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The Mandela Effect - what are our realities?

Nov 9, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Roy Horne about his book - The Mandela Effect: Ascension. Do multiple realities bleed into one another causing variances in history? Or is something more sinister at play? 11/09/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's always analyst goes Thursday on the East Coast many used to commit to. We welcome to beyond reality review the Celtics and the always awesome achieve each arts now I seem to remember. You doing that before and I'm not sure from really happens. Now time little. Little Mandela a little brand Alexa and on conference and that's how we madam president my monocle here chronicled within a year old holding a Turkey lay give him a hairpiece and he's. They were we talking about the Mandela affect tonight with a lot of people ask about having a guest on regarding this topic so. We're gonna have Roy Horn on he's a musician by trade but he's written a book. About the Mandela affect. Andy's gonna tell us what it is why it happens it happens what it means and one of the things we're gonna chat about in that hold umbrella of topics. Is this whole concept and idea that the Bible has been changing. Well and we've. We actually spoke to somebody not too long all about about that as well and so the possibility is there and eventually good friend of mine field number room is one that's spoken on this for for a long long time. In and you remember Judy she's come and hang and I'll I'll with a stupid Ian yeah. We stepped talks about the sound out of the porch and stuff and it's such an instinct topic though there's a lot of that has a lot of weird things too because. On just some some of the things that you think you remember but they weren't really that way in. Just opens the channel warms. It does yeah and the good conversation we'll delve into multi dimensions and parallel universe is an alternate and realities a whole bunch of weird collateral discussions will come from this. So make is to do this Roy Horn on Jonas a little bit. And tomorrow night Jay we're going to be talking with crisp Morse who's a paranormal communicators which is another very interesting topic yes he's created a new approach to go signing by interacting with spirits in interviewing so that should be interest thing that should really and maybe I need to. Learn how to interview so I mean on the domestic biggie and you're doing their interviews on the radio you may as mullah interviews and spirits what I got to hunt them to sit down and nice couch together and just a discussion just gets slick is scheduled to fuel said the cut will do little interview if you haven't yet this year ahead. Over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio and like FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com each finalist nations we air on spike clicking the station tab. Or you can download the free iPhone and android app which allies shall listen live cats the show past shows on the go or join me online chat as well. Or English or from what they just click the listen live temporal connection which Arab GB myself and a great community people usually hang out. And discussing them various topics. If you dollar the show from iTunes or wherever else to us a favor and just please read it for us and helps push show Ford makes it easier for people to fine do you have an Amazon Alexa. Yeah yeah I mean. And the worst part is. It's near the TV in the living room so every time like the electric commercial come the Amazon commercial comes on. She starts answering questions or bush tonight as watching the show animal kingdom. And one of the girls names in there is Alexa so every time the kids set her name. She would start asking what what we're caller forum usher what you're asking for anyone ever. Well we've talked several times about the fact that these devices may or may not recorded everything that's going on your home which is kind of very touchy subject particularly for anybody who's got real privacy concerns. But apparently Alexa has a whole nother agenda for certain people there are was and a device one of these Alexa devices in Germany. And let me just fast forward a little bit cops were called to the home of a guy by the name of Oliver when they heard a party going on. They banged on the it was 3 in the morning the Arab neighbors were complaining they banged on the door couldn't get anybody to answer Doren I finally broke the door in search the house and only found was an Alexa. Having its own party. Playing loud music. Enough to wake up the neighborhood. And no one else was in the in the in them in the room in the house and how close these hoaxes if it's what you told everybody tenement apartment building. But the thing is the owner was out having drinks with a friend wasn't even home. And this device somehow triggered itself. And asserted playing a very loud music affect full volume. On throughout the entire house and day gave the appearance that it was having its own party and now the guy he is forced to take. A number of bills including the bills for the police department responding bills for the door that they broke in bills for. Some of the neighbors damages commendable things turn into romance but the selects a device just took it upon itself to have a party. What can tell you are sitting at the computer last week Aronson at the kitchen counter you know wearing in my lap time Beasley set up argument work. Registered in my coffee it was quiet in the house everything else nobody was saying anything and have a craft scare economy because Alexa all the sudden. Spoke up and said would you like me to add that sheer Amazon. Order list or was some something similar to that. Have no idea. What she was outings and it's my list I haven't seen anything in the oven showing up but I saw it as one of the 61 off startled bank doesn't set it. And secondly. I don't know where she got this information so who's. Was one of those things where I was scared to say yes or no because I had no idea what was being ordered the. Very weird the other is apparent. I don't know where this took place but apparently that was mimicking its owner. And it ended up ordering something like ten gift baskets through Amazon beat through the Alexa because it just kept saying the same phrase over and over again. And ordering makes these gift basket so these things have a little ways to god the kind of cool. They do some pretty neat things but that's. Like that intelligently eighties music yeah just chill on the line yet say hey Alexa or play or eighties music or. Ascot played jeopardy that's that's fun to be deployed jeopardy against people so let's do you know. But anyways so we definitely a full showed tonight it's going to be really interesting if you have ever looked into the Mandela factor you know anything about the subject. Amare phone numbers we will be taking calls a phone numbers 844687766. And I again eat for four. 6877669. Are so let's take quick break javy and we'll get our guests on the phone and we'll start from there you listen Jason did he. Beyond really real we better. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio which cctv don't forget. And number 8446. 