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Contacting ghosts & spirits and trying to understand their psyche.

Nov 10, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest paranormal investigator Chris Bores about his unique approach to ghost hunting. He uses a training in psychology and research from ancient texts to improve his interactions with spirits. 11/10/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It serves on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast. Any start somewhere in between welcomed me on reality review myself Jason wasn't always awesome chief each arts you know I was after our discussion last night with Simon our guest about the Mandela a fact I was thinking about that a lot last night actually no I woke up or were you. And what Wu which dimension or were Victoria hooked it it. Exactly. I was you know I was I should pass and annexed and we have somebody on talking about the mental effect I was going to ask why. If this. Phenomenon is what it is and what people are saying it is why does it affect things like. A Sinbad movie or. A monopoly guy or. The Pepsi logo. Or the bearing Steen bears what I mean it seems like the the things it would really stand out if you for having this boring between realities in dimensions. And and we're moving from one to the other and memories of changes in the could be something a little more substantial. Like. I remember so and so being president. And now that person was never president isn't much more substantial than some of these what seem to be very trivial things as justice is an odd question tonight I wish I'd asked last night and didn't. More and I and I totally agree with you and you you think to prevent a slight you know one day you have nuclear warheads wonder you don't want to do and it USO thing and things like that Tom. I don't know it's I'm not a big believer in the home Mandela had to deal almost it's important. You know there's some some weird things out there but I don't sit there and think that it's its dimensions blaring and wanna. So now. I don't know hey welcome to be on really radio everybody if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com he defined the stations we air on all across the country. Can download the free iPhone and android app which allows you to listen lies catch past shows join me online chat more but just listen right from the website and clicking the listen life tad bit. And little connect toon which Arab can analogy the uniter and there's always agree community of people dying and all there. And it's a wonderful place it chills and. Yeah a lot of great people and there are a lot of great discussion we always enjoy I love looking over reading Chad as the show goes on it gives us some great insight and some ideas. Of what to ask our guests he's a multitasking now I don't do very well that's a problem I have to do to turn very precarious Oregon lost a few do I see you know obviously would have paranormal investigators there's no mystery there. I'm so you noted ghost behaviorist is. I think I'm going to we're gonna find out tonight I don't know what it is either been Chris borders is one he's a ghost behaviorist. And he's created new approach to ghost hunting by interacting with spirited interviewing them he says he's had a tremendous amount of success for this technique. No one else does it he's actually also a filmmaker he's got a film bombed out that's called pursuit of the paranormal. We'll talk about that will also talk about some of the investigations he's done so this is this a combination of of eastern flaws philosophy and ancient texts that he incorporates into his effort to go Stein and see so what does Obama. It's always good to see somebody trying something different I mean that's what culturally promote that sealed push it forward is. As everybody trying their own on different types of techniques and that. And it really it does help well. Yeah it's it definitely does it's it's through the experimentation and use a different techniques and new ideas that we'll actually one day I think get to a point where we can actually answer some of these questions we had forever. Well that's a for a around them for the six he has I don't know if you analyst Stephen Hawkins said the new stuff that we ought to be prepared for I don't know if you've heard of office I know that. Stephen Hawking is a perpetual. Debbie downer the mentality that you Denny downer really down I mean. You wouldn't want to be I think it has to be Medicaid and now he's a brilliant man obviously the man everything he says recently is about his doom and gloom and feel like you know do this this article isn't change in a ball boy and what she's not our time as the ruling species on earth is running. Zone Stephen Hawkins fears it may only be a matter of time before humanity is forced to flee earth in search of a new home. The same a physicist has previously said that he thinks humankind survival rely on our ability to become a multi planetary species. Hawkins are reiterated and infect emphasize the point in a recent interview with wired in which he stated that humanity has reached the point of no return. He said the necessity of finding a secondary planet. Planetary home for humans. Stems from both concerns over growing population. In the imminent threat posed by the development artificial intelligence value and I've spoke out about that allow him because they're designing all these crazy things. It's it's terrifying the military's worst known. And ai systems to to be able to now used in warfare timing and we'll think about that if is piecing their controlling weapons. Yet a thing or what if they decide to turn on. And it's scary stuff and once they become self aware which is seems that some of these new ai systems are doing that during their very thank. You know that's the threshold want to cross that there's no there's no turning back. I mean outsourcing your showed us power. Once Diana became so awful where what what it did Dallas but I our eyes so he warned that as any I will become who will soon become super intelligent. Potentially enough so that it could replace him in kind the genie is out of the bottle fears that AI mean replace humans altogether amstel light. Is certainly wasn't the first time that he's made such a dire warning in an interview back in March with the times she said that an AI apocalypse. Was impending and the creation of some form of world government would be necessary to control technology. The beastie who aren't more Holcomb should look at the fifth. What a game for hopeful they'll let out a blow to see it is to regret it out. It's time but he also cautioned about the impact if I would have on the middle class jobs and even called for an hour right BM on the development of AI each and it's from the military use and now. Japan has been a big key in the back room I don't know when you who didn't five keys have have. Do we have a caller we wanted to tolerant the only beauty called Joseph when night somebody's listening scripts he took the call. My guess solution which find that call. The awesome he went to the find that most indeed the book but that that that is truly what terrifies me the most is the fact that wall. Middle class jobs okay I see you know little will find other things of its eggs deal. The whole fact of the CIA agents for military use him in the victim to terrifying thing if if you think about it. You there's also I mean we've we're seeing artificial intelligence show opened vehicles the self driving cars which by the way did you hear that the ended this. Highly. Touted. Self driving the shuttle in Las Vegas was launched ever go out like two hours after the punch to god and an accident it was beyond it was on AB unreality news today Randy I posted my FaceBook page and that's a Sammy it's that they said it stopped. It just stop just and they saw the truck coming delegates and has cooked it and they have passed luckily nobody was hurt but just kind of ironic. And then out there also starting to use robotic devices will artificial intelligence is policing agents. And there are also debating whether or not these things should have lethal capabilities and that's a pretty interesting. Corner to term. Well here especially with the whole human. Error saying you know well he wondered error aspect -- we just had a a major general office showed up and I know