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An in-depth look at UFOs and the theories surrounding their presence

Aug 3, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Timothy Beckley about his work in researching the UFO phenomenon and other paranormal anomalies. Timothy has authored over 30 books on the related topics and has a vast experience in investigating paranormal claims. 8/3/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's on sale on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond really reveal myself Jason host Neal was awesome. Javy Charles you know we have really a great program lineup for tonight remember bringing Tim Beckley in in a bit he is he US phone paranormal pioneer but. Yeah we will Jim Mars passed away today at the age 73 and for those you might remember we had Jim back to arm on the show back in February 10 February 20 simpler ones and as Jim was just a phenomenal phenomenal individual such a nice guy was a huge fan of his work he covered everything. While he was he's put him in his book crossfire. Was powerful basis that the use for a whole all burden to our launched on JF carry. Yeah yeah he did he was one of the first to really investigate and take seriously ideas that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy and needed. A tremendous amount of work and and there are many many people that stood on his shoulders from that work come in came up with a other information based on the things that he did. Yeah and to him and I impact if ever are talking to me he started bringing up the whole nine elevenths conspiracy and he and I just went on this rant because there's so there's so much behind it that you really ought to look at. And Jim truly was just an awesome individual I'm am happy you were all able to hear him. You know prior to this Palmer on the show and yeah he meet Jim will be messed she's such a phenomenal person I just time. At a loss record or Rick agreed individual but an a phenomenal paranormal. Scientist if there is such a thing he did work in virtually every field the paranormal. And it wasn't just you know lip service it was real hard core researcher and work and wrote about it in very very thoughtful terms. And his effort in his revelations in the kernel community will stand for ever but I will miss him forever as well. Absolutely and more ado net we're gonna actually take the show that we had a mom in February and headed up an avid non next week at some point yet buddy this is attribute can see clearly if if anybody deserves it it's Jimmy was such a phenomenal individual. Yup and done yet again he'll be missed and our heart goes our hearts go out to his family. Yeah absolutely but tonight will be talking with Timothy Beckley about UFO's and all the other paranormal topics that he's researched and and investigated. Tomorrow I'd we're going to be talking witchcraft and witches with Deborah let Jake can you say it. Our garden area and the way it should be triggered Marion which in 1982 and a high priestess. So we'd zero Gardner I don't know what it means but she's usually go in the garden she's been teaching wicca and running pagan circles ever since she's been published in many pagan publications. Including new which will be talking about all that stuff with her including magic witchcraft in spells. And her most recent book and then Monday. Of course Friday's invest our program. Monday will be talking with Brian Clooney's the co-founder and the historian for planet paranormal radio and planet paranormal investigations. It's Communist it's grandma it's started doing something of that planet colonel radio in the very beginning and first kicked off. And I know it disappeared for awhile so it's good to see that it's coming back and doing some stuff so. Yeah so great weakest of next week I'm we will get is the Jim Morris program and at some point we really need to do that. On. To tonight's discussion about UFO's kinda makes me wanna talk about something that I saw and generally if you saw this but NASA is gonna help wanted to get out to be seen. With a look for their Arcandor hiring right now NASA not not the Harry butts NASA the real Massa is hiring they are Zardari faces masses that you know is a room so they are looking for a someone to fill the role of planetary protection officer. Planet or protection officer Rick this is somebody who has I don't have experienced this or somebody who has to have secret security clearance to ensure that alien life. War quote organic comes constitutional. And biological chem and eight contamination doesn't make its way back to earth in a spaceship. So we're gonna have to have a lot of faith sports yes a lot of faith. More than that this person is responsible for leadership of NASA's planetary protection capability maintenance of planetary protection policies. And oversight of their implementation. By NASA's spaceflight missions according to the the listing the job a description most. Can't climbing where it is they. How do they judge the person has experience actually do this job they say that candidates must have a quote. Advanced knowledge of planetary protection. But that's sure what that means but. I suppose I don't know there's any college programs like listen get a degree in advanced planetary protection. But they also need skills in diplomacy that will result in win win solutions during extremely difficult and complex multilateral discussions. She's I don't I'd launches into an -- camera but there's a thing I was still on the whole planetary protection part is thinking of -- to come up with finesse by Wright had chosen by here's the thing the job pays depending on your experience between 125000. Dollars and 187000. Dollars a sign me up I'm I'm good and I don't and you know those benefits of those go I know a lot of our protection between China and just history Jason's plan for protecting the planet is every every astronaut goes out with a with a side and spelled right you think -- -- that would that would be the article and they got and got to have some time outs to protect I was trailers eczema but just not -- -- I would think they'd have to have to have some kind of weaponry out there but do you imagine a movie you know I've talked about this before. You know we often think of some to prevailing invasion it is coming in the form of you know big big guy grays or whatever happens to be down in the space ship what if it is a bacterial what if it is a virus. Those still life forms and down more. Into a single in the white man came to. Susan what we now call America now. I mean we brought we brought disease and all the staff that affected the Indians besides just doing a million other things are. But so it's not far fetched to think that is something did come here. He could take it literally wipe us out or in return we can wipe well whatever came here. Yeah no that's exactly what happened with the new world Europeans came here they had carry diseases that they had grown immune to or had some immunities and defenses against. But the indigenous population didn't have any of that. And it wiped out like 50% of the indigenous population because of those diseases and that could be one but that do you know what we have to worry about from Spacek. Couldn't another twenty site percent we decide to give blankets that were you know smallpox blankets and I'll sort that is our