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Communicating with the dead using the "Ghost Box"

Oct 21, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Christopher & Paulette Moon about their succes using the "Ghost Box" to communicate with the deceased. The device, also known as the "Frank's Box" has been controversial among paranormal investigators. 10/20/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. There's analysts don't strike and he's because many are stuck in between welcome to be on really review myself just because you always awesome. Each are it's so we've we've talked a lot about pets on this program we frequently have animal communicators come on and talk about things they've learned by. Communicating with animals. We both had pets Jane we talk about our experiences are with our animals and we often talk about the fact that they tend to be able to. Read human emotions. Far better than we give him credit for. But still it's it's something that's uncanny it's almost something that he'd peaking even he can you put your finger on how they do it but they do it while. A scientist and Italy has actually done any study that says seems to prove that dogs anyway. Can actually smell human emotions based on the eve the the pheromones that are sick created in sweat glands based on fear anger. And other human emotions that we admit we didn't realize were emitting these big dogs. In their unbelievable sense of smell can actually pick up on those voters and they adopt those emotions based on the orders they get from from human pheromones. So my dog must be constantly confused. Hope that that that what you're meaning juniors or Glenn and he has me confused 24/7. That said but that is amazing to me honestly it never even realized at that we gave that often our sweat. Well one of the things this particular scientist it's beyond joke beyond GOD and know Leo says a from the university of Naples he says that. What we don't think about is the fact because weren't we live from our senses and such a visual world we rely and I say more than anything and obviously dogs. Livan and all the factory world where they lie on. Rely on their sense of smell more than anything so we don't think in those terms but when you break it down. Our our bodies amid pheromones through or sweat glands primarily that are associated with what ever emotions we are feeling in the dogs. According to the study. Can now pick up on those and that's how they know what's going on without us. There were totally explain what I want my dog systems to law controls are. Up with you gonna have to explain that went to me that is that the president if she's made him get off the whole alcohol lie about it via Google's simple I think that's a completely different advice on how you church or Hesse we'll going to be unrelated radio everybody yelling at me she had over to FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like the FaceBook page. Then head over to. Beyond reality radio dot com you can download free app. Which lies listen shall live sketch pad shows join me online chat you can also find any degree stations we are on right there urged quick station tab. We're just click the listen live and join us in the online jet streak in DGV and I usually in there with everybody's having an accountant. Hero's welcome. So you know our RO opening theme when it went very beginning there's like call that radio noise and then hear her voice a they're defining the word paranormal and all the stuff well apparently talked about that tonight with so christened Poland moon. We talk about the ghosts box. Did the device that frank some shouldn't Tom came up with the much is when was 2002 something like that. In christened Paula moon. Use this device pretty extensively they wrote a book about it called the ghost box and they've been touring with these devices they do readings and a whole bunch of things. With a ghost box and that's are gonna chat about tonight. And and just like any thing it's a controversial tool it is I said I think it when it comes down to it Ian McCafferty two meter only sees her comfort controversial tool. And and I'm a big fan of people trying to introduce new things into the field. In hopes that some of these things can really help benefit the field so. There will be interest to talk with and talk with Chris tonight and just get his take on it I've never had. Really that gridlock. You and I have spent who have put can't see that totally. As we are at the Stanley Hotel. And we did have some incredible experiences right we did we were running that goes by we were watching the session. Who would like you remember who's doing my what my life was there as a they're a bunch of people then. Earlier I don't remember who who's doing it at time but I do remember it being pretty and impressive though. You had put on campus besides that I haven't really had any any luck with himself. I don't it'll be interesting to get his TK and I'm just here's thoughts behind it. You talked about you know being controversial tool and all these of the tools until something actually who is specially in the in the vein of a ghost box where you can actually hear. Somebody speaking directly answer questions directly you know like of street on one on one conversation until that day everything's going to be the controversial west. Well yeah I think there are some horrible tools for the field and I'm more than willing to discuss those at any point com and I think the obelisk system to sit horrible tool that is I think it's it's a ridiculous stool -- just explain it before you know you're welcome Colin and give me your your your ideas on it but I. The main thing as. It's a device that people program. Words right. And then go wallet and supposedly. Spirit within fifteen minutes of being multiplication is going to understand how to control this box and get the words out that they want. Here's the big problem with that is well I'll be in there's been shows that have used them that stick pretty much. All my demonic teams and things of that nature into it and then walking in and act like you know his demons everywhere of those shows have come and gone. But the fact of the matter is. It's just in people programming their words into it. And then and how do you really teaching ghost that if you get this device to do this is gonna read this work in and we can communicate. Especially in fifteen minutes or half power an hour's time. It's just it's ridiculous the baton and the other one is that stupid. Ghost radar yes. In this day and in the worst part is diagnose I've got some friends psychics. So proclaimed psychic who who lived and died at a time. And again you'd know exactly on time and budget and it's just it's the most ridiculous still face well if you're in in the business to impress people with how you can should bow attract ghosts and that's the tool you when he used because somehow you always seem to have mall around July he's not playing into their world around it doesn't matter where you are shooting programs and threatened it's amazing it's really amazing it's let's just yeah it's the dumbest device well I look at it as entertainment and I think that's would you know folks who did he happen to your weasel out there who -- get a that China has always original -- I know I know and that's that's the hole is part that's that's the thing that drives me the most the -- crazy molested as these are people who. Consider themselves professionals which. You know I've been involved in this field for a minute or thirty years and I don't consider myself for professional and I've always told you that. He can't be a professional field the came improve access alike he says that people have tried to call you an expert in yourself account may be an expert I'm still trying to find the answers exactly and I don't think that this field has an expert even though a lot of people out there wanna refer to themselves as. As expert says and so forth in this field but the and they want a crown of these these devices. It's just it's mind. It's mind blowing to see the stupidity let's be Cisco what is news the stupidity. Let the let that has popped up in this field over the last of 101520. Years. Yes it's true it's true but you know what we always say is if you wanna have fun I mean if you want energizes you I don't know are a big very very good time cameras that are our reserve did consists. Anything you'd choose your words carefully but I am looking forward to talk or Chris Wright because I guess that you know and his device. I've seen some strange things happen and other times I've had really nothing so I wanna I wanna understand why what's the difference there. Yes and also I loved the connection with Thomas Edison and the fact that Thomas Edison back in 1920. Was talking about developing what I think he called the spirit Foner spirit telephone or something like that there was a device that used. From melanoma that to the dead Giuliani as it was a device that they used radio waves from what we know of it and I'm sure Chris will be end up Paula to be able tells more about that. But Thomas Edison very serious in banner was convinced that he could develop a device to speak to the dead so that's that we don't put a little credibility knew the whole idea. I'm from a firm believer that. At some point moment if we don't already is somebody will be able to create create something medal somehow. Bridged the gap between Johnson and the spirit world so. Let's hope so bottom line that would help everything and help our jobs a lot so the phone number is 8446877669. Again. Bristol freed 844. 