showed up on the world does but we seven major situation here Rhode Island today which you talk about. Weapons and and errors that happened the police were chasing there was a guy who into the grading a state trooper's car. At one point he was in the backseat to Varnado to help somebody somehow on the front seat took off. Well they're chasing him down and so there was a rumors that he would jump in the back of a white truck or whatever. Well he chases way truck from Cranston and into Providence, Rhode Island on the highway in the foot original rom and you see it. Arm. And they thought the I was driving and they opened fire and they killed all right and fatally shot a lady who's in the front seat with them and it wasn't the person and I. Oh wow oh wow. So now there's this whole craziness Allen now I mean you've got you've got errors that happen with humans and humans program these things where's the as just I don't know where that these things don't. It's it's tough they don't have any idea sympathy don't have any any of that stuff that that humans do. So. Well when were were were and train or opening a door we don't know what's in the darkness beyond it and minutes tread lightly be very very careful as we. Traversed this ground. Yet ai is definitely it's a terrifying thing for me I'm I'm terrified of and I guess that we spoken about this many times. I'm terrified of the possibilities of what it could. To order to create the chaos that could cause us in the future it I think somewhere it and their needs to be some sort of a control. Because these systems eventually they'll if they're getting Smart enough I mean you've got systems whether communique they're writing or languages we don't stance on the talk back and forth. And where where does he gets the point where they realize that the only thing that can shut them down as arts. And that's about it and think about no it's it's all pretty clearance people like Stephen Hawkins are talking about this. In other visionaries and there are sounding the warning bells and sister question of whether or not you know we're going to be listening as a civilization or not. It's scary general riskier. Scary cell aren't so we're gonna take a break and we come back will be joining their guests the phone numbers. 8446877669. If you are joint tonight's conversation again 844. 6877669. You listen Jason G. He'd be on relatively soon. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. That are beyond reality radio and Jason and cheesy arsenal know. Received 446877669. Will open up the phone lines in just a little bits he could join our conversation. About take ourselves come back to the roots of what we do here and talk about ghosts and but I wanna. Mentioned little bit later in the program were going to do a little experiment GA member. A couple nights ago we had a desperate men I haven't suffered that's college in order to do it tonight. We have doctor Hogan and couple nights ago and one of the things he said he could do is remote viewing and he said he was psychic he had some bill cities all along those lines he said he could put something on a table in front of you. Concentrate on it he could actually tell you what it was and I'm sure he knows that you're talking to us right now and I'm sure he's listening to probably be calling in any minute. Probably do something similar for a listeners who brew we're gonna give away. Attempts per meg hoodie that we've got. He and all we need to do is in the duke later we're gonna pick a card from a regular standard 52 card deck. You know I. And if they get get it right when the pretty nice is I was able put that whole thing need to be a suit and you'd Neiman have to remote view that that just happened for an opening you know I mean you'll locality in Kart. Oh they just told that a little later in the program surgeon general wanna write down the number 844687. 7669 you're gonna have to call and to be part of the contest so as the prepared to do that's pretty much wanted to 52 his chance at bats are you vet a try let's go to our guest line and bring in our guests we're talking with Chris Boris tonight he is a ghost behaviorist. And he is actually created a new approach to go sunning by interacting with spirits and interviewing them Chris welcome to the program's great to have you on beyond reality radio. OPEC you very much it's a pleasure being here. Onyx are coming on mrs. we're looking forward to this discussion. Oh aqsa as semi the new territory grow because hunter and some went to be a pioneer in the field. What we're gonna get to all the questions and the conversations this is a pretty short segment here so wanna take this opportunity just to get a little bit of your background tell us about yourself honey and interest in this field. Yeah absolutely so I'm a student of psychology. I love researching things like religion. Psychology sociology and I bring all those under one banner to pretty much do what I do on Pollard got started. Basically what is because you Jason. The all ghost hunters fiasco that happened. I asked album. Help it you guys. Early opened the lid. Two internal research. And it did you know before their car and I just know that the actual cost. And there was an actual methodology. Ideology to go out and and get activity in and there's a certain way duke it out. So they're really opened my eyes to our disks you know something to do in your spare time so I did a couple of investigations to score all. But I certain getting some interest being. EVPs and things like there where I'm at the end of the day I just was happy we're sang all I got in the BP wanted to figure out. You know what and why I would like giving. So we're eating peas are leaning towards giving. Don't want to include it really. Perplexed me was saying I was in the mean Spielberg laboratory which is an. Notorious prison. In its own. And we ended up getting in EDT a blow a little girl. Saying thank you. And it's. It is just raise so much so many questions but what are the little girl doing and a prison with dangerous and they did it just didn't make sense. So you know I was getting all the VPs. And not avatar and you know on on. With terrible TV. In these pages are all these programs work answering these bigger questions. And it was weird thing because you guys made it looks so EC that every network wanted to kind of jump on the bandwagon. We have Durham goes hunting show. And at what the problem with that was there were using extreme ideologies. Same methodology the same approach. Oh little turnover. Are we anyway and we eat and we talked about that a lot where it's just people. Other networks out to just carbon copied our show ended they didn't they didn't change they didn't try to. To do anything different was just pretty much a carbon copy of our show. Absolutely and you're I interpret that rewards aren't where it was just. That same show but the investigators you know this should have pops this one or whatever. But our record the very core of our own legal show is the same thing and same approach. So there came a point where. You know how the span of all these shows I watched on other camp point were I wanted to deconstruct them on bigger okay. Why what is working what's not working do we get down to a deeper level of interaction with the spear because. When you want to les Grossman shows he saw the first blatant sticking points that came out there were you could only take. Goes in your actions so are we with the investigators were hit the wall in multiple. Have you surpassed this fall so I think we are researching things like psychology I was giving him looks like the Tibetan book of the dead ejection the debt. And as early answering a lot of these questions that you know god has little couldn't answer. And you know we're competitive it is break all of these ghost hunting down goes hunting shows down psychologically. Wang yeah hey generate their Crist as we got to take a break open and I want you to have time to be literally get into the stuff missed our brief we have to take our you listen to Jason and GP on Dioner elegant. Is it goes behaviorist he's actually created a new approach to go something which is what we're talking about but I do have to go make a comment because. Leading into the last break we are talking about. Goes starters kind of opening the door for a lot of copycat shows among all all the other networks and cable