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Spirit communication and what it can teach us

Sep 22, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Susanne Wilson to talk about her book Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication. Susanne tells about the afterlife, and why there is nothing to fear. 9/22/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast many restore. Somewhere in between what going to be unreal that your reading it myself just because they always awesome GPU on so I understand you're walking and a bit of a tight group tonight you can of kind of a little delicate situation over in your neck of the woods right now. Well weather right yeah yeah news and talk about him you know what they we have head. In them strangers I mean it's it's literally been like forty to fifty miles an hour winds all day here. And it's just been a constant and this is the the remnants of or I had no idea. Honestly somebody conjuring some I know it was facing calmer earlier in the morning I went out because I had Dick. I was getting has gonna close the above ground pool the other day but with all the wind get covered in leaves sell. I waited to this morning it was OK so when artists are clean and police. And the wind picked. And now I literally have tree branches Lang in my head above ground pool factor. I only know is that you told me before the show started you from the power's been flickering towards India and so we you me we may just disappear from my screen here at some point hopefully I'd go to. I'm I just users XT OJJ. It's come to the edge if it was a box you think that that's not what happens Jack if it's a hassle. To be unrelated radio everybody. You me we had agreed shows and I were to be talking about after if yeah security communities in spirit communication talking with the did what can they teach us what do we learn from them it's a really fascinating topic. And in the state and AJ you know are now. Quickly that afterlife will come to us and and it's just it's just crazy fast freaking world out there. But if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com. You can download the free iPhone and android operate there which allows you to listen shall live catch past shows join online chat. You listen for a from the website just click the listen lines tab or you can find and any of the stations we error across the country. Just like clicking the station tab and we Aaron a lot of stations all over into we're adding more and more. Every week. So talking about. Never knowing when that final day will come there's been a lot of discussion about September 23. So Samoa and what are my sons brought that up to me yet it is they did that the chatters pretty significant sounds like god we got a planet that they say there's a planet's going to be hitting us on the to. I'm so Logan ethnically probably see about and if they're really I'm just let you know if well it's it this is all related to the planet planet X discussions. There's a gentleman by the name of David Meade who's a self described specialist in research and investigations and he's. Become somewhat notorious for predicting catastrophic events that we're going do occur pretty soon on earth starting with this Saturday. September 23 a constellation. Which has been prophesied in the book of revelation in the Bible will reveal itself in the skies over Jerusalem which will signal the beginning of the end of the world as we know that's according to this David Meade. And a lot of people are talking about this now you know a lot of people talked about the Mayan calendar a lot of people talk about Y two K a lot of these talk a lot of things it doesn't necessarily mean mean it's true however. He presents pretty interesting argument he claims the planet which we've talked about his planet X it's called the bureau. And although NASA has said no there's no such thing the no such body in the sky anywhere in space anywhere it's not nearest not coming anywhere but. It claim that once this constellation appears on Saturday this planet's gonna show up in its gonna start the end of days. Really doesn't say how long have starting in society. Gets suffer wanna get nine. He and I wanted to finish a more from the shed media not you wanna you wanna get working on that stuff but it's gonna begin a puree did but many years about a seven year period of trials and tribulations which. Will then. And didn't into the world since actually. Bringing him here several near that bad luck in this is love this is the worst kind of lucky get if this actually were to happen but but I but I guess seven years yet you diesel area I can still angle traditionalist Huckabee comes seven years is going to be 87 years of natural disasters like we're seeing now in upheaval and you know people. Warring against each other it's going to be a tumultuous seven years but. I wanna get this guy on the program or someone else who has a little more information about this well obviously we won't be able to do it before Saturday but it's as we have seven years to. Talk about this hopefully we can do within that time. Well I think what you just said it was really interesting especially with seven years of war and that's because. There's a guy who just created in that. And you're the only question is I test scenario and was pretty pretty wild okay there is a nuclear bomb map app pitch will show you now. What would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded near. So you basically just secure locations there this is Roy and initially it'll happen is pretty wild it's pretty advanced I'll give it that in my area you'd want to download this it's arm line. When a post a link to it on the beyond reality radio upside FaceBook page. But so imagine that I 150 kiloton nuclear bomb exploded in the city closest you. And do you know how the city of the surrounding regions or its inhabitants would be affected didn't. Marion I have no idea I just know that living very close New York City about four hours away. That even if the bomb itself. Didn't cause you know any any kind of harm or I am. The refugees in the people that would be flooding out of New York City. You know that would be probably the bigger catastrophe. At least for us appear not not that's not the bomb is a small protests even it was chaos. A single exactly and I was worried about the success living in Rhode Island we have quonset base where they create the submarines orchard bode all that stuff. And it's always been one of those places that you know is going to be on the forefront of taking it head. But now most people don't realize how this would affect and effect so you're not alone on that. One guy says we live in a world we're nuclear weapon issues are at the forefront of our newspapers on a regular basis. Yet most people still have a very bad sense of law and exploding nuclear weapon could actually do. Alex. Alex well well or Steiner historic science Stevenson's two technologies he wrote this on his website. Nuclear secrecy dot org to help eat the the world understand what might happen if a nuclear weapon exploded. Well listing created an interactive browser called new Mac. And it's. And it's it's wily union unit checked sound if you want posted but I. Some people think nuclear bombs destroy everything in the world all at once and people think that they are not very different from conventional arms. And he says he stays the reality is somewhat somewhere in between. To illustrate a reality new map lets you build hypothetical nuclear bomb. June to that you can actually choose to kill tons and all that on and drop anywhere on the earth. Aren't notion showing the effect yet because it really like a senate test of the sound on. Software uses declassified equations and models about nuclear weapons and their effects fireball size air blast radius. Radiation zones and mortar crunch the numbers and renders the results as graphics inside of Google Maps. Preset options leap pick historical or recent blast including late the most recent North Korean test explosion. The test that out. The tool even estimates he talent he's an injuries for a given given weapon yield altitude and location. It's