6877669. If you have any questions for myself GP. Aura and Chris are and a Paul said Amaechi taped on the number need to physical. RNC state a quick break and see about getting Chris Paul and on the phone annual synergies and AG GB unreality radio will be back after this. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. It beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. In reality radio chase me JV quick reminder we've got. To best of program for tomorrow night shows horsemen Monday night's star cassis will join a story is a conjure woman has been helping folks through her ancestral heritage of old style conjure works. From south of the Mason Dixon line. Sounds a little interesting. Yes we had a great week shows next week some issue tune in eulogy he said every Friday is the best but an issue to a Noonan and take a listen yet and tonight we're talking about the ghost box and this is a great topic especially as we approach Halloween our guests will be a Christian Paula moon. Chris is a paranormal researcher also a psychic medium and Paul lead is safe psychic and path and also paranormal researcher at a book called ghost boxed. And their website is Chris moon psychic dot com and Christian Paula welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. And it welcomed the show along and talk crisp. Yeah. Consider a case of its let's we've we've gotten it's kind of a short segment here but it's a great time for us to get introduce to you both so Chris when you start. And give us a little bit of your background told tell us a little bit about yourself. Yeah long story short. I had haven't or experience that was seven years old. And I woke up in the middle of the night at full bodied apparition at the end in my bed and know what my father in the morning news devout Catholic skeptic and basically he told me to be only ghost was the holy ghost so at that point ties them all electronic proved true but I was crazy. I looked at I was pretty disparate but that was pretty picture we have a little more time and that's what. I regret that I didn't yeah that was good that was Tuesday we got an hour and a half plus this for us from the Paul W. You know leave them every bank on our am plainly leak found that we come from a long line of psychics. Clara Lyon and have. Ugly trait that back Tikrit is great great great grandfather was southern China and India and and on the other side we have these southern Italian. Which were from Paris and Italy which would be which is a mop capital of the world. Now we kind of come by I think you're in DNA I think that's that's pretty much spent and all we got very polished rabbis. We got it is great great great uncle who. Queen Victoria's. Personal position which I've always told me could get dot dairy aisle that. Any rarely comes from on a lot line and when I found out I was pregnant with Chris. I experienced my first full bodied apparition. Who had a war warning army bad if states can ABC effects and that he would die. Fell off. It is then naturally. You know in our DNA and then what I had Chris I knew it was going to be very special and he became my experiment I metric with him and worked with him which. Taken to every on it out and in Denver and we start any experiences together and we've been working together ever spent. Chris when you had that experience at seven years old when you woke up you saw full bodied apparition standing at the bids its footing your bed. We terrified say in beat. Did you. After speaking with your father who kind of I told you that you didn't see what you thought you saw it was something it L server was nothing time did you file it away and and kind of just do want it for years how does that all develop. Yeah you know when went right side it was. The most surreal thing I've ever experienced because I'd never to not only in sort of kernel experience so you know ghosts were Casper to me you know he's written books. And when I saw this it was completely unreal out exactly terror by the end. When I want him you know looking hurt you know against Swiss support whit bit. In any completely told me I was crazy. You know I wasn't sure where to go with that so look at mum on who you really trying to support. You know things I've seen him in and feeling at that point so. It it became immediately to me I had to prove it you know it's it's it's when your father told you something. Like that. You basically have to start proving things really quickly because I wanted to I want to get that validation. And I collect a lot of great evidence over the years I would be so quick status but I think right JD can probably are well that is when you know at the RadioShack April quarter with a sober sober might. Oh yeah just yet the Polaroid camera well. And I've brought back some great evidence to them but you know he just. Would never be convinced Hewitt at a logical explanation and an easy salt box this year prosper in the front of him. And attitude it that the commencement. But cynical but isn't an important to have somebody like Daniel as though Chris because. Honestly if it's somebody is always telling you that. And oral always agreeing with you use sorted you don't have the same drive as you do if it's somebody who's always shooting down. All the stuff that you're bringing because it just gives you more for drive to really try to try to find solid evidence. Absolutely yes that that's what it was all about to come up with that that's solid evidence night you know I opened up. I'm jumped way ahead here but it a year later opened a hard times magazine. A magazine and and use my partner in. And he was in it specifically to you know prove that I straight yell at their group that was real. And yes several years ago he understood that one of good people and so we're all leaders say you know my son has completely changed my entire view on the after life my belief system. And that looking away and wants you know he he he knew that belt is currently well with the public you know. You know that violate mission. As you're presenting this evidence we are thirty seconds for a jumping to break here but as you're presenting him this evidence throughout the course of your young girl there are days. If you're pretty convinced that you had something was real that was real we disappointed that he wouldn't accept. Yeah absolutely I mean yeah I think every every so important for their partner's approval to a certain degree and and we he just wouldn't wouldn't budge and I knew it was my reality. Yeah there's definitely a disconnect there. Yeah I'm sure in our. Well the way and we've got a lot more questions arena we've got Soria if you have any questions ratio Colin to beat 44687769. Against all free at 844. 