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Psychic/Medium/Metaphysician/Astrologer Sloan Bella on this day of the Great American Eclipse

Aug 22, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Psychic Sloan Bella about her work and the eclipse that captivated America on this day. Her experience is vast, and her insight uncanny as she takes listener calls throughout the program. 8/22/2017- Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Hung out West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to be on reality review of myself Jason Allison railways are some JB Johnson six it was the day today was the day that everybody's been waiting for release when waiting for for a long time gentlemen talking about it August when he first. A good chunk of the country. Was dark for a little while. And it only took the kids oh points on. As the moon cross in front of the sun and blocked it out completely for I don't know it was a seven mile while wide path wasn't a path of totality. Yet here in Rhode Island we were at 66%. So. When that didn't realize is that when you're like in your 170 for servers said we're 7% and obviously it is properly of the variation of that. But you don't really came in tell truly happening winner in that. That angle you know. The pass that to tell you could tell it was happening gets dark like appearance in New York you couldn't really tell much of the special glasses to really look at it. The sun can over power is a little bit of shadow that the moon is creating mushroom in the past that talented but blowing and we did have those classes and ordered them a couple months back for the kids and so we had them. And it was it was cool because here it did it. Did darted it turned almost late evening until it. Yeah so that it was it was neat it was a great experience and these are you were in this same band I was in night I wasn't able to stay outside of the whole thing had some things going on but. Just in just an an arms I walked by a few groups of people with their glass is a guy one guy had a special telescope and the guy had one of these boxes and with a with a hole punched in the and saying in the you can look through the side you can see news article and you could see you could see the shadow that latency pretty clearly but. Yeah I don't know that it's it's an amazing event I guess what it's going to be it's been about a hundred years since it's happened that way for the United States and it's going to be you quite a while fort happens again. Yeah and the nice thing is though it was late for. Half an hour. Everybody was looking up instead of looking at fox that's true what it's. Joseph you were looking up with the fro in Serbia has are aiming to take pictures but people were looking looking up at the sky there of their interest in something. And that's that's a wild and they even even my kids a lovely kids dearly but it drives me crazy Unita loses it on him because they they're constantly they've they've got term faces in the looking at their phones and and that's the means of communication these days. And address decreased so to see them so involved with something that didn't have them looking at their phones and sending text messages it was it was awesome it really want to. And that alone is makes it all worth it and I'm glad. As many people as did took a moment and just kind of appreciated the universe that we live in a name marvelous things are going around us almost every day we snuck it see them every day. Well I'm really happy that nobody was actually attacked by that lizard man South Carolina. Yeah they were worried about that passed it officials state officials to bid put on all these on these warnings from the hole and you know making sure that people were. Staying staying vigilant and Suva. And to the possible looser and a South Carolina. So but Al haven't heard anybody gets area to get attacked it was a caller of the talk to you about it but. It was definitely was a great days it wasn't. And maybe will be around for the next one who knows we need to I don't I heard something about five or six years is there's going to be another one won't be quite the same but it's gonna be pretty close from might be O seven years sudden used as always the voice like Orlando is is going to be and that's and that spot so. So she's already looking ambled Disney tickets she's looking about Disney tickets for the eclipse yeah mercenaries so I guess some time saver. It's pretty cool and icing his tickets all the in my youngest will be twentieth appointments while so. I think it dispute abortion and so perfect that sounds cool that's a so but anyway taped this EC this powerball. Powerball and what's what it's up to nude DS player that you're actually the that is here but I don't want to play it. Only got 650. Million dollars while. 650. Million dollars powerball drawing Wednesday's or 650 million the second largest wind fall on the program's history. Depending embassy with a winning tickets olden chosen ones overseas far less than the total effort of course I'm. But it's insane so you bring it Alec Christian 650 million if you took the cash. You get 404111700000. So. It barely be able to make it by TL you can get to you skipped this you know what you can see it this. But and that's it that's before the government comes in and takes their percentage which will be shut which really happy. Actually be the federal government would take 25% so a 102925000. This the federal government on 225% I don't know it's there's also another. I think that that comes out of it in this sleek so anyway. Dip and then your state would come in and take their taxes and she lives in a state doesn't have state textbook. But yet so you'd be left with sorrow 308775000. Dollars. Still like be it be tough but I think in Connecticut where you're you're probably scrape by him just barely even you might not have to work it yeah I and maybe I mean I am I want you to look the waiter job just to supplement. OK a parent. That's sort of Arizona maybe and so what I'm send everybody up there's don't waste your time playing powerball eyebrow Leonard holed the winning ticket and then let the count I'd stolen Jewish money. We've got a really great show an exodus of some of them might be able to help us with the powerball our guest tonight is that will be Sloan bella she's not your average gifted psychic medium. Met efficient and as per expert astrologers she's actually. Helps. Work with a site children and she communicates with those who paso passed away she is the real ability to read animals. She'll be discussing. Met efficient clairvoyance psychic ability ghost spirit haunting experiences how screenings clearing this. Astrology death mysteries of celebrities there's a whole bunch of stuff on an hour breeze yeah tween those I don't know how we're gonna get to it all in and the two hours we've got. Most likely we're not just at the bottom line it's a if you had if you haven't Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio nation like the FaceBook page over there. