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What does this psychic say about you?

Aug 30, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with psychic/medium Debra Houseman about her work and her readings. Debra discusses how she developed her sensitivities and then takes listener calls and does readings. 8/30/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Al West Coast west and the East Coast many years Duncan between welcome to beyond reality redo it myself chase because they always awesome GV Johnson. Great to be here mom I do want it once again mention our if I don't know Brothers and sisters I guess in Texas. And rounds of golf club coast that are still suffering through this unbelievable. Natural disaster and anybody who's inclined to offer some help. There are a lot of place she can do so I recommend either the Salvation Army or the American Red Cross Cody either of their web sites and they have links directly there where you can go on and and contribute. And now many different ways two there were the disaster relief effort going on in Texas it's unbelievable. And then I'll let the let loose and they're dealing with some serious spilling spilling over a flood waters since the Houston area now. And our hearts do go along to you and anything anything we can do for you all please. You know when you were talking about it yesterday Jay only when we opened the show and you said you know if there is a silver lining to this very very dark cloud it's that time. You know it seems of people are coming together to to help and that does seem to be the case I seem more and more evidence of that and it's reassuring and it's refreshing. To see people especially in our country now where there seems to be such a very very deep divisions on people put all that aside in and help each. Other that's what it's about. Yet and it date and fifth when I heard that they were also engulf heading into the convention center are terrified because I was all I can think of post-Katrina. A throwing and has economic Nationalists in the Katrina but. There and they're working together down there it's not just a bunch people thrown in everybody's fighting in fighting for themselves are all working together. And just to watch the videos and see the people on and the children playing together and it and it's just. It's it's heart warming really is and basics if I can be donors helping out I would buy them I don't know what what. I can do but my gosh it's just our hearts go out all of view and and and a more rains coming into temples and just as. Yeah I mean. You know it's it's addressing those thank you last night after the show too because we've talked about this yesterday remember and I don't remember the guy's name the guest we had on we are talking about the the mysterious planet. And the flooding and now must remember that it was supposed to be in May talking about the actual acts severest -- yeah and but he was talking about some catastrophic events coming on we should bring him back on and see if he attributes this to anything like that. Because this is something we haven't seen in her lifetime so it's just be innocent and what is thoughts are. He was also going said what we're exposed to be gone by June while he says the GOP now your next year also now so he choose your next year. Next yourself. I mean panel Pacino goes I just keep an eye on anyways welcome to be on reality radio and if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash B on readily to FaceBook page. That had to be on reality radio dot com. These final agree station we are on across the country. Right there on stations list. You can also download the free iPhone and android operator which allows you to listen the shall lies catch past episodes join him on channel which illustrate what sites click the listen live tab. That'll connect you know chat room GB and I arrow is sand creek community people and and shall playwrights marriage. Yeah and to never got a pretty interests and show we've whatever house miniature turning she was on the program awhile back she's a third generation psychic medium. She enjoys helping paranormal investigators. As a medium during investigations she connects loved ones from a single individual reading to a whole group of more than 250 people. She'll be on when we talking about her skills are sensitivities her abilities and we'll take your phone calls for readings as well later in the program yet so. Would ginned up some ice I actually did a lot of work here in the studio I was busy busy organizing backup for us because they don't do that enough and I'm afraid of some good. Pastor speak so it was funny ad I was heading out earlier and there's there's been this crazy modern Turkey's. And they're like everywhere of him butterball Olson who he added they're huge turkeys and they've all got their babies around on him and I said Deloitte for players like wanders just excessive amount from the air and they're not running from the Carson at doing anything. And I get home and a news flash pops up. Turkeys are tormenting a Connecticut neighbor. They've invaded a neighborhood. Yes there is Loria and armory you know Graham I'm on the border there with two manager about a residents of a neighborhood in Stamford Connecticut are crying foul over global wild turkeys at a seemingly declared war on humans. Is believe that the problem begin earlier this summer when someone in the communities cited feed the birds. Which while less experts say is a major mistake when it comes as Turkey's since that time the birds have not only lost their fear people but now seem. To see them as challengers to their territory. Ku and they're nasty birds they are mean and if if fruits and as you never dealt with quite a while Turkey. They are mean and the falcons drug charge dog to do all decreased I'd want in my backyard treaty you know. A last summer and things trying to attack me hesitant in trying to get Graham who lost. And in in the fight really dirty and you receive it rammed their heads you know and don't Obey any of the analysts nozzles and they're not Smart animals I mean he flew and in my yard he couldn't figure out how to fly out to open running at first and cents. I don't but anyways so that would explain why now extinct in Turkey's brown hair as long as they hang out November should be fine. That he you know and they're not they don't taste the same as domestic turkeys know they don't know the united name but a lot of people like Turkey and anyway I just a quick reminder Wednesday night tomorrow night we've got Scott Harris joining us he has an instant. Innate ability. To tune into people with a different levels of communications he's going to a talk about his skills. And they'll let us know what his gift allows him to do and then on Thursday we actually a couple of guests coming in. We've got to paranormal group on APEC's paranormal joining us there out of Kansas City to be talking about some of their paranormal investigations. And we have an author James Brown the third he's done authored a series of books that relate to horror in the paranormal. We're gonna talk to him a little bit about some his new work. Are artfully it's when that we need to have him on the program. I mean ice hockey can channel via (%expletive) it might be able to do it anybody could (%expletive) good. So we felt that Michael Jackson. Yeah that's right now that's zionists. Are and just a quick programming note some real excited about this Monday of course is Labor Day it will be a a best of program. But Tuesday will be bringing in gentleman named Spencer Lee he is a BBC radio host. And he's done some of the most amazing interviews with rock and roll legends we originally scheduled him to come in to talk about Elvis on the fortieth anniversary of elvis' death. But once we realize what his resume is gonna talk of a whole bunch of things with eminence Tuesday's night's program Tuesday slash Wednesday morning. So again like we said if she if you can find a way to somehow help everybody on Texas please do so. I know of donated money already and I'm gonna actually to a smaller stuff to bomb but. Yeah our hearts go out everybody out there and a lot of listeners are out then are from Texas as we are in Texas is well. And I just know that the rest of the countries with you know some are without we're gonna take quick break when we come back more you listen Jason GDB on relative renewed respect if. OK game it TDs and approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. That dates from October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is a great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror for. Film or TV or paranormal TV stars could scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of Sanders. Panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission. The troubled companies DRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. It's beyond reality radio don't forget the song no. Or it's 84468776692. Wanna get in what is 844687. 