6877669. You listen to Jason GP beyond rarely reveal will be back after this. Decided. And every. Great radio stations. Across the country and online you can listen either place. If you're online be sure to check out the chat room lot of great stuff going on there a lot of grown Lotta great people ethical cancer action which harassment from rectum and actually so I'm an arm and assume moody is definitely one of the things could happen this I just shot a dark I don't know I think that they did you know you can find the elicit great stations where on the across the country if you go to be on reality radio dot comics click on the station list. It's already there for so issue check that and we got a. Pretty big announcement coming up this first stations being added to the family we can't say anything about it yet and I do yeah I know. And Devin it's good degree one can actually actually announced that so that a double tease that a little bit but tucked and talking with Chris and Paul let moon. They are authors ever book it's called ghost box and others website as well Chris moon psychic dot com. And we talked about this device called the ghost box in Chris what you. For those who don't know what this thing is tell us what the ghost box actually it's. Yeah no problem I that you guys haven't talked about it a little bit earlier. On what it really is to me is the completed version of Thomas Edison's so under the debt. You know she was never able to complete the device what he was alive. And amending francs function is really want to who kind of picked it up in and went from there. And you know it facilitates troop to be communications spirits. To the point where. You know in getting belt different you know devices that are out there and and know about but you know this device you ask the question get an answer. And I still find amazing being there at that it comes out of it is not just the responses that we get. Well when someone is people to not only here a record for somebody who passed away. And they're able you know assure that their friends and family that that's really work well blows me away. Now how does that device worked oakcrest. Well frank was the master in you know we last frank. A few years back unfortunately. And I can only go by what he was explain to me. And basically what what the device does it. It polls then. All sorts of different signal the older than I am FM shortwave. Anything that's out there in India universe and there's people without you. This device. And there's mechanism and the open or PG's random voltage generator. And the theory the concept is that spears actually use their energy that he RPG. And as they're using our PGA and pushes through an echo chamber what can buy it for him. And at that point it goes through the speakers last you're actually able to hear their voice come through. Okay because I have multiple different units and and you know we we mean we've known each other for years and I've I've had I've had different units right down to. Via the RadioShack hat box parents are you familiar talent pseudo. And I've used I've used please I've I've tried them out sometimes I've I've actually set you know one up bright side the other and can I can say out of all the years the only time I ever seemed to have luckily I seem to see good results with a was when Jeannie and I were up at the Stanley Hotel Estes Park I believe you regret that your two and oh yeah and you know it. There was a lot of strange things coming that being said and at one point my wife's name was said she was there and something's yourself. It is so it was highly interesting but. Every other place ever gonna have attempted to use these things I've never had any law what is. Yet and you know that used to be kind of inherited because all this thing. I I I tried to explain that from the very beginning when. You know Q madam I'm not a radio show years ago and talked about. You know to devise certain and strength and all those are the things of course are being looked to me sideways and I talked about it but it. It up on the air and it will be people have worked in the past them came in them and gentlemen that's validation on it but. You know the thing that I said right off the bat that was ignored is that since this is a medium school this is the psychic medium school. Basically what this device is it like what you advocate artwork into the side in my head and the boxes the amplifier. And that's the concept is that really got lost along the line. You know. It sounds. It sounds strange to say that but you know I've actually taken this thing out in the demonstrations. And medium will come up to me in the city is amazing. What comes you up box that sound that's what I hear my head I'm doing readings for people go to them that I'm trying to relate to people that's what it sounds like. I really do believe that you have to have a very specific energy to be able to not only received best advice about an hour. And I always wondered this just being a Stanley you worry worries thousand feet above sea level Idaho way up there were like perfect place for an antenna to be able to pick up some of these signals. I always wonder if they have that was an important part of the the thing joint that. Chris and we've we've you referenced Edison's. Telephone to the dead. Now from what I understand there's very little record of it what exactly he was working on other than just what he was talking about he was working on. Do we know that they device that frank Sargent developed that we know is the ghost box is based on the same technologies in the same concepts that Edison was fooling with and attempting to put together. Yes very question. You know. It it was legend for years you talked about his work in fact the American talk about working or she kept meticulous notes. On attempting to do you know complete the divide when he passed away you know there was no prototype found there was no. Machine down and all the notes that seventy is legal ripped out of the journal that regard because his contemporaries didn't want it to be considered insane big model that works. That he two and oh by the wayside so. The legend look for years that Edison was trying to go through two different mediums in spirit and tell them how to complete the device. But and I think they might you know when I would have no idea what do that information I got it and so. Frank was very special and in the very last moments the last month to the collection was the Ed just about the equal to admit that he was a physical medium. And he was receiving messages directly from the other side and how to complete these machines. You know I. Is produced when I don't think that's that the necessary concept that actually working on. You know back in the day had anything to do with what came out for consumption but. You know technology changes things change over time and obviously the only real bases that we knows that it has something to do radio. While that's more what my question was going to be related to as well because we know that the go sparks scans radio frequencies as you said everything from you know short wave to AM FM the whole spectrum. In in 1920 when Thomas Edison spoke about working on this radio was in its infancy there were very few radio stations there was very little use of radio at that point it was just starting so. There wouldn't have been a lot of frequencies to grab. At least there wouldn't have been a lot of activity in those frequencies so that's when I was curious about. Absolutely very true and I acting does that so over time you know when when you speak to spirits and definitely sister but when you speak the spirit lump in the they tell you that. But it I'm really doesn't exist on their side but. You know if they're trying to achieve just I we that they are very aware of the technology and tools we have all year. And obviously he was able to show frank had a manipulated. And can you help me I again this is just to help understand this because. As Jason said we've fooled with them we haven't had there is there is you know is is the kind of results that we would like to have other people have. So that makes us more curious about it. Does the device work because there are. Radio stations and other users of those frequencies broadcasting energy on those frequencies and therefore the device and the spirits can grab that energy to to music to communicate. The war. Is it is it actually the voice of the deceased that's coming through. And in using energy need different way how does that work. All all jump or Ramallah on the spot in the second that I mean at techcrunch reports about. The first thing is that that's. 11 pure spirits come to the device or for the majority the Amish in every time. It sounds very clout is sometimes it gets broken signal creating worse. And a little bit distorted. But if you