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The Beatles & Elvis Presley - the pop culture of it all

Sep 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome the BBC's Spencer Leigh to talk about the recently passed 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. How did Elvis impact the world of music and the world in general. Also, were the Beatles the greatest band to ever exist and what did they do to change history? 9/6/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are all welcome to beyond reality radio so bring everybody here tonight TV Johnson we few Jason off tonight so will be doing this one on our own. With a really special program and it's a bit of a departure from what we normally do we normally are talking about paranormal topics coasts UFO's big foot whatever happens to be. Tonight we're gonna move a little bit more into the world of pop culture specifically music pop culture our guest tonight will be Spencer leak. Spencer is a noted expert in rock and oral history. He's been doing a radio program in the UK called the beat since 1985 throughout that time. He is interviewed some of the world's most influential and important on musicians. And he's written a lot of books about many of those musicians including Elvis Presley caught in the trap The Beatles book. The sacking of Pete Best the cavern club rise of The Beatles and morose he beat Simon and Garfunkel together alone. And Frank Sinatra an extraordinary life among many many others his website is Spencer Lee Lee is spelled LE IGH. Dot CEO. Dot UK now. We originally going to have Spencer on where this and August 16 which was. The fortieth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. But due to some complications in the fact he's in the UK we couldn't make it work for that date so. We've rescheduled it and we're gonna do that here tonight so it's going to be a great discussion. I can't wait to get into this with Spencer. I'll be talking about Elvis will be talking about beetle The Beatles and not many other artists debt really shaped pop culture from music perspective. That's all coming up on beyond reality radio I'm reminded of a couple things before we go to break and then bring our guest Stan. A scare con is right around the corner and I invite you go to the website scary con dot com check out the celebrities that are going to be coming. Check out the film premieres that are going to be screening. Check out the panel discussions that'll be happening and the parties that will be occupying the evenings it's a great weekend it's in upstate New York it's a short your drive. From a lot of places. And that we welcome you to come join the fun it scare conned again it's Garrick con. Dot com also hey don't don't don't hesitate to stop by FaceBook and stop and in my page say hello. Follow me it's at GDJ paranormal and sort of things but he's defied. Artists beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson will be back with Spencer leak right after the. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. That dates from October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is. Greatest match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that obscure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com that's scary car. Day scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The promo code is GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Radio this is cheap Johnson appreciate everybody being along with me tonight and I have a real tree tonight I'm honored and humbled to be speaking to Spencer Lee Spencer of course is a radio host and author. A noted expert in rock and roll music and Spencer coming to us from the UK. It's a real honor to speak to tonight's Spencer welcome to be on reality radio. Well for that that I thank you for inviting almost nothing special about me doubtful you'll. I think there is and of course through and we try to have this conversation. Number I don't but maybe two weeks ago. On the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley because you've done a lot of work. On Dan made by. Chronicling his life and the trials and tribulations of slow what you know became to be a tragic story. But at this time you've done a lot of work when it's not just Elvis but The Beatles. You you wrote about Simon and Garfunkel you've written about Frank Sinatra really really curious as to how you got started because I'm a bit jealous. Like well I mean I did what in 1945 if so. Elvis came along he group who 1956. I know we made some records in 195455. But they were introduced KF. And I could I can well remember patent because I was eleven years old and I'm the BBC didn't think much in the way of rock enrollment nosedive. And I remember seeing a neat charts for the U musical express. Heartbreak hotel Elvis Presley. I thought gosh what a wonderful but this guy called Elvis Presley but an incredible thing and heartbreak hotel. How did a good evening for asylum two but in those days you can go into your approach shot. Here according to boot with a view to buying it. But you couldn't do that if you eleven years old had to deal with sixteen about so it'll is this shackled at. And then what they have received stops to implement I'm listening to the supporting director of the EDC was putting out. Not to housewives choice. They have a program cold a five to ten. That a mistake came on. The political servant for the day and he said pat. I have just excited about all the additional blood trickle but I haven't heard in my life the man who made this blue opted out. Correct code and the topic of how. So I had to put a collapsed. And it's hard to complete opposite effect on me at the minister wants to perhaps. I immediately got up out of bed and went to bolt their thought stokes did a whale desperately ill effects. Well that's that's actually. An interesting because they think the whole generation responded the same way you did. The older generation that clergy whomever was who was done talking about the evils of this man this performer. I thought it interesting that he did this particular preacher did that in any played the record. I know and maybe even if it meant to shock as you say I. And that's and me and a lot of other people what lies about. And the colts pop and I think what he did just think about Barack ago looking at did not hit these big axe was supported by debt tethered to open seas haven't looked but he did. Definitely that is patted sort of split split they would do think. Both pop and we'll put this music put up some legal fault. I couldn't believe why would we try to dispute except it wasn't just my father a timeout they it is it is everybody's father and other. I didn't know any parents would like rock and roll at all. So it was like a special thing for two day jetBlue I'm not of course I dislike adorable. But what I mean we didn't like he'd just pick it up and it's this I think we liked it because we thought it was. Opt absolutely great music and indeed balls are probably enough that might call that hatred the Everly Brothers Obama will begin to Elvis Presley. I don't think that's that's because it was too that the. That's that's funny because so I think what happens to these generations when they're teenagers is they find ownership in that particular music I know that. Even my kids today I have a little bit of a problem with the music they're listening to and I kind of chuckle to myself thinking back to my parents having the same problem with the music I listen to and their parents having the same problem music they were listening to so it's a generational thing. Except the parent I think these days want to get as much don't support their children to listening to and so that much more amenable to explain that that didn't happen pot that. I'm still he ate it did become the special cult thing. Until I apple would like Elvis Presley and I decided to. He has so ago that I really must strike the ball club and I mean my advice as opposed to the principles of biography it's in my books and a to a degree that's true because I described it opens for the post I've been. The effect that the title the British pop. The British newspapers on the life and some of the newspapers are absolutely appalling reviews of elder sister equity it was like the so called the came from not displace. That you thought it dot com both of distress he has made it meant that. Other people who didn't have made it'd been didn't get as people like that eight. Gene Vincent the literature that they could make it to land that's so he can beat the pot shots to speak to him it's amazing but I still. Loved those echoes of the 1950 double and I did they spoke. And Elvis Presley caught in the trap. There's just come out now I really enjoy revisiting those days aren't listening to the Elvis Presley records again and finding things about rockets that finding things that. I didn't like too much the first time an absolutely loved not for example stop on the view when he came out in 1960 got totaled. The opposite cycle shook up pot to that I felt that that this is that they put out distressed direct quote. But now I concede that step on you actually Obama the Mets do what requisite that would be made. It's amazing and we're gonna get into a lot of the details