sons yet Brill Brill Blackman but anyway if you wanna apply for the job the NASA's looking to fill on go to the NASA website they get all the information there and heck. Could be a great career from somebody. Yeah hey dude it's you could protect all of us did you hear about this haunted hotel. That this port airline in duties and individuals are dealing with. And Benson and haunt it'll tell it's hurting the airline crew crew of an air India flight. Which regularly travels to Chicago. They're finding. There were much harder than usual due to what they believed to be haunted hotel the unsettling travelers claim that they re current state. In the windy city has been plagued with paranormal activity do total lodging chosen by their parent company. Apparently shut up with a losing sleep due to the spirits one crew member penned a letter to the supervisor asking for help a lot of states. That they are facing negative energies. By way of the haunted hotel which unfortunately goes unnamed in the letter and that the crew cannot get any rest due to the in its incidence playing in our mind. According to the message the word events have been taking place this accrue first started staying there in mid November. And at least for the person of Penn and the plea it's proven to be too much to bear as they personally requested to be taking off for the taken off a flight assignment. And it chilling ending to a letter this is not what you wanna ever seen a liturgy V. The employee Warren's let's not wait for any missed happenings to happen suggesting that a disoriented crew flying from Chicago to India is a disaster waiting to. Tuneful. I don't know dissent. I know what to say it. Why wouldn't be taking any flights from Chicago to India know Knowles stay within those that yes I guess start from India to Chicago Euro Euro cave but going back there and not sleeping at ya know none did thank. So aren't asked kind of scary. Are sort of take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest general be talking with Timothy Beckley will be talking about UFO's and a bunch of other paranormal. 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The trouble Hillary's VRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary. Really really juicy TV and love. Everybody could mean here with us when you listen and a great radio station around the country one though wolf wonderful stations that have joined the beyond reality rating family or you're listening online welcomed everybody. Yes and if you haven't yet Amaechi head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page. Then head over to be on reality radio dot com where you can now find any degree stations we are across the country is clicking media. Stationed west where you can click the listen lines which illogical listen right there are online and also joining online chat if you'd like. Or should or just download the free iPhone and android apps that are right there on the website as well. Which again allows you to listen the show lives catch pass episodes on the go into joining online chat as well. So tonight we're going to be talking with Timothy Beckley. Tim is a longtime paranormal handing you a soul pioneer since the early age in his life he's been. More or less involved and around the paranormal. The house he was raised in most like be haunted he underwent an out of body experience 86 he saw his first of three UFO's encounters when he was ten. Over the years he's written over thirty books and everything from rock music to the secret MJ twelve papers and tonight. Remembering him and we're to talk about all those things at least as much as we get to in the time that allows us Tim welcome the programs pretend you know it pretty well tonight. Good to be back with the right guys have been great picture come back. Oh well so. Let's let's let's start by giving our audience because we've got a lot of news stations lot of new this nice hikes at a I'm very impressed yes let's give him a little background on you tell us they get to where your. All well expedite a long trip I must say. Well over half a century and now. Let's see if we wanna start. It's the first that recollection of something strange happening. It would go back to time when I was 34 years old. There is. Apparently my life might have been saved by some sort of guiding or outside force let me explain a bit. In the summertime every year or two. The family amount in my in my mom would take a trip down to at Kentucky as where my fathers and family. I lived. And in those days my mother had a as a real bad and that was one of the places you went if you had asthma or hay fever and odious lie because worked. Today. But at the drive would take about three they have good days and I they would set me up to the back of the old. Oldsmobile. And I have a couple of toys and a blanket and we'd we stop along the wait a big hurry to get there but the the last night of the the journey I guess it was getting rather late. And it was a fog rolling Ian or miss at least right. And but Biden did let it to continue a driving on through because it was at fort oh well my mother being as consistent as shoes on to being. Insist that that my father's stopped immediately. Right then there. And so key bit. Well we. So sleep in the car and when the sun rose the next morning it's a good thing that we had because it turns out. Acute guest for the evening. Oh was on the edge of the cliff. And if he had done another. Footer to. I would be talking to you from the other. Side. So. This seems to have been any apparent a parallel. Something something happened that was very strange and I've had these synchronicity. Is that have followed me is that. But throughout my life. Very strange very bizarre. That leads me to believe that there is some sort of controlling. Force in the universe now Charles fort said that we work. Merely pieces on a niche edge gigantic cosmic chessboard. And that somebody was moving a sit around their bad. Now Charles fort for those listeners who may not was he was the quit Diddy of I guess leaders are straying. Here's an important distinction to them asserted Iraq but it was it is there and a fitter amusement. Editor is. He's moving us around and a chessboard for his own ball or amusement. Well that's that's good that's a good question that we can get we can delegate that to that and they and a while because that's one of the unknown at. Quotations here is. We don't really had a no I mean we can speculate and not at all these said. Secretive cities and some of them would seem to be four. Amusement at purposes. I can't say well outside this one include the most of them have not been beneficial. I can tell you it a a story that just happened that seriously that I get a chuckle. At a I was on my way to. Atlantic City now I'm not a a gambler whatsoever in fact depth usually when he get off the that the bus. You walk into the casino lobby and handed out. Slipped a for a token for 25 dollars or something like that you're free to play her by the who lunch. Oh with a. But another big gambler frankly I find it boring. But Atlantic City is about to two and had our trip by bus struck patent. It's in a place where you're right on the boardwalk. You can get that cheap clean hotel room. This plane ET and collapses sightseeing two two to. So I go down may be every month or so with my AM psychic friend read the Andrea. Now Maria has written maybe a dozen books are so loud forests and she's attuned to goes honing in shaman is an issue reads tarot cards says that the body at travel at all these things that. I wish me a basis. Has it it'll as you get off the up state highway and threw away at leads to Atlantic City UPS sued the town itself. And it's about may be uh oh I'd say ten blocks his cell from a highway. To the casino. Now as you approached a casino. We were just looking at the Oakland totally notices before there is a bed and breakfast there and on the roof of the bed and breakfast. Is a statue. Or statues of the blues brother. There's jumble Lucci and. Din grew and get that quite yet of course great interest and all the stuff now I don't know exactly why it's it's it's there. The name of the bed and breakfast has nothing to do with The Blues Brothers. Timothy ultimately hold your thought right there because we do have a heartbreak that we have to go to a picked this story up as soon as we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason JV don't go anywhere on more power. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas cap in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest check out in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our telephone number of seats or court 6877669. Would love to have you can't be part of our program as we continue our discussion. With Timothy Beckley bitchy before we bring Timothy beckoned to the show you know what a traumatic day it was from yesterday. You know with a better yet you mean unions you were busy posting pictures to let everybody know how our devastates you more for me the yeah it was better our devastating for me I'd. Could be still stimulated filled that is so that but I prepared I just prepared a little something and I think I think might help me in the therapeutic way. On to kind of kind of the you know can resolve this so if you'll indulge me for just a second hour Archie Bunker and can't just do despair with me this is something that's very heartfelt. 62. Here click ordeal a noticeable changes in the cuts behavior at first I thought it was mocking me with it's like smirking piercing confidence. Knows the truth it knows I have to accommodate its every wish or sacrifice only means that their scale and taste it knows they don't have to have. He knows I don't have a scalp for that. He knows I must win. And it's business for now. Today don't we Tony me placing itself up to attract attention as they walk the streets of Cooperstown. You would randomly hang in front of my eyes as if to save looking neat tiny in here and there's nothing you can do. Yes this may be the biggest challenges that face. Remained undeterred but congress in its presence it's awful shameful presents. I must remain strong for each day brings me closer to beat each day offers new hope the solution. Each day. In the champ who bestows and to live out of the defense that. Yeah we'll be. Okay so. There you've got way too much talent against the walking our Coopers are people wait Hong can harness people and yet your general point children out of the way to make sure that they didn't look directly at me it was pretty bad yeah small children had to reverse their eyes only really had a couple more weeks are kind of soap it's not that long. But hey let's bring somebody who's no stranger to weirdness in strange things. And that's our good friend Timothy Beckley I Timothy we had erupted due rotunda ruby there but we had to go to a break. You were telling us a story about heading into Atlantic City use you were to move coming into the city you saw. Figures of The Blues Brothers if depict the story operate from there. Yeah yeah let's get back on the bus route from blocks okay so. Sitting there looking out the window during a little sightseeing and we always pissed at that breathless I mean it's not like we have seen that ad Dan and John. Hang out on the roof. Before. But for some reason that happened to mention too that. Maria who's with me to do a bit McIlroy it is a big believer in the paranormal accorsi was one of the writers on. I'd ghostbusters a supporter of the mutual UFO network and I mentioned that I had read a book by. His dad has been actually had written a book it is actually showbiz still active as I understand that he wrote a book on the family's interest and spiritualism. And say ounces apparently a the at grandparents debt equity would actually have say announces in the. In the house in the parlor room there and a bill would wax from outside the close parlor door peeking through and guessing here a million spears coming to trance mediums and so forth back and Maria city SHE occurred as ours except. OK so now we eventually pull into the parking lot of casino. And when he gathered blouse while maybe a 025 yards or so we go into the lobby of the hotel. They've giving you AM. A slip of paper it would get off the bus to take it over to the that cage where the kid at the cashier's. Are and you give your ticket and they put it you're. A membership card for the hotel okay as we know we go up to the Q ish years Wimbledon. And it goes through the formalities. What starts playing Andy up on the house speaker system. But the theme to ghostbusters. Now. First walk we are talking about a disc jockey being in the in the room this is some. Like elevator music you know like pet door or something playing as somewhere up a thousand miles away your. On the planet myers' is as far as we head 08 they did overhear the cut our conversation in the bustle posters. You know speakers hidden microphones at the seats up so we had a good chuckle over that but. But you know it ought not be as you walked away from the teller's cage you know I said to. Maria I sit you know I think that their art. I that there aren't ghost busters. Slot machines. May be this is a signed form upon high that we are going to hitch is that it never win I you know I'm looking for walkway was seven dollars. From the slot machine but this is our big opportunity because. This guiding force that causes all these sacred as cities are finally in our corner and they're going to be at the bank has put that. At quarter dollars in the right slot machine got pulled it handle and we got to come up with a big jackpot. Well we walked around to see if indeed it was a ghostbusters slot machine finally has somebody in that set well. Space on the floor over there that's where they're bored to ghost busters slot machines. But we'll we have a somebody pulled out for whatever reason and mechanical or maybe they just went bringing in the the money and any more I guess every slot machine safe where itself but it turns out guys. That it was a penny slot machines. So even if we get pulled it handle inherit the critically claimed the money. Coming up which you don't hear anymore actually. What little we have a 179 dollars. So here he is it is it's obviously where they're amusement not for us I mean what does this at any indication of a slight bubble. You know he yeah we've got its do you guys. Again as sacred cities seem to be. Like that. I don't know if you had I guess she must be familiar obviously with the work of not Chon keel he does have a good friend of mine and he wrote about the up. The complexity of the UFO and paranormal. A phenomenon that it was more than you know to spaceships. Coming here that you seemed to be