channels trying to cover their own version of a terminal reality show and I think one thing they miss Jane I think maybe you and I should jump on this is clowns. Going out into internal investigations. You mentioned dressed up as clowns. Going out and doing these investigation does tell you I'd like to make him ghost. RC and addressing giving him. And a bitch if we think about it hard enough for a couple of really catchy name for that in let's bring Chris back into the program Chris says sorry for interrupting you heading to break goes our break we had to take it. What you're talking about you know who your observations what you saw than you started to. The research team Tibetan book of the dead the Egyptian book of the dead eastern look in some ancient text and you were doing all of this work compiling information. To try to come puts a mantra answers and techniques take different. Yeah absolutely so what it stirred do is there are. Build skill sets and a new foundation to build up from when going out during goes on. And some of the main things that I use. One of the things I use is psychology and this has helped so much because that it's allowed me to really get to the psyche of the spirit and figure out what it was what do they want what do they need and go. And let me let me. And wrote you know I don't I don't wanna get too far ahead in our discussion because they wanna set the stage for what we're about to talk about and I think one of the important things we need to understand. Before we get too much further. And this part of your answer to this question may actually be part of the answer you were just about to give but what is a ghost behaviorist. Okay go to the neighbors the story that studies the behavior pattern. It's spirits and we do this by a Serb bring down. Are gonna go hunting tour guide for about three years and during that harm I've been on hundreds of investigations clocked him. Hours and hours and a half hours worth of investigating. And you know I'm not one of those. Those type of people that everything that stirs a little room during the course but not of the night is something normal you know not that kind of person armed. But you know I. What I do is. Yeah what like you said. This will lead into that question but I do use psychology. Eastern philosophy and and sociology. Among elders to literally. Bring this thing to a boil because pierce when your gross behaviorist. Arm you know and I call it help that because it totally. Perfectly captures what I'm trying to do here on. The holy breaks down that all the big growl Knuble what are they what they want him out and what that the environment that there would be. And all these things can be explained with those that that. Kind of holy trinity are that I bring into this research. And when you say you observe them that would imply. While that doesn't necessarily imply that first in the comes to mind is watching. But you're not talking about actually seen these and we have to see an apparition a full bodied operations are pretty rare saying. You know we've been turn a longer investigating for a long long time and you could count on one hand the number of full bodied operations. That anybody's seen what are you talking about when you when you talk about observation. Arm basically their behavior patterns their main persons we get to. So. What I'm trying to get on a ghost investigation is to get into an intra action with them to. Manipulate our devices on command now that is key we want things on command. Armed and we do this. Tourists curious. Different ways not skill sets that. Allow me to do this. But basically the court we're trying to build certain comfort level with them so they interact with us once you establish that comfort level. We start to ask them questions. And of course the sociology comes in the play at this point. We're trying to break down. What type of spirit we're we're talking to because there's different types. What with a psychiatrist. He doesn't eat you know you have a lot of patience throughout the course of the day and he will not treat every patient the exact same way. So I have broken down the spirit world. By their mindset. Because I on the you cannot treat every single spear at the exact same light because he's do you. You're gonna fall flat on your base pay interactions that. I blasted. Sixty minutes long and I know it sounds ludicrous but it has happened and if I do not in late these special skills that. That they're actually ended you know at that spot minutes so that that's one talking. So at issue. Make these observations and try to understand patterns and and as you said. The study their behavior which makes you behaviorist. What types for types of answers you looking for what what does that provide you as a paranormal investigator. Want them a lot of background research on who it is interesting when you still researching. Things clicked the Tibetan book of the dead. I'll start learning about their environment or the topography of the apple two light. How long story getting into psychology and start figuring out OK one of their minds that's odd because the despair and act like they are one thing common. They were all living and they blocked their body. So they are so linked from this. It somewhat older suffering that the trauma of losing a physical body so we have to bring that into this. They're locate the ball questions do we need to ask now and kind of go they are so. What we're trying to do is have them manipulator devices and it's basically like a video game that cycle people global one of called on the paranormal bubble to have them interact the past what the three make sure that what we're talking to its intelligent. And then you know just keep going through the motions that put a pick. Now we're getting an inner action. Let's figure out it would what type spirit are you what are your needs what are you once were you suffering from because at some local there're there are down because. Of some reason and that's what we're trying to get down to the two of the matter of. Yeah and those reasons or whether they chose not to pass over firm syrups redemption. June any anything it's just have to diet so quick to didn't realize what happens they're there attached to something our. Game and the yet still there's endless reasons why an intelligent spirit would remain there. Absolutely and I was I'd be able to Kumble took six different types we get in those later. But each different type you know they have their different they have different needs they have different ones that have different. Arm problems that they're trying to work through. And he you know I I is just with this research I'm hoping that. Anyone looking to buy if they find themselves in the situation on the side. That you know I can prove to provide them some kind of help. Chris I've got to ask you about a couple things you said in your in your explanation there one you said that one of the things that. All of these spirits have in common is they're going through the trauma of having lost their bodies their physical form. Com or they all aware that that's the case obviously were only talking now about intelligent type haunts. Are they aware that that's happened to them. Com some of them seem there's another type of spirit that I come up let our club confused spear. And what's interesting is if you research at the Tibetan book of the dead at that it addresses. These type its spirits. I found that there are many different types. Of computers spear that exist out there. There's different levels of of confusion that happen. The first type. Of confusion it is pure denial they do not want to realize that they're dead so they they just block it out of their crew. Our the second type is a kind of of the craving that they have they're craving is so great to. But still they're. First down need that kind of blinds them to decide that. That their dead are at in the third way that they're confused is the way they exited their body. And this is pointed out that Tibetan book of the dead that you mean like when when you are going to the motions of leaving the body and the body shutting down during the process of doubt. Isn't it naturally in the body. Whips up and how would be crowned tree grow out of the post goal armed you know I've talked to a lot of hospice workers nick said the same only just. Deal that. Armed. Beats holds kind of