7669. Musical for. It's total free port and his 6877669. Aren't nice job of Meredith never got out there I actually wake up screaming and and then when night anymore welcome back to the show and we we're we're going to be talking with Deborah house and Deborah is a third generation psychic medium she enjoys helping paranormal investigators as a medium. A during investigations she connects would loved ones she does readings for X individuals also for groups of up to 250 people. A lot of people mourn reading. Yes or 249 more than that's the good. Streak every into the program Deborah welcome back to beyond reality radio great to have you on again. Thank you for having me. Why you vote were doing very well you tell. You tell us your medium and I don't think it's. You know like insisting he said oh okay 250 people. You'd be surprised at the headache that I walk away with the animals on. I I if you have it. How does it does take a lot out of that unappealing got a lot of friends that are that a sense of whether it's Lisa Williams and Tiffany Johnson and all of them and it takes a long problem picks are actually doing those big public greetings. Yes and we actually currently three hours. They asked as people would mean that he could that you can meet and greet. You try beat you just can't and you have to pinpoint exactly where I'm hearing here from all aware of picking up something psychic. That but I do try to walk around but sometimes there are some places in between being a statement. You know now I have to see who come to me but experiential thing and it might only bring up. Well let's talk Ellis to this Deborah once you and for those because we Aaron a bunch of stations now and all across the country and I eat a lot more than when you're on. What you explained to those people who you are or what got you involved in this and and really when you when you realized you had this ability. While attention thing because I am born this way. And advocated growing I realized I think Eric around me. Not really in what they weren't Anglican opponent with very very old and every Gary wanted. But I would give messages that people talking when I have an attic if I am from New Jersey and as we all know we have attic and we have statement that they. OK but here in Florida we don't have that but anyway my grandmother was like if my grandmother actually eat white which. From Germany. And she came to this country and she knew potion. And then making my mother was my back into it I'm like this. And I have to say that it's still kinda coming to a lot stronger. And high school when I started doing readings and then picking up things on people. And I started college. And I studied reminds me Q was it psychology. And then I died back in 1999. I had a brain tumor. And I along the white light and it is very peaceful. And writing after that everything carefully cleared up in my whole life. That's helped detector in your country. So you died how long how long were you actually did for. I believed it was the minute and a half. According to what they pulled me because. They were afraid he committed and how it's gonna react back. Off course and but a lot of times a lot of times people tend to open up and become. He if you are not sensitive you tend to open up when when you have an experience a time become sensitive a lot of time there are sensitive. You tend to. You guessed it more and tuners or gay stronger abilities and your ability seem to enhance at that point. You know it's interesting you said that because guess I have to say that it's stronger and stronger. And I work awful lot of energy PC a Lotta Lotta people again many many beating not all groups a lot individual. And I learn from them. And I won't announce something new like noted I work local flooding in chief from storm equal at. This summer has been every trade via what some meat here in Florida. And the electrical storm that we have pulled up my energy level and my beating even cleaner. You know it it's scary to think how like a work around that and it's great for panel can continue to look at one. I believe pick up quite BP a couple of in the storm commercially. Absolutely absolutely go for whatever reason the year here seems to get charged and helps fuel he and it's some of the best evidence she catch of course shift and all of a lot of contamination with the the storms in the ways and in the rain and the gym Arnold but still. Any toxic and quite some time I'd noticed they'll ship the Dick Catholic we had Oprah came into the rain and it forties here. And I have to paint MI readings with even a pandemonium lightning. Between at this storm and will each arm. Mean I think under the want all the different things would just come out of me all the spirit should come out even if stadium relate to the person who would you don't next in the I would have to John everything down so yes it's scary to think how oil that comes without. But it is a way of life and actually this time in the evening is when did the mark after forming. And it decide in my head I keep always when I'm trying to sleep little perfect note and I have to buy them at different eagle belonged to the next step. Debra when I wouldn't wanna I'm gonna back you up a bit you were talking about. You know these abilities running in your family. And you know I've always been curious because this is very very common and I'm trying to figure out in the -- cents and everybody seems to answer question little bit differently but. Is that a genetic thing or is it an environmental thing and of course by genetics I mean is it just pass through you know Stanley lineage. Or environmental in the sense that your household was more open to these ideas therefore you're able to develop them. I know Lincoln in the household qatari brokered religious. And I began my grandmother tell my mileage we can't tell her that began we can't tell her so I Felix genetic code I must tell you that I have a daughter. OK and my door to oracle has seen gifted me. Book com one medium and on topic that I have a grain farm with seven years old who is a full media. I know you cherish our grandson this son of the daughter you just spoke out. Yeah a game itself that still could be an environmental thing because you were open to what you were you were practicing at so. It could be something that just you know Ian was allowed to floors because nobody was saying don't do that or. This is impossible. Right I don't say that I am very open. I am I do remember Billy the Kid growing up when I was his age I remember in my mind something my parents saying. We can't bring it around this chic she's not ready for. Well and were likely to announce our good. I guess they wanted me to have like any normal light I don't know what you are normal when your medium. Well. And one area and exactly and one thing we who I have noticed throughout all the years is it's the Stanley is that tell their child that there. They're invisible friend is in real ended and told and so for their really they can they closed the child off the news they've sort of bring them into that closed off area. Where there pat and a lot of times they do that for. Or just because they're trying to