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The Compassionate Clairvoyant takes calls and does readings for listeners

Aug 9, 2017|

JV Johnson talks with the Compassionate Clairvoyant Brandie Wells about her work and the meaning of being a psychic/clairvoyant. Brandie also takes listener calls and does readings for them. 8/9/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Turn. Jane music industry's. The man is saying that aren't among many many others had a lot of hits to himself but it was also was just a phenomenal phenomenal studio musician. Played with the beach boys and Brian Wilson wasn't able to and had his own variety show on television Glen Campbell. Passed away today at the age of 81 years old he suffered from. All timers disease for very very long time in fact there's a documentary that's on Netflix called I'll be me and it's about his struggle with that disease I think it was filmed. During his final and farewell for of 2014. And if you haven't seen it and you know somebody in many of us do who's been touched by alzheimer's really. Really owe it to yourself to watch it especially now that Glenn has passed he's become. A bit about. I don't know I guess a bit of a role model if if you will for of people suffering for the from that disease and families going through it really real really recommended by Glen Campbell be greatly missed. It also goes greatly missed tonight I'm beyond reality radio is my cohosts Jason Hawes now. I was just trying to explain this to slick Eddie in his slick I know it's confusing to them and go to this one more time for you okay. Jason has a stomach bug. Season he's not feeling well so he's not here tonight I have a bug in my stomach because I was walking earlier. And I was singing not Glen Campbell songs actually I think they core BG songs as ironic as that is. And I took a deep breath and a bug flew in my mouth and I ended up slowing it so. Jason has a stomach bug. I have a bug in my stomach slick it's not that complicated and I think if you just don't think about it for a little bit you'll be fine. Welcome everybody it is beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and GB Johnson again Jason not witnessed tonight he is recovering. On but he will be back with us tomorrow night we've got a great show lined up actually. Anytime we have a psychic on the program phones ring off the hook we get a lot of calls because a lot of insight and brandy wells will be joining us tonight brandy. Is he compassion clairvoyant she's an angelic Koehler an animal and communicators psyche median and paranormal investigator will be taking calls for brandy in talking to her. Little bit later in the program tonight when a jot down the telephone number it's 844. 6877669. On and then a couple great programs coming up as well tomorrow night we will be featuring a read play of our interview with Jim Morris we aired that. Interview back in February think it was February 28. And then Jim is just a pioneer in paranormal research and investigating. The interview we did with him is terrific. And Jason I decided we wanted to honor. Jim by because we lost him his wealth around it to talk about another loss. A great loss on so we're gonna play that interview one tomorrow night you be able to hear the interview with Jim Morris and then Thursday. Larry Hancock will be joining us and be another great program lot of great stuff coming up on beyond reality radio don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page. Say hello give it like we're trying to and increase our numbers there that gives us an opportunity to speak to everybody outside additional hours. Also stop by the web site couple things you can do there you can listen live to the program. You can also join the chat room it's a great opportunity for people to communicate with one another while the show was going on a lot of great insight and comments. Jason and I are always there. On and you can also fine information and our guests on the website just click on the guest Chapman you can get to information about who they are what they're about. What books they might have etc. etc. it's all great stuff. And it's all right here on beyond reality radio don't go away like I said we've got brandy wells coming up. In just a few moments you might wanna get your calls an early 8446877669. At 844. 68776692. Beyond radio Jason. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates from October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all there generally hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ERR. With your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Making this win more complicated. Jason has the stomach bug. He can't. Do the show tonight so he's resting trying to get better I have a bug in my stomach is a smaller bug and it inadvertently while I was walking. It's really not the same thing Alex please explain to slick compasses on because he's just not pick it up on it it's a bug in the summit purses a stomach bug it's very very simple welcome back to beyond reality radio every once. Great to have you along with you listening and one of the great radio stations across the country that's carrying the program we welcome you there we welcome you online if you're in Chad hello everybody in check great to see all their. As well. Putts and we're going to be talking with brandy whales brandy is a compassionate clairvoyant she's an angelic Koehler an animal communicators a psychic medium and paranormal investigator she's. World renowned. I'm and co host of south central and ask one radio dot com. In private readings brandy off first time link which heels the past and reveals the future through spirit guides angels past loved ones and intuitive automatic rating. I'll be discussing all of that with Randy let's bring in the program Brady welcome to be on reality radio reject him shoot and it. Thank you so my pets. I've been listening to the show lately and I love love who you bring on I love entry way. A lot of your gas I'm honored to be here. Thank you it's very very nice to hear that and that's a testament to Alex and does slick who produce the program itself and then I'm sure they're very very pleased to hear that but thank you and you're one of those find gas ranks just talk to you tonight. And my first question. Just to kind of get a sense. Of but you know how you how you started in this business tell us your story where did you start to recognizing had sensitivities and decide to use them for the good of other people. Well as a child I was an animal communicate learn and I could hear and feel. Messages to animals and I was very connected to nature is a Childs. But I also was very connected to students around me. Who were alone or suffering and their home life I was always trying to come to how thumb. And I just had a very intuitive sense both. Needing to help and so. As Nate grew older and noticed my peers and you know reaching out my skills and abilities to. Guess here message for them on how to help and aid but not realizing it was meet tapping into a higher source. It was sound might show me. I was at eighteen when I started working with people with disabilities and I was in the outfield for about twenty years. And my favorite element of working with people had to sit melodies less that I am. People court I am not able to communicate or express themselves I was able to telepathically communicate with them. And I was able to manifest things for them through that. Intuitive am care. So I did that for twenty years and I was re directed four years ago. I was running a program that was communities on our