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Psychic readings and discussions with callers on the 1-year anniversary of Beyond Reality Radio

Aug 2, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with psychic Rebecca Foster about her work and her book - Beaches - A Journey of Answers. Rebecca takes listener calls and offers her guidance and interpretation of their circumstances. 8/2/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I are. Fellow Astros once and the storms many US style and that we welcome to beyond really redo it myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jeannie Johnson you notice anything different. We got a flock to Siegel single I don't know that look like (%expletive) it signals Brazilians and Iran and angles I think this is the worst terror could have ever gotten in my life I'll just. I see his pictures back when you're in your twenties you know. And growing up the war was the style of back then OK so that was a style that was just a bad style choice but right now this is just a bad haircut I mean what happened here I went into the place I always go and it's one of those just walk in place is next person up to sit in the chair right. And I did that in there isn't a new girl there and I don't know she was new hair cutting but she certainly was new to cutting my hair. And I don't know if she used you know like have a pruning saw I'm not sure what she used but and you terms. I don't know what it is put me and I I'd I'd this and to be weeks two to recover from this but it probably probably slightly longer and maybe longer anyway you know Illinois house PI I probably shouldn't he and what's even worse is that it was so bad. But actually took a pair scissors tonight but actually earlier today. And I knew it was in the mirror and Mike trying to affix it with scissors which by the way if you're looking in the mirror and trying to use scissors that's the most weird feeling it's all backed exits on my gut yet so. I think it probably made it worse than it was. Well. She shall I get enough they had to fight it I just don't know today I mean maybe had I don't know Gooden had so that's that's going to be I can Wear ski cap I don't know I'm not. Right now I think you'll agree that. He did it look much better than at a theoretical hole I welcome everybody to be on reality radio and if you're just tuning and numb if you haven't Demi she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial like the FaceBook page then head over to beyond reality radio dot com we find him all the greasy should Wear and across the country as soon be updated with the more. Com you can also launched click the listen live button join online chat listened to their from the website. Or you can download the free iPhone and android app which allows you to listen live catch past episodes and join me how much as well. And we have we've. Great show tonight because this is a very very special night for us. It's our one year anniversary happy birthday to us right now and I was listening I mean really it I mean if you had told me the year where all our rights are when you're after coming anniversary PS industry that is exactly when we started syndication was intercom radio and if it's somebody thome would go by this quickly I'd say you're crazy this going to be a lot of work in and take a long time but it it was a lot of work but managed just flew by. It really didn't it went by extremely fast and it's great to see that and it's it's still going strong essentially getting stronger bigger and am has its mind blowing early as. Is it just went so quickly in and we've come such a long way in fact. You know. Not the old bulls chose with the old and or congress shows us even even the comparison from what we're doing today with Westwood One and Entercom verses what we're doing last August. With just senator comets come along way in so much of that has has directly to do with the input in the support of the people listen to the show. Oh absolutely and I and I think it's funny to unite which you. We've never had a problem with talking about annually and we can always talking on but I remembered in a few months and into the very beginning Morley come on you because once the might rolls it becomes a different. Sailing you and I talk all the time he admitted to Mike's the mics on. He like Tom you have yet everything's different when the mics which goes there and it really did everything is yet so but you know us both having histories and non official entertainment television and or radio definitely definitely comes in handy. You know I think it's funny you're talking about this hair situation earliest. And one of my stories to was about. Hair situation isn't as scary as my hair such who each Islam might be okay good my BA hair bit scarier and I hear me serenaded there. That was really good in those who wasn't bad and did you triumph instances came natural natural come back and when anyways so hair cutting ghost. The pin and panic is growing. I concerns over an alleged entity cutting the hair of unwitting women in Indian villages. Continues as considerate courses at reports accumulate to get increasingly strange year. Don't talk about this I have to I've heard a lot of uneasily on the last couple weeks ago. Is an anything middle on. Authorities say that an astonishing fifteen cases have Nauman reported over the last two weeks which brings that total to a whopping 23. Such incidents said to have occurred since the panic began back in June. The most recent victim described her ordeal to the Press Trust of India. Telling outlook that offend me and in a red and yellow ultimate first off it's just ports aren't nominated colors yeah. Who appeared at her endorsed couple carrying a trident. Yes unit to try to err if the and they just showed up its its kindly make sure wonder I mean. We got command tight turn. And it's tried misses and the bigs beer thing with three points at the end you I mean. After the woman told the man believed he seeming seemingly complied with the request only to return a little later. And somehow render her on conscience. When you watch them and shield logo would never tried I mean I mean rendering it dead. When she awoke on the set I found myself lying in the four in my parade just chopped off of course. The experience was so unsettling display not causing any physical warns the woman wants or hospital be examined a remains terrified by what happened. For a their part police are skeptical that there of these are supernatural elements at work yeah I usually I can see their hesitation to accept that answer for the yet maturity attached to answer anti social gangs looking to sow fear and chaos in the village. So anti social gangs that come in your house and cut your earlier sleeping. Yeah let's see the gang getting get a simple do we do to really terrorize people I know let's talk directly to jail jumpsuit with a trident and you'll stay at somebody's front some sort trident because clowns are creeping up but I did this is wrecks are really good story and glad you brought this up because I have to go to this for a convention this weekend when I go there and people look at me funny as it don't work hey it ghost cut my hair it was just I was sleeping mini assembly and maybe should. Think about no matter how good detritus try to really cherish you know put it to pay over my hair I mean that's about it Israeli. Had to say with a federal SES Ike I can't have a bad haircut and know you can and you I hear your tiny arms mach three or no he mach three Turbo I cut that stuff out and you see these scenes are using pressure I can grow Arizona problem. But I just. To be honest with you just gets in the way you feel like Tyler the problem is when you're sweating to you have nothing to absorbent so this what rolls right to your eyes and that's a painful experience yet you look come. I mean it's just this is low maintenance I don't have anything to worry about I'm more aerodynamic. You argue you never know what it's like a three tenths of a second half for a wind resistance songs you're leaning forward XX XX. We have a really really good show tonight we've got to town one of the one of the most popular types of guests we have on the show generates a lot of phone calls a lot of fun as a psychics and we've got Rebecca Foster on tonight she. Is marking her 31 year in readings. For people and she's a clear point who conceive smell in here the other sites talks to angels deems demons. And those have passed over her gift is from god and she serves god by helping people. With their current and