877669. Great show coming up to an urban or going to be talking about the Mandela sacked. Tomorrow night Chris Boris joins us he's a paranormal communicators he apparently. In Iraq's in interviews spirits are gonna find out what he's been talking to them about tomorrow night. And every Friday is the best of the unreality radio seek and tune in to catch a show from my prior in the weeks emaciated that. Tonight we're going to be talking with Roy Horn. Roy is a musician by trade but he's also an author. And he's written a book about the Mandela effect and we're going to be bringing him in right now Roy welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show tonight. I'll thank friendly glad to be here. Always look forward to discuss this is such an inching topic and especially covering this all things that you think you remember one wine and find out they're really there and there are another way and as some sort of mind boggling. And he all of we discussed this on your program before. Noticeably the first time we talked about the Mandela effect on the program to Jamie and I discussed discussed it between ourselves with friends and we've always wanted to cover it here yet and we've had it come up before. And we had listeners asked that we talk about it's we're pretty excited about this through before we get into the Mandela it's a sect itself in your work specifically. Telus would do it by yourself Freud's first time here on our program much to get to know you. Our oil. 67 Euro musician are there have been. Professional musician for fifteen years. Live in Arkansas got a life. Twin boys thirty years old. And that basically and it says. Just a regular. A regular I'm not in a U. He's shut out an offer I guess I am because I have written a good bit and I'm not somebody's. A writer by trade out a written hundreds and hundreds of songs but I never put together piece look at. You know involved or anything like this but this look at a rodeo road. Specifically from my son. The I wanted to and canola. What's transpiring in the weird times. Rather than just I'm just been a regular old musician that shift. I've been all over the country playing music. And that they're pretty much just slipped common La. Well at some point along the way this topic captured your imagination and her attention made you decide to look into it and write about it what was the triggering point for all that. Well about a year after year so. I noticed these changes and yes you know for. Many years since early exit in the nineteen and specifically. My main focus in my personal. Has been. We geared toward. Expanding. Expansion. Consciousness. And I and I go back to the early seventies because. AO. Has some experiences with that in both want. Korea any kind of and altering an agent or whatever if you. Witnessed. I suppose you would say the true nature of reality. Can ever go back. Now there's a lot of things that confused electoral experience stuff like to have the coyotes are pretty special thing. And I haven't been any sense that on the Internet and from there was about a two year period. Then. I did it correctly with great people wasn't just shut out Jordan grabbed it anyway. So much internal. Has been about. This expansion of human consciousness. And then what what this did when they had this happened there or septic tanks that had been working on. Program forty years that I couldn't accomplish. And this Mandela. We. More than being distant and oddity is actually. I don't know what happened and an escort you know whether Iraq even born. There were the things that I couldn't accomplish in this war and has been doing too gracious specific. Place. Which is stopping the world. The reality that we make with fire. Internal. Dialogue. And this. Did it for me. And the in short it didn't Google the world melted away. And then. How cores enable cities say the true nature rarely the end to get back on drugs because I'm. A lot real different and that is a lot more powerful. And so anywhere has experienced this was yeah also long. In the figured are realized that this Mandela thick here and I wanted to put on the books so that. Packets and understand you know that what is really cold. Well I'm hoping that it and no I'm hoping you can help us understand what's really going and you use the word you're looking for a way to stop the world. Where what do you mean by that I mean do you deal more specific. Again now that's really it's from. The culture ex competitor and I go back great tote six two. That a million cars which was split off so that adds to it that there's the people yeah metal Americans and Central America. Just fascinating. People from me and at least the people. All of the engine people it. And I had this knowledge of exactly what is going off and the part of the deal and in learning citizens and being able to access. You know people column other dimensions or whatever but it actually is what he energetic world you know there's nothing. But consciousness. And consciousness. Operates awful. Vibration. And so we just live and I'm laboratories. Of vibration you'll feel. Now what makes everything come to place ears are. Download and the download that there has been given just our prayers says about society and culture. Is constantly. Reinforced. By a year. Internal dialogue. And there's a reason for that ethnic is that it's not. He's talking you're you're in all these talking here than most people aren't our course. Forward and especially Carl young back into a big ego and all that it doesn't matter what I mean that. Less so Americans. As many as well many cultures. And religions believe that these are separate entity and indeed dale and they're not out there in organic. And that they have more live captured. Human past. I guess she would so I just stopped. And just to actually become. They truthful imminent. And operate within a field collaboration that is not affected. From the outside that totally from the inside the right amount it would. What I was trying to a cop should and ears being dreaming techniques and and all kinds of things without having trouble with. Erasing personal history. And he when that Mandela effective I had no part history in this reality there is that's what clicked from me because. That the reason is personal interest very quickly so. Important is because. You are you hold yourself or you war in everybody around you hope where you are in this reality. Everybody you directly there ever interacted with. And to break that that just failed bicycle league and certainly. You have to. Actually the. To stop and you know it could get away from whatever your personal interest is almost impossible. But they're the old anxious at least he's totally capitulation. And that's a very difficult lifelong process in the Mandela affected ornate intro and the the world fell away from me my internal dialogue naturally. And without me going to sleep. And and then that how I've been able to its continued but I outside our structure. Forty something years to do. And it would this affect that did differently. Yet it's not something that means he can do overnight in it's it's sort of trying to disconnect from everything that hold you in this reality. That's correct but that is happening to everybody right now over that is happening is that actual retirement nature it's. Cosmic. During that happens. In our. And wherever whatever this. This ran home as what I call it is it's not a planet it's not space actually you're electro magnetic field around. But every and so many years there's a recent and all the agents knew about it here are some over 30000 your research whatever. I believe it's or are