passes up through that the upper portion of the party. But many times we see. Whip compete spirit. If they exit the bite a long way. They will go to this peace process and they call it aid bark no. Which is very interesting because what you did dump the essence of what a bar who is. It's made a realm of darkness and what better way to. Call. State of confusion then darkness. And winning in the end up that way because they lost the body the wrong way is is one of those reasons. Just also the Tibetan book that that it it's very clear. Debt these body hurt the whole had trouble opt in out of the body of the they call us. This has tightened the chocolate system. They say if you leave and anywhere else they are out. Any other part of the body. It kind of disrupts what is called deep not eat. And they're not it's basically the pathways. Horizontal are on Europe for a halfway in your body but this'll intrepid opened down and and when your your. Body shuts down it naturally just in up and but it juror you know it. God forbid electric car crash or something like that and I'm by you watched. Are the sole could be propelled forward. And if that happens you know sometimes. It is so from that the most does soul to. Ask how in depth. Now it. Armed it just caught is this confusion states to head to occur. Well it's strange because anytime you you're watching a movie or TV show about somebody becoming a ghost it's always usually the bodies lying down and and the person just sets up out of the body. So it's now it's a popping out ahead. Right and tragedy. You know of murder or something like that abrupt ends to the white. Rule would have a lot to do with this and to go further down the rabbit hole if you really. Research stings like. These reincarnation cases where kids are remembering. Memories from a test flight. It's always a tragic memory it's never all died of natural causes it's always like oh boy drowned out in a plane crash. So it just it all links together. Chris does that concept that you just explain to us. Related to how blues soul exits the body did that come from your research in the Tibetan book of the dead another texts. Or is this something that you researched and confirmed by communicating with spirits. Our I have not asked them that question yet it never come up. But yeah it's it's something I pulled from the Tibetan book of the dead com I've pulled from. Hindus searchers as well. An out and what's interesting is this this state of darkness this confuse state. Out we find our our researched world religions and every religion. And I is guess Bartow like state or the state of just. Being in this. Darkness or just waiting to. We work through your confusion. In order to get to the next stage you don't catholicism McCullough limbo I mean you. Take root word. Oh limbo it it's actually a Latin word of Linda and it means you're just waiting around on the edge of something. The I Judea and have a Coke which you'll. And eat it it actually also in the Egyptian book of the dead and Nicole what they'd do law so yeah this just crosses into many many different little religions. Okay we're talking with Chris mores and we're talking with him about his techniques to ghost hunting and interacting with spirits and interviewing them. Our telephone numbers 8446877669. We got a lot more talk about champ. Sermon Michael is not yeah and if summation you had to take a second head over to FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like the FaceBook page. And if you download show on iTunes or anywhere else to a Safir religious rated hopes pushes shall forward. We're gonna take a quick break more to come listen Jason Giambi. The coast. Harrison has approached to ghost hunting and interacting with spirits and interviewing them and Chris again thanks for being with us to we have to take some phone calls throughout the course of the evening and let's turn to do one break now here are some he's been on hold for while this is. Mike from Toronto he might welcome to the show you're on beyond reality rid of Chris course. All I just cure one bag. Just recently hopefully. My children. Quite young and that art experience. Number thing. Indeed they're. Comic and strives. These circles which I almost treat you or Larry describe degree colors. Why aren't his room and the wake when the enemy and it quick. And missed it scares. And the answer is. All the way to get close my space so I thought about that. Independent vault. My daughter. Started she. Started to experience and Portland they don't talk. Like one knows. But yet as the spirit. Started to experience. Forget all enough by. I felt like can be here. And it actually happened when I was. Started touching each inch very natter about the she'd like white and we might be like okay. And surgery what you thought and there's no sport and I I don't experience but I can describe an actual human beings. Is Brooke. And he's not here which give you little more awkward but it just makes you very curious what it might eat. And just do it situation. Well mom ala ala Chris answer in just a sect were really quick in my belief and a well you first off kids and children are more prone to seasonings and adults because to a child anything's possible and I talked about that all the time I big sack and it comes on the chimney over Christmas a big bunny brings a basket. So nothing is impossible in children are more prone to be able to see the spirits than than adults because they're wide open. So lot. And there's no reason for the men if you notice most of the time children don't fear these things until they start getting older watching Disney movies or or any other movies out there that are making ghost appear. That they're terrified or harmful. So honestly a lot of times Spierkel try to purposely be around children because they know that they can be noticed now at me saying that you go to Chrissie ticket. Okay arm I don't all the circumstances. But it if this. If the one thing is kind of a a building. What first or so and then. You know the touching and then the physical manifestation Lotta times at the darker spirit. Kind of building energy to do something you know even more spectacular more spectacular. And of course that's when you really need to closure a thousand. You know can't get those those nasty things out of there. But. If that's not the case. Sometimes. We find that. Spiritual Miller cited. Will kind of come to children because there east. They concede them. A lot easier because they're still developing their reality. Eight and spirits can break into the reality a lot easier then. Maybe an adult reality so that's. You know maybe what they're experiencing those things. They microchip have you set up a video camera anything to see if you can catch any of it warms of the operations have you done you know. Well that's again that's a point and that's my next I actually have a camcorder can record in the dark. About my next I think I'd be record. Eight hours have been sweeping I have listened to part of it because. You heard some voices to it I'm I'm just wondering. Is what kind of expertise haven't I'm also just curious whether this may be associated. We've hand war hole. At all. Only Goodman in like the Indy. Actually activity but I've experienced my whole life and a lot of different all com. I'm just wondering remember just remember might their first off if these kids that are able to see these things I think of him like a winner in the woods tracking attractive market giving off energy in these things concede as so of course there they're going to go there but also your son your son's perception or his ability to see and feel things. Might differ from your if hundred dollars so she you know she might be more prone to be able to see certain things that he is unable to be might be able mine more prone to see things she's done it to him and then that that's something you really need to think. About as well so we'll talk about more of this after the break with to a to go because it's time it's beyond reality radio Jason JB don't go away we've got so much more. Soltys ours is awesome JV John steelworker. Really good discussion tonight we're talking about something that says it's kind of the root of everything that we do. Our last caller Mike from Toronto was talking about some stuff that was going on with his kids which always raises a bit of red flag. Doesn't mean it's necessarily