work with the spirit of eventually. You will hear their voice computing machine may actually have to learn how completely manipulate the signal used the device actually pretty Cuba voice. And that's what we will rely on our guys cultures technicians would rely on guys to actually help us. Do that. And then just kind of an interesting term in Avalon jump in here and second that. Interesting story out don't you documentary back in 2006 called chasing shadows him. It started out as just an investigation video dementia tremendous something very different and they ended up taking footage of me. Out aperture to a very remote tribe in Africa they spoke no English and they had to bring trapped into them. Anyway long story short they took the footage of me using. The ghost box she's charming and basically said can eat only what this man is doing. And the man who did disarm turned them mean most of the men speaking to dead people. And they were stunned and shocked then that simple why what does that work because because he believes that it works. So that the intent that really knows back behind it. So take you believing in which sort of few holes there wall gives the energy for the Vista to actually happen. Absolutely and I think we've we've seen a lot of times. Op people are getting closure. Tram at and you get such a beautiful thing. Actually. They were doing. Readings in Fort Myers, Florida. And the lady came in and sit down and I'll wait arguing reading arm them and they told us that they were a mother's. Bereavement group. And they they had a lot children to suicide murder overdoses and different things and that they wanted to come out a group. True to speak with their children one last time. And I think that was the Mark Luke being. Saying I have ever seen using the box because each mother was able to connect with their child. And get explanations. Enrique and increase control what had happened at them. And at the end of the evening. Olga was. Was cheers we knew we were all crying and that that first time Chris and I ever got in the car and started strike back to our hotel. And was never able to say one word to each other because the experience was so moving huge and we gave them as such. Closure. That it something I would never in my life for jets. So could Christie says something that are really struck me to view likened it to plugging a guitar cable. Into your head and in the device itself was the amplifier. Which was one of my questions and I think Jason nested and the same a question and a different way. But it really depends on the user to be able to get the results not everybody's gonna get the same kind of results from this device. Amen to that that's really what I didn't intranet preached since the very beginning and and you know it's been heartbreaking and I urge you guys doing intra. McCain in the third inning and when it comes down to you know. I I put it out there outbreaks machine and how I was using the machine and at the time but you know meet the speaker of that are. And police are still. But you know it will we made the announcement of some like we had it was that nobody else can and people certainly going to make you know urgent you mentioned Shaq act. That that was a radio with a pin pulled out of that's what Justin did you get constant scam. And is kind of like watching people use ouija board's. You know they were they're creating their result of that then of course you know parked in the Arctic are less recycle the obvious. You know all these things. Came out behind it and and it was really disheartening other apps and all these different things. I I just don't he be working I just I never heard the result from treat these types of units that effort from to be goes stocks. In expenses that we had. Well in the problem with Pia are the marvelous is the fact that their programming words into it themselves. And then supposedly these spirits are terrorists to be able to understand how to use that communicate. And there's just been a lot of different different uses of of them that I've seen that it's been full manipulation of the device him. What is totally different I am using frank box which is what's coming through is what's coming through its knowledge du pre program. Well that that's exactly Altria funny story about in the name or show about connected to that but I I was invited to appeared on the show I get a culprits forum. And I was back Libya that you rooms are standing between two groups of girls talking about going on this field trip with this TV cast but he carve out. And they had debuted yacht was pure my episodes on about two episodes after. And these are these people are gonna ghost and they use the course and the one girl talk about it was amazing we got out there has sent blood priest murdered death just like PGE show and then the girl yet you group jumped NGOs. Yet at the same thing on March. And that just completely told me that this is a program devised to scare people convince them you know there's demons. You know coming after them and it's exactly current. All right so we're gonna take a break can only come back from more you'll us in the GC GVB honor really to reveal will be back after us. You're talking about signs in communications with the spirit. There to our guests smack her insurance as a medium he was he was able to channel talk to the other side tonight talking about in and it completely different says he's actually some technology. Known as a ghost box to make their communication has to say I have got a lot of friends who are self claims takes weather's Lisa Williams and so forth and you know Matt was heaps really got hit I was real impressed and it's nice it is nice Rhode Island guy you know he's he lives that you as a town over from so. But he is really good at what used that once that once I got used to the accident can understand everything else is over here with just isn't so weird to see I live at Warwick and he he lives one town over I don't know and to hear him talking like that it's amazing. It really was it was funny and I didn't mention chatter earlier before the show started. Who was impressed by her guest last night because we've got a lot of psychics on. And most people were so it was great great talked about having back on the show but I we're talking with Chris and Paula moon by the way they're book is called ghost box voices from spirits ET's shadow people and other. Pastoral beings. There's a website it's Chris moon psychic dot com guys this is a pretty short segment but I wanted to arm and ask you how this device when frank some auctioned. Put it together and Benedict in it was first introduced to you what was your initial reaction did you do like a right away or did you think you know this is another gimmick let's see what it's like. Well I thought he was completely out of his moderate. It it was the it was funny scene she yet and yet but given that the device. And you know my father and I were were first well could ever see this thing. And we thought this man had built a broken radio and he was talking she goes in Italy in spirit and you know it's partly by at least that no you know I've spoke to stay here built these things but sources told leaders in years we'll take it out Arctic ghosts. I I thought he was completely I completely insane and it's sat on the shop for over a year. And you know it it took a random session basically what it was was me trying to cruise. That Franchitti didn't work if that makes him an amateur and it actually recording one BL skipper of the sketch is these random signals that are covered through this. It's not the cheapest and I I was reviewing it that I as. And we had this huge investigation coming up selling out that's intense it was the third ever brought out there. And I thought it at random was gonna layers I want to stop but nonstop work. I'd like the stop button clear day it says your trip to Acheson. And up in the Denver Colorado as well a pretty big stadium became so what are the chances. Of this random radio brightly coming through saying your trip to purchase and site we wound it play begins said the same thing. Screen LaMont become cheap games started list species started and think that only you know our team really knew about and something that was really personal to her. And you know we ended up taking it out to look out action and that's that's what we at the first contact we