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New techniques & technologies shed new light on ghost hunting

Nov 17, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome TD McRoy, paranormal investigator, to talk about his new technique for uncover evidence in collected data - photos, videos, etc. TD's system has even brought out new evidence from existing TAPS/Ghost Hunters footage. 11/17/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Oh everybody it's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and many were stuck in between welcome to be on really revealing myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome. Jamie Johnson yes and welcome everybody it's great to be here as we head toward another weekend hope everybody's got great plans. As we also approached Thanksgiving I mean that's next week so here we go but. We've got a great show lined up tonight don't harm don't forget tomorrow and will be a best of program for tonight we've got TD Mick Roy will be Turkmen ghost hunting. But completely new perspective and maybe in new technology that is going to offer some answers and some breakthroughs in this particular field. Will get him on the program in just a little bit. I didn't wanna take a second to invite everybody to follow us on state FaceBook of course we do have the beyond reality radio FaceBook page but we also have our personal FaceBook pages. Which would love to have you likened follow us. I Jason's is at Jason Hawes dot taps and mine is at GVGA paranormal so it's at Jason Hawes dot taps. And at GBJ paranormal and over there right now give both of those pages alike can follow and Debbie part of everything we've got going on FaceBook so let's do this let's take a break and TD McElroy washed it will start talking about this new technology that he and his group. Have been using to offer more evidence of what's going on internal one effective actually done some work with some taps stuff which kind of cool. So that's all coming up thanks for being with us it's. Yon reality radio Jayson Jayson don't go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It just relax and chill there is so much to talk about with our guests to TD and Roy and I'm not even sure where to start probably the best place to start is to bring him in the conversation mile it's. Editing perhaps this is way beyond those kind of things that please let's welcome to the show TD mic right tedious and American physicist he's a fourth dimensional theorist he's also chief executive director for CPI investigations which is an independent research group of physicists that seeks to prove a fourth dimension exists within the known three dimensional space TD welcome to beyond reality radio I just set a mouthful you've got a lot of explaining to do. How ya sure out there hey man cover one order today Tom gracious so are. You write I have a lot explain in Dubai. We've been researcher for a were from a decade now and down. Most everything that we had we kept secret and so we're ready to reveal it now and so we've felt there was no better place to reveal what it then a group. It actually helped us get our start along the way our own way when we start earlier research and that was. Jason and his group. Well really we've looked so we play to keep pardons as what you're saying. SN com basically essence that we are not goes on. And com to read and I even got started it was because I actually had an incident happened to me back in 2005. And and I had already had been. It's rested and and take and citrix and I've realized you know what if something happened to me. And figure it out and so I decided to go out and and make this link. That must exist because. It like 2005. I can remember exactly when that it wind doesn't show can doubtless taps. But until well here's a group of guys. Would follow and I'll take what they have on what used them as much fuel research and I want to net what I understand. About six. And basically that's collected and for all those years I mean listen you're a lot of groups out there. What made. Jason and and there are groups good is that they can't fit as I guess what kids would say today kept it real. Because they'd gotten most directly down to this scientific side. A research. And that's a fitness says that's all we look forward and we need to feel research to you know didn't make a home what we do happen. Well and I and I totally agree with you that and with that we first off we'll that was the main thing we always wanted to keep it real and and because like you said there's been a million groups of common gone there's. There's groups of pop up just increased television shows and that's not really what it's about. And anybody can say something is something is paranormal but they need proof to solidify that without that they're not hoping the filters are really hurting it or holding it back. So it's more you need to look for the real explanation of what is going out. Yeah and let's send home. As an analyst and look again at this side it is when he neat that we needed that and put. And ports it was sort of goes into Brohm and they think they feel Sumpter and and they start screaming and hollering whatever it. For me as assistants and watching jet fuel research. And been able to analyze exactly what's going on hollering and screaming doesn't do anything for me from my perspective. It very broad makes good TV but it really doesn't make for someone who Houston. Didn't care that you guys are putting out this year. 222. To develop what we need to develop. And because of that and because of a specific show that you guys did an I don't guess that's happened happened in 2007. And is what. I allowed us to war. Port for me to get the idea to create some McCarthy era quarry technology. I think you got to know just appeared little bit about that. But your quick technology is why. I have all the in most incredible footage upstairs and whatever saint. Very well let's let's back this whole thing up because we've got a lot of specifics to talk about the before we can get there and really understand. What they are we need to know a little bit more about your first of all tell us about CPI investigations. And tell us about the group and you know who's involved and when it got started that can think. I'm. Basically it is developed to back in 2000 well to gather five when I had my first and that. And I started as kind of like on line trying to get in touch with other scientists. Up there and and basically I'm just explaining to them what that was overdue. And so just communicated. Our on line and saying look into this but I discovered when he got things about this visage directional born. And so basically what happened is in 2007. You guys have a show and and I talked about about the capture so. And so prominently because it was. But this show where you guys went to a casualty ticket to England due to let capsule or something like over Ireland and over guess or over in Ireland. And I think it was maybe there was talking about. He opened it to war and he saw thinking (%expletive) it's been years now but he sought preached Bryant like the wind. And option. I don't think and why word the spirit energy. Run like to win make a move a lot quicker than that. And it kind of took me back to the old and in people's where. You know units of energy units a match. Squares. And Abby realize freight there. We have an opportunity. To prove this is an access so basically the whole CPI. Arms started we really started to kick off from there because I realized that it which beat. It was light it was energy. And it was stopped in debt really have to do to stay in a model. Particle physics. Explain just a little bit obviously you got understand we are asking