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Wiccan, pagan, witch, warlock - what's the difference?

Sep 12, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to guest Ivo Dominguez, Jr about his experience as a practicing wiccan and the differences between the various versions of paganism. WE discuss witchcraft and the other elements that make up these belief systems. 9/12/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. The unreal Iranians JC GB secret to everybody long and they think. You there wrenching. This just a serious effort that's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast in many you're stuck between my microphone was our king welcome beyond reality radio Jason and Gigi. So it's some it's a bit of a somber day. And you know we've got. A lot to reflect on a lot to talk about a lot to think about. And you know there there are people all across this nation who. Going today with a bit of melancholy and somber and reflection. You know we we experienced an unbelievable tragedy that was hit too close to home too many people. Just what sixteen short years ago. Seems hard to believe it was that long ago but here's the 9/11 attacks. From al-Qaeda. That brought down the World Trade Center to both towers. It to did considerable damage to the Pentagon. It's left a very scarred field in the middle of Pennsylvania. And it left a lot of people with loved ones that they'll never see again and you know and nothing can ever bring them back and nothing can be said. To ease that pain but I will say this that you know to this day I remember. When the planes hit towers I was watching it on television. And from that point forward he gave me new respect for life. It gave me new respect for our country. And it gave me new respect for the people who were in it and watch everybody pulled together and and and really try to recover from such an unbelievable tragedy. And you'll see seeing everybody hold together the way they did from that. And honestly who really made you proud to be an American again it really did. And I remember exactly where it was on Thursday and I was on a plumbing job when the first plane hit. I was actually downstairs. A little lady's house and she came down came downstairs. She told me when it happened. And thome had to come up to watch and I went up I sat down and her living room with that with her. And as I was sitting there watching the TV live there it's that's when the second plane hit. And at that point I knew that at this wasn't an accident and by no means. And first and it it was pickup phone or just remember remember freezing employees not knowing what to do. I picked up my phone and called my wife and I told I told Chris to a two doable my my daughter's at that point our school. I suggest just did you get Smith and male demo and on the home just feel. I of course at that point and you know you don't know what else is going to happen it's bad enough what that did happen but you have no idea what was going to happen after. And it was just getting home to family and and bracing for what might still calm and you're down like you said nothing. Nothing can ever bring those people back and that's that's a day that. We will always remember and we will never forget. There. Yeah you know there there are few days and in every generation. Where people say you know. You'll never forget where you were at that moment and to JFK assassination is one of them. There are many many others but I would say probably equal tool or of very close to maybe even surpassing the JFK assassination was that day the September 11. Remember I was actually in my office silence radio stations that time and my mother called me no interest in came on my mother's issue was a directory service. Operator for our directory assistance operator for the New York City area she was. Upstate New York but they handled the New York metropolitan she said all these calls started coming in with people asking for. Phone numbers in the World Trade Center and indeed she had no idea what was going on Nolan did it's time. And finally one of them said yeah I'll spy plane just flew into the World Trade Center and she immediately called me I went upstairs to one of the studios in the radio station we had a television and turned it on and of course every channel we're showing that. Smoking tower and as it is ready after a turn that television on the second plane hit. And then I realized as you do. And I immediately turn Roma radio station over to 24 hour news with the ABC radio network at the time and you know we just sat there stunned everybody was stunned and just could not believe what was unfolding like you said there was so much uncertainty as to what was gonna happen next. No one plane hits another plane hits than the Pentagon and then field in Pennsylvania yeah you figured there was more coming need to sit nowhere was gonna come next. Let's and that can honestly say I think that was the only time in my life that I. I was so much and on so much in shock that I just I didn't know my next move at that point. Or what what to do and also and let's remember that it's it's a fifth anniversary of losing Americans remain Garcia's. While answering him in another tragedy know the tragedy all related to same thing you really we really all hope that ten. Within our life times that this the situation with the conflict with the Muslim world while some of it anyway and the Middle East in general and the western world and Scott and it's just too many people died from this craziness. When you also don't ever want a situation like this again where you are you you crede got the your children never have to experience. Most experienced that day that they never in their life to see so much so much death and destruction and and sadness chaos. And just again to see everybody pole altogether. In Europe it was amazing and really laws and to see the whole country come together but nobody cared anybody else's beliefs sort. Or anything and at that point political views whatever everybody stood together. Everybody was just an American at that point. Yeah and we're seeing a lot of that now to these disasters and we can't forget to mention of pour folks in Florida that is that if basically just coming out from under this. Incredible storm Irma who overcame it to just basically just took the middle Florida went straight up and did left its. I devastation in its wake thankfully in this storm on. Subsided a bit it was a category five at sea and by the time it didn't think it was category two which helps a little bit but it doesn't help those who lost. Property in and bit of flooding damage in there and no water surge mean there's just so many things ran on top of what happened in Houston boy. We just been 12 punch tear over the last few days. Yell it's. Definitely big big shout out to everybody down I've got friends and family down there and I Susan Page and they've done okay but there's a lot of people who haven't and a got a bit of him especially with these looters and I watched a video. They have these police officers actually going and arresting these voters and I loved it loved it because. Tomorrow. There's no reason. AEG. Two to salute a foot locker. It's in going to help you survivor American. It's no surprise there's no reason you needed to grab fifty pairs of shoes from a foot locker to survivor yet some finals not the first thing on the minds and occasionally break into. A convenience store credit caiso water hey I'll never I'll never question that. But if you're breaking up to a foot locker fifty pairs of shoes. I'm gonna question. Jim well. We wish all those people a speedy recovery the people's at least break in and grab a single auctions for the likes the people in Texas is still recovering envoy. We hope this next storm doesn't come anywhere near us and I don't know what the but the predictions of the models are. Telling us at this point but men nude it would just not when would you we don't need another one witness any time soon knives soul. And if you have if you have anything to say your opinion. Wanna talk about where you were during and during 9/11 to give us quality force for 6877669. Again 844. 