effort. People with disabilities and the homeless population and funding had run out and I was just being announced have really further those abilities and I went to the paranormal about it. More out of curiosity because I wanted to know like it happened at the spirit realm and not weighing and that I also has to keep backing out at the time with some angelic healing courses. And amp tennis events. I eighty kind of blew my own minds. It it was really a shock to me at how I was able to communicate with spirit. We did a few really fun exercises where I am were paired up with people and we had to write on acquired. An index card with a partner that you never Matt. You would be back to back and you would try something. And then you'd put an envelope and holed that well when I close my eyes I actually sat novel not only to her senate that I was sitting went. But for drying are bound to me and I was actually able to see what they were trying as they drew at. I am so as I was able to see the act of drying. But Elaine mean it was numerous exercises and every single one I was spot on and I knew I was connected at that from me was my aha moment and and has about three and a half four years ago. Yeah that's pretty impressive I've heard other people that have similar exercises and to be to be that accurate and that's been on obviously is a clear indication you have some real connections there. I want to take be covered a lot of ground when a ticket back to a little bit. And talk about he said your first real experience was that you were able to meet with communicate with animals. And yeah is that communication that you realized serious something special was going on. When I started to happen to you. Scared dude we are concerned I mean putting I can't imagine actually just having that it's that stark one day. And and how you dealt with that mean I must have been the most important process. Well when I was a child IA used to have hesitations from. People who had crossed over and so am I believe as I got older right I alias was talking to a man that I thought was god. I am but as I adult aren't really tapped into to I was communicating with it's my spirit guide that really is my eight. I Colin might like it might conduit my messenger he someone you really helps meets at deliver a message. So I was connecting winds also the spirit rom but for me I was more connected to animals. Come mainly dogs but it when I was out in nature I would always find an injured animals and help some. Skull I would have. I mean even I think this move all the way up and so in two adult credit Adam it was always the big joke like I'd have injured hurt injured you know like I was always eating mountains or release them back to nature so it's more of I've got now winning and that's the best way I can describe it and but I am very intuitive. In my healing I. I worked with Archangel Gabriel. On which as the Angel of maternal love on angels communication. And am I just development skills and nerves are channeling Archangel Gabriel to help others through automatic writing. So I guess and that's a child no it didn't treat me. It just felt really natural for mean I didn't realize that other people didn't. How that same ability I thought it was something as a child like I thought that's what people do such a and I I laugh about it now because I'm just so connected to Adam. And it and it fills me up I mean it feels like I'm the filling my life purpose by eight connecting and that way down. You also say that everybody has some of this in them on its just a question of whether they recognize that nobody uses but what's the difference between someone like yourself who. He's very very connected vs someone like me you know I don't feel like I've got any of those types of sensitivities. We are all born into debt every single human being is born connected to the spare around. I believe that our soul is on a journey and that you move from being to being learning lessons as he down. And as you move through each it's almost like playing. I am video game you know I got to move to the next level. And I believe that I am a more open you are to the spear round the closer you are the light so that and the future. So it really is a Adam. The journey of your soul who am I being a light being an opening yourself about but I do believe that. Everyone has that ability I just really focused on it and made it part of might might. Like purpose. So is that did that did that the difference it's just a question of whether or not someone takes the time effort to develop that and focus on it and really learn how to use it. I do believe. Interesting you also said that you see what in your animal communication you tended. Two be drawn toward the injured animals in effect I think it read on your website which by the way is Brandi wells it's BRA. And DIE. Wells dot com you mentioned that those little red salamanders which we have all over. The northeast are that you would he would he would be you know gather them up after a rain storm and you would particularly find the ones are injured in some way. And you would make a special home for them what's funny because I I go on walks after the rain frequently and I find those little red settlement is trying to cross the road or whatever that. Terry safety because of the queue to stirring things. I'm you know it's that it's that that that sense of of wanting to help and in this system that's really part of what this is about isn't it. Yes and that's I like to go by the compassionate their plan I am psychic medium I do you connect to the skier rom from meat. Compassion and it's where this all began its and being able to help people find their path. You know lighting the way for about them on through despair. And that's way column my readings timely as well because it is the past you know which is healing the past that's why we wanna connect to a path slot one because there are things that need to be he'll understood. Clarity needs to come in with that but it's also but now moving into the future or sometimes. Things are being presented to us and we don't understand why eight. And we just in clarity on our paths and once we clear that from our energy and actually opens ups asked to hire vibrations. It brings us to to things that we really to serve well we're here. We've got a lot to talk about yeah. A lot of people already on hold that wanna talk to you and we're gonna get to those aisles as we can effect we're gonna go to break here in just a minute. But when we come back for the next segment we'll take a few of the calls and try to pepper them in throughout the discussion. That you mentioned the word compassion and you call yourself the compassionate clairvoyant do you think. That means that maybe not all people who were in this line of work share that compassion is it is or difference there. I will be honest that. Am I do try to set myself apart from others is not what makes sense strives. I do focus on my compassion and I feel like it really is what empowers me in my abilities. I don't like comparing myself to others in many fields and I am. Icu sell many beautiful Steelers out there. So I personally see that anyone who's trying to bring light to the world and heal the world wrote however they present themselves. Not as fine as their doing their work in the highest candidate. Nice to get this as a positive. So but I do like says you know really talk about my compassion its really important to me I can't of people feel valued when they. They come to me. Absolutely our telephone numbers 8446877669. We're talking with Randy Wells. The compassionate clairvoyant psychic medium. The website is Brandi wells dot com that's brandy with an IE brandy wells dot com we're gonna continue the conversation take your phone calls when we get back it's beyond reality rated. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The line. She's in this under the weather tonight not joining us so it's just TV tonight but thanks to everybody for being here and to our guest Randy Wells who. We appreciate and we've been talking with for a little bit now and have Brandi a we've got a lot of people already on hold is probably great idea if we. Go through some of these calls and we can continue talking about some of these ideas and after a few calls us a sound. That counts are let's do those good Nancy in New Hampshire Nancy welcome to be on reality read a great to have you on the show tonight. My sidekick Mac not home sure. Don't you mind. I feel like I'm on the birds. I mean is it change your spiritual lows. Growth that's sometimes really bargain he's bound. So I didn't know it Randy might have an entire opinion. I so what I'd like to do Nancy and come you can hear this a lack and I am as I just like to listen at the vibration of your voice to Poland math says it's because you are a field of energy and so I listened to message and I am writing as a talking to you right now and so if you could just say your first name and Alison for a moment. It is not seeing ink. Comes so you know in order to receive. This this high vibration night you can feel coming you actually need to do a clearing for yourself I'm actually hearing something around finances you need to create some order in your finances Adam. And I'm also picking up and I'm mail that in your energy shields am ands. Being pulled sees some medium shipped here as well I'm being cults to a father energy on your right side as well. And I am hearing there's something coming in our grandfather I'm energy and so works. Anytime that we have any. So what you're talking about is is an awakening anytime that is coming and for us. And we feel that managed. It is time to do a clearing I'm also hearing speed shall clearing. So you have three things that need clearing right now and come won his finances. Too is he'll lane. Around father energy I'm does that resonate with you. I'm feeling around Saturn brand name ES. Pit important and no effects. Yeah it sounds sitting really heavy on your right side of your being which is here masculine side father's side of your energy and I'm just calling an archangel Rafael who worked with you right now. Just to clear that energy and yet he so that you can receive what it is that you deserve at this time. Thank you thank you for the comment CS thank you very long term that does help thanks Bernie let's go to our. Michelle this is Michelle in Pennsylvania Michelle welcome to be on reality radio. Oh hi. I hear your range of expertise it is great. I act I I don't have two questions. One was I I wouldn't like to know where I should be going what I should be doing. My life and the other one you say you if I had trying you know are an annual. Indicator. Yeah what's funny is I'm in the first and getting as something with animals coming in around Gian. Yeah I I've lost quite a few. Check. Last year and I was concerned about one particular case. OK so I'm just gonna say your first name analysts and the vibration of your voice. Show. Come this this cat permanent hearing had digestive issues. I am. And I am picking out iron on something with lowered GI. That there was something going on. I just a plea with the ski hat. You might have. Street. At you that's how has proper that it. Okay because I'm here at the number threes to me are 2 other cats I am and so I'm wondering and we use feeding them all the same food. Much. Okay I'm getting a really strange environments such around mass. I'm hearing there's something that the food and I am hearing Aaron. LT at that any marte your cats are one. But I'm hearing there's something went up the processing of the food and corn. Ams so I don't there is some sort of a corn based that was Adam. I don't even know how to describe this almost like toxic. I had and trying to it can convert my cat or Iran diet. They're all strays Earl strays and yeah. One. Three of them had lost. I would wish one that I'm concerned about disappeared and I don't I don't know what happened to. He has on the other side so I'm picking up a mess cat has crossed over and I am and I am also hearing thank you. So come to not carry any guilt around us because I'm hearing you nurtured them and Bob Diamond helped space for them. So and I am pleased out here any tilts around arm whatever was going on but the food because I'm sure you're providing. Beautiful space for them this cat. And seeing water and a bridge so where you somewhere where there's. Water between you and is our bridge some minor. In now and I'm rating on a run a mile. Route or. Yeah I I heard one mile. I was trying to get it as I was tuning in for you to come so I'm just hearing this cat to come has crossed over I am. And that's all I can pick up on about tuning into too much 'cause I wanna get here at a cholesterol quick time you're asked about where your life is telling which is a very. Rod question. Come is this in a career sons. Not really I inkjet printing at all. Okay. So I was just trying to write and figure out like which aspect because Astoria like this ranks just on your your guy it's. And ambient trance your solar accessed on which is our sense of self it's what I collier I am I'm hearing your billing need to work on your confidence. And a great way to do that would be I'm just gonna throw a Saudi real quick it'd be great to receive freaky. And second Allenby great for you to just go on YouTube go finds am. Eighty. I didn't meditation to Hilliard solar access you really need to start working on your sense of self and building that self esteem back app. Thanks for the call Michelle from parents who name Pennsylvania we appreciate that by the way the telephone number is 8446877669. Brady when you do this work in I mean and I'm. You you ask our callers to say they're naming you listen to the operations of how they said the name explain how that works. So we are all fields of energy I talked about this all the time and that is what I'm doing it's I'm tapping into some on energy fields. You hold the vibration. Of your entire life everyone you meet. Everything you do even that conversation in the car she start with the cleric. You'd take that energy with Ian. And so when I listened to the vibration of someone's voice of their energy. It is I am. It's almost flake it's called necessary court it's but it's like little chords of their genes and what I pick up on our courts that are disruptive to. When you are just the nuclear gas and when you sick and I do mean as an musical sense or resonate a physical toward cents. Come in and energy cents felt like they. If you looked this up as a real thing it's called east Eric Corey it's ET HE RIC. I encourage you listeners to look it up because it is fascinating to learn about. It is the courts of energy that comes from your energy. Yields and those courts of energy. Am I not just tell other people but they're to situations. And so batted see you're in out scientifically proven that we are energy and these are the courts of energy and it's almost like little strings is what I describe soaks. It's like threats of energy that are coming from. Your being. And ams so I'm picking up on the courts that are disrupted because they need to be healed or message needs to come in for clarity and healing. And that's the best way I can