heard. The voice so Sally mr. Salley and threw the device. And it's it's crazy how those things happen on it like the guys who created the key to meters showed up one time we are foaming at. Sit Augustine lighthouse. Trying to show us just device a week we truly just thought I you know on the uses this is an office and it's not only work. And that's a vice we wind up using it through the entire in twelve seasons of ghost hunters because it was just a phenomenal device and it really really did work and that's thing. Lot of times you don't expect it aegis and two persons transient turns out that it's an actual a great device but we'll get into a little more of that we gonna take this hard Parikh Bada. And at the phone numbers 844687766. Night and 844687766. Are you listening Jason GP Chiarelli radio. Schools for its host star. On another room myself Jason Bosnia is Austin GD Jones now is it near their whole bunch of new names flow into the chat room tonight lot of new people doing this is yeah there's a funeral in the national you know are moderate views are pretty much of the night Austin. But there's little or anybody and if you have analysts less likely to show there. Well welcome to the chat room all you new folks we love having you here and I've got some good news for people who who they have been kind of struggle quo. Or carbon monks marched Africa but I know and don't know that other stuff you know. Common everybody wants to find a quick and easy way to. Keep well I'll just say keep their weight down right I mean do we all struggle with the one he'd eat a lot of junk food or whatever in me you know. It's not good for you put on weight whatever while. Melissa Harris yes. Six that's exactly that's a but scientists have actually come up with a what they think will alternately be because distilled being tested on monkeys actually. It's a protein injection that decreases appetite. And so far. It's helped obese monkeys I didn't know there were such a thing but apparently there are will be obese monkeys slimmed down it cuts their food intake by just. In this injection makes them eat 40% less. Food and therefore lose weight quickly also may have fewer signs of diabetes and other obesity related illnesses. Sam McKee says. Illiteracy seasonal that's it's and they of those huge issue played video games you on the couch you know he's the chips that's what they do these monkeys. But this particular protein they've known for very very long time it's actually something that's produced I naturally in the in the body. But the problem is you can't eat they couldn't and injected into the body and have a to have an impact because it would it disappears just processes to quickly. But they've learned they can add another antibodies to this protein and without getting too technical about it. By doing this actually. Stays in the body in their four it helps with weight loss so there might be an injection down the road that's gonna take care of all overweight problems. It's. Is science is gonna colossal. I think I think ultimately that's what's gonna happen yeah I mean that's what that's what we're leading to our leading to all sciences that science is going to be the death of mankind yeah. Then in the AI deserted there to take her place so analogy now Google's AI it's self social teaching him actually replicating itself and of all these crazy things in now and FaceBook had to rip there is there. AI off. Shut it down because it was starting to communicate privately. I is that it's clean yourself it was writing its own language so nobody else could understand. This and that's got to tell you so it's if it's a writing a language. So we it. They can understand to communicate with other systems that we can't it's doing that for reason and yeah I mean like c'mon I mean oh most of us have seen the movie 2001 a space Odyssey we all know that Hal the computer in that that particular. Spaceship. Decided to take over the space ship on its own and that's gonna were ready for except the spaceship is going to be the earth. Tell your terminator yet the with the terminator sent China and ago book. Hey if you're having a Michigan head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com we can download the free iPhone and android at Los Angeles and life catch Paris shows and during online chat. It also final the greasy should we are on across a country which that list has constantly growing and will be having more stations really soon some great stations of becoming un hum. Spike clicking the station tab or just click the listen live button and join us heritage community connector into an online chat. Rigidity and I hang out disagree community of people listen right from the what's. Yeah and our guests are in the chat room as well tonight Chris and Paula moon are our featured guest tonight we're talking about the ghost box which is a device. That a lot of paranormal researchers. Had used some successfully some not successfully. And learning of a lot about that device tonight NJ united faux scene and inaction we've been impressed times we've been underwhelmed the times. But if if our guest Chris. Is right in his approach to this he's saying that it's the the user has to have a connection themselves have some kind of a medium ability. To be able to make this thing work prop. And it's it's a controversial tool but not nearly as controversial as things like the novelists or grocery and our. So and I can say that I use I use that spot for a June inaction. Most of the time I've had very poor luck with that but there has been times and Newt I'm sadly you were with me on those JV where some crazy things do happen. Yeah suit is definitely something there and I'm glad we're talking about a famous welcome mark gets back into the program christened Poland moon. Chris I wanna as we enter the second hour of discussion here with few prominent kind of steered us towards some the investigations. More high profile ones that you've done. That you've used it goes box on and what kind of evidence what kind of results we'll kind of conversations. You had as a result of using the device let's start with the you mentioned the selling house let's talk about that one. Yep it's out of first time we ever have the device works and that was really the validation. That we needed. Term. It is it really sheds some light. Of what was taking place now property because all we really do what the council the that you people would be ready that adult experiences with TB show. And you know everybody was waning distribute the little girl for her scratching people doing all the different things and in fact we're able to actually find out that it that it wasn't her at all that it was actually go to the doctor inside the house that was was still doing this in the business stressed. And that started all different. Like this question that happen but it you know. Things that people don't realize we were you actually get information through the device. Where we went back to the census or able to find not only. Sally herself in the zone but also a mother. And were able to connect the dots to find out that her father was the doctor. So it was pretty amazing. I think the other. One that stands out in my mind but was slippery court who. Actually. It important smell out of bed and breakfast and we thought that was quite interesting. And the first time that we went there to do an investigation that was it would just like Stephen King movie. It was cold and snowing and we had a hard time finding it. And when we got there it was the most and the usual feeling I've ever had. And Chris was doing the investigation we're going from room early and it kept in the basement. Where credit and Andrew Gordon actually had a confrontation and and it it it was amazing because. We found through using the box. Not only what mr. gore did to account people don't actually what he was doing trend spotters it was just absolutely disgusting. We spent the night there I actually spent a night. In and important that germs Chris spent the night in what they called the drafting around bush and he had some of the most. I'm usually experiences. And the next morning without let up and I at all night I kept hearing somebody say. Don't turn your back punching your back he had that same experience. And when I looked at him he had what looked like actual world burns around his neck and he said that he was