6877669. If you haven't yet Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com we can download the free iPhone and android app right there and you can also find any degree stations we are across the country. Com you can also listener from the what's so it's click the listen lifetime and join me online chat GB myself and critic community people paying down there. And attached a wonderful time so if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor. In just rated for us we're trying to get trying to get that does that help sponsor shell Ford makes it easier. For people to fine. Such an we've got a really interesting show to trying to change the subject maybe put some smiles on people's faces we've got evo Dominguez junior joining us. He is a visionary and a practitioner of their a variety of esoteric disciplines will be discussing. Experiencing the reality that lies beyond the physical senses not limited to those who've been born of the special gift everybody can do it. We talking about how psyches of ism works and how to open the senses and if you're already open how to manage those talents. Also be talking about in those new books and material that Ted he's include consumes most recent don't work. Yeah and to get on margin into the current director of we've got to saying. Saying doing deaths and he has spent a majority of his life exploring the depths of the paranormal and unknown through various investigative groups and personal experience he's he's also the producer and host of a podcast called. Whispers in the night will be talking about all his experiences and thinks he's talked about on his show. And much much more but. The interesting thing he's attempting to create his own team. With the local reporter Fargo, North Dakota didn't just tell me you're gonna be and. And on the farm well yeah actually in etc. zag dragons is going to be there Steve's going to be there's my daughter Samantha they are all going to be up there a casino. Do an appearance that pretty cool you and Heidi are going to be heading out Susan that we're headed to them on market Ming festival yeah guys got to the skin tight suit with the wings I can't wait to see you and it went to consider that when they weren't talking which he Quackenbush filmmaker an attorney from him or Amarillo Texas. This film last word. This it's documentaries to. Takes on the innocent man on Texas death row. And we're talking animal that so many she tune in get a bunch of great things come. Lot of great things happening so once again from our hearts go out to all those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and a country was. Severely. Wounded but man we healed and we're stronger than ever and were ready to face any challenges and and our and annual collectively all of America grieves with those who lost people on 9/11 of 2001. Absolutely so. All right with that we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen JC. JB MB honor okay. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. Agree it's best if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare content is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a read collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com that spirit kind. Today scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled companies DRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare kind of. To show that person whose song our tribute to 9/11 by Alan Jackson to another bunch of great music came out to try to. It's share the experience of a lot of us went through amendment I say us ice or ice you know I'm I knew some people that that died in the world treats and but I didn't ever be close to me and I know a lot of people did and that plane I can imagine but either way a lot of musicians came together and tried to. Rebuild our. A psyche and our confidence and our morale and. Or just pay tribute to people tensile you have some phenomenal song like that and you united people Toby Keith thrown out great songs about. Had no firm. Taken some Barton and so forth we have bomb our guest Mario Dominguez junior coming up just in mobile before we I'd go to the gas let's bring in Gary from Missouri Gary and you wash your story Lewis welcome to be on reality radio. They get even these gentlemen thank you for having me. So I really talking ordered baptists split I was actually in the military during an analyst and I was stationed on the USS lost nor folks were to union. Yeah and we headquarters in the morning as we normally do. Ring shortly after quarters the captain got on the one NC and in and out what was going on. Ever all of country can now. But. We read the cattle look at the TV and and we couldn't believe what was going on. No we were larger sport Earl Weaver lark as ship that was imported the time. And so. Intelligent thought that the it would try to hit us. So everybody geared. In and done. I was on a ship's self defense force. And I don't know if you don't matter are familiar with Defcon levels. For. And there are the current condition global. But prior to 9/11. When you went around watch. You carried ammunition in their belts your gun was well below that. After 9/11 all of that change. But. I remember that that the base was locked down you couldn't get and you couldn't get out it was almost impossible. It's curiouser and so. By. Went on watch that date. And they Kyra becoming two their main office yeah. And pitched through a shotgun in my shoulder in the boat my boat out ammunition and I'll I'll watch sixty hours. You know lead lead lead even in the military we just kind of had no idea what was going off the US has lost an aircraft carrier ring. No it's duck when he will ship oh yeah Libyans and to do G we retired marine eats around. So but. The USS enterprise it got called away at the time truly prior to so we were you were partnership there and talks. But. You know our Russian friends of mine that devastation on board. That actually transferred to the Pentagon. Gushed about three months prior and they died in the attack so. You know it's. Being a member of the military. I did my duty and you know I did what I kitten. But it was it was still it was pretty hard. Jerry just a few seconds yeah we have few seconds here thrift could break how long did you serve after 9/11 where you infer Weiler was that toward the end of your term. No I got out you know towards the middle of 2003. Well thank you very very much room for your service them and everything you do it and we greatly appreciate it. Well your muscle problem I'm glad I could serve. But. I'd just that I sure my my viewpoint from. But that was actually unit during the time of the 9/11. So. Yeah I know we appreciate differ much again thanks for your service Gary and thanks for sharing the story with us. Her when I go to break here in just a moment when we come back we're little lay before will bring our guest stint tonight we're going to be talking about. His experiences he's a wiccan pagan and but lot of books to his credits even demeaning as junior within let's talk about them come back. Yet again if you haven't Emmy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial it to FaceBook page. And head over to beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and enter an app or find any degree stations we are on across the country. Or just click the listen why listen right from the web site site join me online chat with a great community of people. And Jamie and I are always hang around there as well Harry Nielsen Jason and javy and beyond really revealed. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. How great song they're really playing god bless the USA I think mostly from the TV sex it was in the early he says her son. Just one of the best songs ever going to be on cigarettes remember that video animals sit around the table. And just and it's just it was awesome it is an anytime will we we get bruised as a nation that's on their rises to the top of the charts again and bring charges everybody up a little. Welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio or telephone numbers 844. 6877669. And without any more delay let's go to our guest line and bring in our guest even demeanor his junior. He's a visionary and a practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines unwelcome to the program I just to make sure evil my pronouncing the name correctly. You actually are which is really an usual. Look and feel good about that will welcome to the show it's great to have you on tonight. It. So the first thing I need to ask because we've we've described you as a visionary and somebody who. The specializes and has a variety of esoteric. I disciplines practitioner of but let's talk about what that means what what what does it mean to be visionary. Well it's a catchall term for the following sorts of things. One most people associated risk being open to. Seeing sentencing hearing the other side and one way or another war the energy around living things. It's also. Two degree about seeing which way of the future is headed forward whether you think of that as clairvoyance. Ward Just seeing which wave the branches are for a possible futures. It's also about to looking to see what might work well you use an example literally Monday you know give you woman's last. The community that I am a part of I had a vision of exactly. What it would be like all of almost exactly what my hope would be like. And the lovely friends and people would be in my wife and that was when I was in high school. I'm gonna be sixty next year and it pretty much came to pass but it didn't come to pass because that was the only possible future. But it was the one that I saw and I kept walking and that correction. Some analysts say the commissioners also somebody who's he is it possible not necessarily the most likely future for walks and a correction. So it's it's pretty much it's being sensitive and in layman's term. In general even also predicted and wall CEO possible possible future possible course of action. And and try to navigate met correction and also to try to look a little bit below the surface to see. In it in a broader sense you know what motivates people work or community or your cluster of family and friends and see what the underlying influences or whether they be spiritual or psychological. It's a potential term. So let's move on let's move this discussion on the into esoteric disciplines what are we talking about when we talk about you being a practitioner of esoteric disciplines. All right so for example. Astrology is one of the US secret science is obvious Turkish sport. Ritual design rich list is also one of the also herbalist who were quick crystals. But it's not just a question of your retreat books and call yourself a practitioner. All these things are things that have been studying for years in some cases decades. Serbs have to question all the disciplines that or. Associated we're either spiritual magical religious practice where there's an actual system behind it not simply a collection of impressions but. In the science or framework to hang things. And you've been a practicing. Week cents a I think 1970 what got you started in my country interest. You know I was always. Seem very sensitive kid does my first. Experienced that kind of broke broke the pattern big where I mean always. So all things they'll things at several of which supported me some which discouraged me. But when I was a kid we were visiting my grandparents in Tampa Florida. And I had the overwhelming understanding that my grandfather was gonna die that. And and you know so when I ended up doing was I got outlined cassette recorder that what we have backed them. And I interviewed it and and he told stories and I got a bunch tapes down and pulled include him. I told my mom about something bad can happen change and leave me. He peacefully died on that evening. And you know that's in it if you're gonna die and having Stanley visits diners plea to the past week ago. But after that it changed my relationship to couple people who simply because. Guess what. They had they couldn't just pretend that it was me talking to mention her friends or having an imagination because it was something it was very concrete. So what term credit religious crisis and explorer. Every. Every church synagogue within walking distance of well. Did a lot of Reading and eventually found there was more attracted. To use systems where. There was not just crane to. Divine presence is by whatever name in Sydney beach. But also trying to actively work with those energies to those beings. Which and I exports ceremonial magic export and statements finally. Now I have the good fortune. To. Me to a graduate student at the University of Delaware who was which and actually it scared the crap out of them because. I was and still High Court the times senior year. And says hey. Moon. That's technically you're wearing underneath that teachers are you go to every burger married and you too much in those miners were so it looked. Oh which fundamentalist. But eventually turned 21. Don't show up. But I found my way into their communities and that. It's it's closer than anything else because there's a lot of flexibility in our understanding. How all religions have their own ways of approaching the divine that we don't automatically see one is better or worse than the other. Except that when we pray we we can do some muscle behind it because we usually do ritual that it's not just words and intentions. Sonia experience with the grandfather. Hold bring did you say I don't need actions by. Old. And you told your your your family that you had this sensation this feeling has that he was going to go you and he wasn't sick during earth he was he wasn't. Sick enough that you couldn't spend the day with him. And eighties. It was an eighty's so it was certainly not a young man. But that had to be such a week on your shoulders to it will to have that feeling. Stroke. Well and then telling your mom did I am sure the Mossad change your relationship with her at that point she must have been looking at you. Slightly different after after that. Did. My grandmother. It's it's an. One grandmother who is quite supportive and one who was not. As it turned out the one who. Who lost her husband during the during an incident was the one that did not support. The idea of looking at anything beyond what weapons. Either get a daylight or what you encountered and perhaps. I think. And I think you said embassy earlier Wilson and you winds are going out and looking at all these different religions because. Many religions are going to look at that as sort of a negative thing of what you just had the ability to do it where you have the ability to see. Because a lot of religions are very close minded when it comes to that titans like kind of a situation. I would I would say is that. The majority. Mainstream religions. Or. In this country. Abraham's kids. Jews Muslims Christians. All have a lot of probation to prohibitions against those things. With the exception of those people that have been identified as. Seeing totally. And I usually it is you know an error context so. If you happen to fall into that category. With them having visions war. Inkling about things are being able to you assist people either in passing from what to do war. Helping to heal someone is is viewed as part of the religion as opposed to a challenge to. Not not having eyes sort of makes you an outcast and a lot and that and that and that's a tough thing because all it takes is. Somebody having. Him