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Is your home killing you? How can you make your home a healing environment?

Aug 31, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome builder Scott Harris to talk about the toxic nature of our homes. Can the very things we think are bringing us comfort actually be causing us harm? Scott offers solutions to those problems and discusses his building projects that have resulted in nearly self-sufficient homes that produce their own energy and other resources. 8/31/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Wednesday on the West Coast there's stand still spinning your second between welcome to be unreality revue with myself Jason mostly always awesome GG on. You know how they say that you on and are contagious. That's what some of the vehicle but December beyond in the chat room and of course it was just I know that there was hope that Don. And Ed I did to somehow like I caught it and dispose yawning district for the thing I'd I don't normally do good for the show starts but I think I we've just proven that yawning evenhanded in its in written form is contagious. Commodity taking your journal. Dots per drink your insurer by sky skipped all that stuff that's right yeah I think you use the last dividends it. Probably what I think it's a welcome to be unrelated radio everybody it's if you haven't yet makes you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page but you can head to be on reality radio dot com where you can find any any of the great stations we are across the country. Return on the website you can also. Click the listen live to join me online chat where you can listen to the show as well. Great community people America or you can download the free iPhone and android app and set free iPhone and android app. Which illogical socialized catch past episodes and also join me online chat if you. Yeah I got my chance great place to be a lot of great people when they're in the I have a lot of fun but they also. I talk about the topics that we're talking about the provide some insight ask questions a million other random thing yeah a lot of random things sometimes our guests outlawed in the chat as well we'll take questions during breaks too great place to be in as a very easy to join. On tonight we're going to be talking with Scott Harris and Scott is a builder actually. Scott if specializes in how homes that. He'll. As opposed to homes that make you sick and to help explain the difference to us. He's worked with a lot of people including a Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. I'm an actor Ed Begley junior and many many others his his designs and his building. Standards are a second to none. And are we talking about all that stuff with him. Tomorrow night we've got the apex paranormal group joining us in addition to James Brown the third who is an author so I antenna. Hit the outside or are there going to be. Monday of course is a holiday Friday is a best of show Monday's holiday it'll also be a best of show and then Tuesday we have us Spencer Lee joining us from the BBC easy be talking about rock and roll Elvis Presley The Beatles and a lot of pop culture stuff. And the interest and talk with Scott tonight specially as a plumber for rotor which you have some civil plumber for rotor. I will I work and a lot of new construction homes and or unconsciously running whether it's exploit being harmed our PVC year copper lines. Your entire home so it's in the interest and find out what part homes to see some other. Some other areas of your house that you'll never really Seton. And sort of interest you see what he's talking about with what's making you sick because a lot of people see like a pressurized fluid and then things like that now can leave because they've chemicals a moment. Wendy's for old from parts come. And the chemicals. Deteriorate over time to make gases that your breathing and there's a lot of lot of comes down to that actually happens with rocks and everything else to Cisco is a lot of people around him don't know that's a Alan that's all I regret things I think were all meant to live outdoors and now I'm in ninety peas or something I mean that's probably the only healthy way to do it. Mohamed dignity it sucks during a rain and storms this insensitive timing oriented indeed survive forever. So yeah but scuttle a little detail the difference for us when we get them on a little bit so do you care about this. Crazy mystery missed. Now while this strange missed sickened at all these beach goers in England. And visitors to the beach in England became sickened and on Sunday after mysterious chemical fog drifted in over the popular tourist spot. The strange incident which occurred along the burrowing GAAP beach left nearly 150. People needing medical attention. After the on cloud enveloped the area. Som the unlucky individuals found themselves in the mr. reportedly suffered from severe burning sensation in their eyes. As well as nausea and troubles trouble reading. Despite the powerful nature of the fog witnesses to the event seem to struggle with placing exactly what it might have been. With some saying a small small mostly burning plastic well a suggested list chlorine. And authorities are now they're perplexed. By the event investigators are wondering what caused it. There's really nobody has any idea so it's still being checked into but tests strange mystery fog just appeared in a dissipated as quickly as showed up. Yeah I mean that's always concerning. Especially this image yet you never know what would it could be in in the zone there's there's always a fear that there's a terrorist stood component to something like that or there is a you know North Korea component to something like that. Are you just don't know anymore and when something like that comes through in the in a hundred people get sick. Missed so that there's a good reason to be concerned Munich could who knows who's a cement can be trying to test something test an agency would it doesn't matter. This test us an agent hasn't test response time test all that all these different things. So it staff for an alert for little fearful I was actually from the BBC. And the interesting to see what comes out of that what they find now put. And it's just it's crazy I mean it QQB it's assisting in nature such a terrifying situation. And I've seen people do that gym work and something happens and there instant reaction is to panic or assume the worst. And you know lead strategist and pure chaos really don't. Yes and that and that alone can cause problems. Not just stood individually but you know contribute Beasley can spread panic and spread like wildfire. Our own yellow hopefully we'll get to the bottom that he sees you know what's happening there regional keep our eyes open for more information speaking of keeping your eyes open. Many of us were looking up at the sky earlier in the months when Nomo 21 it was one we had via. Solar eclipse it was called the great American clips and no good chuck the United States had to. Full. Path of totality and had to solve the the the full. Effective and eclipse well there's another event meant to be happening in the sky this one isn't going to be quite as spectacular. For people to view but it is something that is quite interesting anyway the largest asteroid in more than a century is going to pass Earth's. On September 1. And these asteroids of this size this one's about two and a half miles. Long or wide. You know becoming too close to the earth at a distance of about four point four million miles which may sound Michael lot. Prefer an object that size in space that's pretty darn close. Media and it's you said it's two and a half three miles on to its two point seven miles wide. So it's it's it's it's a no hit yet something hits it would be catastrophic it Democrats are stone NASA says this is this is just keep in mind a car sized asteroid hits the Earth's atmosphere about once a year and an asteroid that size burns up. In the atmosphere before reaches the ground. About every 2000 years or so I mean Euro in the size of a football field it's fierce personal cause significant damage on its every 2000 years or so and then. Once every few million years an object large enough to threaten Earth's civilization comes along and obviously to unseat one of those thankfully. But we are at risk of it every few million years. Outages and when was the last or on. So obviously I'd say it's OC knows when the dinosaurs became extinct that's when leading theories anyway. Man so it definitely there but this one. The one that's gonna going to be passing on September 1 is not nearly that size it won't be close enough to do you have any real effects on the yours but tell it is something Manassas watching very closely to study puts you understand a two and a half miles wide that thing news. It's she's a tenth of my state yeah. That's good exits and massive rock road map and it's a NASA for the other talking about mining on the newscasters are talking about being able to win on them with the things there that is via the medals and so forth yet I haven't them calling out some of the resources from these things I guess there are many of them are very very rich in resources mime mighty mice concern is when they start doing things like that undermining their dating. This thing breaks up or anything happens now now we do have pieces coming towards via beer because they shifted its. It's direction the united that's a threat might might fall was always OK if you keep bringing things to the Earth's. Doesn't that eventually change the mass of the earth enough that it's gonna mess of the orbited the earth I mean that's something that's always concerned me. Mean analyze it would take it a lot of eaters they would take too long but you know mood okay. Our phone numbers 844687769. Units so freely for four. 6877669. We're gonna take a break when we come back more you listen to Jason Giambi on pilot and a. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A greater fast if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare con is pleased to it. They're all there generally hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a read collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dot com that spirit car. It today scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled Hillary's GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary kind. RL. Radio Jason campaign dinner on a receipt for 46877669. We will can you call and be part of our. Discussion as we get ready to bring our guest in. Tonight we'll be talking with Scott Harris were piece of builder. Heat builds healing homes he builds innovative homes he's got quite a resume his work with the a number of very very interest in people and it's been be released really in recent discussion. Yes it is and have sodium make sure you have you got a question 8446877669. Tall freed 8446877669. Our let's bring in our guest Scott Harris again Scott thanks for joining us from beyond reality really is great to have you on the night. Thank you guys thank you both very hungry. So we've got to start from the beginning here scud renewed the show new to our audience tell us a little bit about yourself what you do why you do it how he got there. Now from the very beginning when I was five you know let's let the medicine was completely Exxon hours seriously where we start. It I don't it's it's and death from people I guess united literally did start as a child just at it was a neat for me that just of people create. Habitat because the home night lifted practiced it still call it didn't feel like it ever heal it tonight. I somehow believed that if I can create habitat. From myself that would make my life better it make my family help health the year nick I'm happier. And I I just had this belief that somehow. The environment. A fax. Your psyche. And so that's been my dream I can tell you I started at six years old and the casing off the window trying to fix that albeit let chips and mine is eating. But. I've been doing it ever since I haven't stops that's a little long tunnel they held him. So as a child viewers you were thinking about. What can damage your home might be doing to you and you wanted to solve that problem by the time you had a Stanley deliver and home of your own. And I was catching frogs is a child so I'm I'm I'm trying to think how does a child a even even start thinking that way that's something that seems very very. Four and was there an event in your life that means you start thinking then. It wasn't you know. It it just it was more of an innate thing I mean I don't know if it when a credit standing order you know sometimes the parents that was due to misbehaving they have to shed in a corner. And you know I was a kid that would stand in the corner and at look at it ditches ought to be that it wasn't square. It I was hooked it up the walls and elect. The help that the drywall and hear the clusters horrible this is just to Syracuse is that they're thinking somehow it the quarters were square. It drywall is smoother and a half Euro I wouldn't be here in this corner so there wasn't really. I mean I kind of grew up in a lonely life because nobody. Wanted to write looks. I used to go outside and when it's like seven trying to find water thought that nick found out I was going all around the back yards adept at such a culture water on. I was trying to figure out ways to invent electricity so it's stuck yelling about the costs relating so. You know. It was something I just did tighten up all the kid throughout their note jumping fences going to player. Basketball hoops I was jumping over the construction fence and to set my wallet share to do this it's just been something innate for Rick. Well Scott as as a person who spends a lot of time in age from and so I go camping I'll take off on a week excursion into the mountains just China's rivals to win and I can tell you that. I never felt this whole thing is I do when I'm campaigning when amount nature. And of course when you get in the house it really really it affects your psyche is sort of an affection in effect shoes there. Now does it affect you physically as well hidden does that because I when I'm home I'd I don't feel as alive as I do when I'm outside dealing with X. Absolutely I mean I think the percentage of time that we assume and species. Been in the worse is approximately 92%. Of your life. You know when you factor in your car here and how's your work you're shopping mall on what's happening as you know I don't think our bodies they're not meant to incite structures. These structures are aren't easily but they're. The structures that we're living in. Part of so many chemicals and so much off gassing up and here's what happens you know if you're not feeling well where you go. You go hole you go to your pit. You go lay down and you don't realize that your 98 balls are made it then the F off gas you don't realize there's a little bit of you know. Mole that was in the room that's just kind of breaking down a little bit. And people in our society I believe forgot what it's like. The live an environment where you're supposed to be healthy. We're supposed to be happy in it has such an impact on people graders we did a house for Aetna Rachelle Beckley. On. And one of the things that record Irsay and it just was wonderful to hear she said. You know I come in my house. I can take a fresh breath of air and I've never been able to say that. Walking into a house and so there's certain techniques and things you can do put the way the homes are built the day it's only a number hurting us you know I think they're actually making a sick economic healthy. Well as a plumber by trade today and it's I've seen some of the worst areas of homes and I've seen that in the things that a lot of people don't design. I'm running backs piping or or copper PVC 3000 and of course. That stuff gives off chemicals well. And site I've seen some of these errors so I know you talked about and I've seen what mold can do just that little drip from the dishwasher. Or the washing machine that people don't realize. And creates this whole life this whole creation of life. Behind us and it is dark area which people don't realize can kill you makes specially black mold that gets in your lungs and in the things. It's too it's just it's disgusting. Yeah and and there's ways that you can we here's what's happening basically you know and in some ways we think this discussed in the attraction replicating what's at the nature. I know you know the way that mold works is it's an organism that has every right. It's it that you offer of cellulose material. On likes it dark moist place and it's great for breaking down in your card. That's where it is. Oh what happens is these almost because people don't have the awareness. Is that they're using drywall that Scott paper. So papers basically hold the same thing has broken down. You know mulch on the outside your house works for him and then you make it dark you recreate the environment what do lite deal. At a drop of water. And blown it blossoms it's like gremlins out there becomes a whole ecosystem unto itself there could cut as the advertisers families that beyond families to see everything black all the actually at its nose goes black to white black to white guys that bulls actually not dangerous until it dies that's on the mile talks come out. All right hold on hold I would ask Doug as we'll get into this whole thing we had to take a quick break but. Weren't as a lot to governor you listen to Jason NGV and beyond reality review will be right back after this. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond reality radio the numbers each. 44687766. And I were talking with Scott Harris tonight he's a builder. He knows a little bit about building homes that heels that are more therapeutic he knows some of the dangers that are existing construction techniques and materials. Are causing some of the harm it's doing tours of the bodies our lifestyles are families. All of these things is also work with the news very impressive list of people and Scott we're talking about mold before we went into the break and you know I've been buying and selling homes for I don't know him on pretty much thirty years and it seems the last fifteen. Years or so maybe twenty. On this whole mold mold issue has really become. I don't know if it was ever if it was on the list 2530 years ago but now it's at the top of the list of things that people look for and are concerned about what we're was the turning point were. We realized how dangerous this stuff for us. If there was any. There was a lawsuit that app and there's more recent ones with that mix and that we didn't recognize that dangerous small wasn't till. It's somewhere back he's it was shipped over the name at the city right now but there was in nursing. That's a nursery and what was happening in this nursery is that these children continue to die and they were losing season since one after another leaf. Or sell up or to thirty children diet there. And what they did not know. In 'til after they started. Present pulling children out at the graves is somebody finally figured out that they had all poisoning. And the wasn't really yet it was the black mole men so. What what what happened is I think there's sort of resentment that shall about the greatest in signing each want them there on that dangerous levels of the smile toxins and there has so they won back to the facility. What they recognized is that while. It looks so clean and beautiful. Down in the basement the nice moldy wet hot was for the intake air was for the units. And it was taking all the hair from there and it was blowing it right over on top of their Christian and his corinthians were breathing that in and they were losing its one after another a couple of years. And so that was the turning point when they recognize that. It's not just something that you know occasion hay fever it's something that kills its deadly. Well I can and I can say is and it worked for wrote a room many many years my life. And at one point I was actually drawn into a case of a major a major. Store that actually sells appliances. And somebody who couple washing machine in the house and deal with the grandfather father of Femi on the house. Lived downstairs in the basement and this washing machine. A dishwasher was tripping ever so slowly in the back. But it was I was coming down I was feeding and a behind the wall. In in the basement where his father those father resided. And this father ended up passing away and it was again it was due to very similar so the black and black mold spores in the longs and all that. And I ended up getting called in because I went iPhone and this leak in the washing machine now the dishwasher. And I was he able to track where that water went down I didn't know it was such a major issue until this whole thing blow up mixing and no I was. Being contacted to appear but honestly that was a big big awakening for me and couldn't and that I think it's really important is -- Ritter from marriage ended up opening. Opening up this whole can't warm Swiss if you go to a house and there's black mold. Just you got to leave the house you have to have a company comment. In clean the stuff fought before you can go on into your work because it was more just about protecting yourself in the family. Before before touching any of that because many you movie star running a rubbing up against it it gets me there that's what the problems are. Exactly and it's it's when it becomes airborne it's likening the contaminants at once at airport it's dangerous. That's interesting about old as you can't always know that you can always see it and also it's not always gonna be blacks at the dangerous small pitcher talk about when it dies it actually the black ball turn white. And you'll see this kind of white powdery stuff on it could just look like flower. That's when it becomes dangerous and he can't smell when you can't see it when it becomes airborne because. Basically what they are is it just decompose microorganisms. That it's decomposed and their. Becomes this Cox and your body and you cannot happen inside your body your body can't I. Scott. Putting the mold aside we know what the dangers of the mold are but there's so many things that are in our homes. That are seemingly innocent that and you made a couple of references when you were talking about being sick and going home and crawling into bed is that the best place for you. Let's talk about some of those things in the house things that everybody has in their homes basically. That might be doing some harm to us. I mean I think being inside of my house is harmful to begin with because most of the it things that are in there are. Have some kind of chemical base are usually their most things her up petroleum based that are in your pals and so anything as trolling base which is an oil has always off gassing us curing you know if you look at the flooring materials. On if you look at even. Something as simple as pilot right everyone's got plywood house most of the plywood or DO SP which is that orient strand or that there's LC on. It's got formaldehyde in a very high levels of formaldehyde. You're cabinetry while I looked beautiful most of the cabinetry that panels are not low DOC. They are actually have some level of melt I. Most things in your house have some degree of toxicity to them. What's happening as you know people are becoming. So energy efficient and they keep hey we gotta blocker selves then shut the doors you know shut everything off a picture of the worst and you're actually basically creating your own tomb in your house now. And so. What's one of the most important things that I would just recommend people just has to be able to create some kind of circulation and house were not meant to live in sight I mean you said yourself you don't feel good and legal outside. You look at the if you look at basically every life form how new life forms going shut the doors militants. None of them. And it did here for a quite a long time it's not something that humanity is Donna and so what you know this past hundred years we've got a ticket idea the locker sells it to a box that we created ourselves we were making her own two homes. Well assessing through some pretty much the majority of human kind we've always snow built some sort of a structure to house ourselves from the elements from the ring in from the snow from the wind to correct. Yet we we've built elements but it it's not until the technology is increased want where. And cost were cheating and air conditioning and that there's been such shift focus to try to make house or tight. I went and I don't attack and but we build we build these these. Shelters out of nature of things in nature it wasn't. Wasn't there would that have been chemically treated or these other things. Exactly it was sending the it looked. You know in some ways I think on our egos. For humanity is actually stunted our growth I feel like we've. You know. Where a closely into our own extinction the way that were created or so you know. When you think about it. What we're looking or Merkel in her home it's not. What make sure health style what's gonna make you happy. It's what you think someone else is and I think if you so you think that make you happy. But our egos are driving you know our. Evolution of our house's. And that's just it's the wrong direction and it's gonna tickle whilst people on me understand that I would like for people to understand it now. It just seems like it would make a lot more cents. Yeah and I agree and javy and I've actually talked about that were Howell sent a car and all that has become more of a status symbol of how low you've been doing in your life instead of justice you know place to protect you and your family from from the element. It's thuggery yeah agreed it's it's it's. You know I I there's three things that. That influence designer influence what people buildings tells us it's. It's what they're seeing how they wanna be seen what they've seen in a magazine. And those three things are really all the wrong at the disk for what. What should go into home. Cells Alex there's only two people actually need 25000 square fiddle and expects. They don't they don't they don't and it's it's just. Yes