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What is your "intuition" and how can you use it to better your life?

Sep 21, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest Lisa K., PhD to talk about her work in studying and mastering intuition. Lisa offers an explanation of how and why we have intuition and she offers guidance on how we can better develop and better use it to improve our lives. 9/21/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast and the east and many are stuck somewhere between welcome to beyond reality renewed assault Jason Bosnia was awesome GP Johnson I knew you were gonna say that. Yeah that's you that's an example and a visa Wednesday analyst I knew I knew the whole thing and that's an example of. Intuition. Yes my intuition told me that you were gonna say that and it was it proved to be true. Sleet expected to make you very much this stuff it's nothing we're going to be talking about intuition with our guest Lisa KP HD Lisa is a teacher and an author and a speaker who specializes an intuition not just talking about it. But actually teaching people how they can better use it. Better control it turning on and off and all these things to help them lead a better life. And that's great seriousness positive talk yeah I think it's going to be very very interest in because and I'll bring us up to lease and we when we get Iran but our model is Bennett the assumption that. You know when people say you know a mother's intuition or intuition in general. I've always kind of thought that's just. Our brains. Doing things behind the scenes that we're not really aware of for example using all the information that we know about people in their world around us in in in giving us thoughts and ideas of what might happen based on all the information we're taking in constantly but not really thinking about you know and I mean like yeah. Our senses are constantly taking in for information even if we're not aware of it. And the brain uses that information and I can always thought that would intuition is who we're gonna find out around him might be different than that would Lisa today. Yeah well and our hearts do go out to. Everybody in Puerto Rico and and also Mexico while special business that are earthquake come. You know there has been some positive they can monitor and they were able to see some some children today and in the school there ended up coming down. That's good and they're still getting by the our hearts go out and couldn't imagine and Jesus just it's been just a crazy year well that millions hurricanes and everything else yeah. Mean it's been one thing after another. As I don't know I don't know how the people who who were in Puerto Rico are dealing with enemy going they were they were hit by which one was it Irma that hit them first or yeah man known and now Maria. Yeah Andrea and their whole islands spell power without power. What was it what was the island. This Fannie and a short time when it was with the governor declared the mayor whatever rule new leader is. I declared that there's nothing. Left here that money can buy cheese sticks and that's how badly destroyed it was is just unbelievable it'll take him decades decades to result yes. It well. Is that everything that we're facing and gets OK I just were thinking about it everybody who's suffering through this stuff and you know stay strong and you know we also we talk about it frequently. If you wanna help contribute go to the Red Cross the Salvation Army web site needs and in the of their ways you can help contribute to help some of these folks out. Yes if you haven't yet Amaechi had over two beyond reality dot com download the free iPhone and android operate their refined and which allows adolescent life sketch pad shows and join me online chat during the show. Mom also the two final agrees stations we are unrated script station station list. Or lists are from the website by clicking the listen live tab and then a connector into the online chat GB and I and a great unity people. I'm also had over like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio induce a favor if you download the shown from iTunes or wherever just used to us a favor arena for us we wanna get those rating numbers up. Peltz pushed shell Ford makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about yeah Florida yeah and then. Takes all the folks who've made some really really positive and helpful comments some some critical that we take criticism as well but it's nice to see what people think of the show. When they raided in comment on it it's helped save for a song it's a puzzle always negative you're doing okay so far it's been. That's the way it's that it will take it for sure what does one run and there was one of them biggest things and advice. Allen David gave me when I started the show goes to she goes from the warn you right now and we we didn't wanna do the show in the first place and we so. Really how we just don't know it on the we're gonna count or he goes here's the thing. As long as the positive comments about the show always the negative. You're doing. A attendants it's sure its bottom line that's it that's what you're looking for RG Ewing you want people to more people who enjoy it and the Monica. Who hit it well if anybody is listening tonight this new to the show for slow welcome but secondly one of the things we try to do here we talk about some very very serious topics. Anything that's fringe anything this strange anything this paranormal we talk about all those things. But we also try to have a little fun to real life and yet I mean if before and if we're gonna step in chat with folks this late at night for us let's have some fun do. Will we like to make you laugh and sometime between 12 AM and 2 I am in the morning and put some stuff at some of the calls we did enough FR key and the amazing five key and a the late amazing funky here and there. Harold butts and Utley I don't offseason and what it's called an analyst estimate Keith Smith who visionaries are you going to music market you have isn't always check on what we get some instinct calls and we have some great commercials the streets of so let me ask you that's okay now you've. You've got to distinct look I mean anybody who has seen ghost and there's no that you not anymore I used to I don't old guy with a goatee now Everett is balls OT but that's what that's kind of what my point is going to be so you're bald guy with a goatee. So if someone were to sell product. And the we think of something. Taps beer on tap and they have a picture of a bald guy like a cartoon caricature of ballgame with a with a with a goatee. We Jews think they're infringing upon your intellectual property because it looks a lot like you it's using a word that's bureau associated with which just taps but however. The test organization is also affiliated with you would you think they're infringing upon your. Intellectual property so I wouldn't look at it that way but the pure is the problem lawyers and and that's the thing there's been a web sites out there that have tried to it right the Atlantic journalists are you missing like one letter right and purposely so somebody screws up they end up there. And or or people who have gone on created you know ghost hunters game and even and so forth. I don't I just look at it like everybody's trying to get by name but next thing you know the lawyers a copyright lawyers and everybody else are are older and you can't blame them is that's their job. Right their job is to protect you when your intellectual property will there's a company that's selling a lemonade called John lemon. And I'm John Lennon. And they're using an image of a guy with a long kind of struggling hair or beard and those you know those English work round glasses English workman's glasses those wrecks so it looks a lot like John Lennon. And Yoko Ono is suing this company telling them they need to work call all of the bottles. I'm sure how many there are but there are many. And down she's threatens to sue them for 4500. English pounds so that's what about about. 