previous lives are we talking with her she's the author of the book called the beaches journey of answers and that's been via our discussion tonight. Yes so if you're gonna want the mutate on this number you welcome you called the Madden are also you know and what your favorite show was over our year so far. They would not air. For the phone numbers 844687766. I get missile treaty 44687766. Language of course we'd love to hear. What do you enjoy about the show. And you want to know what's kept you tuning in what is a what to make the show keep on growing awareness that's that's a great suggestion would love to hear from mom a lot of her regular schools we have no idea what we're doing. Quick silver in the might really start rolling out airs Saturday he's been working at gas thank god slick kid he is lately trying to keep us on track a little bit here because some other ways you and I'd be talking about haircuts on my. All you beat. And I don't know it's exactly. But now so yeah later said I if you've got a call to talk at it as she got a question to ask Rebecca Foster. Tonight ahead in May she take on the number and also just. If you wanna fill us in on what you enjoy about this show wouldn't even what you're from favorite episodes throughout the the last year that we've been syndicated. And give us a call and an 8446877. 684467. So 766 triumph sport in my tongue off I'll thought the phone users 44687766. Month. All right let's say to break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Rebecca Foster is tonight's guests we're going to be talking to her. Taking your phone calls toll here beyond me out. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates are October 6 through the eighth place turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place and this is. Agree to match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com desk Eric Kahn. Day scary time I've come visit the. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary can. I know you radio with Jason and TV in a few moments of. Bring our guests and Rebecca Foster she's a psychic and clearer point we're going to be talking with her and taking your phone calls you cannot play. Iron Maiden wasted years are one year anniversary. With that Newton were inappropriate thoughts there was I mean I'm wasting jeers and this is an item always to now it's actually just the opposite that was my point it's just the opposite of waste you know ideally I migrated team. What they wanna I wanna mention I know that there is some folks that are trying to get into Chad they've got to read register on stuff. I'm just go ahead with the re registration process. We have found that we have blown out the servers with the amount of use coming in a lot of tree users trying to get in with the they're trying to stream or just chat. We're trying to upgrade things to make sure we can handle the volume it's almost three million people month yet it's completely unexpected in an error server hosts are just having more trouble keeping up with that the please just be patient with that and now in a CF three register just go ahead and do it doesn't really change anything. And I featuring beckoned to chat. Sol let's go to the phone lines let's bring in escaping from Massachusetts skippy. A welcome to be on reality radio on the one year anniversary of the program Rick heavy on. I'll tell us. Happy anniversary. The issue at first I am first and comet it's actually am relatively new Ciara. Program. Like it's a new base. And you're generous EST. Yeah like you deal. This summer. In Asia it. And you Uga at a light preacher reading from. Big foot to go chase it and make but an. Now my problem is say I should do trying to advocate tolerance. Dissent just dismissing hadn't been listening and that. Inept. I don't know other supplemental our approach objection cash in and out mama six vehicle. And an inept group linked to meet Patrick and I agree weary but I like that Specter people. And at least talk to therapist is structured about. Or I think that's important I mean it means it means that your least open to other people's perception of things and I think that that's important and you hear us a lot of times we'll talk to people that. We don't we don't. Really believe them what they're saying but we have the respected to talk to them and have them on the show and let them voice that. Without without an accountant just Barack and disregarding it and I think that that's important and I and that just shows kind of person you are skippy and greatly appreciate it. Escaping escaping and then also just illustrates something that we tried to set out to do the very beginning we wanted to give people an opportunity whether we agreed with them and underwear do we believe with them or not present. Their case their story whatever happens to be wall asked tough questions when necessary but it's that the folks listening like you skippy. That really need to make up your minds whether something you believe in or don't believe in her fine being a phony or whatever happens to be and that's exactly what we tried to do. But you know well as its act. You know anybody who might just Cuba tertiary trying to look. Experienced no listen listen it's people's personal experience. Who might say. Despite this say to each took them almost six years old I know everything and I and the biggest school in the world. That though it went our environment our. I agree with that a 100% at you very much before we let you go I do have to say you said your continued the show are you going to listening five months or since we've only been on a year. You've been here with a almost half the time the show's existed so you're you're a veteran skippy. You can go go go by yourself and that we will condone and we will endorse it exactly today. Take you so much for the phone call on the very very kind words skippy we appreciate that OK let's go to the our guest line and bring in our guest Rebecca Foster Rebecca. Is marking her 31 year of doing readings for people she's a clairvoyant who can see smell in here the other side she talks to angels demons. And those who have passed over Rebecca. Welcome to beyond reality radio and our one year anniversary so great to have you on the show tonight. Thank you so much I'm so excited and I I can't explain how tightly. The center awkward you guys that we're doing great thank you anomalies. I could I I have to admit it I have tried children. Well I am run ragged all that long and I usually in bad when they accidentally I'll sleep when I'm putting one of them actually. Shuttle like holy crap like knocking your door along current. Pay as you as a guy who's got five kids as well I know I can feel for Rea I'm totally with you on that and but this is like the only time that I actually get to myself or my EJ and I think you're ready and you're actually right it's it's this time of night that we can actually think in in concentrated focus on something other than kids. And you know and what do think I think I find amazing is that. You know my kids are older Jay your kids are still cunning young you've got some young men are still some older some younger but my kids as that my kids in their twenties and they still demand three quarters of my time during the day I don't know how that works I don't know why he. Rebecca we've got about two minutes where we have to jump into a breaks or too short segment in that two minutes give us an idea who yard how you became what you are in my ear on the show. OK quickly I. Not I opened up doors when I was younger I'd always been able to keeping. But they opened up Eudora without making a year. A little rocket you know little rock and if you're pretty much Turkey grand Turk. And those negative or are what led me to. Finally awakened to being able to do what I do now and over the years of doing that it can't form your next teen and it's grown. And so I know that there's the dark side extreme acts. I at a period yet and I. Spirited public buckled on every day they that you might get back but I can't help people to get back on their past. I understand why they're going through something to clear ice thing that can help them you are grieving. And it. I guess I'd trade they haven't taken away because it could get to pressing kinda like oh my gosh I content. By. It's just something that I really enjoy doing. And I am so excited I get I don't I yelled at each other people Malcolm not to wondered at their door closing rate I'll need help. Doing something like this is allowing you to reach whoever. Eric want to hear each and and that's what I'm just like yeah me I. I don't like it was explained to him. And well he aegs Erin you'll have a lot more time to break but that that's a common thing did that for people who truly. You have some sort of sensitivity arm because you know as all's I do there's a lot of people out there got these crazy claims but. But will those ones out there who correlate this is a gift but also and to be a curse at times too and and really be to be hard to deal. And old who get into a lot of that we come back. Yes and beef up after the break we'll also get into everybody's phone calls the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. Our phone lines are very very busy few getting busy signal continue to try if you're on hold just be patient with us we'll get to the calls as soon as we can't. Are so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back more with Rebecca Farsi listen to Jason NGB on Dion really do. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Or champagne for a little while to celebrate the one year anniversary. In there you go and disingenuous for it and should he quit. You can't help but get jiggy on your for senator Cyrano that's. We're talking with Rebecca Foster tonight she is a 31 year veteran of our reading people she's clairvoyant. Who can see smell in here the other side talks to angels demons and those who have passed over. She's the author a book called the beaches a journey of answers again Rebecca thank you so much for being with us and he askew. You know yet in your first when we first the first segment when we had John before the break you had mentioned some but having some negative experiences a kind of opened doors for you. Can you share with business exactly what was going on how they were negative. Well yeah. I would highly sensitive things I remember when I was little feed my grandfather when he died when I was supposed to have him having died. Yet the clear memory. And I guess screw up not realizing what I would seem like it wasn't real and when I alleged armed younger my parents got divorced. And of course to war could always turn nasty but. I tumbled into this. He really dark clay in my older brother little blue and darker place and he had all looked at him but in a different way. So he attracted all of these. The demons around him and Ed. And an impressionable person liked how how this could kill cool he like you can move and he can kicking in palm reader it was actually. Creepy stuff and I. At that point blank god for and we candidly long in my life and I basically denounced him writer that. I don't believe do you I don't like you I don't want you around and when I did that. I started it was almost as if everything were given actually eat half can it can get me and things would open my windows and I would be able to say you know I'm leaving before we can only think 1415 and I like fake. Whoever is being here are meeting for the weekend so if someone comes in here get bumped and my old Nebraska locked in my room you go into the closet at. You're never gonna believe that I wouldn't learn from them poked me in the back of the neck and slammed my neck and I ran out of your room and I'll went yeah you. Really Geary will. It just continued and I was getting really nervous for my parent would leave and accurate in walking above me there wasn't a lot scarier that was just. Across space and I I really felt attacked icing and I would feed demon can barely hear them and I turned Q alcohol or current I would be young and nobody knew nobody knew what was going on. And I wish terrified because I was blue in the hearing. In none of that was confident. In and my mom had actually taking me to a psychiatrist and how he trusted you click and I answered it and you see dead people yet do you seek out. Yes Q your voices yes he's like well. OK so eager creek eat or you're right the jury take their past or Michael contrite in Q do you think that people who helped you your boy Mel a conflict. And I got out of my knee and terrified. 11 night just to make a quick and opened my window and I realized that. It was in my room my mom thought I was not and I would on the floor praying please don't tell me how you're doing you lump you you I am sorry I am cute tiled and from that point I'm. I started paying more attention to the positive things that are coming true. And it looked kind of a circuit track at first my brother would like 182 weeks from my friend well I would get it done cable and I would read or people who would come in Turkey farm and and then people are actually coming to the field actually really how it started in and and they never the darker I had never gone away it's always. It's only been there kind of just capping a glass like I'm still here we're doing. Where army insist on as soon as somebody who I'm an emboldened paranormal feel for a long time and and so. If you denouncing god do you believe is so you believe that that sort of took away your your body guard your your protector. And open source tool are all these things to come in and and torment you and create problems for. Yes and it was so we all and nobody knowing what was going on and I couldn't explain it either because I would skill category thirteen fourteen you're able. So I just thought I would creepy thought I would delusional act on it would keep a critic or out of what all of these things. And so now highly joke around with people kind of like that Tom and Jerry proverbial. You know battling on the shoulder at each carry with that people. Especially those who are you who. I am I he might even understand that at this late Sherry cooking I'm on a guide you'll eat eat the cookie which can be something your simple act. But it could be some of the extreme as you know beyond you know we want to hear nobody cared they like yeah. It end and that's where a lot of what I militant well at trying to convince people that. Those that you hear that her leg here are not. They're not you it's just gonna you know you'll complete your life that is positive. And these little darker things don't want you sexy because. This kid got planned for you know. And shell when people. Lift a little darker voices and think like them when they they do extreme things are bad hardball a liar so. I. You conclude about what I do is trying to meet people and help them don't listen and meg yeah. If you're under darkly and you're deprived. Hopelessly negative things he couldn't it. It's not you know it's in prepping her feet from you go yeah I laughed when he's coming aren't like Helena. You're the first preview link opulent my but given how are your eye on tagging here at you know early in Seattle on Karen if you look. In a row the part that's bad about themselves or negative. What it's really hard to come up with a positive night ritual I can bring out their content or people. They're happy about it. It was so you collection in the regular everyday and that's where I was a younger right idea order be your I would like I like and I don't wanna be here this is new head and in your turnaround. Although he did not have were younger. Than it was when he when he first started doing actually declare try. When it first started reading of people I had bought a pack of Carol cart contract right spot I had EU. For years I use hero cards to eat. And you're light on me like yeah right I mean I could look only hero Carter the second you let me not yet. I feel with the Carnegie. It because I'm being told in the am I read for people it's it's coming from another sport. And shall. I. Was living in how to get in Illinois. And tell from rattling on. With us again you do when it's not the answer. And our politics old husband myself and our older I'm move into the authentic in Illinois and locking my husband is how clean them a hug them. He is you know he doesn't believe and I knew that he he keeps getting more like it though the longer we're Mary. And I think I'm running out shall we look into the aisle to the Missouri in the hot. Well don't you feel worn by I don't think yeah yeah. And I would feel excited about came haltingly that I probably would never have even tried to buy I learned my lack in part because to me into the Howell. All of the sudden. Moving little let me just don't call the virtual collect everything was still there. Not like why brother Scott coherent view of what her husband lost the job and she stayed and then she moved with him. I lower living there. We would get home from a long weekend in Chicago. And legal parent and the radio put all kick on my list aren't good like. 567 he ally the radio to tournament that don't