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Gardnerian Witchcraft as explained by a High Priestess

Aug 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson feature Gardenian Witch Deborah Lipp. Deborah discusses what it means to be a witch and how witchcraft works. Deborah is a High Priestess and talks about the ramifications of such. 8/4/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Well West Coast Friday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcomed Leon really reveal myself Jerusalem is in the always some JB Johnson is a way did you do FaceBook post or something because it every time you do like a guy crashed crashed that aren't votes you've crested aren't certain did every dies as well. And it's funny because when I raised on the FaceBook. I think it says 90000 people watching him but after I didn't say it's 6000 people that watched him so let me know sat well it's it's it's an -- reach thirty some odd 1000 people I am so a lot like it FaceBook is is bigger and common core math so none of it's gonna make sentiment which you assume Louisville's 22 then minus seven and divide yourselves trying to get into that tournament for him well. Welcome to show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy and we got a great one for you tonight we have Deborah lip coming on she's a garden area in which. She became one of those in 1982 she's a high priestess which sheet I took that position in 1986 she's been teaching wicca and ran running pagan circles ever sensed. She's been published in many pagan publications including new which. And she also has a book out this called. Magical magical powers for beginners so it's finally you know for someone starting now would magic. She also writes and still formally chains on. Spoke yeah no parent wants to ask about that I've no idea. I don't know really anything about James and so it's got the up and tomorrow night of course is a best of program Monday night will be back with Brian Clooney he's the co-founder and historian for planet paranormal radio and planet paranormal investigation to be talking about a whole bunch of things including. On teens and history of the USS Iowa and fort MacArthur military museums wells much other stuff. If you haven't yet make Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page for us. Then you can had to be on reality radio dot com where he can either click the listen live to adolescent right online and join me online chat. Where he can listen nominee decrease stations where on across the country. Or download the free iPhone and injury and apparatus from the website which allows you to listen the show alive catch past episodes on ago. During online chat so much more. Yeah there's a lot of stuff there for you Ahmanson great resource would love to have you participate in the show and when you anyway you can come by the way the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. If you like to call and be part of our discussion regardless of what we're talking about relived take listener calls. He live and there's a lot of weird things in the popular good news we have seen some of the selling I avoid the news whenever possible. Well Italy it's recently the weirdest thing somebody can actually marry his. A blow. Well pretty darn close what is the odds of that. No we are Cambodian woman marries a calf stretch for us that she believes to be there incarnation of her husband. Malone. Yes she claims that the calf behaves exactly like her husband and her children also agree he sits there goes. Retired as 774. Year old Kim hang has merit calf who she believes to be in the reincarnation or deceased husband and tell quote. On the heartbroken lady luster has been a year backs and that her husband's soul came to her followed by the calf Wiki her hair neck inning kissing her. Which was enough to convince Kim hang that it does her husband. OK so the live cast if you don't turn up in just started like licking your face or we wouldn't say Mary Lewis I would nightmare I would not Marietta can promise you I they have is that just commitment issue nor is it like you don't mind having her relationship be historian Mary. This. Here's the thing. If if somebody is passes away some in the U love passes away in the reincarnated as a calf for some other animal like that I don't think that's the that the next move his marriage. Just don't think that's next the next natural step you know I think around the yard whatever Pettit feed it to do which you need to do see how would be like reincarnated as a middle and a best. When you wanna be eaten. On the right dates just that would be the story in my life everything out to kill me and I'm the only guy DSL but anyways. And so can hang says that five month or five month old calf now that should to some rules are there. Does everything including going upstairs in the house just like her husband did. Her children are also convinced that cavs is their father felt from his behavior with the relatives in Kim hangs green and shield. And we talks. Yes certificates. The Stanley talks the cast in bed and it sleeps with tell quotes favorite well. Is Kim hang has vowed to care for until her death in the master children to care for. The calf after her death a Pete people from all over the country and flocking to the house to see how the cast stays with the Fam. I just have to ask no I did I have spent time on dairy farms are living in their rural areas some not that unfamiliar with the I think cows. Including cavs well little cans have as little shelters they kind of curl up on the legs and sleep but most the time they sleep standing up. They sleep standing up next. Yes I productive yes thank you know it's cruel but it's it's cruel is a look back now but we did that Warner younger. And in efficacy and here we have rob Martin but we grow up there you know upstate New York generating Olson. And I tell you fertile that you really move slow when you count tip those things get up really fast. And they're very bad that they're not very I would never do it again does it feel bad now looking back at it but when your kid you don't think it's no you don't think human genome. So it's funny I mean this attack what's gonna happen when sang it's a thousand pounds and is going to see ya see that's the prom cans don't stay cavs for very long time needed to be very very large animals that all the leaders gangsters and a wall and crush you are mentally that demands in the paddy sings gonna leave my house. At a that's necessary if you can check it kind of music toilet its final we did when we filmed. Goes on as we did. Out of Ireland and we did the race. And I Dustin was don't we had doesn't literally walking around for hours cleaning up. Pat being kelp that peace because nobody wanted to separate