images I have. Number so basically just took off from there and and do that much and got better in our group that we've met it's just on line. And our whole goal is to do this and I don't know if you guys understand that scientific world especially. This physics world. I didn't I'd port area and so it boy I know that things fall to the ground when they're raised that's a gravity saying you know let's talk. So it's not Connecticut little confusing but I'm hoping you're gonna be teaches sear. Yeah yeah apt absolutely so basically what happens. Except assists. Not myself. Cash huge eager because just outrageous so brilliant and they are discovering the most incredible thing are on the planet. But they also have a society. And their society. Is locked. And you got bright green out there he got changed except the years you got an art literature from arms transferred. Are you the grass tightened up he's got to just brilliant. It actually even have a couple cost you with these guys because they're really just evil way above maybe. By world physicists and we understand the science of at all. So what I guess my point of it is my pre surge I wanna be able to bring in disguise. But as you got to understand. Universities. Or not ready for what I would rate tell you got tonight. They're not even close to because they don't want. Not a bad mouth and leave universities by percent caps you got a rap they're a long time. And they really don't want approved bitch you guys. Have been conducting physics from day Juan. And what Al court approved well approved you guys as light and outlook they're scared. Or did it don't want happening and they do it that's so it's it's their society is really clues in his party did into the air so basically. If you come and help meet my research. I've never mention your name and a lack of mention it schools. Because just only way we can get these great minds like acid Bryant and change and there's got to take part. Without having been mentioned except makes sense. It does end in science of course when it comes down to the college and everything else. A lot of times what we do investigating these claims paternal threaten the look they use what they teach. And it would be best if somehow we were all able to work together and and try to figure this out as a whole instead of and them always learning that what what we're doing it questions what they're of their teaching and and so forth. Well that's an absolutely and it's. I am I'm more like just a radical citizens' right that'll have a reputation to be crushed. Upon my own research groups some I have to apply for banks. And I'll tell you howl howl. How home. How about native. Listen there's a group -- they're pedestal and incredible. Research with accelerator and collider has called for. And they have a collider detector at Furman mabus called the media. And they have big conducting a re searched. Into something that they call arms spectral articles and they have been discovering. New wants. And they've been discovering. Thousands and thousands of these think they have done over a 100000 what they all should be jets. And day themselves. Are calling them goes particles. Now this for churches throughout the year you have pride over 600. Lighters and accelerators on the planet you got a big what everybody knows about stern writes everyone brought the partners about the firming collapse. But listen there are 600. Person an experiment or or citizens that are on this one project. And over 13 of all will not put your name on the research stage they'd just for at least it. It's a 69 page. Research paper. And it is amazing what an amazing for me and I group because they have discovered. In these gliders exactly what CPI has been researching and Kirk over a decade. But this is it different and people would say it but how can this small. Independent group cost CPR. Run by this. Two bit sensitive. He didn't have anything to do with these multi billion dollar collider. I cheated difference. Up collider. Has the ability. To create socked and may by may mean in May and made a machine. That machine have the ability to do a lot these particles and let's say for example they may. H two well they get to pour out to hike in car bomb bomb bomb particles and one oxygen so let's say they discovered. Operating properly in these accelerators can to have their research in this nation wow you know what we had a per 100000 coalition question that we keep producing and this speaks to well. CPI. Has been researching it and nature. Meaning we discovered a location back in 2000 spot that is so active. It's like our researcher in the rain forced the fat makes sense. Yes so when you say active you mean from a paranormal perspectives. And then down. And because of dislocation that we never told anybody about. It is near the Gettysburg. Com desk whole Washington DC area and nobody is here it's not a two lane road there's no place to pull over. Armed only keep the Dubai they are for years or people course like to know once stopped no one is up there. And we discovered that 2005. We kept arm out shot. And we resurgence resurgent in 2007 you got major show that it was the idea pretty airport technology. Then let us into all of this and we continued. Doing this research but what's but what do what we're excited about it now that these. Collider. Court making what we have. Which are have been researching in 2004. Chase and it's exactly what we've been resurgence in 2005. Exactly what these accelerators and providers are just starting to proves size typically. You're ahead of possible. You were ahead of us all out there and war. I have our secure show and the images or a 100% real but I can prove that. Through science and I'm telling you we discovered socked in because that you guys. And you got started it also add and I will continue. Shane and regardless so what they say about my research I'm just sat in people accomplish. And looked at mark researched that that they have to ships. Lives two mile researched they don't have to say we'll discuss figure at all he's proven that there's like after that I. I'm not asking anyone to believe that and to be honest with you I don't even know what these things are artists know what they looked like. And that's what I'm here today. And that's why I wanted Europe showed to be the first show that I Kmart and two talked about this. Because I would not let anybody forget in war that 2007 show and did every other thing that you guys did after that. That we are taking notes on every week and we try to get other show have been trying to take now as you know what are based got messy. We knew that we that we had to go back because you guys I don't know how many times chase diplomat Paul and appeared normal. And I think we're not easier. And that's a thing are so we're gonna take a quick break. And an award given to a lot more because. And we're just scratching the surface here. Are you listening Jason Jason Giambi on reality radio will be right back after its. The conversation because there's so many angles and so many things. We need to talk about. So many questions. That we have then an insurer were to start that's kind of how we started the discussion board has to start my head swelling the hook with my it's getting bigger debt and such here is that you know it's never been about me you know it's always good team and and just all the groups yet and mine mine is getting bigger because I'm about ready to explode with the information that's being presented to us right now by our guest TD make Roy and TD I've got to take you back because you set a whole bunch of things during the first segment a lot of things. But Saddam we got to try to Parse this out one of the things and need to