9000 nobody's thousand dollar 7500 dollars. A day until they get all those bottles. Rick called now this company had registered the name John lemon. In in the year 2014. Which was say two years prior to actually. Yoke on those. Effort to get John Lennon's name trademark which was done in 2016 so there's also made use our but but it's also to different names it is different it is different but sometimes it's close enough in the image I think is what really does it if you look at the image say oh that looks like John Lennon however if you look closely realize this is something that looks similar it's not quite. Government and the honestly tell guys what they're trying to do. Yeah I hate to say Barrett. Yes so. I don't know I don't know how far they'll get with this I don't know if still as though heavenly luck. Bio which come which way this'll turnout if it'll be if it'll be. Duke owners victory I think she's ill anyway some not really sure how far nobody let's take a quick break him when we come back we'll bring our guest in we're gonna sir talking about tech intuition it's. Eon reality radio we Jason in GT tempo. It's the best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. 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In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't mischaracterize it. No fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. Honest champion Johnson thanks everybody for joining us our telephone number to wanna join the conversation leaders 8446877669. We always welcome to call we appreciate callers we'd like callers and me. We have funds callers absolutely stole free agency and 8446877669. Right so talk about intuition is ever gonna bring our guest in tonight's guest is Lisa K she's Ph.D. She's a teacher and author. And a speaker who specializes in intuition leases teaches others how to use their intuition so it's more accurate dependable and trustworthy. Through her revolutionary step by step intuition technique that anybody can news. We'll be discussing that we talking about so much things including your books and more at least so welcome to be on reality radio it's terrific having on the show tonight. Now thanks for having me really excited to be here talking about interest and I. All thanks to its a clean machine topic we look forward to really getting into. Yes I think you know I love them commissioner of the program as well as the end. Estimated it it is fascinating and let's start by talking literally about you how did you get your start in all of this and went to first attract your attention as a as a career as a profession. Well you know I actually started when I was very young when I was a kid and I I was very interested and there's an intuition Hank you know things went out. You know that grammatical. The people know things that they didn't know how do you it. And down so I wouldn't I wanted to be intuitive site you know kind of wanted to be like psychic and but I was. Not very good that in fact what I did was I would play around with these ESP cards durable as our. Right they had the little square is as stars encircled on many and not each line you have to kind of try to predict which when I was gonna come up next. Yeah absolutely remember those yet. Thank you to play it that I got from Colorado. I think that that's a skill in itself is an and I mean if you get them all wrong in your 100%. At that. Yes like I was a 100% not psychic it's. This stuff I thought oh my god and I'm an actor that that they can't do that but. They is that anybody can learn how to be intimidated anybody to do that and I thought well you know I really would love to learn how to do it. And so. Yeah that was my childhood and then I basically. I'm very curious person so my eight adult life went into science and engineering because I wanted to know how the world works. And I kind of put that in an intuitive psychic thing of sighed and and studied. Like a biology wanted to have in mind works at a brain works and how things work around me. And then later in life IA it was able to have the timer can do you know the studies that intuition thing again. And I think in other really try to figure it out. And so I went and I. That start with science and it started to try to figure out from the psychological microbiological by the and it only went so far and then I had to go into the metaphysical side. Which had a little more information about intuition and days. You know intuitive psychic abilities and so I studied that and it started. Studying is teachers and and everything I could on it and I found actually found myself. The doing into the degrading for their people which I never really wanted to do is just sort of fell into it and that was a good ran to try to exercise and practice. And eventually I found that I was told our reader that I would people would try to get readings blew me and they couldn't. Because I was just booked a look I'm. And then Wednesday it. My intuition saved my life. And after that I realized oh my attitude you know this is not something that should hold myself with something or should I wanna share of the people. So that they can. You get to help their lives and you know hopefully that happens say they're like that they need to do that they could do that. We'll just didn't just affect the UN from scientific to the metaphysical and you're able to work and both those areas. I think that means a lot because and most people don't have the the ability and he usually at this there are scientific they tried to avoid the other the other aspect. Yes but you know if you're really curious. Which Diane that and I want you know Y I my my father told me that you know if you really want to understand something you have to be open. And sound IA I am always open to what went beyond. The things that I'm greeting and inside only goes so far. And you know let's look at everything and that's what I did I I sentinel and may be open and some of the stuff I and when I started where as well that might be a little too out there army. But let's go all the way and really look at it and so that I even looked at with more of an analytical mind. More than scientific mind in and night I what I ended up doing it. Putting the science and as a matter of physics and Miami experience together to come out whereas a a way that I could draw on my intuition so it actually worked and I was able to prove that. To myself because it was working Natalie when I worked with the others but it works remain. And getting information that was. There was no way that I could have noted otherwise been drawing on that. The inflation. So these are gonna ask you as we get into this conversation this is probably good place to start. What exactly is intuition. OK so that as the definition of intuition and knowingly that knowing how you know it. And that basically explain planet we don't really know where the information consulate just popped up. Where it's not something that we did do that that's not something that we thought out and came up with an answer it's just. It and it rises and we need we just now but we don't working on. But now some of that just common sense like if I put a nail to mine to my finger and it with a hammer I know it's going to hurt us it's common sense to. Well. Yes but you know that because you know lose that outlet if you put something shark in your anger right need to do that. That was that was a logical sequence so that night intuition. I. Yeah you that you see where it gets blared their gas. Yeah and well and there is a little bit of a blurred there. There is. Either I think. Where's the proof as in terms may be information that is not logical is when there's information that we get it there's no way. That we could have deduced that is no way that we could've figured it out likes you know there are those stories about people who just decided Al. I shouldn't get on that plane today it doesn't feel right I mean they just don't get on the plane and later the plane crashes. You know things like that had they know that their loved ones in trouble they just had a feeling that something wrong and that they have to call them. And and they're in trouble and it was you know it was. Kind of a light same kind of things so that is the kind of I get from being repeated evidence. You know there's no way that people can know that. In one of the things I've often thought in whom we mentioned this in the lead of two to bring you on here. Is that in in tuition. Could be earn my mind has been some kind of some of the things that the brain is doing almost subconsciously. Picking up on things that are senses are picking up on the we knew knew weren't even aware would be there with that it's we're picking these things up but our brain is processing them. And we have a lot of knowledge that we don't readily. Access that our brain accesses and I've often thought that intuition kind of was the sum of all those things. Bursting forth with some sort of idea or notion. But it's really a brain function is that not true. Lol yeah we have to break 200 yeah so Zeller and take a quick break and only come back we'll get into that answer you listen Jason TV Indiana really annual. 