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Aug 29, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome horror aficionado Chris Alexander (former editor of Fangoria) to discuss horror films, pop culture and things that go bump in the night as we enter the threshold of the Halloween season. Chris discusses why horror fascinates us, and what to look for in new horror movies. Chris reveals a project that he was working with George Romero on just prior to Romero's sudden death. 8/29/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. That's wild West Coast to coast and the East Coast and he stuck in between welcomed me unreal you redo myself just almost always awesome Jeannie Johnston. So we have from a catastrophe going on as if people anybody who's watching the news or has been paying attention and all the amount of rain. That is fallen due to hurricane Harvey. In the Houston area are actually all of that in the Gulf Coast jury is just unfathomable. It is it is unbelievable. Amounts of water coming from the sky. That is as it is just wreaking Havoc on areas that town you know get get rain but. And get flooding but this is the likes that has never been seen before. Fifty to sixty inches some of these areas and that's it's just it's insane yet out of did you do ground can absorb it in OK there's no we're four to go and down is it is it is causing. Not just chaos but it's killing people and putting people out of homes and there are people trapped and mrs. this is the kind of catastrophe natural disaster that to you know it's one of those once in a hundred years kind of deals and them were seen unfold right now in in non in our Gulf Coast and I spent. A lot of time tells and Corpus Christi Houston all these areas where were you filming or whatever down there and I had to say that the people down there they're truly. Amazing people. They are and it's just in to see them see the man having this issue. You know the persevered just as the people are our hearts definitely alt fuel. And we wish you the Preston and please stay safe arm for the scum bags so there who were priced out. And on the few scenes and story. I haven't seen a specifically with the disastrous for caiso water yeah dollars for a loaf of bread. And anywhere that price gouging you you do have some people down there booting. The best part is that the government down there is taking names they're taking these reports and they're gonna handle this after because. There's some issues to 20000 dollars is the average. Average penalties for price gouging. When you know when you get caught but here's the best part of the victims over 65. The penalty can jumped 250000. Dollars. Rightfully so and rightfully so absolutely they deserve it and its just. Loved I mean I hope I'll your fellow figure fell person is just ridiculous C polling. It is. And done you know. I don't know what the status of communication is in that. There region has its suffers through this we do have an affiliate in Austin, Texas I'm not sure how much of the affected areas that covers but there but I do know this I do know other people listening all over the country in all over the world and if you have any inclination to help the folks. Who are suffering in that area there's a couple of ways that you can do it that I think are safe and I was get a little leery when you know web sites pop up. It's considered you know to help victims in this or any donation here today you just never know but there are Koppel. There are many that are that are legitimate but they're too that I am very very comfortable with the head like just point out and the Salvation Army has set up an emergency. Website. And a donation. Mechanism for people who wanted to help the folks that are suffering from hurricane Harvey. You just have to go to give dot Salvation Army USA dot org and you'll find a link there to that you can help specifically for these folks that are suffering and also. The Red Cross has set up shelters and is obviously taking blood donations for people who need it. On its just there Red Cross dot org and that would be either one of those would be certainly. You know safe and legitimate and we should consider giving. To help those folks out very very. Needy there's a demand for all sorts of assistance in those organizations to provide. Axle and again our hearts go out you all and Texas immediately known the great people you are and that you'll you'll pull through this you work together and you'll you'll make it through and just know that the rest of the country is is here for human to it and will help you out manually anyway needed I think the most important part eared TV also list. When it comes down to it. Especially with all this craziness with the politics and everything. When this happens you don't have EU you don't have your Democrats and Republicans and everybody else on the yeah you know who who just can't stand each other everybody's working together and I think that's the most important thing that everybody puts all their differences aside. There are disagreements and everything else and they start working together. Yeah I mean if you have to find a silver lining in this horrible rain crowd cloud pun intended. That would be it is that we pulled together and we work for common goal that's to help people in need. And help people that are suffering and an and we do we put those differences aside to do that and if if anything shows true American spirit that this council. So when you end up doing this week well mom how I just put like ketchup as a as a that you normally do and it and I was joking about Ted was catch and I played catch up you know not not an okay kind that they'd be getting caught up on things kind calm as as I normally have to. The week as we know it's like you know we you get so wrapped up and stuff during the week in the end then on the weekend comes along and actually spent time getting. You know getting things back in order and getting ready for the weekend that's what I did. Siege from Reno weekends are tied up with my kids football games because all three of them are playing and on the same team and and so there and richest animals wants a quarterback once it's synar who who pretty much makes him the ball and the others on the other seniors. And is this insane and so it went ahead and get half the team I'll put it in a movie that. I don't my three sons out and suddenly I am telling me it should but now but there and there don't Phnom also but it led to steadily taking up the the entire Sunday just don't. Funnier side I felt liberated when my children middle enough they didn't have to do those things anymore there's a liberating feeling you missed it but at the same time it's liberating. Speaking a liberating him pretty cool show tonight we've got to returning guest Chris Alexander we had them before Jay and I think this. About a year ago we had a Mon museum just before Halloween just after I don't remember. On the Chris is the former editor of saying Korean magazine and if anybody is in interested in or you've heard them magazine saying Gloria. He also is safe music composer he's an editor he is a filmmaker. On the he's had a relationship and was working on some project with George Romero servant we talking about all those things. When we bring Chris sign and I'm looking for today especially you know George Romero passing very suddenly very recently at a big loss to the core community. If you haven't Emmy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality re the only FaceBook page. And had to be on reality really doubt he can find the greasy she's wearing a cross country he can also download the free injury and iPhone app as well rate there. From the website which allows it listen shall on the go. Touch pass up so showing him chat ridiculous or from the website just click the listen line. And that connection right to an online chat where we all pretty much hang out during the show and have a good time to talk about some weird things. I'm aware of things. So in Japan Japan's always on the forefront of these robotics and try to. They're kind of cutting edge when it comes to technology should cutting and sentiment sentiment. Now Japan has a robotics. Priests picking conduct funerals. And millionaire Mira yeah. So. My first question is can a broke button really be a priest doesn't a priest noted to be had a legitimate priest that isn't there are human element required you mean isn't that kind of what it is if it's eight well after reading this sort of it. After reading a story in my my main thought was swell. We're not too far off from creating robotics exorcist. I think and couldn't mountain west where I mean you when you go and you perform and accesses and you need to know that. Well EE meets China. Protect yourself and and link up your mind and because he sings a play games what's he gonna oil what's demon gonna do too robotic. Excesses. Image it's just. But again I go back to this whole thing I mean it that is I think in order