WWL>Topics>>Shadow people and the hat man. What and who are they and why are more and more people seeing them?

Shadow people and the hat man. What and who are they and why are more and more people seeing them?

Nov 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Heidi Hollis about the increasing number of reports of sightings for both shadow people and the hat man. Who are these entities and what do they want? After year of research, Heidi has some answers. 11/7/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday in the east. Those enhanced and between welcome to be on really curious myself Jason laws and always awesome GV Johnson this is gonna kick off a great week of some great program excited about this week come we always have great guests we we have a terrific lineup of people but this this is kind of a back to back to back to back. Week of really cool topics and excited about this. It really is tonight we're going to be talking about one of my favorites. For me talking about the hat and are in the top hat man or whatever you wanna refer to unmasking and we're going to be getting into a lot of those T tells with Heidi Hollis the world's foremost. Expert on channel people in the hat man. So monastic challenge that. Yeah well isn't going to be a lot of questions from ankles that's for sure play especially with three years that I spent researching into it so I'm I'm I'm really excited about this in the tomorrow and talking with doctor Craig Hogan. Co author of induced after death communication. Lawson has yet it's. To be great to he's the author of your term eternal self a book that presents hundreds of scientific sources that prove that the mind is not in the brain. And people's minds are linked the afterlife is real. And consciousness actually changes the material world so a whole bunch of really cool topics in that one night I'm looking forward to that. And on a Wednesday were talking Marie Warren about pretty much the Mandela effects and the buzz about the Mandela factor in people talking about a few curious about it so again an immigration reform this week. Yes on Thursday Chris Boris kernel community care so he's created a new approach to ghost hunting by interacting with spirits and interviewing. Term discussing that so it's going to be a week or great shows great stuff OK so now here's the important stuff OK on. Did you did you watch season two of stranger things. I did did the kids and I banged it out and and about 34 days yes it is not like mean and of course from the TV address decrees and I do. Stranger things if you haven't seen it if you don't have Netflix you probably haven't seen it but it's a Netflix original program on the first season must last year was eight episodes are believed in this second season just hit. And a couple weeks ago. Just before Halloween it's nine episodes I just finished it tonight and I don't want any spoilers here for anybody that has has and hasn't seen in intends to watch it but I do have to ask. What the heck I. Am I missing something because I cannot figure is is this about. Hell is this about demons is this about aliens is this about I'll multi dimensions so oh orders and. All of the above what is it. Well and and if I think it's about the multi dimensions and I was just. I was mind blowing when they told off eleven I mean and mean episode six or seven and second season where vehicles are off. Who is. Audio and made an effort to expect expect congress and our parent but in the arm scared the out of debt and sorrow are now they are on the visitors think you know it is now jumped 120 years ahead in the end she Mary's right Kitna so it's it's critical if it and I'm I'm just totally screwing up com and do you will be happy to know. Chris folk and inserts tomorrow yeah I'm excited about that commit murder tonight depending where you are a country I am very very excited about that it has been hikes they did just finished a stranger things season too to not have click 1415. Episodes of them. Acting like that a fight something I never being able to find it yet you know which pretty much sounds it. Posada and we Oro although we did find things but I really wanna go back to the stranger things don't know do you think it's the demonic do you think it's about and I'm nuts I don't want again and trying to trying to avoid spoilers here if you haven't seen it. But the show there's a central theme in the show and it's something otherworldly and I'm trying to figure out what it is if it's still on active kids and now it's it's why I don't know what the creature is but it's definitely it's an inter dimensional thing has. Watching the show you'll you'll see them. Like what episode he and so far I finished I'm done. Tonight I'll send that Verlander time that that old married otherwise I often aren't turned and our thoughts are for me. Anyways but I'm. Not only see he he seems to speak seizing an anonymous dimensions are shallow right but couldn't they could be a dimension of hell could be a dimension and all those things are and their death -- that access rental and all quite pleasant creature if we have time later in the program and anybody that wants to weigh in on this I'd love to hear from you in your opinion to I don't think there's any defeated man I don't think there's a definitive answer I think this is kind of open to interpretation and half points and all that play caller talked about our thanks I appreciate so as. The phone numbers. The 4468776. Excited until freed a 446877669. If you having yen may she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page try to get those numbers are then had to beyond reality radio dot com reek and you find all agree stations we air on across the country. We're going to be at a morning just a couple of weeks and also he can download the free iPhone and android operate there. Which allows you to listen live catch Pashos join online chat more ridiculous or from the website just by clicking Melissa live tab the connecting to a chatter with a great bunch of people javy and I heroism that need to listen assurance from there. If you do down the show Forrest do us a favor. You don't show justice affair and to breed at Taurus because it helps push shall forward and that's what it's all about making easier and easier for people far. Yet to help subtle lot in fact Tom and yet these announcements we've got coming up with some news stations joining the beyond reality radio Sam we have broadcast stations as pretty exciting stuff. We're going to be in some cool cities that we're not in a at this point and I can't wait to to reach those folks. Yes and our heart goes outs or use everybody and nine in Texas and or appeal it's just it's sad it's sad summer right there happens Anderson I feel like every. Kabul weeks and we come on the show and now we have started off with that lifts. Some sad. Sad part doing this. There's this hasn't even been a couple weeks because last week on Halloween we had the New York City sang and then now I'm in on the we have this is just. I just the world's in a river really really strange place right now and we talk about this often with our guests and people who. On the have some type of faux sense of what might be happening and nobody can zero answers but men weren't really strange place right now. You know we are and our hearts go to everybody who who has affected all the families that were affected those who lost their lives and a aren't just pretty much everybody around mr. snow event. And there were thinking of us who you are it's again the phone numbers eat for 46877669. Tall freed 844687766. Ninths. How long did end up taking you to finish watching this strange effect on I want to do over the course of three or four days from ID you know skip some days in between just what stuff going on but I'm probably total watching time it was you know cuts like three or four evenings. So I'd say it's not I mean you know when. What to do something like that your bureau binge watching and no commercials and he can kind of zip right through amend and access love watching TV quote unquote that way. It just it's a strange to me because we you've got to you've got a show that as popular as stranger things he is right now. And you know 33 nights and I'm done for a year you know so now would we are awaiting year probably here in Reno and who knows. The chino the awesome part about it