WWL>Topics>>A special Halloween treat for zombie fans and a discussion about the latest in the hunt for UFOs

A special Halloween treat for zombie fans and a discussion about the latest in the hunt for UFOs

Oct 13, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Russ Streiner - Producer/Actor from Night of the Living Dead - to discuss the new 4k restoration and release of the zombie classic. ALso, MUFON State Director Jeff Krause joins the program to discuss the latest in the hunt for UFOs. 10/13/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are all XP on the L he ran on campaign Johnson Jason who is normally here with me of course is actually on the road today he's on his way to beat her con 2017. In Fargo, North Dakota he's probably there are now he's probably exhausted probably looking for some dinner in my imagine if an OJ small enough but anyway we've got a great program lined up for you tonight are really excited because we end up having to guests tonight. We've been talking. About two Jeff Krauss coming on the program and he will occupy most of the program but it scare con last weekend. I ran into my good friend Russ trainer. Who you may or may not know but Russ is one of the of people instrumental in the putting together the movie night of the living dead with George Romero. In effect he's the actor that plays Johnny in the beginning of the movie and actually appears later as a zombie. In the film as well. But he told me that this weekend. Is actually the theatrical premiere. Of a newly restored for K version of the night of the living dead which a lot of people are excited about. I didn't even know this was happening and I'm a huge fan of that film. So we decided to get him on the program on in her first segments will bring him on in just a little bit Telus of what's going on with that and what we can expect to see is there any additional footage. What the deal is with the night of the living dead release of course as we enter the Halloween season that film is. Always a Halloween staple at son none were basically every streaming service and and cable channel whatever you can find that almost every night almost every hour of every nights will be talking with rust Reiner about that in our first segment. And then nine Jeff Krauss a join us Jeff of course is a move on and director he is a state director of Southern California there to directors in California. And we're to talk with him. About move on. When they've got going on what's the latest on the hunt for UFO's. And explanations for UFOs were also gonna talking about paralegal parallel universe is. Parallel dimensions in quantum theory. Lot of stuff going on steinem beyond reality radio don't forget that Friday night's. Is a it's always a best step program Monday were overturned with Roy Horn and joining us to be talking about toe tech dreaming and the Mandela affect. Tuesday Andrea. Message will join as she's a paranormal investigator. Should be talking about women in the paranormal demon Knology working the paranormal with the Catholic church and just general paranormal questions us Tuesday night's program. Wednesday next week Mac Frazier will join us he's a psychic medium we'll be talking about dreams. Signs that we see during the course of our data may mean something. And the way the spirit world uses those things to communicate and animal around the week off. On Thursday with Chris and call it moon Chris is a psychic medium paranormal researcher and Paula is a psychic and path and a paranormal researcher. And we will be talking with them about ghost box book they have a ghost box book and the torque. Lot of stuff going on and by the way for those of you who are on the East Coast and it is after midnight happy Friday the thirteenth. There's one of those dates that. A lot of people fear. Spend Ben not considered to be a date of bad luck I fortunately. Can say that I haven't seen any connection and curious if you have. If anything unique has ever happened to you on Friday the thirteenth. Friday the thirteenth can happen up to three times during the course of a year some years only have one every year will at least have one. A 12017 happens to have 20 this is the second of the two the first moves in January so. Happy Friday the thirteenth to everybody it's a great night as we circled the clock here to put in the movie Friday the thirteenth that's a disagreement watch on this day. Anyway we a lot coming up particularly with rust Reiner to open the program and then Jeff Krauss coming up later. On the show the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call and join our discussion in any time again I'm javy Jason's on the road but if you're anywhere near Fargo, North Dakota you should consider stopping as via her current 2017. It's I think it's a seventh annual show Jason's been a couple times a whole bunch of paranormal celebrities will be on hand at that show it's time wall spent. I'm javy we've got a lot coming. It's beyond reality radio don't go anywhere Russ trying to. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. As seen in night I mean living did that was the heat of the moment. For sure welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio on TV Jason on the road he will be in Fargo, North Dakota all weekend. At the pair come on up there it's Kirk on 2017 inch check it out if you're in the area we have a special treat forty night coming up in just a little bit. We've got Jess Jeff Krauss joining us he's a state director of move fund. He's also a section director. And a field investigator member of the star team and so much more gonna talk to him about move funds. Most recent information what they're working on what they're seeing and also talk about parallel universe is. And parallel dimensions it's going to be great conversation coming up but first. I'm not pleased and proud to welcome to the program Russ trying to Russ is one of the men responsible. For bringing us the classic night of the living dead one of the films that you can't help but want to see especially as we get into October. And Halloween season rust welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. AJ the carried out got a he lets you tonight. I'm doing pretty well as you know because you were at scare con and com I'm still recovering I'm still critical free from that weekend. Very little sleep and a lot of fun adds up to GV having to take a few days to recover and I'm still working on that. Well you you and your whole attain their volunteers. Staff people just. Sensational job that made really. Remarkably good. Weekend I think both. Four. That they get separate convention and you're visiting guests. In the form here after most everyone seemed to have a great time. Yes thank you that means a lot and we really enjoyed having you here and it just so happened to it