describe that am I hope that makes sense. Yeah her tennis added does. We're talking with brandy wells brandy is the compassionate clairvoyant also an angelic Koehler an animal communicators psychic medium and paranormal investigator we have so much more to talk about. And more of your phone calls a telephone numbers 8446877669. Don't go away. For these speedy recovery is gone under the weather since the day as it will. Welcome everybody is beyond reality radio and we're happy to have you along their telephone numbers 8446877669. You might be getting a busy signal because all of our lines. Our current leak. Occupied with calls for our guest tonight brandy wells but just keep trying will free them up as we can and brandy what's a jumper back into the phone lines and I appreciate you also spending time there folks in chatter I see answers some questions there. And that's that's Maria very helpful in and I think you for that. Yeah. Apparently spyware. But let's bring in Audrey from Kansas our entry welcome you're on beyond reality radio. Thank you picnic and I called baby you and I. I'm I love I love animals and I'll check. York ate earlier when I thought you were gonna calmer and I am very interest. I mean these are what you pick up. And I aren't like ball. As far as what hunt. Byron I go you. You feel. In the anybody coming to rule our. When you get your question about I'm saying. Well I I'm sorry am misunderstood. What you're asking so do you have a direct question. No I I really don't have a question I was at street. Inspired that your involved little and then like what did love animal I love angels and that the wondering what you sent. I'm great so I'm I'm just gonna have BC your first name and I'm gonna listen to the vibration of your voice. I mean won't odd. Some countries in this tin and I knew I'm being drawn to my left science in the heart shock ground and being cults and a female. I am and I just wanna get clarity on that around you guys summed up pus from moment because there's some sadness that you haven't released and I wanna hear what that is so that we can clear that for you know. And there's a female coming and and I'm getting the word illness at some mind who had an illness. Yeah. Yeah and I'm you know one man I had. I'm just wondering you're looking for a name and made it they're. They're bent. Arm in meal would have passed. Yeah and now I'm I'm picking up on a female on and I'm getting on this is illness where it's coming through very toxic to the whole body something like can't search. I am it is someone who lost waits arm she's sharing with the mean her physical body changing. Them the other I didn't. I am writing so holds for when mom. Oh. And I just heard you were my friends. So did you lose a friend. Two. Well Election Day there won't warm. Camel remember him. I am let me just see because. It's very emotionless like connect with her. And owns it's it's combination like excitement to connect with you but also am. Emotional in the sense that arm I don't know if you've got to clear this your energy like I mentioned before. And some major speed being able to deliver a message. Harry I am so we're. What did you participate in her hair and a life. You know. Sheen that's quite it would wait a role in you're talk about the man and I'll. Take because I just need to bring meals or. I mean it almost looks like you're helping feed. So I'm trying to connect with her and figure out what the smash such as I just cited delivering meals so I thought that you're participating in the end of life. And I just heard thank you. Did come. I just heard again and her peers say you're my friends which I am so I am picking up on this is Aaron some sort of a friend can actually. You mandatory calling Mets later I'm just gonna keep going because I know when I can act why am connecting I just wanna make sure that you received the message this woman is coming through and she's thinking you know so I wanna make sure that you hear armed there's great romance. I'm not hearing her name I am I'm just picking up aren't. Her physical Bonnie this woman looks like she was about and her fifties when she passed and I just wanna make sure that you hear Adam. That she is grateful for your time. Thanks for the call Audrey air yeah Audrey under the sometimes that happens. Brandy is their rights in times did the person you're giving the reading too doesn't make the connection right away but later on there's an on hmmm yeah oh yeah. Is there a sense right. Yes and so I Atlanta just let gala event and I'm just deliver the message because when I do gallery in sight you open forum. I do small groups because I was make sure everyone receives amass such and when I do those when I hear message I just keep moving through wet and I cannot tell you how many times I get emails after where clicked or summon remembered or X. The message was meant to be delivered for their best and because it was their father who had passed hurt on so I I have to just remain open and trust and sometimes that's Seneca. We have just a couple of minutes before we have to go to break you know I'm wouldn't be fair to take another call here but I wanna pick up on what we're talking about race here now when you. It immediately head to head at a situation where you're conducting a reading with somebody in either at the moment or maybe a little bit later. They've realized that they had memories that were repressed or something that was just repressed in their minds that they didn't call something but you're reading for them actually brought it to the surface. I have had that experience and term it's really meant to once again during a clearing for some lunch so that they can be in a clear space to received. Most times you know it is related to child credit and term things that we're so emotionally overwhelming that we chose to block it. And it's. I am not counselor. I am you know I am not a therapist but my work is very healing. And it's through those messages people are able to heal app part of themselves. So yeah that is a good question yeah it doesn't happen often but it does come through. I imagine it would we're talking with Randy Wells her website by the way is brandy that's within IE wells dot com stopped by a whole bunch of things there. And more information about what brand he does and as some of the place that she speaks in breach can hear her talk. It seder at setter we're gonna have more with brandy after the break also have more of your phone calls I know there are a lot of you waiting to get room please be patient we will get to those calls as we can. And you can continue to try 8446877669. If you get getting busy signal. Just you know keep trying we've got a lot more coming up on beyond reality radio do wanna remind you that tomorrow night it's a special replay of our interview with Jim Morris from February of this year Jason tonight. Talked to Jim of course we lost Jim very very recently he was a pioneer in paranormal research. The interview we did focused on a couple of things one was Sunday assassination of JFK but also. On aliens in UFOs are too great discussion with Jim Morris he was a great man he'll be greatly missed. Much of the work that we do is just an extension of the things that he's done for years and we appreciate everything he's done to proceed us. And then Thursday Larry Hancock will join us another great discussion we're looking forward have Larry. With the sensors and I'd it's beyond reality radio Jason is out ill tonight don't worry about it he'll be back with us he's just down for the night not a big deal promise that's gonna happen. In the meantime we've got a lot co Brenda wells where this will be right back at. This. Okay game the deepest of the approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend skirt on an October. It dates are October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. Great events if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com that scary car. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare Khan and. Turner. Lawrence standing when you're listening suffering from alzheimer's disease and no. That virtually everybody listening has had a family member knows a friend or something that is suffering the horrible disease and it's when somebody like when Campbell pass is that it draws a lot of attention to this and we shall be aware of what families go through and what people go through it's there it's really. It's really debilitating and it's unbelievably cruel. And our hearts and minds are with the Campbell family his wife his daughter and son in the via via if you seen the documentary LB need. You know what I'm talking about what really great family and they supported him. Through his last Tor in the last years of his life and you'll be greatly missed what a great musician and a great to have great personal way around. Welcome back to beyond reality radio would Jason and javy of course Jason is out guilt tonight so were wishing him a speedy recovery and day should be back with us really quickly tomorrow night we've got. The pre record Ers have a pre recorded a team that's a previously recorded. Interview with Jim Morris of course we lost Jim Morris recently as well and he was an amazing contributors to the field of paranormal research and ideas and thought to and he will be greatly missed so. To honor him we're going to replay that interview from February and then Thursday night we've got Mary Hancock on. That's going to be great chose well. Our telephone numbers 8446877669. The winds are full right now for our guest Randy Wells. But as we take calls or antelope and company get through and again Brandi thank you so much. For being with us tonight taking listener calls and all that I know it's hard to do that are on the phone in in a quick you know radio format. But a beauty you know you're doing you've done it before is there any difference between dad. And the type of energy you get when your face to face was on his clients I imagine it is. It is I'm trying to end GM. All the information I candidates say you know four minutes and when I sit down at some on our I am truly focused on our energy. It's much more fluid and gentle. And deet tails. This is really just intended to get a quick short. You know message of clarity on some on paso. I do love doing the meaning readings but I do encourage if you're really looking for Adam deep messages you know you're not gonna get informant at some. Now you're just Randy Wells dot com and that's brandy spelled with a Nike and there we're gonna go back to four months just the second but what do you offer on the website for people if they stop by and visit the site. It's really easy to acquit me thank you phone in person Skype treating us. And am I set up a scheduler so you can I have a debris I have an evening rates. A weekend rates so I try to break it down and I am you know so that. It I try to make my readings affordable because I'm really here to heal but it is my career and my livelihood. I am so I it's really important to me to be able to reach as people us I can't in my lifetime that really is my my life goal is sent beach as many people say can and stealing. So amity and my website you'll see mom a how to book was mean each. And you'll also see how to set up galleries that your in New England I loved doing opened form galleries in a private setting I'll such gentlemen restaurants. And wineries. Ammann truck shops fast cash hump. Anytime we can bring in food and wine in town. Her yes I mean those they're different things they do I'll sit do animal communication SE mansion and and I've done a lot with am. I'll local rescue that I support on cult draft gratitude church. Denying any tune in for the horses as they come and these are horses that are saved from slaughter. And our. Am I usually tune in for her when she hasn't of course command and hear their story. I find out the background of course they can work on different things to get that course about health. And down adoptive out so that's one of my things that I do just them. Has it feels good chef you can't check out atom line its side draft gratitude. And the beautiful horse rescue. All right let's go to let's go back to the phone lines you've got done in Kentucky Donna welcome to be on reality radio you're on with brown. Try LL nice hanging. Into some lacks. I have two part question who I wanna try to make with some more and on the other side and the other one is. I feel like I have a dark cloud over my hair he's okay is this and that lack wouldn't have any luck at all. RA so let me look at that as well. Come the first thing that I am when you're talking about a pass on one can you just say your first name analysts are urged to your voice. Daughter. I'm Pickett and male with a heart. Issue coming through. And I mean to see what I can pick up around Bosnian. I'm also pick this us on this man was a smoker. I know we're talking. Okay and I am just am trying to see if I can pick up on a message attempt normally I do a lot of sound what is called. Financial medium ship which is our connection and this is a mini rates on just trying to see if there's anything else that I can pull and she know that we extracted. I'm not sure where he's coming in on your energy fields yet arm and not get hung up I am not I really just wanna hear them at. Your you are not alone. I keep getting drawn to the heart. I am. And also having a hot and cold feeling to this man have like a heart attack. I never felt that sensation to the clinic at like I am a tight hand around my chest. And arms I don't know this man had flu like symptoms before his heart attack. He had a heart attack that can act survived but then it. Yeah I know I know what your. Are now. It's very uneasy feeling and I'm trying to just kind of shake it so I can listen to message and he just keeps saying you're not alone. Arms so I'm gonna leave you with that and now just now that this man is. In the high by operations of heavenly brown so he has crossed over. And I wanna analysts and you message around its. This cloud you're talking so let me send. So I'm hearing your very un grounded in your energy fields and it's time to you to connect nature. So on feud get out for nature box or you're able to be around water. You know just standing outside. Barefoot in the grass stat alone would help you but you really need to find a way to around your energy. Because you feel very disconnected from nature and by being grounded it actually opens in March heavenly around. Out what people organizes when you're on grounds that it deals like you're in a state of chaos. You can. And things like F falling apart around Jim when you are grounded you happen attention. And it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you could practice grounding every morning. And this is Mike quick thing on a mini re eight go on trying and trying to grounding meditation. I I like running meditation and you're gonna shake app at lot it really is just an un grounded energy field. That's what you're experiencing a cycle that helped him. Thanks for the call Donna we appreciate that we're gonna take one more call before break here this is Christie in Florida Christy welcome to the show you're on with brandy. Any