interestingly duties 25000 square feet of living spaces for quite often and it's interesting you find out when your go to the home. Not always happy. A lot of times are sad and you see them and a lot of these people would actually dot org what they're asking or smaller structures. They like to be you know it's it's in our nature to want a piece around it and kind of indicate like structure. That you don't feel so. Open and exposed him so. A lot of times we build these Dick Holmes eight in on the builder of fun doing it can't simply to knock ally but. There's a level of comfort in something which is more a little smaller. Think the Japanese had a right knees as little the little structures with the so she screens that are. Scott it's it's gonna be impossible. Or near impossible to convince people to give up their large screen TVs their. I don't car their plush carpets there fancy for him these are all things that I would I would guess that would be very difficult payments anybody to get rid of out of their homes even if they. Who's who were causing some got a damaged. Is there a way. You can approach a home and I know the answer is yes you've done it. But is there a way you can approach homebuilding and home furnishing in all these things that doesn't have the same level of negative virgin vegetarians effects on them. The living conditions. Guarantee if you take a look at if you use natural materials. You're gonna be a little bit closer to being in nature so the answer is yes. You know and as he said most people are going to be bit left to be little but they aren't but it's gotten so grandpa dies you know because of some water that was leaking to become equal starts where. And it happened with lead paint you know it took us to the seventies trigger that stuff bats and they were discussed at. And we're slowly fall and so I'll tell you quickly some of the things that we did. We just finished that house we built were Ed Begley junior got to be platinum award for doing that. On. And it forced us to beat a position to build everything that was with natural materials. And so every material that one in there we had to get rated and make sure that had zero DOC's. Which is fault soul and it compounds zero. And that's the first summit ever built a house where you can walk inside and take fresh a fresh breath of air. We're gonna get rid did you tell of that particular home some are here the projects but before we do tell us what leed platinum has been issued designation means. I it's it's it's from the United States green building council they created a wart system basically and a a points system stands for leadership in. Efficiency energy design. And so. It's they have different levels and their give you points system and you can start with a silver coal or lack not too hard it's silver gold does is pretty difficult platinum is almost one of those that reach. So. We actually get plug it got that this the other day. You can believe it at 38 on disk and opened its recycle shark like he has. The book. It's it's not a granite and it's a motorcycle or. I. Are well we're gonna take a break we come back let's give in to some of the details of that home to build Fred Begley junior and his wife. It's it's a pretty spectacular project some pretty spectacular results are you listening Jason. You view them beyond really doing an effective. We'll talk with Scott Harrison expects website by the way he's built dean. Seat group dot com that's building secret dot com Scott is a builder. He has a thing or two to say about the quality of our homes some of the things that we're using to build them. And furnish them may not be doing this any favors and Scott is is actually at the forefront of trying to change some of that. So Scott what it won't well we're just talking a little while ago all these these newer things that people are building their homes with would it be. Weis to say then homes that were built in the seventeen hundreds are a lot safer I cam of course chemical license and so forth and homes that are being built now. Oh absolutely. Absolutely and I can tell you that. Homes that were built in the twenties or thirties or forties. Are so much safer. Than they are now. Because that's that's where they were taken treat and they take a tree cut it to four. For parts and using that for rafters in the in the roofs and and all that stuff so and there's no chemicals and that would. But it is it even goes beyond that I mean to. The effects of all we've done to our environment are beyond what people are even aware of I got the opportunity I don't wanna sit where but I got a layup you I'm one of the biggest forest in California. And they flew us up to the lumber mill there. And it was fascinating because. It was a builder and you guys probably know you know homes you notice that the the old wood that we used to use had screens tight together. You know the cult deal growth and now some other really fat and why it yeah yeah. You know and so. When I was there I had an epiphany was sitting there at the grown they are showing us brown took us claim to Doctor King for the day. And they're showing off facilities and I said. They're talking about how. Boasting how they re forced in the forest and other re creating more trees and separatist war. And I cannot and that this nearest mine and I sit. You genetically modifying trees it's absolutely not. And I said. I have a question. When you're replanted the trees if you Clinton's re selecting. Through your process the ones that are growing the fastest. And taking those for the past 67 years. And the room went quiet. One of the people locked out like oh she's just caught us non. And I realized that that's what's even though technically we have been genetically modified trees. All of the lumber and everything were doing were cutting down our own horse and recreating it would these trees make it local leaves that were were you know re forced in the were not so revenue was elected. There were select cancel. Corrects the worst we've been selecting basically changing our own environment and here's why it's a bad thing because you know I see is a builder. You know here's what termites and here's what mole and everything lots of soft cellulose. This the winter in the summer would that's that's nice the part that soft. When you look at these older homes. They didn't have that ability just because just even the lumber that they are using back then things could grow on it because it was two tenths so. We've changed our environment even even through natural you know our natural partly think boosting effect. We're gonna talk about the project she did for Ed Begley junior but we businesses are fairly short segments I don't wanna get into yet and want to continue with what you're talking about now and you know this is of course when we look at homes from earlier in the twentieth century and we talk about them being safe they they were without their hazards as well and you mentioned this test this. You mentioned. Mozilla yeah lead in the paints a mean there were some things that we had to learn about the hard way aghast. Are we in the process of doing that now winds are our current building materials. Yeah I mean I think it's the fifth I think I'll there's been enough lawsuits right and so I think that's forced people to and change and start to get some of those things out and they're they're still. Here's what happens is it's not until enough people died wreck IC problem you're talking about this curse on the house so yes well that's starting to get some better materials we still have things like drywall paper on the back earlier to do was at a drop of water and you created death and someone's house she got a date bureau an elderly person so. We're just starting to put their so much left to uncover that I I just feel like or not even there yet. And you just you know in a ballpark since we've got about a minute here before the break. If we wouldn't convert our building materials and are building techniques to one. That would minimize these threats are we talking about a significant difference in the cost of putting up these homes buying these homes. No and I can tell you that one of the easiest things to do is create circulation in your house if you get an exhaust fan. On in your house to exhaust fan. That in itself whatever is creating growing. Off gassing you're getting it out of your urn fire and that's one of the simplest and easiest things to do. No slower times like the attic fans or people use that may draw the in this heat up into the attic and then push it out through another phantoms marriage of sorts drawing through the house pushing it well. Correct absolutely. That's that's all it takes is something that's symbols Duke's offs the only error at your house. Interest dying in our own