put him at the child on the right path and sometimes it's that they know that child is able to pick up things but they just don't want and they try to close child possibly can have a normal life. And in nineteen for the most part but they went through a lot of tragedy in my life and fruitful vehicle. A lot of debt with around me a lot of tragic day. So I don't know if it would be christened a coast to keep it quiet but like I said at twelve and then once I into the high school at fourteen. That's when it all could surface. And very strong opinion. Especially my psychic ability psychic it would change. And you just say expressly that Asia and we hear girlie you're going through changes your body's going through changes in that seems to enhance these things as well we can definitely didn't have that when we. When we come back we were going to be taking break in just a so few seconds he take on the number everybody if you have any questions 8446877669. Dental free day for 46877669. You haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page tonight we are talking with them Debra Holtzman and a psychic medium some may she get this COLT any questions you've got. Where is a quick break more conscious and dvd on. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Can be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Are already chasing chasing your guest tonight is Debra house and if you're gonna hold be patient we'll get to everybody's calls for trying to call in and beginning to busy signal ski tried. He'll get through eventually the phone numbers 8446877669. Endeavor again thanks for being here. I'm gonna go to the phones in just a moment but I want to. It gets have you give us kind what you went through. Give us a sense of what you went through when you started to recognize these abilities existed. Were you scared were you concerned were you happy what what was going through your mind. And it actually I was very scared. He could play with bullet they were attacking me personally. And then all of a plan ahead already lost my dad went all this article accurate only fourteen when he passed way. I always felt that he was all for me and he only gave me that calming feeling. And I can hear him say to me cope with it enjoy it it excludes feud that you'll like it usually your mom is typically your grandmother is. And slowly and we scared and slowly like I came to him more. But I have to tell you that people do shy away from me they are afraid of me not to be quick but my medium decrepit and pro kick up. That will pray that French people away from you. Well they get that honestly can you can you blame amount of course I can. When it comes down and I am I mean in all seriousness. I definitely like I say they have a lot of friends that are. That are psychics and it's tough because you always wonder. Quietly reading the air there are they picking up I mean what it what is that getting here are trying Burris just tapping that happening naturally. And also become a thing weighs sometimes you feel and relate to you being sort of years. Envisioning your privacy even even if they're not trying. And I hit I don't going to try. But automatically there I need to just recently real fact I altered to use that about two weeks elect invited to a party with my heart and I walked into the house take up a lot of any cheap there I knew people had passed away in the air. And then I feel that the owner of the hall became ill Britney keep it seemed very polite they then I can't do something to catch him. And if the one now walk I had to get up and leave I mean literally had to go home to quit he drained my energy a 100%. And I had to face them again last week in of their entry B cry out. And apparently did he think she came from me. So yes it's extremely difficult so I her I don't know what's been near and legal or you know go close to. Different people or people respect me for that from people counted in typical it is our live. Yet has beer let's go to the phone mine's a spring in this is Elizabeth from New York. Elizabeth welcome to be on reality radio thanks for standing halt. Hi karaoke. Violet sedan hi Harry Debra. I'm good how are you this evening I'm nervous. Didn't he give you any debuted can't adequately met me on I I guess just you know whatever you offer me is good. Okay BB a little bit more specific. The only many don't wanna just give you run around the all important Yale I guarantee that you weren't going to puke. Quite a bit right now the way picking up. Teri cut decision on scene and not kill one market to but actually read road that you three can't that you need to think about taking. I. Okay. You'll realize the third one Terry Terry you know he'll if you have a question that you might ask me about what I'm feeling police still like popular out be quiet right now your road played very bumpy I want I want to see where it can lead you to the right side. Give up some pretty certain you welcome to hurt you very bad. In Korea yes you. Appear. But you know you don't pretend that you don't even have to have one. But it didn't pointing out connect can I ask you one question elicited the assembled around GOP PGA Kamel Ukrainian move I want you can on. You do you wonder if you need a change. I think so yeah. OK I feel very confident that I am pleased to take that change. I know that financially and looking at numbers like CNET tech coming around me who moved to. Slowly it's not right now OK I don't want to think over the next month if you expect me not gonna happen has. But it will happen and act into the shallow judicial eagle at the catch by web site please feel free to email me. Any question that you might add that we get into little little bit more a cat. And handle right now I see it I'm just take a deep breath. I've booked you do is slide into your time I will promise you go article so. A I'm sorry. Now like that I know you look Helen and I am gonna and you positive white light at my auntie I'm going to write at least I'll repeat you know. Apparent pan am I want to take that and if you believe in angels and carried Angel with you because from the very strong believer of angels are plan. All right keep better ran Q you'll you'll feel better and and I know that's not exactly everything that you need to hear this evening. But I got you know that they eat if only to clear up it will clear out and OK I just committed simpler question. At as long as they directory you ask your point I don't. Well what happened very act. This. Since I didn't know I had seen things turn things sold changes in the room didn't you know kind of where things. My and with a 130 year old house. I knew that it is an exciting move here. And but what happens recently was I got woken up in the middle of the night by two large banks. Everything seemed to be fine so I went back to sleep in light. Panics a vigorously for 34 in the morning I woke up again by two large bangs. Where does one of my mind. Kind of think well yeah well we can aid ink tanks are actually at time anyway. Yes. And so anyway what I started to do was to leave new audio recorder out. One in Alaska. Could I'm picking up all kinds of voices. I funded thing I Malin. And I got a lady I Donald Young lady I got a kid. On the crew actually. A small child and think boy. My dog was barking at something outside that gas and you could hear him whispered the dog he's parked in all the time. Black now via. Whisper but it's there. It's still the audio is extremely active. I got draw is opening slamming that don't belong to anything here so. I got like literally kind of him coming up here on our audio. With doors opening and slamming and this weird things so I was just wondering you know increasing talent thing we hear what they want what they needed. I'm not in I'm not inherently if you put high income people and Japanese police topic and remember the name Linda I don't know way to connect. Yes I don't know we just going to try and we feel. But he put it we'll try and if you OK on my head I write one deceased one won't want lined one don't. Well this is somebody who authority on the other