of that but I wanna take a step back and wanna talk about your program to be you've been doing that on the radio I believe it was on the BBC I'm not sure how. It works in the UK other since 1985 you've got a long history of talking get musicians and presenting news outlet. Except people that we BCA student said that there's an awful lot of people that I've spoken to and I've. Poland's. If you put down in if you can print so I've I've got I've got the hostels to draw upon what I'm doing a boat. So when I do local and salvage site same outlook I've spoken to about elephant in the pot store Mike Lupica the people's I'd say the second. Also not true a couple of the other guys so there's a hold back into the interviews that I've got to people who been passing until Liverpool what people are typing to say and this particular. Didn't give me some very good quotes. You Britain's so much about so many iconic music or artists and acts that but obviously it's going to be difficult to answer this question but. Give me a few of the ones that stand out to use just being absolutely fascinating. But like I missed an opportunity to improve the appropriate people insisting. That happened. Because I think it I knew that I didn't want to visit Las Vegas I knew that I would not simply hates what's safest. I mean the the idea you're going to did you view UP TPC people who didn't. Couple come back from. Being on holiday and they kept that they can they be the last but it is and they say to me we had a wonderful time but also thousand pounds. Absolutely. How outpost cute I found out what I was looking into Las Vegas but. But they'd be in the people who love the casinos out simply enough people winning because yes they Witten. But they know they're going to get that money back in the end. So. You know I think it just like people just keep giving money that it committed to to a third party. I need to do what he was controlled by the guy is in the sixties which is when Sinatra how'd it. Ultimately it's not for the so particularly well I must say this not another debated in periods I was looking into synopsis your relationship with that. Some of the some of these people. Patent mechanism that would not serious about that they can continue to itself. I think it ties and it applies to propel this is well a little bit later on. Let's say it's it's such ridiculous place you pretty well and up bunkers itself are you make decisions that you normally didn't make it Q in the same world. By I have to admit that's absolutely true I spent a lot of time in Vegas because many of the big business communities I'm involved with have conventions there's so they draw you there and and I don't think you can help but going a little bit crazy in that town but. You know you arm. But today it could do they still are not held talks. He had no clocks no windows in the casinos are going in and offers daytime or nighttime and they just continued to L'Oreal it is it is a bit of trapping and nights I've fallen into the quote unquote winning. Just so I can lose more later mean it that's the way it works. Yes it that I've met some people have been successful chip Taylor who left. Mute while saying I mean even the professional gambler for over twenty years and if he told me the dvd came out on top foot each well those twenty yet let's. But an impressive so. Yeah. Very unusual so. You've written sleeve notes on over 250 albums which and in a bit you know that's a bit lost today given our downloaded music community but down. It's an impressive number and what are you most proud of. Yeah actually I got to just say I I didn't sleep no only yesterday. For and I think called pop called which is like. Northern still a little sort of patent. Was popular in Belgium passed some years ago it was a compilation the best pop corner Michael I thought this could be the last sweet note I ever hide. So I don't think I've only done the full five issue there's there's a few companies now that featuring yet. CDs and compilation CDs which I normally do the sleep that's bull. The ones I'm most proud of some. The top of the senate to get the for me and the other TV series in the UK called hop beats which would have been a very popular Sunday night's series about a policeman being in Yorkshire. Really popular about how the sixty soundtrack. And I did DD sleeve notes for all the hop beats pat soundtrack album. I'm not books number one in the chops and ally I know that nobody. Yeah apple defeat notes because it's important that nobody bought the album because I think notes but I thought ma got to the blunder qualitative side. Do you think that we've lost anything. In popular music because of the lack of the physical media because of the lack of album covers and sleeve notes and and the actual investment we used to put into actually taking an album out of his sleeve and putting in on a turntable place in the needle needle on and then sitting down and listening to it. Yes I'm not actually people they did you want to direct quote Jihad picked it up and go to the shop about it. And so that it wasn't just a question of picking up in Soviet diplomats spoke publicly choice step I that trickled. And so all the that the suspicious of the shop these days and I think seemed to be to be so manipulated by FaceBook campaign to what have you. That's it is very hard to believe that he. The child placing a meaning in the UK a fairly decently it's and to some radical that cheers and had to sit in non into the top ten. Which he pitched against the city but without. That's all because of the fact campaign at that that they've been coming around to encourage people to get circled. As in the sixties I think we. Each of us individually deciding what we were going to spend dot pocket money on this that left what we could afford every night I used to think that the thought. Does this reckless probably beside it is worth the money you know and started migrant Clinton pulled besides and they're like that's what he's not like eldest because they're the only besides that they strong. Yeah you know we were much more invested and I remember walking down basically every Saturday after I got my allowance or a small paycheck when I was working in in deciding which album I was going to buy or which forty fives are gonna take home that weekend. And you were completely invested in the music you're listening to. No he had definitely I apps absolutely. Doesn't that ten minute they got me through my youth but it absolutely fantastic. I didn't and I look discovering it the music now what I mean not I'm not unlike a lot of the compilation album has to come out looking decency. And the will of the things. I'd do it it doesn't happen in America but it's complicated is that all records prior to 1962. Including 1960 to pop out of copyrighted to the UK so anyone who couldn't. Put out the compilation of tracks that came out in the fifties cool late sixties. And this has meant that a lot of records. It never came out to be at least six states. Have been released in this country for the first time. I'm not very often reckless about never people under the wonderful compilations I mean not I bought patent. Only about a full body go. A compilation. All to CD's of the sent to let people from new York and the reason people thought and it only costs me yes four pounds. It has certain tracks so fifty trucks summit actually. That the reason I bought it bought because I was going to interview. Tommy hunt for the flamingos. He was a wonder when issue popped a ball it's I only applies to you and the need to get these regional collection of I just don't know what to do it myself that Dusty Springfield had a big hit it. And he came to England in the mid 1970s. Because the something called the local stole opening weekend which is just a few miles from where I was at. Under the kid can we didn't really like to soul music. I'm like defying all besides his very obscure records I'm sort of played in the discos. And so they would hit. So they're available and seemed so let Tommy hunt came notebook updates. And Mickey you'll should tell you that the county next to land teacher which is where we can based. I'm he married and settle the Yorkshire so Tommy hunt is not only people. Docs so a lot this creates a lot if significant public attracting Yorkshire I'm like oh this is a great story about. This guy can agency it could be multiple key to pull it from Pittsburgh to talk to track. I know that I I told that they didn't hit it must be a great store particulates. So I went to see this guy and I interviewed him and how they called my degree radio show last week. How does that defeat and I mentioned stepped on that basis it's. Some of his recordings look at the septa label and I'd never that before night and I'm addicted to get these CD and not but for the fact. Do you get a jump to break it's beyond reality reading of America. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aaron Carter content that counts Jay being here Jason off tonight a quick reminder check this Erica on website we could all agree guests coming people that you're really going to want to meet like. Matthew Willard. From the Scooby Doo in scream movies skeet old rich also from the screen movies and Riverdale and so much more a great collection of celebrity guests. Parties panel discussions and so much more scare conduct come check that out. Tonight we're talking with Spencer Lee we're kind of departing from our normal paranormal. Discussions and talking about pop culture stuff in the seven's two mile music. Elvis Presley's anniversary of his death it came out just a few weeks ago and it was fortieth anniversary very tragic loss of a very big story in pop industry in fact. Is the king a rock and roll. Is what these four are usually known ask. And we're talking about Deborah also document other experiences Spencer has by the way his books. Are numerous including Elvis Presley caught in the trap The Beatles book the sacking of Pete Best the cavern club rise of The Beatles emirates he beat. Simon and Garfunkel together alone and Frank Sinatra an extraordinary life in check stuff out. On Spencer Lee Lee is spelled LE IGH. Dot CO dot UK. Now we're gonna talk about Elvis and we're gonna get there but I wanna ask you about The Beatles a little bit he wrote a book American pop before The Beatles. Can you and continue in a nutshell. Tell us what your view of American pop prior to The Beatles was and then what do was after. A lot of people that this is sixteen just seem to think that nothing happened to popular music between say 1959. But by the colleague died. I'm elvis' in the army that. I'm to go to riches had to become an indispensable least things that happened and Chuck Berry was in jail so. All these things the top of the main players in the locker local scene splinter that you'll and a lot of people think that nothing happened between 59 and 62. When The Beatles came along but. I I think that's absolutely ridiculous because of the a lot of great stepped up and put all this and don't count on foot stopped since. And there was a lot of that pretty. We can be unique block from the likes of Frankie Avalon the tape yet but there was a lot of really good stuff as well talent and great instrumental to. So pat mind my ball would submit that the American pop people would be for the one obvious what I was trying to do that. Take some quotes from rocker row but the Dodd met over the years and booked a Pope added into the story people called rock and roll released from what it stopped in 55 in the troops. At certain to win The Beatles came along and that that was another big cats are changing popular music and kept changing popular music queens. Anything here in Britain admitted 1963. To beatle mania really took hold. And I got love approach from Americans dodge who came to Britain in 1963. And so that's happening with The Beatles. Thinking gosh you know it's something really different is happening here. I'm in a few cases could be polite hello Bobby -- an example to me go to another example both of them went back. To America has sent. So better put labels you should be pretty exciting this group directly about the matchup. And debt out boom came over to that he has The Beatles went back to adults are critical to the back and said. It is populist band called The Beatles. You should put out there tackled both these nickel company couldn't take any notes it's about haven't. A few on the label that you don't put up The Beatles tracks because. Haven't capital bank capital records in America was mostly owned by he had not in this country. I'm going to. That they'd like to be independent but hey keep being told by the British company well to do. I'm the British company that telling that without The Beatles for the ticket saying in 1963. Although it won't sell in America that don't sell. So lately like totally in the swamp. And and Vijay got hold of some of those beat distractions and put them out. They knew this country have been successful but they got the mount and then in nineteen at least 1960 people. Patent. Then Epstein had. How would we eat guidelines that looked. You've got to put it between trickled out in America and give it full promotion because that number one again it that but I don't want to hold your hand. They got the date gets some of the show which was enormously successful certainty that you people saw that it's the first that's so that the children that dog. I'm not transformed. Popular music they definitely. And that if you eat you had to be sick just amazing because I'm very pay if you. British acts actually make the American chops bout about. And then all of a sudden the American taxpayer kicked out of the way it'll be British tax Kagan. And it was well listen because a lot of the protection from the couple went from not from my doorstep does it less of I think it it felt really great I was really proud to come from the toppled. In the yet 1960s. And my father who doesn't instill hate to grow grow I'd hate to be close and people. This is a terrible way for Liverpool to get it you reputation is deeply grateful at age would be totally disrupt general music. You know I I find it fascinating that so many people in the music. Industry at the time got it wrong about The Beatles what was what was how can be. I mean it's easy play Monday Morning Quarterback on this but how did they get it wrong. I think actually admit they would expect expecting that. Such a complete package is the people if they wrote all these wonderful songs all of these some possible so that they were recording. They can cut but it shouldn't fooled by melodic songs. The package is great and John Paul George and Ringo full full great personalities that. They were safe but he didn't abuse and if you listen to Elvis Presley to the views but the press is press conference is that playing steady things digital. Crack jokes and things. And the people get to console like possibly. You know and deceptive yes how'd he get to America have left it means that the whatever they said yeah just coming to all I. What do you call via act at but Davies. Is probably plentiful stuff. It people people it's really cool for them under the impact the patterns warm to them as well I think they've because they've been like that personality so much. And namely that we now know of course that pat. Don't let them have a lot of difficulty. And being sort of had didn't like that but nevertheless pat. He went along with the truth good few years because seeking soul of this of this is the thing to do. And that couldn't be I'm the the different personalities. Produce all those great so loosely the tensions between then and the the company. I think that the some terrific so. And that they couldn't. And also the other day imaginative manager if you take over if he was managed by a couple of pops up. I'm kind it's it will be a something successful. Total opposite rights movement milk up. And continued with it and a good example is all the films without dismayed but. Assume that he made in the last half of the sixties. Pop almost instantly given that he's he's doing a minutes sleep pretty description about the songs without and then makes me and they just. He is wearing jumpsuits so far too long. He turned down. October pockets down. Stop this bowl where he could to stop stop the opposite probably strides in but to be wonderful throughout this but he didn't do it. Pat the media and that he does that he's not the case. He says he. Afraid because the people who really wanted to borrow so it's going to be too critical Nydia people. It's different from what people are bought small all the trouble that he tracks on the album failed little different well. I mean people I was also something happening on it's it's a it's a fantastic album so. Hi I think they were opened to full time but I also think. That in the sixties. Have they it was so good. The other people who knew they had to be good to keep up with them otherwise they beat Los. And so you had a lot of bound flight program that would like to shade of pale Gray Davis for the principles sort of songs that The Who had. Deborah bounds or coming along and I'd really great song I'm challenging The Beatles. And so that was the paper to contribute to it don't come up now let me can take. One of the biggest bound in in recent years hidden things and certainly. Was that places. No. The boot because besides colder pain and if you play you're eight and you can see that. Elected to the idea you're ready. Andrew consultant around it's one global they would double somewhere around the end of the song after that. Under the new album people fail and as to police itself then you people I think intrepid shall it I would if it was that you beat those obedient as far as they. Took hold of the beaten big topic. I built it truly is less that they didn't do them into the big of a eaten yellow submarine. Marine by the way one of my favorite Beatles tracks on. Yeah what is it exactly I didn't say he isn't that it does sound like an oasis so the government could see that link. Yet you know another thing you talk about to head The Beatles presence making other bands perform better become better write better but in addition to that you must've heard this a million times because I hear it all the time. Bands that were popular in the later sixties into the seventies how many of them. Start their story by saying all I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan and I wanted to do that Earl I heard of Beatles record