scary doesn't mean it's something that cause alarm and that's the thing it's it's the movies to TV shows that really honestly give the whole ghosts thing. That they're terrifying. Terrifying thought if you think about it I mean there's really very few movies out that it had me ghost local newscast itself it's funny thing Jesper you've beaten up by tell ya one of the things again we had to cut Mike off because of the break but one of the things that I recommend you do Mike is set up a video camera sounds like you're prepared to do that. Just she can catch some of the activity that your sons talking about you know and and don't put any fear into them would be my recommendation. Don't make them fearful of a don't act fearful of it yourself. Puzzle catch on to the. I don't blow it out of proportion just and just act like it's a normal thing and and so forth and yeah annually you'll be able to document but also a boys and girls tend to experience the same thing but see it differently. And or accused saying where is his son seen the or herbs and and so forth from donors is feeling things. It's just the way that their bodies to sites. Two pick up on what's there. Yet and I just the more add one more thing for you might guess. You know as long as there's no marks or harmed communion you easier kids and what would be too alarmed it summing like that starts to happen then that you need to change your approach signal. And that's one thinks let me let me emphasize on I'm a lot of people sit terrace at all Cisco's push dispersant discussed poke that person is hit that well think of it looked as if something's trying to communicate it's trying Tuesday to touch you and you're not feeling it and -- touchy harder and harder harder because you're not feeling and then all the sudden. Boom you feel it. It's not that it was trying to be malicious by any means but you gotta think if somebody's trying to pokey and you're not feeling they're gonna keep on going harder and harder until. Finally they're able to make some sort of an impression they might not intentionally do it that hard to be malicious by any means but. But you know it happens so they can't really be taken that away. The other springer guest in Chris spores to see if he's got anything he wants to add to that Chris I mean anything else on your mind when in relation to Mike's phone call. Yeah a couple things I I've had similar experiences world do an investigation. Like a president or something like that and I forget to blast myself or come home and don't you know the darn thing followed you home. And I have girls. At home so. The one time. The things started to. React in a way where. What what goes on the caller. These type disappears what they do is they kind of feed off energy to power themselves so what they'll do news. Small things will happen or on the Powell's like things will just. Appear in different places. And then things you know things escalate cute things falling off the shelves. And it just seems like these things beat up negativity. Arguments conflict there or cause them. And when that happens just things start exploding and that's when you have to really. Stirred. Blending your policy and getting rid of the the nuisance. Though they wanna point out too is that the caller said that they've. They have not had any history of anyone dying on the premise assert in the area and one of the spear types that I have been able to the line and I am breakdown in this whole thing. Isn't over spear type called the wandering spirit. While these are spear to actually wander around and after light of their extrovert. They're kind of toward the afterlife. Some upon some homer the polling dependence. There's been many investigations. Enron or. Were at a location where it justify a lot defies logic that displays hard and that nothing has ever happened there and cast. It will play out after spirit are wondering group. And that it will get the operation of yes they have nothing to do display they're just wandering through. Yeah and I've dealt with a net and with many cases like that word these men and there's absolutely it's a new house built on Campbell Tom lamb it's never went unused and and that that's a common thing these things a lot of times as as I said it it's sort of like a winner in the woods. Whatever reason something there is giving off some sort of an energy that attracts these things or they just passing through and realize somebody can see them. So they decide to hang out for as long as they can hopes that some sort of message they have. Can be passed passed forward. So by the you get a lot of guts man. A lot of the case south okay Chris let's take a call here this is Karen. I'm from New York to turn welcomed me on really to read agreed to a young. I mean yeah yeah and her opponents could hear from. Question from the guest is about the Turkey has ever done therapy where he would like better person parliament that would. The person and trying to communicate to disparate they're. Like you're armed groups therapy among them. To like maybe help them get along. To help tell the homeowner over the with a resident and the spirit get along. But RS is assuming you've done what despite. Her. Gastronomic sensed since on the you've done Chris. Not. Well. I'm exactly that you're painting. Usually the if I'm called into a situation like that. Armed they're wanting. Answers and so I'll sit down the here Victor and that's really the best way to. Start building upon what level of the spear to get giving them talking to you is to bring someone that their familiar less than say. That this guy. You know what ought to open a dialogue. Com and they will go from there are broke it and who are you you know what are you going to what you need and kind of go to those emotions. And you know usually. We'll figure out what the spare ones. If we can help it move on. If you know the things I'm willing to dwell on what are quite isn't it I have a prayer. It is just so many roads that. So. And are there to take. Until we're there there's many many. In the. Like many many spirits yourself you know era and it's not missed a house that's from the property constantly. And thanks to some of its residual that's about it intelligent. Like they respondent has done question where they responded intelligently to question in. And Internet stuff like word I didn't understand. They were popular when there are lives. And then I walked amount Bennett daylight might not accept me. While we're there are hot squinting or of you know person Clinton thing is definitely in order because if there's multiple spirits they're just coming in and out of that place. There's something in their acting as a beacon. That attracting spirits. And there and you know who and what they've done good parliamentary here and I look at it is the. Could make my daughter diet like pretty much everywhere he plans except for maybe he'd try to make it probably can't. Things happening things moving and following link he sat and Patrice certainly year things have started. Getting physically active. I've been planned and had been a cupboard door awhile back and shower door Oceanic and and then there. Like somebody conducting currently handled and shake some merlot are. In Greece certainly my daughter's consider him. We currently over access. So margins moving in the background. By themselves. But even trying to debunk it by checking the windows and mental. And there was little breathing pure and innocent error. Let me ask you this where you religious at all. I was raised Catholic but I'm not religious. A cricket it could you know I I hate to sound preachy but you know it's. You know calling upon and when Jesus or Deedee and hi I'm apart Buddhist so I call on a lot of the Photoshop as. In that religion I do not believe what just calling upon that power mobile due to a spirit you know I I tell you yes. Com or investigation at the end it will change your mind because you've called on Jesus or god. Take care business. And support in a heartbeat. Arm so you know I'd probably have something in there. That's it began that attracting their stop then and yeah it hit the public you'd. Really like a cleansing or heard something like that. McChrystal doesn't it also helps if she has face in what she's preaching I mean it if if they don't have faith in what they're preaching the sort of takes will power current. Yeah you have