side so we're gonna have to go within the one who who passed away. Elizabeth thanks so much for your call insuring those experiences sounds like you might even wanna get a apparel group in their do a little bit yeah an investigation and some work there. Let's even give one more phone call in here before we have to go to break this is and from Pennsylvania and welcome to the show. I'm behind I it was conditional thank you for taking my call. Think you polished well. Okay come BM great tight end or yes. Hi Debra I guess my world upside down. OK you have that I had and test site Kerry do four and I just don't know what to do my miles that situation. We pitted again you have to who he can't fly might like pets. OK and you don't realize how little parents expect took care for them hand them my world you know your pet absolutely deep. You can your children because they can't do what he actually can be actually achieve it diaper but if he breaks now theoretically down. I really don't know what to do my whole situation. Well he. I wanted to pronounce. At an at this clock right now a week I have to tell you that you don't change a peace he stayed there way. Now my hand picking up negativity I'm not sure it's coming from Yale. Or is somebody around you brought it into your house yeah when it came in hand part and Harriet and that's coming up here critic. And maniac about their situation and they. District Catholic I guess you could say yeah well I have to tell you that eloquent a good idea your best think can do right now to major home. Could get rid of this negative energy. I think that you're gonna I put salt around that's right tact stacked on the outside but what you need now to do and the inside is what I would do. I have the white meat the white seek debt around the door is an amount of ground on the window. Around yourself even believe leak. And any negative engine anyplace in the house that you know this person within. And I want you to get rid of for your negative energy say and read leaf all negativity she'd bring it the community make sure you can even teacher animal. I don't know Luxembourg. You could put it on the page and shall I'm sure the birdcage. She's Sheila thank Allah me. A cable thing you could do inanimate faith is nothing wrong about H. What and you put your crown them. You can SharePoint low around them he would I used to stick and I used to that. Okay and I even hate my own darkest Michael cook chief beer. So what I do that they just put the white smoke it's like smoked a comes not panic and they can clean car. Well what you buy it up now. You could lead to participate any metaphysical black if we're happy. Okay all online on Amazon I unique approach are I am not and I can't. Computer savvy with that any man can help coordinate storm by it. Yeah well not any particular still would have to meet like eight as spiritual metaphysical blah I don't know where you live. All blood if if you would email me and and I media can help you would think he would skinny lead entering. Uncle you'll have plainly there. You know. A by the way the website is psychic medium Debra it's DE BER eight dot com psyche media Debra got dot com and thanks for the call. We've got to run to a break here and when we come back we'll have more with Debra Hauser and it's beyond reality radio the phone receipt for four. 687766. It's beyond reality reading Jason Hart. I just keep trying lines are busy both tell you get through eventually tonight we're talking with Debra house men and we're gonna go. Right toward full minds again Debra let's bring in Susan from Kansas City Susan welcome to be on reality radio. Earnings I wanna be out there upper question. Now I and I'm make an edge. Change and going back to work and help perk for awhile should I just need to know that the right track. I need to do right now. Actually killing me is the correct yes he did take I knew that the decision that you had many. And I find not human feel better towards yet in the beginning I let you I find it's going to be a little rough for you. Are right because you're not used to it but keep your health and it. It's only you only know more than 46 weeks and that's not a lot once you start. So yes I want you to call back to work its part they've given up finding you're changing yourself. Hey how are younger and didn't expect not yet been prosecuted because you're very proud that curtain Egypt aren't sure. You know hats I can't thank you to simulate you know people can go that good. At a goodnight thank you Tuesday for the call from Kansas City let's go to. Sam in South Carolina Sam welcome to the show. Hey guys how they're gone I've ever. I can't tell you this evening. Our guests enjoying a lack of a bit of my lunch or nurture. Our. It until he had and where can't take what can you can't. I used to be very strong and powerful like yourself. Picked up. Actually around middle school for me. OK a lot of turmoil. Lot of turmoil at it and it seemed to. It seems to. Almost. Disappeared completely over the last ten years and I have a few of the earned better. Like yourself and they're like you have a flicker it there and it's it's just. Here's a miracle walker used to know what you wanted to how to how to units it would it will Alvin the issue and balances I. Yeah Alley or not they are vulnerable. Well right now that it can get it really get a goal weight basically what had happened in the back door. Okay not till if you need to if you wanted to perfect trap you can allow it to their sub predicting how many changes in his unit in your life. And the hair why it is why you're here having a problem if you can except that you have a gift like I had began. In by all means please bring it forth. Doctor like trying to start trying a little bit reading don't charge anybody that you strike on people. Just barely different people that you trust. And see where it goes if you if I don't know if you keep beard or not if he'd do I have Garrett. So you have a lot more than just grill burger he agreed to accept it accelerates. OK okay. Okay well you're you're you know you could protect yourself at Waco thing that you need to find a way I am very protective. So that nothing gets hacked me. Our I've spent the last two years working on and I've had one other question that it's so. I've been. Friend Ike came across three years ago I just wanna know what is so we'll turn. If you know anything. I am picking up that I find it negative any cheap not coming from helix coming from our I I feel that. She went through a lot and somebody has put their walloped right now. Okay arm in the last hour. She had that they have a ball around them meeting to try to break through maybe to Jeff issue. I don't want to political your friend it shall meet Italian not to do. Okay. Or below normal don't know where. It usually psychic ability. We you'll have to expand use it if you feel positive and you wanna they would dispersant I don't mean to work on if not gonna walk away and tried something. Sam thanks for the call from South Carolina appreciate that and we don't have enough time staying up to call here before the break Deborah but I do wanna ask you kind of related to Sam's car there. Some people with your abilities you can about thirty seconds here has said that everybody has a little bit this in them it's just a question of how they develop and how they use it did you believe that. Yes they do I do. Get it Cunningham on the radio quite a bit here in Florida and a lot of people created and these may yet. We all have that it happened when he's in a lot of people are afraid like I look at the kid growing up. Bloodied is there and it only if they wanna recognize. And in this fifteen. Fifteen seconds here do you is there any danger and somebody practicing or using these abilities if they don't know what they're doing. It can be very dangerous thing have to be careful political content and what that at what you're saying directly I hate doing around people who they control. Before approaching and it is strange. Then you open yourself up the got to be prepared for that some are we're gonna take quick break more to come louis' Jason NG GMB I'm really really. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. It today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare. Harris yeah. Scandalous enhanced power between load can be honor really eerie you myself and Jason cause they always awesome GP Johnson. Another our heartfelt shout out to our Brothers and sisters in Texas that are suffering from the some unbelievable natural disaster and we do encourage. Anybody who's has the propensity to want help. Two do it and anyway they can we recommend either the Salvation Army the American Red Cross she can go either of those web sites and click right on a linked to you donate and contribute directly to the relief efforts in Texas and other parts. That have been affected by idea hurricane Harvey it's an unbelievable disaster it's unfolding in front of our. Very eyes it's continuing its not over yet the worst is yet to come and our hearts go out to everybody is affected by it. Yet to actually deal with places you know it's sad to say but in and the tragedy like this a lot of people will set up. Certain web sites and everything and make it seem like the donations are going to help that help well the people in need and they're not so. Please just pay attention to who who you're donating to and so forth one thing I do wanna do. I wanna get my daughter Hayley the big shout out today is her birthday happens it definitely against an hour an hour ago and social and our minority but anyways. Happy birthday alien levee Selma to she simply must listen to the show am I hope she's sure she works for an event so probably not so she downloads it in the morning listens to work outside and sometimes we get at a so happy birthday and don't yes nearly man happy birthday and I love you so much so. Aren't married so odd couple things remind you tomorrow night Scott Harris will be joining us will be talking about his innate ability to tune into people at different levels of communications. We're gonna be talking about how he does that what that gift is and now it helps him understand people and then Thursday night. A life your book colts and Ed louder from apex paranormal will be joining us there out of Kansas City they're gonna talk about. There are investigations will also have James Brown the third he's an author he's got a couple books. That are coming out that are pretty cool to wanna talk about he'll be armed on part of the program Thursday as well. Absolutely so machine to an end. And every Friday is a best of beyond reality reduce you download the showed us a favor. It just rated forest where we wanna get those numbers up on and it's being downloaded incredibly admin tens of thousands times today we greatly appreciate that. But just rated first results push a Ford makes it easier for people fine. Our guest tonight is Debra Hauser and she's a psychic medium her website is psychic medium Debra that's DE BRA Debra dot com. You can visit there and find out more information about all the work she does it ever again thanks for joining us. Our phone lines are just a melting years so we're gonna continue to take phone calls for you sets okay. That's wonderful and I think OK let's go to this is Jody in Colorado Joseph beat welcome to be on reality radio. Our thank you for taking my call you welcome what's on your mind. I I can I do I'm not real dark compared is that. It for you got on tonight so I. Didn't have any Christian god and it worked or not. You could I know what's going on. Britain lick me yeah. Can you try to be a little bit more specific because that the general question and I'd like to keep you meeting more like everything except. You mean of all the different things happening around you right now that what you want it now. And Lauren. More apt okay. Could he could I have to tell you that you aren't very good place right now. Caught him kicking I am picking up there. He's picking up a lot of productivity around Q you lock and it's very quickly I want you to remain where you are and what you are doing in your life. It billion changes happening and when they do it going to be positive I am picking up two positive people around you. One of them is definitely a female I don't know this geek friend or family member. Wouldn't ask a cake and the next morning I believe that any kind and you could have to help them. I well I'll. I thought you might be in the practice and doing that right now I'm not really short moment than content you. Parent of the way that you're in right now you're going to be able to help that person. Are okay. Okay did that make you feel a little better. Or your. Season where you want because it's positive so I I'm really glad that you keep calling. Thanks thanks for the call typical dirty we appreciate it let's go to on the C this is Serra in Massachusetts Cerro welcomed the show. Good evening thank you I'm in a quandary as to which way to go with treatment. Medical treatment and I'm wondering if you can't can share any. And ointment there. Well I'm sure I'm sure Deborah will be able to I just wanna say any time anybody has medical issues make sure that anything you do is under the guidance and supervision of your medical professional OK your doctor but led several. Yes absolutely thank you for saying that the senior and do you keep Egypt changed occupy a change in medication and I think something like that right. Well I'm in the middle of trying to decide whether to go. With. The previous doctors or. I knew or one. Actually I cannot and only cook I can tell you that I can pick somebody deal in professional coming TU. And with different answer three years it's gonna make you feel better I didn't see a lot of questioned him on a cool you're using. Like he's that you have to go who you feel more comfortable with. Who is going to help peel. Philippine need to stay where you want a Wii you what I feel that it's time for reducing change you need one more opinion I feel that will make your head feel a little bit. You know well. Yup that's it 98 it's not easy what you're going and I'm sorry that you are suffering at this point. I'm OK I mean not I'm doing pretty well you know mentally at all that I'm just confused as to whether or should. Take the left wrote on the right road at the fort here. Well you Rappaport and and asked me telling you it's a cheer me one little changed but now and again even your old optically and particularly different medication. Yeah but what if we did it's time for the change golfer and don't be afraid Chris that nothing is that negative or picking up okay. Or anything else you want to add to that. I only wish you the definite win at Indy car for the white light would advocate he decides choose great thank you so much. Sarah thanks so much for the call Sarah let's go to. Phoenix I believe in Chicago Phoenix Open the show. All right guy thanks for having me I even though when all that you don't welcomes. I'm gonna take Kai thank you so much. My I have two questions and their vote. I have I have many options in front in the and a completely computer to actually return. One at regarding my living situation and the other regarding what. Well the living situation to counter immediately the state where you're at the present time. And the employment is killing me at a time and you change once you make a change you'll be able to change your your living situation. Raul OK okay if you understand where I think you know our outgoing like that I will again nipple and both from him alcoholic and have been a positive way for you what you need to go week to change with the jobs aren't. OK for employment and then I want you to go right the F and I mean immediately what you'd go right after the living it's you know on the changing. Yeah I'm at apple got the legislature a little bit more cynic Phoenix took a little bit. And you lie hacked. If you can make it out of here before it starts to now I'm in Chicago which is that it's pretty real electric and pick a peaceful country Kanye. Chicago you got a weaker to at least ten. It's. A stretch it to ten days. I have had eloquently well