to be able to wield the power of god just to use you know what would become release assumed it takes care of an exorcism. He kinda have to have that soul I mean that's that's that's the godly part and if you don't have that how can you effectively. Doing this stuff and it's very it's very strange to me. And they Killian Japan to talk to island many of us and then we can have this receive if you're a good spirits are Japan is hard enough being at the four from the humanoid robots. The take over traditional human jobs or if everything from hotel concierge stood elderly companions and and so forth. And now they at robot funeral priest list Japan's telecommunications. Company Softbank just unveiled pepper. Yes it's Sam's upper Thomas in which it why. Like to correct it's a and it's just it's a robot a priest dressed in Buddhist robes. And it can chant Buddhist scriptures played the drums. And here's one of the best are. Analyze stream the ceremony for people who can't attend the funeral person. Doesn't all it is does it I mean Anke get to my mom's funeral but yeah if like FaceBook like me. The demo to push he said Japan's life ending industry expo in Tokyo last ones which is I've never heard of and the next life lending industry. I think we get checked. Parents are according to the guardian the robot on display and Wednesday at the funerals industry fear. The less spending binge to expo in Tokyo with an average cost of the funeral in Japan reaching an access at 30000. Dollars. According to and Japan's consumer association 2008 human priest costing 2000. Plus dollars. The company meets EC eco is looking to undercut the market pepper which is available for about 500 dollars per funeral. So pepper has not been hired you for real funerals. Well I'm options and a new nose loans are making those decisions from my loved ones and in his stick with the human priest for now I think. And that's the women ago for an alpha. As a means that it's it's you know I I. I would definitely splurge and page pay for that field you what do I I accidentally took what again and again aren't. I don't know it does say I don't know how to file level and up the room and you can't know there's no phone I'm sorry what you know let's take a break. And we come back more that you listen Jason NG EB unreal it created. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the place turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare content is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better. Way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times dot com that spirit car. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. It's beyond reality radio and Jason Hawes and Jamie Johnson the owner. 6446877669. If you wanna get in on tonight's discussion we're in bring our guests in just a moment Chris Alexander be joining us and he might look. And so anxious I'm trying to order us. Deb Tyco would. Would my blanket I mean I mean you've got a much lumber sitting around the house ciskei you know it helps you figure a hundred what you can do that and I mean them that's just an awesome. To great product Greta they're just I'm telling ya there at the forefront techno you think Japan is cutting edge crept it was cutting Iranian able to make. Software art and just multi ability assist phenomenal the whole thing and I'm sure guest wants to come in its bright at this point. We're going to be welcome Chris Alexander back to the show hey Chris welcome to be on reality radio get great to have you back here. Thanks guys can earmark reminded me of an AM eight years ago I was buying my second house. My then wife and a pick a place ministry called little lord and I rejected that out right because. No way I think you're able to live with that came up living on such as street itself. Fine thanks. You can order that that systems and craft go and take care of earth and so I had no idea this this product exists edited to revelation so thank you have. Well welcome back to the show we've got a pretty short segment here but just enough time for you to remind everyone who you are and you know how you got so involved in what we call the work community. Well I mean it's it's it's a lifelong thing it really really has diminished somewhat dispelled when I was three I remember this vividly in the accident for a Citic and I was in a library. It in Toronto Ontario. Where I was born raised and nestled in amongst the other children's records rafter Ian and Sharon lows in Brandon and all this other Sesame Street stuff was cases loved god help from 1977. Absolutely it's stock that there and the first thing I saw was jeans and end with his bangs in and talking and scantily clad women it has dragon booed. He'll and I don't know what I was looking at numbers like this kind of woke up actually be in it or something that was my first vampire if you will and from marriage is just kind of steamrolled would be having this interest student in the air Cain and bizarre and rock and roll in and horror movies watching you know Saturday matinee isn't it Matt Mays of Godzilla movies and strange and late at night invasion of the body snatchers and that's actually discovering at dawn of the dead in Georgia Maryland and it just became my thing. I was the guy in the school bus at the at a brief peaceful thing Korean magazines that would. You know make the girls squeal on the guys spree count and everyone wanted to be my friends so. This kind of my identity and carried onto my adult years amazed to Mika. A living in and raise children based on this nonsense so there you go. We have as I just love you brought up that whole you know Saturday matinee at it because we are world we start with the creature double feature. Thing and it's just I admit that yeah I literally going to find them now on some of the cable channels and so it's hard. It's about the same no I mean I've I we unity lecture by a marketable as Akamai them about that Asia portrait. And economic team created when that's that was kind of on the outs just before infomercials ruled the world. And you'd stay up late at night and my explosion was at the buyout offload channel called the Dijjer see the Caster Janice. And they had to run Twilight Zone reruns in the support desk alligators but then they kind of sign up for the night. And they throw on or Maputo to me commercials and that was my life support subplot QLD Roger Korman Vincent Price movies. It was a magnificent and then something changed in the and suddenly people were selling out. And vacuums and. There are its own and that is actually scarier in in and out truth but so let's take a quick break do we come back we'll get it we'll get into that you'll soon Jason NGB I guess Chris Alexander. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond reality really with Jason Gigi Sohn oversee. 446877669. Tonight were joined by Chris Alexander. He's a former editor of thing Gloria if you're horror fan you know exactly what that magazine. Was all about. He's got a whole bunch a project he's working on now we're gonna get to those are gonna get to his collaboration with so do you late George Romero an icon in the horror community and again Chris thanks much for joining us. I'll take this back to where we started this discussion before the break we are talking about. Watching these. Horror movies on TV in the was a pretty. Dramatic shift in TV viewing and particularly when it comes to whore and you probably know a lot more about this than I do but somewhere along the way. A package of films was released to television stations and it was in the fifties where they could start airing these things for the first time. These are movies like Dracula and all the universal horror movies that had never been seen. My she went to the theater to see them in Mecca changed everything didn't. Yet actually you know there's. Subculture that. And it was Forrest. And he called the monster kids and that whole generation was was born and and leaned on those late night screenings. Universal classics on television and then by proxy. The journal that documented that which was in the sponsors still yep prior that there really wasn't mean or movies were popular paper. Did well at the box office there were successful people like them but the whole culture surrounding horror movies relieve. Was not forged until those. Closely back screens and in the late actress. And there was really no intention there it was just a whole bunch of movies that these you know studios figured well we can make a few extra bucks it would bundle mob here on my TV station shall win tonight you know they didn't release. See what they were about to do but when they did at the impact is profound. Well an edge lit anytime anything and bacon and groundbreaking and pop culture happens usually happens by happy accident and I you know I love. And one of the projects and work on his I I make it official kissed negative impact kiss and and quite turn close with Gene Simmons and which is great because he was my