eight. A super natural for lack of a better term for the bomb a supernatural force behind this but it it was. Probably at random now is a couple theories that this either like yeah. OK Dick whose book to register a disrobe about a book the how synchronicity sits in Beckley you know in the matrix control system shall K Dick. That are part of this matrix assist them and are under somebody's. Command. Maybe somebody is up there you know flicking at the end of the control panel heard it doing what they have to do control our lives or our cattle like that theory myself. Is that these are part of some ancient. Troop indoors or our agent. Elliott went cold that who came to. This planet thousands maybe a million years ago is set up this system. And add that maybe they come back every once well check it out there. There engineering feats or something but they have no real they put a lot of automatic pilot. Caused the synchronicity certainly did take place they are more than just random. Coincidence. There's somebody that has to be I mean I got about six the of these secret as cities in the open. In the book it would not talking about waking up the middle night. And seen the clocks they force for four. Or 9/11 or you think is somebody. You know what they call the telephone two days later I I would automatically eliminate those that would mean an end so. You're you're referring to is that so it kind of like a computer program that's reduced to just running and it's got its its. Settings and that's what staying with sent. That would be that would be my theory course and how do you prove something like that say it's impossible to do that it may be if you come to a close to the truth they eliminate you. I don't. Well I mean there there have been government officials and other people who have pretty much Kamal. Over the last couple years and said that we are living in what they believed to be sort of like the matrix. Well that's that's true one out. Philip K. Dick I don't know if you're familiar with his work but heat wrote the books at the movies are based on the blade rather then ducked. At the open minority. A record of total total total recall. Now he believed that the future. And the president. I is not constant that is due to to change Ed Ed Ed any at any time that you may not even realize that this radical change. Has taken place. Back in 1977. Since before actually the home computer what I. Was out. And that before even at the board matrix like thank. She said in front of late science fiction. Conference it France. That. People claim to rumor past lives. I claim to remember eight different very different present it. I know of nobody who has ever made this claim before. But I rather suspect that my experience is not unique what perhaps is unique in my willingness to talk about it. We are living at a computer program reality. And the only clue we have to it is wed some variable is change some Alter alteration in our reality occurs. Now. If you only think about science fiction you have lots and realized that Doug. A science fiction people tend to be. Very click fish they do not believe. In the supernatural or the cult rate cut to pull it. And the reason for this big that they are told by the higher Echelon. Of the year of science fiction movement like RTC Clark basic accessible. That we're a bunch of fakes and frauds or there's nothing to this at all so you can imagine the look on those in attendance at this press conference in 1977. When Philip K. Dick made these. Very bizarre silly for that type pronouncement and in fact if you go to YouTube and type in 1977. You know shall Qaeda press conference France you'll you'll CEO of for a minute. A videotape of him. Did it in a repeating what I just read here and done. The re actions of all bewilderment. Puzzlement and what other expressions you you can see there in the audience is just totally. Warped the way they had they looked at him like hey you know here's somebody who's trying to come up with does some. Radical bit of of thanking and they look at him like he's a total that case not to say that he didn't have a lot of very bizarre. Things that happened to him because he. He did have a couple experiences of light which did radicalized. And is four is the paranormal and it goes in fact. He had the one incident where she had called it the local pharmacy to get a drug Agassi had had a impacted wisdom tooth him when he opened the door there was a young lady there it brought the. The prescription. Oh refer them and she had this weird Christian tight neck necklace of a fish. Just a symbol christianity option that started started glowing inked. Anyway he he started developing day out a whole scenario that he was alive in the time of of Christ. This was one of his former. Incarnate well incarnation because it could be happenings the same time. We don't necessarily it would not actually time it's not like at a level why it's loops around and goes back and forth and up. You know this is the way he tried to explain it and again you know it's open to different interpretations. But there are a number of men of the culture and science at Luke. I do believe that there there is something to the synchronicity and got that it is a control to at least some. Some degree that we may be part of a computer simulation. Yeah and I talked ends this coming up more and more frequently frequently were talking with Timothy Bakley. Timothy is author of over thirty books and everything from rock music to the secret MG twelve papers plus you'll foes and other paranormal topics. We're gonna break here just a minute when we come back we're going to be talking with Timothy Mort a beautiful summer goodness in this UFO stuff but Jake. One of the things we've been talking about. News in a joking way my really really bad hair cut on the match and look at what went wrong that I'm not gonna die it's bad okay. Yeah but we've been making a deal big deal out of but there but there are a lot of folks. That are looking for some solutions to her loss and it's becoming as you get older and just be it's just a fact of life and sometimes is gonna take getting over her loss to pare losses are really common. Think that afflicts people and there's a product out. 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The regular pro via you'll get a bit the all new super concentrate absolutely free with your order if you suffered with terror lost. Whether it's a little bit whether it's a lot you should try this product 807208095. That's 807208095. The new previous super castrate works or your money back period from -- time Chris free offer again call 807208095. That's 807208095. Guests say goodbye to wasting your here in the brochure in the sinker seeing an in the drain. Call now you'll get the super concentrate absolutely free with your order we'll take break it's beyond reality radio talk. Yes Pakistan back to lithium week. We've got about four minutes here actually not been quite maybe three minutes before we have to go to our top of the hour break and want us to open the conversation. About UFO's tell us how when you first. Got interest today and no no you had an encounter we do foes when your child tells about that story. Well yes. I've missed tenure at around ten years all it was a a warm summer evening July or August you know and in those days. Took about 1957 herself. Nobody had air