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Communicating with horses and other animals - what can they teach us?

Oct 3, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dr. Rosalyn Berne about her role as a "horse whisperer" and her ability to communicate with animals. How does that affect her life, and how can it help others? 10/3/2017 - Beydon Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's on the West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast many years. Stuck in between welcome to beyond reality series myself Jason Hawes and we always are some JB Johnson it gets. Really bothersome to have to open chose this way repetitive it's been repetitive as of. It's been repetitive it's banned him once is too many times it seems like it's all too common now. And we just have to say that there is did the unspeakable. Horror and tragedy to be felt. People in Las Vegas simply trying to enjoy a concert from some madman from the 32 floor of a Las Vegas hotel. With automatic weapons just opening fire on a crowd of 220000. People on a crowd. I mean you can't help but hit people when your firing into crowds like that in just unspeakable. Now it's 64 year old Stephen panic mesquite Nevada are. I'm excited to open fire again from 32 floor of demand Mandalay bay hotel resort. In Vegas. As of right now 59 people lost their wives 500 plus have been injured. And god only knows what. Let's have this man off the east a multimillion all he's dead now when you use a multimillionaire. Mean. Lots of money in real estate and and and lots of things and just I don't know I didn't I just I have no words to express. It's. Our hearts and our hearts go out to everybody everybody involved everybody. Who. Whom may yet knows somebody or have some sort of connections. To anybody who was there. I mean horror and and tragedy of the only two words that can really accurately describe unbelievable horror so. You know if you know somebody or have you know some type of connection with the anybody who was set the scene or or god forbid somebody who was. Injured or killed. You know clearly. Our hearts are with you and and for everybody in just. You know this is a time when Tom again we've seen a lot of tragedies whole few weeks not just. This type of man made tragedy but whether it's natural disasters or whatever and boy I tell you aren't you know I earthquakes enough is enough I ate in and we just had a break here. Yeah it's it's one of those times he'll make our alarm really look forward to when he eighteen. And another note that 66 year old music legend Tom Petty was found unconscious in his California home Sunday was rushed to hospital. In full cardiac arrest he's been he's been removed from life support at this time minutes. It's looking grim but there were a lot of reports out that he had passed. And you know it's bad enough his port daughter had to. Explain and actually put put us in tweets saying that might my father has not passed yet. And just a fact chest do that when her family stealing something likenesses. It's sad but. It's not looking good. It is our Gooden for those of you who aren't familiar with who Tom Petty is Sen had did he keep created songs have freefall they won't back down on. American girl him and just analysts and southerners. It was stunning full cardiac arrest so I suppose that is you know pretty close to being dead unfortunately but they seem to have revived him. And done we don't know what's gonna happen but clearly Iraq music legend she was not only a solo artist he was also with a group called heart breakers. And later in his life with the traveling will berries which was a kind of a super group was Bob Dylan and George Harrison and Roy Orbison and just win. On him and Bob Dylan seamless. And of their time zone they're really zone you know it is so strange so we got a great show tonight from try to pick up via. The energy a little where we do we're gonna talk to have a Roslyn burns animal communicator which communicates with horses and other animals and and this should be inching on the phone numbers are 8446877669. So if you have any questions again hostile 3446877669. And then. My good friend. Joshua gates will be joining us tomorrow night. Yet just as a great guy and he's had a lot of fun interesting episode at that. Urgency episodes but it didn't mean that in the teed TV since we settle island lot of great adventures. On TV throughout his different turn televisions shows destination known. And a expedition unknown and you know he's got a whole bunch of stuff going on his diner series to Neer do was traveling round American diners at one point. There's so little stuff with that but this what he's coming on because his says new seasons catching up and he's going to be coming out talk about. For part expedition unknown. Called hunt for extra terrestrial is going to be cool that's going to be really neat. So you know Josh of these ended up in some pretty crappy place one of my favorite it's funny because we we've been on I was on. Destination unknown numerous decision troops archer. Tex wanted to say you know watch what what happens tonight. And in the shells some watching it and he gets in a plane and a part of the plane rips off. Why pick him up and Annie turns the camera insists and I forgot exactly but he turns the camera and says you won't see that. SH you know on those cars. A block. How button I love Josh he's a great guy and day it'll be it'll be a blast talking with them and will be taking your calls Bowden about his new show and questions about his past shows and and so forth those here we did he live Halloween special. Buffalo central terminal he hosted a couple years in the union a snap ring it was agree it's there I always imposed a joke because he's funny. I mean he he's got to win when he's on camera and he'll just drop things slight one. Malaysia. And Burke acquittal was the wrestler one. Running Al where Waverly hills that he's done a girl and when you don't have jobs. It dropped this whole wanted to if it is judge's words were homeboy dropped his cellphone that and but he's down on these great new works he were still under pressure so great sense of humor questionable Saint Louis picker and spirits of volume Karrie the question. But you know so that that'd be great program tomorrow night Josh gates we've been trying to get him on for awhile. Wednesday we've actually got to guest coming on we've got Alley Meghann who is the woman who claims to have invented a spray that will attract any nearby bigfoot. She said it also doubles as a bug spray so not sure which of the two is the more the primary roles of the extra comedic spray we're gonna sprayed Jimmie down and throughout the show a CEO goes to a season if penetrating in the head in the studio here. And this is hardly a classy your concerns or they get into this. The second part of the show we've got Tom reed coming on Tom is the promoter over an event called peril weaned. But he also has a connection to the dual phone monument park. Which is considered ground zero for US abduction cases it's big it's the the bedie. They'll tell us via. Ran an error on our old and that's right so will be talking about that there's a whole bunch of stuff going on with Tom and will be will be featuring him on non the second hour of Wednesday's show. So should be a great week to make sure you you tune and got a lot of great things coming out. So we're gonna take a quick break point comeback all of the joined with our guests and again the phone numbers at all freely 446877669. Told three two offering an 8446877669. In one thing before we go to break I wanted to tell this year head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And then you can head to beyond reality radio dot com where you can listen live freight their from the site if you want to click the listen live it will connect you know on online chat with TV myself my great unity people dying now. You find any degree stations we are on across the country Lewis at right there. Where feel free to download the free iPhone an injury or death which allows you again to listen the show libel