the whole idea of saint attached to their name to be able to force foretell the future of Norwich C these things. And not not be judged differently not to be looked looked ill upon. But then if somebody doesn't have that association with them there they're sort of they're now Castro there. They're just not right there's there's something not right with them. And in the in the sand part I think in and one of the reasons why. I encourage people to explore all their senses that fiscal once more deeply as well they're subtle ones there's like expenses. Is that. If if we are. Supposed to be a growing and developing and learning as we walked planet in our incarnations. Then. We should see and understand as much as we can. There is. The story that when my teachers pulled a long time ago and you can adjust the the mean for your version of god however like that mentioned her moment. That. You were. Ideas of god or goddess or wanna be blatant. Has gone on earth in content ego and is wearing a body. And has taken a oil painting and you've gone and you're going to this art show we don't know that it's actually. The divine art show. And you're walking around you looking at these meetings continue to most people are going. Well continue to look how wonderful it is and whatever and Oregon as walking around just kind of like tapping you know tapping and finger against the side of the leg or Erlich and and sign a little bit and finally somebody says look at the way that the color goes from. Cooler tones to warmer tones from your ears look at the way. That the lights you know sparkling on the back of this back of this leaf and it dropped against this flowery makes your head turning around like out OK at that moment and then concert got a whoever's your version of the vine smiles and says at least somebody tipped. We're talking with the go dooming his junior you we've got a number of books to your credit as well which will talk about as we continue our conversation your winner take quick break. When we come back we'll get into the idea of being the wiccan what does it mean I think we've had a lot of people on the program Jane there's some varying definitions people you look at it differently they think about it differently they practice it differently we'll figure out how he even does that we come back pencil or are you listen to Jason and JPM down our Alley. Showed beyond reality radio Jason GB don't forget to check out the spirit con website Alatas great stuff coming up would scare con October 6 seventh innate in upstate New York. A lot of plates great slippery including Matthew Willard you know he played scooby while you played shaggy and the Scooby Doo movies who also was so one of the killers and screen was and always scream films. Also on skeet old rich will be joining. Other groups celebrity's lot more than that as well Sid Haig bill Mosley. Dade search from the rob somebody's Halloween there will be a tribute to rob zombies Halloween it's a tenth anniversary of that film from 2007. A lot of great stuff coming up Freddy Krueger's victims. A lot of stuff will be happy a scare consummate treat check out the website scare con dot com used to promo code BRR. If you buy tickets to the website and you get an additional discount. We want to there we want to join us it's a great weekend film screenings parties panel discussions Q&A sessions with celebrities. Meet and greets and so much more scare kind scare con dot com. And I were talking with the go Dominguez junior. He's got a number of books to his credit including casting sacred space spirits speak practical astrology for which isn't paid insane keys to perception a whole bunch of things talk about. You go again thanks for being with us and we've got about four minutes in the in this segment here may be a little less and I wanna try to eight get and I don't have exactly. What's different perception is and what it is to be a wicca they're wiccan on the seems to depends on that people come from different angles what's it TO. So for me it's a belief that there are many gods and goddesses and the divine feminine and masculine or. To be revered equally. And everything that lives has soul and spirit appear to secret. I personally believe in reincarnation. But I will say that here's the thing seeing that your wiccan Arista about as much saying the products and there's so many different branches and belief structures within quick. But I'm also an assay that one of the differences is we're not required to have specific believes it's more about. Being in the general ballpark is more bout practice and police have yet to question what makes you Christian you believe in the following tenants. If you or wiccan. Then there's hype I can signal as a high probability believe in many of us is there's higher probability that you believe. That there is more beyond. The world from the physical. You probably celebrate the seasonal holidays so pixels as the equinox is the full moon. And I can probably also guess that you are interested in Indian a dozen different other spiritual practices. And that you don't believe. In anything resembling. Good people in the normal sense of the word. We often prefer to think it as a healthier or unhealthy or in cases what most people call people collector actual quality. So it really is pretty open ended because it's not a system where you required to believe specific things. And then that's it that's a big thing where in men. Christian of course she believe in god and and so floater and wick and there is no single leader end and that religion. Not there's not even a single leader within any any of these particular outlet if you were to nomination that tradition is one that we normally used either to get into nomination most of them don't have a single person you can say there in church or in some cases the small counsel of people that. Actually the majority of them. It's each each of them for each larger each grows up pretty much. Recognizes the others and their tradition is being part of but don't recognize me or any other group. And you're also a firm believers that anything you do toward somebody comes back to multiple times correct. Well that's kind of like the but virtually used tell everybody quickly because it's a 25 words or less about this everything that you do have consequences. And whatever you do in the physical world or energy or magic. Returns to use like calling it like as some call in essence. Circuit that is Q did something that. And Iowa so people never to anything using. You're psychic tips were magic he wouldn't do to somebody face to face willing to face consequences. They ask of our so we've got a lot more to talk about only come back from break. But you did start teaching. Also is that teaching within within the wiccan religion I mean is currently teaching teaching did something more general than that. Actually write teach at conferences. I teach at gatherings. At bookstores that might help. And utilities tend to be why people that come from a variety of different backgrounds but did teach wicca specifically. But only to people that said this is what they want to learn otherwise. If I'm teaching astrology or herbal sum or psychic development that's really a nondenominational. Thing. That'd OK we've got a lot more to talk about when we come back for sure. Yes a pretty much it's just it's not pushing pushing your belief on anybody else. Almost everyone who identified as wicked and this is one of my one that was sent it there actually wiccan or mostly it was taken. We have a pretty thou shalt not proselytize you never tried to persuade somebody to you were way. Police force thinking. No that happened that. Have been too many. We're in the pagan so forth and then history spoke people talk a lot more about that point comeback elicited Jason and JV I'm beyond really revealed in America. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates are October 6 through the eighth place turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is. A greater fast if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't secure content is pleased to it. They're all there and organ meaning out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com desk Eric Carr. Day scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code G our car with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Chill morning in New York City partly. In Boston American Airlines flight eleven bound for Los Angeles has been hijacked in a news bulletin. An airplane flying due south has crashed into the upper level of the north tower of the world trade centers 903 AM. A surreal event unlike anything in the history of the broadcast media. Countless viewers are watching alive when suddenly it air plane seen flying in an easterly direction. The plate swings around the southern end of the second world trade tower and explodes on impact 9:30 AM. To President Bush and an elementary school here go to Florida goes on television lighted this would announce the disaster. Terrorism against our nation will not stand for even the president. Doesn't know just what is coming next. At 9:35 AM a third hijacked plane crashes into the Pentagon. There's no question now that the United States it's under attack by terrorists. Washington the Pentagon the capitol and the White House as well as other government buildings or evacuate. In Manhattan island incredibly is sealed off all bridges and tunnels are well. And then 9:59 AM see no change New York holds. The south tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. It just a half hour later at 1028. Of the north tower goes down as well. New York's Twin Towers had disappeared. He's been less than two hours since the first attack in New York City in unimaginable number of people are dead and injured. The southern end of New York city's biggest skyline has damaged not ever be the same again. In the street side news conference with a terrible devastation of the World Trade Center. New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said. I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost I don't know yet right now we have to focus on saving as many lives as possible. It's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday in the East Coast many of second between what can be unrelated radio myself Jason Hawes and he always awesome GB JR is that report to was from inside edition and is they kind of move lower we're summing up the events as they unfolded in September 11 2001 as a stunned nation watched. Planes flying into or did you landmark buildings in New York City and also. The heart of the military of the United States at the Pentagon and also another one of course in the field of at Pennsylvania and there were as. Reports and other plans generous remember. And then the NCAA FAA grounded all civilian aircraft tunnel don't generally have to give us just world trees and sort when he 600 people I mean. The panic. 125. So it's just and it's. Today and you never well it's one of those things that you do despite all your and planning and in despite your planning is as a military or world will lose intelligence leaders you know you can't plan for something like that and you know so everything is a first and you just have to reacting you gotta do not use an abundance of caution to try to prevent any more. Deaths than any more destruction and then then you get the look Trieste at that try to sorted out and figure out what do and that's kind of what happened so again our hearts go out to everybody who lost. A loved one or friend. On 9/11 and of course two on the entire nation which really as you said earlier. The forever we will never be what we were before September 11 2001 will be something we'll always we'll always remember don't make us all stronger. That's that's exactly right we've got a great show tonight by the way we're talking when you would remain as junior. And he's a visionary and a practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines we've been talking about some of that. We'll be discussing experiencing the reality that lies beyond the physical senses and it's not limited to those born with a special guest. We'll also be talking about how psyched ism works how to open up the census if you're already open how to manage those talents will be sharing a whole bunch of stuff from me those books as well it's a great discussion. And that's tough part of it is if you have that sensitivity how to how to control it how to manipulate and how to use at bottom line so welcome back to the show we've. So ago. So quick question how do you did you refer to yourself as as a witch as a warlock current or anything of that nature. I prefer I prefer the term which for myself. For both men and women so other people use the term warlock witch or. Or or some other main depending upon what there's particularly traditions. Okay what is the difference between a witch and a laurel park. You know here's one of the problems. If you look at a two actual. History. There's a lot of bad understanding what worked or like me because it sounds a little bit like. In Norse word for oath breaker. But that's not necessarily. Derivation of the word in English there's some people would claim that it's a perfectly legitimate words to. Represented male witch and others but just like the idea of one word for everyone who took Paula or work. So. There are unfortunately a lot of negative connotation. Of the word world ought to and in part because of friction of war movies where that term has been used to primarily in negative way. One could argue the same is true for the word which. What exactly and I was in say that it's very few shows seltzer had ever portrayed. Which is in and out of goods like ex husband in slate. Things like charmed in India terror and different but dominant warlock of course and Nationalists who was definitely have an effect exactly so very few things have ever portrayed them in in just a positive life. Do you think me though that the word which and and this wasn't some in their plan to ask the base and were talking about here do you think the word which was kind of hijacked and may be hijacked is in the works. Was still the definition or the meaning of the word has changed over time because my understanding of the original definition was it something there was there was something or someone aligned with Satan that was the definition. Clearly that's not what it is now. Has it changed term M on the mine misunderstanding my history of the word. I would say is that it is always changing because languages don't straight putt. And even then within any grouping of people wonder whether work has been negative or positive connotation is what they've been taught was tall. So for example. I have. Several I'm old enough now that I've had to change my language several times about proper terminology for men and women to people of color. So that if you are a person who exceeds witchcraft and wicca and being which is that confidence thing. Then it's a positive term if you are Christian and has been. I'm a bit of the flavor of christianity where you've been top of that word only needs somebody who is worshipping a force of evil but you're going to view it that way. Actually if you look at all Scottish record since Castro or as a for example or irishman mattered. Towns and villages used to be proud of their town which. Because that's where you know they are which is better than yours you know they can eat and fuel this disorder or bring rain whatever. The places where took on a more negative connotation. Are the places where. Inquisition or persecution was higher. Areas and actually in Spain. There was a huge Spanish which began in Northwestern's meaning at least here. Where. Even during the acquisition in Spain nonetheless. You know she was convicted of