conditioning. You know say you've got to just set out on the front stupid neighbors until. Eke out a little cooler area and you know in side and hope you didn't melt the rest night. So it's news seated on the front as simple idea that my mother was there and couple of neighbors down the street and as somebody came up to the front porch will we Wear. And what our attention to. Is something very strange sky. Above lay up vacant at factory building across the street. There was this. Very bright light I can't tell you that I saw martians sighed oh. Landing gear visible it was just up above the clouds anyway I I would estimate it was may be. Thirty feet in diameter. Was one above the factory building and then there was one. Almost directly over the the home where I residing with your parents now. These objects is circulated as sky I would say for about it oh. Admitted source so but what the what across the street over at the end of the factory building. Went out like somebody had pulled the light switch and the other web this state revolving. About four or how long finally. I guess we just got who lost interest it wasn't really doing anything. Spectacular. And it did look like it was going to win the roofs were in the middle straight. Well a couple of days later there was an item in the newspaper this as a relatively small New Jersey town or that other people had witnessed the strange objects sky. But the authorities were saying that they were nothing more. Unconventional. A weather balloon like it'll I have been looking for UFOs have for how many years. I mean I don't go out every item and look for but on occasion ideal casino whether below. I effect I was talking give us a couple of my other friends at the field in that we agree eight. AM a military base or weather station or something like that. Chances are single weather balloon or what your chances of thinking that it was you know an object from outer space I would say very slim so I began writing. Beleaguered nobody realizing hey Jack I started to read a books on the subject by. Major Donald PT hello in. Edward did route pelt who was with the year for project blue book and the types and they were speculating or actually doing more than speculating. That the EU these objects were coming here from. So on. Far off planet or some nearby planet I mean there was even some speculation in those days that they might be coming from the planet Mars. And that's that's a good asset against Bulger right there because that we are at the top of the break of the top are the break of this is going to be a very very interesting discussion aren't serenity quick break more to come after that elicited. Jason JBM gonna. Okay game the deepest. 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As we step between what only on really review myself just cause the only source MTV Johnson you know. On the near times in your life when you encounter something that you say this was truly be a miracle on the things actually happen that you you don't exploit them yet unlike you surviving with Erica blogger Scott there's that and and if I do survive that will be America. But is the other day I was actually walking through the grocery store happens doing very very close to my house. And down I was heading right for the cereal aisle like they do every every night basically grabbed a box free couples. Every night you get a box for his everybody Chia curator of the cult so good to get out of local calico let's go to our. They now have cinnamon pebbles cinnamon. Helps legitimize him mentally and a C but you know that's the thing actually ate some peace and a bottom and by and that drive. 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Well I'm sorry to pull it up a separate let she's guard Marion which in ninth in hand in 1982. Should be immigrant which inches also I priestess. During beginning to a little witchcraft and every Friday of course is the best of the unreality radio the next week we had some great shows coming up as well. Yup Brian saloon we talking about planet paranormal on Monday night. And John Rhodes and join us he would be talking in my UFO's and his pioneer pioneering research reports of reptilian humanoid context. That'll happen on Tuesday and at some point during the week maple syrup Thursday not sure how it's gonna work out. We're gonna bring back our Jim Morris episode and play that in honor just so we lost. Evidence yet if you haven't heard our good friend Jim Morris passed away today at the age 73 and Jim was a great guy we and we had him on the show back February 28. And just a phenomenal individual. Covered a lot of conspiracies and well jeez he did pretty much everything redon aliens as well. And he'll truly be missed but it did if you wanna hear how passionate we do a gem that was set a February 20 show. And we're gonna add to that up and probably play next week as a tribute to him because if anybody deserves it Jim does sensibly. I think that's a time well spent look forward to doing that. Partly to take a quick break when we come back we'll bring Timothy decades beyond our great taste. It's. Gonna receive 446877669. If you'd like to call and join our discussion. We're talking with Timothy Beckley in Timothy was in the middle of the story we are talking about some news first experiences with the UFO's and when he saw what he was doing to really pick of the story where we left off and lead us through how this really affected your life well. A look at say. After my first sighting no I had I had an interest in the is in the subject I have to admit you know. Deciding like I say it was 1957. Or thereabouts. That was one of the big UFO waves that took place here in the United States you know 1947. Was the year of that Kenneth Arnold's sighting we just celebrated. Seventy years of the illegal flow of phenomena. Melbourne near everybody knows the story nine crescent shaped objects. Flying it in formation and a high rate of speed. That we had the unit sightings over Washington DC. In the summer of 1952. Where they were picked up. Going over the White House. In formation they were picked up on radar and then in 1957. Solely an increasing number of us sightings both here in the United States. And in the South America and certain. And European countries and we were starting to get a little bit. I knew hinged as far as the subject goes before that it had been mainly unexplainable. Phenomena lights at sky. Maybe I'm a pilot chasing some. This shaped object but now we were getting into the really good stuff human late sightings little little man from my this somewhere else assisting getting out of saucer it. May be paralyzing a youthful which is sort scooping up Osama. Soil before. You know heading into back into parts unknown. There was the visitation. Of the of the men in black poor out silence UFO witnesses so a little bit more edgy. So I began to read up on this subject and I started. Writing it to the editor at editors local newspapers. Are requesting got to the people who actually these things. Report there. Observations to me I started the liberal organization called the interplanetary news service because those days. Almost everybody who was addressed that subject. Believe as strongly with a very hard conviction. That these objects were from outer space I don't necessarily believe that well. I what I purchased a little printing press that is