first monster like pinch me every time. But I loved the story that you know he came here from Hungary as a little boy. It's because word of English. And he literally learned the language and culture based on staying up all night watching universal monsters and classic or movies on on television that was his entire window to the world. And and formed his entire identity so you know this is that this is an amazing time for. Entertainment and a. And I didn't know that about Gene Simmons but I have no known for a long time and I I have to admit it was an Arab. I mean a big kiss and when kiss was popular become more social sense. But there is such a closeness. Between the kiss community and the horror fan community is in it what what's the connection there than the what you just told us. Well I mean if again if you look at their biggest stage show which was. Alice Cooper was the big breakthrough actor screaming Jay Hawkins but the sparks shock rock goes Alice Cooper was the one really hammered home this decapitation and and grain going on stage so the idea with kiss was that you know one out Cooper's through an okay abstract for the so you know that entire show goes are we kiss shows it wasn't really based on the musical art of music. It was based on the fact that these guys wearing impossible costumes it looked like some sort of cost superhero yeah I want to DeDe to jeans and as well as the demon. He let indicated he spat fire and most importantly he ruled blood everywhere which was. He still doesn't really got almost seven years old and is still levitate and spit blood everywhere. And so the shell as we're like living breathing. You know circus horror films you know and if they still kind of bar. What is it about horror films and the horror community that just captures people and it doesn't capture everybody. But when it does capture you Uranus for life. As well I mean I think the reason why we want her not hectic right now. All entertainment as window and door what we aren't a species is culture. And you know unfortunately we are all going to die and some of this were gonna die violently so we're fascinated. By that. And I think we spent her entire election and I don't run that grim truth that it would horror movies dues they hammered home write your face you confront your mortality and very seat benign fantastical way. So that when the lights come up at the end of that screening or wherever you are on you feel like the way you've kind of mastered your anxieties about death. So that's the appeal of all dark fiction and arc entertainment. As far as the culture I'll play from me and then. Again I would pick out the briefcase the Gregorio than it did it because the ladies loved it and you know the guys wanted to be immediate thought it was cool. So horrors is very how to collect mr. castle rock and roll it's rebellion. The counter culture it's all the things your mom and your data your preacher warns you not to look at of course you can a look at and so it really doesn't Foreman away. On young people if they gravitate toward that you're in people's identities. Rebelling against that the mainstream. So funny because I never looked at it that way but you can see it it's it's. It's just so different than the people who actually well Kim can adjust to her can enjoy it most I have twin sons and one. One loves loves hormone Lisa I took him to see that. Horrible movie in about creation. Knew how bad couple weeks ago and won sit there just in awe watching the whole thing and the other one is holding his bag of popcorn up front of his face for the whole movie just because he can't he can't take it he can't do it. And today I 33 little boys are cut from the same DNA and and yet so radically different is the same effect thanks but you know as far as kids go I mean kids how are generally were hard wired to feel like the other. You know that's with monsters are they're the they're the outsiders do the other than the person disturbance on the outside the mainstream looking and trying to be part of their respects. So I think that's why young people gravitate towards these these kinds of film is monster which is that the identify. With being the other you know. We we know YE a lot of teenagers or go to C horror movies into the hold the whole teen slasher thing you mean a lot of it is. In that the guy wants to the girl was something that she's gonna be scared so this year you know will be it'll close or whatever has handed again you know it's got it's got this kind of physical try that with or. And of that. But there's there's you know hole I mean adults do it to enough for the same reasons and it seems to meet. That time when we go to view horror movie in a lot of ways we're not just looking at some form of entertainment that is giving us you know of making our adrenaline flow but were also seen a reflection. Of may be what contemporary society. What are fears of that society might be. Well that this is true and again I've always said that my entire life you know couple things and they are from Washington consuming. Fantastical dark violence often violent entertainment and yet I've never really been an asterisk planet in the mode kind of you know peaceful chill guy you'd ever want to meet. As far as horror movies reflecting culture goes I've always said as well but if you really want to study any society. We'll look at their pop culture practice look at. Prior film look at any of their literature and kind of output in that respect but felt this is you know combines all the liberal arts into one big banks. And just look at the cinema specifically their horror cinema really when it happened at their societies in and views about. God and and the gamble on and the supernatural and and and the afterlife. And it's taxed I mean look at our look at when the Nazis were stirred a moral across Germany and expression this group and kind of reared its head with its shadows and that's that's you know these arcane elements the cabinet of doctor Kelly Gary knocks her out to which was an unauthorized rip off. Perhaps stoker's Dracula I mean really in what case of cautiously represents. This looming presence that was kind of just leaking like a play into the landscape. You fast forward later on. In the 1950s when people were afraid that the bombs and it. But the cold warrior these movies about. You know until waking up out of the bank of Tokyo after the bomb had some comments on this doesn't envision the broadest matches again. And the fear of McCarthyism and indeed again the other and paranoia that's an external forces taking over and then Georgia Merrill back to Georgia we'll talk about Serbs are. Night of the living dead. Just a little science fiction or move that the guy made kind of off the cops didn't mean to cast the black guy in the league but he did it. And that he was driving the probe into New York for the premiere turn on the radio and Martin Luther King Jr. which has stated. So these are just times of these movies were made and happy accident not by intent. But just by default because they were made at that time so if you really wanted to see what was going on and in any period in history. In any culture take a look at their darker entertainment's. Well and I think go one of the things that struck me when when you look at the history of horror films on is there was a real turning point after World War I and there were so many. The confirmed for many reasons some any disfigured. Men coming back from that war it was it was kind of likes the likes that that nobody had ever seen because medicine had caught up to being able to us. To save a lot of these lives so therefore. There were amputees in the and and just heard the horrors of that particular war would mustard gas and and everything that was going on. You had all this coming into society in that a long created fears and anxiety which. Then translated into a lot of those silent horror movies that we know. Silent and then leaking in the a lot of us again back to you know love salads are coming out of Europe and when when those guys rent for the children that are coming to America. And all those early universal horror films where although American movies. Where we are in shock contour meter directed. By by Germans and and by people outside of the country. But yeah no I'll absolutely paranoia but what was going on post war and you know leaking into world war two and I mean if it's just. You can see that alive and thriving and that it was early Oracle's push. I'm spent so blocked gulf maritime compared to YouTube because honestly my my movie days. Started in late the the late seventies and the eighties where yeah you had the dawn of the dead ended Chile and number Cha yeah. China remedy cut lemon live and on our favorite movies yeah intimidated human underground dwellers well again and a ballistic and a little acumen and her. You know I think it and then you had things like Q when you had all these these great movies that came out but that's where my movie. In