive. In there and medical. Spectrum. With this particular technology. So in the years through a couple of years they you've been involved with this type of technology in treatment. Do you have any stories of folks that. Kind of testimonials that they offer a glimpse as to how it works. Oh absolutely. We've we of course we have to be careful. We don't make medical claims portable. What the individual certainly is free to talk about their script and they are working with the practitioner. Whose documentary before or after again it still an individual case. Case specific it's a lot of blood. Eagles starting with a belt and Kirk is accountable he creature you look. That will common in the next year shall and we had people. That the cancer. One woman opened Montreal who had had. Cancer. Ten years ago she went and can it therapies. Packet back into remission. And who can and her. Ability to know. For sure. Ball all Milo on my mobile couple. And her cancer came back. She went and got. Over oncologists and call it a little bit of procurement you vote and that they the five year process. And that'll look like all great art because that there are hurtful. You heard about the blue room she started going to the little. And Acker. I think it very intense course with two provisions. Fourteen sessions and bury me. And she went back they checked her. He Marcos. And she was she was back in the global and so they did a follow up later. And Turkey hill workers. Right he gets an idea something. Were back in the normal range oh with a marker available. And the dark college well I think we can take you over people order your early you do what you do. So shooter after. I mean that's that's always a great story we always cautioned people you know would come we always say make sure you're doing any exists under the supervision and guidance and and console of your medical professionals for. Absolutely. And that's part of our licensing processes we require each below operations. As a part of getting a license to operate and constructive way. That they have a position consult them on it ought to be on staff. In order to be there Monday through Friday day in day out but they have they have to get a position to sign on to figure out what will be the open. I'm familiar with bullet European ultraviolet. Sufficient to incorporate it and somebody's creek plant if they're interested in doing their and so. For the very reasons that healing as a very in the legal process. These are very individual process. Certainly we've all learned that there are no magic bullet from competitor he has that's very complex and dynamic field. So thank you look emphasizing that as well. From Michael weir do you you all UGZ the rest you. There raft mines and say institute and go from here. Well goodness. In the blue room we're looking to development and in more countries and more states in the US. Here in the US will probably keep it at the world looked level goalie can get the the research facility to. A conclude some other studies with the institutional review board because. You find our only car do you find it harder in the US stood. He sings. What we think all all lived only because. The US medical system as very conservative and rightly so we have no issue with them. Even bill ultraviolet therapy has been grandfathered in by the FBA. We want to go to the process of a forward looking but he. Currently collective updated now pick by U verse six pathologies where. There is low risk to the patient and probably I spent crucial outcome. And that. You don't want that in you know in the peer reviewed published literature and overseen by. The proscribed research board here in the US. That will go a long way. Or making it is no more acceptable in the US medical community. And we're working with veterans and in peak he would be on an informal level right now here in the state of Washington in May be. Will be working with the PGA. Just at the world level we're working with some athletes on the lookout recovery. And injuries injury recovery. So there's a lot of different direction that. The gloom and it. Has jumped technologies and expand. In the years ahead and that's very exciting. Take a second NTELOS about these school. And who's. Allowed or welcome to attend and what it teaches. Oh okay so are the schools open to the public. There's a there's date basic. There's there's variety of book. CDs and dvds. That are out in circulation. Amazon and all you'll. Lethal panel and then there's. Online streaming program that opened the public and the entry level for somebody who wants to start the court work. And become a student. Is called a class one a one. And it five or six state program or streamed online as well five or six modules. That provide an overview of the offered free people kept Hillary. Introduction coup after the techniques were so. And allow somebody could cut the philosophy put themselves. And if they can result in her life and if they do and they like it and they've got the foundation to continue with. In the the other hand they are cognizant. Programs workshops retreat on the barge and it wouldn't want to call it like. Of continuing education it's not like a four year residency program or two year residency here wonders certificate. Is not really structured that way it's it's more open and it. And topical or people who aren't suited. Topic of the country come up and technical courses. Tell us about your personal experience she said you know you found this pass on some time after on the simple. But one point leaving the country club set her life for whatever was in this was. An alternative to that how is this whole experience changed your life. Oh my goodness well. Getting out of the F sixteen was a compressed disks and chronic back pain. I was interested in the alternative forms appealing to that of back surgery. And like them. So I think they would