witchcraft. They took her land the way that they never burn current prison term because she had managed you keep. If it Turkish armada off the coast by. All the storms several times. So pitchers that OK okay it would not gonna get rid of her because. So all of us saying is that at any given moment in history to moving target and even then. What one person. Says is a good thing you know persons and the next thing I and others that putting the word which do so as a way of reclaiming it in read T Indians so that people don't think of all our other testers which as long way in that direction. But I'm so that makes a lot of sense and we see that now going on with the with the debate over mascots in a lot of cases for sports teams and you know it's a pretty heated debate in India I've always said you know that word means what you. Ascribe the meaning two b.s not necessarily a static meaning and then maybe we need to look at it that way. Give up nothing stories put everything is changing. Languages and cultures are always in plucks. And do you youth programs. Passing grade when you eve. The whole fact of which and the outlook on that. Became a negative thing with which christianity and and many things like that because when you file went back and as I've said this numerous times in the show. Paganism and so forth was it's the oldest religion. If for mankind anytime you're dancing around a fire forbid kill or doing some sort of ritual if that fell under the hole pagan religion. So it was it was the first religion Alter. And I agree with cute and I'm gonna suggest another thing though. And like all religions it doesn't stay put so that if you if we could. Great way back machine to go back in time and brings some people or route from different parts of the world. Before. Monotheistic religions. They would recognize any of the songs dances or rituals that watered they used to. In the same way that if you walk into the local I don't know Lutheran Church or whatever and they're seeing are two recent. For any real old Christians actually understand them. Liturgy is always changing the ways that that it took a living creeping in religion you can say. You can point a to pass and say yep. That's its roots in the same way that you could look at old family pictures and go oh yes there's certainly resembled the closing exchanged. So I should move through as you move through time and as you and embraced. All of this. A bomb did you did your initial impressions. Turn around to be. True or did you change your opinion over time did you learn that it was what not we who said it was there where you thought it was it was better I mean how did that change over time free. I'm gonna say is that I had these same. Experience in essence that anybody who would seek convert to anything past. In other words. You expect everyone to be better and nicer than human beings are likely to be. You have a sense of having come home. So I let this it's like falling in love since the beginning of it everything looks good and you ignore anything that is is slightly off to use. And then eventually if it you're going to stay in love you figure out how to embraces that wasn't mature way seeing both equipment in deciding which things can be changed which things can not. So as he's very when I was at the teenager in my twenties I was extremely you know bright eyes intent and hopeful for. Thousand when things and yet here. You know forty years later and I'll say I am still in love with this community instill in what was the rituals and holidays we celebrate. Of course over the years there are certainly in individuals or individual situations that you know that just proves the world human. We're talking with the evo Dominguez junior just a reminder the website is evo Dominguez junior it's ID ODOM I NG UEZ. Junior dot com and you can now get a lot of information about his work there. Yes so. Now how do which is you christianity. Are they anti Christian. Yeah and and and and I know I don't. A tough question because I was christianity has always been so tough. Or betting very anti inside. With the entire news or use. Imitate the when I was laughing that was in Egypt app and it's really hard to say what do which is because we're really diverse and and don't have central authority. So I can tell you what my experience has been. Every one. Have to go through an early early on in the process period getting the anger out of their system. For those things that have been lost as a result crushed again. I. To leave the destruction of parties the obstructionist actions describe. Destruction of of litter after. You know basically the eradication in the same way that. We get angrier senate about. The Danish destroying you know monuments and historical things in the Middle East right now. A lot of weight. In a lot of ways to church to the same thing with when it was taken destroying. Old scratchy old cartons of books don't want to get an out of your system and you look at it and go OK it's human beings. For example these terrible thing. In Wilmington that I lived on the third and fourth floor in the first second slower meeting spaces office space and my my my bedroom on the second floor or rent out every Sunday to a local you know storefront church. When there was a fire at this Sunday breakfast mentioned Wilmington Delaware many years ago. And we house breakfast motion on the first sport for a couple months well there are getting their act and act again and again. I have friends that or Christian clergy. And however men in all those cases those are people. That extend the courtesy of view and what I view as Mina in their cup of tea but they don't view this evil that is viewed as if. And they still have respect for you as an individual in my enough following their beliefs and. So so so that my answer is you know everything is going to be different and everybody goes there and angry period at some point and other. But. If you are a person who's likely to moves through things and be mature than you look at Netflix. Two to borrow too far from them you know I'm gonna hold them responsible for the sins of their office. And I think that I think that's important to get out there so our we're gonna take a quick break more to come you listen Jason JPM generally. Show the ameliorated JC GB phone numbers before. 046 and seven. And 7669. Great ever everybody along with a snide and our guest. Evo Dominguez junior we appreciate he's being he's being here is that a lot of books to his credit the website is evo Dominguez junior dot com. Naive though we only have a quick about two minutes before we go to break but I wanted to ask you good. Can somebody follow the path so wicca or witchcraft and also be Christian. Oh yes. So he can keep that somebody else you're gonna tell you now. And keep repeating that we don't have social priority but I actually have several friends that view. Mary and Christ as in this same fashion that they would view. Other goddesses and gods as they work with. I suspect that many Christians with that you can't be a Christian because you were also works in other two outs as. But they view. Christ and Mary as as great teachers and great healers and and powerful force their life in addition to the other things of their work. Tired but if somebody was a Christian in them believing in mainly Jesus. And Jesus and god. I mean are they still able to still do do these spells in the NB involved like that. You know I have a friend here who is. Who's British who's or dangerous that the as an episcopal priest and it is also withdrew it. And C has does both kinds of services regularly. Yeah you know it's actually Britain. Couple things it was also book out called a crisis through pagan times. Here's the say I don't work quote. The question goddesses or drugs that Putin you know and so people don't view them as goats out but. I think Mary is the equivalent of the goddess at least for Catholics