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Thank you all the radio stations during the program cross country were adding stations all of the time and we're grateful for that and pretty soon there won't be a corner of the country were beyond reality radio isn't touching someone. This is true were popping up in states all across country and that Lewis is constantly growing you see that list that to be on reality radio dot com's click on station analyst. And we're going to be having a couple more in the upcoming weeks which we're excited about but we can't say yet and a and so we'll we'll W posts and those as soon as they're at. So tonight we're talking about intuition and I asked a very long windy in question without looking at the clock and realizing we didn't give her guest Lisa Kate any opportunity to answer it. So hopefully Lisa you remember what the question why is because it was long wounded and but let's let's talk about that now and I'll just through every rephrase it. I thought for a long time that intuition when people saved mother's intuition or anyone's intuition there really was this some of our brains working with the whole bunch of information that may be sub conscious or at least. Not we don't necessarily that were aware of the centuries. Information. Just knowledge experience bringing it altogether coming up with some notion or an idea of bringing it to the forefront of bringing it forward. And did that was an exploit Bruin nation for intuition is that part of the processor not. I think actually it is it is part of the process. I. Believe though the question bed. Remains to be answered it you know where is the information exactly coming from is that is that. Is the information coming into our brains that Wear and we're processing it's somehow in its tangible learned that the information coming from. Somewhere else that we you know we create we can't really count or physically. So but I think you're actually right because that what I always tell people who say you know we're a they say you know you only use 10% of your brain. What's going on in the other 90%. So and they're so much going on in in the brain in the mind that you're not aware of because if you were aware that you you would just go crazy. You know how to digest your food and and you know keep your your heart beating inside. That there is so the question is you know what what else is going on in there and I believe that there is. Certainly a lot of supplanted processes that are Senegal are but there's also. Amanda physical component to that that's possible as well. And we don't you know we don't know everything that's going on in our armed reality says speaks so you know let's be open. And that to me helped explain how we know things that there's no other way we can now it hasn't been. Getting you know some sort of connections from outside of its. But that being said you know what's interesting is that what you know are the way our brains are structured is that. Are thinking mind is really lived mostly in the left side of our brain and that's where our logic is and that's where our. Are speaking as and our deductions powers are and then the right side your brain is really where a lot of the intuitive functions are. Which is interesting how. Things that are characterized as an intuitive. Feeling or into the methods. Is exactly the same characteristic of the way the rites site your brain processes information. So deck can be some of that explanation of what's going on inside if you. Say you know intuition is is made up the symbol. It's made up of pieces. The information and it's a holistic it's looking at the world in abstraction. And in Napa broader sense of understanding. And is that. That side of the brain involved the processing information that coming from that you had a lot of different places. It might be experienced or it could also be from. Yet again as the sources that I've. You mentioned the words psychic. Several times are and is there is intuition a form of a psychic ability or. Vice Versa how are the two connected. That I go I believe that it's sort of the spectrum and that. It's really sort of Symantec's that I believe that. It doesn't. Who are all humans can be now into that intuitive but also psychic second shot went under the spectrum. And you know most people believe well you know I could be into the bank never be psychic. But I think it would matter. Again the way you look at it when you get a very. And very eat amazing intuitive message. Then people grows then you must be psychic well it you know now I'm just very very punitive and instant death of cardboard and advanced. Intuitive ability. You didn't. The end because they do seem one and the same with a lot of the he. Connection that people gather the information of the feelings especially those who. Senator Kennedy's most of their things done on feelings of they're picking up and to and to what Tate. With those feelings are telling them and so forth so they clearly seem anyone in the same so it does make you wonder if people who believe that the psychic just. Intuitive and more intuitive than than others for whatever reason and and that's really how they're just picking up on Aaron. Or maybe they've developed and I think that's really put a lot of thought people who you know say that there psychic or have been doing they've been developing their in tuition that's where it starts right. And that's the basis for it and they develop that to the point where there really really good look at it and they can make it happen when they want and on the things that they want to use that war. And get a lot of detailed information. And that's. That's kind of the basis for what I learned how to do and look what I was able to interact and do these readings for the people and helped them win my intuition. So what this intuition do forest as it gives us pre cognitive. And notions does it warn us of things does it does it help us that guidance in making our decisions what does it do force. I think it does all those things and I think it's whatever you wanna use the floor. You know it's it's another part of you it's just another part of the year. I get your brain function and and therefore it's going to work for you because you know you think you might want to work for you as well and so if you wanna use it for helping. And make decisions make better decisions. You can do that if you want to use it to say help warn you it's something that that happened. You can do that as well all the I think it's great to wonderful tool. And I know you work with people who teach them how to better use it use that as a tool and come as an asset to but is it something can be turned on or off sides can you change the level of intensity in the hundreds network. At that works well it's. The way it works for the technique that I developed as. To be able to have to make it happen when you why I think you can trigger inflation let people it is great for it to happen and then. They're looking for it and they wait for a long time because when it can happen to them before it's sort of been random. And that usually because there might have been a trigger that they weren't aware that you can actually create the trigger yourself in the way you do that is by asking. A question your act into question the question. Similarly as you ask yourself the question. You know wonder what I should have for lunch today aren't we wonder where that might increase parking spot. You can accurately say your mind you're thinking mind and your intuition will always answer. The problem is that that the thinking mind around that what what intuition is telling you what these two that in mind telling you you have to learn. Two things have to learn what the characteristics are. Of your intuition and and so when it comes he's you'd recognize that