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can find all the grease stations where across the country were costly adding more. On the you can also download free iPhone and android upgrade there which allows you to listen shall live on the ago. Catch past episodes and also joining him in general humorous or from the website just click via the listen live. Which allows you just said chat with us we're we're in the Jared as well and you can listen to the show right there if you do download the shell. Do us a favor and just read it for us some iTunes or read download it from because I just helps push it forward and makes it easier for people defiant. It's all sounds great and so great widow who don't support to show the telephone number of course is 8446877669. If you wanna join the conversation a little bit later we'll take listener calls. A 1000010 have a lot of calls would bring no psychic mediums under the program. Yes we do so again that number is 844687766912344687766. Not. Are it's so we'll take a break will come when we come back will be joined by Sloan bella it's psychic. Okay game the deepest. Approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates are October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors. Panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission of troubled companies these are our. It's beyond reality radio and scare come. It's beyond reality really juicy news TC don't. Forget her phone number 8446877669. And quick reminder a cut in upcoming programs tomorrow we've got a JC nova. Who's an intuitive astrologers from last twenty years has a popular pop culture blog called Astro checks dot com we'll be talking. With her on Tuesday and Wednesday met swing a joining us he is sick currently working as a science and research writer for Penn State but tonight. We're talking with Sloan bella Sloan is a psychic medium met a physician and an astrologer Sloan welcome to beyond Rihanna read a great Debian program tonight. I think they'll my current ID me. I LE I and. How will we are too we look forward to talk to you gazette you've been altered for awhile and I have heard a lot of good things about you sell through and through diplomacy and see which again. All. And let's start by learning a little bit more about two we knew we frequently have. Folks with your abilities on our program. And are we were assassinated a hi how it got started in the past that they took to get where they are so it's also about your story. Okay well for me I never. Notice anything different I never thought I'd like. Psychic I thought I was being normal myself. Show meaning I never noticed different until people only Erica difference. I'm too wasn't something I hitter you know. Did they expressed like it away why why why and I beat I would or not play particularly difficult you know like I never I'm like you know. Yeah it was just something that you. Mean you always did so it was nice not having to. Yeah it was like having brown right now and I did. And I'm sorry like who groomed because I knew that door or are people coming in and out on air now. And light look for the ego which are really my children barrel and now. Well no I don't your split Eric but I was born with the ability. The psyche in a clip something that was obvious and adding brown eyes. You know being a girl I guess I never thought about being girl in her out about the psychic or what I. We're really at all around me act. Pointed out that perhaps I would strange or hurt me did he give it to the doctor and talk therapy and they like out. I'll tell an astrology I learn at a very young age so I began my adding that Carla ain't out and added more at learn. I am straight so to get conditioned to want to do it I report where I actually have to burn zoology Bellic on an ongoing. Well earned locality aren't going to be at your your early Borg would have liked it right it. Yeah I don't know how to work through that like by everything and it's really been a part of my life. And the girl. So when did you realize that you were different that you have these abilities and not everybody else their hand on the do you stood out. Oh are probably the Turks believe when I was about to an app is started. Not my parent by the time I would or by the I was in or infecting green cards are getting old keep quiet. Not respond the way I see things that way or opt mocking talking about things like that go read a book you know pumping out I'm. Technically no public back at great early but it with that being indoctrinated. And old you know that they need we cannot. Cox might need to go away yet on what I'm really really gotten some might look that memory actually. It didn't expect it hair. You know that one thing that I'd air it they don't care what humans say they're gonna cultural icons are about not rarely. You know. Yes and when you run started to realize. That this was. Something you can do and it he said he came it was us like second nature there's does this simple or as accepted as being a crawler having brown eyes or whatever. And didn't scare you and all who was there at any point were started to fright music especially as a child. No apparently not that the child like at age. I'd tell their work more instances. It scared me probably a young adult terms of thinking when he tree there were found in in it and are quite like it actually. I'm not giving myself wait here but there where people I would surround not meet court and may have partake in certain app actually aren't in current inched back and think. And I wonder angered at what happened to Kirk and energy when they he acts and collided internship are being. Basically my friend or somebody I knew I would see being concerned behind their thinking. And that is very frightening actually I got a lot of times op that might await our men and stepped away. Because I could will be on our air all that's what I call it I don't actually know at the college. By. And I like at a very strong feeling. I believe had a lot do with their drug and alcohol that people injected but we'd open the door addicting that we can't. May end quote true in an un controlled ways where you're currently in your body grab it don't. Kinda experience that they weren't all that. That is very frightening and then as an arrow at my age. Everett in bed with me. I would get what I call like a rat or I would get somebody. Attempted record out in a negative bumping back whatever why and it would actually I department so. Quote of the day in my head when I thought it would happen an app and it actually shocked. Oh I went through a correction probably might late morning and early thirty because of what I've seen and I'm it would. There was no control mater one what would you walk up the street and I would see. For example at Iowa and the and I would. Ben complimentary about the up the street and the kind of thing that we're going on in the out home. And he never reject barge in urban Albert go hey. You know. But that the other I would I don't think we're actually going on with sort of break my heart during that line helps out the creeping up. And I and I like you brought that up well alcohol and drugs because I and I brought that up many times on my show ghost honors and we've also talked about it many times on the on this show as well. It's just. That opens to door to a lot of times alcohol and drug abuse and physical abuse sexual abuse emotional abuse all opens the door to to negative type and it's tees that. Little will come in the feed off of that whether the they possess somebody in the house whether that whether they're they're just feeding off the negative energy it opens the door for that that stuff remember when we go on an investigation and we're talking. We knew we wanna go to read do we get into a lot of the personal information we get into. New drugs and an alcohol if there's physical abuse emotional beast we try to cover all that because without knowing that we can hope bow. Absolutely and what am what I doubt it. Really indicate it became a what are we have a year ago that probably when you're out. Right at upper court my agent at I'm in or reading or reading. And the bickering at pine and and a little bit longer and integrate album. Would equal and keyword on our Benin were working or you add. I