definitely trying to stop that I really don't but probable that I campaign contingency of about thirteen thousand years are cool. Our it will hold it hold it there and work or get into little more of that only comeback community Cooper did you listen to Jason NG VMB unreal later in our phone receipt for four. 6877669. And 844687766. Her 6877669. This topic is already stirring things up so if you wanna join us feels pretty give a call we do have some people on hold already won't get to those calls as soon as we can. Our guest tonight is Roy Horn he is a musician by trade he's written a book called the Mandela affect ascension. And the website is and the and there we appreciate Roy coming on and talking about this with this and we got to start Roy at the beginning here because you set a hole. Bunch of things before the break now we got kind of break it down and try to. Forgot exactly we're talking about here and I think the best place to start. Is created just for those who haven't heard of the Mandela sacked don't know what it is may be heard of it but aren't really sure what it is. When you explain it from my uniform really remain standpoint. Well known and 2013. Where in the Nelson Mandela guard. There's a lady named Fiona broom and a computer at a cocktail party. And actually mentioned that it was on it and because she's very remembered Mandela dying in the eight. And several of the people in the room. Remembered Mandela having died in prison. And 1980 surgery a bully or. And that's where that term Mandela. Came from because. Yeah well. They're in the room was about and in that man and it its spread it wasn't just. And Nelson Mandela. And there. It became a big thing with her. The spelling of the bear and still angers. If KS TA. You know and or CE. You know. Most people. Lou if you look at it now fifty he had Iranian bit the people that are suffering from the effect remember at 250 area. But Ford logo different JC Penney got an extreme heat and it has Indian he wired city in NY. All kinds of great things. Six people and JFK Lim when he was assassinated. Instead of four where remember. Geography change over all these. Changes music clear peoples in that range famous people and angered Jewish changed amid there. Benign programs. Interview with us. Eight vampire court interview with these vampires this sounds a little bit it's different. Forcing down. One of them. Famous forehand and mama polish deadlock was black box of chocolates situated now. What our memories that last is locked box of chocolates. Looped your father. Or no on your father which war. All these changes thousands and thousands. Over 121000 in the media king James Bible long. And so it just Korea and people are reporting that more and more and more. And that's what it that's basically what it is. It's more than I'm remembering wrong because. Well not 67 army race. Than an hour east of the of course. When millions of people. I have the exact same memory that does not manage. This time line. Did they cost a big stir I guess Sony and. So for every one of those things or for something to qualify as being possibly part of this Mandela effect does it have to be a shared memory that now seems incorrect or did it can going to be something that so many. Has by themselves. It has to be a shared memory leak is by itself used it you know we there's no without further validation Jeremy. It's just that you may be missed remembering the odd thing is. Like I remember JC Penney. PE NNY. And out PE in any war. Which you can go to Google. And you can pull up the newspaper. From the fifties. People looked at Belle Starr Sheryl. And I've hit he'd be within this I'd call it June because basically any had a lot of and I cringing because they have their actual. A lot not get there are a lot of waiting. And I guess gain broad battle that they would put all of their bidding sheets and all kind of step forward settlement called life. And I remember because I'm what it would take advantage of the and so you go back in you pull up any paper from the 50s60s. Any major city in corpus Sunday April with a lot of ads and you'll find JC Penney. Why kill and you try JC Penney spilled both wage. And and it's not. Type so there's just too many it's overwhelming there's thousands of is English JC Penney still the way I remember. Without the tree. We call that residual evidence. It's fly. It's like something happened to a timeline and look at who tan lines. This by the way is not what happened that. It fly there are two parallel. Time lines that emerged. Just feel so I'm. Leftover waste I guess from one problem that goes on with the war. And they're all kinds of that commitment. So you are about to pearl. And realities or whatever that are somehow all the emerging and their leading into each other. Couric did I hit a lot of people I don't know if you know much to learn. The latter but that a lot of people blame it on match. Yes well we'll get into that particular part of a calm and just a little bit in the same thing without the Bible conversation don't make sure we dedicate a whole segment of the Bible conversation because that one is particularly interesting I'm Linden and alcohol this but I'm trying to figure out. You eat in your opening segment you talked about when you discovered the Mandela effected actually change the way he sought in the way you. Were that existed I guess. Do you eighth and apply through that is that you can actually use this to your advantage. It's it there there. This is where they really did you know very difficult. Because the in and a trio. What talked about in cycles. Every thirteen thousand years. They're they're what they're several faculty at all has to do with this and by the way but when I say that I'm I'm not talking about this subject is we're looking at our ailments but I'm not a part of a consciousness that all consciousness. Here on this. A round that we're income through our. And every. So many thousands of years. There's a change now that changes have like 24. We should Trout in year deal you know the hope sang with. 2012. In the mines and all that we'll all that was correct. And it hit it just means that I knew consciousness comes being. It's a natural thing and so that's what's happening right now every. But he should be waking up to be true reality as a human being that that that is what this time so about. Good. The forces that control the airwaves. Everything electronic everything's put in place to TP. From liking a product now and has been. Let you know that plan has been except for hundreds of years and to make sure that mankind does not wake up at this particular time. That's why they're such he can't even if he can't even hold sure can't steal. Because of the information has come an entry about artificial intelligence shall. Man Obama is Smart guest black gays. There's just so much it's so overwhelming initial post would be. Overwhelming at this because the the power definitely have made it at all. To everything everything education religion government action. Everything is in place. For one specific reasons to keep it under control and Kiki chrome. Waking. Quote unquote bad. At this particular time when you're supposed to and that's what's happening and then that the Mandela this just. It's just like any. And electronics. Influence on it on credit Alan natural progression to do to the people like it has its full confusion and yes a lot of it is man may. Well law. If not there's just you know