or. OK I want is just saying hi. Well this afternoon after I realized it was his impeachment. And after my second son was born either chicken little right to your merely walking he walks out the storage or were you there with hygiene. And he walked past the door he'd he not he'd look at their real slow illegal. And he blew it all three out and he would eat you up. You're screening I could or prior to condemn the basement went down repelling the stand off when. Either asleep upstairs and it's crap. I'm down there I'm you know I'm speaking at eagerly how a lie and do all the prayers are getting rid that. I like slowly turning back Arnett and lock up or scared. I hit the top of the spirit and I hear this thing running up here. Ask your eye you mention it I I got done right I ran out of accomplished. I'm on the phone mom and ringing and it's hard to turn into the pork store and I. Katrina into the Monica guarantee limit there had well I am going to get and not so I know when he spun. I'm not terrified because if you're not reacting to meet trainer weighing article new way. And I would do in your Alec all the young I would like low hanging. Don't make a long story short which is already long but I look at that point I. I. I am I don't get read by people they don't trust them I don't believe it and a lot of people who can't try to conduct our Mac I don't I. We try to read yes shut them out because I don't I don't want people reading. And I would refer to this only got a Bible reading. So called orange and black man you have a lot of can you Carol carton you're giving him the glory not like. It took probably. Tricky chip. He seemed like if you wanna give it to me then what you're gonna let you you basically do everything once again they expire and where I was concerned and I put OK but tarot cards it would Alastair Crowley Jack by the way little that I know I had no idea of the people's ads I. I put it on eBay and I set for war. This they had to act in his idiot full of almost sixteen years of Reading and I'm just warning right now. I'm warning and it all like. Cocky but I warn people be careful about the chair cart because mr. dangerous. Then after that I realized I have to give him what props are silk cap plan. I hit it here again and not look at everything changed once again I would. No feeling more and more like creamy Mimi Indonesian I didn't do it without their cardinal who didn't do her. There are cool and milling Stanley warmer and the like. Oh to the coming through your pardon me that I'm super excited about Britney carting your camera I. Know and I'm not. Because you know the Maytag had been shot down people look like I got in Iceland I didn't suffer like. My kids don't mind to compete. In their you know. I'm pretty quiet about it and don't advertise birdied UP currently doesn't like OK you removed. I don't want Crocker burn in the yard yeah that's how people which you know and so he and he works he worked in corrections you. The big news outlets that would actually he didn't want people knowing who I am and who he is sure why you call the whole radio. Except for a way to the whole country and usually under a position just an eye which you're really really good option. Arm. I held on. Our licks and we got. A lot of people waiting on the phones or Richard is pepper Sunday through here this is dawn on Donna welcome on reality really great to have you on the back. How. Are back you don't even have to ask the question how are you you don't have to ask a question I'm the gonna. I'm gonna give you something real quick okay connect all electric opt out of the pack everything it I'm symbolic knowing my guide helped me. They'll win ninety something for some want it come through in a Fillmore picture. I'm gonna eat something and then I'll explain what it means nominate you quickly can I no longer on a conference. I'm well when I hear you confer a picture of what they're showing. You are out on the water. And you are on the a small boat or raft and haven't failed to. You are in what appears to be a needy blue skirt you income. Like Graham actually but they're comfortable grammar shoot and match. And you are getting golden mask treat seeing. Need in the east and they'll target lack of understanding and lack of pay. And you are. Harley from the beach not not that far but quite far and you're free you're not incurred for your feeling would it help me right now. Is wanna represented. Opportunity it represents it can represent a different rate Pelfrey who represent opportunity impossible we're. Now dean on the water means that you're not all he cheered the police in your mind where you are a quorum means. And here in an outfit. That. It inappropriate should be given way and we're here and a skirt he. Couldn't tell you something regarding work a public losing career and the fact you're wearing which you'd had some wonder what will hold you back. So it's telling me that you you you you let your health and we'd love to do that I can't be currents. So you have to figure out who or what you are back home and because Danny can be yardage if the war. Holding back what you're trying to move forward four or the company would regret. And it is a call. Wait our water column you're you're free you're ready to go and the only thing currently hold you back break LP. You know your fear of what I want coup. Might say Arnold would have been a good idea for you or if you you can actually change their different you're having some reservation. But on the it looks continent and it looks like you just you flight team get asked the EU relations concerned it would yeah it would have been a opportunistic to be able to add finally could feel like you held back from prolonged high. And making each each. That aren't true. Oh my collection. You can him anyway at some exchange in me. Yeah I do you. Okay yes that's so true yeah medical system I have on my crap but my heart and it can't let it an apparent clerical and it started on a term and it's. You know going to have a family at trying to play our tank. But that would let set things right last platform and the and one that and that. It that. Well it looks like you're going to do you got. Yes I'm hoping. Aaron thank you thank you so much for the call Donna we that we really appreciate you calling and we talking with Rebecca Foster psychic and author. The book is called the beaches a journey of answers were to take a break we come back to we'll talk to a direct little more takes more your phone calls. Yeah a lot more and a lot more to come phone numbers 8446 C 77669. Until for 8446877669. Elicited Jason GB and B honor earlier. TTP phone number 6446877669. We're talking with a Rebecca foster's psychic in an author a book is called the beaches a journey of answers. And doubly welcome Rebecca to the program and I've got a very very important question again it's a short segment here. For Rebecca I don't know if you heard our opening segment but I got a really really bad haircut. Yesterday at it again yet I just horrendous and horrible about it and focus our time look I need you to focus and tell me. I'm just nightmare will be over for me. Oh. Well you could hit it off right now it would be over complete and I'd like Jason how do you consider the yeah right you could you could let my husband he. Kept thinking going into pat. So easy you what I'll be and yeah. I'm actually be it fuel. Inaudible bootstrap you can that's. Why did you it. Che could keep that. He joined the clock Seattle I'm telling you there are generated from blood Daniels the great flock of seagulls and put. Rebecca we've got better and therefore we have to jump to break an ounce when you when you read for people were and where do you feel like the energy comes from where is the information coming from for you. Completely upstairs it coming from god from bureaucratic from people who cast over although cracked you know I can help the debt. If they have something to say to me I repeat debt but I don't ask them questions and if someone should I ask how. The Ganassi and I you know are searching them now used as they come to you that you know. Yeah actually yell I have challenged that in the past you don't seek him out it's a lot of time they don't. If it is the Camry for it okay and they're doing well then. A lot of times they're not gonna come true they'll leave from a different specialty what they're doing so that they you know I can acknowledge them and and tellem who is coming true but. Sometimes they do and don't wanna come true and I do not seek them out. If they come to me and have something to say it's important for that personally here it may be short recovery work to get through some hard times by. I don't seek him out and information comes church yeah I angle inlet to trance. When I'm speaking my eyes and shut off and I'm a normal you know eye contact person but when I'm reading my like physical I. They gift I don't know they shut off and I'm looking out before my 400. We'll get into a little more than only come back we get a take separate but you listen Jason GPS yeah. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates are October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is a great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror for. Film or TV or paranormal TV stars could scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com desk Eric Kahn. Dot com. Day scary time I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare Khan and. It's. Just me or stuck in between are going to be you know you really does sound a chance caused neo is awesome. TV's I don't know what to say right now OK why you when you said look at the can look at the camera and hold still I had no idea what you're. It. Asked try to get a picture of your hair and everybody well you did that he did that would assure you do you accomplish that mission very very well it's a good 45 seconds left. If he's gonna you know what's going on now javy got quality claims to be one of the worst terror comes out there are one of the worst haircut and either way and I've been busting on I'm telling me it looks like the guys from the flock Siegel's and I just posted a picture of him in the chat room which if you go to. Be on reality radio dot com click the listen live at the chat room straight there and I'm sure that picture will be shared and share this year came out good for 440 for a second yet. Is wonderful Vegas it was for doing that for you by the way just to share that pain when everybody went away welcome to the show everyone we've got a great show going on its Rebecca Foster tonight. She's a psychic clairvoyant she can see smell hear the other side stocks angels demons and those who have passed over her book is called the beaches. A journey of cancers. We have to mention that tomorrow night Tim directly will be joining us he's a UFO paranormal pioneer. And then Thursday. She became one of those in 1982 and then she became a high priestess in 1986 and has been teaching wicca. And pagan circles ever sense we're going to be talking about all that stuff. It's all I had your B and really greater and bigger role as a guard Marion which thing yeah no that's that's something I've never I don't know much about some extent that conversation and you would IE we're just talking about this we have to make air travel you and I. He could travel arrangements I would rather do you know. I'm hoping by the time the moth man festival comes in soon might very nervous if you clearly exit. That this will be cured this will be also also resolved and you know be appearing at the moth man festival in appoint wasn't listening to first time. Ever all their sorrow I am. Really wondering what to expect I'm looking forward to it because it's I don't I just don't know what to expect well I've I mean I don't either I know that there are leveling these places like excuse you that when I go to places that I got I'm onstage I got 345000. People on an audience. So it's nice going there and not being the main attraction. But just going and hang out see what's gone and they had like 151000. People showing up at this event the moss men and we fed guests on the show that talk about the moth man it's a fascinating story in a very very mysterious one at that. And I've been dying to get out they're just gonna look around and we'll be better chance and knows what September 14 in the north that old the F falls sixty 'cause the west laments her birthday again so it's going to be able. Great great time in anybody who's in the area should try to make it out we're going to be doing no have a table they're meeting and greeting and moved to little colonel Kuhn nay saying and saying hello to all the folks lot of fun. The play pin the tail on on the market open it in the hair to con in the beyond series radio host nestled play let's bring that Rebecca back into the conversation Rebecca thanks so much for hanging on during the break. We're gonna have you know would quickly jump in a phone calls phones are ringing off the hook here I don't know if you've got any special connection with. With people to make phone calls from in these phones are ringing off the puck we're back. Rebecca. We may have lost from. Behind so Natali the phone's ringing off Idaho but there's a vicious. At risk remaining amount revenue little little in and out issue let's let's slick take a look at that in the meantime. We should talk about this this the satellite not satellite was occult asteroid that's been about going to clean audience I saw this can eclipse the earth some by about 4200. Miles which in astronomical terms is a very very near miss. But disease it's say it's settings allowing NASA the ability it tests are far exactly NASA has been trying to develop deal what they're calling the planetary defense system that will allow them to bomb defend the earth against in the kind of giant object whether it's an asteroid or something else coming at it you know because we were Elmo asteroid to hit the earth in the past. And and done you know it's immediately be catastrophic in fact one of the leading theories for the disappearance of the dinosaurs was that a giant asteroid hit the earth and it created. You know basically what was to be the effect of millions of atomic bombs all exploding. Clouded the atmosphere for however long that was in you know it'd be killed Corey is pretty much winter yet basically killed all life on earth so. NASA is gonna use this particular op opportunity at the Astra is called the 2012. TC for. And it will be passing earth. Have at its closest point its 4200 miles. On October 12 and they're gonna use. Is their new detection and tracking system. To follow this thing and see if a kid it abuse you know some software to simulate an interception. With some type of missile that would destroy hitter at least veered off course so wouldn't it the year so it's. It's one of the first tests that NASA and the I guess the US military has to be involved here. Will be doing to see if they can now I have such a system in place. But dozens and open up again or I mean if they issued a missile or something and it's it's going to miss the issued a missile edit they hit it to break pieces of it off. Now part of those projectiles are going in different directions and they could easily hit earth. Yes that's absolutely true that's why it's a simulated missile strike they're not actually send a missile up there to do this and just gonna see if they can use computers and to. Compute the path in the trajectory trajectory in all that. To make it actually work and I think the probably the next one and god knows when the next will be coming by would be the one and actually testament. Interest in his interest and by you know again we were talking about lasers on. Russian fighter jets last night and tonight we're talking about tonight we're talking about Tom you know missiles deflecting asteroids. Delays are summarized Russian jets can take nothing extra to make a lot easier we skip the whole step there and save everybody a lot of time how long before somebody figures out how to direct. A missile. Trajectory of a mastery to a country and it's tick from now there you go that would that would make things a lot easier to wouldn't. And there are a few things aren't as we've got Rebecca back Rebecca you with a. I am you know your whole conversation and yeah I would carry everything it nobody can hear me what you need for you probably sound he probably would be a lot smarter if you didn't hear it it's just ignore it cynically used. And we've got. We got a lot of people on hold here's like I said we're gonna try to jump into the phone lines this is not and I are a lot from Kansas City I think they're pronouncing that name right welcome to the show. And Atlanta tomorrow and I'm sorry what's the name again Laura Ella moral line OK tomorrow are welcome great to have you on. Patrick OK and I just moved well. What's on your mind. I'd learned he let Rebecca had to say seen anything yet. Absolutely. Okay I can tell you that. Think your guide Kelly is that your on a beach beach at where are currently reading normally elastic picking out curtain speech represented. CE security in grounding