them actually woke to my camera guys didn't like Gupta there up to their kneecap. But the but it was so that these things are not. Clean and easiest and there is going to destroy the place I don't know how else says the most let me just ruin it for anybody who's thinking of marrying a calf for count some point they have no hygiene they've got no skills when it comes to hygiene none whatsoever. And I intend to record again content so so there's there's some weird things in that stuff Korea. And one of the of the top ones in the news yet. Now on that and takes the cake as far as I'm external takes the cow pie what happens to be a take a break when we come back we'll bring our guests and we're talking with Debra lit tonight we'll be talking about her role as a garden area in which in high priestess in her book. Called magical powers power for beginners are you listen to Jason and JD Indiana rarely revealed right back. Okay game the deepest and approaching and it's time for you to make your plans to attend skirt on an October. It dates are October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Verona New York. 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So what's couldn't do this by eight bite actually defining for us what exactly is a garden arena which. Well well you are kind. Which is different kinds of wicca. If you're not you're not familiar. We're at which script we'll just start back. I'll be in different kinds of people that call until glitches and we can't and it Whitney is a will lead in the based on. Called the nature religion Eric irked religion is based iron worst. Not a cut it. And her partner. But odd. And on the how he would stick obviously an important one got odd nature based lunar. And we we are part of what it called the modern pagan movement. And so it. And earlier it. Not every one who practices witchcraft is where. 11 mark Witkin call them which is well let it wicca is made. The word comes from the old English for which. And it backpack that double CE it'll English at WI CCA would've actually ventured out which in old English. But you don't speak English well didn't it go. And but but witchcraft. All in all the practice of magic and be hard in their religion it would go we believe that we have inherent power. I loved the god within our own cells and. Do believe that we have that we have been to you've been with the ability to develop curriculum is it out like world. And then we practice magic and the ending the warm part of life. I just have to bring you back to their original question of them little uncertain with the garden area me is that just a title or is that a specific sect is it is what's the significance of the gardener. It's a sect. And and that's what in my I want my site or wiccan who are wondering what I don't look at Marion and I think that many lit listener that. Probably not that it should pick. Now has the definition of the word which changed over the years. And I would. And the definition of Marquardt a change. And and and really good being shipped. The first big ship in the word which. Carton during the inquisition. Oh it used to be better which was somebody who. Didn't get. Our other. Let me I'm sorry that the government really really curious about this because amiss I'm a student of history and stuff fascinates me because I think my understanding of the world which are really was. Defined by somebody who had a relationship would Satan. By a Christian definition. And done you know was in league with Satan and got its power got their powers from Satan but it seems have changed significantly from that. Itself in the change and that's what I wanna get on the okay for it was expecting at the end which would of let it cowards that they. You know so let go back prescription card live they in the Ron saying he knew that and I. Village and you've got an agriculture and our heart injury Kellogg. And and got people do magic. It is special to let you know. Farmers and their merchant buried near magic practitioners. Are among them. Our which is there are considered do bad things and some of them are considered. There that you might call on the Carling narrow wide world. Rush forward several hundred years. And get in you about. My textbooks in front of it but I'm an eagle fourteenth century. The church got very injured in all forms of magic. And it will. Primarily actual economic decisions. You could sell and altered the better yes you have corner on the market. Well at this point they started saying that anyone who practice any kind of magic that healing and helping bring. Making your crops grow better was to which I get connection. And we're against church and what in league with Satan because all such power is not used by the church. Was coming from. Well in the fundamental. Well fundamentals behind it behind reaganism and paganism was really the first religion out there. Might lower the first bunch of religions have there hike at this ball like this. Yeah but I just mean I don't reaganism has as yet few fuel yet it's as pyramid paganism would've been the initial religion that. Had all the branches off. So paganism in the big umbrella term that covered many Pollard get sticker and he would stick nature based religion. Oregon. Once that BRR are not major base but if I get sick or you're pre lot of ears stick NBA they're considered. So let the people at the bell got in trouble with Israel and a prepay. So back a very long way. But it. Magic and the worst of the legal. Was considered by. Inquisition. To be the work of Satan and deep. In league with the debt all and that is where the word will get laid it went to worship as they go that. Let it sit about working it in Spanish but I would have to plug textbook up the show to be sure. Aren't well in day where we execute quick break when we come back we'll get into a lot more of Saddam. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may Sheila FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com reed Crandall ceased as we are on across the country. He'll listen right there on the web site just by clicking the listen live Ted join me online chat or download the free iPhone an injury to upgrade their from the website while shall listen live catch pass episodes and join Chad as well. Elicited Jason King. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I don't know Iowa Jason and JJ corner receiver corps for 6877669. And we have some folks on hold. I'll be patient get your calls as soon as we can only do appreciate your calls and we wanted to John when we can we're talking with Debra lip tonight she's a garden arena which you know high priestess. And we're about to based. Leave the definition I guess the modern definition of what do which is at this point and Debra you said it's changed over the years particularly there's a major change there during the inquisition. In the Middle Ages and that where are we now what's what's what's the accepted definition of the word which. Are there so I don't accept that at work honestly at it now. That's why I am. On the week in which there are they where there are. On people who who practiced folk magic they're what you would call classical. It's somebody who practice Matic. Out like. You know without years ago pat but they have no interest in religious Clark. This year there are court fictional which they are. You know because there is Harry Potter which. And not a bad. Deal. I can't in slam my bones. IE I want doesn't get delivered. Powell. And I think that's very disappointing grip on people. Glad. They only can say that your seat at the inner spirit. Practical. Can't religious. Pay it which. There's national news. That probably covered. They are people it every crack Matt who dispel. And big men from different point that you and for different purpose. Depending on the kind of. And is it possible for anybody. Anyone who wants to do you can do all you do is kind of self declare yourself away chores or some rite of passage is how how does somebody become wage. Well that's great question accurate and get on the kind of wish and the ink in this. We call a tradition a garden area tradition at which to make them which series they were right in the nation after a period of that. There are other forms of witchcraft weird consult declare. Certainly though for practicing magic. Island that is now. That you can learn by a study by practiced by trial and error. And that's why I wrote a magical power for beginners because it is accessible to anybody who who sent to find out courses that. Well wicked does seem to be an alliance are proven that it's the fastest growing religion especially within teenage teenage girls correct. I'll I. You know I haven't seen that aired them at or whatever but you're probably you're probably right. It very. Popular. And certainly means the ability lure. English Tory tradition like I don't know where you go to a period of training. You know the growth that would go a long ago that strict in the ability. People like that too. Accommodate. You why there's so much so study that we're earning. And why there was such a publishing. Pollution especially in the in the nineties and in and in the last decade in which is huge publishing urgently added that the plan. You know could not keep up with them. And that step it. Eight you know not and people or port seeker actor spiritual as you know and that some people are temporary tents and a better life long. I. We can which when I was. What he won. And I am in my 60s now so I am confident that it at a scene. What does it mean to be a high priestess. In my in my tradition like I said. There are there are any form that wicca which you can consult studying and in south dedicate and there are other pork and we take. It takes to make a pitch in which you studying and you train in a in a group. Like carpet and it means that sensed that I am such a teacher and I am the leader of a cup. OK so that the use of so it makes it that's a designation of being a leader and teacher basically. Yes exactly and it is I was in fact. Training. Poor person's six years we coworker before. I need became a high priestess and started my own group so it is something we take. You know seriously. To get some one on one through an apprenticeship bottled art school actually our outlet. But he's a prince. So it was gorgeous yeah I was gonna say. Well what point in your life he said he became which are 21 years old it was your first introduction tours had he been studying and watching it for a while Kenny considering whether or not it was something for you. I I'd urge. I'll tell you I was a teenager I thought that at what I wanted was to work should be old guy and we're nature. I believe that there is in it and mother earth and I thought I was. Let it took me. And I was the only one in the world. And then I found out that there were other people that it was such as they. Pack and I was well and he. You're trying to track a group and it would take me. Most groups will are making news especially. The 170 that you know the very underground you'd get a lot of trouble. You know people but it was very very disreputable all oh you know to take to take a kid. Even though you're not doing anything. Bad and it was you know at the time people would've assumed we do something great at further risk that people wouldn't trade. Elijah. You know world a lot of letters and talk to people and read oxygen and did what I call. And until at bat it's wonderful group of people in New Jersey that I ended up training listened and didn't. Becoming a part. Well I and that then 120. One and statement delicate set for six years of course is still packs many of them and and that eventually branched out and started my. Okay lets them we've got a bunch of phone calls on the moon try to work through some of these throughout the at night so. Let's bring in this is a Christie from Kentucky Christy welcome to the show era beyond reality radio. Crystal crystal crystal welcome to the show. I did have a question. I've been. Ball a crock my living room easily right or I go to bed. And I would end in about couple more months LB that we hear amber at my mother statute passed away with brain and recchi and there. Staring at apple initiated it. You wondering what. Edit or what my mom it. On the exact question for me or for the guy. And it. But it would say it's tough to say when and just me answering it's tough to say without getting in there and investigating and trying to see if Hamilton. Document anything catch any audio and two were amenable to a sort of compare buy and yeah what about you Debra. I know you look at her differently them. Well. Pretty much the same thing as principle curriculum is parking lot. And if you have a sense of your mother's Iger and oh yeah it was so light. On that and that certainly possible. It's black. You know every every eat at a station and let that play that a little differently. And and a lot of times the weight in goal is is there to listen to your situation. To start where. That feel like your mother there that feel like a that your mother would do. And and a one of the things like I say about the debt that they don't change much in late so. Latte. When my husband guy. He would kind of cranky funny guy in life so sure not hiding things around out there actor. Why that was the kind of thing he will do so your mother and it is being. In the afterlife which she would have Gartner life so. How is this feel like mom that's good they are. Yeah actually shoot like that elect our. Hi in chief they'll keep me she says Marcin who I was