noted when he walked in and down there with a email. Here. And she was quite lovely looking woman I. Brown hearings and wearing a colored dress. And now I thought the girlfriend at their without you know each rocketed down. Come could be bad it was somebody that worked with on the street but it way to drug. I'm assuming that are on there's an overdose there and she hadn't wanted to go Juan and the work at it you are in that consider her a quick reckless in the side when they use that worked. The expansion of that behavior. We're supposed to know not to do that that we do and we are Albert we we act which own or other I. She didn't wanna do that you would actually acting for Al you can't. And he you know our characteristic. Because it very strange thing that maybe you did a straight man. So stagnant Cortland and say that your your. We'll do it with that with us long we just had to take hard break we can't change but we'll get back into that as soon as we can I come back you listen to Jason GPB on morality or we'll be right back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the and things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Rumor you Jason Lewis Jimmy Johnson's own receipts. Or 46877669. We're talking with Sloan bella a psychic medium who met if this is it meant a physician and astrologer the website is Sloan bella dot com. And against on thanks much for being here we kinda had to cut you off in the middle of us Ian apologize for that one or two packet upper we left off. It sounded like a very bad joke at the act during. Now yes. I'm like I'm not politically correct. I'd like Ed don't let you might need an and I know that the woman. But I didn't hear it at literate. Stuart him. Accord I jumped at the conclusion immediately that he would need it yet loved it over. Well what you would actually do it continuing live herb light in. It is why she actually influencing his behavior with her thought. Because act like I eat it questioning it actuality it but aren't and he'd been a straight man I get older and Alan mid twenties and been an issue org. And suddenly finding helps. On the other end of the spectrum as to speak and are making you buy it. And we worked together apple line and once he began to get into that wouldn't. I worked with or like art worthy spiritual part healing part and then he went to traditional. Drug Ewing you know like we. Bleached and the program in when he got over it what it's an important to you that we actually did you. Remove her from energy field because drug opened up and 8 o'clock she wanted a lot. And that happened quite a bit white drug addict alcoholic. Compulsive behaviors are so art let go look it up on there to wreck it some another late which isn't within which we have. Control but not you know what I mean. I mean you do know what I mean by. Yeah no exactly. Yeah Big Apple so when I work with people that are accurate not work what they're partly out of control by. You have to kind of guy and become sober Kirk and stronger near anarchy and a lot of work. They locker Jake Locker or body energy arguing app for your and then they bite anything in the door any. And everything. And for whatever reason and Newton when they're down there it's it's so hard to get somebody to to return to that that plays where they. They build themselves back up whether they can do it they can do it physically but mentally as it is holed a game. It is and it because part. What I around and I never thought that book or that I'm not. Religious pertinent in a traditional and Margaret Kirch upper orbit that if you wanted to. Put me in any category but what are realize when they. Step away from their body strength which were all given a body strength. When he oh wait and let me add bad behavior drug alcohol. Mental or whatever it. They start eroding. The energy field and I actually look at that you opened like I look at it as a little bit but when you're talking about not getting better. Their mine act or the way that they think they actually go through basically a virtual capitol alert and build themselves back. And both people are willing to act. Client I guess. I'm not willing to do that but. Yet very typical work. So hard at work with people that you're at every day you Ludlum that. So I you know here we're we're gonna get him caught listener calls in just a little bit but I want to take you back into the beginning of your story here because. I understand that when you were young about age four you had visitation it's. And what was she didn't know what was visiting what was going on there. Well I want it on our OK are being just. What cap and I would go to bed at night out like every little kid and I are out I'd I'd better but are at at and choke. I would literally Brad are accurate and lie on my deadbeat airports in the light arms. To order and my bet would be surrounded by all week where they are right. I'd wake up and techniques the big. I called your weak man. Because by being reminded me out. That sounds so it sounds nasty. Out will be bigger army but they both like. What are we look like at Clemson in the little by little interest in absolutely carry it out. Okay could be people. Try to call airway and did really well like tall or taller it would wreck like automatic better went back. How white it. Clock and grow but yet people like bug Democrat or what I did not allowed at the but they are our enemy and they would end around my bed at night when I find out that they were doing. With that we're actually racing my body art rationed for Greg Hart inner work well actually I called you know work. That try to do everything an applicant work because it was. It popular and acting as meaning everybody got that now you know that billion U I actually heard and it really young. And sort of ought not to let art well I think I'll go get it all off and eat one of those people happen and I quite. Obsolete and lender network aren't. It's arsenal you Timbaland Lindsay can be normal. Yeah eight at work on it is well. You're definitely. I recognize it dealt it more jokes but it hard right and now. Bid would this work or people in and out of how my boy when he. One and they did nothing but people in an out of there how there are like every by. You know like everybody that lived in my house note that there will be people dictating that they don't know don't know what the hell's wrong what. I will work and they allowed to work with that topic. Kinda crap out. A certain goal in mind either quick to do when being called ultra fine at that are now. When somebody I call when somebody having problems call so. Like you're on call all time and so it can be pretty may not for the people around you gorgeous. A dirt or you're living within the structure you're out there that would not bet I had in my might help. But it would something on the need to be seen here when it mattered I called them. We're the ones that were shaking my energy Il and bringing energy to begin a your light sport when you got the IP teenage are you out of my body on that at an all I would I would. Actually physically my body you know during paper or right I could set out. People and step back and I thought our our. Like ours I thought went our way back all arms. You know underneath doorstep of they've had their act I don't remember what happened. But I would have a memory of speaking with somebody I would share with real by other people like now. Sitting in the corner sleeping there was nobody there we will watching. And though it was. That was so much lightning that what you think if they don't really know but nothing bad happened turned on by. And to do that work can be very draining like a little debt