any and yeah. I got my air on world. I don't really have a crack and I remember called into I think we're. I'm going to take anything out. While the first thing I'm picking up on is a town where fear coming and and their something with the transition. And you actually holding yourself back by being afraid and I don't know what that's about I'm being drawn to your throat chop cracks. As if you are afraid to say something. So let me just understand what that means can you just say your first name on countless the vibration of your voice. A I'm Christie are you attending school where I'm taking some sort of education home. I don't know I. Can. Nancy way and seeing the school setting and I want to understand what that means. Know in the district that's when I can so. So what did you used to be an introvert at the plane of not being able to speak in front of people. I don't. Remember that. OK I mean many of us still I actually it was that way at. The beginning my it was an introvert it was hard for me to speak in front of others are now open open my voice because I was afraid of judgment. I just heard I just site used standing firm in us in a school setting. And I am I just heard that that's when you started opening your throat shock crafts. It feels like you are slowly coming out of fat it's really important for you to work on. Opening your throats and a great way to do that would be freaky am. When I'm really doing it deep breeding I can delve into these things and help people but Mike quick fixes you know having read your energy work done. I'm hearing your very close stance throughout shock it's preventing you from receiving bangs. At a lot of and this is especially around career. Because you do have a place and you have a plan and a purpose and people once they wanna know you they want and Nell. Adam what you cop to offer and am hearing your ear holding back I not opening bat and it is a process you know that comes with confidence and knowing. You know your fields are where you're working on as well. So I hope that helps that's what I'm hearing on nineteen incher and Jeanne I'm actually hearing that this. Conversational loan is helping bring that entry in and it's really an open. Some things in the next few weeks don't be surprised when. But things happen. Thanks to the call Chris who appreciate it all right pretty order to take a quick break we come back which are a lot more listeners on the lines to talk to you will do that. And after a few more question it's beyond reality reduce. Canadian GP here. Cason Alex under the red tide could back witness don't forget tomorrow night is our show to honor Jim Morris of the media replay of our interview from February with Jim and then Thursday night. Barry Hancock will join us it's all coming up this week. Of course Fridays at best of program as it is every week and we are talking with Randy Wells tonight and brainy. Gained a lot of people on the phone lines were running at a time some quickly here jump right to the phones this is error product from Kansas Erica. Welcome to the show your run with brandy. Eight attacking me I'll thank you. I don't. That's barely know I have got that question and bank and act like you're gonna have had a lot of them are alive. Path and so and you lose one did he know what can you tell me ask. IRA just clear your first name form an analyst at the vibration of your voice. Eric has. I'm I have to ask you first if you have as stunned. Yeah I did not have any kid. Where I am not tiny apartment. She would remain open. I'm seeing a young male president directly in your energy fields. I don't eat enough he's living your past and it's kind of fascinating to me because. Normally when I pick up on a soul you know it's very clear living your past soaks I'm posit this for a moment I wanna find out why there's a young male I am present in your energy outs. Okay. I'm being pulled back in time. Meaning I'm reflecting am looking behind June armed this is something from your past and I am being B being pulled back to child's parent. Okay. And I'm I'm picking out at times you lost someone and come as a child's do you recall come. X six or seven years old as but he looks like Timmy. I get a childhood. Yes or neighbor and arch. And I'm picking not. Something with the water. News. I. Thought I don't think I'm. Q&A soul connection here. He is definitely in your energy fields so I really have to sit with us for a minute and try to figure it out I'm not gonna do it man I'm on here and I'm happy to his if you could just email me after the show. I would like to see if I can figure it out. It's not coming in super clear but it he's president and there's a reason he's there but am I wanna see if I can pick up aren't anything that I am going on in now moving into the future. That's coming in an instant lean on with clarity. So. Let me see as their certain aspect of your life that you like to focus on when it's that brought it's hard for me just point something. I'm glad you don't hurt my career job I didn't and oh. So am I just sat all these people like waiting and lying for years so I'm your RD outlining some anxious. Meaning lake at there are purity attracting people some things I'd like you and understand what it is that you're dealing. And just comment on archangel area outlets that Angel blading no way around this Angel well like the way for a path for anyone and you can call. The Angel and any time you're trying to find your way through something. And sing a lot numbers coming and so I don't off your any arm. Numbers person meaning like you are seeing or Aaron you're Marvin methodical thinker. And probably also a little product called but it added that would correlate do let me explain mark. Now that's IRA I am because I'm also picking up on on service works or meaning like you don't just a minute dust you do your own little thing I'm seeing all these people leading to receive something from him come back and getting. So does that make sense to you. I am so I'm just hearing I am I just such and I just sad I just reject it and say that things are coming. And there's a 2.5 to three month connection of moving up. In some way so you're gonna be receiving something meaning light you're moving up in your fields are moving up a position or your receiving a position that aren't. But I see a lot of like independents as well do you I hate you want to own your own business or your own. And you. Can't take. Erica thanks for the call where a seven we get a jump to a break here I. But brainy want you to get in touch with her after the show via email and an appeals pick up the crickets are heard some crickets in that phone call as well I think gut. Eric I was six I think she has I during that class it's the reality radio Jason JV we've got more. We've separated us in content. And she feeds beyond reality radio Jason. Off tonight but soon. Particularly well under the weather in sick pay whatever you wanna save it to be back with us tomorrow night we've got the Jim Morris. Interview we did from February 28 in honor of Jim and our loss of Jim. And then Thursday Larry Hancock will be joining us and death Friday night as the best of as always on the radio stations that carry the program. But it's great to have you on tonight we're talking with a brand new wells and brandy you generated phone calls like it it's our phones are no. Off their melting green so many people wanna talk to amend certain becomes clear through won't get to everybody so. Let's jump right back into this is Rhonda from Ohio Rondo welcome to be on reality radio urine with brandy. Thank you hi how are you tonight. It I