though is that you're not. You're not sitting there having term note why shall commercials are and you can watch on your own time I think that's the most important thing if you have an extra hour here or there. You can sit down a candidate cultural and catch up so quick. And I think that's awesome I think that's where Netflix really is just phenomenal thing a little loan. You have your iPad or whatever and unity you're able to watch and anywhere you sit in the airport I etc. washed up sows and their. Yet it's really really his awesome and it's very convene and I have to say that I if I started watching new season of Walking Dead the same way. On demand and a Netflix and I something weird is going on in and I'm not sure what's happening and haven't looked into it yet but the first episode I watched a couple days after it airs I started watching it I got about fifteen minutes and I think was ready for the show that night it came down to the show won back to watch the rest of it in all the sudden it said it was unavailable and then it took like a week Ford to become available again and tonight I went to watch the third episode and that's saying it's not available so looks like AMC is now saying OK well you can't watch these things on demand for like two weeks. After they air something like that there's some. New rules in place I don't know it's complicated the problem with on demand as you can fast toward either Bristol throw commercials interest right but but would be used to be confused watching what the next night and absent some reason can do that now so let another mess smoothness of change in the rules in mid game. It's on I accept it took his life except we know it is acceptable we're going to be talking about shadow people and the head man and we're gonna get a little slender man conversation going in here too because there's some connections core relations so. It's going to be great night. Are sort sic a quick break care and only combat will be joined with their gas assert conversation you're listening Jason JB MB RO. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond reality radio jumped on the phone number eight. 446877669. That's your number to call Tony join our conversation any point during the program like I said if you've got some. Comments about stranger things you wanna join your. That conversation we had off for your opinion as to what you think is going on the next show without spoilers. As best we can. You know Colin would later we'll do that. Absolutely so are. I'm excited about Garcia ready get this car I am ready to get this going yes tonight we're going to be talking with Heidi Hollis. Heidi is the world's four Morse foremost expert on shadow people on the hat man will be discussing highlights about her books. One being the first book that define the very phenomenon a shadow people it's called the secret war. And then we have another book that took things to a new level giving more to deet tails and how different to have men is. And is separate from channel peoples through talking about that and mourn Heidi welcome to beyond not reality radio great to have you on tonight. Outcasts and so excited to be here I think for inviting me. Now we've been we've been looking forward to to this were talking about at all last week as the hat man. Has been subject or I have been investigating for two at twenty plus years and I've been taking and reports of them all around the world. And it it's something that's always really just intrigued me trying to understand. Yeah ask the same here. Spent and think radiate from the Taliban that record that I receive now I get it and it's. Let's start it at mind blowing. Yeah let's start learning a little bit more more about you tell us about yourself. Well I grip and a lot of power and that's a great place to be isn't that what they're looking at listen I adapt by now as a kid of course that was a little bit nerve racking. And it and it was something that that piqued my interest I would absolutely terrified my sister and I were. I haven't shared experiences that. Moved into being something more her when we do my parents actually built a brand new house and we. Livan anyplace but anybody out and it ever lived in before and actually it it changed currently we started having nightmares that we're scared and I'm like what on earth is going on here it didn't understand the connection. I value of both lipped out in the country and it kind of escalated into a mine having seen other things including. Like a big foot like staying calm. Shadow people aliens lo and behold I mean just a whole array of things seem to open up from. And it has been a scared little girl experiencing coat. Well and it covering the whole gamut there but now you say you were having nightmares that we're shared who do you mean that you were you when you're here other siblings are having nightmares that with the congress and yeah. I yeah honestly and it honestly it seem like we were. Maybe even participating in the same dream of seeing each other. Against the back it up a little bat the hottest topic Europe and my mother had passed away when I was quite young I was happened. And that very first Christmas. My my stated to be stepmother and step brother moved again and looked at an organ and do. And things change really quickly when my my parents stepped out. Good evening to go which others near Tikrit that literally Christmas morning and my siblings and I are going to hurt toys. Having a blast Wendell organs. At play by itself. And you know we did not old western town the deal like that is so cool. Typical old movies. And my stepbrother. That would definitely terrified and went blank. It doesn't do that she duck. I hope. We have a lot of heavy week of greed and our ran as a just now all our rhetoric. Time and dealing with what was going on there. And and Harry. I was gonna ask you didn't win the organs started playing itself for so how many siblings did you have so many people actually heard this happen. I'll Wear crowded around and it was myself. My two sisters and my stepbrother. It's a bunch of you there. When did it start playing and actually an an actual 200 just are making noise. It was like all the low key advocate buying just. Just like a bunt to keep that one just pounding away and we got it definitely. This is so cool that I could ultimately were under. With those organs and my stepbrother he would absolutely terrified. He could not believe what he was beating and when we saw at their right he was. And screaming laureate like join them and we all ran out of the ground and ran into the bathroom. Doctor now been. It he'll he'll take that Jason at my expert go adventure hunting so I haven't added that there. Elizabeth. Or on the bully inside and that there were all sitting in the back there and and his bike at Angel and we sat there listening to this bank to join on not add that they go a bit too crowded in here somebody have to get out. Here and all of eight years old at the time and see some may have a bathroom. And I've been bought my eyes out go and I cannot believe I'm sitting here with my back up against the door looking across the room. At that organ playing Napoli an and I I don't know where district from I I. Setup and I just could not anymore and I knew it ever he used. A lock their organs so I got up. Market and I heard that term. Found that he'd. And Natalie dictating to my siblings that are doing and I go out to the organ and it's playing. It cool the copper. Over the keys and the playing and I the cubicle bit Locke did it stop playing. And I like the public billing they cannot I its second. And they crap. The door opens a little bit fatigue likely he'll have to stop again I have and other peeking out about to step out of the tour. Another now. Parted playing mentally and I mean we have mounted wrapping paper and tape slam the door grieving and like what is the what is it currently I'm. Pushing throughout the wrapping paper let them. Trying to find it when it is that. And I pick up this electric guitar my sister just gotten for Christmas. I and I kinda you know at that hurt and I'm I'm gonna pick the battery out there donor and they had to take the batteries out and we're now that. A while oh Jesus are already lost and so. We're gonna get until little more this community quick break and I only come back a lot more fun it was a 446877669. You'll