a whole lot in reality right now is. Probably lose saw her. And that's not them anything to do that man that is this. Happening that worry. Well now when you say the powers that be who are you referring that's that's China and to keep the control. I would look at me I'm introduced soon and know when it in my little. No one and stop the world or whatever and then there. What I perceive to be everything is just perceptions anyway and paparazzi that would be the rule would be called the fifth dimension. And out shown and have seen in the instructed or whatever and it's not like he. It's not like somebody talked entry here sit down this is so intuitive knowledge. An intuitive knowledge comes three years have gone through your heart to your Brian zone where concluded that. It's not. Locked somebody sit down and explain coming streaming or you're in that state you know you know if those who knows there's good days are moment. Not call these things but old they were introduced to me as the farmers. The Maastricht column arc. Christian column demons. The Muslim column that Gian. They are. Real entity. That most people operating in this very low operational. Feel that we called third dimension cannot say the there. Entities that are in there in organic entities because they do not have so. But they have been here as long as man's hand as being here and that's what the Kevin any story it really all about. These creatures are really what we're running called. Because they have no. Creativity on the Euro. But fatally also. Human. Emotions. And that entire universe is predatory. And is it feeds also. Awareness. Specifically self awards. And these creatures are understanding. Send me and or two and feed off. Our emotions that you you know there. Collaboration and I haven't you have to recruit the water is like. Two things. Yet written but that's what these entity. Are really. Who you think you all for them very very slick. They've given you their man could have bet that comes from coral estimate is rotting and you don't want to say that. They column flyers have had given human beings that are mind and that is exactly. The true. And that that control is what controls all of the world and those people those. Farmers have handler. And the handler. There's an upper Echelon that control them that I haven't been able to to accept. It's not off planet. Like aliens it's been here long. Humans have been here maybe you wanted to separated in. In a sense. That most Christians should understand you to say it's a panic. And that's it is Satan. And that is creating can't let a very limiting her to put it just threat there that's saying. That more creative. All our guys this siren call girl bullied so. Yeah I gotcha OK and Roy were let's take a quick call him and we edited jumped to break Carol do you sit when in this is Ralph from East Boston he Ralph welcome to beyond reality radio reject young. I don't guy absolutely loved this show. And Rory. His Amendola especially if you were on the show I heard I heard you I heard you on the show floor. They should you learn you know you talked about why he wrote the book he can do stuff and I have to hear you on the show I researched Mandela effect in. I hit a lot of things. That you were talking about that. That I remember that aren't true anymore. In we do live in the control system. In the powers that be like you said this shadow government did their controlling costs. You know and that's been doing that change things little by little called a glitch in the matrix call it what you will. But I we've been indoctrinated we've been brainwashed and spurts you know you talked about how you reach just a flat or. If I'm not mistaken correct Droid. I want science that is in my boot and I didn't know that I discussed it on this show in a previous. Org an alternate reality they're so that you are saying look you know the flatter coolest part of what. Open all the separately. Exactly. Wait am I going to be talking about that and I strongly believe that Obama outspoken flat America. And what is its technology caught up to them that's what it is the movie ending freight how do you lose. All that footage of millions green has seen her lately Greta follow idea pocket should have been locked in Smithsonian safe assumption. You know it's just technology intentional so you're in. They're gonna have to do some the fastest in the world all of that changes everything that is going to be around the world everything eventually. Then what are the future and I'm. Don't know if most people are starting a rookie but most people really don't gorilla as they. If you if you ask NASA today will quietly band back to the minister official rancher is we've we've lost the technology. And the them good. Great accomplishment by a man. And water scientific experiment. And think about that and all that bet all the data gathered from all of dementia is law. There is no data to look at it it's gone that we can't I'm. The technology that took used to the moving river rock. We can't recreate. What a bunch of bull and that's it but that's exactly who you think you're doing with when you come to. Your belief system and that was my whole deal on all of it these latter and Olga. All right Roy hold it right there we gonna take quick break we'll back with more it's beyond reality really juicy team. But the man. Jokes on the side. Welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio. But I do wanna bring you back in just to comment on that phone call Jay and I were talking during the break in the fact that our caller. Says you were on the show before talking about this when we use is a first down on the show I mean that's approved for example or talking about right. What exactly is slack what he existed in this letter timeline and and I've only been on your show and that that he's made it shifted the timeline of which I've never show that the that is and that's what. A perfect. Personal example we were talking about personal example. And if if you had a a hundred people call in fact I'm dying. I would call a commando. Well we've got some people that yeah we've got some people in chat that are swearing in as well say they saw our average of being on this and the other things so maybe we do have a full blown Mandela sent in progress here. My in my for Internet. I kept it. All right listen yet we've got more phone calls and more to talk about we've got to go to our top of the hour break but before we do a couple things one the phone numbers 8446877669. We've got some great shows coming up by tomorrow night talking with Chris Boris he's paranormal communicators he interacts. And interviews spirits he there I think you actually sense with a decent EV peas and some stops some conversations that he had there will be able to play tomorrow night. Although be awesome and when everything and if you can just sit down interview ghosts that'd be phenomenal to agree TV show. Oh yeah I mean I would mimic those homers in a separate. Ghost yet they are you listen dissident TV I'm beyond reality. Yeah. I start to turn her down or literate myself Jason caused me always awesome chief each ounce so if we're in the Mandela sacked demeaning. It's it's this program exists and Alter alternate realities are we getting on them royalties from those realities because I haven't seen anything show up and I don't know. Well yeah but. Our other cells in the other well there's generals. Sees that I see that's probably should