that Mimi where she and I set putting out a newsletter. And did newsletter started out consisting of. 010 or twelve will staple ages. And we put it may be 75 copies forced to dish it. By Ty we were actually they have a larger organization. We were up to 15100 members. And the publication that ran about forty pages and in those days you had staple call late go to the post office do everything. Yourself there was no quick copy. Senate the ironing board pages on the couch anyway I went from one sack to the other when he got to the end yet a staple them all together and hoped that they printed on both sides at it was a mass. By another through literally streaming out of the house I had to print magazine. Among very cold porch. Political winner dot. I mean the kids to look like a crime scene there where. Figure fingerprints on the free curator at on the wall left for ain't got your fingertips you know I mean it was just too much for it is to handle but. I did turn it into a career I must say up. You know we now have about 260. A books it would publish to do my own. Hi nick is exploring bizarre we got a road YouTube that it channel a a close secret files and as so I've been doing this girl in it all started with a UFO. Sighting of a copy of fate Aggies. Because we're big 35 cents I went out and their local mom a mom and pop those sodas stored in a week. And a Coke and all of. Those that days. They today they had a magazine Iraqi it'll legacy. Act had so little. I guess by 835 cents. It has some very. Weird stories that they're got to sit back up close about my proof for survival. And a life after death you know ghostly encounters should and I sat there in those days and a chill what up good down my AM my spine you know it at. I was hooked. And so I I I started a career it is publishing. I'd I'd moved from the atlas will challengers to a Manhattan and I started to work for. A fellow by the name of Jim Mosley he had a magazine also lesser news and he hired me is managing editor in took over. I subscribers combined it. Oh with his so we can sell more advertising space where it. Pretty well for me out for quite a number of years and he held meetings that are out of and those they people got together at you know you rent a hotel where. A 25 bucks or something fifty people show up your speakers. And is so I took over when he kind of got out of that I took over and I I. It became a stranger for the enquirer and all these tabloid newspapers and in those days it wasn't just slowly you know fight celebrities at the La. A hat to Italy will stall. There were actually celebrity interviews and those days the celebrities like being interviewed I mean they they. They had agents who would call young voted. Is say so and so isn't saying it's such a hotel. And they'll would you like to talk to them you don't do an interview. And what are the questions of courses that I always asked the celebrity's was did they ever have a UFO or appeared normal experience. And an actual book a couple books actually with the experiences some of the biggest names in the in the show business. In fact dead Mohammed lean. Look courses that you champ of all time. It was a good friend for awhile we visited him and his own. In Cherry Hill New Jersey we went the we took a eureka Eleanor the Israeli psyche who is training camp. In your partner. Pencil Pennsylvania. And he told us. He told us about how he had had over twenty UFO sighting Eagles. In fact he was followed it was on his way home. 01 night to drive down the turnpike. And he was followed by a cigar shaped craft they took this very seriously or BD was verbally or late or anything like this. It was part of his set religion. And ended because they believed in Ezekiel we will sky in the and and so forth and that he took the set a very very of the seriously so we got to be a lot of book people tell these stories and I I decided I despite all my life and you know in the publishing business. Putting out all kinds of magazines wasn't just limited to two lead UFO's. I think it at one point or another probably added about thirty news they had magazines now. But some never last that. For more than a couple of issues I remember we did one clunker of a magazine called moped action. Now how much action to get animal. Not a high and yet yet. But and bit us a bit before. It it it's a point it became legal. For anybody edited to right drive up a moped without unlicensed caskets were doing you know fifties you can draw. A moped and then all of a sudden megas people getting run over and done. And so forth the and sell that didn't. Will now. Tim let me just take a step back for Sam amid a day when you when you're talking about UFO's and rating you said you didn't believe that they were. Combatant that they were from outer space anymore that your belief system missed changed so where do you believe that they're coming from. Well I I think that you know I'm AM a fan of legacy John key illegal late. Doctor. Than just I was being visited from some interplanetary a body. Possibly a couple of explanations I do think that it is the phenomena is very. As strongly based in the paranormal and in the supernatural. If fact we just talk or are we mentioned briefly about Kenneth Arnold well Kenneth Arnold is kind of the grandfather of the UFO. A phenomenal with his sighting in 1947. In fact his granddaughters say a fairly good friend of Iran. Our show. A couple of times and that he took her aside she was about ten years old and it told her about you know his UFO sighting. It turns out that he had many sightings even though the what in 1947 about it was its first. He had a lot of strange incidents that took place during the course that is a light he even had. An incident where. Some invisible being or something invisible was walking across the carpet it was all. I believe it was an incident where he rocking chair started rocking at by itself. Now if you go. And keep contact those people who say that they've had some sort of late youthful experience it might have started out as late. Monday light in the sky but it sure it doesn't end there also are you. Are you saying that you believe there inter dimensional or that are in. Less order one well you know again not happy bid to. The far side of the moon to had a another dimension I can't say yes you know exactly short back. What that one location heavyweight when you talk about UFOs where not just talking about you know lobbed exceeded treetop level we're talking about their bedroom and traders talking about people being. Picked up or audible appeals assault them only a country of roads having. We're talking about a lot of things here in fact they have. An associate of mine is told by him pull email I don't know if we have program honey nut ball. All yet it does a great show himself and he's he's a good Fred he's contributed to quite a number of our our books. And he's had been involved with any of you a foal a flat in Pennsylvania in the last eight years cell where they've had. Tree toppled. Sightings of the mysterious objects sky accompanied by what appeared to be subs sort of big foot. Or. Strange vans and vehicles. Seemingly a bit about them. Driven by some similar group of individuals keeping a close eye on their work. Silt that there is a very strong. Paranormal element to this also I I don't believe that a lot of the early. At Elise a lot of the early