pretty scary stuff actually. It is and like I tests that I didn't I went on I checked it all out there earlier and and did it in north Kingston Rhode artwork wants appointed as soon. A nuclear bomb went off we wouldn't even be hit by the radiation where I live on an ounce steak. I always start a nuclear bomb he pretty much it's gone everything's gone. But that's not the fat. So he's gonna get a check to sell our posts at about five minutes on the on the website. And some real interest in it's it's also kind of scary if you think about it but it does it breaks down the people that would probably die at at the instant impact. Well think scared of me yeah we've got North Korea doing a lot of weird stuff found a territory assistant and nimble Euro whatever you call. Yeah smashes into the Internet I mean he's a bigger problem. Ariza talked about so a book called soul Smart what the dead teaches about spirit communication with Suzanne Wilson who is an author and presidential medium and intuition expert and spiritual teacher that's gonna go up after the break. Are sort of take a real quick break can more or coming listening. She assumed she'd be on the honor really and radio I'm. Best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture today. And convention is happening October 16 Diego turning stone casino join us for the party's leading vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty. Get your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't bring. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West in Georgia Merrill with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. He can have fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com that's scary con dot com. The campaign don't forget tomorrow night isn't gusto program misses every Friday night and beyond reality radio Monday night we've got Loren Coleman joining us talking to a big foot and other crypt kids. And Tuesday Sonia grace will join us. Sony has taken a unique look at history as one and it's one informed by her amazing ability to spirit travel to a mock mysteries and secrets of the world's great historic sites is demeanor has been discussion and the ones they were talking about UFOs where chase coats from move on sort of should be interest earnings makes you tune and yet great week of programming next week so be sure to join us and we've got a great when tonight as well Susanne Wilson is an author and evident to medium and intuition expert and spiritual teacher. She's got a new book it's called soul Smart what the dead teaches about spirit communication. And she's also known as the carefree medium we're gonna bring in the program now Suzanne welcome to be on reality radio is great to have you on the show tonight. It's great could be hair Anke gave the bank of gay son. Thanks c'mon. So let's talk about how you've got your start you've been doing this for awhile how long have you been doing it and when did you first realize you had some unique talents. Well I'm a bit of a late bloomer in terms of dealing masks on I'm more wide basis. But I had known all along I was really blind we aired freaky little kid. Because I had very young girl I can see spear like. And get people. And it would give you trouble on a playground because I might lock up to another child and say hey I beat a month behind you cryptic it looks at rounded out. There nobody there and then I'm gonna fight. So I don't know how my life but it took a near death experience thinks on the exact twenty years ago. To wake me up and tell me just get into this work and do it. So you know a lot of us as I've probably seen the movie with Bruce Willis called the sixth sense and when you say I see dead people that's kind of the image that comes to mind people is that what it was like. A lot of time yes it would be exactly like that. But other times I would just be beautiful colors images and really get focused. On or act or the electromagnetic energy field that I felt around the living people continue. But cut how he apparently is the closest I've seen. To let my child they would like even my mom even need to aid for college and I was little and after about a year and a half he said. This can't just exceptionally bright. So get crippled and. And it's funny because we bring that up many times when I'm when I'm talking about different things apparently told people in the six cents is probably one of the closest things to it is it's it's always that out of the corner of your IE or. Or something where we're a lot of people are seeing things and and Lotta times that's more terrifying than. And relief seeing these things debt had our. Well you know I'm I was really really fortunate because I come awfully happy things. And happy people and attacked them when I was very young. I would have it a little red haired bully. That would block because of school on the days when that neighbor kid but what I'm going to. And he never spoke can meet back as soon as we got to the school he wouldn't keep on blocking. And I would be safely there at school in Atlanta until many years later and they find out that he was in the spirit guide. A series yes is him when when you saw these. Deceased individuals. Know an oath to see them obviously you did see them when they coming to you speak like in the movie because they were trying to get you to. Help them or deliver a message or something for them or they just everywhere news happens see him. They just want could be a knowledge mostly. Hi I'm here. That's my loved one over there I'm still part of his life I know what's going on in his life and I love them. And they really just want to let people know that there okay. And that there's a greater reality that doesn't require you having a body. And am I didn't really have a lot of experience is there anything I called scary bad evil at all and where can be scary bad evil. A lot of that they really just want to be he had hurt. It would get and that's thanks to pass along. But sometimes he he can't pass along the math if you really have a good gut check the free if they hate. Intimate skin to be at a dead lady that you that your mom that she loves you. But I was also fortunate because I had a grandfather. When I was a little girl who got and you guys you're going to be shocked. Are you ready for this about my grandfather. He was a preacher. And when and I can't I didn't and that I don't want to go to school. And it basically making myself back. Lake my stomach they get so upset he went to school and it wasn't because. He's my friend to detect community as I call them is because the kid you're so mean so I was being bullied and cash. I guess people. My granddad could be at night and he said what's going on and they told him why. I was being bullied he couldn't keep my big mouth Shaq. And he surprised me instead of lecturing me he said. I see them do and so I was able to learn at a young age that this is natural. This was right. He and I would be able to learn how to do management abilities. Well like we said just a minute ago where a lot of times it's not about these things wanting you to pass on the message because it's not a lot of times when it comes down to the spirits that are out there. They just want. Somebody who notices that somebody who can see them acknowledged that there there. And LA a lot of times a minute somebody can do that that's why these things tend to hang around those people is because somebody finally after all this time. Somebody finally was able to see them and acknowledged of their of their existence and they kind of don't want to let go of that they wanna make sure there around that person so they can they can be seen. Yeah at the message is always I'm dealing growth rate. I have no pain and I the body and I'm loving act and I you know Jason Hill see our life. And contacted apple light that's around expect that any heat from mall. Are kindness and compassion for other people and those out there in the living on the earth plane you have to brighter lights. What typically attract these loving and being inserted like hey can keenly awaited you might sprite. And if you look NG Jack signal it's it's almost like this it's that it's a fun and