know is dislocation that you found that you said is just incredible with the activity you've kept your. Mouth shut you know and tell anybody where this is a how did you find it. And when you say it's incredibly active there's a lot of activity give a suit an idea quantify that for us how much activity you're talking about. Visual. Plenty of visual evidence is much you can handle. This in there and then to give you example how much they care. I just finished a book 33 miles from Washington it's a name out there it is available and aren't today armed aren't Ballard. I have 770. What we call quantum. Spirit in their book. And that's just from one day and prefer progress. We research that place for over a decade. The images I have I can complete myself. Because what happens is once we figured out. We had images in 2005. But that was what I did not only. I had no control over that I didn't finish stopped and called a wilderness how much. And basically especially today an insider at a place for you to put your feet but also double as a pillows so I'll shut the door QVC which just. But this whole sale which met with them the same it would what you on the air Beijing's great up like that I need to go build web site I need to take photographs. So there one place it would just every time went by it was the most. Brilliantly escape I had ever seen. It never look like just any other. Sprawling. Location. Always had just such a brilliant collude to actually you know what. I drive up there somebody use that. Background as part of my web site so when I went up there around the place warehouse ceased to exist crossed history. And park my car the most dangerous place you compartment there's no place to pull off their lives it's no one knows about displaced. So I get out a tick once photographed. Walk across just channeling country brut it went too far. Well that walk past the front of the tab and so law kept. Took a second photographs. Walked back past the front two or turn around to take another and I heard. I understood people whispering. And so okay. So it was soccer kick disperse photographs. And what do they liked all of sop up all of shall slumped in my LCD screen and remember. In 2005 we have cell phone cameras. And we only had five megapixel camera. I took that picture and I felt. Like it was time ago I turned. And it's felt like first heard bringing. Low marks the largest footsteps sub ever occurred but. I worked were trees service and number and we should cut down the trees and when that streak hit the ground. That was the exact. Wave of footsteps sounded. But they're the problem. Because. That shell as a colossal sat right you got would agree when you're treated to brat like it is a hearing colossal sales. Appear. Like to appear to wait IR Beisel shot. And that's Mike pierce had treated in aground like shot. How is that possible that a tree can hit a ground. Make a colossal sat down and they'd be as quick as a rifle shots. Not possible no. Wait links do not work that way finish special it'll work that way colossal out. So what I'm telling you this sound was colossal but it went bubble bubble. Really quick. And then the fourth one. Hit me in my right shoulder knock me off my feet. And I didn't hit the ground but it's somewhat like we've fallen ice skates and you put coupons and east Spain he's been around. That's what I did so now. I'm upset. Because I think. A hunter. Somehow. Came out of the woods. Now clearing. House not close to me and Derosa not close to me and to what line it's pushed back. So immediately. Instead want it to harder. How in the world could I allow. A harder did you check close to me. Don't be evening no window he would share until the last three footsteps. Like stand up. Now stationing. Big cap. And all of sudden I'd feel the biggest dive in I have ever formal like directly in front of me. Now it feels like a meta concert. I don't stand in front of the speaker and from the theory topple my knees. All the way above my head I feel energy like a stand in front of speaker with no Middle East. So. Now. In an air so I think that. All the sudden it's still like someone to try and around. Slosh it around all my paper short allocation the car. Don't see any more down again how would order sort of snuck up more feet. Accepted Dynegy to see anyone. I think Iran and around me so much spin back around like get ready get taken another step toward to cap it. And now. Whom shall wreck. Currently it's fine even closer. So now it's clear that are important so. We have just the most massive energy app ever so my life. But somehow I understand what ever since probably it's it's 78. G call. Can't tell you how I know that I just know that energy different top my knees. Past. So I'm looking up and at that point of I don't see any saying. Actually these exact words. You do not have to scare me anymore. My call is rader could bear and I am leaving. And soon as such said that it took a giant step backwards. So. Scientists are so it sort of stuff he'll probably use sort so it sort of stopped feeling like you were a threat to it at that point. Yes and it backed away from me. It's almost like someone took that should this be hell. Silk what are you gonna call it. And ten and then dipped in water was wet it didn't they don't know more sure but so like it is just pushed up against reflect on what else they and a in an actual curtains and shower curtain stopped and and when I say my court Ritter mayor Koch scare me anymore it just stepped back army. So now my turn. And I actually look pour across shot left it running. And I had a CD in my column had a CD player and elected she'd had a movie player. In there site turned in at that moment it felt exactly like you would feel. If you're walking away from doc. Like our our Waller and you say okay didn't bite me yet but let me just not turn out corruption let me get a. Here finally and hope your week or have been charged me. Yes exactly Emily you're waiting you know it's gonna happy just on the land. And I'll remember. I was wearing. This 2005. And I had been on. To a NASCAR race in Charlotte and elsewhere and Jeff Gordon racing jacket and and it was a pretty interesting when that day and you know one minute. So I turned and I get back to my car and I remember turning around mark court or not look back across to property. Don't see any thing is demolished. Brilliant. Looking Sheen had ever seen the color works in which was October 22. 2005. And in in that region in Maryland is in all the leisure changes which. But these were due most brilliant. These are seeing when you don't support you know what I'm talking about I mean you'll just see these brilliant fight big time everything in that book has all of date time. Trying to get the car. An apple must keep go on I'll look down the my heart was being I don't know how in double heart attack act which siege. My heart pulsating. Through mine Jeff Gordon racing jacket. And if anybody expected that year the 2004. Charlie had a cold rate by one of the cold which races they hatch. And to debt that jacked up what was let's stick. For that reason. So. I get in the car that I adore my next journey com can continue or you just can take a break but a little bit more left in store. We actually should take a break here we do wanna kind of wrap up this part of the discussion sooner runners from time to talk about the rest of the stuff so let's jump and a break it's beyond reality radio JC. GBR guest TV program like yeah. Yeah actually her past tonight's TV aren't talking about his experiences as paranormal investigator plus a whole bunch of new technologies and things he's using equipment wise and technique wise. That are yielding some pretty interesting results. And