air. So you have an again you're saying that you kind of admitting because they think we all recognize that we can't give up all these modern conveniences were just they're just too mature part of relies viewer saying something as simple as just making sure house breeds. Could help mitigate a lot of this. Absolutely exhausting this speaks Austin what's and you know it's like only sit in the Catholic got a which got a fan got the save your. Per hour. Are so we're gonna take a quick break him more to come he'll listen Jason NG beyond beyond reality renewal. It's Wednesday on the West Coast there's Tim is just a minute you're stuck in between welcome Dioner really revealed myself Jason Hosni always awesome GD Johnson. We didn't mention an earlier in the program once again we'll remind people there are a lot of fluff folks suffering in the Gulf Coast. The after effects of an amazingly. Devastating natural disaster the hurricane Harvey. If you have an inclination in you think you might be able to help donate contribute in any way there are a number of organizations that are providing direct links to be able to offer that help and the two that. We would like to recommend and again you can use any when you're comfortable with but. And we know the American red cross and the Salvation Army both are very very active in the region. And has made it very very easy through the web sites to contribute in helping donate. And offer some assistance to the folks that needed very very badly. The worst is yet to come from what I'm reading. Neither rain I think I think weeks that maybe the worst is over with the rain but the flooding will continue in and of discontinued cause Havoc. And just a couple of the stations we are on down in Texas Louisiana. And you know so we know we've got a lot of listeners felt that way as well and just know that our hearts are in our ultimate for you and you're an. And we definitely wish you the best and we know that the unique as agree he has a wonderful people and you'll pull through in the rest of the country will help that happen. Yet we were going to be bringing our guest in Scott Harrison continued talking about Tom. Basically how we live the homes we live and what they're doing to us and how we can make it better in it in a number of different ways but it will also remind you that tomorrow night we've got. A folks from the apex turn normal group talking now with us about their investigations in the Kansas City area. We're also bringing James Brown the third not a singer but the author and to talk about his latest books and we'll have all of those guests on tomorrow night Willis. Every Friday is a best out beyond reality radio if you can make she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page if you download wish focus I noted. We can tell whether the ratings that I'm near the shows being downloaded tens of thousands of times today we greatly appreciate that just do us a favor and read at forest as the host bush foreign makes it easier for people to find. And let's bring our guest back into the program we've been talking with Scott Harris his website by the way is bill CC group dot com. He's a builder of any ticks are completely different approach in actually when it's rather refreshing in both a figurative and literally literal way and Scott. I'll ask you before beginning to talking about this specifically Ed Begley junior home in the project do you you did for him. You sing on your website that you've kind of redefine the home. Let's take a step that what what should a home before us. Our home should be a place that you couldn't. Com home to the she'll. A home should be a place that you can and reenergize. A home should be a place that. That. Range fuel whatever it is that you lost I mean it means the heat that place that whatever you'd didn't have during the day. You go back there and I can recharge. Like the robot going back to the recharging station. Whatever that is tougher person that's what that house needs to. Well let me let me ask you this scud as as a guy who's been in the construction industry plumbing industry for many years in my life. The government regulations. On a lot of these and these new homes being built in them the building codes and everything else. I don't know how what is in California but I know many places in the country you'd you have to use a certain kind of what you have to do that you have to do that. Has to be now this kind of pressure as well pressurized would tour. For these different things doesn't that lead to a problem especially. You're trying to build. A safe home a clean home. But the government is sticking its nose and to the point where it's making you take these things that potentially can kill. Yeah and I mean to a degree I mean they're they're. In motion the products that your buying people you can't buy a cleaner version of it that your right I mean you're not can be building your house eight fails you know you can't do it at a lot you can do very many actual creek yet so you're correct you are forced to have to use a lot of the state built like L after accusing. There's not a lot of knowledge out there about how to do it differently. You know one of the things that we did tread Begley junior is that is that accusing would be used medal there. In a story about termites don't have to worry about off gassing up or it. Instead of using plywood and we used gypsum panels that with steel backed. From dense that that's glass panels don't have to worry about it and so. Not a lot of awareness their yes you do have to take some some. Degree of of creativity to be able to go on Sri shop for your your materials using the guidelines cities at the. Well but here's the problem with federal case so I don't away celts and we have a wall Politico switches it is pressurized lumber now it's and it's the the six by sixes that are 8810 feet long each one. The whole walls bolt out of the life that I wrote. What would stadium. Pressure treated lumber yes depression treated lumber so now here's the thing I had this whole situation where the wife and I wanted to get rid of it's it's chemically treated wood. And it's it's a pencil water so. Not only is it not good for us were distracted from the animal actually in the water and so we wanna to actually use these stones there. And beautiful stones and it's on to the whole set up. GM shot a style they told us we couldn't do we can turn on the wall we had to replace it again with pressure treated lumber so a situation like that. There there's just no getting away from and that's that's part of the problem that you're that you're talking about so how do we how do we. Fix a situation like that so we can live a chemically free and and pretty much safer life. I mean I think local we're doing right now today is his first steps and actually during this. Making people aware you know it it doesn't take a lot of people to tell a lot of people tell Lotta peoples or there where it starts to change. Re a debt materials oracle if you get near it I mean it's just smells like we beat Watson and our house throw it that. Mike gotta to Celek there was a two and twenty feet of an packets well petroleum coming up but the thing but I was gonna get lung cancer from a so. It's a bad material. It most most municipalities will give us options that we've seen excellent torched it correct on. In your area and you know there's some people that I was talking to Wear it they actually want to do things like solar panels and they're not allowed to do them for certain reasons. People wanna do raining cats and tanks they're not allowed to do that cause or not make it legal so. Yes that's an interesting timing that. The awareness is starting tree fall. At our municipalities. Are not to keeping up with. Kind of Kendall got started on the screen capture things to some states say that they normal water which falls from the sky in your unable to catch it which is just mind boggling. Many people are being sent to prison because the him because they're catching water it's it'd be in the rain that's coming down home were not allowed to test which is just I came emerged camera. It's it's and that's that's what I'm gonna feel like our our evolution as and so stunted. As a species 'cause that these types of things because municipalities. Because of advertising because of you know the ability to manufacture things a master degrees in China and bring it here we're just we we stopped her revolution navy you know somewhere in the audience or were going backwards and we think hey could got a flat screen TV and I've got white at my house. And I'm somehow more sophisticated but we went back courts where it went away backwards. So let me assists and our other countries well I guess in the same in the same argument we can sit there and argue that