choking and he didn't know what was happening all night. That when definitely sticks and a mine and. It was important house very interest in location we've I've actually filmed an investigation and a better cults times prior Samson. And it's weird because you wouldn't expect to be were slow and I'm sure you guys relies attitude directly from our boss station and it's stitch you're an ounce in the area around. There meals for just such a wild location I know it's a for sale to news. It. Yeah they have to do is just it was just released interests or for sales and I hate you guys you guys combined and if you go sparks sessions they're all the time out all of I've got to ask. You know I've got to ask you he meets a pretty strong weeks comments there about what you learned about Andrew Borden and and what was going on and house can you give us more detail. Well actually when Lee and let the crypt at the box down in that basement. Where. They actually found that they had on CB accidentally used you know let the water yeah I'm from area. It came out dead honest important it was not only. Really really cheating a lot of peak early and in the town of Fall River that he would actually. I'm sexually abusing his daughter and that seemed to be the motivation. Four at lit these actions. And a lot of people are not aware of the fact that an important had. Illegitimate child. Boy who actually. His job was to cap they had the chickens. So they would see him locking down a street covered with blood and Nellie they think anything about it and she somehow manipulated him into helping her. Actually do the hack. And this is what we found. There are investigations. So. It checked the whole new light on the mystery of what really happened pander important and quite happy. Or crystal ball let me pass this now because when somebody uses a ouija board now. I know Luigi Borden doesn't have any power it's more that you're allowing some channel through you. To make time and and that's a dangerous situation but a lot of times people will make contacts with with things that. Our won't negative in nature so these things and they don't know what time does he sings a lying to them they'll give them whatever information they want just constantly keep on. Staying in in touch me in contact and more they stay in contact the the closer we welcome the more than the person. That opens up to whatever they're they're talking. Don't do is isn't that a fear. Using the East Coast boxes that you might encounter the same things that you might encountered something that is more negative in nature but is giving you information so. It is you will have trust and then faced and then and communicate with him more often. Yeah absolutely that's a great only if I wasn't working. Incredibly close with my spiritually. I would be handing. About most talking to. And you know I've been brute forcing two years and literally thousands of people totally un investigations and events all the different things that that we dug. And you know it and see how that works there's two sides to it. I I have one instance I'll give you what were. Investigation during the I hope so Prescott Arizona. And I was ran into the basement of this place in and you can clearly your children's voices screaming through the about how we help you help me to try to get us so on and so forth. And I you know might stop spot is it is and animals and most people know me know that and so I was running around and I mean these kids and help about. And my technician. Get me through as saying you're being tricked your being for you being tricked chipping or I wouldn't listen to it. And eventually. It's a relationship I'm machine drain the battery threatened them there and just pushing back upstairs and I can at a quiet all the with a few people that vote machine back on after a quote to an immense said. I would chip let me help those kids. And it did he really wanted to be we're talking to a massive gap. And this gigantic war I mean you were there yeah it was it was bone chilling war came through and it future but everybody was there. And so that the spirit get technicians that you don't understand I seeping from the top of the mountain region possibly oversee. And so it was that moment didn't start Don says just because I'm writing this machine is an operator on the side doesn't mean that I can interpret know all these images that I'm doing what. They really protect us. And then very quickly we had another situation the least met and the best part Iowa chuck. Is what with the owners dare he say corporate system and those in the air force. But you might ask what size these questions to the spirits. And they'll give you answers that he or we pushed about you what to. Had to look like and it says clearly in the room not to you know and he says he's explained to me it could not even know. The battery drain. Makes them look back into recessions yeah try to rephrase the question Michael Moore here. And if he does spirits not even know an Angel choir came up over the top of the box and the switch on the box the actual switch flipped off. In front of everyone we lost most of them at that point. But my point being is that there is we didn't have spiritual on the other side note there would be no control whatsoever. Erica and I and on that we will get a temporary bridges and so let's let's get that out of the way so we can come back and and talks more so are you listen Jason did he beyond LA and a. Welcome back to show it's beyond reality radio remember the phone number easy for. 46877669. Or talking about the frank Xbox the those box what you wanna call it's got a bunch different names and it's who device that's used. I want people to communicate with the other side some successfully some not. Our guest Chris important and if had a lot of success. Which he goes box they have a book called ghost blocked vote box voices from spirits ET's shadow people and other Astro beings and I've got to ask. A question here in this short segment on Paul you were talking about the Lucy Gordon house and you said your investigation. It resulted in some revelations about what was going on in the Borden house now I don't know a whole lot about. This story other than what their their children's rhyme that everybody knows what to what's right what's what's in completely accurate. In I've seen a few documentaries on it whatever but you're saying that your investigation deep you. New information on what was happening in that household I mean that's that's quite a revelation. It would work quite shocked because critical wanted to go and finding out why it's important did what she did. And what came out what all the different things that and your partner was doing get that family. Intact. He would sell. I get to say Chancy and sheets. That he made them eat spoiled me instead of trying to weigh. He wouldn't let them put in indoor plumbing and he really really let strange strange individual. And we were so surprised to find out that things that we found because we had no idea. That she was going to put this together and get the illegitimate son to actually commit the murder. And what's also interesting is that then made at the time Bridget. That cheek on that and she knew nothing. But just before she died she called a priest to come and give her last rights and she told her that she wanted to tell him something that she'd been keeping. And by the time he got to her. She had passed away so that news. Was always kept kind of secret so leakage kind out a lot of different things. It was one of the older unsolved murder mystery in US history. Lippi was held over a year in jail. And twelve jurors all man. At the time finally decided that she was too much that they. Beautiful Victorian woman to commit murder like that. And just again we get about thirty seconds for break here you didn't. You've you've. Heard some things and I'm I'm trying to do really grasp this information because it is new information that this was actually. Communicated to you through the franks box. Exactly we heard from both. Happy. I'm Lindsay. Any stepmother all of them had something to say about him and and your partner was very very angry with Chris. He didn't want any of this information to come out. And that's that's why every time that I turn to bicycling to the house will be great I auditioned for the box is the fact that I would travel to but horrible