that's just where all my AM might use him where the movies I remember August so I I'm whites aside. Perspective on the right depends on when you get on the train and they say so a minute that's that's the ball doesn't know Grassley that you cited. Did javy consulate Tommy's gonna get a bunch of these old movies come over and just alternate for. We can't just I don't know that it might live in my basement and we did whatever they'll take whether we can let's just because we've we mentioned the film invasion of the body snatchers which the original screen is one of the originals one of my favorites and we have we've got various North Carolina makes monster making comedy very welcome to the show. Hey look you know Asia that you gave me he year's mid June so. The Arab sort of alluded at least Syrians. Movie. Error saying that invasion of the bodies that jurors. Can't read McConnell is. I mean body aid toward the hand. When you were yeah there're Larry challenged every hour or more robotic. And non toppled Mubarak who are now. Our church trial ever looked in the dark and it will still allow low odds. Decorated hash out. I mean it is an interstate oil loans after I bought actually cater you know and I'm tired and yet you don't lead GO bar I ever Paramount city. Yeah it is yeah its they can have a cup at this scrimmage you're maxed. That's funny funny funny story about that is that the other end of the movie is an NC callers saying it's true very. You know he's basically been in a bit of doom late note that you know two pods are everywhere and you really don't know what's gonna happen to your hero. And yet that didn't test so well on Tuesday were just too traumatized of the sharpest kind of happy ending and book ended it with. These guys haven't found Kevin McCarthy in them and basically the reason I'm optimistic note that maybe the government had things under control like this out but the original ending to leisure Cole and the fact you know my first horror movie that I ever saw. Was inflation by his national and I could have any remake which is just as scary the scarier. I know Donald Sutherland you Donald Sutherland Erica that Letterman and boy yeah. Yes yes Sarah another movie it was the and it terrified and I still have a part time to this day because one of the most terrifying scenes was when that hug Rihanna up and they had a humans just. And it's I notice that. It was funny holes you let guys go. Skype folder stall look at all the sleep in the nick kicked applied in the pot does know what to do with that home again doctored the combining them the one person. And that that image still traumatized me to this day at a point where I have friends who'll texting that image as a gift and it's just it's a haunting thing that idea on got to just be crazy. And that led it. In 1978. Stayed truer to what you were just alluding to that original ending where there was the did not end with the any hope. Oh my god it's so much to me is still to this day is the most horrifying. Ending in the film in horror film history as is remembered spoiler earlier listeners. But you're not quite sure of is really artful and where you're really not quite sure your protagonist and so one has been become I've become a pod person. Until that final shot. When it's Victoria was in Victoria Veronica cartwright yes clients. And then he turned that he does that and holy Howell pointing hatter while she's screaming and the cameras zoomed into his black model. Hot stove black there's no music at all just to credits crawling out it's the most devastated. At this as far militants. We have to jump to a break here but one of the things it makes network movie works so well regardless of the version of the movie is that it it it it kind of Caucasus and a few different ways one it's it's the people are almost identical to us when they're taken over you it's hard to tell the difference is subtle differences but but they're very very similar later be taken over and it does it while you sleep. Yes. You know there's another person there's another person that directed by Abel Ferrara and nine it's called body actions. Which didn't work because it takes place in the military base where everyone kind of backward Tom on anyways so does the tension has been discounted to rein in the out that is not a suspect. Doesn't make any sense we're talking with Chris Alexander were talking all things or tonight. We're gonna get to George Romero and some of the other projects Chris is working on it's beyond reality radio Jason do you don't go away. The show talking all things for. With the expert Chris Alexander former editor of saying Gorey a magazine and has many many other irons in the fire and get all that stuff and Chris this does segments are going rather quickly in this wounds are particularly short one but I'm hoping that in the three or so minutes we've got. You can explain to me. Why a horror movies always are treated like second class citizens when it comes to Hollywood didn't end the film making community that is not horror filmmaking community why they treated that way. Well I think there's been as I don't think there's I think it's different now actually I don't think come admitted but it it's always been the case and then what's amusing is that or. And decent sort of low genres of the want to make an adult but. I digress. I think power is a little bit more legitimize a respectable now because of television and sense that you know the Walking Dead. Up in the Walking Dead is the stuff that was X rated and prosecute they would never seat that was frowned upon that was considered too generous announced the number one show people in the world. An and on prime time. So with the success of things like that and all these you know pretty much almost every other horror show on cable television has some sort of horror DNA and it. I think you and and with the advent of movies or can't about a colander and all the blog post movies. The horse a little bit more acceptable in the mainstream now and then it laws but certainly throw history out. Or as the ugly little cousin. Of the film industry and again nobody really wants to acknowledge that these horror movies or do and well that anybody should care about them there they go against the mainstream to go against polite society we don't talk these things you don't wanna put talk with sex and death and violence and monsters. All the Smart stuff but we love it we just wanted to see a lot of times of the highest grossing says. All you have look at it against her history accesses the all manner that we go on and. Last forever and that's that's the thing in game. Eight people still too will watch those movies now to that point in its like I can't tell you. A long movie back in the seventies or eighties that I ever saw our drama. Know any ought still movies she really he'll never remember they ought to as big of a member dawn of the dead and I'm in the escalated in the high degree in Akron or things like rights great. These are the ones that that endured in illegal these these great actors that have done in the look at enterprises great character actor. And no remembers it is rules like how are encouraging also remember all the the stuff the printing press underground theater on Roger Korman provisional or to humanities and I cop horror but that was like oh later. Which is last chapter is that this career you know but that's the stuff that will in some ways and honest and still on the ones that. Robert and it's funny there's still a stigma attached to it and control working with the horror actress and who was in very very popular horror film trying to get her to come in my convention scare content. And share her words to me were I don't wanna be typecast as a or person and I'm thinking why not a liberal Democrat Barbara cramped as you know it is I've had a similar. Harrison he'll listen to Jason GB if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page that had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app or find an increase decent we are across. For more on the. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare coming. Unless there's Justine in the East Coast when you're stepping between welcomed on really reviewed. So Jason cause they always arson GB Johnson once again I'll mention that we are sending our our well wishes and and positive vibes to the folks suffering. In Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast there's general tragedy underway. The likes of which we haven't seen. And our life times that I that I can remember him and numbers like this year and if you were inclined to help and a lot of help is needed. As you mentioned in the first hour. There are cup there are many organizations that are offering help to that were comfortable talking about on the program here at the Salvation Army army in the American Red Cross she can go. To either of the web sites and they have links. On those web sites to be able to direct help directly to do folks in Texas in the Gulf Coast who are suffering from the effects of hurricane Harvey fifty inches of rain. Over and over course of just a few gates. And I spent a lot of time down in Galveston Corpus Christi Houston filming the show goes on. And it's just wonderful people out there our hearts go out to you and as some of the best people on and just dealing with you all. Because works so well together you're always hoping on each other and I think that's the most important. And I know that there's been situations where we've been seeing a price gouging and turning 99 dollars for tees slaughtered ten dollars for a loaf of bread. Those people get there's trust me on that. I'm but. You know please it's just stay safe to do what's right and news topple your fellow person. And it's not over the rain still falling there and if if the authorities. You know are giving you guidance and telling you do move relocated whatever you just have to you have to listen to what they know what's going on May know. What the rescue efforts will be like so please heed those warnings whenever they're given that a problem is it's tough a lot of people don't have the ability to you know and it's also tough to leave everything you have behind you don't just now hoping not you know that survives but to our hearts do go out here and again. The Salvation Army American Red Cross both very very active in providing relief and assistance and if you can. A contributor and anyway I know that Jason I would certainly appreciate you offering help to those for. Spam solely so. On the if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you lake that FaceBook page for us and we it's it's uninteresting show tonight we're talking about a horror movies. And during the break. I brought movie Puget. One that traumatize me through might teenage years to the point where I could not swim in my family's pool and at night alone. Aniston movie per on yeah yeah. Does a springer get aspect in the spring Chris Alexander. Back into this discussion because when you said that and I had forgotten about that movie that was right on the heels of the jaws craze of remember correctly. On that one. God to me to. Hum still traumatized it's still promised ices me to this day you Wear it in this silly little thing like I'll I'll be swimming at the lake house. And I did something will go through your mind be like yeah I'm I'm getting now because you because you saw these movies what is that Chris wise it's still so bothersome to us now. While it to me again I guess blows it. Get what I said earlier perspective on the right getting on the train at such it's such a winner or near these young impressionable age. Ages and and the world is this giant scary place where you're not even sure what's up or down. Which writer law wrong and held minutes and then all the cheers and turnovers and you watch when these films. And it taps into some sort of prime morial terror that you have to. And if Nolan especially don't around explained that he no way I watched the commute by Kindle time and permissions to sit and talk to. In a matter how benign they are really make jokes that we we discuss things bigger picture stuff a lot of you know when I was drop a lot of kids just CDs movies and are left alone to their devices that can figure them out. To hit them hard and back kind of terrible stick with you every kid remembers Serbia grown up remembers where they were when they were kid in the stock quote unquote that movie and and how they felt and you know it's like to hear grates on you can remember exactly where you were we share with you are smiling you were doing. The same thing with movies. That's the largest one on jaws to swimming pool Arnold triathlon in Australia are always amazing I mean. It's products plays please say you're in the jaws craze though. Prada actually was more in the jaws two crates which is odd construction corps reporters that he was usually pretty on the ball and acute exploiting going on to a couple of years to make 478. And that was also won the first movies directed by them these corridors and showed Joseph Dante. Google want to make howling and later ground once you know when it went big is the only on ten to six owners all time. When we come see these loses kids and you like you said there's that. One they just did kinda turns a corner for you or whatever and I know that when I was a kids like my mother wouldn't let me doce jaws I couldn't go see the X systems. Way too young. A bomb although I note today don't think of those standards necessarily apply. As they may have might have in the past because they're so readily available on now. But when they make their mark on people. Do you find that a person kind of stays true to add to that particular type goals of movie if it's as army movie that they become a zombie fan personalize and is there any pattern to how we act as adults after we've turned that corner. I think what's what's if you if you stick with what if you look sent out again I level on the east. I just so happens that I am and I'd be bizarre obsession fixation on this and and also made a kind of my lights work against. But you know I think if your field and you at all. And as an articulate being Europe all your life experience is change and your obviously things that you're afraid of change as well. I mean for example mean you know things I was afraid of as a child don't apply more hopeful hopefully it took everybody and it's apparent now. My triggers a different I can't watch movies aren't great difficulty watching movies where where children are any kind of jeopardy. And those of the movies that mark made the deepest so. Because of our life experiences we change we evolved in the thinks that scare rest change as well and that's what the beauty I think. Par really is or movies that they're just so subjective. We can't say what's a good movie which is bad movie depends on how it Q when it hits you why. So in the U can be a zombie fan for life cure but a senior open to more stimulus and open to more cinema. And and more movies in and experiences. You might change in England today I am a big zombie phantom army gear back to vampires and lately I've been no mourning the dearth of where what movies is now where will circuit where all movies that didn't appear to be that anyone wants to really make you be where most movies anymore. No that was on the late seventies and eighties without calling an American world from London all that stuff. Yeah I had to try Emily tried with the wolf man a couple of years ago it re recruit that just didn't quite catch. But on the other glory to glory never mind glory days the glory year was 1981 with that double shot about how an American. And never got better. Let's go to the so much to spring in Maggie Maggie is in South Carolina welcome to the program Maggie. Are there sure are you buying. That undermines our. Are outlined no. We're here why didn't you a buyer mister mister Tippett hour. But it's couple things one. By granting Gloria for many years. And when I decided that it wanna work there anymore and I left last issue I've published was a love letter told Clarence she was on the cover. And that that was the last issue public schools stopped francoeur back in 2016. So you know virus type in my life and anyway. But I've interviewed Elvira AK Cassandra Peterson many times and I can tell you achieve both in character and out. And she is one of the loveliest. Most charming and and hilarious she is she's absolutely. On gut busting me hilarious to be around people I've ever met incredibly warm. And self deprecating and humble and you know and just been just a great human being cool stuff yeah. Ancillary matters well Chris and agree with all that I'm Maggie or you know virus fans only ask. Great okay anything else. Here are my yes thanks so much for calling from a South Carolina so. Chris what are we talked about the Walking Dead you brought that up just a little bit it is the number one show on television. It's it's clearly. Writing or creating a zombie wave that started many many years ago. What is the status of the zombie genre when it comes to movies are we tired of that theater is isn't it can we not get enough of it. Well I I can't I can't really talk about it for movies and although this seems to be that slowed down a little bit. Yeah I think this of the craze really kind of re kick start itself. Would video games and Resident Evil one and and silent hill house of the dead and all these gains. Release are both from the deck is interested in because marital watching Donovan dedicated. And you really wanted to be in that mall you wanted to be trapped in that it's horrible to watch it from there. Yeah he wanted to Monroe the market review our leadership in those other than that it was good to be a game that renewed videogame what. So you know when when did you could actually tap into that first person's ability to run out we've had it really captured kids' imaginations. You know for better or worse. And so