so that bitter we're helping meet a hair. Or the work or trying to help prepare Arctic light Wear you down but I think we're trying to help you prepare. Okay we definitely need to come up with a new name sit here wait people because that's system that's horrifying. For a while Internet slid her belt but that that really. It brought it up my family or by Aaron it would go but lipstick like I'd gotten it but he looking for bug he did not know what I would talk about and went bananas looking for bargains and by the time I would and I eat an open I'm now. Seeking out until I mean just like. Do you not say that you're not helping out there are no buttons and outs. They really didn't understand what I returned to say that with a little bit comical on on opposite. So despite the and discussing the name of here wig men. Do you if you encountered these. Being slashed creatures whatever they were in an in adulthood. I happen but other people out and are they telling me. What she got out that explaining that these work or get that technical management I have a friend ready at Byrd kind of alien. Thing that she could think. And what I right hand at being worthy. Brad teachers. Of the alien group back for Ike on guard and many are I can't remember what he called. Like that the more information they carton from. I'm not opulent 113. Run in other people that in what can Israeli interest in big track them. Similarly but not at me migrant children married and and they can only a ride it in with their with their vocabulary of the age that they are so you know that they don't know if you're for or I. You don't know what it is you're going to get her back. Right. It articulated relate look at pat do it you can find something to write it. I'm not let you. But there are other. But my understanding that they're not harmful. Their information and they are closed building tickle energy they changed the energy. I'm into. Probably while searching years ago wake up and eel like there were around me write it you bound by like it will somebody. Kind of like Emma stuck in my body ache you'll somebody around me move my energy though. I help out like in me a bit and medical and it worked well and which with interest. We carried. Of course I courtly. College but you can also. You know there's been a group of spirit ink they called the council of twelve I don't know what they were not by. It was interesting I would only count swap around Idec debate or better every night rights act and meet people act under my bed I ran a bad you know jump up on bad. I didn't know where they came. Out at where our where our book under my bed. It under your belt. It would. That contain big I went well with about and I like it done you know at that I didn't there was more after that. Well Brian Lasalle Bank. Our report talking with Sloan bella and we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna take some your phone calls we've got a lot more to talk about it's beyond me. Everybody was one defined radio stations across the country curing the program or you're listening online we bid you all very big welcome and centering around Chad if you're doing that as well. Then you can find that list just get by going to be on reality radio dot com click on the station listen it'll list all the increased east where our cross country. Or you listener and online torrent download the free iPhone and injury separate different. What's whole bunch options for you in the all very very easy tonight we're talking with Sloan bella. Sloan is a psychic medium amend a physician and an astrologer her website is Sloan bella dot com. And a slump let's welcome you back in here and let's go to our phone lines and take you through these listener calls on this last segment of the hour at this is machine all get this is Michelle from Pennsylvania Michelle welcome to be on reality rating your ominous. I. Am just wondering if I was. How Mario. I terrible act you'd collect today. I was just wondering yet on Ukraine. And well it's store for me. All right. Your name shall tell me you're perfectly. Eleven types 65. Well I have and I run it okay. Our earth and now is interesting because on an emotional level that weary in the chains. More so and and a book and how I'd like a new car out for like the emotional change a book like. The way that you're viewing or white currently is changing. I've only ever you know pulled off on making decision until after your current tapes and cold or the end of the year if not rebar and next year. Because back when I feel a big change is gonna happen for yet. Italian but certain now IQ shield it is connected with what you are looking at the coach sue. Our relationship and everybody looked at actually really it is. About what you want to do and how should gained action so where you would. At that read you lean your worker re learning something. Well no no not really but I have an eye on. Compensate change it but there obviously I don't know what I would do or how to go about anything. Right to execute that change I get that I get there but if you are going to be doing that not know until. Doctor your birthday and I and I feel the cremation will wrap up for you now. It it intra and I don't really hyper Kirk Allen but don't let it out up. Okay though they're the hybrid in your energy that our bowl. And you don't you're out when you have a little bit if you don't mind saying I get started you. Your help when you're out. You don't really need your help the way that you are not in every what your problem. Back impatient rather and the acquisition of yours. Actually how you are. You're making a little bit about our. Air conditioning or light. We're back we're hanging back mind set which you and then what each and due to an actor actually Il. That you have a male I don't have a mail route should. I feel in particular you have a male relatives that going. Help out and work why. In the early part of next year. And they will actually re educate your help the pitching due out here you should do it ignore something you ever considered doing. And it worked public more out there were more communication with people involved. But what are little bit of an echo in here and I knew that Iraq. No I don't we don't care and aren't so I hope that helps outlook better so Michelle hope that helps so Michelle let's go see who has time for one more here for the top of the hour we do this is. Audrey in Kansas Audrey welcome to be on reality radio. Carl I think particularly call. I. Couldn't rule. Do you feel any different at different energy at all during an eclipse like this. In other subtle what do you feel where he at all. Or in pertaining to. I'm curious who. Okay the clips affect unit will. I'll buy dot I feel like I'm saying today. Yeah. I absolutely not but just let you know when I'm around and what we elliptical a partner at. You are either three day war or treat gay actor Kirk I acted. Bit particular record in my mind I agree a light hearted act it. Probably a week ago and what I feel it or he'll. And intent bottling of energy are buying. Top of my head down through what my belly area idled at a lot are. Lit and it tired me out of what my energy yet. And a little bit maybe they'll act normal air is required. Right yeah I feel I alcohol at the anarchy variant and low down on the ground. I don't know keynote at that keynote at at being buried her right well let when you're writing got a very obvious that. Or. I do you feel. And then hand letting any Arab. Yeah what do you see or feel pertaining to me if you're feeling in. Are you marrying 1950. Alan Leo that the court at Hewitt Welch. Any link I'm not doing crawler and asking your irked that he cut back on a lot of out to where people want and are quickly that my quick way to union curly Q and solid chart so all of our people always ask why are. It hit my I I act you're named Kirk and unable so quickly that my opening up quickly on my mind. On by you and your question interest and that they that you're you remind me. I'm like Aaron. When we're at about any reminding applicant little a lot lot energy right now. You're very tied to get started there and but cheer your ball in let. Do you actually feel your outlet and take a week or eight out within on. Not right now actually number number probably by the end of October around Halloween. I feeling her out ready Kirby at eight do you think I all. Happening a lot on their showing up for the or are you went in the end on argued wanna be or out there on. And you're going into a pay outs on their new people coming in your life and I bury either get our book on your. Chrysler we're gonna have to cut it graphs battery there's we have to go to our top of the hour break it's Jason GBM beyond me. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to intense Garrett Connor in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is a great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror. Film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com that spirit car. It today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare. This morning in West Coast Tuesday. And the East Coast many are stuck between what can be done really reveal myself Jason Hawes and always awesome GB Johnson. And the question is did the clips affect the psyche of anybody wanna know of anybody in our chat room felt like the eclipse itself. Made them act like a different person and someone today. On which it was probably quite a few people sent it to divert but also pets I know pats were a big. Big question are all these things going on you know him saying to us to watch how it affects your animals and and things like that that sometimes. Animals just act strangely during its sound can be interesting to hear of anybody witness that as well. Yeah I mean it it's some it's an it's an incredible phenomenon and it's were lucky to have be able to see it and I don't know how the weather was across the country I know that here even though we were only in the 70%. Area than the weather actually cooperated and that's unusual for upstate New York. Sewell and I and medicinal bunch of fans had posted them on my sand. FaceBook page. Pictures after I post summit took my kids and in sunny Florida wasn't sunny today resolved quality and yes they really get a good shot of Nevada but I sauce and incredible picture especially NASA NASA and put up some interest in mind blowing picture. Guess some pretty incredible stuff and in its one of the things I was thinking about as. I was walking around watching people was set up their little devices to view the eclipse is. Thomas called telescopes can't question well there and it was a new HR people also had these boxes they made really. We don't put the pin hole in in the pew or in the back whatever cereal boxes issue boxes all sorts of ways you can you can do it but I I just was a kind of thinking and in the back of my head is you know how much technology has changed since the last time. There was one of these across the United States about a hundred years and how much more information endowments. And more detailed pictures could be so I was pretty excited about that. Dad it's it's just mind we're so we've got a lot of stuff coming up on the show by the way tonight will continue talking with Sloan bella but tomorrow night JC no vote will join us JC is an intuitive astrologer. And it's been she's been featured on a anal entertainment and answers dot com she's a paranormal expert in the field of premonition dreams astrology and psychic predictions are we talking about. Whole bunch of things with her nut tomorrow night. And Matt Sweeney and Wednesday. He's a science an researcher writer for Penn State. And talks on different things from colonel Mullen and sounds from the colonel also makes you tune in now on also download the free iPhone and android separate from beyond reality radio dot com which allows you to listen Michelle lives catch past episodes. And also joining online chat during light show. Yep great stuff we have thumb a bunch of people waiting on hold please be patient and get to your calls but if you wanted to call in. The number is 8446877669. With love to have you on the program so we take a quick break. When we come back we'll look bring our guest Dan Sloan Belo will be talking to her and taking your calls are coming up from beyond reality rated don't. Return to monitor gas to slow look Celtics excuse me Sloan bella. She's a psychic medium amid a physician in an astrologer the website is Sloan bella dot com we've been talking for awhile ago a lot of people on. Holmgren get to those calls Sloan welcome again to the show. Hi bear out like it mutes some of my tongue that's for sure Parker. So to speak a little bit about the eclipse because a lot of people obviously you're talking about it it's pretty remarkable event. What does it mean an astrological terms. Well my backyard was remarkable clear eyed Eleanor we're gonna go blind with China I'd love what does doubt look at. Go to bikini. Her but actually after a lot of interesting because this month in another Al. I know we had a leader on the Avant. And that they're like an old solar eclipse. Cylinder with an aquarius Decker and Leo Billick on access. Ego Berkett humanitarian. If I can order. So what you're seeing happening energetic people is you're lending get it I didn't need to be right. Burke Anthony could be heard irked that the need to be a lot. So they're a lot of that that relationship. Would it be allowed relations could be anybody. Clip. We're seeing a lot of back and bought with a clip which make it even weirder. In my opinion it we have you run on rector great week at the lunar an aquarium that we had Mercury retrograde. Ed Begley the moon wobble at the same kind of hacker Albert clip and then we have that are going to Iraq. So there is a bunch of anarchy happening at one with making communication line will really stop and am and then people are. A load it whether you go to work your pop aren't you know I act art and that he could hit. And then turn around and all of what you really bank or. If they need at your help. And burst your ego. Vs jets being hurt so we're fighting a lot of legal issues karma for working people odd argument because they need to be right. Whatever you know Albert in whatever term acne out with a record about it actually act in your aquarium. And Leo people your scorpio and court right. Bear it. Actually though you query them out of the air theater door at her being in light open or wherever they're wanting to go in their life they can get there is a huge change eclipse. It was pretty and and you like it will be energy ivory. Billed to a very loud and look her burial box could interpret our secure as you'd be about. That's why I was on today's TV is an attempt record. Since June can move on you and again this area well. Accord they're pretty they're pretty steady actually. Actually. Her you. Remember that the big grand and a big. At a lot grand crops non you're right out basically shifted every way that you arms. The weighty keeping intellectually the way to cheat you work on your body your health issues to the way that you are still optically and your company to be and it. Changing and going through. At a for an app you're actually an accord and it going to get better or you. As we approach the end of this year in the