welcome here I am a straight and make our welcome back and show so it's beyond reality radio we are talking tonight about the Mandela effect with Roy -- Easy musician by trade but he's written a book called the Mandela affect the sentient. Which by the way you can find more information about if you go to ME ascension dot com. And and check out everything he's done on the website there and there's a whole bunch of stuff and he actually brought up JR friend. That we were talking about tequila show yes Fiona who who actually kind of started this whole thing and I didn't I didn't realize that says that's that's were it got its origin front. Yes you're amber and she's a very good friend actually I've known for a long long time she actually scum of the hang out at the end when TV and I were up there. And and paint on the porch you know everything in and she she talked about this numerous times over us and it's such an instinct topic. And hide but it's also just so confusing too when you when you start looking into different things like. And this goes right down the monopoly man where. Among a lot of people remember him with the monocle but he didn't really ever have the monocle so and two and it leads down to to so many different other things as well. Yet and we're gonna continue talking about this let's bring Roy back into the program if you're on hold by the way be patient we'll get to your phone calls as soon as we can Roy. You know this whole sang a Tenet is kinda creepy it's tentative one of those things as send shivers down your spine at times but if there are alternate realities and were either brushing them or moving from one to the other. What's the real one. Well. That the truth of from my perspective and I you know. I'm really intricate knowledge works. Much truth is my country in May very well be true for everybody but I can't save I didn't. But I didn't know what I'm saying and I have seen. The multi cars. We have. It's an infinite number of timeline so cabinet to hang time. And what physics the quantum physics and talked about that. For every decision that you made redundant there. A timeline created in which the opposite decision was mine. Apple but that's from what I'm saying this is exactly the way or did the deal is so. Our consciousness. Iran through these times are so fast. That you'd you'd may. The end has been in a note help me in your portion say your daddy. Which you don't notice. You don't because they show so similar. But that there are that you don't have access to. In which he should have access to Richard you don't leak because of the restrictions you put on yourself. In which you are. In bad shape you can learn lessons from Manning and you foreigners go to Richard top of the world. That you don't. When years here consciousness is running period data base level. And that base level depends on your vibration and so you'll probably. Touch those there. According to the you're. Your vibration level. And he would you rather are evident that you just can't you can't get to him but these other which you can your animal all the time he's just don't know. And the important point that NATO will is that. My problems are. Expiring at a tremendous correct I'm I'm reaching any singular. And yeah. Please don't what the second thing was pointed out to me was that the timer on me and is not or. It totally different is not filled with lies and intriguing if you. Hit. Come from and in. It and I black hole but I can't. Perceive anything about. The other organic way. They're dove field. Intranet. I feel the effort probability that we call shall work. And some called. But I believe that the power apart on the other side of that that this so worse. Sent out information to your so international distribution to all your karma any actual time line. Actual net information. And it can be a fraud or an action it doesn't matter it's recorded. And put on hold basically. And you do after four against karma so what is Israel or whatever but instead of living. And being reborn thousands of times he's here to live animal what time because there is socially there is no social. Everything kept me in the mail right now anyway. And so legal action and we shall follow up is recorded and it's either put on hold or it goes back into. The field of short sale and completed task at. The Christians would call alpha and the Omega. This is not happening in the common ground sitting in the at this moment. It is totally artificial. I'm talking about information found the the timeline and so could be organic or whatever I don't I don't clues. But it doesn't look this thing. And it doesn't react to signs and it's not getting this thing in relation. From shall it's that there's been a change. And that's what this is all about they're just. Has been a total change in common now. What we're. We're living in now it is collective consciousness of the plan that basically been hijacked. And because that's what makes reality is the collective consciousness of support period. Everybody talking to themselves all the time all. Well that's been project. And they it is artificial intelligence. And it is. It chance it it knows of itself it's so where it's self replicating. It's the most horrific thing I can think and they were mad scientist at about what is it with the trial. And they expect or weren't today. I let let me ask you this though comedy can create brought up are you brought up earlier this arm and I am I know that there's and for those out there and its European organization for nuclear research and they invaded Iran have been the biggest part. Yeah particle. System and a lot of the and they do a lot of different crazy things there I'm. And there has been a lot of people out there who. Who claim that they pretty much destroyed. Our universe and and that's where these parallel universe is are now bleeding into one another and there's a lot of different things going on that you brought that up earlier is is that a belief of yours that cern has somehow. Sort of meet this line that much thinner and there that's how these things of how these parallel universe is or bleeding in the one and. Like earlier there and then through their turn their damaged America's believe they had the director firm. And what about the way back. What ratio is not what turned really well past term started in the fifties as a military project term. They invented the Internet. I mean everything tied together from this. And hence the term was very involved in all of that as far as. Collateral and all that goes. Director it's aren't that the at large has grown coal miners their convention but the one we're talking I was between France and Switzerland border. And underground. And he says if he had to describe turn he would say it was saying working Tower of Babel. They're very very. Strange statement. That their power Babylon Nimrod is building the tower. You know to get to god and and drug czar and the world is killing the guys in the beginning god god. Going. That's folly lift them but that's the truth translation and the gods. Underscore my translation I'm not talk about probably actually like. God and the simply got to stop them and lest they become like. And so. Gave everybody different language actually couldn't communicate and dispersed and perhaps the world. Sharon is doing is playing. Saturn. Supposedly. In the know with first particle collider. And they were they were trying to. This. Separate or whatever. And the it is