listen to Jason GBM beyond reality little. Start as we actually haven't been talking with Heidi Collins or guest tonight Heidi is an author and researcher a paranormal and shadow person and had man expert. The website is Heidi Hollis dot com. Some of the books that she's got available or are the hat man true stories of evil encounters also the secret war a true story about. He real alien war in shadow people. Jesus is no joke a true story of an unlikely witness who saw Jesus I have to say holly on I see the true story in all of those titles so this kind of theme. Charlie and I think and it needs to be known that. In a reality is truly change of inspection and all right I'd like to let people know lack of there's this is areas. Yeah and I agree so before we went to break you're telling us about the story with this piano in this sort of those part by itself and and I was talking you back and forth and chat and to be honest with you even that he just seven. A lot of times people find their their most inner courage when there is no place or on the day you've been shoved out. In your show W bully sister and so forth but. Is that CU you had no nor the place to go so it was just one of those times when you just accept helical or else it is either something's gonna happen or it's gotten. You just did you give Internet. Honestly. Am I really felt. Pressure to do something we expect couldn't handle what I was witnessing right astronomy and I'll bet it's not gonna take care that I get my happy about quote that do it. Now. That was an introduction to. To an onslaught. Ghostly encounters and poltergeist activity and so much went on and everybody was like it's your mother hot in the house thinking. They shouldn't. My dad moved on with those light and I'm like that never made any sense I at a younger sister we're very young I don't know any mother who would got under way too. Terrorized they're very young children. So. Over the years that picnic from time to gather at what was going on in I believe. That whatever they love that a mother had that child protective whatever the darkness lies. Help me my whole life and and when she passed away and I think her protection. And a you know went away and and what took more exposed but my sister and I have experience paranormal things ever sent to be on us. Why do you jump senator origin are just gonna say why do you think it is him and we've seen this on this program and then our other worked. There are certain people that just seem to have an energy that seems to attract. Paranormal activity whether it's ghostly activity UFO activity. Big foot activity or all of the above used to be one of these people what is it is it is it something. In eight or what do you think it comes from. I do think it runs that jam in fact I don't know why it doesn't particular. The and I've found that there is some kind of common link. It but the experience has something in a family epic that is are more susceptible to experiencing something as well. For myself I don't know why the race so widespread I was we're committed to that terrible locked. But. I guess it now. I can't put a title some people failure medium earlier this year that like now I have my name's Heidi. And too ordinary to be all those things I think that it's very much like a deja Vu it just happened to trip up and see these things then. I've put myself into predicament where I would be more likely to keep these things then and other times not but. It's nothing that I've ever spat and will click OK come the mid now you know now I have not done that. I'd be interested to see what would happen to get it out about my idea. A bit scary to drive that yes I think that some people are just more susceptible and open to the. Boy and javy made a good point and what it would eyebrow many times throughout the show is sometimes people just get off a type a type of energy and it sort of makes them like a lantern in the woods. That's attracting all the moss it's just for whatever reason these things concede that energy. And Alia they tend tend to go towards it and a lot of times that's why. A person usually won't be haunted if if they're tracking something you'll be haunted by one and steel will be. Numerous ones that the EC throughout they're in their child or their life in general. And declaring you were and how Swiss and yet a step brother but it was also three girls and and in all honesty I mean girls are notorious for a manifesting activity or drawing in at activity themselves specially. When there and went and you when they're younger when they're getting ready to go through their changes and so for the crash creating this world of energy that attends a draw these things in this by most balls are guy's cases. Revolve around feet young females. Yes chair of Terrell. And it hit it he just around about ground myself for some reason. The more. Happier. Things that have gone on deter my lifetime I just did experience some things but not to the extent that I have. I don't know. Fully what it is that that may be different about me compared Saddam only that as a child I had severe epilepsy. That went away after my mother passed so. Kind of kind of and that streak of that as well but. In there and think that are some people who. As they feel like like they're materially. Screwed if they have that shadow people or something coming at them but. Apparently they think they're negative. Attractions. Sat at the bit with what what the whole cause there's under my belt and it just such a bright light. But like bugs to a flame these things count so an electric crowd around and stop pop up that light. Well and a lot of times you knew you were just bringing up the whole thing on my shadow and season a lot of times people automatically assume there's a lot of information out there and the problem is a lot of the information is incorrect or it's just. It's pour its its some person's version of how they perceive things. And wanna come round shadow entities for whatever reason channel entities get this bad rap where all shadowlands tees are negative type O negative type things. And a lot of times that doesn't seem to be. Had correct a lot of times you find that there's human Hartings adjust to not have enough energy they're not able to fully manifest themselves they show up this shadow tape and seized. And so forth then you do you do get tease these. Shadow and season might fall within the the negative type realm but also there's this whole decide to channel entities that appear to be. Sort of their own their own. Beings or own their own type of whatever they are. Have several people are never. Where ever a person that. Federal people are something back can shape shift into other things I know that sometimes goes can appear. As fast as something dark and manifest. And and that. That range of that spectrum of light where they they just are not able to put that energy forward but several people have never again. A person and there are. And what you're the president of them and I am sure is evoked a good the president got on and got the full riot from Seattle being a it has nothing. It feels like human spirit. But it's also nothingness feels like a demonic type NC as well doesn't. I don't know but there but there's actually that that in between there's for whatever reason like I've worked on and most cases for for a religious organizations in the churches and I get sent in and have dealt with a lot of these negative type these inhuman type entities that are false negative realm and I've dealt with humans are spirits and I've dealt with shadows at and -- and I will say though. Shuttle type entities ones that are not humans that are unable to fully manifest themselves ones that really fall just within the shadow XT realm. It's not a positive vibe but it's not a fully negative fiber effort got off of these now would you agree with that. I you know what I would say it but you're not. Focus their attention. They might feel more humility in my Bill Maher. And truth and that regard but when you are they're trying to get an I don't know what anyone who does not feel anything less than absolute terror. Their presence is as one of malice. And there approach is that nothing that as is aiming to be protect overcoming. To the one that thereafter and fortunately. Eddie at what point during all of this year growing up you're having these experiences