suddenly there was an interest again in cinema with movies like Resident Evil adaptation as the dawn of the dead remake and a 28 days later. That really kind of re invented. The way we watch on the derby and then it too and it doesn't seem to have left us and with the Walking Dead still going strong. I don't I don't see it ending anytime soon now as far as cinema goes it seems that slowed down a little bit I think world wars that are too might beat index. Axed so optimistic about as hard independent cinema goes. On like I'm so sick of it I've had enough that they're loyal to my mailbox somebody sent me another. Movie that they've shot to elect a buck and I and I still get you to their buddies their backyard with a bit of Silly Putty ketchup on its face and stumble around and it is on the movie. It's just enough is enough but as far as the mainstream goes I do the Walking Dead I think everybody knows. You can talk to guys like Jack Thompson beanie. Who you know what he ever go back to do make it you know he's I can't. That the Walking Dead have done it there's nowhere left to go what is John there's no I can't do better zombies and Walking Dead does and I think a lot of other people thing that's true although if you're watching game a throw that up anybody has did seem to have better bettered the Walking Dead if you've been hopeful outlook in the last couple episodes. There's now obviously a huge the presence of macho that's just like and unlike anything I've ever seen so. But I will agree with you when you when you talk about and dawn of the dead I mean. And then that's on the came out one time when when I was younger and I I just remember months at school PA there would be there was teams and I mean kids who come up with the weirdest things all you talk about his. How would you survive zombie apocalypse how would you what would you do where would you go in and they were all these things about where's you know all this personal goaded Kmart dispersant under an it was just this huge thing and it's just really made that. The movie stay alive for so long and just get bigger and bigger. Well Don a definite favorite movie of all that's my favorite movie of any genre I think it's great western those. I was trying to it's just expressly with a guy on the mall and money got nice tree get all these all ye got enamel shop it you've got everything. You need. Everything. Really is this as a business do at all. It's so they can screw up they get there has come as a bit. But you know I hit list and I mean it is just it's fires and also owners but it certainly doesn't that part of the power but it just does Katrina and the position of those four characters trapped in the off. And really mixes and tighten it and I'm sure. I have to ask you and then we'll move on from the topic of zombies but because the law what he did is so popular and I'm certainly not one to second guess. Any of that because it did the proof is in the putting it's been wildly successful. But when I watched the Walking Dead and I do and enjoy it. I'm I'm sure it'll turned off by a bit the way they're zombies are poor are portrayed I'm more of a George Romero would kind of the living dead zombie purist and ice. And I find that the excessive gore and the excessive. It I don't even know what's called it I guess is just war. That they use in the want you dead kinda takes away from what frightens me about zombies. And George. God rest them he was around he would love to hear you say that because he was really at odds with that show for a couple hours in recent one he couldn't get his own movies finance. And yet the show that was clearly riding on. Everything that he built. What was making money hand over fist in the that he couldn't get any money to make its own. So yet so respond there but his biggest problem with the show. Was that does on the black personality. And if you watch any it is like you said the more Romero on certain nights especially dominant and Damian and he didn't land of the debt. The zombies characters enough themselves. They have personalities we feel we wonder what they were in life. And we feel instant connection to them and so that's the whole beauty of designed to social under as the date and churches hammer this home and many district they are us. But we don't feel that the Walking Dead they're just kind of a mindless ordered in just kind of appear like a Greek chorus now and then to rip people the ship and and that's and that's over. You know we sometimes you forget there is going to be even in the show. And until those massive bouts of gore. So yeah I mean I'd like the walking that a lot of momentum that. This respecting that shell I think it's a wonderful entertainment and again I think Greg picked her makeup effects are revolutionary. But I am that I'm a team George pack guy all the way. Well and I and I just love the fact that they brought it back to the slow zombies that the reason why they're so dangerous is 'cause the numbers. And that was a thing that really dawn of the dead and everything and meet you meet you. Terrified of it's an aunt Tillie to the remake pretending careful and I guess fast running zombies are the twenty days later say it's these fast running zombies. But the fact of the matter is this slow just they're constantly comic. Like you brought up the and like death itself I mean that's the beauty of the dawn of the dead to visit it's all about trying to block out the fact you're gonna die and it comes to you know matter what does matter how much stuff he again how many TVs you gotta what. Utopian world you've built yourself don't distort and come to great equalizer and then you mentioned the bikers and their loved dawn of the dead at the speicher's. Eight or slow we got this covered we got it all we're not worried about anything and yet. Slowly but surely is that as there all the unwind circuit ripped up and they just they can even they can't escape so right now that was top power George. Yet we went along here in the segment reject quick break me come back and get your phone calls him reality it. Shows beyond reality reading good. Got Chris Alexander this we're gonna try to fit the phone call in here Doug from Kansas City Doug welcome to show your MB unreality radio. I there but let me show you you. I thought putted it up near quickly and well all got a terrible. Look at stuck it out there that could Willis part of us that don't make it in the article in debt or out certain element with her after that. And yet they had what he achieved that need to be and it knows what movie. And I'm acting opposite the vehicle equipment like I thought if that step I'm acting pop and it never acted in your sock. At it. Out apparently. I just could not act creeping her out except everyone their look but I'm thinking that. Might. And he did you mention. An ideal or do you separate question. Up up up boys girls I mean you know and a Chris and she's she's critic gal. Yeah Allen has bagged consider limit has this as as friendly as under fairly easy to get this business to consider when my best. I'm saying wait till they get angry when you were raised in this stuff and suddenly you're in the business and you'd you know these people it's just a we're all kind of surreal. But I was the same way I saw her. You know there are striptease and return to look at and easy inaugural season and now with the right time to see it because that's like why do everything for me. Mike and I loved that movie to every inch of that but she's fantastic and again. To. There's not enough good things to say if I mean. Everything you've heard about are true she is just a wonderful person she's not just a great actress under rated actors and these tickets are kind of in the B movies. People forget just you know so many to writer really get role for her in and do real showcase for works but she also really cares about animals and people and and devote a lot of her time to them. To outreach and just just a great person. Inflation is listening and she except as Frederick Douglass thanks yeah there is trying to keep trying to limit to -- a fact she resisted scared kind of New England just a few months ago but Buick are we take another quick break when we come back and talk about George Romero and a whole bunch other stuff it's beyond reality radio and got themselves in Boston. The show got a good one tonight don't forget coach tomorrow night Debra announcement will be joining us using third generation psychic medium. She enjoys helping paranormal investigators as a medium during investigations. And Wednesday we've got Scott Harris he has an innate ability to create an instant rapport with people in tune into them on a different levels communication with him a project. I think we got to find somebody who has like no ability to connect with anybody they put him on and CEOs guy can do. Can get two Great Lakes or somebody would no person on the personality of stone. He tensions in a pocket went. We we we sure we can fund and those were two