by you being there you and I stumbled into a conversation. That alerted me to the fact that this is a pretty big weekend for you and night of living dead. Well. Who last weekend was to have this week this coming week this is very good one as well. Right now in New York City. And the reason that I may have New York City is that tomorrow night Friday the thirteenth. Is the restoration before they restoration of the night of the living dead. Which kind of kicks off its. Fiftieth. Anniversary. Celebration. Which comes up in 2008. Saying. And that we have paired up. I was channel selves. The parent company of criteria. The criterion collection along with the partnership with city museum of modern art. And Martin Scorsese's film foundation. They provided the have funding for this beautiful four K restoration. And anybody. Who is it has ever venture at the end I don't believe that. I absolutely promise you this is the good grand daddy able granddaddy restoration it's if it finally looks. Like there's George Romero job and so I had hoped it was book. When we made it. Back in 1967. And that was released by October 1 1968. It's unbelievable. Doubt that film is his iconic for a lot of reasons. In the fact that it's it's turning fifty next year. Says a lot about some were pop culture has come as well. I'm sure you're seeing the zombie culture all around you you know we've got the hottest television. Hottest television show on the air these gazes as Walking Dead which. He and there is no Walking Dead without night of the living dead but. In retrospect. Russ as you look back over fifty years since you and your team in George Romero made this film did you have any idea what you're in for. I can honestly tell you that we did not. Night of the living dead. Began with a very very humble beginnings. In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where torture paralyzed. Had a small. Film production company. We were making TV commercials so business films documentaries that kind of thing. This was back in the early sixties. And leave them didn't take money out of our company's. Necessarily. We kept. Buying more equipment together and have better equipment upgrading equipment. And back in those days it was a felt. Film and I actual strip of film running through a camera was not. Ones and zeros making you have pictures of digital out the way they did today. Well by the time. Early 67 world eyebrow. We had accumulated enough equipment we had everything that we needed. To make what we called a real movie real movie being. Felt that you could go to a movie theater NC. And that's first effort was I doing debt. Back in those days. The world. Then in many. Movie theaters in the neighborhood dry conditions that. I think I bought that ball complex as likely have today. And we thought well if power modest little else can stick around for maybe. Two Summers did that drive and circuit we could probably make our money back. In little Italy and the idea. That fifty years after the fact. That we would be. Talking about. If felt. Having a a new birth of the film and most fortunate restoration. And talking to folks like you that your listeners. Had no clue what's. Well this is really exciting there a lot of no of the living dead fans from I'm one of them and I'm watching our chat from a lot of people talking about their favorite scene from the film. When the rest when the restoration. Is finally available for people to see. I think it's the same film are there are there is there anything different about him other than it's restored and obviously high quality high Def. Mom is are there any other differences in the presentation. It is exactly the same film. And during the restoration process which. George Romero and my brother Gary Strieker. Oversaw the restoration. The intention laws since the night of the living dead has had such a law. History. Where. The fan base. We didn't want to take out all of the the little awards. Or we didn't want to make it cosmetically perfect. As it. It looks great and it sounds great but. Underneath so that it's still the same poll by the living dead. Secrecy. Shot for shot. What is different and what I can talk about a little. Is that there will be an Leo long overdue. Authorized. Blu-ray release. Which will be coming out. If it looks right now that it's targeted for early February. And for anybody who is interested in seeing they restored version. You will be able to see viability dead on the big screen tomorrow. Evening in New York kicks off what will be. Eight limited theatrical release. And the best way to check out where that release will be probably start to hear some publicity about it. Shortly after tomorrow night's screening. But it could go to jail themselves Che a and viewed as well. Web site and they have a listing of the theaters that's going to that are that are already booked. To be played themselves. So only time you can get not only the big screen experience. By February. You'll be able to see. In real plot by a we were. And it on the Blu-ray. There are. Absolutely. Extra special treats. So I can't give too much away about that right now. You know one of the things it's always I've actually written. Articles about not living dead for a horror publication. Because it is one of my all time favorites. And one of the things I was talking about is when men movie opens the opening scene is bleak. It's dram. It's. It's really just has this bleakness to it I'm not sure of another way to describe it as the car protesters from the distance. And down I don't know if I mean I'm assuming that was intentional but it sets the stage for for what's to calm. And I'm assuming that a restoration doesn't change any of that. The restoration does not change any of that but. It beat the imagery is is certainly. More crisper greater resolution better. We're just contrast. And I know that your musician and a person who is interested in the audience side production as well. The audio restoration it's just Specter. Tax. When obviously we tragically lost George Romero this year and down in his his more. On film making and particularly the horror. Film making community probably can't be overstated. But you said he was involved in this project. Right up until we lost him right. That's correct as a matter of fact. George passed the way. July 16. Of this year and it was a great great a loss but for all of us. May have particular because Georgia word. Friends and business associates of the world before we use. Thought about making ignited look again at George and I were. Good friends for. Just that. Few months shy of sixty years. And to beat be able to have a relationship of any sort. For sixty years insisting that course sixty years. For me it was a particular. Hold in my life which. I'm reconciled to the fact that that whole world never be filled