UFO sightings even the Roswell also called Roswell UFO crash. Up back in the after World War II. We've blood I think over 5000. Chairman and Nazi scientists in this country made them as citizens under project paper. They set up at camp in the southwest. And it white sands and around there and that's where a lot of these incidents that took place now. If you go back to the media interest that the that the Nazis had the cult does. You'll find that back in around 1920. They started channeling. A group of entities they claim that where trumps of other. Galaxy or solar system right and these were air aryan type a bully at beings it'll all work again. ET's at Georgia Ganske some of these other. Early contact d.'s claim that it actually met. And that the blue prints that they were given for some of these craft that they later. Work done aren't very very similar to a lot of the early fortress it would take it. I these individuals who say that they actually what the answer. Are met being shot somewhere out there so I think that the that'd and it is the chairman's. Had developed some sort of book the spacecraft. Short time travel. A craft. We called the Glock which the ads where the belt it's. Translation out and it seems to be some sort of time travel the ice now. I would believe that the US government instead of admitting. That they word. In. Collusion with these it chairman in Nazi scientist would rather have people believe that these strange objects coming here from outer space. Interest aren't lower you know missiles off through there because we just got to do we've got to take a quick break and when we come back more that would touch on this. Are you listen as Jason GBM Yana Ellie. It's. Tomorrow night. Debra there joining us Deborah is that ordinary in which she became a guard nearing which in 1980 two's she's a high priestess which sheet. Became in 1986 she's been teaching wicca and right running pagan circles ever sensed. She'll be discussing magic witchcraft spells and her most recent book which is called magical power for beginners. And then every Friday is a best of if you download the show deuce a favorite team generated some iTunes and helps push a show for it makes it easier for people to find we greatly appreciate patent shows only success because news or you'll have shown him and we know that. Yeah and we appreciate greatly tonight or talking with side Timothy Bakley and we've been every bit covering a lot of ground Timothy and Tim when he's been speaking about everything in. And we keep getting cut off by these nasty breaks we have to take but time. I'm get a little bit more into what you think is going on when it comes to your phone you mentioned that you that the US government. Had had ample reason and and justification in their own minds may be two maybe disguise some of what was going on using Nazi technology not wanting to admit to that. And their four blaming some of these things that we saw the piece crashes. I'm not alien craft vs something they've been may have been producing themselves is that what the point wise. Exactly and in fact I I don't allow more detail in the book a cool Nazi your full time travelers but. What are the things that a lot of people don't realize that and a lot of these early as cases where. In individuals with claim that they actually when I'm bored up close and and and spoke with the good of the beings look remarkably human I should point out that in some cases they actually. Caught among themselves. In chairman in fact it was AM. Nebraska a grain buyer by the name of Ryan O Schmidt. Who apparently had an encounter what night where he entered a encrypt it add depth. Come to win the side of road the up. Is automobile automobile is an engine is still there even has taken on board the craft. And he knew it was a German ancestry so be recognized that we're speaking now even Barney hill if you go back and read the transcript. Under hypnosis that the doctor. Symington had an deadwood and she talks about how we eat for us all of these being standing in the in the port. Of the year with craft looking down at him that they. Look like they where where they'll where it would not seen the soldiers of one type or or another now here's here's the kicker. I guess of most of us are are familiar with the episodes involving Georgian damp ski who has probably the most popular of all week. Early on you a full contact d.s. In I think it was 1951. Of 52. There was an incident where he had eight witnesses. Saw him approach shall landed vehicle in California but desert spoke to what do these say aryan looking beings who was like six what the five blog here. At address and a very. But tight fitting almost Star Trek at tight uniform. And win the B got back into the cramp and the Kraft took off. He was met by visa individuals the witnesses that with them at what they are the fellows who up. Who was in the witness about a B eight witnesses fellow by the name book George hunt Williamson who always an interesting character plays. Major role in the early days of the UFO contact eat UH both it and it just so happens that he had a. Last year Paris with him. And they found some in Princeton the desert sand where this being from some some some other planet had stood on the air. It was. Impression of his of his boot to the FBI they took to plaster of Paris. I'd made it cast that event and photographed it edits in it damn keys I think first book light sources have landed well right in the middle of this boot. Left blueprint left behind from this suppose that extraterrestrial. Visitor what do we see bodies washed. New okay. Now. I I understand that if you go back in history a swastika was always outside of that could look at our noses in Sweden said yeah then you. Yeah in India Indian. Culture you but of course that it was the reverted. A by the the Nazis but. Even if this were the case what is the chances that somebody from some other planet would leap here a land here in happy incredible swastika. The bottom in his boot just I think it all just points in the direction that. There was a massive cover up by the government. That the fact was that these things were not necessarily coming matters based Al I can't say that it's true. In all cases also took. Let's get back to the road at this it it does involve these chat only sessions that the chairman's going back to 1990. Had there was a group of nine. A female mediums who believed that they had big to have very long because they. Believed it would act dissident had a degree in these messages from some other a world they they were big followers of the earlier. Days. A cult is submitted in Europe at all that was in growing. Number of believers and and the Germans were very much it to that as so. There is a strong possibility based on some of the circumstantial evidence. That there are they worse it made contact with his group of aryan beings some other. Systems solar system. And they gave them the players should these this shapes devices. Would true later manufactured here on earth. And it could be that some of these devices are actually still being flown and are part of a secret space program. Interesting let's quickly go to the phone lines here we've got friends from Missouri on the phones and so it's been a while good to have you on the show you have a question for Tim. Tim may have yeah actually enact a more quickly as they