most of the God Particle. And in that boat since field is the field of all probability. What makes everything comes together. Because there's nothing until there's consciousness I self aware conscious and the truth to observe. And I proven this in the double slit Syrian. Quantum physics and I think there should be an observer it is the observer that brings everything together and what they observer like what actually triggers with the observers. Car. Consciousness. It is like particle. Call the dog park owned by the politics boats and it's been everything is still trying that's connected to consciousness that brings matter together. According to EU or belief structure. That's very important. Let. If if you had no bull racing you're adult on a desert balance. And you're looking out over the ocean there's nothing ING you know I think itself world. There is nothing until the program. Then there's something there but what was behind you no longer exists trucked to treat followed and forced. Only problem is this result true there should be a conscious what they've done. So according you know. It is. Separating this page emotions. And spinning. They were trying to stay in that way would they announced Linear computers you just say zero or war. But these articles can be. Positive negative or leader. And my manipulating. Those. In bringing to play. I consciousness. That as over pat Howard the collective consciousness of the planet they can actually. I don't know God's sake totally create. But they can manipulate reality. That's not take on it then. The live particles spinning metal doesn't matter if the machines the consciousness. As long as it's aware. Is it and that's what I saw this happen and I think they've. I think they've created this sort of artificial intelligence you know twenty or thirty years ago every time we hear six years old. So so far it. Yeah let's jump to the phone line to the spring and Scott from Massachusetts say Scott welcome to the show your MB on reality radio. Yes so I could evening gentlemen you know I heard you talking before you caught my attention about the flatter sendoff people believe that there and I. And also a lot about. Going to be that the move. I I I believe that the Europe since his rounds. I police are told some people claim that it was just put up job that we double went to them we never actually went to the moon. But there are things that don't meet the guys you know despite conspiracies. All around that I do believe for example kept president Kennedy's assassination. Was a conspiracy. I do believe that 9/11. Was was an inside job. To get America involved in the Middle East. I do believe that America right now has a conspiracy. By Communists to destroy president trumps. An administration. Perpetrated by George Soros. Who was international Jewish banker finance here. A lot of a lot of things going on in the world today. Set up people they just things they can't shrug off these conspiracies. Is just could not jobs to things to not meet the RI. And that's why I'm calling to write a lot lot of things to not appeared you know this marks the hundredth anniversary this week of the Russian revolution did you know that. Yeah in 1970 ensure. 1970 makes it what do what does that have to do with any of this. Considering what's going on in America today without with what George Soros and that low Jacob Schiff. Finance the Russian revolution in 1970 which brought Leon Trotsky to power state field throws articles the second. Tate murdered its family a year later at the Bolsheviks Communists. Let the Wafer Leon Trotsky AK bronze star and and I and and let literally it's Lenin and Joseph Stalin and George Soros is to take action for part harmonies financing all of these sock Occupy Wall Street and and black large battery and off. Both men were international Jewish bankers Communists have columnists and I started very ominous. What's going on in America today and what happened in czarist Russia the overthrow a hundred years ago and you caught my attention about talking about the flatter but whatever. But up that's what America's not a prince is not is not some nut job. Conspiracy it's really going down end up. Make no mistake about it there was a new world order that is that is underway by George Soros and Charles Schumer and Adam Schiff and I find it very young they're very ominous that they want to create idea they Jewish Communist America awards. Hey Scott thanks thanks for your call and your and your thoughts. I think that's probably fodder for another program on I think there's a lot of things that do need to be talked about this new whole a new world order discussion I think is something that's very very important talk about. I'm not so sure it's Mandela sex stuff but in the scheme of conspiracies is something that we need to pay some attention to I think. Aaron so so idea to take to call unless must take quick break when we come back we'll continue our discussion with the Roy horn's beyond reality rating Jason. Yeah. Goran tonight this book is the Mandela affect ascension he can find out more information at any ascension dot com. Roy we've only got about a minute here again forced to jump in to break these segments have been going long but I wanna ask you in relationship to that last caller. He called about conspiracies he he referenced a whole bunch of them some he believes some he didn't I think that's probably the norm. You believe son you don't believe others but is there a relationship between things like the JFK assassination conspiracy. Or the moon landing conspiracy. And the minute Mandela sectors have been talking about it. I don't know there's mentors and conspiracy goes if they're saying that track. To the Mandela effect without a so. And he did he he had so you can prepare. But the deal Lilly and animal were quick so make. Great as the flatter than that I never should have believed it more got me looking at the flat or less. What do you know and what he bullies well I've I sit around the world round and then we're already you know the you know that you just bullies. And that's what started. What you know and what he believes and how far I think if trying to you know we've very very little. It makes a lot of sense for talking with Roy Horn we're talking about the Mandela sacked. And they're gonna continue the conversation at the other side of the break and don't specifically get into the Bible discussion because we had a guest on previously that was talking about. Changes throughout the Bible that are just appearing. Very randomly almost and it seems to related to this Mandela effect. Yet Billy bean stalk an amount that these aren't so we're gonna take a break the phone numbers 8446877669. And told freed 8446877669. You listen to Jason NG EB unrelated radio will be back after. Cross my thanks to everybody Chad thanks for listening appreciate you being here tonight we're talking about the Mandela affect was Roy Horn who's written a book called the Mandela affect ascension. And what are the things that's often cited as an example of what this Mandela effect is and what it's doing. Is the Bible and the fact that there have been changes. Appearing in the Bible. Bomb over time. And no one can seem to explain them and people remember certain passages being one way and all of a sudden they appear a different way we had talked about that with bill being when he was on the program. A month ago or so maybe a little longer than that. But Roy I