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The ghosts and mysteries of rock & roll

Aug 24, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Matthew Swayen about his book - The Ghosts of Rock & Roll. There are many intriguing stories that permeate the rock & roll culture including the mystery of the "27 club," John Lennon's ghost, Elvis' mysterious death and subsequent controversy, and so much more. 8/24/2017 - Beyond Rea

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Once Diana West Coast there's and the East Coast many are stepping between welcome to be on really ridiculous myself Jason laws they always awesome GD John you've been practicing that last night was losing or the tidbit I really want this is the kind of like GI animation it's right can't screwed up two days in Iraq that endorsed part of the walking around in such a forget today I don't know what it is is them. Knew that it's it's one of those things where you use you feel like you're gonna wake up and meet any given time. Have you woken up yet. Now the fifth but so how well I don't know what's. And I think good about doing a show at midnight is that you can kind of you know you can in that twilight state it's okay you can actually get through even though it is you know there's some life radio but whatever you know a cooling try to guess yet as strive for sure they welcome everybody says it's great to have you along I'm gonna get the phone number out because we're gonna have calls for our guest tonight I'm sure 8446877669. Are going to be talking with mess from Maine and Matt currently works as a science and research writer for Penn State. He's written a couple books about musician ghosts and musician ghost stories which is pretty. Cool especially because it was a blast we're talking about the 27 clubs are selling now yes so I mean I must be in a fog of terror site known Jack can remember him this afternoon I mean I just think that time just as I read those days I feel like I feel like times all one big nebulous cloud and I'm just floating in it somewhere where my arms flailing about and my wanna call it John teeter I was I was gonna say that but I figured among Wednesday before. If you having Imation he had over at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Sheila FaceBook page of their forest and then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can you listen to show lied to by clicking listen light which also connection alone online chat javy NI and agree community of people hang out. You can also download free. IPhone and android app right there which allow us listen initialized. Catch past shows join a chat as well or listen and any degree stations we arrow across the country. Let me give you an example of why you might wanna check out the online chat because so there was some things we do Jane I post pictures in there and config of the ones that you post of me to those I have no idea and thoughts are different but you know we've we post candid pictures of events we've been and -- and things were doing and we offer some insight as to what's coming up and I'm from our guests but only after the guests themselves actually are often in the chat room on answering questions in it during breaks that kind of think it's really a place that you can go. Communicate within the people who share passion for the topics were talking about but also get more involved in the show itself. And javy this post a lot of great modeling pictures can impose those things are working to break from your photo shots. We. See. But anyway so agenda don't. Today it was runner much crazy like I do. Yeah I actually I was working with slick Eddie on some stuff earlier today and we've got a pretty cool. Interview coming up I'm really excited about it's kind of a departure from something things that we normally do it's not really paranormal in nature but. Is a gentleman by the name was Spencer Lee who is eight. The a rock and roll journalist legend in England team he's known The Beatles he's known stones he's known. You know all the great musicians that have come out of England. Plus I'm he's written about Elvis and that's how we got in contact with him we were going to have them on the show on the fortieth anniversary of elvis' death toll it's a technical problems because he's an England. A we couldn't get him on what we are going to have a mind the day after Labor Day and he's going to be talking about his experiences with The Beatles and with Elvis and and a whole bunch of stuff they know it's kind of a departure from the types of things we talk about but I'm I'm really excited about it. That should be highly extinct and I spent the entire day trying to talk wanna might might twin sons to our. Don't zone he's also down from one. Well he's all stressed I'll be ours around the they'll play football you know that no one and Austin is easily the backup quarterback right now is this is his first year being quarterback that was another kid across France. Score you know it's crazy until they played its rocket. Italy for fight days I don't know put on the road island. And Chris who's a great kid and we're very close to fail and that he got he got tackled the is meanwhile is accorded just sacked. And got up and is his last Armas bother him whenever he's right handed so he just kept on playing. Well you know multiple days went by and finally slick and it's still hurts sailing got checked out. Broke in broke Israeli pummeling gone so now on now all of a sudden Austin becomes the main quarterback mostly desperate first yet know it's great. But possibly tense my first year and it had on the weakened us. They're gonna break I mean now I could just thought if he went from being in the biggest kid to animals' sudden given the smallest because he hasn't he hasn't shot up yet. But a tough kid of musical you know but now he's terrified. He win this what do you think about the controversy that's redeem my my son played football breakthrough high schools well of an endit what do you think by the controversy a lot of people saying the youth should kids should not play football which should not be allowed. I think people need to allow kids to toughen up I'm Nancy believe me I'm not one to sit there and and Surrey. In bowling doesn't Aaron because I mama firm believer in bowling shouldn't happen and and do my bowling ball the whole or anything of that nature early but I think that that children really have. Have their parents have just. Soft in the memento easement do we studio aside and we own all the time are kids I was fall I get hurt I'd I'd be cut a beat. Bloody it's or duct tape on my fingers to hold whatever together and the fact of the matter is now as some of these kids get a cut. A little scratch and it's like life is over things come to a screeching halt. Yeah it's sort of drives me crazy because also when you see kids even more kids we argued and of course she don't want you don't wanna see year. Child to Dayton did. Get no argument with anybody or went ahead and kissing you if you allow them but the fact of the matter is. Stated they just can't handle things like we used. Well I think I think in my view case of over parenting like you said parents wanna shelter there kids and keep them from any kind of harm and I think incident on perfectly understandable. But at the same time some of these who are life's lessons too and it makes you learn how to deal with things mean there's a line as we draw is is question where's that line. And I think when it comes down to kids are plentiful all of a kid wants to play football they should be able play football you know pay in they need to understand that. Sometimes