so I'd have a very unusual Mike Green lit really weird vertigo for the past week. And it is very unusual view. Pick up any about fatter. I'm not picking up anything negative. I am picking up that this something and they re Karl again it looks like perish stress related that I feel is a now about a decade now but I'm not taking anything negative so I'm up and helps you. That's okay thank you all learned to. African. Thanks for the call Phoenix let's go to. Must see here this is Susan in Kansas City schism in the show. What. You glance where he is. Right now cart girl I've. Worked cannot. So I I don't and it didn't hear this area was not. Great aunt what I would I'd be our hero and I'll do it without going into HL. It when he picked out about the situation. And what it adding. That really compromise at. And it debuted situation. Court I think it prix years and I did it really difficult. And he. And he. It should victory acting. As. Attack yeah I'm a deal he had Ronald. Much trot and what happened and I'm really care about and that he means that it would I. I'm an article I would. And you know I didn't want to help that they can and he's not quite right or he does that really wanna get therapy anymore. I'm just hoping for a panic I help me. Help that kid great kid. He currently he's the great kid and I have to tell you he's having issues which which is ranked at school peer group around picking up. Yeah right I right and and that's what I am feeling. It's accountability it is showing me daddy you should look they were professional help. I don't eat and and I believe may be with. Speaking maybe a counselor at school to guide him in the right direction. I don't want him I don't want to get back to anyone that he hit her I find that he's he's angry at himself right now. Again everything can it then being. Terrible and I am here and I don't eat yeah turtle that he couldn't art and that believe the ball. And that's what he's saying he could he think he did wrong he's not at wrong. Unfortunately he had a card he look like mentally he didn't know what was right or wrong over the years. But it is telling me that you need to act on it and they have to be more professional. And people you could do could I don't want him to be some retribution update. He would have been hit I know you love him very much and yet I don't think it's gonna take a little bit more time might be county something about school. So if he need to talk to somebody at school that could help I need your right direction to go to right now. And get involved in the evening at thirteen under for it to get dragged into court. Out of that I didn't I didn't permit ears out and they don't like it when I walk it. Eligibility and I don't I have. I had maybe he can just. Talk to somebody else but what she tracked because if somebody via I feel that he could be bullied and I don't want people what he might be doing a bowling and I don't want that I. Right Susan thanks so much for the call from Kansas City and you know always maintain that professional has ever said keep their professional. Guidance involved in their particularly if you're concerned about his safety. Let's see we have time actually know let's take one what's up let's go to break and we'll take some more calls we come back. And phone numbers 8446877669. And told freed 8446877669. You listen to Jason TV. I'm beyond really do reading you right back after the. Show beyond reality radio again phone numbers are 8446877669. We've got a lot of people on hold gonna try to get their release calls with our guests Debra -- Debra. The phone's ringing off the hook we're just gonna keep going if that's okay we view. That count it felt sorry let's go to this is faith in New York they faith welcome to beyond reality radio. Hello. I was just wondering at. My cousin got like three years ago and now I have strange things happening in my house that night. Like turning Arnott and on doors opening and closing out honored that. You'd think she tried to communicate with me in a way. Are you speaking you can hire if you look picture or something materialistic that's the first question I need to ask you. I get to Wear a locket around my neck alternate. Ter than that and that's why I think that he is around you because I feel that before she collectively it would end like this in the activity happening she passed. Yeah you know. And that in and what I'm feeling it said. And materialistic issues that the Lockett is what brings you close to with. Com she's not getting hurt you she could get hot she's not gonna harm you in anyway she got a guy Q just continue to talk. I you'll be okay you don't even need to feature hall could pick continent and it she'd adding there. Okay. Did hook that make you feel that you have another question about that do you dream about her death I did want to ask you. Yes all the time we play at least spent years at air track temperature only thirteen year old. Right and well you know she and the opinion today treatment a convicted he can dream she can keep it all real or shall keep you on that could be called an allegation during. There's no doubt any of guiding you especially at night what things that you're going through. And you present mine so yes you are very positive thinking around you called on to that like here you will be able to communicate with an even more. Okay thank you. Thanks for the call tasteless. Yet let's go to Vince in Missouri Vince welcome Michelle. Or it's. I'm doing other leaders of incidents don't take it on speaker phone if you would and demonstrating. What are cabinet cabinet cabinet in the senate. Since it's on month. Our auditorium Hillary and drummer. OK I can't be happy to give you meeting is there a specific area that you like it'll name. The past. As charmer. Casting their Legos. Something that you can't and I had created because to me to and I'll be able to function. Robbery. And the program was started president in my mind as the president and yet the president. My task seems to keep creeping up on made. And third deranged. Or do you regard that our. I'm not sound slightly whatsoever but I do know I can regular person within three seconds I can tell they're good or bad. Our CID or around the. And I actually during this like I. For me I'm stuck like in the past so. They're more you know and that all through your piece and that you stuck your pants. Would ultimately what. It could all three dreams that you feel like you're stuck. Well me and my dream yeah how they're always and you are remember ever dream or 9 o'clock to write down on and carry it. Just. It's like it's always from the past here delighted to hear some kind of get what got me. What I'm picking up on use there is no closure to something that has happened viewing your tea. And it is very hot do you treat Lisa. If you can give people of closure and finally let go you might be able to move forward but right now you're still in denial. And that flight the creep up on you know. I'd like you to try to just put closure to would have helped happening in the past. And Eugene culpable calmed down a little bit and it Eugene cultural and look like you to the next level that you meet today. Cassette is that helped you a little bit contrite needn't. Appreciation on there's just so that pastors should just keep walker army at heart and I can't accept what what they won't let anything in and Jake. Right now the negative energy bill we try to relief and put the closure on a certain things that you do remember. And you'll be able bankable onto that next stage of your life. All right so from there we're gonna have to take a break he'll listen and Jason JPM beyond though and. And thank you also toward guests to ever house men we've had a flurry of phone calls phone activity people look. And get their readings from. Deborah who's a psychic medium by the way the web site if you wanna find out more about devers work his psyche comedian Debra psychic medium Debra DE BRA. Dot com endeavor to say no I tried to call it four times in javy wouldn't take my fifth it. It's just it's totally unprofessional of him and it