on the radio and I wanted to do that I mean that's a common story. Yes I made and that it didn't I mean whenever the whenever possible and thank you and Americans and I asked about The Beatles on Ed Sullivan's. And Bonnie you're right it's only a few weeks ago that it would say that you know the the people and it's a little bit what they did she absolutely no update. And I am an independent should definitely see that that backed the boat that they requisite and they didn't that Germany with Tony Sheridan was pulled my ball late. Unthinkable that a consultant for major notebook that's from the political country nearly. I mean so many people would influenced by the between law that some of them are eight team in. The American you marry combatants came along. And they let him that they were influenced by the between that and tried to sort of do something like them but the the American that's what would shop on the British Axl on the shots. In 1960. Certain you can really had a hard time because the people were talking about the jobs. And people like poppy continued no way to beat it became very hard for the most of that I think. But the new actually came along with great I mean I think some of those I mean he creates is that. That it connect that they don't get that through the capital credit to these that all the goods. And because they they produce like The Beatles. What different type of album after another. Guy that they had problems with that lineup Q a lot of my net change is that seven. If yesterday you could give to Dick is difficult sat. Task community from what you've agreed to sort of a lot bound together. While this is great stuff okay we're talking with Spencer Lee and we're gonna take quick break we'll come back and continue the discussion to the real. From Liverpool. And he said your father. Was the bit to disturbed by the fact that Liverpool was becoming known as the isn't as of the birthplace of a lot of great rock and roll acts nom but in retrospect. You must look at it with some pride in addition to that how has seen this fact that Liverpool has been the cradle of so much creativity particularly The Beatles how's that change that town. I think it's changed it to wolf well we have had our ups and downs over the as. And if you came to Liverpool in 1985. Is the merely wasn't very much happening via. I'm Dan McConnell papal copy came back to the group who. He sold under the food institute building where he's being as scala. And it didn't district pattern until I can do something that they. I'm with a debt to the health of and expecting people pulling out popped by the security. He got put something together to build politics creates. That of the institute for performing opting not building. And so the up to within a couple of thousand students into the city hasn't yet. My company has supported this wholeheartedly. But a lot of Americans come. And he takes the whole process. And so rollicking. He did after the graduation and so people get graduation certificate from him so he he really is the police a political dot. And other results of that the building that. Other people then started investing in the city. I know. A tremendously positive feeling in the city there and so much going around and I know that. Whether they collapse in into the deep into the weekend couldn't have because festival. This week and somebody in particular. The be all sorts of things happening in Liverpool beat people from all over the world that. And in fact I I don't might show who had. Last year does that didn't improved over from Russia. And that and they. They sort of did Beatles songs. It's actually sort of way up means that we continue to patent. It's people would look the public would they be thinking 56. And public and how the so called putting on the stop. This group call themselves cute cute cute on the stuff he says he. We beat little jokes. And that I I remember having been on the radio show and I said that I do quite short he won't be called little matter and I said oh yes and not a I'm does date they were terrific but it it is really good having both musicians from all over the place Liverpool. So it went when Elvis hit the scene in the fifties. He changed not just music but he changed popular culture and teenagers were emulating the way he looked his hair his clothes. Whatever was The Beatles did the same thing do you see much difference in the way each of those two entities The Beatles slash Elvis affected pop culture. I think so yes send news tip Steve talk about the book because of the new problems. In that bowl streak at that point on the big streets in Liverpool and they have actually pulled in the window photographs of battle between 5657. The idea being beaten dole in assailant looked like that please. They don't picture that people that number up top side and it is that you don't see people would mop tops not. But yeah I mean it is that debate Nobel peace changed everything I mean LB just looked like a great golf detonate look fantastic. I'm the indicative both elements in the because it would have of the pictures were taken problem. They all would look great it is impossible for photographers to take about picture of the people. I'm sick just thinking about now but I didn't the particular The Beatles were having Victorian bathing costumes that isn't terribly goat. But apart from Bob Bob all the pictures with a because a pretty good. And I think Q can I mention the Dutch being the sort of desperate if if not desperate group of people I'm did you concede that's what we're seeing a picture of The Beatles. So although coordinated together you've seen the mister Paul George and doing double. When I was with the if you take pictures of the book it's like five people to know things they don't they just don't seem to coordinate it got a group. Whereas The Beatles knew exactly what to do and how to present themselves. Yeah and I think Q hit the nail on the head when we first started talking about The Beatles and their success those four personalities were incredibly. Strong individually but can't they were they were an example of the the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Yet if it indeed had done that Saddam is the right did you fool them because where the ice agitated Shiite kennel pocketbook and couldn't imagine if it not the jets. That Epstein certainly balls and he could encouraging the people's all the time to be different so that that was great too I'm debt. Everything about The Beatles was great I'm not those themselves still sounds wonderful to die and it even when things went girl like that is don't let it be album. I'm does they're performing a pot as has created people do. I mean you don't expect groups don't last forever because. There are going to be huge creative differences if there that there are creative people in the group. But people when they didn't do all the pomp and let you beat up still playing insisting period. And you know looking up at the same what exactly happened tea. We who are supposed to be talking about Elvis but I Indus fascinated by this Beatles discussion now I ask you about Pete Best. The this firing her sacking as you put it of Pete Best on to replace him with Ringo Starr was that a personality or a drumming skills the issue. I think personality has something to do that. But they didn't have the same sort of personality is the rest of the group. But of course you couldn't have a group with two children lessons that it's having need to be at each other's throats but I'm engaged I mean carry most of them less suddenly quit completely different characters. It giving the pacemakers and make up on the side and that. Didn't look happily together. No but I I think you can book that somewhat even if you don't particularly get all within is that do we know I'm saying. And unfortunately for peace he just looked into putting up from the pulpit he could do the rock and roll but he couldn't do much else and indeed. Where do. They've beaten to two EMI full delegation festival they claim that he constituent smoltz and I'm not come until the came up with an apology in the 1990s. If you listen to that version of let me to it's like ten. Pete Best he's spending on dust didn't see it is coming is absolutely terrible about. And you think well if that soldier was more competitive in the world he said we can't use similar records. And the between the nobody out behind the scenes and doubts about it anyway. You going to his stock to be one of George Harrison's best friend and so he want to do legally bound. And so we eat it was inevitable really that the stated today outlook compete of course. Haven't put that into the charming guy I mean I'd like to say much but he but he just couldn't cut it if he wasn't he wasn't up for the sun to both of the other between Israeli. One of the things The Beatles when they are when they discussed her aunt were interviewed about does the origins of their love for music and how they got together as a group they often cite Elvis is a major influence. Oh definitely yes I mean it is McEnroe didn't stop the debate had sought to develop this really. I've moved if they love this stuff and they dated a lot of his stuff out of its own team concept dot com net. The BB and when they're recording