to head out on power behind it that that's part of as well. You know and it's just sit. Contact your local church maybe they can help. C a I've been very spiritual in my practice and actually when I start getting into interactions were spirits. In getting to a deeper level interaction with them you'll start seeing that there's something deeper place here and I if you start becoming very spiritual and your practice. Is going to do things that just. Boggle the mind what what the spirit world. Parent hey Karen thanks so much for the phone call middle to go Canadian yet awesome to hear from you again of course. We're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna continue our conversation with Chris spores were also going to. Jason are gonna draw a card from the standard 52 card playing card deck we're gonna focus on it if you want to try to remote view or use any psychic ability you think you might have. To figure out what card we are thinking of them looking at feel free to call the phone might all make it easier it will be a choker you will copy it so I. So that sticks their cars and you Karzai we that we are built. Brit did a quick break more to come Elisa Jason JD yeah. It's. He's been hurt her 6877669. You're going to wanna keep that number handy because we're going to I'd do our remote viewing slashed psyche experiment give away but he tonight. We're gonna draw a playing card from a 52 card deck we're gonna concentrate on and you call in and you see if you can tap into our minds. And tell us what it is in a moment ordering Chris spores back in the program. Our Nigeria and simply aren't shuffled them and hear Zambia's seeker Harry's music artists a queen a diamonds aren't yet no. Oh yeah that's what exists up well aren't good guys are I adults only with the current netbook did you get this now I have to say I'm no good at this is we're gonna do to get her one more time and just I'll be quiet and can I. Here's the new cars. Look at. OK so when people call and we'll put money air we will think and concentrate on this card and we'll see if you can Eric come up with what it is but in the meantime the spring Chris spores back interest. You have a book called ghost hunting 2.0 you also website. Call pursuit of the paranormal dot com. When did you decide to write a book about all the stuff. How long doing video lecture circuit and I'm like and I I need a book. I didn't put all that my butt down and so book and after it did but it just it it all came together for. Nice okay well we're gonna interspersed these phone calls. Indoor discussions so let's go to the phone line exodus is Karen dissenter on the program she's already backing Karen. You wanna try to figure out what discard is please dial yet Jason and I are focusing on playing cards. We're both looking at it and we're focusing on it see if you can tap into our thoughts and figure what this party's Q1 guest. Again and again and see it's either that soaker jackal park. You can only guess one. Art now that's not it Karen that extra. They tried stakes are planned along and again the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna give it to trial takes more calls as we progressed Chris armed. Your first attempt at using these techniques or things you've been talking about a yielded what I read was a ninety minute. Interaction with the spirit told us what happened and and you know how that all worked. Yeah absolutely so the continuing mystery at the beginning of a program. The so I I can I came up with all these new skill sets and Michael I helped the go to place without fail I would get. Are hunting to occur popular than the plane. Places where he'd show up and nothing happens sullen didn't go to work on most ardent. Places in America so I ended up going to be Saint Augustine like us. And of course the place victorious from ghost hunters during the course officer. Yeah are absolutely so I went there and I QG not. We circuit interacting with the spirits there and the intrigues them so much with Carolina cautioning that this stuck around. For ninety minutes. And even the tore guide. That had been working their elect three years at this say I have never seen anything like this ever happened before the he said the on an election. That he had had up to that point was up ten minutes long. And he said that just. Blue and white. While while that's honest yeah that is that's pretty cool. We got to the phone's ringing off the hook here Serena to sneak in some of these before the break to this is this. Concern that this is Danny now calling in from Canada he Danny you're ready to tell us what this card is the Jason Knight are looking at and focusing on and concentrating on. Our. Now you know it is it is and that they are all nice try though with extra exco Anemia might rushed into that when a little too quickly but it's got a hell is she got to where we're focusing you got to focus on what we're seeing here this whole -- it's remote viewing the site they'll have to take stakes are trying to picture Conan let's go to Leonard in Kansas he Leonard Jason and I are focusing on this playing cards. We're looking at it we're thinking about it tap into our minds tell us what you say. It. No no no it's not it's not but thank you thanks for thanks for calling. Let's see here Chris. You. Use a lot of different equipment in your investigations who got about a minute and half your group we have to jump in the break in them takes more calls on the other side of the break but what's what trip this equipment do you like he's the best. What do you particularly eager. The obelisk elect that I'm used to the amount reader as well the ones that make both the noises. Because leave. I like giving aid. An audio earned an auto. I like hearing the scene that meter when it spikes and it's interesting because I have a couple different one. And the amount readers debt and many different tones. And there's been times where I'll I'll spread like two or your room. Across the floor and not start spiking and your Interpol and I'll say he's played a song brought just put these meters. And I'll be dog gone that they've they've bolstered. Are trying to play a song with those meters it's just absolutely phenomenal. Intersect I've I've just never really had a lot of faith in the novelist though I mean it's it's something that people can program in their words into and it's how do you really teaching ghost to. If you just to get the meter to reduce that says this word and so forth. Yes weird Tom I I kind of calibrated. Actually. Obviously I take all the tools to put on an Antarctica which is better knock on and figure out. Okay elect how great pass third nuances and with that I'll look I've found that. A lot of times on did what is called obelisk babble world to babble you know just words that make no sense at all and I just bigger that this is. The op was just kind of can't bring that energy in that area but I like the kolbe outlooks. A voice box. But for the dead because that it's basically taking the energy in an area and associating and work to it in our pets some. Pretty amazing successes with that armed and you know I like eating beans aren't meant so when I asked a question. If I get an answer on and that makes sense I'm like. Okay yeah. That is amazing can do it again and sometimes I look at the same answer. Right are we're gonna go to break here Bob just remember the phone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call me part of this remote viewing slash psychic experiment we're doing are you listen to Jason NG via yeah really ready. In his personal of the paranormal dot com his book is called ghost hunting 2.0 and Chris it's. It's been a great discussion and got a few more things to talk about we're also going to going to interspersed these phone calls because Jason and I are still. Staring at this playing cards thinking of it very very intensely. And you know we're gonna we're gonna not take these calls do we have bunch of people lined up a before we do Chris you say mentions lectures Turkey doing a lot of speaking these days. Yes and I it is just so wall when I talk about the stop an election ormat. It just seems so many people resonate with what I'm talking about because there's some neat. Are there are so many holes when it comes to a ghost hunting especially deep western. Mindset that. And and viewpoint. When you commitments with the eastern