wondering if that was our her as. Well unity could only set up some sort of recording device and see authority were able catch any audio. And that we are all you lot. Order you can use anything that you can you can use you use your phone you can see get a cheap digital voice recorder from our. For many of the stores out there and best buy or anything in just set it up at night. And that we cannot just let it run and see if anything's able to be documented McCullough. Out how to do that can I looked on apparently step up this omelet without him. Younger my mom look at. Our crystal's thanks thanks so much for the call from Kentucky we appreciate you listening there. I'm Deborah what some what are the advantages I mean you made the decision to become aware action study this stuff what are the advantages to doing it. And question because I'll. You know when you aren't a spiritual path that you know that it right. You know you're not if it is not checklist. You know on. Since I could make it can't let it go well. Yeah you know I guess I guess. Let me try to find my question because that's a great point in it wasn't what I was considering when I asked the question because a lot of people make we've we've had quote unquote which is on the program before. And some of them that have to we have one on the did very plainly said he was doing it because he was using these. Spells in these powers to the exact revenge on people I mean that's the type of thing that happens clearly that's not what you're doing. But he is so if I guess really the way I need to be looking at it from your perspective is it's more of a spiritual thing for you. It is and backlit that clinic the very careful in the I don't know wicked witch because some people aren't. There certainly are people who who aren't who are just doing it her power you know there's a distinction between. The practice that magic and the religious practice I do well. So that's Atlantic. That distinction I am I'm not the power although. When I I think. Targeted. Experiencing. Change. That's looking at having the potential or power. I felt a responsibility. To learn war. So. What and you start to realize you know I quoted. To lay out of hand something like that. Then and I wanted to learn how what you're it was enough to know well there's more to being in being an active car. And you're at sentencing is the paranormal it wasn't just. Not just to note that once I knew that that I wanted to do something quick. Oh where does where does the to. Are bad bad level an area where they're using its try to manipulate things for it for themselves and and so forth and how to how does one keep that in check. Well a lot of what it will tell you that. Everything that they've put out into the universe comes back Q and and that keep in check but. You know he'll crime doesn't pay argument and that to me not what he would need Shaq. Is. More than that I live what I consider spiritual life and war that I know I have to I am my own box. And then it is up to me can make good and right decision. All I don't ruin my own life. So. You know you've gotten nearly an hour and they are you going Yeo liked to play it you're somebody who all you want my. Edit and then either. You end up with no money and nothing else because all you never sought after it or. You end up with money stop happy you know a lot of power in. Well as the old saying no on what you know let's let's take a break and we come back you have got more questions for you listen and Jason GBM unrelated really. Kissinger. When people force succeeds at. 766 and honored guest tonight is still relived. She's a garden area in which in a high priestess she has a book out that's called. Magic power for beginners and we're talking about that and dumber life as they wage what it means what it's about. We do have some people on hold we'll get to your calls assuming we can. Deborah again thanks for being with us tonight and I'm really were really pleased given kind of a short segment here. But it what are have you guys to spend a minute talking about why he decided to write the book. Well Tom when I was a young whips. We learn magic a ladder there were early old school books are on add a look sort of gut steal home. Read it and Ed we would that it that there wasn't a lot about without there. Now there's a lot with that the public out there and people don't learn much about magic and it got a wonderful skill. Gil back. Is O battle. Celebrating your own ability. To war. Then we normally think we can do that we do have the capacity. You know and help to help her so. Help others. And who has the capacity. To shore up power from our bodies from mine from nature. And and to teach people. To access your power. In a way that is meaningful and it that is. Until late in the outlook saying look healthy people so that whatever. Also am what I was gonna ask you earlier there's that old saying I am and what was it win if you do something. In the with religion it can come back and you threefold or tenfold what the deal saying. Grateful vehicle belonged to all returner and. You you can do good and haven't come back and you can do bad at comebacks. Than it is impact at all thing. I don't know that people say that that really motivate you not in bad magic but I think. Experience that the best teacher. It is you can do something if you do something and it and it you know. Bites you in the butt. Out your got to get a one year let. Well of people and people are awful things in the hobble the old retired of course that it doesn't happen but that day use. So. So I think that instead of worrying about. Can bite you but the next day. You're better try to figure out how to how to live your life in a way that is going to. He rewarding your long term because you don't so balance that affect the long term. Let's exclusively you sneak a quick phone call on this is Barry from South Carolina very welcome to show. Jade and I have never about him bullet load up I'll do very little this year. Yeah no kidding. As a matter of and I capitalized who have Alex. And now I got particular about it and rob thank you are never agenda out all of her age. The we're now able to talk to other Narnia the the unit. At sea change does not know they have banging on the show or not it says until right now. She's probably. You know they have the whatever but it I. Anyway. Calm. Act act are outraged. Oh gosh what is at a certain my gosh. Talking about witchcraft with Debra lipped. Yes I know or if it ever air and it. Now aren't acts I've outlawed such as well it's not enough. House apparel and tighter more brain teaser that over our shoulder operation or more. All Jews there has very well didn't you just Bush's go odious. A set our best wishes go out Tia. Now our our jobs bill amounted in my front yard roller grab your trash Marcia overall are. Metal pole polls. Maybe. Bar. Well yeah just are. Or you just take it take it as safe as Barry and give us call that we got to go to break anyways but. Iggy and just get everything done and give us a shell back when you die unless you've made it through and everything's self self. Are you listen Jason. 