your barefoot you look like you're wearing appropriate color chart actually cap its all very late. I'm in color and in material. Tom your Harris County have no makeup on you flew to be cooking and etiquette chin on the beach. And you aren't at your back to the water. There's actually a picture of me is a policeman speech and an effort to explain excuse failure on your beach you're secure your feet grounded out and he can you look. I am that you truck that you pursue right now EL com we'll all have your signature on the burner they had you lot imagery look are increasingly pay attention you're doing because it. It all has it folic what you feel like keeping your control. Showed them. The tactic carefully helped me get nothing holding you back now you can pursue what you want and you can go forward to it it's always in your car. Oh it is very light and it Erie which represent high spiritual or limb and say they're wealth silk. You had your back the water you're not worried about problems you're not one Q. Scary and you all worry and it's actually a year and a calling your name and ideal me. For the next big show used to walk away and opt impeached is an area that apparently that represent typical picking the flight that attacked he now. And the one thing that can't cure kept calling me up there is a father figure. Acts. Like I can't see him. Thank you hear it anarchy calling you know you're not hearing elect I'm being told to tell you get to pay attention to someone who had pastoral work I tell people. Kenny Anderson dying light bulb bringing out on someone. Making their presence known to you. The one hand being told it Pagliuca is am I almost feel like a pat on the back and then. The feeling is like heat alert which you almost are. Yet they come like hug you a hug and then the next market is hearing the word go for. As someone upstairs and trying to help yield. That it's okay pat on the back everything's accurate proud of you and to go for the whatever you're contemplating now. It's comparable exclude may be they're trying to just peek at legal fate. We thought that. And it meant sent great. I'm actually contemplate Bryant might have been married and lived in Africa. And I've been like on the fence about bringing them out right to and I took that it's early he loves me not just a green card. But right now let. Me. You got no it's there's saying edit it at its core local port and you know they are how much more to that one if you look beyond our. Definitely take me time to actually explain yet can't do over right now. But they're not only a reason for everything I know people are so pattern here in cliche however. Even if let's say let him look at their appetite and everything can't work out it was meant to happen that way. We let me who ran all of these things before we're born we try and who we're gonna spend our time left. How can they are gonna go and then we don't remember we're here because we screw it up. She'll need strictly. For instance you can't lose I know I'm talking record eight under each of blue is almost. Only to explain it you know every candidate who are here week. We'll look really cool things you realize that they can't believe happening. Actually stop and it will continue. Actually like on chemistry class Malick and I well and I action action packed it however the elderly that means it. You are and who think we pure like contract. You heard tackling we're you're supposed to be exact special moment so no matter what you hear a horrible heart you wanna be here. I am. You navigate your lawyer Eric Powell came on a couple of your current board could be a little lacking on that all the bad and all the good things all culminated in this point. Will even ask things didn't work out a hobby when he gets everything happens for a reason and I'm not saying that it's not going to get out there and turn musical Hadley however. Even if you didn't it well and opera changed your grow up. Okay I'm rambling. Thank you so much for the call we have just under two minutes of riff to break we're gonna try to squeeze one more phone call in this is Sheila from Ohio Sheila you're on got to make a quick. Here are great entry and medium Shep. Yeah okay well. For a lecture marine firming up our basically you are on what appeared to be a local or right. It's going very act. You are the only person in the car I don't see anyone running the ride a what you can tell me write off bad habit you you are in position right now in life feeling like. You are on at the mercy of whatever like spurring action that you don't have a say or that you are more opponent in the issue rather than org in rather than one that is controlling. And that includes relationships include may be feeling like a lot of ending happening. And that is something happening right after the current or reassurance Q that. Regardless of things that are going back beer relationship or a person packing most BR. It's it's. It's a specific kind of blinking to happening. You've held this widening that you are feeling like who can stop it right who's going to not protecting you candidate making tech. Is going to act. I get that feeling of acceleration a look at it looks old and look like you're ready to get off the right. This is just seemed right now float down. Take a break. Don't try to control things let things happen that there will because you are trying to ahead of the game right now your your senior policy should do what you happened but it earth as part earthly kind Bullock. It is you're you're going out and too quickly you have to sit back and just like. You got rabbit who leak under the tree fertilize. And they can't. Thank you for the call she'll us are we gonna could just have we have to jump in a break we're talking with a Rebecca Foster it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy don't go away more of your phone calls from the. Past ounces and this is our one year anniversary James who is it was well for the show you and I and if he should you not go way back way back. Yeah but but we were fortunate enough as we mentioned earlier two sign a contract with the Entercom radio. Put us on the year error number their stations to start the syndication a year ago. And there's somebody who is very very excited about that wants to join us right now. From Entercom no snow announced Westwood One known known button. From his self. Oh could speak I know exactly it's going to be OK guys let's bring in the amazing plucky and talkie excuse me is should be the late amazing funky it's it's so great to have him show. Well thank you hastening extra heft and me and I just wanted to come we congratulations. To all. When you're error when your anniversary are when all of us all of us and it's gonna want you guys both now pistols thank. What you cashed in on the peninsula and did it actually took somebody lift yeah. He's preached peace and analogy in the four sites. Next to make it really mean. I'm assuming you're talking about yourself hockey you have to be your turn around all of co workers of course TE man. And not just an average individual patient can pull this off and make these things happen. It definitely takes him he went ahead and eating talent and just you know at the end. The only meeting tracking her runner pulls off an extra week it is I sent him punch and a long flights and everybody seems to have. Their commitments. Similar him. Can't everybody has prior commitments hockey do we send our respective then I don't think you're married to it took the time to talk about it and we intended to adjust and in Israel we just didn't do it I just wanted to like Connolly and just congratulate yourself. I'm Michelle really going for this year and if so much great things to come I can tell great things to come together like like what we have. Can continue to conditional for Ella. You can be on multiple piece during the week. You know actually adds and he stations I can't feeling. Have a great eggs can't I don't tell he has too much because he could change things. And that would. Heard the direction we're telling me if I told you tomorrow Jason that you drink a glass of Coke can you might kiss I can drink classic Pepsi he changed the whole outcome. Most of knowing if if we knew the future because Arizona is a huge hit it to futures overtures saying and correct me and I can accomplished so your somebody who can predict the future but you can't tell anybody. What you predict because they may change. I can project a teacher and I can also tell you about the path. Next to anybody who knows something avenue asking tells about Pastor