perspective he's Serb plugging in a lot of polls holes that the western culture has been residual on. Spirits can move around energy and things like that so we just answering those things people just. You know resonate with it and I fail well the first targeted. Watcher is kind of cool to see a just the capped the audience what your own Michael later that day it was just that such a phenomenal the only prospect. Yeah that's got to feel that's got to feel great that's gonna actually feel awesome and when you speak in you and you do you know have these groups in our most people looking for. The instruction on how to ghost on or is it more. They're just wanna hear your experiences. I'm a little boat are usually right election like a cabal out. On my approached the difference. Tightened classless. Classifications of spirit that I come out but because norms what herb about the stop the war in I don't want to get the psychology of spirits and of course I've been able to interact with every different type that I have breaking down. And just some of those that like I said I got into an indirect ninety minute interaction with the spirit during that time we were pulling data from the spirit like. You know how she died. You don't know how she's. Going dated days dorm life and we actually bombed out you know what spear or scared. So all these things just add to the body of research were like oh Mike I can't leave no more work doing the impossible. Here are salutes and bring in one of these calls and you get Tosh from Indiana Tosh a walk and beyond elementary. Parents so we're looking at the card. And who do you know what he says. I. Now know Greek master Russia they're all good guesses that thanks you so I think some autistic one more here a quickly this is a Cindy from Massachusetts Cindy. Jason and I are looking at the card concentrating on the card focused on the card in your gonna use your remote viewing slash psychic abilities it tolls would it is what's the car. I. None I don't know no longer be Julia when guests this. Now it's sorry it's not thanks for Conan though let's go to. This is Kathy in New York hey Kathy. Given a shot worth focusing were concentrating. All right I'm thinking are saying no it's not. A lot of people guessing spades it's interesting in Mexico and accuracy whether it is or not because that despite a very very interesting. We've got some border calls to go here 8446877669. But Chris I wanna ask you. About Saddam and you've broken the spirit world downed by psychological mind sets. Tell us what that means and how that it impact your work. Yeah so what I found is that there's just burst here types that exist out there they have different attributes are different needs different wants. Are gonna come up with six different ones. And I can list them here the first one is the the hungry ghost now I call this. Art that I need to try hungry because they're not end quickly hungry they're psychologically. On earth bound because they have this. Uncle bill a need or desire to. Of unfinished business that they want complete. Before the chaos on and that's what's holding them back. I'm just about all the spirit in the apple like are hungry. And I found that. You know this is the basic starting off jumping off point their diets becoming a complete those. The other classification. That can happen at key guys to compete spear we talk a little bit earlier. Where person will pan out on sometimes they don't know they're dead on arms there in denial that their dead. And compete spirits can actually our turn into a residual on. And didn't do that later if you aren't. This the third type is what it called wandering spirit we talked up the student spears. Wander from place to place whether they're tracked into an area. Whether they're trained so well some kind of penance or maybe their Castro and I don't. And they just brought in depth. The sport. Classification is the stock spear now at the coldest be interpreted spirit that we find these. Input is what basements and attic you know are of the day every day possible impossible all white. And then the ship. Classification of the destructive spear what ponder these are spirits that are mistaken for demonic. Just clear they have they have spun out of control emotionally. Are there mines that have just gone out of control and it's like trying to. Reasoned with somebody that's. For all intents and purposes like alcohol. They just kept no rhyme or reason for what they're doing and it's hard to. You don't it's cured them of what else. And then the last classification. Is not human spirit. This is the most KG spirit many times we encountered these forward they will not tell you anything about themselves. And there's no reason or this is because they are at the most easily banished. Out of our rail realm. There will cool thing about our universe is there anything that comes in Jordan of course from a typical lull. Can be banished easily by calling on god or Jesus or. An ideal. And this is the only explained in the Tibetan book of the dead school because. Talk about six different realms that exist in the air like obsolete bouncing around them and any political from a different realm Toro. Is not demonstrate. And I want to governor Paul pose something like this into this category as well so there's six different classes I've been able to. Albrecht. It. So on the but overby yes I did did did those pretty thorough lets up and lets a technical police calls your quickly there was no run on time is go to Chris from Boston. Chris welcome the island area. I don't worry Christie you have onsite Fidelity's have you ever have you ever claimed to have any psychic abilities. No matter OK what do and you're gonna do you gonna test yourself right now we're looking at discard we're thinking about and really hard on this team coming out Jason's ears because he's thinking about it so hard mysticism thing I. Before I'd be right you might yet I wanna let you guys know that it you know from the chat room and guys and they called the net. I'm actually Colin Edwards is the Jesse conducive to kick a little get up and nuggets are. Also if you if you get it decree Nixon ones actually winning there which sank yet okay guy Garrett Oprah yeah there are not. Now now it's not it's not sorry sorry prisons are nick thanks thanks for calling and we pretty much the sequel more quickly here this is Daryl from Kansas say there. You need to turn your radio or your computer down before we go here. He gets worse. Did so well what we're looking at the card orders. I'm against it and then. Now that's not a that's sincerity have you have you the thought you had psychic abilities at any point. Com and don't really get sometimes. Keep getting little things right. Is it gonna be like that bit in any. You know and saying yeah India's testing. Out other than that now. But it's still just tonight sorry about that but thanks for calling and we appreciated. Bomb Chris we're gonna run out of time here pretty quickly and and there's a bunch of stuff we haven't covered yet. I'm but I want to take a minute and ask you about disk carnage psychology that's term that you point. What does it mean in how does it differ from what. Would be called Paris psychology. Yet to appear psychology you know when I first heard that term like oh my god this is going to be amazing I can't wait to hear about you know the psychology of spirit and out the light. I'm gonna look at when I heard and are apparently college actually talk about what parents psychology involved. What would problem down Mark O'Meara is it's basically. The study of humans when it's exposed to the paranormal trying to figure that out. So yeah that this is what I've come up with this kind of psychology. Artfully put sit around into it's figuring out the psyche of the spirit. After the Linda doubt. And I have been able to really break down the spirit world armed. After the point at depth to figure out that there are a to figure out the. Commonalities. That happened to us two human after they die and of course one of those commonalities is trying to deal with the the pains of the loss of their body. And how old they are dealing with that NAFTA like totally determines. Their living out there after lights. So this is pretty much the study of bath. In my book goes into porno really gets into that very deeply. Okay all right they we're basically at a time for you