tortuous system very very special person and so anyway it's. Understandable. He you're willing to stay with the for a little while longer we've got to go to break here but we can know in talking more at the other side of the break press sure. Aren't that's great we're talking with Russ trying to Rouse is one of the one of the people responsible for bringing us what I consider one of the best. Or movies of all time night of the living dead it's certainly established the zombie genre as we know it today Walking Dead owes everything. To that film and the team that made it sort of take a break it's beyond reality radeon GB Johnson don't go. So what's made him. And 67. Bunch of friends. Associates decided to make them see. And they got together they put together a screenplay. And they decided to make a movie about schools which later. Kind of defined what we know as zombies. The movies called night of the living dead and it's just undergone a restoration. And a four K restoration of that to make it to pristine to make it to and I'm not even sure how could be more perfect but it will be more perfect and with this right now. Is restaurant or one of the gentleman responsible for bringing that film to us in its legacy I will remind you that we have Jeff Krauss coming up in just a little bit but Russ. Again thanks for being with us. When you in George I marathoner yet you Georgian John Russo were contemplating making a film. Seems a lot of people cut their teeth on horror films. Was that intentional I mean obviously it works for you but I was or any consideration to making not more so much time. We would leave this set out to make our first what we call real film. They genre was not defined hole ever I will say. That it was. Obvious to us. That Palmer. Might be a good entry point. For the treatment. First at all you could casts. Films such as night of the living dead. Were basically. No name actors. The parameters were slightly different and let's say that the the point of entry was a little easier. In the hard genre. As it is today is matter of fact. I'm and that's how we. It was kind of the process of elimination. Water. Living in Pittsburgh we couldn't do work. A movie about desert or page because we don't have as Pittsburgh we get Al anyone who had horses. So we. A western was kind of ruled out. And I will say that there was a very very popular. Saturday night. Show in Pittsburgh called chiller theatre and many cities around the country had similar. Late night Saturday early television. That day's early television. And they would primarily show scary movies. And in our conversations about it. Some of the more quite frankly not very good. And our rationale what if we can't do something that is. Better than that. We might as well stick to making television commercial. But it felt that we didn't make as it turned out that a lot of people did say that it was pretty decent and that's why it's still around fifty years after the fact. But. That it was a combination of factors mr. Howell. We decided that first film Libya ourselves. And in our case it worked out pretty well for us. It'd. And when night of the living dead was released and I think a lot of the quote unquote releasing of the it meant you guys throwing the film into the trunk of your car and driving around trying to get fears to show it. But it was pretty controversial for its time. Yes it was. Basically he had 1968. Mentality there were there was a lot of a civil unrest in the country brought on by the Vietnam War. A lot of racial tensions and here we have. Fell. That has a black man in the it is believed the male lead. Hold up their farm house with a white woman and a we do that is that that would be controversial. Certain parts of country. The truth of the matter is. We hit test to cute day as far so we knew who our Barbara was. We did not know who are bad. The main male character we had who that was yet as a matter of fact. A friend of ours by the truly Richie was. So elated to be the bad character. And doing jump into eventually got to. That role. Was originally from a town just outside of Pittsburgh. He had already moved we did know him when he was in Pittsburgh hit an adopted New York where he was. Teaching. Acting and was professional actor. And he came home to visit his family. At Easter during 1967. At a mutual friend introduced. Dwayne Jones stood Georgian media and draw on route so our brother. And he auditioned that we can't we said okay this past the the BR bet. And even our friend Rudy Richie. Was in favor of that he opposed the war. Land trounced that they are bad and so it was a unanimous decision. And the truth of the matter is. The fact that he was black made no difference he was the best. Actor who we saw audition for the role and take and so we let those chips fall where they I imagine it was controversial at the. Yeah and I can't imagine any of it any other way now they just we only a few minutes left here said that could talk about the song might. The ending. Is one of the most. Shocked filled endings I think especially for the time did you contemplate. A happy outcome ever for this film or was it always going to and the way it did. Well we did for a while and the reason why I was so many of these details is that in addition to playing with Johnny character at the beginning. I also have produced the album along choral part. The fellow who played Perry Cooper. We didn't talk about a happier and the first of all it was our first felt we financed it with our own money. And we thought well. That the ending is such a downer. I know what if nobody would have no distributor wants to release itself. Almost instantly rejected that notion though putting happy big night of the living dead is absolutely dead. In part because of the way it ends and so we we considered a happy ending but that was only for a very fleeting I'll. Well again I don't think it could've been any more perfect. Russ we're out of time. One more time though please tell the folks where they can keep an eye out for where they may be able to see this on the big screen and when they can expect to be able to own it for their homes. OK okay. So let talks starting tomorrow night. Is that theatrical rerelease of night of the living dead and that is coming out through jail. Films JA and US. Films. And on their web site they have a listing of the cities. That have already booked night of the living dead. We have to a theater where you can see it in a full. Four KER resolution. The Blu-ray release. Will be insulated. For early February. 