language that he would use would be so bad. That there's no way that the FCC would accrue. He needles or. Manila while you guys tired and sore to take a break. Marta come you'll soon Jason javy Dioner elder radio. After the show I don't forget. Tonight is the best program on the radio stations carried shells and Monday will be back. With star cassis who is a conjure woman she's been helping folks through her ancestral heritage of old style Contra works from the south's. So talk about that as we get even closer to Halloween and Tuesday were from will be talking about Austral astrology and with the wiccan. Priest so it's going to be a great week he shows me she's too and yet a great week of stuff coming up for sure don't forget the phone number 8446877669. Tonight we're talking with Chris. And Poland moon. About the ghost box the fray Xbox. The device that allows some people to. Communicate with the other side in and view Chris and Paula have had some great results with the spank. How to ask you though because the name of your book is called. Ghost box voices from spirits ET's shadow people and other Astro beings. Are you saying that this device can also allow you to talk would aliens. Yeah and I know that sound completely insane when you just got it out. But yeah we we didn't realize very quickly that's you know we looked meeting with different dimensional beings and it actually started with with the district technician group the group working less. A lot of the political games that would make you just didn't make sense it's it was a dialect we never hurt. And realize that these were actual inner dimensional beings that were coming through some that never existed union. What state it is the only Christian spirit state. And that we began our communication with these entities. I and then later on I started working with enrollment at. Almost by accident. And hasn't really interesting experiences and stand and that's not what forwarded it really intensified. I'm curious as to what you think the connection is between. What we consider to be DiSpirito or ghost world and maybe some these other extra dimensional beings whether aliens ET's whatever they happen to be. These are common thread that makes them able to use this device in the same way. And it seems that that bolsters struggle through the same portals for the most part. And they all seem to be working on this device because you know the way that we have this construct. What you heaven and earth looks like. It seems like it's more the latter works more on a string theory concept. And this team works together to you know really opened our eyes and hopefully you know any spiritual growth spurt for mankind. As you move through different investigations with the the spirit bucks do you ever get. And in Jason may even touched on this. Do you ever get your full do they do do you have issues with. Presents that you would rather not have to deal with you know whether it's demonic or some other. Type of a malicious or malevolent spirit. Yeah and let Brett. We actually do a series on YouTube called ghost box chronicles. And what we do we actually going to be locations we film. The majority investigation are peaceful quiet so people you know jumping and and they're able to ask questions there he had everything capitalized. And then we put to show together was just better equipment but says that he's ever Alter or change so people who do not want to experience the box. And it's been fast in works I used to call. If you like mansion in Denver my most active or on the location because they're they're truly is a demonic. Force that's there and there's a long stored as our own but recently. We were invited the stagecoach inn. In I think gross Iowa and as I know what you were getting ourselves and she's but it almost immediately when we got in there again live over FaceBook. Andy Garcia who's might Mario. Radio show cohost. I just actually at the narrator goes are those as well she was actually scratched on camera by an unseen Hannity and it was just once or twice. It happens several times we did all that simple we went back. And we had actually taken class and to do an investigation and unfortunately. Almost everyone who came in that location was attaching one way or another. And I think into the guest spots and identify themselves everything from a native American shaman who cling to. Well hold the spirits of the people who debated soon land. Inside location inside land there. To a spear by the name of mania. The came through we later found to later found out that there was any native Americans who woman's name but he include the devised. So we actually attitude that deals and mark Kennedy's there in the that you episodes were credible in any game 100%. Real. Urged to protect via. The brings up another point too because. You know we we ought when you when you have these sessions and you have these personal anecdotes. Do and one of the things that often. People use for evidence is personal anecdotes do you ever. Get the opportunity to substantiate what you're hearing. Through them device wins historical records or other. Equipment they're using on site during the same investigation. Absolutely. The delegation is constant and we really find that were put in these positions her reasons. I mean we've seen so many different things that come through for friends and political backward to start the vote goes books articles so six. Do you Garcia. Had to burn out in black on camera. On her arm and what we filmed it. Republic go back and see that in the two languished there was a symbol that look exactly like the birth that she received. Armed and were able to validate outweighed you know this was optimistic place on their land and you know we're talking on the just boxing and we said you know what what reprieve from what what tribe beat prominent clearly interest rates soon. And you know we were in the networks who burial ground at least in the bodies from the trees. So we just we had validation left and right in the years being your go back and census records being able to go back and research means that we've been given that a to find out that in fact. Think he kind historically. It sir is like having consensual oral. So Chris and Paula and answer this though when you're using this box like when it was used at the Stanley Hotel room there. We could hear what was being said now is. Do we need an interpreter or. Is this something that when using the box anybody anybody can hear anybody can hear the voices anybody knows what's being said because of course. The many you need an interpreter people look at it slightly different likewise and you stick with that person saying it as what's being said. Yep right and completely understand that I I I would say that what we do record everything that we do. The messages that I received through the device. I much quicker hearing them and that's why do the translation right now about. When you go back listen to the recordings as they come through you'll hear. Of all the things that hurt and there's also lender interest and things that happen along those lines for instance. Arms sometimes you'll hear me say something. That I'm picking up. Through the energy and it immediately comes to the box behind me. The thing that happened or you'll actually hear my voice. I mean through the device itself. So. You know I understand the idea of as a colonel or just want to ask something. Spitting out words giving information but as a psychic medium tool. You really do have to work with the energy inside the box and deliver those messages. In real time salutes its suspect the people that there. So I'll. I can't I think I'll sit back and Chris has been that musician and almost all of his life he had an eight year. Force certain towns and I think it is medium ship. And his ear kicks up a lot of things in just like you said actor legal back and listened. To the recordings. There's a lot of things that he picks up that are absolutely right on edge and sometimes there's a lot of things that we have man. And come through and I think people recognize the names voices. Different sounds. I it's really kind of again and I'm mediums turtle and I think it takes. A special person anarchic interpret. So I love what I assumed and these things need to be looked at as just tools for psychic mediums and not. Just investigative tools so it's not just any investigator