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Let's first Friday in the East Coast and many were stuck in between well beyond reality review myself Jason mostly always awesome she's Johnson. So couple nights ago we had a guest on the program Rebecca Foster I'm sure everybody remembers her psychic as she did a much readings for a lot of people and she offered to give way to thirty minute sessions. We didn't have a chance to do it when she was on the program. We didn't do it as he was last night we're going to and we just never got around to listen tonight at the end of the program. Bullock mop the way to give away those two with thirty minute readings from Rebecca Foster we really appreciate her offering that to the listeners. So thank you Rebecca. And also got a way to give the way we'll do the into the program. And silly so make sure you want to use state to vote and will election no wonder Colin but tonight we are talking with Debra let. On each became an ordinary in which in 1982 inch also high priestess in 1986. Were talking about wicca witchcraft. Pagan religion and so much more. Yes and thank you again endeavor for being with us I'm let's talk about the spells which craft itself. Where does that come into what you're doing and what is it do you what do you do what do what can you do what are the capabilities and how does that affect things. Well I'd like to say that magic that make the impossible possible but it improbable Koppel. Shuttle. I I used to live in New York City. I live outside now and I need to have that little ballot like you where I can get up. And it would come stricter than expected. Late 91 in the morning wrecked car saying it over to reclaim I don't know. What particularly now because they're not only when he any more current deal. But. It would run every twenty minute I would do now and I can get that change to come in ten minute at one. Every time. So I was pretty competent without the work. You know I'm sitting here right now at my desk in New Jersey and I do that spell out and work at notre track. Why can't may. Be absolutely impossible. But it can she probability. And and that a lot of things in effect. Healing in it sex. Both psychological physical and tech utility to get it chop it back. All kinds of luck is involved with love and coincidences how war. Mean a lot of love magic it's just went there it should. Being in the right place at the right time job back at. So. Lincoln who once you're treated at the probability gain. You can you can put your energy into pushing the ability. Ward view has her. Enjoy being completely random. On dirt there's. And religious aspect content and only an at large candidates as we understand bad. We have this Howard there are religious test which say. You know it's not right to do magic he should let go and let contribution. Should not being trying to control Europe. And and they think that they were religious aspect comes in primarily in believing. Hating it and you're seeing is being met pop. And and they had prayer as part of magic there it is it I often included. And many people. Soon destroy you get a better picture forward talking about can you give us an example of the last time of one the last times that you've. Use dispel or used magic in some way. I'll look like come up with yes or I remember. A very well. Oh so I don't know where my group who wondered looking get a graduate school. And naturally. You wanted to get it to a local graduate school all the other so he could stay in the group. And of course had a coach by for our prestigious school. And it a second trick or. So. Doing magic involved figuring out where you want to send energy. Making it connection to go and then figuring out how to get adequate equipment book is called Matt. How were her inner geek getting that hour. Figured out how to get on how to use that a lot of equipment. So we came up with. I'll and 88 symbol. Our school. And highly. Well like we aren't we used court it and I ate it up and the cold cut I. And we pull aired all of our energy. I don't remember how we read this and very simple for our chanting dancing and clapping your drumming. Just concentrating. It'll sort of place of rape that pal war and to use. Harry seussical. Symbolic representation. Of school and the young and tied together. Are they were literally tied. And during the need to. School that accepts that the best school in the country that the program he wanted except for cricket at the com. And singing. And scooping up. The. The school would try to get in the. They're a little bit they reject 96% of the people looked like. I'd but he didn't get in the program that we wouldn't want in the way that he really want it. And the same card. Also got into school almost as good at all told local. So it. All over the country. And so it work. Didn't quite don't really expect it but it worked really beautifully. And Seminole and I do like to keep track of results because everything work you know and and I let you. To keep a diary and I checked the results so that I can go back though that work. In different matter happened there and. And improve my skills. Home Tuesday. Winner come home to the scan yeah actually chalked up to chance. Going out there and older. So there I do I I'm I'm sure there's no. A book that you go to this says here's the spell. Or the intent patient whatever it is to get somebody into grad school so is this something that you knew you just. You kind of look at the circumstances and you apply what feels right. I would feel right and nobody. Out how to make a vital connection. You can get a great story to what do you make a vital connections in the call me let go have a Mac. You know the matter at apple and that and I live right here where we're at and I can I call him a little. I. Mean. So now we're starting to know what could we would bat well as well it a lot of. You know when you do brainstorming about you know what the principal are. You know what that historical high is that spelled people who law. You have books are belt in the house. And but elevated. What's exciting about it is the create entity and Rick's faith that what are the power that we all understand. Is being interest it is something. But if you get out of out of a block it and that a little bit boring. Insert it into a form of energy. That people ask Howard hadn't Powell how you get Howard not a problem because. All moment in Lyon where we sell