sections for the BBC and such so the a lot of versions. The Beatles doing Elvis songs I don't know very well. Earn as you can probably tell on eking out a little bit here this is a great discussion we're talking with Spencer Lee we've got to take a break we've got a lot more ago. OK game's deepest. Approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October 15 to October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. Greeted next if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better. Way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time night comes. Visit the web site. Day use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Redo Judy Johnson you're chasing balls tonight ubiquitous. Shortly and I'll. Spencer league he is he UK radio broadcaster and author journalist and he's got some wealth of experience with rock and roll history particularly. The British invasion bands and we've been talking about The Beatles were going to be talking about Elvis we're gonna have a lot more to come. It's beyond reality radios specially after the. Beyond reality radio talking Spencer will be caught in the trap her about Elvis Presley so when we will be talking about a lot of stuff going nine. Now I remember some of the stories a John Lennon would tell him how he would have to. Tune into us to him and even sure which foreign radio station it was to be able to hear some of these recordings. A bomb or they need it date because it the import hard to get a hold of what was the magic in trying to get to listen to and get a hold of those recordings from Elvis and other American pop stars. Well that they would release if from 1956. Would fool them throughout this press release that we were able to catch up on its own recordings from the like that and I mean you know what it was a bit like taxes and couldn't wait between the treaty in 1960 foot America. There was so many people release is coming out because. Capital was that playing catch up and the same sort of blades. In England they can be was playing catch up without the stress the importance now some recordings were also put things. So well this is having won it after another but to do a lot of people who know about that record release tea. I'm Charlie suddenly Greg rockabilly optimist I think. And cry and stroll. That is The Beatles and say one earned and and all the couple others of his songs that you wanted to do with them but they just didn't hear him so do people who don't we just didn't in this country. And if something wasn't at the F. Then that was it we didn't know anything about it. The good thing about that the support level was then the record shop which is led by brown that stockman who with a brilliant. Record chopped pat manager and he says I am going to order a copy after every vehicle that comes out in the UK. So that. All those records of that about the beat from the being that they Capcom didn't. During a lunch concessions say they might do doubt sit them. I think he's been you release is available prompted hip new automatic release is an old quote that hit the besides as well I'm not feasible right. As so many of the trio songs but doesn't by the Liverpool groups and also the besides the Douglas style I mean during don't. Did police for example which is the beside it wouldn't let me tomorrow. So big. A great interest among the musicians as to what they get the ball the American expert doing. But they eat and that goal of the access cents. What the big chopped and changed but the sort of fat. People let the recording on the island be and that's so different. Now not to take anything away from Elvis to some also very. Big Elvis fan but Elvis was a performer The Beatles. Were more than performers The Beatles wrote their own music for the most part. How much of a different that make. I think well that the deal is this case I mean you didn't have to to let's that he had some wonderful people write songs for him. During the and Mike's Salah act October it's more true than two wonderful song writing partnerships. How and to. Give these broad style unfortunately. I cannot become a pocket because they wanted to do. In particular film musical called the ball walk walk on the wild side. I'm day went to kind of popped up. And they didn't I went straight twelve this that this idea until the pocket at the bit about not because you didn't pitch anything straight well they. And so he says dried no more lobbyist policy on. And don't toe that's when I interviewed in some years ago. Referred to the fact that he had to pay the eldest half expedite the open space public but the immediate discharge secretly I mean he. AT&T if you give us some say made a hundred dollars. They ignore the split was 50% to publish a 50% 5050 cents for the eighty. Summarize that. You know this is case at turtle sparkle wanted 25. Per cent above the belt that fifty cents. So you out of the woods 75%. Going to the publisher in the management just 25 cents going to be going to the Pope and going to the so Veronica. And so he was trying to about a and so like loyalties I'm not talk from both for the people who were watching some extra base. I'm a lot of something like that wouldn't stop trip they didn't want to tie via the fact they don't know that I AM sat. I'm so consequently. He didn't against the best songs all the time but that was that was agreed to take. And that was one of the reasons that the some writing some to step in the 1960s. But you could say that but on the performance to. And I mean Charlie pride is a good example I mean it's Syria for the community because he wanted to probably sold themselves to these people think. And I don't know if this is true but I I I seem to remember hearings that tests several times may be frequently Elvis was listed as in songwriting credits and that was part of the deal to root if you wanted to write a song for Elvis and he was going to recorded. Yet the list him on time as part of the authoring team. But look at what has happened in the first cut his name is on top recruit talent quite of quite a QB of the songs. But. He he was uncomfortable with having his name down not the songwriter. Still the deal was made by total pot patent he was still setting up because some of the songwriting royalties. But he no longer insisted no this is banking on that. I mean both of unease is under the Christmas album look Elvis Presley he's giving up a pummeled you faced political composer helped disperse. I think I have the same album what makes Elvis Presley's life so fascinating. Well although I wanted to come to grips with this difference as the difference is without a pot complied to keep this district and so lulled. How did he get so with the the people around them I think that. He started controlling Trenton outpost is called the so called Memphis mafia but I actually think that once you start employing some bomb. They ceased to be offend really that couldn't really be so it's a different relationship but he had been dumped but it had to be mindful of what they said well this could Dayton says chalk. So he didn't really have. Friends and finding him as to what you should be doing he couldn't really told uncle what he's doing. There's so it was very uncomfortable with that demand has not yet being around Albert's. And that as consumers grew up in the cable that. You realize that she would be the perfect person to manage Elvis Presley can do what this suggests it's well this example that he did American trilogy. And the pocket and have a suggested some two well is it at that some of the sudden publishing and Cologne they. I'm dead. Facility that we can use to do Americans took a seat until there will be perfect relevance I think DD well. I'm not with a puppet of fantastic critical that he that he made. That's I'm not student debts to proceed to have colonel Parker came out of the picture up on that particular putt architecture. That's of the precipitating. And make some political decisions although this is beat out of him well that's opening up great food to tours and eldest is now making Obama made it yet but did. When he puts the life. It's funny you mention American trilogy because that's always been one of my favorite tracks from Elvis and an eight and and never influenced my son's music habits in a least not intentionally but. The other day and he's 21 years old he was playing some music and I heard him in his room and millet American trilogy came on his quote unquote playlist and I was a little bit proud of that. Mean. I I am absolutely certain open capital podcast that's so. He would've said. This is just a real simple mobile phone strung together what happened between duke means they've obviously concept you don't hit the it's a matter of something but he didn't have meetings talked out of it. But I'm shortly that he thought it was a problem but some practical not but Mickey do you get taken songs from both sides of the civil war put them together. I think it's an absolutely beautiful moment I think that the eldest in fact exposed made in this state because if he kept that record. Until 1976. It would be your bicentennial. I think probably would've had the biggest thing is true David that song. Yes great point. Was Elvis the first casualty of mega celebrity. I'm honest I