2008 campaign. And then. I mentioned earlier 2018. Is the fiftieth anniversary of night of the living dead so. It's kind of double barrel angle that those on the big screen. And did and Blu-ray and there are some just gorgeous extras on the media Leuer. Well no I can't wait to see that both on the big screen and on a Blu-ray edition and before we let you go I cannot disappoint the folks in the chat room. I need to hear you say the line they're coming to get to Barbara. But those. I think I can remember how that line yes. It was something like. That's coming to get you ball for a. That's perfect thanks so much for being on the program tonight Russ good luck tomorrow night TU John Russo in the rest of the gang and look forward to having you back on the show us some time. Thank you yeah. It's beyond reality radio on JV don't go away coming up in just to moma will bring Jeff Krauss into the program we're gonna talk UFOs is Jeff it's beyond reality radio. Don't forget to. To drop by. And how best to check out what gators will be screening this mean for K. Restoration of night of the living dead that Russ was talking about it's a pretty exciting thing duke on this Halloween season welcome back of the show everyone it's beyond reality ready arm GB Johnson. Jason is on the road on his way to parrot conned won seventeen in Fargo, North Dakota. Hopefully some of you will be stopping by to say hello while he's there will be there all weekend Friday Saturday Sunday. And a happy Friday the thirteenth for those of you on the East Coast where it is Friday the thirteenth. It's time to change gears change topics and talk about UFO's. And other things with Jeff Krauss Jeff is the state director. Of move funds Southern California he's also states section director of move fund tri county is a move on field investigator a move funds star team. Member and a member of the board of directors removed from Los Angeles he's also an official expert. And parallel universe as parallel dimensions and much more Jeff welcome to beyond reality radio is great to have you on the show tonight. But thank you very much for Leon JP it's going to be a great show I think. I think so too and before we get too far into any of the details and any this I wanna know a little bit more about you win did all of this stuff first catch year high. Well some tests were a lot of researchers in the field I have my own citing. In fact I have actually had a couple of sightings and you know I had an experience like that. Obviously lends more questions than answers to a person. And sort became very interested in the subject at an early age and all along any. News that took progressed in the field of course. Of a child of the sixties so was there are quite different time back then come it was a feel that nobody talked about if you wanted to. You don't as the same person in the world. So armed with we've come a long way since then of course now it's a field that is exploded. Bomb and many avenues are open doubt about it it's become quite a challenge scientifically. And the more information that we felt I think we've really started that made quite a few jets so the last ten years. And it'll sorts become quite an exciting time. Did you know you mentioned some pretty interesting that I hadn't considered is just the way things are perceived. You know this texts. 203040. Even fifty years ago how much differently we look at things. In today's digital age but even if ticket back further than that you know I I'd. Recently watched a documentary about to Orson welles' war of the worlds when it broadcast on the radio and put. Much of America into a panic thinking that martians. Were invading the earth that was during I'd add that during the time when the we didn't know any better we didn't know if martians. Actually lived on Mars if they're actually inhabitants there who might invade us and things have really changed. Absolutely and you know it's funny because that was a time when. There is of course stories of people viewing canals in their telescopes and there was a lot of speculation on what different life might be like on different planets such as perhaps borrowers are being asked our closest neighbors. So yeah science fiction it really you know sparked people's imaginations it's ours close. And that element of fear like you said people tuned in and weren't aware that it was. Play eighteen broadcast. Thought it was news of the day and of course spark a major and it. But you know what students aren't here as you go back even further to say depression or world in 1997. And they're there was no panic whatsoever in fact it was published in the paper. That Alltel and came out for the middle of the poor little guy that was the pilot of the spacecraft. Obviously from another world they stated. And you know there was no panic in publishing the story that people accepted an accountant. Prepare for the funeral in Dayton Christian burial and that was not there was any talk you know oracle world sort. Alien invasion or anything like. Debt so the way that we perceive the event has changed quite a bit between the end of the eighteen hundreds. And then the wartime jitters saying of the 1930s and forty. Would you say that the Roswell incident was a turning point for our perception. Of possible. Extra trash rules hesitations or unidentified flying objects. Well it was a turning point in the way these events were told by the government absolutely. Dead shortly afterwards of course we are. President Truman's citing the national security act which pretty much still to clamp down on every single non US allies. While it might not have them actually do think that get it it was to get the tourists. For the secrecy that began and I think or or two probably had a lot to do with the we not been in the middle of major conflict. Perhaps with a little bit differently. Because just to tighten up the incident. That's the way it was terrible Q we have a lot of secrets going on already and then. More technology literally falling from the sky. I was not certainly what our enemies stance. Now you developed an interest in this. As it as a youngster you had sightings of your own he kind of went away from her for awhile. And then you heard in her view on another radio program that to restructure into. Well you know fought bush when it first early listen coast post wade back then. Seems forever now but it was the year 2000. And I started realizing that you know this topic is mainstream now and people were talking about it again. Yet to spark a little while or interest you know an active in the army at. Seen and heard a few things. If the atmosphere felt that it was a more acceptable. And ready she's in makes progress at national bureau wind whipped nobody wants to talk about it is saying it's really hard to. Investigated it and make Eddie Cochran's. But what people are afraid if you want to open up and start till the stories that you can actually start collecting data. And it makes little progress in trying to figure out about this. Was there any one thing or one series of things that you can point to that says it took these