you're gonna get her art used it to open and move forward did we mention that beyond really radio has now become apparent teen this program wouldn't surprise me if I get another jets are probably a good person to talk to are you are a couple of things don't mention. Tomorrow night we're going to be talking with that I G Jordan. Lions he's the author of the book that chronicles. It's a fictional account but it is based on the real life murderers of the gearing family near Philadelphia and 18668. People murdered would. Mostly with axes one was murdered with a hammer. It's an amazingly. Grotesque an interesting story of kind of mirrors of the Lizzie Borden type story the Lizzie board story obviously got a lot more attention or be talking. With him much tomorrow night. Strangely it's one of the stories that you don't wanna talk lol you don't wanna hear but then you can't help but talk about it. When it's guys like you know led them it's a morbid curiosity and down you don't look like driving by a car crash you don't wanna look BA you can't help but look it's just that. That curiosity that we all have. Exactly and then just remember every Friday as the best of the unreality radio and then we've got some great shows next week as well you download the show from iTunes or. Or wherever wherever android place or. And cool place or whatever it is I'm just do us a favor and read it for us because it helps push the shell Ford or trying to get the word alma. People know just where to find him make it easier for everybody we greatly appreciate that. Yet I'll take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in again tonight we're talking about. Rock and roll and country music ghosts and ghost stories. And some other things with Matt swing he is the science and research raider for Penn State also an author an internal war enthusiast lot of great stuff coming up. RC listen Jason GPU with the right back. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates are October 6 two DH the place turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place and this is. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com desk Erica time. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies DRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary kind. One of the best of all time of course. From. Can't ask. Net Thomson Reuters the rush there rush great group. Nor are we talking rock and roll tonight or guest is Matthew Sweeney is a journalist he's the science and research writer for Penn State. He's written a couple books one called haunted rock and roll the other ghosts of country music. His website is state college dot com and mad it's great to have you on beyond really to review welcome to the program. Thanks for me or hurt here. So we get to know you first before we can nicer talking about your books and some of these stories for which we're gonna find very very fast and exit tell us get started in your professional life as a journalist and in a what waged on the path. That's. That's an inch c.'s Rick gets schooled disclosure it was more. Loans so I don't know. You know that sort of started this whole off a cast. What happened to me was that I started out radio jockey. And I was soccer that is so. I switched to newspaper right hand as a newspaper writer just about every Halloween come by. How we feature story you know because born on Halloween at present. And from what I found was the reaction from. Well first of all I really. But but what I found was actually from readers really amazed at it. Right what I think are really important political stories horror stories about emergencies. And but this stories that people would talk to me on the street about our unit because Stewart. So it was. Pat when he started to write a power. When you're. Oh Joe's legends and I happened also. Because they didn't have a lot of material started right about our good stories Penn State and something I guess struck me Powell. Stories especially about university where. Typically you think students go to Q universities to lose their superstitions. But it found especially Penn State there's probably more news stories per acre area it's like Gettysburg and says that. To me who has some white. Is it interest to be on a on a level beyond. Just that goes stories so. Overtime started collecting stories mainly from university. And I got a chance to write a book about America's universities. End and then after I wrote that book the acquisition editors edit. Els. So I just sort of spontaneously. Said I'd like to do a story about. Because of rock and roll and prior to that race Gary Patterson who sadly just passed away but. She was. I think a pioneer. And looking at. The hornet legends the cult background rock and roll so. I I just kinda blurted out a few stories and mine but I. What I discovered was that a weekend is probably based on my my love music that I wanna pursue this book. But I just found. You know so many good stories about rock stars that passed away. Rock stars who have had their own parent or more counters. And you know along with supernatural legends like the 27 club. Crossroads curse it's just it really fascinated. So my eight. Career has ever in relief well planned out by. It just sort of happened spontaneously. And I really kind of where mine my interest so that's kinda. Background how I got here. You. Pure science writer here. Science researcher of Penn State how do you reconcile. You work in research in the paranormal whiz science I mean we believe there can be reconciled but how do you do. Well it it causes a lot of awkward pauses trust. The way our reconcile it is this I really look at science. There's. I think there's an element especially among my colleagues that look at science and foul pole. You know. Almost a religion in itself and I don't really buy that I look at science and A algorithm for for discovery and I I think that you know when I'm looking to some of the so I think you're really. It is a way to understand and natural world world around us but I think there's that people deeper look older reality. And I think that's probably where. And up when I try to justify. Use the other thing is I. I maintain. I journalistic. Try to stay away from bias is so I'm still an open minded skeptic which I guess a lot of people. So I'm wishy washy but I haven't really found anything crude big ghost release to exist but I have a really proved. Have anything to prove that they couldn't on some level access so that's kinda my rash. Well I think that that's important because when it comes down to whether you're looking at scientifically or not. We as human beings we've manipulate energy every time we plug in a vacuum cleaner hair dryer or anything like that it would be naive to sit there and say that it's not manipulating itself it's not changing form itself with the and we all know that it's always present. So there's just there's just so many different things that when it comes down to the paranormal it's just above the normal or we're used to at this. Point above the normal what were aware of at this point. Break it and I me you know not. It too far deeper into this. I find when I. Like physics that. That's just as weird and it's unbelievable. Anything that I pray so. You know I think if you maintain some honesty and integrity. And searching out the material. I try to give those size and those sides are there are I might need you know kind of insert my ears are skeptical. Point of view throughout my books I just try to be honest about it you know and I don't. I don't really approached. My books as anything. You know I try not to be too academic output at that it's it's hard not be academic because they can find even tomorrow. And they actually crew all of this has. You know folk lore goes slower I I would still find it for a lot of reasons because I wanted to thinks it always goes through my mind. You know just between you would be when I'm writing story. Researching it I go from believer to skeptic to believer back skeptics you know or through. You know so. I am really interest and why we tell stories. What. What would we tell something that you know might you know make you susceptible to ridicule or or. Or anything like. All. Yeah I yeah and there's definitely stuff because you're writing that Batman really thin line and you you're bouncing and you you're trying to stay neutral on the whole thing during. They'll get into little more of that combat we have taken a hard break but I if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page the call in numbers 844687766. Dagen tool free at 844. 