and rosary Catholic. But because they don't sing to me that are residents to me doesn't have a place in my heart. The place where I think your question lies is around the idea. During rituals to cause change in the world whether that sort of spells to get a job or change whether or you know he'll somebody's. Sore back. Whether that and anyway in contradiction to. What the church would do and it's it will depend on what country eco examine the church and recognize that different clips of christianity. A little bit of wiggle room for. What counts and what doesn't count is crossing. All right well we're gonna leave it at that we're gonna take a quick break more to come Millicent Jason GDB on a daily radio. Non reality great. Jason Harrison Junior Johnson are 8446877669. Is a number we'll try to get some calls later in the program or guest tonight is Eva demeaned his junior we've been talking about a whole bunch of things never got to. Thank you evo four giving us really what's so amounted to an education here because some. You know it takes a lot of understanding to really figure out what all this means you've been really really good about providing. Explanations and definitions and stuff like that so thanks for that anyway. You and I also wanna I wanna switch the topic a little bit something else that we wanted to talk about which was on. You psyche Hisham. And yes I can isn't right I'm sorry Andy you've you've talked about that a lot and a total of what it is and and what we're talking about here. So. Let's talk about to start with the idea of just perception. And any given moment the amount of information that is actually coming through. Your is your ears the total circus and skin. Them to smuggle the senses of where your body is spaces you move peer balance. Is huge amount of data come into your physical senses. But. We don't actually experienced direct physical symptoms all went to get process the reprieve to remind. In narrowed down and but it packaged in a way that makes sense to us. If we could hear and see everything that we actually are physically experiencing it would overwhelm us. A positive for a moment they didn't and imagine if smell. All the other's sentences that are energetic sentences got added to that makes. It would be the constant roaring maps. So. When the suggestive that. Everyone has changed the capacity to experience the world to me as much or as little degrees they'll. A physical senses aren't awaiting you understand how to use the psychic sense of expenditures like in the because. It into the political stances as an end which really exist only in your mind. As any representation. Of invisible waves like radio or TB being converted to signal that can actually be perceived. Many years ago had any art instructor ticket painting. Class. And he put white tablecloth or table we're pretty white played in a white hole filled with white marble falls. And white lightbulbs. And says I think that. To the whole class and you have to use at least five colors. As first lions and it was a class for non art majors everybody just what. And then the longer you looked the more color you saw until what was that person just a wideout. Began to have a reflection of blew from the wall. A little bit of yellow from the light coming in from the window that was funniest a little bit. Reflection. From the from the other colors in the room and then when peep talks came and stood close to Tutu observer to painted their colors were reflected on tour as well as suddenly what weeks. What was white was actually. A dozen different soft pastel colors. You've probably had the experience. Tuning in to listen to a conversation on the other side of the room even though you know he didn't grow New Year's. Muted walked closer but by changing your attention. You pumped up the amount of processing that you brainer mines supplying to pull in that particular signal. I anytime that somebody has faced psychic experience. It's really a question. Redirecting the focus to all things that were stumpel and stalked in the background and bring those forward. And pushing the physical ones down. The first thing out to help people as. Pay attention to the physical senses because. The better he get at seeing and hearing in identifying. The world view physical senses the greater Tito will perceive the other world as well. And you say that. Everybody can open themselves to this affair for read it correctly. Absolutely absolutely you know here's a man say not everybody. It's got a voice to make their living as a singer. But. That until recently when people stop doing it regularly. Pretty much every planet every place on the planet people did communities along and it peanuts sounded great the wouldn't get a recording deal. But it was good enough so I'm gonna suggest is that everyone can learn to be. More perceptive psychic and whether that's the occasional flash intuition. Or. Walking into rooms and feeling a sense either. Previous inhabitants or just the emotional energy left in the air from the last conversation. In the room. Everywhere we can do it to some degree how far you get and how easily they get there is a combination. Perseverance. And important talent that ultimately anyone can do it to a degree. Okay. And so pretty much interest in like anybody can run by only some people are on sat him to a certain PS of. Or were. But I'm also gonna say that here a minute call to leave it sure any excellent. The thing where people tell themselves if I can't be spectacular it's not worth doing at all. And I'm gonna suggest that in the same way that. Everybody's slides are enriched as they try to sing along at church or were they animal with family things are even in the car with the radio if you try to sing along the universe in pay more attention or get more out of life even if it's not. What you would consider to be world class talent. So it's worthy for a lot of things and almost anything but it and I've ever spoken to live long enough. We'll have at least two or three Roland Camilla quit where they will narrow. Bet they picked up on something. That what's happening either whether it was a a loved one in danger or a bad feeling about particular intersection and slamming on brakes before they're going to go in the wrong place sort. We've even if you don't think of yourself is particularly likely get some when your wife you're likely to have or if you haven't already are likely to have that experience. You know you mentioned that so you also help people manage those talons or people who were already open to this note that in an implies that some people have trouble managing it what's what's the trouble with the. Well at over here examples. Non visual stuff first there are a lot of people coup or. Bombarded by other people's emotions. Everybody at least you have the experience of knowing that other air feels tense maybe there was just an argument tutoring. But there's a lot of folks that have begun to that were at school. Wherever begin to lose moved blues the boundary between. In my feeling this because those were my responses are my feeling it because that's what hanging in the reward being projected that the by the people around to. And it's that often harder to identify because it's not like they're seeing something or any decent guidance. And and feeling worn down by it and that he had the kind of thing. I he used to get slashed periodically of stuff which was. Terribly. Horrible. And hopefully my definition of horrible something that I can't do anything about. If I have. A edition or just slash about something that he would need to warrant this person or I need to do something. Great. But there is absolutely no value in receiving information that is not actionable which you have no options you. Do something about it or worn something else about it. So. I started doing a little affirmations. Every night before going to bed. I only want to see