belly thing for them. Organizers output again you said it's something I say all the time it's it's very much like these are all people. Who are giving off the synergy there like a winner and in the woods and the spirits are like moss. And that they're drawn to a TC DC that energy see that light in their drawn to it. For whatever reason and then I think that's the best way to describe it. Yeah and it can be obnoxious. I can't remember times when I would be trying to go to sleep. And I guess yeah instead and I would wake up and the L lady. Smiling down at me and back can be really scary but what people need to realize is that. You do have control of the environmental. I ran Q you can't say I'm open. Or I'm not opened and not the spirit it's just like that there is community block people are generally people back it bank I mean in general. They try to do the right thing every day and the same thing in the spare route calendar year a bank account when we're closed if you wanna be bothered. Yeah no I'm solely Walt. Our rates soul would that we've got a million questions for you on we're going to be getting into those are gonna have to take quick break the call in numbers 8446877669. In the store free date for four. 6877669. The listen Jason. Je Giambi on or Hillary he'll be back. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Gotta expect that to fill it and bring Disco back. They're not bring about the you know I thought let's let's keep cute and it's funny because I might in my FaceBook page earlier today I did I posted. It does anybody still used the word boogie. Is that a word I saw everybody uses anymore I say I say to my cranked and he got a little billion this year that's two different usage of the word pressure but anyways so little Disco flavor their welcome back to beyond reality radio or when Jason and javy and our guest tonight. Is Susanne Wilson we're talking about her book. Which is called soul Smart what the dead teach us about spirit can use communication and Suzanne we're talking about how you first. Recognized. That you had some. Talents and skills of might be different than other people and as a child you would talk about seeing. I'm deceased loved ones around your friends and they would in some cases bully you're getting angry about it other than that part of it. Did it scare you weren't did it frighten you at times. Now I was actually more. Apt to be startled you know it's very surprising when you walk around the corner and their I'm standing here where you don't expect it. I think from. Being in it together with my beloved grandfather who is now on the other side. And I'd like to be a more that you know even as the media and I can't just likes some people call and then but he was so good to meet them instrumental in. My life. He actually kept me can nursing homes. Back and people died in nursing homes we didn't have hospice and things like that. And I'd quit holding hearings. An elderly person as they were getting rated path and then. Because he was their preacher and the church I would go to their funeral and I carry you guys everything else behind like you. Get depressed and Ollie says that a person has passed Ollie says that if you know looking fantastic. Actually it live I comic book a child of death but it is so positive because they learned that he meet that death is not the. A lot of people's claim that it's it's pretty much the beginning. Yes if the flight that's true we are brits and Stifel is eternal. This. Pete so that they TV part of that sticky in Sudan. It's almost like it if it's the movie that's playing now but they're (%expletive) even bigger. When we go back home. And so that was important to you and thank you for missing my putt and it is important to help the people here. Spilling body. You know how they can effectively communicate. With their beloved people and bearcats sit task at everything. Better write about these pay it's really steps like ABC 23 how to get a jeans and set have a ticket in medication. And then glances about black. Our friend from the gay community AKA summer land heaven what are we would call. What they're actually Dooley and can make actually occasional work as it's not we've seen different ilk if he had an understanding that it's a process. If you have an understanding that anyone can make contact with his own rough land it's so country canal but no one's 11 o'clock. Well the only talking about the afterlife are we talking a vote. Had then are we talking about purgatory would do and where you're able to make contact who are we talking about just mean people pass on and still roam roam this the earth. Well for many years I have been. You're dealing. If you look at all trusted if people that I meet who has passed over and I have guy that worked with me. And they've identified that I'm here to help people to teach people how to never need immediately. How to be able to make a connection for themselves. And so I've been writing down what they hate and public Caspian raked. And slapping on a grocery store and tell me something I would pull out of a patent in her right on the back Hillary feet or something that they are currently. So I called related all of this ever. And it took me about a year to have to write the book. And really how many striking similarities about what they were saying about what it's like over there about what happens. When Willie died from a physical body and what their unique actually guide. And I've heard this yeah he can actually have a place they go to you cannot call it a Holler reunion. Where there are speaking areas where they get together and there are special speech green guides and angels whatever terminology when he is. Who will say okay let's rehearse we're gonna help B a he landed that your daughter drain next week. Okay we're gonna help you get your energy together we're gonna show you how it's done. On nobody. At this who is in heaven and afterlife. Doesn't alone when they're coming through now. They're making contact to give you a sign you're synchronicity. They're people there that are helping not so we if they do our part on that hat and be open to receiving. K but. But back to the question though and win when we pass on them were able to still communicate are we doing so from. What many call heaven are we doing so from. Pretty much still the the earthly plane just more and largest energy at that point. I see so where are today. Right. Yeah exactly where where they when they're able to communicate in the arms pass because that the guy who's investigated for so long and a lot of times when we've come across the spirit the spirit. They're always scared to pass over or that for whatever reason Adam passed yet the minute they passover then we don't seem to get any more communication from. Yeah out because they're not media anymore and they're not desperate anymore tell you what you do you provider very important service. YouTube working list and let some people called earth down to I have I've asked why are they afraid and it. You know it's a small print and each of all the people that I only very small technical say. I'm not gonna lie. I'm teaching people how to communicate with those who have crossed over two hours over they're leaving. Without a body and they want elect their loved ones here now. That they're doing great and they know what's going on here but I have all felt and not that I've gone now look for it but they have also helped her found. They get their courage together can go ahead and step into the line eight. And it it it's really sad because when I asked them why you want cattle. A lag behind its sphere be judged the ink day and it's standing France as some kind of tribunal. And they're going to be jagged or you can Halard certainly that when we're told over and Al Franken I think you're the actor like reflects. It's seeks act opposite they're only level repair the judgment comes from yourself. So on and you know it is that when people get to be traps but there is all week how. See my scariest thing about. Passing on passing over it isn't a fact that I'm going to be judged and it's you know I've done a lot of bad but I've done a lot of good awfully good