work area and more potent trio. I'm not exactly what year and especially with your typical body I don't know what was up well but there. We're issued without it you. I'm and that indicates not correct but I electors are focused. Different typically are you coming up in the next year in particular what would your how can you. Moving your body art board you know I mean it like having technical and look it you buy that Greg get right wing underneath. So all positive okay great. Our let's quickly go to national record. Let's go to the phone lines here this is Joseph and Indiana Joseph welcome to be on reality radio. Are you dumb ass and a choppy couple types. About my son are you done on. I'm I got two quick questions mama open as well equipped for your soul. We don't pick up for a time between late. And heaven the most of compromise on and we're worried. Shooting star one of the night and eat. Are not a he went in and it shooting star went through. Where the big that virtual and the Internet a lot talked about where. Edward meeker. Is it helps me. I was with their loved. A few weeks ago and I've. Don't get to see him very much the briefly are not seen and I had to travel all of our miles to. Obama white home sky now. You know. But the gold on and then my wife kind of freaked out because there are shooting star wanna crop under one on yup. He was under neatly with them we are wage or if it's just open want to little. Okay I'm well coincidental illegally aren't irked at colloquy and Topeka and I think that wrap around of which are on. Does he. And what Witten are. January 19. 89. OK first of all the sir you know that the what you're child. I kind of very interesting personality or one personality that is. Authentically him and then there one that C in our other people. You are out one of the only people in light. Active parent in bothered that new cool why are you actually understood. Cool and how he once was there an issue with communication because you come across in an art form and neither can get outweighed that at all. One a very shy and inward and then there are. True Al. I really at liberty I am getting out and try you need any avenue deliberate communication. It actually comes at a little bit. Yeah he was he was shot ever. Used you will do it you know money. And it was very. Smart an ordinary thing one. This schooling merit bank helped him. Progress in my early where he now. More around the ring boring and I'm saying. It debris and I'm and their ability to communicate and educate our way. I think you do with it and it can't ignore the goal and he was actually had I had I bit pain in. With a different eye operation took part of the issue on the planet is that he would. I'm. I Wear it like he walked into a different country when he named Kirk when he was born with a car entry or again. So it expressionless and we get are you that I did and I am trying to being what he thought it was a unique. And I came being at site I. Maybe I knew you need to communicate with you yet they're an older woman that cropped up all birds. It really silent killer Archie pop for a long time at the end of her life. I don't know picker because she liked to broker a banging couldn't shock but it feel like. It was probably your grandmother. On the moms feel like she she croc demo hurt she sits there quietly right now. See Akron and usual well in her eyes like she. It like she you know went out early on but she and computer world's chill. I'm in her life times and went treat you extremely get like I'm within one light on it let it heal from church should have your boy a crock. I did you communicate with you out and how it they're younger and went home that you did you have a younger Tokyo. Interconnect our nation what they're there at the nation expect content through it well Opel apps in the nation it it. I I don't think the broader all. And and we're. Nine and aim at our daughters and it was slight. Assessment but clearly. Clearly won't come to a bank with me and they're still just an hour off. It's really strange and under it's it's really heat up pretty well now a. Okay Borger and you're an it mentioning that will be telling you when he telling. You. Thing regarding your light and what you and with his sister. Oh yeah and equity in the dirt speak telling you can be acknowledging a payment go on and telling you actually. That he directly connected can you ignore it the old state. There wait till you can start talking to in your house actually wait I can't let me try to get him. Right there I am able. Tell me something and at that you don't with well anymore. On even though you feel like you're getting better you don't actually equality that well you don't sleep well at hand and shoulder at that point on your shoulder. I stand behind you that you can make a nuke I did not know sleeping your equity Mark Recchi with a more Al. Are you hurt and sugar played. Air. Yet but it or right now what stuff. UING. When you get bit and wake up Burke and get it and got older I get the department endearment Spectra Energy that energy healing not like. Typically are not I but the anarchy. And got called out I want to value your order. Your why it interesting played her on her like she kind of the area her and meaning. She she locker and secure our recently or in that and understandable. I like the late Rick Bonner that may or I'll I'll be like do little things that make Iowa around out there round will wipe. That he'd like that I'll need the mile mark and each trying to paper I'll. She doesn't smile and she area ever liked the area for her to make that you. Yeah because she's a very good mom worries about the kids could very serious about. I'll let me well I'll tell the just you struggle and as mild your ride on. Perk on one or I'll I'll on black and in trying to show heard that it not cheap and it blocked her oh my god she kind of Kirk earth. And she a optically you gonna get her eighth and didn't know his mother when she hit the little girl but she would. Little girls the lead in all in and want to be like again. Male R&R I bet on that and are over or under way young. In our nation coming from another mail handling number on her bike yours on. About how. Like the little girl there a bigger and halo on mail art honor. Passed away. Did not even know it quite well yeah not on her own it somebody. Somebody showing me your eye when she was younger girl and she Arnie and practical and she got a whole personality. They're telling me her crown her up. Eric you're an it kick in that. Okay you're an inner you want other mile. We're about what I'm hearing are you patient to find joy in life again in 08 I hurt my work. And Holler okay she doesn't think she has the right miles at the right trial. Should it. Go outlawed. Cool look at the radio. Thank you block guys appreciate it. Thank you for calling again we appreciated knows what hearing you from you from Indiana. We don't have enough time to take another call here Sloan but he did wanna ask you about. Here at age fourteen he ran away what was going on in your life to Major League home we got in a minute here. I ran away. Well yeah in that I'd be getting annoyed at being. Treated the way I won and I helped write a lap I needed Asian legal what and a equate our leader in. Typically run home I mean at home and it was a well do you home but. I get one under read it. And I mean why would be okay what. Plot out the door. Yeah how did that how to play how that play into what unit of doing did he give you did it didn't make you rely on those so those sensitivities at that time in May be helped develop them. They're about thirty seconds. Absolutely about what some app when