think that we can see yet. This entered the country along the way but yes certainly needs. His his fame so it's got the packet pocket I suppose. And and it's it's Chucky the the end of his life I mean. Nobody expected him to die I can you bet seeing it on the use about half past and at night that Elvis had died. Competed really surprised we seen the pictures up and we knew we didn't look healthy. We knew he wasn't terribly well but we also knew that he was touring so you know can this be well enough to totally missed BBC that the house seats. So McCain that they pay a great surprise to us. I didn't look to. I think. I I felt I felt really bad about about conducting and I write in the book of course about the huge outpouring of grief when he did actually died. I'm that I can trust out a few years later that they are pulling increased to Princess Diana. I'm rarely does seem to me that when that I'm real celebrity dot east. It almost and so best thousands won't forget about post that because sendoff possible. I'm debt so you get huge public outpouring of grief now wouldn't say David Bowery dies so who left a cycle that is another example to. Oh it's amazing to me I remember exactly where it was when I heard the news of Palestine and he was 42 years old I'm I'm older than that now it seemed at the time that he was. You know on nine and not a young man but certainly not an old man either on to meet. But you know had he survived and Hewitt would have been 82 years old and and it's not it's not inconceivable to think those forty years would've been very very. Hum productive or at least interesting for. But it got out of it gives seem certain they had to have opened would've done something that was appropriately in that age I mean what was the I mean the company goes on told. I'm content Google Talk they successfully but he's having some refused and the reason about being accused is that he's insisting. I think for the street and hit it. The debut of the some uncertainty still has to perform it and he. So he's singing songs not know and he's so comfortable for them and intimate company in trouble if he decides I think he would be. Upholding things much better than he is now so that's not a bit of a pretty and I sort child multiple last year there were on patrol he's ninety warmed. I believe that the astonishing constituted about this concept. And I think the death penalty should be legalized. Like Tony Bennett or something like that he would he would he would've been. Performing number of global mean that about eight Gil is. We didn't always choose good solid but would I wouldn't put these on which he could choose community great songs. Patent at a course where when he died the won't be through this development system alive of course that. That would up became quite firmly in the media area they haven't PP it's quite insisting I think that. In Britain. We haven't had any such things pop Princess Diana told reporters by the British media. And yet they would be near you Google's site and develop missed most of which they've got all the which I think preparation. But I do wonder if he'd he'd he'd it's the nature princess Diana's death and about the so tragic. And and seemed to completely different sort of person that people how can you respect the top wanted to sort of say. Some of the scene Princess Diana but just doesn't happen here. I'm may be the newspaper the sentence about sort of thing it's. But without its being sightings all the time I mean not because he beat EPA teach him enough support from you couldn't have kept himself didn't default yes I don't think. Yeah I remember those quote unquote sightings and knew of every bill and once while they pop up there be a photograph of somebody in the distance and they would claim that we've that was Elvis and I think. Part of that was in it due to the fact that Elvis's personality was a bit quirky toward the end of his life. In some ways he became a bit of a caricature of themselves and I think the media felt like they did have some liberties with a even though he did pass away tragically. Yes and I thought I think he I think to that they could see that they'll be my 2.2 escaped from the salute to military resolve how this might be an extreme extreme way of actually doing it. And that you know they'll say well it's somebody else in the confidence that's. And if it's seen its exit extremely unlikely and certainly now fourteen years old that's pretty pretty letting possible. But the good stories and meet Ali I combatant. That the British disc jockey Tony Blackburn hadn't. Saying that is keeping him being taken over by experiencing an Elvis Presley song that's something. How to move the ball hadn't Jimmy Webb has some ground in the same boat if he thinks that against. Oh this will be and so relationship. It's it's become as important does that you know a lot of people wanting to be alive at that swept. Yes absolutely and one of the things I find interesting when we make these comparisons between Elvis and the career of The Beatles. I I really feel Elvis was a casualty of being a mega celebrity. The Beatles didn't seem to fall into that same trap what was the difference. I wouldn't doubled the big difference is built for them. There was no people persons who was okay. We won't post new with you that like about the though based with The Beatles the world bowl between them they each knew what it was like to be of people. So they could share those experiences. And I think that's the that's helped the little slot. Analysts at every bootable that's about it but I make totally pulled Elvis Presley a lonely life. I'm Mike and I concede that he's being blown sentence it was but nobody could share that experience that nobody else you would you dislike the new stars biggest hit. So important that they eat if he spoke with global what was the other girls. They happened about sort of faith in the legislation. So maybe it was very difficult thing in two. Adjust to that period. Where is that the beat for the that we get the sector that somebody via. How important were the Las Vegas years Telesis career. Well I I think we'll play people when they started because they've they've you buy commodities Seoul Korea I mean he. It's true it was pretty well let going down the toilet you know because he's making a direct or hadn't. And then he did achieve peace special which total pot who wanted to be able Christmas songs I don't know the facts to put his foot down that. I think it sounds like it how about notes of that wonderful section in the black that the way he's been Beltre and stop these these. Analysts it's fabulous. Yet I'm not sure that he drank is that and that's so that that that little about the wonderful let sections that. And then after that he goes into Vegas. And I suppose two important historical because trivial boat people the only sounds to take a setup is actually very good debate that's. And but he won't debate as he wasn't the proper that they could act of the time because that was able. The so that's not true wrapped up in here really and so he tightening that itself. And it's changed they consider it doesn't. I think they deep down that's a really put the flats and I mean that killed since the first site I think the great I'm out of populist Bowden didn't that's. You could almost start and so and they could follow that moment I was talking to James Burton move as it is its lead guitarist but few months ago. And James Burton said this could come up with anything except I can remember it in bogus. Suddenly starting to sink in Christmas if there had been expecting him because they weren't expecting to do Christmas route. So he this year and he thought about that could actually deal with it. Aren't you proud of who knew how to let COPEL is that what you wanted to do next what it is insisting I think we've got. And beyond and James Burton both pulled Liverpool he recently. They have faced gluten technically great onstage. But they don't have a lot of stage personality. And I presume that is because with the to work with Presley. The world think you didn't do we show you personality states the show with about elements that he did that all the government it. The what the document Terry and it followed Elvis on Tor and in Vegas com I think it was called Elvis that's the way it was. Yet that's a fabulous look into the into the life of Elvis on the road and it shows the band in rehearsals shows Elvis in rehearsals and that's just a real. Very special rare glimpse of what was going on in his life. Yes I I think I think it's really good that. I mean some of the because it may be dates dates for the film but he did it works really well. I know this looks so great that he is having a good time that he is enjoying himself. But it unfortunately as I've been saying these tools that they kissed it became into the treadmill Ford like that I failed at the end. And that in the last couple of years of his life the other people did any new original songs the that was probably great pity. Tell us who at Telus to. I think back upon polite does said that. Certainly shouldn't that doesn't highway because you can listen to for the sake of my way it doesn't really suit the white press be bald. When he was on the weak side note that in the