on the go he catch past episodes you can join our online chat more. So again will be back after this you listen Jason did. It's the best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrity. Leaks over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix. In an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. He had a fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com. It's beyond reality greater Jerusalem June. Jot down phone operates 446877669. Yes once again tomorrow night we will be bringing Josh peace under the program talk about a new four part expedition unknown. Called the hunt for extra trust rules that will beef featured on thick straps and was an engine. Yes it is and to hopefully tolls more than some for baskets you. Guys that we've had people on that if we had only source and these extraterrestrials -- we've never been able to see rock solid proof yeah we would love to have some of that proof I mean there's a lot of great stories demand picture. Video that's ever who was a nobody remembers I mean people talk about bigfoot walking right in front of them but they never take their phones ever pockets our picture we've had people talked about bigfoot coming on the front porch every night night after night after taking stealing their trash -- think at some point they'd snap a photo I don't this is true story we're at a gas stocks at the oldest bigfoot Cabell reports every night installed a -- get. But she never took pictures I don't understand why so. Very it's distorted audio or remember that she that we heard which was curious but its enemies he needs something more sinister and it was it was a whole lot that mysterious. That's it was that was early on that was pretty syndication I believe anyway welcome back to the program everyone we're excited to have other this conversation tonight Dorgan re bringing in Roslyn burn she's an animal communicators she's a Ph.D. She's an equine and pass and a whole bunch of things and author she's written several books and we're gonna bring her into the program now Rosalind thanks so much for being on the show welcome to beyond reality radio. So I've got to ask you what does it mean to be a horse whisperer let's start there. You know that term it's been used. An association with people who do it different kind of worked and I do you lived there was this film. Yup I'm Robert Redford says it's still. Darted in and and that definition if somebody who actually works directly with training horses. And down. We training. If that happens it's fair for writers. I don't actually trained horses and so. It's been intimate moment but it's what's familiar for people or I go with it for now from being what it means. Is I can tune in and understand what they're trying to communicate with humans without what they need or with fake healer what they believe were perceived about a relationship with humans. Now you've got quite a resonate a lot of accomplishments a lot of degrees. You've done a lot already in your life at what point. Did this become an interest and to decertify all this pursuit. Well I know it's interesting they wouldn't say it was. And interest fourth happened or at Iowa is on regarding retreat. In Costa Rica finishing a novel. And I thought I think I need to get out this cabin get some fresh air I went on a trio of 900 no horse since I was little girl. And while it's crossing the river river. Myself often backward into the river. We like our back up I was feeling this enormous sense of joy and I was laughing hysterically as did not feel hurt. But the horse turned around and looked to me not anyone. Would have been able to tell that the horse was effect it would have to be of course was there to know that. And that how to implement but let me come on finally popped right back on and then I began to literally here. In speaking words not real loud like mr. this will serve but more for the dead in my ear silence. A log began and she says no one's ever flown off of me before how could that have happened in my going to be in trouble. And it looked like that and so we actually convert. And then after about five minutes of this we were almost back. And we could see into the line and hurt and say you've completely unique union. Karen. Obviously not really sure I need your help it's more where there's more to east mask and a horse whisperer what do you call today. It was a what was the word I knew I said it's more like him like beast master reverses course whisper. I don't know it mean well it was in zoos a movie you guys who could actually easier animals so it. Or maybe barks in her community says baby outs are. Russell and when you after you fell off the horse. He said you knew you felt it had a feeling of almost elation. Was that because that communication. That bond. Developed at that moment between new in this animal or was there something else to play. I think coming up the corner and I think as I would following from the course. It was a split second round to recent. Perhaps some saddled with under the water. I think had. A psychological choice to make appeal it to freeze up locked up panic go to fear or completely let you know it just let it be released. And I think I just fell off and Politico. And it was a time of my life that was fairly difficult I was dealing with a really are divorced. And a child who was diagnosed with mental illness and I was I was just to rest now and worried about why. And in letting that all happened I think I literally just let it go at at all. And isn't doing so some theme. Sure if they gave me I think I can even remember feeling even C Milan brown eyes were open as seeing the light into the water as it loses. Across it would not that deep maybe four feet with these. But that feeling that cable and it was almost like insulation from having just let go and trust that this somehow. Everything was going to be OK even the first selloff civil war. And I think that's what happened in that I don't know how else to explain that was a bit of a mystery because that I didn't hit my head. I didn't have a concussion I felt completely. Healthy and normal except. This capacity to hear the horror with the result. So pretty much just letting go. And accepting whatever tree was about to happen with all golf. Back with my life with my scores. All that yeah. And for whatever reason it just it opened you blow it somehow opened Europe him. The logic that the stability. I think that there really accurate way to describe it and I had current abilities since childhood communicating with. Deceased people a fair term but never. With an annual so clearly like focus since it. Well and they say traumatic experiences and it expressly or somebody already is somewhat open it is traumatic experience enhanced enhances that ability. It sort of just law allows more to strive to become stronger. It. We're talking winds Rossum and burned Rosen and is an animal to an indicator and a point impasse and author a Ph.D. And so much Mormon or continue or conversation just a moment. We will be taking calls for Ross on the little bit later in the program. The numbers 8446877669. Passed away and starts at zero Tom Petty has passed away. And Adam and sad to say you know you used it was legend and he will be truly missed by. He has passed away solo then rest in peace Tom Petty and aren't so you'll listen Jason and GB and the phone numbers are 8446877669. You have any questions for Argus Roslyn. About animal communication device shall know synergies. And she. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's next week he's game. So I'm David Meade coming on the program. David of course is the gentleman who has been talked about a lot he wasn't associated with this end of the world date of September 23 which came and went. I think he he says that he never said it was that speed is an immediate kind of pick them up and anyway. You know it's going to be very interesting to talk to him because you know would this this tragedy in Las Vegas and and just that then the mood of the whole planet is just off and these natural disasters and I mean there's just so much going on around us at this point in May be really it's just taken out of context I don't know. But something weird is happening. I agree with you on the persona and I and it'll be Eckstein did David stay because yeah you rate where. He never really can help those days and we'll let him explain that when when he's on what folks but but he does talk about. The whole mall this connection on another planet and just awarded to what it's doing and what it'll do to the earth and the changes that way whether it's here in mankind. Or the internal changes within the earth so boo woo him and told I didn't and you do have to wonder if there are some sort of connections that are. We beyond our control will with things like that. Yeah and I think that might be treason and we have to verify that was slick but either way that's how we're talking with Russell and burn she's an animal communicators Ph.D. She's in check point and path she's got a number of books were credit include when the horses whisper. Walking to beauty exe to waking to beauty and walking with rape and I think. Rosalind while walking with Freeman has seven release that I know is this year. Knew little behind schedule. Hit it it. Well I'll go back to the experience that you had that kind of was the threshold for you on in and be your ability and you were. Pursuit of communicating with horses in particular he fell off. There's the horse while you're writing you had an epiphany it seems. But once you got back on the horse she said you're actually having a conversation with this animal he said you described it as kind of rating your year. Was it a telepathic kind of thing oral what was going on there. That's probably the best way to describe that since my mouth was moving north with his and don't have to hear it but. That's probably the accurate description. And we were having that conversation I think and I think he's had you can actually give me can't you can get me asking for help. And I think what how could I help you it. How steady it and this is the woman who got these two men who. Only if ecological. History and she was leaving the trio that has not met her before or after the trip. Tell that the issue is wrong about me I don't need any more training I just need to break once in awhile. So right now of the source stinky comment waited for the other tourists to. Leave the cap room and then I shared with can be introduced myself older. You're worth as a message for you and of course she looked at me go with them sell but she put it that if I told her exactly what public. There's a lot. If not the traditional curtain. Went back to writing and went down to dinner. And at desert where most people have left should he looked at me and she looked so blue. Challenge is I don't understand. Please tell me how do you know about that. About why she has. How we do know about Vuitton. This stable live and I have been talking the last few weeks about sending him back for more training. You could not known that explains it. And that's what I realized. OK now I have some evidence that this was not a head injury. That this was. Truly. A communication with this where. And it went from there. And I ended up helping her with the number of divorces that there whistled and and started the first book where horses with fruit based on the conversations. With thirteen forces there. Well it's funny because anybody else would've saw Bruce who's this crazy lady telling him telling me this tomorrow and taught in my courses but. There was that connection. Owns just you you're telling her him that that bit of information that really. And had just just the fact is she must have been somewhat open to the possibility. And that sort of allowed her made her comfortable enough to protect America and try to talk you moron. Indeed the next day I was leaving to come back. Home and she stopped me asked me if I can take time before going back to the airport because she was gonna have to get rid of her favorite or didn't understand. What was wrong with or question the fact is not control my. And I accepted her I don't think I can be helpful if I think it was a fluke I can't explain what happened that she. Really needed help analyze it in fact went down to the table and I talked to this. Or listen. She let me know that there she didn't specifically say what was wrong but she says that you had to potential problem. And I kept being drawn to her after like this. Occurred and that she needed to be left alone until she can deal with the problem. And I kept asking that you what's wrong with this have been going on in her abdomen area that you know I think. But I found that she showed me vision and I told that if we let the police found the place you wanted to be left. And that was lip and went home and Chile energetic called me instead. That are conversation with put her back pattern. As it turns out to the pregnant and she hadn't been here. Which means to leave that she was asking for the kind of need to be left to vote to attend to her. Unborn child because she would leave there are responsible for that hurt you couldn't even do this. When that started when you started. And and really she had disability and started to have these done conversations basically with these horses. I mean what was going through your mind I mean there must have been some doubt in your mind missed what was happening. Well. Absolutely. So much so that while. I was at that time a regular daily reporting that dictator. And at the end of meditation one day I was actually rushing to go to the airport to go to conferences Texas. Anyway right before petitioner to sort of put out this. Question how loud I. It was one of my supposed to do with this I'd meet guys and I need to understand what does this mean. One of my you know I'm a professor in engineering and so I didn't know what to do it. And then I got my medication I can't. Playing. It landed it mattered to change stranger to go down the escalators to get to transmit pictures to another concorde. Well I'm going down the escalator and I'm looking over to see if the train train is coming and I feel this sort of pressure on my cheek it turned my head alone just to be opposite direction and cheer them. With the elevators escalators means path he hoped to that's mounted on the wall and it's a menagerie of animals in the the caption says he's the voice for those tendencies. But be there to do things that you and I think it's OK I think yes it doesn't do it asks. As as you. Debbie came to understand this did you find the you could also have the same types of interactions or conversations are understandings how re you want to find it come with other animals or is it limited to horses. Well I wouldn't Q. A book group for some women I'm writers horseback riders who asked me to come to their how to tell the stories about these sources. And while there. A dog was parking lot who they put away because they wanted to disturb the group and won't bother me bring them on now. Andy and she said well we're we're about it keeps running away and we don't want to change now it is walking around. I did not have a conversation with him but I hope I'm able to tapping it and and fans like to ask what's going on how to be helpful and it it was really clear to me. That he was looking for another dumping it because of his life previously about where he can win. And the woman who post its settlement that is what that what happened. The other dog was sent to where I aimed at here anymore than what that's the problem so it was not the same type of conversation to have with or. But there was certainly had its intuitive. Capacity. To me into what was going on in I simply observing and feeling. Feeling maybe. I don't know what I'm feeling that I can feel. Right. Bright and and you're in you're a woman of science and technology mean you teach science and technology at the college syllable when you've got degrees supporting that and you must have had a real kind of internal battle or maybe even need your colleagues you might do you view you know kind of live and I raised eyebrow at times when you talk about this did you ever encountered. Well