6877669. Elicited chase. NG dvi and really revealed. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I received four point six seats. 77669. I'll welcome Q would you listening and one of the great radio stations carrying the program across the country or your listening online we welcome everybody to to show always slow song of his secrets are always blunt that's. It is a good when you receive the movie super bad just well that was the name of the mom there that boom but I don't know named the acting the character resolve all excited about whatever business today and I was thinking that went on here decide. And US or talked about tonight we're talking with the Matthew Sweeney is a journalist he's the science and research writer for Penn State he's written some books were talking about a couple of them tonight. One is haunted rock and roll the other is ghost of country music. By the way you can find links to both of those books on the beyond reality radio web sites scope of the guests tab. Aaron yep and a man it's great to have years so welcome back to the show. We're talking about yeah we're talked about how you got to start when all this because unity several paths had to cross several blind Teddy converge at some point where you took. You know your journalistic background. Your interest in the paranormal and your interest in music in an all kind of fell into the same place one day. And he decided that you were going to use all those different skills and interest to come up with these books how how did that come about. Touch well I had just pitched this idea about. Having a story out. We're having having a book out rocker girl jokes and I didn't really have a lot of materials started to investigate. And I just use you in my background. Music. To fine. Stories from people that I kinda knew that there were these hearted legends around actually lose Claire Robert Johnson and you know I had heard. Tons of stories now Elvis Presley. And I started adds. Deep right got into it the more I realized that there were something kind of special. About. Rock and roll out. That. Go slower in the legends around so it became pretty easy Klein. References. Online. Books and I've been I was reading and researching. They're kinda connected me you know from. Elvis Presley you worse and ended at two words exactly and let's curse it was it really just started to. To kind of fallout this guy for and that's I think when there's things you learn. Now. In journalism she just skip resources and she you know digging and digging trying all different stories and it it was deathly art realization. Need that there is something. You know ideas something supernatural out about rock roll I think others probably discovered for me from you sort of revelation. Whether something to be said for the legends that seemed to permeate rock and roll and end of course it doesn't. Doesn't hurt to fuel that fire the fact that. A lot of our rock legends died early end and that creates a mystery and intrigue all by itself and then you add. You know sightings of ghosts and in curses it's all that in you've got the formula for some very very great. If nothing else storytelling but also some very interesting done occurrences. Right and and also there is it kind of a cultural background. To rock and roll I think first of all you have lauded. Different spiritual paths that that. You know. Crossover in rock are all so you have African American legend. And who do you also have cost school. Celtic legends and lower from a lot of English in a rural clinics and and beyond that rock have. Sort of an outsider mentality. The one thing that I've found is that it. Musicians embrace a supernatural. By far more than any other group and I think that reason oil is probably why they're. On Iraq general not on account answer science traders so what do you mean that the empress the supernatural more than most authors. What they have. It just seems to me that they haven't do you supernatural connection should especially with rock and roll I think we have a really I don't care attitude. There are more than willing you know most of most of the rock movement had come from people that I would consider outsiders so basically was were white kid. You know The Beatles were you know kids from Liverpool not London and they have this outsiders mentality Ito always go long. The mainstream religious. And scientific aspects are willing to look beyond but. Beyond that because I think there's something special about music I consider it really it's cool for transcendence. If you think about all the major religions into any doesn't use. Music as an aspect of worship so you know you think about anti war or drop me or confuse him all of that is bad its. That polices so I think there's a reason why. Music my theories why that. These. Moved to music because it's a way to express is kind of in spirituality. But that's you know that's just kind of feel it. Well and I I will say especially doing the show ghost hunters for the last 1213 years. I've mellowed a ton of people other Pete TV era movie celebrities and musicians and but I definitely meant more musicians. Who are highly interested in the field the paranormal whether it be meatloaf that we've had that I haven't shown numerous times arm. Everybody well blue oyster cult. Bunch of them came came to a event is that if they were big fans. And members from Chicago. Brad Paisley you name it I Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood good friends and they're all huge huge believers. In the paranormal om and it's it's interesting to see that there's so many in that type of field. That like you said are very into the supernatural. Yet I don't think it's a coincidence I think there's something going on and for my. Career Tikka do you think a lot of it might be because even meatloaf that. Told me and in the past it's just a lot of times she's not sure where he gets these lyrics from the image seemed to just. And that he seems to connect with something and and just write stuff down and then geez do you think that that might have something to do with them and do with that where they're drawing these. These lyrics admin and the music and all that stuff. That could be right. I think if you think about music it really is kind of old brain activity. And I'm sort of an amateur musician so I can't speak firsthand on this you talked to a lot of musicians will tell you that. Mathematics. Deep deep part. Of music so it has an analytical side. But it also had this creative side. And I think its activities though to me eighty. It's a way to connect. Two deeper levels of consciousness or two higher levels. Just tell you I think they you heard the most boring book title ever when you said you're not gonna