conversations from. Back room discussions to kitchen table discussions. Well. I think the buildup of information. Couldn't beat to change much longer you know there was about credible stories from credible people. Detonate their way to the public to hear it's started you know slowly giving credibility as such. But I do about the credit sort of achieve these shows such as strange aliens and in other shows like that. For club change in the public perception that perhaps. Something can it happen in the past and perhaps or something going on now. And you know that probably all started back in the sixties with dirt but not sure it got horse of Netscape away Earl. But either speculation. About exactly what ancient civilizations quite a bit. List probably whispered. What do most child you know I don't cheat sites that would keep during the seventies. Was a crease a couple things for people in. There was people talking them even doubtful it'll probably could if people like this structure with the tools they supposedly out. So somebody elements that we're talking about date or talk about depth. It wasn't as much common knowledge structure. But it's not that it's absolutely acknowledged today it's just beat up or accepted to. Yeah I think that's very true. We've got to go to break here in just a little less than a minute but one of the things that you mentioned to his charity of the gods Eric blond Americans. A book and then a subsequent movie. On another program that's often cited as being one of these door openers for these topics was the insert your program hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Absolutely without instead cast show when it first modern as well I was pretty young. And just see that topic on the open Airways you know poorly was pretty early as child to promote the excitement of coming in on every week. Yeah I felt the same way we're talking with Jeff Krauss Jeffs is cease state director of move on Southern California. A lot of other credits to his name we're gonna continue this conversation we're tournament UFO's Ross gonna talk about parallel universe is parallel dimensions by the way. Jeff's book is the field investigators. Toolbox we've got a lot more coming up it's beyond reality it's. Access to. Carson's car has really took her con 2017 and Fargo, North Dakota won't beyond. With us tonight but he'll be returning on nine believed Monday night he'll be back with us he'll be in Fargo for Friday Saturday and Sunday. If you're in the area stop by terrico on 2017. Check it out by the way happy. Friday the thirteenth to everyone on the East Coast and also in the M central time zone it is now Friday the thirteenth for you as well. We've got a great show tonight we're talking with Jeff Krauss will bring him back in just a moment we're talking about his work with move find. Among other things tomorrow night of course is a best of show as heard on radio stations around the country and then Monday. Life begin with Roy Horn he'll be talking about a whole tech dreaming and the Mandela effect Tuesday its Andrea message. She's a paranormal investigator will be talking about women in the paranormal demon Knology. Working the paranormal with the cac Catholic church and just general paranormal topics. And Wednesday it's Matt Frazier next week he is a psychic medium will be talking about dreams and signs the with the spirit world. Uses both of those things to communicate with us and all around the week off on Thursday night. With Chris and Paula moon Chris is a psychic medium. Paranormal investigator and Paulette is a psychic and path also a paranormal researcher great week of programs coming up. I'm beyond reality radio don't forget to stop by our web site beyond reality radio dot com. Also the FaceBook page it's just FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio but we don't want to. Waste anymore time wanna get back into this discussion with Jeff Krauss Jeff of course is the state to rector. Of move fund for Southern California. Also a section director. In a field investigator and a star team member he's on the board of directors from moved from Los Angeles he's got a book is called the field investigators toolbox Jeff thanks again. For being with us I wanna get right in the Samir move fun work because it mentions a tourist dart team member I think that's how it's. Point two what exactly is that what does it mean. Well starts it's our league low orbit investigators. It's. Pretty much highest level and get our investigation and move on. It's the bigger cases foreigners Trace evidence or. One seen means could be. Properly investigated on we shall about the tape that we currently have a grid. And the search for any kind of Trace evidence or radiation things like that. That would be altercations for starchy try to teach. Now credit most of the cases we have our upstream and factors that are there to report to move on there's. You know simple rest identifications. And things like that just insert people see and don't quite understand what could be. But it set 5% cases. Some beaten bones to it it. Can actually be UFO related which courses where most of which are in the field orbit of the good. Meet the it was a at all. So start cheating type cases are the ones state ball higher global trade. And our field investigators. There's a different processes for the training on basics to investigators. Now go to recourse in its foreign university ought. Which peaches and pure pork writing and some of the basic skills for investigation. Which comes in handy for those of the cases of course receives. Then we also hold boot camp training sessions for people that are you know a little bit more involved and what do a little bit cheaper research. And in these instances we tricked people effort to protecting sort probably out of proper created. How to seal opera site so that you don't have people walking through here investigations being. Different techniques that people like me. Like out of properly you're checked for radiation is certainly don't want that built them prosecutors in danger. Then you know there has been instances where improperly trained personnel trying to recover. Urged Europe those picture were put up an instrument. When all the Mexican. Partner. Mexican army. Battalion was taken out trying to recover Europe so. But you know there's there's hazardous situation in need don't want to send anyone out there without the proper training. So that's what the start it was created for their part prosecutors urged local. He said mr. actually want so that they encountered. Ray you said the 95% of all reports to move on our simple. Simply miss identification cases which you can not clear pretty quickly I would imagine. The other 5% a little more complicated require a little closer look a little more research and investigation. How