I am principle I do teach an engineering school but I and a change of bioethics. But I'm trained you know in that sort of philosophy of religion that is ethics. Don't have. Scientific training that I have spent the last twenty years teaching people who are trained scientists and engineers. I didn't really talk about it much in my. In that. So I think because I was a little bit north of not a lot that was about people judging that it. Thinking left for me as a scholar. But I have to come to a point where I have to give speeches at myself and that's how some of these kinds of gifts and it was a gift if you call it their capacity. Since I was quite young. So over the years have started that years ago what has since. Decided to do was just have to accept life I am an alliance. And and people will have to adjust to that in mind work because certainly if you need to do work quite well they just have to figure now. We don't have figured out. That's that's fair what is it about Tom horses specifically there seems to be an incredible bond between some people. And their horses one that Tom rivals and move the type of bond a person might have would there with their dog I mean it's. It's actually a much different and more complex bond from what I've seen what is it about horses. Yes because with golf which you've got that this is amazing capacity companionship that loyalty. And there they live in our homes look it is very much a part of my and is it happens very different psyche and so they're hurting them. And there are like stopped the world. Hire a publicist achievement courses where things are praying we're out of predatory. Intrinsic that are closest are the hunted and because they had to and it payable didn't hurt. There. The perceptual. Abilities is very very different they're really. Chewed. Two intention because they have to know whether they're safer. And then there yet but it. Rolled of the hurt. There's many different roles. They didn't hurt for the sentinel who keeps while options will be there and pretend it's astounding. Which is noble and other other world. I'm so they have a capacity to 2000. Very profoundly. And what's going on with us because that's what's gonna keep the safest most protected. And and it in so doing they are also able to really aren't reflect back to us exactly what the legal so that's why they can be healers for people who. To drive system and what they've they've worked with that they worked with people that prison that I volunteered in programs with which is who worked with. People with learning disabilities and physical and emotional challenges. It's because they're like mirrors and they can they can reflect yet they don't judge at all. So there are in that way very comfortable for a while we're trying to grow or he'll. Because they're not judging this yet sixty. It's really amazing. It is it is quite amazing and I've always said if a horse ever figures figures out how strong it actually is were on a lot of trouble is there is someone whose whose own some horses. Over the days but we have to take quick break when we come back we'll continue the conversation. By the way the phone numbers 8446877669. Will be taking your calls a little bit later for Roslyn. Are you listen and Jason JPM beyond our military. Jason Harrison GP Johnson thanks to all the radio stations around the country that are picking up to show becoming part of the beyond reality radio Stanley we appreciate them coming on board. And we appreciate you listening when you listening on one of those radio stations or online word regardless you're hearing their voices and that's all accounts are. He and you can find that list you go to me unrelated radio dot com's click on the station listed a list all the stations cross country we air on console updating that so I'm just if we if we're not airing in your area yet. Chances are we will be soon so make sure you stay tuned into keep on checking that list tonight. Talking about the animal world a little bit with our guest Rossum and burn Roslyn is an animal communicate or nine point M path and author of Ph.D. professor and so many other things we're learning a lot and resin this is a kind of a short segment here. But I wanted to get a eat your sense of what we can learn from whether it's a horse or any other animal I mean. We've had other people on the show that have been able to communicate with the animals and everybody has the same message we can learn a lot from. These other species. Oh sure well if I believe world connected somehow that's different life force for connects as well. And that down. And we have to figure out the round journey what kind of relationship with the to have what are the animals in our alliance. But it I think it would be a good thing to be able to look at me I felt that other animals especially to domesticated animal but not tested the past is able to recognize. That life force is that fair I didn't have a fifteen as well. And then make our choices about our relationship whether they're they're our food our parents or something random we ran across. We have to do that for ourselves but at least acknowledge that fact being is alliance. Very much like I submit that makes for a somehow connected. I've learned a lot from my remote about myself about. Think I need to deal with it myself you know wait for me to be more patient. It's helped each and wonderfully. Just taking care of them. I don't have animals and a host of the horses that I got from rescue facilities were on their way to that meat packing. Market. And now they are thriving and were having their say it like to play Athens. I just feel that they were given gift to me to be able to take care of them because they helped me grow. Well I think that's always true if we allow they're able to do that. Let me ask this then you because you're able to hear in. All I hear that men and communicate back and forth are they able Lou when they hear us do they understand exactly what we're sank. Well yes Atlanta known as they're number of people who passed that it could not to their farms to help them understand let's go over their horses. And the principal told me they tell us telephone felt that. I'm concerned about his you know what enough is in pain and offense level here let's think he did everything in the same. So just they get it resolved. Tune into what you have to say in response. So yeah actually they're pretty much. I especially domestic animals. Get our arms are very tuned in to Iraq. Even in the dream stated I think sometimes we might have dreamed of animals and that's the way that they reached Lou. If we can't get that. It here that consciously at least I think we can hear them subconsciously. Because they're very much a part of our line. Well finally I know the tune in to the year or your attitude your emotions your movements and things like that I. I have three dogs and and there are always watching every everything we do understand I just enough they can actually understand everything we said. Because this well if so then sometimes they're playing really stupid and they don't know all the job. I can't speak for every area along with some of the horse decide to leave Eric to really intelligent very communicative and other ones are absolutely not. And I don't think they're hearing me at all and I'm not really sure examine I have to check in with them differently. So I think like people there's a wide variety in their capacity to communicate without. I've met some courses I think are wise beyond what I can understand four horses. To be another that are download store. They just wanna be bad and so. We have to that your dogs they're have you ever realized that the dog notion on the way home before the stopped and actually hear your car than the air home like somebody's home without starts barking and then you pull up. Yes old Bo will let Matsui got a team we've got to take a hard break but only come back a luxury Aspen. A question on answer to its middle get into that a little more Wear and taking your calls also after the breaks your take on the number 8446877669. Again until treated 8446877669. You're