are now. Do you think did via amounted to a morgue rampant a good time but terribly in their opener. Bart. Would you say you is in advance. They might have been advanced in age and in some but technology. And in the and other colors I mean. Yes I do think that they had these devices. Were they a actually. Used to their fullest extent probably not and most of these devices were created. Adorn the latter days of the the Second World War so they didn't really have a chance to utilized them. But some of them like I'd point out might have been taken over by the US government that's why we're very actions. To bring these. Former SS Nazi. Criminals that's basically what they work. How are literally near and Cabrera from aliens or whatever street here Matt you would I guess they were there. Yep today. Yeah well I think I think part of the problem in tenth. You touched on it there is that while some of the technology exceeded what we have at the the point it was develop the Germans no longer had a manufacturing capability or the manpower. Where the resources to actually put them to any significant news. And and they they were probably a take it over here by. The CIA I mean back before was a CIA had developed on their at their own a course or some people believe that this port some experimentation. That has been going on. Into area 51 and some at some other underground bunkers like get the basic and supposedly at base at the dolce and Mexico. Yes thanks for the call Vince we appreciate what those look them and take it yet I'm I'm kinda I kinda got to get re grounded here with what your opinion is are you saying. That were not. Being visited we are being visited. You know this whole Nazi discussion kind of took us off track awarded these things are just. And what you have when I'm like I say they they weren't they were originally. In contact with the this is a group of beings from some other right. Solar system. Yeah I. You know that there's just no way to currently get really one way or another it you know this subject has been so confused by misinformation. Not only on the part of the government. Oddly part of those involved in the UFO. You know researchers at all because it looks like everybody is looking for. An ax to grind or to try to push to Rome that particular point of view or aura theory. As you know I've been involved in this I say that night at the early 1950s to what degree or another. And it's likely take two steps forwards and three step backwards. With this you know end up. Of people point to the you so much evidence. And Beck legion different directions that. It it leaves it all open to many many different. I interpret H. Yeah we've we've only got a few minutes left here with fewer and I didn't wanna touch upon one of your books called. Mystery of the men in black. What do we know about the men in black. I had an experience and this is a bit on the youthful offenders on on TP. Back in the in 1966. And 97. I was waking for Jim Mosley in an office here in Manhattan for saucer. His magazine sourcing news. There was a couple that lived a few miles away. In New Jersey Jersey City by the it would Jack and Gary Roberts. Now. Jack Kennedy and it was investigator for the doubles Aggies and he. Had investigated. A case involving a group of teenage. Boys at 506070. Years old who had apparently seen. An object land. In eight New Jersey park. And they had watched it from a safe distance that. Some being a of one or more beings got out of the craft. A walk throughout the ship before getting back into the vehicle and it took off. OK so. Jack had found out about I I guess we found out about citing two. Great by maybe they get older office because it was at fault book. And we pass suddenly you report it to Jack robbers because by. OK so he a group of other independent reason went and interviewed. The group looked at teenagers. The outskirts of the park where they had had this experience. Now as they were taught hunted to Jack Roberts that it is a group of very investigators. They noticed down the block what appeared to be a black car of sub site laundry garlic Cadillac or. On a leakage something's very very caught. And behind the darkened windows. And that it windows were not that popular in those days they could see some movement. And the widow wrote down just slightly and somebody catapult your head out in it look like they were trying to keep tabs are. This a group book that researchers at your experience years. Well Jack took. Copious notes on those eSATA report in two associate news which I think we've actually published. That he started reporting oh a weird series of the bats. I keep worked to the bank candidate it managers and doubt she would lead to take the F trait over every morning at about 8 o'clock. And a couple of times when he was got his wife Mary Sola a strange individual dressed in black. As soon. Oh with a hat black shoes. Sunglasses it in the doorway of the building. As if they were tried to monitor the activities of people coming in and out now I don't know exactly like that it just a regular apartment building I think it. Jacket Barry lived on the third or fourth floor. But injected Havel is. UFO files. Well now he reported to us that he had heard. Like to sell to said he tried to tap telephone. A couple of times has files where I got through idol thinking was missing but two were files or at. And the thing was all dug out you know look like somebody. Had been in the apartment even though there was no sign of a break yet. So. After getting about maybe three or four calls this a couple. Jim Mosley and I decided we were going to investigate but we weren't going to let to Robinson's though batter is going to be so left and we got okay that we got the car we took to trip over Italy can title got to where they live. There was indeed this man standing outside of the of their apartment building we took a photograph of the man that vehicle that it currently driving. We went around the block I was gonna get out of the cart question him. And he was gone and they never saw him again you can find out all about this in my book year. UFO silence is mysteries of the bottom black. And they were out of time but tell people where they can get a hold of volume to get more information is available. All right well they can always just email me I could find it had faced him Beckley. Google may. If you want a free subscription to our publications. I'd go to. Conspiracy journal dot com. Go to our YouTube channel mr. UFO's secret file had a problem find that what a lot. By likes as it opened that's great say much the 270 open. There you go thanks thanks are being on with us tonight tennis great discussion we had a lot to cover we got as much in there as we could. Nuclear champion you deal undo unto unto a taken one on the chin for the team right now and that's when I look at it but on top of that their whole Lotta people there a lot of people that are suffering or loss and it's not an uncommon problem happens when you aged sometimes it happens without aging it doesn't matter just happens. And is a product it nets out it's called pro via natural hair therapy and it really works in fact. One of the two clients one of the people that use the product is quoted as saying your product works well I've noticed tremendous difference because my hair. 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