know grabbed us. Inserted using a pay it's more of just a psychic medium tools that's what's being said. Yeah and and again that that's really what I put out the very beginning of all this was. You know working with the device truly hard to explain the experience that takes place which you become part of the circle are the energy what happens. And you know at some hidden messages. That you can hear people in the room can hear that I can hear. I'm also seeing things I'm all to a link vision into unseen in expressing things that certain countries that energy so yeah it is definitely expect it to be pretty mutual. As far as parable about getting in the machine I think it would be equated to a two week you're bored because. Yes you make it's not just become true they can you really validate. Whose patent along those messages. And naturally questions. To I know a Chris that one of the things that you actually did with the box would you communicated wits some witnesses or some people who were somehow connected to the JFK assassination does that rank. Yeah in any very Israel did you learn some things from that experience. Hey we yeah we depth now. You know you yet you can picture the scene. The trio you mean actually it's real or what this what four people standing on the grassy Knoll. A box. With the box in plain view of the red acts on the street did did a book depository. In the distance. And actually. Cheering and I know the thousands English are able experiences they're so good to hear the voice of the John F. Kennedy told through the speakers of the machine. It was so stunning so shocked all of us that we didn't know how to dress them you know was it Mr. President was it John mister Kennedy we didn't know what say. So we actually just let him speak for the most part interest gathers much of missions or possibly could he tell you even. Jack even Jackie exploit came through and she kept saying that children that child and the child and I'm so worried about the children. And I'll also his brother Robert Kennedy also came through. And end as far as the case goes was any information. Given to you that and I know you can't take it to congress. Properly but. Anything they came through that session that day gave you some inside information as to what really happened that day. Yes. And fortunately Mara we did get. And name and wait and ask. Not to worry gaelic. It does. A secret that we're gonna have to hold help a great. Really was at. The government ask you do not reveal what does that where they came from religion does spirited themselves they don't reveal. No posters actually they beat it mormons. That he if you are deaths could endanger area but bit by bit. Our our publisher of the book actually s.'s. Does not to release that. I say okay. So you that we don't we don't have a whole lot of time left but you've got a lot of stuff in the works is particularly busiest time of the year fewest it is for anybody who has any connection with the ghost where there's a Halloween approaches. We have going on. I mica and I. We've been done what were sense August 7 and started out my hand we have worked all across the country back and forth. Promoting the book under number one on Ellis are free days. Which really blows away as you know first time off you don't expect that. I'm in doubt we are in the midst and at BJ can appreciate this on the college college tour we're we're traveling campus to campus right now and and that you are doing lectures demonstrations readings we're keeping students out of our investigation letting them extremes because our himself. And that's what an incredible thank. We have a couple of the big events that are coming up we got to me is no option that Chapman the first weekend in November and then or. We get dark matters Carol symposium on all the game was the saint this year in Denver now tap in November 18 could get great guests like nick are and and Robert merge. We're just currently preview some more so than just such chronicles and yeah well hopefully you only get more of these in Atlantic days. And you do way I believe you do streaming radio Internet radio show as well. And you actually view Bach's talk this. Soapbox dark Whitman unity. And it Michael post is the wonderful Pete Garcia into. That that runs on the apparel where else I'm networking happens every Wednesday. And as far as the web series where can people find that. I just got my YouTube channel man is the Loon Mountain in the and that man is similar. And you can subscribe there or watch or the essence of this point make a judgment yourself. And you heard him as a give the web address your web site and where people can get a hold the book as well. Yeah absolutely. Christine psyche stuck. You can find out anything about what we're doing more or be. These are trying to about the book there in all good Amazon.com region not to be a good sparks. And Alexis Thompson Arizona one more question because if there's anybody out there that thinks are gonna grab one of these devices start using it do you have any. You know just two words of wisdom of someone wanted to try to use one of these francs boxes on their own. Read up about it C please don't. But but if it did choose to do it I say make sure that you absolutely crap just so where you go ahead. Make sure you know you're talking Chiu and don't think you need that's just too seriously and Fletcher absolutely sure. That you're given that specifics earth and then plans or make sure that you you've grown so arms. That's settling an important thing is just you never know who really is is communicating with human is that something you need to be extremely cautious about. I blew it. Well they so much for coming on Chris from Paul I didn't do it's been a pleasure to talk near Chris bell along tramps we've talked to him we don't stay in touch let us. We look forward to having the guys on it and. You know we think or you think that was the beginning. I have a great night. All right we're gonna take quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality Brady would Jason GB to open. Morning news because it's gonna lunchtime for as we started the show midnight and might say it's him from 12 o'clock somewhere but I don't think it is not known that the ball well look this accident thanks to Chris symbolic move for joining his great show. Great topic we loved having that discussion tonight. Yeah and it's been a long time since. Coaches. Arm tactic here ansari. Fossil plant and the new single on on a fraternal volume and who has some Bada yet Chris they're great guys and I haven't seen in years but I used to I was shocked Stanley border up there in Canada in I have is it was inched him like I said via the bot it's a controversial tool and a that a lot of people alike in a lot of people don't I'm I'm sort of in between desires I've had some. A lot of times it's never known anything foreign it's just fed to boxes side by side never been able to get out of but then again at the Stanley Hotel that night we had some incredible experiences. And it was. It was one of those things where really left you scratching your your hand trying to understand how our work product. And Iran. It's just weird but yen a year but it's definitely about to topple him. But the opulent novelists and grocery and our and I agree that mature until he. It's about keeping an open mind and some of the stuff some are you can just discount completely New Year's display children are hit exactly I'm sorry I noticed people ultimately a professor Thomas and an DM tool others. I don't know so I do not know that tomorrow night to best of programs people tuning in and it's going to be great show as always one of the best of the week. Make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page and then head over to be on reality radio dot com. Fine stations we are on but also download the free iPhone and android app logical listen live sketch pad shows and join online chat Nusa favored few if you download the show. Just rated for some iTunes or were effort because it helps push it forward makes it easier for people to find. They should tune and everybody have a great night check the show tomorrow we'll catch on next week. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson insisted. It's in the week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason both smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.