publish the book. Ghosts of accountants are a couple swift boat that's not what they were going to be talking about the near future but you're right I wouldn't buy dollar dynamics are of interest and that's I mean only when that would be worse is lawyers accountants are a good ghosts of lawyers I think where they think it is but anyway. No I mean you make a really really good point and in this and that the spiritual connection to music in itself is is a very very strong winning you'll is illustrated very nicely how. Religious. No matter what religion we're talking about religion tends to use music as a way to communicate its ideas and bring people together and and rock and roll is the music of fun you know of generations and these artists. Sounded to some people become god like and that just takes these stories and makes them even more mythical. Sure and if as I was. Writing this things we re. Descriptions about people when you say oh he was rock god was rock I call and you know so all of the news in his words came up and then you know if you look at. Any early concert go Presley. And a reaction from the crowd and then look at you know Pentecostal revival meeting at the same time the expressions on on the crowd's pace. It's very similar and at. How are reaching now so. You know it it's it's a fine line tonight. That's why there's always news the image. You know counter reaction against Rucker wrote because. And it really is powerful. And you know for a lot of people in the book. You know what Karen researchers interviewed. Say they talked about how old are believed it. That somehow that power becomes embedded in a reality. Around so that's why. Many clubs. Theaters concert halls also have a real. Reputation. Yeah that's a great point. Take a quick break and when we come back listening to some of the stories for some of these rock and roll musicians that you re surged ten and came up with a some pretty cool stories about we'll do that when we come back from the break party listeners Jason and javy on Dioner later revealed. Reality radio. Jason Hawes and JT Johnson our phone number receive 446877669. We've got a great show underway we're talking. With Matthew Sweeney about his book haunted rock and roll has got several books to his credit including ghosts of country music. I'm you can find links to those books on down the DB on reality radio dot com website just go to the gas tab. He's a listed there as tonight's guests being quick break through to see and see how good all of his books. And we try to make it all easy for everybody Seton go there just like in the guest have all the information there are direct links to the books. Also while you're there you can download the Treo iPhone and enter a separate from the website as wells. Are such. Either ghost stories associated with him ghost sightings associated with them after the death or something even more nefarious like a deal with a double Schmidt what's actually start there so I think there's something. Related to a Robert Johnson who for those who don't know is the blues guitar legend but I think you categorize him as as one of the original rock and rollers. Yeah I do and I take a lot of news as well. He's usually refer to agree or other rock. And I think he's grant partner on rock because rocket released or. With a ghost story which is story about Robert Johnson was. She was it's harp player in Mississippi delta. And you know he really looked at the news he looked up and blues musician. As a kind of a way. I'll poverty. And light for treachery in the feels. But he had a slight issue. Because he wasn't very heart. And the interesting thing about this story is that. You know historians have actually are people. Two new rock church on including. Really great guitar player and on house. Who tells the story out across three which ones that. Robert Johnson was not really accepted among musicians and he was sort of kick out he was always I mean you know sign. Wanted to know these are tricks and guitar licks he could play and it and it finally kinda kicked him out of the circle and disappears for a year. And then a year waders on house out at a road house in the parking lot in years his knees and music. And egos in c.'s Robert Johnson formerly a mediocre at best guitar player playing amazing blues. Playing really and a style that. At what happens is people are really speculate that. I robber on Neitzel whistle doubtful and Robert Johnson was. Not afraid of promoting that legends. Either he had song crossword blues hell album trio mean that couple loose and really maybe. It up the their reputation there but the story went that Robert Johnston. Because two crossroads. Near Clarksville Mississippi at our place called the Dockery plantation. And one midnight he goes there and he sees it and home and a lack columns. And he reached retained Robert Johnson's car and then he offers a contract with Robert Johnson signs. And then then later he has talent and so that reputation all and only gets even even. Maurer. In when she dies sort of unexpectedly at 27. He dies horrific act whale and screening a lot of people poisoned. Spy. Jealous husband jealous lover and reputation is that it was just the devil came back to collect on this car on track. Two in in that Suri concede that there are several things go on that goes story about this area are Haitian audit compare teams have gone there have collected evidence. I know Gary Patterson has talked about how the self there's curse. On another level you else's seat that Robert John Harte crossroads curse. Which is this. Habit of people who played cross street blues and are. Dying tragically when he called me and folks like that it. Outlets that Led Zeppelin. Leonard Skinner others have had. Sort of tragic accident happened act play at Yeltsin starts the 27 club which is a propensity for these rock star guy. Right TH it would set. Yeah he was the first of you know Wally if you if he kind of considered the grandfather rock and roll. You may be considered the first rock and roller and dying to 27 it's kind of all appropriate for what came later. Right Ed and then you have people like Jim worsens asked Joplin. Brian Jones Kurt Cobain. Amy wine house all set. So he sets this pattern I believe I'm not discrete musicianship. But also this. A cult supernatural. Aura that that hangs ever rocker roll from the very beginning. How many how many rockers are actually died at twice. We have I don't know how exact number I don't have an official number but I you know that there was this study. Actually acting cedar Australian. Researcher or someone from England but anyways they look into it and their conclusion one is that there is conducting significant. Significant about. Number 27. But you know I use mine in the book I use for research. Writing background to look at the study itself. What I found was. Erik added that this researcher look at. Started in 1950. And then they only looked at number one songs in English. So if you think about it the rock era really start at six. In even then it's sort of like a it was a echo movement in England which Rucker wrote us and take even a little later. And then you have the fact a lot of dew diet 27 people like Tim worsened. Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix I don't think they ever had a number one. In in the UK or maybe it was the top ten but what whatever was I think it's sort of tied cherry picks the rock or error you a little too much. I guess the real question be how many accountants diet 27 in the we can really make the comparison. Yeah we. Don't we've we've got about thirty seconds left before we have to jump in to break but the truth here is that Robert Johnson didn't shy away from this story that he had some kind of packed with a double. No. No he didn't and it infects you get other weird things like play guitar and cemetery which I'm sure just. True people knots yeah and you know increase that that it's. And show them deftly sports people off ferry and specify what we're gonna take a break and when we come back we're gonna get into some more of these musicians and some more of these stories there's a lot of them and there are a lot of very mysterious and intriguing ones. Yen a few if you have the listeners out there any questions or any input on this give us quality 446877669. Guarantor treaty for four. 6877669. This. Jason NG DNB honor really to reveal the. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time for me to make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates from October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome anymore. It's a great place in this. A greater fast if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that obscure content is pleased to it. They're all there and organ meaning out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com that spirit car. It today scary time I've come. Visit the web site. Day use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies these are our. It's beyond reality radio and scare. Or can't parents. Starts Thursday our schools are stuck between a welcome Eleanor Eleanor do it myself Jason cause they always awesome GB Johnson so this is the second night in a row actually that we've our guest has brought up and certain discussion about the 27 club which is obviously the list of musicians particularly rock and roll musicians. Who died. Suddenly at the age of 27 it's a very very long with somebody chat posted a number of like there were sixty musicians but term they talk about. That being between 1892 and today so don't consider all of them rock and roll musicians obviously but. Even so I mean some of the biggest legends in rock and roll Hendrix. Jim Morrison Janis Joplin. I got a list here. Now to attend did Alexander from the stooges. He's got Ron and Karen and from a The Grateful Dead most goes on and on Richey Edwards. Or he gone. Yeah so there's there's there's many many of them minutes of the peculiar. Coincidence at the very least that there are so many that. Tragically died at the age 27 many of them news directly related to drug use or substance abuse of some kind. But still it's just it's just do one of those quirky things about rock and roll and I find it very interesting that. Last night come our astrology or guest JC no vote was talking about this and it's coming up again tonight in. Let's bring her guest back in Matthew swinging we're talking about his book haunted rock and roll by the way. You can visit done Mets a website at state college dot com we also have him on our website beyond reality radio coming through to his books there. But mad you know again this 27 club is a fascinating thing in. And you said there's been some research that kind of dispels the notion that it's anything special but that research may be flawed in its methodology. On regardless of whether or is or not. Just given the list and the names that are on that list it is a mystical thing that anybody who has any interest rock music cast a look at and and beat curious about it maybe scratch that'll. But. Yeah I mean I I certainly did and then I tried to apply. You know you mention mystical is there a mystical aspect of the number 27 and and I don't think I did a very good job and doing it but there is this aspect of if you take it too and set and you add you get nine. Which. Has some spiritual qualities I think a number of the philosopher or. Oh it. And and then also that you yet John and like we're at number nine crops up. Over and over. I think he's sport on October 9. He dies December 8 but in Liverpool it's December 9. He has a slight one after nine denying. Number nine screens so maybe we're looking at 27 which actually at number nine. That's indoor expert and special on the number nine is just it's a weird number anyways 'cause it's the one number that. The number nine any number one through nine times nine equals the number at that if you add together equals by eight so it and there's a lot of weird things with the number. Yet and we we we recently had a numerology is on the program and we fail I wish we'd had this discussion prior to having her on we'll probably never back on Gladys McCants. And more Oscar will you know she she does these numbers and for lifting and I'd be curious to find out. If you know what that what those mystical qualities are the spiritual qualities are and you're right about John went and TE and I would boo revolution number nine I mean that that whole song is just. A voice say number nine number nine you know all these weird sounds behind it I mean there is a real interest in connection with a number nine you're too. Yeah and if you think about number guys actually trinity at trinity so. There are that came up investigating it and I've pulling together material for. Harder rock you like essar or hot rock and roll and I'm bringing up. You know even women throughout its. At least there were few quotes where he talks about the number nine x.'s actual and even debate whether it's not sure whether it's chest. Yeah coincidence so it's it's kind of intriguing it it that number comes up as much as it goes along with 27 club. Let's talk about John Lennon's and we've mentioned his name here obviously one of the most influential and most famous. Musicians out of Iraq general Arab member of leading member and founder of The Beatles. An incredible talent incredible song writer. And and I met a very very tragic death in New York City. And it was 1980. And he was shot by an assassin basically. But there are stories that surrounds him that include possibly. Some kind of nefarious deals with the devil. And also some mountains. Yet there is actually an English version crossroads which are. They believe that you meet that apple. Creates and there's a story that. Online travel to a reached your house. DO double now apparently the couple in a little. Longer terms on contracts because. It gauntlet pretty pretty. For rock stars along lice and facility that so players that story. And fast. Way is that you know he had no story to. Explore. Options. State. When he was assuming on duty. However when the were Spain. He stayed an audit castle and I think it's his his wife. Cynthia. Are rude about it or. How several. Including it sounded like her and seeing. In in that capsule in. So. You don't that's eating when you can talk us especially some sixties. You know there's a lot site go on. To tell. With you on it seems a little different cars throughout his life experience she sees the US flow and New York City right out. And then after taxes oh he also. Had a witches were on spot. And I had do. Stories there that he ran to steer called he called crying. And that's pretty well documented. On here. It's also it's also the Dakotas also the building that was used and rose Mary's baby if anybody's and we were that film. Which isn't so most satanic worship so that's an interesting connection. And course car lot there it is though. I am. Not to ease especially on it but she sure a lot of green yes yes. But. After on guys are issued claim that salt. Here John K Canada. And there are stories out this synchronicity. Hall. Cynthia writes about how she discovered. Exactly what ought she found an object hidden in her house. Inexplicably. Discovered it that related. There is something on. I Julian said while one on in Australia. And