often do those types of cases get reported to move on how many times a year or month whatever it is. Well quite frankly that they get recorded. You know what anticipated. We hear just once single investigator demeanor cases that 5% pay cut across pretty frequently. But when it's bigger all the investigators we have all fifty states of course and other countries around the world and the amount of support a couple of we get themselves you know I'd say almost every day just from different parts of the globe. So it is it is quite come as a lock going out and are a lot going on in our skies all over the world. You know there actually is of course some people you would think that you could put out the window at any time in the sky would be just call it would you oppose. And actually that is not the way it is and if anyone were ever seen UFO. It would be a very rare special occurrence because it just doesn't happen to everyone responsible to let you see every day. Now I've heard some people in say Europe describe your apologists just. What should nice folks that are inclined to see UFO's and pursues. Well now it's it's kind of brokers that way when you look at some other Portuguese debt. They're supposed stories out there especially on YouTube. It would seem that yes there's been an incredible. Proclivity for people to see you oppose. You know I'm 57 years old and probably actually seen. But disk once that I can remember. Well by the senate just once when I was a very small child. And then an incredibly large craft back in the late seventies. Both. And by every large. It was like probably outlaw. So it's not something that I have seen you know every day my whole stint in the army I never sorry you have folk. And I was stationed at Fort Bliss and White Sands Missile Range of an expert in which they expect to stories. Its GB traffic. And that's just not the case. You know but good luck I'd tell my investigators you know the real good UFO counselor so much more interesting. They're the ones that are made up. And unfortunately we didn't play in the civil lately by so. The speed kind of state made up stories. Yeah I was just gonna ask you because you know I don't think you can go a day without something showing up on YouTube or FaceBook. Men and probably in 99 and point nine times out of a hundred its stake. But has have those platforms. Helped in your researching your efforts to get to the truth or have they do spend. A nuisance. It's. It's but luckily sort here you know. There's been a lot of help coming from opening people up to the idea. And get people wherever that it's also loaded the water in that. Well except for now they see a pursuit. Are shipped everywhere. Act cases work. People states or surety UFO's lead in their yard opted out there was some what they describe Europe so let me guard but they're just they're. And I clearly have watched her playing votes. You know well because of the distance it appears to be. Persons or people it's coming out in my yard great they're. So that's to kind of perception sometimes that we deal let you know quote while it may not be making it up. Their interpretation of what we're seeing is. Absolutely accurate. There was a lot of different things out there that are truly bizarre that you can see. For the simplest missile launch. Don't quite a few times I get reports from people will exceed the stage separation of missile launch. Which really does look pretty spectacular especially if there's outcast in Canada. Green colored clout and so we're looking slain destroy not separate them something traveling at one direction of something going and other. If people aren't aware you know what missile was being tested. They concede something like that and are suitable for not only at missiles got off since. Well that's that's pretty bizarre that they don't know what Pelosi you know looked in the this insurgency. Two other state shortly not and that's a rocket blanch. But you know since it happened and describe like are pretty spectacular. And I can remember once back in the seventies I think I'm pretty sure that our red. Follow up to that was Russian satellite that's the reactor exploded and states. But from what I saw where it was that sort of help or at the Fineman and not knowing any event indices something up there and what you know is. Well space. There it looked like a picture of slower clip that was incredibly beautiful but you could also told that it wasn't firewall. It was something. Much more spectacular. Not knowing what it was of course you know your imagination run rampant until you hear that news outlet actually is so involved and that's that's just human nature. We see things in the sky that we don't understand what it is and dropped history it's always tell our fascination. It's not an effect on that we see things and misunderstanding or misinterpreted it's actually more human nature. We're talking with Jeff Krauss he's the author of the book the field investigators toolbar accuses box he's a state director with move on in Southern California where go to break but when we come back. Owner asked Jeff about some of the more spectacular or more interest in cases that he's investigated or maybe just heard of either way it works is beyond reality radio Jason and GB IN GB Jason is on his way to Fargo, North Dakota stop by terror current 27 say hello. Beyond reality re going to mutations. On his way to beat Fargo, North Dakota Paris on 27 team. If you're in the area stop by say hello he'll be there all weekend by the looks out of of it in chatter probably should have. Chosen a different song for bumpers there we're talking about a song with a carpenters called. Calling occupants of interplanetary craft not too many people remember it's classic will get it as a bumper is one of these days soon I promise you. We're talking with Jerry Jeff. That's pour troops as they wrote it but I. Was. Pot calling occupants of interplanetary craft was pretty bad debt called spot you out of Canada really vigorous. But we're assault that took much better version is by the end plot to. Well now that is something I didn't know I thought there was I was outsmarting everybody but just remembering that carpenter's version that's pretty interesting enough to check that went out. But did you look at and it's a great song. Yeah it as even the carpenters government's version was some was serving enough for me go I'll buy the album which I still have. Surprisingly let's before we get back into this conversation let's quickly go to the phones here we've had two people waiting on hold this is Tony from a Kansas Tony welcome to the showing from beyond reality radio. Hey thank you pick in the copper and caller. Back well let me get greeted guests mentioned something about there are Russian. Rocker satellite explosion are remembered calling