we have a lot to talk about I don't wanna who's spent too much more time on the back story here TDs solo we need to get moving on there's a lot of detour that we need to go through so I don't wanna I don't wanna spend the whole time talking about the experience Kazaa we're gonna run out of time to talk but some of the stuff. OK so basically it will move on I'll just tell you what I got down a road that lady that runs the job try to worry said. Is that Jeff Gordon Jacqui you're aware because it looked like a British red call. And we had reported Indians up bearded like that jacket you know moving on which. So sorry that it was responsible if their jackets helped elicit that response that you god when you were there collars. Yep. When you look at that your jacket looks like a British Rickles Jack it needs. And just like the lady said actually you know some Rebecca that this sense that they were very confused. About it jacket and if she says it probably works. But let's say if you if anyone want to get to web site I have the most amazing images on air and I do you have. For images on my web site that I that I gleaned from capsule which. I ever checked amount of their pretty wild I have to be honest with you because some of the things I see. Com. Apps apps are absolutely. And column. Won't go over quickly to ships were quick to stay in a model of particle physics. Now it's been a model park chizik is just like the periodic table of elements so when you remember from school to periodic table. Had all the little squares and an Indy squared had a element that is sure you have for example took a look at how did you and that human sitting at my bank. And then you had did numbers in the quarters or where are they now partner was one attempts to read into city of mr. as a weapon and then auto quite yet. You'll film and the on an art on topics so what happens is that cured table the atomic numbers as what is sort get larger from top to bog. So what its chances to match increases. In the periodic table now moving over to stay in a model of particle physics. It is twelve particles of matter governed by three forces so all you need to know is that. OK we have our our new trot protons and electrons. They have constituent. Meaning they have fundamental particles. Debt or the smallest particles that we know that they are like ten to the minors seeking metres and Sox just know that Russian Baltic. They are made Opel something called quarks. And let talks and you have. Deafening gap up down charm strange top and quirks. And then you have the elect build up times or electron new trainers electron new want to tell. You have to read articles forced particles that are the pro top secured electromagnetic force jetBlue launched it holder thing together he had these he NW bizarre. So basically he didn't have a huge boat docked. But basically what I just say it's like the periodic table. Don't want from top to bottom increasing demand we know that it periodic table. Are all sort of physics news increases in mast and left to right. This is to park achieved government interest in. They're stopped being in it and wasted a lot of particle physics called general relations. And what it is it is each column district columns are in generation one generation to engender rationed to race. We CPI has discovered this and I'm telling you god right now. You better cut off your phone and you better cut off your. 600 students are your rent or. We have discovered. That generation 12 with three victories increase is what's left from black to bright. Tell us. What. The world will be what we transition from the world of bullet went into the world with a debt that's what. The particle standard model part of the fittest telling us how to we know that because we discovered worry. Three quantum physics or clocked on energies for this energy. Your meter transparent. They're either semi transparent. Or they are solid full body operation. So injunction you guys were out in you got from conductor resource and you're into a Rome. And you hadn't been doing great at what looked over at C shopping duke has a window. Spirit falls into such standard model of particle fitted to engender operation to. And arranged. It's a little let's do this because testing Jamie's brain exploded mines are getting ready to and so I think we're gonna take a quick break so we can gather her thoughts here. Ando we've got a million more questions and for everybody out there listening check out the web say we're talking about it it's actually still see oh. Am US paranormal investigations. Dot org again a CO MU yes. Paranormal investigation start or you listen Jason dvd on relatively. West Coast Friday at East Coast in many you're stuck in between welcome to be on really revealed myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome. Javy John's guess we're here we're having a great time we're gonna do to actually jump right into break Jay and then we'll come back with our guest again TD McElroy were talking mr. pretty cool stuff it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason TV. Beyond reality radio he writes in my mind that this kind of exploded and go through some stuff oozing out of the left side here the rights and conspiracy and it's been asked that concluded its. Our chance TD made Roy is blown my mind. I'm not gonna pretend I've been able to follow everything you said TD because there's a lot of information you're throwing a lot of things at us. You're using a lot of detailed it's kind of hard to follow from me anyway I'm sure their people that understand better the night but. Let's let as the best best way to explain of those he said ten years to build up to this point we're trying to fitted within two seasons with the race so they're not in our defense he's had ten years we've got two hours and we're working hard on so let's. Let's boil this down a little bit more you are talking about particle physics you're talking about being able to explain what me some experience as paranormal activity using this information. How can you dumbed down for a sort of. Okay what basic lesson. This this will be meet dumbed it down but it is Dutton makes cents. There are certain laws that we that we follow our home 10 loss that we follow is called on the law of conservation. And basically. When you talk about the law of thermodynamics. The first loss this. Energy cannot be created. Or destroyed in a close isolated systems so basically we are in a galaxy so nothing can be created or destroyed so that means. If we die if we pass over our energy would continue based on our. Law dot com law of thermodynamics or text so when it comes down to what I just told you. About the general rationed it means what you guys have been researching. Since 20044. I know you guys have been right about that when you say. Bitch you saw two when you're in a building that you hear noise did you hear all this. Energy Gorbachev never seen any sanction is because their spirits are still in generation want. For now. So it won't let me let me let me bring a lot let me let me bring this up then and just because. And charities see if I comprehend when you say that the spirits are stolen generation one OK so we get a case among Washington hotel. Where we during the investigation. We are in the room it was called the princess room. She she was it we were talking she was responding we of course we didn't hear at that time she was talking about how old men Sheen she didn't know where are where we were aware of what was going on she was gonna go to its security or whatever almost as if she was still. Living a normal life in her time and time was somehow overlapping at that exact moment. I was that way you're referring to when you're saying