yes there's you have to quiet you're thinking mind. And that quieting your thinking mind is that as hard as people think. It just needs to be able to haunt them he'd be open and I tell people the key is that it is. The question where's the back term. And is that. Kids that Wear the bathroom actually but a it. When you at when you go in there in a strange place that you don't need to go our youth act whereas the bathroom actually where bathroom. And when you ask you applies. You're all ears. And you wait for them to anti. And you're not hitting their second guessing but they're gonna say usually enactment LA noting in town means that in the back on the left you just wait. In their open. That's the state you need to be and when you when you're waiting what you want to get you. Looking here and wish we knew accent which depressed in and you went here to answer. You know second guess you don't wanna try to logic it is that you just here hoping you win it could be anything could be you know in the packet can be upstairs that could be downstairs drink. And it's. Yell into it doesn't does because it's it's that one time that you don't. Have anything to add in and you're just you're standing there are totally relying on somebody gives you an cancers are. The hallway bathroom thing is is perfect but. Where do when you're asking your intuition. A question or whatever where is your intuition. Getting this information. And that's a good question. Well. We don't know. Rank it knowing that knowing him he noted that it could be. It would they're places that we think it could get a break and if you want to kind of go into the more than metaphysical around well I. Heard people say well as some people I've talked with have have talked about well it's just because everything is connected everything his energies so sure and it's always there so these things are able view it's able to pick it up. And and and pull that information and an amber and I am a firm believer that that possibility is there because. As a guy who's investigating claims that kernel for you know thirty years in my life and it's an idea I'm a firm believer in everything's energy and everything is somehow connected in some weird weird way I wish I knew the answer to that so. I'm I'm from Cleveland somebody says well it's because everything's connected Munich and here your twitch and your year sensitive site is able to pick up on race. Exactly and and that's what I believe and and that's sort of but the minute physics and tell us yeah. And also him at the studies and metaphysical and urging. And you know as you said everything is energy says everything is energy than. Then why not be able to connect to. That energy and you know there is no time in Spain strength that put the physicists. It's true we're talking high up that blitzer and we're talking with Lisa KUPHD. Lisa is a teacher and author speaker. Specializing. In intuition where talk about how you can learn how to control and improve your intuition use it for the your benefit and to improve your life. Parents we're gonna take a quick break when we come back more of phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freak it 446877669. If you have a question for Lisa about intuition. If so shall you listen Jason TV on the honor really were. You do revealed that defendants. The show beyond beyond radio guest tonight is Lisa Kentucky my intuition her website by the way is LMK who the letters LMK 88 dot com and again. Lisa thanks for joining with us we have a somewhat of a short segment here and we do have a couple phone calls that I have been waiting for some time sort of like to go to them first here this is. Tony from Kansas Tony welcome to be on reality radio. And it's thank you or your ailment of the Mac talks to heal. I got a couple of questions. Because I actually was going to move that Thornburgh you all actually amount or that they around the vaccinations. My job I got a sequential order and he will be arm is intuition is tightly. I'm on the Asian. Is intuition tied to premonition that's a request. Yeah I think it is actually I think that's one of the things that your intuition can keep your intuition can give you information about as. Things that could happen in the future remember there's a time and banks aren't everything happens at once. And your ability to reach into what's happening. Any time as this which are intuition that gives you information past or present future. Pry it out well the reason I ask. He doubted because I I I I remember. So early believer in that. Currently. Our a lot of doubles programs sense weeks. It's what we bought our tail we are even com or mother Billie. We are exposed to a lot pops information you know we can hear weakened sensibly can. We can also. I mean Arab receives the information from the mother. And I just wondered how it back can be through. I'm by the way our guys are you mentioned yoga and approach our go to a that topic double what illegal. Bemused from by the agents and Aaron. I'm from Puerto Rico and actually canceled and now. Well from Puerto Rico. And I used to be a registered on the air so if you guys got any question about it. Well I can just and give you any kind of information on box. What we're eco or is that kind of stopped loving him you can go and I'll. Well that her arch is really go all everybody's there. Good GOP house does it that's that's great what we'll do Tony hang on the line for a Cirque de wanna put you on hold gonna have a slipper Alex get your information may we we can now -- gets more information. Have you won at a point when we can talk about the some more to be Tilson just hold on. Let's take one more call before the top of the hour break this is Michael in Canada he Michael welcome to be on reality radio. I know Jason gay and I forgot to gap and banana. Police say OK police eastern terrorists. I'll play. It's into you mentioned the same chain is are related to the country solving you know medium do you know consulting dead spirits are. Or maybe another you know because psychics a lot of times our sakes anyway. And or even for that matter I guess the holy spirit. Or you know things like that so in other words. Our youth are we consulting experience when using that so here's felt that intuition we don't know where it comes from. Class. Well I believe that there are spirit and I believe that we can. We certainly can get information out of you connect to them. You know there's certainly a lot of about reality that behind us that we don't. You know we don't understand we gotta say and you know we only get information from our products and that's how so. For example. Your eyes don't see UV light but there is such a thing you do life. Right and we the discover that in mind on that line he's out now that so I believe that that we did it were able to connect to. And to try to that the hoopla has passed. And talent. Very thanks in the fall of Michael that was terrific competitor we appreciate you listening and calling in this event a minute here before we have to go to break is. The ability or the the level of ability of someone to use intuition from before they had training from you. Is that something that's passed on through families as it is or genetic component there is a completely random. Well I think there seemed to be a little bit of a genetic component. I think you know teams from what they are heard that people. And it turned round and in families but at the lure more intuitive than others but that also might be just their make up that maybe there a more into the until there were the right side of the brain and more attuned. They're they're more sensitive. To hearing. What their interests in China than that doesn't mean that other people can't now. It's collective yeah I was December were talking with Lisa K by the way again the website is LMK 88 dot com leases a teacher and author any speaker specializing. Intuition we come back from the top of the hour break really gonna get into some of the techniques that at least he uses or offers to folks and how they can improve. There intuition abilities and how to use those abilities to help improve the lives. If you haven't yet make she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal. Like to FaceBook page and head over to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app Britain from the website just click on the yet the out went great there the illogical listen the show alive catch past shows join me online chat. He and also just click on the station tab which lists all the great stations we are out across the country. And you can also just join us and the only checks could click the listen live button and join us in the Alan general mystery community people just do us a favorite to download the show we know it's being downloads being downloaded tens of thousands of times a day we greatly appreciate that. Just do us a favor and please read it for some iTunes or Revver. You're downloading and because it just helps push it forward to makes it easier for everybody to find pushes closer to the front analysts and that's what we're trying to do are a lot more calm when we come back Q Wilson and Jason GBM Dioner alienating. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture. And convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrity. Leaks over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't read it. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com and. Our first first there's the ban horse start somewhere in between what going to be unreal later you have myself Jason Bosnia always Olson chief feature with all these natural disasters has seemed to be a plaguing us the last few weeks and my on the United States and Mexico anyway. On this report that Scott a few people raising an eyebrow and is thought it was worth mentioning here. It you norm mariner Palmer Ramirez is just in in the Seattle area while apparently over the last. Point four hours has been twenty small earthquakes. Under Mount Rainier. I flew past that last last year on a plane if we flew right past Yasser Arafat nearly to get dozen smaller earthquakes have rattled Mount Rainier over the past week actually. All told in size knowledge is says. They're keeping an eye on a that they don't believe there's any cause for worry. There are swarms of quakes that last for a couple days to a week and then they die out that's pretty common. From the largest of the 23 quakes struck on September 11 near this the volcano. And it registered one point six. On the richter scale so wasn't quickly powerful quake but they watch this stuff pretty closely because it's it's a volcano in you know yeah it's like you know that it's becoming more active it's starting to wake up. And all these other things you know and that would be. That would be ruled. But it is real disaster food or something like Mount Rainier britches great next to a very very populated area. Boots up I mean mounting helens blew what year was that eighty some in the pen and nobody jumped. Whenever that was and fortunately it was it was and not near populated area but still it still caused a lot of Havoc and damage in people lost their life. Stephanie you be all that we dealing with earthquake or he can be down in and all in dealing with two squirrels. Yeah yeah. A weeklong nightmare for one neighborhood Nolan seemingly come to an end as authorities apprehended the trio of squirrels have been terrorizing residents. Insurance marriages it's reached recently. Yes. The trouble began last weekend when four different people were reportedly attacked by these crazed squirrels. For one victim the incident proved to be particularly unsettling as the bully squirrel was relentless in its attack. All the sudden nationals something on my back and it was a squirrel Gary Pritchard told TV station WWL. I grabbed it nightfall yet. And home on the land and it turned around and came back now of course that's that's ran out of the movie Christmas vacation with Chevy kisses her on his right Kevin's right in there about that. Pressure became. Pretty much support here for the community if you think about it trying to sound the alarm about the creatures so that others would not find themselves in the receiving end of this rodents raged. On. I'm telling everybody in the neighborhood beware the squirrels he said. Don't feed them and they're not your friends fortunately it would appear that his words of warning reached the rate yours is the media attention surrounding the issue forced authorities into action. Within a few days. The mayor of new wall once announced. That we put their best team on the case and revealed that the squirrel squad at captured three creatures are believed to be behind these vicious attacks so. They got of that incarcerated them day loan banks means these things are a little nutty CI NC wanted them there on time as good mom Nadia and so but anyways yes so. And we it's funny man and I mean. Killer squirrels when Moody's what's next snowed just to be fair I don't think they did any killing but. It's their menacing squirrels and viciously attacked anyway but it all brim the sport that creche here. Com. He has has actually had had a serves a rabies shots to the attack continues. Tell you know just the way we're gonna bring our guest Lisa came back in just couple minutes here but I just got to I just got news this year quick story when I was a key. And went to weed to a summer camp the YMCA camp. We did a nature walk one day and everybody had to have a bloody. And my buddy you know and then be halfway you know down half hour they would say okay everybody check your body raise your hands to make sure you're together. And my buddy nine news of another friend of mine and we didn't wanna hold hands and raise your hands who got the stick and we tell part of the stick and we held her hands up when it was time as we're standing there holding the stick above our head a squirrel. Came out of the bushes random Mike's up my leg up to up. My arm up to the top of that of this stick and then realize there was nowhere else to go and jumped and ran off so. And I've kind of beaten Tennessee of these squirrels or make bad decisions at times yet and they're around they're just they're glorified -- it's a different environment and -- -- details of exposure -- our let let's take a quick break when we come back we'll bring our guests and we're gonna continue our discussion about intuition with Lisa K Lisa by the way is a a teacher and author and a speaker specializing in intuition her website is LMK 88. Dot com. Ellen Page eighty that comes Jason GB memory. The show it's beyond reality radio Jason TV and phone number eight. 446877669. Tomorrow night we've got Susanne Wilson or Susan Molson coming on the program she's an author and a financial medium intuition expert and a spiritual teacher order took about her book. Seoul Smart what the dead teaches about spirit communication. We voice we've bush enjoyed talking a spirit communication it's on this one of those topics that we don't it's talk enough of. Out and I'm anxious about tomorrow as you and I should be hanging out with a ouija board during during that that big an interesting approach to the onion. And the next week yes and ratios Loren Coleman will be on Monday Tuesday that Sandra Kris. Com he meets his take on history and it's inform yeah able to come out and didn't all of them there's old. Old onto great shows next week so the machine to an end. Yeah always good stuff until we're talking about intuition with Lisa Kay her website by the way is LMK 88 dot com Lisa thanks I know it's a long break we appreciate your holding on here. I want get into some of the things that you teach people win you're offering your classes in your you're instructing people and showing them how to better control. There intuition how to use it for. Their benefit what are some of the techniques hasn't of the things that you teach them to do. Okay we'll there's been a main central technique at the intuition on demand technique and it centers around the whole concept that. The way your intuition speaks Qiyue is that it's been in pieces. And you have to collect those pieces and we you collect enough pieces start to form. A message and it a story for you and then you go oh I get it. Otherwise it's just little pieces that you don't you know when you hear doesn't make any sense so the way it works is you could trigger your intuition. About asking a question and a year open and then until listen to the answer the easy answer and then you get a get a piece. And then it's not gonna make a whole lot of sense he's so you're gonna go back and ask again to collect another piece and another piece and I I don't I give me an example. So I was and I was