seventies. You and I think that the success of that particular. Recording was because he was released after his death remember correctly. You know. Telesis. But it but done by Sinatra it's much more defiant implement certain that it essentially saying I do it my way about its. I did the dreaded clock OK so we have to take a break we'll have more expensive and when we come back. Beyond reality radio TV Johnson here and get right back into its Spencer Lee Spencer tell us about the story of oh listen President Nixon it's pretty interesting one. But it is extra open admittedly Egypt Egypt decided to take a plenty on his own initiative I mean though the oldest is also the person. We wouldn't expect and know how to I think speaking accurately. Because people without people looking fully. But he just decided to go to Washington. And he went to Washington he did that lasted notes he'd be didn't get settled what what that they yet. That the atmosphere eventually discipline that he dealt with it. I didn't that you went to the White House mr. know that. I'm giving President Nixon was someone who like to keep. A hospital Barroso and the debt free get free day in case something cropped up but he had to deal with it and they told they've met politicians that. So he decided to defeat the 12 o'clock or that they have to talk I think it bought and depth of Elvis came from that. Well disposed of the presence of a pistol as well he's. It's quite commuting to you know you couldn't imagine some glued to the White House the day that the government could. Be let in within its. But about the picture is about Melissa nix and I just absolutely fantastic I think I mean not to beat the it is one of the great pictures of the century the two of them together. About this sat out the time he is very serious some B a becoming a true resolve certain reporting that. But rock rock performers were doing how they were. And encouraging people particularly seagull right off the people's by about stated my government holds. I know that a lot of other problems he didn't like as well on the he he saw that he was in a position to that report adds to the head of the FBI what was actually going around. And how to get did people without. He militant again not wanting to have drugs. Is a bit and a bit of an irony there com Elvis. Sir I mean he he is taking it basically goes said he was taking yet. Dedicate that didn't. Medication has described by the doctor. But he hadn't talked to get cut demand is not the other inmates he had doctors who effectively looking forward to didn't put that didn't Elvis wanted. How can get in my ball you concede that doctor nix descriptions. That was written the day people out and stop it. Have acquaintance look quite a lot of drugs don't. I'm did you realize that he's either sit drugged up to these articles really have it is it is just it is efficient eight. He really needed to its assaults in south he needed how the right people around him and didn't have the right people around not about Paltrow really. Now. We know that sound. President Nixon took the time to meet with the Elvis but we also know that President Nixon was trying to deport John land and what do we know what Nixon really thought of Elvis Presley. Well as the type to go about meeting the couple haven't been officially released stepping Nixon recorded everything I think so I presume there's records don't mix that that Vista that I would just love to hit the compensation that I didn't have been ups absolutely fabulous. But yes I mean Mick mix it was somebody didn't have much to do with the youth summit talk of the day. And so he didn't he didn't really have a true rock music has such. Had I know besides it was forced upon him by his people who said he should be dealt if he's in he wants to meet you this that you're good social opportunity. The next that the league Al decision to beat the job but the situation is that. The prelude to that it Huckabee to understand community because it seems to be a Molina did. That reminded patent. Transgression the global though this is that John Madden has suffered from. In he was quite a reasonable to me if you can be green pot DPP is only in the sort of last yes his life. That he is that he was able to travel freely so that the ballot but it's ridiculous really I think. And I think I think he was being picked up on the leg is being taken as an example let's say they told that he dismal. I suppose more that you leader who the other rock's stock of the day. Yeah and political activism comes into this discussion a little bit too and I find it interesting that Elvis seemed to wanna avoid being. Having his political opinions talked about or discussed. Whereas today it's pretty common. Word entertainers musicians actors or otherwise wanna make their political. Opinions known. Well yes I am. So out of it could be in the service to rebound and a and so he's he's a proud of the service. And he is teaching people simply. Talking down Vietnam and saying American troops shouldn't be in Vietnam. So he did her own views on the which took aim at the establishment point of view. There is of course most of the other thing has been thinking to do would be to look very tightly to Vietnam. I mean in fact that the cabinet until The Beatles when they when they went to a marriage first. That they want to mention politics at all. But this would be bound for the manufacture Oakland and if it did in particular kept is not sit for quite some time. I didn't let it views of Vietnam being held and then till sometime in late at. Yet at a point. They became big enough and important enough and like to announce that I think they felt a little more at ease offering their own personal opinions. Yes indeed and that they concede that this is such a groundswell of opinion against the boy anyway. I'm look at that doesn't know a lot of songs to look coming out to get. That the folks so don't coming out to Greenwich Village for example that a lot of very anti Vietnam songs that. So that you can eat and they concede that things happening things would think the changing political into group took quite successful. For the war to actually the end of the day. We're talking pop culture we're talking newspaper talking Elvis were talking The Beatles it's always Spencer. Lead don't go away more common beyond reality week. No you can chat room often say the 63 hour show and tonight I. Agree wholeheartedly because we need more time with Spencer Lee our guest. Believe it or not there are a lot of people listening who either weren't alive for were way too young to remember the day Elvis died in 1977. Can you walk us through his last few dollars. But they receive you can't think if you be getting ready for. Another talk. Movie PG cup that he got some dates lined up. It's that they eat eat eat because these people to see a dentist. Few I was before he died. And it would poll that he was on the ballot but the timing is trying to get through to some way. And he wasn't excessively heavy be thinking stolen I think which. You don't use stone's cinematic to do you would take eighteen times full heat inside. It. It's somewhere around 260 pounds about that's the that's settled access simply got hot I don't think. Hadn't but he wanted he wanted to do some plates that tool. But for some reason that I to us before his death. He did that's for quite Camilo. Cookies and ice cream and such so we did have a bit of a big need people that some may be dropped. Fed up with I think we we don't actually know. Hasn't he had a game called them. Have other people. Stroke shortly before his tests have been to the people that that in the house. And then he went. He went to bed she got up Cuba during the night. Who boldly throwing that guy I suppose community because they keep that to salute that day from my type of life. And that went into the bathroom. Had the they chanted the bathroom where he could read. And because he had this echoed in the bathroom as well. I didn't debt. He just bellow that holding a book. At which which happens to be as spiritual book that he was reading. And keep he would he wasn't found for a couple of which is pregnant girlfriend ginger woke up and realize that something that happened. NA is I remember correctly that games racquetball was like at 4:30 in the morning it's 5 in the morning or something like that. That's I guess he didn't that this so called date date the knowledge the minutes into the into the strange not to be leading certainly but he. He seemed he seemed to be like that most of the time really. He liked he liked me like doing things that not that he's not a lot of his best record tomato look I thought. And indeed going right back and Chet Atkins. Prove that I think it's and to produce quite a lot of his the section. Said that he stopped working proud of is because that's. Illegal thing to do during the depths he didn't he didn't want to be up to two reasonable thing. I'm the last section adult with Elvis was are you lonesome tonight we tell the trees thought about what we'll talk about it. Well do you think that there is anybody in the Memphis mafia that. That may be their responsibility for giving Elvis a wake up call arrested. And they tried to do it or the you blow was any attempt made to two week Elvis up