want to bring you into on this because they think of all the things that we're looking at that. That at least for me seems to be the most striking and down as one of those things and it's hard to miss remember. You know if we blame some of these things on memory issues the Bible changing is a difficult one to explain away. Oh yeah. And it. That went through pollute our. Our race southern baptists. And fro over. Twenty years. Are taught. Advanced Bible studies. And the the only way you can really teach the Bible to me. It was the king James version. Seven because. A strong current court. So every word you know Christmas they're working in the interest if he can Communist crop corn. And you can see the different. Ways in which that particular word he's he's very helpful. They break down every person ordering. And then when you have a class most people don't. Read that came gangs anymore bitch you're able to do. I don't wanna respect teaching hero yes but to put out your thoughts about what you studied and then hopefully somebody you know troops can join in but anyway that. Think tank battles very important to me and when I saw the first Afro so. Matt he's. I don't have power from Iran memorably the. Chapter seven. Disarmament now and we are very important in this tournament on the map Beijing Google Talk into and he says. They're not that new land. Into old bottle. That that coupling it you know it winds scams. From my memory and that's the way I was taught because it was talking about the spirit the new line. Being a new spirit you've been reborn in and don't put it into an old vessel. And this is gonna stretch and note this in the war inmate per. Expansions to people that visa's stock into trouble in the map certainly did not Sherry bottle around it just blew my. And what's funny about is. All the old deacons they're in my church that I used to get ten. They'll remember the king James the way that I remembered. Luke with prior to all the shirt. But they better not. Able to say or do anything about it produce broad. You know they agree with me if you there's a lot more and there's a lot of its industry structure and. Yeah and and is one thing if you could take Goldfein in old Bible and compare it and find the changes bubble we're saying here is that it's changing and all bibles. Yeah when you first try that everybody should rather strong and interpretations and now. They're sort talk about it you go to online and you cooler the original six and eleven shingjang Chu will. Well it's. Two or three years ago blew that fortune anxious not man's interpretation. But it's changed or the actual order. And then I make note saying actually he never heard this. Have you ever heard. Forgive us our trespass as soon as we forgive those who trespass against. In the lord's prayer maybe your grandfather. Somebody says that it's right in if you've ever heard that. And then. You're you're remembered about bailout is that's not in this Bobble doll. The lord's prayer was the man he's this execution forgive us our debt as we give our debtors. Which is what the lord for (%expletive) In the blue banana in the loop it just makes no sense I don't know who is now apparently an orchard where just never went back. It's all the things like that that people. You don't go in here and there is a big one. And days ago I want from me about believe it's eleven actually. Were talks about the alliance Shelley was the land. This is more than just. Species of animals getting along and peaceful world is. The the little analogy that. The lamb of god into Asia are completed work. Yet he's a cultural. Thing Canada and now it's his little shelves Glendale with alliance. You go to any southern Baptist. Simon school room and children senate school preschool heel fan on and on and you'll you'll anywhere. Here's a little residual for a year capacity as the wolf shield will polonium and it doesn't say blindly. Like how. But if you go back to. Sergeant York that movie great new year you can do to create any. These court and that's so when we talk in the southeast Courtney this girl. And so everything's done in front of the bill. You know that's certainly mutilating. Thirty. Any ways that this girls little country to log cabin in her grandfather. Is in Iraq and cheer on the front porch reading the good book. And so there's this saying that. Gary Cooper in this girl. And then the grandfather start from Rita now oil. And he's reading I'm a latency. And he raised in the whole AAA little. But that's not what the bubble reached today. And wildwood. Wildwood in the fired. I am a man reading reading the Bible they read that some residual. Evidence there. Yeah it makes no sense it makes science the wolf shall dwell of the land if you look at what's going on today. Yeah it actually had this not what about it doesn't know what it Mitt. They're several they're like there and the and the old testament god. Wrote the ten commandments own table. Of stone not tablets. Look in the old testament to put any king James Bible that looks like tables look under look at sycamore member nickname described sycamore treated they. She does sycamores in the spilled all through the Bobble nano. Or you or shared faith hope and love in the greatest love interest church. I open cherished record lows been removed for the most court from changing model which turned to charity. It is what it's turned to email. It just lose all our canal an exodus and numbers for. God serious but I'll rule require from you the first male Trout that opens the limits as brightly opened the matrix. What is says now well that's really good king gangs. Language for Europe there. Are you so bad a year a little over a year ago there was may be freed for 500. Plus house trying to keep a political until until now little twist of changes. And the king James or Canadian built integration of the joke on. Forty feet zero creation and there's oil really no leaking games or court in I don't really it's just you know their. They've been sterling traded down. All churches looked solid but it I'm not speaking bad about your church I'm struck him. On the whole the program history can keep it down and not. Learning that Christ consciousness. We're talking consciousness and everything that Christ talked about his consciousness. So inside. Asia's shaky first Cano got living it is not an outside mainly you're looking at. It's sweet they can't let people take that well that means anything more craft fly but that's not what he's talking a bit. The truth is living in another thing that usually we hear actually hear from mayor met none of this as well shut down and back urged. There's no trick anything which usually Aldi every day non war. Both of truth in what you see and experience they are written. And pitched. It to get to your heart. An intricate knowledge our flow and it is amazing. It is amazing and you wanna wake people but I eat ten and it is not your job like summer labels seriously and they former. And they will be. Whatever in I don't know. Royal winter and Roy when we first were talking about the changes in the Bible we saw our guest bill dean who was on I don't know maybe two months ago. He's seemed to imply that the changes were not necessarily memoranda marina. A Mandela affect. Result but they were. So sinister in origin and there was something. Otherworldly happening year are you of the same opinion or is this purely an example of the Mandela sacked. So. I know that in the Bible