helping a woman I was doing intruder breeding for her and I was attracted to look at this picture are that I had on my desk. And on the picture my intuition. Drew my attention to looking at the color which was mostly green. Now for me the color green is that the symbol for healing. And as I'm looking at the picture my IA is drawn by main question again. To. As to this tiny little. Bench it was like a little wooden Atlanta and and with a little stone bench. It was you know have the two legs then that top line it fast lane question why he's showing me. Is this green color and that this little branch. And my intuition pop back that if not eventually the desk. I ask again well what is the what does this desk war what does that what does that mean more Asian community is and I got back it was a vulture. Knowledge. The mine. And so I realized that what would what they're glad that we is that she was going to be healer but not just to heal our. Of the physical body wasn't that it was a healer of the mind. Site Alter that and she said oh well I'm studying to be a clinical psychologists. Bench saying a bush but a lot of people wouldn't of put that together and able to. You know hesitant and so forth I mean honestly I would I would've. I would have been lost and why he's shown me something green white showing me down yesterday I had no idea yet so Emma and does just take years of experience to be able to. To really put that together and and figure out what it means. Well it takes practice and wet when I was going through this cycle kind of quickly for you there but you know I had my day. Intuition drew me to the color green and so that was you know when I was asking well tell me about the woman what do I need to know and my intention was. Drawn to that because my intuition guided me to go look there my eyes went there and so then I ask well why what about the color why you know what you Chinese healing what is tell me more and then. What popped up for me with that little bench. You know I I was trying to then yes and it does take some practice in terms of the things that pop up situation and that's part of what we go through in the book and Turk in terms of showing you how to practice and Billy different flavors in ways that intuition you can't heal in terms of the types of images earned the kind of not dealing with or. The or which you might be attracted to outside if you because your intuition will guide you to look at certain thing. Or hear a word. So is it similar to those who follow science the signs that the EC whether they're walking me wrapper blows up to them on the ground that says something and and that connection something else so it is very very similar to that. Yes very much and again you know everything connected brain so that everything is energy and so things happen. So I think that's that's simply part of it or perhaps you know you are attracting here walking down the street near thank you thinking at. Oh I'd like to go trying to go play key for lunch today in May be never been down there. Before. Your vacation and you're looking for good place to eat your eyes. Attracted to particulars. Rest tries. To try and then you know adore that he would you know looks. That place looks kind of warm and inviting you know that's bad that might be a way that your intuition is the shelling you. That that's where you should go. Lisa what is. What is the role pets have in all of this how can pets help improve your intuition. You know that's a really good for pet pets are very obviously intended there and there instinct is amazing. They they seem to understand and those things you know obviously they can't talks biggie they're not talking to you. But I think what you can do with your head is that if you are. It's here it would dealing with your pet if you can't use words you can't use sort of a logic you have to kind of dissent and feel. What they're doing and how they're reacting TO and that kind of helps you. Give turn off PR. You're talking are you thinking mind you have to kind of go into achieved what what does it feel like that they may be they want her. It kind of use those other. And there's other ways of noticing things around June does that make any sense. You know what yeah when it comes out pencils are communicating a lot of times it's more of the way you look at and the way you're looking them in the eyes the faces and making an Asian doing that right. I think impression you're getting from them right you know you look at that mandate. They issued a goatee a letter you know how what's going on May seem like they're a little tad strange and that you you can kind of sense that just from. The day there looking at and there is some feeling your thumb impression you're getting. Looking at at their weight are holding their bond you remain good look on there. What happens when train you yet what happens when our intuition isn't working is it is is part of just turned offer caught off photo. What's what's the effect of that. Well if I can pick a better question is why do we not care and smashed into a cement iron about questions and that. What happened that the reason why we don't hear intuition is because we're thinking too much. We're judging were criticizing. We're trying to make an answer that we want to happen. And then when that happens. You. It's huge. Do you did you get them to being led down the wrong path because in you using your thinking mind and or you crap and methods which are getting. Because here you might be getting an impression and then use try to logic what it means you try to has to do but it means. And that's not into it than that matters at all. Is it him as in a matter of prejudices and preconceived notions distorting the message. Andrea. I think. You know thinking. What you think it might mean. I think there's a story about. Back getting. Sound. But it does serve as birthday or reading and with the psychic reading and and they were getting this. There they're getting that word copy cat in the they've well have to be in a bad drinking copying when it happened to be that that's who you really about their. Pet dog that we can cost. You know you don't want to think. Too much about the pitcher Garrett. Right rotator all about them yet so as as you've worked with people. If you've been amazed. We're surprised by Howell. Capable some of your students have become with their ability to use and manipulate their intuition. Oh absolutely actually let it surprised me is that how quickly that it is the technique work for people I've I've given that. A technique yet to people at lectures were just go and do a talk and then. Somebody else. One mormons you Remy back after she had been to the lecture. Which is just only about sixty minute then down. She sat on her way home he is the technique and she was able to do. Intuitively know exactly when her subway her subway train a better ride which you know they'd been they're not really on time ever read it just kind of shocked when they get. And she knew exactly the time that her subway I was going to arrive at her homes by. She said she tried it on the. I'm trying to predict where her favorite speaker was gonna come and that the panel they had a panel of you know. Half a dozen people and she. Used it to see if she could predict where they were good at that she got it right I would like second from the last. Issues she was surprised that that was really cool to young people can go and use the technique and it works immediately from them. And in the years you've been doing this and teaching people if you've ever had anybody come back and say that it's affected them negatively. Now. The public know in no way can affect you negatively to doing a rendering. I guess there's probably not really a negative signed any of this. No I don't and I don't believe that there is I believe that you know. The other thing here intuition has no ego. And has no judgment it's. It's kind of pure and it just kind of tell that. Tell you information that's. For your highest credit or for your best interest because it's it's party view and you you know we don't want they had things for yourself. And it's it's sort of in that sense that it just. Guides you into where you need to be and we did effort for your betterment. Okay we're talking with Lisa K we're gonna you take a break here we come back we're gonna continue our conversation again