always the bad but. Mine is the fact that when I passed. I'm not I'm not here chew protective or to work with my family are to be their for the Sam. And I think that's that's the big investment the scariest thing I'm scared to death I'm scared of leaving everybody else behind. I hear you and and most people stats that they need Nate they wanna be here for their Stanley as long. As he possibly can't but I apparently you. Hopefully like fifty years from now or whatever is one day when you graduate. Activity that I. You won't find a way because your love it feels strong. Because our plan on with your family. Everything you see here they are your hat and you will find ways from the other site. Can help them you'll find ways to come into the air plane bringing your energy and whisper in like bankers fear can't Hezbollah. You know an inspired than so. And got the will love lives forever that relationships never gone back I hear you it is partly like out we give a promise that we'll all be together again and that's a wonderful. Now you have keeps the ability to see these deceased individuals around walking around others who aren't seeing them. Why it's so difficult for someone to reach out someone from the other side to reach out to a loved one and communicate with them. Because most people have lack I call the monkey mind. On players thinking about what's next what next. And making contact or be able to eat and the spirit. What they're seeing colors they're actually seeing them like they're there are just a look at thinking Japan million to be present. Focused and I LA fete that everyone has the ability to learn. How to cents. Their loved one thing me not Ali Sina and that they can also pick up signs like content they want gates connect that you and I use the butterfly. Our bird would either a figurehead or whatever affecting it really is like gets your attention right Asia thinking that there's different ways to feed them. As a post as if seeing them like they're people on the ground. And what is it about some. Deceased individuals being able to. Communicate and others not you said that look for example you don't get to see your grandfather why can't he's busy he's doing. He he got more and you know what it's so cool. The work at work because he has to do what you want it it'll that. I'm told that he is a teacher. Began to an X below our export to other dimension. And you know I also think he doesn't want and they can meet dependent. Upon him because I like to see in their peak day but I have my own life to live my own life lesson to experience. But I feel I'm grant when I really need him he's there. We're talking with Suzanne Wilson her book has sold Smart what the dead teach us about spirit communication by the way they website. Is care free medium dot com and take a break and know we come back we'll continue our conversation. If you have any questions about the after only give us a call at 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Listen Jason GB and B. Unrelated revealed he. It was her used to taxes are. I was doing thumbs up on these people been to open this up right guys although they welcome welcome back to the show it's beyond reality rating would Jason in JV. Phone numbers 8446877669. We're gonna take some phone calls in our next hour or talking with Suzanne will send. She is the care free medium her website is actually care free medium dot com her book console Smart with the dead teaches about spirit communications and I have to ask Yves is an. You said that you had a near death experience that changed changed everything for you prior to the nearest experience he had these abilities which kind of kept him to yourself and in the closet if you will. What was the need what happened with the near death experience and how to to change things for you. Javy. You know I call on land and like it's what happens peel your busy making other plans. And I was living the good life. I got my education and I got a bachelor's in management and mastered the public administration. I was certified as a senior professional human resources. A great job as in the university school of medicine in the manager at. I I also. Lived up to Florida and and was part of the start at teacher and university. And went and director for the center for leadership that they went into corporate world and get my spot captioned your life would go ahead and I was very happy. I live at CU. Happy these abilities. Guess I don't wanna be a Lou Lou per cent. You know I cooler water like Hillary Clinton here say it. To work and be seen as like tipsy Lulu person. So I hit. All of that and then after the near death experience. In getting back. Globe. I. Aum. Are. Going to the other side. I relay for all about last. And I'd better get to work and it better start giving when I came here to do it if it really clearly and truly changed my mind forever. Well and now the near death experience did it and enhance your ability score a lot of times you hear people who first often had no sensitivity or anything. Haven't near death experience and a totally opened some other people you here and they had some some sort of expect. Abilities but they had a near death experience and it just blew the doors like oh. PM and I attracted dozens of people I've been as speaking at Ernie and a lack international association for near death studies. And try to pick pocket people from around the world food cal me. I was just slightly as. And door knob and I had a near death experience and I have this awareness. It ain't what it does. It infants can't reflect already there it was raining. Yours for all self. At the forefront. In some ways it makes you very raw. And very vulnerable. They can you really start to feel your feelings after something like that. But it does seem to enhance what what's already there. And that's her teeth now and and another study that there that they have a really high percentage. And people are heat and are opened up that. You know everybody's different. I think more often than not it it does open up that six cents via. We've got a few minutes here before we have to go to our top of the hour break. I want to figure out. But how this communication takes place in an especially as you were developing the skills and I'm starting to understand them. Were you actually when they actually its standing in front of you talking to you purse say or was it more of a telepathic communication does it works is and. Well it used to be there is Catholic people on the ground for me. And a lot of people who are are sitting in development circles and and length could be comedian can develop idle cash. Policy and I read it you had bad luck pat I want and I know you. Down because this is so startling to see them like people. So fortunately you know I I asked. My guide me spiritual he can lead teams that. I I wanted to feed them in my mind thigh and I don't know if it's because I asked Eric has morphed into that way. I would say 90% time. It's like a flat actually kept Adrian in my mind that I in the picture can focus on. And then 10% time. They're like an interim. And I have no control over that part and how they come through. For that matter what they wanna talk about not such a thing to I don't even do private reading the anymore I have to see that now because I have you get there super hit shadow of a thousand people calling me for pirate reading tomorrow. I think it keeps saying today I want everybody to be able to connect with their own plot lines do whatever we Wear extra man. Can now quickly though because I usually get a cup men's left. When you when you talk to these spirits after they they passed a question I always get asked is is test permit is day you'll. I understand you moving to a to complaining to your sort of starting. A new life there but so is the death in the spotty permanent when we pass. You won't come back to the same body. And just like when you traded an old car you ever gonna go back and get an old car. Again and but if you believe in reincarnation. You and lick your free well you could decide to come back and from other incarnation. So it's a descent and you have to yeah. So I'll receive you can actually