does not demand that affect. And that that the deal there's. The the what's happening right now is hard. Continued separate from the Mandela affecting that's apparently wanted that or. The real thing for the change to come through the real reason that the Bible and I'll. Was it so man would wake and get out of his legal is because he's been. Preached at all apply that this is infallible word of god and it is. Simply it is not. It is Saturday. And in this hard for me coming. I talked about cherished babble. That. We will look when you're when you're awake he's seen everything in the news it is eight. Very manipulated. A piece of literature there's a lot of truth whether there's a bout on with Thomas Jefferson there's Jason there's probably never. Greater war more inspirational true words ever come forth from the mind of man that's what he should from the mine the man. And also. Never more bigger problem. Scottish church so as not Christian notion our founding fathers were not they were cute church. I'm not. And I'm a Christian. I'm out. Christ consciousness Christian. And to parts supply of the Bible are there should BP's from reaching. Pall on everything that pol in the ways rank in the bubble. You know if you put a Bible in chronological order basically the new testament you would say that. There was a war between call. And the talks. And I did not our call. Jesus talk bad about pol calling my fault process. Pol. He is the Roman Catholic. Creation. They've put forth everything that you place. Two key piece for learning the true message of crushed. And it's very difficult once you learn all watched because. It's tough but you know we wanna try to trees used to jar and just about a lot of real test of the is sent to stick with Jauron and the rest of the art is just tremendous what has been pulled over people's. It's but it's so it keeps them from. Learning that Christ consciousness friendly and is expansion of consciousness that torture fearful. And there is no. Need for. Blood sacrifice salvation. That's all. I saw that in there from the site list and that's what I believe it's being here. Roman Catholic Church is. Roy were gonna we're gonna run at a time pretty quickly here but one of the things that has come off. And this is a little blue little levity to bring this up now after them very serious discussion on this Sinbad movie. The movie we're with the actor Sinbad the comedian Sinbad that everybody seems to remember week he was a genie in a a distinctive film may have been called which is hammer something like that it should work that does not seem to exist what's the deal with that. Well I know it doesn't this sale online for somebody had. Had a copy. Them to bid on the notion that albeit chinook I don't know but I remember. You know and basically it's very weird because what he did he go to this guy said he registered. Sally Field. If Sally Field. That really yes it feels Saudi go to Celtics selling when each and your nice which tries. Barbara spill different trial but Peter Townsend is thanks built differently do you go to these people should be. Did you know former owners that you've always pretty firm here. There. There's very very very Charlie feels speech Accenture Oscar speech. You know. He would he like he really thought we had its chance to talk longer have what the people who think about it or feel that bad I don't know. So we've got we've got about a minute and a half your left. So what's what's the future hold if it's. If nothing is real if this is all going on for whatever purpose served design Lou what's our future hold. He had a short track now there's a big battle for human so call vote. And huge he's yet to discover. What that bet big. Battle is all about for yourself. For me it there's give a short to be human or tranche in. Tranche humanist post humans which is. Work we're all all sciences had to do they call it augmented. In a where they don't you know put a chip in your brain and make you smarter you've become I have robot and I thank simply wearing glasses major shock that it says is just kind. That's where we're headed. We're headed into trains humanism. And very very fast it is scary if you knew what should shuttle home early going and what that's all about. In the area that is attached to you partially. Google's likening in the works well manned bagel. Here in. You're you've got a little trail in there that's why they want that'll playing in your in your living room though election all ahead that's why they want gee that's. It's so it was so our government is moving so fast strong choice Ayers. Tranche humanism and have for robotics. And letting completely new merger mind weird. Artificial intelligence then I will delete true mine and your consciousness will be embedded in. Artificial intelligence or in the news here is to deal you're not even gonna have to make patrol. The choice will be you don't ever much time. All of this will be. Reese to dramatically. Who is geo physical. Happenings and 80%. Of the world population will die within Arafat your period and we're approaching. I'm I'm surprised were not there I think it's. It's within. Weeks but it's big notes but that's what approaching. The ones that social. Or not even. You know it'll take forever. For remain kind of give back up to this again and then it will be taken. I'm not there to on how many times we've gone through this cycle maritime and we just get when he wants to become gul. And I chose certain election has been learned to become god back creating he was beacon god. What. Manufacturing and and cutting into. European Union and GM those at all this. And that's I don't know. If that's universal. Known. Royce thanks so. Yes sorry we have to catch up but we're just at a time to thank you so much the winner also the website is EME me and he essentially dot com for the book wants to have you back on and talk about the sort of the more 'cause. There's just so much more to it all right so we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai and listen Jason did. All day long and sticking out with a suit and with a great discussion Roy Horn talking about so a lot of things including the Mandela sect so creepy stuff can always just. And definitely and that's and that's raise my version and our views ardent doesn't represent our views all the time and so forth so but I make sure you tune in tomorrow or in talking with Chris Boris paranormal communicators created new approach to goes hunting by interacting with spirits and interviewing them you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com final stations we are on just by clicking the station data were going to be adding a couple more stations actually within a week. And can also download the free iPhone and android operate there as well which allows you to listen life cash past shows and more. On if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else whose favor and just arena for us and helps push it forward and that's what it's all about making easy for people find. We greatly appreciate the support and and this show's success is because of all you all they're listening and we know that we thank you for. Harris Jason and javy beyond early radio cajole tomorrow night and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely on really radios. Yeah. You never stopped going and finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will purchase most hope that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.