vote. One of the first things I was able to do was heal my back pain in and that are dramatically reduce staff. And so that was a delightful human techniques that work. Early on in my trading with the school and involved going in my money into the fourth level and read programming from the blueprint. The light body down to the typical quality. Two erratic he the year that they haven't. Could cause barrio and you're thinking all future children yours. And what do you mean what do you mean in the fourth level. So moving beyond polite if you go from physical coup. The level that we're promoter live there's the cooler regret level. That is. The level of the microscope breaker or their level there's. Level of light. And then go like cleaner Italy Rome the puddle of late that people talk about it near death experiences. If they come back or death experiences if they go on. And then beyond that well. There is the the what rampant describes as the blue or ultraviolet blue realm that Israel Lebanon without Hillary. And that preceded. The the expansion of the electoral. There. More people are currently. And that is the state much like blueprint. And out of pushed the blue room atmosphere is created. Put the body and the and the Contras the into the cool. Atmosphere. And so this school peaches techniques to access it internally. If you don't have to have access to. And here are. At what point do you recommend somebody. Two. Tried the blue room you know what what what needs to be happening in their mind and they're physical condition to is to think that it too is too good idea for them. I think for somebody who is looking for an edge if they're competitive sport player. Whether it's at the amateur level or a professional. The blue room might give them that extra competitive edge. I think that people that are dealing with. Lol great chronic issues a pain like I have it right back. Sleeplessness. Stress. That are looking for away coup. Reduced those levels. Without resorting to chemicals. It will it was a great way to. Experience that and sort of re program. The mind body mind body connection. And because of the mind and the DNA error in inextricably combined. You can get some pressure expression. At the genetic level the FB genetic level in in the trailer available that can help with reportedly going. Somebody that's just kind of oval on belt. I think that people that are looking for deeper state of focus for creativity. May find it useful from the blue eagle I have some artist friends that used Lou just to go and and and Topeka. You know they're working on a project in the paper in there. Into their focus on the Google and all that hate this state and then they come out of her older right he has to work on those. And so the Eagles song selection or possible. OK that's great we are getting getting close to running out of time here we haven't spoken about the fact that Jay-Z has a number of books. I believe their available on the website or probably Amazon we've had a little trouble their website getting a links up that we normally have. But one of the books is a state of mind my story that's an autobiography from JC anything else recommend Mike. For people that are interested in rep for the school its philosophy techniques there's the book kind of also called the white book. From people that are interest it to the end. Good. You spoke about the he's there's a book. Recently released without any information call. You know close in the nature of reality. For people that are interested in light and other realm of the light beyond physical life. There's a book that it and that's about to be re re published called the ministry of birth and death. I think that just in a couple of weeks ago they're all available Amazon. Patriot Act outcome is Cheney's personal web site. Rap up dot com as the school's web site. And blue room dot com BO URO. It is will find. A guide map location problems around the world. For businesses that might be understated considering the glue for their own operations. That there or cancer clinical practice there's links there. As well as health and other from while he experience. That's great Michael thank you so much for stepping in last minute and joining us tonight we appreciate the conversation and all the information I think we could probably. To a whole mother showed talking about this ramp the stuff and getting out getting more information go to. He's I think we barely scratch the surface I would thanks so much for coming on Mike we look forward to talking he let her future. All right thank you government. Have a great okay we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality grim GC TP. Starting off our broadcast week thanks to her before joining us great conversation with Michael writes and I learned a lot. Yeah Amaechi tune in tomorrow it's a one year anniversary. 01 year syndicated champagne and confetti tomorrow night. You can do that on there and my guess Rica nobody no regret it at that you have an image she had over like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and head over to be on reality radio dot com where you can final decree stations we air and across the country despite click clicking the station list. On where he can just join the online do you listen online too quick lesson lies lead didn't allow us to connect in the online channels in the show from there. Or grab the free. And doing online chat as well to download the show from iTunes to this favorite Israeli force helps push it forward. But that's it for tonight everybody will catch all the marched Jason JGB unreal literate man. And the media is produced by CD ignorance and platoons Alexandria Johnson's intercom we need. Don't forget to stop by her FaceBook page gives a light and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow up on you like. Beat Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.