listened GC. NG beyond beyond our earlier radio. Best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially his celebrity. Leaks over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't mischaracterize it. No fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com. West Coast to the East Coast and start between welcome on our ailing review myself just in Bosnia is awesome GB Johnson's. Oh we all woke opera men some OC went to bed with a lot of bad news particularly coming from Las Vegas and unspeakable tragedy unspeakable horror unfolded there. Out last night effect. Just he nor know that our hearts go out to all of those affected and to the whole nation as we sit and try to. Wrestle with the idea that somebody who is seemingly normal mean if it was there was a terrorist not that we would accept it but he you know you'd you don't have to. Ask why are what you know what what's going on the descent somebody who lived among us seem very good. Fon doesn't make sense is multi millionaire guy from a Nevada and just just to do what he'd do all it doesn't make sense anyways but I. And it's just yeah amounts of interest stuff we don't add up to it and you are still glow today it's everybody and everyone I'm. Please know that and also on another side note we lost music legend Tom Petty 66 year old. That was gonna saying you know they say these things come in threes and we lost Hugh Hefner the other night I was two nights ago whatever that was a nun now Tom Petty and you know who knows I don't know if I believe in the things come in three things but it's kind of happened enough that maybe I should. Start yesterday's 66 year old music legend Tom Petty was unconscious in his California home Sunday. He was rushed to the hospital full cardiac arrest he was removed from life support earlier and just a few minutes ago and he ended up passing on and so on. Rest in peace Tom and your musical live long. That's why reusing Tom Petty bumper music tonight. But just a quick programming reminder tomorrow night Josh gates a good friend of our personal and he had no idea will be joining us he'll be talking about his new four part expedition unknown called. Hunt for extraterrestrials and will be airing on the Travel Channel. The premiere premieres as it is it a week from Wednesday ores at this coming Wednesday do you know. I thought I was this coming Wednesday in Austin zero to clarify that for us whether you guys DVR Centre court tomorrow. Yes so that'll be it'll be awesome Josh into returning him on the program for a long time he just had a baby so. And he's he shouted out Taurasi shot me a text and China and looks good for just having a baby but you know he's oh and sausage I mean he's he's deathly sprung back in your seat at the that's just and then Wednesday night we've got two guests coming on now in the first hour Alli meg and will join us Alley is the person who claims she's invented a spray that will attract any nearby big foot and it doubles as a bug spray sort of multi purpose spray. And then Tom regal join us he is the promoter of an event called Terrell wean. I believe it's in Salem Massachusetts but he's also connected to the UFO monument park at ground zero. When I say ground journal mean the 9/11 browns are talking about. What what's always been called the ground zero of abduction cases in the United States and I think it's the day he'll get a team and you know I'm and and leading culture feelings and Hampshire so you'll join us the second hour on Wednesday tonight we're talking with the Rosalind burn Muslims and animal communicators connect point impasse and an author she's got books to her credit including when the horses whisper. We can to beauty and walking with raid which took my own little bit later this year or maybe early next year Doris. Take your calls 8446877669. Mental free before four. 6877669. This spring Roslyn back in must pick up where we left off because Jay before we went to the break Rosen was that we were talking about your dogs and new puzzle master questions arousal welcome back to the show and go ahead and jump into the question let's. Let's pick up where we left off. Well it's I just so many stories I've experienced as well where content if somebody is. About to come home but maybe this five miles away and the dog go to doors start looking for Sparky you know me. Legislators and the principal. And felt it could mean that dobbs are very connected to the people that are in their lines and send them. Beyond the immediate environment which if it makes it to be more likely that the community to capacity is there and available about the relationship. We and of course it Lennon when I get down the road and in my dogs to Niger I drive a big diesel pickup truck so they can hear that. Our current one I'm calming thought a they definitely do seem to pick up on things and I have noticed when it comes dogs. It's like you'll be sitting there you'll be needing and wanting my dogs do not to his bag and I and I love that but he'll be sitting there you're beating something you think Hannawald the last in the sand would you nominate. Many give it to the talks. And just thinking of that. All the sudden a lot of times you'll see them go get up in the walk over like a new way they know what you what you just slot. And it's one of those things that it's it's mind boggling to slick sometimes. But we keep their treats in the cabinet and ambulance and just sit there and everything and nominee get upping and get didn't get the trees for the dogs of course they hit the minute I get up it's the only time. They'll get up and follow me rates in the cabinet lawyers who hasn't getting richer itself. They definitely do pick up. A lot of things and how they're how they're understanding that is beyond me but hey they're there's they're in tune somehow. Thanks so at least that's my experience and I Bennett experience is laying the people who look into the show who have animals. Speaking of yes speaking of those people let's take a few listener calls here. And see what we've got going on out in the listening audience this is Liz from New York Liz welcome to the programs could have in the show. Hi how are you oh. Good I'm out on how you. Move we're replaying it may figure your boy thought they give you till. I'm I have a dog. Actually put in rather sick. Me that I've had accident that to the tune of about 16100 dollars between fifteen and 16100. In the last two weeks. I was wondering if you could. Possibly zoning in on any and it is there any way. In its about time that you can send me a photo via email or anything I can start with the name. I am totally computer illiterate inside the funny until probably not our iron independently and should the west highland terrier. Should write a little bit easier dog. Initiate our the issue was you're right now she did she is walking around. You catcher. I can't touch her hair cut back. Coming. Actually listen well. Kidney. At tam action. They keep getting here it's like that from me that's. He has since made the suggestion at all. Digestion up. Yeah it's fear and relatives afraid she's just from your annual basis some leaving your experiences have been she's seen but that's the main thing that's coming through. Whirlpool. Talks had a carried through and I was on I was found on this show a couple weeks ago. We have a problem with his spirits in the house. Now there are guys that might be in these feel what that says. I don't know. It's possible that that which is reacting to an inch is internalized this that they that the suggestion. Mentioned trying to protect you should care because you know how to how to do that. So you wouldn't send me a message to remain a love Bloomberg dot com and the comment that if I can if I don't think he's so much. Help out that's wild. Thanks for the call Liz we appreciate let's take one more here before we go to break this is Janet from Missouri Janet welcome to be on reality radio. Kitty mean actor permanent location wrote JP. To earn your spot on. Everything Lugar. I had a course. Mile patch actually parallel my life. Seven and catapult. Share I had the credit