white out there which was. Aaron told them what that's how try to reach out and so they're like it's easier scares stories. Are. There's even a really those are one Q. Kittens. We of course with the Howard Stern. Well she was the actress Mary Mike Tyson you know Cambodia and sushi was living and apartment two and one. She claim an irate she claimed she and sinker. And as well as a parent. Stars there. I was gonna ask you about the the drug component to all of this and we know that a lot of these 27 club members died from overdoses and drug other drug use. And we also know that the particularly in the sixties rock and roll was permeated by. Drug use psychedelic use that. Change or add to any of this legend or did did it opened doors in maybe. It would have been open otherwise to the spiritual world that allow some of this to come back. That's that's a great question and you know it was something that I thought about I don't think that tentative answer that. That he did anything it's certainly opened up. Are people talking about their spiritual. Experiences. I think you can actually seen that with a lot of them. The sixties act like like The Beatles and George air exploration eastern mysticism. Hey all the sudden are really afraid to talk about it and waste and buddy hall or Elvis Presley. And even Elvis Presley. You know kept does not shut he was actually it deeply spiritual man was exploring a lot of different paths. But you know I didn't really find that out toy started researching through the book it's just how. The theory is it is interest were in the supernatural call so I'm gonna say that possibly what it is just opened up. We're. Ability to talk about these things. And you know Jason you off often bring up the fact that the drug users substance use also hauled off often can open the door for demonic entities lord and other forces. And that's a big thing where people say whether it be alcohol or drug abuse physical abuse Marshall bees sexual abuse all these things. They and they may weaken ended individual in the open up the ability for its more one of the leading causes even though. When it comes down to possession and so forth it's such a rarity 99 point 9% of the cases are had nothing to do with possession. On the have more to do it meant a mental issues but it does open up that person and make them more. More prone to. To the possibility of possessions Sao. It just takes away the year a year will hear your ability to really protect yourself. Interesting. You see that with. In a lot of the stories surrounding Jimmy Page who was interested in ouster Crowley and you call and he actually opened up all skin house which was at a bar early and there are a lot of stories that go out at them and they. The one thing that I know now the three couples can house's did you meet Paige actually does address. Reporter who basically said. Well you guys are you know stoned. Org or drunks at that explains it but he tells the story about actually asking what is brands to place. It's right on I think on the shorts are Nass. But historians say it's McCain who was completely. Straight not on drugs and and wasn't sent not on. Not try to keep their it had this paranormal experiences they are that. Was similar to that all the ones that Jimmy mother works here. We're talking with Matthew swing about his book haunted rock and roll Mathieu is a journalist a science and research writer for Penn State. He's got a web cycle state college Telecom are gonna go to break here we're gonna come back and won a search talking about the Elvis Presley stuff too because that's pretty fastening the before we do match. Is that website the best place people for people to go to find out so what you're working on. No that was just really I I root for me not just places just get a taste or compact flash in wrestling writer. We're just look me up on FaceBook on their somewhere. Aren't so we're gonna take quick break more to come illicit images and you. He beyond really really effective. Died. Forty years ago. On August six team. He does in 1977. And we just passed that then mark that anniversary and a lot of people been talking about Elvis and our guest Matthew Sweeney spent a lot of time researching Elvis for his book pontiff rock and roll and Matthew I have to assume. Big given the size of the personality here that this stories have to be plentiful and very very interesting. Yes. And very very tricky right now because Elvis. You have a bunch of different players. Have. Hearst vote there. Are so many rumors after guide that didn't actually guy. You know working at a Burger King street. So you have news stories that you have also after guy. You know dozens of it is the group that day his posse. Members off yet. Dress like him warned their hair like him were sunglasses. The same sunglass that you were so their worst stories of you know there there's one famous photo of a person who looks like elders sitting in whole house Greece or als. Looks you know it looks like hell it. Then people started well is it elvis' life. Goes is that when these numbers. Mafia. So it becomes very hard to kinda tease out I just really lay it all out there. And tells me stories could. But he like for prolific. I used in and audit rock and he is accused appears. Allegedly did. In Graceland in Memphis keys. His daughter claims that or there's a story that is artery. In twos gives. Ryan an auditorium. He's been seen in in New Orleans. Place near where she. Film it creole. And as well of course lost. Places there where this has been. In the other thing you know perhaps it out oh there's this idea goes witches you know food folklore based on on. Ghosts and spirits. And the most famous one with elvis'. Truck driver except this. Young guy who's on its weight the man that's asked for right now and he drops off at grace Graceland skate nests. Young man gets towards the gates the truck truck. So you know that. There are dozens stories like that so it's very hard to pull out what's the ghost story what's the goats lower yeah what's the urban legend. Well and in Graceland and interest in place to begin with I believe it was a church before was converted into home. Elvis lived there would both of us parents I believe it his mother died there or was living there when she died. You know he died there. I've been a short Verne died but he was living there I think when he died which is Elvis is dead so that place alone has enough of fuel for paranormal activity. Yeah ended it it does and there are stories fact. After Elvis's mom Gladys guys. Are else's grandmother. Cult archer said day. She would hear. Shuffling of boxes. In the attic. And the sounds of footsteps and someone to be around there she said was. She believes that acoustical lattice and eight years later. All of his wife Priscilla. In his was wearing a thunderstorm. Course you know what you do or. Thunderstorm garden attic merchants so that's that's. That's when no one said during a thunderstorm she went to the attic and she found. A box that was opened clothes. And she started tried on an. Class is close she said she felt the presence of glad it's air act well. The security increase her and she you know she tells that story so it is definitely audit placed what I wanted to know what. What's it haunted 40. Did and I couldn't find any nation. Angels there's admitted all angles to bit of -- for go to break we were asked to investigate race that would have been cool and and we only do we really couldn't because Steve had this issue with touching everything. So I guess there a problem I don't know about that and just touching any artists face into his hands on our eyes so we're gonna