make the decision on if you come back court to decide to stay there. Yeah. Yeah exactly it is the same thing when he says something about this spirit that don't go readily into the light that you're finding. In your investigation. To read it and they weren't dragged into the light by out of people over there a glove on it because it's a pretty little thing they have to decide to go. Yeah I would suppose they had they estimated decision on when I'm there ready to to move forward. Yep but only the body ever guys that the body as a guy permanently. Aaron and though it always wondered are you and I think you may have answered this but and I'm a little unsure are you able to turn this on and off or do you just constantly see these people around you. I've worked really hard to learn how to team that you cannot. And listen I tell you I'm not flaps. At this I'm very dubious about people who come up and they get a thank you mean care might be okay whatever. You know I've been tested I've actually donate a lot of my time. This scientific research of this and double blind triple blind studies doctor Kerry sort some wonderful phone foundation Beatrice fingered them. And then I'm research I refer to gratification damage as a Freddie after a report. I'm you have to be like standards when you're doing that for other people but what my limits don't count me teaching is about on my classes are about is. If guys like TV in case and not what had he not using equipment or anything like that being able to connect to grandma. He curb your family. Or at the god that passed a couple of years ago that you really can't let. I'm and that's what I'm. Well don't go there are gonna go in the past couple years ago that I want to connect with a anyways but hers are gonna take a quick break. More to come he'll listen Jason GB on the island ready. This weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture fit. And convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't break. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com. Scriptwriter and schools and many are stuck somewhere between welcome beyond really review myself to some holes you always awesome. JV Jones and you know we had mentioned this earlier in the program but we should because the folks in Puerto Rico or Porter who has been devastated by some Maria and there's talk of not getting power back to the boys two and half three million people who live in Puerto Rico. And not having power for media to see some months months. You imagine I mean that's that's that's a crisis like unlike anything many of us have had experience or even hear about and you know I'm hoping there's some solutions that but if you if you're concerned about it as you should be as we are. You may wanna go to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army web sites or charity of your choices and asked me those two they have links set up to be able to donate it to help. Four relief efforts for Puerto Rico and other places that have been ravaged by this just unbelievable hurricane season we've had already. And you know if you can help help it suited goes along way. And incentives aren't remote via the earthquake in Mexico. I mean that's that's bad enough yeah that's the that's still trying to beef understood as to how much. Damage was done there but you wanna hear something entry with all these hurricanes and I. How about this to women seem big foot after Florida her camp. But we've also said that so bigfoot is attracted to natural disasters he uses an inquisitive as the rest of us you know we salute you want is like the weather channel you seem Jason Stearns on and on suing bigfoot would we do and same thing. On this is journal and but then again you gotta wonder what he does when he's dealing with hysterical whether I was well. Two sisters said they were driving in daylight. North of Cedar Key one week after the hurricane. When they spotted the big flatly creature crossing a highway. The surrounding area was reportedly flooded with standing water as a result of the hurricane. One sister said we were just coming out of occur when we saw it it turned to look at us. Then it disappeared into the woods sister told BF ROP bigfoot research organization investigator so Bill Irwin. The eyewitness described as a large eight foot tall creature with great ish and blah care. They say we are about fifty yards away from it and they said estimating its weight somewhere between 500 to 700 pounds. The system believe the animal was an old matured subject he Khatib a stranger. The Florida woman are reported to turning their vehicle around adult film of the area where they claim to have seen the creature in the footage was not included in the report but. Setting was also reported. Reportedly communicated to the Levy county authorities via cellphone. According to reclaim the person on the phone said they were not surprised at all about the alleged encounter. It said the officer had been previously sent to investigate an area due to a similar incident. Winner. You know. In all seriousness assuming that there are bigfoot creatures roaming and our woods that we haven't been able to get on camera or haven't been able to find any remains but they are there a lot of people believe that we've talked about it. I think the jury's out but a lot of people believe that there. As the storm comes through in and come in devastate some of the residential districts why wouldn't it caused damage to where these creatures are living as well exact opposite they're they're. Don't know lifestyle. Or my initial thoughts were during hurricane. In zoos and things of that nature didn't cross grilling get out anything like that of course that's where my mind instantly spot. And if this if an officer had been sent there previously for a similar incident. Sort of strange yet and of course I think it's next week we've got the the lady coming on who's invented the big foot sprain that attracts big foot. So his claims that a greater expense for both frame refine about that so. We're going to be talking a lot of big but just when I tested on a diet that's was we'll figure something noble volunteer we Sunni you know I have wanted to new adventure will volunteer. We'll test though and you'll find out it's like a big foot meeting he had said it would continue to emulate. Emmett JUS. Cellular it's gonna go bad for that would not be good okay we're gonna bring our guest in Susanne Wilson in just a few moments her book is called the sole Smart. What's he did teach us about spirit communication. Reality reading all of the bumper music tonight and it gripped say. Their coach you were dancing in the beginning you know you're grimacing or you aren't disagreement. Was funny but now it's going to open up the best for the justice and made a quick change. That the show everyone. It's so beyond reality radio Jason and JV if you're on hold be patient we'll get your calls. If you'd like to call 18446877669. Is the number tomorrow I'd as the best of program as is every Friday night and then Monday we've got Loren Coleman coming on. There's been a lot of talk in the chat room Bob big foot and we'll be talking about before we were just talking about bigfoot. It will be will have a great conversation borne he's. He's the master of that stuff is really the expert. Big defeat. Foot or so businesses and services is the pork barrel skip back to our guests Susanne Wilson she's author medium intuition expert and spiritual teacher so thanks for hanging out with us Suzanne. Oh I'm having a blast yet they're funny. Let's most people just think there were insane sorry it's so it's nice cedar you calls funny set. So what do what do you think Suzanne that I've I've seen you say is that death is just a change of address which is a pretty comforting way to look at it. But for people who can communicate with their deceased loved ones and are grieving. What kind of evidence or proof can you offer them. To be an interesting I've comfort. I I don't believe that there is anyone out there that he had. He'll learn to make a connection with their loved one his despair at such a thing that but but to answer your question. I'm. I came from a