the phone numbers 8446877669. If you have any questions. Yeah and if you haven't yet again 900 because all the time and place so a matter over to FaceBook dot console. Slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com and download free iPhone and android app. Or strands stations we air on return on the site or click the listen line and join us and I'm online Chad if you download the showed to us a favor and read it on iTunes. It. Hopes push of foreign makes it easier for people to find. Phone numbers 8446877669. Any 446877669. If you have a question for Lisa or javy and I am about intuition. Pretty quick break more to come after this you listening Jason GB and B. Radio don't forget he's got a lot of great stuff coming out the back tomorrow night we're going to be talking with says Susanne Wilson who is a medium we're going to be talked about her books sold Smart. With the dead teaches about spirit communication going to be tomorrow night tonight. We're talking about intuition with Lisa KP HD Lisa is. Not just a teacher and an author but an instructor and a specialist and intuition and her website is LMK 88 dot com if you wanna find out more information there's a ton of stuff on their Lisa you've got we just have wealth of information not just stuff about your your courses which are also able blog you're writing constantly and really exploring all. All aspects of this thing we're talking about which is intuition. Yes thank him. There's a I you know I thought I'd give the content that to people in different ways that they can. You know they they would like to consume it the city and and and audio in and if you like to read last. Raise lots of stuff to read more anxiety I was curious about as it was looking through the website was something that you mention as the language of energy what is that. The language of energy well you know. For the law as does that we're talking about metaphysical energy and as we had talked about earlier everything is energy everything is connected. And it's you know doctor energy and physical things or energy and yeah understanding how energy come to us and how we can feel it and sense that it. Another way that we. Can connect to that information that were that's coming to a and that's all part of intuition intuition is being able to sense that energy. So you know one of the things I love to do when you probably. I have experiences as well are you doing paranormal research lead and looking at being around spirit. That you can actually feel that this shift in the energy and it can be the language it being different you know forms it could be any. Physical feeling. On your skin and it could be in feeling emotionally. And I found most of the time I'll peel energy physically and it'll you know you go down. One Lange earned a B and has something in my shoulder and I also find that different. Types. Messages there are if you if you will come through different feelings though oftentimes. I find it whenever around spirit that are. Are different tentacles earthbound groups and are united I feel that in my legs. They've committed to the buzzing in the energy swings and my legs than if I would. If I'm around them. A lighter being hurt or angels if you wanna call them and I it's usually have a higher vibration higher vibrating feel and that usually around mine had my children's. All and one thing we've we've said numerous times on the shows that he because you go to the so called haunted locations out of 100% of those locations in 8085% of those are nothing to do with paranormal activity and nothing to do it on during. But that that 1015%. You in overtime and use your body tends to remember how you felt when you walked into a location that did that paranormal activity. That did have some sort of things going on in the energy there and you you start getting more and more in tune to that so. Over a thousand cases you tend to be able walk in location and feel if something is truly going on there when you first walk can't. Yes and and so I question for you had padded appeal to you. But what walking into different locations that have activity. Well it when when I walk in the locations like that I tend to get. Sort of and I would say of tightening feelings and on the back in my head my neck. And that's usually how I can I can kinda tell that and this is going to be an interest in cases it feels like something mean it is here. And that's just from going to amend thousands and thousands of locations over the years cell. It's just 99% of the locations they go to really nothing's going on but it's just that that very few. As small percent of when you walk in you do you do that's just the feelings I get that's where I seem to be able to it's a sense something going on the of the back of the head and the neck. And we've learned operator practicing in and being in different environment and then your biased institution itself I noted this three year. Exactly. Okay. Go to their own minds here we've got Saddam see this is John from Florida calling him with a question John welcome to the show. Who is somewhat tricky simple truth although the question for for at least shop. Owns a ball so we're just sit there and launch. Which it's come from in these strong and seeing. The tingling feeling but we get to war. Trying to be different directions. On more wanted to question. It is you own a home. With all due in Walpole who. Its own award collection we need to go or what it is a spiritual songs arm Ole. We all know what to attribute it to. I believe that it is spiritual birth I believe it could come from your higher self which is. Basically the the party view it that is part of your soul that you're not maybe not all consciously aware of but has greater knowledge you could also be from I believe here. Your ear aimed older guys which is just our. Our way of determining what would be your consciousness that is. Higher source. Or can be from you know all that is your creator and you know it's all just went continue that. Consciousness that's behind us that has a wealth of dollars. I can be helpful to us. Thanks so. Do you generally watch you also okay thanks John thanks to talk from a Florida hope you survive their hurricane. Without too much damage down there. A lease of the kind of brings up another question if it you know there's two schools of thought I would think here one would be were receiving the information from the source or we have senses that were unaware of you know ESP is one of those into the sixth sense. We have other senses that we mean to be a bit unaware of that are picking up the BD information. Ourselves not some being delivered were actually. We're actually kind of an antenna and it's receiving an ourselves suit do you fall on either side letters are both. Yeah I I think that I actually 100% agree that there are these other. Metaphysical sense is that we have and you know it's interesting of these studies and had a physics and end. To the Chinese traditional medicine actually studies. Energy as well. And that which he gone is that it which he is energy and congress work. And as there are actually pathways metaphysical pathways in her brain that are. That sense the I get. The metaphysical images and things that are akin to our visual pathway than there actually go along the same lines the neural pathways. Our visual sense. Is the same metaphysical pathway for our better physical visual sense as well which I think is really really. Cool and it's been talked about were 5000 years. Where is these studies. Particularly and in China where they. Studied and to. Discovered that these groups sent this season since the if it's really really interesting that I found happening. Let's go to the phones again this is Michael from Pennsylvania he Michael welcome to the show. I don't think he welcomes the show. On yeah how it just wonder known what are your thoughts on our transcendental meditation. Director of transcendental meditation. Well I think meditations a wonderful wonderful practically back. The great practice in general meditations a great practice for helping you do. Control our I would say work we get thinking mind to help comment says that she can. The picture itself into a I get that a state of mind that is open to your into this message is they really. Going through. Different brain states. And the calming your thinking lying down so that