guarantee that live picture of her play. This woman was complaining about her where. I think her just being affectionate. And I really I should king's generally tell us now Chile has done I called the Manhattan Carter care. I I feel. She was thirty years old she was older actually text for help. I feel bad should be changed. So certainly that Eric something. Very top. Searchable. Give yourself permission to move about and be with them that's okay. If you have any sort of guilt about that you have to let that well. And then tell me her name again. Her rhetoric hot. You know lecture on. I'm so sorry. That you have to pick up on her in the way that she that she wasn't living with you at times. Yes I've seen. Very many times actually closest yet to press. And that makes them sick. And whether or not. Lucky I didn't return to normal and I ordered to court and get letter carrier. Weren't border gate nurturing a better place. He can affect our order because. I'm disabled. And I have I that some poor ranks. That. Four actually. A portion tactic. On Friday wearing ski island she take a lot Kathy Max age. Kind of year. I'm very I'm very very unique in mind that the critique Jacqueline lucky that we will greatly weren't getting. And I that I would see her at this week's. Repeated his current side for a Turkey. Picture of Matt struggled. I'll tell you that the Mexican you didn't go in time. It'll tackle okay if you can resolve. If we know that's not that when did this happen. The form of power that actually care April this. OK so I'm getting that sense this is not that far gone from your act that you can go into your heart based. Remember her below her gained an image of her. It hit her name and then that let her know that you still hold her your heart and take her for being with you in your life and that should be able to themselves. And it's. OK. Okay what are you commit to it'll be you know. Janet thank you so much for for the phone call insuring that that's that's a very heartwarming that you had that kind of relationship of your animal. New artists and we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai on the phone numbers 8446877669. Toll free at 8446877669. Elicited Jason TV guiana island. The show it's beyond reality radio. Jason you've been talking across from growing tonight. Particularly about courses she's an animal communicate or neckline M path she's written several books including when the horses whisper. Waking to beauty and walking with raven or to be duo leader our phone number is 8446877669. If you wanna become part of the conversation. Russell I have to ask you because I kind of asked this earlier about the special relationship between. People and their horses but it seems to be particularly point poignant for women is there something. Extra going on come with so with that connection first is just there and it seems different then then the connection men develop with a horse. And that seems to start young for a lot of girls from there he really does my daughters yeah. I don't know ahead of myself. I went this summer camp and got to respect where they're like ninety initial analysis from the analyst couldn't we couldn't afford. We have a horse or take lessons after that I lived in this table I would have courses for horses and magazine about horses and I was sort of horse Beckett and I I wish I could give you an answer that went. We will have that thoughtful it's just. I don't know why they stick to our. But I didn't make it up it's true right. At reliant. It's my experience I don't have statistics found that nine whenever I've gone to a barn and looked at two horse left intact seamlessly for both. And most of my clients are women. The men I know who are right right to hunt club. And it's very much the sport for them and they care about their courses but she generally speaking. There's a different kind of relationship is certainly no examples of men who have very close to horses like that he can and others. The savings from this for about who their movies they've. But in general I think I agree with you. Both state. Let's go back to the phone lines spring in Margaret from Colorado Margaret welcome to be on reality radio. And if so much aren't important in oh and dog pepper and I am. I think he'll probably prevail but are dying. My question. You know you say. You and me. Or other what others. Only ever have felt action. On the young. And the Rangel wanted it ran. A great. Eyes. As without a lot of years and loving aren't they are not in the building and the online. I have been asked that question. And encouraged. All kinds of people it at least give them. I'm I'm thinking on. What what I do hollow wouldn't do it and trying to think about how it develops from commitment and they're allowed people to tap into their own natural past it because I have to believe that we're all forward with this. And that somehow home. It's educated founders or it is not practicing and therefore we salute. And I have to believe that this is. And they we all can reach it myself. And it wouldn't be alive. And so I'm going to trial and and we'll see how that fold. And if you want. Have a newsletter. These concerns have four children from burnt out from behind me and then no election no. How that how that plays out how we were the pilot sometime this very. And if people tell me in fact they're learning then what they do but it's I would like for. To be helpful if people. Don't wonder at all and I. And that he would have me yeah. Obama. Me and my note. Feel that although of course there's now way. That is really can't see a environments. Our battleground men and women. I won't think they. Won't do all. And gave us or. Whenever they wake quality. Of a member of the comfort you all for me. Well. Hello. Thank you murder we appreciate that and the call from Colorado and we just have us. About a minute you're forced to jump into the break Raza but I want to ask you the newsletter which you mentioned in in and offered to Margaret that is something that's available to anybody on your website. I really don't have to sign up I think you're on the list and get it and then try to get those out quarterly. And down and out. And then you can let me we can we can have a conversation until I do think markets right on about the the healing environments and she talked about six this is about energy and she ends. I was very much felt like I was lining with that is what helps us to open to that capacity to communicate it is really ultimately about energy. Okay we've got so more with frozen burner after the break the numbers 8446877669. So egotistical to get a question for us order for our guests. Barry were to take a break you listen Jason did he Dioner. Like its time and time for the past its 66 years old he will be missed his music will be cherished forever. Dislike you boy it was a blue we announced Glen Campbell time not long ago on me you know you can pass standardized justice just it's I'm still too much at stake in the nearly as this has been a really crappy here that it's been it's been bad in and you know like the some of the guests we've had added Dave. I mean who we're gonna have on next week. I know he talks about this being the year of some room to Malta and I was sort of against Dartmouth sent thank. Although we're talking about something completely different tonight with Ross and when Bernal regret in just a second I wanna mention. Because it's got a lot of people all flutter in chat that we're gonna have Josh gates on tomorrow night talking about his upcoming four part show you over here on my. Don't ever just I and we used to say when you have the we we get to sink in the desert we have there's video of us floating around do in some singing together and we did little impromptu song and at a convention once been fun. Yet I'm Josh just he's just at all and he's he's Massachusetts voice so. The he grew up in some 4040 minutes from pilots are. Priceless put Russell back in because like a Russ when you're in a beautiful part of the country by the way in the Charlotte Charlottesville Virginia. Every night it's just that we're just look