disciplines siblings are having some experiences as well. At what point did you decide to pursue this in a more professional way. You know what I didn't think that I would be going this route when that came to the shadow people. Absolutely. Being intrusive in my life at the college student. I I honestly couldn't take any locker and and I I got to college roommate who is experiencing and has stepped right alongside of me and it got to the point down others need to know about this others need to know. About the presence of these beings and it was a 97 Bennett wrote this secret war but can regards to the shadow people and and support quite a few trans they have had a York's color or animal discussion group. Try over 15 years actually am and if I had a lot of people that got to bounce ideas are from men. And saying you know that put them expect to have people stay over just to witness what it was going on it was just such a very crazy time and really difficult than and I I was looking for answers for myself. Could not find anything and had to pull it out to gather my and I don't. And what you are experiencing in college and they your roommate ultimately experienced as well what we've seen what was happening. You know I as initially had an apartment by myself. And it in the same building and look to crack pollen and got a bigger plays than them and got to college roommate but when I was sitting ineptly and myself. I had joined CEO of programs that let not my own because I had seen a couple of like magnificence. Is your vote one that had to be three a popular than link and I just needed of that but that's site join that group. And the people that were there and the group word alien abduction experimenters anti democratic why on earth you know what it's. But it doesn't differ I don't know whether it's video I have not been abducted. And that there are among eight people. About two weeks after a giant I had black helicopters government home. I had this the strangest thing I had just prior to joining with and I had weird. Government people asking me questions. And I had a couple of military. Actions it was just crazy and then one night. I. That is alien and we're not we are to war. Always say you said you had government abductions and so date the government abducted do you. I had that yet I had at least three on three occasions that I did not know what's that they give it our ally and no it I woke up. Someplace that look at my home. And I was sitting in and my dad would. Terry I rednecks like that before too though. Zero that was double as a Jim beam related value investor investor okay sort of gone about it the more you like me did the did you ever. Get any explanation or did you just are you assuming this was related to UFO sighting or. Did you get any confirmation that this had something to do that. I did after. The suspect guess the second military abduction where I would I would being interrogated would be announced questions. And eight. I can snap dynamite day I put you wanna know what Palin or any kind are. What do you why I can't believe you're gonna do your own citizen the idea save figured out I mean I could read them the riot act it was that. Really that lit having been brought there in my pajamas. Among others and we. Strangely and just that I never at that point I had never heard of that before I didn't know that going on and it took many years for me the spine that. The political thing I mean that column Thailand military veteran like you did take me. Yeah it was it was crazy and I I told my friend then. Just Matt and I have had answered more direct sense that I don't know I can never speak out. Because it have to deal with connections. Unfortunately. But it sounded so but it's continue with the story I'd I would upper floor apartment. And my dad and I'll tell me hey garlic vampire now from the third floor you know they might break and panic out apartment that had. Like these protective bar security burnt I'm not on the windows public and the bad neighborhood but and I I woke up like evening. This finally have broken into my apartment. And I can't even tighter and it aren't there like oh my god somebody's been here I'm alone let go not near me. Hang hang them Narnia hang out with their right now and we we have to take a break but I really I'd wanna have time to get into this and I don't wanna cut off shore so our this Jason NGV beyond reality radio and take a quick break more power. Don't the tour. Didn't sound like Stearns turns out their traditional style it's kind of cool of she's a rainbow welcome to the show our numbers 8446877669. By the way we have some people on hold we're gonna get your calls. As soon as we cans and just be patient and hang in there we promise were talking with. Heidi Hollis tonight. He's website is Heidi Hollis dot com she's the world's foremost expert on channel people and had me and and we kind of we really haven't even gotten to those topics that we try to now we've touched on each other people that were almost an hour into the discussion resources I was told us about this the you know the sound of somebody breaking in and to replace Nelson I wanna get back into that so pick up where you left off. Well I get that credit at all and because there is though galactic government is that. I look up to adamant but we got our run out of the apartment because I'm broke and and I was principal like momentum to run from my kitchen door. When I stopped dead in my living room because there were two beings that size of four year old standing in my living around. And it is strange that they did not like outlook or let me but I take that ticket taker and a couple of four girls haven't broken and I played and I approached them. And when they turned around. And that's what I realized that they were not human and you're right they're going to that you are getting an M realized Olympic. You don't think they've been talked about. And how to become paralyzed with them and I'm like I am looking at them and I kept repeating who are you at what each year you know and and they just looked at that and and and have a look at surprised a lot of people say that they don't have an expression. Well they did occur and I remember grabbing them by their hands and just think that the down what he's doing here at what's going on and to make a long story short and as I looked around my apartment I heard noise as well over. There were several of them like click bug in my place and they are about 8 or 9 o'clock and that strange staying after like don't be dealing with them and and and having to construct whatever these things were in town and get out. And waking up the next morning like what the heck quipped that. Debt very next day. Might played with over run with Shelby. And I describe days these went as being like. Big NASA hulking figure that kind of looks like a big guy. With no neck and glowing red eyes now is being recognized but. Very note be very of Durban and it's just creeping around them. I might actually get rid of these is little things than and I got this going on and it was after ever present. And knowing that they were near and it and I'm really looked confused about what is going on. I admit to crack. But in the same building. At a college in May this year the grants and this moved right along with me and I borders or the panic cot though. Religious person and and specific act at them tried to that the while I did a terrible comic. Copy out lenders that back edge in the accident and have like a cool. So we both. As started this past teapot because you're a religious that would happen to her and analyze well you know. I don't experience Agilent and being liable she's started seeing it. Even better than I cut it. And she is an artist a thousand times better than me and she started crying which she was seeing. I would just do elect basic outline what I was seeing elude compare notes in her grind cinco. We're seeing something in here and these statins were not Ali's shadow people but. Kind of a transparent looking like like aliens things sometimes and and then right alongside the Indy shadow thing but the number one type but several big and it started seeing were saddled byters. I didn't act I can't stand by your side. Okay do you NS catalyst partners and a Ericsson and that's got all kinds of creepy all over from every direction are you hang on right there