you can hear your intuitive mind. And that hasn't that dental medication one method there's so many different methods that there there is. A. There you know following your breath there is another when that followed the line try TM follows which is champ and implementation Paul's mantra. And that's all that is just the way to bring your mind back to a central. Saying we plan. That you can focus signed and not following your thoughts now which is much runaway bride and says that eventually start to con remind count so. He and the wonderful. Practiced at meditation is a wonderful practice to help you. Game two that your intuition and your more clearly. Yes when I do it I try to focus on all the bridges around it whether the crickets outside or birds. And on and actually cultured it right now on wondering what my intuition is. You know and down on getting really culture that have been doing this medication per barrel. A month now every day you know anywhere whether that standard client. Sitting in a quite rightly I. Me steady TM Lotte I'm kind of contest how often am but I'm. I've been net detained her for many many decades and it's it's a wonderful practically TM that there are really nice easy. Meditation to practice then you're doing the right thing you have to do it. I'm a regular basis and you're gonna find that those going to be eating easier fee to hear your intuitive methods and. Thanks to the call Michael we appreciate that you know speaking of trends in their moment of meditation IA we just watched a documentary. About George Harrison obviously one of The Beatles and oh he I didn't realize and we all know that The Beatles and a great deal of time in India and and looking at eastern. Meditation and and I guess religion and I'm sure entirely what it was but. George Harrison was a practice or of TM and he. Actually dedicated. Most of his life once he had that Tehran that experience in India to dad and I never Royce how important was. And I never really understood what it was in Hawaii I watched this document Terry. And dated it became very clear to me and how old it's very similar to what we're talking about tonight. Absolutely and you know medication and it's phenomenal it you know they've been scientific studies that show they approve that. Just meditating for ten minutes today. For about a month well. Improve and actually should change the neural functioning in your brain. Permanently for the better you know in that it reduces stress and increase increases. Your brain function be able to think better. B com clear. Off the practice. What harm. When we talk about intuition exercises as U2 is you instruct people to improve their intuition skills. I noted that you mentioned there are good and bad what's the difference when. So we if you order a circuit if you were to Google intuition exercises. On the Brad which you're gonna get things like that in nature. Meditations. And you know. Just being quiet and that those they're not exercise is what a good intuition exercise is it to be able to. User intuition and practiced using it and they get invalidate the results. So here's ears say. Good when that you can do that the good intuition actually side you could they weren't in I'm gonna try to end to it and find out what. My pain stout had for lunch today if you know your now with them. And get an answer intuitively. By using that technique. And then you can validate it later because you're gonna see your staff later and ask them what did you have for lunch. That's a good exercise a battle under BA using your creation to find out which year it say favorite. Your favorite movie star had for lunch. Because. Most likely not going to be able ask them to find out if they that they had for lunch today. And they have to be able to validate your results. So if you have to recommend. To somebody. I'm assuming you'd be anybody. Someone to improve the skills dessert type of person that you think needs this more than it more than anyone else or is it just everybody uses. I think get any kind of an absolute thing. Big XP it's a natural part of it's it's seen as your. It's there's all the wonderful information the other 90% of your brain. And that we're shutting out because we're just so busy. Thinking all the time and and you know their mind chatter and not listening to what else is there. And I think. You know back in the old days you know when we were less complicated and we were more connected to being. Quiet may be out nature relaxing and being able to. Same do you meditative practices you know which might be just sitting there. We can listen to our inflation better and so. Back and I think it's something that everybody should develop because it's it's part of the. But it's something that's definitely sort of fallen and fallen away in in the history and hopeful hopefully it'll come back but now do you think a lot of things going on today with. What's so busy life is sin and how much electronics are Liasson and everything else now that it's taking away from from people actually being able to do this or or. Even trying. Absolutely. You know it. It's I only outlet tentatively put that photo wearing you know everything everywhere he gathers everything he's doing he's doing two things that once you do the talking you're looking at it very heating advocated farmers blocked and they look at our. It says his brain is ID be with getting this information from an electronics and it has not just him that everybody in fact it's. It's you know us to the president who didn't grow up without having our cell phones. And if you look in the restaurant you know people are not talking anymore there. Cyrano Russ Mitchell and if constancy. Right or they text you know that I you know I'm guilty about like my plan upstairs because that he can to go but then you know that. And I couldn't. Because you don't get a chance to rest your mind and and to be calm and be centered and when you do that then it'll hit the that you love her more easily first hearing parents question and then when she gave that. Then when you do the technique and you apply a technique and and do it you know purposefully. It's going to work better for you wouldn't it be easier need to do that easier you hear your impressions. We sort we're just about out of time here let everybody know where they can now get more information about sure your program and how they can follow more of what you're doing and actually. Particular up on some of this. Well my website has everything and you've been saying threat fictional program thank you very much it's Alan K 88 dot com there's a lion nationals. And you can go there and apple has all the information that weary and pima community mean my events. By my courses. And also get a lot of free information on it and tips and intuition just sign up for a minute planner and you get. Actually a free e-book on just to get you started and a whole bunch established action plans are in that evil that you can start you today. That's awesome again and again the website is LMK 88 the letters LMK 88 dot com. And they so much for coming on analysts who look forward to talk to you again at some point. Thank rather leave a lot of fun. Okay we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality rating PG seventeen. It's beyond reality review they couldn't pay for joining us her problems you know mine to auctions and what. The socialism and you know I've always thought you had a real keen sense of intuition and I feel like where those two old guys in the Muppets this. Yeah there's a tip I forgot the box seat up in the Goodman theatre we didn't. It's really fun ally slips her at all since she's a sense just a true and I think that's what we we've turned into like that it's crazy but make sure you tune in tomorrow we integration will be talking to Susanne Wilson author medium. In tuition expert and spiritual teacher so we talking with her so should be a great show and every Friday is a best. So emaciated tune and that night. But yeah and they was great show big shout out to Lisa came from coming on checks at check our website at Alan K 88 dot com. Gillis an adjacent NGB I am beyond reality reveal catch all the mana. You don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson insisted. It's the only you don't really renews. Yeah. You know start going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.