Third World countries. Are living in a safer environment that we are. I I believe they are. I definitely believe there are. The son of one of my wife's doctors that kind of cost that just was telling me she came from China and she said you know wheeled it dependant conditions that you would call dirty but she said we were still much healthier there there's no weed it out allergies. Wouldn't have all of these kinds of things in the environment that we reliving it was more natural what she called dirty so. Two police getting a little closer to nature. Is. Healthy thing to do. Scott let's talk about design because that's something that you do is well not just the building component it's the design component component. What things are you doing differently and can people think of differently that makes the design of their home healthier and happier design. Was still one of the things is that. It he pulled. Most people don't understand it and there's not a mathematician named fibonacci I don't know if it's him or should. I'm gonna say no pom. It's just our uncle I just trying to place my game but I couldn't I feel silly silly saying that but no I haven't heard them. Okay Eric. It's open and not she is and it's B one at the most brilliant mathematicians. In the sense that. He figured out what the formulas were for human life. And be on human life actually sits at all life in the universe. And it's set in he figured out. It's a rhythm and so the formula is this simple. You start off with two numbers. And you start off with a one and the one and that's final number in that sequence. Is that some of the prior to as son as complicated as it sounds that you write it down but basically you start one plus one equals two. And you go back to two plus one equals three. Three close to his five and when you write it down it's not that hard because you just basically keep ticket past number prior to adding that in and so it seemed like a very simple equation. But what's fascinating about that that as the rhythm for all life that we have it's the way that cells divide you have won so opposed to cells to cells around 33 becomes why it if you look at the structure of belief. That's exactly how they grow if you look at the veins if you look at the I'm rose petals that's how they replicate. Almost every single thing in life that we seek replicate song that rhythm and if you fear difficult and being the not list you know. All of those things actually go right into the strip them and so. What that rhythm is as the rhythm of of our body. And if you actually start to multiply that rhythm it creates this ratio that's actually the same re issue human body balls that had the thorax the body all the all. So it maybe sounds a little bit complicated at. Something as simple. As taking those ratios and those rhythms and recreating human house. Gives somebody a sense that being that they can't deep and potentially put their finger on. But there's a sense of connection to them and how is it dipped if you're able to lock into house and something that basically isn't as indeed Richard DNA and how your cells are created from you were first came your and you have that rhythm and here's your set of just controllers. There's something there at the spectacular but you don't really now. If you heard at at the Quaker lowers. The shaker you know the Chester towards predate the kind of start a little bigger nick yeah smaller Chara and yeah. So they use the rhythm so the first horse like one inches and his three inches and it's five inches and it's eight inches. And something as simple as that we look Helton. It's something that attracted people they didn't understand of course there's been thousands and thousands chest that somehow that was that. It's something. So intangible. When you're able to build those kind of rhythms into a house and you can do them in the furniture you can do them in the flooring patterns you can do it done in the ratios. You can determine that you know groupings of three if you ever see that a lot of times designers will actually put things in groupings that three on two or right it's either did you two did you three ticket groups of five he almost every secret for me. And it just goes back to three fills right all three fills right because that was the rhythm of life. So. Putting those simple things and being aware of that mean they got it and are fibonacci is I didn't hear this out at just read that book. On. But. It's from experimenting with that I found that people don't wanna leave their houses you know. So many people that we come across they're not happy with their homes they spend all their life thinking we're gonna hey Connie going shopping as weakened to go fix that something wrong church even hang a picture you know painting the house. Everybody is on some search for something and they don't know what it is never gonna find its keep. Is that most of your life never being happy your role and it's just. That easy just to put those formulas and there. And there's some connection to your house that makes people not leave. No we knew were approached by a big lead junior and his wife to. Build them a house told tell us how that started and and you know world went in the past that you went down because it's quite spectacular project. I wasn't the green builder and one of antiquities friends that I have a friend a little you know cities really cheap to you and I'm gonna put you together I meant to answer the door. I like pellets at ten cleats in your EP. I said you know I'm not really and kind of anti you read on our panel builders are. Don't know I'm really the right or you know it's got to tell you the truth and is that come on in you're the first man that ever come to my door to truth everyone wants a lead on firemen sent our it is sometimes I'm not either come on in let's talk. And added like at the ticket journey because what I liked about him and in Rochelle is that to them it wasn't about this you know I Connick term green which I still don't even know what that means it was. It was really about how do you build the smartest way healthiest weight something that takes care of the body in fireman. Takes care of cost you know of all things. So take the word green out and take the word environment it's just how do you build the smartest structure that you've ever built it hasn't infidel for and you know. Always as a kid wanted to have that this inventor and it was an opportunity to be able to. Explore. So we went gung ho it's excited so. Every single thing about houses have to be new or different and there. And that we credited Mike in 1920s style so nobody knows what's under the under the. We have to jump into a break here but what what year did you build this home. Wheat finished at last year so it's it's basically brand new okay we're gonna take a break we come back we'll be in some of those details. Are you listening to Jason GB or phone numbers 8446877669. Yen told freely 44687766900. Back and. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time for me to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates from October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is a great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horse. Film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dot com that scary car. Today scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The promo code is DRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. After the shirts Jason G I RL and Randy were talking with Scott Harrison Scott if you don't just we've had some people waiting in holder I want to try to squeeze. A phone call in before we go to our bottom of the hour break this is Daniel from Colorado Daniel welcome to the show. Dedicated and yeah and yeah yours who was undermined. Editors error but it can't quite engram yeah yeah yeah. Given our secret secret is mentioned in that book I just figured I call him yeah like eight. And just think it would appear. Yeah I know that's that's a great point Scott Don it is mentioned there. Yet it all let's listen that that had been a that it did not cheat code actually falls right into all those formulas ratio it's it's the mother load of of all ratios that we use. And you know the number three has a lot of significance and in many facets of human. Life in civilization I mean it's it's a big part of religion it's a big part of fund biology immunities to it kind of all makes sense. If it doesn't it's that it's 35 and entities you can continue the ratios to it's I mean it's just dramatic community pick up what the power of three and you start that doesn't there at the complexity of that it's just mind boggling. Yet thanks so that called it DN a from Colorado we have about thirty seconds here's a word or boy we come back from the break as Scott I