it the same situation armor going at it the cat and over and begin at CDs. Ordination of light coming out the nor wet and had a peak. It may be book that like 13. Of the overhead Edward Norton went by it looked like it at. It could if I go if I go like spaceship situation the court in at I'd be a marker yet. And maybe hundreds of its all or not people's staging. An individual lights and that being in Arabic. It had another maybe 58. Bigger non pulsating light in IE I am a Christian I'm Gottlieb that way and I and I thought well it it happening god allowed it. I would so. Hampered stable individual but I would so maybe awestruck by that I. Bit I'd start turner had to go back. Go back to my parents opt out of living near that time and that would really really excite the and yeah river about twenty years ago they do when I would like iGoogle my mother. And made the same sentence that he used to attack the sheet that we recommend that nor equipped candidate on the term cash and they get copies are like two over here in light on the other side of the road so that. It was maybe not here playing Indian that. At the tollbooth operator he told you know come and maybe the next supreme warning before came out in the paper the other people beanie would get out. In this vehicle lane in the arms up in downtown like Macon on a mother. I am. Beat yet mentioning that Russian pick which I'd and I'm pretty stable. Leaving god he's created day Everett being handed people out that it it would. The unit would that until that story came out about half with back to how. A Russian satellite at blown up in I've relax and I random we're not out nick and mark rained out that I I into play you program in A they Marco. Tony thanks so much for calling and that's kind of the way of it is and it just I mean you see something that spectacular without explanation and it's kind of got you question everything. Absolutely and you know like you said it took up a third is this guy. Well you know skull that's something that's you know free trade technically there. And you know. Of course these days would be taking talk about big North Korea launch a missile. Not be any number of states right up about. And again that's human nature what is seen and explain what this guy. Of course our first logically you'd think it would be so tight there actually does that mean you're carpets so like that. But that of course if it does anything that you don't expect access and excitement unexpected openers out. Then you begin to starts distress and that perhaps it has steel industry intelligent control to a and you know it's it's not good he just you're witnessing an act of physics rather than an active Gartner group. Intellectual. Application. And what can the scope of it being in the sky. Lenders to we don't know exactly what it is so your imagination is streak around. It is now to take you back to the case. That two was related to Edwards air force base. You mentioned that there was loss of time involved in that and that sounds in the military personnel involved as witnesses which. As a level of credibility I would assume. How many. People actually witnessed and were part of this particular occurrence. Well. The two gentlemen that war on security patrol they were security personnel there. A course to take note that they witnessed the craft. One of individuals is still sort shook up over it four years later that he wouldn't talk about that whatsoever. And it did what special courts ordered to remain anonymous because. Of affairs over cries alters the military. Industrial complex structure. There is coming back. Now you don't get they went through extensive debriefing afterwards. Debt in order of things that struck in the course investigation was fact that he was questioned by personnel not from the base. Someone change it to a group in question. And the other person little. Who was in civilian holding. Someone totally not related to deep air force or decade. Based operations and from there. And then they were told to sign something. Stating. Exactly what happened that of course was not what happened at all. And that they were about security else for the rest of the type in the service and extending her. Fifteen years afterwards. Now most military personnel that. Protect their security also very seriously and partly due. What what he wants to break any. Security related. Issues. Of course to get or anyone else control or good shepherd it's just very United States. We get past which were reached and that's to keep our enemies from penetration. That the senate. There is so bloc that is covered over by appointment of secrecy. Because state only question will be asked to early. You have to wonder whether or something else should be secret. Does the public have a right to know some things that are pro. And I believe it should that is (%expletive) It's not something that directly affects security. Work directly affects operations serve all go in I believe the public has abruptly great battle. Which is why we investigate UFO's and why we pay all the results or investigations open to the public. That's what we do you store service to humanity. In fact it's the mission statement that move forward. The investigation. UFO's for the benefit of all about it. Was there ever an official accounts from the military or the government and all for that edwards' case or did they not even acknowledge it happened. I've not got any acknowledgment from the military honor and of course is still something. Continue to research. Although I closest Cade stepped and let it investigation under current research experience and it's. I just states. Evidence and information or I was able to come to a conclusion that this was actually it would not accept. However. Individual. Who wanted to remain anonymous. Can't track a few times she's played with Jack here. If it is military records do things to verify what went on and providing more information including people like (%expletive) that. Base. That would cap or a patient not actually that. But it kind of backed out of the last senate. Which you know I can understand his concerns. You know seriously. She called as a result of releasing too much information. And so if he's not comfortable. I'm fine without. I would hope that it tried. Comes conclusion that it would be certainly everyone's best interest to get as much information out there. Because it'll just sort of story. I don't believe that it just would be hovering over the rocket laboratory whatever. Nation's largest military installations that are other people being no error outfit that is in the security personnel can corrupt corporate stumbled upon this site. I would that you at dollars with a copy being sit there were some other on the base to start well that this was there. So. Is the real story what really happened. I