you're. At home in like that history. And so in order can not get yelled at your instinct. With all the able partly why war actually started reading that aren't. I start and I started the people that were her or. Girl that worked at street work like that gambled that needed information and need it now that we're going to be state with the beginning I shall reading people and literally fourteen. I would rely on trade neighbor at her you know and what they bleached because I loved the bleach in my hair by the you know trade instead of money I Carter and I. What I do what you read and I needed I took it and I tell you what we're coming up. Are you don't necessarily help though what you like about him. He probably helped out so many doing okay so we're gonna take quick break more. Her a lot of people want her gonna try to get to all your phone calls says we bring back Sloan bella are psychic medium met a physician so astrology guest for tonight don't forget. The website is Sloan bella dot com and Sloan again thanks for joining us and it. After apologized last coming in and owning it geez you get a little tongue tied for and I probably should just tell people that wasn't the eclipse that it did that may actually had a the routine procedure earlier today and had some anesthesia. Just few hours ago so I'm working with a little bit of a buzz here that it come to this microphone width but it is making me a little. It. How well now don't worry about it got on I burglary and I'm just ain't right I'm. But anyway I gonna try not to to get any more time tell the variable let's go to what. David in Colorado David welcome to beyond reality radio pretend young. Yeah thanks yeah I have a question or don't. Yet you. I don't. It's actually I don't know Sloane is the first and Sloan is the first named David. Slowed Ella. Slow so I don't know yeah yeah. So. I have or many brands. Alone that are just friends or no actually the most compatible grow more shares relationship. What you need at least a credible rumors reassure relationship. My birthday is march 3 nineteen courted. And also go let Dave doesn't make a difference they were David. No packed app I can you say your lady aimed at their current name. All port number you cannot. Yes I can't. Or summer programming. Herbert a day and Generation X. 1941. Okay. Okay great debt you know there are they gonna work your anarchy if you need Arnold Palmer and act lady named. George. Okay summer enjoy and the third one. Petty. Okay and port one. Jennifer. I'll write you back out a bit lightly there are winners though. Well I. Thought okay. I'm sorry I'll read our right. Okay the first one her third one at that one in your rent your money there and being more. Conflict with her you're not gonna crap but you're. Okay strong well and I don't out here right now and are pretty strong well right. The girl bird you know it entered into it I don't you are able to begin a relationship. It is now long term relationship. Which lead the number you and number or actually feel it number or a lack. Name and I can't remember her name. I get that I had go to number of sport like that that won the most probable Wiki. Number Q would probably mean that in most compatible hurt and the although I know that you like summer typically like summer break and currently. I would bet him in this summer's record. Okay interesting patty and argue with you a lot do you do you I'm not being delicate moment. No not really. I'll take it. If you get serious you're going to give you will run for your honey I want to now. OK look I appreciate that. So then you're here I'm Jennifer. Choice. And I eventually rank them. Yeah well I might act but I'm. What you want in a relationship. If you want a more fiery relationship that one in. You'll get here is what patty and we're working toward marriage or like a application. That. Where you gonna find trouble would not probably a point in question what you do and they're going to be Doug Weight that she want the gun. Not the way that you say I don't Wear out here right now she's right in the underneath and that's what we're coming our pitching definitely out. Certain ideas about what relationship would be anchored everything I know I you know they like summer typically eat legally regulate the other one. Patty bat and summer back in. Albert does not you're available prior relationship or armories. Interesting there's. David thanks so much that you're not that he Allah right out of. Thank you so much for that phone call let's go to open helped our health let's go to Ronnie in South Carolina running around with. Sloan bella. Strong ego and I I'm saying. All right you're birch yeah has today program say it may as well. I was in the right arm. Chopped down and do the I'll ask you about it man. We're all work out right. Separate track. I don't just warned that I'm Mickey can pick up any and I know my dad out many key you know what really had no comment from our girls want. Outs as well that I make up out but not quite what your dad at. What was your dad's name. Writing that aren't eager to air it. Okay interesting because I. Arm when he passed I let it go it will bite. It. So I. Am member at very shortly after and board of white people poured him right around and they're grouped Austria are all like related hammering members. With like it like it would. Deborah Deborah period of debt to be where trial. It might other you'd you don't know the old story about am I will bet you. Word that it is right not. Out of not from you apparently members tell you about him or not. Looking like they'll get albeit. At a little bit because you like somebody who do what you. That was not involved in apparently the current story about a people that know. What other people am. I don't know that and I'll and so it I don't remember I don't know every now and they are out there were only five years. Know that you don't know and it in there about the real personality and ideally like I don't know the real personality and all you they're they're cute different and I feel like dealing with a bit about. Prepare in a hard time with Internet COK I illiquid Hartford and the responsibility of moderate or heartburn yeah. I'll. Let you. And avoid certain things in a light but I do you feel. Are not even a guy when you were one and eight noble sport that what we don't you what they've ever been leak with you cracked. Even a port that hill like he know about you but not all around. In the sense when you're what you were a little reading your cracked he would somewhere out there aren't. Well how important and I'm now dyslexia don't bet on. Our appreciate. Appreciate that Honolulu where would they won't let it well well well but when you big debate. What it actually admitting you are out here I am Merrill fine. I feel like we're going in coming in and out here quite a hero shall wine port. I don't feel like Ebert purple I'm bother me a book or is what I'm aren't that. And I bet it was a minute and I don't know. Panic out there that much they had mentioned him and my mom. I'm not him I'm not me and an error about. What area way. But it was a feeling he would you wouldn't. Look what you were doing it not there. Might want to check that out. There are back port into some other mean they'll typically deal him around at all I'm a little. This is why they're confusion about who we are. You have running thanks for the call let's go to Carol in Massachusetts Carol you're on what's known bella. IRI. They are wondering. Good how are you. I'm saying you know. I was just wondering. What he went 81 day and I really supposed to do let that point that I like a Korean. Boy you did a loaded question are right