take a quick break more to come to us and Jason GBM beyond our. All star break. Pending in the September of people gone back to school I. Did I did a room and a growing at a soccer are just as Kim can't do winters anymore as an eye on him with the union that gets harder and harder for years so since last we had that four foot snowstorm. This last series and Motorola's two years ago we had eight feet of snow falling in eight weeks or Maryland number you it's crazy it is ridiculous. They don't forget tomorrow night we've got to G Jordan lions coming on he's gonna be talking about. A book that he's written that it is a fictional account but is based on the true story of the murder the brutal murder and 1866 of the gearing Stanley near. A Philadelphia and there's some ghosts involved with the story there are there's buried treasure involved with the story there's a a bed typical Victorian era criminal memory that's involved in the story to its. Just trees it's a pretty fascinating one in the name of the books the Philadelphia first ward who works and make she checked out now and every Friday is a best of beyond radio. And then nine next we've got a bunch agrees shows as well yes some great stuff coming up tonight we're talking. About two rock and roll goes basically our guest is Matthew Sweeney his book is haunted rock and roll he also has ghosts of country music not sure. And have enough time to talk about any of the country stone source to save that one for. Another show but again Matthew thanks so much for joining us I wanna go to the phone lines here because we have a caller who want to talk about Elvis I think this is do no. In no Louisiana today pronounce that right. Such ideas for different piano. PA LE eight election but return there you don't want to please do. OK okay. Piano was turning the radio down. From Louisiana whose body that we. All. Just Dario. Not a regulation or audio but you looked a little. And I actually show radio remote. Italian. Listen. Into an election in the sinks. In Utah actually several things. That. Mineralized fault when you sit opus. Before that you mentioned in the coastal. Well below support around me in order to get it is executed in North Carolina. In the junior aren't the ten apostles which sent an attempt to cross streak. That would get cookie sheet she can. They never came over and goes Teddy judging warmer but still ball or rush people or are probably still be at the at a cost of auto. We peaked in hand with PK and you know shoot from pitching utilities. Put anyway on. They weren't called down on the did put wood chips everywhere. Because the depression Hillary you mentioned the sanctions. That's Laporte in Portugal spiritual stitch not only that actually the pentecostals and junior. At two years old in Troy Michigan it's not. I will show you Capello. Well the soaps. That my mother would buy and a machine in the room the fifth grade. But it took this year office. You know what I'm what I'm getting at is to Christian petitioned the bulk crucible. In situations. The political solution where AE. It kind of runs gullible they were optic acting. And they just don't go like. Orbit on the ground. And that talk is it's in there is a different language. Office. Would you change your little boy. And not could not hear it took two weeks. Squealing and screaming girls. But their faces work you know just OK give me your bench screaming face. Guests. Monopoly is just a face is so critical hostile. Are different and those are there opus the girls screaming when I was ten years old. Are they were like crying and screaming. And coincidentally takitani units. 3040 years later. I studied music therapy at Loyola university in New Orleans. So I gave contention all the belt restraint. Music therapy. It's interesting you know interesting that's a great point I wanna I wanna bring it back to what you had said earlier mad Indy or talk you're comparing the reaction to some of them. People in the crowd at an Elvis concert. 28 very spiritual event like the Pentecostal reunion or something like that. Its the same kind of fervor is the same kind of passion. And it's the same kind of emotion and that's that's the point you're making it and when we were just discussing it earlier. Yes absolutely I think that caller really nails what I felt about looking at it is pitchers which is just similarity there. They're reaching out Susan Kalla the the if they're people in elvis'. Concert as well as he religious activity. And then also when you can listen to a Beatles recording the screening. Of women claim lie screening is nonstop and Karsten. And that there have to be some. Perhaps he something characters that there's something driving a news. Manifestations. I think you're absolutely right in order rent and quickly run out of time here but I wanted to bring up up Priscilla Presley because they think she. At one point said that she had some type of encounter with a elvis' ghost. And I broker. I I did not find that. Trying to sing each. No I don't I don't know whether I come across that right now and it should be said as she too. Gladys acoustic or maybe that's what it was yeah I mean that's what it was. It could be you know and in addition to India's commitment. But the one thing is that the more that I researched this the more real exit I really scratches or they're very. You know interviews where she talked about that tonight. Here's something that I find I haven't heard any of these stories but I wonder if you come across anything. Any reports of media and EVP. Or some other type of ghostly audio appearing in any recording session TP. There is a story that Paul McCartney. Win and two words Paul and Ringo got together to record. In I think they were. Commuter harmless they were working on the apology crutch of course John had passed away and there's a story that. At the end of songs they recorded. For the album there was this weird electronic noise and in. Middle of this electronic now urge your name on. Us that there's outlined. There's another one where. Apparently you can hear some screaming that they're getting murdered on or remember that song that is love roller coaster by the Ohio that is yes it's it. So those are two examples. You know what I it's much much younger I remember a story. Of Al Rupp. Tracks they were called psychic radio. And they tried to record section and had to say it's time to get Bryant yen and two year. Well and I can't remember whether success or an and add to locate. Now when you've got studio like Abbey Road which is Ben the site of a sum of rock's greatest recordings particularly The Beatles work. There's got to be stories associated with a place like that. You would think I haven't found. I think a great place for me to start look at. So what we got him. Manner about five or six minutes left here I wanna turn from some of these. Personalities and talk about more of these locations I think radio stations having BU worked in radio station I did for years. Now we're doing a radio show now people are listening on the radio they're pretty notorious for having some activity are related to some of these artists to. Yes I cover work that indeed in his country music I found at least for re station's call letters changed your time but there are our more than if you were haunted one that. Sticks out to me it is. One DJ said that his job was committing more lenient and turn on the transmitters. It's a little radio. Background but a lot of times yes SEC requires. The top of modulation. Frequency and says his job come into the transporter and crank it up and east at every time when transgender. Room felt his presence. And then our corners I