Heidi we've got to take our top of the hour break but we're gonna jump right back into this take some phone calls when we come back. All right so you'll see images NG biamby unrelated revealed back after us. It's Monday unless goes to the East Coast and then you start somewhere between welcome Dioner Elena revue with my. Self Jason has in the always awesome chief each so now I am not a 100% certain but I'm pretty sure just before we went to our break I heard the words shadow of spiders. She sparked us Greta that's a nightmare that is something that is the fuel for nightmare is no question about it and that I've seen big and expects tests which overshadows but. Yeah I know that's that's creepy our guest tonight is up Heidi Hollis were talking about a lot of things. Including shadow people. Hat man. We're going to be talking a little bit about slender man. And a myriad of other things IDs website is Heidi Hollis dot com she's the foremost expert on shadow people and hat man. I'm having defined action in an and assign those names to them in a book that Xia who wrote years ago called the secret war. A true story about. A real alien war in shadow people and also the hat man. The true stories of evil encounters but we're fine we have to some debate about the evil. Component they're too depending on nine in which stories you listen to adapt. And definitely opens up there's a wider range of its doing and she makes a great point she's talking about specifically shadow tape that's tees where there's. People sees shadows and the shadow beings and a lot of friends who might be human type spirits they just aren't emitting enough energy to. To fully manifest themselves. But she is she's referring to shadow entities as pretty much of their own their own being if you have an Emmy she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com you can download. The free iPhone and android app to us listen live catch past shows join Allen Chet. Click on the station Louis which lists all decisions we are across concert constantly updating that we're going to be adding a bunch stations and in about a week as well. To that list. Or just click the listen live to avenue and join Youkilis right from the website enjoying online chat or GB and I usually hanging out with a great community but makes training and Alice and I. Heidi. I'll ask. Action and quite happy to be heard I don't know why wouldn't your arm like eighty status so now. Yeah I suggest what police to do I and we used to be on reality radio years ago when needed but ghosts I just taking up so much time. That it was just it was tough for grant myself to give back and and do the show and and JP and I Lee we've been friends for a long long time into it we were talking and which wanted to bring a pack so. And here we are now. And then we bring some LAQ on the program and you see something like shadows spiders and expect us to sleep at night let's let's just grab a stranger things let's talk about that. See and think it that was just a nightmare and itself. These things where. It as hey not my feeling at night and they would take my entire feelings sometimes. And I don't know what it is I would wake up when and the presence of something that wouldn't vote to be there and I wake up. To catch these things only forward them to lose their grip and rock on my bad. Was asked by the move and moved the blanket with every step I mean and how is crawling towards me and I would just run shriek. Look for the big issue act of buying thinking up right smack it really get it would never return I swear it was an apple nightmares sometimes. I would roll over and bad. And that saying it would be Seoul. Bit sick it is eyes would be peering over the the top of my aunt to my debt and I was hit the road the eyes I just. Many times and it'd be just in the multitudes. Tiny little one there crying all over and I would wake up. I would turn the light on and it's even just lock it up for them to fade away and they would kinda. Cut sort of court and try to blend via Utley and just. Just an absolute nightmare to have to deal on a regular basis and down I honestly I have no idea what was going on I didn't know about associate. I'm seeing these shadowy entity these and a shoulder shadow that I called Lannan. Shadow cast several fighters have a streak snapped a cloud in and I named Ali's staying director of mine and I went by and I did not experience that happened and shallow Atlantic problem at the time pat meant shadow. My roommate did it. I woke up one night to be here and I would opt in here grim because she would expect to passage out what I think shared dream and hope that things would go away. But that's what night she did at depth Graham unlike any I'd ever heard before and I just pulpit for her ground. I have never seen anybody so terrified in my life she was coward in the corner at trying to make it up as small as possible. Just shattering. And shaking and pointing at the door where I just cut men. But there are words it's like the man the man and am like oh now we don't hurt yet adored her ground that opened up to deport them like. But he committed and I'm acting at currently we are where we are ready go and that is again a different words like. He disappeared. When you came man. There which she described the man that it was that heavy. A goatee a flat and don't tell half. A team one on chip chip said he stepped up from the shadows. I assumed that he was another manifestation that the Seattle beings could take. And I categorize him as a half inch. The one thing now that this would really just absolutely. Very different about Pacman. Vs shadow people. And and I want to make that distinction it initially an expert started going out to the world and speaking on it I just categorize them all of as shadow beings but. That day I put the hat man dry on my web site. Younger sister came over my plate and announced. And a rash and his wife hated how CNN like Italy initially you lie in new paint on my web site. It's like what I really I just can't park your I pulled out my site she screamed. Backhand. As is planning at the half an image and I don't what what what's going on. Essentially a week prior when I put that image. That thing came after my sister. She'd gone down her basement to get her close the dryer. And if that Heidi that the extremely hard man with the hat. Came up from behind the drier it is no room for anybody behind interaction they had a duty can be hard to hovered over to that I don't think that that's that's they're on the way up knocked my doctorate down. Ran out out screening I like. Well you know what's going on here. And maybe a couple days later she's dragging down the street she looked at your rearview mirror he's sitting in the back seat of her car. Oh and ran a homeland. Whose. Yeah that's the stuff sent shivers down my spine right there. And it's and it's so crazy because of these are claims that I have. I've also I've heard especially the coming out of the shadows and he knew rule from everything I all the reports are hurt. He's always in these corners of the room that are dark shadowy corners. And he'll step out of that and then hill but hill stepped back into the into the shadows and and then disappear. And little things like when he steps out a lot of times it put his finger to his mouth as you are not telling you hush. And it's just it's increasing stuff while the idealistic to want a phone call we've got a bunch people wins those and pepper some of these throughout the this hour here this is pat from Missouri he pat welcome to show you wanna share an experience with us. Yes I want itself Heidi Knapp run the fact that he is here added. I. Worked them all in all and acacia and I ran a cot age. I had it and it may end in my body cannot this the only cast member. Logic can that we would be watch it they would be city. Ian if there are all watching football and I would be and eighteen behind van. Have been sagging eyelids seal offense saying. I like somebody was watching me. And there would be neck nobody. There but the feeling of one of those strum. That I would turn. And left. And that would be Nat king there. It is also happens a lot to plan went down by my out and they are Ollie and bad and I work in. On my computer. I know I can't wait the only one. They. Ever hand did have him. And I would have happened luck at times and that they did feel