really wanna get into some of the features that. The home that you built for the big lease has it's it's almost a self sufficient free standing off the grid homers and it. Pretty close pretty close and opponent shelter it's on record hit back with its mix of fruit that's always a little too much. If you haven't MH yeah that would say he's put dot com slash beyond reality radio. What the FaceBook page. Then head over beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app which illogical listen live sketch pad shows and join me online chat. Or listen or just checked out many of their grace issues we are on all crossing puncher at their on station west. Regardless of race from the 16 by clicking Melissa lives to have its Jason GD MB unreal literati will be right back after this. Marching arm. It's a welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason javy don't forget tomorrow night. Apex paranormal will join us talking about some of their investigations in Kansas City. And we'll also have James Brown the third author of some new books or relate to the paranormal and horror he'll be joining us as well tomorrow night and tonight we're pretty much talking about power pulses are pretty much telling us sorrow must Bernard aspect and Scott's got that trend analysis tonight. You're welcome thank you. So we've kind of been teasing this a big lease. A project you talked about how it started and he said that the home is essentially an off the grid. Standalone self sufficient self reliant home tell us. What types of things you had to do and build and create two make a home that can do that. Lol we get to find out that it is capture some of the resources that fall on to that little ought to. Land they have so. You know the last time we checked I don't think the hurt you don't get a bill from the sun you don't get a bill from the cloud to for the rain and so those as some of the important things you know you get errors tree. It's the son. If the Wadi tower so we could solar panels on to. That was the easy part catcher in the Rainwater is a little bit harder thankfully it's legal we are. We designed the system there in which he can actually capture. 101000 gallons of water. Into one inch rainfalls. So we were over there at the other day and you know. And it's showing off the house is like come on older guys. He's opening up that the hatched you know the state it's like a submarine it's just cool water on. And so some of the things that we did to that. You know it's the perfect a perfect storm. When you're would you think about it Muir middle of summer right now I don't know where you are yours is willing to pick you know. Think what we're not in Houston and sorry for what's happened at those people but. It's boiling over here it's well over a hundred degrees and so they're able to can churn on all of their air conditioners and it's a Ding you win you need to turn on your air conditioner the most is actually when you're collecting the most amount of three power right so which is great sure Andy. And it's also you want the days were the most humid there. And so these air conditioning units are actually running off the power son thirteen humidifier in the house. And you know we had an idea what he would do all that water and enough for anyone reckon you probably know this is her time you say things that. Yep but he had any idea how much water comes out of that thing because it's cheap Stewart. Sometimes those systems and collect the ports of five to seven gallons per hour. Coming out of those on a very humid day at depending on the system. Yeah and it's it's a very efficient system in your house it can capture that much so what we did for Ed's house is during those hot days when the systems running. It's actually captured the humidifier in the house taking the water were actually dumping the water into one of the tanks filtering it. And then feeding that vegetables and his lawn outside our and it's the perfect symbiotic system to recognize that your basically. Watering your lawn with a water that was gonna be irritated you inside the house Iran in the air conditioners off the power of the sun and actually. You're keeping the house naturally cool as well because all of those panels or were cheat incident are going through your roof it's just read as a one of the simple things that there's kind of a lot of the things that we did in the house just appeal to make it. Kind of itself a self healing and a self sealing called off the great for a. So on me. In the amount of solar panels you're running to actually power power everything I read on the air conditioners and all that that it has to be quite it quite a few solar panels. I would assume. Audit. There's a decent array of there we created the house's enough I think is getting unique eco Watson. Kilowatts of power there. The house has created by William Hafner and it looks like a 1920s Spanish house and it has eight on the front side. It looks like a standard Spanish tile roof. And the always did as we recess and dropped it off dropped it down NC a a very large flat roof up there that you don't recognize on the second. It also allowed us capture Rainwater. Up there. And it and doing so we also like to make sure that we are using membranes of the group which is EPO because some of the member intellectually each petroleum into them so in order clutch in the water rupture she got to think about. Not collecting about some of the contaminants. Also on the roof we have panels look there that that warm up his poll. With a fairly well at or near the pool. And we also used a system that's chlorine free so the water that each using for the pool stays clean with the UT system. And if you wanted to could actually go outside. It did a couple water and drink it. Assuming that Billy didn't swim in the pool first. Let's let's take another of phone call here we're not gonna get everybody's calls Bertrand as pepper some in three this is clan from my Mississippi welcome to the show. Yeah pages and was armed. And down here on you Mississippi West Coast. These. It's an ground its way in Mississippi who was ground zero arena. Clark or brought and Rockport or. And not taxes at all or still. But I just fascinated by the co operation because I couldn't agree more on what Scott as saying. And I'm note that is it's really the truth. Because. Do it's it's one of those things are some very typical of the air and he's very. Correct in saying that agent geometry is a key to understanding. How did manage all of us because we've always known it. I really believe. Am old born in nineteen auditorium on still hanging around sports and if you are. Lets you see that essential substances in the root ball view of all the I mean not you know those of us that we're fortunate. But what Wu Q and when we came to this world appliance and everything at liberty include it. Is understanding the blooper and a quarter it is that we needed do. And I've been through McCarron about. Been. Down to the bottom back. And what I yeah news. I love the idea pitchers including your he incorporated new equipment removed the unreality. Because what I like introduces the dark. Beyond reality is back there we are in the middle logos some very. Incredibly durable. Aliens. Molecular or impatient. And as. You know I'm not so outraged. The that would put Scott is saying this is. Our molecular invasion that's are very ailing bank it's been produce by the five dismantle our tourism. The compounds of synthetic compounds they created. And that that's like the big wraps on the whole picture there really is. Nobody. I'm when you say when UCLA and I'm assuming you're talking about foreign to us as as these as a living species not extraterrestrial right. Exactly exactly exactly what got his way. See all of this is all been looped it and then and we all. Should know what we do know actually we just need to remember that window. And got it exactly right isn't rabbit new chief. And it goes all are packed tigris and Kosovo liberation. You know the idea that the new grouchy news on the fingers of my hand. And we all needed to do look around we have been given it was just this is some plants. This is everything those living. Yeah those are just some great points there Claman and it's right in line with the earlier talking about Scott. Yeah and it can hear you say that is is. It brings me faith and hope and humanity that there's people understand that that the key word actually before you were saying it was. Blueprint the blueprint does there I mean you all you have to do as you said you could look at relief you can look at any of these things right and a blueprint for how to live. Is there and it. Boy eloquent that I am I'm fascinated by the fact is you can actually communicate this as a builder because. That's what it does