conference. Lead over 500 people and there were a planet as evidence. The after life. Dad in the consciousness survive the physical body back that was presented to air. And they they're we have 200 years of afterlife research. That's documented people wanna go look for it on deaf. Conference he you know it was is like a love that. I don't know if you guys noticed but this so called bailed between the physical world with spare world they think it's spending and you heard that. Well I have heard that yes. Well I think if this conferences is evidence of that. We're in good stead because. We had expert we had George Nouri. Everybody here stirred. He's he's than and and investigator. Yeah mountain. Journalists from radio personality for very long time. In the we had. You're getting the lack. Who is a pioneer after. Afterlife out of body experience that disconnect created our. From out of body experiences of what the other side looks like. We had doctor bearish word and I mentioned. Who is a scientist is that the Harvard. Educated scientists. To prison on lesser term medium ship science respect communication did come into evidence out there. Brett did that evidence is your own experience don't you agree. And fill your own expanding can be things like you're peeking at your level on that path and all the sudden. They can't dare not eager song with Dan comes on the radio. And it doesn't just happen you want and they like it CD being replicated to know that okay yeah I got my attention. We kind over the course. A week that to get people's attention can meet evidently it's highly subjective because it's meant to be subjected. Our left when it's our heart it's our last that yeah never back. OK let's go to the moments we have some people with some questions here this is Michael from Massachusetts Michael welcome to be on reality radio great caviar and Suzanne Mohsen. Jason. Is that. Kindly come out at north I have a different technique unless certified hypnotist. And I was able to hypnotize people to talk until level and hope that people and I did this not community television here and able. C and half step and dynamic duo from the whiny little I don't know. Yeah and I get access to but I've actually been past life regression. For people. You know Michael and I fear where district and tacky about that cult ER EIA. After elect studies that award. And we would love to connect a few. You know who you are where you are. I think our membership steadily like 25 box and you'll be able to network with people who all feel like kids. Teach others how to make. There are connections with loved ones through hypnosis we actually had workshops. They didn't like that this week yeah I was a member of the national guild and the test. Her ever heard of them national yes of course of course and. And you said the video for this is on YouTube you go yeah. To me and or get a title assured go ahead. It's that hypnotic say content into perhaps. Pat one and so. Exceed its okay. Have to you thought it. Technical difficulties but I was able to. The person that contacted. So. Yes these are all the facilitated after death contacts section. And they can be done in a meditative. Type of setting where your dignity medication and or as Michael as mentioned in actually being under hypnosis. And they are. Very effective people come out and I'll tell you it's a real threat could be at like one of their predicted debris in reunion earlier air and they can be quite powerful you can even sometimes. Now that Cologne or perfume and a lot. Michael thanks for the call we appreciate you calling in from Massachusetts entry you're listening on our affiliate WRK a lot of Boston so thanks for doing that. Is and what what are angels you talk about angels we all talk angles to yeah I know what they are. Well and Mabel are different people's mind and I'll probably get email on that back I really think one person eagle at another person ET. I'm not store that. Debt debt we shouldn't like differentiate between the camp but people are more comfortable. What the term Angel so if we think that these. Angels as benevolent. Beaten. And dad are here to help guide to support and protect definitely lock the passover lives it it really doesn't matter exactly what to mention their front that. I'm can either inner dimensional beings. But so I have I have a quick question now Newton just. Saying that I'm at the end of my life and I'm getting ready to pass but I'm I'm conscience I'm conscious. Where it will lie when I do pass let's find myself. Next Nancy I know. Having an out of body experience standing next myself having the same thoughts that I did as I was passing. So your tag about right act right ask you right now okay. We need to win and we guy. It's like we're stepping out of the body spirit and energy cord that connects. The sole. Whip that body in a near death experience that your record relieved connect dead. See you get back into the buy tickets just near death not death rate. And with gas that courts now. In Europe are free now. Can move around. A mock people for about the first three days and different really at saying we had a presentation about. That's special to three days following the death of a body. Doubts came pretty close to that earth plane. I'm not saying that they are not crossing into the light. But they will. It's been a lot of time. Around at the last frontier in the physical for about the first three days. If plan they wanted to of their fear now like I mentioned earlier at Peking nine seats they get people their funerals they Alec great. But you have any body. And I case and it gave me ill let Justin is good as those body you Wear and right now. And yeah. Well slid out probably in these particular group. To have him. Kids at let's say your original bid Yeager figure eighty lead guy. Eck first he might still look like the eighty year old you bet. Laugh out front don't have to look at wrinkle their Condit hey if you like a million bucks and I have that are trying to send my necklace case they have or whatever. And then eventually as you. And make your life again and he's there remember the greater reality and he truly our beautiful. He starts seeing old friends on the other side. You'll probably looked like a younger you. I don't soap opera like nobody ever agents fail a good. That's awesome so javy you won't that you want a story about a from injury anymore thank goodness because that plagued me the rest of my life let's assuming if that won't work calling here before we have to go to break this is Deb from California Deb welcome to the show. I Jason Davie and his band. The Sony I say I am so excited. I I wasn't listening and I hate that has been telling you guys about something. And I am very sorry Cynthia does that is pregnant breathing anymore because he did one for me about five years ago. And she she was telling you sheik says. The year grandmother's well she was doing my reading and so if jetBlue is the man they keep blowing cigarette smoke in my case. And I used that old that can only be bland person. At all during mr. reading he was just being sound of noxious. I need to actually had her crop beaten. It and she'd have to stop and and catch a break up. And I finally said it's my dad he was that chain smoker and he just kept blown up and if she'd be trying to pop. And he'd he'd want to but yen and he backed it with this big goal crap. As cigarette smoke and excellent and it gave me chills but at the same coming in at waste just so. Sorting and surreal and it says it's one of those things you remember that instantly and it connects the two dead just sort of solidifies did it the sense that point five years ago have you been able to communicate with your father. On your own. I dance and I wish IE. I was gonna tell you about something you know she says what happened and it actually yet to even his last thirty seconds to. I'd I work for a company and retail. Store. Who is currently closed they didn't like lately. And I wish I today attended her classes. That tight he can on them reindeer are you cannot diet that computer Mac. That's true but you know. Ethnic tie game we were. Deeply in debt. And utopia would be it would