that they are still in generation one that they're still in their time living their life doing their thing but somehow there's this. Area that the time is overlapping it's and then were able to document each other here each other's each other. And there's no overlap the remote Burke. There are eating nearly eighty billion people on planet OK so that means. Most people think six feet or 52 billion people have died since the beginning of civilization. So even a dish sixty billion people have died. The real world a lot larger dinar try to arc only Bruin left for a hundred years and we Lou talks to what happens is they are and my my researchers based on four dimensional here so what I'm telling you that they are in this fourth dimension. This sport dementia and is divided by fabric of our universe but to between there's an bars. And that's fabric is called fractal. Basically and there on that opposite side of that they no longer have their bodies. There are just pure energy based on the law the Thermo dynamics that law constipation I've just talked about that. So they are fair they exist so when you're talking about it they are in generation one they can achieve you can hear uniform whenever we've been. The goal is basically like I've been jailed sale. So Jason what I'm telling you if if you wanna know how else spiritually move objects we need to know how they do that. It's like meat put you wouldn't jail cell and be kicking the key and possibly across Iran and say chastened. A would be back in one hour but before ghetto public DPQ shoestring. In a paper clip. So in Al works how far this at all would you move that key you'll be lucky if you moved to action correct course. Because you pay your on the other side and what we call let Maine respond. And maker spines it's what gives yourself and the ability to work okay but it's basic like it should also help. So what happens toward that apple while broader policy and that should elect Barack I walked over just OK you removed it a fraction. However. If I put fifty people in your cell with duke which constraint in a paper clip. Imagine how org you'll be removed so we and you guys. That's how much are born ability that much more ability to reach that much further and when you when you are saying. When you were saying seventy billion you're talking about seventy billion people on the planet since the beginning of beginning of human civilization not at this time. There's only eight billion on an out yet on the shores let's. So that's what happen it's too when you got you here EMS leader. And you get just increase in energy. Just like a bit if we're putting more people and that's which you would choose strange and appeared perplexed. Because they are not really in. So they are so what you see is really projection of them how Barbara they have the ability. To reach into. It's almost like a magic trick some of the spear certain that it. Oh really get that other want to like that woman that you talk to cheat at captain ability communicate when that. Window Becky just open etc. Well at but it makes you also want to thinking about that arm in makes you wonder about psychics now I have to bring the south for the fact that. That legal issue her being in her time hearing are spent not being able to see us at that time talking about how she's gonna get security it makes you wonder if that's what today arms a modern day and true psychic or sensitive are. They're just people who. Can somehow. May be to make sort of a gap where where the time or at the time to meet swear all time comes together. And there that's how they're able to here or sees some of these things that are still in their own time zone. The absolutely list and they don't challenge based bought CPI science and has as we understand it. Absolutely psychics could be real Apollo initiative got a budget not hit that one it did. That's something that's not that's it exactly and it comes down to its anything I mean psychics in the field paranormal investigations. And and so forth you've to you've got some people who just want our men and say whatever just to get their name on the and you've got the true. The ones who are true really seemed to have something in most of the time those are the ones who stay quiet and keep it to themselves anyway as. Because they don't they don't wanna shelter today in the ones that seemed try to be all colonel lined lane to turn their name and their facial and everywhere are the ones who. Really get a question most of the time there and their true ability aura. Yet with the into my. Yeah analysts and rehearse to reach first let's get straight eastern state penitentiary got everyone CNET video and I think you're seeing my photographs right up there yeah and I haven't and that. And then that's one of those things I'd I'd never really. Thought about looking down the hallway at that. And now and seeing it on your site there's definitely two of their appears to be something down there and for everybody out there again. And go to the website and check this out it's. The spot COM. US paranormal investigations. Dot org. And when you click on it you can go to one of the pages and he's got taps evidence up there are some of the best cases we've had and he is actually showing things that. And I don't think ever noticed. Let me explain how it worked in this fascinating. So what happens if I had been a bit your quick technology available explains the mother Cheryl arm. Based on what you guys are Laura are you got 2007 by basically air court technology has the ability each to remove. What you guys saw the video showed this someone brought an up and down a hallway with a blanket up from cracked. Well it's it's showed us what appears to be something come forward and not ever turn around but almost as if I had by folding kneecap in and it came forward and then it shot back. Extremely quick in the dark and the only thing we can ever match set up to us when we talked to people who are. Prison guards and so forth they said that they used to give those guys DC gave people these things to put over. Over themselves for soft has had very little heat working in the building and secondly most of the time they didn't want the inmates to know which sell their being moved to. And who they'd be around so they would they would recover them and and send them back and forth scenario so they had no idea where they weren't as they return to break out. I won't let me tell you what we discomfort for from the airport technologies. OK we see the three men back here if you look at just the first manned and the closest point to you if you look like he's sitting down he's got like gloves on. It's white gloves or that seek to pitch is he running away. So what are we realize they have. Have the ability do and we we discovered a while ago and and it's these things troop Colorado our research that we dart. What they have the ability to do is to project. And I missed it doesn't exist. For example when you go to a college football game in your city and state and you look up and you Shia. Way our chalk white and run it across with a speech code to the quarter run and and it makes a left an estate charged. What does what you are seeing and you're seeing a light pole sitter lit. Which are not paying attention to delightful that are not less so when you look up on the screen at football games that you'll walk polished and you say well I looked like a horse. Ron cross and the worst charged. They have the ability to use something that's called gently and glare. And bailing Blair is they have the ability to make. We think what we think is all true pocket like. Now the humanize. Cannot see ultra light. Other day and then it is repeated. Rapidly. So if you get ultraviolet