just so we were having an out during break him land animal I don't know foresaw a credit check on him now I don't do that please don't do it. Yes that we wish the bad for Islam a mold no no dirty Diana annoyances that might tell you don't go there either neither one is there all limits let's Oscar get yet let's go to this is Jenny I believe in Florida welcome to the show. Thank you. And if I Carney. I have. They should rely so much. More questions yes. Yeah. I wonder if it is give me in general meeting in terms of what do you see. Me dealing in a way of it is selling my residence. Sort of persevere actually leaving to pound. Or do antidote take care of my mother's two hours away your delight. He's seen me staying where I am now on taking care of my boyfriend has extremely ill on torn between the two they both need help. And just can't combine it. Right now. While polite and picking up loved fumble and I know how much you care that had me I see he's not well. They feed that you love and need your help all while it's shown me not to take the blue chips yet. And if you do what you might have to be Mac right in the middle pre could take care both. I know yeah why not I know you warn not to people. But I'm wolf I have to tell you that you need to start can you carry yourself it's telling me that you're you're starting to Wear down quite a death. It being sworn into a different direction. So before you could take care of your mom and take care you boyfriends or people the Albany chaired the lower. You need to look at guarantee carry yourself. In my Brothers putting a lot of get thank you for about my Brothers putting a lot of guilt on me he lives in the near my mother and it's getting to be too much on hand. I guess so I don't know and I really taking it very hard that he. You know if you have had the ability and a mind your boyfriend. You bring you quickly to market to William mommy can you bring appointment or petroleum comments. Not practically now without both moving enter our. Which I okay now. I'll sit there. They don't really get nice balance a little difficult and he's got carried on anti. And I don't want you to give up on him because they do pick up that rugged territory shock. But I hope repeated impression that you're getting from you brother but I have to tell you that if you don't start taking care of yourself known. You're not going to be able to take care of anybody. And I do I can find a lot of stress on you on you know on I have to be honest. No it's true we have been right on there is it very difficult. To look up less and I hope I can help you in another time. I think you what I appreciate very much step that would be great thanks a idiot and you. Right thanks for the call from Florida let's go to. This is Ed in Indiana Ed welcome to the show. In thank you for taking my call on the big failure Carol actor I've got a question about I am tired network art and I listen to your show every night and wondered. Cores in my future. I'm you know be able to travel some time. You know and it's showing me how he's gonna say it's time people start traveling it's killing me it's time to finally let Al. And people enjoying it like you've been holding back in an area of your life. Here Billick now. So and so now it's kind he can start doing what you wanna do I do you think that you need it real gallantly having your mind. And I know you presented them. But now they're the kind of direct effect take care. OK. Okay don't be if it becoming don't be afraid of this. Squarely at their money here in the acute worker. What are an absolutely but you don't have to do this all the time this could be the once a year if they worked quite the year. It changed telling me that it's pointing in the direction it's time to make it different changes in your life. How they'll OK so just take it clearly is got everything now the county numbers I do see that. There. Could take care of that situation and see what the frustration did you enjoy your life a little bit more could you been holding back at many area. OK. Okay no carrier workout video. Yeah I have had brought here at one final piece of advice before you go don't hold back I'm listening to beyond reality radio that's something that. Yeah that's personal are now in order Coke. Showed him on TV or give us your program rather explode. He I'm I'm working on some stuff right now so I can't say much but yeah absolutely but thank you for the call and yet make sure you keep on tuning in. Yes thank you very much Ed OK let's see if we've got time for another one this is Joshua in Louisiana and Joshua are you being affected by Harvey. I didn't mean that's tough down there as he has all night. Or Roma. And they had. I cash how are you I have been doing pretty good thank you very or answering. Certain. Well potential patent is sure. Oh we lost Joshua and I think I think that it Joshua if you listen Caltech and no and happened there. Very strange Mikey yeah yeah hopelessness in the duke disturb Joshua called back if if if I'm nit I don't know what's going on OK but while we're waiting here I didn't wanna ask you question because one of the things you make my point of Debra on your website is saying that you don't deal or work with the dark side. And my question I mean demonic forces are excesses and did something happened along the way that that means you make that to stay. Absolutely. About two years ago I had an old account for men and that's why I've come in my house. And the like his knee clean out my husband he car. And I was thinking deputy cryptic on him. And he says that somebody gave him as a very bad Kurt angle would indeed they are heavily. He came community and what he asked me was to do what exorcism on him. And I told him that I am not. And dealing on the Dark Knight. So did you did you have an encounter or something that they've made Jew. You know decide that that was something you did not want to mess with or did you just don't understand from the beginning that you know this is something you should play with. Well because they do paranormal I would I personally what to pack. And from an entity itself. While filming off well and that's where it all started and so that's why I don't wanna deal with anything meant to Monica not at the knowledge you. And but I do respect ones that are in and they'll look that they have to go to an issue. So I try to keep my house Terry Allen. Almighty beating a period light on people be people positive energy. And I cannot do election system that's just not me and especially after what happened in the Copley ethical. As being insensitive it's sort of opens up the camera warms trying to get all the mattresses and especially dealing demonic threat entity. I can IDC it's definitely not EC and being attacked was not an easy thing I looked Michael psychic ability. Because of that when I had this dark and can be a you know come excited they could I fault I I push myself on. And make you not to open up to like if you don't know what toll opening up China open but the collective complaint connection. Yeah. OK let's on this bus if we bring Joshua beckoning Joshua you with a I don't know what happened there. A part of I think the from the rest of the ubiquitous. Solution question. Our question local artists say that I had similar experience whatsoever. Growing up with a lot of could do things happen. Early childhood. Of the bat. Held eighty there well my meant to racial about it. And I was able to hold an assist others are just wondering at that very there's anything like it is. Read from. Mean in my experience that started out I mean. And current correction. Well I am taking up that you're sensitive at picking up that you uncle Gary empathetic you pick appealing to emotions of people. So what now the next step Joshua that I need you to do is have followed through. Secret I do feel that you have part of the gift and I feel that you could start taking care of other people don't be afraid of right and I don't think he won't be afraid of it. Well no I really cannot I don't think cue Lar to some reading tea and talk to spear. And just complete