Wright yes he can tell easily I can well. Dan thanks thanks for the I want more questions for funky hole or your nitrous oxide levels. My metric oxide levels they have been incredible simply stacked this high tech plastic baby thank you so much for an antenna. Well first digit yearly to give you a heads up I mean hey you should've known that I can't keep things that benefit me Estes and Jake. I can only do things that benefit others while. But taking money as a psychic for readings benefits chute doesn't it well actually if you can apparently Jason and then it's my mother because he's a parent and he. Why am I guess so low minimum current. Merit well you know funky thanks so much for the well wishes and was there were it's always a pleasure great to have you as part of the quote unquote team here. I mean I know it's not a great passion and Colin so thank you and congratulations to all of us who won here at Peter Caan and lastly on. And I look forward to make an additional even more success for Ilan. This and I look forward to you being the amazing the legalese amazing track yet that's going to be were really happy for you about that by the very elicited Jason TV. In the end really reading will be right back after us. Perfect for a supply. But her son back at it that they welcome back to become reality radio everybody. It's great everybody along we're gonna have to jump right into this our guest is Rebecca Foster we've been we've had also to antics here tonight Rebecca served -- -- hanging around with us through all of no problem I mean I knew who knew a bad haircut would generate so much conversation and talked and cultural showdown in the history books. Yet we're gonna talk idea award and actually jump right back into the phones who got a lot of people waiting and hoping we have time to get to everybody this is Craig from South Carolina. Welcome to the show and heavy on. I thought. Our site. Which they drag. What's on your mind. It's all sorts. So yeah lag little. OK yeah. Right well let's take a peek here at tweak your energy to come through real fast and very mellow. Very mellow so that matter. They're not sure you're be trade away there actually. Bringing me more to virtually cast out and sell. They're different I read for people want to spiritual one as earth bound to Catholic career finance money. Relationship. And the one thing that true tree UN regarding relationships. And it is you are on. I guess we're at a eat in a row so you tackle forward anymore you need her to the left or right. Shell and quickly the right turn doesn't mean at the right turn and you're just turning right. An America left turn so going right means that you continue through relationship. Mean Amelie. Siblings parents. Into relationships all of these different her relationship. That aren't just leading trio and that you are holding on Q meeting because of all loyalty he don't like him acting now we're. You are not appreciate it you don't wanna hold onto relationship where. You aren't feeling that you are being support positively on the lean forward positively lip aggregate regardless you're glued at. It would mean here at. Make other people happy. Where you are left going communicated between the way it was it would comparable Africa each here I'm fine nothing different. But it still not happy. Whereas the left hand turn. I mean that you are taking little bit more risk you're going. In a direction where you might actually lose a few connections with people that you elect a way to go and no expecting a properly where you want and not by that. The light at the end of the tunnel you can finally see it to a different tricking he'd never done it before her aching left turn. It looks like you just heard someone who. Peeled switching Egypt put up with them or that you can you handle relationships. Can make other people comfortable and and at what their anger and now at the time for you puke. You can hear relationships and positive for your personal growth and that means you be letting gold from one not appreciative or. I secondly there are tracking your life. Here that make little bit and. Joseph Louis post it's. Like okay. I cried all. My thanks for the call yes thank you Craig listen you know let's go to Eric in Missouri Eric welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on. I. I area. It is better question. Maybe by their lives. Past life. Interesting well I can tell you when it comes when it comes to pass wide. When I am when I meet people at a past life. Had any residual energy that are hanging on. I'm lucky someone died before they help time or. What happened to them that they didn't feel completely finished. Their personal carrier residual energy into the current life. Collecting at the age of 24 U turn having panic attacks are gonna die. Will you art can get flight however. In a previous life you probably die get ready for wherever region and that residual energy hunt you because. You at that point help but it was too early in the tight. The one I can tell you and I don't know how I expect your life right now has written permission only only children's health one. Deals with or haven't got a personal like Al. And it appears you aren't sure what it. I'm really get the history however. You appeared to be on yielding a board you have on. And you're gonna look at history on their but you'll. It's like you've a partial. Armor of from current and it is almost like yeah. Like you created it are leather and in metal and that it doesn't look like like hat on knight's armor not like. But the wanting to keep showing it. Or your energy keep trying in the short or represent. Someone who lived tiger or warrior yet ended up in military. And it should try to kick I would go the opposite directions around. Your energy feel more technological. And it all more arms trying to pick Bork. Striving for. Science I guess our answer battling which would also makes and if you. Had a deterred from being the warrior this time around which can kill. Armed. But it and nothing else it's coming true other than used internationally Munich court which means you really don't have any cash or hang. Com it majority. Majority of everything is fresh and the like kind. Com. My. I would have conceded that there technology came around you for everything you need to go quick lightning ball around you. You luckily they're electric city around duke and I would say. What do you do for a living. Well it used to be a mechanic I'm retired. What I want is a pain so. You words culture she didn't clear path a timer on what it ended well that's kind could could you're on. Right right so have you ever been going into lake you know this could rhetorical you don't have to enter into it's it's right there. For some reason I'm seeing YouTube in electrical and seeing new technologically. And seen you working. Apple computers are lit at onion and the things like electricity the only one I don't know why by. Or more blatant and. Right now you do. Children cool while I would wonder and know where you can go to make progress or where you can take further that needed after your packet is kicking you're leading. You know look at the different avenues that are opening up on that a critical. Eric thanks so much for your call and thank you appreciate day and we're gonna try to fit a couple more in here but we're quickly running at a time. This is rose from Ontario Canada rose welcome to the unreality radio. I wrote a thank you very much rose we appreciate that yes. I cannot harm has been listening but food. It is like ended up on the Radio One and I the thing. We appreciate it and we apologize but thank you yeah. Good good to be here that's given you have a question for Rebecca. I'm thinking about it can see it I. Okay are right well. You have any email I'm on the other idea. That is immediately coming through on the should not not to be angelic but someone who would have been living in past. I actually kind of resemble you know in fact sheet Scott Brown hair is shorter. Her face is more likely round or heart shaped. And her nose at more keeper exude I would believe that they are describing her she resembled yield. And she feel slick on our sister only level but like the armed. Are younger thing on our permanent capital Burke or would expand the younger when she cashed. But he has explained because your name its growth and then she is talking about flowered pink and and I'm not sure her anemic reflecting Matta well. Like my seat he'll orally sheet it and she's wanting me commander at a college like you can pay. I can he flower kidnapped not going to the age