at Massachusetts oh did you Spitzer I may have what we're gonna talk about child fell apart local part of Massachusetts. Well I grew up in Everett socialite died in yeah. Yeah absolutely I'm bright room violence so I'll be sure it's so light and. We spent some time there obviously Monticello is there Thomas Jefferson's home. The mighty my uncle used to was a professor that as a college they're Saudi visit him at what's on just remember being awestruck how beautiful was. Ouattara. Douglas Johnson actually he's a professor of music he's now Rutgers but he was it chose both for an end it there for a long time in fifteen years. And it. Ends years ago but these are Beethoven musicologist and I don't know that's as far as I can talk about it. That's correct it is beautiful here there are very well and it is it is amazing horse country to her. In every direction. So as you. Progress where it's. Learning and and and better understanding these yes it was one when you put it. That you have and are Wes caller asked if there is a way to be that you could actually teach these do you think people. Every everybody has the send them in some way it's just a question of what he can access and not. I don't know how I I think yes you know I think that. Some people are musicians and their brilliant candidate had counted and they cultivated his gift from the cultivated and Paramount petitions I'm not one of those. No repetitions. On the other hand I think if I was taught. The right person in the right way I could get that mask of so I think because that's the analogy I wanna make is that I think the capacity is there I think it's innate and not say how to. The product are believed that. Now that being fed has. I think some of us who has struggled more with maximum. Pursuant stimulant. Stemming. Yeah it does. And down you know I wondered talked of for a minute about one of Europe scifi books too because you've written some fiction and trying to pretty interesting that the good. Things to explore in that book. But before we do that I know that you offer. Consultations hadn't been on your website there are ways to get in Tautou due to. Schedule. Consultations with feud or some group options are individuals would tell us little bit about what those are involved and eight why why somebody would need that type of service in B. Hum ho works when you actually do when you have that temple consultation with the client and and there are horse. Well. One more money possibly leave Pacific. If they're in a quandary as to what to do. For example someone called me recently. And the ability to continue to run her course in the in the front of the two of them. So we look at that and somebody might be trying to make a decision about what it's time to prepare. Or maybe that that is what with the horse there's still problems in this not quite sure what to make of it or maybe the closest. Opinions that person is coming off but that didn't used to have to you know all kinds of reasons but all of sometimes they'll call because they're curious to know. If they're doing everything and of course needs. Or is it anyway and happy and comfortable that this would be the best. But so be. Food and it's quite part partly because I do have a full time job as a professor but I do that because once you're available and if I can be. For people who feel like it would be hopeful. And all that information that information is under website if someone was interested and now obviously you're in Virginia I don't know how far you travel. Or how that works but. Tom I know that people look for this this type of service and I know that happens often. It does that I've been encouraged to see if I can give me a line because as it turns out if I have an image. Well or. I can often picked it up to the line maybe a little form that service to go to people's phones that go. With the flow that's. Let's talk for a minute about your book of Texas a few minutes left with you here. Big creating life from life it's there's a description of the book and it says opening the conversation about the morality of what we may. One day be what does that vision in your book. Paint for us what will we be one day what may we be Wednesday. So that book and that book I had about twelve scientists are right about their researching what they're doing their laps and then. I carried that with science fiction stories is that I had written about the people had written to try to sort of speculate what happens if we refute this and so there's all kinds of talk about emerging humans humans machine intelligence. And we already see themselves. There's all kinds of what we're doing with crisper and other technologies that move. Genes around and I expect them differently which suggests that there could be gay when we. Much were deliberated. Capacity to decide what if if he's. Is that when expressive physically and other lines. Not just eye color effects. Me the other attributes as or work you know. Then I think that the future is that it not be recognizable to us if we can make its I think things are happening with the planet right now opposites and it. We may or may not be there must. That came from the very life or mine and a friend of mine but if we are. And if we can sustain the flight I think it will be hardly recognizable because of the after the events of the rich more and more with the technologies. Think about how now we used to have a telephone in our house from where we would go to it now we don't leave home without it and many of us very much depend on it and it looks like that's had this where it's also thinking for a remembering former. I don't they are memorizing phone numbers anymore because it's right there and hopefully hands. And eventually that relationship we'll shift to be neat maybe even more internal. So that they are happy for a support for thinking competitive. Those are the kinds of things I think we're not not all. It before the year is different than most. Besides fiction book is partly about. But the bookie refer to with a combination of sciences. In dialogue with science fiction now that's an academic book because it is its commitment from our praised the diet that's little Tracy and I would practice. And didn't necessarily for the average person at a time. But there's a lot out there written about the possibility of machine intelligence. Ranging. And that's this war. View of the future is a lot of questions about privacy and he uses data as it gave me information. If it's good competition. It it does in several. Industry leading individuals and innovators have sounded warning bells about some of these things are you do you take the side. That. That we should be. Maybe putting up some barriers to how far this can go. Or. Do you taken the position or do you not take any position. Well I move my concern is if we move very very quickly. And and they think they've just beating up in that way and relations with the pastor in patients living. I don't know. Whether what we're doing is right or wrong police saying I do feel that it's moving so fast that we may not have the capacity to reflect on this. That would be it. Yeah well we are basically out of time here I wanna give you another moment just again remind folks how they can get in touch with you and learn about more about your work find your books and all that great stuff. Thank you so Russell and bird are at an LY and BER and me. He just has that it didn't leave them behind me the web science FaceBook page the books on the west side. He also sent me email through the web and it kind of influence. And then be delighted to hear from people I think you so much for having me and so. All the extra c'mon Hank and Alison we look forward to talk to you again in the future. Angry thank you Dennis Rosen and burned in the website has Roslyn RO SA LYN. Burn BER. And each dot com and you can get more information there are able we're gonna take a quick break more common illicit Jason GBM Dioner later. The agreement. I am down in this wonderful thing about. Since we've been doing the show on syndicated. A lot of good nights I really feel good about the gas