picture on it on like I I kid you always do research all the time on how likely improve my. Sophie where you compile an email me maybe I can guide you in the right direction could I want you to take care indicate that you have. And care. Right so you know you can be in touch me feel for. Stay safe out there. Yeah thanks Joshua let's go to. Lisa Kansas City Lisa welcomed the show. Hello pink ilk I have just a few questions term corporate Khatami who. Sits on my hand at the end of my dad Maria. In hand I would awake when Roenick. And I felt so bad go down and then I cared Lugar like Pete back and forth and protecting my feet lifting the cup. I am taking up a male image somebody that passed around you. OK okay at this very strong male have you tried to call acting. Yet. Okay and did you get a reply back did you feel for the would be QUI. Agent and I know they are you in an op. And and it's not because now you're acknowledging what do you do what you're looking at a bit of a prankster. And I mean nobody you'd think and if nobody gets hurt you I feel that you're always guiding Tokyo. And every a look at you don't feel the cup on your leg she can actually be a little hole in your side. Even something around your faith that they bring it up to mean something about the idea say. Play her neck area so I don't know what that's about. Bill don't be afraid continue to call me names say okay at small nation feel comfortable what he's doing there is nobody the attacker. Arianna lava could Cabrera put it to Nevada candidate unless I am so well clearly I'm not negativity let me. I'm parlor and I think at least we know that's not negative energy so that's good rhetoric I had a question right now. On your health. Remember. I have to say that your help I Kiley took a back next time on for talent you know. I felt that united at a place China that you were six and nine months ago. I want you to stay where you want I am not let anything till bit but. Can you please help me out something about the upper party by you reading all your your your throat and daddy upper part of your body. How would that really did what their proper and I went stage four colon cancer. I'll play but conceived and that's this week. You had state and you have actor for piper. For three years he has OK and you'll you'll continue to stand apnea but I need to know why am picking up a something about your greeting I don't know what that is. Earlier than surgery and the eleventh I mean it has to do about it. I want you to another company will be watching a preview day you'll be fine. Okay in one Mark Anderson he's loading creature. Not anytime in the near future. It showed me that I need to get your health that we need to know. In about two to three years that I want you to take into consideration about a bowl that you need to take but he you're not ready for that shift. I. Just don't they don't aren't you have our best wishes also for the surgery to place yes. Absolutely Lisa thank you so much listen to fill one more call in here and know we have a bunch people on hold it on paper going to get to all of them this is Debbie from Missouri to be welcome to the show. I love your show I had to rent from another Democrat. I get there and I did be hell where you. I'm I'm OK I do you have had a couple of questions. And I'd been told that I have a gap. And I'd get. Feeling. It really really strong feelings but they seem to be more item of a global nature then. People that I know if that makes any sense it makes a lot of sense because kids can go a little direction. And I think it's kind of wondering if you sentinel thing or seen anything about that at all. It just shows me that it's going to be apart if you like it looks like he's going to be taking that committee places. But don't be afraid when you start feeling John keeping talent and he can get a pattern and if it. I pray I don't think it Jake it's not a cake and yeah I and I have an unfortunately. It. It manifests itself whenever something's. Bad is going to happen. I could say you pick up on catastrophe QP company and you don't know how to react on it won't happen. Right exactly and and it type I am I feel. It's like man I wish I could get pinpointed so I can help produce something or warned some line right and what Italy and then you can't really bad the last. Well this whole year. And I didn't know I can definitely count you out has yet we've we've had so much. Bad things happen with our animal no last this year. And I think that maybe that might have something to do with the united can get rid of that negative energy I think I need a cleansing. I'm personally got a call for the Clinton thinks if you don't want to do it seems he could on your local psychic medium will come into the cranking like idea. OK so I don't know what I'm really I'm slightly India is not. It's not taken is not my imagination that's good if not your imagination but unfortunately you can't take it anywhere. Which makes it very typical couple creaky it'd be carrying around that that which you for a very very long time. Thanks again thanks for the call Debbie am sorry I got a country offered his running out of time here. I wanna see if we can sneak in one more this is going to be a quick one this'll be Zach. From. See sex in Kansas City as well Zach welcome to show it's going to be quick and here. The way it's neck and neck and makes cedar. And I'm back and neck. We will quick out umbrella and like ten to fifteen years old. I still in the locker room by polar. Type two and and parent group our problem that you know. Seeking employment and no doubt that I checked in to get as had been laid off for two or three weeks mr. not father Hector. Since 95 the prayer for a little bit more. Understanding here in the have a good support system they're forming there are you have so child at. It was the third child my mother father bought their tool to have and so I'm going to be your grandmother motion type situation on its. You know it's been so much energy and you should enjoy the truth I don't you know like to forget losses I don't. You know and forgo all relate you know I understand that we cleared from what we couldn't do a bit. Just tired you know on me. Sounds like you had your I don't want to get up I get your hands held. I'm Debra just when you know you're about thirty seconds. OK I don't want to give up on anything. Unfortunately that I don't think it in left field and I want to sustain the pit they want and state as confident as you can't please. You're speaker important. Or I wanted to try to seek employment again yes. All right thanks Max thanks for the call so much and thank you everybody server to get to all the calls. Quickly Debra give your website out again and and you know someone has to say good bye to run time. Absolutely it's www. I pick median Deborah DE PRE dot com. Feel free to email me I do falling leading I keep my cost down they are full one hour. Feel free to ask me any question that you want right in my web site and I know that it chilling right on your web site. Yeah traditionally thanks Olivia again makes them on. Thanks so much for being here and take a break we'll come back to wrap things up it's. Eon reality reading Jason GB. Welcome back and show not reality radio thanks to Deborah Houseman for joining us taking all those phone calls already get to everybody just happens and it's like this yeah he's just he can't but definitely a big shout outs Debra me she tune in tomorrow or and we talked with Scott Harris who has the innate ability to create an instant report with people in tune in to different levels of communication. Some great shows there if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like FaceBook page for us. And head over to beyond reality radio dot com Rican final agree stations we Iran you can also download the free android and iPhone app crater which allows you to listen additional long ago lives and catch past episodes and also join me online chat to do download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just rated for us. 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