Brian do instance I don't know made him or hockey huh. Keys the wanted to do and that's a or Duncan no edit OK you know any of them will be great. Obvious to make sure you join us for the rest the week tonight we're talking with Chris Alexander we've just kind of an all over the placed on him but horror movies is something we all really really enjoy and we need to spend a few moments. Talking about George Romero specifically we've kind of touched on him quite a bit could it's hard not to when you talk or movies Erica. What was when when we have to look back on you know hit the loss of him in the film community would what would you say his greatest legacy and greatest impact will be. Well I think we've talked about and you know. First thought Georgia was I'm in Toronto and the George moved here in 2000. Fired his shot land of the dead here in 2004. And he met them he met a woman and he he'd left his wife. Pristine forest many years. And moved up here and sort of like became and landed immigrant against. Answer you as a dual citizen is Canadian he became my neighbor. And active for close to George Burgess remarkable life changing experience. This past decade. I'm so I know you know so much on this about George personally so much that he left. Impacting left and all the people knew him. But there was no escaping the fact that history will root forever remember him as the man who not invented zombie isn't defined. What is the contemporary zombie would be when it comes to pop culture and I don't Libby did dawn Davis firstly especially. But the ones that will be for ever. To defining Georgia's legacy but there was so much more to him I just watched as 1977. Movie Martin's. I actually have tattooed in my arms vampire bank razor blades Negroponte blood. I decide the other day projected and it's it's that maybe you know dons were favorably that Martin may actually be is masterpiece and it not a lot of people talk about mark. Ninety writers another masterpiece you know on our Syrian tale of you know kind of pre medieval times guys on motorcycles are running around having reason melodrama and and generals and wonderful forms response to being in concrete shell I think is one of the best or apologies don't ever made. The list goes on and on George it was a real I think Jordan as part of that breed of filmmakers that was just filmmaker first before he was horror filmmaker storyteller in the guy that loved and watched all movies. And just so happened that he knew the way you could make. If you look at the financing to make movies was cute trade on the fact that he's got the main it doesn't have to be or that it. But if you look deeper they were always about something all stirred a one under one of the greatest independent filmmakers never mind or. And accuses one of the greatest independents on the Parcells. I mean you know the quality of his work and you know the success of his work why was it's so difficult for him to get financing and later on for projects. It's funny in the dirt is always a little bit. He was a rebel right to the end and if you look at any of his movies he defied expectations so maybe it will deliver data obviously change speaking thinking Q American power. And yet he chased that with the psychedelic commentators always and I'll. You know later on he made dawn of the dead again redefined that we watch war. And he could've made confident to instead he went midnight and that went on throughout his career. He didn't give a damn about what people slaughtered them in just kind of you know manipulated the system is in a blog that credits guy. After knight's success you know he whispered he had final cut contractually. With his movie no matter what. And you really didn't care about trends and what was going on they just want to make a movie the way you want to make it spinal film. You know he wanted to make a western you want to remake of the movie the big country natural compounds that. And that is Gregory packs of them. They can and he did but he called survival of the dead through what is obviously an a but still a streak remake pretty much of that western. So bomb you know I can see why. In this. Current zeitgeist George Rupp had some trouble getting the money to make the kind of eccentric movies that he made because you know let's face it. A lot of mainstream horror movies with the studious pursuits wants with a young kids think that people. Our our our product. You know bland. Faceless harmless. Re persecuted product that looks and smells like every other commercial success because the industry isn't such as state that people prayed to lose money so. They look at someone like Georgia's. Movies and they get a little lower risk is they don't really behave like normal movies of Georgia's movies were always Georgia's. So he had a lot of trouble lot of trouble near the end of its last decade and it's it's like after Atlanta that. And act getting the money that he needed to make them make. Tell us about your project. That. I assume that it's about to come out to the magazine we're talking about you're working with a mono project when he passed away. Sure you know means magazines and Georgian and me and I'll pop up and has great because Mac. All of us in this because king Gloria would've been a category if it was a two dogs dead it was the first issue is to cut a lot of front. But there was an article on there were times to be music gore Tex and on and George onset. And that's the article that really captured the reader's imagination and so popular that the publishers decided okay it will just keep on with this graphic. Or not completely different almost forty years. That's a Georgia's really it's George's fault as angry relief and existed. So magazine made George we're all in on the abortion magazine the jurors know decades and known and the last thing that we are working on started well publishing company on them. I Gloria refugees like myself Brian Stewart and and publishers that are built all also to actually sponsors spell Blanchard rally eerie. Creepy although Warren mag and our first order business was we were gonna get. Work with Georgian make the official George Romero magazine which is supposed to be an ongoing title. Working with George you know kind of really getting into the guts no pun intended of of his work. And we were halfway through production of the first issue when George got six. And within. 34 weeks George died and was aggressive form of cancer you missed a clean bill helps suddenly he. As long conspirators brain and spine. And then there's no coming back from so these magazine halfway through production and they're being. Yeah I you know memorial issue where we were talking to. While it's. You know colleagues. No longer just celebrating network but also more in the man. So the first issue. Which I think we might squeeze the second one was it's so much material but the first issues something really special one and one of a kind. And it's and it's being printed as we speak you can order franchise and dash media dot com or your round. He's hard to local comic bookstore we are distributed by diamond comics is well limited edition you know really gorgeous and one at a time magazine. That's dumb you know this was a guest really was probably the last. During the George did really that's Sanchez with a yes right. It is indeed Erica an essay empty and as. A. And I will say and I met George couple times it's phenomenal phenomenal person on and honestly and it was it was mind boggling to me that he knew the line was we are at a convention against us going back years ago and we had somebody come to the table and to and to me and Steve. And the guys sit and mister Merrill wants to talk with you. And it pursue it just didn't click. We will give them more like going to actually walked over and he he knew exactly who Steve and I weren't an everyday and he was just the most down to earth nicest and the world actually signed a bunch of stuff probably brought it over to me. And I still have it here on. She is the way he wants and just one of the most phenomenal people. To know want to talk to and just beaten almost down to earth individuals I think I've ever met that's that's involved especially with what he accomplished. Just to be so down earth was amazing. Always always in never never got mad and you know that what you said right there. Is a sentiment that is I'm literally you'll never find hear about were spoken but Georgian route that I mean these exploits are out but you know. There anywhere I went to a funeral and then they don't got up it was very more memorial and funeral and the torque got a and they mean everybody was barreled test stirred people acknowledge John Russo. Tonight based on all the guys and then the trauma chapter of lashed out. Everyone got the Mike call some story and all of them started the same way pretty much where they were in all of this guy dismiss this god. And then they ended the same with everyone just saying what an incredible. Gentle soul