all our magic. Like it a little comps are and end in the cloud. Music is incredible and the crowded on. Power. Or either having a beautiful quiet walk in nature. Are. That our. So it's more just. It's it's empowering an awful of the belief that is bad it's real that it works. Well at it. Like go out looking back and the people of all when you're. When you're worried it will go back to Arctic air crowd or whatever out of measurable back. You know social site at study. End and they're there also is logic. Are at their adrenaline or. So so it not just. Go back that you know. How you. Get that power on. It reliable ways and apply it. Akron we want to apply that we're the technique of Al craft com. That we're. Study and learn how to structure well and brain power. On command. Could anybody can do it by happenstance you. Yeah are so Deborah gonna take a break rumor come back I want to get into who do the book magic power for beginners and we're gonna talk a little bit about. Some of the components of magic that you outlined in the book and some other things it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy. Don't go away the telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call and Debbie part of our discussion. Right back. Needed to that the young male radio Jason and Gigi good to have everybody along with us tonight when you listen one of the great radio stations or you are listening online. We welcome all if you. And so little. From the show and if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality renewed dot com we can find stations we air on all across the country you can also listen right there online despite click clicking the listen lies tab. Which also connected to an online community chat which agree much people in there. And you can download the free iPhone in injury separated from the website which allows you to listen life shows cash past shows and join me online chat are let's. Our guest beckoned we're talking with Deborah lip tonight her book is called magical power for beginners. She is a garden area in which a high priestess in fact. And Deborah in the book you talk about you know what the necessary components of magic are what are you outlined some of that forests and and give us insists the specifics as to what it means and how you get that those component. Short. What are the components unimaginable. Is when you gathering greens. And that is the thing that really often attracts people because that's where you can get the case where you can have a Juan. Or her hand oh. I am and what code and do. Is some of those things have inherent power they have power now like. Like her and her crippled or whatever. And some of the things that you gather before hand are. In that form a connection between you and the target of magic. And that is we get very classical which crashed out which which you read about it on TV you have you know. On keeping it really fingernail clipping that they are a lot of error. On the photograph his. But she's here to get and. Because it's the same thing to see her back hurt and it's that the connection person. But. Put all of that thought that that people associate with which script like. Like may seeing. It which. You know yeah maybe you heard it called a prudent doll that says. One of the components of magic in getting those ingredients together. And that connection. Between you and whatever it is subject to check it. So let and that some people are you ingredient that I call that it is the man had beyond them and let. What you know you can get to work I put order lower you could drive a car acutely after the car. So. Called help. And at a and a big kid and you think of using school and that they honor. They create they were men. And still be adamant appeared to orient you remote aren't more toward magic. Helpful. We we intend to them very ordinary life so you know having something. Feel more magical. Or at our minds were quick magic is is how. So that's one. Another. A party that they need to have spoken target Andy Cole. And people can accept that. So Eric that they your your archer due to errors you know. The target is is now around the secret dot org and the goal to to win a medal and in the past. So a lot of time people and lots of their spot for their prayers and their energy. Into goal. Without thinking about what that hard. Which parent and energy actually go. You know that aren't sure you aim at the heart. He met that goal in mind guy and got them. So a lot of I'm wearing green in man for doing magic figure out what do I want. How to like yeah. And and so were we doing we doing he'll. Now. Our goal we're healthy per cent. Glad that our target. Could be very. And I anatomy book out. And makes Brit that I can clearly. Visualize the body part and. You don't try to pronouncing it correctly. And. In other words you know talking I was trying to do. You act that. Yeah might get that. TV and beyond. Artery accuse her as a her. Her six or 77669. We do have some folks on hold we will get your calls as soon as we can. We've got some great shows coming up we should mention that tomorrow night will be a best of program as it is every Friday on the Rio streets stations across the country. Monday night Brian communal join us he is the co-founder of the hissed in the historian for a planet paranormal radio and planet. Paranormal investigations will be speaking. With him about a whole bunch of pretty interesting things including eleven of the more famous or notorious murders and possible murders in Hollywood history. And all with a term paranormal aftermath that could be pretty cool. Yeah and plan paranormal they're great over there I worked with them for a long time many many years ago and then Tuesday were retarded John Rhodes one of the most outspoken and controversial UFO researchers so. A lot of great shows coming up if you do it if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just rated for us trying to get those numbers up. We greatly appreciate that I analog do you do and download the show and it's been downloaded tens of thousands times today we greatly appreciate the support. And the show's only success because you've all made it made it that way and and we know that so yeah. And share with friends let friends know that the show is not only life on the radio which can also download and I know a lot of people download at the next morning and listen to on the way to work during a commute. That kind of saying no we've got a lot of comments about that so we appreciate it. Tonight we're talking with Deborah lipped Deborah is the author a book called magical power for beginners among other books that she's written you can find a whole bunch of her stuff on I know that if you go to the beyond reality radio web page. And click on the