this. And could tear and the manner done they. Might behind me. And I would turn. And he that would be napping in the air one airline pilot get a glimpse of friends saying I don't know what it flag. That when I'm retired. From there I had never hand they hand it happened before. They have and air 398. That I leave to work and work that three to eleven shift. I I had this felt like there it dead air like it was the shadow person that was watching me call at nine. I don't know that he lived there for my protection. Or are is. Exactly why. Had did you stay pat did you say dead when she retired you stop seeing this her hat. Had a feeling we endorse seeing this vision. If I had known him for a long time. Now what to us well Heidi that's not uncommon end to this peripheral vision thing in this in this sense of kind of for boating are feeling. Eyes on now to and then turning not to just not see anything amiss and uncommon right. Break and advocate sometimes it kept a glimpse of something and what's important to know what I think shout it on my peripheral vision are her probation is actually more sensitive. And to the differences between the late in the darkest and elect set analysts to instate you know at least during a spirit yet. It turned quickly and see something coming. So that that's why people are turning to see it in the current prohibition like that and I've got an occupational therapist my eyes specialty events psychology at work in facilities what that a lot of people with mental health issues and I am really condense some time that these people are experiencing things a bit too much and can't handle it. And in May bring that let them sell land not surprised that she would feel that network. Well and one other thing though it is it is common in people see things that out of the corner of their eyes of course but. When they looked dead and directly added there's a mechanism in the brain it's sort of shuts it down so it for a fear factor cracked from a psychological standpoint. And a lot of times all when they too when they turn and then look at some there's that whole thing in the brain sort sort of just you know. Hope should not seed not seize certain things that you see out of the corner your. I think sometimes their brains there are pretty tricky and in doing that. But and for the most part. People like boat people that are denying things don't reach out so I would in Africa England no lakers' biggest but that yeah now. That diplomatic stage big pain then and and try their eyeball you know like I thought my as the plane chip family called him eyeball that drag you back and forth to work everyday. I think it's. Yeah he's very septic. Let's let's jump back on the phones here and let's bring in John from Spring Hill Florida he John welcome to beyond reality radio protect young. Thank you. That's wrong for eight I know property or dirty talk to tell. Our runner here are conservative or that you can infect half. The rebel held out. An eight. As people Mikey. Hole where you want call. And that's a great question honestly from as the the years and I've research I've gotten differ reports from. From all around the world and some of the reports and seen the top ten men have been. Children for whatever reason have have seen him and like I said he comes out of the shadow hilt home to hush for whatever reason a lot of times it's more overprotective type thing. The goal he doesn't look like keys the kind of person to really protect them. And other other situations. In like Heidi was just saying Heidi one of the reports I had in the past was somebody seeing in the backseat to their car but. He and hearing him talk but the thing is they said his mouth never moved him what they heard was. In and it could be a little wrong with that but. It was something of him saying for IBM the top hat man and that was what somebody heard now they said his mouth never move they heard it arm as if as as if it did but it was. It was like it was coming in to their head now have you ever heard anything like that with this individual. Yeah I oh that that man changes that happen anywhere at the top that sometimes it worth the cowboy hat. Sometimes the derby. Talking of are we hearing hearing him say something or hearing yes and. Yes Mike act yet he's he can be quite chatty at times and the senate things that is. Told people in and having it just entered their head or. Actually most people describe those mount moving and having quite guttural deep grass be. Boy is that terrifies them. I tell people look experience from one time. And have been careful for the rest of their lives were a year later that they'll ever see him again and it is it has presence is as. Absolutely. Mind blah. And I stuffed I've actually talked to many people who Pettitte who is there and they're terrified anytime they're alone they're gonna run back in this individual are so we're gonna have to take a quick break when we come back more. Listen as Jason GBM Dioner Elena. Time disclose. So quickly I have to. I think that we are in some kind of timer because like tonight is one of those rights as slick speeding by. Well especially when you're talking about a subject like Tennessee and you we've got a great guests Heidi I want to listen to it's just I mean this is something we can talk about all night long for who can add another two hours on the show I know I know a lot of people out there want that because they're honestly asking but it's it can't happen to be careful what you said it a Heidi I've got to ask this question. We've only got about death to an F has for us to jump into our bottom of the hour break but. Armed slender man in the hat man what are the is is there any connections is there anything that that we should know about those two being as somehow associated. I honestly feel that. Under man is and it depicts settle character that that cap man. This was at a base stopped from a happy man. Look strange to say but literally a couple of weeks after I published my book. A happy man is when dad and that attack on those two girls and attacks that third girl about twenty minutes from my Stanley. Oh the one thing to know about the half men achieved very very responsive he's very reactive. Just different my putting the book out intact he showed up. To my patient. And kind of another fair test just just very responsive so I expected as a direct. The threat direct nod in my direction honestly and having. Heard of that attack happening equipment and make Tom. Immediately after putting that book out so I I just stand. I don't please feel that a lot of people sir computing. That Gil de is from people who believe that undermanned and they're real phenomenon like now. But happening in the real phenomenon. And I think the people right then man and a Beirut. At least friends' children that they understand they pop up pretty happy and it happened to them what to come out of what they. We're about thirty seconds here just so people know what is the Genesis of the slender man quickly. But at the fictional characters and a half men is the real phenomenon ease them very demonic. Not a watchful care about very threatening and it is watching you to lie. Watch out and go freighter reached out to meet demand web site answer. Evil by the time on my show and yeah. Don't be very open Internet and you're not going anywhere we salute is more time with the zone don't turn to say I was how. And might hear none I guess before we take a quick break. Though you can also the slender man that was connection to some old German folklore about an individual in the woods as well and when you talk about Debbie can look that up as well. We're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen Jason GBM yeah. It's beyond reality great taste you can hear her speak. Her 6877669. We're talking with Heidi Hollis tonight her website by the way is Heidi Hollis dot com. A lot of books to her credit including the hat man. The secret war which is a true story about a real alien war in shadow people Jesus is no joke a true story of an unlikely witness who saw Jesus. Diary blog of the fickle finder's this is. I believe idea to bring you went to tell us what that is but I think that's part of your comment he or illustrations and I'm. Tell us what's that as an identity it's kind of like one of these that doesn't belong that's a little different. Well yeah I hear on the art