take its actions of breaking news in the reality. That makes it. Dominant and we have positioned in this at this point in time in my opinion as a civilization at the world. To achieve that dominance and Europe all that struck Jammal Brown salute. Thank you remarks cynical yes thank you those those great on a wanna change topic just a little bit because I wanna look ahead. What is the outlook and what are the promise of new technologies. In relation to all these things we're talking about are there are solar technologies on the horizon that are gonna make it cheaper and easier for us all to get off the grid are there. You know new fuels are new ways to heater cool home and what are we looking at you know 510 years down the road. A lot but you know I can tell you some of the simple things that we learn to Beckley was on. They have by facial panels for solar if you heard of those yes actually mean. I mean this is one of the simplest things right you actually apps at a panel on the bottom side so it's collecting the energy. It's it's an interesting 'cause in one sense technology continues to push what we're doing. You know in some sense it makes things more efficient world which scientists to see African outdo ourselves that. I really think. It's gonna take an evolutionary shift Forrester kind of escaped some of the technology. That we're using and think more about what things are wreaking. And it's healthy or unhealthy at home and I I think unfortunately it's gonna take awhile. Next five to ten years were not colonel lesson. It's going to be a little longer. Yeah I think that's that's a lesson takes a long time to learn and to sink in as special and become so reliant and cheap products coming right as you said from China or whatever happens to be. That's a hard habit to break. It just it's sick it's accessible we got. At one of our our friends at that directly asked just look at their house she wanted to say hey. On green you think you want to stamp of approval. To go over there it she says hey what do you think about my at my house music and it rates. You look company's electric I swear you must have been 78 lights in her ceiling should look a little oil in the like she's. I said you've got 78 from a year ago it. I'll equated you have a Fuller. Decent place to realize he's still he's electricity. You know even though it's fifteen watts fifteen watts times that it would not work and you recognize that people getting these things off a boat from China it's a ship in Basque oddities. And it's just like at this land of Sodom and go Maura you know in the wrong way torture tests that it's on instant X. Some ways it's killing our environment skilling Ellison were just not percent of enough and to recognize its though. I tried to wake her up I don't achiever cult tactic. Still waiting for that call to come and help what. People do we talked about what. That in ways that people can mitigate some of these hazards in their home by simply creating more ventilation in moving error around in and out of the house but what can people do they wanna become. More move in the direction of Ed big Lee's house they wanna find ways that they can become more self sufficient self sustaining the purity and a home and I'm building a new one what can they do. I mean you can degree water systems which is what we did Fred. On that's a simple thing that most people can do I can tell you it was only a few thousand dollars to agree just. You know she won it if you wanted to be wrote in a legal and catcher on Rainwater or you're not supposed to. We know you gotta do is just connect and it's simply tick apparel. Get a ring Terrell he could have the water feet right offense off of your downspout into the barrel in little little sticker on the on the apparel and teacher art now where it on and those are simple things for you can do for fifty dollars in your life. And also the summer and he can get even cheaper Baghdad gets systems on the back in my house because I've I've always been dishing call me a proper but I'm not one of those crazy prayer protest. But I've always all I've always had it where I've been catching Rainwater just me in case an emergency least we still got a weather we have to boil or whatever and when I don't if we don't you I let it out ever so often to water the grass one of the garden do whatever. Now it's assist these visits and here's something. You don't you wanna hear what the one thing that will kill lol it's too late it's called some lights. Needs it it kills it. And so somebody people's interest and they don't actually opened our windows or course want older drapes or blinds and appealed to people get to more than it closed end. End things like that it's opening your windows letting. It's amazing what do you know you've raised you've eraser bet your skin but it's amazed at a ball it will clean your house as one of the best cleaner sheet and get inside your house sunlight. Opening the windows and doors collect and some of the Rainwater. That stuff free and easy it's like that he not do that you know it's. So your website. Is accessible to anybody it's building the C group dot com what can people expect to find when they go there. On addiction. They can find some of the projects that we've done they confined to a little bit about two we are about our team on. We found out the other hit it that is the contact page where it was working so if anyone wanted to contact us at Scott building secret dot com on the same website just what Scott an adult in secret dot com to get inundated. Too much. And by. You know it's just it has a little bit of background about well we do and it's a lot of pretty pictures of some really beautiful homes. You know terrorist chicken outs and I sent over to somebody in our chat room was actually asking the question on ask you before we go in relationship to new materials and new technologies. Would have to Tesla. I think it was a test the roof and panels. Familiar with those and is that anything from San. I think it is it's promising in the sense that has started an eccentric more stream. You know it's not until something becomes the hit. And save your money and cool that people actually start to use it so it's got that Tesla name connected to its of people think that's cool on. People realize that the conceived the money so they think that's cool on. It starts to bring awareness to changing our thought process also the fact that they're bringing the battery walls and as well trained in the world. It's a major part of it because you know whats happens like on its house all the power that we collect tree and doesn't use one. Get one ounce of it it's the way the systems are set up now you can't actually and how we're your own house solar panels basically we have a lot of it goes from his house right to it back to the grid so he's feeding the neighbor's house in it for safety reasons because it yourself feeding your house that thank god. You know you kill yourself. And you got another line comes to your house so. Being able to to do that have a battery wall and becomes self sufficient is that move in the right direction. Yeah commitment off the grid and see you're saving money not spending all that especially since they're constantly upping the price on at all. And and that's the way to go. Yeah but Tesla water tanks. And go this may be hip and go to scuttle. I went. What's gonna while one that says tests. Exactly is gonna be little logo he sky do you really it's really been an eye opening conversation and we appreciate your time in coming on the program any any final thoughts are recommendations for folks as they wanna learn getting more information about. Moving in this direction. Are you know I think keeping your eyes open and asking questions and not believing every year. Is the best thing to do. There's there's too many people that are weak in the flock that just. Start believing. And they stop asking so we need to ask more and that'll be the beginning of people opening their eyes. Scott thanks so much for Kama hanging out with us spent and it's been a pleasure we definitely look forward avenue on again future. And that was great I love you guys Ross and it and I. Think the issue again it's got Harris in the website is building C group dot com. All right so we're gonna take a quick break and Mordechai Nielsen Jason JPM URL and a. Everybody for joining this stuff. This of course for new testament. Yes mission tune in tomorrow it's going to be another great show and Elsa had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page you listen Jason NGV MB unrelated radio catch old Omar. Aaron aren't there is produced by strict couldn't get her and courtrooms Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow up on or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.