am very interesting I broke the name brand down. Earlier and I had outlined why. So yes and that would oppression. I wanted to inner well. A cousin of mine who can't wait many years ago. I'm the official ruling went at it looked so that I made it quite dear what a lot owed. Questions at the queen more he had about dad he was at actually yacht. Into the service they got like 20000 dollar out of the look back in the eighty that would largest sum of money and he went in the process of getting caught in the Upton. Children. Ready and Alan and I want to stop you for I I have to ask you is this an open cold case or is it I know our team. Doing. A little bit Thai food I dare. Not open. It it and then it isn't that the 8012. Now it. Date you know they made their ruling on it like deer has only been question in my mind and that my hair back out you lot generally. We're idea. Something about accountant in and it's not right. You know get get what he had to hit out is not right to the point where idyllic and need to investigate it. So I ate soup cold cases. I do not publicize my cold cases as am I you had a family and Adam. There isn't a lot echoes into a cold case. On some sunny you know that I do tune in for furcal cases are people. I am I am hearing the name James coming in as Adam. Is there at James. I older brother. I and he he would keep all living. Up. This me. Our may not have anything to do with those spent Saddam there's a lot of anger coming in around ten. I it just has absolutely nothing to do with arm his passing. It's it's more like am picking up on his energy and the in the healing process. That he has not he has not greets well. And he's holding a lot of ink or brown as perhaps it's a round on how things unfold later not knowing story not believing the story. I'm just hearing him just Carling and some healing for James at the first thing I'm hearing comments I'm also getting a lot ringing in my ears. Which tells me there's a let they dislike really high high energy around masts come. Once again this is another call that I'm not gonna tune in to this on air action but I. I really enjoy helping people a cold case in cases and I and I really enjoy a you know hearing a story unfolds around when I do channeling it's a fault channeling each I encourage you to. Email me. And I would like to see what I can tune to tap in for this story because Adam. What your picking up on. Is the truth. But I Atlantic here at the story. And I am so from an LP bet it's just go to my website and just am. Click to email me and I'll set something up because I am I. This is out of the goodness of my heart a you know when something's open like Adam really try to help so I am pleased that. Sorry thanks for the call Rondo and very much Catherine in New York Catherine you're on with brandy. Yes good morning and JP and good morning grants. And and actually type and true you know up and down with people around me kept a Chinese restaurant you pretty much longer meet. I'm writing. I am just I had their first names for me. As a woman coming in very vain nurturing woman and it's actually making me get really quiet. Also because it feels as if this is a trigger for you to connect with this woman that actually feels like a mother to meet. Mother energy. I. But I am also being Tron two messages around your house in combination with Dennis. And I'm not gonna do a medical situation on you I just want to arm chair why that's coming around us because. Ante or something going on on your left side of your body right now. And I am I in the democratic. What's your mother very quiet woman. Is this something and so this is what's very interesting for me it's like am I am being forced to talk very quietly. As I tune into her as long term this is not meant to be maybe it's being on air right now may be shows a pipe that person. Maybe. You know it's a trigger that I am. May end up bringing into place that she doesn't want you to be whipped emotional. I'm being drawn to her left side of your body but does arm which is insisting because at that is Europe feminine side but it's your mother's side of your energy and that's where we carry our mother energy and I'm just being pulled sat side as a message. Permits on a warning but I'm hearing take care of yourself and you're not doing a lot of south carry around. And it's time to start focusing on your physical body. He. Arrest a couple different. And he can do it could pick fruit. Around eight Asian during. I'm getting an else sounds comes on with an album name. Not. No not at Ellis in the name our error in their last steam I just instantly got it was a mistake on Blake Lewis or. Luis sir I am I alone inside and outside it was a middle wean America. Just can't pick up and Al was I'm gonna keep going and see what I pick up on. Named Sarah a header mass and I had to miss that support for a moment she. I am to me asking are you a little bit nervous about connecting. No conscience wondering if they're still wandering around. Get a world where children. Yeah and they are with you I'm picking up on people in your energy fields but it's like taking quite get to them so I don't know if you're a little bit block trade now are a little bit nerve vests. Mom I don't know if this will trigger an emotion like I said that a few times. As it's like me be as open forum on is not appropriate your rights don't want me to go they're so I'm trying to tap and I'm picking up on feminine energy I know you have females who have passed I keep getting drawn to that left side of your cheeks. And I'm I'm getting a total of three females who have passed that are in your energy fields. Tom that. Would probably like to mountain you know share some stories. Was one in 1988. And I just heard laughter. And Jeff announced about having a good time com I'm hearing something happened in 88. So I'm just picking up on someone who's am their laughing right now and am on sings on it up brown hair. And it's like we've been. And just steals. It's I am hearing it's like a sister. So I don't know what you hand. And I'm also picking up on something fast. Fast passing. Mary Catherine still with us. I'll take. It. Out ten and I think it's another day I am am picking up on a woman may now was coming and and I just want to Ahram. I just was trying to can acts. With her it's hard because it feels like background of your energy fields so yes they are with you looks on but it feels as if I have to work with you a little bit to kind of hold them closer to Meeks. This is where he. Occult. So I don't know it's an alarm Ty name if you know it would trigger an emotion I am but do know that they are with you on my apologized there greeting isn't. You know clear and still human I'm but I do I work so a few ever do want to come spend a little more time I know I would be able to act preempt. So thank you very much. Yet thanks for the call sometimes that's the case is just it's just not always is not always clear there's a veil sometimes just can't get through. Yeah and you know it's hard to you know in the setting as well Adam you know because it's not it's not just mean and the person I'm wind there's also the steer around slowly that. On May be their. There as you can hear me saying over and over because that's what energy I was canning us like. It was very cold back am I can't force just like X force you to talk to meet and it's the same of the spare arm sound. And most people can't force me to stop talking and so yeah. Let's go to listen this is Karen. Natural appearance caller from Karen Marie calling from. I'm calling for a spot there somewhere. It is sought and Canada. Will look