light. You increased the the speed up. Twelfth hole you know how fast they have to be. You will see a shadow. Debt deal unclear will reflect inside your idol did in your camera or decide exactly like your eyes are. So what happens anything to the fracture irons and affect your camera. They have the ability to pull this jailing glare in front you to make you think you're seeing someone right an up and down the hall way. Would probably those three guys are just backing they have to turn around Iran purchased backing out. So then as so that we if we used to it what we started using baca. Well in the fifth or sixth season of the show was also full of full spectrum cameras. Which cover ultra violence gripping also we had used those at this point we probably could document that something a lot better than we aren't. Well let's send. You're not just detected that what they're doing is they are somehow listen what the standard model. If you in their jet intelligence into the standard model. They have the ability to boot disk pieces around industry in marble particle physics just like you would a couple of we. So if you wanna make purple you take a colloquial and add blew an ad read mixed purple yet blue and yellow mixed green. What to stay the model park physically adding intelligence into the mix. Allow these spirits. To control whatever they want. So if they wanna make ultraviolet light that comes from the side in the conference at noon the remainder of you know hundred trillion neutrinos that pastoral body every second. So it's they can control that and if they watch YouTube cease stopped and that is not there they can do that how that we know what's true. Because you're quite technology had the ability to remove detailing Blair and we did it who showed up. There's three guys. I think we need to continue we have about two just about four minutes for we have to jump into a break here. TD can you tell us what the year core technology is cut I mean you've kind of explain what it does but exactly what is it. Okay basically. We figured out because of that strategy guys did get at all had to do was speed. So imagine just do one episode I. Took you outside and you took your daughter's video camera. And October and beetle and read right that's a simple white bread without a little teeny teeny needle. And I've talked to pretty aired you're sure you're six feet away from me. The chances did you concede that needle will occur in the air would be almost popped what you got injury right that's right. However. What we have learned because you're sure so what if we'd kick that footage in the later. Up to five times on top of each other and didn't. All said it just didn't care. And then speeded up its facets are computer system can speeded up. Shape that according. Compact and then slow it down into what you get you get that theory and stick. Needle being thrown thirty year. So you're kind of technology I mean I can I can equate that to an audio. A process called coursing its own similar to that. Absolutely absolutely. Say we would tell you exactly how we do all of course talked about how we get all the player. But that's basically hit so because of that we understand but listen to your quick technologies sort doorstep that we didn't know or do. And it is dealing glare shot do we even know existed. But once we realized intelligent added into the standard model particle physics. And then the regeneration and its stellar enough not about particles are still enough about how are substantial beach. What we transfer over from the land of the living to the land of the want slipped out what the scandal moderate elements but no one's figured it out until. And look cinder subculture shot similar. And basically what that is that this means staying to vastly different sizes are often similar. And that's which featured galaxies and this guy. Or exactly galactic grouping that we see in my book or three miles from Washington. When you look at the clock and fierce that we see trees they're exactly like the sub atomic particles that we ceased so everything. It's the same and we secure our connecting all of this level. In how to we get there. Tax. It's elements seven's so. I've got to throw a lot of innovative of a devil's advocate point of view here for just a second on you are one of the things that that taps has been frustrated with the world always frustrated with is when people send us evidence to take a look at. And the first question is. Did you manipulate this in anyway and once it's been manipulated it's very very hard to do it too except for what it is how do you handle critics say well you've manipulated this here. On bad isn't it true image you created. You know how we do it. Because we have 360. Images in reserve we have seventy. Images and our books. And listen I don't know anyone who would be increased NAFTA which kept the catalyst and if one just one. Just a lot of those nearly 400 summed it images as ever found out these faith. Not to look statement to beat fake everything else is done right. Yes it makes everything suspect obviously. Because we have so much to put out here and would send 90%. Of everything we have including the tap evidence. All come from video footage that's the other way we get around that we don't want to be still for target now we have to present it. It's still format because some good stuff moves so quickly we just we it will be possible to take Q. Adobe bought. Oh we have some of the most amazing. Images debts ever been done by because baseball physics to embarked we figured out the formula and basically that's what happened we figured out the former two. Courtroom column physics. And what we plotted to. The supernatural world. And then we went back end and pulled up all caps information age everything lines up now the scientific world. It's very slow. Sort god will all be there for 200 years before they accepted. Meaning that we cannot continue with the resurgent actually what we're what we're trying to do. You know that's a great point or let's take a quick break when we come back below will continue this conversation no we're starting to get down to the nuts and bolt to reject and silly if you haven't Yemen she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal what the FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can final seasons we are on spike clicked in the station to have he can download the free iPhone and android app rate there as well to Los Angeles in line it's catch past shows and join him like Chad Willis are from the once I just by clicking the listen lines seminal nineteen to went chat room with creep bunch of people GB and I narrow as their as well. All right we're gonna take quick break more pounds. Song to sing and start talking about the news. I wouldn't know one. He get exactly what it TDs and telling us about stuff that I can't stay yes and assess except I would wanna be in the room just because I lost a net but Didi you done a great job breaking this down forest. And you know talking about your your query technology which you know it's it's it's awesome to see people with a scientific perspective. It first of all not discounting the things we've been talking about for years but even going further and saying hey you know what I don't know if this exists or doesn't exist but let's try this or let's try this technique and see if we can figure something out. And that's what you've been doing for a number of years and that's refreshing. Did LS sitcom who's more sweet and governmental arm as they occurred in 2005. My. In the we're beyond our coaching countless. Every citizen of interplay and it will tell you she wouldn't honestly cannot clip is not going to be a good citizens. Right there and ask