believe there's a lot more find out. Well a lot of a lot of people on our chat room and Tennessee in the same tune they keep saying the show should be three hours long instead of two hours and I'm starting to agree on them because. We haven't even touched on parallel universe is parallel dimensions as these are things we're going to talk about and sadly. Were or just out of time we just don't have any more time. You know JP had believed that the parallel universe are the show that was all we talked. That I think that's absolutely true solely of deceptive for got to tune in to that one but we will have you back to talk about that but I've got a couple quick questions for a which ago. One and if somebody has an encounter sees something that they can't explain and they think it's worthy of more fun attention out of the out of they do that. Okay the first thing I can say to people is if you are seeing something. A Serb. Continue to watch it don't just you know give but it split an article without it iPhone considered comeback got to be thought. Stop what you're if you outlook only Q&A camera need to take a picture great. But but Serbs and take as many mental notes of it as a go or not camp and then as soon as it's over get on your computer. Go to www. Fund dot com. And you'll find all the cap certain links to bush had a lot of report. As an atmosphere will contact if you as soon as they count there it will keep your statements and so what we can get to the bottom of your side. And Jeff working people find out more about you particularly your book the field investigators toolbox. Well that. The field investigators toolbox is an ongoing law it's the book's pages still in the works in big publishing. Volume war. One in the very near future. It's gonna be an ongoing series because as you know I've already written a couple of years worth of blocks on it. There's many issues already right now so. Volume one is gonna be expanded army issues of the block it could have a little bit more traditional. A little bit more trading needs first field investigators. It it should be done probably with an extra spots. Otherwise you can find it on my FaceBook page or through the web site there's slicks to end it there as well. That's great Jeff thanks so much for being here and promised me he'll come back we can tech. These other subjects the next time around. Absolutely because you know the universe is waiting to hear what we have to sit out on an intact. It's perfect. Thanks arrested Jeff Krauss thanks for being here and we look forward to have him back on the program it's beyond reality radio. I'm JT Johnson or telephone numbers 8446877669. We're gonna take a break we'll be back to wrap things up. Don't go. Content and Terry craft. It's. Welcome back to show everybody's beyond reality radio on javy thinks her. Stay along with me Jason on his way to Kirk can't when he seventeen in Fargo, North Dakota what's but. OK Mary Eddy says we've got to dignitary on the phone or not but. Okay Dario will go all the we don't have a lot of time will go to the phone lines. Color welcome to be on reality really great to have you on. Well noted there aren't sure governorship all world it. Sounds familiar to I know do we know. Well. Cricket where you know your distance this exhibit all the president and read our system Marco Bill Clinton. And by President Clinton great to have you on and and I'm very very honored that you euros fan and you listen to the show. Well you know our experience saying movies they can about on a disk Q you know from the parallel universe looked so. Couldn't they could change the weather really really. Well first hole choke up Trevor artillery. Okay I'm beautiful I'm sure that it will. Yeah I'm sure that's a parallel universe you would enjoy you know. Yes certainly sir has there is no color orange. Orange does not exist. But the people with regards to operate. And everybody entails know what he gets arrested which is so it's wonderful. That's and that's great. You have something to say about the government keeping secrets about these are you a folk contacts. Well in I don't know much about that I can't secure real to a situation but I can't tell you the early universe does exist and I was just over there you know its try to thirteen and Jason cores is over there with the couldn't actually see shall actually read. Jason forties this. Yeah he's great man on the street where the miners. People this summer percent of like that it. Well amendment you know I've always thought there's something going on that we don't understand it sounds like you've verified forest. Yeah that's crazy over Irish come over chicken you know me you know. Very well what Hillary is human really double their electrical believers. She what is popular. Do you do do you spinal do they say do you do a lot of time there you probably are doing time marriages. I don't remember where David. A little bit older. Well Mr. President again thanks for listening to the program being a fan and sharing that experience for the sending me notes on that. No someone would go on the call lecturing them then who talk well they were so should. You know five interest rate of growth in the YouTube would do very well. Yeah well thank you endure it will have an open mind free anytime you wanna call and share anything with this we appreciate Conan. Well well I won't do that. Our politicians. Okay boy while former President Bill Clinton calling in on. The topic of parallel universe is very very interesting thank you for that call. We have a great show lined up for you tomorrow night it'll be a best of and then now Monday Roy Horn will join us talking about told take dreaming and the Mandela affect. And then Tuesday Andrea message is a paranormal investigator who will be talking about women in the paranormal demon Knology. Working with the paranormal and the Catholic church and also just some general paranormal topics will be talking about with her. Wednesday it's Matt Frazier was a psychic medium he'll be talking about dreams and other signs the way the spirit you'll world uses these things to communicate with us. And then Chris in Poland moon. Psychic medium and a psychic impasse will join us for serious in its program. That's gonna do it we're wishing Jason a great weekend at Erica on 2017 and Fargo, North Dakota. If you're anywhere in the area stop by that event goes on Friday through Sunday happy Friday the thirteenth to everyone. Thanks for joining me look forward to seeing you next week it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and GB Johnson and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's can only be on video in real news. Yeah you know start going and finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to readjust and beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.