to be unreal reading your. Thinking and so I mean. Kerry and I'm born 79 August 16 my birthday coming up and you know I am going through that transition I wanna know. What it is right now that I have to clear an art to be able to open and from the oh. I just across asked trust in the universe is year. Biggest battle right now you're trying so hard they actually blocking yourself so trust and the universe to a line there's divine timing and everything I also am getting movement with use so I don't non few armed because I'm actually seeing movements are you moving somewhere iron and being well nobody noting. My body ally at how your Norton a lot OK and just getting like a lot of movement in your energy field and let me just see if I can figure out arms. If there's anything aunts and mom. Yeah you're also. Once again dynamic and picking up on anxiety I can feel it am not. Health idea to turn that down and Hank and share our state and army is it a case unique or grant our energy. Round grand rounds around energy like find a way to connect mother nature you're moving in go to Al in nature. I think. They ran in doing energy and let it track met my crack breathing. And I actually being. Also. I think that that book on my guardian Angel like reading and I'll try to connect my guardian Angel and I want to know if there's a name that comes up. For my guardian Angel. Yeah. I connect more winds archangel and for some reason I just heard Rafael is working with you coach Thompson you know doing some healing work and that is the first thing I heard when you just asked that am but I'm more connected to the arc angels I work and like really high -- and I can I am if I were to have focused more ideal to figure out a guardian angels your spirit it's but I am I'm just working in the round tonight at you know really high frequency extra I also is hearing for you. You're not eating frequently enough and that's see at a recent night you're on grounds and so stop waiting so long to eat. And I'm hearing like you need like. Shorter. Breaks between when you eat and make sure it's a high protein that's gonna help rancher energy is well on that's gonna help you move through this act transitions. Are going through. But I'm hearing kite by operations are coming comic feels like you and moving out at this while vibrations that keep telling you're on the right path. So I. That I need to let go there's nothing else to hold onto their. I just hurt you hurt you know the answer about. There'll. Let go so that's art you're clearing. That is part of what is creating so much anxiety right now is that they're still residual energy from Matt. I just heard. He no longer serves you as if his energy field and your energy field along girl line. But I heard this is being going unfair for the six months where you felt energetic pole away from him it's started before that but just. And trying. And forcing something like square into a circle. So it just snell like continue on that path that's part of what when you tighten up clearing bats. A good example or always clearing other people's energy from our own church because they no longer serve us. So I am just keep telling you on the right past your your Varian tune your very open and actually keep telling. Great thank you did a great amor electric nearly. I loved ones that I O'Leary who is listening always. So she's listening right now I promise. She talking to a. Thanks for the call from Canada air and we appreciate that and that's that's a good point to you know we often think we need to. Have some type of formal communication with our loved ones that have passed they are listening all the time are things. It's fair where Barry can act and we all sports let's see if we can take one more call here we're gonna run out of time but this is can't. It Craig from South Carolina Craig welcome to be unreal to radio around with a brandy. Paper ready are all that's your question are our career. And I happen to a lot of archer culture or you are. Start or perish. From OJ. The oldest turn to a career or artist. Has been brought to. Come so I actually just unheard. Part time name as if on this is building up to something. So just. Okay hold for 12 cousin and a right 'cause I'm picking up on some other energy around it as well. Am I you also working in a school system. Volunteer. For our Arctic. Pistols. OK I am and I am hearing in the classroom. I you I just site you working waited. A Childs Adam who needed assistance as if you are anyone and one on one aid and hearing to explore that and come back coaching. As much as you enjoying yet it is part time at this time it is not a career at this time. At that you it's actually you're you're learning a lot from my experience. And it really is meant to ease you into working lives I am youth who who need. One on one an aids are one on one assist dentists so you may want to explore that in your school system amateur. And I heard spring of next year. That your opportunities are gonna grow because you are opening yourself to other areas with in the school and working with children because you are wonderful children which. So don't tell that no matter Rick LA that. Thanks for the call out yet thank you very much Warner said they knocked going to be able to get to everybody's phone calls but thank you so much for Rudy who calls in and brainy thanked think beating you one more time how much time off for your website and help people can get ahold of you to get to. Get more work with you. So I you go to Brandi wells dot com be airing anti IG wells dot com. Isles on 555 paranormal protections which in Amy get a chance to talk about that it's okay alma Fuchs. Want to learn about your own abilities. And be at a fully filmed and that investigation. It's a really fun event tic code two so check out 555 paranormal type comments while coach. And so booking with me is really easy I aches. And also on FaceBook. I have a stand he'd have cut in on my regular assays oxy can follow me there I do a lot of life I -- similar to the essay due to some might feed and I'm going to be doing that four times a month coming up I'm going to be doing a live feed reading posts and I also have my own radio show called Seoul central with brandy in danger cohost with danger teach I am and apparently due to treat greetings every week that's 9:30 PM eastern time. And I long to check that out ask one radio dot com I am so that's that's my me my form of radio and. With everything you have dialing them up past my bedtime right now on a blanket fed left might work and Michael is to reach as many people as I can't in my lifetime we'll know we're gonna have you were gonna have you back on the programs we can talk about Santa thinks I know we didn't pay everything we headed toward tremendous number of phone calls with thank you so much -- great having you tell. Thank you so much I appreciate that. Ari it's beyond reality radio don't go away we'll wrap things up contestant. That everybody is beyond me on the radio and we're about done here and we seem Jason speedy recovery will be back with the shortly. I'm sure and tomorrow night don't forget it's the tribute to Jim Morris replaying the episode from February 28 of this year. It's beyond reality radio with Jason and JB thanks everybody for joining us we'll do that can rush hour. Any idea ingredients produced by sticking ignorance incompetence and Alexandria Johnson intercom lenient. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what font or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails to sleep getting next swig Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.