themselves to look too great targeted America. As it is still too great tire of them probably what I yeah. So on one thing to go about conducting your own research is that you have any timeline strikes. So we've had a decade. Two went for all of this and we want to make sure that we are ready and like sit back in 2007 the airport technology really first start taking talks. This decay. What. The future of your core technology will tell you are now. We honestly believe we're trying to raise money for a mobile physics lab. We can raise money for that we're almost positive in ten years maybe even less you will be able to pull up. In light Walt Disney trail. With camera madam our top aide Gettysburg Pennsylvania at twilight. Looked down to monitor and see real time these same apple Christians walking across the ground and we're almost there. While and it's game changer obviously in a lot of ways. And and when you say you're almost there I mean do you do you expect something like this to be. In use in practical use within the next five years. Listen it all depends on if we can raise the money that we need ability air quartet come on start to build the a mobile physics lab. The global citizen lab it will be the key to making it happen. Listen on our our on our site. We. Have they have video. That shows days. Eighteenth century. British soldier. Walking across to ground. And we're dropping by the court and we capture him. And I'm telling you. Actually Chuck Close don't think we're ready to do is to be able to park video call and do that. Right now we have already start to capture them move the crowd to ground. In a moving vehicle which deputy to a 35 miles an hour that's the minimum speed we York two day to day we could take Q well. In at 35 miles an hour it's and that ritual walk spy. We consider to get into a record yeah. Sounds like you need a flux capacitor in your card to be able to do this kind of technical. And I your it's occur in my experience but this is for this is fascinating. TD you. You when your group. I mean. Are you out doing these investigations regularly are you continuing to capture this as you're waiting for the financing they come up with a mobile unit and in what to what's the work in progress. We listen we only go out and hit that location. Twice a year. Because let's and these things Burnett pounded I'd anything. They can travel anywhere they want how to we Nell because some of the people we have already identified. Didn't die there some people died overseas. And then other locations. But they are at dislocation. We talk about. While we think this location system that again in the in the books. And while we are researching wind up discover and other information about the property that we that we are bought and we talk about that as well. So we are. It would we get to air quit technology as we keep their corporate if we can get the mobile physics lab built. Until he went ten years. We will be it would take after like eight people on the mobile physics lab. And you'll be able to see this real time and they're like standard video that's our our site. It's June the eighteenth century soldier and an let me make sure everybody understand this clearly this is very very important. Yeah and you pick a video of an apparition. Are clear one USA a generation one generation three. And you stop it and you crop. How you can tell it is a real. Spears is because it will always always always always appear like all cystic trolling. You can't get around that. Because what you were dealing with this stuff that's in the fourth dimension that is projected an ST or graphic projection. On to third dimensional realm. So you can so you can't get around it ever not looking like and artistic drawer when you go and look at detachment. Footage when you look Beijing come back work. We didn't all wait until that man's Porsche. How close we see him and he came from OK corral. But when you look at him it looked like a black and white. An amazing sketched and listened. I don't have anybody on by. Payroll. Dick control resent that question every apparition looks completely different. Even the textures look different are because we're dealing generation one generation to generation Greek textures. We'll let me let me ask you this team come so with Harry I see what you download the taps footage or anything else and it's great idea to give you that. Arm but now when it comes down to there's been footage out there that other people put out there that's been extremely questionable. Who would do does this ability allow you to figure out what is also a real what might be faked. Absolutely. I'm glad you got to that because listen honestly. We could be that were not going to be a week could really be a sanction for paranormal researchers. We literally could take your show and say listen. Here's the evidence and really did like four shows a bit of your most popular and look what we got out of there. I mean would you go through all of our men who knows what was fine but let's you have to be there we can't put it there if you got them recorded is nothing new here. We have gaunt looked at publishes and talked endo discovered. Its use safe so didn't happen like what happened to your employees Frankie. Yeah it should be in the air and airport technology should pick it up. That caps box search. Is to tell boxer we want. Anyone listen to show. And look at what all help the world because that man we believe that he existed and and and Jason message and intensity of that guy existed. That means you guys were right that means that we were right and that means that we need to do a lot more research here but that helps boxer. It's fair bit below that he has on. We have sound they're called Brands Hatch gloves boxing club we've been found to blame the glove that you Wear it looked like Italy where I want. Well and let me just let me just make sure let me just make sure everybody Elton knows overtime when which he brought up frank he's talking about his New Bedford armory where might sound guy. My sound man frank will have his bag yet his hands over his head old holding a boom microphone. Stephen them were around him and his bag lifted up and actually slammed him in Tennessee. So it was caught on camera of course they were talking back in 20042005. Where it's grainy and and so forth but you can definitely see it it's it's when cameras were. Sort of still in China and network out there and their hideouts details but it's there if you check it out and you can check out. What we're talking about here at the website if you go to CEO ME US. Paranormal investigations. Dot org. There's a bunch of taps cases that we did some of the best that we did. On their where he's where you guys have been able to taken and document and apply some of your stuff to it to show these things. You are right. And and and so. Cubic yards real so we're bag and people who live in that area to go back this historian in that area please please for. Recently urged purchase please go back seat to define a picture guys got a crew cuts he's got even got the boxers and that you see that got that flattened as from a. But he looked like a little person to and if you look at that picture not only is it him India Italian look and mormons. And by the way she meets this script into the murmured as god says there's been shrouded. Figure that we have been seeing around here. That woman would look like a shroud of picture to me. You look at that he. Yeah it's he had just wanna I wanna make your view reference in the notes that you let sent to us in preparation for the show you mentioned the ghost of the paranormal activity snuff film franchise. And you talk about one of the film who just called the ghost dimension and