is like in KeySpan if he never smelled twirled her humor what occasionally. And she is she field arm but she wants me to hell yeah this could be on. I'm it would be on your mother high so you want me. Find out how would relate to that he had wants me to record at two acknowledged. One at at what it looks like one of those in committee Trimble's I don't know why it's not to mention infinity symbol year old and that. Okay and then she. Cash she just had this Barack. Water OK if you want to see trying to talk to me instead of symbolically turning me thinks the typical to translate back. She going right now. A small river flowing and it's shallow collect data telling me help you or is that. Does struggle old hurt the Whitewater rapid but feeling a out of control it and get. And your rant it's going to bring you to put you can get off in the shallow water. He can make a decision the want to let nature do not choose what you already do make sure you choose. The path. That you have to grab the machete and great buying Italy and cut your new path. You are not huge sheet saying. Then norm what you look comfortable with what what is what is regular you'll have the option to do that she sang don't make sure you tune what is new. And and get off the raft in an and it you'll be in control what you finally feel like you cap you know we look full moon coming up and I tunnel task. Two weeks Yeltsin bachelor clips. That triggered major trying right now I think it if I don't yell at the click OK so you can we can meet you're trying for. A people and finally land. Former comes booked her to relax and come to Croatia. Oh. Get off to a raft when you finally it's like you're right there you can get off track any kind pitcher struggled there over your feeling of being out of control are over. And album. It get it you'll finally be able to breathe again there's be black anxiety o'clock. I say it that well with the hours and Whitney yeah trying to get me to. He acknowledged these flowers and it tastes like two and and rode it I don't know how I know that but she's making me. Feel that like I election and injure like flower market she wants me cute really acknowledged while we're at. Athens. And then your name she saying also I back to others so. It better it will help you can you can help you figure out associate at GQ and a runner I. Yes and it's Yucca talks about you Robert I love having a lot of watched. And Aaron and she. She's chief saying that it it's like a full party hair and a powerful party has a two separate Emily or water leakage what you can say. They get it up at our. Bruce thanks Christian yet. Thank you so much for the call Serwer just simply out of time and and sadly accurate or not. Alex is doing a great job in and our listeners and we appreciated the respect and we will get to all these phone calls and I apologize for everybody's been waiting until it back on again via organized to do that release soon Rebecca tell people where they can get more information about you and your work. Sir OK I am. People can find me at Rebecca Foster dot co CO. And that pretty much with everyone in contact with me. I. I have no limit people can email. Hack. I look at facts don't do that email has satirical. Yeah nominal. And the phone number that is there is my opera on the panel over in the home I would ask people to be aware of the time about 8:30. Central standard would be perfect. Not to call after the act by other than that my outer right on the numbers are represented that way. So people can reach me and I I do a lot of I think that gift and I do blood typing with that because it really it's one thing that has always been there. Well and it's something financially has gone to pot something ruling at a toll like okay. I went years without charging her reading in the and and I got a message went and it would you need to do this right now shall I start charging in and act docket and and then people. Started actually tipping me and I was cycle keeping control strange why are you paying any war. But okay I'm good with it because we are desperate right now. And shall I do a lot of hiding throughout the year. And I give a lot of freaking way so that's why would offer them exude a million to thirty minute reading that you give your callers. Com well okay. Unhappy that we know wherever he wanted to we will do that and we're gonna have to you do leave right now only to go because I am we've got to go to break here but thank you so much we're gonna have like Morgan. I'm we're gonna have slick Eddie set up the giveaways in and that's terrific thanks so much her for coming on the show look at how much red meat happy anniversary. Of thank you are beyond. Good performances. We've we've got a lot of people that. Are excited about the fact that we should reach or one year anniversary with Entercom and been in syndication in this is one of loans is some news called shall several times and been really good about updating. Us with the projects for the new age space association of course their version of NASA and it's our good friend Harold or less yeah. Harold welcome the program we Debian. Oh or greater we zoom in really well Carol thanks for Conan how about you well sort. Ordered an incredible. OK that's great and I know he's got a had a lot of projects lot of balls in the air. You know bow to Alter its old working out. Or do you Leona vulnerable so here. It is she too I'm not even sure weapon and other news may get an answer but anyway. Perry thanks for calling in anything particular on your mind. Well. Also inherit national. Or that you are congressional mutual arm and leader. You'll wonder that Ers are. Yet the more we'll link to you that means a lot told CN and we're really excited about it you know Jason Knight talk about it all the time when we first started on this adventure together you know we are doing. The show online and Entercom heard the show loved it so fastest to be part of their group in their team and it's been you know a whirlwind ever sentence narrow cast. Well. Did you hear the first rhetoric you know. Yet within her calm yes Korea doing did would just what did you think. IRO. Additional digital when you're gonna tertiary to capture. Well no no no. To get it on lake as as far and hustle are what he's kind of. Yes it is. I argued enemies or to get hurt or white you're in order to score well. Well actually. Extremely javy and I've been together for many years and things have been going great affect the solar departs that's true part and. Old Soviet Russia want to congratulate you on your one year. And we hope so many more we got a lot of curry seemed certain works and we look forward according. And talking to you and certain and also pairs of younger reality great. In some men are untouched attached. That's great thank you know we we appreciate those sentiments and it does mean a lot we greatly appreciate and it says it's always so wonderful to hear from. Well. Which seems like YouTube had taken off like a rock which. No way you and I get a little on their political those things now supply and yes it. Arcsight reported in the next couple weeks and still you guys suited. Her she's not a whole ship. He should sworn angst ridden so what artwork worst. Part. We think we are we got shot correct and dishing. Try. Word eastern. And again congratulations. Your one year anniversary. We'll talk to water injection soon Sherwood in your future. Soon soon in the near future our current we look forward to parents and yes thanks Terry thanks so much for the for the call and for the sentiment we appreciate it very much and have a great night. What's he talking about what this penile ship I don't know but who at that organization comes up these acronyms because. The character stick themselves. Additional us so faring well alone. Guilty quick break after that happened. The back for the show thanks to Rebecca Foster for joining us yes and that's going to be it for tonight and we greatly appreciate everybody tune in remember a lot of fun to nine for our one year anniversary. But I make she guessed Sudan Somalia some great shows coming up having your head over like the FaceBook page of FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio everybody have a great sensational maintenance Jason javy can chill Lamar at. It's. It's least HQ is slowing and say hello it's me on really three year old intern. And if you kind of information you want us to finally. Or you liked being Gaston beyond reality real wing email to swing getting. Let's slinging any EDT whining and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.