he was. And how where you were whisked him didn't matter if there were a thousand people in the room you LAQ were the only person and regret George keep you got attention. He genuinely liked people which was strange to get burned so many times of the industry but. You know he really really liked people and it was a special round or it was it was January with imports. Or let's go to the phone mind this is Nancy from New Orleans Nancy welcome to be on reality radio. OPEC tried thanks. Quickly. And I. Really enjoy eight mr. have a mayor's own element to enter that. All things or utter a question is. You are and and where that's annoying as they didn't you know with the actions and certainly. That this is scary itself I have ever seen in the top movie. French movie I think it would com martyr. Which was crook and you've seen it's chilling. Yeah I wanted to let you know why are full our I've seen martyrs once I've never watch again it's just. Incredibly groom. It and it's so I have my question is. Where it's. There is dirt separation and then on where it becomes. Ill. Or. Letter. Age. Six C well at all there are also our our our our trajectory. And I'll interject I'll say this first abroad never. Even though we're talking about or two of these were around a lot I don't really like using it. The idea John for a period of marketing tool that some studio executives developed in order to easily sell them into the public so the word whore. Mean how do you even define what a horror movie is. And some of the scariest movies I've ever seen in my life are not considered or movies generally but I think that they are. So your perspective this is completely subjective and so. I don't think there's any clear divide as to what defiance what all or move via as far as what. The future of the genre that's kind of the usual question. I think the only thing the NC definite about the future or is that there. There is a future in there always will be because again we just keep dying this is kind of a problem we have which is die and so. Our horror movies again and Auburn are the clearest reflection about those societies and the more we keep on dying and they're gonna keep on make it. And they just not just one type of a horror movie and you mentioned already and and and completely opposites on the martyrs being on the polar under the the defense. Far end of the day expected here where it's assumes some extreme movie and it's designed to meet cute hurt she. You know an idea the deluxe thirteen goes to William Castle of my kids and just now it's just wonderful movie but it's completely the opposite designed to be gentle and charming. I'm still or bury. I'm a Nextel today I mean Annabel creation we mention that I actually liked that series then. But you know it's more of an elegant restraint or felt. Compared to some you know it's leather case for instance which is coming out just around the band which is obviously going to be more like that they absorb pitching to us and you know I mean did you do there are movies that are gonna fall had better get their radically different. Arguments on the that's why do humans that it did you do need it senate debated a Monty Python yes etiquette or comedy you think. Florence ma a my costar Steve or me on to a Wendy's we got to watch this sets I'm like why am I want to me is this just war. But I can't but I can't stop watching exactly got a lot to do it and Oneida. Chris we're gonna quickly run out of time here in my list of questions his way long in the time may have available I gotta make common here because. Their people in our audience publishing it why you talking about horror movie you guys talk about paranormal topics and I happened to. Make it quick list of the paranormal topics we talk about vampires. Where walls alien nurse. Ghosts. Witches. Those are all. The same things we were right if we were making a list about horror topics I mean it's with a it's the same thing what made words that connection come from. Well I mean again who you know. Horror movies are a fictionalized account of what happens in the real world so. I'm obviously that are there they're linked in the tide tied in the astrology and tied to whether they be. True. Fact or fiction. Believe it or not I mean it's there's still expansions and extensions. The things that have been talking mankind since the dawn of man. And I think that's a lot of it now and not in Iraq but I think it's because we talk about those topics because they're they're the the jury's out on many of them it's an unknown error and that kinda makes. The whole that's the recipe for scary isn't it. Yeah an imminent in the films again perpetuate interest in the east it's topics as well you want to conjure too. Which again is supposedly based on a factor in and of itself. And you'll have Sutley a spike in interest in these things in the new maybe he'll he'll take that and and ventured deeper down the warm all. And some of the potential realities of that so they're all they're all tied together it's all one big. Melt messy melting pot. Did you happen to get the the email from slick giddy about the questions in a mine asked. I did get some sort of in order book that yeah take that it might get just guard in and we don't have a lot of time so I wanted to spread do this quickly. Can you give us like it maybe maybe a top five rendering them pretty much entering the Halloween season year. What's the top five son movies we should watch for Halloween. Okay Melissa was started its optimal again Georgian government awed at which industry cut that exists then I prefer George is on director's cut. But in any cut it to masterpiece. Fires on every cylinder known to man has in Austin and in should its power. Another movie that again or movie I don't know but maybe maybe it is and his 1955 stroke on all the movie directed at the hunters. Which is one of the most frightening movies child die vision movies I've ever seen in my life on during the war. But Matt preacher. Retire Robert Mitchum. Who runs around the countryside trying to essentially murder children take their money. Are very frightening. Return of the living dead which we mentioned earlier as well he'd stake in the zombies but man that is a perfect movie its glory it's actually it's bizarre it's got to punk rock's instability it is rock and roll. And it's a major major motion picture that again from beginning and as Susan Choi. To launch looked a little bit left field here into the weird this and that talk about them movie that. I've revisit often just because I think it's a powerhouse performance by Leo here great German actor. And that's int he world Frankenstein naked flesh for Frankenstein which if you get a chance. See that movie projected in 3-D was filmed in 3-D in in Europe. The Italian money by Andy world protege Paul Morrissey with Joseph D'Alessandro got from the Bronx running around that. Adding as many women as you can speak in this Brooklyn accent. While he's like Frankenstein pretty cool. And I think we have one more choice learn and little else. They allocate its elected sixty by Italian exploitation movies during the key architect. The mr. Jayne Mansfield called the bloody pit horror which is one of the most insane obscure movies ever surged forward. Get them plans together have a few drinks to watch bloodied could've or he'll thank me. Work and everybody get a hold of your work in trying to more but she quickly. You don't play by web site which will be actually changed very soon but you can still find their Chris stash Alexander got CA it's not really updated and it will be obliterated in beat the reached either. To crystal in the production Alexander got sick and please explore my new publishing house stand out and dash that's sentenced McGrath dash media. Dot com. Chris thanks for being here. Thanks guys have been very nice are organized to bring him back as we get closer to Halloween it's great times beyond reality leading the pack. Is Chris dash Alexander's dot CP to find out more about her self exams were we appreciate him being on the show tonight. Yeah definitely a big shout out to Chris Alexander may she tune in tomorrow night we get Debra Holtzman she's a third generation psychic medium. And she enjoys helping colonel more investigators can be great shell if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com retry and all the great stations we are across the country we can also get free iPhone any injury to operate there. Allows you to listen to show lies catch past episodes in join me online chat during the show. May she checked out now but two big shout out to everybody thanks for tuning in its G stingy he'd be on reality revealed catcher tomorrow. It's produced by its intelligence and Alexandria Johnson forever Connolly yeah. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow what font or you like to be guests on beyond reality read your email to swing getting a that's slick Eddie EDD wind. And beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.