that one was about a young family that discovers a video camera. In a box of tapes in the garage Golan as they look through this camera's lens. They concede colonel activity that's kinda what you're talking about here you kind of have it made what we saw on that film a reality. Yeah absolutely and our if you go to our web site. Com all worldwide spokesman that we have there aren't gives you a tidbit that but what you guys. To go and look at this video of the forty foot spirit. In that video walking to work that you've gotten here at Yucca watch a couple of times a compelling new era quick technology. Picked up on that and more to gain access because when we go back to understand the model particles civic trying to means nothing. Something can be very teen like I told you that the quarks Turkey into the mind thinking meters and five. More and or so people who don't understand five and an adult if you took an album. And you took a sheet of paper are just regular paper and laid it on a table. If you step one at a more topic each other EU would have to step one and million Adams. To reach the thickness of that paper. So that's how small it but it doesn't mean that it's not very powerful to bring our battles a powerful and. Amazing stuff. Yeah we we don't have a whole lot of time left but it's. Do you when you send people to the website how do you want them a navigated already wondering what you want to look at first. Basically just go and look at it caps stuck because most people know. About that film and end and your your listeners are Smart enough to go and try to dig through that's stuck you know and made it go back look at it. So much and I'll. They want and whips chains com spec war. He has where you've got her outside to get a crowd I think Jake and using their wedding night is crazy and do you guys shoot a package three. Jane spec work competitor that tree. I didn't see it air quick technology picked apart most of the stock I never saw the wind whipped our Chris and paid ten ago. Wood to two shadow is the first it looked. It looked like a mobster and then next longest to elect a longshoreman. All the saints at it because they move forced dimensional age. They have the ability to move like at castle can. And that took corrective as a Cuban side of Cuba what happens when that moves it's like reaching a lot about grocery bag and turn it inside out. To keep doing that but you move from left or right or XY instead ankles and so basically. That's why acres from one person to another person and so when you guard cease talking blue cross and you've got the researching. You may not be seen this same person you may seek to reach people just within that window frame with someone walks by. But your quick technology can pick up on that now and we can see that now and so. To me that changes everything at least were hoping that it gets enough people involved. Were other people can add to it that's all we want people to join. This Pope ought to identify these people and we got a lot of people to identify. Jason JB. Well he has also opening the door for people to be able to send you some evidence of theirs and you guys run it through the system and see what shows up or is that is that just too much. Well actually what got 350 of our own. Some you don't you go on and yet we want to be able to. We want to make sure war. Or what people like we would love to work with you guys can and and and you know you send us up and absolutely. You know we're looking forward looking for so many ways. But we can probably people and let's send their allotted sit out there. There right now they've been to take the big goal because we have the ability to apply to airport technology each and every thing that they said and listen. Other than you guys. A lot of these play just don't have anything. On the hill. So interesting is that if little velvet. I all I keep them out so I'm on this and try to play my filter its booklet an idea. Didn't we we've we're basically at a time here and what's next a personal life I do you do need to ask you have you converted anybody in the scientific community that were originally said do you you're crazy. But now as saying while you're on the something how can help. Mentioned and you got the size should give the community pierced. And only socket community at this truly really can outlook and independent people like me and didn't hurt to be more so when you come to arm. Two. Taking your research and publishing it that's what scientists do to publish everything and the big. Top fives. I'm places that congress like like magna and died in that nature magazine writes so when we stand. What we have to now they're like your kidney. I mean like you know we would have organizations like right need backs like what you and. Twelve hours a week submitting opt in and listen these organizations usually don't get back to people they do to get back from a two week. But my resources scarce and so much because. It all right about this. Capsule rise to hold time you know we should have been on the bandwagon long time ago. Not I thought about it but it's all about reputation and seen so. Yeah you know and this skeptics the people in my life course skeptics. Or easier to convince. In the people who were to belabor the believer orbit trust people here this skeptics like mad that some stairs doubled to him that enabled. That respect right. Yeah it's the way it is. All right well thanks again for being here once again give the web site your FaceBook address and anything else who want people to know about. Yeah yeah some word I'd use the FaceBook we're just trying to keep everyone on the Arctic pumas paranormal investigation dot org web site. We whenever bigger through there and and Lipton wouldn't we don't try that have a lot of outside communication here in the beginning of the government have a whole lot. A personality. You gonna have to sit through it step who have no interest in the supernatural. But based on what I said about it's been a model particle physics and and stick it to nobody understands the generations to Einstein and understand that none of the top people understand it but I just told you what the generation mean. It's about options it is showing us how we're going to be in our next. Existence and its its transparent want. Generation wants its semi transparent generations to an interest separated so solid full volley apparition. Generation pretty standard model particle physics. Well that's great but hey thanks for coming on and we we definitely gonna talk some more TD gonna. They should come on the spent highly interest hang in there were all have you back on the show in the near future. Sure by mail and any time and I think it. You very much up in Georgia yeah. Evergreen evergreen I'm. Are right died TD. We've just learned so much here and I'm really excited to solve this technology. Straight for us I'm soul in just it is a possibility Simien and also it helps. Document what school what you know has been faked out there and so for they think that's important to expressly in this day and age you know it all the the wages in the ways that people can do that you some of the footage that don't show up so. Are so we're gonna take quick break more to come to listen Jason dvd on morality or you know I. It's beyond reality radio Jason javy tomorrow night is a best of recording as it is every Friday night looking to next week so that we can. And the only news tastes good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be a real ingredients to being good. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jackson household and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio de radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.