Chris we appreciate you joining us one more time. Let people know about your book where they can get ahold of the books find out more about your work and where they can catch up with futile lectures something. Yeah actually that you go to pursuit of the paranormal. Dark comparable that there aren't for sale are also the ninety minute interaction with the spirit of that and mean we catch today and a documentary format. I've been able to also get into a sixty minute earlier action. I as well that's also a dot Brenner neglect took my went from the ninth minute interaction part of sport into a sixty minute. Because we looked very cool things about they are like one of those being that their own rules that skirts have to follow. So very very cool and he put web site we've got a special merit get all three of those were discounted. One more and while I forgot to mention and wanted to ask you about the movie you've you made some call pursuit of the term of paranormal I'm assuming it's documentarian chronicle some of your investigative work working people see that. Are you actually if you go too deep video camera. It on my website I have a whole playlist the videos on you to date to check our got excerpts from. All those videos so he can check auto casualties we sure and hopefully get your mind on what. Possible thanks so much come hang in Alice and I and we look forward to having you on again at some point. I'll be back in her character experience. OK so we haven't gotten anybody that has been able to accurately use their psychic abilities remote viewing abilities or plain old guessing to come up with discarded were. We're going to be at a time here. So if if we don't get him ready to get it to ninety woods carried over what Greg soft carried over to Monday you know carry it to Monday so we'll see what happens Americas tomorrow and it's a best stuff programs there is currently under every Friday is the best self ours or we're gonna take a quick break him more time to listen to Jason and you beyond beyond our. I. Yeah. I was pumped we've got X and slicks Tony that town. Boom just to say that Kerry by its herald you know someone from NASA on new eight speed association is on the phone he's got to again something very very spectacular if you want to talk about I appreciate the fact that when they do something new they contact us for so it's kind of cool absolutely and I'm surprised though they haven't gotten in trouble with having that same town Nasser. Name BA you know it's weird but I guess since is just an acronym. I guess again a way that I'm not sure but it is the new age space association not to the NASA that's affiliated with the US government so well. Well look from the show Jerry Hauer. The entry. I. Great great periods it's awesome to have ER we always enjoy your calls and a look forty here we have set yes so what's now. Try to talk you guys about if it breaks it's shot that we come out. Well you guys are on the forefront he seemed to be cutting edge estimates of where things are yeah a lot of stuff going on what's this one. We won't hurt him recently launched a rocket carried expect a whole paper or other you're exploding on the ticker. Yeah I mean it's seem to be more and more common like with SpaceX is and it's terrifying didn't SpaceX lose a rocket recently blew on the launch pattern had regressed to launch a some thing and I think so I mean the north Koreans are blowing things up all the time some announces common. Yes it could comment and it's not already expensive portrait at Pearson and pictures. We look at all the apparent exports or get space orbit which he just can't get enough. Erratic deployment or you key for short. Erratic deployment that's when that's when they yet that's when they did into the rocket up the yeah okay I'm ED. Easiest dispatcher answered and I only lead and claps and a mission. But clearly it's disappointing for her when at all. Yeah I'd say the duty that is disappointing for a all members for sure our young men especially one member and their specific. What's worked and you're looking for a mission. Accomplished and there's a failure on the and it. Yeah that's some that's obviously you you said its expenses. And it's disappointing both very very it's a big letdown there's a loser to big let down and is a big cost involved. We actually come up and reduce system that has shown promising results in. Turn in to Lou Williams. What a terrible interactive automatic geo synchronous rapid short hair. Very real interactive automatic geo synchronous rapid accelerator and okay. And we like to call chief growl. For sure. Take the very able interactive automatic geo synchronous rapid accelerator and your calling it GR Graf for short. Oh that point especially between rebel leader Sergio what. Well we just don't want anyone to know not see wet towel. Well you do have some of the best minds maybe some of the dirty is mines to get past I mean did you see guys are hard time come up with north correct games. In order to beat her. It's gotta be hard and Christian. Look at taking the pressure. Yeah I mean it's this and this no small undertaking that's for sure parry no small undertaking. This isn't soft piece. Its major undertaking but her results are worth. Yeah any time you've gone you know you're on the launch pad here you're ready to go you've got your target inciting you're about to engage the thrusters you'll hunt to be right end. Right it's not for softies. Yes protests. You'll get out and stay out and I think that's a whole idea you could separate duties. It's going to be awesome. Well yeah it sounds kinda frightening and a long term. You know it's it's a real challenge. Especially you know some of the solar technology. We're coming up a whole local designing. Dirty or recognizing easily scored at a distinct blue collar. Alaska and aunts are now of look forward looking forward to seeing that now it when you when you implement this new technologies India and the via gras I deal. Do you offer to bill and to anybody who needs hitters that he is it gonna be exclusively used for your missions. We wanna get this technology out there forever if we ask you were a pitcher Chan besotted every launch that we can. The whole team ready to go. It's awesome. Yeah that's that's terrific carry and again thanks for sharing this breaking news with us will be sure to continue to talk about it and went let everyone know it's available. It's a terrible to connect get automatic shield seeker record accelerator. Okay well thanks thanks a lot phenomenon of solace and and I he and anything else detention and no I think it's terrific and again Harry thank you very much for sharing news and breaking it here on this program we appreciate it. Walsh thank you guys are doing the short term and I look forward to connecting what you can do a huge. It. Really it's thank you very we always love having Harry on the show and and it's always awesome to hear what he's got going on. Yeah it's it's always scary as well her look a little frightening to us on our it will definitely a big shadow ticker sports common hang out with us tonight on. Talking to us about ghost communication. Remember every Friday as the best on the show only gets great shows schedule for next week. If you haven't yet do us a favor and if you download showed just read some iTunes. That helps push to show for it makes it easier for people defiant and also like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And state and stay informed on what's coming up also any news stations were adding which were going to be having a couple more within about a week so yeah issue terrico. Yes and no one was able to remote view or psychic the you determine what. Playing card we were looking at and focusing on to gonna continue that on Monday we're gonna keep the card the same it's gonna sit here in the studio and will pick up on Monday yes keep the current sensor remember the ones that or even set. So that'll help Leo that Israel's little more and so it seems to booths boost psychic ability when you do that asks. If so are you listen to Jason and javy beyond morality rate you'll catch also expects. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stuck my feet in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason is slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be shorter visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.