those things that I can do something about if it's not something I guess I can do anything about them. I don't want to know what nor hear Garcia and or a couple of years I have to pull back into that pattern. And doing an affirmation to close all the things that are. Hard times have you decided that you need six step back in spend less time watching the news or watching the Internet feed because it's just gotten too bloody awful. More than vis a slew allied anymore it's especially over the last couple weeks. It has been especially. And so in point is that on the one hand it's good to remain informed it on the other hand. It can suck the life out of you emotionally speaking. If you Kearse he's feel more than then you can manage. And certainly if it's stuff that's really random that you can't do anything about. It fit for it's happening on the other side of the world. Many years ago. I've got children out of this. And I was seeing an earthquake and includes. I could tell it was probably Turkey or some somewhere in that part of the world and it was awful buildings were all these people were dying. And the next day it was so visit I mean I can taste dostum an awful woke up. Like what am I gonna do my gonna call the Turkish embassy and say oh by the way it thinks sometime next week you're gonna have a killer earthquake. Terribly useful. Bruno because they managed to and it's gonna brushed off anyways. Well appropriate list. You know ears pricked in the earthquake did happen but my point is it's one thing when I get a question. I had somebody had told. About a year ago. They came to me for something else and middle punctuation that look this is just coming out of left field problems can say it. Next couple days be on the look out for yellow pickup truck. I keep seeing you hitting a yellow pickup truck. So as it turned out indeed on the yellow pickup truck Rana Grammy traffic plate and is my friend hadn't been paying attention she probably would have. Vinci code. But the point is that actionable so. There's also. Gentlemen Ryan who. Recently talked to. That is his mother guidance and his mother died. She would she was kind of she was not in which did she was certainly. Somebody who was intuitive and a lot of things that. Most people know that looked anywhere on the issue with many issues in which that does not know formal sense and since his mother's to have he's been picking up and he doesn't know that's just because. You gambling inheritance work. The psychological shift. And he doesn't want to. I think we should all be able to choose what we experience or not that there's lots of stories about people deciding that something like this is either curse or blessing and it's neither. It's a question like anything else than what we're not used to clear boundaries it and use it well. And for some people that means learning how to use it for the people it means mostly shutting it down. Or shutting it down for certain periods of their life. So I young man who don't have since. They young man who this is I used to have a shop in Dover Delaware next to be not far from the air force base. And there was a young man who seem to be a couple times before he was deployed because he didn't want to be bombarded with anything while he was. Yes damn thing. And while I don't know but he didn't wanna know about what was gonna happen to his buddies. Okay so now as. As a practicing wedge in and wicca and so forth how do you view. Goes how do you milieu demonic possession things with things like that. Well. Goes for real this now mean Canada. And almost all in this I'm gonna generalize in this case almost all witches. Believe if they self identify as regular which is believed him. The reality. Ghosts or spirits though more often than not there that I was spirits just have a remnant imprint on the place. But there are being that are still around for one reason or another there's also a broader policy here's the thing. In the same ways that if you look at and ecology there's there's there's there's there's holes there's bears there's. Here there's there's snakes there's a huge number of different kinds of plants and animals the same is true spirit world. A lot of times it is people to break into the category. It's it's a dead person or these and or or or any or guns or government period think it's too narrow thing. Now what do you mean by demon here's here's what I'm gonna suggest. Most of the things that I have seen people called demons. In and then it. Are people's carry themselves solely over nothing and in the very rare cases when it is something unwholesome. And use that word from moment. You don't as above so balloons it's permit it teaching to things in this realm resembled things in the other realms. In the same way that we have Jeffrey Dahmer's in this world we also have Jeffrey Dahmer's. Post virtual nature there are. Unwholesome. Pathological. Or you know being. And those beings can't do part. So if you're Christian or or a medical practitioner that works in this framework we didn't you may call some of those beings that or. Dangerous. Demons. Those are also at the equivalent. Of a boost and being that is not inherently militias are looking to cause trouble. But if you happen to be in the wrong place wrong time and you connect with that it's going to. And I hate I hate the the word demon it's just. Because I look at it as you have human spears and you have in human spirits and inhuman it's just something that's never walk fear that human form. Now that case all that control out there. Well let America fall under angelic deck of fall under demonic pick a fall under if you decide to be a sexual predators that they can also full owner element tolls and things like molecular sank terrorism and social go. And then it also suggests that your nature spirits because there are. What I elemental snap that's my might ruin my thought of all metals and our nature spirits. A breaking news well it's almost topics. Elemental or or Perot like primary colors they're very specific energy go to specific kind awesome. The associated one of four old. But you also have beings or the equivalent. Bears wolves. Creditors have the other realm that are not intelligent Thursday. But they're not. Looking for trouble mayor's sister wrong. Parent always is that we can open whole topic for the that'll have to be another time we have you on or America. I'm that kind of like who's who quality. And and many of the other problems. You know we we are just basically had a timing and we we took we took a lot of our time just trying to get an understanding of you know what we're going to be talking about by the time we had in the details we've on the clock fighting a so we have to have you back on the programs and get in this more of this. So tell folks again where they can find out more information about you your books and we've got going on. Well even Dominguez junior dot com is the web site but to he's perception. Is that you focus on developing yours like ism and it's available at Barnes & Noble Amazon. Hopefully have a local neighborhood bookstore support them again. Great thank you so much evil and will we look forward talking Uga. All right we're gonna take quick break we've got a little bit more come when we come back it's beyond re under review Jason can. For helping in the garden TV and Pro Bowl. Got to go again again to. Since it's a crap go to fertilizer. Tell her you're duty do its duty. Coach fertilizer turn regular postal. Human waste into fertilizer for your honor guard will do it we may as well get some benefit from my two main players never get. External ice and cooling which you can whose opinions I never did you think you know after rising thank you thank you. It's 100% natural in the crowd to internalize it works great with house plans to. You used to do you hold it never seen him slowly four. 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