to some realities. Well look I think they think you saw people Thai people come down to salute that won't look too soft anyway. He's in the bedroom with ginger. There's no no no no reason dress to go. Chased him up and he would he would display is quite normal in sync to the morning now that I would Wallace. So that nobody nobody told me that anything was amiss. I mean intensity is typically ATP political and that the boat with you so that he PPP. If someone that that that and something if something could perhaps a patent doesn't that cut is like could've it could've been say tweet we just don't know. When after his death many of the Memphis mafia. Started to tell their stories. And there are some disparity between the versions that come out. Hum all of those folks in of those stories who do you look at as being the most stood true to what will really was going on and elvis' life is there anybody the stands out. Well and the possible by the street bodyguard came out while eldest of the life that came on to few bumps before he died. And the pistol without Mike Hutton effect although this is my friend that is certainly didn't like those stories coming up. He that would be revealed about his lifestyle. Hadn't fumbled the medication he's taking in those books and and in the way he contraption that download a press conference to say that spoke with a load of rubbish all. Yes the blessings I did you open up not doing the girl who knows something I passed. But he didn't I misspoke. Was on the best seller output target is that. How indelible one of the media. Wouldn't look into the that is not yet who we people didn't I can not open you had less to lifted. His dad did the best known members but he. That is not weird fact and remote quite a few good songs for Elvis including separate place which you can see as a sort of Elvis and Priscilla type asylum. So glad he is a pretty decent some rights to two. But that he I don't I don't think that the people who were around you and me the head after analysts is well. In the way that they should that doesn't. They should've seen that something is he going to put you over the life of a short of the total popped most of you know not too. This propelled it's two vote can pocket didn't go to Graceland very often. I'd done so elvis' private life for these private life but it is having such an effect upon these public life. But I think I'm a pocket should've done something about that and tried to sort out what is happening. And you concede that some of the things about this is doing look perhaps because people also who but Lee you know way. Although in in the probably wasn't because I knew it is but I I was writing my ball not. I'd like with the Frank Sinatra book I'm keeping a list of skills says most neutral by apple to use that as I've is going on you'd see at. Seeing have. The different people that bad relationships with over the years nine noticed the Valdez in particular that he had. A lot of relationships they've played poorly cast models of Playboy playmate civilized. And it was almost as though and he's using the monthly edition of Playboy thing is the guy who's going to death. Next. So let us say it was on the old life I mean it is sound in the way that you have been pulled these kind of warm up relationships but to the other and he probably believe that having a great deal of some of the same time to. Did they are not true life. Yeah we don't have a whole lot of time left but I realize we did kind of gloss over on his relationship with Priscilla and that's a pretty interesting story the way they met. How he took care for and how they ended up getting married in and of course having which a child Lisa Marie Presley tell us quickly that story. But yes he met Priscilla when she was fourteen. I didn't. Miss the patent to quit when you look at it when you look at the so those people. Texas she's written about the relationship to hadn't. Been relationship I think on. How much trouble as well because she could still young and even. What 25 and so experienced that the powers. But they didn't have full sex percent of consumers quite clear about that. But to what she feels inaudible I would say it's two very disturbing behavior indeed the someone of that age hasn't that. I think jacket doesn't reflect say well on the analysts and everything worked out OK in the end but that he could've it could've gone to a hero president. And that it has I think with someone who who really blunt level I did have was actually pay very good for help before giving input device. But he he receives the for the apocalypse who know the right person trailed at. I'm doesn't actually seem to get the job mutiny by. And Camilla Parker to look after it's signed on since I'm total pot community didn't have the financial acumen to deal with that. Have which is which is exactly what total proper want to do of course. So that's that he could not bring it sounded. So it's it's all a bit of Wikipedia audience. You look at it and you think oh did they could get this could have been. So much better but nevertheless I mean we've still got a great record and everything out of that I'm some great films to. And so concentrate like I was. Spencer. What are you working on next on were were recently at a time here but I know you've got irons in the fire what are you what's coming up next for. I'm not quite sure I'm going to do next that this sell this book it just cannot see you won't see the sort of reaction to that shouldn't what could what people say about it and things. Hadn't this tool guy indicted three blocks on the beat who didn't the book who would be true in net. In America. I'm Lou if it is deeply that The Beatles didn't as well look of a sudden what I've forgotten about it. The big debate that they had to beat an incumbent between Liverpool because in America I did. I'm to the publishing is talking to combine the lows in what broke the compete like that between worldwide. Patent that's. The because it's so many of thinking around the rest of the country in other countries to. The the be quite about the book it sort of doing double the compartments are a lot but you know policy and that's because it is a possibility. So a couple of things Saddam discussing with people at the moment that would seem to see how it I doubt I mean I've quote was actually wanted to ride. Hubble can't do well too much side about ten different publishers that the idea doable I'll do well. Because I I think I have been something due to the table and I think it's a great failed. Panel but when I talked to publish about kids. They say well you know Q going towards systems because we bait shop in that England they say the books eight is that. And then the miscellaneous section a mortgage you write a book called do well that stood in the miscellaneous section and Nolan sees it so how about doing a book on The Beatles instead. The way life works so I mean quite often I'm. Not like in the book that I really want to ride although I still hot button right in the books that I do about it. Sensor you've got a lot of books to your credit a lot of great work work and people find information about what you've written how can they order the books and deaths. Bob Thomason and as indeed the deal is spoken out in England at the moment Condit it's supposed principle I don't Kindle in America at its out its own Kindle. But if you look at numbers and you see it's actually the hard copy and that will be in the book shops and things that he does that's not that's up to the beginning of October. But yeah I mean you could still order a copy I presume to Amazon and UK or what have you. I do I don't really know how these things were. I think that they don't discuss people it's probably have a vote on on its way to New York now. Well is Spencer this has been it's fabulous. Discussion I appreciate the time you've taken with us and our audience and I'm just really honored to have spoken with you. Well certainly very much indeed Javed. Great thank you very much. Our guest is Glenn Spencer Lee the website is that seriously what is OK Spencer Lee and Lee is spelled LE IGH. Dot CO dot UK you can also find information on the beyond reality radio website. At a check out Spence release works including caught in the trap that's a book about Elvis Presley The Beatles book the sacking of Pete Best the cavern club rise of Beatles in the murders he beat Simon and Garfunkel together alone. And Frank Sinatra an extraordinary lights are so much great work there we encourage you to check it out. I also encourage you to check out the scary content website we've been talking about it quite a bit. And see who we've got coming plus what what else is on the docket for that great weekend October 6 through the eighth. And Jason and I will be at the moth man festival in Point Pleasant West Virginia that's coming up by September 15 weekend. So check that out to it's all. Part of what we do here beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and JB Johnson Jason went back when this next time we appreciate you tuning yen bossi had. It's produced by state 88 includes music Alexandria Johnson for intercom yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting that's. Slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.