fitness and I thought it would be cool to kinda. Brings somehow might hurt any guilt and to some of the books that way I like to write on the various topics and I thought. I'm gonna do my first gland I want kids to start off right and I made that but believe it or not on the topic of state. It further to go delving into goat then and things like that and lo and behold I didn't hear from one kid I heard are from adults are putting out a book. Very thin copy other apps word that just approach to the topic of state because. Not a lot of times people who write in regards to it happening at a several people now like. Counted their religious stuff but what do I do and my quote get your big issue and went at it then because if you don't have space. Are you going to fight something. That is it is. Blending you know that there's something else out there and you better hope there's an opposing force to this negativity so. Just getting people obsess about being out. Have no politically correct and that paid their quote spiritual but to say can't Christian camp this and that and at any ground because. I honestly it's getting out of control out there I get so many emails it's ridiculous that a thousand. I've got to show that needs no idea how many data investigated. And I said thousands. And they've got to me and bad. Palace has investigated. And then doesn't sound like thousands in debt well. To be a part of an epidemic in a widespread. And it's not just the possibility it's a threat. That people experience these things it is Arab people or they have economic. It is through the roof and all over the globe people are writing. Asking for them for help and Michael of the try to empower people to realize their full. Potential. Military is being done because that they can take that person out they would have done it a whole long time ago. But they're not so there's something to be sad about. I agree now Heidi you move him back to the hat man. And now all year year investigations and your research and in tandem would you sit there would you say that. You believe tend to be of negative. Origin or. What would you classify. Our current credit cram in there at that and that I am at the ink. Out that would that. That they have and I eat it up and had people say LA as they might be at guardian consistent watching. And like he's waiting for an opportunity you look at her way and at jail and I I don't know of any time. That he's been a positive force in anyone's eyes because that person wasn't afraid yet because they are very brave enough I just. I don't understand. You know the reasoning behind that add that maybe one and a hundred emails might tell me based out. It was protector because they were abused by their debt and happy and unstated at this base wants. And that and that's why as bringing that up because there's been reports of hat man coming out of the shadows and in certain things and panel didn't too much of it but there's been one where. He came out of the shadows again with his finger over his mild doing the hush sound. As it as a drunken father was. It coming from banging down the hall. And Brad it was seeded so he was telling the child to be quiet. So the father didn't come into the child's room and and causing traffic or Europeans so that almost gives you the idea that. There's some sort of protective. Part there but then again you always wonder if there's something connected to that play key helps you out here now now you expect something. No hand. This and that it usually has the whole gig to be honest how is that the how low the hat Mandela as a therapist at a deeper by the student. And then I'll is that with current known athlete get it right so Bucs sent. And I was. There's there's been a minor like Howell I south of the linesman and usually the PayPal meet at. It's usually cattle it would ask him I don't know what it it's like night and that it and and as you said well I was about three years old. I looked at outlet in the bar and it looked at the sport and I look back at it. And I demand not coming up to put anything in there when all of a sudden it's extremely top man bent on. I only get that public than into the MySpace. And help me kill ahead. Stick it again. He's an encouraging a three year old to killer so there is no limit to what this guy it will deal. And I'd tell people it's the greatest threat going on out there an apparent on the world in the world in general is truly. Out of control and that she and Paris are increasing as well outside. I think there is that didn't come until I had that they that a battle between the that negative and positive and what so that you may be the president that the chip that Merkel says jail. It didn't look people have experienced both felt. I tell people that you really have to you have to. Stand your ground and and find that inner strength to be able to make it different than a program at a capital I could do that in my sleep I let an and I think it is sometimes. Com just reaching out to people in and hoping to make a difference out there. And it seems to me most true haunted place says have a shadow person. That's that's grounded there as well so. That's another thing that makes blur in my but the secret war and what it is that's going on with these beings. So I have to ask you this could you keep saying when you talk what they had many say him. You know nimby is talking in a singular sense is there only one and further further multiple hat men. Appearing to different people hers at the same one. You know help lead this story is and you guys heard these stories too it's like that he changes sometimes. Just clearly saying is that had changes of approach changes he smiled yet red eyes at a time now lives. Black guys. I I have had reports of people say there's been more than one in Europe. And I also heard of him recruiting. People sell. The verdict is out because I have not had the opportunity myself to sit there and go out there more than one and it's it's like. You know got to be an opt places that this guy is really blew. He sometimes clay could be. Chains or that apple can he be a more than one place at the time I would say it could. To no lip out right certainty. I'll never say that I have probably active but I am leaning towards there may be others at a farm that he couldn't ache. They're babies at once central figure but again I am not I'm trying to understand what that because. And it it's it's such a confusing. Elements that go into the next senate. Have you had had conversations with the hat man. I have not had conversations attempt yet come at me out he'd been behind me people have seen him and I hate is truly out. And threatened to everybody around me but. He's not somebody that I had allowed itself to give him they're respectful fear that is looking for I would look at him when he comes. I just clout and down. From its data my debt to. But if you don't you think looking at him who would empower them. I don't think Cerro I I honestly it curiosity killed the cat that the situation when he kidnapped me. Just before putting out my but excited for it adept account. He came at my patient twice. So that that my job. Price he image in my room to the first time image in my room. That my dad stretched out across the bottom of my dad and an especially wit let's wait and ready to tackle Adam and I just would not do it. Say the name achieve that he left. It used either really really purposeful. And very personable and what he does than how he approaches the person. And I don't know about the reports to get the received about. You thought well then he's around shadow people old and the grim reaper and looking guy. Melia. So what are we talking about here what is that. But the guys doing and and you know he could shape shift like that certain people he wants us to know it can't stay out. He wants to know I am the same one going to place to place it. Immediately what it strange that like he would change it up otherwise but keep that same kind of outfit he might change a little bit here in America. Devastate our progeny have the same luck and he'd make it true that people now that he he is proud that. And he seems also like to mission people known that he's in charge when he shows up almost. I'm anything else. Yeah Charlie Ed in now at keeper at scrapers which tech guy in your bedroom. That you know Freddy Krueger yeah. Yeah he's hurt so