guest tab you'll find links there and find out where else we can find inflation would ever. As we continue our conversation with her Deborah. Again thanks for being with us. You you were in the middle talking about the components necessary for. Conducting magic there for casting spells are or view do you call it and what are things you keep referring to is power. And it seems to be very very important in this mix get a little more specific about what that means a work comes from. You know it it really checking it tick quest because there's lot. The portrait of magical power play well what are your arms. How well study is that as a paranormal. And that it yourself you know that a lot of the under it's not like it that I expect him being at grant and clothing around so I can't the climate that we. What it feels like we all know what we feel that placate those examples like being at a concert or. Still that. You know yeah there is a sense of being advertised. Brilliantly in the trick is figuring out whether what the Qatar won it certainly is our pot. Jerry. Eight usable energy in our bodies. And seeing what we would too weak number in Wyoming and clap. Can't rule. Meditating. And back. We can't go away we emotions. That are power so that one sort of power. Another source of power if you are a believer in the city. Another source of power nature. Also supernatural I can't lump them together because there are very hard to back. Like if you are. In line power. Problem. A country are you drawing power from something actual which you are you drawing. Power from the spirit of retreat which could be considered an actual. I. In the book I'd say okay actually in actual. Sources. I I lump them together practice partner in and I go into all this in real detail each won the give a crap. How do you get their power. And I just held it. What you don't let it go into packer and part of what. And Anna and them being at you know for the benefit of the war in relation radio. Format. Another source is eight years. Accumulated. Power. Accumulated through a lot of different means one of which is for example. You know that. Again because it because you know a lot about paranormal you know an object. Her intent to have written energy. Residual energy you. So so. And and in my experience in mineral content to hope that better. Oh absolutely yeah it has there's proof they even the government Nasrallah limestone. Trying to because the ability to hold different types manager. Like. A piece of fabric is not as energized. Overtime aren't being shall. That bad bet you can. Purpose. India to an object like that with energy. Or simply by using it all the time it tends to build up an entry. Well below that. Which is tend to have want and the lives. I'm. So when you create a practical want. You may tell whenever. Duke doesn't. Some item a spell to. Heard it from looking to. Wouldn't. Into a magical why we've done some kind of currently. Concentrated at. That add. And you see power to an op art. Let cool. But now you know we're here this time. Why add up the same. Which does not think that I have had hurt her I hear. Oh. I think it goes without saying that that I had more power in it today than it did thirty a year ago. Just because they keep using it. So for everything in its use for it's it's retaining some of that energy. And and so for. Erica. Because now and that no no energy in the Kirk I. I can get all the ketchup on the ball. Just let it. But just like a battery you're able to drain it down so using that device you are you able to drain it it's of the energy that's accumulated over the years. You and you'd you'd sit there and. Well a magical night at both argued that the how to do it the way you do where me and end. Okay. Energy. So. But but again it not completely and perfectly trained like it that. Oh. Every match. Is it tends to have a little bit of residual and you can. You can't let range so bad. Well I think you'd get thirty years and the bygone in the spoke to. Pick it up already happened Howard air. Now have a magical connection with every night that they. On the. I think you actually accelerated this ecological. Well blatant. Well one of the magical powers cumulative power residual but accident. Putting it there on purpose. And also the power. Go. And magical on the great example we know that there are a hundred years of history at magician yeah they want. A bit at the magical wonder if it that we all can connect to our car. They've been around since he put his country. Ticket early quirky centric. And and they they're. Symbol or even older than that so buried in. The oracle. Cultural power and that we're you know any. And that's another source of power. Don't know what you think about constructing a LL. Is pat. The area green and major Obama Euro buying. And of course you're in a magical school at the world trade on everybody that I have limited in practice because Al Katrina aren't. Being with historical power you get things that you took power in green. We've got a lot of power as eloquent so together you're looking at you play. The way that it meant to show up look at the ingredient in his kitchen. Well let's let's try to go and take a police phone calls this is Joseph from Indiana Joseph welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the program tonight. Appreciate keep taking my call. Should I just got a question. We get there. I'm not educated and those. Who retreat argue that what we call it. Eat it all I know people. Go. Joseph I. Joseph I know she I know on an alleged ever answer on how you cannot get in contact with a bit and I'm sure she's certain she's interested in helping people Debra if someone has an issue and are looking to get a little guidance or help you have something you can offer them. I a court in an email I am not able. And who are acne. And there's a lot. And but you able to keep people and information. About how at how well we're about what other sort it there available. And I let sidestep dot com. And I'm also on Twitter debt let the author. Author and writing book. And I'm not art fine. That'll be a joke humility don't you know Texas Deborah Kerr did just on the I think that you were obscured wanted to help with. Well the printer. I have a problem what believe an up like this but I don't happen that way you know on brand. Each morning me and moved a little group you know you know seeing it really works that are. Anything like you know I am. Absolutely. Little dose of skepticism is very very healthy we 07 on the program I think that's a good thing Joseph will not you know how to get ahold of Deborah if you have questions I'm sure she'd be happy Nancy thank you for the call. Deborah you probably get a lot of that I mean that's not an uncommon thing you know this is interesting