call eight. Some type of figure some type operation walk by and so. It is speculation or skeptic side is there something going on your Mac medically. Needy that's affecting your screen or is her real on the situation there. But yet radio stations especially country stations are pretty pretty audit. Well I mean Jason my view the comment on this I mean yeah you're in a transmitter building having bet and then somebody who's worked near and with transmitters furlong part of my life. There's a lot of electrical power being used in Namibia and I don't know if that's something that. There can help manifest things or board does affect the way people perceive things. Although it entered into different series when it comes time of that there is whole hyper sensitivity I EM maps that people people have which causes everything from nausea fatigue hallucinations. Skin irritation. Paranoia things of that nature. But there's also this whole the belief that electromagnetic fields can help. Entities actually will draw power from them to do things to manifest themselves took it to remove small objects and so there's there's a lot of listeners around their but a lot of people are dealing with this this whole hyper sensitivity to EMS lately. And it is so im when you remove that a lot of times when we go to cases. People are having these experiences the first thing we do is look for Heidi electromagnetic fields and if were able to resolve that. Then we give it a few weeks to see if the so called paranormal case or about haunting Anderson. Has disappeared because a lot of times has nothing to do with Artie gets just this high magnetic fields in this way the bodies are wrecked and took them. In a one personality man that I overlook that I think we should spend a few minutes on here is Brian Jones and you mentioned his name hombre in relationship to the assailants but I'm heat. As a founding member of The Rolling Stones or some stories that circulate with him and his death. That we were talking about here. Yeah right right in my. Surprise entrance founding member rulings and dies at 27 guys are. In drowning accident slash media murder. It's a way that I might try to discredit. But since then there was at least one incident where a psychic medium storing their house. In the property where he died. End later wind and it. During the interview process they were interviewing him two or three days they listened to Nikko Europe blood curdling scream. At a certain point by swimming pool. Where he was walking by the time but there's some other really fascinating stories that. Before Brian Jonestown I. Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull were. Practicing they were interested in seeing. And they were ruling these rooms and every time paper rule dunes. The message that they got from interpretation. Was death by water. In fact Marianne Faithfull asks me to do it again and came up death by water. So they've always thought that doubtless. And you know premonition. Brian was gonna die. And then Marianne Faithfull. Really took Brian chances. And and again that's Nick's girlfriend really took. Branches tests. Pretty hard and she I think over and she said she was a Arctic is burning agents who brought her back. So while. Where the stones involved in the cold or Satan worship or anything like that there's a lot of stories that they may have been yet. There's and I'm I'm always I'm blanking on his name could they hung out with a I movie producer I believe who was heavily in all call his name pops up with Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page. And then there's this story about engines coming to Africa. To learn how it rom uh oh wits out. Native drums and he believes he was curse by a witch doctor there are so there's yes there's a lot of cult background and record a bigger problem. Trees as satanic majesty requests so. You know that was that was. And cruiser. I mean the stones had two songs like sympathy for the double and you know that probably fueled a lot of that too. Right yeah and that's that's where you when you look at the sense they were always you know. The question about it ought to create ballot put. But what role does really clay because I think sometimes stone. You know the you have that outsider mentality and a lot of times scene because it's the ultimate you know leak in the news of up already so sometimes you do and how serious arc. This sense I kind of eager for a truly serious. I'm willing to meet patient woods I don't think he was in to say that was equally gall to call which you know. I think a lot of people that it's being synonymous satanism I don't put a lot of people. You have these are two totally different facts right. And a lot of people don't realize that the first thing here when there who offer significant when they hear the call is demonic courtship satanism and and all these things and a lot of times has nothing to do with that. I mean even with Jimmy Page I don't think he would consider so seat. Ouster Crowley. I think most of what he was in Q was you know how to match which. You know at that time in England there is such Agassi so it's kind of hard to draw that extrapolate that. So Matt are basically. On a tiny here but I know you're working on a follow up to the rock and roll book any idea when that's going to be you done and released. I'm working on that now I actually took a step back wrote a book Carl we're work shoe that's tentative title which is looking at the good stories World War II along with some forty. Aspects of the worst that we had and I have to have. On it more on Iraq roll your after. That's kinda and by the way I do you have a website. Column. Keep forgetting cabinet because it seems so eat testicle. It's it was seeded team we go to guy I have Jason Hawes dot com wanna look I don't know I have to. I'm just not very good at the marketing. Yet but the problem is if you don't get your name somebody else we'll know on the try to sell to. Right sorry it's just ridiculous so in addition to the books that you just listed that you're working on any other projects that we should you watch enough for. Now you know I've had some people inquirer oh. You know whether this this material would make good television show ID and you know talking to some people informally about that. So I mean I think it does itself well that so maybe something like that how. There's that's great well thanks so much for coming on hanging out with us and again and people who go to beyond reality radio dot com clicked on the gas tab. And your information links yearbook there but I will definitely have to have you on again in the future. I would absolutely. This has been great thanks a lot of agreement tonight thanks so much free time are it's a really take quick break more to come he'll listen Jason GDP on really you reduce your effectiveness. The show it's beyond the only thanks to Matthew for joining us again what. The schools of rock and roll we've got some good stuff coming up no tomorrow night we're talking with G Jordan lions about tearing him massacre and about his book the Philadelphia. First. Ward poor. So make sure you tune in checked out now if you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like to FaceBook page and head over to be on reality radio dot com. Where he can click on station analysts finals stations we err on across the country. Economic won't some rent from the web sites by clicking the listen lifetime and join me on my chest turning slide show or download free iPhone and android upgrade their which allows you again to listen to show liable on the go catch past episodes. 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