all be fighting well about eight months after that. My husband were his disability claim was approved. New catalog send checks I know for you attacked I wish you I wish you would go back to you know do they do. The private greeting of course I think California and Arizona is that there are. Deb thanks to the golf sir we have to cut she obviously because we have to get to a break and it will have more with our guests stood tonight we've got a lot to talk about still if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page and head over beyond reality radio dot com where you can download Treo iPhone and android app shall listen live catch past shows. Joining online chat or just click the listen life you can listener from the let's say or the station ten find any decisions we are on across the country Jason G yeah. And apparently a lot of predator belittle what does that. Don't know you know what that is and is on dividends alone it's it's either but it's certainly we will. Ambac beyond reality radio Jason javy our phone receipt for 46877669. We've been having a great conversation Susanne Wilson. His hands and author and evident to medium and intuition expert in his spiritual leader. She's got a new book out it's called soul Smart with the dead teaches about spirit communication and in case anybody's been going to be on reality radio web site. To find information about the guess we have him enabled updated because we've been migrating the site over to a more powerful server. Because of the amount of traffic that we've had in undecideds Rochester got to do you 23 million visitors and that's right so we haven't gotten to the point were able to update that information but we'll bring Suzanne back in here I'm sure that. You can get information and buy the book pro raid on Amazon right Suzanne. Yeah I am at sun dot com Barnes & Noble dot com. Go get it to Kindle edition available Islam. There's a Suzanne I got a question for you when it comes to an people who passed on it and there experiences. That somebody actually takes her own life commits suicide. What will they experience in the past two hours. I'm so happy day you ask that question it's probably number one or number two that might frequently ask. Went and decide. To go home can be home early. And he used label first began accused them things that we call. Spear rehab. And packed it cannot be calling it that is their goal of my friends in the gay community are happened when everywhere to call it. And spear rehab is protect what it sounds like. And it would be happy different called like a Holler Prejean and hall of healing to get rehab if within ordered a halt the healing. And the person that take their lines if Gunner a riot on the other side. Very cute he's been very effective or safe bet it became apparent lack fare very confused and upset. Per ticket. And effects in people it's no different from somebody who had like that people have like cancer and they suffered for years and years in practice. Battle and stick your neck hired. So they really do rats and they're surrounded insert like a really upscale. Hospital type of place. And mr. about healing energies and on they called Angel and healer. And if the person not aware some people are not even aware that they're dead they can just say in like. That split second on that make me look like a hospital to them where they're resting and getting good care and then the next that. We don't know what that. It will not win and that person wakes app. And they're starting to like collect themselves and figure out OK we'll have my name copyright. Yet again all I remember it hit my own life. At that and Stan. What comes into comfort and is that person killed himself we'll hear and feel every prayer and every kind bought. This has been. Kidnapped and from earth some details yet to receive them all all want. They understand that. And then they usually wondering am I gonna stand before every goes to tribunal and beat jets. It doesn't happen. Nolan and judges. That person except the person himself. And I find that. There folks that commit this site typically end up going to feel kind of like a group therapy and talking with other people. Who committed this IQ and trying to learn from the experience because they're not being punished they're just beaten us. OK let's go to the phones in the spring in Sparky from Missouri Sparky welcome to the show you around beyond reality radio and Suzanne. I. Well this is. I was wondering I don't. Have anybody in my life but it passed link suddenly hear anything. Not violence like kitten actually. They're probably pass they're great brand there are people you know. But my boyfriend had all kinds of people dying his life yet son's horrible. Unbelievable that want inched past I was wondering it. I can learn. Auction of people who have crossed out search to find out who actually able. But you're talking to the right person Cezanne. Paid Sparky feel different things that I would tell you is because focused on one loved one at a time. And saying OK hold come on and because in different medium I have to get like lined up one at a time and again. After you've elected one for now. The wind is meeting Eminem medication. Like for example it and I would have your portrait deepest and for himself and you do this for yourself. Okay. A case of any of the credit for that well. And I'm Eric at Atlanta and meet you half cup hat for a place. Setting like did he is currently like Kurt apart. Did they go out on the boat that he officially lit with that they like to do. And we and you are meditating. And had a message at camp sending a message to that person on the other side. The next can't get two or whatever date time you pick I want you Q mentally meet meet me there. Ali they came to light. And then that B that appointment CPA as quiet as possible. That the intention Bayern lead out. And then keep the appointment. Going to medication and you beat it wanna make this Israel as possible RT so I think you're sitting in the park. When you close your eyes and meditate you wanna. Feel like a park like he would use the fan and you're seeing in your side of what that part sounds like an and you wait. The very first contact. Through medication and get this is telepathic. Okay. It is gonna be very short and very weak so if you get even as good land that apple one that's great and something that you can build on. There's a lot more accurate and a lot more helpful hand but that's as quick as they can make a left to meet at the medication. Right there one more probable out of he has not had a good relationship at all with any of the people that have passed. Well. There's another thing that you might see Jeff to end. And he you don't know when he's open to that it's writing a latter. When we write a letter or if we even that you can buy a birthday card for allot one foot past and finally get justice you would if they were still here. When you do it that you write them a letter if you ask for forgiveness for your forgiving memory sitting in my birthday card after you write it. They may even be reading everything sold their title and add your. But after you write it. Hold it tear apart for just the mom that. And in your mind than the love. They will receive that information. They will absolutely know what letter has been written. And if it's a card. Afterwards you can keep the card but if it's a letter asking for forgiveness from that person his past are wanting to for again. That person has passed. When you are truly ready to like Colin situation. Burn in the latter and release of energy and you'll be surprised looks like you feel. Thanks so much for the call Sparky we appreciate you calling in from Missouri. Suzanne we're dreams play a role in all of this. What frequent flyers on the Astro plane when we're sleeping and everybody does that. Some people do more often than others for the you know it or not and it. We don't know if you remember her going out into our dreams and traveling. But. There's a couple different things that can happen we can meet with spirit guy aids. When our bodies the slate it means we may wake up in the morning. I have began to get a question. I have the