to me however I'm having trouble believing that it actually does anything and and how do you address folks when they present that concern deal. Great and it kept the I'll I'll I. Yeah I think that there aren't your experience so old repeat creative I am I am skeptical. And and I see it work. And you know when you it would Euro and and it certainly is currently held up a putt. You don't own until we came that that's skeptic has been declared because there's no value in being in being Agile. You know we have brains that that ask questions for resent. And I think that that is is. You know that's a good thing it should ask more questions in and you know be more discerning look for at an end the war. Back up but don't see. So I'll just believing that people will do that as well reject the epic and there are. I hope I am I teaching people that I established. Unlocked are at a enough credibility. That when I say I have seen such and such an adequate I think it works. That. I bet I have some credibility. But also saying during the do we match. Suspend your pistol. Go ahead and disbelief later appeared done. But for the purpose of doing that well. Can you believe. You're in that theater and you quick then though keep up on stage are are actually those characters just let their belief. Wait. How are right it probably. Can you imagine. And then you can look at the police come back. I. Makes a lot of sense to ever. One more time we've please give the folks your website address then you're your Twitter address and other things that would be relative to getting in touch are following you. Short so it. It's definitely a dot com. Pretty seeing my name spelled the long wait DEP all are each at me like he needs. You can find him. What are act. Add the lit. Are there eight or. Eight expelled. A UH. And that the web site and read it to Twitter to expect at the link to my Facebook. You have an op Ed page on on FaceBook at well. So. Honestly if you just global blaming it forget all of that and global link me they. And I have one more question this is a bit of a tongue in cheek question Demi and curious. I noticed senior in on your website you've got to a biography page in about me kind of page and you talk about you know. You ended in one I think maybe even the very last thing is that you have cats. Our cats somehow. Connected. To witchcraft in in I mean it seems to be you know although bits stereotypical but at the same time we've had other which is on here. And in cats seem to always pop up in in their lives and in what they do is there any real spiritual connection there. You question because when we when you what are my first on the show. You know an hour ago. Oil though. I was sitting there out on things are here I am on the radio would let my lap I am the cliche. On it. Fairly. And I I had a woman who wanted to train in the group and she. She said that allergic cat and aren't quite at that are going to be comfortable in my home. Let me let me make them should really try to cable here relationship early in the elaborate shall that was awkward. And I got out. Well Coleman's art. And not contacted. And a extra senator. Groups within within driving distance and I couldn't find one that can. You have one. Group. And they are believed that it up there in Salem Massachusetts. I'm not that I hadn't connected with a big trade with people are starting their own group and armed and they. The guy who lent their group is it was to get up yet. And dressing Eric Deborah thank you so much for being with us and I've been really giving us an education and Hernandez who's really really great to have you on the show. Thank you so much for adding that a lot of heart. Old Atlantic anxious march OK and he had Debra live dot com if you wanna visit the website the lake he said only to use Google her name to come up with a whole bunch of ways to get in touch. It's Jason and javy beyond reality radio were going to move takes could take phone calls call in right now and we're gonna give away those two readings by Rebecca Foster the thirty minute reading says. Call in and we'll take the calls kind of randomly when we come back from break. Four and phone numbers a 44687766. Hour again 8446877669. Allison Jackson ten. A few minutes left section and even if you don't get a couple minutes left we're gonna quickly go to the phones we've got the full phone lines have been picked to randomly. And we want to just hellish your name. Where you calling in from and doubles say quick hello but we're gonna do it really faster rights houses were still a parent this go to the first one here randomly okay. Are you going to be on the line. Joan Collins from. It. Hope will welcome. It's good to have you back I'm glad I'm surprised you got through again sorry so you're gonna we have a thirty minute private reading from Rebecca Foster I think she doesn't buy Skype or something like that so just hold on line for me OK don't go anyway it's like K. Okay interview. Our let's go one more here let's. Mean we are. Who we have here. Is on the water yeah is on the line I see Susie. And I we call for. And it. And well EU UN. Come up on current. Account Zach thank you guys he had a thirty minute don't don't hang up we're gonna hustler caddie your formations to stay online okay. That regrets having an. That thanks for the call Susie okay so those are two winners Joseph and Susie thanks so much for calling in both of you thank you to Rebecca. Foster for offering those two private readings were gonna have a back on the show us some point look forward to that. In a big shout out to Deborah look for coming on any balance tonight in talking about wicca and paganism and so much more. If you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like the FaceBook page then head over to be unreality radio dot com where. He final agree stations we aren't across the country can also listen online any of the knights were on. You can also download the free iPhone an injury or death rate there it's it's free. The Los Angeles in the show allies catch past episodes on the go and also joining online chat if you download the show from iTunes do us a favor and just read it for us are really helps push chill for a and that's what it's all about. But until or tomorrow's the best of smashing it to an end. And everybody have the season great weekend it will catch a Monday aged Jason GDP on reality radio and. And the media is produced by sticking ignorance in platoons went Alexandria Johnson and her Connolly. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality reading it all one work. If you've got information you want us to follow along where you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio and email to sleep Eddie and as slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.