let your birthday. You're named Carol never they have. It's 1261966. I can tell ya I know my chat fourteen degrees. Facts. It would be when he 954. Capra corn moon in 21 degrees scorpio Ryan saint. Well I figured OK your record that coach you're right off the bat. OK when you lack what you're Pro Bowl Q at that point in your life. The thing because there are a bit different a beginning point in your light. You're actually starting to understand what you're supposed to be doing idol history. It's able under and people. And help them get where they could go that are. Different. You have a particular eighty kind of energy in a way where you help people. People come you or how can help them get Oprah thing that figure out. Why you're currently your terribly good at our. I wouldn't want to encourage. Early the counselor a life. But I'd stay in very good at earning a living helping people find what they need to. So chimney that would be on kind of I only into the work to cater I'm. I don't Nokia opera or where would you read church people but it along bow line you understand what people are apt for. You know helped them. Shell it it intra buried our Internet and I feel like I should be doing. You have a back in and help people what you know but to avoid that kind of work. You don't really liked that idea right. Well I did it once a volunteer rape crisis counselor when I was younger. A actually be perfectly and that's what I did right now and medium to it locally. And I can't find that they doubt in my supposed to go to a new direction now. Well you're good at Philippine air which can go along with the bike in the needing a helping people find what Amy. I didn't like you're doing in lecture of doing work I might be a little bit of our way. Because you're in being aired yet on. It and we're at right it work they'll. You kind of a boy or at times do it and then you stop and you Buick. It pair regarding a don't. Like really commit. They I also do armed volunteers. Stop start stay. I'll take a far south actually bought it aren't doing spiritual. To working in this day trying that how various state elected. Okay now. I would go career actually app. To help people get and find what they need and the communication part. What we need a concurrent or you look on paper your life. So I would like that not like it. He earned a living and all year and maybe they're slightly money maybe there's a way to get money out why. Object find out you can actually Wear mine mine it for you. Get help people find what they leak machine output. Getting her message out there which you LP working well exactly what I I'm working late. But allocating what people need a helping number eight or. Perfect for you. In the mid hit an actor by the way out. Oh yeah that well know why I chart its art at it. Now because. You're B eight year. You always operated more on the or outside. So I would write a warrant and app where I should be acting out because when he nine green which means you go the way. That you will not what would like complete art art or bad umpire for political art that's where they'll. You wouldn't that crack. Yeah. Yet and I would that I would let out a way to earn money. And I'm not quite sure how one bad back by it I'm right. He Carol thank you for the call we appreciate you calling in from Massachusetts on we've only got a few minutes left here are not enough time for another call but he did want to ask you quickly about your. Work with. Celebrities that have passed. I know you've done some stuff like Anna Nicole Smith told us about that quickly. Oh my god that was quite the hearing that was and it died or. Outs and I are on going to her art Munich have been caught it. I mean when her son wade she seeking need during back on her daughter and her son tragically die. And trying to understand all rock that. That would be very interesting thing because through talking her and working with our. I am outlook and her energy only I wasn't aware of what we're hearing. But I actually hearing heard app hire you or are without understanding and really bring it out and I started to feel all of that went or didn't ever. Her body died on the facts and currently in government knew about later that was one thing. I would apple and from the back in thinking I didn't actually on my leg I would think I was dead. The exact word uttered. Month of course I had been on correct when he died at the league in February. Don't quote me let them march February or march anyway I I was looking in the near I would not you might say I can only look at. The bow. And I kept in my partner and I and the permanent crew I would a lot of need to click on the with a camera because I actually didn't believe I with a lot. And I admire can't apparently aren't. My skin gone mr. Bo OK oracle went out the way. Our friend and we're tracking the body for all I know candy and he called me a week after. And it didn't bet a week. Any load down there that are a body out or action. And called me in fact I opened here. They're good at not on her body are well back and make a quote oh really big thing what I hear anything. But it looked like it was fine and I'm getting information only did I it basically everybody and I'm in saint. It not like thinking I would get in our league in my body started to break down. It quickly without actually physically breaking down by her like hearing that and done. But I would really hearing but I thought I. I'm telling everybody. And it was weird we base get a new shell out and she actually Eric Cameron an out of my front door and Anna Nicole Smith and went running out I. I read or. That he could heal her pregnant in the playing with a camera. Which was really funny because you get it I didn't say anything like it out. Show she played here and then yeah no really arm. It would poor. One of the top shows on actor got one but anyway he ran out the door that comes in the door and until we are how. In pop out on earth but it wasn't and she didn't need for about a month and a half after. A cart very very strong. She would trying to get any shoes because somebody terabyte which I hate it and went on her energy. And actually feel it. He went on happily I don't mind. Is Sloan we're all like. O'Reilly time here I just want when you don't give people on your web address and any other information they get a hold you've got about twenty seconds. Okay when he got in at lone bella dot com you'll reading email me there at GO. And Yankee guy so much that my eating at my email I'd let the billion. Yeah oh definitely have to have you back down in the near future but thanks so much among hang and how that's. Some might Wear out your radio very cool you guys they are having me. We have a great night or we're gonna take a break and wrap things up when we come back. So wouldn't it to everybody. Homes and try to do that but sometimes we just don't get to everybody concerned about that make sure you tune in tomorrow night or rhetorically GC no if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can download free iPhone and android app. Which illogical listen the show lives catch past shows join us in an online chat. Or just any night just click the listen live to join us in the online chatter from the website listening from there or any degree stations we are across the country is Jason NG the all have a great night we'll catch tomorrow. Any media is produced by speaking ignorance includes news Alexandria Johnson and her. Current don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow along or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio in emails to sleep getting. No it's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.