decision they know what to do because we've been discussing with our actions in the spirit form. But we often get to read this. And trained says that are when we're literally trapped on the Astro plane. Are deceased loved wind brings there energy. To the Astro plane as it lay out that they're bring in their energy beam down to the lower vibration. Our energy going. Are fulfill the traveling out of body remember attack about that court a flight data captured the soul in the body. So that court is still keeping a safe where it and go back we're not gonna die. But we clearly will meet with our level on from the Castro plane. On. Had you know if it's the dream our dream this setback. Is the big question is an act. That is always. There a way to count and it's actually quite simple. Per unit had a green visit. With the malevolent spirit will. Can years later half they'll be able to tell you every deep felt like it just happened yesterday. But. Even Canada and that they will carry you all might god it was short it was two weeks. It was really panic I can steal them I can catch them pretend he even had them. If the way they looked only better. And happier and you just can't tell me that that's not real. Okay. I do greens at the suggested green and nothing more in Michael com. On and on. And on where he almost can make a movie out of it. Or if you're seeing your love went spare it and they're not they usually they're blaming you where they're in trouble or whatever. Definitely not stand because they're not like app. That is probably your subconscious trying to work something out that's a difference. Tech now after I pass somebody passes well I remember. Pretty much cooler was everything I did in my entire history my life. Love that question. Okay that lady that while ago that said. And didn't Mexican gray years ago I Gatorade for her and her dad was triggered a personality. He is a chain smoker he said one after another and whenever he wanted to get my attention and you're reading keep a close look at the Internet just like my dad. That lady doesn't change. On TV mentioned that I I I like to say that deficit simply change the grass. You take with you all of your memory means your personality. Everything. Angela bond live forever. Suzanne if death is all the we've said it is tonight and sounds like it's nothing to be feared why do so many people fear. It's the unknown. Where leave a little bit leery of the unknown. I also think that a lot of the fear comes from feeling a lack of control. Even people who fade they know that there is something someplace we go at them for a better place you've written a college. Well Kelly you are and I really don't want a guy I really don't know what's gonna happen. We really wanna track this debt geared for divine plan and work care and that we're at eternal. Soul. And I can tell you from all the afterlife research I've conducted and I read from colleagues and peers. Did death itself. They hate. Brace yourself it feels a need things like our guest next. And so now stuff leading up to that gap that you're sick or injured something can really be bad right. But they're at fear from the actual death itself. There it went when we get the body we're just looking at like. You know I just capped off my meat suit. And I go to a place where it's a higher vibration and you're on my friend. And that into the gulf. For that folks in the tech community so even if it takes you fifty years to join and it would just be a heartbeat for them. Well and one thing I've found is apparent more investigators most people even who aren't students feel getting mauled or. Research into that because they wanna know that there's something fast and that's why don't actually at a look at try to portray it may. More than ever. Our our engine and then and because. The A you know your show. People who had been that. To go I mean I think you weren't the first to go hunting show ever as I'm economic you can correct me if I'm wrong. Intelligence. Report he. Of that we've had pioneers like here and and from other folks have really kind of paved the way for all of this to explore. You Jazeera armchair investigators do idealistic one more call here before we run out of time this is Joseph from Indiana Joseph welcome to the program. I don't know as great as the just on she was talking about or prompt. You'll hit into another body won't be reached at we beat under any person. Then managed to boot from. All done now on. Now. You know there were three celeb the same personality of the same tree. Yeah. You know it's mind boggling. That. And that and definitely not and my main area of research but I'm. So fascinated by it. And I talked to people who study. Reincarnation. And you ducked any cases and things like that and what we're learning is that kind. It's not a Linear air. It's not like a line and after another after another and that is that line going to meet his commitment to get even give me a headache but. That we could be living inside dimension at the same time. Black there is careful. Self. That connects. All of that and every incarnation that you have every relationship that you had. There's you know there there's still a connection that we never lose the chatter. And eat it kinda bugs me sometimes when people say I'm so sorry for your lot. And I know they mean well and not faulting anybody you're you're very kind to say that take you so much. Noble and we haven't ever really laugh bill I even had. People crying and saying I'm suffering and I might laying love palm won't be there when I kept Erica secretary incarnate. I've never ever had that problem I ever come across that or you can't get a hold of someone. I will tell you that their political soul plane. Where people want to come into the air planes could have like this roller coaster with all the ups and down the injured are pretty much even keel on either side. Don't deal comfort different like experiences and immediate and Haiti's man. Maybe landline if even an American boy. In the next to sell it for diversity of life experience but it's your own free will that co created that nothing's forced upon. They Joseph thanks for the cause a great question we appreciate you calling in from Indiana Cezanne were basically out of time here I know the website as care free medium dot com your book is so Smart what the dead teach us about spirit communication. We can find an Amazon anything else you want people to check coming via FaceBook pages on the. Yeah I think what paid to care for Indian OK you can find me on call social media under care premiums because I live and work at a carefree Arizona and I feel like. Nellie integrator reality can give you a carefree life as well. I was able thank you so much coming hang out with us and talk and we look forward avenue on again. Affected joy and the bigs and guys thanks JB thank faith and. Holding Q. All right we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality radio Jason Jenkins. OK but pledged to. My page anymore with the music ever again until you need another bogey night but we don't even though it please. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just put I mean if she found that one that means that she saw the other ones or. I'm Josh comedy in the on the bathing suits them the most humiliating seasonal that's not rage is just not right. And did the right thing penniless but there's still thanks everybody for tuning in tonight and again and remember that every Friday is a best of so emaciated tune in that night but. Next week we got some great shows ago warned Coleman our good friend coming on Sandra Greece and a list goes on and on summation you tune in if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like the FaceBook page if you download the showed do us a favor and just read it on iTunes for us and helps push it forward makes it easier for people find. Everybody have a great night have a safe weekend streets and in javy will catch a Monday. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson's. It's home week the only angry news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason long slow and it chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.