from beginning in the people have been talking to some really cool stuff pick Sonia that it's it's the worst ever. The cuts there that and I'm I'm I'm hesitant to say this because I don't want eternity admitted to a bad night but I'm not gonna tell you that we've got a good friend on on the line here. How to use okay the so let's bring in the late amazing Wachovia. Plucky welcome to the show I think it's just in GE he seemed yup we can hear you we always skin is so good to have you I'm ready to fight Q what's going on pain. Did you turn to our curry Jason hadn't talked you know wildlife can make eighteen spiritually and then. While he's in asleep and stuff so let me tell us creepy sake that's creepy. Anyways I wanted to bring up and I Yates you get an idea. Mom is a scandal at the blade amazing (%expletive) thing that was an idea that whatever happened that it would happen to your funeral weeks or we could make it obviously. It'd have to work out happen. Now owned land unless it. Really fit and that she felt fascinating some incredible things any links and she wanted me to. Pretty much stale. Yes kudos to her via an intro you and for those New York are aware of what we're talking about fox he had called in the to the program and a month or two ago and ten an idea where he was going to and have his own funeral. And declare himself deceased. Peace because he found error he he realized it was shortly after a celebrity get passed away he realizes celebrities get a lot more attention after they passed away so he was going to declare himself deceased have his own funerals we could attend to and and and celebrate and went and did he wanted to be known as the meat. Amazing flock even if that didn't work out fine. Just didn't work out but I came up with this great idea which I think is going to revolutionize. Everything when it comes down into the psychics I'm. I'm okay has a slate clean all the way back to us and spear tools and kicked on so just any friend that. It canceled shell hunting collector and he started this thing called national ghost hunting today. Listening sprained ankle on now Brian Brian wanna own I think I don't go on this and put on a bad crowd of porno is is bad. Feces. Funky so I don't think that's his name definitely hear talk about Cano Cabrera and Cano is his name I'll banks can't allow her to explain a lot of and many ways now admit pet. Any place I think we need a national companies and sank a day are all different psychics content you Greeks don't. Psychics to readings every day yet as an amateur but their daily routine is that there was a difference do readings imminence every day is their day. Well eat fast changing sneaky. Mistakenly eaten anything he readings as opposed doing and nobody else's day pay them and they're doing it either way and when did you readings anyways correct Truckee yet. Yes but they would do your meetings and national and eating sanity today Tumblr we're going in circles surgeon. Yeah I heard it which is Mattel so much so that area had gone Truckee and also just tell what's what's the difference. What a difference instinct that they would have dared to. And because of Libyan national and meeting psychic today. And Jeanne ghost hunt only on national post content that calm now I don't I don't goes on national. Senators elect I think the whole concept ISO I don't think were endorsing a national goes turning to him a sure that that's a minute. And you irradiation. But we're just now because Florida and you are inheriting Cheney bum more talking about have been maybe nine and an endorsement and so okay girls got a little defensive there to come on this I'm now we have a problem with your idea here we just want to understand what makes you were amazing psychic day you're national amazing psyche to a different than every other day you say they're gonna do readings for the do readings every day so it was or something else it's going to separate this day. From every other day that some question about 10100%. It would be at this thing would be national amazing psychic to. Is there going to be a parade. Defense. You know and a fireworks celebration Izzard and it going to be something that separates this day from every other guy because he's a parent that left a lot in terms of the time. On and until that stuff and can be self and be just amazing it really well with the big big Billy bullwinkle balloons and stuff for me is that what you're thinking far too. Who hasn't totally fun albeit. Let's just take out GE but I like every team when she sat there and see if you know like you're listeners Ali listeners that to him and I. To listen and come up with ideas and Senator McCain because I would love the stage at a. And drinking and wrangle out we didn't really have a lot of fun it Cano Brian Cano. But okay well I think that's fair enough request that companies are some ideas so again yeah I mean the quicker we get you off the phone the faster people could start thinking at least these wonderful ideas to try to back up some of your ideas that you see what's provides some kind of substance to your ideas. Keep repeating thanks and it's always pressure Colin and later fans listen to me. And just no repentance you know he's cocky he's only here even when you don't want me and he began when he. Well I trust you cheesy and I have found that else so so much so we feel as everybody thought he had a very nice hockey. Soon knew he wants the national and amazing the psychic de. Yeah I don't I don't know he's. I was coming up with the securities in crap hole credible ideas he's an idea man for sure had a good credible ideas that tend not to metric really don't see you he was the that the groundhog psychic deferral while the news is the lead amazing this funky for awhile these. And only was of some musician singer for awhile he's amused and all of the place. And it's glaciers all with us. Well I'm I'm happy that he sees moved on from the singing and yes I'll and found other things that was a good move on his part in our partner it was good for us as it was it was a good move that was stopped playing tennis and this is tough it's please don't forget if you haven't. Marty herded enough Josh kids be joining us tomorrow night for discussion about his new TV. Show it to be a four part expedition unknown called hunt for extra tricks trolls it's gonna be pretty interesting I don't think he's done ET stuff for not least not that intensely. Yen dollar sell me Amaechi tenants can be great show if you haven't yet dismay she had over to FaceBook dot com slash and beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us over there. And then just had a beyond reality radio dot com you can listen live to any of the shows. Just click the listen lifetime because find any decrease stations we Arum across country despite clicking decision tab where you can download the free iPhone and android app which. Plus it'll solution alive on the goal Lohse to catch past episodes join me online chat and more. Also I know a lot of people are downloading the show then later dates if you just do us a favor and read it forest. Helps position push to show for it makes it easier for people to find. Greatly appreciated. On our hearts again that in our hearts go out to everybody who has been touched by what happened in Las Vegas and Regis and we you know we're a loss for words but on. It's this madness salinas' she just should not happen it should ever happen again and you know hopefully hopefully the world just get a grip on the soft and and also won't rest in peace to the Tom Petty. Mean I mean we lost so that we lost a legend and and now he will be missed but. So you listening to Jason TV and beyond reality radio makes you tune in tomorrow night Josh gates to everybody have a great night we'll catch you tomorrow and. And the only media is supposed to play Jason thanks GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson since it's an normally you don't really reduced student. Yeah you know start to finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors well Jason host an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.