solidly above. So along those lines if somebody has either already experienced this entity or does so in the future would you recommend they do how should handle this. You know I I it's been successful for myself to bless my home myself. I have had so many people Dolan and stick priest or character to do that and my. You'd stand behind your own trade and taken this guy and because he hit it after Yale in particular. For reasons I. I don't know why he's coming at you people be like. Yeah I'm out of debt earth may try to explain and sell them like luck. You know if you like to kick dot org had a you your inner doubts but you answer that question right becoming. You just step right elect urge you to that dark. I just got an email yesterday absolutely disturbing a man walking to the job come Tom. He thought he was followed only to get pounding in the middle of the night on the story opens it. Edit this guy. Telling him to come into the fold so we're set him essentially I mean. Tech to just dark as you can imagine he has no limits. He's watching his looking for an opportunity. To approach you at any given time and take how people any people to let. Because he's never know when. And it helps sell up and there are a contain an element to it as well unfortunately. I refrain I don't have a clear room and I watched it but but it Frederic brain Burma that let people have serious questions and I try to keep it light. So they'll keep the questions coming Burton's been absolutely terrified and and one and explode there their eyes ears. But I want people to just be aware it's so different when something like that does approach you know what to do so and that's why I think it's important to. Find your faith again you know not not to hide behind label that the stand and that slightly over here and that our. You looking for people who are. Week in that area here is looking toward that and I don't care if you walk home late at night in the dark. He does he look to move around that and I tell people clearly don't like the light he stepped into the light has been seen in broad daylight but. Any event is held to determine while. Keep on top of them they have around I have a crock that I am aware that you to bless my column. Deal very rarely see any good about it not as much protection. And and that's that's what I hear batting tee it have a assembling your comment it's here. Go to jail is saying the name of do you look at that here. Airspace but I at all I'd be yeah I'm biased because I'm Christian. And as I bet I'll let you know that works as as his name. So Heidi we're gonna have to call this part one of our interview because we're gonna have to have you on for part two but before we would get his couple minutes here and I wanted to ask you could just brought a Jesus. You wrote a book called Jesus is no Joker true story of an unlikely witness who saw Jesus some assuming that was you. I was at six tell us the story because I've actually heard the stories tell us the story and downs and as we get we have a couple minutes here's a guy. Yeah that lies at the skeptical of people claim to have been either and a bullet into a tree trunk and I'm like come on now. And in my book the secret war it had essentially perhaps to the entire idea of you've been around I I'd seen so many things I think I'll repeat where radically to see him right now and I put that on the book and just interpreting that book out. I mean Michael ware got turned upside down because he showed. And I I I cannot even tell you. You know people say you know it was now and I'm like I for the blind and CNET look at every element body screamed. It still says. And it per meet he didn't come common and got bullied out of my bed that take a nap in the validity or it would not to colleges to make that. It felt like I had felt right in my debt like I didn't even the types might my neck chest and didn't know where I was looking around. And here comes the man walking toward me and every night I think about it and it gives me chills because they I have. Definitely in the strength not to do what it is that do we need there's no way that I it would be able to even handle. That the topic of a demonic entity is there a double like entity without having had that experience that and everything that I do that because that my parents with Judith and I have five. Including two feelings that didn't doctors can't explain. And directly read after what the mayor and town that you just said. You know it it didn't let that I have. She added I feel in my state level but I think everybody is able to accomplish that and that's why the other passport dot com that's. And but that's going to be coming out. On the topic of state and with comic sent into it and why and and trying to teach people not to be so hard and the now. And complement to leave themselves vulnerable to these dark forces patent it seemed like it a necessity that Michael full circle. Into the topic of state. They don't without that there are stuck for so long and I'm like baking a little bit from a book or I got a lecture about that. Forget on this show or it something it'll reach people and I'm like. Have to reach with the hadn't been buying that drink within themselves and to pull it out and and get busy with that because that would a lot of work to do you guys. And making people and Tania if you need somebody on the go parents as shadow people happy and can incorporate. Can't Cha. So the website is Heidi Hollis dot com offer any other information you want for folks to be able to find your books maybe your FaceBook page whatever happens to be. Yes what Heidi I don't remember what it's gonna Heidi Collins asked her Twitter and FaceBook and I answer under the nose. My radio shows that the outlander. So you have questions about any dignity to experience a comment. Right meter Heidi how dot com or duct outlander at gmail.com that the idea that David A ask outlander. And I also have a comic strip that a go to the outlander it. Comic dot com idea that animal comic strip. That intense event all the topics that I write about and I guess millions of followers that doling out the tectonic and radio show that. Assignment and really enjoying myself what. We'll JV and I are actually talking about setting up an event and something we definitely wouldn't wanna hats and you come down and talk about pac man and so forth so well we'll talk about that it would. Honor of my assets ER done. Well you have a great nine thank you so much for coming and hang analysis and we got to have you back on. Are you kidding me any time to give mirroring gadgets and there. America thinks are great night again the web site is Heidi Hollis dot com gonna take a break going back to wrap things up just. One minute before one of have. Having patty Becker several times to what degree we didn't we do need to get to really. Scratches service and all that stuff what a welcome there's so much to talk about it is you and I have had endless discussions are on the top hat man and to. Once just just a case files are you Xena noted in their endless snow but as thanks so much stuff and for now to Heidi else are cumin and analysis and talking about this tonight. Tomorrow night we've got doctor Craig Hogan were and be talking about it will co author of the induced after death communications. So I think that's going to be just a great topic if you have an Emmy she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality really only the FaceBook page forest. And then had to be on reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we error across the country. Going to be having a bunch mourns couple weeks are really excited about some great markets are going to be popping up and you can also download the free iPhone and android app printer from the web socialized listen life catch past shows and join me online chat. Or just a click the listen live button and and any night pitcher on the computer whatever and join us in the allied channel listening rate from the website if you download the showed us a favor and just read it for us. At a iTunes helps push it forward makes it easier for people of fine. As he did do it for us everybody have a great night is Jason NG DB on really to reel catch tomorrow and do your best not to thank you shadow spiders and I'll go to him I don't know I feel Gromit. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.